Brittany B

Couldn't Stop Farting

Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. But I have a story from last weekend that I've been meaning to share, but I'm gonna start with replies first.

Steve A - Yeah, my university food wasn't super great either. I think it helped force anyone in the dorms who was poop shy to open up and do it though. It didn't effect me super bad, because I took a dump every day anyway, but I think my poops got noticeably messier! How many times did you have to go into the ladies room at your grocery store after a girl did a huge poop? Did it smell?

Mina - Pooping with neighbors is always fun! I just want to see what it's like when you remove the visual barriers. Hopefully one of these days something like that will happen, but my story today, I did subject some friends to my farts, as you may read!

Sarah - That was so nice of you to help your boyfriend like that. I would probably do that same in your position. I've never even gotten to see any of my boyfriends poop.

James - You are one lucky boy! Getting to see and hear 5 girls take dumps while you were camping sounds like a dream come true! Just how open were those camp toilets that you could see Kyli and Emily from your campsite?!? I've never seen such open toilets myself. Have you seen these girls poop often?

Alright, onto my story! So every other Sunday night, I get together with some friends and we play Dungeons & Dragons. It's me and my friends Jess, Sarah, and Hannah playing, and then Sarah's boyfriend Matt is the Dungeon Master.

Well last weekend, I hadn't taken a dump for about 3 days. I hated that feeling. It felt like there was a rock in my gut that just wouldn't move. So Sunday night rolls around and I gather with my friends to play, bringing snacks and some beers like I always do! I wasn't going to let this ruin my fun night with my friends. While we played, I ate snacks and drank a few beers like I always do. A few hours pass by and towards the end of the night, I feel. The mass in my gut finally fell loose and descended down towards my bowels. I felt a lot of pressure building in my butt! I couldn't get up and go though, we were in the middle of fighting a powerful demon lord! I stayed to fight, but I knew I had to relieve some pressure, so I farted, and it was LOUD. The wooden chair I was sitting on probably didn't help either haha! Everyone looked at me, Matt laughed, Jess was sitting next to me and was like "OMG Britt!" Hannah was sitting across from me and Sarah diagonally with Matt next to her at the head of the table. I laughed and apologized, explained to them that I hadn't pooped for a few days and I think it's finally ready but told them I would wait until we finished off the demon.

That battle lasted another 45 minutes! I couldn't stop farting the whole time either! Every few minutes I let out a loud fart that vibrated against the chair. The room was really starting to smell. Hannah was holding her nose the whole time! Matt asked me if I was sure I didn't want to take a break haha but I was sure. After we had finally killed the demon, I was finally going to go. Jess told me to hurry up before I blew up in my panties, and Sarah told me to try to take it easy on her toilet! I got up and went to her bathroom, which is just far enough away from her dining room/kitchen that they probably wouldn't hear me poop, unfortunately.

I got to her bathroom and pushed the door shut, but didn't latch it. I dropped my pants and panties to my knees and got nice and comfy on the toilet, I figured I'd be here for a bit! I farted loudly again, gave a push and started to push out this big crackly turd. I stopped pushing and it slid out the rest of the way on its own, landing in the toilet with a flump sound. I sighed, it felt so good to finally poop after not doing it for 3 days. I puffed out a tiny fart before another turd started to crackle its way out of my butt and flumped into the toilet as well. I felt a shift in my guts and knew I was about to bomb this toilet, so I flushed my first 2 turds down so I didn't clog Sarah's toilet. After the bowl refilled, I farted again, loud, but this one was wetter, and started to plop out some smaller, mushier turds into the bowl, 7 total. It smelled so bad, but felt so good! I sighed and plopped out another 5 messy plops before farting again. I heard a knock on the door, and Jess called out, asking if I was ok. I told her I felt amazing. She laughed, told me it really stinks and asked me if I flushed yet. I told her I had. She suggested I do it again before heading back to our other friends. I decided to take her advice and gave the toilet another flush.

I sat and relaxed for awhile. I plopped out 2 more waves of mushy poops before I felt empty. It was so relieving. I wiped my messy butt 6 times before I felt clean. I flushed the toilet one last time before pulling my panties and pants back up and rejoining my friends. Sarah asked me if I felt better after punishing her toilet. I laughed and said I did as I took my seat and started leveling up my character.

It was a great poop. I kinda wish Jess would have walked in when she came to check on me! Anyway, hope you all enjoyed! Peace!

Monday, August 06, 2018

The other day I visited a nearby city for the day. After having some lunch my stomach really began to hurt and I knew that I needed to get to the closest bathroom as soon as possible. So, I went into the shopping centre and just by the entrance was the loos. I was so grateful that I didn't have to search for them. I followed two other women into the ladies and when I rounded the corner I saw the most interesting bathroom setup that I had ever seen. Instead of the cubicles being on one side in a row they went all around three sides of the room. In the middle were two concrete rows with three sinks on each side and hand dryers on every end. The mirrors were on the wall with no cubicles, literally as they were floor to ceiling mirrors. The set up really took me aback and I was momentarily stumped about what cubicles were free and if none were open where the best place to queue would be. Luckily three cubicles opened up on the left-hand side and I went into the third one along which was the fifth overall. It was in the corner of the room which meant that even though the toilet was on the left-hand side wall the door was attached to the middle wall of cubicles. After locking the door I hung up my bag on the hook and went over to the toilet where I lifted up my dress and lowered my light blue panties before sitting down on the seat. I had a quick pee and then relaxed my ass. The poo just fell out of me. I immediately felt much better and stayed sitting in case there was more but after a few minutes I got up and looked in the bowl. In it I saw three long and fat dark brown turds floating on top of the water. Whist they had remained in shape I could tell that each one was made up of quite soft poo. I then remembered I was wearing a dress so hitched it right around my waist to ensure it's back didn't get marked. I also sat back down on the loo to whip hoping to avoid this (which I did). After whipping twice I was satisfied that I was clean but just to be sure I lifted up my panties and made sure they were covering my butt before letting go of my dress. Collecting my bag from the door hook I shouldered it and unlocked the door. Walking to the nearest sink I washed my hands and the walked over to one of the mirrors and debated about repowering my face but decided against it. Then I walked out of the bathroom and one to do some retail therapy.


Always be prepared for an accident:

Today, after Church, our Church group went on bus tour to visit a historic chapel & some other sites about 2 hours drive away. So I was on the bus & this was just a school no bathroom like the tour buses have. When all of the sudden I started feeling that rumble in my gut & knew It was going to go into the runs so I got our tour organizer's attention & told her I had to go to the bathroom no. 2 & it was serious.

She said "Oh No!, I'll let the driver know right away so we can get you to a restroom!" They were not able to get me somewhere fast enough though. minutes later, I was filling my pants. I told her I did not make it & I knew others knew because of the smell. some were practically gagging! I felt terrible. Our tour guide told me that about all I could do is clean up as good as I could when we got where there was a restroom. She asked me if i had a change of clothes & no who would have thought of that for a day trip, but that would have helped immensely. I had to sit in the mess for about a half hour & even when we got to our destination, I could only clean up so much. I just spent my time on the bus in my messed clothes. the lady organizing out trip told me to not worry about being embarrassed about it because these things happen sometimes. So lesson learned, even if it's just a day trip, take a change of clothes & supplies in a little bag or carry on. nobody will think anything of it & that way, if something does happen like that, one can better deal with it.
That was the worst accident I've had. I had to wet myself a couple times in recent years & my girlfriend has had a couple wetting accidents so it does happen. She teaches 1st. & second graders in school & she gives the kids the option to have a change of clothes at school should they have an accident. she has it that only one student can be gone to the restroom at a time so they have to wait their turn. She says every year on the first day of school she tells them about the restroom policy & she said she talks to them about accidents too because sometimes it just happens. She says us adults sometimes find ourselves like the kid that just can't wait & has an oopsie, but like she says, what do you do?

german couple

pooping in nature

Since mid-June we have been wild camping across Scandinavia. We had both peed outside before but none of us had ever pooped outside. But as most sites where we have camped have had no toilet we both have had to go to the bushes to open the bowels lot of times. That is an exciting experience especially when camping at sites where other people are present! Often (in the mountains with scare vegetation) the only possibility is to go behind a rock or just down a slope, pull down and get done what has to be done --- and take the risk to be observed (which rarely, though, happens). At home going to toilet is not a topic for conversation. And the first month or so we did not touch the issue here either. We just took the roll of toilet paper and went away. But last few weeks be have started talking about it, and one morning about a week ago we even went to toilet together (which we have never done before). We were squatting side by side. (It would have been a comic view for any by-passers, (of which there was none I think.))


Damming up with little boys watching

I've been doing more child-sitting than ever this summer and I'm making some great money for my college classes which start in a month. Recently, 6-year-old Dana was at the park with me along with his 5-year-old brother Eric. I didn't want to leave their apartment that morning because the sun went down and it looked like a storm was coming in. But they cried and without checking the weather on my phone, we walked 5 blocks down the street to the park. The boys were having fun on the gym set and the other equipment while I sat on a bench nearby and read. My bladder was hurting me worse because I made them go back home, but I forgot to sit down and take care of my need. The boys are so energetic but I knew with a couple of adult men sitting nearby smoking and playing cards and somewhat looking suspicious at us that I was going to have to take the boys into the bathroom with me. I was still searching for alternatives in my mind when I called them over and force them to go with me to the small bathroom building.

I had held my pee for so long it was a miracle that I didn't have an accident herding the boys along with me. As we were walking I told them they were going to stand in the doorway of the ladies entrance and watch the traffic on main street. I fumbled for something else for them to do and told Dana and his brother to try and count the cars rushing by. I told Eric to count the buses and trucks and it should only take me a minute to ...and Eric cut me off by calling it a wee-wee. There were 3 open toilets in this room without privacy walls or doors. Luckily no one else was in there, although one of the sinks was leaking enough to equal what would be coming out of me.

I took the toilet at the far end of the room. Because this was the ladies room, the seat wasn't wet and I dropped my jeans and thong and seated myself. About 2 minutes into my sit I became frustrated and more frustrated because I was in pain and damming up with two young boys that could get bored and cause me problems at any minute. Dana yelled in that it was starting to rain and Eric started to cry and ran into the toilets to see me in the vulnerable position after a lightning bolt and a huge boom sounded. I don't like to admit it but I get really frustrated sitting on the toilet in a public place and then damming up. Now Eric's in front of me, scared, and the electrical storm is getting worse. I had no choice but to call Dana in too because the lightning was getting bad.

The wind came up and was throwing water into the doorway. I figured I made a great decision being on the farthest toilet. Three other boys and their mother came running in. They stopped in their tracks, were very apologetic about invading my privacy, but their mom pulled down her shorts and seated herself on the first toilet. After a couple of fart blasts, she was already moving her waste into the bowl. She looked over a me and again apologized. Her boys seemed most surprised by seeing the two of us sitting on an out in the open toilet. As I grew more desperate, and I felt like my bladder was going to explode, I remembered a finger procedure my mom had taught me to do one summer under similar circumstances when our family was traveling. It worked then and it worked this time too. I sure felt relieved even though my toilet mate was still seated and splashing her crap into the bowl.

After getting off the toilet I took the boys over to the doorway where we watched the storm. A few times the wind blew large sheets of rain in on us like that which happens at the water park. Most importantly, however, I had saved my bladder from exploding.

German student (male)

Comment to German couple

I am also traveling in Scandinavien just now. Together with some friends we travel with two living in vans and we camp in the wilderniss in the woods and mountains. Just now western Norway. I have also practised pooping outdoor lots of times now and so have even all my friends. I have seen many other campers also peeing and pooping outside during our trip. It is quite simple. And not really so embarrassing as I should have reason to think. Certainly when going to toilet in the morning one tries to avoid going just where someone else is but sometimes one really do not know and may perhaps walk in on another squatting with the bottom bare. Then just smile and walk away.


I Pooped Too

Presently I am on the pot having a big sloppy easy poo. How enjoyable. Like I said in my post early today. Would wait and see what the day brings. And it did


Constipation Stories and Causes

Before I begin I suggest you read Sarah's post on her b/f constipation....that is a good way of getting relief. well Done.
Now my story. Codeine and opiate pain medication can really cause constipation. Due to my medical condition I sometimes take codeine pain meds and nearly always constipation follows. In brief I get a lack of urge and then the stools may be hard or stuck way up the colon. Some time ago I had an x-ray of my ???? and the report was very heavy fecal loading throughout the colon.
Also medical conditions can have constipation as a symptom. Bowel cancer is sometimes first notices by constipation. Neurological diseases and conditions very often have constipation involved. Parkinsons Disease nearly always has constipation and that often begins before any of the usual symptoms begin.
A long time ago a medical specialist told me constipation has to be managed and laxatives, after other methods have failed is important because constipation if it goes on long enough is a serious condition.
The problem is various books and articles on pain management and chronic diseases do address constipation but only very briefly and that is not good enough.
I went to a medical help class and rather than the nurse saying who gets constipated she said does anybody not get constipated?
I am greatly in favour of enemas but hardly ever do them because I have a lack of privacy.
My most dramatic poop in a public toilet was when I had not been for some days and suddenly became desperate. There were six cubicles and I took the middle one.I was in agony with urgency but the log was big and hard....I realy pushed and grunted loudly and did I shit in great quantities!!!....I wonder what others thought but i could not care. I got the job done, well and truly!
I have had some hard situations this week and have three times been to a clinic just near where I am and sat on the toilet by the nurse...a ???? rub given first and then encouraged to works really well.
It is suprising how some encouragement and a person rubbing my lower back when tring to have a BM helps!
On that subject it is that time of the morning that I am required to sit on the throne.....will report back!
I am back...a small result...maybe better luck later today.
More next time. Both in words and poo.

I've been really constipated for the past two weeks and no matter what I do it just won't come out!
It feels really high up too, not down in my rectum where I can try to push it out, and its giving me really bad stomach pain, especially cramps. Last night, I stole some of my mothers fibre powder and stirred a tablespoon into water and also drank some olive oil with it, which tasted absolutely DISGUSTING.
I went into my room afterwards and tried to see if I could get some out before going to sleep so I laid on my bed with a towel under me, legs up and pushing, but only a hard pebble popped out. I got annoyed and went to sleep. The next morning I had really bad belly pain and felt like I needed to push to I went to the bathroom and with a lot of pushing, grunting and straining out came another pebble and a big wide log that got stuck halfway out. I think my mum knows I'm constipated too because she kept looking at my belly the other day which is very bloated.

anyway. kisses. melanie

Anna from Austria

to Jessica

Hi Jessica, glad you liked my Story. It was in Carinthia. I had no means to cover it unfourtnately. So i had to leave it the way it was.

@all I want to share I small Story I experienced a few hours ago. I was Jogging in the park when I had to pee. So headed to public bath room.

Nothing spectatular happend on my side. I just did a quick wee. When I was about to wipe. Another woman entered the stall right next to me. She pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet. Then she did the loudest poo I ever heard. with lots of load splashing farts.

It was almost like the sounds you hear in movies with toilet Humor. I am a rather load and gassy Popper myself compared to many other women but compared to this woman I am rather silent and Lady like pooper. I really wonder what she eat?

I was in rush so I listend to it only for a few seconds. I finished cleaning my front, flushed the toilet and left.

that's it for today

greetings from Austria




Second Reply to Melanie


You wrote: "I also remember a lot of the time the big hard poo wasn't actually in my rectum"

I've never been aware of this or known it to happen. My constipation "symptom" has ALWAYS been the awareness of a large, hard lump at my anus. This would give me an INTENSE urge to bear down and get it out, but I could not move it, or if I did move it, it would be an extremely hard STRUGGLE. Quite often, when my Mom resorted to the enema, after 3 days, the tip would become clogged in my poop and she would have to clean it out by running water through it and then begin again. Sometimes she'd have to put her finger up there and push the poop up into me to get the enema running. Those were the worst times, because I could feel the poop being moved all along my colon and it was uncomfortable to say the least!!

To answer your second question, no Mom never attempted to rub my stomach at all, and I'm honestly not sure why. Massaging the stomach seems like a logical thing to do that I've tried often, but really doesn't do much for me. One thing I do remember is her telling me to rock back and forth to get the "enema to come down". And when the enema would begin to pour out of me she said "bear down with it, don't waste it"!

While I never liked an enema as a kid. Now they are my go-to method when I'm constipated. Its SO MUCH EASIER to get a poop out with an enema than just struggling without any help.-- JW


Immodium answer

I posted a few years ago that I was unusual in really enjoying being constipated. So in answer to Bk, yes several times I have taken Immodium to make myself constipated. When I decide to do this, I take one each time I wee until I have taken six in a day. If I am still able to poo the next day, then I take a further six which guarentees that I will be bunged up for a while. For me, its then a great feeling to be sat on the toilet having to push hard for ages in order to shift anything. Feeling a big log stuck inside is a curiously enjoyable feeling for me, as is the feeling of it eventually slowly escaping through a somewhat stretched butthole.
Sorry to the posters such as Abbie who are naturally constipated and would rather not be - I do love your stories, but you probably can't understand how anyone would choose to make themselves constipated!

Saturday, August 04, 2018


Post Title (optional)Hi All!

Hi All, I haven't been on here for a while but this morning I was SO constipated and was thinking about this site. I finally managed to push it out but it was huge. I only went one day without a push job so I didn't think I was that constipated. I could have taken my trusty Correctol last night if I knew I was going to have such a difficult time today.

Jasmin -- I always wear heels when I try for a push job too, it really helps me. I have a pair of brown high heeled platform slides that I usually wear in the bathroom, I also have a pair of brown platform clogs that I sometimes wear too.

Melanie -- I know what you mean about not wanting to grunt and make noise when you're trying to go, I hate doing my push job in a public ladie's room for just that reason. When I hear someone else in the ladie's room really grunting and straining I really feel bad for them!

Smiles, Tracy


To Anna from Austria

Hi Anna,

I really liked your story about pooping outdoors.

May I ask you in which part of Austria (I've been there often myself) you did that poop? Did you cover it?



I pooped!!

It was a full four days! finally I got relief! I bought another fruit salad those things seem to be my calling when it comes to poop situations. I ate it for lunch yesterday. AND finally last night my stomach started groaning and moaning. I started finally getting some gas moving and ripping some nice ones! Just even passing gas was making me feel a bit better. And I thought that was all I was going to get was gas so i laid down and I was laying there and my stomach just kept on cramping. Then I felt that shift we all know. I hopped up waddled to the bathroom pulled everything down got situated gave a good push and a wet ripped buzzed out. After a few mins of pushing finally this hard big knobby poop came roaring out of me like a train and CLUNK to the bottom of the toilet from there my poop turned wet and mushy. I was so happy and relieved!! SO anywho! i'm back to me I believe! my butt hurts but well that tends to happen lol. MUAHH love you guys!!!


Answer for Scooter


If I'm working then twice a day, otherwise I usually take one shit.


Comments and a story from a afternon in the garden

To Jasmin and all the constipated girls: I am shocked on how much preasure some parents put on their kids do to make them pool Pooing should be fun and relieving and not horror! While we still have to help our son to sit on the toilet we found out that his special seat is great so he can sit without holding himself on a grip or the toilet seat. But the gap to push the ppoo through is so smal that he had to strain alot. Now he is getting better holding himself on a normal seat with some support from us and he has to strain much less and is done more quickly - hopefully pooping is fun and relieving for him. Background he is using a wheel chair and the cerebral paresis needs some physical help.

Now onto the story: Today I spent the afternoon with my family in a garden of some friends. They have no real toilet only a camping toilet with a plastic bag for the girls. We, the men, ar supposed to pee against some bushes or the hedge. When they celebrate some kids birthday they let them pee in to the toilet and dump the collected pee etc. at the end.

Fortunately I only had to pee but that quite often. I used the chance to make some hitting and aiming practice when wetting the hedge. Eventually my wife also had to pee and asked her friend where to go. She was directed to the same spot only squatting on the ground and peeing through her bathin suite. She was happy that she didn't had to use the strange toilet while I would have used it when possible.



I don't like my back to school surprise

The other day my school's marching band had a mandatory meeting. So most of us went to school for the first time since May. We, especially me, had a big surprise. All of the bathrooms have been redone. The smaller ones with 10 to 12 toilets that I used last year have been expanded with a wall knocked out and I counted like 35 toilets in each room. The space in the partitions seem to be smaller and closer together So there is less privacy. For example, my friend Becca peed next to me and the metal separating us only went up to her chest. The privacy door is like half size. I could see part of the heads of those waiting for my toilet as I sat. That makes me kind of uncomfortable. Becca texted me from her toilet to tell me look at the toilet paper. I thought What! The normal rolls have been taken out. Instead there are these plastic holders with stacks of these little pieces of toilet paper already cut and folded. Becca writes for the school paper and she said the school district is trying to win some type of green environmental award for making the changes. She used her left foot to slide 2 $1 bills my way because I was finishing up and she was starting to crap some. When I reached down to pick up the money I would buy the pop with, I got surprised by a huge explosion of swish under me which not only splashed my butt and inner legs, but could have scared any shit out of me. Worse yet now these toilets have an auto-flush. That alone probably scared a pound or 2 off my 130 pound body.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

I've been really constipated for the past two weeks and no matter what I do it just won't come out!
It feels really high up too, not down in my rectum where I can try to push it out, and its giving me really bad stomach pain, especially cramps. Last night, I stole some of my mothers fibre powder and stirred a tablespoon into water and also drank some olive oil with it, which tasted absolutely DISGUSTING.
I went into my room afterwards and tried to see if I could get some out before going to sleep so I laid on my bed with a towel under me, legs up and pushing, but only a hard pebble popped out. I got annoyed and went to sleep. The next morning I had really bad belly pain and felt like I needed to push to I went to the bathroom and with a lot of pushing, grunting and straining out came another pebble and a big wide log that got stuck halfway out. I think my mum knows I'm constipated too because she kept looking at my belly the other day which is very bloated.

anyway. kisses. melanie


Reply to JW

I can only remember pushing my hands into my belly while I pushed to try and help it come out. I thought this would help because my mother used to rub my stomach, yet most of the time all this achieved was getting a lot of gas out and me being very embarrassed. I can remember pushing, grunting and straining a lot. I also remember a lot of the time the big hard poo wasn't actually in my rectum, it was still in my colon, too big and hard to push its way down. Do you ever remember this?
Did your mother ever rub your stomach for you?

Love, melanie

german couple

pooping in nature

Since mid-June we have been wild camping across Scandinavia. We had both peed outside before but none of us had ever pooped outside. But as most sites where we have camped have had no toilet we both have had to go to the bushes to open the bowels lot of times. That is an exciting experience especially when camping at sites where other people are present! Often (in the mountains with scare vegetation) the only possibility is to go behind a rock or just down a slope, pull down and get done what has to be done --- and take the risk to be observed (which rarely, though, happens). At home going to toilet is not a topic for conversation. And the first month or so we did not touch the issue here either. We just took the roll of toilet paper and went away. But last few weeks be have started talking about it, and one morning about a week ago we even went to toilet together (which we have never done before). We were squatting side by side. (It would have been a comic view for any by-passers, (of which there was none I think.))

Question: How many times per day do you need to have a bowel movement?


Reply to melanie

We must be soul mates or something!! You wrote: "I always felt like I only wanted to give it half my effort because I didn't want to grunt."
Oh my Yes!!! I remember wanting to go SO BADLY sometimes but I wouldn't push hard enough to get it out because I KNEW I'd end up grunting if I did.
I know I was constipated a lot as a kid but I can't really think of any one time that stands out. When my father finally put a stop to my mother watching me go, I remember doing a LOT of struggling on the toilet to avoid an enema. I do remember a few times when I'd manage to force a turd half way out and it would get stuck. Mom would put Vaseline on her fingers and dig it out of me.
After three days of not going, she'd often lay the enema bag out on the bathroom vanity and tell me I had "fifteen minutes so get to work".
I used to use a potty chair when I was little and once I remember the poop being so long that it hit the bottom of the potty, no matter how hard I pushed I couldn't get the end out of me. Mom came and lifted me up to see what the problem was. The poop passed the rest of the way out and it was SO LONG that part of it landed on the seat. That was the last time I used the potty.
I actually missed using the potty for a long time. I used to push against the floor with my feet when I had to bear down hard. Sitting on the toilet, at that age my feet didn't reach the floor, I think it made my constipation worse.
Do you remember doing anything, when you were alone, to help the poop come out? I used to coat my finger with soap and put that up myself, it seemed to me me bear down all the harder.-- JW


Monday Replies

Anna from Austria. Although I've often peed out in the open, I've never done a poo 'in nature' and it must have been quite an interesting experience. If one goers back to primitive - or even medieval times - I expect it wasn't uncommon though or even the default way of handling bowel movements.

Monika. I'm no expert on male poop scenes in films but I have consulted a friend, Adam, who is far more knowledgeable about such matters and graciously given me permission to share his suggestions which include:

'Henry Fool', 'I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell', 'The Other Woman', 'A Million Ways to Die in the West, 'White Chicks', 'Little Man', 'Movie 43', ''The Inbetweeners Movie' (and the original TV series), 'Along Came Polly'. All have scenes with audible - occasionally visible male shitting. Some of these are pretty famous though.
Oh, and 'Scary Movie 2'. A film on Netflix called 'American Beach House' that has a laxative scene. Also scene from 'They Came Together' where a guy at a fancy dress party retreats to the restroom, but finds he can't take off his superhero costume. He grows increasingly desperate for a poo until he just can't hold on anymore. Hope that helps.

I remember after I graduated high school me and a bunch of decided to go on a camping trip as a big summer blowout before we all went off to college later in the fall. It was me, my child friend Jake, Ryan, Matt, and Tommy and a few of the girls we knew Kyli, Emily, Jenny and Savannah and Riley, we also invited to come along. We went to very well known area in the northern half of the state (location and state will remain nameless) and it had a big body of water so Jake brought his parents boat up so we could go boating on the water.We had life Jackets and all. We brought up the BBQ and all camping gear as well like Tent's to sleep in and all equipment to use for eating, making a fire and cooking. We also had our own food and since the camp site had an area with 2 toilets which was a little covered area with a roof and ya walked in to see 2 toilets and it had a sign to pull accross that said Occupied. We Also brought along a canopy tent and set up 2 to toilets in there as well. The camp site toilets had sinks on the outside.

We got everything set up for camp and got food cooking for lunch since we left early in the morning to get a early start to get to the campsite. After we we're done eating while all of the guys were getting the boat ready to take down to the water a few of the girls were helping clean up after we had lunch and then Savannah went over to the toiletries bag and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and said I'll be in the bathroom. All these girls aren't shy about there bathroom habits.

Savannah headed towards the canopy with the toilets we set up, She has on her tan cargo pants and a blue t shirt. Her pants the back is loose you could see her girls briefs that had blue polka dots. She went to the canopy and unzipped it.the canopy has a zipper on the entry and screens around the outside so you can see who's in there. She pulled her pants down and just sat there then Riley said she would go to the toilet she unzipped the canopy and you could age Savannah with her pants around her ankles and a crumpled up piece of toilet paper in her hand. Riley had on a similar out fit with tighty whites on. You could see under the canopy she had everything bunched up below her knees. A while later Savannah you could see wipe then she finished up. As she came out You could see Riley pulling her pants to her ankles and spread to clean up. A few minutes later Riley comes out pulling up and adjusting her underwear and pulls up her pants.

After that Kyli and Emily went to the camp toilets and Jenny went to the canopy. Jenny was in the canopy with her shorts and red underwear down and she was farting up a storm. Then she wiped and was finished.the camp toilets you could see everything in broad daylight. Kyli and Emily both had there panties down both were White panties with stripes. They both were pooping because you could hear noises and the then while one sat to clean up the other was standing up pulling apart her butt cheeks to wipe and clean up. They both were walking out pulling up there underwear and adjusting it before pulling up there pants.

We packed more toiletries for the boat ride because there are areas to park to use the toilets. All of us guys are good as far as bathroom breaka but the girls all mentioned to us it's that time of the month so we came prepared. We loaded up the boat after everyone was finished using the bathroom and we're off for the afternoon on our boat ride.

Jasmin K

Constipation due to hot weather and Mums

Hi All, first my latest poo then comments for Abbie, Melanie and Jw

I've been having a lot of trouble doing a decent poo - seems worse in this hot weather, my fluid intake has not been great but it's like a catch 22 situation. When I'm constipated for a few days I get bladder problems and get damp knickers and sometimes wet my bed, so I tend not to drink a lot of water to minimise wetting. I don't know if it's just the amount of rock hard poo in me pressing on my bladder or the excessive straining to try to poo that causes it.
Hi Abbie - it seems that hot weather may cause it to be harder to poo, sorry to read your having trouble again. A couple of my best friends have said they too have constipation in hot weather.

I managed a decent poo this morning having not managed more than a few peanut sized pebbles over the last few days. My morning pre work toilet sits have been a waste of time when after 1/2'and hour of hard straining only dropping a few pebbles and getting all hot and bothered so getting off the toilet still with a full aching belly not to mention a sore bum and soiling my knickers during the day.
This morning as it was so much cooler I decided I was going to poo whatever it takes so after breakfast I went and changed my bed and got ready for a long toilet session whilst my sister had her morning poo with Mum going in and out the bathroom telling her to strain harder and hurry up.
When they went out I went to the bathroom, I had put on my high heeled strappy shoes as I can push and strain harder if my legs are raised, I put my bag of chocolate pieces on the side and turned in front of the toilet raised my skirt and sat. I had my iPad with me and had intended to read emails Facebook etc and build up to pushing hard but decided just to grunt and strain as hard as I could straight off. I push as hard as I could sending a forceful jet of pee loudly into the bowl. The next push dropped 1 pebble, I reached into the cupboard thing that is near the toilet and has loo rolls etc in it along with pads, knickers etc and the collendar thing that my mum used to put in the bowl when we were younger to see what poo we did. I put it in the bowl as I wanted to see what came out. I strained down as hard as I could and several pebbles dropped and as I strained again I could feel how large this solid poo was as my bum bulged down and swelled. I felt under me as I strained and could feel it poking out but going back in as I stopped pushing. It took several massively hard pushes and strains to get it sticking out past the point of no return and then another hard push and it dropped. My bum still felt full so I kept straining and after several very hard pushes in the next 10 minutes another piece started to stretch me open and edge out with each push. Eventually a knobbly hard log came out making me very sore, then some more bits and chunks and another formed log. I wiped but it was quite clean and then stood and check the colander contents, lots of peanut issued pebbles, 2 bigger lumps and a knobbly log about 8 inches and fat made up of chunks stuck together and a different shades along its length and a light brown log smooth about 6 inches. I tipped the contents into the bowl and flushed thinking not a bad amount for 1'and 1/2 hour on the toilet.

Melanie and JW
Yes when I was younger my mum used to come in the bathroom and stay there whilst I was trying to poo. Like you my mum didn't believe in laxatives and she didn't do enemas, it was a case of strain or push hard enough to force it out. I suppose I had sit times as well in that I was made to sit on the toilet every day, constipated or not and had to sit there straining untill I did a poo. Even when I didn't feel I needed a poo I had to strain untill I made some come out. This was after breakfast every morning the only variation being on school mornings it was for about 1/2 hour, on those mornings my mum would say - come on Jasmin it's time to sit on the toilet and would take me into the bathroom, tell me to hold my skirt up whilst she pulled my knickers down and then tell me to sit. She would sit on the side of the bath whilst I was pushing and straining and from time to time would check under me as I pushed to feel if any poo was coming out. My mum wasn't bothered about hemroids or piles as she calls them either, many times I strained so hard my bum would bleed but if I hadn't done any poo she would say keep straining Jasmin. On days when I did a decent morning poo that was it untill next morning, if I didn't do any or not much I had to go after dinner that evening and stay there untill I did it. If I was really constipated and couldn't do anything after like 2'hours I could get off but got into serious trouble and was punished. If after 3'days of not pooing or had dirtied my pants a lot I was kept off school and had to stay on the toilet untill I did it.
On non school mornings I had to stay on the toilet untill i did it - no exceptions. Being made to go went on untill I was 12 and 1/2 and occasionally if I dirtied my knickers after that. When I turned 13' she accepted me going on the toilet at school which I did every morning.
The same procedure was used for my older and younger sister and my older sister makes her kids go the same way..

JW. My mum did demonstrate how to push/ Strain by making us watch her.i also remember as a pre schooler being made to stand in the bathroom,when my older sister was sitting on the toilet, watching and hearing her pushing and straining and being admonished for not doing it hard enough. I also recall her doing it in her pants at home and at school several times and stating that she didn't need to sit on the toilet, which made no difference as she was punished for her pants and then made to sit on the toilet untill she did some more to teach her where she should poo.
Bye for now
Jasmin X

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna From Austria great story about your poop outside.

To: Christy it sounds like you learned something new the hard way at least now you know.

To: Mina I look to reading your story about your guys outside poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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