I just got home from a long drive. While I was driving on the Ohio Turnpike I had an awful stomach ache plus my bladder was completely full. It seemed like forever before I got to the next rest stop. I finally got to one and it was so hard to walk to the bathroom since I had to pee and poo at the same time. There was only one stall open so I went in and pulled down my pants as fast as I could. I sat down and first started peeing. It was such a relief. In the stall to the left of me was a black man sitting in there and while he was doing his thing he was talking on his phone. Based on the conversation it sounded like he was a trucker. He was talking about work related stuff. Whoever he was talking to had to have heard me because once I was done peeing I dropped this loud, long explosive diarrhea dump. It happened to be quiet in the bathroom other than that man talking on his phone. I was so loud you probably could have heard the dump outside the bathroom. After I was done dropping that load out I said in a loud whisper "oh my stomach" because it was in pain. I knew I wasn't done. The man to the left of me hung his phone up and let out a pushing sound and dropped some poop. He let out a sigh of relief. He then took another phone call after that. I'm sitting next to him listening to the conversation and my stomach is just killing me so i just continued to sit because I knew I had some more that needed to come out. He hung up his phone and then did the same thing, grunted and pushed out a load. Finally I felt something was ready to come out.
I started to breathe heavily because my stomach was in pain. This next load was louder and more explosive than the first one. After it all came out I let out a quiet but loud enough to hear moan because I was in so much pain. The guy asked me if I was okay because it sounded like a painful dump and it was. I told him "I have such a stomachache and I'm probably going to be in here for a while." He dropped more poop and said he's been there before. Another plop came from him and then he answered his phone again. As he was on the phone. He stood up to wipe his butt while he was on the phone. The floor in the bathroom is a shiny tile so if you look down you can see his reflection in the tile so I got a good view of his butt while he was wiping it. I have to say I enjoyed it. He flushed the toilet and left. My stomach began to feel better but I continued to sit just to make sure I was ok. A man came in to the stall to the right of me and sat down to poop. I could see the reflection of him sitting on the toilet. He farted loudly and dropped a huge load and let out a sigh and then wiped and left. After sitting for another 10 minutes my stomach felt good so I wiped my butt about 7 times and flushed then left.

Female from Bavaria

Answer to Tim

1. Do you pee outside? Under what circumstances?
- When I have no access to a toilet.

2. How do you feel about you or others peeing outside?
- No problem if nobody else is around.

3. Is it easy for you to start peeing outside? Ever have second thoughts?
- No, how then?

4. What are some of the places you've peed outside?
- Many places. When hiking, camping etc. and at festivals.

5. For girls, when there was no TP, did you wipe with something else or drip dry?
- Usually I have some tissue.

6. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and piss in the ditch/woods?
- Depends.

7. Do you shit outside? Under what circumstances?
- Hiking, camping and even at some festivals if toilets are filthy.

8. How do you feel about you or others shitting outside?
- Natural thing, isn't it?

9. Is it easy for you to start shitting outside? Ever have second thoughts?

10. What are some of the places you've shitted outside?
- As above.

11. When there is no TP, do you wipe with anything interesting (besides leaves)?
- No.

12. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and shit in the ditch/woods?
- Depends on the need and on the possibility to find a suitable spot.

13. Do you ever get slightly turned on when pissing or shitting outside?
- No.

14. Have you ever allowed anyone to watch or listen to you when you go outside?
- Not by purpose. But I have been walked in on when squatting.

15. On the beach or at a lake or river, if there are no nearby bathrooms, are you more inclined to go in the water (piss or shit) or in the dunes/woods (piss or shit)?
- Pee in the sea, poop in the back woods.

16. Have you ever pissed or shitted outside completely in the nude?
- Don't think so.

17. When camping, on the beach, or wherever, do you put on shoes or sandals or go barefoot when you need to piss or shit?
- Put on shoes.

18. Do you normally dig holes when you go outside and then cover them when you're done. Or do you just go wherever and leave as soon as you're done?
- Depends. If well away from the path I do not care.


Peeing on the Holiday

Hello everyone. I haven't posted for a while because I was having problems with my computer. Will has changed his name again. It's Bill again. That's fine with me. Will sounded too much like my old name of Willow.

On Memorial Day, we had a big parade in our area. I peed before the parade stared, which started late. By then I needed to pee again. I ducked into a store, but it didn't have a bathroom. I tried another store which did and let me use it. The parade finally started. Anyone not in it, us, had to stay behind ropes. The parade was long and changed route where there were no stores. I had to pee again, I had to wait until the crowd moved on. Bill helped me get behind a bush where I could pee. We caught up with the crowd and finally the parade ended. We got back to the car where we had a urinal where I could pee again. We went out to a reastarant. I think the day was a lot of fun

Brittany B

Gross Poop in Public

Hey all! Been loving all the new stories recently.

Becc - Hey girl! I love your stories! That story with your friend Cate having a loud, explosive dump in the stall next to you was awesome. Wish I could poop with my friends like that! And that other story with the two toilets right next to each other, you're so lucky! I've never seen a bathroom like that for myself. And after reading your gym story I thought maybe I should start going to the gym so I can share some poops with other girls after a workout. I'd share a dump right next you if I could girl!

Chloe - Great to see more from you! That dump you took in privacy sounded like a doozie! I like flushing the toilet while I'm still sitting on it like that. It just feels good. That buddy dump with your friend Cassie sounded awesome too. Why do I not have friends like these? I'm so jealous haha. Sounds like your mom can really drop a load too. Poor you, having to wait to pee until she was done destroying the toilet! Can't wait to hear from you again!

Anna - Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed my toilet prank story! It was a fun night, to be sure. As for those girls in the big stall together, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't pre-gaming before their party. I'm just glad I was lucky enough to hear 2 of them take a dump before going out! I liked your story wit Prisha, sounded like she really bombed that pit! I've only used a pit toilet like that once, at an ex's family reunion. It had 3 stalls, and I did end up having to poop in it, but it wasn't super bad, and I was alone the whole time. Anyway, it's always a good day when a post from you pops up!

Onto my story. This story isn't as great as my others, but I found it funny so I thought I'd share. This one is recent as well. I went shopping at the local mall over the weekend. I went rather late, so the mall wasn't quite as busy. Well while I was there, I felt my guts cramp up really bad, and felt a hot, wet, and mushy poop descend into my bowels, which were starting to cramp up a lot. I wouldn't be able to hold this for long, so I started making my way to the toilets right away. They are in a back hallway through the food court, which wasn't far from where I was. I got there, noticed I was alone, so I quickly claimed a stall, the third one out of I think seven or so. I hurried to drop my pants and panties to my knees so I didn't blow up in may panties, and plopped my butt down on the seat. Once seated, I immediately let out a loud, wet fart, and sprayed the bowl with some wet, chunky plops. I sighed audibly, not out of pain, but relief. I don't know what I ate to bring this on, but I was just glad to not explode in my pants! I farted again loudly and forcefully and unleashed another wave of small, mushy plops with a little bit of liquid poop into the toilet. I waited a bit to see if I had more.

As I was waiting, a group of 3 girls came into the bathroom. They were probably late teens or early twenties. They were just talking about what they bought, and other things. None of them got into a stall, they just went to the sinks and were talking. I'm not sure they noticed I was even there. They were about to though! I felt another big fart swelling up in my butt before burst forth loudly and echoed into my toilet. They all stopped talking and one whispered "OMG" to her friends. The brief silence after that fart was cut short by another wave of messy plops that loudly splattered the bowl and I farted again after. The girls all started going "EWW" and grabbed all their things and high-tailed it out of the bathroom after that wave. I just started laughing, I thought it was so funny! After they left, I sat for a few minutes and only managed to squeeze out one tiny little plop after that. That dump was way wetter than my usual ones. I had to wipe a lot and never felt truly clean, so I decided to shower when I got home. I flushed, pulled up my panties and pants, and went about my shopping time.

Hope you all enjoyed my gross dump! Peace!

Sonya Sue

At festival with 5-year-old

Our city has a spring festival every year. Lots of rides, a carnival, and usually a nationally-known band. My dad was going to take me because he wanted me to experience his favorite band for about his 50 years on earth. Problem: he got called out of town on business, I ended up getting a babysitting job with a 5-year-old boy and then BJ, my boyfriend, who was going to help me canceled on me. I don't really mind being at large events, but with a 5-year-old of the opposite sex?

A half hour after we arrived in 90 degree heat, my little Matthew said he had to wee. I had to think fast about what the options were. I spotted a single green portable toilet on each of the four corners of each intersection. Then he complained more and had his hand over his crotch. I held his hand as we worked our way through the crowds as I was looking at the other bathroom options. Matthew's complaining escalated to the point where he said he couldn't hold it anymore. So we arrived at another intersection and the same portable options. I led Matthew to the closest. I saw no one waiting. Good news. I yanked at the door lever. Mistake. A girl about 5 or 6 was on the toilet and her mom came up behind us, shoved us out of the way, and tried to comfort her daughter who was crying. I fully apologized, but she yelled at us to "get the **** out of there" before she called the police.

So we walked through a passageway between buildings. There was this pit area with a dumpster and smaller normal garbage cans too. With no one around, I told Matthew to unzip and with my foot I pointed to an opening on the sidewalk where some bricks had broken off. There was just dirt under them. I moved the bricks a little more with my foot. Luckily I moved it just in time Matthew started his splash. Surprise, Matthew seemed to enjoy it. He sure wasn't exaggerating about his need to pee. Once we got done with the rides and the concert was ready to start, I told Matthew it was now my turn. I texted a drama class friend of mine who does more babysitting than me. When I was in the toilet portable, what should I do with Matthew? She said it would be tight, but while I was on the toilet, I should have Matthew in there with me but facing away and with his nose against the door. It was really hot in the toilet. He tried to cheat a couple of times. But I reached up from the toilet and held his head against the door. We were both dripping wet from the heat and humidity when we reached the concert park. I got $50 for my work. I think I earned it.

Sarah from London

It's been a long time!

Hi everyone,

It's been a very long time since I last posted anything here. I think my last post was from around 2012 actually. I was previously known as "Sarah from Calgary", but moved to London, Ontario with my husband back in March of 2012.

I don't have a lot of time to write much right now, but just a quick response to Mia Grace...

Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. I have been a constant suffer of what I refer to as pre-menstrual diarrhea. I am now 42 years old and have had this problem since I was a teenager. I have had many, many accidents with pooping my pants. My periods are also very heavy, just like you mentioned yours are. Because of this, I wear Always extra heavy overnight pads. They help to protect my panties from any period leaks as well as if I am having a bout of diarrhea and can't make it to a toilet.

I do have stories to ahare and will be back to tell them when I have more time.

Take care,

Last week end my family went camping in the wilderness together with my uncle and aunt and their family. We stayed outdoor from Thursday till Sunday. We then had to go to toilet in the bushes. Everybody had to do that, even the adults. Amusing to see adults squatting. I saw my uncle, my aunt and my mother. When I was taking a dump my cousin came by just when I was squatting. She laughed and afterwards she teased me a bit because she had seen me pooping. I did not see her poop but I saw her turds after she had been pooping one morning. In the same area there were a couple of other families camping. They also went to toilet in the bushes. Funny to see how different one may squat. Somebody squatting well down others just leaning forward almost standing. I prefer to squat well down.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Response to Mia Grace

Hey Mia Grace

It's actually quite common for women to experience a change in their bowel habit. Some poop more often - including several times a day and yes, it can be copious amounts of "soft serve" poo. Others experience the opposite i.e. reduced frequency and large firm poos. I used to work as a physician and patients would tell me of this - so don't worry - you are not alone. Of course, this is not something that is discussed in ordinary conversation.

Hope it helps you to know this. It would be good to hear more stories from you.



Hi guys. I'm new!

Hi everyone. My name is Dylan. I came across this site a while ago, but never posted anything.

I am a girl although I have a boy's name. My parents thought they were having a boy and picked the name, but the ultrasound tech was wrong, but they kept the name because it still is kinda a girl's name. I am 15 years old. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, and I have braces. I'm 5 feet 4 inches tall and pretty skinny. I have a really flat chest although I know a whole lot of guys (and girls too lol) say I have a really nice butt. I'm biracial, my dad was black and my mom is South Korean. No brothers or sisters. I live with just my mom. My dad died in Iraq back in 2006. I don't really remember him cause I was so young.

I have had irritable bowel syndrome since I was 8 years old. Basically anything I ate gave me super bad gas and diarrhea, and I would always get awful stomachaches. I missed a bunch of school and even had to be homes schooled for a while cause it was so bad. As I got older, my IBS became a lot more manageable. I can't eat anything spicy at all and I can't eat too much dairy and greasy foods, but other that that I'm fine. On top of my IBS, I have some bowel control problems. Always have. Apparently they say nothing is physically wrong with me and that this is something I've gotta deal with forever. Oh well. It is what it is. I can only hold in runny poo for like a few minutes at most. Of course when I was younger I had a bunch of accidents, and I still do when I get the runs. Not ashamed to admit it. I even have to wear adult diapers when I'm sick. That's one of the reasons I was homeschooled when I was little. I was way too embarrassed to be wearing diapers and pooping myself at school. I still won't wear diapers to school, but I am able to use the bathroom whenever I have to. I don't have to ask permission, I just tell my teachers I'm going. Ever since I've been in school I've only had 2 accidents ever, and luckily nobody saw either of them. I have clean clothes at school just in case. I wear the diapers at home when I am sick, and out in public if I have to leave the house when I'm sick. I literally don't know what I'd do without them. Diapers are a true lifesaver lol

My close friends know about my IBS and incontinence issues, and of course my family does. Everyone is supportive. My friends Alex and Sarah have IBS too, so they know what I'm dealing with. Actually, Sara has IBS, but her's is opposite of mine. She's gets constipated and can't poop, and I get diarrhea and can't stop pooping haha.

You can probably tell that I'm pretty open about my bathroom habits but I'm pretty private about that stuff at school around other kids. I like bathroom humor. I think poop and farts is funny. I openly fart around my friends and family and talk about my poo. Other than at school, I am not a shy pooper. I'll proudly stink up a busy public bathroom. I was raised not to be embarrassed about my body. My mom is the same way. She had IBS worse than I do, but grew completely out of it by the time she was my age. Now she has an iron stomach and can eat and drink anything she wants.

Anyways, that's it for now. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have literally countless experiences to write about. Nothing worth writing about happened to me recently, which is a good thing! Haha.

See you soon! I look forward to your replies and any questions you might have!

Steve A

Bus Bathroom Related Stories?

I've had my share of them:

- School bus
- Coach bus
- Marching Band bus
- Field trips
- Overnight trips
- etc.

Marching Band:

Most of mine consisted of having to pee while on our way back from away games. It was quite challenging at times, but I've always made it.

So, do you have any related stories?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mia Grace first welcome to the site and I look forward to reading your stories.

To: Becc great story it sounds like you all had great poops.

To: Brynn I would to here any stories you have.

To: Chloe great set of stories.

To: Benjamin another great post.

To: EVA first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Brittany B great story.

To: Rachel great story.

To: Will it sound you heard a good show from her.

To: billybobby great story.

To: Melissa sounds like you really had to poop pretty bad.

To: Carin as always another great story it sounds like you had a good cleanout.

That's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Enjoying the stories

To Mia Grace--- welcome--- I can't help with your question but would like to read your stories if you want to share them.

Enjoying all the other stories too, including Benjamin's, and Becc's recent story about the gym.

Brynn--- welcome, as you see, people share all kinds of stories here.



Here's a survey for y'all

1. Do you pee outside? Under what circumstances?

2. How do you feel about you or others peeing outside?

3. Is it easy for you to start peeing outside? Ever have second thoughts?

4. What are some of the places you've peed outside?

5. For girls, when there was no TP, did you wipe with something else or drip dry?

6. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and piss in the ditch/woods?

7. Do you shit outside? Under what circumstances?

8. How do you feel about you or others shitting outside?

9. Is it easy for you to start shitting outside? Ever have second thoughts?

10. What are some of the places you've shitted outside?

11. When there is no TP, do you wipe with anything interesting (besides leaves)?

12. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and shit in the ditch/woods?

13. Do you ever get slightly turned on when pissing or shitting outside?

14. Have you ever allowed anyone to watch or listen to you when you go outside?

15. On the beach or at a lake or river, if there are no nearby bathrooms, are you more inclined to go in the water (piss or shit) or in the dunes/woods (piss or shit)?

16. Have you ever pissed or shitted outside completely in the nude?

17. When camping, on the beach, or wherever, do you put on shoes or sandals or go barefoot when you need to piss or shit?

18. Do you normally dig holes when you go outside and then cover them when you're done. Or do you just go wherever and leave as soon as you're done?

Anna from Austria

poop at doctors office

Last Friday I had a quite embarrassing poop at a doctor's office.

I had a checkup at my gynecologist early in the morning. Unfortunately, I forget about that in the morning fo a moment and had my morning coffee as usual. Coffe is the best way to start my morning poo.

Luckily I did not feel anything during the check-up, but after the check-up, I had a quite strong urge to do number 2. As there was no public toilet nearby the doctor's office I could use I decided to use the toilet at the clinic.

I entered the small bathroom locked the door. Pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. At first, I started to pee, and then I started pushing as slow as I can to avoid any embarrassing sounds, but then some mushy poo exploded right out of my butt for or 2 minutes. It was super loud. Then I had to wipe a lot, cleaned myself up, with lots of paper, washed my hands. then I left the very bad smelling bathroom and the clinic without any word.

The waiting room was very close to the toilet and the door of the toilet is not very thick so I I am sure they other waiting ladies heard everything.

That's my story for today

greetings from Austria


Steve A

To Mia Grace

I don't mean to tell you why that happens to you being a guy, but I don't mind at all since some of my girl friends complained to me about their period pooping problems as well. I know, some girls can be really personal around their closest friends.

I'll keep it simple: periods affect bowel habits. If you were to ask your girl friends about this, then they'll most likely tell you the same thing that you posted on here.


No Mall Crapping

The last day of school was only a half day. So me and Kennard had planned to walk over to a large mall for lunch. It was only about 7 blocks from our school and at the last minutes my friend Brannan asked if she could go too because she needed to get swimwear for her family's vacation. I told her I might be interested in some too and with the child care work and money I'm earning, well, I like to spend it. As I've said in previous posts, Kennard's kind of socially awkward. He absolutely hates crapping at school and 99% of the time he just makes excuses but I don't think he tries that well. I had just been in to pee and saw Brannan in there too so I was waiting for Kennard. I was hopeful that he would go in and shit before meeting us, but when he came down the stairs it was obvious that he was going to continue his stupid routine of holding his crap until he got back home. Me and Brannan figured we'd spend the entire afternoon out so that meant Kennard wouldn't be getting home until about the usual time, like 4 p.m. or later. Then I started thinking about a tease or two I could use to get him to go at the mall. I knew it would be a long-shot.

The mall was crowded with lots of students. Some of the younger ones had mothers there treating them on the end of the school year. While Brannan went to the other side of the food court to get her food, I told Kennard I would buy his lunch (I know what his favorites are!) if he would go across the aisle, do his crap, and shoot a picture of it with his phone while he was on the toilet. That was because I didn't want him to try and cheat by just walking into the first open stall with an unflushed bowl and shooting it. I grabbed his jeans, tugged at his underwear, found it was dark blue, and knew what I wanted to see in the picture. His family doesn't have a lot of money and I knew saving $9 or $10 on lunch might be an enticement. It wasn't. He said he walked in, all the toilets were occupied, and he was back before our order was filled. He's so stubborn, but I didn't want to say anything in front of Brannan. I'm trying to build up his confidence.

After eating much more than normal and finishing up the fries of a couple of friends at the other table that had extras, Brannan said she
was excusing herself for some exercise. That's code for taking a crap.
I used that time to try and talk Kennard into taking his crap sometime before I walked him back home. He could select the time. Place. Bathroom, etc. over the next four hours. I knew eventually he would be feeling more discomfort. After Brannan found what she wanted to buy, her mom came and picked her up. Kennard and I have an agreement. He comes with me into three of my stores and I come with him to three of his. At about 4 I reminded Kennard of his debt. He's so stubborn and he wouldn't give in before we started our walk home. I playfully told him he should be carrying my bags. He did take them, I think, because he wanted to take my mind off his crapping need.

I don't know why, except that I was getting a bit tired, we took a short cut through the alleyway where there were loading docks and a few trucks were being loaded. Near a dumpster, where almost no one was round, we passed this really strange looking thing that had been placed on the ground. It was like a double-size box with a fan on one end and this big hole where something had been taken out of the other. That gave me one of my now-or-never ideas. Kennard could earn his lunch if he took his shit there. We were between two long trailer trucks and the loading dock behind us was closed. I knew holding it was getting more painful for him but I didn't expect to be that convincing. He dropped his jeans and tattered blue underwear to mid-thigh and seated himself. I was obviously ready to come out. He was only seated about 25 seconds. I reached into my purse and handed him a couple of tissues. He was thankful. I also planted a kiss on him because I still think he's redeemable.

Hi all! Nothing especially exciting to post today as I'm at work, other than the fact that I have already pooped 3 times! I do poop a lot of course but three times in four hours is exceptional! Unfortunately it is really quiet here today and I haven't had any company for any of my dumps :(. The first was relatively urgent. I just let myself open and released a perfect swirl that completely filled the center of the bowl. For my second I intentionally went to a more public restroom with a lot of stalls and sat for a few minutes to see if I'd get a buddy, but alas it wasn't to be. I plopped a single log, wiped and left. Just now I took my third, and it was excellent. Again I had no company and was bored; so I bent forward and looked between my legs to watch myself (the things I do for amusement). In the reflection of the water I could clearly see my butthole spread open, then out came a long, slender log. I barely had to push. Then two smaller pieces which landed with a loud PLOP! each. For the third straight time my wipe was practically clean, which is nice when you are going often. Repeated wiping over a short period can result in a sore tushy, if you know what I mean! Oh well; that's all I got for now. I can imagine telling the truth if anyone asks what I did on my break..."oh I took my third poop of the day and then wrote about it on a message board!". LOL...have a great day everyone!


Desperate to go

Today I was walking around outside and drinking a coffee, and I felt the sudden need for a toilet. I walked to where there was a mall, hoping I could make it in time. I finished my coffee and went into the mall.

I entered the bathroom and got into a stall. I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down. I pushed a bit to begin emptying my bladder. As the pee was splashing into the toilet, my poo wasn't going to wait, and so a long rope of poo started emerging as I was peeing. I finished the pee, and the poo kept coming, coiling around and around in the toilet bowl. The first long turd broke off, and then another long one was expelled out of my anus. When that poop was finished, I strained a bit, and a small poop came out.

Understandably, I required a lot of toilet paper after that big piss-and-dump session. After two flushes, everything went down. I washed my hands, feeling much better.

Sunday, June 03, 2018


Response to Mia Grace

Hey Mia Grace

It's actually quite common for women to experience a change in their bowel habit. Some poop more often - including several times a day and yes, it can be copious amounts of "soft serve" poo. Others experience the opposite i.e. reduced frequency and large firm poos. I used to work as a physician and patients would tell me of this - so don't worry - you are not alone. Of course, this is not something that is discussed in ordinary conversation.

Hope it helps you to know this. It would be good to hear more stories from you.


Hi all, it's Anna here! Yesterday I went out biking in the mountains. There was a big group of us, two of my girlfriends and about ten other girls I didn't really know well. One of them was a bubbly and friendly girl names Prisha. During the drive out, I had a big cup of coffee from Starbucks and when we got to the parking lot, I needed the toilet for both things. Luckily, across the lot from where we were getting ready, there is an outhouse. Initially it was pretty busy with the girls from our group, but eventually most everybody who needed to go seemed to have gone and I decided it was time for my turn.

As I was heading across the parking lot, I noticed that Prisha, was making a beeline to the outhouse as well. We met at the doors, exchanged a quick smile and then I took the left stall and she went into the right one. I'm calling them stalls, but they are really two seperate rooms with a door each. There is a wall that goes all the way to the floor, but it is open up top under the roof. So, visually there is total privacy, but you can really hear every little thing that is going on on the other side. The toilets lead to a tank below where all the pee and poop goes, but they do have real seats, which is nice. We both locked our doors and then I pulled down my bike skirt and panties. I did a quick peek down into the toilet and there was a big pile of tp and turds in there already. I guess some of the other girls from my group had needed a number two as well! It kinda really stunk badly, but since I needed to go badly, I had no choice but to plop my bum on the seat. I could hear Prisha do the same and then for a while there was just silence from her side. I quickly started to release a big pee which splattered noisily into the toilet pit. As it was coming out, I farted a couple of times and then, just when I was done emptying my bladder, my neighbour broke the silence on her side with a fairly loud fart of her own. Prisha grunted quietly and then the sound of poo crackling came from her stall. I heard more small sighs from her side as well as little spurts of pee as, I guess, she was pushing out a long log. In the meantime, I had also started to do my poo. A big turd slowly came out of my backdoor, accompanied by a series of soft farts.

Sometimes when I use one of these outhouses, I imagine what the view would be from under the roof, down into the stalls. Now it would be two plump bums on the toilet, Prisha's brown bottom and my own pale one, and both pushing out large, healthy girl-poops! I thought that would somehow be a really funny sight, haha!

Anyway, her turd dropped into the toilet pit first, followed by another fart. That first piece seemed to have opened the flood gates for her, because after that she continued to release one poop after the other into her toilet and she also started to have a big gushing pee as well. I did another turd, just as big as the first, then one more and in the end a much smaller one. Each one made a splatting noise as they piled up in the pit below my bum. Overall, I pooed for maybe a couple of minutes and all the while, Prisha just bombed her toilet with a ton of turds, I don't know how many! We definitely both needed to go big time and had a lot to come out!

Finally, after my fourth turd I did felt all empty and I started to pull off some paper. I quickly cleaned up in front and then I lifted my bum off the seat a bit to wipe my hole. It was pretty messy down there and I ended up using almost ten pieces of paper, I think. When I was finally all cleaned up, I pulled up my panties and skirt, closed the toilet lid and then used some hand sanitizer. As I was leaving the outhouse, a tall blonde girl from our group was waiting outside. With Prisha still not done with her number two, she quickly went into my side to take care of her own toilet needs. I walked back to the other girls and by then everybody was pretty much ready to go. We waited for a few minutes and then Prisha and the blonde returned from the outhouse and we took off for our ride. I hope you all liked my story!

to Victoria B: Congrats on graduating. So exciting to hear you are moving this fall!

to Britanny B: I love your stories. The one about your revenge toilet prank was so funny! So great that Jasmine was up to it! About your story with the girls going to the party, I bet they were a bit tipsy! Me and my girlfriends share stalls like crazy when we are drunk! So far, never for a poo though, haha.

to Becc: Welcome to the site! I have totally enjoyed your stories so far. I really liked the confidence of the girl who was shaving her legs at the gym. I wish I was that comfortable with my body! Have you seen her at the gym again?

I also liked your other story where you went to the outhouse in the park. Like you, I am secretly interested in buddy dumping. I feel it would be really thrilling to use a bathroom with freestanding toilets like the one you described. I'd be real nervous, especially for a poo, but I'm pretty sure I would do it! Unfortunately, bathrooms like that don't seem to be a thing up here. I have never seen one.


church choirs

Chris -

I read your stories with interest. I remember when I sang in the choir I was always terrified that I might not be able to hold on until the end of the service ... but I always did.

One of the other choirboys, however, about 8 years old, once wet his pants at choir practice. And one of the girls (about 10) suddenly started crying in the middle of choir practice once, and the rumour went around that she had wet her knickers, but I never saw any evidence of it.

I'd love to read some more choir stories, if you have any to share.


Recent Encounters

I've got to be quick with this one, I've currently stepped out to poop. I've dropped about 6 medium logs, mostly soft especially towards the end. I ate a lot of food yesterday.

My friend got back from work the other day and dashed straight for the bathroom. I heard a few faint splashes but they were very muffled. Turns out it was because it was a really messy one that scraped the side of the bowl. When I went in later there was a distinct eggy smell and lots of streaks down the side, like the log had slid all the way down, must have been huge!



Two sightings

Just been away for a few days, seen a number of lorry drivers peeing on the side of the motorway due to hold up's caused by road works, but also had two sightings of females too, I will start with the second sighting first.

One evening about 7 pm I walked from the hotel to a pub, pasted a small shopping arcade, there were a small group of lads and girls smoking and drinking, some two hours later on my return they were gone. But there was a female with her trousers down squatting in a corner peeing, as I got level with her her female friend stepped in front of her and stood with her legs apart and arms out like a big X, as the road was two or three steps lower then them I could still see the peeing girl, the friend said 'what you looking at?' as I slowed to look. All I could see was the pale colour of her thighs and her pee stream. I walked on back to my hotel.

I went to a heritage railway for a ride behind a steam train, I got to the station which was in the middle of a line at about 10:30 am, bought my ticket to travel and went to a local bar for a drink. I was in the bar when a small number of females came in most in what I would call was fairy outfits, one or two had gone the hole way with green tights, little green leotards with short green skirts and wings, other just short skirts and wings.
My train was at 11:40 so at 11:30 am I returned to the platform and boarded the train, the train left about 10 minutes late and at the end of that part of the line the engine was slow to run-around the train, we were now running a good haft hour late. When we returned to the first station the platform was now packed with females most dressed as fairies, it was a hen party and they had booked the last three carriages of the train, set up as a bar and mobile dance floor, the station staff were trying to get them on board but it was like trying to herd cats. We left the station to go the other way now 47 minutes late, the driver did get back sometime.
We arrived at the last station, this was in the middle of nowhere just a platform with a bench a litter bin and a run-round loop, I got off the train to watch the engine run-around the train and as I did a mother was saying the her child do not look, I turned around to see about 9 or 10 females squatting on the platform by the last three carriages peeing with the train guard saying that there was a toilet on the train. I had a nice view of the bums but mostly side bums with strong pee streams in the sun shine. By now there were a few other men standing watching as the guard gave up with the females and was trying to get us all back on the train and let the females pee without being watched.
When the train did pull out as it pasted the spot on the platform it was awash with pee and a few tissues.
Back at the first station (about 4:30 pm nearly 2 hours late) I returned to the bar after the train had gone I could see the platform and the now untidy and some what drunk fairies all trying to head some to the toilets on the platform, some to the bar but most out and home. As it was now getting too loud in the bar with them I left for my hotel. I did get to see the fairy that at the start was I think in the nicest getup now with holes in her tights with her pale skin slowing and with only one wing.
I think that they enjoyed themselves, I know that I enjoyed the scenery on my train ride.


Comment and latest news

Hi everyone, I have time to post tonight so thought I would update you.
Jasmin K- sorry to hear you've been constipated for the last couple of weeks, I bet you felt better when you managed to push those logs out, hope your bum wasn't too sore after. I'm glad its not just me who wears knickers which will cope with a sticking out poo, that is a problem I still have from time to time although its much better now than when I was at school! Quite often I just wouldn't get time to go on the loo during the school day so by the time I got home I would have a log starting to poke out in my knickers. I totally get why you would always go and have a poo as soon as you got to school, I did try that for a time but struggled to get to school early enough if I'm honest. I do remember being surprised though that most girls on the toilet at that time in the morning wanted a poo as well, I guess they were trying to go before class so they didn't end up having to hold it in later and feel uncomfy. I've started thinking about this again more recently as I was chatting to Lucys cousin Lydia who came to stay with us at the start of May, shes still at school and it turns out she gets constipated alot too. She told me its a real struggle now to find enough time to have a poo when she's at school, understandably break is a total impossibility as by the time she gets a cubicle she only has about 10 minutes at the most until she has to be back in class, that might just about be enough time to finish a normal poo but no chance when shes constipated! Apparently she used to have a poo during lunch break quite often but now students can only access the loos at certain times and she just doesn't have time to go any more, as you can imagine she is getting dirty knickers quite a lot as well. To be honest I didn't think to suggest to her to try and go for a poo first thing in the morning, do you think that would be the best option for her? Also were you successful in making yourself have a poo every morning and how long did you usually spend on the toilet? If you just couldn't go would you try again later in the school day or wait until you got home? Sorry for all the questions, it would just really help if I could give her some good advice!
Luckily I'm managing to not get too badly constipated at the moment. My 'normal' routine lately has been to start to want a poo around lunchtime or just after, I can usually hold it without much trouble until I get home and then I can go on the loo in the comfort of my own home as soon as I get back from work. I wish this could have been the case when I was at school rather than getting the urge mid morning, I lost count of the number of times I went for a wee at morning break and knew I could have had a poo as well if only there'd been enough time, it was massively frustrating trying to stop a log from poking out, especially as I knew it would be even harder to get out later and I was likely to end up with dirty knickers too! Even if I don't feel the urge I always follow exactly the same routine when I get back from work, basically I go straight up to my room, undress to my bra and knickers and then go and sit on the toilet, I normally need a wee anyway so I take care of that and then I stay sitting, some days my poo will come straight away but other days I have to take my time. If Lucy isn't already back when I go to the loo she will usually come back part way through and come up to join me, sometimes she's desperate for a wee so if I'm just sitting waiting for my poo to come I get up and let her use the toilet, depending on how desperate I am she may try for a poo then or otherwise wait until later on. If I haven't been able to have a poo straight after getting home from work I will try again after tea and quite often that is successful, I do tend to push harder and really try to go at that point but to be honest I don't really force it, and some days I still don't manage anything. I have found that as long as I have a poo every other day on average it doesn't get too hard, I still have firm and fat logs which always take quite a bit of pushing out, but when I go longer than a couple of days between poos they get really hard and knobbly too and thats when I have a massive struggle trying to push them out. During my last bad bout of constipation I was only managing to have a poo every four days on average and it was really hard going, my poos were rock hard and I could push them out a bit but they would go back up my bum when I stopped straining which was really frustrating!
Anyway, having mentioned log poking out moments earlier I had one myself today, I started to need a poo after lunch as normal and by the time I was due to leave work I was getting fairly desperate. By the time I was walking up the path to my house I was absolutely bursting and could feel my bum being forced open by a huge log, I realised it had been a couple of days since I'd last been for a poo so I hoped it wouldn't be a really hard one! By the time I had got the door open I could feel that the log was poking out in my knickers and I was having to resist a huge urge to push, I went upstairs as fast as I could and took my leggings off as soon as I got into my bedroom. I dropped my white knickers to my knees as I went into my ensuite and waddled over to the loo, I sat down and couldn't help moaning with relief as I relaxed all the quivering muscles of my bum and felt a massive log starting to slide out. Downstairs I heard Lucy coming in and knew she'd come straight up, hopefully she wouldn't be desperate for the loo! I did a push and felt some wee spurt out, the log was moving but it was definitely slowing down, I could feel it was getting fatter and fatter. I looked down at my knickers and saw they were badly marked, so I pulled them down completely and kicked them over towards the dirty clothes hamper, just at that moment Lucy came in just wearing her white bra and pink flowery knickers, she said "Oh great, your throwing your dirty knickers at me now are you!" and I said, "Sorry, I didn't know you were going to come in just then, I'll put them in the wash in a minute!" I paused while I did another hard push, by now the log was part way out but was hardly moving, so I took a deep breath and bore down even harder, I couldn't help grunting but luckily that did the trick as I felt the widest part pass through and it started to move more quickly again. "I need to have a poo as well!" Lucy said, squirming about, "Its just about to poke out in my knickers!" I pushed again, "I shouldn't be much longer," I panted, "At least it hasn't got stuck!" After a few more pushes my first log plopped down into the bowl and I quickly passed another couple of smaller, smother logs and then started to wipe my bottom. As I was wiping Lucy pulled her knickers down, she said "I need to get on the loo NOW!" so I stood up and finished wiping as she moaned with relief, I know how good it feels when you can finally relax and just let it come! Lucys knickers were turned inside out around her knees and I could see she had skidmarks too. When I was done wiping I walked over to the sink (naked apart from my bra) and washed my hands, as Lucy started to bear down I went back into the bedroom and opened my underwear drawer, I took out a clean pair of yellow knickers which I put on and then I changed into my nightie before going back into my ensuite to keep Lucy company. I had heard her grunting while I was in the bedroom so I could tell she wasn't having an easy poo, when I got back into my ensuite she was red in the face and quite clearly struggling. "I think I'm a bit constipated," panted Lucy, "I can get it out a bit but then it goes back up my bum!" "When did you last have a poo?" I asked. I know Lucy can be really bad for holding it in, now we're living together at least I can remind her to go but I realised I'd forgotten the last few days. "Umm… I think it was three days ago, so I guess its not a surprise I'm struggling!" she said. She bore down again and kept up the pressure for as long as she could, and then took a really quick breath and pushed again. After a few more pushes like that (and really loud grunts!) she said "It's coming!" and shortly after I heard a log sploosh into the water. Suddenly Lucy farted and made several plops as she dropped some smaller logs. A few more plops and she said, "Right, I'm done!" and started to wipe her bottom. When she had finished wiping she looked down at her knickers and said "Oh great, I've got these knickers dirty, I'll have to change them!" so she stood up, pulled down her knickers and threw them over to the dirty washing hamper like I had done with mine. She washed her hands and then went back into the bedroom just wearing her bra, she got some clean white knickers out of her drawer and put them on and then changed into her nightie just like I had. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Mia Grace
Hi all! My name is Mia Grace. I am 18, pretty short, skinny, blonde hair, and I make very big poops for such a tiny girl. I'm talking up to the water line poops. It is embarrassing at times ( I have many stories if you're interested), but it honestly feels really good to go so I can't complain. Anyway, I'm not here for story telling at the moment but to ask if any girls have this problem?: So every month when I begin my period, I poop almost constantly. It's usually not diarrhea but like a very VERY soft poo. It must be period related because it's at the same time. But I make a visit to the potty to poo around 10-12 times a day for the 5 days of my period. My body just keep expelling thick, soft poos and it's actually starting to worry me and get on my nerves. I've also had many accidents during these times and I'll find myself with quite a lot of soft poo flowing into my panties without warning. My belly and bum ache a lot too but I'm thinking it's jjust period related. I also bleed very heavily so I don't know if it's related.

Ladies, please help me out or let me know of times this has happened to you. Also, let me know if you want any stories from me! I have lots.


Comments to Abbie, Imogen and Adrian

Hey guys, just a quick post was hoping to share one of my stories but heading out in a bit so I'll hopefully post it in my next post if I've got the time, still need to shower, get dressed and do my make up before I go out as well as have a well needed poo after I post this ahaha.

Hi Abbie, glad you understand the relief I got that night, definitely satisfying. I don't think anyone noticed I had no knickers on although we were all too drunk to notice or care lol. Aww sorry to hear about your near misses at school but believe me you're not alone in that happened to me once but was lunch time so only had one lesson to get through before being able to get home and out of my damp knickers. How old are you now if you don't mind me asking? From a few of your old posts im guessing were around the same sort of age so the fact you've only pooed yourself once is a good thing as I've done it 3 times but have had the odd little accident when farting but wasn't a full on load, one of those times I wet myself too lol. I'll go into more detail soon, as I've said I'm going out in a bit so just a quick post, also got to go for a poo before I go out lol. Yeah I'm exactly the same as you when it comes to gettng a sore bum when constipated :( I'll often wipe my bum with a bit of wet loo roll to try sooth the pain, similar to when I sometimes get diarrhea and the dreaded sting ring lol that shit burns! Ahaha

Hi Imogen, aww sorry to hear about you pooing yourself with a runny stomach, know how that feels :( so horrible with stomach pains and you can feel your bum twitching wanting to let the runny poo out, in the end its so messy. I've pooed myself 3 times, twice because of it being runny but have had little accidents when farting lol. When you fell over and slipped did you poo yourself too or just wee?

Hi Adrian, thanks for your advice, yeah it it continues I'll go to doctors, like you said probably just something I'm intolerant to, think I need to keep an eye on what I'm eating and start ruling things out. Most of the time I just have normal poos so could well be what you said and my stomach plays up when eating certain foods.

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