Today's gym experience

Hello again everyone! I promise this will be my last story for a while. I don't want to keep spamming you but after lurking on this site for a long time I'm really enjoying sharing my experiences with you guys! Unfortunately it's back to work and lots to do tomorrow. So anyway let's get to it.....
This morning I went to one of my favorite spin classes at the gym in order to pre burn some holiday party calories. The class was great. Courtney is one of my favorite instructors and she kicked our butts. I was walking back to the locker room with her after class and I felt I would soon need to poop. She had a bit of a pep in her step also, so I wondered if she felt the same. Our lockers were close by so we continued to chat as we stripped off our sweaty clothes. I was preparing for my post workout routine of stripping down, walking to the toilets in my towel to poop, then hitting the next door showers. I wrapped my towel loosely around myself and noticed that Courtney just casually tossed hers over her shoulder and started strolling to the bathroom. Hey, gym locker rooms seem to eliminate a lot of inhibitions, and as someone who enjoys being seen and heard pooping I have no problem with that!
We entered the room of stalls, which were directly adjacent to the sinks and mirrors. Speaking of no inhibitions, there was a totally nude girl with her foot up on the counter meticulously shaving her leg. Recently one of the stalls had an issue with the door so there was one doorless cubicle which I was hoping to use. Unfortunately as I walked up to it I found Kelsey, an avid runner I had done some races with, perched on the toilet. Hey Becc she cheerily said! What's up? Kelsey and I had pooped in front of each other in the woods before races instead of waiting in endless porta potty lines so there was nothing strange about the interaction at all.
I moved passed her to the next stall and entered, and Courtney took the last unit next to the wall. I slipped my towel onto the hook and sat down completely nude on the toilet. The cool tile floor felt heavenly on my hot soles as I settled in. Courtney had plopped down too and suddenly unleashed one of those loud, echoing bowl shakers which usually come first thing after climbing out of bed in the morning. I couldn't help but giggle, and Courtney laughed and said "now that was ladylike wasn't it?". Feeling mischievous I bore down hard and let loose with one of those long, soft perfectly snaking logs with a POP! It felt so good sliding out of my butt! "Touché!" said Courtney as she laughed...Kelsey sounded like she was having a really nice poop at this time too, softly grunting and big plops hitting the water. I noticed at this time that smell in the room was becoming quite rank!
About this time I looked thru the stall crack and saw that the shaving girl was now trimming her toenails. The angle of her leg gave me a direct view of her butthole and lady parts. I couldn't help but be impressed at this confident free spirit, just doing her own thing while 3 chicks were pooping, farting and laughing directly behind her. Part of me was hoping she'd sit down for a poop so I could hear her too. About this time Kelsey was wipIng up. She flushed and stood up, then walked over and washed her hands next to Open Butt. She said goodbye to Courtney and I as we were finishing our last plops and pees. We finished almost simultaneously, washed up and headed for the showers. It's always great to poop directly before a shower so you can get perfectly clean afterwards. I finished up and as I headed back thru the toilet room, wouldn't you know it, Open Butt was now residing in the doorless stall, bearing down and crackling out a poop. I couldn't help but to make eye contact and smile at her. She gave me a big smile and a wink as I walked by. At that moment a slightly older women had entered. She looked into the open stall and gave sort of an appalled look. The free spirited girl simply shrugged and beamed a big smile as if to say "what's it to you?". All in all a great day! Happy pooping everyone!


Punta Cana

Hey sorry about the previous post. I did type the name of the resort and posted a link with a picture of the bathroom but it was edited out. I guess you can't use the hotel name or post pictures. No problem I'll describe the bathroom. There is a main door to the bathroom that can be locked. You walk in and on your right there is the shower stall and toilet stall next to one another. The divider is just like most public bathroom stalls. It doesn't go all the way to the ceiling so you can reach your hand over it. The doors to the shower and toilet are glass. The shower stall is clear glass so you can see your partner taking a shower. The toilet stall door is frosted as is the divider glass. So while your partner is on the toilet you can see his/her feet. When you walk in the main door the sinks and mirror are straight ahead against the far wall. And on the left there is the Jacuzzi. Behind the Jacuzzi is a wall separating the room and the bathroom. There is a window on that wall with curtains. So if you're in the room you open the drapes and see clearly in the bathroom. I loved the set up and it was pretty cool having a conversation with my wife while I was sitting on the toilet and she was standing right next to me right outside the toilet doing her hair and makeup. The trip was fantastic.

Hi everyone, my name is Brynn! First a little about me and then a pretty mortifying personal story. I am 23, long brown hair, 5' 5", blue eyes, pretty thin. I was diagnosed with IBS D (diarrhea) when I was 18. This causes me to have very frequent, very very loose poos (on average about 6-10 a day for me, but 10-20 on bad days). I also get excruciating belly and bum pain, gurgly belly, painful, smelly gas, immediate urges to poo (doesn't matter where I am or what time it is; middle of the night, at the store, while filling up my car etc). In regards to loose poos, this ranges from very wet soft serve poos to straight liquid poo. Side note, I apologize for being so out front! I never speak about this with anyone but this site has opened a door for me and I hope I'm excepted here. Anyway, I hardly talk about my diagnosis because it's so embarrassing. My mom knows about it but rarely do I share with her. The only person who now knows everything about my IBS (gross stuff included), is my fiancé as of last month, Clay. He is beyond supportive and helps me in every way possible. I have recently transitioned to wearing adult diapers (bluntly put) when I go out and when I sleep because of how difficult my IBS is to deal with. I've had so many accidents and leaks, it's so embarrassing. Anyway, Clay is a HUGE supporter of this and has never made fun of me. He helps me change when I need and helps me in the bathroom if need be. Unfortunately, Clay did not always know about my IBS. I actually hid it from him for A WHOLE YEAR when we were first dating back when I was 20. So my story is about how he found out, gross as it is, and how gracious he was in the end. *disclaimer* it's VERY gross so don't read on if you don't like a gross diarrhea story lol.

So a little back history on my story. Clay and I are very close. He loves to hold me close and let's me cry in his arms if I ever need it or if I just need to be comforted. Anyway, one day, he heard me crying in the shower (probably over something silly lol) and he gently took off his clothes, for in the shower with me, wrapped his arms around me, and let me sob into his arms. It's cathardic, you should try it haha. So anyway, this is something we do from time to time and not just when I'm super sad. It's not sexy in any way. It's just something we do when we're both tired, worn out, or had a bad day. It helps mainly me relax and him too sometimes. There's something about hot water and steam surrounding you and the one you love that makes you feel much better. Okay so sorry for all that! Moving on. So Clay and I had been dating for 11 1/2 months. During this time, my grandfather had been battling a terminal disease for quite some time and was in the hospital for weeks. After much fighting, he passes peacefully in his sleep. I was very close with him so this wrecked me. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't do normal things, all I could do was cry. So Clay has been out of town for a business trip and just got home two days after my grandpas passing. I fell into his arms and he knew just what I needed. He turned on the shower, gently removed my clothes and his, and we both got in. My body shook as I cried and cried (sorry this part is sad) into Clay's chest. He held me with his strong arms and rubbed my back. But here's where things took a bad turn... I remember being in there for a while. I had stopped crying and was now just letting Clay sway me back and fourth. I began to tune into my body and began to feel the familiar churning feeling in my intestines. When I get this feeling, I know I have very little time to act. It means get to the potty NOW because you're about to POOP. And by poo, I mean have a huge convulsing diarrhea episode. So as I'm feeling this, I'm also listening to my brain say, you have to hold it, you have to hold it, you can't just lerch away and run to the toilet, imagine what Clay will think. Well, let me tell you, I would have been WAY better off ripping myself from Clay's arms and running to the pot. That would have been WAY less mortifying. Instead I thought, I can't embarrass myself like that. So I clenched. HARD. But like so many times before, my body was determined to win. In an instant, I yanked a hand off of Clay's back and instinctively covered my bum. AHHHHGH I groaned. "Sweetheart, are you okay?" Clay asked, looking very worried. I had no time to respond before my belly convulsed, my anus opened, and a chunky wave of diarrhea shot out onto the white shower wall behind me. Mortified, I began to cry. Clay looked in shock. I knew I wasn't even close to being done but I was not stuck in this small shower to finish my liquid poo. My back arched as another wave of gurgly poo flowed out of my back end. At this point, Clay had turned off the shower water and was now out of the tub. All I kept saying was "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, please don't hate me." With a kind voice, Clay put one hand on my shoulder and one on my belly and guided me into a squat. "Baby, I know. It's okay baby girl. I could never hate you. These things happen". I panted as sweat dropped down my naked body. The bathtub was covered in liquid poo. Because I had shot at the back wall, it was now dripping down by my feet into the drain. I grabbed my belly again as another wave began. Clay massages my stomach and chunky, soupy poo splashed down with the previous poos. Often ones when episodes like this happen, I get light headed. I've come very close to passing out. I told Clay this and he helped me lay back into the bath. I didn't care that the back poo covered wall was not touching my back. I could only think about the next wave about to barge it's was out my poop pulsing anus. As it did, I sobbed. Chunks of last nights dinner splattered everywhere. And my poop Clay sat by me the entire time with poo covered hands. Finally after what felt like an eternity, the poo stopped. I moaned in relief. Like a big MOAN. IT WAS OVER. Clay turned the faucet on and began to wash both me and the tub down. It was COVERED in poo. And it reeked. All I could do was apologize over and over and over. But he never batted an eye. I took that moment to admit to him that I had IBS D. He didn't laugh or make fun of me. He said "well then right now I promise to take care of you. Relationships are messy. It's life" From that point on, he's been my rock. He helps me in every accident and episode and helps me keep my head up when I get down about my life.

Please let me know if you'd like to hear any more stories. And what specifically you'd like to hear. I have a story for just about any occasion bwvuas my life basically revolves around poo. Love you all!


Lost my moment

For Memorial Day, which is immediately after my high school got out, me and some friends went to a state park with lunches, several coolers of pop and a lot of energy to burn off. Some college guys challenged us to a volleyball match and it seemed to go on and on. I hadn't crapped that morning; it was knocking. And getting louder and louder. I had bright red shorts on and briefly imagined them showing some brown. Finally, I had to call my friend Marci in because it had about a block long run ahead of me to get onto the toilet in the building my boyfriend calls the Shit Shack. Despite the humidity and 95 temperature, oh and some small stones I couldn't see in the high grass that hurt my bare feet, I made it to the SS. There were 3 toilets, surprisingly modern in the dingy dim-lit room with 3 sinks on the wall right in front of them. Their was this woman about my mom's age seated on the middle toilet. She greeted me, said her boyfriend buys the cheapest beer that her bladder doesn't hold well, and that she was getting down to her last pint. I laughed and told her that was funny as I was yanking my shorts down. I was lowering myself and about an inch off seating myself on the toilet left of her. Then I noticed there was no seat. Then I went to the toilet on the right of her. Same problem! At that point the woman quickly got up and within a second or two I was on her very warm seat. Immediately it started with a poof and then what felt like a very satisfying soft one. I watched the woman half-heartedly wash her hands and then wish me well. A little more was coming out and I knew I had produced a bowl-filler. I threw my weight forward as I looked at my injured right toe nail and I saw an abrasion on my the bottom of my left foot. While it had occurred to me a few seconds earlier to move cautiously and wipe from my seat, I did the really dumb thing. In the split-second I was standing, there was a soft beep and within a couple of seconds my work was gone. I had lost my moment to see it. I wiped. There was nothing. Then a second time and third time. Nothing. Then 2 hours later I was back on that toilet for a much needed pee. Too much ice tea and I drank it too fast. I was sweating badder than earlier and when I looked between my legs I found a 2x2" skidmark in my underwear. I can't figure out how that happened. I just feel bad about my lost moment to see my poo. In the SS I should have the opportunity to see my shit.

Hey everyone! I'm back with a few more stories. I ate a ton this weekend and I didn't poop on Saturday, so I had to go big time on Sunday afternoon. I was at my sister's house on Sunday and when I felt the urge to poop I excused myself. I went to the upstairs bathroom for a little privacy and so I hopefully wouldn't expose anyone else to the stink I knew I'd leave behind. I closed and locked the door and settled onto the toilet. After a good relieving pee, I prepared for the "main event." Quickly I unleashed a few snakes into the toilet and then I let out a long fart. It echoed in the toilet bowl and sounded very loud. It also lasted a very long time. I followed it up with another fart just as loud but not quite as long. My stomach felt a lot better after I let out all that gas, but I knew I wasn't done pooping.

Some more snakes came out of me. I was really filling the toilet and stinking it up good. I had turned on the fan, but it didn't help any. I looked between my legs and saw a lot of poop in the bowl, and I figured I should flush to not risk a clog. Everything went down okay and I resumed pooping. More and more logs eased out and finally I felt done. I looked between my legs again and saw a big pile about the same size as the one I'd flushed down earlier. My butt was very messy and I needed to wipe a lot. When I finished, I flushed again and then a third time as I'd left behind a lot of skidmarks all over the toilet.

Okay, on to my next story. A while back, I was out shopping with my friend Cassie when I felt an urge to poop. I tried to ignore it for a while, but soon I couldn't hold it anymore. I told Cassie "My stomach hurts. I need to go to the bathroom." She replied "I kinda have to go too, actually." We went off to find a bathroom. The store had a single occupant one, so we went in together and locked the door. Cassie said I could go first, since she didn't really need to go that bad.

I sat on the toilet and started pooping while Cassie and I talked. I unloaded several long coils of poop. Unfortunately, the bathroom didn't have a fan, so after a few minutes, it was quite stinky. "Sorry, Cass, it really stinks in here." She told me not to worry about it and that she was going to poop too, when I was done. Some more minutes later I finished. I wiped myself thoroughly and flushed, trading places with Cassie.

She peed for a long time and even started pooping while she was still peeing. Her poop came out in lots of pieces, plopping and splashing into the bowl. I had definitely stunk it up, but Cassie's poop was only adding to the already strong smell. She finished after only a few minutes, but her poop came out quickly, so she'd still dropped a ton of bombs. She wiped while standing, so I could her poop in the toilet. She'd made a sizeable pile, and it looked like it was actually poking out of the water a bit. She only needed a few wipes, and then she flushed twice, once to get her load down and then again to clean the skidmarks off the bowl.

Finally, my last story happened a few weeks ago, over Mother's Day weekend. I went home to visit my parents. While I was there, I had to pee. Since all of us kids have moved out, my parents moved into a much smaller place, and now they have one bathroom. Anyway, someone was in there. I didn't have to go too bad, so I decided to hold it, and I'd check back in five or ten minutes. But, I got busy and forgot, and I didn't remember until about two and a half hours later. By then I REALLY had to piss!

When I got to the bathroom, again someone was in there. I knocked on the door and my mom answered. I asked if she was almost done, because I had to pee. She answered "Sorry, honey. (Nnnhh) I'm gonna be (Nnngh) a while." Just my luck. I was on the verge of peeing my pants, and someone was pooping in the only bathroom. I had no choice but to wait, though. I began to notice a strong poop smell, even from the other side of the bathroom door. My mom must've been really blowing it up in there.

It felt like ages and ages went by, every second was like torture. But in reality, it was only about ten minutes. Finally, she finished up, flushed, washed her hands, and came out of the bathroom. She said "Bathroom's all yours. You might wanna let it air out a bit though." The smell from outside was bad enough, but inside it was downright toxic. I left the door open and literally held my breath as I had the most satisfying pee I can ever remember.

Well, alright, those are more stories. Talk to you guys later.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Camping in the "Haunted House"

When Carrie and I were thirteen, there was an old, white, two-story house that had sat abandoned for many years, after the previous owners moved out suddenly. It sat at the very end of the street, surrounded by dense woods and a tall hedge out front shielded it from the road. The few other kids in our neighborhood said it was haunted, which is why the last owners moved out; I didn't really believe them, but it was a fun idea.

One night in early September, Carrie and I gathered with our small group of friends and we sneaked into the house through a back window. I pried open the window with a screwdriver and we all climbed in, carefully shutting it behind us. Inside, it was dark and creepy, with the rooms still full of a lot of furniture. The previous owners had apparently left in a hurry, having to leave a lot of their possessions behind. Strange.

There were two boys in our group, myself and a boy named James, and three girls, Carrie, Sarah, and Mary. We were all pretty close, given we'd spent our lives together a few houses apart. We'd all brought flashlights, sleeping bags, and food in a cooler and a second one for water bottles. We'd stay for maybe a few days, as it was over a long weekend from school.

We headed up the creaking stairs and found the master bedroom, which still held a bed frame and mattress and a dresser against the far wall. Carrie and I spread our sleeping bags on the bed, while Mary, Sarah, and James shared the floor; we'd switch around each night. A door off to the left led into a small bathroom. Mary, blushing deeply, told everyone that she needed to pee really badly, and Carrie suggested using the old toilet. Mary considered it and agreed.

We crowded into the bathroom and watched as Mary pulled down her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet, giggling nervously as she saw us staring at her. "Just go, girl!" Sarah encouraged. Mary nodded, closing her eyes; she relaxed and soon we heard her pee tinkling on the dry porcelain of the bowl. She sighed in relief. After about thirty seconds, during which no one said anything, she finished and asked for one of the rolls of toilet paper we'd brought with us (we had three, just in case).

Blushing again, she quickly wiped herself and then stood up, pulling up her shorts. A small lake of pee covered the bottom of the toilet. Sarah boldly announced that she had to pee, too, and quickly set about undoing her jeans and tugging them to her knees, before sitting down. Smiling, she complimented Mary for warming up the seat for her, which made us laugh.

Sarah flooded the toilet with pee for nearly a minute, moaning that it felt sooo good to let it all out after holding it all day. Suddenly, Sarah let out a loud fart, which made Mary and Carrie burst into giggles. Sarah laughed too; she was quite open about her toilet habits, so it didn't bother her a bit.

She finally finished and wiped. As she stood up and pulled up her pants, we saw that the toilet bowl was a quarter full with pee! "Damn, girl! You had to pee!" Carrie said. Sarah laughed and nodded.

Carrie also announced she needed to pee and promptly pulled down her jeans and sat on the toilet. Her pee tinkled loudly as it hit the other girls' pee in the bowl. Carrie closed her eyes as she sat there, apparently enjoying the feeling of her bladder emptying. She finished after about forty seconds and wiped with the toilet paper.

Hopping up, she happily said, "Who's next?"

James said he didn't need to go yet, but I did. I stepped up and marveled at how the bowl was nearly half full now. Wow, those girls could pee! I unzipped and soon my pee was splashing into the rest. I finished about thirty seconds later and sighed in relief.

"We'll need to find somewhere else to go poop; it would stink really bad in here if we did," Sarah said reasonably and we agreed.

We passed around some hand soap Sarah had brought and washed our hands. Then, we walked out of the bathroom to explore the rest of the house. On the top floor, there was the master bedroom, four more bedrooms on each side of the long hallway off the stairs, and a small hallway closet. Inside was a large bucket, which we agreed would be the night toilet, if you woke up needing to poop and couldn't make it to the real one. Sarah set one of the rolls of toilet paper next to it.

Walking down the creaking stairs, we reentered the living room, which had a fireplace along the left wall and a couch in the center of the room, facing it. James tried the light-switch, but, of course, the power had been cut off long ago. Mary sat on the couch, looking at the fireplace. She wondered aloud if we could light a fire; I told her it probably wasn't a good idea as it would alert people to our being here.

We explored the other rooms on the ground floor, seeing a dining room off the living room with a long table and chairs still around it, dark curtains covering the window. It passed into the large kitchen, which had a fridge, stove, and a long counter with a sink. Off to the side was a small breakfast nook. I wondered aloud at why someone would leave all their stuff in a house and just up and leave. No one else understood it, either. It was honestly quite creepy, as the house had been abandoned for nearly ten years, which was very odd for any house, not just a supposedly "haunted" one. It really lent itself to the notion that the house actually was haunted.

Along a short hallway, we found another bathroom, this one just a toilet and sink, with no shower. I said it was probably too close to use as our pooping bathroom and that we should check the basement first. The others agreed and we headed for a door leading off of the living room. Opening it, I saw that it led down a flight of stairs into the basement. We walked down them and entered a large room. Pointing our flashlights around in the dark, we saw that it appeared to be a rec room, with a large couch facing a wooden stand, though the TV was gone. An exercise bike stood along the far wall.

A door stood off to the right and I opened it to see a large storage room, filled with boxes. We entered and I knew we'd found a place we could use as a bathroom. Working with James, we pushed several boxes around until there were five "toilets", four boxes positioned with a small hole in the middle to sit over. Sarah placed two more rolls beside the makeshift toilets.

James said he had to poop and we eagerly encouraged him. Blushing a little, he pulled down his sweatpants and climbed up onto a toilet, sitting over the hole. He pushed his penis between his legs and soon we heard a soft splattering of pee on the cement floor. He finished in about ten seconds and sat there, blushing as we all looked at him expectantly.

With a small grunt, he started pushing, gripping the edges of the boxes he sat on for leverage. We heard a crackling sound and then a sharp slap against the floor as his first turd dropped. Mary cheered and Sarah and Carrie joined in. James pushed again, and then went deep red as he let out an embarrassingly loud fart. We all laughed. He grunted again, pushing hard, and there was another splat as his soft poop dropped to the floor.

Another sprinkle of pee rattled against the box as he pushed again. Another splat hit the floor and then James farted again. He kept pushing and dropped two more turds and then let out a last, small fart. He said he was done and reached for the toilet paper to wipe, dropping it down the hole after he was done.

Done, he got off the toilet and pulled up his pants. The room smelled a bit now, but it was what it was. We walked out of the new bathroom and headed back upstairs. Everyone was a little tired now, so we decided to call it a night. We went into the master bedroom and undressed for bed, the girls a little self-conscious. Carrie and I climbed onto the bed and the rest went into their sleeping bags on the floor.

I woke up in the middle of the night, needing to poop. I carefully got out of bed so I didn't wake Carrie. I noticed the door was open and went into the hallway. I could see a sliver of light from inside the closet, so someone must have needed the bathroom quickly. As I got closer, I could tell they were pooping judging by the smell. I gently knocked on the door and heard a girl gasp, clearly startled.

"Who's there? It', occupied," Sarah's voice said nervously.

"It's Ben. That's fine, I can wait," I told her.

"...'Kay," she answered and got quiet again. A few seconds later, I heard a soft fart and a thud in the bucket. She grunted softly and another turd thudded in the bucket. Sarah farted quietly again. Then I heard a soft pattering start in the bucket as she began to pee. I heard her sigh softly. She finished after ten seconds and I heard her tearing off toilet paper to wipe. Then her clothes rustled as she got everything pulled up again. Finally she opened the door and smiled shyly at me. She was wearing only a long t-shirt that fell to her mid-thighs and (presumably) panties.

"Sorry about the stink, I woke up and really had to go," she said, blushing. I told her it was fine and she smiled.

She slipped past me and went back to bed, and I went into the small room, shutting the door and turning on my flashlight. In the bucket, Sarah had deposited six turds of varying sizes, with a pool of pee around them. She must have really needed to go.

I pulled down my underwear and sat on the bucket. A large turd slid immediately out of my butt and dropped into the bucket with a thud. Another, longer one slid out quickly afterward. I pushed slightly and another, smaller turd dropped with a thud. I farted a bit loudly and then pushed out another long turd. After a second fart, I let out a long pee, holding down my penis so it didn't splash over the edge.

Finishing, I tore off some toilet paper and wiped my butt, dropping the paper in the bucket when I was done. I stood up and pulled up my underwear again. I used some of the hand soap by the bucket to clean my hands.

Exiting the temporary bathroom, I went back to bed, feeling much relieved. Sarah was already asleep again. I fell asleep quickly, too.

I woke up the next morning to hear quiet giggling nearby from Sarah and Mary. I looked over at them to see them staring at me. "That's sooo cute!" Sarah said to Mary. I became conscious of Carrie half-laying on me, her head on my chest and her left arm slung around my neck. She was still sound asleep, snoring softly. I gently disengaged myself from her and stood up, looking around for my pants.

"She must really like you!" Mary said, grinning broadly.

I shrugged. Carrie tended to cuddle whatever was nearby when she slept, holding it to her as if it was a teddy bear. It just happened to be me, this time. Which, I guess, was kind of adorable.

Mary stifled a second round of giggles, glancing at my waist and away again quickly. I looked down. Ah. Now that I was up and about, *that* would disappear soon enough... Ignoring her, I located my jeans by the nightstand and pulled them on. Sarah and Mary were already having a breakfast of Pop-tarts and water. Hungry, I joined them.

We'd nearly finished when James and Carrie woke up. They quickly joined us. After breakfast, Mary and Carrie both headed for the "night bathroom", probably to pee. Sarah had peed last night, so she didn't get up to follow her friends.

As they came back, a few minutes later, Carrie asked, "What do we do with it? It smells." Sarah blushed.

"Let's dump it in one of the toilet holes in the storage room," I said and the others nodded. Carrie went back for the bucket and went off to carry it downstairs. After she came back ten minutes later with the empty bucket and replaced it in the closet, we headed for the window in the living room to go outside again.

As we walked downstairs, Carrie whispered to me that she'd gone poop in the bucket before emptying it in the storage room. We had left a second bottle of hand soap down there too. After we got outside, we headed for the woods to walk around for a while. We brought bottles of water with us, in case we got thirsty.

After walking along a narrow path (probably an animal trail of some kind) for about thirty minutes, Mary complained she needed to poop urgently. We stopped and she blushed furiously as she yanked her pants down and squatted a few feet off the path. First, she let out a bit more pee and then stopped. She squatted for several seconds and nothing happened.

"Having a hard one?" Sarah asked sympathetically.

Mary blushed again and shook her head. "I- I need privacy to poop," she stammered.

"Why? You were the first to pee yesterday, in front of all of us!" Sarah reminded her.

Mary nodded quickly, blushing, if possible, deeper red still. "I know. But pooping's different. It takes a while and I- I fart a lot usually. And- and I've n-never pooped outside before. It- it's embarrassing!"

"It'll be okay, sweetie," Sarah told her, smiling.

Carrie grinned at her. Then she spun around and half-squatted with her hands on her knees, her butt pointed right at Mary. I knew what was coming: I saw her stomach contract as she pushed and suddenly a very loud fart burst out of her, echoing around the woods. Sarah laughed and clapped which made James and I laugh, too.

Mary seemed a bit comforted by this exuberant display, but still seemed reluctant to poop in front of us.

"Close your eyes," Carrie suggested. Mary immediately closed her eyes and gave a small grunt. A tiny bit more pee squirted out onto the dry leaves, and then we saw a long, thick turd slowly inch downward between her legs. She kept making soft grunts as she pushed and the turd reached the ground and coiled around for a moment. Then it dropped out of her bottom onto the ground with a thud. Mary let out a little sigh when she heard the thud, and it seemed to embolden her. She leaned forward a bit and grunted louder this time; another thick turd inched out and finally dropped to the ground with another thud. Then calamity: she ripped a loud fart.

Her eyes flew open and her cheeks flamed. "It's okay!" Carrie assured her quickly. "Do what you gotta do, girl! Grunt, fart, all of it! Push it all out as hard as you can, don't get nervous!"

Mary giggled nervously and closed her eyes again. She pushed and farted loudly again. Taking a few breaths to steady herself, Mary kept pushing and then moaned softly as another long, thick turd slid slowly out of her. It fell with a heavy thud. Mary farted again. Finally, she pushed out a last, small turd that thudded softly in the leaves. She let out two more loud farts and was finished.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" consoled Sarah. Mary opened her eyes and smiled sheepishly. Then she let out another loud fart.

"Oops! That surprised me!" she laughed. We laughed with her, happy she was getting more comfortable with herself.

She stood up and accepted some tissues from a pack from Carrie. She wiped her butt several times standing up and dropped them on her poop. Looking very relieved, she walked back over to us. Carrie had brought some little hand wipes and Mary used a few of those to clean her hands.

James unzipped his fly and peed against a tree. We walked around for a few more hours, during which all three girls stopped to squat and pee at different times. I peed against a tree soon after Sarah, sighing as my bladder emptied.

Sarah went downstairs after we got back, so we guessed she needed a poop. Following, we watched as she pulled down her jeans and hopped up onto the box-toilet. Carrie said she suddenly needed to go, too, and quickly sat on the hole next to Sarah. Both girls started pushing right away, Sarah grunting as she pushed. Crackling came from both of them for a few seconds and then two loud thuds, one after another, hit the cement floor as they both pooped. Mary laughed.

Sarah let out a long fart. Carrie was dropping little turd after little turd, the constant small thuds of her poop against the floor nearly rhythmic in nature. Sarah was still drinking out of her water bottle while pooping and stopped to take another long pee in the fake toilet before starting on her poop again.

Carrie farted loudly twice, sighing in relief. She took a moment to rest. Then she grunted, gripping the box edges as she strained hard for almost fifteen seconds, leaning forward with her eyes squeezed shut, a long, loud crackling coming from under her. Then she let out a loud, low moan as a very heavy thud hit the bottom of her toilet pit. A tiny fart squeaked out of her butt and she said she was finished.

"Why did you groan so loud?" Mary wanted to know. Carrie smiled weakly.

"I just laid a HUGE egg; it majorly stretched out my bottom and hurt a lot," she said, rubbing her stomach. A little, last fart puffed out as she reached for the toilet paper beside her. She wiped and hopped down and pulled up her pants. "I think I dropped almost eight poops!" she said, looking behind her curiously. "Although that last one was probably four of them together!" Everyone laughed.

Sarah was still grunting away, working on her second poop, which sounded quite large given the way she was straining. Her face was bright red and Mary encouraged her softly and held her hands. Slowly, we heard crackling from behind her and Sarah panted like she was giving birth. She even put her hands on her stomach and pushed down, grunting all the while. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she appeared to be cussing under her breath.

Sarah grunted and panted for ten minutes, having worked on this one, gargantuan turd for nearly fifteen minutes.

Finally, Sarah let out a loud moan as her stomach contracted one more time and a very heavy thud was heard in her toilet pit.

"You delivered your baby! Congratulations!" Mary squealed and Carrie and James laughed.

Sarah continued to hunch over, holding her poor stomach and grimacing. "Blah, my stomach is still full of cramps!" she moaned. "I pooped fine last night, but today I'm suddenly constipated?"

She grunted again, shutting her eyes to strain. A loud, rasping fart shot out, lasting nearly ten seconds. She moaned in relief and slumped forward; expelling all that gas must have felt very good and evidently stopped her stomach cramps.

Pale and sweaty, she reached for the toilet paper. "I- I'm done," she panted, tearing off a long roll of paper and wiping her butt. She wiped her butt again and then tore off some more to wipe her vagina.

Standing up, she pulled up her pants and sighed in relief. Mary curiously pointed her flashlight into Sarah's toilet and shrieked. "Oh my God, Sarah! That's HUGE! How did you get that out of you, you poor baby?"

We leaned in and saw an enormous turd, at least three inches thick and over two feet long. Sarah's stomach must have been hurting so badly. I wondered why she hadn't tried to poop in the woods; squatting would have probably made it a bit easier to pass.

Flushed with her victory, Sarah tottered back up the stairs. We spent the last few hours enjoying each other's company, before finally packing up and leaving the house to head home. We agreed we'd need to repeat this again.


Survey answers

1. How far you generally pull down your pants and underwear when you pee/poop in a public bathroom & how long you been doing this method?

If I'm just peeing they go down to my knees but if I'm pooping I'll pull them down to my calves. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember.

2. Do you pee/poop the same habit as question 1 while you are at home? If not, how far you generally pull down your pants and underwear when you use the bathroom at home?

I do exactly the same at home.

3. Do you wipe your butt sitting down or you stand up to wipe your butt after you finish your pee/poop?

I stay sitting the whole time.

4. How did your pee/poop habits changed over the years from childhood to today?

The only thing that has changed really is how much I go and the order I go in. When I was younger I used to poop once a day, and always after peeing. But now I poop twice a day and always poop first, then empty my bladder.

5. How many times you generally flush the toilet when you pee/poop?

Usually once.

6. Do you sit or squat when you use the bathroom?

I sit.

7. Are you embarrassed to poop/fart in public bathrooms and around others?

Not at all. I'm loud and proud!

8. How often you poop in public bathrooms & when was the last time you pooped in public bathrooms?

Maybe once a month at the moment? I last pooped in a public bathroom on Monday the 28th.

9. Have you used a multi-stall public unisex bathroom? If not, would you use one with the opposite gender?

Never but it's on my to-do list! I'm trying to find one that's fairly busy :)

10. How long you spend in the bathroom while you poop in a public bathroom and at home?

5-10 minutes usually.

11. If you have to pee/poop in a public bathroom, which one you prefer the most? Bathroom stalls with a door that the door don't reach the floor with your feet showing under the stall, single stall/toilet public bathroom with full locking door that is floor to ceiling, portable toilet or public bathroom stalls that has no doors

Floor to ceiling doors if possible just because I like the privacy, but in general I'm not really bothered.

12. Are you male or female



Would you call this an accident?

Hi everyone, Imogen here with a couple of updates.

Firstly as it was so hot at the weekend I went sunbathing in the park with a few friends! I had to wee behind a bush twice. On the second time, I was squatting and weeing when a good looking guy appeared, didn't see me, and started weeing into the bush as well! I stayed squatting down, waited until he'd gone before pulling my knickers up and heading back.

I went out with some friends last night though and this ended in a bit of a mishap, I don't know if you'd call it an accident though. So we went out to this BBQ meat type place and I ate so much! I was absolutely stuffed and before I set off home I decided to sit on the loo, which I did, having a poo and feeling quite fine.

And what's weird is that I continued to feel fine until about half an hour later when I got off the bus and felt a rumbling and pressure on my bum, and realised I needed a poo again. I carried on walking down the road feeling uncomfortable and a bit gassy, and when I turned the corner onto my street I felt my bum start to slowly relax. I stopped dead and with a lot of force managed to clench shut. Thought I had it under control so I carried on walking down the pavement, but a bit further along felt it relaxing again and a feeling of something slowly dribbling down which I was able to hold in.

I was now in a pretty frantic desperate situation. I could see my house so I didn't have long to hold it, but every step seemed to result in a bit more movement. I practically marched on to the drive and as I was turning the front door key, I felt another bit come out.

Finally I'm in the house on my own, I just need to get upstairs, on the brink of having what felt like a big and explosive poo where I stood. I just had to get on the loo. So I clenched tight, hands on bum, and ran up the stairs. As I went i could feel another bit coming out, then another, I got to the top of the stairs (another) and ran into the bathroom slamming the door behind me. At this point it turned into a continuous slow movement as the poo came out. I got to the toilet and fiddled to undo my belt. Every movement I took of the belt buckle, more poo would slowly slide out, as if to remind me.

With a snap the belt came undone, and literally at the same moment as I was undoing the button I felt the rate speed up to normal pooing. I yanked my jeans and knickers down and crashed onto the toilet, at which point I relaxed completely and exploded with an absolutely huge runny poo. I was so relaxed after holding on tightly!

I looked down at my knickers. They were some I really like - grey with purple spots and purple lace round the edge. There was a pretty big Brown patch. I had to get in the shower and hose down my bum and my knickers, before getting changed.

So guys would you say that was a real accident or not!? Definitely felt like one but most was in the toilet.

Until next time



Hello Again

First, Brandon T. Pleased you liked the story about me and Susan. Yes, thinking back, she did give me quite a show...I was quite shocked at first, but this turned in to more like mild fascination. Since I wrote that story, I remembered more details of that day long ago...putting memories in to words, triggered other little memories. I remember Susan apologising for me having to see her empty her bowels...she had only really crouched down to do her very urgent wee, but once she was squatting, she said she couldn't hold it, and everything just came out...thinking back, it was pretty obvious she must have been dying to poop, and did the best thing by just going there and then. I also remember it was a very 'still' day and her poop had a strong, 'meaty' aroma. I was also surprised that a girl of her age, very slim, but quite tall, could hold so much poop. I still see Susan to this day, and sometimes wonder if I should mention that day...

I haven't had many poop situations worth talking about in my life, and most of those very few momements in my childhood/ teenage years involved other boys. One that is quite vivid in my mind is a situation that must have only been a few months before the 'Susan' situation.
As a kid, I always had a tendandancy to be a bit consitpated, and never went for a poo at school....well not until I discovered that sitting on the toilet could be a good break from a tiresome and boring lesson....
I would always try and go, before I left for school in the morning, and if I didn't, any slight urge could be put off until I was home in the late afternoon. This always worked well, until one Tuesday morning in my first year at Secondary school...I would have been 12 at the time. First lesson of day, always on a Tuesday, was swimming...we didn't have a pool at the school, but were lucky enough to be only 10 minutes walk from our local council owned swimming baths, which were very new at the time. I hadn't been able to have my morning poo that day, and walking down the road with my class mates, I was aware of increasing discomfort in my bottom...I decided that I'd have to go and sit on the toilet before getting in the pool, as the exercise in the water would be bound to make things feel worse, and I didn't want to have to go and poop while I was all wet. I hated the changing rooms that we had to use as a group...a large room with benches all around the walls, with clothes hooks on the walls...I was a shy kid and preferred a bit of privacy. Whilst getting changed, I and a few others simultaneously noticed a foul of our classmates had dropped a 'silent but deadly' prizes for guessing who, as he'd gone bright red with embarrassment...some of the classroom bullies decided this made him fair game to receive a few painful towel flicks in retaliation. I felt a bit sorry for him, as he looked as though he was going to burst in to tears, but decided to say nothing, as I didn't want to be the next victim. The bullies soon got fed up, and disappeaered to the pool...I asked Chris if he was ok....he was, but said he thought when he was dodging the bullies, that he might have an accident, as he was 'dying to go toilet'. I realised at this point, that I might have a 'neighbour' while I tried to go...not what I wanted to hear, as I'd prefer total privacy. There were only 3 stalls in the male changing area...I headed for the first one, and was surprised, and annoyed when Chris, who was following me went towards the one next to me. We looked at each other...guess you need to go No.2 as well? he asked...A bit embarrassed, I sarcastically said something like 'what do you think? I hurriedly pulled my shorts down, and sat on the toilet. I could hear Chris was doing the same, but before I was even seated properly, I heard a muffled crackling sound, followed by a loud plopPLOPPLUPOLOP...mmmmmfffff...plop...plop.mmmffff....ploploploploplop....followed by a big sigh of relief. I'd never heard anything like it sounded like his bottom had literaly exploded in the toilet, then he had to strain a little to was all over for him in a few seconds. I have to say I was a little I could hear him pulling off paper to wipe, I was still straining hard to pass a few 'rabbit droppings' As he was trying to flush, I was still pushing really hard, and managed to pass a hard, lumpy log. I said trying to flush, as it was obvious that his toilet wasn't going to, and I heard him leave, leaving his poop unflushed, and run to the wash basins to wash his hands. My clean up didn't take long, the only advantage of a difficult, hard poo. Leaving my stall, curiousity got the better of me...there was no one else about, so I look a look in the toilet that Chris had just vacated. The air was heavy with a very strong smell...I thing it was what you'd call an 'eggy' poop smell, and the toilet was full of soft, fluffy looking floaters, surrounded by light brown water. I could see why he was worried about having an accident, but at the same time, I felt envious that he could empty his bowels so quickly and easily, when I found it such a struggle. Headed straight to the pool after that, only to be met with a glare from the teacher who wanted to know why I was late. I said I was sorry, but had to go to the toilet as my stomach was playing up. I remember him saying something about me not being the first to say that, and hoping there wasn't a stomach bug about...guess Chris used a similar excuse.

Had a couple more poop experiences at the swimming pool, and an outdoor experience that involved Chris. I'll write those later if I can remember enough was a long time ago now.


Taking semi solid explosive dumps in the morning

hello, I am pale white girl from the UK. I am very early middle age. super white skin

Ok, well, I have IBS. Lately, I have been getting up every morning with an urgent need to take a dump. I have been having a lot of diarrhea the past couple of weeks. But, now, I am having semi-solid dumps which are runny and super smelly. I am having to take a dump about 3 times a day. But its the heaviest in the morning. My ????, it growls, bubbles, churns, and have pain at times. I get bloated and gassy and it's non-stop and smelly. Sometimes its soft and no sound but sometimes noisy and a little liquid comes out. Its always have some smell, Well, luckily, I am living alone as the IBS D has made relationships difficult. The smelly gas, loud diarrhea attacks, soiling panties and underwear, unable to go eating out, and sudden changes in behavior have made relationships of even a month difficult. now, I have friends that come over, but not any formal relationships. My IBS D does not change too much. It's alternating diarrhea for weeks and then constipation for a short time. Its lifelong IBS with bloating, gas, cramping, loose stools, feeling like everything is not emptied out. It's more diarrhea than constipation for me. When I get up in the morning, immediately have to run to the bathroom. The dump is mushy, smelly, and leave a lot of skids when flush. The bum feels irritated too and these bowel movements take about 10 minutes minimall. I require about 7 sheets of toilet tissue to wipe. But even then, the system feels like there is more in there. I am very used to getting up in the morning and taking a dump. But its so urgent and the pees are dark yellow and heavy. The farts are super smelly and linger in the room u to an hour.

I said in past posts I run, exercise, eat garlic, workout, take the needed protein, vitamins and try to stay in shape. But for IBS D, its no cure at all. I have not pooped all over the floor because could not make it to the toilet. But once I awake, there is little time. the toilet must be cleaned thoroughly inside with bleach and cleaning chemicals to rid the odor and keep the smell down. I have to clean the toilet inside after every dump.

The semi-solid IBS diarrhea dumps are very sticky, brown, and adherent. If the toilet inside is not cleaned thoroughly, they will stick all inside the commode and leave a permanent presence that cant be washed off. The dumps are acidic and my bum does burn. It's very hard to wipe the bum after these explosive dumps because the mushy poop is so sticky. My panties are soiled daily from unwiped residue. The acidic nature of these IBS dumps with such an explosive force really takes a toll. In the morning right before a meal. Well, they mean the stomach goes empty and must eat enough to replace all the lost nutrients. But the ???? at times can hurt and may not digest all the food if I eat a very heavy meal. So, these In the morning dumps are really explosive semi-solid dumps. The toilet water goes very brown and the smell won't go away immediately no matter what I indeed spray. I have lemon candles and spray in the bathroom. multiple lemon candles lit and its no match form the strong ibs dumps. after these dumps, I don't feel clear. there is 3 or 4 more in the rest of the day but not as heavy. I have spoken with my medical experts and discussed the situation. They all give the same information. The garlic too only temporary. In the morning, i have to unleash so much in the toilet and sometimes toilet clogged and did not flush. semi-solid dumps are the worst and messy flush

"I want to meet someone like you" Sure, everyone would like to meet someone of their romantic persuasion. If we do that, how will it look? If we do that, what shall we say to those being persued? After answering those questions, if you have to stop and think about what you have been posting [or trying to post] reread the entire FAQ.

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