Further adventures with Cate

Hey all! You may remember Cate from my first story that I posted. We've been hanging out regularly since that occasion and have really hit it off. One night, after several drinks and feeling fairly loose, I confessed to her that I had really enjoyed pooping next to her that first time we hung out. I immediately regretted saying it and was worried she'd think I was a weirdo, but much to my happiness she told me she enjoyed it too and loved sharing that private intimate moment with me! Needless to say I was elated and knew I could now be open about these things with her.
Last weekend we took a little road trip. After a few hours on the road we both agreed that we would be needing the next rest stop. We came upon it soon enough and pulled off. As we entered the long room I immediately noticed from the smell that we had a large number of fellow poopers. The room had af least twenty stalls all in a row. At least half of them were missing doors, which is always a plus for me! We started making our way down the line looking for available seats. After several closed door stalls we approached some of the open ones. In the first there was a 40ish woman hunched forward intently playing on her phone. In the next there was a late teen girl, maybe her daughter, with her shorts around her ankles nonchalantly leaning high to one side and wiping her butt with a large wad of toilet paper. We met eyes and ahe smiled. Sorry that I missed hearing her go, I settled into the stall next to her and Cate took her place next to me.
As we settled in we both started a steady stream of pee for probably close to a good minute. I heard Cate's butt start to crackle. I glanced under the stall and amusedly watched her scrunch and wriggle her toes as she always does when she's pushing out her poop. By this point I was going myself. I barely had to push and it just pleasantly slid out, feeling really good. At this point the teen girl had finished and flushed. She walked past my stall and looked down at me and looked in on Cate too as she passed. Guess shes an exhibitionist and voyeur like myself! My poop finished coiling out in one fell swoop. I asked Cate how she was doing and she said she thought she had some more so I just sat and listened as she plopped out a few more pieces. I heard her start to work the paper roll so I did the same. I heard two more girls come in and one exclaimed "eww no doors!". Her friend said that she would stand in front of the stall while she went. I heard her butt hit the seat next to me and immediately explode with a large torrent of gas and messy sounding poop. She may not have wanted to be seen but she obviously wasn't ashamed of her noise so that was a plus. Cate and I finished up, washed our hands and headed out. Not a bad experience!

A couple quick responses...

Victoria B. - hey! Thanks so much for noticing and enjoying my posts! I've only recently started posting but I've been reading the site for the past year or so and you've always been one of my favorite reads. In fact, when I first found the site, a post of yours where you described an experience in a fairly full bathroom where you talked about enjoying listening to the other women poop was what sucked me in...your story with Monica at the coffee shop was amazing...I've never had that intimate of a pooping experience but all I can say is if you did that for me I would give you kisses too!

Brittany B. - thank you also for the kind words! You are one of my favorite reads on the site too! I liked your messy poop at the mall story. Those other girls need to get over themselves and realize they are in a bathroom! It was pretty funny though....Maybe someday if the stars align we will get to share a poop next to each other. Have a great day!


Heading to the "Haunted House" again

Our group of friends got together again about a month later and decided to camp in the old house at the end of the block once more. We packed our backpacks and sleeping bags and set out on a Friday evening. Reaching the house, we went behind to the window in the living room and opened it again and crawled inside, shutting it behind us.

Mary immediately announced she had to pee desperately and we followed her to the hallway bathroom off of the living room. She quickly tugged down her sweatpants and plonked onto the toilet seat. She blushed a little in the light from our flashlights. Then we heard a loud hiss as her pee started flooding into the empty bowl. She closed her eyes and sighed softly. Her pee went on and on for almost a minute and a half. Finally, she finished and took some toilet paper to wipe herself.

Standing up, she pulled up her pants again. We looked in to see that Mary's pee had covered the whole bottom of the bowl, an impressive feat. James unzipped his jeans and released a long pee into the toilet. When he finished, no one else seemed to need to go, so we headed upstairs to put our sleeping bags in the bedroom again.

This time, James and Sarah took the bed, while Mary, Carrie and I took the floor. After a while, Carrie casually mentioned she needed to poop and, to our surprise, opened a window and pulled her yoga pants to her knees. She hopped up on the windowsill and hung her butt out the window, holding onto the frame to steady herself. Soon, we heard a soft pattering in the grass a floor below as she peed for thirty seconds. Her bladder empty, Carrie grunted, her face contorting into a grimace as she struggled to relieve herself. "I'm a little constipated," she said unhappily.

"Me too," Sarah confirmed glumly. "I haven't been able to poop in six days!"

Carrie kept grunting, her stomach contracting with each push. She closed her eyes and gave a long, hard strain, gritting her teeth, her face going red from the effort. Slowly, we began to hear crackling behind her as her poop began to slide out. She gripped the windowsill tightly as she grunted and pushed. Finally, with a loud groan, she pushed once more and we heard a big thud on the ground below. A loud fart cut the air and then she pushed again, her cheeks puffing out as she strained hard. Soon, another big turd hit the ground with a large thud and she sighed in relief.

She farted again. Her stomach rumbled suddenly and then a long splattering was heard. She moaned and leaned forward, her arms wrapped around her abdomen. Another gross stomach gurgle and she pushed out more diarrhea. She grunted in pain, her eyes shut, letting out a wet fart. Another long splatter of diarrhea hit the ground and she grimaced, looking a bit sick. Her stomach gurgled noisily again and suddenly, she clapped a hand to her mouth and leaned to the side, holding the sill with one hand, and retched. Her stomach contracted again as she retched again, and then she retched a third time and finally threw up, one shaking hand clamped on the windowsill and the other on her aching belly.

She threw up several times, and the straining made her push out poop and loud farts at the other end, as well. Her skin was slick with sweat and she continued to vomit for several minutes, expelling diarrhea and farts all along the way. Finally, her stomach was empty enough that she was simply gagging without bringing anything else up. She burped wetly a few times. At last, she leaned back into the window and sat there recovering from her ordeal.

Mary kindly offered her own water bottle and Carrie took a short drink, swished it in her mouth for a moment, and spit it over her shoulder to rinse out her mouth. She swallowed a few times, but otherwise seemed much better. She asked for the toilet paper, her voice a little hoarse. She had to wipe her butt at least eight times before she hopped off the windowsill and pulled up her blue yoga pants again.

After Carrie's ordeal, we all decided to go to bed. A few hours later, I woke up needing to pee. Getting up, I quietly opened the door and headed for the closet that held our "emergency toilet". I saw a light on under the door, indicating the toilet was in use. As I got closer, I could hear quiet retching sounds, followed by wet splats in the bucket.

I gently knocked on the door and heard the person inside retch again and a splatter hit the inside of the bucket. It sounded like they were throwing up.

"Carrie? Are you sick again?" I asked.

"Oh shit... No, no, it's me, Mary," Mary's voice said, sounding as strained as Carrie's had. "I think Carrie was sick with something and she--" Mary retched again and vomited for a moment. "I- I- I think she- she gave it to me!" she gasped.

"I can head to the bathroom downstairs if you need to be in there a while," I said.

I heard her retch quietly again, coughing at the end. "Um...yeah, I think I need to be in here for a while. I've been squatting in front of this bucket for almost twenty minutes now, puking my guts up..." she moaned miserably.

"You'll feel better soon," I consoled. Mary's response was another painful retching sound, followed by splattering in the bucket.

I headed down the stairs and went directly to the hall bathroom. Unzipping my jeans, I let loose a long stream of pee, sighing quietly as my bladder emptied. When I finished, I scrubbed my hands with the hand soap left in the bathroom and headed back upstairs.

I passed the toilet-closet and stopped to ask if Mary was okay. She responded that she had stopped throwing up but that her stomach was still very rocky, so she'd better stay in the makeshift bathroom to be safe. I said goodnight and went back to bed.

In the morning, I woke up first and found Mary asleep right next to me, not even in her sleeping bag, which was a good three feet away. She must have simply passed out from her exertions.

I cautiously opened the closet door, as I needed to pee again, and though the small room still smelled of vomit quite strongly (not a pleasant odor in the least), the bucket was empty; Mary must have cleaned up after herself before going to bed. I quickly peed and went back to the bedroom to find the others waking up too.

Mary tiredly told the others what had happened and the other two girls flocked to her and wrapped her in hugs. Carrie was looking guilty and said she probably made Mary sick, to which Mary said it was okay, she felt better now.

We ate a small breakfast out of the cooler, Mary only picking at hers at first before beginning to slowly eat. Sarah dropped her pants and hung her butt out the window to pee quickly. She grunted softly a few times, clearly pushing hard, but she couldn't move the stubborn lump in her gut any further. She gave up after a few minutes and wiped her front with some paper before pulling her pants up again.

"Phew, I needed that!" she said brightly. Then she frowned. "But I still can't poop!"

I needed to now and told the group. They followed me down to the storage room in the basement where we'd set up five makeshift toilets (in case we all needed one at once). Dropping my pants, I sat over one of the small holes. The previous poops had dried out, so there was little smell in the room. I grunted, beginning to push, and slowly felt my butt opening to release a long, thick turd that stretched and stretched.

It finally dropped out of my butt after nearly twenty seconds of continuous pooping, landing with a big thud. I nearly moaned in relief, it felt so good. I pushed again and farted loudly. Another push made me fart a second time. Finally, I pushed out a third, loud fart and felt done.

Mary quickly sat beside me as I was wiping and started grunting, her hands gripping her knees. A crackling started under her and she pushed out a large turd, which dropped with a loud splat. She farted. She farted again with another push. She pushed a third time and farted twice in a row, blushing now.

"Told you guys I fart a lot when I poop," she mumbled and we laughed. She grinned a little.

She grunted again, going up on her toes as she leaned forward, and moaned as she let out a long, thick turd which fell with a heavy thud on the floor. A long, quiet fart hissed out of her bottom for several seconds. She let out what seemed like a gallon of pee and then used the toilet paper to wipe herself and tossed the paper down the hole when she finished.

Sally sat down beside her, their thighs and butts touching, and grunted loudly, leaning forward to push very hard. She strained for almost a minute, but she couldn't even produce a tiny fart. Disappointed, she got up again and pulled her pants back up.

Done with the bathroom for now, we headed outside to walk around in the woods during the day. We took along lunches for each of us and spent several hours walking around and talking. Around two in the afternoon, James said he needed to poop and went over to a large fallen log.

He pulled down his pants and sat on the log, his bare butt dangling over the ground. He grunted, beginning to push, and we began to hear crackling from behind him. He pushed out a large turd, which dropped with a heavy thud on the ground. Then he let out a big fart.

Another push dropped a second turd, followed by another loud fart. He pushed harder, his hands clenched at his sides, and let out a long, strained grunt as a long crackling started behind him. He pushed out this turd for almost ten seconds before it fell out of his butt and hit the ground with a heavy thud. He immediately farted loudly and then sighed in relief.

Mary gave him some toilet paper and he wiped his butt. After he was done, he got up and scrubbed his hands with some hand soap Mary had brought. We continued walking around for another few hours before Carrie said she needed to poop again urgently. He stomach had been gurgling for a few hours now and she seemed to be in a bit of discomfort.

We stopped as Carrie walked to a nearby log on the ground and dropped her pants to sit. Sitting her bare bottom on the log, she wrapped her arms around her stomach and grimaced. Suddenly, she let out a loud, wet fart, and then a rush of diarrhea gushed out of her, splattering messily on the ground. She groaned and shut her eyes, grimacing in pain. Both Mary and Sarah got down beside her and held her hands.

Carrie moaned again as she released another long gush of diarrhea, followed by several loud farts. Her shirt had been pulled up a bit and I watched as her stomach contracted over and over as she strained to get it all out of her system. She let loose another big rush of diarrhea and began to cry softly, holding her poor stomach. Sarah wrapped her in a hug, looking sympathetic.

Mary was looking a bit pale as she knelt beside Carrie and I remembered her throwing up the night before. Suddenly, Mary jerked down her pants and dropped onto the log beside Carrie, groaning loudly as a huge splattering was heard behind her. Her eyes squeezed shut as she strained, gripping the log tightly. Sarah looked up at her in surprise.

"Oh...oh no..." Mary moaned, sweat already soaking through her shirt. I noticed she was swallowing a lot, looking very sick to her stomach. Suddenly, she lurched to the side and and retched. She retched again and threw up into the grass next to her feet. More splattering hit the grass under her butt as she threw up, the straining forcing it out both ends.

Carrie was looking nauseous now that Mary was throwing up and then leaned to her right and retched into the grass. She retched again, her stomach spasming horribly under her shirt. She gulped down air, looking very sick, and then retched again and threw up. For several minutes, both girls were squirting out diarrhea and throwing up into the grass by their feet.

Sarah was looking a bit queasy now as she watched the other two and then stood up and leaned weakly against a tree, breathing deeply, clearly willing herself not to follow suit. But it was in vain, as she gagged and then retched, leaning over and holding her stomach, her vomit splattering by her feet. She threw up twice, her thin legs shaking violently.

She staggered upright and stumbled back over to us, sinking to the ground and lying on her back, taking deep, slow breaths. The other two were slowing down, as Carrie had stopped throwing up, though she was still having diarrhea and letting out huge farts. Mary was burping, occasionally spitting into the grass. She let out a long, spluttering fart and groaned in relief, slumping forward in exhaustion. She seemed done.

Carrie was still straining hard to relieve herself of her awful diarrhea, which spluttered out in soft splats with each push. Finally, she pushed out a weak fart and slumped forward like Mary, seeming completely worn out. Poor thing.

Sarah offered to wipe them, as neither girl seemed capable of moving at the moment. Sarah stood over Carrie and had her bend over so Sarah could wipe her butt, gently wiping between her cheeks and cleaning her up. She wiped Carrie at least ten times before she moved to Mary, who needed nearly fifteen wipes to be pronounced clean.

Both girls weakly stood up and demanded to go back to the house at once, which we agreed was a good thing. Reaching the house after about twenty minutes, we headed inside and the girls headed right for the bedroom to sleep. Both simply collapsed on their sleeping bags without bothering to get inside and fell asleep at once.

They didn't wake up for over an hour. Mary farted wetly several times in her sleep, but Sarah surreptitiously checked her underwear by pulling back her sweatpants and said they were okay. Carrie, too, let out a few farts in her sleep. I carefully pulled down her yoga pants and her panties looked okay, too. Sarah went off for a pee in the bucket in the closet, not returning for several minutes. She confessed to me that she'd tried to poop, but it was still stuck no matter how hard she pushed.

When they finally woke up, they were very thirsty and drank several bottles of water each. We decided to take the rest of the day nice and easy, to care for Carrie and Mary. James peed out the window a few hours later.

The night passed without incident and we woke up the next morning to see Sarah grimacing in pain, sitting on the bed and massaging her stomach. "I really, really need to poop now, but it's gonna hurt sooo bad!" she moaned.

Mary suggested she do it squatting, as that might help it ease out better. Sarah nodded and stood up, surprising us by heading for the master bathroom. We went in after her and she pulled off her pants and underwear, leaving her naked below the waist. She climbed into the bathtub and squatted down, facing away from us so she could hold onto the wall and push.

First, Sarah peed, letting out a night's worth of pee down the drain. She sighed and then went still. She moaned as her anus began to expand painfully without her help. It stretched wider and wider, Sarah nearly crying in pain as she strained and pushed. Finally it reached its widest point and Sarah was actually crying now. As an absolutely enormous turd began to inch out, her butt seemed to stretch even wider to accommodate the horribly massive turd inside her. Sarah was shaking, sobbing now as her hole was stretched beyond endurance.

The massive turd, several inches around, slowly inched out of her butt as she strained and pushed as hard as she could. She stopped and simply squatted there, gasping in pain and effort. "I- I think I'm giving birth!" she sobbed. "Oh God, I can't push this out, I can't..."

Mary got down beside her and wrapped her arms around Sarah's stomach. "Keep going and I'll push on your stomach to help you go," she soothed. Still crying, Sarah nodded.

With a hard grunt, she started again and the massive poop slowly inched out, Mary firmly massaging Sarah's stomach as she pushed. "Ooooh, that feels good," Sarah moaned appreciatively.

The turd had slid out about an inch and was now slowly extending as both girls worked to push out Sarah's huge turd. Blood was slowly dripping into the tub from Sarah's tortured bottom; her poop must have been so wide it tore her butt a little.

"????, ????, ????!" Sarah screamed as her massive turd continued to inch out of her at a maddeningly slow pace. It sped up as she strained, her legs turning white from the death-grip of her hands. With both girls helping, Sarah's huge poop slowly slid out of her, quickly reaching the floor of the tub...and it kept going!

As she pushed out more and more, Sarah slowly raised herself out of her low squat to make room for the growing turd that stretched out of her bottom like a very thick tail. As she raised herself to nearly standing, it dropped out of her butt and fell over, landing on the floor of the tub with a resounding *smack!* It was nearly three feet long and at least three inches wide.

Sarah quickly dropped into a squat again and pushed once more, letting out a long, sputtering fart that went on for almost a minute. She moaned softly in relief. After she'd farted, Sarah stayed squatting, massaging her belly. "I've still got cramps even though it's out of me," she complained.

She looked behind herself and shrieked when she saw the sheer size of the turd she'd produced. "Oh my GOD!" she said, "How- how the ???? did that get OUT of me?!"

Mary told her to hold still and very gently began to wipe Sarah's bottom. After she was done, she stuffed some paper between Sarah's butt cheeks to help with the bleeding. Sarah giggled at that.

The rest of the night went very smoothly after that and we packed up and headed home the next morning.

Thursday, June 07, 2018


Bus Bathroom story

This is related to Steve A's question about bus bathroom stories. My one memorable one was when I went to South America with my partner at the time. We spent about a week in Buenos Aires and then took an overnight bus across the pampas to Santiago, Chile where she had a conference. I wanted a seat at the front of the bus so I could see out the front, and we got one despite my partner's reservations--- she had a lot more experience with Latin American buses and was afraid it would be too close to the bathroom and get stinky by the time the trip was over. (I don't think it was actually that bad.) Anyway, we brought along some dried fruit for snacks, purchased in Buenos Aires before we left, and I consumed a fair amount of it because I was hungry. But after a few hours I started to feel really bloated and needing to go to the bathroom. I often have difficulty peeing or doing anything else while in motion on a bus, train or plane, but this was getting pretty urgent. When I sat down, very little actual poop came out, but I'm pretty sure it was the largest amount of gas that has ever escaped me all at one time. It was pretty much like deflating a very large balloon and seemed to go on for a while in a continuous flow. It wasn't particularly loud because my bum was pretty much open while it all whooshed out. The small amount of poo that did come out was still fairly solid. I returned to my seat somewhat relieved and my partner asked if I was OK, and pointed out that I had probably consumed quite a significant amount of highly concentrated fibre all at once. We had one short stop at a gas station and convenience store in the middle of nowhere, where I bought convenience store mate in a styrofoam cup (that is a thing in Argentina.) The two Chilean women in the next pair of seats who seemed to be having a great time and laughing the whole time found this especially amusing and had a hearty laugh at the mate-swilling gringo (matero, they called me). Then in the wee hours of the night there was a slightly longer stop in Mendoza, where I needed to have a wet and also gassy poo at the bus depot, and it was a little embarrassing because you had to wait in line and also buy toilet paper from the attendant and it seemed like the urgency was very much on display. Then we started to get into the foothills of the Andes right around sunrise.

To Anna: thanks so much for the warm welcome and the kind words! It's much appreciated. Sharing my stories on this site and hearing many similar stories from others makes me feel a lot more normal about something I once thought was taboo! I really enjoyed your story too....there are some places around me that have those divided two room outhouses also and I have used them. You can't see the other person but you definitely get a sound show so they are also pretty fun for a buddy dump for the confident girl at the gym, yes I've seen her a couple more times. Once in the showers where we made some small talk, and then yesterday morning I was enjoying using the doorless stall and she came strolling by buck naked again. She smiled and said hello, then took the stall next to me and proceeded to take a healthy dump herself, chatting with me all the while. She's really nice and a great buddy dump! Oh well, that's all the time I have today. Maybe I'll share another story soon!

Does anyone have any past school memories of either seeing a classmate poop their pants, or be desperate for a toilet? I have several. Most of these seemed to occur in Junior high.When I was in junior high, I remember this guy named tim, who was kind of a tough guy and a bully. I remember this one time, he was walking down the hallway to class. The bell had just rang, and there were a lot of kids in the hall. Tim was walking in front of me, with his big fat ass. then all of a sudden, I hear him say: 'ooh ooh oops. Then his face got red. I looked at the back of his khaki pants and see them balloon out with a giant load! It was really stinky! He waddled to the bathroom with his pants full. lucky for him, no one really saw it. When they smelt it, they thought someone had just farted in the hallway. No one knew he dumped a big load of poop in his pants.
Then another time, we were in class. I sat next to Tim, and every so often, i'd smell farts. I looked over at him and he was sticking his butt out, and his face was red. when he saw me looking at him, he said; "what are you looking at ????tard!" So I stopped looking at him. A few minutes later, he got up and asked the teacher if he could go to the bathroom. She said yes. So he made his way up the isle of seats to the door. He was a stocky guy, and his butt was kind of big, so it kept swinging in people's faces. He must have been farting as he was walking, because kids were saying "phew" and covering their noses. Then he ran to the bathroom, and you could hear his fart and dump noises all the way down the hall. All the kids laughed at him. He was really embarrassed, and when he got back to class, he threatened to beat up the kids who were laughing!

Victoria B.

Responses and a story


I've finally gotten to the story I mentioned. First though, a few replies.
To Anna: Thank you! I'm glad to be through it and onto bigger and brighter things. Loved your story too-sounds like you and Prisha enjoyed your visits to the outhouse!
To Becc: You're a woman after my own butt! I've had some three-poop days in my life and I've also bent over to watch myself in the reflection on the water. Keep the stories coming!

I was getting coffee with my friend Monica about a month ago. We were just finishing up finals and had been doing an adequate amount of the kind of celebration that comes with graduating from college. Monica and I had had a little too much fun the night before and our hungover shamble to the coffee shop must have provided passers-by with some nice entertainment.

This was a sunglasses-on-inside occasion if I've had one and the barista seemed to recognize our plight as we blearily stumbled through ordering and other such niceties of human interaction. I grabbed my latte and scone and sort of oozed my way to a nearby table as Monica did the same. If anything, she was even greener around the gills than I was and it came to little surprise that she excused herself to the bathroom about halfway through her chai. I had to pee and I accompanied her to the two unisex bathrooms in the coffee shop.

It turned out that one of them was occupied and so Monica and I took the other one together. "You first; I'm going to need some time" was her response to my gesture towards the vacant toilet. My hangover was a secondary concern to the racing going on in my head the very second after she said that. Monica is an attractive woman and the prospect of seeing her on the toilet was exciting to say the least.

I gingerly dropped my orange shorts and blue thong to my knees and sat down. Pee hissed out of me until it died down to a dribble and then stopped. I wiped my front and got up to flush after getting dressed again. It was Monica's turn. "I haven't been able to go in a few days. My apologies for whatever comes out," she said while I washed my hands. Monica is close enough to not need to make apologies and I reminded her of that with a reassuring pat on her side. It was time for her to get down to her business and she raised her skirt and dropped her purple underwear with a sigh before claiming the porcelain I'd just vacated.

Monica farted, a real bowl-rattler, as she made her buns comfortable on the toilet's white, plastic seat. Her first push accompanied a pee and resulted in nothing more than a quieter fart. A second one didn't produce results either, or the third for that matter. Monica looked at me with big brown eyes: "Can you help?" The mixture of discomfort and embarrassment on her face hurt me almost as much as it made my heart race. All those years of wondering what was happening in the stall next to me had led to this. I got into a squat next to Monica and, instead of replying, placed one hand on her hip and began rubbing her firm, constipated belly with the other. The feeling of touching her only made me more resolute: we were going to get through this, together. I put both of my hands on her hips and continued massaging with my thumbs.

It continued like this for a few minutes while Monica built up another push. She took a deep breath and bore down as I gave her a little extra pressure on her belly. "It's coming. Ugghh, Victoria. Mhmhmhmhm alittlemore..." PLOP! Ka-plop! Plop! She did it! A quick glance between Monica's thighs revealed one massive, dry turd and two smaller pieces. "Feeling any better?" "Much, but there's still more where that came from." I replied by flushing and giving her a fresh bowl.

Her smile was back and it made me forget that I still hand my hands on her hips as she let go of another three or four pieces. She looked right into my eyes as she grabbed some toilet paper and held the gaze while she went about wiping her behind and her front. She got up, got dressed, and flushed before washing her hands and turning to me. "Thank you so much for being there when I needed you." She wrapped me up in a hug and, leaning in, kissed me with closed eyes. My hangover was gone and my day was made.




I've been reader for the past few months and have finally decided to start posting myself. I have always enjoyed the experience of goo fro the bathroom, especially taking a poop.

I'd like to start with a bit of an introduction. I am 23 years old, living in Arizona. I just graduated college a little over a year ago. I am just under 6'1 and about 180 pounds. I definitely weigh a bit more than I would like to, but I'm fairly curvy and have learned to be okay with that.

For as long as I can recall I've been an enormous dumper. In fact, almost my entire family is. My mother, brother, sister, and I have all been dropping giant "bombs" for as long as I can remember. My father not so much, so my big pooping genes, though probably not a real thing, must be from my mother.

Initially I was very self conscious about discussing pooping with others outside my family. However my especially large habits became hard to hide from friends of mine over the years. Right around the start of middle school is when I first really started to churn out my big ones. I would very often be stopping up toilets at friend's homes and at school. Needless to say when this started happening it was impossible to keep my friends and their families from knowing. I was unbelievably embarrassed at first, but as I matured I became more and more comfortable. My family assured me that there was nothing wrong with me, I was just a bit different.

In high school, I'm became amongst my friends for my giant productions. At this point, I was pooping one big load about every other day. Anytime I was at a friends house, they would beg me to hold it in and not clog their toilet. I completely understood their reasoning and I did my absolute best to hold it until I could either unload in the comfort of my own toilet or at a public restroom. However when nature calls, I don't have much of a choice.

For the most part I think I've managed my situation fairly well. I have plenty of experience and have become quite the expert at using a plunger to break up and send away my dumps. When I use a public restroom, I will always at least try to fix he toilet if a plunger is provided. If not, I unfortunately have to leave it for the janitorial staff.

All of this being said, I am now quite proud of what I can do. To me there is no better feeling than unleashing a big load. I've even come to somewhat enjoy the usually necessary cleanup/plunging that follows, knowing I've just accomplished something.

I plan to post a number of various number of stories, but I'll start with just one today.

Back in 8th grade, my school put on an optional field trip to D.C. as part of learning about American history. It was a 5 day long trip. For the trip, we stayed in groups of four at a hotel. I roomed with two of my best friends, Jill and Christina. We had a very typical two bed room with a single bathroom. On the very first night, Jill went to use the bathroom for a poop. After about 5 minutes we heard the toilet flush and then stop. A minute later it flushed again, this time sounding a little better, but still not quite right. Jill came out and told the rest of us that the toilet wasn't flushing properly. This raised a big red flag to me because Jill is a pretty small girl and if she couldn't flush her poop down, there was no way the toilet would handle mine. Sure enough we all went in and saw Jill's big log stuck in the hole. Thinking fast, she used a disposable toothbrush provided by the hotel to break it up and after a couple more flushes, everything was working properly.

I hoped that I would be able to use public restrooms for the trip to avoid having to deal with the hotel toilet. For the first three days, this worked out. On the second day, we stopped at a mall food court for lunch. I felt the need to go, so I headed for the ladies room. I sat down and let out a nice big thick log, not too much longer than Jill's but definitely wider. I then did another log, about the size of Jill's from the other night. After wiping, I tried to flush but my thick log didn't quite fit down the pipe, blocking any of the water from escaping. The water turned a dark shade of brown and swirled up before stopping.There was nothing else I could do to get my log down, so I slipped out leaving a big surprise for the next user.

I felt bad about putting the toilet out of order, but it sure beat using the hotel toilet. Unfortunately, my luck ran out on the 4th night. I woke up in the middle of the night and knew immediately that I needed to use the toilet. I tip toed into the bathroom and sat down. This time I only did one log, but it was way bigger than the two from the mall. I was again very thicck, but this one was long too. If I had to guess I would say it was maybe 14 or 15 inches. Knowing there was absolutely no chance this would flush, I chose to leave it unflushed and deal with it in the morning. Unfortunately I wasn't the first to wake up, so when Christina went to brush her teeth in the morning, she saw my huge present. She tried flushing but of course nothing happened. The turd didn't move an inch with the moderate powered flush. The water rose but didn't drain, leaving yet another bowl full of brown water. We had to tell our teacher chaperone who called the front desk and had them send a janitor out to fix the toilet. It took him about 10 minutes but he finally got it to go down.

Thankfully I didn't need any other bathroom visits the rest of the trip but I certainly left my mark on the two toilets in D.C.

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