Jessica B

At the Museum

Hello everyone,

I read Chloe's latest story and it reminded me of a funny happening involving a single occupancy stall at the museum last winter. I was visiting an architecture exhibition in the afternoon. The museum wasn't so crowded but there was a group of Italians having a guided tour, probably students or young professionals. After walking around for about an hour, I felt the need to relieve my bladder and headed for the nearest restroom, which was located at the end of the wing. As I was a few steps away, I saw a brunette from the group get into the bathroom.

The bathroom has small well-lit room with a sink, a mirror and towel dispenser and one single occupancy stall that goes up to the ceiling. Obviously, the stall was occupied as the Italian lady just went in, so I waited by the sink.

After two minutes, she still was in there, so I assumed she was pooping. However, I could not hear any sounds because the bathroom was well insulated and the stall door also went from floor to ceiling. I waited for another three minutes before hearing the muffled sound of the toilet flushing, then the lady unlocked the door and went to the sink to wash her hands. We only briefly made eye contact in this cramped space. As soon as she opened the door, a potent poop smell filled the room. I took the stall and looked at the bowl: the Italian girl had taken a stinky dump but only left minor skidmarks. I sat down on the warm seat and started peeing. I went for twenty or thirty seconds. I wiped and stood up and to my surprise, there was a turd on the bottom of the bowl! Actually, I did not see it entirely, only the dark tip was visible, the rest of the sausage was already in the drain. It must have not flushed properly and come back while I was peeing. I flushed and and everything went down, the skidmarks also were removed.

I came out of the stall and thank God, nobody was waiting there. I hate thinking that one could blame the smell on me, therefore I dislike this kind of stalls in the first place. I washed my hands and swiftly left.

Love and take care,


Penelope B: is he drinking enough water? I know that when my boyfriend gets constipated he drinks a lot of water and it helps. I'm not an expert on this sort of thing, honey is also known as a mild laxative, when this happens he should be including fiber in his diet. Hope this helps! Good luck!


Loose Poop at the Office

A few days ago, I went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered spicy stuff, which I should not have. An hour later, my stomach started to gurgle and I felt like somethig liquid was going to flow out. I ran for the bathroom, got into a stall, pulled down my slacks fast, and sat down on the toilet seat. Suddenly, WOOSH, liquid poop flowed out. This lasted about three minutes, I was afraid to get off the toilet,
but I had to sometime. One ot the women eventually came to check on me. I was still scared to get off the toilet, but I did. I asked the company nurse for some medication to stop the pooping and she did. However, it took a while and I had another short episode, I went home early just in case, but I made it home. I called Will and we was sympathetiic, but there was nothing he could do. I will stay off spicy food in the future,


Standing vs sitting

Matthew - Always a good topic. I am curious how you went about asking people at work about their wiping habits. Most would think it a bit odd, haha

I was always a wiper, from behind, until I walked in on a guy wiping from the front and tried it out. I find it to be the best method for me, because it really gives me good access to the anus and I can get most everything cleaned up nicely. I also stand to wipe because it just seems more effficient. I do bend forward a bit, and open my cheeks with my left hand, as you describe. When grabbing paper off the roll, I straighten up a little bit, but then as I actually start the wiping, I am in a slightly hovering position. It seems to open the cheeks more that way. If the paper dispenser is slightly in front of me, I may simply stand from the seated position. If the roll is located right next to me or further back, I will turn to face the dispenser or even completely turn around and face the toilet to wipe. An exception to that is if I'm in a stall and it is very narrow, then I won't turn to the side. Also, if I'm using a doorless stall, then I won't usually turn to face the toilet. It just seems weird to point my butt out while wiping in a doorless stall. I'm sure everyone in the restroom appreciates that I don't do that, haha


Comments to Melvin B-lover and Brittany B

I think some of the differences between men's and women's attitudes are paradoxical or self-contradictory--- On the one hand there is Melvin B-lover's comment about women being ashamed of pooping in front of anybody or admitting that they do (generally not as true among men in my experience-- I think I'm more shy than most), and then on the other hand there is Brittany B's story about the two other women sharing a stall. On the one hand you do describe that as strange and unusual, and yet to me imagining two men doing that, at least in the North American white English-speaking culture that I mostly inhabit, is almost unthinkable. Take noisy dumps in adjacent stalls, sure, but never share a toilet like that. And other posts I've read here in the past suggest that while unusual, that sort of sharing is much less rare among women. I think some of that is related to specifically masculine homophobia, and a lack of comfort with sharing certain types of intimacy except in an overtly sexual context, but colliding with the remnants of gender-specific Victorian delicacy.

Related to guys wiping from the front--- yeah, I never really thought about it or thought there was anything difficult. This discussion made me pay attention recently instead of just doing it automatically, and I guess what I'm doing is reaching around to one side of my junk so it doesn't really get in the way that much...

End Stall Em

Memories of 20-some years ago

Spencer and I were at a spring home show exhibition at our city arena. His company is one of the exhibitors for the three day event. After a couple of hours of going from exhibit to exhibit while Spencer sold stuff, I had to pee. I went to the closest restroom. It was a large room with two rows of about 20 to 25 toilets facing one another in each. I looked at the two farthest end stalls. Doors closed, legs visible. Then I backed up to the very front of the room. The first stall on the left had just opened so I went for it. The door was still swinging a bit when I latched it. I hung my purse on the door hook and lowered my black jeans and thong to my knees. The seat was warm on my butt as I reached down to tie my right shoe, which was a bit loose. My pee started strong and seemed to pick up as I fumbled to remember my last break at the mall I work at about five hours earlier.

At that point I heard a mother-child arguing and it seemed to be escalating at the point where they entered the stall. This little girl started to cry and say she was going to wee-wee in her underwear. The mother, who ordered her to step away from the toilet and stand against the door eventually grabbed the girl and shoved her to the door. At that point, I noticed the girl's clothing was at her feet, but the mother was getting more upset as the child got more emotional. The girl was told to get her hands off her crotch and stand with her back to the door. She resisted and said she was going to have an accident, but her mom told her to follow instructions. I heard toilet paper being yanked off the roll and then the mother wiping down the seat. As she girl started crying more, I heard additional toilet paper being torn off. Based on the mother's movement, it became obvious that the mom was covering the seat while the girl stood in pain. At that point, the girl started to pee and I could see some on the floor below her, then her mother got livid with anger. As I sat, well after finishing my pee, the OMG wore off, but I got to thinking about how unrealistic the mother's expectations were. Also, how the little girl is going to be impacted as she goes through the grades in school and later in her adult life.


P.S. To Finn

It is possible to huge poops!! You want to see me and my friends. We do and do and do!!! And we are relax very much.

Love from Mina

Melvin B-lover

Perfect poop position & post-poop gas

Hi all. So this morning I took a around 5am, I had to poop. I knew it would be a good one due to plenty cabbage eaten hours before. So I stepped away from my work station, went to a private bathroom, then proceeded to blow it up. Since I knew it was going to be my favorite kind - soft, very stinky, I leaned all the way forward, instead of sitting normally. The turds slid out so easy, and the smell rose from my backside and quickly filled the small bathroom. It was perfect! Taking a great shit is wonderful, but what makes it even better is when you're in your most comfortable position. In my case it's leaning far forward when seated on the toilet. I wish I could be like many other posters on here and have those perfect dumps outdoors.
Inevitably after that feel good dump, I begin popping those big smelly farts. Like soon as I exited the bathroom from pooping I had a big one brewing. Before I let go of this surefire loud-but-deadly, I checked for anyone else on the floor. Coast clear, I slowly let out a 9 second fart, that felt wonderful. It stunk so much. So for the past few hours I've been cutting these stinkers. I wouldn't have it any other way :) . Happy pooping everyone, and Chloe, Brittany B, love the stories.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hi! My name is Gabriella. I'm an attractive 23 year old half Hispanic-half White woman standing 5 foot 6". Anyway here's my story: I was studying for a big test a few days from then and I felt the need to go number 2. I had eaten Mexican food for lunch and was letting out silent and stinky farts in the library all afternoon. Thank God no one seemed to notice. I felt my stomach rumbling and I knew I'd have to take a big dump. I took my purse and made my way to the ladie's room. In the ladie's room I noticed that two of the stalls were taken. I took the last remaining stall. I could hear the girl in the stall on my right farting away. I dropped my tight jeans. I sat down and relaxed. I immediately felt a huge turd inching its way out of me. It just kept on coming out like soft serve ice cream. I farted a few times, big loud farts that echoed in the room. I felt another log making its way out of me. This one was not as long but it was thicker than the first. I finally was done. I rolled up a wad of toilet paper and wiped thoroughly until there was no crap on the paper. I got up and turned around to look at what I made. The was a huge pile of poop and whew did it stink. I walked out of the stall, washed my hands, and returned to my seat to study for my test.

Brittany B

A Strange Occurrence

Hi all! I'm gonna share probably the strangest thing I've ever witnessed in the dorm toilets today, but first...

Chloe - Hey girl! I'm glad me sharing could inspire other people to share as well. I know how you feel about not getting to poop with your close friends. I wouldn't say mine are prissy, more shy. The closest one has ever gotten to even mentioning it was my one friend once said "I have to go potty" rather than, "I have to pee" and she was gone for ten minutes after she said that, so I know she pooped. Anyway, you sound hot girl! I loved your stories too, especially the one where you took a huge dump after that hot blonde girl. Too bad it wasn't a bathroom with stalls so you could have heard the ending of her dump. Wish I could poop next you!

So this story is probably the strangest thing I've seen happen in the dorms. It was afternoon, shortly after I was done with my classes. I got back to my room and started to feel a heaviness in my bowels, so I made my way down the hall to one of the bathrooms. A cute blonde was walking in right in front of me. The middle stall was already occupied, the blonde took the stall nearest the door, leaving the big stall on the end for me. There was a few small plops from the middle stall as the blonde and I got settled on our toilets. I could tell my poop was going to be big, as I started with a booming fart and relaxed as I felt pressure building and my first turds started to plop into the bowl. It was a very leisurely dump for me. The blonde farted softly and started plopping as well. While the blonde and I plopped away, the outer door opened and 2 girls walked in, one claiming "I gotta shit so bad" and the other said me too. They waited by the stalls, I'm not sure why they didn't try the other bathroom down the hall if they were that desperate. At any rate, I was calmly dropping my soft turds, the blonde was quiet, and the girl in the middle stall started to work the toilet paper. She wiped 4 times, redressed herself, flushed and exited the stall. The 2 girls waiting asked each other how badly the other one had to go. One girl said "I'm about to shit my pants." Her friend said, "Yeah I can't hold it much longer."

This is wen it gets strange. The other girl responded with, "Let's just share" and they both entered the middle stall and shut the door. One of them dropped their shorts to their ankles and took a seat on the bowl, then, it looked like she spread her legs as wide as she could, and the other girl dropped her shorts to her ankles and took a seat on the bowl between her legs. I couldn't believe what was happening in the stall next to me! Once they were both settled, they both just started bombing that toilet. It was a symphony of plops and farts from that stall as those 2 girls finally got to empty their butts of all those turds. They were really stinking up the place too! I was done pooping and apparently so was the small blonde girl as we both started to wipe ourselves as these 2 girls were just farting and plopping away.

I flushed and pulled up my pants and washed my hands in the stall. As I left, my stall, I saw the blonde girl washing her hands at the sinks. Our eyes met, we glanced at the stall that had 2 girls pooping in it, looked back at each other, and then just started giggling to ourselves. It was so funny, kinda strange, but honestly, not something I would be opposed to trying myself! haha I left the bathroom and didn't stick around to see the end of their double poop session.



Housemate's huge loads

Hey everyone. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a big eater so I take pretty big poops, but I'm pretty regular so they're always pretty manageable.

My housemate on the other hand, takes these super huge poops every few days. She comes home from work and sometimes dashes to the bathroom and stays in there for some time and drops her huge logs. Sometimes I end up going in there after and there are tons of marks in the bowl and the smell sticks around for ages, she must have to hold it all day! Do many other girls do this!? I didn't know it was possible to take such huge poops!


Post Title (optional)Hello Everyone.

Hi Everyone. I'm Martin. I've been reading this page on and off for many years, so thought it was about time to join in. It's great to so many folk from such a wide age group, and from so many places, who have such an open attitude to their toilet habits. I'm in my mid 50s, an ordinary family guy in middle England, and when I was younger, pooping and the suchlike was never mentioned, folk just did it, and left an air of mystery to the subject. I remember the other kids at school refering to having to go number ones or twos, poopoo and wee. Some of the girls especially often refered to doing I kid, I found it hard to believe that girls actually did number twos...something happened in my teens that proved they did...I'll mention that later. At school, it was customary to go up to the teacher, and say 'Please may I go to the toilet?'no mention of what for, although it was obvious who was doing what if they were a long time. I'll always remember there was one boy called Ian, and a girl called Veronica who were always a long time. They used to go to the toilet so often that they had permission to just get up and go. I've known Ian all of my life, and found out he suffers with IBS...guess Veronica may have been the same. Adults were always quite discrete in company, just going to the toilet, or going to 'the lav'....never a mention why though.
Now....the mystery of whether girls actually did go number two. When I was about 13, I was very friendly with a girl called Susan, who was about a year younger than me...we were never boyfriend/girlfriend, as we were too young, but we did hang out a lot together in school holidays. We both liked the countryside, and back in the day, it was still safe to go out on the back lanes on our bikes, and ride or walk back to town using the bridleways and paths between the surrounding fields. One day, we had left the roads, and were wheeling our bikes along a footpath between a couple of grassy grazing fields. Susan suddenly stopped, and asked me if I had any tissue paper, as she was bursting to go to the toilet. As it happened, I had, as the pollen always gave me a runny nose, so I made a point of grabbing some toilet paper and putting it in my pocket before I went out. I guessed that Susan was dying for a wee, as we had both drank a lot of squash on this warm day. We laid our bikes down, and I gave my tissue to Susan. There were no bushes around, it was quite an open area, but we were the only ones about. I sat down on the grass, and Susan moved a few feet away, and with her back to me, obviously so I didn't see her private parts, undid her jeans, and pulled them, and her pink knickers, down below her knees. She squatted down...I was both a bit shocked, and exited, as I'd never seen a girl do this before, and couldn't help looking at her. I expected her to just do a wee, but was amazed to see that she was emptying her bowels...a thin, very soft light brown 'snake' was coming very rapidly from her bottom, and forming a mound in the grass. At the same time, she started to wee, which is all I thought she was going to do. She farted a little, and released some more very wet looking poop. I heard her give a sigh of relief, before she moved forward, got down on her knees, and started to wipe herself, front and back. She stood up, and pulled her knickers and jeans up, before aplogising for using all of my tissue...she said she just couldn't wait any longer. I said it was no big deal, as we all do it, and when you have to go, you have to. We finished our walk along the footpaths, and rode the rest of the way to Susan's house once we got back on the roads.Any doubts as to whether girls did number two's were certainly dispelled that day.


Sunny day


Hope everyone is enjoying the sun! For those of you guys not in the UK this last week has seen it finally get very warm indeed, up until a few weeks ago it was still snowing, so it seems to have rapidly got warmer - I think we've gone straight from winter to summer.

Anyway, I've been quite busy recently, some family members have been ill so I've been going back home every weekend to visit. The journey is about 2 hours and I was travelling home the other day when it was indeed hot and sunny, so I'd been drinking a lot of water. I started to need a wee and thought I'd stop at the next services (I was on a motorway). Unfortunately for me, the traffic slowed right down to a standstill, and we sat there. A police car came flying up the hard shoulder so I thought there'd been some sort of accident ahead. I was still drinking water as it was so hot, but was also starting to need a wee quite badly. After about half an hour, the traffic started moving very slowly, so we crawled forward - by this time I was quite desperate.

We continued like this for about 15 minutes and then found that there had been a crash and the police were letting one lane at a time past. Once I had passed the accident, the road was clear, by this time I was really desperate! I carried along the motorway and saw a sign saying there was a cafe at the next junction, so I pulled off the motorway there and followed the sign.

The cafe was in a layby and looked like the type that lorry drivers use, but I was so desperate I didn't care whether it was grim or not! I pulled up and walked over to the cafe which was in a brick building at the edge, and pushed the door open. It was locked and I noticed the opening hours, it had closed at 2! I was too desperate to try and find somewhere else, and I could feel a tiny dribble push itself out. I ran around the back of the cafe building and there was good cover there with bushes, so I went behind the first one, pulled my denim dress up and yanked my white knickers down, squatted and released a long desperate stream. I could feel my aching bladder finally relaxing and hear a very loud hiss as the stream forced its way out. Boy I felt relieved!

Just then I heard footsteps and looked up to see a girl who was in her mid teens, blonde and curvy. She looked shocked and said "Oh... I'm sorry! I kinda need the same". "Go ahead" I said, whilst still mid flow. She passed me and squatted behind a bin opposite, she pulled down her jean shorts and pink/purple knickers then let loose a stream as strong as mine!

By this point I had finished so pulled up my knickers, let my dress down, and went back to the car.


Our first prom

Me and my friend Florence went to our prom together this year. This was the first prom for both of us. I rented a tux and she wore a new dress her mom bought for her. Her mom dropped us off at a restaurant where we had dinner prior to walking the three blocks to our school where the prom was held in the gym. This was on a Saturday and I hadn't crapped since Wednesday. That was about noon and I had to visit 3 bathrooms before I found a toilet that was a) available, b) had a dry seat and c) had toilet paper. Now its prom night, we both had a big meal and before we walked over to school Florence excused herself to the bathroom. She's been taught by her mom to try and anticipate her needs ahead of time and use the cleanest bathroom. Florence said it took her about 15 minutes because there were only two toilets and there was a line extending outside the door. Since it was a new dress, she said she wasn't sure the best way to pee in it. What she ended up doing was carefully wrapping the bottom up, holding it with one hand while she pulled her panties down and seated herself with the other. Since she doesn't wear large dresses much, I knew this would be somewhat traumatic for her and I knew she had to pee because she drank more than 2/3 of our pitcher of ice tea.

The walk to school and especially the 20 or 30 step staircase up to our gym unconstipated me pretty fast. But because of what I've written about before, on Page 2706 and others, I dread using the toilets at school. There are no privacy doors, and since there's not enough urinals for breaks and other busy times, some guys just walk into a toilet stall, whip out their organ and let it fly. Not only are the seats waterlogged, but there's rust toward the bottom of both panels and often some on the flushers. The toilet paper, if there is any left, is a joke. But I don't see that changing. The dance had started when Florence and I got there. Once I found a table for us I told Florence I was going to the bathroom. Before I left I took off my coat and told Florence to put it over the chair. No way did I want it to get dirty in this bathroom like I had written about before. There are no coat hooks. There are no stall doors. When I walked in the room was pretty much jammed. Several guys were at the mirrors washing their hands, adjusting their attire, and combing there hair. By looking straight into the mirrors they could see guys seated and crapping. I knew from past experience how those guys felt. A large guy in front of me let go of a thunderous fart that seemed like fireworks being shot off. As others were high-fiving him, I ducked around him and into the middle toilet where I didn't see any legs.

The seat was about 50 percent wet, there was no toilet paper, and a couple of others had already shitted and left. I awkwardly undid my clothing, pulled it down partially, but I didn't want the legs to get into the pee that my shoes were already in. I pulled my star boxers down and took the damp seat. I noticed that while all the toilet paper was gone, the guys at the sink were using and abusing the brown wiping paper towels. Some were thrown into the sinks. Others were crumpled up and thrown on the floor. I was having success at pushing my crap out while I tried to hold my head down and not draw any attention to myself. I knew I was vulnerable. One guy at the sink was getting punched playfully by his friend who was wiping his hands. The big guy who was doing it was upset that his friend had forgotten to buy some condoms that day. "I paid for the f-ing limo and you can't remember something as simple as condoms." He also told the guy he would never make it into a frat next year in college and some other things we can't say here.

As I sat pinching 'em out, Florence texted me asking what had happened. She said I had been gone for just under a half hour. It seemed like twice that to me because I believe in privacy. Just as I was replying that I was waiting for the room to clear so that I could walk over and get the paper towels, a custodian walked in, saw what I needed and got two rolls off the cart he was dragging behind him. He told the boys to clear out because he was going to clean the room. Slowly they followed his command. I stood up but before I started wiping I asked the custodian about the clogged toilet. As I was standing to the side vulnerable, he flicked up the seat, put his left foot onto the flusher and then used both of his hands on his knee to drive the flush down even harder. It worked. He said he had learned the procedure in the military. I sat back down and started my wiping. I think I used about six or seven scrunched up pad to complete the job. Then I thanked the custodian again and joined Florence and some friends of ours at the table.

After the dance, Florence's mom was a little late in picking us up. While we waited in the lobby, Florence said it was getting harder for her to hold her pee. Luckily her mom got there, drove us to their house without hitting too much traffic, and Florence made a run for her bathroom. She made it despite her shoes and dress.

Pete the poop


Carin you should be able to spend as long as u need on the loo. Anyway did your loafer flush be surprised if it did

Sunday, April 22, 2018


My loaf and Nikki's need

The other morning at my high school it was somewhat of a replay of what happened a couple of years earlier at my middle school. I got to school, colon-full, and couldn't wait to get onto a toilet. As soon as I walked around the wall into the bathroom, I was reminded that I was not the only one with toilet needs. There must have been three of us waiting for every toilet, but it is hard to be accurate because some are just hanging out or supporting their friends, etc. I think the line lasted about 10 minutes and there was some profanities directed at one of the toilets where the door hadn't opened for the longest time and the underwear and tennis shoes hadn't moved.

Finally, a door in back of me opened and I bumped my way over there to claim my prize. I practically slammed the door shut behind me. The white seat was badly stained, about as bad as the yellow-colored bowl. I dropped my jeans, seated myself and then had a scare. Was there any toilet paper? I looked to my left and luckily there was. It was those cut, square-sized sheets you pull down, but I have to watch my middle fingers because it can get gross. Usually happens with those small sheets. Sorry! Judging the the bells that rang while I sat, those that peeked in on me and a couple of fists and knocks on the door, I was seated for about 10 or 15 minutes. I deliberately moved my feet every minute or two to try and cut down how I was being hassled. The slow slide of my crap told me that if was going to be what me and my friends years earlier called the full loaf. The size of a loaf of bread, fully developed and hard enough to push as you slowly wait for it to exit.

Knowing that I was getting close to the five-minute warning bell, I was getting more frustrated. My loaf was about 60 percent out when I saw this girl, Nikki's, partial face looking in on me. In a similar situation back in middle school she had blamed me for her getting suspended and a juvenile ticket. It was the same situation, a few minutes before school, lots of girls waiting for a toilet, and I was taking a slow loafer. As I sat then I heard some cursing, then some yelling and cheering. I found out that Nikki had just dropped her underwear, raised her dress, and jumped up onto a sink. Some of the students were cheering her on so loud as she sat and peed that a vice principal walked in, saw what she was doing and yanked her down and took her to the office. Before they suspended her, the police resource officer wrote her a ticket for public urination and her parents were called. She used my name and situation as a justification for what she had done. She exaggerated and told the administration and her mom that I had been on the toilet for longer than 30 minutes. No way! But this time Nikki did get her time on the toilet and I guess is doing OK. But what happened back then is something I'm still self-conscious of.


Introduction and two stories

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I guess I'll begin with a description of myself. I'm a 19 year old girl, about to finish my freshman year of university. I'm a brunette but I have green highlights in my hair which complement my green eyes and I think it looks really nice. I'm a bit on the chubby side, at 5'6" (168cm) and 180 pounds (82kg), but I keep in shape by going to the gym 3-4 times a week. My boobs are a bit bigger than average but nothing special to write home about, but both of my past boyfriends have described my butt as my best feature. Though I think many boys would like it a lot less if they knew what comes out of it on a regular basis, haha.

Anyway, I've been lurking and reading here for a while, and now I'm inspired to share some stories myself, after seeing posts by Anna and Brittany B. They both posts about college aged girls pooping big, and I definitely agree. I poop a lot and it seems like so do many other girls at my school. My friends are all the types of prissy girls who pretend they never poop. We all pee freely around each other, but pooping is much more taboo for them. So, not counting my parents when I was very young, I've probably seen someone else pooping or been seen pooping myself half a dozen times, tops, in my whole life. Unlike my friends, though, I've never been shy about pooping. Even in middle and high school, I just went whenever I had to go with no embarassment. I don't understand why so many girls seem to be ashamed of a bodily function. Luckily enough, the girl I got assigned as my roommate is much less uptight about pooping. We openly fart around each other and often joke about it too, and sometimes she'll mention that she "took a huge dump" or something similar.

So on with my stories I guess. The first is from last week. I woke up that morning and my stomach really hurt. I sat up and hung my feet off the side of the bed and then blasted a huge fart. I swear it must have lasted for five seconds straight, lol. My roommate who was in our kitchen area called out, "Geez, Chlo. I could hear that one out here. What'd you eat, anyway?" After getting that fart out, I felt so much better. I got together my shower stuff and headed off to the bathroom for my morning pee and a shower. Later on, after I finished with classes, I was in the library when I felt a familiar urge. I knew I'd need a bathroom very soon. The bathrooms in the library's basement are kinda tucked away in a hard to find spot and they're just two single occupant rooms both with locking doors and their own sinks. Technically, one is the "men's room" and the other the "ladies' room," but I'm not really sure why.

Well, when I got there I saw that the ladies' room was locked (they have one of those locks like on an airplane toilet, where it slides from "Available" to "Occupied"). I waited for it to become available and farted a few times. Soon enough the door opened and a hot blonde girl I often see working around the library came out. She smiled at me and said "Sorry, I just majorly stunk it up in there," and then giggled. I told her, "That's okay. I'm about to do the same" and also giggled. I don't know the girl's name but I've long had a bit of a crush on her, and this exchange only made me like her even more.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door and immediately I noticed that the girl wasn't kidding. It stunk in that bathroom! But, as I had said, just judging from the gas I was letting off out in the hall, I was sure I was in for a heck of a poop myself that would've stunk it up big time anyway. I sat on the toilet, still warm from the girl, and settled in. I peed a little bit and farted again. Very shortly, I had a log coming out. It slithered out of my hole nice and easy and grew to be fairly long before flumph-ing in the bowl. I let out a long string of machine gun like farts and then started pooping again. For several minutes, I sat there pooping away, turd after turd plopping and splashing into the bowl. Eventually the turds were just splatting against the other turds already in the bowl. I looked between my legs and saw I had quite the pile going on there, and I wasn't close to done. But if it wasn't already stinking before, from the blonde girl, it definitely was now, lol. I pooped more for several more minutes, my turds splat splat splat-ing as they fell and grew the sizable pile. Finally I felt emptied out. I again looked between my legs and I couldn't believe how much I'd filled the bowl. I mean, I always poop big, but this was big, even for me. I don't know where it all came from either, because I'd pooped the day before like I do everyday. I guess I just needed a good clearout.

I set to wiping myself, which took a while too. I was glad that the ladies' rooms at school have great toilet paper at least. I know some public bathrooms, the TP is so thin you have to layer it like ten layers thick just to avoid getting poop on your hands. Or some other bathrooms have that coarse toilet paper that should more accurately be called sandpaper. I read a joke somewhere online a long time ago that toilet paper like that is called "John Wayne toilet paper," because it's rough, tough, and don't take shit from no asshole, haha. Anyway, my butt was messy after that big poop, but the wiping job was easy at least. I pulled the lever to flush, a bit apprehensive that it might clog, but the toilet handled my big load just fine. I did give a second flush just to take care of lingering skid marks though. I then washed my hands and exited the bathroom, relieved both to breathe some fresh air again but also not to have all that poop inside me anymore.

My second story is from today and it's about a more "normal" poop. I went to the bathroom for my morning pee, like usual. The bathroom was crowded. All four stalls were in use and there was a girl waiting in front of me. Very shortly, a toilet flushed and a girl came out, and the girl waiting went in. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to be pooping as I was waiting a long time for a stall. There was a mild poop smell in the air, but nothing too awful. Another girl came in and she seemed very desperate to pee. She was holding her crotch and clearly doing everything she could to not wet herself. Didn't even care who could see her. Finally another stall opened up. I also had to pee, but not nearly as bad as this girl, so I offered to let her go first. She thanked me and rushed in and I could hear the floodgates open as she peed up a storm. That only made me have to go worse and I was kind of regretting the decision to ler her go first. Thankfully, that pee was all she needed and she was out in less than a minute. She thanked me again as I traded places with her. At last I had my much needed pee.

By then I was feeling like I also might need to poop, so I waited for a little bit. Sure enough I did need to poop. A thick turd crowned. It felt really good as it slowly worked its way out. After a bit, it sped up and the turd kept coming and coming and coming. After it finally broke off, I gave a slight push to see if there was anything more, but my entire poop had been that one turd. From in between my legs, it looked like a big one, all curled and coiled up in the bowl. I only needed two wipes on my butt and one on my front and then I was done. I flushed and the turd went down easily and didn't even leave behind any skid marks.

Well, alright, that's all I've got for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it. See ya later.


Pooping Alternatives

Hi guys! Have any of you found alternative ways of pooping interesting? For me, its colostomies. Since knowing that a friend Keith got one, I've always been amazed at how pooping works.I know its involuntary,and collects in a bag.I think I read that you can feel the stoma working.I've always imagined that it would feel like a rush for fast BM's, and pressure for slow ones. Also, I believe I read that the poop is stinkier, too. I'd also imagine that you may have to empty your bag at inconvenient times.


More wiping questions--standing vs. sitting

To extend the wiping conversation, I have noticed in my informal survey at work that of the approximately 60% of young guys who wipe from behind, about 60% of the behind wipers wipe while sitting while about 40% stand. I have always wiped from behind while sitting, tilting my right buttock up and reaching in from behind. (I have been experimenting wiping from the front between my legs, but I find it not as effective). Many sitters do the "tilt" technique. Some slide forward, ducking their head down and reach in the back. Of the standers, many "squat" over the bowl. Some stand up straight immediately, which in my view would create a problem as the cheeks push together creating a mess. Some of the upright standers and the squatters take their left hand (if they're wiping with their right hand, which the vast majority do) and "separate" their butt cheeks, allowing easier access. I have tried standing up wiping, and the best technique I have found is to squat--or hover--over the bowl and use my left hand to spread my cheeks to allow easy access. This technique is to my thinking almost as effective as my sitting technique.

Some of the standers will pivot and either face the toilet (making a 180 degree turn) or pivot and face the toilet paper dispenser. Most will just stand, assuming the same position as they did while sitting.

I'm curious to hear from others about their thoughts on standing vs sitting.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

I have been reading here for several weeks but this is my first post.
Reading the recent one from Blob brought back several memories. Churches can be difficult places if you need to go. Quite a few still do not have loos and that was even more true when I was growing up. I am sure there must have been quite a lot of unseen desperation and maybe more. Sometimes you could go discreetly in the churchyard, which was easier for boys/men, but not always.

When I was growing up I sang in the church choir both before and after my voice broke. Our choir vestry was under the tower at the back of the church. Behind where our robes hung was wooden panelling. There was one loose panel. Almost every week one of the older boys moved it aside and went into the space behind. He was completely hidden but we all knew what he was doing. I don't remember anyone commenting, nor anyone else doing it.

Two particular occasions of desperation are still in my mind. One was a young choirboy who was nearly opposite me. I noticed him squirming for some time. In the last hymn he was holding himself through his cassock. Suddenly a wet patch appeared. It was obvious he was peeing in his pants. The other incident was rather later when girls were in the choir. A teenage girl was clearly bursting but trying to be discreet about it. The sermon went on and on and she looked more and more desperate. When the service ended and we filed out there was a large wet patch on the back of her skirt. She had clearly lost the battle and wet her knickers.

I will leave it there for now but I have several other recollections which I will post when I have more time.


Me and my new manager in the park bathroom

I work for a financial services firm. Our department just got a new manager. Since its getting warmer out, on Friday she takes a group of five employees with her to lunch. But instead of eating in the regular cafeteria, Stac takes us out. We walk about 3 blocks east of our building down to a busy park in the city square. We buy our lunches from one of the many food trucks parked there and walk into the park to where the picnic benches are. Stac, who is only a few years older than me, is real down to earth. For example, she got this huge ethnic hot dog platter, set it down and then asked us this: should she go in and pee while it is cooling down or eat it first while taking the chance of peeing her pants? She has this off-beat personality like she expected a democratic vote or something. The restroom building was nearby so she decided to drain her bladder.

In the original email telling us about the lunch, Stac made us promise that there would be no shop-talk. She came back from the bathroom and said how good the sun felt. She said the bathroom, which had no heat, was 10 degrees cooler than outside and that her butt felt like ice on the toilet seat. My friend Marie asked if the bowl water had frozen and Stac said it probably had because she felt some splashback. It turns out that Marie and Stac both grew up in large cities and their parents worried about them being away from home too much. It didn't matter if they were out walking or riding their bikes, if they came home about dinner time, their parents made them stay in the rest of the evening. So if they had to go to the bathroom at about 6 p.m. they would use one in the park or the gas station in order to avoid their parents making them stay in.

Others in our group talked about their parents' rules. Most of the talk was about how they got around or broke the rules. I heard a couple of ideas from Monika that were pretty damn good. I wish I would have thought of them some 15 years ago. Our conversation went for over an hour. Stac said she was going to visit the bathroom one more time or she was going to shit her work suit. Monika made a joke that it probably wouldn't show because it was black, but Stac shot back that most normal people have a sense of smell. I looked at my phone and remembered that in 15 minutes I had a conference call with a client scheduled. I decided to go in with Stac and pee because I've been on conference calls that have gone 90 minutes or more.

The bathroom provided an interesting experience. It was one of the darker rooms I've gone in. No electricity. Four toilets pretty close together attached to one wall. No privacy door. No cubical at all. A girl about 5 was sitting on the far end toilet. Her feet were off the floor and she seemed to be playing with her knees. Stac put her arm out to stop me and she asked the girl if she wanted us to wait in the entrance until she was done. The girl said she didn't care so Stac hurried in, pulled down her clothing and took a seat right next to the girl. Immediately I heard Stac's waste dropping into the toilet. I was preparing to drop my clothing in front of the first toilet when Stac said I was too modest and should move in next to her. I did and luckily my pee started draining fast and furious. That, Stac said, equaled that of some friends of hers she remembered from her college bar. I asked Stac if that would help me finally win Employee of the Month. She said damn right and to remind her at the end of the month.

The little girl got down first. Like many her age, she wiped fast and then ran off without flushing or washing her hands. I told Stac I was done and needed to get back to work and into the conference room for the phone call. I waited a couple of minutes while Stac wiped and then re-wiped. She quickly walked over to the sink and while she was washing her hands, she asked me to flush her toilet. She joked it is a bad habit to leave without flushing. While I didn't have time to wash my hands, I did make sure she knew I flushed. Then we walked as a group as fast as we could back to the office. Our receptionist asked Marie as we walked by how lunch was. She said it was memorable.


Peeing and Pooping in Stores

Saturday is my usual day for shopping. Most of the time I go to the local grocery where Will lives. Will comes along. He likes food shopping because he likes to pick out what he likes to eat. Last Saturday was different. I wanted to go to the larger grocery near where I live and to go to my favorite women's clothing store. I needed some new stuff. Of course Will wanted to come along. We went to the clothing store first. The traffic was heavy and it took longer than usual to get there. I hadn't peed before we left and the first thing I did was run to the bathroom. I had been to this store before, but never to the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was that it was labeled only "Bathroom", not men or women. So Will and went in together. There were 3 stalls with doors and no urinals. Obviously a women's bathroom, but ok for men to use also. Anyway, I got into a stall and peed a lot and pooped two lumps as well. Will and one other man also peed in the stalls. We spent some time there, as I tried on several dresses in the dressing rooms while Will helped me pick them out. We finally checked out and I went to the bathroom one more time. Our trip to the grocery store didn't take long, although we did find dome things not available in Will's area. The trip back was slow again and I needed in the portable urinal in the car while Will drove. Altogether, the trip was worth while. I got some nice new dresses and new groceries.

Thursay, April 19, 2018

Melvin B-lover

Questions answered.

To whoever the anonymous person who asked, thank you for asking :) .
1. Depends on what I eat. Regular foods, such as chicken, rice, fruits, my poops stink, but not much. Beans (my favorite), spicy foods, pastas, my poops really REALLY stink.
2. I don't poop in public often, only at work sometimes. Last time I totally stunk up a public bathroom was about a year ago - at the mall after eating a lot of Hot Head Burrito. I stunk it WAY up, but it felt too good.


Questions about Melvin-b lovers poop and farts

Hey melvin B-lover

I'm the one who asked you the questions. My name is Brad. For some reason your posts really interest me. You seem really cool and down to earth about this subject. No prissiness or bs, just a healthy attitude toward natural bodily functions. Some other questions I have: 1. are your dumps generally pretty large? What is the largest bowel movement your butt has ever produced, and did anyone see or comment on It? 2. how many times per day do you typically drop a load? Now on to farts; I'm assuming you fart quite often.1. What is the frequency of your gas? Do you usually do just one fart, or is it a series? 2. Do you fart around other people? 3. Where is your favorite place to fart ex: bed, shower, car. 3. do you shart(poop a bit) when you fart? Finally,4. Do you make any attempt to hide the odor when you break wind, for example: wafting it away with your hand, or spraying air-freshener?

Thanks Bro

3. Yes. I've had two co-worker do that. One said a courtesy flush was needed (glad he didn't know it was me). The other came in, and immediately walked out lol. On the way out he said "Oh I can't do this".
4. It varies. When I eat lots of pinto or large lima beans, or raisin bran, my butt becomes very windy, all day long (and it stinks bad!) My farts are pretty normal b4 I poop however.

Happy pooping everyone.

Just Jerika

Time on Toilet Issue

Monique, Heather and I hang out a lot. We're all in our 20s, enrolled in community college, have part-time jobs and are juggling boyfriends into the equation too. We spend time each morning and sometimes evenings too at a large coffee shop doing research because the wi-fi is free. We also collaborate on assignments sometimes and support one another. Its obvious that we use the toilets there.

I'll admit it. The coffee and other beverages go right through my system. If I get my first cup at 7:30 a.m., my 5'1' frame is on the toilet 45 minutes later. Then about an hour later there's a repeat run. Most days before my 10 a.m. class I'm back on the toilet a third time for my crap. They #### with me about my time on the toilet for the crap, but since its only about 10 minutes, they complain but wait before we walk over to campus.

Monique is usually the last one to arrive for coffee in the morning. She won't leave her dorm until she gets her crap in. She brags about how she hates crapping in public places like the coffee shop. What's interesting, though, is that she will pee there. But then she comes back complaining about splashes on the seat, the toilet not being flushed, rough toilet paper, a couple of the door latches being busted, whine, whine! The other day, during one of the ##### sessions Heather humorously described her system for using public toilets. She doesn't complain about peeing because she's only seated for 20 or 25 seconds. But she wipes the seat down and then lines it with paper before she does her crap. That's part of the reason why her craps take so long, my boyfriend Hernandez said when he walked up to the table to bring me my phone which I had left at home.

I think it is interesting how different people have varied attitudes and procedures toward doing something so basic as going to the bathroom.

Melvin B-lover

Pooping never ceases to amaze.

Hi all. Here's what I mean by the above heading: I'm a normal person - not rich, famous, don't stand out, etc. I'm just a regular guy who works and minds his own business - much like most people on toiletstool, people I work with, people I see around the city, my family, so on and so forth. I fart, and I poop, on the regular. They both exit from my butt and stinks - much like everyone I've just described. What amazes me (for some reason I can't explain) is that all people from all walks of life - no matter the social status, how pretty or handsome they are, rich, celebrity status, whatever the case may be; they all have buttholes and push stinky stuff from them, same as us. Models, politicians, athletes, singers, they sit on the toilet and stink up a bathroom and/or fart same as me. Aside from them, I've seen some gorgeous people at work, stores, anywhere I go and really think so myself, sometimes, "hmm, believe it or not your shit stinks like mine". I'm glad that's the case too, because if nothing else the fact that everyone alive and breathing farts, poops, burps, pees just like us makes us all imperfect. I'm happy being imperfect. I love taking stinky poops and dropping hot smelly farts, because it feels good. Hopefully I'm not the only one.
So to summarize, everyone poops, and everyone's poop stinks. It's true, but for some reason it still amazes me. Happy pooping everyone :)

response to Penelope B

As I'm sure you are aware, your son is at an age when he is very secretive and irrational when it comes to bodily changes and functions. I would never mention it to him, because that would be as uncomfortable for him as talking about the other thing you thought he was doing in the bathroom. Both things are very personal and private for a young growing man. If he continues to suffer from constipation, I'm sure he will seek your counsel, or that of a medical professional. Also, many kids (boys and girls) at that age suffer from anxiety related to pooping in public including school bathrooms and locker rooms. If he is holding it at school this could be the cause of his discomfort. However, he needs to deal with this issue on his own. I know it can be difficult to do nothing when you see your child in discomfort, but I can tell you from experience that he will only be upset and angry if you confront him about this. If he clogs the toilet again, you can totally call him out for leaving it clogged and not doing or saying anything.

Once when I was little (maybe 10 or 11) I clogged the toilet in a hotel room during a family vacation. My parents struggled to see how this could happen for any reason other than using too much toilet paper. The reality is, I held my poop for nearly 2 weeks and the resulting bombing left the toilet totally destroyed. I was so embarrassed that I had clogged the toilet, like it was something I did on purpose that I shouldn't have done. But to top it off, I got in trouble for "wasting" toilet paper and "breaking" the toilet. I tried in vain to explain the situation but my parents didn't believe me. Luckily there was no punishment, but I was sure I would be punished and I was already ashamed and humiliated even before they confronted me. So word to the wise: leave it alone. He is going through changes that he needs to go through privately without his mother's coddling or interference.

Also, if you can hear that much from your bedroom, I'm sure there are other stories you could share that would interest us readers. Thanks for sharing!

response to Lola

Great story! Thanks for sharing. Your friend sounds like a fascinating individual who might take interest in this site. I love how she asked you to check her butt! Next time you should offer to wipe it for her, just to see the look on her face!

reponse to Anna

It's unfortunate, in my opinion, that women are made to feel like farting and pooping, even inside a restroom, are things to feel shameful about. Good for you for telling her of your need. I hope it made her feel better.

I didn't even realize that guys COULD wipe from the front. I know that women can do both ways. But it just seems so awkward and inconvenient because of the genitals. I always wipe from behind. Sometimes I stand to wipe. But even for a woman, who obviously has to wipe in front as well, why expose your wrist to your pubes/pee droplets/vaginal discharge? I guess I'll never understand wiping your butt from the front, regardless of gender.

Uncle Harry

Playing with Farts

I've noticed that many posts here have been about farting. Both me and my wife Harriet fart pretty often. Henry the dog does too, but he doesn't care. He just lies there with his ears hanging down. Harriet and I play a game. If one of us hears the other fart, he or she calls out, "I heard that" and we both laugh. We don't keep a record and don't do this when others are in the least we're not supposed to. A few days ago we had some friends in the house. My wife gave a loud fart and I, forgetting, shouted out, "I heard that". Harriet looked at me like she was going to slug me with a rolling pin. I apologized twice and everyone laughed. I tried to change the conversation to something else. I did eventually, but it took a little time. I wondered if they would ever come back. The next day, one of the women called Harriet and discussed how good the dinner was and never mentioned the farts. What a relief.

Brittany B

A Busy Morning in the Girls' Toilets

Hi all! I'm here to share more and! But first, I'll reply to people who addressed me directly.

Anna - Hi! You're my favorite poster! You responding to me kinda feels like being noticed by a celebrity! Haha I'm glad you liked my post. It's not uncommon for my poop piles to breach the top of the water. They're usually soft and just kinda stick to each other and pile up and it really smells. I've heard plenty of big dumps from plenty of college girls, so I agree that it probably is common. I've never gotten to share a bathroom or toilet with a close friend though, just acquaintances in the dorms and strangers on campus. I never had my own apartment, so it was always public poops for me. I loved your latest story too! You and those 2 girls really did a number in that bathroom I bet! Wish I could poop next to you! lol

PN and Tyler - It was quite the pleasant dump, I must admit. I do usually fart while I'm pooping cuz I try not to fart unless I am in the bathroom or at least alone in my room. I'll be sharing plenty I'm sure haha

Onto another memory! This one takes place on a Saturday morning. I woke up that morning with a heavy, bubbly feeling in my bowels. I was out the previous night with some friends at the local Mexican place for burritos and margaritas, so I'm sure you all know where this is going haha I got up and made my way to one of the bathrooms on my floor. When I walked in, I was greeted by a heavy stink of poop in the air, the sound of some heavy plops from the stall nearest the door, and a big wet fart from the big stall on the end. The middle stall was also in use, but she was quiet. There was also 2 girls standing by the stalls, seemingly waiting for one to open up. I left that bathroom and went down the hall to the other one hoping to have better luck. In the other bathroom was a girls brushing her teeth, 2 girls were showering, and again, all 3 stalls were occupied. This bathroom smelled worse, probably because of the showers steaming the place up. I waited here for a stall to open. One stall had the occasional plop, the girl in the middle stall was farting little puffy ones, and the big stall was silent. Luckily I didn't have to wait long, as the girl in the middle stall wiped and came out and went to wash her hands. She was a cute little blonde girl wearing shorts and a cammi, probably her PJs, which is exactly what I wear for my PJs too! haha My bowels were aching at this point, so I didn't waste any time getting in the stall and dropping my shorts and panties to my knees and getting settled. My butt immediately opened up and soft poop plopped loudly into my toilet followed by a big, wet fart. It felt so good, I couldn't help but sigh. I relaxed, waiting for round 2, I heard the girl to my right plop a few more turds into her toilet, and start to work the toilet paper, and the girl in the big stall finally started to see some progress as I heard an audible crackling and a soft plop as I'm sure she dropped a hefty log into her toilet. The girl on my right left her stall as the outer door opened and another girl replaced her, dropping her panties to her ankles and started to pee. I felt my bowels churn, round 2 was ready to go. I gave a slight push and a sputtering wet fart echoed into my toilet and I splattered the bowl with more soft, wet turds. I heard the girl in the big stall crackle out one more big turd and she too started the wiping process. The bathroom smelled so bad, especially my stall. I took a peak at my mess between my legs, and decided I better give the toilet a flush to at least be merciful to the other girls. I did so as the girl in the big stall pulled up her pants, and the girl on my right cut a fart and started to drop her own turds. I waited a bit because I didn't feel like I was done, letting go the occasional wet fart as I listened to this other girl plopping away. My stomach gurgled and I knew I had one more poop explosion in me, so I gave a push and splattered one more load of soft, muddy turds into my toilet and finished with one more fart. I felt much better now, and started to wipe as 2 more girls entered the bathroom, talking to each other about how they were so ready for their morning dumps. One took the big stall and I wasted no time cleaning up so her friend could get her buns on the bowl. As I left my stall, I couldn't help but notice she was a really cute, chubby-in-all-the-right-places kind of redhead. I listened to her and her friend start to fart and plop as I washed my hands and the girl that was to my right started to wipe her booty after one or two more turds and a fart. I didn't stick around for the show from those 2 girls, unfortunately haha! I went back to my room, having almost forgot what it was like to breath air not saturated with the smell of poop, and I felt so much better having gotten that dump out of me. Hope you all enjoyed!


Victoria B.

Splash Hit(s)


A couple quick responses before I get into my latest story.

To Anna: A good poop is always worth being late to your next class.

To Jessica B. Your job interview was like a perfect storm scenario. I'm not sure what I would've done and there might not have been any right answers. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the job, but glad you got everything out instead of having an accident!

Today I went from my morning classes straight to work. I'd had an unusually large breakfast and things were brewing as a result of my roommate making pancakes and the large amount of coffee I'd drank. I was happy to have been assigned to the special collections today because it meant that I would be working alone and therefore wouldn't have to worry about anyone getting wind of what I was letting out!

I gave up after about two hours of stinking up the joint. The pressure was starting to get real and it was time to let go of the food baby that was moving steadily closer to the exit hatch. The special collections section of my college's library is on the top floor and isn't often visited meaning that I'd most likely be solo for the bomb-dropping that was about to take place. I walked into the bathroom and surprise! saw feet in one of the two stalls and heard the sounds of someone wiping. They finished their paperwork after a third handful and went about flushing and getting dressed again while I was claiming the other stall. I locked the door, dropped my gray skinny jeans and thong, and sat down as the other person finished washing their hands and left.

I sighed in contentment as I made myself comfortable on the white plastic horseshoe of a seat and farted loudly as my pee stream began. A massive log rushed out of me all of a sudden and was out within ten seconds of starting my pee. It hit with such force that it gave me a splash of cold water on my still-puckered butthole! This was followed by a softer fart and some smaller turds that fell in like pebbles in a lake. I was done and almost in a record short amount of time for me. I wiped my front and back and got dressed before noticing that one of my shoes was untied. I could have sat back down to tie it, but I instead squatted right in front of the still-unflushed toilet and ran into the seat with my butt while getting into the squat, a collision that pried my phone out of my back pocket and knocked it into the bowl!

I reassured myself that I had my phone in a case that happened to be waterproof before the panic set in too hard. Still, my phone was now submerged in a toilet into which I'd just deposited a huge load of poop! I tied my shoe to try to regain calm before commencing the recovery operation. Step I was to grab some paper and set it on top of the roll holder. With this done I covered my hand in as thick of a glove of toilet paper as I could make and reached in to grab my phone. It was every bit as disgusting as it sounds and I was grossed out big time as I took it back above water level. What can you do when you're a poor college student who can't afford to replace her phone? I set it on top of designated landing area on the holder and made myself another toilet paper glove. I removed my phone from the soggy case with the gloved hand and found that the case held! There was no water damage to my phone at all!

I secured my phone in my pocket, flushed and finally left the scene of the crime, but not before wrapping my poopy case up in the paper it had been sitting on and disposing of it in the bin on the stall wall. It had done its job and deserved a better end, but it knew the risks. I washed my hands, headed back to the front desk, and ordered a new case of the same model on my now-bare phone.

Anyone else have phone-in-toilet stories they'd like to share?


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Accident as a teen

Jason asked about people having accidents as a teen, i had a few and a lot more close calls. I would never go at school so a lot of the time after school i'd be holding one in. I'd try to make it home, but a lot of the time i'd have to use a public toilet just out of desperation. This didn't always go smoothly, as i remember once being stopped on my way to the toilets at the gym by a staff member asking me if i was a member. I looked up at her fidgeting a bit and she sniffed with her nose and then said "okay, but make it quick" and i hurried off to go. It must have been that obvious that i needed a poo, but im glad she took pity or it would've been even more embarrassing.

On another occasion i was barely halfway home when i had to sit down just to hold it in. I kind of awkwardly jiggled my legs but in the end a lot of it still came out in my undies. I got up and walked gingerly to the park, and snuck into the public toilets there. It was rarely used, mostly since the toilets didnt even have doors that closed fully, but i had no choice. I threw my schoolbag down and hovered over the toilet as i peeled off my pants. The mess fell out into the loo with a plop and i was just taking them off when there were footsteps so i leaned forward holding the cubicle shut. Thankfully they just peed and left and i kept hovering as i let out more. I had to leave my stained pants behind as i didnt want my parents to find them.

To Melvin B-Lover:
1.Are your poops usually pretty stinky?
2.Do you often poop in public? Have you ever totally stunk up a public toilet?
3. do people ever comment on the odor of your poop?
4. Do you break wind (fart) a lot in general, or before you poop?

Thank you


Wiping from the front

RE the several queries and discussions about wiping from the front: I'm a guy and I have always wiped from the front--- in fact, it never really occurred to me there was any other way until recently.


To Jason

Well let's see here. Oh yeah, one time when I was around 6 or 7 I would have a habit on pooping in my back yard,one time around dusk I poop out side and I did use anything to wipe with. And left a thick layer in my under wear. I gone inside to take my bath,them I heard my mother babbling over something, them my father ask what it was them my mother goes HE S..T IN HIS DROURS! And around when I Was 22 I farted( at home) and I greased my underwear. And when I was 7,but this involves my brother. It was on a Sunday during spring time me my parents and my brother were going through town during a rain storm and we smelled something awful. And a song was on the radio and the music instrument was going dub dub, and my parents thought my brother was farting. So we thought he had an accident. And every time the song dub dub they said he was farting( he was only 4 at the time).So we got home and it turned out nothing happen.

Melvin B-lover

Post-dump gas.

HI all. Pre-dump farts are common. Seem to happen to most, including myself. However, I notice whenever I eat good, like beans, or anything fiber-rich, id have gas, then a big perfect dump. About an hour after my poop, I'd have gas, lots and lots... not that I mind - I love farting. But these post-dumps are usually big, loud, bassy, and very smelly. I took two nice dumps overnight at work a few hours ago. This very moment I'm typing this, I'm at a bus stop holding in a monster fart, out of sheer courtesy for the person sitting next to me. So all in all my afterpoop farts are twice as big and smelly as my pre-dump farts. Anyone else like me in that regard?

Real quick - whoever posted about wiping; I wipe from the back, but not all the way up my buttcrack. Just thoroughly around the butthole best I can. And skidmarks - haven't had them in years. Not to suggest I'm the perfect wiper, but just that my underwear rarely reaches my butthole area. Happy pooping all.


Reply to Brittany B

Hi, Brittany, welcome! Please feel free to share more stories, that sounded like a particularly satisfying one. Do you usually fart as much as you described in that story?

Pete The Poop

toilet clogger


Two stories today. One was an old work story where I saw the biggest poop ever. It was like a meatloaf!! Couldn't believe how wide it was. Wasn't mine and I went in another cubicle.

The other once was the other day. I was at the sports centre and in one of the halls a baby fair was on. I needed a loo and went to the three unisex toilets. Only one was free and I went in and it was clogged with paper and water was very high. No sign of poop. Now sometimes I might go and poop on top but it was busy and I didn't want them to think id clogged it. I come out just as a lady arrived. I explained it was clogged and waited for another loo. I had to wait 2 mins and I was able to replace a 40yr old lady and have a relieving shit

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