Penelope B

Concerned Mom

Hello. I am a new-bie to this page. I'm a 42 year old woman and a Mom of two kids, a 16 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. I found this web page trying to find suggestions to a concern I have regarding my son and thought I'd see if anyone can give me any advice.

Every Saturday morning, I participate in a sewing club with some friends of mine who live about an hour. I leave the house around 7am and return around 1pm, meaning I'm ususlly gone when the kids wake up. Last Saturday, I woke up around 5:30am and received a text message from my friend telling me the club meeting for today was cancelled last-minute do to our leader being sick. I rolled over and went back to sleep, happy that this meant I would get to sleep in. Hooray! I woke up around 9am and decided to spend a few minutes in bed reading before starting the day. I heard my son leave his bedroom and go into the bathroom which shared a wall with my room. He entered, turned on his I-Pod, and then turned on the shower. I assumed it was time for his morning shower. After a couple of minutes, I heard what I thought was him yelling. I put down my book and listened. Over the sound of the shower and some hip-hop song on his I-Pod, I heard him make a sort of, "Ohhh!!" sound. I blushed, thinking that he was probably just doing what 16 year old boys do when they are alone, if you know what I'm referring to. I felt fairly uncomfortable hearing my son perform this type of action, but tried to ignore it and continue reading. He continued to make several, "Ohhhhh," and, "Ooooooooohh!" sounds over the next half hour while I read. Finally after maybe 45 minutes the Oh's and Ooooh's stopped and I heard the toilet flush, although it didn't seem to flush all the way. I heard the water shut off and the music stop, then he exited the bathroom. I decided to get up and follow him into the kitchen to say hello. He jumped when he saw me. He thought I was at my sewing club meeting. He seemed to be blushing, but I pretended not to notice. He grabbed a quick breakfast and left to go hang out with his friends. When he was gone, I made my way into the bathroom to tidy up after his shower. You know how messy teenagers can be! I was greeted by a foul odor upon entering the bathroom. Curious, I lifted up the toilet seat to see a very large bowel movement stuck in the bottom. I could not believe this could possibly come out of my son! I'm assuming those grunts and groans I heard earlier weren't from him "exploring himself," but from him struggling to poop. So here are my questions. How do I ask him about it? He's never complained about constipation before, but if this is something that happens often, I would like to be able to talk to him about it so I can help him. The poor thing must have been in so much pain. My second question, what can I do to help him evacuate his bowels easier if this is a regular occurrence? Any advice anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm one concerned Mommy!

personally I don't think much about going the toilet at all, it's a simple body function that needs to be done and nothing more. My friend sandy on the other hand has a sort of weird obsession and actually enjoys going and try's to make it 'daring' as she calls by going out and doing it in public. She quite pretty I'd say and like me she is 29. Her most daring atempt was last summer. We were in the park not far from her house. We were both walking along a path, the park wasn't busy but certainly wasn't empty with quite a few people walking past. Then she said let's sit on this bench here. We sat down for about 5 minutes talking when suddenly she said, I'm going to go now. I looked at her puzzled. Then she pulled up her summer dress very discreetly, and had her handbag on her lap. It was then that she informed me that was was going commando! I was shocked as this was bold even by her standards. Then I heard a slight fart and some crackling. She was pooing, between the slats in the bench on the grass below!! There was people walking by and everything. I got up and walked away from her, not wanting to be with her if she got caught. I was in the other side of the path and I stoped to watch her, and sure enough I could see large chunks of poo dropping down from her. Walking past you would never have noticed it. When she was done she stood up and in doing so her dress dropped back down covering her modesty. She came over to me giggling and we both quickly walked away. About 10 minutes later on our way home she wanted to stop by and see what she done. We walked past it and I could see a large pile of quite long logs directly below the bench. However rather disgustingly there was a small bit on the bench! She flicked it off saying that she hadn't quite got her butt possioning right. We walked back to her house, but one the way we had one more rather eventful situation. She was on her phone holding it with both hands when suddenly a slight gust of wind blew her dress right up. Nobody noiticed I don't think, but that still was very risky and because had somebody been walking the opposite way infront of us they would defiantly got a peek at her lady bush. When we got to her house, she went up stairs and pulled up her dress and started to wipe, is it bad she said turing and facing her bare bottom in my face. I don't want to know I said and turned around. Would anyone else ever do this, I certainly wouldn't, I wouldn't even go commando in a pair of jeans never mind in a summer dress which doesn't even reach your knees.

Last Wednesday I was in an early morning class, and I had brought a big cup of coffee which I was sipping on throughout the lecture. When the class was about halfway over, I had finished it and shortly after I started needing the bathroom. It wasn't bad at first, but got more and more urgent pretty quickly. By the end I really needed to go both ways. After class I chatted for a moment with my friends and then told them I was going to the bathroom real quick. My friend Danielle said she needed to go as well, so we both headed off. Unfortunately, by now a lot of the girls from our class and also another one that had just ended had beat us to the washroom. All three stalls were taken and two girls were waiting in line. The first was a chubby blonde with glasses and behind her was a taller brunette who was wearing a black jacket and jeans. We had only waited for a few moments when suddenly the brunette farted. It was short and kinda quiet, but because nobody was talking in the small room at that moment we all heard it. She turned around and was blushing a bit and then she said, "umm, I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it". I was like, "it's ok" and then I kinda awkwardly added, "I really need to go, too". I don't really know why I said that and felt myself turning red right away. I looked at Danielle and she was grinning all over. Whether that was because of what I had said or the other girl farting, I don't know. Her fart smelled quite a bit also, so I imagined that she was probably embarrassed by it and I felt bad for her. Anyway, after another half a minute or so the stall on the right opened up and the blonde girl went in. She peed and then, while she was still going, started to plop poops into her toilet. Then a girl came out from the middle stall and the brunette went in and right after that the stall on the left openend up as well and I took it. I locked the door, put down my bag and pulled my jeans and pink panties down. I sat down on the seat, which was still warm from the other girl's bum, and started to peed a big, hissing stream right away. The brunette was also peeing and she let out two more soft farts while she did so. When I was done with my pee, I leaned forward and started to push. My bumhole openend and soon a big turd was dropping from my rear end into the toilet. It was making a very audible crackling sound and then splashed into the bowl with a big plop. It was embarrassing, but I let out a pretty big sigh when it came out! At least my two neighbours were pooping also. The chubby blonde had been plopping turds into her toilet pretty regularly since she started pooing and the girl in the middle was going as well. She was grunting a bit and was pushing out what sounded like a couple of big poos. At first there were plop sounds coming from her toilet but then it was more like her poop was hitting the turds that had filled the bottom of the bowl. I did a second piece which was just as big as the first one and this on ended in quite a loud fart. Then the blonde girl started to wipe and flushed the toilet. I could hear Danielle go in and have her pee, while I did a third, smaller poo. After that I felt empty and pulled off some tp. I did my front and then cleaned up my behind which was pretty messy. Anyway, when I was done, I pulled up my pants, flushed and left my stall. Danielle was at the sinks and we both washed our hands. Only the middle stall was in use now and the girl didn't seem like she was done. She farted again and there were more sounds of poop dropping into her toilet. By the way, my number two turned out to be pretty ladylike, but ewww was the bathroom smelling bad by now. Most of it come from the middle stall and the brunette, but I think the blond girl had been stinking up her stall also. With the air so thick in the room, Danielle and I didn't waste any more time in front of the mirror and quickly left. We were also kinda late for our next class, haha! I guess that's the end of my story. I hope you all liked it.

to Jessica B: Thank you so much. Everything is going great with my bf and I! I haven't graduated, but both Danielle and I hope doing so this year.

to Britanny B: I loved your post, welcome to the site. That sounded like a really big poo you did in the dorm toilets! Do you ever peak into the bowl when you are done and feel surprised at just how much poop there is? Idk, but reading on this site and from my own experience, it seems like big dumps are really common with college aged girls. I wonder if this is true and if so, how come? Haha, just a thought.

Jessica B

Jogging desperation

Hello everyone!

After a long period in which nothing happened, I have something to write about again.

kmd: Thank you for your message. I guess you refer to Babette's dump at my place, which I wrote about on page 2673. What are the elements you appreciated? I would love to improve my writing skills. I am still somewhat stressed, but things are getting better.

Last Saturday, I hosted another couch surfer. He was called Michael and was from Hungary. I guided him through my city, we had take away dinner and all in all a very nice evening together. Next morning, we had breakfast at my place. Naturally, halfway through the meal, a slight urge to go number two hit me. We finished breakfast and he went for a shower while I took care of the dishes. I clearly had to go to the toilet by then because it is my usual "time of the day", as regular readers might remember. However, by the time Michael was done showering, my urge wasn't so strong anymore and I decided to postpone my trip to the bathroom. I prefer being be alone in my flat so I can use the bathroom in peace.

Later on the day, Michael left, and so did my need to go to the bathroom. I was invited for dinner by Lena (the girl I used to share a flat with) for a barbecue party. I ate several home made burgers and a cob of corn and had a few glasses of wine. Once again, it was a pleasant evening and I had lots of fun, however, I would pay for this later...

I took Monday off to go to a job interview at another company. I woke up slightly late, maybe I had a cup of wine too much the previous evening. Fact is, I felt super nervous and rushed to the company's offices after having a small bowl of cereal for breakfast. Shortly before arriving, I was hit by strong urge to go to the bathroom; this was no surprise to me, especially since being stressed out also makes me go. I announced myself at the front desk and was lead to a meeting room. The interview was actually scheduled a few minutes later, but I decided not to ask for the toilet first because I still feared being late, and second I did not want to stink up the place before even starting. It turns out that that was a very poor decision. I was offered coffee but I had to refuse it in order to avoid totally losing control. Finally, the interviewers arrived and I managed to focus on their questions.

The interview didn't go that well because the questioning was very aggressive and challenging. Well, at least this had the effect of putting my mind off my body. I answered questions for one hour, then the interviewers let me go. I left the place as fast as possible and made it home in record time. I was mad at myself for not performing better. This was a good position had I applied for, and realized that my chances of getting it were shrinking. As soon as I got to my flat, I changed into my jogging outfit and headed to the forest to run my anger away. By chance, a bus was waiting at the bus stop and I could hop in. Ten minutes later, I was in the fields running towards the forest. Then, my urge to go number two returned.

I cannot remember ever having to go that badly. I literally had to go "now". As the fields provided no place to hide, I decided to go to the forest where I'd seek cover in the bushes and trees. The urge was so strong that I had to reduce my pace as I feared losing control. I had read about such intense moments before on this website, however, I never understood how a grown up person could have an accident without being sick or injured. Well, this opinion was changing.

I eventually reached the forest and left the trail immediately. I spotted a large tree with some bushes around its trunk which would provide a decent cover, even though the bushes do not have that many leaves yet. Twenty steps later I was pulling down my spandex pants and squatting down next to the tree. Interestingly, it had obviously already been "fertilized" before: there were three rather new tissues on the ground.

My butthole opened immediately and I started pooping like there is no tomorrow. Not even prepoop farts interrupted the creamy turds exiting my bottom. I went for half a minute straight, producing a large, stinky pile. Jeez, that was relieving! I peed a little and decided to wip, as I actually was very close to the jogging trail and did not want to get caught pants down. Fortunately, I had a pack of tissues in my pocket and I used two to wipe my messy bottom. I pulled up my pants and had a look at my poop: it was a big heap of light brown mushy turds melting into each other. Obviously, the corn hulls were visible in some turds. Good riddance!

I resumed exercising, feeling much, much better, although I was still gassy. Every few minutes, I would pass a long, warm, airy fart. I ran one lap on the jogging trail, which was enough to exhaust me. I was about to leave the forest when a familiar feeling of fullness took over my belly. I already had to go again. This time, I did not lose a single minute and went straight to my secluded spot. There were already some disgusting flies on my previous logs, but the flew away as I approached. I squatted on top on my load so not to pollute more, lowered my panties and relaxed. This time, I farted a lot and many short and mushy poop nuggets fell just next to the existing the pile. The crackling was quite loud. Two minutes later, I had expelled about 8 more soft and slimy turdlets. I felt totally empty, so I used another tissue and left. I made it home without any further incidents.

Love and take care,

PS: I did not get the job.

Sonya Sue

B.J. is so careless

Me and BJ, my now-boyfriend, became good friends by putting in lots of hours working in drama at our school. He's a year younger than me, great with the power tools, and doing a lot to make our theater sets look good. However, he's not good at thinking ahead about things. Like using the bathroom when there's a good clean one available. BJ pretty regularly gets himself into emergencies that I'm trying to break him out of.

An example is last week when we had only a half day of school. We worked on the set for about an hour, then decided to go to lunch and then a cheap afternoon movie matinee. So we were downstairs on first floor getting homework out of our lockers. I told BJ I was going to pee and I went in and did. Nothing spectacular. The quick sit, wipe, flush, and hand wash. When I came out, BJ was doing something on his tablet. I knew he hadn't had has morning crap because his mother had to wake him up at 7 and he barely had enough time to dress before we had to race to music practice. Finally, I nicely turned his tablet off and while I was putting it in his bookbag, I told him to get into the bathroom because I didn't want him embarrassing me. He's had accidents and crapped himself in restaurants and the movies a couple of times.

So while I was sitting against my locker, BJ texted me with another problem. He'd had a big crap, but his toilet booth and all the others were out of toilet paper. So I went next door to the girls' room, found a booth with two full rolls. I knew I was going tease him a bit about not checking first. I was surprised when I walked in. The 8 or 9 booths were doorless. All seats were down. BJ was right, there was no toilet paper. I went to the middle toilet and there he was sitting gingerly over the front of the seat. Legs spread like 10 and 2 oclock, his organ over the front of the bowl, and his blue (my favorite color) boxers covering his shoes.

BJ's has trouble with skidmarks in his underwear. One evening I was staying for dinner at his house and I helped his mom by carrying his clothing hamper downstairs. Before starting the washing machine I noticed brown smears and smudges in his underwear. I didn't buy his excuse the he ran out of toilet paper, although I knew that most of his craps like mine are at school. On some days we are there because of activities for 14 hours or more. So I told him to text me when he was done. No excuses. I had given him more than enough toilet paper to do the job. I told him if his boxers were totally clean when I inspected them, I would show him mine.

It seemed like a longer time before BJ came out. I know he was eager to impress me, so I told him as we were walking down to the restaurant and movie, we would stop at this coin-laundry place where there is a unisex toilet. So we got there, BJ dropped his clothing and took the toilet. It was obvious, even with the darker underwear, he had not done a thorough clean job. There was a brown blotch the size of a quarter. He was scared that I was going to make him wash them right there, but we were both hungry and wanted to get to the movie.


Too Brittany B

Hey Brittany! Welcome :) It sounds like you and that girl had a nice poo! I'd like to hear more off your poop stories. Do you have more? :)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Jason (new poster)
Did anyone here have lots of accidents as a preteen, or teen? i had so many, and was wondering if anyone else did. i had accidents many times in high school and junior high. Most of them were from age 11-15. One time in 7th grade, i pooped during a test in school. It stunk really bad. but I was able to sneak out and change my pants before anyone found out. I also pooped and peed while riding in the car with my uncle. it was after a baseball game, and i had held in my poop through the whole game. but in the car, i couldn't hold it anymore, and pooped a big load in my underwear, right there in the car. Then i lost control of my bladder and flooded my pants. My uncle smelled it, and was mad. He drove me to a restroom, and told me to go into a stall and get cleaned up. He spanked my tail good when we got home.

Then another time, I was playing xbox with a friend, and didn't want to stop playing to use the toilet. So I dropped a massive load in my briefs and man did it stink! my dad came in and said "did you poop your pants? tell me the truth!" I don't know why, but i lied and said no. He told me to turn around, and he pulled back the tab of my sweatpants and underwear and inspected them. of course, there was a load of messy turds. After cleaning up, i was spanked, then grounded, and my dad did regular checks of my underwear everyday after school, and before I went out, to make sure i hadn't pooped. It was real embarrassing to have this done at that age, but my dad said "stop pooping in your pants, and we won't have to!"

Hello Toiletstool. My name is Ross, and I have been lurking here for a while. I decided to post this story about me and my mom that happened last week.

Now I am 6'0 tall with barley any hair on my head. My mom is 5'8 and has long blonde hair.

It has been a tradition for my family to go out to eat on Friday nights for years. Last week it was only me and my mom since my dad had to work late and my sister is in college. We had chosen Taco Bell and my mom ate a lot. On the way home I felt my stomach rumble and I rolled down the window as I released a silent fart. I was hoping since I rolled down the window the smell wouldn't be bad, but it was. The smell reached my mom, and she got an annoyed look on her face.

"I would smack you if you weren't driving.", she told me.

I guess she was feeling pretty gassy herself, because she let out a loud fart. She started to giggle, but I was shocked. She would always get annoyed or yell whenever me or my dad farted. She called it disgusting, and she hated it. So to hear her fart was honestly pretty shocking. Despite being shocked, I started to laugh, because it was pretty funny. The smell hit me, and I quickly rolled down her window.

I decided to release a few more farts, but mine were as good as hers. After seeing me try to beat her, she said "I have one more", and she released a fart that was sounded EXTREMELY wet. I looked over at her, and she put her hand over her mouth. I really wanted to start laughing real hard, but I was on the road with other cars so I just held in my laughter. As soon as I pulled in the driveway though, I burst out laughing. I did feel bad for her as I saw her waddle into the house, but it was funny. My mom made me promise not to tell anybody, whoops.


I'm a front wiper!

In response to all the talk of boys wiping from the front, between their legs, I must say that it's my favorite way to wipe after I poop.
I grew up just lifting my right cheek and wiping from behind with my right hand, and for the most part, I didn't know anything different. When I was young, I could remember being in the bathroom while my sisters or mother were peeing, and they wiped from the front, but that was a given.
Between school, park bathrooms and such, I have been around enough open toilet stalls to see a lot of men wipe after pooping, and I began to notice a number of them wipe from the front. It really fascinated me too, mostly because I had only ever seen girls wipe that way, though not necessarily after a poop. So, that prompted me to experiment just to see if I would like wiping that way.
At first, it was very awkward because it's tough to reach around My penis, and stuff my hand and arm down there. After a while, I realized if I pull my penis up out from between my legs with my left hand, I can reach right under my crotch and wipe my anal area, back to front. I really like it, and I find that it doesn't have such a tendency to smear poop up out from my hole, but rather it pulls it back into my hole, and cleans it out nicely. I stay comfortably seated too, since I don't have to lift off the toilet for any reason.
I enjoy wiping between my legs so much now that I do it whenever I can, but I don't do it if I use a round front toilet. There's just not enough room for me to stick my arm down there. It's much easier on my elongated toilet at home, and on a commercial open front toilet seat, it's even better.
One thing I have never liked is wiping while standing up. It just closes my butt cheeks and it doesn't seem advantageous at all.
I too would be curious to hear from any male front wipers and specifically, how you you learned to wipe that way. Was that the way you were wiped by someone else when you were very young? Or, did you pick up on it some other way. I too am very fascinated by this, as I am with pooping in general.

Fellucca boat on the Nile. Had to go. No other place to find than behind some bushes ashore. When squatting, shorts at the knees, a woman came by! Terrible situation for both of us. Not more to say.

Victoria B.

Three for one


The stereotype about vegetarians pooping a lot is true, but today was ridiculous. I churned out a huge one this morning before my shower-about a foot/30 cm long and in the shape of a horseshoe-and yet my bowels were nowhere near done for the day.

My afternoon class was cancelled and I was doing some reading at home for said class when the urge hit with the force of a watermelon falling from the top of a ten-story building. I needed to be on the nearest toilet within about thirty seconds or risk having another accident. I'm only happy that there were no witnesses to my cheeks-held-closed-with-hands dash to the bathroom. I made it, tore down my gray jeans and pink panties, and thrust my behind onto the waiting seat. The tidal wave of butt pee started immediately and lasted for about twenty solid seconds. I pushed after the deluge and all I got was a wet fart and so I, na´vely, slid forward on the seat and wiped before getting up and flushing.

It was at that moment that the urge returned. I didn't even finish getting my underpants back up before having to yank them down and take another seat for round two of butt peeing. This one was a little shorter and it was only about a minute before I was off the pot again after wiping and flushing. I even got to finish getting dressed this time! Somehow though it wasn't even over. Ten minutes later and I had to repeat the same mad dash back to the bathroom for another gusher of butt pee. It finished and I went through the normal post-going routine, realizing that I had burned through about half a roll of toilet paper in the space of fifteen minutes and now had a sore bum on top of it. What a day.


Saturday, April 14, 2018


Pee Shy

Hi again!
I am very pee shy, and there has been a predicament that I just have to ask you guys to see if you've had a similar problem.
You walk into a restroom, find it empty. Score! You pick your favorite cubical (mine's the second from the door) and ease yourself down onto the seat. right when you're about to let it out, a person walks in and sits on the toilet next to you. You wait for him/her to leave, but the two of you just awkwardly sit there, both no doubt being pee shy. You finally have to go so bad you let it out and blush while hiding your face as you wash your hands and walk out the door.

I have multiple times.


Unwelcome company

I'll begin my story right from the start. I had just turned 29 and had just stared dating this guy mark. We met at a children's play centre, I have my son Lucas who was 6 (I broke up with his dad a long time ago and rushed into things to quickly unfortuanlty) while mark whose wife had died of cancer two years beforehand unfortunately, had two daughters. Lilly was was 7 and Eva who was 4 at the time.
Anyway we'd been sort of dating for about 5/6 months mainly arranging times to go out with the kids. One day at the height of summer we had decided to go out for the day to the park. The park was very large and busy. We'd been there a while watching the kids play in the play area and me and mark were sat on the grass slope talking. We'd been there a while and I started to feel the urge to go the toilet, which I ignored since the toilets looked quite busy. However eventually I knew I would have to go as I was struggling to stop myself from passing wind (something I certainly didn't want to do infront of mark). Just as I'd told mark I was just going the ladies room, Lilly came running back over to us, telling mark that she needed to go the toilet. "Oh will you take her please" he asked since we couldn't both go and leave Lucas and Eva on their own. "Sure" i said, however I was quite unsure about what I was going to do next. We walked over to the toilet block which was some distance away. The toilets was a small building with just two toilets, one male and the other female. There was four women infront of us waiting. Eventually the queue went away. I debated what to do, should I leave her alone as I go in, given that it was so busy and that she wasn't my child and didn't know what she would do on her own, I wasn't really sure, as at the time time I kind of wanted my privacy. Eventually I decided that I had to take her in, I couldn't let anything happen to her since I was looking after her. The room was quite small with a toilet on the back wall and a sink to the left as you go in with a mirror above and small narrow windows above the toilet just below the ceiling, which were open. I locked the door behind us and told her she could go first. She pulled up her dress and stat on the bowel. I could hear a little hissing for about 5 seconds. And the she jumped off the toilet and said "all done!". I was a little annoyed that that was all she came here for. Anyway now it was my turn. I pulled down my jeans and panties quickly as I told her to go and wash her hands, so she wouldn't see my lady area. I kept my legs close together my my hands over my area and started to pee. Lilly stood there next to me waiting, she could hear my pee hitting the bowl. Then when I'd done my pee I sat there quitely. "Come on let's go" said Lilly and walked over to the door and actually unlocked it before I shouted at her "no no just wait a bit". She turned back the handle and walked a few feet over to me. Then I started to go, you could hear crackling coming from my bottom and Lilly heard it to. "You're pooing!" She exclaimed. "Shhh" I said with a awkward smile. She stared to laugh. I told her to turn around and face the door and that you should give somebody privacy when they are having a number two. However as soon as she heard a splash she turned back around giggling to herself. "You need to turn around a lady needs privacy having a number two, you'll want some when your older" I told her. Then to my horror I passed some wind unintentionally, which sent her into tears of laughter. "You farted" she said "girls dont fart, boys fart" "no women fart as well, women just don't do it in public, they do it discreetly when they are alone" I told her obviously needing to break some stereotypes or false presumptions she had about girls and boys. I started to wipe making sure that she wouldn't get a glimpse of my used toilet paper. As I wiped I must have moved my other hand slightly out of position and Lilly got a glimpse and my rather in slightly unkept lady garden so to say. I then had to explain to her that women also have body hair when they get older not just boys and that it was perfectly normal. She seemed absolutely amazed at this. I quickly pulled my pants up and finished, not wanting to have to tell her anything that inappropriate for her age, since she was only 7 and I'm not exactly sure how much you should tell a 7 year old, but since she hasn't got a mother she does have to learn from someone. We walked back over to the play area to mark, as we got close to mark Lilly ran over to him. "Hi okay Hun" he said to Lilly as he sat on the grass. And I walked over and smiled and sat down, before she blurted out, " I had a wee and Linda had a poo!". I went a little numb with horror as mark just smiled and told her to go and play. Mark seemed to ignore that comment from her and we kept taking. Fortuantly that was forgotten about so I think and we are still together another 8 months or so down the line.


To Evan sorry

Sorry about the confusion. I accidentally posted under Evan because that is my real name and there was already an Evan here. I'm not trying To impersonate you Evan But between that and being in San Diego the same time, so much for keeping my skid mark problem anonymous... lol

Meanwhile I'm having a very nice poop right now. Went really fast. I've been sitting on the toilet for 20 min for three turds the last few days, so it feels good to make a big load. The best ones are the poops that come out fast ( not diarrhea of course ) and it takes more time to wipe than poop. I usually get these types of poop after coffee or after 1-3 miles of a run.

Wearing black boxers today so no skids today. Still gonna clean up with my cottonelle wipes. I want my butt as clean as my girlfriends!

Happy pooping


Peeing in the Ball Park

Will is a baseball fan. He's never said anything about any other sport. The Cleveland Indians are too far away to see games very often, but this is the opening of the season. We decided to go and see a game. We got tickets by mail to the best seats in the park and took off on Sat Apr 7 to see the Kansas City Royals play against us. It's about 122 miles and 2 hours to get there if the traffic is ok. The starting time was 4:10 PM. Will and I are now living together on weekends and holidays. We both peed and pooped before we left early. We got there early. We peed again before the crowd got there. The game started and went on. It was a very tight game. By the 7th inning stretch, my bladder was aching. I should have gone to pee, but I didn't. I didn't want to miss anything. The game went on, and by the time it was over, I was ready to piss in my pants. I ran for the ladies room, but it had a long line of women. The men's was much shorter. Will saw my problem. He put his arm around me and escorted me into the men's bathroom. We went into the handicap stall where we could both pee. As usual, most men were at the urinals, not the stalls. We got back home rather late because the traffic was heavy. We watched the Sunday game on the television. By the way, we lost the Saturday game by 1 point and won the Sunday game by 2 points.


Old Pipes

At my school, money is raised on weekends by renting out the gym, cafeterias and sometimes even the commons areas to groups that hold special events. At three times each year, a huge craft fair is held. There are more than 500 tables leased and all types of crafts are demonstrated and 1000s of things made are displayed and sold. Me and my friend Chels volunteer to usher at them because it is part of the community service work hours needed to be in ambassadors, a club. We report to school by 6 a.m. on Saturday to help people find their tables, get luggage carts that are rented and things like that. During the day, up to 1 p.m. when our shift ends, our work is suppose to get easier. It doesn't, though.

The last couple of fairs Chels and I have worked have caused us to be frustrated. You see by 7 and sometimes 7:30 we start getting complaints. At first, they complain about a low supply of toilet paper in the ladies bathrooms. Then one of us gets Gil, our favorite custodian because he's so smart and been at the school since before we were born. He walks out of his office and supply room with both arms holding several rolls of toilet paper. He has a great attitude and is thankful to us for letting him know. Then, usually within a few minutes many of the same ladies come back to us to complain that a toilet or sometimes 2 or 3 toilets are running over. Then we go get Gil and we can tell this is something he dreads.

He has to put this fence thing in front of the bathroom. He has a couple of plungers plus this strange looking rotor that makes a lot of noise. What he is doing is doing is unclogging toilets of not only large craps, but large amounts of toilet paper. While this is happening, Chels and me have to show a large number of women to another wing of the building. Then in an hour or two later there comes a report of a toilet running over. This gives Gil a good workout. After the last craft fair we asked Gil what can be done about the problem. He has several complaints. The pipes leading from the toilets are old. Too many women are having larger craps, especially harder ones that can't be broken up in the flush cycle. More women are laying out toilet paper over the seat before they sit down. That paper, plus the crap, and then the paper to wipe with makes a bad jam. It gets even worse when one person doesn't flush and then the next user adds to the clog.

Me and Chels don't feel that seat covering is necessary and Gil agrees with us. But Gil said there is otherwise not much that can be done to solve the problem unless the bathrooms and plumbing are remodeled. That would take a bond issue and is not likely to happen.

Victoria B.

Response to Jenny

I can relate to a lot of your problems. My butt is not only bigger than average, but also a little on the hairy side too. I shave it in the shower right before I clean up my bush and I've noticed that having it less hairy makes undies a little less skid-prone.

I blame a lot of it on the poor-quality toilet paper that I'm forced to wipe with at school (I'm a college senior on my way to grad school in the fall) and my job in the library on campus. You know what I'm talking about. The paper that you can only use a few times before it rubs your rear raw. The stuff that doesn't deserve the noble title of "toilet paper." It gave me a slight skid just yesterday when I needed to poop between classes that I had to get out of my Aerie mint green and black harlequin-patterned panties. At home I have Cottonelle Ultra paper and it's much better than the stuff that shreds your buns. But it's still nothing on a bidet of any kind. Someday, [skid]mark my words, I will own one.

Good luck to you!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


US public bathroom experience

I just got back from a two week vacation in Phoenix, Arizona (I live in the UK originally) and was surprised by a few of the differences that I've seen in American public bathrooms compared to the UK.

Firstly is the gaps between the stall doors, they're so big! At the airport, I thought I'd better go and have a poo before I got on the plane to avoid using those cramped, airless plane bathrooms so made my way to the men's room. All the stalls were full and there was another guy waiting so I joined him in front of the stalls. He had a long beard and tattoos and looked like a biker type of guy. He started pacing back and forth and taking brief glances underneath to make sure that the stalls were indeed all occupied. "Looks like we've got a long wait," he said, returning to stand next to me. I nodded in agreement. That was when I noticed the gaps in between the stalls; I could clearly make out all of the guys sat on the toilet taking their dumps, although none of them seemed to mind that we could see them.

One guy finished up and exited the stall, allowing the biker guy to take his place. About two other guys had joined me in the queue by now. I saw the figure of the biker guy drop his trousers and take a seat, letting out a long, loud fart. A few minutes later, another guy finished up and exited the stall next to biker guy, so I went in and took a seat, letting my poo drop. I could clearly see biker guy's feet in the stall on my right; his foot was almost touching mine as we pooped. The stalls in the UK tend to have much smaller gaps so you can't see inside the stalls at all. Also noticed a lot more guys chatting inside the bathroom while at the urinals, something that's really frowned upon in the UK.


My sister embarrassed me

This is the most embarrassing experience of my life ever, I honestly can't think of anything more humiliating. I'm 23 and have an older sister who is 2 years older than me. Since growing up I have always been comfortable going the toilet around her, whether it be for a wee or even a dump, and she is the same with me. I've always thought that level of trust was because we were sisters and really quite close. Anyway we were having a large party at our house. Just before I had moved out of my parents house (they had gone away) anyway my parents house is quite big. With a downstairs bathroom off the hall and an ensuit off my parents bedroom and of course a larger family bathroom upstairs. The party was mainly outdoors as we have quite a large patio area and a hot tub. Anyway about a few hours into the party I felt the need for the toilet. I went upstairs to use the family bathroom as I figured it would be more private than the downstairs owe as there is no need for anyone to go up there. As I went upstairs I bumped into my sister who was just walking into the bathroom as well. She said she didnt need to go she just wanted to check her makeup. We both went into the bathroom and shut the door and locked it. We talked for a bit as she went over to the mirror and I went over to the toilet and pulled my jeans and panties down. My sister said she needed to get something and unlocked the door and went out saying she'll be right back. I start to relax and actually realise I needed a dump and might as well go now. After a little bit of pushing I got my first 'log' out. I then proceeded to push for my second and could feel it coming out, when the door opened and my sister was there. As she was about to come in she stoped and started to talk to someone who must have just been coming up the stairs. "Oh you need the bathroom, there's one down stairs or you could just come in this one, my sister is almost done" I heard her say. And with that a man about my age who I have no idea who he is but my sister knows him quite well, emerged in the door way. My sister walked in the room and told him to come in, and that I was almost done. I couldn't believe it. I was completly mortified. He came in and smiled at me, I think he was a little shocked as well at being invited in to see me sitting there on the toilet in such an exposed position.I felt so humiliated, I even had my sanitary towel in my panties which were now down by my ankles! My sister however didn't seem to think anything of this, I think she was just under the impression that I was just having a quick wee and would be done in no time. She went back to the mirror and continued to do her makeup. I was sitting there not sure what to do with half a log out between my butt cheeks. I wasn't sure wether to try and act natural and look at him and talk to him or to look away. I looked away sort of stareing at a spot on the floor and I heard him talk to my sister about something but then as I looked up he quickly looked away. He had been looking at me, more specifically at my crotch area, which I fortunately had my hands over protecting my lady bits. I stared at him and then about 5 seconds later he looked at me again, this time though I think he caught a glimpse of my sanitary towel which was rather used, as he shot my a really funny look. I felt absolutely awful."Come on abb" my sister said "get up, Jonathan needs to go" as she walked over to put something in the bin which is just to the right of the toilet. Just then my log broke off and fell with a tell tale splash. Then I'm not sure whether it was my facial expression at her or whether she suddenly smelt something and the splash noise but she then realised what I was actually doing. Jonathan now also clearly knew as there was a clear smell now in the air and he blatantly also heared the splash. I think my sister then realised what a humiliating situation she had just put me in. She then told Jonathan to go down stairs and use the downstairs toilet. Jonathon seemed to smile at this and as he was leaving said rather rudely, that that "absolutely stinks" referring to me. He left and my sister locked the door again. I finished my dump very quickly and gave my sister a right going at. She was very apologetic, and rightly so. I stayed away from him for the rest of the evening but knew to my further embarrassment that he would probably tell others of what had just happened. Even though fortunatly he didn't see my lady bits, he still knew exactly what I was doing and seen my used femmine product and my bare thighs and the side of my butt which I feel is still well to much an intimate area for some random man to see. He may have even seen some of my pubic hair from under my hands coming out at the embarrassing! Im still pretty mad at my sister now and at some point hope to get her back because I'll never ever forget that horrendously uncomfortable experience.
Thanks for reading and I enjoyed posting this because I can do so quite anonymously, whilst still being able to tellthis story.

Yesterday I had the uni assignment that I referred to in my last post which was a presentation of a case study in front of academics. Although I was pretty nervous I feel it went okay. As I was walking towards the front of the building where we were giving these presentations I suddenly noticed that I really needed to pee. I think I was so focused on what I was going to say that I didn't realise how much I needed to go until I had finished. So instead of going right towards the exit I went left to the bathrooms. As I was sitting on the toilet emptying my balder I thought that it was odd that I didn't need to poo as well especially considering how anxious I was. It turns out though that I had spoken to soon. I had to visit the university medical centre to put in a prescription request and as I was approaching the building I felt a pressure building up in my backside. So afterwards I went into the Students Union to use their loos. Unfortunately these were closed for refurbishments so I had to walk across to another building and use the girl's loo there. After locking the cubical door and hanging up my bag I undid my trousers and lowered them to my knees along with my blue panties. Sitting down on the toilet seat I relaxed my bumhole and a turd shot out and fell into the water with a small plop. As I was waiting for more to unload another girl came into the bathroom and had a quick pee. Just after she had left the bathroom another turd slid out of my butt. Then, knowing I was finished, I stood up to see that my turds were two small dark brown ones. As I had had a large dump the night before I wasn't expecting there to be a lot in the bowl but what did surprised me was how well formed the turds were as when I'm nervous my poo's tend to be more mussy. After wiping I flushed the toilet, got redressed and collected my bag from the hook. Unlocking the door I went across to the sinks and washed my hands. Leaving the bathroom I then went to a coffee shop on campus to reward myself for competing the assignment with a coffee and cake.


The Vicar

I was looking through my files for an old hymn sheet and came across a St. George's parish magazine for April 1983. Our pray group goes to different churches each month, and we try to go to a church of St. George in April. In 1983 it was out in the country, miles from anywhere. Me and my girlfriend said we would take the vicar. So we set off with the vicar in the back seat with all his maps telling me were to go. (I had looked at the maps earlier so I knew anyway). We arrived and I parked on the grass verge outside the church, this church was in the middle of a grave yard. We all went in, after we said our office we sat at the back with a cup of tea and some cake for a meeting, after as we started to pack up my girlfriend came up to me and said that she needed a wee wee before we headed home.
We headed out side and turned right and right again around two corner, as we walked along the long side of the church my girlfriend stepped up onto the grass and behind a large tombstone, dropped he jeans and knickers and squatted three quarters side on to me and started her long pee giving me a nice view of her bum and piss stream, I just stood on the path and peed onto the grass, when she was done she shook of any drips and pulled up her things, when she came back over to me I said that I had something for her, she playfully gave me stiff thing a slap and said put it away which I did.
We turned and retraced our steps to go back, we turned the first corner only to see a full moon between two graves, it was another of our party with her skirt pulled up and her knickers around her knees in a high squat or more standing bend forwards having a good hard pee out behind her. We quietly turned back and went back past my wet spot and turned right at the next corner and there standing under a big tree with his back to use and cassock pulled up was our vicar peeing on the tree trunk. We went past him and around the last corner and back into the church, were we all said our goodbyes and went back to the car and home.
The journey started in silence until the vicar said that he was sorry we had seen him by the tree, I said it was ok as we did not see anything and that I also was out there for the same thing.
We dropped him back to his vicarage, and that is when it started. I had just started to pull away when she said that's right let him know that I was out were peeing. I said that I had said that I went for a pee not you, anyway his wife and daughter pees so! So you think that that makes it better only you peeing, now he will think that I am a pervert going only to watch you, or even to hold it for you.
We reached the pub for last orders and we had a Pint each which were drunk in silence, I dropped her home to her place and I went home to mine alone. WOMEN!!!!!

At a church that I was organist, in the choir vestry there was a large window with a granite sill, this sill was about 3ft wide and about 2ft front to back and craved into it was a basin about 10in round and 5in deep, with a waste pipe out through the wall to a drain. It was known for females in the choir to use it for emergency peeing while male members would go out the door and pee into the drain.
I had to pee into that drain before the service once to a chant of 'We know what you are doing ' from the females of the choir. As it happened during the service two of the females left the choir and went back to the vestry, On there return I leaned back and whisper into there ear, 'I know were you have been' one replied no she had felt faint. After the service we all returned to the choir vestry and there in-front of the basin was a chair used to get up to squat over it and the basin was wet. But the tail tail was the bright red face of the female who had peed.

I was asked to play for evening prayer in a neighbouring village one Sunday late in the afternoon, so me and my girlfriend after morning church went to a pub for lunch and then on to this church, I had been there before and in there choir vestry on the wall opposite the door was a slate trough on the floor about 2ft wide, 10in front to back and about 14in deep with a shower curtain around it.
When we got there about 4 o'clock both of use needed a pee, the pub next to the church was closed, (this was when pubs closed a 3pm on Sundays) so I asked one of the men that I know if there was some there for me to pee. He told me to use this trough and that the rule was if anyone opened the door and saw the curtain closed they know it was in use and would not come in.
I lead my girlfriend to the vestry, the door was open so was the curtain, we both went in and I closed the door and stood with me back to it so no-one could open in, my girlfriend dropped her jeans and knickers and backed over the trough and peed, she said she felt naughty peeing in a church, I said not as naughty as what I was thinking of doing to her there.
When she was done she shock of the drips and pulled up her things and came and stood by the door as I went over and stood to the side of the trough so that I was side on to her so she could see me and also give me a bigger target as I was a little bit stiff, when I was done we returned to the main part of the church for the service.
After cups of tea on the way home we both peed by my car at the side of a road,

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