Listening to girls take huge dumps

Hey again. I'm back with some more stories. This time it's about two other girls taking humongous dumps.

I was feeling an urge to poop this afternoon during my last class, but there was only about ten minutes left so I just held it. By the end, my urge had built up a lot and I really had to go! I headed off to the nearest bathroom. There were three stalls and two were taken. From the smell in the air and the sounds I was hearing, it was clear the other two girls were having good poops themselves.

It happened to be the middle stall that was free, so I was right in between the two girls. As soon as I sat down, I peed a little and a chocolate snake began working its way out. The girl on my right seemed to be having a difficult poop. I could hear her grunting and then a big splash, then more grunting. Meanwhile, the girl on the left was farting up a storm. After I'd let off a few snakes of my own, I was still feeling like I might have to go a bit more. So I stayed and listening to the other girls pooping. Just about then the main bathroom door opened up and I heard a voice say "Ewww! let's go find a different bathroom." She was right, though, it did stink quite a bit in the bathroom.

The girl on my right was having an easier time pooping then. She wasn't grunting anymore but letting off lots of plops. The girl on my left had stopped farting but I could hear her turd crackling loudly as it came out. I gave a small push to coax the rest of my poop out. Another snake started coming out. The girl on my right finished up and started wiping. She finished and flushed right about the same time I felt my poop break off, then I was sure I didn't have to poop anymore. But I had nothing else to do, so I kept on listening to the girl on my left poop.

And let me tell you, she must've been pooping a HUGE one! I'd hear a turd crackling out and plop into the bowl, then a short rest and another would start crackling out. She flushed but kept on pooping. A few minutes later, flushed again, and still more pooping. Some more minutes of her pooping and then she began to wipe. She had to wipe a lot, then she flushed and as soon as the bowl refilled flushed again, then she left her stall and went to wash her hands. Since there was no one else to listen to and I was done, I did my customary look between my legs to inspect my decent-sized load of four snakes filling the bowl, then wiped and flushed. I could hardly believe the huge load that girl must have unleashed on that poor toilet. Just the part I heard was mighty impressive on its own, and who knows how long she'd been going at it before I entered the bathroom.

A few days ago, I was finishing lunch in the cafeteria and I headed off to the bathroom to pee. As I was walking there, I heard a girl say to her friends "Be right back. I gotta go get rid of this food baby" and patted her stomach, then headed off to the bathroom. I ended up entering the bathroom just a bit behind her. I saw her go into one of the stalls and I took the one next to her. I kinda had to pee, but I wanted to listen to her, so I held it and waited. She peed a gusher that went on for quite a while, so I peed as well. I finished but she was still going strong. Eventually her pee ended and it was punctuated by a long airy fart. I could hear her bearing down get her poop started. A strong healthy poop smell quickly filled the whole bathroom.

I didn't really hear any noises for a while but the growing smell made it clear she was pooping a big one. Finally I heard a very faint plip which I guess must have been from the end of her poop snapping off and coming to rest in the toilet. Then she wiped, but only tore off paper one time and she left the bathroom without flushing or washing her hands. Gross! I wiped my front bits and then flushed. I couldn't resist peeking in her stall. When I did, WOW! There was an incredibly long thick turd in the toilet thoroughly plugging it up. It was easily the longest turd I've ever seen, and I wouldn't have believed such a monstrosity could have come from a human if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. One end was in the hole at the back of the toilet. It stretched to the front of the toilet then curved literally all the way around the outside of the bowl twice over.

Anyway, that's all I got for now. Hope you enjoyed. Bye!


Comparisons of high school & college bathrooms

This is an interesting survey, although I was in college about 15 years ago. Here is my answers to the survey:

1) Are people more open about bathroom use in college rather than in high school?
Definitely. In my dorm there were girls eating while on the toilets waiting for their craps to come. Also one morning I was on the toilet when a student and her boyfriend both came into the toilet stall next to mine. Both had been drinking the previous night. She was nauseated and blasting out of her rear when he had her slide back so he could puke between her legs into the toilet. At that point I suspended my crap and walked down to the 10th floor where more students were sleeping in.

2) Have you ever wondered why someone pooped more than you?
Kinda, but I understand everyone's body and needs are different. In high school I didn't take in nearly the amount of liquid that I did in college. Access to fast food places and all types of beverages is too tempting.

3) Do you believe stomach viruses go away on their own or medications should be used?
In most cases they fix themselves, especially if I cut my intake of food.

4) What were your family's thoughts on farting, burping and pooping?
If we were with just our family, it was probably overlooked. However, if we had company, or were in a public restroom, we weren't allowed to draw attention to ourselves. Once I remember mom and I were in adjacent stalls at church. Others were in the room too. She would lay toilet paper over the top of the water in the bowl because she didn't want the pitter-patter of her urine to be heard. I think I was about 12 and when I pushed I probably set off a 10 second blast of gas. Mom got pretty upset and said I had to learn to control myself better.

5) What's my attitude on those who pull off bathroom related pranks?
Its very juvenile and demeaning. During the last week of high school my senior year, some boys used a black grease or oil on the girls' toilet seats in one of the freshmen bathrooms. Some girls sat down and slid off in a second or two. Many were late to class because they had go to the locker room and shower it off. And some parents were upset when they had to bring up replacement underwear.

6) How hard is it to use a restroom with no stall doors or other privacy?
This is a big difference between high school (where a number of the toilets have no doors) and college where almost all do. Part of it, I think, is the maturity of the students and overall more respect for privacy and diversity.

7) What is your opinion of peeing in the pool?
I think its gross and totally unnecessary. I understand what the chemicals are expected to do, but I have trouble with getting even many times diluted pee into my eyes and mouth.

8) Do you think teachers need to adjust their bathroom policies to some students?
Yes, but I think the school nurse or parents should make that known to the teacher. I do remember my 10th grade English teacher was suspended for two days because she was young, right out of college, and too trusting. One of her students shot off M80s in the bathroom and both the police and firemen were called. She was held responsible for it and quit at the end of the year.

9) Is it really bad to use the bathroom of the other gender if the one assigned is out of order and you have to go really bad?
In my high school, you could be suspended out for being in the other gender's bathroom. In college, especially in dorm bathrooms, there was a lot more tolerance or maybe it was just because there was less enforcement. I'm sure there probably was a behavior handbook online, but it wasn't read to us like in high school and we and our parents didn't have to sign off that we received it. At my high school, my biology lab partner, a straight A student, was given an in-school suspension because he walked into the ladies bathroom to deliver a suppository to his girlfriend who was having a tough time getting the big one out. A student teacher was in one of the toilets and came out to bust him.

10) What's your most memorable bathroom-related story?
I was sick one day and ducked into the faculty bathroom at my high school when I had the intestinal flu. I had about 10 seconds to avoid an accident. Luckily I did. No one came in either while I was briefly on the toilet either. I found they had a better quality to toilet paper and even those toilet seat protectors, too.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Skid Marks

To Evan - mainly.

Looking back to my schooldays I never really thought too much about skid marks in my pants because most of us had them albeit some had thicker ones than others. I eventually worked out that those of us who always had skid marks were the boys who cycled to school.. I suppose if you don't bother too much about wiping well it's inevitable that sitting on a narrow saddle that pushes your underpants into your bottom they are going to become soiled.

Once I stopped cycling to work after leaving school my underwear was less stained. I know if I don't wipe as well as perhaps I should I get an itchy bottom which, if I have a good deep scratch I can leave skid marks needing a lot of scrubbing to get rid of.

Concerning pee stains I have no real idea how to stop getting rid of them and in all honestly I am not too bothered. Unless I wet my pants, which I sometimes do out of laziness when watching a good film or reading a good book I wear my undies for a couple of days.

I suppose an answer to staining is to wear black or at least dark coloured underpants but I like white briefs that fit well or well fitting boxer briefs. I like them to fit well just in case! I've talked about this subject with my best mate Rod who sometimes has accidents and neither of us feels any shame about giving in to nature and, if needs must, pooping or peeing our pants.


Sunday morning bathroom needs

Last Sunday morning Adam woke up before me and used the time to take our dog on a long walk. Since I woke up later, I quickly got into my jeans and hoodie and decided to cut through the park on my walk to the coffee shop. I use to think I met interesting people at the coffee shop, but over the past few months I'd have to say the park is at the front of the pack. In the park I had about 6 blocks to go to the coffee shop, but I was reminded that I should have crapped before leaving home. I'm kind of a regular there in the bathrooms anyway. My shoes were wet from the dew on the grass when I walked around the wall into the ladies room. Just two toilets, attached to the wall with no stall walls or doors. The seat was down on the one on the left so I took it. As soon as I placed my butt on it, I was reminded that the building was not heated. It only took me a couple of minutes to push out my one big log. Then I looked at the toilet paper holder. Nothing. But luckily there was one at the other toilet. So I walked over there like a 6'7" prisoner in leg irons, seated myself and did my cleaning.
This crap was softer and messier than usual. Because the lighting was so bad since the sun had not fully come out, I had two accidents in wiping where I got some loose crap on my little finger. But I hand flushed, washed my hands in lukewarm water, wiped them with the last remaining towel, and did the last part of my walk to get the coffee I craved.

I got my coffee and about a half hour later I was back in the park on my way home. Now I was carrying a pretty full pee that I needed to get into the toilet. Outside the building with the toilets, there's a couple of picnic benches and there was this older man with two children. The boy was about 4 or 5 and sister was really energetic and probably about 8 or 9. They were finishing a fast food breakfast. I said hi to the man as a walked past him and back into the bathroom. I went to the same toilet, dropped my clothing, and again got my buns cooled down. I felt uncomfortable the way I was seated so I stood and reseated myself farther back on the seat due to my large size. My urine stream started without hesitation and probably added a half gallon of yellow bubbly to the bowl's water. I heard two outbursts of laughter from outside. The man shouted 'That's enough Jarod' to get his son or grandson to calm down and not talk so loud and inappropriately. I flushed, washed my hands and when I walked out both of the looked at me and laughed out. This time his voice was angrier when he told them "knock it off." Then he told them to get into the bathroom and make sure they go because they were going to be on a long nature walk. While the kids were in the bathroom, the man and I exchanged some pleasant conversation. Then he apologized for Jarod being so rude. I asked what happened and he said Jarod had drawn attention to what a "loud pisser" I was. I got a laugh out of that and I explained due to my size and coaching experience, I had heard that before. Then I found out he is a retired painter from my university. He did a lot of work in the athletic building where I teach and coach.

As I made the remainder of the walk back to our apartment I got to thinking about the several interesting people I've met in the past several months at the bathroom building.


To Abbie RE: My Sister Embarrassed Me

Your sister really doesn't understand boundaries! How do you think she would have felt if you brought a stranger into the bathroom while she was on the toilet!

I have to wonder...she thought it was OK because she thought you were just peeing, but would you have been OK with it if you were just peeing? Are you OK with a strange man seeing on the toilet if you're peeing?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Natasha great story it sounds like you got the relief you needed and also it sounds like Kayleigh had a really great poop.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you had a lot of poop that wanted out at least it wasn't diarrhea and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rochelle great story about you and your mom having a buddy dump it sounds like you both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel great story about your desperate poop at work.

To: Gabriella first welcome to the site and great story about your huge poop and I look forward to reading anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Brittany great story it sounds like you and that other girl had great poops and the 2 other girls mustve been desperate since they did a buddy dump.

To: Martin great story it sounds like Susan gave you a good show.

To: Chloe first welcome to the site and great set of stories and I look forward to anymore you have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi Abbie

Lucky it wasn't a guy, that would have been embarrassing! Glad you didn't have a full on accident but it sounded close. Was there a wet patch?

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Waiting at traffic lights.

This is a short story of an event that took place a number of years ago when I was cycling home from school. I was with my best friend, a lad called Rodney. It was a hot day and we had our jackets in the bags on the bike. We were good friends and had been since junior school which was fortunate. I knew I ought to go to the toilet before we left school for home but Rodney had to get back home early and so I just thought I'd hang on. I soon realised I had an acute problem in so far as I could not hang on and I knew it. Finally, whilst waiting at traffic lights my problem was solved for me. I was standing astride the frame when I filled up my white Jockey briefs with a substantial load of poo, fortunately reasonably firm. I groaned and instinctively held the bulge.

Rod realised and asked, "Barnaby, have you messed in your pants?"

Bright red I owned up and he simply laughed, "not your first time, surely?"

"Yes it is," I told him as the lights changed for us and we carried on for home. Riding on my load was incredible. About five minutes later I had to stand on the pedals and Rod told me the backside of my trousers were badly stained. It was odd but I found myself not too troubled by what I had done and when I got home Mum simply laughed. She made me undress in the kitchen and watched as I removed my badly messed trousers, my poo stained shirt which had been inside my briefs and my full briefs. I was dirty almost down to my knees. For a sixteen year old standing naked apart from poo is pretty horrible and then she took me to the garden and hosed me down with the garden hose and then spray my clothes to get them clean enough to put in the washing machine.

It was a pretty shameful experience for a sixteen year old but I felt better the next day riding to school when Rod told me he had been in his pants three times as well as wetting himself quite often. His owning up made me feel a lot better, especially when he told me he sometimes still wet the bed. I confessed I did as well .

If this mailing is considered appropriate I have a few more stories to tell.


Dear Finn

Thank you for nice words. I and my three best friends started to go to loo together some years before. First time was only Kazuko and me. You can find story on page 2419, I did search for you. You can find other story page 2442, 2476, 2575, 2654, there are more but I can't find all.

You are new this site I think. I am Japanese Korean live in Japan. My best friend Maho live with me, and two other best friends live next door. They are Japanese, but Maho is Korean like me. We are 20s. Before, I live alone, then Maho moved in my flat, then Kazuko and Hisae bought next door flat.
Sometimes in a weekend, we all go to loo together, we enjoy very much! We don't think shame when it is us only. We all do huge motion every time, especially Kazuko does. Because we eat vegetable a lots!

I am sorry my bad English. I lived Wales long time before. Now ancient history. So I forget grammar.

Shout out to Anna, Anna, Victoria, Brandon, Natasha, Abbie, Rochelle, and everybody else in this site. I hope all you are very fine.

Love from Mina

Steve A

Possible Constipation Remedy

Constipation Remedy:

I've decided to drink full bottle of water (16 oz) when I already had to pee. After about 30-40 minutes or so, I had to go really bad, but I've also developed an urge to poop as well. So when I went, it came out easily. I'd recommend this remedy because I've pooped twice in one day because of this method.

My question: When I already have to pee and I drink a bottle of water, why do I develop an urge to poop? Does the excess water "move my bowels"?

Would any of you ever try this method out when you get constipated?

Winnie The Poo

My Weird Bowels and My Friend's Daughter's Poop

First, a couple of shout-outs to some of my favorite writers on Toiletstool.
To Rochelle: Thank you for that very heart-warming story about you and your mom pooping together!
To Mina: Great to see you back and I am glad you are feeling better! I missed your interesting posts about you and your friends.
To Catherine: I hope everything is going well with the marriage, new baby and your busy life! I hope you still find time to look at the site once in a while. You are one of my all-time favorite posters!
Now, to my stories. My bowels have been weird lately without any obvious explanation. I haven't changed my diet and I haven't been sick. Some days I don't poop at all. Then there will be days like the other day. When I woke up that morning, I already had a strong urge to poop. I went right to the toilet and filled it up with a soft and gassy dump. I figured I was done for the day, but it didn't work out that way. I ate breakfast, and afterwards was surprised to feel the need to poop again less than an hour after the first one! I went to the bathroom and placed my rear end on the porcelain throne. A dump just like the last one rapidly came out and filled the toilet again. Hard to estimate length for messy dumps, but the two of them had to be at least three feet long. Believe it or not, there were two more smaller poops that day - not diarrhea, just a lot of poop!
Now the story about my friend's daughter. My friend Susie (not her real name) was staying with me for a few days recently while her boyfriend was out of town. She has a 22 year old daughter who dropped by several times, usually first thing in the morning. This young lady, Samantha, is about 5 feet 7 and 120 pounds and has a remarkable curvy rear end which shows nicely in the tight jeans she likes to wear. While visiting her mom, she has had a few BMs in my downstairs bathroom. The first time, I was eating breakfast at a table in the breakfast nook when I saw her walk into the bathroom across the room. I didn't pay much attention, assuming she was just going in for a quick pee. All of a sudden, there was a loud wet fart I could clearly hear through the closed door. Right after that, I heard her say "Ooh!", then then let out another fart and some rapid crackling and splashes into the toilet. After she left, I walked by the bathroom and noticed she had turned off the fan although she left the door closed. The pungent smell of a healthy bowel movement was in the air, and there were even a few brown crumbs in the bottom of the bowl. A couple of days later, the same scenario repeated itself, except that this time I didn't hear anything. But when she came out, she said, "I'm sorry about the bathroom! You might not want to go in there for a while! That place needs to air out!" However, once again she turned off the fan and closed the door when she came out. In the next week, Samantha relieved herself two more times at my house. I am happy that she feels comfortable enough to do it here.

Uncle Harry

To Keenyo

I'm glad to see that Berlin is moving toward unisex bathrooms or unisex openness. The US. Is legally moving away from it, although business is moving toward it. 160, 000 businesses are adopting it. Great story.

Steve A

My Answers to My Survey

My Answers:

1. Yes, they're more open about it at my college, but I also see some people who are a bit shy when it comes to using the bathroom. They either use the gender neutral ones (single use only) or go late at night while everyone's sleeping. The incoming freshman class may feel slightly more shy about it because the initial thought of living with a bunch of strangers who use the bathroom together might be a bit much for some of them to handle at first. But then they get used to it overtime.

2. I've wondered at times, but then I found out why. Some people have different diets, eat more than others, and exercise frequently. There's nothing wrong with it, but from some of the stories on here, it's quite interesting when someone said that they filled up the entire bowl one time...

3. It all depends on how severe it is. For me, mine normally lasted a day or even half a day. Just by drinking water and eating light foods can help in the long run.

4. My family was open and thought it was humorous at times. No one felt ashamed or embarrassed about it.

5. At first, we all think it's real, but then we get a huge sigh of relief when we found out that it was just a prank. But for the laxative ones, I'd not be happy about it because it obviously messes with your stomach and it can be dangerous at times.

6. It wouldn't be so hard for me, but I'd probably take the one on the end just so I'd feel slightly more comfortable about it.

7. Everyone probably did it at least once before, including me.

8. Yes, I think teachers should allow students to miss class to use the bathroom because it would teach them responsibility. If you want to go, then you can go, but you'll have to catch up on whatever you missed while you were gone.

9. I don't see the harm in it, but others may feel uncomfortable about it. I'd just explain the situation to them and most likely, they'll let you use it due to the circumstances.

10. Most memorable:

While I was in high school, I decided to leave a toilet unflushed in the gym locker room because I wanted to get a reaction out of the other students in my class. There was a (foot-long) in the toilet from me and some people were shocked when they saw it. Even though they eventually found out it was me, we all enjoyed a laugh and continued on with our day.

Steve A


1. In college: Are people "more open" with bathroom usage rather than in high school?

2. Have you ever wondered why someone pooped more than you?

3. Do you believe that stomach viruses/bugs go away on their own or should medication/antibiotics be involved?

4. What was your families thoughts on farting, burping, and pooping?

Did they think it was funny or disgusting? Maybe they even felt ashamed/embarrassed about it?

5. What's your opinion on the people who do "bathroom related pranks"?

6. How hard is it for you to use a restroom with no stall doors or other lacks of privacy?

7. What's your opinion of peeing in the pool?

8. Do you think some teachers need to adjust their bathroom policy with their students?

9. Is it really that bad to use the bathroom of your opposite gender if the one assigned to you is out of order and you have to go really bad?

10. What's your most memorable bathroom related story?

Uncle Harry

To Keenyo

I'm glad to see that Berlin is moving toward unisex bathrooms or unisex openness. The US. Is legally moving away from it, although business is moving toward it. 160, 000 businesses are adopting it. Great story.

Hi everyone. I finally have some good news to share. I'm not quite as badly constipated right now as I have been. Currently I'm pooing basically every other day. I'm still trying to eat better and now that the weather's finally warmed up, I've been going out walking too. For a while there it seemed like winter would never end, and it was less like April and more like January 93rd.

I also bought myself a Squatty Potty, and I think using it really helped a lot. It feels just as comfortable as sitting on the toilet normally too. I go and sit on the loo for fifteen minutes every morning, and as I mentioned I usually end up having a poo every other day. But when I do poo, it comes out quite easily and feels great. I also feel completely done and empty when I finish pooing, which is something I never really felt before, even when I wasn't constipated and I was pooing every day.

Right, well, I guess I'll share a few stories since my last few posts have been so short. Last week, I was out at Sainsbury's and I was in desperate need for a wee after doing my shopping. I entered the toilets just behind two young girls, both probably about 14-15 years old. There were three cubicles and we took them. It was kinda weird because we all basically started weeing at almost exactly the same time. One of the girls finished first and then I did just a bit later. The other girl was still weeing, but then the girl who had finished let out an absolutely massive fart that echoed in the toilet pan, and it lasted a long time. As I was wiping up, the two girls cracked up laughing.

My friend Kayleigh stayed round mine a while back. I woke up and she was still asleep so I went to take a shower. I had just finished and was about to get out when the bathroom door opened. Kayleigh said "Sorry, only I'm very desperate for a poo. Mind if I come in?" I told her it was okay. I got out of the shower and began drying off as she sat on the toilet. Almost immediately, I heard her poo start loudly crackling as it came out of her bum. I heard lots of crackling and plops as she had what seemed to be a very relieving poo. She confirmed my suspicions when she said "Ohh, this feels so good. My stomach hurt so bad," before pooing some more. Surprisingly, it hardly smelled though. I finished drying off and getting dressed and left her to have some privacy. She finished up and came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, but not before flushing twice.

Okay, last story for now. I did my customary sit on the toilet this morning. After maybe five minutes, I was feeling some stirrings, like I might be able to poo. I didn't push or strain or force it, but just waited to see if it would come on its own. A few minutes later and I was definitely ready for a poo. It came out in two long, thick pieces. The first came out very slowly and the second came out faster and must have been at least twice as long as the first one. It felt like a lot of poo. I wiped and it was also quite clean, needing just three wipes. Then I took a quick look at my poo before flushing it away.

Ever since I started using the Squatty Potty, I've been feeling emptied out whenever I do a poo, which of course means I'm getting all my poo out and so I do bigger poos. But this one this morning seemed even bigger than usual. One of those poos that really makes me wonder where I was keeping all of that. I was afraid it might not flush. The toilet choked a little bit but everything went down in the end, thank goodness.

That's all for now. I'll try and post again soon. Bye!


GAS Release every-time need to take a dump. cant avoid

hello, this is my second post and I am the pale white girl from the UK. My first post is on page 2707.

I have IBS-D. I get the cramping, bloating, diarrhea and constipation which alternates, and gassiness. My stool may be louse and messy which a lot of gas or I may go for days without taking a dump and when I do, its very hard. Sometimes, I get belly pain. IBS D is basically the intestines squeezing too hard and the food moves through your digestive too quickly. It causes problems. The digestive muscle may contract too much, nerve dont work properly. Bowel movements may come all of sudden giving you no time to hold and right now feeling. The stools may be frequent and often incomplete. Thats what my physician told me. I am very early middle age. I have had the condition all my life. But it seems like it worsening as I age and reach the early middle age years.

Well, one of the issues with taking a dump is the amount of gas. Its like every time I take a dump, I have to left off some gas. It usually moderate but sometimes strong, smelly, and linger around. But I just havent noticed over the past 5 years dumps without all the gas. It usually soft and quiet. But they do really smell and even after spraying from fragrance after taking a dump, the smell is there. It sometimes can take like 30 minutes after spraying fragrance for the odor to clear. Then even after multiple dumps in a day sometimes, I still have gas. IBS-D does cause the gas. I cant do anything and when using public restrooms after a rush to the bathroom, the gas can be very strong. There has been times when its been so strong those waiting to use a stall held their nose, sprayed, or even walked out. I dont feel embarrassed as not much i can do. But really, I been researching the issue on hand. I have asked friends, people at work, family, and others with IBS. Its evident the majority of people do release gas when taking a dump but not all the time and its not always rough smelling. The excess and sudden gas at work has gotten me some stares from coworkers when it lingers. But netherless, I really dont feel comfortable holding in gas longer than I have it. With my digestive condition, the smell would be really severe when a dump come if I try to hold off. Other times, they just slip and come out with no action on my own. So, when the gas has to come, i have to left out. Then some days, the come so much throughout the day I check my underwear and it appears did not wipe after taking a dump.

well, I just wanted to conclude by saying, the gas for every dump it how it works for me. I am not sure for everybody. But many have wonder if its possible to do a dump without releasing some gas. Some people have no issue when at home. but work and public restrooms where others are waiting and the smell can linger can indeed be a turnoff. Its like nobody feels comfortable smelling anyone gas no matter how they look, age, or smell. If you have to release it around others and they have to hear the sound, if you are not used to it, its an issue. I have farted loudly around others many times and no direct comments. But could not halt them and others had to hear


Does anyone have a story ?

Does anyone have accounts of when they where kids and had to wait for a Sister to get out of the bathroom so they could pee but she was taking a long time ?



Jessica B: Wow that must have been quite a surprise, I've seen that happen twice before. The first time it was a girl I knew, her toilet had s really weak flush and took ages to refill, I had to pee right after she has pooped and there were two light brown turds floating in the best wl beneath some paper. I also once saw a big solid round piece left in the bowl from another friend of mine, she was in a hurry and must have not flushed hard enough. It looked really solid and bobbly, she must have been a little constipated.

Mina: haha wow! Have you seen your friends poop before then? How did that happen? Is there a good story? Haha.

I ate lots of hot wings last night so this morning's poop was spicy and quite mushy and filled up the whole bowl.



Berlin Marathon 2013

The Berlin Marathon is famous for its flat and very fast route which explains why all marathon world records are set there. Every year the race attracts some 40 thousand participants. But, as you may guess, there is one more very special attraction it has to offer. Namely before the race runners of both sexes would relieve themselves in public taking advantage of trees and bushes surrounding the start area.
However, in 2013 it seemed that things might be a little different. After the Boston Marathon bombing the organizers decided on tough security precautions which, among other things, involved sealing off the entire Tiergarten Park, i.e. the place I had very memorable sightings there both in 2011 and 2012. This is why I thought I might well leave Berlin without any sighting on my account if only the runners happened to use porta-loos obediently. The day before the race I went for an 'on-site inspection' of the start area. The conclusions were quite encouraging since although the park was closed indeed and the access to starting pens was possible from a different side, which required quite a long walk, the last section of the access route led through a small green area with some trees and bushes which were not particularly dense. On the day of the race I left the hotel about one hour before the start accompanied by my wife, who was not be allowed to go with me to the start line. Due to the security measures the whole start area was closed to spectators and families.
On our way there we saw a guy peeing behind a telephone booth, some two kilometres from the start - a first indication that 'there is no Berlin Marathon without sightings'. Several hundred metres further we had to say good bye to each other, as that was the point behind which only the runners, equipped not only with their bibs but also with special wrist bands, were allowed. So I continued on my own heading towards my pen.
The way led nearby the monumental Reichstag building. I was just passing a lawn with some kind of ornamental shrubbery in a form of several, 7 to 10, rectangular plant structures, only some 50-60 cm high. This was definitely not a place you would consider a sighting area. Nevertheless, I spotted there a couple of guys taking a leak. Then I saw something much less common - a guy squatting and taking a massive dump. He was not in a hurry, working on every single log. He seemed to be quite comfortable despite being in plain view to the passing crowd. I was about to go further when, with a corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a squatting female (front view). To my big surprise she decided to pee there although she had no privacy at all. I looked around to realize that she was not the only one. Apparently, after having dropped their bags at the clothes' deposit more and more girls on their way to the start line decided to make use of that 'makeshift toilet'.
They did not seem to be embarrassed at all. Most of them were in pairs or in small groups but they did not even try to stand guard for their companions. They would simply squat next to each other or facing each other chatting merrily and laughing, and not paying any attention to the fact that they were in plain view. I saw that some of them did not even bother about the very illusory cover offered by the green rectangle and just squatted in the middle of the lawn! I must admit that was the most impressive and memorable sighting I have ever had. The intensity of visual pleasures was overwhelming. Needless to say that being marathon runners these women were usually between 20 and 40 years old, nicely shaped and completely uninhibited. They knew that full bladders would spoil their race performance so they could not care less about being exposed. Maybe the fact that the start area was reserved exclusively for runners had its impact as well. I would say that representatives of both sexes were relieving themselves at the same time and at the same place. Therefore those women may have thought something like 'we are all in the same boat'. Initially I cursed the organizers for their exaggerated security measures, but now I was extremely grateful to them because that had apparently contributed to a great show. Surprisingly, other guys at the place seemed not to pay any attention to what was going on. They would just 'do their business' i.e. take a piss and immediately afterwards head on to the start line. Maybe there was a sort of an unwritten code of conduct requiring males to admire the cloudless sky instead of watching literally hundreds of peeing girls. Even if there was one, I did not intend to comply with it. In the months before I had run so many races without any sighting worth mentioning, but in Berlin I finally got my chance. I applied a well-tried strategy of pretending that I was about to pee myself and could hardly believe my eyes as the girls were literally all round, within a hand's reach and visible from all the possible angles. The "abundance of supply was incredible" so I could choose between the front, side and rear view. I definitely preferred the last option and I noticed that most of these girls after having finished were pulling up fashionable strings. After that I decided it was time to go in order not to miss the start. Shortly before reaching the start line I passed the wooded area I had suspected a day before to potentially be the main sighting scene. But it definitely could not match the lawn in front of the Reichstag with adjacent rectangles. Women simply had better chances to hide in denser bushes. In some cases plastic bags or ponchos they wore to keep warm obstructed the view. Finally, seconds before the start some of the runners went to take the ultimate leak, some of them in porta-loos. There were no queues. A couple of hours after the race when I was coming back along the same path I took a look at the sighting area and saw that the grass just 'turned into white". There were hundreds, or maybe thousands of pieces of tissue lying on the ground after countless wipes. Another couple of hours later as I was walking by the same place accompanied by my wife (we could see it only from some distance, as the area was still surrounded by a fence) I saw that cleaning services were busy collecting all that stuff. My wife seeing my interest in their work guessed what was going on and asked smiling: 'Were there any attractions before the start?' 'You bet!' I answered. It was really a great day in Berlin. What is more, I managed to set my personal best which is now under four hours. How rewarding it is to be a marathon runner!


A very urgent wee but an easier time pooing....

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages!
Imogen- great story about when you were desperate for a wee while stuck in traffic, although its typical that someone comes along while your there with your knickers down in mid flow! At least it was another girl who also wanted to have a wee, it would have been really embarassing if it had been a man!
Actually I had a somewhat similar experience recently in the sense that someone came along while I was having a wee outside too, again luckily they were female but it was slightly more embarassing as the poor woman was just walking her dog!! To add a bit more detail to the story, I had been walking home with friends after having a few drinks at the pub, I started to want a wee pretty desperately not long after we left and by the time I'd said goodbye to everyone and turned off down my road I was absolutely bursting! Although I was only a couple of minutes from my house I knew I wouldn't make it back without weeing my knickers, so I went off down a path that serves as a short cut between different cul-de-sacs. I knew a bit further along it opened out onto a grassy area with some bushes, as I walked along feeling as if my bladder was about to burst I felt a spurt escape and my knickers starting to get damp and I knew I was only seconds away from totally wetting them! Just at that moment I saw the grass and bushes and hobbled over in that direction, luckily I was wearing a skirt and didn't have any tights on so at least I knew I could get my knickers down quickly. As I got closer to the first bush I was pulling up my skirt and as soon as I got behind it I tugged my white knickers down and squatted, straight away releasing a heavy stream and moaning with relief. A few seconds later, as I was still going strong I saw a torch and to my horror a lady appeared right next to me with her dog!! She smiled at me and said "Oh I'm sorry love" and I could feel myself blushing bright red as I mumbled "No problem" at her while all the while I was squatting there with my knickers round my knees weeing like a horse!! She was long gone by the time I was done and luckily no-one else came along. I made it home without seeing anyone else and the first thing I did was go and change my knickers as they felt all cold and damp, although it was definitely not as bad as weeing them completely which I'm pretty sure I would have done if I hadn't been wearing a skirt!
I am still (touch wood) doing pretty well as regards my bowels, I'm regularly having a poo every other day which is about as good as it gets for me! My routine recently has been that I start to feel the urge for a poo after lunch- my normal time for needing to go used to always be mid morning, which was the problem I had right through secondary school as I would often hold it from about 10 in the morning until the end of the day and then the urge would have gone away by the time I got home, which led to me getting really constipated. Needing a poo at about 2pm is alot better as I can then go on the toilet as soon as I get home and the urge is still there! When I'm on the loo I have to push to get it to start coming and I still get pretty fat poos which take a while to pass, but the massive difference is there much softer rather than being dry and stiff so I'm not sitting there straining really hard which is loads better!!
Anyway, I will try to post again soon, bye for now!


More on my full loaf story

Pete the poop asks a good question that I forgot to put in my story. Did my loafer flush? No, but I did check up on it. I had about 3 minutes to get to my first hour class so I only took one hand down on the flusher. The water flushed but the loafer hardly moved. That just proved how hard it was. My larger coffee earlier that morning during the drive to school was taking its toll on my bladder toward the end of first hour so I got a pass to the bathroom. Of course, I had to do a full pee and I walked a little farther back to the famous bathroom. What was interesting to me was that there was only one stall in use. Guess which one it was! I was surprised that a person would take a horrendously unflushed toilet rather than one of the others--they were all open. I could hear a really mean pee going on from the toilet I took two doors down. My pee was strong. I don't know why, but I think I had my legs spread a little wider for comfort on my toilet and for some reason that caused me to feel some soreness in my arse. I wonder why! So I finished my pee, did my usual 1-square wipe and flushed.

At the sink, the door opened to my famous toilet. It was Priya. A girl that I had tutored last year in English. She told me to take a a look at the huge BM someone had left in the toilet. She said it was huge and she was surprised there was no blood or flesh in the water. I knew there was no way for her to link it to me about 45 minutes earlier. I walked over, opened the door and feigned surprise. What did surprise me, however, was how dark the yellow water was getting. I reasoned that it was probably due to several others pissing on top of it. Priya said she hadn't tried flushing because she didn't want to flood the bathroom. I lingered at the sinks and combed my hair until she left. Then I took out my phone and took a picture of it. I was thinking about showing it to Darci, a freshman I'm paid to drive to and from school each day. She's scared of crapping at school and absolutely refuses to, despite the fact that she has to hold her craps even longer than 3:05, because I tutor for at least 90 minutes after school each day. Come to think of it, I wonder how that toilet's holding up at the apartment she and her mom share.

Melvin B-lover

To Rochelle, PN

Hi all. Responding to PN;
Thank you for your analysis of what I said. I don't mean to put all women, as well as men, in a box. There are plenty women out there, regardless of level of beauty, class, age, race, etc, who have zero shame about doing smelly poops in the presence of others. Just the same, plenty men who are very shy of such a thing. I'm not one of 'em. When i shit in a public restroom, especially one where no one knows me lol, I'm a super proud stinker. I also love when they're noisy along with the smell. I know I'm not the only one in that aspect: I've been in plenty bathrooms where men are loudly blowing it up with zero intention of courtesy flushing. When it comes to women, maybe they are a little less open of doing it like us men, but I LOVE women who shamelessly and confidently shit loud, proud, and stinky, while others are around. Also I totally agree on two men in the same toilet! Couldn't fathom it. In many instances women are more comfortable in such intiment moments than men are.
Rochelle - love your story about you and your mom. As it pertains to taking shits, that's how it should be. Those soft, extremely smelly, and loud shits feel superb coming out. I love shitting like that and wish I could do it way more. Since I've been married my poop intensity has taken a nosedive :( . But yea, you're a shameless shitter and that's the best. Keep doing those very stinky shits and loving it!
Happy pooping all.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Hi everyone, sorry I was away long time. I was ill again, but now very fine.

Do you have experience that want to go to loo when you are meeting company customer and she or he stay too long time so you have stomach ache? It was happen to me about two weeks ago, it was Thursday afternoon. While I was talk with customer I began to feel a urge, I didn't go to loo two days, I don't know reason, just I didn't want to go maybe. But customer talk and talk and talk. He can't see I have pain in face. I do a business with him, and it seems to over, but suddenly he find other thing and talk and talk more. I was so much pain! Mari could see and boss could see. Finally he was satisfy and went back his office. I said to boss with eyes, can I go loo? She gave smile and Mari too. So I went out of office quick steps and into women's loo.I was a very worry, I thought, motion rush out from bottom before I sit on loo and go all over floor.

Loo was empty, I took cubicle and bared bottom, I was hold back very much, but I sat on loo safe. I push and motion began come out, I surprised because it was not so soft, not hard but not diarrhoea. came and came and came. Very long snake! I thought about grumpy old man who saw snake come out from girl's bottom in dune. Finally snake finished to come out, I stood up and looked in loo, no water at all, just big brown mushy, so I flush at once and lucky, it went down but bits of brown still in water. I flush again and sat down because I thought, maybe there is second snake.

After five minutes later, urge came again, strong message from bottom so I push. Snake came out. And came and came, same with first one, very very long. A bit soft, not so much. I push and push and snake come out more and more. when it stop?

Well, it stopped, but only about ten seconds later, new snake came out. Not so long one, it was lucky! I flushed at once, and again twice because some snake still in loo after first flush.

I thought, maybe no more snake. But I stayed on loo bit more to do little pieces. I know my boss don't mind and she know where I am. Few minutes later loo door opened and Mari's voice. "Mina, boss says, are you OK?" I answer her, "I'm OK, sugoi takusan came out." sugoi means awfully and takusan means a lot. I said her, "can I stay few minutes more?" and she said OK of course. Mari didn't need to go, she goes soon after lunch most days so she already finish today's motion (but she do again in evening, she told me.) Mari went back to office and I did more some little pieces and I think two snakes about 10 centimetres. Then I cleaned myself and went back to desk, I looked at boss and she gave me smile. She has same experience sometimes, she told me last week. I think she told me that before already.

But it is not nice experience to want to do motions when you meet visitor to office. I don't like. I think there are such kind of story this site. I wish a good luck to everyone.

Maho and Kazuko and Hisae are very fine. Most days we give big breakfasts to our green and beige loos, so they are very happy (but always hungry maybe).

Love from Mina

Brittany B
I love your story about the two girls sharing a toilet! I can remember pooping exactly that way with my mother when I was quite young. It happened a number of times, once at home when we both had a stomach flue and needed to explode, and other times in crowded public bathrooms.
My mom always had loud gassy dumps, and usually soft. A couple times a week, depending on what she made for supper, she would get a good case of diarrhea that would really splatter the toilet bowl. She really loved her shits, and the more noisy they were, the more she loved them! I tend to shit exactly the same way, and I since I saw her poop so much growing up, I had always loved pooping. I enjoy "putting on a show" in multi stall bathrooms, as well as listening to other girls poops.
I can remember being about 4 when mom and I were shopping at Target. We had had some spaghetti for lunch and I think the tomato sauce had loosened her bowels up. We checked out at the store and then we went over to the bathrooms where she said" honey, mommy has to poop really bad, how about you". I had been feeling some pressure in my butt, so I said "I want to poop with you!". So we walked swiftly to the ladies room.
I can't remember for sure how many stalls were in use, but It was a 8 stall bathroom, and I would say it was easily half occupied. There were 2 rows of 4 stalls across from each other. We both took one of the middle stalls on the right side. She quickly turned toward me with her back to the toilet, pulled her pants to her ankles and sat all the way back on the toilet seat. She said, "oh, this one's warm" (a lady had vacated the stall and there was a little bit of a poop smell, so she must've sat on that toilet a good while).
Mom sat down quickly and let out a really base filled fart that really echoed in the bowl. It was mixed with a spray of poop which I saw come out of her between her legs. She let out a gentle laugh, and I could tell she was just loving it! While she waited for the next wave, she said "honey, pull your pants down and we can both poop. I have to poop a lot and I don't want you to poop your pants". So, I turned around, pulled my pants down, and sat on the front of the toilet seat, in front of mom's lap. It was a tight squeeze, pun intended! Just as she exploded with another wave of gloppy, gassy shit, I farted and a long soft log started slowly sliding out of my hole. It felt so good! I tried to let it slide with as little pushing as possible. I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but the anus is a very sensational organ for me, and I really relish the feeling of certain kinds of poop. I really love loud, gassy diarrhea (as long as it doesn't burn), and I also love the feeling of a stretched anus as I lay a slow, slithering shit.
I have to admit, it was a such a bonding feeling sharing the toilet with my mom because she laced her hands around my belly and my back was right up against her stomach. I held my hands out around her bare thighs.Every time she pushed and blasted, I felt her stomach tense up, and she would clutch me just a little tighter. Every time I pushed, I clutched her thighs while she rubbed my belly, and she could feel my stomach tighten as well.
She experienced half a dozen waves of diarrhea, and I let out 2 long slithering poops. When I finished, I had to get off the toilet and wipe standing up, because there wasn't enough room to wipe sitting. I think she was on her third wave at the time. I stood in front of her, looking between her wide open legs as the poop sprayed out of her. By now it really smelled like poop, and most other ladies in the bathroom were not spending much time in the adjoining toilets if they could avoid it. The toilet bowl was really splattered with poop and I was just fascinated seeing poop coming out of another person. I have been ever since.
I think times like this are why I have always loved using public bathrooms, and I've always loved messy poops, which is fun! My mom loved it, and it made an impact on me. It also means that I grew up without any shame in using a public toilet if I need to use one, and that is something that I've always been thankful for. I understand it's awkward for some people to poop in public toilets, but I think that's really unfortunate because the truth is public toilets are a huge convenience in life!
Love to shit!

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