Curious Cody

Growing up with an older sister

When I was about 8, my dad's hours were cut and my mom had to go to work too. She resented it but it was necessary. My sister Jill, who is 5 years older than me then became my babysitter that summer. So pretty much each morning Jill and her friend Lem, who was her best friend, would have me go bicycle riding with them. It was so easy for them, but Jill and Lem would wait until they crapped at our house before we ventured out. So at about 9:30 or 10 we would ride over to a park where there were some great bike trails. Then it was back to our house where Jill made lunch. For some reason, though, about an hour and a half after we went out again, my crap would come. Lem always mocked our mom--who was very formal and would call it her "appointment" and remind me and Jill that it should be done at home.

That came easy for Jill, but not for me. Making me go in and sit on the toilet right after lunch didn't do it. Lem sometimes would make snide remarks about me not being able to use my "appointment" and keeping him and Jill in from going back out. But each day by 2 p.m. we went back out whether it was to do to the swimming pool, ride our bikes or go to a budget movie. Then about an hour later I would be humiliated when my "appointment" came. A couple of times at the pool I figured out a way to crap fast right under the diving boards or in the pool closest or right under where the lifeguard was sitting. I was surprised that Lem showed me such spots where I could get away with it. But a few years later when I was telling a friend about it, he explained Lem's reason for doing it. More than once, when when I had to do my "appointment" when we were riding our bikes, at a place like a gas station or a coin laundry, Lem would run in ahead of me and pee all over the seat.

This all stopped later that summer at a c-store when I had to crap bad. Although Jill didn't totally take my side, she convinced Lem that he had the opportunity to humiliate me farther. If he would sit on the toilet in his normal seated position I would have to pee for 15 seconds between his legs without getting him wet. My prize would be his old baseball glove. All 3 of us crammed into this small unisex bathroom. There were two toilets side by side. He wanted to use the handicapped one. It was at least a half-foot higher. Because of my normal height I said no, but Jill still thought it was kind of funny.
See I knew the arc to use to get my pee into the regular toilet was my regular one. Lem took his seat on the regular toilet, sat back as far as he could and with his organ tucked in. Jill joked that he was saving it from downpour. He must have said something profane and greatly sexual that I didn't understand but Jill was so shocked and threw some insult at him.

I had to crap so bad that I dropped my shorts, which didn't have a zipper, dropped my briefs, and started a laser-focused piss that went past 20 seconds. Perfect aim. Lem quickly got up and I took the seat. There was one poof into the bowl. It took about 10 seconds. I wiped and we left the bathroom. After that Lem eased up on much of the harassment.

To Jenny:

Haha we probably passed each other in San Diego riding a bike in Coronado!! And we both probably had dirty underwear. We are Skid siblings!

To Matthew

I wipe from behind. That seem naturally since I was a kid. In passing I have. Seen a couple guys wipe while standing, but I have never seen any guys wipe between their legs, but I have only seen and hand ful of people wiping their butt. I mentioned my girlfriend doesn't get skidmarks. And really on seen her poop and wipe once, but it was kind of incidental and a one time thing long story short. She Wipes 10 times. I teased her because I thong she was going to clog the toilet , but she flushed after 4 wipes. I wonder if she was wiping extra carefully because I was watching her. This reminds me I have dating a few girls where we dated long enough where I often sway their underwear. The only other girl who I saw poop was this girl in college who I dated who was a college volleyball player. She was beautiful but not overly girly or tried at least not to be two girly. ( she still wore mascara all the time and had the sexiest underwear. She had the dirtiest thongs which I artributed to all the working out she did. But all the girls I dated worked out and did not have a skid in any of their panties that a Saw. But my volley ball girlfriend was kind of one of the guys, she burped, farted and picked out wedgies in front of me and others despite being hotter than most of the cheerleaders . She did poop in front of me a few times and she wiped while standing. I never said anything about wiping while standing and I wonder if that makes a difference with how clean you get. Looking back standing to me seems unnatural and I feel like the butt cheeks would push together and make a bigger mess and making it harder to clean. Then again , my volleyball girl friend never wiped more than Three times, so she might have had more skid than average

1) do you stand or sit when you wipe ?
2) how often do you get skid mark/?
3) what is the range of how many times you thing you wipe sitting or standing ( i.e 1-3 would be my ex , I wipe 3-6,
4) does you have just call it good after wiping a certain number of times and your paper is still dirty, even slightly? For example I'm pretty sure I have never wiped more than 8 times when I have been really messy and I just punt and stop at 7wipes as I feel like I'm not going to get any cleaner unless I shower

Brittany B

First Post

Hello! This is my first time posting, but I've lurked for a long time and figured maybe it's time I contribute. I have some memorable poops I can share with everyone haha I'm a 5'6" brunette girl who recently graduated college.

For my first story, I'll share a good poop I remember having in the dorm toilets at university. It was early evening, I was in my dorm room when I started to feel the urge for a big load building up, so I made my way to one of the bathrooms on my floor. My floor was all girls and it had 2 bathrooms with only 3 toilet stalls in each one. I like to take the big stall at the end whenever I can. I walked into one of the bathrooms and it was empty, so I went to the big stall, dropped my shorts and panties to my knees, and plopped my but on the bowl. I got settled with my cheeks spread cuz I figured I would be there for a while haha! I peed first for a little bit and when my stream died off I let go a really loud fart and my first turd started to come. It felt really good when it plopped into the water and I gave a little sigh. I was far from done though. I heard the door to the bathroom open and a girl walked in and took the stall right next to me. I'm not shy about pooping with an audience, so while she dropped her pants to her ankles and started to pee, I pushed out another log and farted again, not as loud as my first one though haha after her pee she remained seated, so I figured I might have some company for awhile. My third turd started to come and my poop started to get softer. While that happened, I heard my neighbor fart and she started to drop her own poops into her toilet. I started to drop plops more rapidly as I got to the softer poops and was farting loudly in between plops. My stall was really starting to stink! haha my neighbor's poops sounded much like mine, lots of plops with short, loud farts in between, almost sounded like we were trying to see who could fart louder with plops in between! hahaha we were really stinking up the bathroom too. she was only with me for about 5 minutes. she started to wipe and my own poop was dying down as well. I could feel at least one more thing to drop. she flushed her toilet and pulled her shorts back up. while the other girl washed her hands and left, I pushed out one last bit of poop that soft, really long, and coiled up right on top of my messy load. I gave the toilet a flush so that I didn't clog with toilet paper, and then proceeded to wipe my messy bottom. Took me about 6 wipes to feel clean. I flushed the paper and pulled my shorts and panties back up and washed my hands at the sink that's in the big stall with me. Then I left that smelly bathroom and went back to my room to do my homework.

I hope you all enjoyed my story! I'll share more if people did.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Joanne it sounds like that other girl wasn't feeling very well she mustve eaten something that didn't agree with her or she had stomach issues.

To: EVA great story.

To: Ronnette hope your friend felt better afterwards.

To: Brooke sounds like you all had a bad day cause of that stomach flu.

To: Erica it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Mia great story about your beach poop.

To: Grumpy Old Man it sounds like you got quite the show from those women.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Re: Wiping From Front / Post Op

Hi !

I haven't posted here in just over a year mostly because I've had nothing to share since my last story about peeing from my wheelchair at the movies. I'm a senior citizen with cerebral palsy and have been posting here from time to time for almost 20 years. As a child I attended a special school for disabled children and because of the situations I was exposed to I've had a life long fascination with "bathroom/toilet" stuff. I just wanted to comment on two recent postings.

Re: Matthew - Wiping from Front

For a long time I have been fascinated by and experimented with wiping from the front. As I said above I attended a school for disabled kids from grades through K to 12. The kids had an array of disabilities and some had various issues related to toileting. Some children were incontinent and wore diapers while others needed assistance getting on and off the toilet, being wiped etc. Some of the kids who couldn't wipe themselves and couldn't stand or be easily lifted in order to be wiped, remained seated on the toilet and they were wiped from the front by their personal care giver(s). I might add that most of boys' rooms had only a urinal and a commode separated by a partition, there were no stall doors, and so everything was out in the open. I was always fascinated with wiping from the front and at different times throughout my life I have experimented with wiping myself from the front but have rarely gotten very clean afterwards. I'm not able to stand so I just shift to one side on the toilet seat and raise my leg and buttock to wipe myself.

Re: Doug - Post Op

I've had some surgery over my life time and twice I had difficulty urinating immediately afterwards and in both cases I need to be catheterized. The first episode occurred when I was 16 and the second time when I was in my early thirties; in both cases it was following corrective orthopedic surgery. In both cases it was probably a few hours after being returned to my room and I had a very strong urge to pee. I was given a urinal and despite the strong urge, I couldn't empty my bladder. Although being catheterized wasn't an altogether pleasant experience, it was a relief to be able to urinate. In both cases I was lead to believe this was a common occurrence after surgery and once I thought I understood why, but now I'm not so sure that I do now.

I had an appendectomy at age 13 (more than 50 years go) and for a few days afterwards, bowel movements were a big issue. Although I wasn't eating (I was being fed intravenously), one night I had a tremendous need to poop. I had a great deal of abdominal pain and had to use a bed pan. It was later in the evening and I just remember what on ordeal it was. It seemed to take forever for the nurse to take care of me afterwards.


A problem I don't normally have

Hi guys

I know several posters here have on going struggles with constipation. This isn't a problem for me, normally, but last week was different.

On Tuesday morning I woke up at about 4am with a very sharp stomach pain. I lay in bed for a while as the pains continued then decided I should go and sit on the loo. I went into the cold bathroom and sat down, after a minute or so I had another strong cramp and exploded with watery diarrhoea. This carried on for a while then seemed to subside, so I wiped and went back to my bedroom. I had a large drink of water as I was feeling dehydrated and dizzy. Almost as soon as I finished the water I felt another cramp and ran back for round 2. This subsided as well and I took some Imodium to try and settle things.

Next day I felt absolutely fine, just quite tired. I was careful not to go far from a loo and wore old knickers just in case. Didn't poo at all that day.

The next day I felt a need for the loo and went to sit down. I had a wee and then tried to poo, but nothing would move. I sat for about 10 minutes before giving up.

The following morning I woke up with an urge to poo. I went and sat on the loo, and after s great deal of effort only produced a small amount. However half an hour later I felt the urge come back, and this time I was able to push out a huge painful poo. Once this was out I sat unloading quite a bit that was obviously backed up and felt so much better afterwards.

Now I sympathise with those of you who have this struggle all the time!


Wiping from the front - Matthew

Hey Matthew. I'm one of those front wipers that you wrote about. The first time I saw someone do that was when I walked in on a young guy, probably in his 20's, while he was taking a dump in a gas station restroom with a broken lock. He had his balls lifted to one side and was wiping with the other hand. I decided to try it out and it does seem to clean me up better. After my dump, I will lift my junk out of the way with my left hand and wipe with my right. I can really get in there to clean. I do also then stand up and do a few passes from behind. It seems to get me pretty well cleaned up.

When I'm at home, I have a sprayer attached to the toilet which does a great job of washing me down. I pat myself dry with paper, although I do sometimes get some wet briefs when I get dressed.

To Evan:

I can't remember the last time I "prairie dogged" because I had to poop so bad. I think some people like abby often get skids because a little turd comes out prematurely . I really think I petsonally get skid for two reasons :

1)dry toilet paper is as effective to really clean our butts as trying to clean pudding off the table with a dry towel ( sorry for the graphic image, but I think anyone who reads this post regularly is not squeamish or easily grossed out:) my worst skids are from when I work where I poop at least 7 times a week where the toilet paper is horribly thin and rough like actually paper. But to be honest I have some wonderfully premium soft toilet paper at home and I still get skids after when I poop st and home, though more slight and subtle

2) I swear sometimes I get skids before I have even pooped. I'll sometimes sit down to have my first poop of the day, and sometimes if I poop a little later in the day , I'll already have a little brown on my light panties or thong. I think I kind of have a big (husband calls it juicy) butt and my crack gets sweaty pretty easily. I also admit, I have a little hair around by crack ( not as much as my husband or many guys but more than I havve noticed in some young woman's cracks that I have seen as a nurse. I have thought about waxing it. I also admit I fart a lot during the day when I get a second alone or when I'm walking with no one around so maybe that will make a stain even before i poop

Has anybody noticed cleaner underwear after waxing or shaving a crack?

Any girls with big butts have my problem too? I subscribe to a lot of fitness sites o. Instagram and having a big butt with yoga pants is kind of in. I get intriged to think this happens to other fit and beautiful ladies with big butts or bigger butts than mine. I also get mortifed to think some of them don't get skids and I am a line dirty girl( I know that it's not true but I still feel this way ocassionally)

I apologize for my bad typing recently. I just got a droid smart phone and I hate typing on it. I,m such and iPhone addict.

Thank you to the moderator and ALL the writers who are allowed to post by the moderator for making this such a decent and safe place to post. I know this site as been around longer than social media (wow the post go back to the late 90's!) Even though we talking about pooping, peeing, farting and dirty underwear, we are so much more civil, polite and intellectual than people discussing politics and religion on social media.

To Evan

I don't often get poop poking out of my butt in my underwear. Honestly in college I shot my pants, but it didn't poke out, I was sick and it just came out. I don't consider shitting your pants a skidmark, that's just an accident. I think skid marks happens to everyone even without incontinence.
My skids are from poor wiping . There are times I will some hastily because I am in a hurry or I think I'm going to take a shower soon. But I have sipped my ass very carefully and still get a small skid

Grumpy old man

surprise holes

to uncle harry
be careful of surprise holes !
picture this if you will beachside town 20odd houses along the street across the street park - camping - generally unused but mown. behind that 4 dunes first two with grass and salt bush next two sand with grass patches. to get to the beach you go over the road through one of the goat tracks through the dunes to the beach and half a mile to the sea at low tide. up the right hand end on the hill is the surf club, toilets showers at the back but it's a walk to get there.
so the campers go in the dunes, I don't have a problem with that accept for the surprise holes.
one again i say picture this if you will a certain grumpy old man leaves the house, across the road, onto the goat track through the dunes 1st ok 2nd ok climbing the third and flump the old sandal and foot sink in a hole and a certain brown paste oozes up around the sandal. family campers right in the middle of the track. i said a few choice words, but hey sh** wipes off, i rubbed my sandal around in the sand a bit and walked on last dune and you wouldn't read about it again another flamin surprise hole for the other foot this time. course spat the dummy and went home to hose off. but still wanted a pint so back over I go, now I should have known better and stuck on the track I was on but noo I had to go and walk on one 30 yards up. . . . after going home again I decided to forgo the pint.
no no its not just me my neighbour seems to find them too! specially after long weekends.


Question and comment for "Grumpy old man"


I enjoyed reading your story about the two women you spotted pooping in the dunes and the lady who cleared up after them.

I'm guessing she may have been a friend or relative and as a group they decided to keep the beach clean. She must have been waiting for them to finish up doing their business. I'm thinking that perhaps the two women suddenly felt an urge to poo when they were walking on the beach after getting off the boat and the other woman held back to give them some privacy. Either that, or they developed an urge while they were on the boat and asked the man to take them ashore so they could get relief in the dunes.

Out of interest, in which country did you witness this? I've often witnessed people pooping outdoors when camping - or at festivals; but not so much in dunes near beaches. I don't need to know the location or town - just wondered which country. If you'd rather not say - then that's okay. It was an interesting story.


Monday, April 09, 2018


To skid Steve and everyone

If you often or even occasionally get skid marks in your underwear, do you usually get them from poop poking out or farting before you poop, or poop being left over after you wipe?


Wiping from the front

I work at a large urban medical school attended by mostly 20 something young men and women. Every morning around 10, I get the urge for a bowel movement and I proceed to the rest room and usually take the handicapped stall. There is often someone in the adjacent stall, where because of the lighting and shadows, I can easily see the guy's wiping technique. I am amazed at how many guys wipe from the front, in between the legs. Although less than half use this technique (as opposed to wiping from the back, as I do, either standing or sitting), it's still a sizable minority, probably 35-40%. I honestly never would have thought of wiping this way. I can easily see my neighbor roll off some toilet paper, either fold it or bunch it together, then I can clearly see them spread their knees and reach in. Some will move their balls to the side with their left hand while wiping with their right. Out of curiosity, I have tried this technique, and once you get the hang of it, it seems to work, but it is not preferable. One issue is putting your arm into the toilet. I don't think you get as clean either.

Speaking of clean, another interesting observation is the variations on how thoroughly guys wipe. Some will pass a loose, smelly, gassy bowel movement and then wipe once or twice. You just know that their butt must still be quite dirty. Others will wipe obsessively, aggressively wiping in a sawing motion, over and over again. I've even seen a couple of guys reach into their backpack and take out a wrapped wipe, which seems pretty obsessive.

I'm interested to hear from others about wiping from the front. Have you ever tried wiping from the back? Just curious!


gross dumpster pee

hi toilet peeps been reading for a while now but had nothing worth tellin, last weekend
dad decided that we were going camping over easter its summer here atm and like really hot, I didn't really want to go but the olds wouldn't let me stay home.
6am we set out and were on the road for ever, finally dad gets a clue, hey and stops for food my bladder is bursting by this time, so iam trying to walk without peeing myself. I get round the side of the gas station to find a line a 10 long for the only toilet, just what I needed no way I was going to be able to hold it that long, so I go round the back where they have these huge dumpsters and sneak in behind them. I rip my jeans down and squat hoping to be able to pee alone. yer right, I no sooner start and another girl just about steps on me. as if I was not grossed out enough having to pee like this already she flicks her skirt up drops her knickers and starts squirting sloppy crap out, its hitting the ground and splashing everywhere. I finish have a quick wipe and quickly pull up my jeans. totally grossed out. she had managed to splash crap everywhere it was huge but so gross, she was like sorry about that blurrrrrrrrt more runny crap, it was like a brown river running out her ass. the dumpster smelt bad to start with now it was really bad. she's blonde about the same age as me. blurttttttt more I couldn't believe it I've pooped slops before but this was like a river. I left her and squeazed back past the dumpster. only to be grossed out again her liquid crap had run under the dumpster and I had stepped in it ewwww. god what did she eat. I walked back around the front leaving so gross footprints of crap to where the air and water thinggys are and wash my sneakers, they will never be the same again. I then went inside and took a pile of napkins and went back around the back, she was still crapping I could hear and smell it brutttttt splatttttttewr I squeazed down the other side of the dumpster and handed her the napkins and left her to finish. sometimes dad really needs a clue he's ordered me a greasy burger and fries, I ate some but I couldn't stop thinking if I eat this that will be me crapping a river in a couple hours.
laters 


Skidmarked in San Diego

To Steve :

I live in Seattle, and I have wrote about my issues with skid mark my whole life ( see Jenny : Skidmarked in Seattle ) I look ( and hopefully smell) pretty clean. I dress professionally most days in business casual or scrubs with my job as a nurse practitioner. I am (told) a smart and attractive woman, yet I get skid marks. Most of my underwear is dark so I probably get skids more often than 25% of the time only 1/4 my panties are light colored or white.

I travel with alll dark underwear with only one white thong to wear under a light dress or white panties. I just left San Diego myself... and I did ride a bike around Cornando island! ( don't worry Steve , you are still anynomus and thankful after this story so am I. Funny thing is I actually diverted my husband to a bar the first time he wanted to ride a bike because I was wearing my white thong and pants and knew I was asking for skid if I biked. Maybe even my white pants too. I even had to poop that morning after my shower so I I knew I was at high risk to gets skids ( I had a very small skid on my thong that night so biking would have killed my thong )So we went to get drinks instead and we biked the next day, wearing ( dark blue jeans) and my dark thong.

My thongs, of course get skidmarked, but my full cut get worse as there is more fabric to go up my booty ( my husband says Britney Spears is my booty twin... not sure if that is a complement lol.

The last time I got bad skid marks while biking was when I biked to work one day. I like to wear a thong under my scrubs so I don't get panty lines, so my plan was to bike to work in boy shorts ( and bike shorts), bike 7 miles to work, and shower in the Locker room and change to my thong and scrubs. I of course got my lime green ( ironically PINK brand) panties pretty skidded, so I through those quickly on the locker before anyone could catch my skids. After my shower, I realized I forgot to bring clean underwear. Thankfully I was alone in the locker room so I swiftly put on my skid marked panties and wore them my whole shift ....they were pretty spoiled by the end of the day.

Here a survey for everyone, guys and girls

1) have you ever went to the gym and forget clean underwear to change into? Do you you wear the dirty ( or skidmarked) underwear or do you go commando ?

2) has anyone gotten skid marks in their pants either from going commando or maybe wearing a thong ? So far my white pants have been safe, but I would carry wet wipes in my purse. And I never go commando but am thinking maybe I should not wear underwear under my bike shorts, running legging or yoga pants

3) doesn't anyone bike and not get a skid mark? Sometimes if constipated and don't poop, my light color thong will make it through the day looking clean ( smell is a different story ) but I have biked after not pooping or even farting and I will skid my underwear after biking

4) does anyone get embarrassed when their spouse or party catches your dirty panties. My husband has seen my dirty parties since we were dating, but I always blush when he finds them, and I do my best to hide them and I try to wash my own underwear



Last October I got my appendix removed. For 4 months I had heartburn and my food would come up, a little, when I lied down. Early this February I got stomach flu. I vomited about 3 or 4 times; after that the acid reflux stopped and I am back to normal. The act of leaning over the toilet and vomiting may have righted the injury of a tube stuck down my throat.

During my appendectomy they used an anesthetic causing difficulty in urinating. It took about as long to pee as it does for me to go #2.

When I had triple bypass heart surgery 2.5 years before at a different hospital, I did not have these problems.

Melvin B-lover

Toiletstool while on the toilet.

Hi all. No better place to post comments on than on the toilet. I'm pooping as I type. It's a great poop, thanks to beans, potatoes,coffee, and water. I'm sure the bathroom stinks, but I can't tell. Anyone walks in here now is sure to faint lol.
@Erica great story!!! The 'emergency' and 'code red' references were funny. I also liked that you described how you pooped, and smiled while doing it - indicating the pleasure of it. Good the poop wasn't as soft, or else the cleanup would've been epic. I'm happy to say I've pooped many places other than the toilet - behind buildings, in nature, and as far as positions - I've stood straight up and did it. I watched in the mirror to see it come out. Hopefully this isn't TMI; shouldn't be, in my opinion considering the site. Happy pooping everyone :) . Stink it up.


@Brooke That's a nice story about you and your co-workers. I'm sorry that you had an accident.

Survey addendum :

1) anybody ever get skids in a a swimsuit? All my swimsuits are black to avoid that possibility

I just read Mia's post. Thank you for sharing. We're yiu able to keep that blue bikini clean? I had to poop outside a couple times in my life, but I always had something to wipe with. Still got some of the worst skids in my life after outdoor pooping even after wiping . Maybe it's the positioning or maybe because I rushed my wipes. Either way , my panties looked like I didn't wipe at all!!!

Uncle Harry

Peeing With Barbara

The recent stories about the dunes reminded me of a dunes story of some time ago. Barbara was a woman I was dating a few times between my two wives. She had never been to the dunes, but wanted to. We went one day. At that time, women were not required to wear tops, but everyone was required to wear pants. However, if you got far enough away from the entrance, you could get away with it. Barbara didn't know about this and was a little sheepish, but got used to it. We put lots of sun cream on each other and lay down in the sun. A little later, Barbara asked where the toilets were. There were none, I told her. I told her people went behind a dune and peed. She was startled. People would see. There was no one there, so I took her behind a dune. I told her to squat half-down and let it out. "Are you going to watch"?", she asked. Just then, a man and a women came by and peed. She watched until they left. "Well", she said, "I really have to go, so here goes". She made a partial squat and a puddle started to develop. I started peeing too, trying to add to her puddle. When we were done, we both laughed. We peed once more before we left.


pooping at the office and many skids


Hello, I am been viewing this site for a few years and like the content. I am new here. I am from the UK, very early middle age, gold dye colored hair, pale white skim, about 175 pounds. I am solidly middle class and work in a professional role. I DO HAVE IBS D and no mental issues. I do work out often and like volleyball, swimming, gym fitness workouts, running track. But diet is a little on the heavy side, lots of vitamins, protein, meats, pasta, and a lot of Indian food. desserts and drinks tend to be sugary. I hardly ever feel hungry. But, do feel bloated and gassy on a daily basis. Well, the food is good despite greasy and heavy.

My first thread is taking a dump in office toilets. It happened yesterday. The office environment is busy, loud, and cramped. Its just been renovated. Everybody like here is largely middle age. I had been working on a major HR project to help small firms fill roles. I check resumes and select most fit candidates. but have to do so much and very thoroughly. I really like to concentrate well so not feeling hungry is indeed a need. So in the morning, had big breakfast which consisted of sirloin, mashed potatoes, eggs, carrots, and fried beans well seasoned before work. I had been some running afterwards about 35 minutes. I was white t shirt, pink gym shorts, and pink sports type tennis shoes. i really did help get awaken. But it was far from enough and at work, got hungry again. I am a good worker and tend to be slight ahead of curve despite the intense workload. I simply decided took a 30 minute break at noon. I went to a steak restaurant and had some tender steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.Of course, I had to get a beer too. drinking at my workplace is common. Its not overdone and hardly anything very heavy. But beer and wine common. I had a moderate british beer.well, I eat it well and chewed good. Now I head back to my workplace.

But felt a sudden urge to go the bathroom. this is typical of IBS D where food passes too quickly, you get gassy and bloated, sometimes incomplete passing, and diarrhea. I got back to the office and really had to go. I had on white pants that were really clean and neat, white t shirt, and still my pink sports tennis shoes on. The office area has about 7 toilets on the my floor. It was a busy. 3 were taken already. i took the fourth stall. Pull down tight white pants and black thong. I had farted immediately that was noisy and constant. It was really smelly. Then at medium speed, 5 logs fell out. they were smelly, light colored brown, semi solid, very slimy, and really messed up my bum. They did not take long to come out. All sank down the toilet commode. The hit the commode with a light sound but not too heavy as somewhat semisolid. I had to pee was indeed a very dark yellow colored because had been holding it for some time and had take vitamins. these logs was so messy. You could see partially in the stall through the door. No of the other women said nothing. I had to wipe. It took about 7 sheets of toilet tissue. All medium messy and fully colored. I wipe with both sides of the tissue as always. But still took 7 as the logs were slimy. i was in the stall about 10 minutes. WHEN DONE, I FLUSHED and there was skids all within the bowl. They were thick and creamy.

i did feel less bloated and better after, but was still gassy later in the day. had to poop 2 more times too


Me & Sister Sammi

Since like 1st grade me and Sammi have been friends. My grandparents are in their 80s and they don't like to fly. Since we live seven states apart, they pay for my ticket to visit them each spring break. Lots of our friends, including my parents, see Sammi like a sister since we're almost always doing things together. And that includes supporting one another in the bathroom when one is having a hard time, especially when we're away from home.

So Sammi picked me up at 4 a.m. for the airport. She faked like she was upset, I thought she wasn't but I found out that she was because on the way to the airport she blamed me for not being able to get her shit in before picking me up. I felt sorry for her, but I was right up against the deadline to get into line for the security check and board my flight. So after she parked and we walked into the terminal, Sammi said she was heading to the bathroom and would meet me after she got done. I didn't think anything of it as I was waiting in the luggage line. Sammi texted me from the toilet. She had been sitting like 10 minutes, was in pain because she was pushing hard, but nothing would come out. I told her my flight was running late and I would be coming to her.

I got checked in, hurried to the bathroom. Something like 30 toilets on two sides of the room. Since it was dark out, I hadn't seen her shoes or what she was wearing. I know she likes to crap in toilets that are a bit away from the others used. Often they are on the farthest end. I peeked in several stalls hoping that I wouldn't be thought to be a perv, but I couldn't find Sammi. Finally, she texted that she remembers signs on two doors saying out of service. As I looked down both rows, I couldn't see them. Just as I got to thinking she might be in another restroom Sammi texted that she remembered a green-color rental car counter nearby. So I walked one way, then the other until I saw the counter.

Then I saw the bathroom. I went around the entrance, it was the same size as the other one, and sure enough I saw the two out of service signs. I texted that I was in there. She told me to come to the end stall. I did. It was a mother encouraging her little boy to stay up on the toilet and get it all out. It brought back some memories for me. Then I went back to the very first stall. As I arrived, I could see Sammi's black underwear atop her jeans. She only wears black underwear because then her mom won't get on her case about skid marks. I know Sammi tries to do better with the wiping, but nothing is good enough with her mother who is sometimes pretty critical of her.

So Sammi opened the door to let me in. She had gotten more pissed in just a few minutes. A half hour ago she was fearing having her shit in the car. Now she had been sitting for several minutes, comfortable but also uncomfortable because it was a busy public place, and she couldn't get anything going. Finally, she gave me her debit card and told me to go to this general store in the terminal and buy her a suppository. I was lucky the store wasn't that busy because I knew Sammi didn't like sitting for all that time on the public toilet without anything happening.

When I came back in I opened it for her. She rose from the toilet and got into a squat. With her right hand and with little effort she inserted it. I was surprised with how easy she did it. She re-seated herself. She texted her mom so she wouldn't worry. She started to pee, something she does pretty frequently, especially after downing coffee.
I realized I had lost track of the time and was starting to tell her I had to check on my flight when she turned her potty mouth on, moved herself farther back on the seat and the first of I think four blasts came. There was a small lull and then obviously more of a soupy blast.

Sammi seemed relieved when she stood to wipe. What she did though was do a quick flush before I could see it. That was smart, however, because she used almost all the toilet paper with her wipes. The toilet paper stack in the bowl was almost up to seat level when I suggested she might want to flush to prevent a clog. Then she took the seat again and did another couple of wipes. Then she did another short pee.

We could tell by the noise outside that the restroom was becoming more crowded. As Sammi pulled up her underwear and jeans I asked her to move aside so I could do a final pee before boarding. As I seated myself, my strong pee stream started immediately. The ease of it seemed to upset Sammi. She became a drama queen in talking about spending more than 45 minutes in bathroom and on a public seat she said could have exposed her to crabs and lice. I told her she shouldn't exaggerate like that. She told me to go to hell. See that's why we remain friends after all these years.

Uncle Harry

To Albert

When a person of one gender needs to help a person of another gender, the standard is to use the bathroom of the person being helped. When my first wife became ill and in a wheelchair, I ran into this situation whenever we went out. I carried a state card in case someone complained. On one occasion, I took her into a ladies room which was crowded. The handicap stall was occupied. A woman next to me was in a stall that had no door on it. She was sitting there peeing and looking at me, but said nothing.


Peeing at the Cow Farm

Easter is over and what a great one it was. We had a great dinner with two families. After dinner, Will's sister opened up her jewelry store and Will bought me an engagement ring. He also bought himself one. This was so unexpected that I got exited and had to run to the bathroom and pee. On Monday, we took the whole day to get Will's car fixed. After all this commotion, we needed a break. Will had never seen a dairy farm. We decided to visit my cousin Robbie's farm south of Pittsburgh. We took a few days off and hit the road. It took several hours to get there. After greetings and introductions. about his large farmhouse, Robby asked, somewhat sheepishly, "Ugh, do you want one room or two", since we were not married yet. I blurted out, "One". Will didn't know what to say. We were served dinner, drank coffee , and talked. I'm a coffee hound, so I ran to the bathroom more that once. I had to remember to close the door, although I'm not sure Sheila would have cared. It started to get late, so I had my hot cocoa, and Will and I went to bed. I hope my cousin did not mind our habit of getting up in the middle of the night to pee.

Morning came early for Robby and Sheila, as all farmers do. We had a great breakfast and set out on a tour of the farm. It took a while, as it was large and had several different kinds of cows. Something started to hit me; I had to pee. We were far from the farmhouse and there were no toilets or hiding places. I tried to hold it, but I was ready to wet my pants. I finally told Robby I just had to pee. I was startled at his answer. "Go right ahead. Pick anywhere". Anywhere?. In plain sight?. Well, if that's what farmers do, here goes. I pulled down my pants, half=squatted, and out it came. No one watched, except Will, and that was because he wanted to pee too. We stayed one more day, peed more times with the cows, and then went home. We made a few pitt stops on the way home. I stayed with will overnight because we weren't due back to work until the next day. We peed and pooped as usual and did nothing much.


Question and comment for "Grumpy old man"


I enjoyed reading your story about the two women you spotted pooping in the dunes and the lady who cleared up after them.

I'm guessing she may have been a friend or relative and as a group they decided to keep the beach clean. She must have been waiting for them to finish up doing their business. I'm thinking that perhaps the two women suddenly felt an urge to poo when they were walking on the beach after getting off the boat and the other woman held back to give them some privacy. Either that, or they developed an urge while they were on the boat and asked the man to take them ashore so they could get relief in the dunes.

Out of interest, in which country did you witness this? I've often witnessed people pooping outdoors when camping - or at festivals; but not so much in dunes near beaches. I don't need to know the location or town - just wondered which country. If you'd rather not say - then that's okay. It was an interesting story.


At the end of my last post I said wrote that I would be back soon with more stories. Well, I was a little bit optimistic because nothing exciting bathroom wise has happened in my life. Until today. As I was gathering my stuff after finishing doing some printing in the uni library for an assignment we've got next week I felt the heavy feeling in my stomach that is indicative of the need to have a poo. So I went along to the bathroom and pushed open the door to find it empty. I love having the pick of which cubical I'm going to use - even if there was only two to choose from. After going into the one by the wall and locking the door I took of my rucksack and hanged it on the hook of the door in addition to my burgundy hoodie. Backing up to the toilet I undid the button on my light blue jeans and pushed them down with my dark blue panties before sitting down. As I was emptying my bladder another girl entered the bathroom and went into the other cubical. She was peeing when I started to pushing out my first turd. It was one of my favourite types of poo where I could feel the lengthy log slowly advance down my rectum due to how wide it was. The feeling of a part of my rectum dilate to accommodate the turn while another part contracted was exquisite. Almost orgasmic in fact. Unfortunate I couldn't hear it splash into the water as the girl in the next cubical flushed her toilet at the exact moment the turd feel out of my bumhole. I pushed out another log and it felt as good as the first one coming out but I couldn't hear that one hit the water as the hand dryer went off as it did so. But I bet it would have been a loud plop. As I felt empty I stood up to look in the bowl and saw one turd curved round the back of the bowl and the other nearly sticking up out of the yellow water. Sitting back down I went to tie off some toilet paper which wasn't easy as the roll wouldn't turn when I tugged on it. But after getting an adequate amount of paper I lifted my left bumcheck up and wiped my bum. Amazingly I only needed to do this once. I then stood up again and this time flushed the toilet and got redressed. Unlocking the door I went over to the sinks and washed my hands. After drying them I went to the mirror and adjusted my fringe before walking out of the bathroom towards the library exit.

Friday, April 06, 2018


Using a squatty potty

Melvin B-Lover - Like you, I think we are meant to be squatting when we poop. It just makes sense. We've been dumping since we first showed up on the planet, long before western toilets existed.
I first used an actual squatting toilet when I visited France. Although it took me a minute to figure out which way I was supposed to face, and how far to lower my clothes, it was a very good experience. Got myself a full elimination. I had told a buddy that I was hoping to find one, so I took a selfie and sent it to him. Of my lower half, only the side of my butt and my jeans and briefs were visible. Very discrete.
I have a Squatty Potty at home which I look forward to using every day. I do feel like I get a full elimination after my morning coffee, but interestingly, after I take the dog for a walk, I usually have another bowel movement. The Squatty Potty does seem to make the elimination so easy. Just a little push and BAM! everything slides out easily. It's actually pleasurable, in that I can feel everything just sliding on out, with very little effort.
I have another buddy who I often text with while I'm on the toilet. One time he was texting and mentioned that he had a Squatty Potty. I said I did too! He texted a pic of himself on the can right then, with his boxer briefs and shorts down at his ankles, feet propped up on the Squatty Potty. I sent one back of myself spas well. Briefs and sweat pants at ankles, skinny legs, feet on the same. I helped him change his toilet out a few months ago and he went in and used it right away.


Stomach Flu Sends us All home early


Hello I'm Brooke I am 36 years old blonde woman who is 5'7 and 155 lbs and mother of two . This happened last year at the payroll/accounting office where I work. It was a very busy day where the phones were ringing of the hook and the papers piling out of the printers. My ???? was in pain the entire morning, and was growing worse in my lower belly as the day wore on and I knew that I was going to suffer from some bad diarrhea. However, I had too much work to get done before I could leave to use the women's restroom. Twenty minutes before the lunch break I got up and headed to the bathroom. On the way there, I saw two of my supervisors leaving their offices at a brisk pace as they headed toured the washroom. I swore under my breath because there are only three stalls in the women's room and the one at the far end was out of order, that meant I would have to hold it until the two ladies were finished. In the bathroom, I saw my head supervisor who is dark haired and attractive woman in her forties enter the stall. "Please excuse me ladies but I have the runs today" she said in a desperate voice as she laid down a toilet seat cover. My other supervisor, a pretty blonde who is a little bit more heavy set, was also in her stall setting down a seat cover. "It's ok honey" she said. "I have been holding my poop in all day". I then heard my head supervisor breathing heavily as she hiked up her flowery dress. I remember her yanking both her pantyhose and pantys down to her ankles then exploding chunky sounding diarrhea into the bowl. "Oh god, I nearly didn't make it" she groaned in a low voice. Meanwhile, it sounded like my other supervisor was having trouble unbuckling the waistband of her black slacks. She finally got them down to her heels, sat down, and let out a load fart in the toilet followed the load crackling sound of soft poop curling around the bowl.

My head supervisor spread her feet wide and a flow of watery diarrhea began to splash into the toilet. "Oh I got a little into my panties" She said as she used some toilet paper to clean them. My other supervisor laughed and said she had nearly had an accident at her desk while she was taking a phone call. The sound of the ladies pooping was making me more desperate and I couldn't help but to begin to pace back and forth while they were going. Things got worse when a new hire named Alicia ran into the restroom with a look of clear desperation on her angelic face. "Oh, excuse me but I am not feeling well, could I please go before you?" Alicia asked me. I was in dire straights but she was a pretty girl who reminded me of my daughters. The two of us were dancing around and squirming but other girls apologized as they just couldn't stop pooping. My head supervisor grunted as she squirted out liquid poop, the other kept emitting wet farts as the sound of mushy poop crackled out of her. I complimented Alicia on her pretty brown thigh high boots in an effort to take her mind of her struggle.

Finally, the lady in black slacks began to wipe herself, I believe it took her around twenty wipes to clean her muddy bum. Our supervisor again apologized to us as she made her way to the sinks. Alicia thanked me and ran into the stall and closed the door behind her. Despite her desperation, I heard Alicia tare off a toilet seat cover and lay it over the seat. She lifted up her white dress, stat down, and the flood gates open. It didn't even sound like she was pooping but peeing. It was a loud and long stream of liquid that lasted for about ten seconds and ended in a loud and terrible wet fart. My head supervisor exited the stall and looked very pale as she made her way to the sinks. As I made my way into the stall another gorgeous lady named Lindsay burst into the restroom with a look of desperation on her face. Lindsay begged me to let her cut in but I had to apologize as I closed the stall door in her face. As soon as I saw the toilet I lost control of myself and diarrhea exploded into my black pantyhose and ran down my legs. I turned to the bowl and hiked up my skirt. As I tore off my undergarments another wave of diarrhea shout out of me again and splattered all over the toilet seat. I didn't sit down into the mess,I just hovered over the filthy bowl and let the liquid diarrhea pour out of me. Alicia was still having the runs next door and apologized to me for making me wait and have an accident. As I was pooping I heard another women run into the bathroom and vomit into the sinks. Obviously the stomach flu was hitting our office. As the woman was vomiting I heard a loud explosive fart followed by liquid shit splattering onto the bathroom tile, and Lindsay burst into tears. "God, I just shit my ????ing self" She yelled. This made the ill woman vomit even more. Alicia quickly wiped and left her stall and the poor woman who had unfortunately soiled herself entered. I had finished with my squirts and began the laborious task of cleaning myself with wads of tissue.

Meanwhile, the poor woman in the next,stall, Lindsay, pealed off her soiled black panty house and I heard her roll them up into a ball of tissue. Two more young coworkers entered the bathroom and began to knock and plead at our stall doors. Lindsay yelled at them to wait as she began to have more diarrhea into the toilet. I got out and noticed a giant splatter of wet diarrhea on the floor where the Lindsay pooped herself. Both of the ladies in waiting were heelless and squirming in their black trouser socks. Evidently the poor things had left their stilettos at their desks at break time before dashing to the toilets. One of the women who has, a bob hairstyle, ran into the now empty stall, ripped down her black slacks, and began to have violent diarrhea. I stepped over the poop and made my way to the sinks with a bundle of toilet paper to clean myself up. I asked the ill woman if she was ok, she told me she was but she had the shits now.
The other young woman, named Margaret, made no attempt to hide her desperation. She was clenching hold of her bum with both hands and stomping her feet like a little child throwing a tantrum. I found out latter that a similar situation was happening in the men's room so she couldn't go there. My other friend, Nicole, latter told me that she had cut in line at the men's room to have diarrhea and made two other men shit themselves terribly as they waited! She told me one of the men who had soiled himself began to puke in the sinks as well. Meanwhile, poor Margaret began to curse under her breath. From the mirror I saw her black slacks become soaked and moist as if she had peed herself. "Man, I just shit my pants." She said matter of factually, at least she remained calm and didn't cry.

When I left, my head supervisor called me into her office, she had just finished vomiting into her waist basket. She told me that she was sending everyone home early and that we could all take tomorrow off as well. It being Thursday meant we all could have a long weekend being ill shitting, and puking our guts up. When we came back on Monday we all had stories to tell of our weekend experiences. My friend and colleague Bridget told me she had ran out the office barefoot to use a restaurant's restroom. Only she didn't make it and flooded her dress, leaving a trail of diarrhea on the cement sidewalk.
On the bright said we all got paid sick leave and a professional cleaning company came in the next day to sanitize the place. I have another story of my entire family getting sick this January if you want to read about it. Thanks!!!

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