Erica on the Pot (or not)

No water means no toil

Hey there everybody!
My name is Erica and I am so excited I found this website. Nitro have had a growing curiosity about bathroom related activities since I moved out of my parents house at 18. I guess I'll tell a little about myself. I live in Oregon (yes we get a lot of rain, but we also have lots of beautiful nature that loves the rain), I'm 24 and am about 5'6. I am a little bit ????, but people describe me as super cute and happy. I wear glasses and have light brown hair. Over time I have become more and more curious about using the bathroom in different places than toilet, but never have had the nerve to actually to try.....until today.

Which leads us to our story!

So recently there has been a construction crew in my neighborhood working on putting ina new apartment complex. They have been working about a month and a half and things appeared to be moving along smoothly until today. At about 1:30 today, I came home from work to grab lunch and start some laundry. I was just finishing my sandwich when there was a knock on the front door. It turns out while installing some of the underground power lines, the crew cracked a water main pipe and had lowered the water pressure for the entire block. The worker at the door assured me it wasn't to serious and that they would try to have it fixed by the end of the night. In the meantime, the worker advised me to expect some things in the home not run as well, like my toilet. This happened to be bad timing as I was starting to feel the rumblings of a good poop coming fast and knew I would not make it back to work without dropping my brownies in my pants. So what is a girl to do??

As I said above, I have been getting more and more curious about going to the bathroom in different places and was now presented with the opportunity to do so. Hooray!!
So I started looking around and thinking: Where would be the best place to start. I can't go in the backyard because the house behind me has a in-home daycare, so I can't go out there in fear of being seen by the children. I thought about using the bathroom room sink, but that didn't seem to be inventive enough. It was then that I realized I still had laundry that needed to be done, and the answer came to me. I went to the laundry room and found a towel that was dark in color that wouldn't show any stains, but would be absorbent as well. It was then that I made final descion to poop on a towel. I went into the bathroom and grabbed an extra roll of toilet paper, just in case. I laid the towel out on the floor, shoooed the cat out of the bathroom, and got ready to do my deed. I pulled my pants and my undies off and laid them down away from the towel and got everything situated. I felt like I was stalling and think I was because I was nervous. That, or I suddenly became very particular about how the toilet paper and towel sat on the floor. I decided that it was now or never.
Due to a bad knee injury from a car crash a couple years ago, squatting is almost impossible, so I just decided to sit cross-legged on the towel and scooted up towards the middle to make sure I had the maximum coverage. I took a few good deep breaths and felt my stomach rumble in preparation for the poop to come. I am usuallly a once every other day pooper, so I expected this to be fairl healthy size poop. I gave a push and felt my body protest as my brain sent a signal saying "Hey, this isn't a toilet. Please find one to continue. Thank you" I told myself to relax and that this was ok and everything was fine. I could feel the pressure on my bottom increase as a pre-poop fart sneak out and the earthy smell of poop float up. I was still super nervous but started to feel myself relax. I could feel my bottom start to open and gave a good push to get things moving more. The pressure increased as I felt the turd start to stretch my bottom open more and the poopie start to slide out a little more. My brain gave a Critical Red Alert Emergency signal as it protested further. "We are Code Red! Please abort this poop and seek porcelain relief. This is your final warning." Knowing it was either hop up to the toilet now or try something I had been interested in doing 3 minutes ago, I gave a big push and felt my bottom fully open and the poopie push against the floor and expand under me, seemingly lifting me up off the bit ever so slightly. I couldn't help but smile. This was going well. My confidence raising, I pushed again and felt my body give in. The poopie under me continued to expand and filled the space under me and pushed out behind my a tiny bit. The smell of my creation gave to fill the space around me and I started to realize I had really done this.....and didn't die. I gave a few more pushes and could hear the crackle of my poo under as more poopie started to expand out behind me. After a few more minutes I felt better and relieved. I slowly got into a kneeling and grabbed the wipes I keep for my niece to change her diapers when I watch her and started cleaning myself up. Luckily It was a fairly firm poop so cleanup was not too difficult. After I got all clean, I got my undies and pants back on and started cleaning up the poop on the towel. I ended up deciding to throw the towel away because it was older and just about through with it's life , so it was ok. I walked out to my trash can and dropped the bag with the towel in it in and walked back in the house proud of myself for trying something new. So now I'm curious if anyone else has tried going by just sitting on a towel? I'm sure I can't be the only one to try it. Ha ha!
So after all that, I was a few minutes late getting back to work but it was worth it. I'm really proud of myself for gong through with and am excited to try going in other places. I'm hoping to try going no in the backyard once summertime comes and we are given more warm day. I have some stories of when I was younger which I think led to me being curious now. And I'm sure I will have more stories to tell in the future!
Thanks everyone for listening! I know I will be back!
May the poops fall as they may,

Surfer boy friend of pilgrim hiker
My girl friend just told me about this site. A few days back she referred correctly to me in one of her posts on my experiences when camping at some surfing beaches. For an urban guy like me I must say it was a chock to discover that I would have no ordinary toilet to visit. Peeing certainly no problem for a man, but pooping!? A brave and tough male surfer squatting in the bushes? I just could not stand the idea. Three male friends travelling together and we have not at all touched the issue (typcally?) One evening one of my friends was out alone so long that I suspect him to really have a toilet break in the bushes, but who knows? When men are away from their girl friends they often hide for other purposes. But it is obvious that many persons go in the bushes. Behind a dense bush one may find toilet paper and even typical human waste. In our neighbour van there are four women. They usually pee just behind their car, but some times I have seen one going away into the bushes alone and returning after typically 3-5 minutes. Purpose? Pooping, I guess. Yes, for sure nice surfer girls also poop. I have seen it, once walking in on one of my neighbours squatting, trousers at the knees wiping just after leaving a mass on the ground. Luckily we were both able to meet it with a smile. Nudity is not gross for surfers. And for a girl it is common to squat. But then, a man squatting? My girl friend commented that seeing a man squatting looked so childish. But nature also caught up with me. After some days there was no way around. I had to give up pride. Went over to the bushes in the early morning. Took the hard step to pull down and squat. Nobody around. It was easy to open up and get away with waste collected for 4-5 days. Huge amount, in a Freudian way I was almost proud of what I had done. It was all over in less than one minute. Went back to the van and had my best surfing day ever. Keeping up normal habits is an important part of wellbeing. Since then I have been able to get it done with ease every morning. (Yes, squatting in the bushes like a child.) Only once being observed I think. This morning one of my sweet neighbours went in on me. She made thumbs up and went over to the next bush. I smiled back and said sorry, but very necessary. For sur I know she said and smiled. A week ago I would have been embarrassed just by the thought. Not least in the morning one may get a glimpse of this often unmentioned but normal side of life. Still two days left here. I shall report if anything intereting comes up.

Melvin B-lover


Hi all. I appreciate those who responded to my questions. I want to touch on one of my previous posts; the squatty potty.
My belief is, and I could be wrong, but I believe us humans were meant to squat to poop, not sit on the toilet. For many, such a concept may be hard to fathom because most of us sit on the toilet and poop. I've done research, and based on that, squatting is the best way to push out a full dump... great feeling. By sitting on the toilet our rectums are bent, and small amounts of it may get trapped in the fold (that's the best way I can describe it). Think about it; you ever take a dump, and after you're finished it feels like there's some still in there? That's because it is. Trapped poop come out later during your next poop. It's those hard, pebble-looking pieces attached to a soft turd. Or some times, it's just that - hard poop pieces. Constipation sucks, my opinion. Many times constipation is your rectum trying to eliminate that trapped sh*t. Squatting however straightens our rectums and the poop slides right out, easy. Notice how babies & toddlers squat when they poop? They're doing it naturally correct. It's one of the reasons potty training can be so difficult, because it's taking away their natural elimination process. A squatty potty, or something similar, reinforces natural pooping, therefore makes for a perfect dump many times.
So I believe all this. If I'm wrong, or missing anything, please tell me. Y'all have a great day, and I hope you all enjoy your poop today - no matter how you do it, where you do it, have a smelly but proud poop :)


Luke's long-held crap

Luke, whose a year younger than me, is my kinda boyfriend. We enjoy school, are in lots of activities, and once or twice a week we walk home from school. We live about 3 blocks from one another so often we crash at each others' house to do homework or just hang out. I'm very confident about going to the bathroom away from home. On this day last week I had used the bathroom 4 times at school--3 times to pee and once for you know what. Its just no big deal. Kinda like reality if you don't want your bowels or bladder to explode. Again, its no big deal. Sit. Wipe. Flush. Wash your hands (if the sinks are available and working). Then go back to your activity. On the other hand, Luke goes all out to avoid crapping at school. Overall, he's pretty good at holding it until he gets to his house. Then he tosses his backpack on the sofa, and heads to the toilet. Sometimes his coat will hit the sofa, too. Other times he misses. Then I pick it up for him. Within seconds he flips the seat down, thuds his 120-pounds onto it, and almost immediately, as my sister calls it, there's this sigh of ecstasy as his fully-formed crap exits. Luke uses quite a bit of toilet paper to clean himself (I've had to bring him a new roll a few times). Sometimes I hear 2 or 3 flushes before he comes out with that look of satisfaction on his 14-year-old face.

On the day I'm referring to last week, when we started our walk I could tell he was in agony. We cut through the lots of 2 gas stations as we walked up this hill and into this smaller park with a bunch of baseball diamonds. I told him I have used the toilets there and they weren't that bad, but he came up with a lame excuse (seats would be dirty and cold and some other things that were so absurd that I didn't listen) so we walked right by 2 bathroom buildings. We got to this hill and about a 30 degree climb with some rocks that caused him to stumble, but not fall. We got to the top, about a block from my subdivision when Luke suddenly stopped. He said "F*** I'm gonna be sick" before he quickly unbuckled his jeans, dropped his torn briefs, and went into a squat. I knew what was going to happen. I figured out, though, what was going to happen first. After 2 or 3 seconds, the weight of his jammed backpack took over. He was in agony because of the large bowl of chili he had eaten at lunch for each of the past 2 days. I tried a spoonful of his chili and it was strong! He fell over backward.

As Luke was struggling to get up. I forced him to stay down while I undid both the buckles on his backpack. While doing so, I looked between his open legs and found a soft log the size of a banana was partially out. Back on his feet, I moved Luke forward so he wouldn't step in/on his crap. I noticed he was getting a partial erection and he was fighting me to stand up. He stuttered out that more was coming.
Now without his backpack he spread his legs, squatted over, and surprisingly he did a soft-serv quite easily. It only took about 10 seconds, although he held his squat well. (Actually better than I can, but I've only tried it once or twice). Finally, he was starting to think better. He asked me to pull out a notebook from his backpack and tear out a few sheets of paper. I remember going to the end of his history notes to find some. I think I gave him about 4 sheets. He used each one and asked me for a progress report on how he was doing. I tried to be optimistic because I knew he was hugely embarrassed, even though we're good friends. I pointed out a smear down the left leg on his inner side.

A couple of the scrunched up sheets were starting to blow around. Luke said he didn't know where to put them and I showed him a smaller rock near the top of the hill. So both he and I picked up the 4 sheets. He held his foot over them while I surprised him by picking up the rock (it weighed about 15 pounds) and brought it down. He helped me place it over the dirtied papers. When we got to my house, both of us had to pee. I let him go in first, but only after a promise to lift the seat.
He did. But he forgot to flush.


Unusual experience

Hello toilet stool friends,
I am 65 year old male and have been a regular reader of this site for several years, this is my first post.
Recently on a vacation I stopped for breakfast at a well known restaurant. After a tasty meal of eggs, bacon and pancakes, I began to feel my usual morning urge to move my bowels. The mens room at this restaurant always has a handicapped stall and a regular stall.
I went into the regular stall as the handicapped was occupied.
On closer observation I noticed by looking at the shoes that the handicapped stall had a man sitting on the stool and a woman standing in front of him. I assumed that the reason the woman was in the stall was to assist the man. I have never had a bowel movement with a woman so close by. I found myself becoming excited by this so I sat down on the stool and grunted loudly as my soft turds left my anus. I was obsessed with letting this strange woman knowing what I was doing.
I didn't really need to grunt, as my turds can easily be passed. But I found this experience so thrilling that I was exceptionally loud, grunting and sighing with relief. The pair left before I did.
Afterwards I wondered what the woman thought. I have been fascinated with the idea of watching a woman shitting in front of me. But have never had the pleasure. Reading the posts by women hear on this site gives me great enjoyment. My experience left me with several questions that I thought people on this site might be able to answer. First, why do you suppose this couple decided to use the mens restroom? Second, would I be able to go into the women's restroom if I was assisting a woman. Is this situation determined by the concerns of the person who is using the toilet? I would enjoy hearing from the readers on this site.

Abby C
Hi everybody, today I have a two new stories for you guys and I just wanted to say happy Easter to everyone.

This first story happened when I was with my sister Kate and her friend Jenna. We were at the park and me and Jenna had to go to the bathroom and Kate stayed on the benches. We found porta potties and we both took ones next to each other. I started my pee which lasted about 15 seconds. The porta potty must've been new cause it smelt good. My piece started crackling out and it was a pretty big piece. It splashed in and I wiped and waited for Jenna. Jenna called my name and asked me for some toilet paper. I went in her porta potty and she said, "Thanks I just took a huge poop and of course there's no toilet paper". She got up and there was huge piece coiled in the toilet.

This next story happened at a wedding recently. My cousin was getting married which was at 7:30. The dinner started at 9 which was a bit late for me. After eating I really had to poop. I had a nice maroon dress on and purple underwear. I took a stall and put my underwear at my knees. A piece slowly came out of me crackling really loudly. It plopped in and I started wiping and went back to my family.

Melvin B-lover

My previous post

HI all. Real quick; on my last topic of squatting, I meant to say that not squatting is ONE of many reasons for constipation, not the only one

Anna from Austria
I have a question for the Ladies. Do you mind talking when using the bathroom?

I do not mind to talk while peeing but it is some kind of unwritten rule for me not to talk while going Number 2.

Last week I had a funny buddy dump at work. I was already talking to a new co worker, while on the way to bathroom. We went in the small bathroom with only 2 stalls. So we took the two stalls next to each other. She was talking the whole time to me and I was already hoping that she will stop talking so I can be for myself when doing a poo. But she did not stop. she peed first, then did a small fart, even grunted a bit and I could hear her poo falling into the toilet . I also did a loud pee, some farts and mushy poo. during our conversation that never stopped. It was really weird somehow. We both wiped a few times then flushed and continued our conversation at the sink while washing our hands.

Greetings from Austria


Wednesday, April 04, 2018

John H

Nice dump

Hi all.,
Long time no post.
I had a very enjoyable poo in work today. I hadnt went the previous 2 days so I knew there was a big load to come out and just before break I felt the pressure building.
I let it build for a while before going to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and I could feel a large mass moving down and my hole began to slowly open. I didn't push as I like the feeling of relaxing and letting my body do its own work.
The log was very thick and moved very slowly. After around 2 minutes it had stopped moving and I gave some small pushes and I could feel that the widest part was not yet out. It continued slowly and i enjoyed every second as the log moved out and split under its own weight. It continued out and the end was in the bottom of the boll before it was finally out.
I relaxed before following up the main log with some smaller softer logs. I would have liked to have left the load there but I wiped up. There was a healthy but not unpleasant poo smell that I am sure lingered after I flushed and washed my hands and went back to work.
At my desk I could still feel my ass tingling from the large log. Does anyone else ever have this experience.
Later when I got home I had another enjoyable poo. The logs were not as big but it was another large one so I should be all empty now.

!Mia, Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. It was a good read and I enjoyed it. Hope you share more.
Take care all
John H

After in excess of 20 years, this class of people has to be addressed for the first time. Read it as a sign of the times. Despite what society says, despite what society does, what you do behind your computer or device screen matters. You simply do not get to act lewd, act ugly, curse people, or otherwise show out in an amoral manner, then go about your business posting, as if nothing happened. Why? We will have no part of enabling people who feel entitled to do and say whatever. There will be no reward for such conduct. You don't get to behave this way and reap the same benefits as those who treat others in a civil manner. Acting ugly does not get you to the same place as the man who follows the golden rule. We are in a position to make a difference, and make the world a better place with how we use our power. That's what we will do as best as we can. Let's look at this in detail, as due to social media, there is now a huge disconnect between what we do in real life versus on the internet. Ask yourself first and foremost: -Do I want someone to behave toward me as I treat others? -If I feel someone deserves whatever I am dishing out, how would I feel when abuses me the same way I abuse others for the same reasons? -Why I think people are obligated to accept my abuse? -What was I trying to accomplish? -If I behaved this way in the real world, what consequences would I face? Here is where we point out that, none of these folks ever have of their own volition, admitted they were wrong. When they start to realize their actions preclude them from getting what they want, then and only then do they swear to do all the right things for all the wrong reasons.

To Evan

Yes please post more stories especially like the last few! I too get skids on my briefs especially because I am usually putting off going poop until the last minute. A lot of times it pokes out into my briefs before I make it to the bathroom! I would say more often than not to be honest lol. I will have to post some of my times where I didn't quite make it as well!


To skid Steve

Glad to know I'm not the only one that gets skid marks too! I do think biking causes more noticable skid marks. There's the combination of your underwear getting pushed up your crack by the seat, as well as the sweat from the heat and riding. I wear mostly white briefs like you had mentioned in your story so I have to admit that often when I take my underwear off getting into the shower etc., I often have skids in the back and a little yellow in the front. I sometimes have to change my underwear if I've had a wet fart or some bad skid marks while I'm getting ready for bed because I sleep in just my undwear and a tee shirt most of the time and I don't want my family to see me in badly skid marked underwear (even though my mom will eventually see them in the laundry.)

Melvin B-lover

Accidents (or lack thereof)

Hi all. Over the years I've read hundreds of posts on this site containing public place accidents. I must say I'm very fortunate not to have had any in public, or anywhere in which someone saw. I've have accidents outdoors a few times however. 3 come to mind.
1. In 1998, when I was 20, I remember walking about a quarter mile to blockbuster video at night. I had to poop, not bad, but it was definitely ready to come out. While swapping out the videos in the store it hit me, and I knew I had to hurry. Halfway home my poop wanted out immediately! Trying to walk fast and keep my but tight, just didn't work. So I stopped walking and pretended to check my bag, all while the poop came gushing out into my underwear. It wasn't diarrhea or soft, but just a HUGE thick dump. I didn't have to push either. Thankfully I only had to deal with passing cars and no pedestrians on the sidewalk with me. It was a definite stinker. To make matters worse, soon as I started walking again that great big brown bulge came rolling down my right pants leg, and fell onto the sidewalk - again, thankfully no one noticed. When I got home I was able to make it to the bathroom and clean up without mom noticing. Didn't have any more poop either. It all came out onto the sidewalk.
2. In summer, 2002, I my apartment to pick my nephew and nieces up and bring them back. However right as I got to the bus stop, it hit me and I had to take a massive dump, and NO WAY was I going to get on the bus with this one. So I headed back home - once again clutching my butt tightly. Made it home, headed straight for the toilet. Now here's what's unusual; I made it, but still somehow manage to poop my shorts - BAD! I'm not fecally incontinent by any stretch, but that day I couldn't even make it to sit down, it came pouring out like lava. I remember telling my intestines "really???". Took 45+ minutes to clean up.
Question; has that happened to anyone here? You get very close to relief, only to have your butt give up on you very close to the bathroom. 3rd story later


Bathroom survey I've written

Male/Female: Male
Age: 16

I hope these are some interesting questions. I'll start.

1. Do you regularly remember to use the bathroom before you leave home?
Why or why not?
I try, but sometimes when my friends who drive come over and honk, I don't want to keep them waiting. My dad's also very punctual about
leaving when he wants to.

2. What is the rudest thing you've witnessed in a bathroom away from
At school when all the toilets are occupied and older boys come in
wanting to take an immediate shit. Those sitting on toilets with a
privacy door get a loud fist or two into the door. Once it even
jarred the door open. When there is no door and someone is just
sitting there with his underwear down, I've seen a bully approach
the guy like he's going to get shoved off if he doesn't get up.

3. Do you check each stall before you will select the one to use?
At school, especially between classes, there is not enough time to
but I do at arenas and the mall.

4. Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to
crap or when you have to pee?
Although sometimes I will sit to pee, the guys' bathrooms often
don't have privacy doors for each toilet. When I'm crapping I
prefer to have more privacy.

5. Do you mind an unflushed toilet bowl? To pee in no, but I will
raise the seat first. But for crapping, I don't like getting the
splashback when I drop the heavy one.

6. Do you mind pee on the seat?
In curtain circumstances I've come to accept it. When crapping, the
five or 10 seconds to wipe the seat could mean a tardy or DT--and
that's not something I'm willing to risk.

7. Do you remember to check for toilet paper first?
Not always, but usually.

8. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down?
It would be laughable at school. But at my dad's company, at the
airport, and in some stores they are regularly available.

9. Do you tear off toilet paper to lay over the seat before you sit
down? My parents taught me and my sister to do that. I've been
trying to get away from that since I started high school. Few of
the guys do it. The papers just cause more of the toilets to jam.

10. Are you offended by graffiti on stall doors and walls?
Some of it is kind of interesting if you're seated for a crap.
Some of it though is really sick.

11. What would be two changes you would make in the public bathrooms
you use most?
Automatic flushers would help. Also, users need to have more pride
in keeping bathrooms clean. My dad talks about the little kids who
use them and probably don't have the best personal hygiene


Survey answers

1. Is it just me, or does stinkier farts feel better than non-smelly ones?

Stinkier normally means more gas released.

2. Anyone else on here use a 'squatty potty' or a similar item?

Never tried it.

3. When did (if ever) you get comfortable farting & pooping in the presence of your gf/bf?

I don't recall. These days it's a total non-issue with us.

[quote]4. Do you, or have you, eaten or drank something while pooping on the toilet?[/quote]

Once, when I was in a big hurry.

5. What does your absolute ideal poop consist of - size, texture, strength of smell, time of day, location?

I don't care.

Uncle Harry

To Grumpy Old Man

Great story, I have been on dunes and seen peeing behind dunes, but nothing like this.



Natasha, thanks for your update, I'm sorry to hear your still constipated and struggling so much to have a poo and that you had such a hard time when you went to the toilet after your last post, its really annoying if you feel like you need a poo but nothing will come, although I'm glad you were able to have a satisfying poo a couple of days later. Going 3 days between poos is never a good sign, I know I always start to struggle if I haven't been for a couple of days although I've never been a 'once a day' girl, every other day is normal for me when I'm not constipated. I can really identify with having fat and dry poos, I get exactly the same thing when my constipations bad and I'm not surprised your having to spend a long time on the loo pushing and straining, when I'm constipated I have exactly the same problem, also I can't help grunting which is awkward if anyone else is around to hear me! The other really annoying thing that happens to me if I'm having a really hard poo is I can push it out a bit but it then gets sucked back up my bum when I stop pushing, I was wondering if that has ever happened to you when you get constipated, if it has I completely sympathise!
I kind of hoped that when I left school my constipation might improve- it did for a time, but I guess I'm still really prone to it though as it has come back on numerous occasions. I honestly thought you'd completely beaten it though so I totally get why it reminds you of being at school, like you I was pretty much permanently constipated all through secondary school. I seem to recall you posting ages ago about school friends of yours who were struggling to have a poo as well, in my experience the whole set up of school ie only being able to use the loo at certain times and quite often needing to hold it in (either through lack of time or embarrassment) means constipation is a common problem among school kids and teenagers. Like you I had several friends who I know suffered with it alot as well, so at least it wasn't just me. Basically from Year 7 to Year 9 I almost never went for a poo at school even though I felt the urge most days, the girls loos were just too disgusting and I was too intimidated to use them (especially when I wanted to have a poo) as lots of older girls used to hang around there. It wasn't until Year 10 when some of the toilets were refurbished that I felt able to have a poo at school, but I think that by then the damage was done and to be honest I've been constipated on and off ever since, despite being happy to use the girls loos whenever I needed a poo during the rest of my time at school.
Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you start to have an easier time pooing and get relief from your constipation soon!
Like you I don't have any specific stories to post at the moment, but will post again as soon as I do!

Hey guys,

I've been lurking for about a year and finally decided to post. I'm a 6'2" 18 year old white male from Canada. I am a bit on the heavier side of the spectrum. My BMs are usually 1-2 times a day and nothing special. I want to share my most recent experience.

Since I'm usually quite often, I don't worry about the toilet too much. Unfortunately when I get distracted my BMs tend to suffer. On Friday I did a Scavenger hunt and got 2nd place! Because of this, I ignored my small need for a BM. I went bowling Friday night and thought about it but ignored it to hang with my friends. All Saturday I had no urge to use the toilet, which is when I knew that it would be a big one when I went. I'm used to occasionally going 1 day without a BM, but two can be rough. I woke up Sunday morning with no urge, but soon after I ate I felt things moving. I put out two small solid ones before my shower. In the shower the urge persisted, so since I'm in Uni in communal bathrooms I decided to wait until I got out of the shower. After drying off and dressing I went and sat down on the toilet. With little effort I pushed out many a piece that almost filled the water! Several stuck out of the water when I was done. I wiped and left. I hope to post more in the future. Happy BMs!

Pilgrim hiker
Around Easter I am spending two weeks hiking parts of the Camino. I am walking alone but some days I stick to others or others seek my company. This morning I met a man just after starting out and we came into talk. The conversation went smoothly so we continued walking together. After some hours he slowed down a bit and eventually he said that he would take a break. He said that I certainly could continue. But I found the guy nice and friendly even though the difference in age (probably almost 40 years older than me) so I said that we could continue together after the break. I did not catch the point. He was in need of a toilet break. I guess he should have liked me to continue alone. After drinking some water, he somewhat hesitating said, 'eh, um, do you know where to find the next toilet?' I really did not know, but the map showed over 5 km to the next village. I did not really know what to say but I offered to start walking and said that he could catch up with me afterwards. That would be nice he said. There was a dense thicket which he went behind when I left. But I did not know that the trail made a slight turn and after just 50 meters or so I could see the poor man squatting. Luckily he did not spot me. After 5 minutes or so he came and we continued our conversation without mentioning the toilet issue at all. Just now when writing this we have a lunch break at an inn.


No toilets at the beach

Last summer me and my friends went on a day trip to the beach. There was 6 of us, all girls. The beach itself was relatively busy with quite a few families and large groups of people but at the same time everyone seemed spread out each group seeming to have there own little area. We'd been there a while mostly just sun bathing when I needed the urge for the toilet. I ignored it and continued lying there alongside my friend beth. After an hour later the feeling returned and I realised to my annoyance I would have to go. I asked Beth if she knew where the toilets where which she didn't. I walked off to find some thinking that there must be some close by. I walked over the sand dunes into the wooded area which is quite large and is near the small car park. Getting quite desperate I eventually asked an older woman of about 40 if she knew where the toilets where, after wandering around unable to find any for about 15 minutes. She unfortunately said she didn't know and walked over to the beach. I now had to do something which I had never done before and that was go the toilet with no toilet! I walked off deep into the wooded area which USB best described as a large area of sand dunes with a forest growing on it. I figured everybody would be at the beach and nobody would be around here so I should be ok to go. To make sure I wandered even deeper into the woods well away from the beach now. As I walked around the side of a sand dune I got quite a shock. There was a woman about 30 squatted down right infront of me. "Oh my god" she said clearly embarrassed. "Oh sorry" I said and turned away immediately. She quickly pulled her shorts up and looked at nervously, saying "hi". It was very awkward and I looked down to see a wet patch in the sand. She explained that she couldn't find the toilets, to which I told her the same. "Oh you're looking for a place to pee too?" She said a little relieved that I was in a similar situation to her. "Well not exactly..." I said and gave her an awkward smile. She knew what I meant by this and gave a little laugh. "Good luck then" she said and we both walked off, me wanting to go further away now to try and find somewhere really private. I wondered what my friends were thinking with me being gone such a long time. I eventually came to a rocky wall about 15 feet high. I climbed it quite easily. On top the wood continued. This was my place I thought. I went over to a little mound of sand and using my hands started to dig away a little hole for me to sit over as I didn't want to squat. Firstly because I was sure if I could hold it long enough and that it might be uncomfortable but also because I would fell less exposed sitting down. I pulled down my bikini bottoms and sat down over the hole facing over the rocky face so I could look out. With very little effort my poo came out. Just as I was in the middle of going however I saw a family walking by down below. I didn't know what to do so I just didn't move hoping they would t notice me and if they did the would just think I was sitting down for whatever reason. I kept my hand over my vagina not that they would be able to make anything out being this distance away but just in case. Fortunately they walked straight across with out looking up at all. I felt quite relieved but just the heard a noise behind me and sure enough only about 5 meters away was a man and his dog! He saw me. I was absolutely mortified. He sort of came over walking in the direction with his dog off the lead. He was an older man about 70 and he seemed a little surprised and unsure to see me sitting there. "Hello" he said. As he came closer to my horror the dog started trying to sniff my crotch and bottom area. I think now he realised what I was doing as he must have clearly seen my bikini bottoms around my thighs and me sitting there my hands over my woman's bits. "Err I'll be on my way then" he said and I just smiled at him awkwardly. He turned away and walked off but to my embarrassment had to come back to get his dog away which would not leave me alone. I waited till he was completly out Of sight before finishing off my poo. It was only then when it struck me, I had nothing to wipe with! I sat there in shock. I was wearing a bright blue bikini so any skid marks would show very very easily. Once more there was no leaves on the trees lower down that I could reach, as they were all really high up with tall trunks. I had no choice but to walk Bach the beach holding my bikini bottoms away from by butt crack so they wouldn't become messed. I could fell that my backend was dirty which was a really strange feeling. I got to the beach and had to stop holding my bikini as that would look ridiculous. I quickly walked right into the sea, very deep up to my chest. I then without anyone knowing pulled down my bikini bottoms and using my hand!, wiped myself in the water. To conclude I returned to find friends to tell them the horrors of what had just happened and give them a jolly good laugh for the rest of the day.

Pilgrim hiker
I must add that I do not find it peculiar that someone goes to toilet along the trail. I have had to do it myself, not only to pee....


Peeing and Pooping with My Fiance 1

This Easter turned out to be the best Easter I ever had. Will was not able to come for our usual swim and dinner on Friday night. There was an event for the parents at his school that he had to attend. However, he did come over on Saturday. We both peed before the movie started. I peed first and Will got in line. During the movie, I peed a few times during the commercials. We cuddled up as usual. When the movie was over, we watched the news for 1/2 hour. Will and I kissed good by and he left. Shortly, I put on my nightgown and got on the toilet. While peeing, Will came in. He had keys. His hands looked greasy, as well as parts of his clothes. I asked him what happened. His car started, but an indicator showed something was wrong. He looked under the hood with a flashlight. The radiator hose had a rip in it. There was no way to get it fixed before Monday. I could have driven him home in my car, but it was drizzly and foggy. Not good driving weather. I suggested he stay with me for the night and we will figure out some thing in the morning. He had no pajamas and all I could give him was a woman's nightgown. He got into it and looked pretty goofy in it, with his hairy legs, but we both had a good laugh. We both had a cup of hot cocoa before going to bed. Hot cocoa helps me relax. Will peed before going to bed. We kissed good night and went to bed. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

About 2:00 PM, I felt a pee ping, so I got up. I didn't turn on the lamp by the bed so as not to wake Will. I sat down on the toilet and and started to pee. Then I saw a light turn on and Will shuffled over, yawning. He didn't say much. He just waited for me to finish. Then he peed and we went back to bed.

(to be continued)

Monday, April 02, 2018


Recently I was in the bathroom, then heard the next door neighbout, an attractive lady about 45 enter her bathroom, then close the door

I put my ear to the wall, then heard a loud PLOP. Shortly after there was another plop, almost as loud. I then heard 4 more quieter plops

I often wonder when I see her what she would think if she knew I'd listened to her plopping

Does anyone else listen in?

Pilgrim hiker
Last post from me for today, I promise! I have just had a phone talk with my boy friend. He has been surfing at the Atlantic coast for a week. I told him about the incident I experienced earlier today. He laughed and said that I should have been where he has been. Living in a VW camper with two friends. Often over 20 cars there over night and at least 50 surfers every day. No toilet at the site, just sea, beach, dunes and shrubs. He told that all three of them have gone in the bushes every day, and that everybody else also did. Peeing just behind the car, but when to take a dump most people went over to an area with a huge plain with low bushes. Almost behind every bush there was some poop and used toilet paper and especially if going there in the morning you might spot somebody squatting taking care of business. Nobody really seemed to bother.

Pete the poop


I woke up on saturday and felt very gassy and windy
About 10am i had to visit the loo and had a very relieving but stinky pooh. I was surprised how much came out.

Half hour later i was on the phone and let out a fart and realised it was a bit more. I couldnt get of the phone straight away but once i did i hurried to the loo and had round2. My panties had quite a few streaks and i just binned them

Skid Steve

SkidMarks while biking

Hi there,

I am a 30 year old male. I stopped wearing white briefs when I went to college because I have always gotten skidmarks in them , even if I wipe really well or even using wet wipes. I've seen a lot of skidmarks in the locker rooms in sports but I'm still very self consciois them. I wear dark boxer briefs and boxers , but I know I still get them even if they are hard to see. Bike riding gets me the worst skid marks. My girlfriend and I are in San Diego and wants to bike. I'm a little nervous that she will se my skids , and as far as I have seen she does not skid mark her panties, even the white thongs .

I get a little more relaxed when I read about other people like Evan who get them too. I am very interested in girls who write about getting skid marks because most of them I know are so clean looking . Walking around Coronado island I notice everyone is riding bikes in the warm weather., I wonder how many will have skids on heir underwear with the bike seat sticking their clothing up their sweaty bum cheeks.

Anybody else notice their underwear getting particularly dirty with bike riding .?


Shopping accident

This happened a few months ago. I was in the car with my family driving home from vacation. I always struggle to poop on vacation so I was pretty gassy on the way home after not going for at least a couple days. Anyway, I started to feel the urge to go poop, but I pushed it off as I had earlier in the vacation. About 30 min later, we stopped at an outlet mall to do some shopping. I figured I would have to go to the bathroom here but the first few stores we went to were so crowded that they were having people wait to get in. After another 10 or so min the tip of my poop started poking out toward my briefs, at this point I knew I needed a bathroom fast. The problem was, we were in one of the lines to get into the stores. I started fidgeting and sort of holding my butt against the wall to try to keep it in. The poop continued to push out, the tip began to force my underwear outward and I couldn't hold it in anymore. When we got in the store I said I'll head to the bathroom and luckily no one notices the most of my poop had already formed a bulge in the back of my pants. I got to the bathroom and emptied my dirty white briefs into the toliet. After wiping myself, I looked to see my underwear was badly skidmarked, you could see the stains through the back. I cleaned up the best I could but at the next store, my mom made me try on jeans. Even in the changing room, I was embarrassed standing in public in very dirty underwear. I quickly chose a few pairs making sure that my mom couldn't see the stains on my underwear. It was a long ride home and I worried the whole time that I smelled. When we got home I hid the poop stained briefs in my room because I was too embarrassed to put them in the laundry.

Grumpy old man

Take your rubbish with you ?

The Easter weekend drags on and my local haunts have become overrun with tourists, just this morning as I was walking through the sand dunes towards the beach I stumbled across two nice ???? bare bum girls squatting side by side.
They both had their bikini bottoms around their knees peeing out golden torrents into the sand. At a guess I would say they were late teens it's hard to tell these days. Their pee slows to a trickle but they remain squatted. I see the left girl's bum hole dome out and open under the strain of a thick poo and I mean thick, the dam thing was like a beer can coming out of her. The girl on the right was working on her own poo as well a snake about the size of a broom handle oozed out of her, long and semi solid. it hit the ground and coiled up under her. The girl on the left had managed to squeeze out a beer can thick poo long enough to touch the ground at one end and still be in her bum at the other. The girl on the right was working on her next length of broom handle poo, landing it on top of the first coil causing it to pile up just under her bum. She then started on the third scooting forward a little so she could actually do it. After the third dropped she wiped her bum 4 times and pussy twice tossing the paper behind her. She then stood up pulled up her bottoms and walked away. I thought for sure she was going to turn around but she didn't. Leaving only the girl on the left still squatting there with her beer can poo touching the ground one end the other still in her bum. It must have been five minutes or more that she remained like that till finally she raised herself, the beer can poo went with her still attached. She then let out a huge grunt and more beer can poo came out. It got to around 18" before it tapered off and dropped out of her bum. She seemed happy with this and began to wipe I quietly backtracked into the long grass of the dune and watched her walk away. I sat for a moment to make sure she was clear. Just as I was about to continue an older woman shows up with a rubbish bag, she carefully scoops up the broom handle poos and paper then the beer can poo and its paper ties up the rubbish bag and walks off. Mystified but thinking least she's keeping the dunes clean. I tailed her from a distance, She walks down the beach to the water where a tin boat with the two girls now inside and an older male sits bobbing just off shore. The woman wades out and joins them tossing the rubbish bag onto the bow. The male starts the boat and slowly eases out into deeper water.
I was amazed that people actually take their rubbish with them, I continued my walk along the beach to the headland where the surf club is. No luck getting a chair for a pint thou. So I brought a couple of bottles to go and set out to walk back towards home.
Grumpy old man


Re: Melvin B-lover's Survey

Don't usually answer these things but yours caught my eye.

1. Is it just me, or does stinkier farts feel better than non-smelly ones?
Never noticed one way or another.

2. Anyone else on here use a 'squatty potty' or a similar item?
I was REALLY constipated in the hospital after breaking my hip about 2 years ago. Even after being given an enema I was still STRUGGLING on the bedside commode to get out what was stuck in me. My nurse emptied out the trash bin and put it under my feet. It really seemed to help a lot at the time. I don't use one at home because my legs are long enough not to really need it.

3. When did (if ever) you get comfortable farting & pooping in the presence of your gf/bf?
We spent a lot of time on the road when courting and just started using the bathroom together without much fan fair.

4. Do you, or have you, eaten or drank something while pooping on the toilet?
No, seems kind of gross!!!

5. What does your absolute ideal poop consist of - size, texture, strength of smell, time of day, location?
Hard ones that I have to bear down on to get started, usually in the morning at home. I hate it when I have just-about-make-it poops!!-- JW

Molly G.
Thanks you for the responses! It's been a few weeks since the bathroom hangout and nothing like that has happened again with Jake. In fact, it hasn't even been mentioned since. I don't know if maybe I should bring it up jokingly or not.. Whatever happens, I'll keep you guys updated.

Uncle Harry

To Mary

I don't know how people reacted to my wife's wet pants, except the few who mentioned it. Maybe by the smell. Maybe most people didn't want to mention it. It was embaresing to us.


No coat hooks in toilet stalls

I got a hand-me-down last year from my grandfather. Its an old tweed overcoat that is heavier than I've ever seen. Since I take a public bus to and from school, it keeps me warm at the bus stop. The problem is that there is no place for me to put it once I leave my locker and I'm waiting for Florence, my friend and study partner on the main floor of our school. Sometimes, at about 3:30, while I'm waiting for her to meet me to go to the bus stop, I get a pretty fast need to crap and when I go to the bathroom that's where the problem comes in. Where do I put it?

The main floor bathroom has all the toilets with the privacy doors taken off. There are, however, metal stall walls between the toilets, but I have to place the coat exactly right over one, almost exactly in the middle, if it is going to stay. Once last month I had it right, I was crapping away with my boxers at my knees, and this older boy came into the toilet to my left, slammed the seat down, dropped his butt onto it, and before he started his crap, he shoved my coat off. There was a day's worth of pee between my shoes and even some toward the entrance. So with a log half out, I pushed myself forward to grab the coat. I partially caught it. The weight of it threw me forward onto my knees. I hit my head against the side panel and a portion of my soft crap ended up in my boxers. The other was smeared over the front of the bowl and a 2 inch log was on the floor and partially on my jeans. The guy next door flushed fast, wiped and ran out without washing his hands. Florence had just arrived in the hallway outside, but didn't get a good look at him when he ran off.

I texted Florence and she came running in. She was helpful in helping get me cleaned up. Luckily no other guys came in while we worked. I was embarrassed by having her see me like that, although we had taken a couple of buddy dumps together a few years earlier while riding our bikes on the trail. She had me take my boxers off and she threw them in the trashcan. She couldn't believe that us guys have almost no privacy in our bathrooms, although she said the girls' rooms, like ours, only have those pre-cut squares of toilet paper that are so hard to wipe with. She was also surprised to see that each of the toilets had pretty bad seat splash and often a wet floor in front of the toilet.

Of course, we missed our bus and we walked 6 blocks down the street to get another connection. As we walked, Florence asked other questions about the bathrooms. The girls' toilet stalls all have coat hooks, although she said some are broken, bent or stolen. To me, though, it seems like the girls have a much, much better situation than the guys.


Quick response

Hello! To the person who commented on my story, this was not the only accident that I have had, I will post more stories when I get the chance. I can't remember what color the briefs were but most of my underwear is white so there's a decent chance they were. When I had gotten home the poop had been squished a little so I made the stain worse so after trying to clean up the best I could I threw the underwear away. Anyway, I'll post another story soon if you or anyone else have had a similar experience I'd love to hear it.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Desperate morning wee

Last week my flatmates boyfriend stayed over. I woke up in the morning desperate for a wee, so got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Just before I sat down I realised that there was wee on the seat, so I had to reel off some loo roll and wipe the seat down. As I was doing so I felt a small dribble come out, and as I was just wearing a nightie without knickers, it slowly rolled down my inner thigh. I sat down and had a very relaxing wee. Why cant boys clean up after themselves?!

End Stall Em

West end musings

With spring break at my college and lots of traffic at the mall, I have been putting extra hours in at the customer service courtesy kiosk at the regional mall. I get two 15-minute breaks, but otherwise I'm on my feet continuously helping shoppers, many of them with young children, have a good shopping experience. So when my break replacement comes in, I go to the downstairs bathroom, take a seat on the toilet, and in addition to relieving my bodily functions, I get caught up on my phone messages and in some cases, keen observances.

So I went in to the large bathroom, and as I stood a couple of ladies pointed out as they washed their hands, the stalls that were open. One even had a cute little one in tow who asked me if I was going to do a poo-poo or a wee-wee. Because both of the end stalls were in use, I just stood in the middle of the room and casually waited. After a couple of minutes, the first toilet opened and a girl about 10 came hurrying out. Before I opened the door I could tell what she had done. The aroma coming from it was just...too recent. It was strange. Two logs in the bowl, one darker and harder than the other, some dark yellow urine, but no evidence of wiping and of course, no flushing. There was about 3/4ths of a roll left on the panel. I reached down and flushed. Even when I used my weaker arm the process was so simple that I remain agitated and mystified by those who select not to flush. As the cycle finished, I pulled my jeans and thong down to the floor and connected with the large oval white seat.

As a child about 15 years ago I remembered that I preferred the oval white seats over the more institutional looking black seat with the cut-out in front. Before my drain started, I looked at two insect bites near my right knee, plus a 3-inch scrape on my left thigh that I had received that morning as I took my crap at our apartment. My cat jumped up on me and her claws did the damage. Spencer, who was shaving when it happened, tried to make a joke about me taking too long on the toilet and the cat needing toilet time too. Finally I got my pee flow going and the drain was pretty mean because I had downed a lot of coffee and soda earlier in my shift.

Whether it is at home or in the bathroom at the west end of the mall, I treasure bathroom breaks. I remember a few times in high school where I spent twice and three times as much time on the toilet. I like my own space, I guess. Bathrooms both private and public provide that for me.

Melvin B-lover

Morning dumps / general questions

Hi all. I've been married since September 2017. Married life is nice, but one of the things I miss most about single life is pooping and farting freedom. Goodness gracious I used to love taking HUGE Saturday morning dumps - so much so that Friday evenings I'd eats bowls and bowls of pinto or large lima beans and raisin bran. Only drawback is the epic flatulence during sleep. Then sunrise would come and I'd hurry to make coffee because the farts get silent, which for me means the poop's ready. I remember clutching my cheeks while stirring my coffee. Then I'd finally go in there, close the door, plant myself on my throne and OMG; for 15-30 minutes my butt filled the toilet, while I relaxed and drank coffee. Doesn't seem like much I know, but this poop lover REALLY miss those mornings :( .
Questions for all (please forgive me ahead of time if these have been asked hundreds of times over)
1. Is it just me, or does stinkier farts feel better than non-smelly ones?
2. Anyone else on here use a 'squatty potty' or a similar item?
3. When did (if ever) you get comfortable farting & pooping in the presence of your gf/bf?
4. Do you, or have you, eaten or drank something while pooping on the toilet?
5. What does your absolute ideal poop consist of - size, texture, strength of smell, time of day, location?

@Uncle Harry Nice story about your wife wetting herself on the boat! How did people react to her peeing her pants? And how did you find out other people had also wet themselves?

Abbie - Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, it did end up being a difficult poo for me. After my last post three weeks ago, I went to sit on the toilet. I sat for twenty minutes and pushed and strained a lot at the end, but I wasn't able to poo at all. I ended up doing a small poo the next morning, and then finally a full big relieving poo the day after that, though it had been four days since I'd last had a good poo. I'm glad to hear that you and Lucy have been doing better with your constipation though. Hopefully that keeps up for you both.

Hello all. So, as I alluded to, things have still been a bit grim for me lately with respects to pooing. I've been doing a poo about every three days and it's always a struggle that takes me ages. The poos themselves are fat and dry too. It reminds me a lot of my time in secondary school when I was constipated almost all the time back then. Anyway, I've not really anything to share right now. I just wanted to post something and give an update on what's going on. I'll try and post again soon and hopefully I'll have some better news then. Bye for now!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

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