Too Much Peeing

How do you like my real name? I do. No more Willow. I'm not a tree. Last Friday, Will and I went out for dinner, as usual. We started talking about our intention to get married eventually. We decided we should tell our parents about it. So on Saturday, he came to my apartment to pick me up. For no reason I could think of, I was unusually thirsty and drinking and peeing a lot I peed before we left. I took my urinal out of my car and took it with me and also several cans of soda. I'm glad Will was driving. We made a phone call to my folks to see if they were home. They were. We gave them the news and then we talked for a while and we drank a lot of coffee. They were ecstatic about our decision. In the meantime, my bladder was building up pain and I had to run for the bathroom. It felt like a gallon of pee came out. I wiped my pussy, pulled up my slacks, and went back. Then Will went to pee while I drank more coffee. Now a phone call to his folks and, yes, they were home. I peed again before we left. We said goodbye and then went to the car. The ride to Will's folks was further away and the traffic was slow. I drank some soda and peed in the urinal again. "What's wrong with you today, honey", Will asked. "You're pissing like an elephant". "I don't know", I replied. "I'm wondering if I took two water pills instead of one". Anyway, we got to Will's folks home. We told them the news and they approved. We talked and drank tea this time. I think I started to calm down.I still needed to go to the bathroom, but not as often. I peed just before we left and so did Will. On the way home, ta-da, I didn't need to pee. When we got home, Will came in for a while and I didn't pee until he left. Of course, I got my urinal back before he left. I'm going to buy another one and keep it in his car. Why didn't I think of that before.

To Evan

Interesting accident you had waiting too long, is this the only time this has ever happened? Were the briefs white, if so I would have to imagine they were ruined. How old are you? If you have other stories like that last one, would love to hear them!

your name


Hi everyone! I have defecaloesiophobia... its the fear of pain while pooping. I've never been regular... in my life. And for 17 years I've struggled with clenching my legs closed to avoid delivering my poop into the toilet. I know the relief.. I know the pain is only brief.. but even with my mind in the right place, the effort to keep my legs from closing at the slightest bit of discomfort is disheartening. 17 years. I want my life back. I want to feel motivated and free. I always feel like there's a brick... like I'm super heavy and I lose the motivation to do things as soon as I feel the anal pain and discomfort as I walk. I'm so tired of being trapped and I've cried so many times because I JUST WANT IT OUT! Why won't it come out?ive tried stool softeners and all they only soften the stool. They don't numb the pain or discomfort from the toilet. I'm so sad :( I don't know what to do..... I'm so lost and so sad.


Today's pooping session

Today I suddenly felt the need to have a poop. I got to the toilet as soon as I could.

I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet, pushing apart my buttcheeks a little to help things along. I sat with my legs apart, and looked down into the toilet.

I started things off by peeing a bit. I saw my pee stream go forward, hitting the front of the toilet bowl. Then I pushed down. I only needed to push a little before my first turd started coming out. It kept going for quite a while. I was impressed by how long it was! After it finally broke off, I crapped some more long turds, but not as long as the first one.

I looked at what I'd produced. There was a lot of poo coiled up at the bottom of the toilet, and one turd was even sticking out of the water a bit. I peed a little bit more on my shit, then wiped, flushed, and washed my hands.

I felt good after that!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Hey guys! Remember in my last post I talked about how Evan had a poop while I was taking a bath? Well I forgot to say that I have a lot of stories to tell.
When I first graduated high school I was dating this guy named Cameron. One Friday night we decided to get dinner then walk to the ravine near my old house. We were talking as we walked and all of a sudden he farted really loudly. He looked at the ground and said "I'm really sorry." I laughed and told him it's natural. He looked relieved and admitted his stomach has been feeling a little bubbly. I put my hand on his stomach and rub it to try and make it feel better. I could hear and feel it gurgle. "Do you need the bathroom?" I asked.
He nodded slightly. I pointed out that there was an area of the ravine that had porta potties because they were working on something near by. "Great, I have to go" he said. We picked up the pace so he could make it to the toilet. He farted again and this time it smelled. Like really bad rotten eggs. He said he was about to have an accident. By this time we were getting close to the toilets so I told him not to worry. He kept letting out silent but deadly farts and he said he was having wet farts. When he was running he suddenly stopped and I could see and smell what was happening in his pants. "Oh god I'm so sorry!" He said. I said it's ok and we continued to run to the toilets. Once we got there he said had to do more so he sat on the toilet. He sat on the toilet and let out a bunch of semi- solid poop. He farted and the poop made a "THUD" sound as it hit the bottom. I looked at his underwear and there was a soft load imbedded in there. I went inside the porta pottie and rubbed his back. He leaned forward and I saw a turd coming out of his anus. It looked like a tail until it plopped to the bottom. I helped him clean up and we had to throw out his undies. He apologized after and I said "hey, you weren't feeling well, I understand and it wasn't your fault. I've had a few other poop experiences with him but we broke up a year later. Hope you all enjoyed!

Laters, Cindy

Melvin B-lover

Shameless pooping in public restrooms

HI all. I've been frequenting this site for years, and even posted a few times, many years ago. Good to see it's still up and running. I'm Melvin- black male, 40, 5'11 280lbs.
When I was younger i, like many, was shy and embarrassed about dumping in public bathrooms, places like school, work, stores, etc. However, the moment I became a college student, the shame of pooping in those places completely disappeared. From that point forward, to present and beyond, I have zero problem taking even the most noisiest and smelliest dumps, even if other people are in the restroom at the same time. Now I can't say the same for using a unisex bathroom. I'd hate to drop one of my signature bombs, then walk out - only to have a lady waiting to use that toilet. That's just me though; everyone's different. So my question for all is how are you when it comes to pooping in public bathrooms? Are you like me - shameless, and even proud, to stink up the place, or the opposite?


Peeing in a car!

I was on a road trip with my family. My dad was driving, my mom was in the passenger side, and my brother and aunt were next to me. I was 6 years old and my brother was 11. We were in the car and we were stuck in the worst traffic jam. It was the worst possible timing too....because I really had to pee!!!!!
I kept saying I needed to pee really bad and that I wouldn't make it to the bathroom. We were barely moving in the traffic, so unfortunately we had to resort to me peeing in the car. My parents kept telling me I should've went before, but that wasn't of much help at the time since it was too late.
I complained more and more, and kept fidgeting more and more restlessly. I couldn't keep still. I was crossing my legs, putting my hands on my privates, and doing everything I could to hold it. My aunt said yeah she really needs to go, she can't hold it. Is there anything we can use?
We had a container full of cookies but they were mostly gone because we'd eaten most of them already. My mom took the remaining cookies and wrapped them up in tissues so I could use the empty container. She handed my aunt the empty container and my aunt helped me pull my pants down and take them off. They all made my brother close his eyes so he couldn't see my pee parts. I didn't want a boy to see my pee parts!
After I got naked except for my shirt my aunt held the container under me and I peed. I immediately sighed in relief and she just laughed and said wow, must feel really good doesn't it?
I peed for a while. She kept looking to make sure I wasn't overflowing the container. She said boy, you really did have to go! Dang, girl! How long have you been holding that?!
Finally I finished and she pulled the container from under me and wiped my peepee with a tissue. She helped me get my pants back on and held onto the container until we could empty it

Melvin B-lover

Favorite kind of poop, dry TP Vs. wet wipes.

HI all. Let me just say like many people here I'm sure, I LOVE pooping, but not just any kind. Here's what I mean: I like when a very long, medium to fat turd, or two or three, comes out - with little effort. My other favorite is when I can fill the toilet with lots of smaller sausage-like turds. This one seems to be a lot smellier than the former, but it feels wonderful. I hate constipation and diarrhea though. Now an easy way to judge the best poops are comparing them to the 'Bristol Stool' chart, or scale. My favorite poops are 4s and 5s on the scale. What's your favorite?

For most of my life, when I pooped, I'd sit on the toilet for a long time, then wipe with dry toilet paper. Sometimes when some was available I'd use wet wipes - or if neither were there I'd use soap and water. But for the most part it was dry TP. As most know, wiping with dry tp, no matter how many times you wipe, can leave our butts a little, stinky, just a little (or lot) lol. Whatever the case may be, I didn't care if my butt stunk a bit, because I knew I'd shower or bathe at day's end. The notion changes however, for some people including myself, once you're in a relationship. So question for all is do you prefer dry (like me), or wet wipes on your butt?


Summer accident

Hello! I've been wanting to share this story of an accident I had over the summer. It was a really nice day out and while I'm usually very busy in the summer I had nothing I had to do that day. With my schedule free I walked over to my friends house and we started to play some soccer in a park close to his house. Right away as I started running I felt the urge to poop but I figured it could wait and I didn't want to have to walk all the way to his house and back just to use the bathroom. I started getting gassy about 15 min in, everytime we were somewhat far apart I started farting pretty badly, I remember they were quiet but pretty stinky. The urge continued to build and I started to lose the battle with the very tip of my poop trying to poke out. I knew that I was getting pretty desperate but we were tied and almost done with the game so I didn't want to quit. Right as we finished playing the first half of my poop was out in my underwear and the second we started walking back I lost control of the rest and the poop slid into my briefs. I was really surprised that I had lost control so quickly, I had been constipated a few days before and I guess some of the poop really needed out. Luckily, the poop was small, only about 4 inches long, and solid and I had on a pair of athletic shorts so there was virtually no bulge. I didn't want to risk his mom smelling my accident so I made an excuse to go home and luckily I had the house to my self to clean up after an uncomfortable walk home. Thanks for reading!

Jessica B.

To Anna

Hello everyone,

Thank you for sharing all those nice posts. There are some really interesting happenings. Thank you Moderator, too.

To Anna: I tried to comment on one of your posts a few weeks ago, but it didn't make it through apparently. I am really happy that you got a new flat and a new BF. Have you graduated yet?
Also, please don't buy air freshener: it contains many nasty chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer. It's not worth it. If I weren't living alone, I'd probably buy some nice little (non-scented!) candles instead.

I don't have anything interesting to tell this time, because my bathroom visits are very regular and uneventful. I try drinking a lot of water from my Sigg bottle, and have to go number one at least 6-7 times a day. I go number two pretty much every morning after having eaten breakfast at home.

Love and take care,


Today's pooping session

Today I suddenly felt the need to have a poop. I got to the toilet as soon as I could.

I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet, pushing apart my buttcheeks a little to help things along. I sat with my legs apart, and looked down into the toilet.

I started things off by peeing a bit. I saw my pee stream go forward, hitting the front of the toilet bowl. Then I pushed down. I only needed to push a little before my first turd started coming out. It kept going for quite a while. I was impressed by how long it was! After it finally broke off, I crapped some more long turds, but not as long as the first one.

I looked at what I'd produced. There was a lot of poo coiled up at the bottom of the toilet, and one turd was even sticking out of the water a bit. I peed a little bit more on my shit, then wiped, flushed, and washed my hands.

I felt good after that!

Reply Guy
@Uncle Harry

Nice story about your wife


Progress and a Setback

I've written before about my really good friend, Kennard. We're in many of the same classes, study together a lot and hang out a lot at the park, often with our dogs. We just like each other's company. Kennard comes from a family that is struggling financially, he wears jeans and faded flannel shirts pretty much every day and he is socially awkward. A lot of it goes back to when he was bullied in grade school and junior high. As a result, he will piss at school, but he does everything he can to avoid sitting down and crapping like most of us do. Most days, he's holding his crap from about 2nd or 3rd hour and since I live closer and we go to my house to study, he craps there. His craps are so large that they jam the toilet and my dad increasingly is getting more upset about using the plunger and some drain opener fluid when he comes home from work and wants to use the toilet.

So last week my 3rd hour class (which is way too easy) had a sub so I was already done with my work. I texted Kennard who was in a similar situation. I told him to sign out and meet me in the middle of the basement hallway where I was walking toward the bathroom to take a pee. Three hours after my morning coffee and my bladder starts hurting. So Kennard came down. There was almost no one around so I knew my plan should work. I told Kennard I was going in the left door to pee and he was get himself on the toilet in the other bathroom and do his crap like a normal person. As I playfully shoved him toward the door, I told him to get it over with because my dad was getting on my case more. I told him after I got done on the toilet, I would text him and if there was no one else in the bathroom, he would let me know and I would come in to see his crap. Kennard admitted it was going to be his usual big one. I stayed outside the doorway to hear him get started. I knew there were no privacy doors, but I heard a flush (he says almost no one flushes after crapping) and when the flush ended, I could hear him take his seat. I saw this as a really big victory.

I went into the girls room. The first stall had no door but I didn't care since there was no one around. I quickly dropped my jeans and thong. My pee started just before my butt connected with the seat. After about four or five seconds, there were three beeps on the intercom. A deep mail voice came on to announce an immediate severe weather drill. Every student was ordered to go into their designated safe area. I texted Kennard to stay in the bathroom just as I was going to do. The problem was that the entire basement is a safe area. Within a minute some 40 to 50 girls and some teachers piled into the bathroom. Kennard texted me that the same was happening next door too. A couple of boys pointed him out and high-5vd one another as he sat. On my side, additional girls were shooed in by teachers and two or three of them moved into the stalls. Still others were being yelled at to move in faster, quiet down, and listen for announcements.

I quickly finished my pee and then pulled up my clothing and just stood in the stall. I wouldn't be able to get out anyway because the room was jammed so tight. Kennard texted me that some guys were being sarcastic and asking him where he got his underwear, how much it cost, and things like that. Since there wasn't a teacher immediately by where Kennard was sitting, one said he had to piss and he faked like he was going to open up on Kennard. So Kennard got up and pulled up his jeans to cover his privates. He had a couple of rude names thrown at him. After a few minutes, the bell rang to end the drill and the students went back to class. I washed my hands and asked Kennard if I could come in and see him. He was standing against the stall. I could see he was upset and I gave him a kiss. There was no crap in his toilet bowl. I felt so bad about getting him into the most embarrassing experience of his year. I tried to calm him down by saying he could have his usual crap after school at my house.

Luckily, it wasn't as big as usual. I hope Kennard hasn't been emotionally hurt by what happened.


One Saturday in the 1980's

One Saturday in the 1980's my girlfriend wanted to go to Marks & Spencer's in Torquay to see the wedding gift list of one of her friends (the one here did not do the lists), and as usual I was in the dog house as I had planed to work on that Saturday.
So at 8:30am I picked her up in my van and drove to a small industrial unit, I had the key to the small side door, we went in, opposite this door about midway along the wall was another door (which was locked) to the office and I guess the toilet. We started to work I set up the ladder and remove the first of 8 pendant lights while she unpacked the new fluorescent lights and prepare them for me to fit. By about 12:30/1pm we were done and loaded tools and ladders back into and on the van.
In the corner opposite the side door was an earthenware sink on two brick walls with a cold water tap above it. (I think they are called Belfast or Butler sinks). I went to it and washed my hands drying them on some of the blue paper roll that was there, I then struggled out of my overalls and stood and peed into the sink. When I was done I took my overalls out to the van.
On my return I was greeted with the side view of my girlfriend with her jeans and knickers around her ankles sitting on the sink leaning slightly forward having a piss, I walked over to her to have a better look, she was gushing into the sink and the gurgling noise of her piss going down the plug-hole into the open drain below was very loud. When she was done she jumped down and facing me, I ripped a sheet of blue paper off for her and she patted herself dry putting the paper into the waste basket by the sink, she then went to her jeans pocket and got out a tampon which she put in, (I had only seen the string hanging out in the past, this was the first time I had seen one put in) she then pulled her things up and we left, on the way out she picked up a crumpled white tissue from the side witch she throw into the brambles behind the van.
We went to Torquay and she picked a present for her friend and I paid haft, (and I did not even know them) we also had a meal with a bottle of wine and with the petrol, bang went the money I had earned that morning plus more.
I did get to see well hear her piss again on the way home, we both peed beside the van at the side of the road, but it was dark only lit by passing cars.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Growing up I used to like peeing in the back yard. As an adult that's not been an option, we have always had two story houses around us.


J.W.'s question

OK, so I'm the smallest girl in my senior class, and especially back in my junior high, the adjustment to school and other public toilets was kind of tough for me. Now I've grown some but when I'm seated on most public toilets my feet are about an inch of the floor. Here's how I've learned to handle it. Yes, I crap at school with great regularity because I'm there with clubs and other activities sometimes from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at night. Justin, my boyfriend, is also shorter than many of the senior guys at 4'6", but he's a top honor student and has the highest average of anyone on our school's bowling team.

Being small is no longer an issue when I do my morning crap at school. This is because I learned to hold it until it is ready to come out. Sure sitting all the way back on the toilet would be uncomfortable, but my craps are soft and most times I'm off the stool, wiping and washing my hands within two minutes. Now that was tough for me to do in grade school and junior high because we were given bathroom break times that didn't agree with my bladder and bowel needs. Some of my classmates abused bathroom breaks and I was approaching annoyed teachers asking for the toilet pass. Sometimes weeing was harder because of the o-shaped seats we had a some public places were a place for me to balance myself with my hands between my legs was now harder because of the cut out across the front. At that time I know I didn't understand why these rather strange seats were used everywhere except at home. After a couple of accidents and messes I learned to jump down to wipe myself.

At that age, being smaller didn't help me at all with the sensors. On the larger toilets they would go off if I put my hands next to my thighs to balance myself better. Once at the park I remember both weeing and pooing when I was about 10 and getting the undercoating of water when the flush cycle started under me. I remember hopping off the toilet and with my underwear and jeans down out to one of those rolling brown paper towel holders. A lady came rushing in, kind of ignored me, did a squat pee in the toilet I was using and that forced me to take the other stall while I wiped myself of the water on my butt that was also running down my legs a little. I don't think she figured out what I was doing.

I had an aunt who took me out several times when she visited us. She had bad knees from arthritis and would always use the handicapped toilet. She liked balancing herself on the bars to seat herself. She showed me how to do it when I was younger. But it's something that never has appealed to me.

Hi so I'm a friend of Abby C's and she told me about this site and I was really interested so a bit about me I have dirty blonde hair I'm 5'5 and I think I'm around 130 pounds. Anyways I'm an only child and I live with my mom in a small apartment. Her room is right next to mine and when you leave my room the bathroom is on the right. The one thing I really hate is when my mom gets ready for work and I have to wait to go to the bathroom. My mom works from 6am to 11:30pm and gets home around 1 in the morning. So most of the time I'm home alone.

So I'm gonna tell this story about one of my friends. So my friend Kiara has a brother named Jack who is 10. Me and Jack are really close not so much that we like each other but were best friends anyways he brought over a game and we played that for a bit and then he told me he was gonna use the toilet. I went to sit on the couch and 2 minutes later I went to go grab my phone from my room as I was walking past the bathroom I heard a plunk sound in the toilet. I couldn't believe it, I grabbed my phone and quietly went next to the door just to listen. I heard a small fart and then another plunk sound followed by another one. I heard toilet paper start rolling so I went back to the couch like nothing happened.

Another story I have is about my friend Ava. She has black hair 5'6 around 110 pounds. We were outside playing basketball since we are on our school's basketball team. She asked me if she could use my bathroom. I unlocked the apartment and showed her and told her I'd be in my room which I wasn't I was going to listen. She closed the door and I looked under the door and went to the sink to look at her hair. So in my bathroom when you walk in the toilet is right on the left and the shower is on the right and the sinks are in the back of the bathroom. She walked over and sat down. She immediately peed which lasted about 20 seconds, then I heard a tiny fart, and since I was that close to the door and the toilet I could here here some crackling of a piece of poop which plunked in, then another plunking sound. I heard her roll out some paper and we went back outside.

On The John

Unisex Experience

Hello all,
Went to the supermarket after work. While shopping I developed a need to both pee and also realized the need to poo I had ignored at work earlier. I picked up most of the items on my list and finished up by the pharmacy. There are two unisex restrooms there.
When I arrived to my dismay they were both occupied. I decided to wait. I had left my phone in the car so I had no distraction and I needed to go a bit badly.
Five minutes an I was thinking about heading to the other toilets but they were all the way across the store. While I was waiting two other ladies showed up. They stepped past me to check the availability which they must have assumed i was waiting on the occupant.
I told them both restrooms were occupied. They stayed in the hall in front of me.
Finally a lady came out. She walked quickly and made no eye contact.
One of the ladies who cut in line said um did you need to go in there. I said you can go if you need to but that I did. She said no you go. I was only being polite because I had to poo and pee. I figured she might be quicker.
I entered and had no sooner sanitized the seat and needed to get on the john. I noticed the water level was low in the toilet but didn't think about it giving my pressing needs.
I wanted to get in and out quickly so they could get in and relieve themselves as well
I had waited outside the corridor to give the occupants privacy. There was a healthy bm smell that I was about to add to. I had to go both ways and I usually eat decent food. I had taken a fiber supplement which was why I decided I didn't want to wait to get home. These two ladies could hear me as I could hear muffled talking since the stayed in the hallway.
I passed some soft farts as I peed. When you have to go you have to go. Then I began to poo soft log after soft log. The some gas and mushy stuff. The fiber was working in more ways than one. In fact two lol. I felt like I sill had to poo but it could wait until I made it home. Wanted to relax and finish my poo but that seemed selfish when considering . They both still needed to go and the other occupant had yet to flush. To my horror, and I should have realized it, when I flushed the toilet backed up. That's why the lady before me would not look us in the eye.
I flushed again and it got worse. No plunger even.
My poos were not that big and I did not use much paper.
I pulled my undies up and washed my hands.
I opened the door and one lady looked relieved to get on the john. I explained the situation and said said she would wait. She thanked me for being honest. I said honestly I didn't clog the toilet but I should have know because there was no water when I sat down for a poo. We laughed and I made my way to the checkout. So I guess I could have stayed and finished my poo. I got home and put the groceries away. The I went and sat on the john. I had another couple of poos and took a shower
Lesson learned. If the water is too low don't go.


Accident in front of my crush

I'm a 14 year old girl in 8th grade. So, my school doesn't have doors on the bathroom stalls, so I really hate using the bathrooms at my school - for anything. I always try to hold it until I get home. Before yesterday, I hadn't pooped in a week, and I really had to go during school yesterday. I couldn't do it in the bathrooms at my school. I held it for most of the day, and I was fine... until gym class. Yesterday in gym class, we had open gym, so we were allowed to play whatever sport we wanted or just sit on the bleachers and talk. I am not a sports person, so I always sit on the bleachers. Yesterday, I was sitting on the bleachers talking with a bunch of my friends (including my crush :O) when I realized I REALLY had to go. Like, NOW. But I couldn't use the school toilets. I just had to hold it for a few more hours, until I got home. But I had to go so bad. Eventually I started turtleheading. It kept trying to come out and I was putting all my energy into keeping this from coming out into my pants. Then, the log started slowly coming out. Eventually, it was about halfway out and I couldn't pull it back in. Half of it was in my pants! I tried to keep anything else from coming out, but I couldn't. Soon, the entire log came out in my pants and filled them. Oh no! I tried to keep more from coming out and hoped nobody had seen it. I was a lot more relieved after this had come out, but I still had to go badly. Before I could stop it, more came out into my pants! There was a huge bulge at the back of my pants that I was sure somebody would notice as soon as I got up. I had to keep that in my pants all day - there was no way I was cleaning that up in the school toilets without doors. I think my crush noticed the bulge when I got up, too...

Uncle Harry

Peeing in Pants

Last summer, my wife, Harriet, and I decided to go to the Wisconsin Dells area for a few days vacation. I had not been there since 30 years ago. Harriet had never been there. We picked out one of the resorts in the area and made our reservations. We called in our usual dog watcher to take of Henry. We packed up our stuff, loaded the car, and took off. We got there in a few hours and checked in. The room was great and the food was great. The next day, we spent most of our time in a water park, riding the various rides. We had a lot of fun on the water slide and other things. The next day, we went on a boat ride on the river. It started on dry land and then motored on the river. Right then, Harriet told me that she forgot to pee for we left. She hoped we got back to land soon so she could get to a bathroom. She started squirming and felt the need of a bathroom pretty urgently. She said she thought she was ready to piss her pants. We finally headed back to land, but as the boat started nosing toward land, the motor stopped. It took about 20 minutes to get it going again. Harriet tried to hold her urine as best she could, but she lost it. Her pee started filling her pants and her shorts turned wet. No one else was sitting on our seat, but ultimately her pee became visible. Only a few sitting near us noticed. Harriet tried to act like she didn't notice. She just sat there stiffly. When we finally landed, we got off the boat as soon as we could, pants slowly dripping and people noticing the puddle around our seat. We got to the hotel as soon as we could for Harriet to take a shower, pee some more,and dress for dinner. We later found that another woman and a man did the same thing. We called it The Wee-Wee Club. The next day, we had a good time with no problems. The day after that, we went home and Henry liked us.


first poo at my new place

On Thursday I did my first poop in my new place. My friend Danielle and I have moved out of our house into a new apartment. It's smaller and with two bedrooms only. But it is much closer to downtown, is newish and even has a bit of a view. We both love it so far. Both our boyfriends helped us move our stuff and then in the early evening they took off. We then went on to reassemble some of our furniture. As we did this, my stomach started to feel a bit strange and I even had a few small cramps. The last thing we did was to build Danielle's bed and after that we both dropped down onto it. By now I felt exhausted. But not only that, I also really needed a poo. Just as I was about to get up, Danielle was like, "I need to go to the bathroom". I told her that I did too and she asked me if I wanted to go first. I said, "umm, I actually need a poo. Do you want to go first instead?". She did and promised to be real quick. I ended up waiting in front of the bathroom door and noticed that something was quite different than in our old house. Even with the fan on, I could literally hear everything Danielle did in there. Maybe the door is thinner or it's because the toilet is pretty close to the door, I don't really know. But anyway, I heard her pull down her yoga pants, her butt plopping on the seat and then the pee coming out of her with a hiss and splattering into the toilet bowl. After she was done, she washed her hands and I could even make out the sounds as she quickly sprayed on some more deoderant. All this took less than a minute, I think. She came out and I went in, closed the door and pulled down my yoga pants and string. I sat down on the toilet and immediately released a loud, splattering fart that ended up with some loose poop blasting into the toiletbowl. I peed and then pushed a bit until a big, soft log started to crackle from my behind. It was long, and when it dropped off I couldn't help letting out another wet fart. I knew I wasn't empty, so I took out my phone and started to text back and forth with my bf. That went on for maybe five minutes or so and in that time I released three more soft poops that plopped into the bowl and, I guess, were kind off piling up on my other turds. It was really stinking in the bathroom, also. Finally I felt all emtpy and relieved. There was almost no toilet paper in the holder and I ran out when my rear end and bumhole weren't anywhere near clean. Fortunately, we had dumped off a huge package of tp in the bathroom early which I was able to reach while sitting on the toilet. I finished cleaning up, flushed the toilet, used the brush and pulled up my pants. The previous renters had left a can of air freshener on the windowsill, but sadly it turned out to be empty. I made a mental note to buy more and then washed my hands and went out. I really like our new place and bathroom and it felt good to have my first, much needed, dump in there. I hope you all liked my story!

to Anna from Austria: It's great to see you back with another story.

to kmd: I'm so glad you are still around! Your posts are always so interesting.

to Erin: I love your stories, thanks for sharing!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Erin great story it sounds like you had a great poop and hope that girl felt better once she was done.

To: Francesca great story.

To: Anna From Austria great story.

To: Kelsey first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like she took a pretty good poop on that couch and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bridget great story it sounds like you and your mom both had great poops.

To: Debbie great story.

To: Carin great story about your big poop.

To: Anna great story.

To: Hermione that sucks that you and your friend had diarrhea.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Latest news

Hi everyone, will get to my latest news after a few comments about other posts.
Natasha- sorry to hear you're getting constipated again, I know what you mean about having small unsatisfying poos and nothing else coming out despite trying really hard, I get that too sometimes. I hope that improving your diet and exercising more sorts it out, I know that when I eat better, get some exercise and crucially for me go on the loo as soon as I get the urge my constipation improves a lot. You mentioned at the end of your post that you felt like you wanted a poo, I have been keeping my fingers crossed that you managed to have a satisfying one and didn't have to spend too long on the loo or push too hard to get it to come!
Jane- I feel really embarrassed for you, I can't imagine how awkward it must have been to be on the toilet half way through having a poo and your boyfriends mum arriving and not even realising that was what you were doing! It got even worse when it came to the lack of toilet paper!! Its just typical that when you think you've done really well in finding somewhere private something like that happens.
Christina- I loved your stories about going for a poo while camping, but I really can't believe that woman and her husband turning up when you were on the loo, she sounded so rude. I would have been totally mortified, especially with a man there, like you say I have no problem using the loo in front of my friends but in front of complete strangers is a different matter. Quite how you're meant to help farting when your in the middle of having a poo I don't quite know, if she has such perfect control over her bowels then good for her!! I've had a few embarrassing experiences with doors coming open etc when I've been part way through having a poo but nothing that bad. I camp quite a bit myself with some of my friends so when we need to have a wee or a poo we're pretty used to going outdoors. I suppose its only a matter of time before some total stranger sees me with my trousers and knickers down and a poo hanging out of my bum, but it hasn't happened so far!
Luckily my good progress with my constipation has been continuing, I now seem to be going 2 or at most 3 days between poos rather than 4 or 5 and as a result they are much softer and quite a bit easier to pass, its a real bonus not having to sit there straining and grunting for ages and I feel alot happier. I was getting a lot of belly aches before and feeling really bloated but that is much better as well. Lucy is also alot less constipated and much happier too. I haven't quite plucked up the courage to go and have a poo at work yet as I'm still doing massive loads which take a while for me to finish and I think I'd feel really awkward spending a long time in the single loo I've described. A couple of times recently the urge for a poo has come on while I've been at work and by the time I've got home it's gone away, I have made a point of going to sit on the loo as soon as I get home rather than just ignoring it and eventually I have been able to go which is really good news too. In fact on Friday the urge didn't start until I was getting ready to go home, and by the time I was back at my house unlocking the door I was so desperate to have a poo that I was jiggling around on the doorstep, I could feel it was seconds away from poking out in my knickers. As soon as I got the door open I rushed upstairs, unzipping my jeans, and as I went into my bedroom I started to pull them down, luckily my white knickers came down at the same time which was just as well as I could feel the tip of the log starting to poke out, as I sat on the loo I looked down and checked my knickers but luckily they were still clean. I moaned as I relaxed all my clenched muscles and felt the log slide out, I could feel it was getting wider but it was still smooth and fairly soft so as I pushed it kept coming slowly rather than getting sucked back up, thank God! It was really hot in my ensuite so I decided to strip to my underwear, I took off my top and jeans so I was just in my bra with my knickers at my knees. I pushed for a few more minutes and eventually the log dropped and I finished with a small wee. I started to wipe and just then I heard the front door open and Lucy came running up the stairs, she came in and said, "I'm dying for a poo, how much longer will you be?"
"I'm done, I'm just wiping my bum," I said.
"Actually I think I'll get undressed too, its really hot in here!" she said, taking off her top. She then unzipped and pulled down her trousers, she was wearing pink and blue stripey knickers and as she turned her back to me and walked back into the bedroom to put her trousers and top away I saw they were were stuck up her bum so I hoped she wouldn't get skidmarks. As I finished wiping Lucy had come back into the ensuite and was waiting next to me, she had her thumbs in her knickers ready to pull them down and was starting to squirm around. "Hurry up, I can't hold it much longer, its poking out in my knickers!" she said. As I threw my last piece of paper into the loo and pulled the flush she dropped her knickers and sat down, I saw a skidmark in them and felt a bit guilty I hadn't been a bit quicker or offered to finish wiping standing up! I pulled up my knickers and sat on the floor opposite Lucy as she started to have a wee, I could hear a heavy stream splashing down into the bowl and heard Lucy groan with relief. "Sorry, I was bursting for a wee as well, I was just about to have an accident both ways!" she said as her stream eventually dribbled to a stop. I could tell she had starting pushing and hoped she'd have a relatively easy poo as well. Sure enough after a few minutes of light straining and a few soft grunts (rather than the really loud ones we make when we're badly constipated!) she said, "Its nearly out now, its so much better now its not going back up my bum!" and I heard a splash as her poo dropped into the bowl. There was a short pause and then I heard another plop, and then two more close together followed by Lucy panting slightly as she released her breath. "Right, I'm done, I think thats the quickest poo I've had so far this year!" she laughed.
"Yeah, that sounded like a pretty easy one!" I agreed.
"I hope yours wasn't a struggle?" Lucy asked anxiously, as she started to wipe her bottom, "I'll feel really bad if you tell me you had a really fat hard one that kept going back up your bum!"
"No, it was fine!" I replied. "Well, it was a bit fat and I had to push a bit, but nothing like a few weeks back, and no, it didn't get sucked back up my bum, thank God!!"
By now Lucy was done wiping, she flushed and said, "I need clean knickers, I've got these ones dirty!" so she took them off and we went back into the bedroom, Lucy was naked apart from her bra but she wasn't bothered, we've been close friends since primary school and have been sharing a room these last few months so we're like totally used to seeing each other just in our knickers or even with no clothes on at all! As I put my jeans and top back on Lucy opened her underwear drawer and took out a pair of yellow flowery knickers, she put them on and then put her trousers and top back on as well. I hope you enjoyed this story, I will do my best to post again soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

So I'm Shadow and I am really weird because I LIKE abnormal peeing like outside in the ground and stuff. I understand If my posts are boring.
So I've been trying out this new gross thing where I pee in the shower rather than the toilet, because it saves water. (admit it, we've all done it, and it's good to do.) And as soon as my garden starts growing back I'm gonna pee in that to because it helps the soil. Thanks for actually reading this post,


Question for Tlana

I was interested in your comment about being short and having your feet "an inch off the floor". Do you find it hard to bear down and poop that way? I've often wondered about the efficacy of have handicapped toilets designed to be higher than normal. I know its to help in transferring from a wheelchair, but anytime I've used one it seemed to make pushing a lot harder than normal.-- JW


Willow, William, and..who is doing the peeing?

Yesterday when I got home, there was a message from Will. He didn't feel like cooking or eating frozen dinners, so he suggested that we go out to a restaurant. He isn't much of a cook, so he gets food from his mom or me. How about that..and were not even engaged yet. Anyway, I agreed. He picked me up and we went to a favorite restaurant. Unlike me, I forgot to pee before we left. We put in or orders and then waited. Will opened the conversation. "Willow", he said, using my pen name, which he almost never does. "Do you really want to continue using the name of a tree? Should I call myself Redwood or Linden?". "Ugh. No.", I replied. "That does't sound right". "I was browsing the names used by other people", he said. "Some were stylized, but most were real names. What do you think"? I thought for a while. "I've thought of this before, but no one helped me then. I guess your right. How about Roselle?" "Oh come on". Will said. "That's not your real name". "Does it have to be real", I said. "At least it starts with an R". "Yes", he said. "OK.", I said. "So long, Willow, and here comes RA'chel?. Gee, that sounds good too. I have to pee. This will be the first pee for Rachel publicly admitted". I went to the bathroom and both peed and pooped. Will could find no other Rachels in his browsing. If we find one, I will ad a letter. "Now aren't you proud of yourself", Will said, as I sat done at the table. "Yes", I said smiling. Our food arrived and we ate our dinner.


Gas station poop

Hey guys, sorry it's been such a long time since I last posted but I've been very busy with school and things have been really busy. With that being said I got to go home last week for spring break! On the way home I had to poop so bad at a gas station so that's what this story I gonna be about!

So that Friday morning I got up at about 8 because I had a 9am class and got dressed for my day and packed up things I needed to go home. I didn't have time to use the bathroom and I really didn't need to. I went to my 9 am and then had another class at 10:40. After that ended I went back to my dorm and packed up all my stuff to go home. I peed in our community bathrooms at the dorm and thoughts I'd be good for the ride home. I had lunch before I left and then hit the road.
After about an hour on the road, I felt my stomach cramp. It is my time of the month so this is usually normal. I kept on farting in my car and kinda was expecting to stop and use the bathroom. I was about 30 minutes away from a really nice gas station/rest stop that I know the bathrooms are clean. I could feel the giant dump wanting to come out but I had to hold it for which felt like forever!
Finally I got to the station and parked my car. I was wearing short nike shorts with tennis shoes and made my way to the bathroom. It was a really clean bathroom with about 10 stalls on the left side with sinks on the right. Only about 4 stalls were being used and it didn't seem like anyone was pooping. I took an open stall with both open on either side of me. I lined the seat with paper (I usually only do this at gas stations),sat down, and pulled my shorts and undies to my knees. I immediately pushed and let out this LONG snake like log. It fell with a big FLUMP. My stall immediately stunk and I sighed in relief. As I peed someone entered the stall on my right. From their pink small converse shoes I guess she was probably around 11-12. She pushed her jeans to her knees and began to pee. I pushed out another turd that crackled it's way out and fell with another big plop. Meanwhile they had stopped peeing and sat there for a moment. Then I heard a tiny fart with some small little plops. Someone then came in the other stall beside me and quickly pulled up their dress and peed really hard. They had their feet on their tippytoes and then wiped and flushed.
The other girl and I were the only ones pooping while many people cycled through the toilets only peeing. I was almost done but I still felt like i had a couple more poops left in me. As I tried to push the other girl let out this really loud and tough fart with loose turds that really echoed. I kept on pushing and then I heard the door open and heard someone call "Alyssa? Are you in here?", then the girl next to me replied "yeah I'm on stomach kinda hurts but I'll be out in a minute."....I'm guessing it was the girls mother and she said they would wait outside for her. After that I pushed and pooped out another huge long log with a fairly audible fart and then felt done. I wiped about 8 times (I hate the half ply toilet paper gas stations have...I never quite feel clean) and changed my pad and flushed. As I was washing my hands the girl was still pooping and I felt kinda sorry for her. Feeling much relieved and lighter, I wa able to make the drive home without any other stops.
That's all for today, thanks for reading! Bye for now!

Hi everyone I'm finally here again. So I'm making this post on Monday and this story happened on Friday during school. But I finally pooped at school!!! So when I woke up on Friday I had no time to go to the bathroom. I made it to Math which was at about 9:30 and school had started at 8:00. I eventually really had to go, and asked the teacher if I could go. She let me go and I went down the hall to the bathrooms. There was one kid Tim at the urinal and another kid was in the first stall pooping. I took the 2nd stall and put my mesh pants at ankle level and I hopped on the toilet. A piece slowly started to creep out of me, it kept on crackling and it felt so good. It splashed in getting my bum cheeks wet, I started to push out another one. The bell rang for lunch and I realized that I had been pooping for 9 minutes!!! Then the door opened, then I heard,"Colby is that you pooping in there", "Yeah I'm in here why". It was one of my classmates Peter and at this point I was really embarrassed, "Oh Mrs. Hernandez was wondering if you were okay", "Yeah im not sick or anything I just really had to poop", "I'm gonna go to the bathroom too", He entered the first stall he put his jeans at his ankles and sat down. I heard some crackling from his stall and then a splash, I started pushing and let out a fart and then piece fell in, then 2 more huge logs splashed in. Peter's poop sounded pretty big too. We both started wiping. I wiped my bumhole, redressed and flushed. I got to the sink and Peter left his stall. We both washed our hands and grabbed our stuff from our classroom.


Middle school memories

About 20 years ago when I started middle school I was surprised about how big our building was, with 1,000-some students and lots of crowding.There was a loss of privacy in the bathrooms which were the most huge thing I had ever seen. But I guess I adjusted faster than this girl, Mindy, who was seated at my 1st hour study hall table, along with 2 really obnoxious boys. By the end of the first month of school Mindy asked me to sign out with her and accompany her to the bathroom. The problem was that she was bused in from another county and didn't dare miss her bus. On some days, that meant that she didn't have time to crap at home so it became something she really loathed to do at school. But she would get gas, pass it and smell up the area around our table and these immature boys would give her a hard time. Our table was in the corner and the proctor didn't see any of it.

So one morning Mindy made the mistake of speaking too loud and asking me to go down to the bathroom with her. The boys heard it and took off with it to torment her. I felt sorry for her because I figured she could use a friend. She would take the far end stall. It made sense, I guess, because would have only one neighbor at most. Then she would ask me to take the toilet next to her. I could usually pee a little and we would talk for 5 to 10 minutes as she would stand then sit, move her legs quite a lot and eventually she would drop her log. Sometimes she would wait another 2 or 3 minutes and I would hear another couple splashes into the bowl. I thought this would give her more confidence, but she continually asked me to do it two or three times a week. That caused the boys to continue to give her a hard time. When we came back to the table they would ask Did it stink, did you remember to put the seat down and one day I got right up to one of the boy's ears and called him a f****** moron. We were lucky we had a substitute proctor that day because I probably would have been in trouble.

Recently our old school had a 50th anniversary program. Mindy was there with her husband. She called me aside and thanked me for what I had done back then. Now I realize what I had grown to resent back then
was important to her.


Answer to Karen B's questions/

1: Anyone who plays sports use the bathroom before or after the game?

I always go before. I've made it a habit to sit on the toilet as soon as we get to the changing rooms because trying to concentrate on the game with a full bladder is a nightmare. So the very first thing I do is drop off my bag and then sit on the loo :)

2:How do you remedy constipation?

I've never really suffered from constipation. Yes, I only go once every three days or so but I've been like that ever since puberty and I always find it as easy as ever to go when I do get the urge. It's just how I am. On the rare occasion I do get a little bunged up I've found exercise helps a lot. There has been a couple of occasions where I've nearly crapped myself at the gym!

3: If you had to go but the bathroom had no stalls, would you still go?

Absolutely! I prefer going at home whenever possible but I have no problems with using public toilets, and the lack of stalls wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Everyone goes to the toilet, so why be ashamed :) and I can always keep myself mostly covered up with my clothes.

Fire medic-
1. Has anyone ever watched their friend or someone their age poop when they were younger (under 21) or currently for those who are still under 21?

Yes, although it wasn't when we were as young as you were in your story. It was when we were college, so I was about 19 or 20. My roommate decided we had an open door policy when it came to using the toilet, so I could be taking a dump and the door would open and he'd come in and start shaving or brushing his teeth or something like that. I ended up doing the same, and there were also several times when I'd be at the sink and he would come in and drop his pants and underwear and have a seat. He had no problem making a little grunt and faces while pushing his turds out. I stand up to wipe so I never wiped in front of him, but he was a seated wiper and he always did while I was there.

2. Has anyone ever buddy dumped (both pooped together) with their friend or someone thier age when they were younger (under 21) or currently for those who are still under 21? Did you buddy dump in seperate stalls? Were there no stalls? Did you poop together outside? Did you both use the same toilet (sit on each others lap)? Did you watch them wipe?
I've only pooped in an adjacent stall with a buddy a few times. The first time was in high school when my buddy Anthony and I were at the mall and we went into the Sears store. Unfortunately, they had only recently put doors back on the stalls. We spoke a little bit while dumping. I do remember looking down at his feet in the next stall, and they were not flat on the floor. He had his heels lifted and he was wearing some teal colored briefs under his jeans.
Although not a buddy dumping situation, There was another time we both went into a Taco Bell restroom at the same time. He went over to the urinal and took a leak, while I went to the toilet and started to take a dump. He turned back around after he was finished and said, "whoa!" He smiled and said he didn't know I had to take a crap or he'd let me go first. Not a problem for me, though.

Pete the poop

Big work poop

I was really busy today at work and felt an urge brewing all day
Finaaly about 3 i got the chance to go. As i fancied a cuppa afterwards i went down to the work cafe and used one of the gender neutral toilets. One of them was occupied but the other was free. I was really ready to go i went in locked the outer door and then went in the cubicle and took my jeans and boxers down and sat ready for a big poop. It felt really good as a 8-10 incher slid out about 1 1/2 inches wide. The relief was awesone. I had some follow up pebbles and i was done. I wiped flushed and left very relieved. The other door had not opened and it was a further 5 mins before a slim lsdy 50s came out as i was drinking my tea


My girlfriends old bungalow

Just before christmas I had a card to deliver to a local address, so I set my sat-nav and of I went. As I got closer to the address I saw I was near to a bungalow that a old girlfriend had bought and which we had to get into the 20th century.
First we ripped out the kitchen and then the bathroom, re-wired and re-plumbed. Once the kitchen was out I re-wired while she striped all the wall paper and rubbed down the paint work. We then ripped out the bathroom, to remove the bath I took the door off as it opened onto the side of the bath, removed the sink but left the toilet pan. My girlfriend then hacked all the tiles of the walls, as she was doing this she had a bit of a mishap and broke a big lump out of the rim of the pan. We still used the toilet and it was funny that every time she went to pee I was just pasting the door way, and would watch her in a high squat peeing into the broke pan.
As time went on I removed the pan to start installing the new bath and sink and then she started tiling, this meant that with no toilet we both peed into our 15 litre paint scuttle which was set in the now finished kitchen and emptied at the end of each day into the bushes in the overgrown back garden. We could not pee in the back garden or yard as Mrs. Nosey from next-door was always out there, she had seen use empty the paint scuttle after washing out paint brushes and rollers anyway so did not know that it was now pee.
So now the bathroom was fitted and all the waste pipes were out through the wall to be connected to the sewer line and so I dug around the old pipe as it entered the ground, but there was a problem and I had to replace 6 metres of underground pipe.
On this one day I was working on the pipes and she was painting all the walls, so when I went to pee about mid-morning she was using the scuttle for paint so I just went to the kitchen sink, got my thing out and standing on tip toe peed int it, after I put my thing away I washed the sink out and wiped around it with some kitchen paper towel.
After we had both had lunch I again peed into the kitchen sink, as I was doing so my girlfriend said she was busting and had been holding it all morning, I said that she could try and pee in the garden or ask Mrs. Nosey if she could use her toilet, she replied that if she asked her she would know that she had been peeing somewhere else all the time the drains were up. I said pee in the kitchen sink then.
First she removed her shoes then her jeans and knickers, I put the small step ladder by the sink, she climbed up and stepped onto the kitchen work top to the left of the sink, then with her right hand on the wall and me holding her left hand she squatted with her bum over the sink and let rip, with my right hand I was feeling she nice round bum as she peed and peed, as her stream came to an end I grabbed the paper kitchen roll and with a sheet wiped her pussy from behind and below. She stood up and stepped onto the step ladder, her pussy now at my face level, I blow on it and kissed it, no more work was done that day.
A few days later and all the drains where done. Now my girlfriend had been taking photos of the work on an instant camera to keep in an album as a record, so I said that I would take a photo of her having the first pee in the new toilet, I sat in the bath and she dropped her jeans and knickers and hovered over the pan, from the bath I had a corner view of her and could see her pee stream and her round bum, I took the photo and put it into the album and marked is as the first pee and the date.
A few weeks later and all the work finished, she had a house warming party and the album was out on the coffee table for every one to look at. I picked it up and thumbed to the photo, only to see a new one of a left hand on the flush handle and marked, 'First flush of the new toilet and the date', I did ask her about my photo but she would not tell me what happen to it.

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