Small but mighty

I was in town today getting my shopping done so I could relax over the weekend and midway through the familiar urge of needing to poop occupied my mind. When I need to go, I *really* need to go and I've learnt it's unwise to put it off so I dropped off my shopping at the car and headed to the toilets which were conveniently right next to the car park! It was one of those pay toilet affairs where there is a turnstile and you need to put In a couple of coins to enter, and usually a bored looking attendant sat nearby. I put in 20 pence, walked through the turnstile and into the ladies.

The place was absolutely spotless and I immediately didn't mind having to pay to use them, it was worth every penny. There were five stalls, each empty with their doors wide open so I took the one in the middle. The first thing I noticed was the toilet wasn't like the ones I usually see here in the UK. It was wall mounted rather than sitting on the floor, and very, very shallow with a high water level. It reminded me of the toilets I used when I visited New York. It was clean and I had plenty of toilet paper so I lifted my dress up around my waist, pulled my thong down just enough to clear the seat and sat.

I started peeing and immediately noticed just how loud and echoey the bathroom was. I began to wonder if the attendant would be able to hear the tinkle I was making, or even the people outside! It didn't bother me, I was just curious. I had been peeing for quite a while when the moment I had been waiting for arrived. While still peeing, I felt the wide head of my poop crowning as my body gently pushed it out of me. It was moving slowly but without any effort so I just sat and enjoyed the feeling.

It wasn't too long before I felt it stop and peeking between my legs confirmed that it had reached the bottom of the shallow bowl, and that it was huge, at least an inch thick! I pushed a little, dribbling out some more wee, and it started moving again, curling towards the back of the bowl. Once it was moving I could relax again and just enjoyed the sensation of going. After what felt like an eternity, it eventually fell into the bowl with barely any sound and I pushed out a couple of nuggets.

Looking behind me and into the bowl I could see a large log curling around the bottom, it kinda looked like a 9 or a 6. It had curled when it touched the bottom of the bowl, but them curled again as it touched the back. I was in two minds of what to do. On one hand, I didn't really want to risk clogging the toilet especially after my toilet paper so I wanted to flush them in two parts, but on the other hand, I didn't want to clog the toilet straight away and not really be able to wipe. I decided to take a chance, if it was going to clog, it would clog anyway and at least I'd be able to clean myself up beforehand.

I reeled off some toilet paper and reached behind to wipe myself, folding it over and wiping again before getting some more. I only needed two pieces for my behind and I got another for between my legs, still reaching behind to wipe. I pulled up my thong as I stood and then smoothed out my dress before flushing, getting ready to jump back if the toilet began to overflow. I pushed the handle with my foot and to my amazement my creation disappeared in under a second. I couldn't believe it! It must have been the most powerful toilet I had ever used. I left my stall with a grin and washed my hands before continuing my shopping, gobsmacked by how strong the toilet was. I've been thinking about it all day! I'll definitely have to go there again.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Anna from Austria
Sorry for not writing or a Long time I was quite busy.

Here is a short Story from work.

Yesterday I arrived at work and had my daily morning coffee to get awake.

About 30 min I felt the urge to use the Ladies Room. So I left my desk and headead to the Ladies room.

It was empty and smelling really clean so early in the morning. I took the first stall next to the entrance door. I looked the door, pulled down my pants and my thong and sat on the toilet.

I started to push and did a loud brrrrrrrrt type fart immediately. the a soft log splashed into water. Then I peed quite Long.

Then I was done. I wipped myself a few times, flushed, washed Hands and left the toilet.

Now the bathroom was not smelling so nice anymore.

hope you liked my latest Story.

greetings from Austria



Pooping at the mall

To Bridget: great story if you and your mom
Keep the good stories coming!



Taylor, I agree regarding warning spurts. And yes, once one has come out, it's difficult to hold. Do you get them often when you're desperate?

Abbie. It's really good that you are so close with your friends! Yes the wetness was really cold and unpleasant very quickly.

Hermione, that's awful! What happened when you found out? I hope everyone made it in time.

Plymouth. I was always desperate for a wee on the way home from school and had more than a few near accidents. I know others like Abbie have posted the same.

Jane. That sounds really embarrassing, I hope you could laugh it off! Did you have your knickers down to your ankles at the time?

Hello everyone. This is my first post but I've been a lurker for a few months. I gotta say there are a lot of good stories on here and that inspired me to share something that happened on the weekend. I live with my boyfriend Evan, we're both 24. I was soaking in the tub reading a book when I hear a knock on the door. I said it was open and Evan slowly walked in. He had a distressed look on his face and I asked him if everything was alright. "I'm really sorry Hun but I have to poop" he replied. I was shocked and my heart started pounding. Our apartment has two bathrooms but there is something wrong with the toilet in the other bathroom so we're stuck with one bathroom until we get it fixed. "Go ahead" I said. He hesitantly walked to the toilet, pulled his pants down and got seated.
"It might get a little stinky in here," he warned. I said it was ok and he shouldn't be worried.
He relaxed a little and let out a tiny fart. He blushed madly and didn't make eye contact with me. I could tell he really did not want to push in front of me. He farted loudly one more time then I heard his poop start coming out. "NNNNN" he grunted silently to himself. I hate to admit it but I was staring at him. He caught me staring and he got really embarrassed. "Can you not stare at me please?" He asked. This time I got embarrassed and apologized. He laughed and said it was ok. His turd landed with a huge SPLASH. He sighed of relief and started letting out smaller poop. "Plop plop plop plop plop." The next fart he let out echoed into the bowl so loudly it startled me. He pulled on the shower curtain blocking my view of him on the toilet. "I just want privacy while I wipe" he said. I was disappointed but at least I saw him poop. I heard him roll off tp and start wiping his bum. After about 4 wipes he was clean. He stood up and pulled the curtain open so I could see again. I looked in the bowl and my gasped. What I saw was the biggest poop I've ever seen in my entire life! This thing was a monster! And there were little turds surrounding it. He flushed but not
all of it went down the first try. 2 more flushes it left leaving skid marks in the bowl. We didn't have a toilet brush in that bathroom he could use so so he just left it. After he washed his hands and left I was alone in the bathroom. There was a really strong smell of poop he left behind. Later on he thanked me for letting him use the bathroom. I admitted I liked seeing him go and he told me maybe another time he'll let me watch. I'll definitely post when it happens!

Laters, Cindy



Constipated again

Hi everyone. If you're familiar with my posts, you'll know I'm constipated a lot and this week has been no exception lol. I had to try and poop a few times before I got it all out. The first time was at a restaurant with my family. I got a strong urge to poop as we were about to leave, so I went to the men's room. When I sat down on the toilet, I could feel like I had to poop, but as usual when I started pushing there was nothing coming out. I sat there and strained for like 10 minutes but in the end all that came out was a really small piece of dark brown, hard poop. At a couple points the urge was really strong and I was pushing super hard and groaning, but nothing more was coming (thankfully no one else was in the bathroom at the time). So I decided to get up and wipe. (I think my parents knew I was pooping and might have suspected that I wasn't successful either. They're pretty familiar with my bowel habits).

After that the urge went away for a while, but when I got home I decided to try again. I went in the bathroom and just decided it was okay if I was going to be in there a while. I sat on the toilet again and tried but no such luck. Then I decided to stand with my butt over the toilet and my hands on my knees which sometimes helps. I pushed really hard several times. My anus sticks out a bit when I poop, it's gotten that way from all the straining I do, and I could feel that happening, and soon I could feel it opening more and a big firm turd making its way down. I panted and then pushed more and finally it started to poke out. It took a long time but I continued pushing in that position until finally the hardest part of the turd was out and the softer part came next. At that point when I pushed really hard (I had been grunting and groaning audibly at this point) it came out more easily and landed in the toilet.

My hole felt swollen and sore, but I wiped carefully and then flushed (and it almost clogged too). After that my brother came in the bathroom to pee and he said he heard me grunting and figured I did a huge one (he also commented on the smell and I'm sure he saw the skidmarks in the toilet bowl).

Anyway, that's pretty much a normal poop for me lol. Thanks for reading.


Delivery drivers delivering their craps

At my school where I'm a senior, I usually get a pass out of my 1st hour technology class to go in and crap. I do it about 4 mornings a week. Our school's biggest and most used bathroom is right across from the main office. There are two entrances. One from each of two main hallways. What's different with this bathroom is that you should come in from the east because there is a wall with about a dozen large rolls of toilet paper mounted on it. You pull your toilet paper off first, then walk to an available toilet, sit and do your thing. Its strange, I know, but the principals made the change about 3 years ago because of toilet paper being wasted, toilets being plugged up and overall vandalism of the facilities. Just before that time, janitors removed the doors from just over half of the the toilet stalls. I'm on student council and we were told it was because of vandalism, kids camping out in the bathrooms to avoid class and some smoking issues.

One day last week I came into the bathroom from the east side, wrapped my hand around a toilet paper roll and pulled off my usual amount for a simple crap. As I've written about before, my poos are soft, slide right out after my being on the seat only a few seconds, and I wipe and then flush and I'm washing my hands--usually within a minute or two. However, on this day all but three toilets in the middle were in use. I took the middle toilet. It had a privacy door, but the lock had been completely broken off and probably stolen. On each side of me was a toilet with no door. So I went in, flushed (so many students don't take the time to flush) and when the cycle finished (I don't like to sit and get splashed, something my boyfriend Justin calls an undercoat) I dropped my clothing and slid myself up on the seat. I'm the smallest girl in my class and when I'm fully seated, my feet are about 1 inch off the floor.

But this was more than my routine fast crap and back-to-class routine. While I was on the toilet, two delivery truck drivers (one was the normal lady for our school's route and the other was a lady she was training) took the open toilets on each side of me. From the sound of their voices, it seemed they had come in from the west entrance and had not seen the toilet paper rolls at the other end. Both dropped their shorts, almost in unison, and seated themselves. The regular route driver on my left shouted to the trainee that they timed it well because we were like 25 minutes from a passing period. The trainee said that in high school she had never crapped at school ever in four years. The other lady laughed and said holding shit in causes problems with several organs, not to mention all the money that's spent on laxatives. The trainee let out of a couple of farts and then I heard splashes into the water. The regular lady started with a piss and was telling the trainee that her husband and kids hog the bathroom so that she plans her shit each day for the first commercial stop. The trainee complained several times about sitting with no doors and having girls walk by and glance in on her. To that the regular lady said schools were never going to change and that students mess the bathrooms up too much.

Both were pretty efficient with their craps. I was obviously finished and had used about half my toilet paper for my usual wipe. I'm good but not great and that has lead to some comments from my mom and grandma about skidmarks in my underwear. Then the trainee tapped a couple of times on the side panel of the stall to get my attention. She said someone had stolen all the toilet paper out of her stall. I briefly explained the strange setup to her and passed her what I had left under the metal. Then the regular lady called out with a couple of obscenities too about not having any toilet paper. I told her I was done and would go out and get her some. I flushed, walked to the east end and pulled off some toilet paper and gave it to her as she sat sheeplishly. She was grateful and complimenting me as I turned my back at the sinks and was washing my hands.

As I walked toward the exit, I heard the ladies talking about what a dumb decision it was to take the toilet paper out of the individual stalls. A couple of the other users shouted out that they agreed. That's fine. But I don't expect any changes to be made.

Kelsey - great story, funny stuff! It had to have been noticed at some point; what did people say at school later on? What about the host of the party?


Carl's Accident

My friend Carl had an accident today upstairs around the time lunch was about to end. He had a seizure, and from what I could tell from outside the break room, he pooped on himself. I didn't audibly witness the seizure, but I did hear Miss Ranita asking him questions to see how he was post-seizure. Eventually, Carl got wheeled down the ramp in a wheelchair, and changed in the bathroom. The break room had to be cleaned too. I had to go pee after playing Bingo, and enjoyed music on the computer. I also pooped a lot this morning, and it was not only stinky, but noisy. Also, has anyone had a rush sensation like a drop in there abdomen? I have had this from what felt like gas shifting, but not before a poop though. Btw, it was from the cholecystectomy I had. The closest I've felt to a poop-related dropping feel is when you get a strong pressure on your rectum.I've had these urges after breakfast sometimes.


Mom Sharted Yesterday

When I was growing up my mom was very open about farting in front of me and my sister. She would't do it in front of other family members, but when it was just of us three she would let loose. Whenever my mom would fart me and my sister would burst out laughing. We found amusement in her farting all time.
Anyway, yesterday the three of us were hanging out in the living room when my mom said "Y'all wanna hear something funny?", and my sister said sure. My mom got off the couch, bent over, and pushed out a fart. Expect the fart sounded really wet, and we realized what had happened. Me and my sister burst out laughing because our mom just sharted. We had just witnessed our mom shart! My mom slowly walked upstairs holding the back of her pants while me and my sister were still laughing.


To Kelsey

Hey Kelsey I love your story about Hailey pooping on the couch. Disgusting but sure beats shitting your pants! I've never pooped on a couch, but in bed once. From what I recall, I was a child laying in bed, and farted. The next thing I knew, I felt a mush go in my pants, and heard a squirty sound. From what I remember, it was a stinky load, too. I also believe some accidents I had were the ones that the poop rises up to the back almost out the top of your pants. I did a squirty poop last week before getting a cleaning at the dentist, but luckily I was on the toilet. I've never heard any bathroom related stories at the dentist that I know of. I have to get cavities filled which I've had done before, and I'll be thinking of this site while being worked on. Maybe I'll hear a kid say "I have to go potty!". My last cavity filling was so long ago, I don't even remember being numb. It'll sure be weird, especially with talking with no feeling for a while. Even if I don't hear bathroom talk at the dentist, if I have experiences good enough to share, you'll hear it.

Victoria B.

Karen B.'s survey


My morning dump today didn't make it all the way down and it required a little assistance. Unfortunately, said assistance was such that it caused the towel I was wearing to slip off while I was plunging my load down the drain-how embarrassing! I had forgotten to flush before getting in the shower and only remembered after getting out. Everything went down and nobody saw me, but what a start to the day!

Here are my answers to Karen B.'s survey:

1: Anyone who plays sports use the bathroom before or after the game?

Always before. I played tennis in high school and playing took too long to hold either a full bladder or butt, especially if it was a doubles match. Going before I walked onto the court helped me concentrate on playing my best.

2:How do you remedy constipation?

I became a vegetarian last year and I've found that a diet heavy in vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts leads to productive results. Drinking plenty of water is essential too.

3: If you had to go but the bathroom had no stalls, would you still go?

Resoundingly yes. I wrote about a recent accident on here and it's not something I'd choose to experience ever again. Having bodily functions and needing the toilet is part of being human and I choose not to be ashamed of it.

PS: That was an awesome thing you did for Elaine. It's her/your choice to not shave or wax and it should be respected.

Shoutouts to Anna, Taylor, Patty, and Mina!


Some Canadian Guy

To: Dom

Ya, I felt really awkward and disgusted hearing one of the popular, athletic girls taking a dump and relieving herself like that. She was texting and study while doing so, making it more gross. I don't think she ever knew I was in there, which was good.

Pete the poop

Big work poop

I was really busy today at work and felt an urge brewing all day
Finaaly about 3 i got the chance to go. As i fancied a cuppa afterwards i went down to the work cafe and used one of the gender neutral toilets. One of them was occupied but the other was free. I was really ready to go i went in locked the outer door and then went in the cubicle and took my jeans and boxers down and sat ready for a big poop. It felt really good as a 8-10 incher slid out about 1 1/2 inches wide. The relief was awesone. I had some follow up pebbles and i was done. I wiped flushed and left very relieved. The other door had not opened and it was a further 5 mins before a slim lsdy 50s came out as i was drinking my tea

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Work toilets sink piss.

Our men's room at work has two urinals and two stalls. It rarely has a line, but today the stalls and urinals were all occupied and we had to wait. I was standing in line waiting for a stall when one of the guys from the IT department came in. He took one look at the line and walked over to the sinks. I guess he really had to go because unzipped, pulled out his dick and took a healthy, relieving piss that lasted about 50 seconds. After he was done he zipped up again and walked out like nothing happened. I reckon all of us who were waiting in line wanted to do the same at that point, but nobody was brave enough.


Some Times

Hi I'm Kelsey, I'm 19, and I love going for a big, firm poop!! Like most of the readers here.:) When I was growing up, I lived out in the country with my family. 2 brothers, myself and mom and dad. So plenty of people to be needing a bathroom! We always ate lots of food, breakfast and dinner made by mom every morning and evening. Lots of meat and vegetables. I love the urge to take a shit and holding it until I feel like I can't wait any longer, but I've managed to only ever poop my pants twice!! And both times wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my brothers hogging the bathroom.

I have a friend we will call Hailey, we were at a prom party over a year ago upstairs at the house of a guy from our class. A really big and nice house, and Hailey swore to me she was gonna "make a loaf in her pants" if she couldn't use a bathroom asap. I laughed my butt off when she told me but it clearly wasn't a joke for her, I told her I knew a secret bathroom upstairs. (A total lie, lol) She followed me as I ran upstairs and I opened a random door that ended up being a closet, and I was said "oh, what..?" She just said "Shit!!" Acting very confused, Hailey decided she couldn't wait anymore and she literally ran and climbed onto a couch in the media room type of thing...and she pooped on his couch!!!!

I couldn't believe it, she knew I could see what she was doing but I guess didn't care?lol, but as soon as she pulled her pants down and I saw her big butt cheeks (her butts bigger than mine I'm just jealous lol!) was thinking holy shit haha she's gonna poop on the couch! She didn't even push, she just pulled her pants down and immediately a huge log was sliding out of her butt and then landed with a padded thud on the cushion of the couch. I still remember the sound and how big and wide her poo was. It was absolutely massive. She had the look of pained relief on her face.

As soon as the big poo hit the couch, she pulled her jeans back up and she walked past me out of the room like a ghost lol. She was super embarressed to say the least, so I followed her and shortly after following she hissed at me "come on let's get out of here!!"

So we left the party and drove back to her house which was luckily about a mile down the road. We were drunk, yes shame on us, shame shame. But when we got back to her house she had almost forgot what she did. And then she looked over at me in the driveway before we got out and broke the silence. "I took the biggest poop of my life on ****'s couch...!" I just quietly laughed at her statement, and stayed supportive about it. It was kinda my fault lol.

But I did remind her that if she had to go sooo bad, it was better than pooping her pants downstairs in front of everyone she knows! She looked terrified of that idea and slightly agreed with me.

Til next time! Kelsey


Clogging Mall Toilet

The other day my mother and I went shopping together, we met for breakfast at a local buffet place. I loaded up my plate with pancakes and sausage and had a million cups of coffee. They also had a biscuits and gravy station that my mother and I went to several times. Biscuits and gravy always mess up my stomach but it was too good to pass up. We sat around and ate for about an hour and then left to go to the mall. We were both stuffed to the brim, I almost didn't want to get up and go. A little background on my mom, she''s 68 with shoulder length blond hair. really curvy with thick thighs and kind of a plump butt. The ride to the mall took about about 15 minutes and I kept smelling farts that I knew weren't mine but I didn't say anything. We walked into macy's and I was looking at bathrobes when I felt something in my stomach drop. I didn't get to go to the bathroom yesterday and it looks like the new food had met up with my leftovers from last night. I decided that I was going to hold it because I really don't like going in public but I would have to leave soon. I told my mom my predicament and she responded with "Honey, I understand, i've been holding in a giant one myself this whole time, let me just stop at hallmark and then we can go home.". I followed her out of macy's and towards hallmark as she needed to get a card for her friend. She was incredibly indecisive and it took her forever to get a card. By now I was bursting to go and I knew that I had skid marks from the turtle head poking out. As soon as she finished buying the card she turned to me and said "Bridget, i'm so sorry but I need the bathroom now.". As I said before I hate going in public places and I was even more mad because she was the one who took forever to buy the card but at this point I was so desperate that I didn't even care. We waddled into the bathroom only to discover that 6 of the 7 stalls were taken. My mom was basically doubled over in pain. "Bridget can I please go?, I drank way too much apple juice and I think I have diarrhea." I felt awful for my mother so I decided to let her go even though I was about to go in my pants. She walked in and didn't even lay down toilet paper on the seat before erupting with what sounded like soft poop and a lot of farts. Finally the person in the stall next to her finished and I was able to shuffle in. I pulled down my leggings and sat down immediately letting out a massive log followed by a torrent of gas. I let out a sigh of relief and gripped the toilet paper dispenser as soft poop escaped from me. My mother was still going too and we really stunk the place up. I looked down and realized that my hot pink panties had a big skid mark right in the middle so I took them out and wrapped them in toilet paper to dispose of later. Once I was done I felt ten pounds lighter, and the toilet wouldn't flush. I tried three times and my massive pile refused to move, I rushed out of the bathroom with my mom and sped away, totally embarrassed.


Buddy dumping and questions

Hi everyone! My name is Firemedic, I am 23, male, and a longtime lurker.

I have a quick survey and request for everybody.

1. Has anyone ever watched their friend or someone their age poop when they were younger (under 21) or currently for those who are still under 21? Like go into the bathroom stall with them and see them poop, or go outdoors together? Did they watch you go later? Did you look at what they left afterwards?

2. Has anyone ever buddy dumped (both pooped together) with their friend or someone thier age when they were younger (under 21) or currently for those who are still under 21? Did you buddy dump in seperate stalls? Were there no stalls? Did you poop together outside? Did you both use the same toilet (sit on each others lap)? Did you watch them wipe?

3. Age when this happened, and your current age?

4. If you can share the story that would be awesome! I am looking for people to share their stories similar to mine below.

Now for the story that surrounds these questions.

When I was in middle school around 12years old I had a friend named Kyle. Kyle and me were pretty close and we both shared a fascination with pooping. Me and Kyle would frequently go together and even at the same time. Here are a few snippets.

We used to go into the bathroom at school at lunch recess by the gym. We would go to the handicapped stall and I would always go first. I would pull down my pants to my ankles and sit on the toilet and he would stand next to me and watch me poop. He would see it come out my butt, and would see it splash down. Sometimes he would also watch me pee if I had to as well. I would wipe, get up and let him go. He would do the same, pull his pants down to his ankles and I would watch him go. He would wipe and we would go back out an play. I should also mention that there wasn't anything sexual about this, we were just two curious guys.

Occasionally we would go to each others houses. At my house there are woods behind my house. We would hold our poop in and wait for when he came over and we would go in the woods. One of my favorite ways to poop was we would both pull down our pants and lean our butts against each other. We would both let the turds fall. And then we would wipe each other. It was super fun. Sometimes we would sit side by side on a log. This was also fun. He also liked to watch me pee. So I would always do that afterward.

On three occasions we used the same toilet. We were on a roadtrip to the beach and kyle and I both got bad stomach aches from where we had stopped for lunch. His Dad pulled into a gas station znd we both limped inside to find A single bathroom. We agreed that we had to both use it, and since I was taller I would sit on the seat and he would sit on my lap. We both took our pants off completely, and I sat dowm all the way back and he sat on my knees. We both had massive diarrhea, and he did splash a little on my leg, but I wiped it off. It was so amazing to share that experience with a friend. To be able to see the poop come out. I wiped his butt and then he wiped me. The toilet was totaled.

The 2nd time was 2 weeks later at his house. After what happened on the trip, he wanted me to sit on his lap. So I did. I pushed out some solid turds while he pushed out some softer snakes. It was interesting sitting on his lap. Afterwards he wiped me and then I wiped him. I then peed for him to see.

The third is for a later date.

We contiued our friendship and had many poops together until he moved away 3 years later. If you want to hear more stories from when me and kyle were together let me know after your survey story response.

Victoria B.

Karen B.'s survey


My morning dump today didn't make it all the way down and it required a little assistance. Unfortunately, said assistance was such that it caused the towel I was wearing to slip off while I was plunging my load down the drain-how embarrassing! I had forgotten to flush before getting in the shower and only remembered after getting out. Everything went down and nobody saw me, but what a start to the day!

Here are my answers to Karen B.'s survey:

1: Anyone who plays sports use the bathroom before or after the game?

Always before. I played tennis in high school and playing took too long to hold either a full bladder or butt, especially if it was a doubles match. Going before I walked onto the court helped me concentrate on playing my best.

2:How do you remedy constipation?

I became a vegetarian last year and I've found that a diet heavy in vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts leads to productive results. Drinking plenty of water is essential too.

3: If you had to go but the bathroom had no stalls, would you still go?

Resoundingly yes. I wrote about a recent accident on here and it's not something I'd choose to experience ever again. Having bodily functions and needing the toilet is part of being human and I choose not to be ashamed of it.

PS: That was an awesome thing you did for Elaine. It's her/your choice to not shave or wax and it should be respected.

Shoutouts to Anna, Taylor, Patty, and Mina!



Peeing By Excitment

Last Saturday, Will came to my apartment to watch a romantic movie with me. He was early, so we watched the news first. There was an item about the marriage of two celebraties, the third time for the woman and the second for the man. : "I don't get it", Will said. "Why don't they pick someone they want and stick with then". "I don't know", I said. Will continued on. "I've had several girlfriends, but none stuck. I didn't feel comfortable with any of them". He stared at me. "You're different", he said, "I feel very comfortable with you and have from the start". (Pause)."Do you think we should be thinking about getting married?". I was star-struck. I nearly fell to the floor. Will was the only boyfriend who ever mentioned marriage. "Ugh yeah, of course. Lets start talking about it". "We don't have to make a decision right now", he said. I suddenly felt my bladder squeezing me and I had to run to the bathroom. I peed and came back in time for the movie. During the commercials, we started talking about marriage. I didn't know what to talk about. Should we buy a dog? How many children should we have? What kind of wedding should we have? Slow down, Willow. We're not even engaged yet. During the movie, we made a few remarks, but nothing serious.

The next day, I went too Will's house to watch another movie. This was a calmer day, although we did make some marks about marriage from the movie. I peed three times during the commercials. I just couldn't hold it. After the movie, we talked further about marriage. Then we hugged, kissed, and I went home, wondering what Monday would bring.

Okay I'm here again and today I'm here to share a story that happened today (Thursday). So anyways I was at work today and eventually around 10:30 I took a break to go poop. I took the first stall in the bathroom and peed. Then another girl came in and took the stall next to me. She had white shoes with a yellow Nike logo. She lowered her pants to her knees and looked to be squatting. I looked through the crevice of the stall and it was one of my students Gina. She is extremely cute about 5'2 maybe 100 pounds brown curly hair. She looked to just be peeing very calm and then poop explodes out of her bum with a loud wet fart. Poop came squirting out of her bum and it came pouring out. She farted and poop squirted out again like she was peeing. Then 2 huge pieces came out and splashed in. I pushed out my piece which came out to be about a foot long and i started wiping. I left my stall and Gina was still pooping so I went back to my room. Later on when I had her she kept on looking at my shoes and my pants she probably knew I was next to her.

One night I was driving home from the school and my house is about an hour and a half from the school. I started getting stomach cramps although I was on the highway and I needed to find somewhere to go to the bathroom. One exit had an Applebees so I pulled in there, the place looked very new. I went to the bathrooms which had dividers that went to the floor so you wouldn't see under them. I pulled my slacks and panties down to my ankles and sat. I peed for about 20 seconds and started pushing. The bathroom door opened and I still pushed. Then my stall door opened and it was a girl about 13. She immediately shut the door and I was so embarrassed. A huge piece started to coil out and it finally splashed in. I rolled out some toilet paper and wiped and my bumhole was really messy so it took a lot of wiping. I went back to my car and drove home.

This next story happened maybe a month ago. Caleb had a friend over named Tom during a snow day. I needed to drive to the grocery store so I left them home alone for a bit. About an hour later I came back and pulled into the garage. I unlocked the garage door into the house with groceries in my hand. I went to the kitchen and Caleb was in the living room. "Hi hunny where is Tom?", "He's in the bathroom downstairs.", "Okay I'm gonna go finish getting the groceries." I went down the hall to the garage and Tom left the door open so I peeked in. He was on the toilet and was definitely pooping. I never usually care if my kids friends need to take a poop at the house but it does irritate me if they clog the toilet. I brought in the last bag of food and took a peek again. He was starting to wipe so I went upstairs to put the food away and just act normal. About 2 minutes he came back upstairs to Caleb and then they went upstairs, so I walked back downstairs to check out the bathroom. I opened up the toilet and there was a huge piece about 10 inches long and maybe 3 inches wide.


Science Fair Contest Diarrhea

I'm involved in Science Club at my high school. Our school teamed us up with junior high students from our district to do projects for a district-wide science fair that involved about 500 students from several schools. Each high school-junior high project team exhibited in the ballroom at a big hotel on one Saturday. Parents and people from all over the area came to see our projects.

That morning I picked Beau up at his house. He's very shy, although he's probably twice as smart as I am. His mom and I had a cup of coffee and she explained that his nerves were acting up. At the time he was on the stool having diarrhea. While we talked, she said Beau was on his second trip in there. She said Beau didn't like to use bathrooms away from home and that she hoped he would grow out of it. He's in 7th grade.

Beau came out with his research book and was still eager to get down to the hotel. His mom gave him a couple of pills to take in a couple of hours if the diarrhea continued and I told her I would monitor his situation. Because he and I had worked on our project for about three months, I was happy to see that he was not going to cancel. The drive to the motel was uneventful, although he placed his hand below his belt a couple of times like he was feeling something. When he got to the hotel and parked, he was able to carry in half of our exhibiting materials while I took care of the others. But as soon as we got to the doorway of our exhibition room, he started to get nervous. He put his materials down in a corner, told me to watch them, and hurried down the hallway to a bathroom we had passed.

I started to set our display up on our table and Beau came back in. It was obvious from the scared look on his face that he had had an accident. I looked at his brand new black dress jeans and I couldn't see anything. He said his boxers were destroyed and he just took them off and threw them into the toilet bowl. I didn't want to tell him that there were better choices on what to do with them because he was upset. He said his rectum hurt and was raw from all the wiping he had been doing since the first load happened in the middle of the night.

I tried to emphasize that everything was going to be OK. His jeans were not damaged and that I needed my partner to help talk with the judges and others. I told him about a couple of accidents that I've had and that I did just what he had done. I gave him a hug and told him everything would be OK. Then we got involved in getting our research book open and our table set up. Before long I could see the people start coming into the room so I told Beau it was my turn to use the restroom.

I went down the hall, opened the ladies door to one very large toilet room with probably 20 cubicles in two rows. I went into the first one that was vacant, undid the belt to my pant suit and seated myself on the warm seat. The lighting was twice that which we had at school and I was starting to sweat some as I pushed out the first of three logs. I tried to remember if I had crapped at school the previous day as I was waiting for the final piece. I looked up on the inside door and found one of those plastic holders with seat tissues. I don't recall I've ever used one since my mom forced me to when we were traveling several years ago.

As I was pushing harder to get the last turd, obviously a much wider one out, I amused myself by pulling down the lever and pulling off one of those seat papers. As I looked it over and tried to figure out how it would work, I got to thinking about how Beau and my project was entered in a "sustainable" category. I figured I shouldn't waste the seat paper so as I tore it into 5 or 6 pieces, my demon crap dropped and I used each of the pieces for the wipe job.

When I got back to our table, Beau was already talking to visitors and gaining much needed confidence in himself. Over the next couple of hours he had two more trips to the bathroom, but he said each was a lot less hassle and his bowels were pretty much fully cleaned out. Our project was one of 10 to win ribbons. Despite his diarrhea, Beau did a nice job and our project has qualified for state.

Monday, March 19, 2018

I'm a longtime lurker but first time poster on this site and thought it was time for me to contribute. I have a couple stories but I'll start with a short one.

When I was younger, I was friends with a kid named Toby. His house was two doors down from mine and he was about a year older than me. He wasn't my best friend but when you're young you don't have much choice with who you hang out with. Also he had just moved in a few months prior at the time and I was excited to make a new friend.

Toby had an older sister named Maxine who at the time I think was in high school. I'm not sure how old she is nowadays but at the time I'd say she was 14-16. I thought she was pretty cute at the time and sort of crushed on her. She had black hair and was usually wearing her high school uniform which was a V-neck shirt and a drab grey skirt, at least whenever I saw her.

Me and Toby walked home from school together most of the time. Because we were young, Maxine was usually there to walk us home. Her school was over a kilometre walk from ours, then another half kilometre home. Also, we lived in a newer neighbourhood where there were absolutely no public bathrooms of any kind. No stores, no offices, no nothing. Sometimes the town put porta-potties out in the parks near the sports fields, but they were only used by desperate soccer moms with bursting bladders who didn't want to leave their kid's game but also wanted to keep their panties dry. And even those were taken away in the wintertime, the season in which the story takes place.

So me and Toby leave school and Maxine is waiting for us leaning up on a pole with her legs crossed. The first thing out of her mouth is

"Come on guys, let's go home. I have to pee really bad."

Me and Toby of course find this hilarious. Even though the walk home is only a few blocks it takes a little while, both because Toby and I had the attention span of a gerbil and because we now know Maxine has to pee. Every time Toby and I would fall behind, Maxine would berate us and urge us to hurry up.

"If you two don't hurry up I'm gonna pee my pants!"

That sentence is still clear as day to me. Maxine had her thighs pressed together and she was bouncing up and down on both legs as she said it. Me and Toby actually did hurry up after that because we felt we had messed with her enough. When we were about 100 feet from their house, Maxine suddenly stopped and pressed her legs together. She started running towards the house, went through the garage, fumbled with the key and ran inside.

Toby later went in to check in on her. Maxine had just barely made it to the toilet. He definitely meant it. He said her panties were in the laundry room and they had a large wet spot. We both thought it was hilarious. Man we were assholes.

Toby said that Maxine always had a small bladder. He told me about a time in their old town, just before they moved here, where Maxine had suddenly ran ahead of Toby on the way home from school. When Toby walked through the front door, Maxine was wiping up a puddle of pee with a towel, still wearing her wet pants. He said Maxine was just barely going to make it to the toilet but their mom was already using it. Maxine couldn't wait those extra few seconds and completely peed her pants.

I haven't seen Maxine in years. I wonder how she's doing, and if she still has accidents.

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