Hi there everyone! I just felt like telling some stuff I tried today. I Love it when my grandmother is out for the day (I live with my grandmother.) because I can have the day to myself and do practically whatever I feel like doing. As I have mentioned before, I get a kick out of filling my bladder and then seeing how long I can hold it. Usually, I am at home, so I can just go as soon as I know it is extremely necessary. Today, I was a bit more daring. I drank a HUGE glass of water (Always my favorite diuretic choice) It was about 20 oz, plus the fact that I hadn't gone in the morning when I woke up. (8 oz= 250mL for all of my UK friends!!) I then got dressed, and Started walking the 5 blocks to our nearest grocerey, Jewel Foods. I have a strong bladder, (maybe from all the practice??) so I didn't really start feeling the effects until I got to around Osceola, the 3rd block. I would say point would be when most people would be using the toilet. So I kept going. I got to the Jewel, and I kind of wandered around looking for things, I spent about 15-20 minutes in there. I find my bladder easier to control when I'm moving about, so I was fine. but then I had to wait in line. THIS was a difficult task, because I wasn't moving. So I wiggled through the line, paid for my things, and carried them home. It felt a little better when I walked. After 1 block, This would be the time *I* would be in the washroom, not a very good sign. I quickened my steps, And about 1/2 a block from my house, I had one of those involuntary squirts, not too much, but enough to stop me in my tracks and concentrate solely on maintaining control. I did, and kept going, standing still is not a good thing. I got to my door, and dug around for my key, and as luck would have it, it was somewhere other than in my purse. Who knows where. I couldn't just stand there though, I didn't really bank on having an accident, I just wanted to hold it for a while, so I went around to the back of the garage, under this flowerpot, to get the spare. I bent over to move the flowerpot, and, jetted another short stream into my pants. I shot straight up, and accidentally did it again. I thought first of yanking 'em down where I was, but then the neighbors would have seen. (Damn those nice -weather days!) So I crossed my legs, and tried to bend over again. I picked up the pot, but the strain to do so made me lose control again. This time for a longer while. I grabbed the key and kind of danced over to the door. I was kind of shakey, you know how that happens when you have to go really bad? And standing still in front of the door just made my lose it totally. I couldn't even help it, so I just sort of watched the wet spot on my pants get larger. It was not planned for, not like the other times where I purposely wet myself. But since it wasn't planned, I liked it. It felt good, It was warm, and great. when It got to the point where I could control it, I stopped the flow and went in the house. I we! nt to the bathroom, but instead of using the commode, I thought "what the hell?" and stood in the bathtub to finish up. I then stripped my clothes off and took a shower. Then I put the load in the laundry. What do you think? Am I twisted, weird, or does anybody else find this type of thing enjoyable? I think that If you really want to do something different, you could put on a pair of old pants, stand in the tub, and think back to when you were a kid and could do it without too much shame. Then just let go. It's washable, harmless, and when nobody is around, you're the only one who knows about it. So if you would, just once, try it, and I would like to hear about what other people feel when they go in their pants, Not for my sexual pleasure, because I don't find it erotic at all, I am just curious. As Always, Candi =o)

I really enjoy seeing a well-dressed woman on the toilet. Women don't realize how attractive they look when their skirts or dresses are up around their waists, with their panties ans pantyhose rolled down about mid-thigh. If they are wearing high heels, that's even better!!! I also love it if I am saring the bathroom with one who is so seated having a massive stinking bowel movement. What do you ladies think? I am a man.

Kevin L
Bridget, I too get aroused at the thought of a person of the opposite sex sitting on the toilet taking a crap. I do not think it is unhealthy, because your fantasies will result in good sex with your partner- mine have over the years. After hearing or seeing my former girlfriend Kathy going #2, I was always more aroused then I normally would have been and good sex was the next step.- I was at the my chiropractor office friday, which has a small waiting room with a powder room. I arrived for my appointment 20 minitutes early there was a women in her early thirties also. Her chair was right outside the bathroom, since it was early in the morning I needed to go #2 . The office was very quite and she could hear everything, I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat down and immeadiatly peed, then I started to strain a little as the 7 to eight turds came out with fairly loud splashes. I wiped four times washed may hands and exited after about 5 minutes. Then I sat down right next to her and read a magazine with some small casual conversation until her appointment.I wander what she was thinking when she heard my turds hit the water? Did it arouse her as it would have me if the roles were reversed? After seeing all the people on this website I realize there are plenty of people out there with simular intrests. Talk to you later> Kevin L

Canadian italiano
Bridget, your not alone...i too fascinate on occasion about the opposite sex on the toilet. act:
* I think its normal to think of this...for thinking doesn't harm anybody
* peeking seldom on someone of the opposite sex on the can by accident or by a driven urge of ones hormones is fine justification:
* if a man/woman didnt think of the opposite sex without clothes, or in bed, or thier geometry, texture..well would thier be dating, marriage?
* ok...thinking or desiring the opposite sex on the can is different to some...but that thinking is a result of a creative mine(genius, artist..ect) would be very boring to think like everybody else... i hope that my thoughts made some sense, feel free to share your ideas...if you want to contact me(post here for now) ...always in a hurry..ciao for now y'all

Some Guy
Thanx Disgusting! I feel sorry for you Johnathan, but loved the story! And I finally saw Senseless and was kinda disappointed; the girl only made fart noises, but at least it was still a funny movie. "I feel like I just gave birth! Somebody smack its ass!"

Awesome site I stumbled into. I thought I was a loner when it came to fascination with BMs. My morning ones are serious business. A large mug of coffee, my smokes, and reading material. I sit comfortably for almost 45 minutes each morning. Major releif. Any other guys prepare with drink, smoke, and reading for that majic morning moment?

Hi peoples! I've been away working in Amsterdam and Paris, and I've just caught up on the last fortnight's posts. Firstly: Red Pee. Yes, it happens; a few people cannot break down the xanthocyanin pigment in beetroot, and excrete it in their urine, which ranges from slightly tinted to intense red. Second, Lady T, some diapers will flush straight down some toilets, and there are ways and means of flushing any diaper down any toilet. In the early days of disposables, flushing was the only recommended method of disposal, and flushability was a selling point, as with sanitary towels. Anna, what's your method? Third, mention of dancers and backstage 'performances' reminds me of a production at a girls' school for which I supplied the lighting. There was a single stall next to the dressing room, too close to the stage to be flushed during a show without half the audience hearing it. My equipment store was opposite, so I had plenty of opportunities to go in and see what what had been done during the performance. I didn't see a single poo, ever, but the amount of tp and sanitary protection was usually impressive. I often had the pleasure of the first flush after a show. One night, the light bulb blew, and the girls either had to go in the dark or leave the door open; I unwittingly stumbled in on the lead girl as I manoeuvred a scaff bar out of the store. She was sitting holding her skirt up high, with a HUGE length of tp in her hand. Strangely, the school provided shiny 1-ply 'tracing paper', not very nice for the young ladies but fascinatingly traditional. Does anyone use this stuff? (I like the crisp sound of a girl piddling on a wad of it in the pan, a sound I heard many times then). I know of some public toilets in North Wales where it is provided, but it's rare nowadays. Next: Amsterdam. Wash-out pans are common in Holland, and I had one in my bathroom. One evening I got back to my room, sat down and made a big stinky heap. My 'phone rang with a panic call (as usual!), I wiped but forgot to flush before going out. I'm glad the chambermaid didn't go in before I got back - the smell was, um, smelly. In Paris I had the type of wash-down I described in an earlier post with a sloping pan back. I made a mess on this every time I did a No.2, even after laying tp in the pan before sitting down. Finally, toileting in the shower. As a space saving measure, some continental apartments of former times had a toilette turque (squat) which, by lowering a wooden board, doubled as a shower tray. A few still survive in poor areas. I mentioned a while back that Janet and I had a squat in our bathroom, and we later built a shower cubicle over it. Our home-made GRP squat pan was flat enough not to need a board, you could literally stand in the toilet! We were thus able to poo while showering, standing or squatting, or to use the shower as a douche / bum-wash after a squatting session. Janet demonstrated the convenience of this after having a messy accident in her (disposable) panties. She simply stepped out of her dress into the cubicle, tore the panties off at the waistband, and whilst she cleaned up with the shower the water flushed the poo and panties down the drain. Useful, huh? Crimson.

Sunday, September 27, 1998

To Lady T: No, it doesn't have any trouble going down. It is a rather older toilet, uses a good 5 gallons to flush. I don't dare risk it in a newer (low flush) toilet tho.

Today, we were at soccer practice. It was a 9 am soccer practice. Usually, I poop after breakfast, but only ate a poptart just before practice. Our field is an isolated field, surrounded by woods. About midway during soccer practice, I really needed to go. We had a water break, and i told the coach I was going to go to the bathroom. I went into the woods and my freinds Billy and Mike followed me. We often poop together in woods, so I was happy to have company. We got back far enough so there was some privacy, and peed. Then I dropped my shorts. Billy and Mike did the same. I made a huge poop, real soft. Then Mike added his to my pile and finally Billy. While Billy was still squatting and dropping his logs, our coach came back becuase he had to go too. Our coach peed while Billy was wiping with some nearby leaves. As soon as our coach was done peeing, he started to gather some leaves. We left and started to walk up towards the practice, but we stopped to see if he was going to poop. Sure enough, there was a large log coming out when we turned around. Two other boys also were coming back to pee. We did not say anything. They got to where just where they could first see the coach. He was sort of hid from where the path is by a tree. When they saw him, they just stopped walking and looked surprised. We started laughing. Two other kids also went back to pee. They had really funny looks on their faces too. We went to see what they thought, and there was a huge pile of poop under the caoch, not only his but ours as well.

hi carlos, keith, and all my other friends. to keith--i have taken many good dumps at LAX! maybe we both sat on the same can! to all--i have an interesting experience from yesterday. i was at a bookstore on the toilet trying to shit, just sitting there reading. i masturbated just a little bit. anyway, a guy comes into the stall next to me and looks over the wall and smiles! first i thought he was trying to pick me up or something. but then he sat down and started straining. he would push a big wet fart and then sort of shift around and then try again. but him looking over at me completley threw me, so i just left. i should have stayed, it could have been a great buddy dump. serveral have asked about my dad. his bathroom door also connects with my room, so i can hear him very clearly. he always reads on the toilet and takes around 30 minutes. sometimes he talks to himself. he will say things like "come on" or "jesus christ!". sometimes he says "get out of me". this morning, he was on the toilet and i heard him throw the magazine on the floor. this usually means he is about to get down to business. he sucked in a deep breath, and held if for so long i got kind of scared that he quit breathing! all of sudden, it sounded like a gusher! i could hear lots of pieces coming out along with lots of gas and farts. afterword, he said "oh man!", and i could hear him kind of panting. then he wiped and left about 10 minutes later. i think he puts toilet paper in his underwear. he is always farting and saying, "thats a wet one" but he never has skid marks at all.

Welcome to Greg. Gerald asked if anyone enjoys using the "wrong" restroom. I sure do. Always have. That was my original motivation for volunteering to clean the school restrooms. It gave me an excuse to be in the girls restroom. Once or twice a week, I would start my cleaning right after school. A custodian would have a cart ready for me and keys to the dispensers and I also had a key that would unlock any door in the school! Many kids stayed after school for various reasons, and would use the restrooms. There was also a big rush after the last class to go to the bathroom. So I would go in and clean the girls' sinks. I would nonchalantly say "Hi!" and they would talk and go into a stall to whiz or poop. Then I would wipe all their toilets, the walls, etc., mop the floor, and lock up. I also cleaned the boys' restroom but it wasn't quite as much fun. We had a row of urinals that smelled and like Gerald said, it is quite different than the girls' restroom.

for anyone who wonders about dark red urine: try eating quite a bit of orange juice concentrate straight out of the can, no water. then see what happens... (straight starwberry daquri mixer will produce starteling effects as well)

The other day I was feeling kind of full, so I decided to give myself an enema. When I take enemas I take 5 quarts of boiling hot water at a time. I lubricated my butt and inserted the nozzle. When I turned on the flow it hurt so much I almost screamed. Finally all 6 quarts were in me. Then the phone rang. I kept the nozzle in my butt and waddled over to the phone. The person on the phone wanted me to leave a message, so I had to use my other hand to write with. The nozzle slipped out of my butt. I tried to hold it and talk to the person on the phone, but I was very uncomfortable. After I hung up the phone, the doorbell rang. I put on some panties and jeans and answered the door. It was an old friend of mine dropping in. I told her just to wait a minute because I had to go really bad, but she said "Can't you wait, I have to leave soon and I'll only be a minute." We talked while I put all my concentration on not having an accident. Suddenly a blast of water and p! oop shot into my panties. Then another blast of poop. Then another. She asked me if I was okay. I started to run to the bathroom, but then all of it came out. There was a HUGE puddle of diarrhea on the floor. My friend hurriedly left. Then, after looking at the big mess, I puked all over my clothes. That was a horrible day.

< By the way, my name (Jonathan) is a boy's name, but I am a girl. I don't know why my parents gave me that name.

Just a comment on pissing out the door of a vehicle. Many years ago I was travelling across Africa in a truck. There were about a dozen of us. After some weeks, if the guys needed a pee while we were going, they just stood on the trailer hitch and peed. (Peeing straight out the back would hit the trailer, there were no side doors.) Unfortunately, the arrangement wasn't conductive to squatters--no women to see. (Had there been a better way for them to do so, I think they would have. Over the course of the trip, I saw all of them fully naked.)

Overtime, with the help of this forum I have come to discover that my interest in shit was far from uncommon as I had first believed. Since visiting this site, I have realized with great relief that my fascination is natural and mutually shared by many others. On the other hand, I often wonder if my interest is as healthy as people insist it is. To elaborate on this notion, what I mean is that thinking about someone sitting on the toilet and shitting, arouses me more than imagining other activities of a more sexual nature. I was wondering if some of you had a theory to explain this situation, or perhaps someone shares the same views. Bridget

Saturday, September 26, 1998

Rick asks for a laxative which isn't persistant and produces one good motion. I dont use laxatives but the only substance I have ever taken when very constipated is Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil in the USA) This is a lubricant and although it slightly softens a very hard lumpy stool it doesnt, at least if taken in the normal dose of a dessertspoonful or soupspoonful, make the motions loose or watery but eases the production of a fairly normal solid turd. I took this once when I was bunged up , a dessertspoonful before going to bed.Liquid Parafin usualy takes about 12 to 18 hours to work. Next morning when I got up I went to the toilet for a wee wee and as I sat on the pan I felt the motion come down in my back passage. With a little bit of straining to start I dropped some big hard balls, "Ploonk! Plunk! Sploonk! then out came a nice big long fat firm jobbie- "Kur-sploonk! followed by a softer but still properly formed curved sausage "Ker-sploosh!". Looking down the pan I could see an oily sheen on the water and slight brownish discolouration of the water, no doubt caused by the liquid parafin and I had to wipe my bum a bit more than usual, but it certainly was a painless way to relieve constipation without suffering diarrhea instead. Having done this big load I didnt have another motion until the following day and this was the normal, (for me) big fat but reasonably easy jobbie. Obviously if you exceed the dose the effects of even a mild lubricant like Liquid Parafin would be more severe so stick to the recommended amount. It does have the one disadvantage that it is oily and can leak through the sphincter causing a brown stain in the seat of the panties like a wet fart. On the topic of brown residue on the sphincter as raised by RG, yes this does happen even if you clean yourself well after a motion using moist wipes as I do. Some of this is mucus which naturally collects there as this is the bowels natural lubricant it being a mucus membrame and usually light brown and isnt a problem unless excessive. You can often see this as a light yellowish brown staining on the seat of your panties. Another reason for this can be that you didnt pass all of the motion and a retained jobbie even just little lump can be present and come down causing a darker brown residue. To Indy. How you pee is surely a personal choice of your own so I dont see why your mum "got on your case" about it. Does she let you watch her on the toilet I BET SHE DONT! If you want to sit then close and bolt the door when you pee and just do it. My friend Moira's husband George sits to pee as he has written here and I know of a few other men who do so. Just do your own thing. To me the advantages of a man sitting to pee like a woman outweigh the drawbacks although men are lucky to have the choice and be able to pee standing in an emergency. Like him I also stand up to wipe my bum but I am ???? and do have what you Americans call a big butt.

I find it arousing to go after women, or to watch or listen to women go. I love being near the ladies room and listening as they go, flush, and watching them leave.

Reading some posts a while back about people using the toilet meant for the opposite gender I wonder if readers would be interested in an experience I had when at Primary (Grade) School. I was about 11 or so and this was the final term (trimester) before I went to Secondary (High) School. One afternoon I needed to go to the toilet for a motion and as I didn't ask out very often the teacher let me leave the class. As I walked across the yard to the toilet block (this was an old school with outside toilets) I passed the entrance to the Girls' Toilets and as I had always wanted to have a look in them I decided to take a chance and go in instead of walking round the block to the Boys' Toilets. Nobody was around as all the pupils were in class and you couldn't see the entrance to the Girls' Toilets from the classroom so I went in. If anyone had seen me I would have said I had been taken short and couldn't make it to the Boys' Toilets. The Girls' Toilets of course didnt have the smelly urinal along the wall that the Boys' had but had 10 cubicles instead of the 5 in the Boys'. There also wasnt that nasty pissy smell but a definite smell of girls. I looked down the pans in each cubicle. Most were clear but a couple had jobbies left unflushed in them, one had a fairly normal turd of about 6 inches long floating in the pan but the other contained a real whopper of about 10 inches long and two inches thick which had got stuck. I imagine one of the fatter girls had done this and I sat on this pan and did my own jobbie, which was a lot smaller on top of it. As I sat there I heard footsteps and a girl came in and used one of the other cubicles so I had to sit there and wait while she did a motion herself dropping two turds with loud "PLOONK! KERPLONK!" sounds. When she had gone I came out and had a look down the pan she had used but her jobbies had flushed away. Quickly I washed my hands and went back to the classroom. Have any other readers ever deliberately used the toilet meant for the other half? I assume it is easier for women to use a Men's toilet than the other way about.

I usually sit down to wee as its easier. One day my brother had the runs and he had to poo like now and coulden't wait so dad took off his shorts, made me open my legs and put Jamie on the toilet facing me. He did his poo and a wee and I had to wipe him so he did not fall off the toilet. Has anybody ever had this happen to them?

I have been a reader to this sight now for almost a year. Some posts I have found quite funny, outrageous and downright sexy! Since I am now the proud owner of my own 450mhz PC I'd thought i'd toss in my two cents. When I was in my teenage years while I was in the bathroom on the toilet my mothers friend (I has a secret crush on her) accidently walk in me while I was unleashing a load! She looked so surprised she went out her way to apologize. That night I dreamed I saw her peeing in the bathroom with the door part way open, since then I have never gotten over the rush!

Nicola: When reading the following sentence in your last post: "...but its a bit difficult for a woman to do this (i.e. peeing in a wash basin) unless she is very tall or the washbasin very low", I recalled an incident when I watched a friend's wife prove the contrary. It was at a party, everybody drank more or less, and the next john was a flight down the stairs. So we all took turns at the kitchen sink. After some of the men had done this repeatedly, accompanied by cheers and catcalls from those sitting at the kitchen table, this woman emerged from the partying crowd and said she needed a pee. She was not exceptionally tall, and the height of the sink was quite normal. She positioned a chair in front of the sink, pulled down her clothes, put her feet on the chair and sat on the rim of the sink with her butt poised over the basin. She then turned on the water tap (we all did this to avoid pissy smells) and let go into the basin. I remember that, despite the sound of the running water! from the tap, her forceful stream caused a peculiarly loud, hollow, tinkling sound in the steel bowl. I have also heard of women standing on one leg, even on tiptoe, and lifting the other one over the wash basin with the knee pulled up, thus reaching a position from which they can attain "a gentlemans's privilege", too. Good pees and poops to you all, Andre.

I was interested in the posts about peeing in washbasins. In contrast to George who hates urinals and goes to pee in a stall sitting down, I MUCH prefer urinals, because you can pee standing up. In hotels without en suite facilities I always> use the washbasin to pee in (unless my wife is with me), and at home I mostly pee in the washbasin, because there are no seats, mats, carpets to get wet, and unlike a urinal, a washbasin is at penis height, so that the risk of peeing on your clothes is much less. However, if I have to go and pee at night, I always sit on the toilet, because when sleepy my aim is bad and I have peed on my pyjamas on many occasions.
If you don't clear up the marks you make on the toilet side with your jobbies, I presume that your poor longsuffering husband has to do it for you! I used to do it for one of my teenage sons, and it was a pain, and I breathed a sigh of relief when he stareted to drink beer and so produced softer turds that did not get stuck. I think everyone should clean up their own unflushed turds or skidmarks

The lady I've been seeing lately is intrigued with the fact that I read while sitting on the toilet. She's never known anyone that does it. She also asked why I have an open front toilet seat - I explained that it provides more room in front. I also have a sanitary napkin disposal next to the toilet, it's the type that looks just like a miniature trash can with a swing top. Maybe we'll be using the bathroom together someday.

When I was a kid, I shared a bathroom with 2 sisters. We never flushed during the night. Too noisy. In the morning I got to check out their urine in the toilet but they rarely took a dump during the night. In the morning we all used the bathroom together; we were usually rushed to get ready for school, and most mornings, we dumped at that time. Sometimes I even watched it coming out of them, and many times I wiped them. I also cleaned our bathroom once a week. Later on I volunteered after school to clean the restrooms, everybody got a kick out of this; they couldn't imagine a student wanting to volunteer to clean the bathrooms!

RG, in answer to your question, if I pee but don't poop, I don't wipe my butt. Also, I find it odd that a person's pee can be red. Unless the person had an infection similar to one I had a few years ago. I had some kind of bladder infection which caused a burning sensation when I peed and it would be red when it came out. I had to take some medication to make it go back to normal. Another instance when my pee is red is when I have my period. Besides that, my pee has only reached a shade of dark yellow. Bridget

I have had a really good day today, its friday! I hope everyone else has had a good one too. I am really looking forward to the weekend this weekend. I passes a really loud motion this morning and it came out in two solid terds, 1.5" thick and 2" long the both of them. Kerplosh! Kerploop! But now I feel the urge to go again. . . am I ok? I have never had to go two times in one day? I don't think that I have eaten that much. Hold on. . . . I'm going to go to the bathroom now and sit on the toilet, I'll be back in a little while. . . (20 min. later) I can't believe it! (don't worry I washed my hands) I had to go again. I pressed for a little while and come to find out there was quite a bit still in there. An equal load to what was in there this morning. Do you think I ate to much yeasterday, I don't think so. I ate what everyone else ate. Does anyone have an explination for this; or has anyone else done this also??

Mr. Drain E. Kidney, Knock the first line of the rebuttal off and try again. -management

Question for the ladies: When you sit on the toilet do you usually sit all the way back,halfway back, or just perch? Also does it make a difference whether you are peeing or doing a motion? Which way is the easist to wipe after a motion?

Indy: I also sit down to pee. My mother's involvement in this was just the opposite of yours. When I was in high school (quite a while ago), I got home after school one day, and my mother was entertaining some of her friends. I went into the bathroom, right near the living room, and had a good satisfying pee standing up. With many sound effects. Neither my mother or her friends were into listening to young boys peeing, but apparently they got an earful. Mom discussed this with me later that evening, and convinced me that peeing while sitting was much more civilised, especially when others were listening. And I do so still.

Friday, September 25, 1998

To Trevor. Its difficult what to do if you are a girl and have to do a wee wee in a hotel or guest house with no ensuite loo, shower etc. A man can alway exercise what is sometimes called "a gentleman's privilege" and pee in the wash basin but its a bit difficult for a woman to do this unless she is very tall or the washbasin very low. I found that taking a plastic jug with me in my case helps to cover this problem as I can hold this under my slot and pee in it then pour it down the washbasin and rise it out. Luckily all but the most basic guest houses and small hotles usually have en-suite facilities these days. What is more amusing is doing a motion in the wee small hours in such a hotel. In the old days they provided chamber pots (potties) for guests to use for either type of toilet function then empty next morning down the toilet but most people didnt like to use them. Once when staying over in a small guest house while attending a training course for my employers I woke up at 2 am and felt I needed a motion. I didnt have the runs or anything Im glad to say but as I have always said I go when I need. I knew I could't hold it in until the morning so put on a dressing gown over my knickers and walked quitely down to the toilet at the end of the corridor. Now as was bound to happen my motion consisted of two big fat jobbies which dropped into the pan with resounding depth charge "KER-SPLOONK! KUR-SPLOOSH!" sound effects which seemed to echo round the quite hotel where the only other sound was of guests snoring. Now the $64,000 question, to flush or leave it. I knew that the flush was noisy and as the bigger of my turds was of a size to stick anyway I left it and after washing my hands went quietly back to my bedroom. Next morning I went back to the toilet and saw that someone else had buddy dumped on top of mine. I now pulled the flush but it took 3 flushes before the whole load of my jobbies, the other persons and some toilet paper caused the ! ater to rise up alarmingly in the pan as other writers ahve mentioned then the head of water and pressure caused all the contents of the pan to be sucked out with a loud "Shloop!" sound. I flushed again and the water went away normally. As for pissing in swimming pools, I accept what Donny says about the chemical effects and I suppose over time many people doing so would affect the chlorine or other chemicals used. People however do it especially in public pools. Indeed some Local Authorities started to use a chemical which turned blue if someone urinated and it was a laugh to look for the tell tale blue haze round the botom of some swimmers trunks or costume. I think they have stopped this however after complaints from customers and fall off of trade as people objected. Its really a bit much to expect people to get out of the pool in soaking wet costumes and trudge to a cold smelly toilet when in a few seconds they can discharge the few fluid ounces of their urine into the many thousands of gallons of clorinated water. What can be more embarrasing is if someone has an attack of diarrhea in a public swimming pool and I have seen this happen to a teenage boy once when he farted and followed through and a brown! trail was seen to leak out of his trunks and discolour the water round him. Luckily it soon dispersed and his swining about washed all the liquid poo out of his shorts but I did notice that he quit the pool very quickly and no doubt went to the toilet and then to change. Another possible embarrasment is a woman on her period who's tampon isnt up to the boast that "you can go swimming even at THAT time of the month!" I have seen the effect of leaks while the woman in question has been swimming. Nice to read Dorthy's story and that there are older people who enjoy having a good motion. I look forward to reading more of her stories.

Ross: I also sit down to pee. I usually only do this in my own house at night after I've gone to bed. I find that turning a bathroom light on to pee wakes me up too much. When I was little, I ALWAYS peed sitting down. My mom finally got on my case so now I mostly stand up. I usually have to wipe the rim of the toilet (I always raise the seat) with toilet paper. Even if I pee right in the center of the bowl, it splashes a little up on the rim. I also use a little toilet paper on my penis to keep from getting yellow pee stains in my underwear. However, there is one thing I do that most find bizarre...I stand up to wipe my butt after pooping. I ALWAYS stand up. It's easier to clean your butt this way.

Some guy: My girlfriend said she was coming home one day and had an "instant diarrhea" as she entered the house. She said she tried to get on the toilet, but ended up pooping on the toilet seat, the rug on the bathroom floor, the bathroom wall (just a little), and also in her half-lowered undies. That's it.

Question for the ladies. When you wipe yourself after peeing, do you also wipe your butt -- even if you didn't poop? For those that do this, do you often find brown stuff on the tp? I find that as the days goes on, I often end up with brown stuff on the tp, even when I haven't pooped in a while. Anyone else experience this?

Lady T
To Anna: When you flushed the diaper, didn't it clog your toilet? I didn't really know that it was possible to flush something that huge without it clogging or having some trouble going down...

I cannot say I am perfectly regular but I go usually once a day, normally in the morning, after breakfast, however from time to time, without any particular reason, I find myself on the 3rd day without having a bm. Until some time ago after 3 days I used to go to the bathroom, sat and start to push it out...and this was usually hard and difficult. Next time it happened I took a laxative (I think it was Dulcolax) after dinner. About 10 hours later the cramps started, The problem turned to be the opposite: I had to shit at least 3 times during the whole morning.... Does anybody know a laxative that produces one (good) bm only ? How long they usually take to make you go?

Some Guy
Mr. Drain E Kidney- 1. People from Haiti are Hatians. 2. You are weird as hell. 3. (for anyone) Can people really pee scarlet or red? The darkest I've ever peed was a medium yellow-orange.

To Nicola: I am glad that you noticed my absence. It wasn't me - I didn't go to Portsmouth although I wasn't far away. The hotel I was in was in the New Forest, and I did use the train loo on the way home, but it did flush, just as we happened to pass through a station. I didn't notice the name of the station, but there was quite a lot, so it must have made a mess!
To Candice: Glad to see another dancer posting here. If you are like me, you will appreciate that the exercise helps to keep you regular. Do you perform at all? Have you any good backstage stories? love, Jill

Thursday, September 24, 1998

"Regular Guys" snippit
"We have recently received word that you proclaim to have the darkest urine in all of the state. Let me assure you this is a serious claim that needs to be seriously analyzed if you hope to have a future in the business of doing your business. Have you verified the sample is discharging from the correct end? No question is too basic when dealing on a statewide competitive level. This is but one of a 342 point examination you will need to undergo to seriously be considered for Ms.Piss California. We will need this checked by a trained urinologist to submit your yellow saturation content level to the state board if you ever seriously want to compete at a higher level. Just don't be stupid. If you are found to have directly tampered with a local water supply or if your injecting carotene to attain your glowing status your crown will be stripped immediately. Remember, if you ever dream of competing at a national level in the future, let me warn you that your classification may pale in comparison to Mrs. Mississippi who has been known to urinate a copper orange hue during our preliminaries (and yes, we ran a test for red dirt content and it proved negative ... she is amazing). But as we all know, Ms.Piss America was handed to a Florida Hasian Woman last year who was able to piss a deep scarlet (surprisingly without any traces of blood), I can only speculate this is dietary because who knows what the hell they eat on those damn boats. This obviously caused a huge scandal due to her mysteriously being issued a green card from the mayor just days before the event to take the crown, most theorize in an effort to win some much needed summer tourism. If you have the heart (and bladder) to be Ms.Piss, I wish you luck in your filtering future. Sincerely, Mr. Drain E Kidney (executive administrator of Ms.Piss America Pageants)

Nicola - as you say there is no harm in weeeing in a shower, bath or swimming pool. What about a wash basin, in one of those hotel rooms that doesn't have "en suite" facilities? I must admit that if I wake up needing a wee I often use the wash basin. What do you girls do?

tim reynolds
the other night i was about to take my dog for a walk when ifelt like i had to poop. so i grabbed a piece of paper towel and took the dof to the woods near my house. it was dark outside, and i was carrying a flashlight. i could have held it until after the walk, but i have always liked pooping and peeing in the woods. (once i even did it with my girlfriend.) anyway, i took my dog down this secluded path and stopped at a quiet place. to make sure i didn't soil anything i had to remove both my shorts and underwear. i propped my flashlight on the ground to get some light. i squatted so my ass was pretty close to the ground. i didn't intend that, that's just the way i squat. i began to pee and the pee splattered and almost got my ass wet. then my poop came out, nice and firm and smooth and brown, and lay on some leaves on the ground. it felt so natural and good to be doing it out of doors. then i peed some more, landing next to the poop. the dog just looked on, wondering why HE wasn't being walked. i was afraid my ass was going to touch my poop, but it didn't. i wiped my butt with the paper towel. i plan to go back in a few days to see what how my poop has weathered, and in the daylight. maybe a dog will have pooped next to mine.

Last winter my freind went ice fishing alone and had to crap so he went up on shore and did it on the trail that led to the lake. One or two days later I went there to fish with him. He was all excited to show me the turd he had done in the snow. To my delight, all we found was some used butt-wipe. Evidently something gobbled it up. I figure it was a dog, since my family used to have a poodle that thought frozen cat turds were a delicacy. Whatever it was, my freind was proud that something ate it. This is the same freind that was proud that he puked after smelling another freind's fart. But that's another story...

Jeff A, yes I looked forward to my sisters sleepovers. Most of us saw each other in our underwear, and the girls would all sleep in the living room. My bedroom was directly across from the bathroom, so I could hear very clearly everything they did in there. Late at night they would not flush the toilet so as to not wake anybody, and I checked out their yellow piss in the toilet. Many times there were bowel movements in the bowl as well. Nicola, I really enjoy your stories. I pooped off the side of a boat once when I was out fishing with a friend and wiped myself with a piece of a paper bag. Most people though, stopped and went ashore if they had to crap. Some lakes in my area have porta potties but it's a pain to go back and use them just to poop. As for the pissing in a swimming pool, I have a pool, and it's not a good idea. The piss reacts with the chlorine, forming chloramines, rendering it ineffective. You have to change the water about every 5 years, but if you have a lot of people pissing in the pool, you will have to change it every year or two. Any kind of foreign material in the pool is bad. When friends use my pool, they either go inside and use the bathroom, or they piss out on the ground. On a return trip from the lake on another occassion, I had to take a crap. We were all quite drunk, in the back of a van. Instead of finding a place to stop, I crapped in a paper bag and threw it out the window. We all just whizzed out the side door instead of stopping, but I think I was the only one ever to shit in the van. If I had a van, I would have a nice portable potty in there for people to use and that would present another opportunity to see people using the toilet.

Tracey S. Are you the same Tracey that posted a while back about pooping accidents in your sleep and punishment from your father. How's it going with that? How about telling us about your "nasty accidents" with pooping?

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't gotten to post lately, I have been very busy with my new Dance class. (which is going well, for all who care to know) *****CCjob***** The condition you have may be very serious, You should probably see a doctor ASAP. Frequent urination, interrupted "streams" or, what you described, that sudden urge that gets desperate too quickly, could be signs of prostate cancer, one of the most common types of cancer in middle aged men today. If I were you, I would skeedaddle my little bum to the family doctor *RIGHT AWAY* for a checkup! And let us know if everything turns out, OK? As Always, Candi

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

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