Ashley G
Lydia & Anne: I used to post here about 3 years ago about my teenage daughters Natalie and Kayla. Who are now 18 and 16. They are both athletic and active and have had very big bowel movements since around age 12, although I don't see the "visual evidence" as often as I used to...LOL...your kids definitely not the only ones.


Answers to Karen B's questions

I'm answering these questions from a the perspective of a former player and now graduate assistant-coach:

1. Anyone who plays sports use the bathroom before or after the game?

When I got to middle school and made the first team I had ever gone out for our coach instructed all of us to get on the toilet as part of our pre-game preparation. For each of the first three or four games of the season Coach S would remind us to get to our designated locker room, change from our street clothes and to include mandatory toilet time. We'd walk into our locker room, she'd quickly scan the row of toilets, and then we would be divided into A and B squads--A's would do their TT immediately and Bs would get into uniform and be in the wings as toilets became available. Coach S was very tough about any of us leaving our bench during the game. I remember one player did and she was forced to stay in the locker room for one period alone for the privilege of taking her crap. That sent a strong message to the rest of us.

2. How do you remedy constipation?

Being in sports, we always had water bottles handed to and sometimes thrown at us. Back when I was like 11 or 12 I remembered downing 3 16-ouncers in many games. That would help move my bowels. Three hours later at home I had a nice, smooth BM. But before I got back on the bus, I would have to take a nice long wee. A minute and a half was my usual time. A couple of my teammates, waiting for my toilet, couldn't believe my wees. I felt bad when Coach S would come into the locker room and yell at us for making the bus driver mad. But my mom put it into perspective: the others just wanted to get on the toilets faster and out to the bus. Sometimes Coach S was the last to sit and wee as the rest of us walked out to the bus. She was the last to get on and some of us just snickered but didn't say anything.

3. If you had to go but the bathroom had not stalls, would you still go?

For some reason this was what we found in many of the dressing rooms, especially during my junior and senior high competitive years. For the past six years at the college level, almost all of the toilets have stalls and about half have doors. I've found that the closer the toilets are to the showers, the less chance they are going to have privacy. I only know of a couple girls on my teams who have refused to use the bathroom the athletic director has assigned us. They just insist on more privacy and walked to one of the nearby public bathrooms open for fans. I remember Chelsea saying she didn't like the attention she got from fans who were waiting in line, but they let her cut in and some even wanted to talk to her as she was washing her hands. As for the rest of my teams, they make do with what we have available to us.

A new story that just happened last year.

My basketball team had just extended its undefeated record to 10 games and we were all psyched up to get out of the arena, onto the bus, and then to stop at a 24/7 restaurant to celebrate. I moved the girls along in the shower and toilet room while taking time to relieve myself of a two-day bowel movement that I feel resulted from the intensity and physicality of the game. The last few times I sat on the bench after shouting instructions convinced me that it was opening. After a press interview two of my seniors were on the toilet doing their usual post-game crap, and I was standing in water from the nearby showers, waiting for the first toilet to open. An intern from the media walked out and I walked in and I quickly seated myself for what I knew was going to be a significant crap. While the head was emerging, I remembered that I had forgotten to check for toilet paper (yes, there was 1/2 a roll) and within 20 seconds I was emptied. As I was wiping from my seat, I noticed things had quieted down and I figured out before I exited the toilet that I was the last to leave. I hurriedly washed my hands, dried them and ran for the bus. The girls were celebrating so loud I could see they were giving the driver--a middle aged woman with a baseball cap--a headache so bad that she looked like she had passed out over the steering wheel.

After we voted where we wanted to go for dinner, the driver seemed elated that we were finally ready to start the trip. After I took my seat in the front, I saw her put her hand over her stomach, belch and then she started pulling out of the parking lot of the athletic complex. She picked up speed as we neared the highway, but then she slowed down a lot, backed the bus into a parking lot, turned it around and headed back to the arena. A couple of my players nudged me because of what was happening. I asked the driver, who was somewhat apologetic, what was happening. She used some coarse language about us having a choice of her shitting the bus up and a stinky ride back or her getting rid of the problem ASAP. She said she was going to do the second solution to the problem. Some of the girls were a bit surprised and upset, but I walked the aisle to calm them down. The driver stopped at the door we had used, found it locked and I used my phone to call campus security to open it. Once they came she was in the bathroom about 10 minutes, although some of my players exaggerated that it was much longer. Once she came back, mounted the stairs, and took her seat, she directly apologized, but said she refuses to use gas station and highway rest stop bathrooms because of a lack of security and because they are so gross. We had our dinner and some of us got a little sleep on our way back to our campus. The driver even apologized again as we got off the bus.

Yesterday morning I was at the gym. About halfway through my workout I started to need a pee. I just finished up anyway, but by the end it was pretty urgent and now I needed to poo as well. I decided that I would have to use the bathroom to do both things before taking a shower. Having returned to the locker room, I stripped out of my sweaty gym clothes, put away my phone and glasses and wrapped myself up in a towel. Then I headed over to the washroom. The morning was still quite early, so it was empty and also looked and smelled super clean, which I always love as a surprise with a public toilet. I took the middle stall, locked the door and hung up my towel. I sat down and immediately started to pee a noisy, hissing stream. Oh, it was a real relief! While I was peeing two quiet farts slipped from my bottom and then by the end my poop was already pushing from my backdoor. It was a big, wide turd that slowly dropped into the bowl. Finally it plopped into the bowl, splashing my bumcheeks. Yuck! I waited for a bit and then put my arms on my legs and leaned forward to push out the rest of my number two. I was in the middle of releasing my second turd when someone entered the room. She quickly took the stall to my right, locked the door and dropped her bag. I heard the rustling of clothes being pushed down, her bare bum hitting the seat and then pee splattering and hitting the bowl. In the middle of her pee, she farted softly and then started plopping poo into her toilet. I had a quick look under the stall and noticed that she was still wearing her boots. So, I guess that she had needed to go on her way to the gym and then dashed to the bathroom right away when she got here. It certainly sounded like it had been pretty urgent, for both things! Anyway, my second poo dropped off and when it did, I couldn't help letting out a little moan. It was a bit embarrasing, since I am sure my neighbour could hear it, even over the sound of her pee! After a few moments, I released a third turd, but this one was pretty small. The other woman just kept plopping away in her stall, I counted at least six poops that splashed into her bowl. There was a noticeable, healthy poop smell filling both our stalls by now. Then we both started wiping pretty much at the same time. I did my front and then cleaned up my bum, which turned out to be easy. My neighbour seemed to need a lot more tp, which is why I had already flushed, put on my towel and left my stall when she came out of hers. It was a short brunette girl of about my age. I don't know her name, but we have talked a bit before so I said "Hi". She also said hello and then we smiled at each other in that way that is slightly awkward, knowing we both had just done big poos! She is nice, so I didn't mind her having heard me go number two in the bym bathroom! I quickly washed my hands and then headed over to the showers. I have to say I felt pretty great after, having done a workout, all empty and nice and clean! Well, I hope you all liked my story!

to Some Canadian Guy: I thought your story was hilarious! Reading about your friend Melina taking a dump, I felt like that could have been me in high school, hehe! Btw, girls just love to text when using the bathroom. If you have a gf, I bet she has texted you while she was taking a dump. I do it a lot! Also, I hope you are not holding it against her. After all, she couldn't help needing to poo and didn't know anybody else was there!


Pooping With the Animals

Will and I decided to drive to Columbus and visit the zoo. I've been to Columbus several times, but not with Will and never saw the zoo. Jack Hannah was no longer the active director, but he does sometimes put on an event. Not this time however. When we got there we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. After that, we both peed and then went to the zoo. We got to about half the animals when my stomach started getting queisy. I started feeling like I was going to poop loose very soon. I told Will I had to get to a toilet quick. We were pointed to the toilets. I trotted there, got to a stall, yanked down my pants, sat down,and let loose a lot of wet poop. It eventually stopped, but I was afraid to leave. I didn't know what might happen next. I called Will on his cell phone and told him I would be a while. He said to take my time. I sat there for about 15 minutes and nothing more happened. I peed, got off, cleaned myself, and left. I met Will and we saw the rest of the zoo. My poop was probably caused by what I ate for lunch. Will had something else to eat. On the way back, the traffic slow and I needed to pee again. It was a good thing I brought my female urinal that I keep in my car. Will was driving and I was in the passenger seat. It worked. I easily pushed back the seat, sat with my pussy hanging over the front of of the seat with the urinal pushed against my skin. I filled the bottle and dumped it out the window. Mission accomplished.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen B great story it sounds like she had some good poops.

To: Anne first welcome to the site and great story I bet your daughter felt good after a big poop like that.

To: Karen hopefully you get your husband back for that trick.

To: Patty great story about your big poops.

To: Jane great story.

To: Lydia great story it sounds like she had a really great poop.

To: Abby C great story.

To: Abbie that's good that your constipation is getting better.

To: Benjamin great story it sounds like she had a great poop.

To: My First Post great story and please share anymore you have thanks.

To: Christina great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Best friends have diarrhea together.

One day I was hanging out at the mall with my friends, and we had eaten a bowl of cereal soaked in milk each at my place just before that. So, we're trying on some cute dresses when I hear my stomach rumble. All of my friends look at me like " whoa girl, what's up with you?" I can literally feel my face going red but apparently I wasn't the only one who needed to hit the ladies room as fast as possible. Sure enough, just a few seconds later my best friend Kate lets a wet fart loose and massages her stomach. No one really pays any attention since farting in our little friend group was a requirement. Then one by one my friends' stomaches start gurgling until we are all basically dashing for the bathroom. There are only four stalls and there are five of us, and naturally I had to be the one left out. I hear splattering noise from Kate's stall then a huge wet fat tha sounded like this: pllfrrrt pfffrrrt. Alica was moaning and groaning and my other friends were doing no better. My own stomach was gurgling and I had to concentrate with all my might to no keep my buttcheeks together while pounding on Kate's door begging her to come out because I was about to have diarrhea in my pants. Finally Alica opened her door and stumbled out clutching her stomach and looking green . I ran into the stall bolted the door, sat down and released what was about 2 gallons of diarrhea into the toilet. Turns out my good for nothing brother had slipped me and my friends some laxatives in our cereal as a joke. Yes. Very funny. Little did he know, we were locked in the malls bathroom for the rest of the day.


To: Some Canadian Guy

Oh my gosh! what an experience you had hearing your classmate like that. Did you ever find out if the girl in the stall ever knew that you were there?


To Karen

Hey Karen

I found your story about your very short camping trip last year with your husband interesting. I'm glad you shared it with us.

From your description of the effort you expended expelling the logs, it sounded as though you really needed to go - and the two logs you passed were thick and long. You did the right thing by pooping outside; given the situation you weren't to know there were toilets nearby.

I can understand your feeling of embarrassment after being discovered pooping but these events happen sometimes. However, it wasn't anyones fault and there certainly wasn't any need to feel disgusted with yourself or humiliated. You were just attending to a normal bodily function - and yes, it was important that you did so rather than delay it.

For all the mother and her son knew, you may have just been out for a walk and suddenly developed a need to empty your bowels. It sounds as though you chose a reasonably secluded spot - it was just unfortunate timing. Although the boy may have seen some of your intimate area and a log emerging I'm sure he would not have suffered any ill-effect.

If you read some stories on this site you will find that it is quite common for people to be spotted when relieving themselves in outdoor situations - sometimes by people with the same need! So, hopefully if you do find yourself needing to poo outdoors in future and not have ready access to a toilet then you will be able to relieve yourself behind a bush or hedge etc. There really is no need to be embarrassed and it is better for you than holding your poo in (this is especially true if you have a large load needing to come out). This situation may not just happen when camping - it could happen if you were driving in a remote area or you attended an outdoor event but there was a long queue for the toilets - for example.

Hopefully the experience won't put you off camping. It can be a lot of fun sleeping/cooking outdoors and walking/hiking etc. Give it a chance and you may find camping grows on you - and yes it can be rather pleasant to feel a gentle breeze blow against your skin when answering the call of nature.

Hope you post here again.


Hi folks

It's a while since I was last able to post due to various commitments but I'm now glad to catch up.

Anne. I was interested to read about your daughter's output requiring the services of a plunger to shift it. Although I don't have any offspring of my own I can well imagine that sort of job 'going with the territory' when it comes to being a parent. Sadly she's no longer with us but, interestingly, I had a much loved Aunt called Anne. Although she would go to the toilet eventually, it wasn't unusual for her to put off going until she was quite desperate, to an extent which had me seriously concerned sometimes!

Lydia. I think the situation you describe is by no means unusual. With your daughter being the age she's at I think it's likely that she will eat a lot - with or without your knowledge. When people eat a lot - and I know this because I eat probably more than I should - they tend to poo a lot too, particularly if they've missed a day or two and got rather backed up. I don't think there's anything in what you said that you need have any anxiety about.

PN. In answer to your short survey I always pee when I go to poo. Some people may be able to manage it but I'd think it was very difficult to poo without peeing at the same time due to the pressure on muscles as well as the interaction of nerve endings down below.

I had a slightly frustrating day today, because despite having a slight sensation of need I couldn't manage a #2 first thing before going out. After lunch I thought I could feel the need coming on and found a toilet but, again, nothing would come out. Arriving home shortly after 4pm I went up to the toilet and did a massive poo but had an enormous struggle getting out. Eventually I got it out and have been since. I think the reason for my constipation was eating too much hard cheese. Cheese is one of my great weaknesses and I'm especially fond of Red Leicester. Too much of it though does tend to constipate me.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Steve A

To Lydia

There have been parents who posted stories in the past on here about your similar situation. It's not as uncommon as you think, but honestly, many teens, including me, all went through the same thing.

Even though I didn't poop as much as others, my bowel habits still went through an obvious change. Now in college, it's slightly a different story with the change in diet while eating on campus.


Christian's crap

My sister needed a few days off for a family matter out of town so I stayed at her apartment and babysat for my nephew Christian, who is almost 5. Christian and I stayed up later than we should the first night and when the phone rang at 8 a.m. we were both startled from our sleep. I had to go into work after all and take care of an emergency so Christian and I had to get things together and into my car for the 15 mile trip to my work. Neither of us bothered to use the bathroom in our haste before leaving. About five miles into our trip down the radial highway my engine light came on so I decided to stop at the first gas station on the access road. The coffee I had been drinking needed to come out the other end. I swung into the station that I had used for many of my morning craps, but it was boarded up. Too bad because the place was cleaner than many and the gas price was better. Then we found a substitute place. As soon as I turned the engine off Christian said he had to poo. Then he started to emphasize that it was a bad need. I told him to hold it while I did the pumping of the gas, but he was close to my leg and I heard a couple pops from him that had me worried.

I quickly finished, grabbed his hand and led him around the side of the station where there were two restroom doors. Each was partially open. Because of some previous experiences, I decided to put him in the women's because I figured it would be cleaner. The seat was up and I dropped it for him, flicked the light on and instructed him on how to latch the door. It took him a couple of times to get it right but I was pleased. I went into the men's room. The seat was down so I had to check it for you know what, but I dropped my jeans and underwear and took the throne. I didn't appreciate seeing the gang signs on the door in front of me, but I got my urine going almost immediately and steadily. I listened but heard nothing through the wall. I wiped, washed my hands after flushing, and went and knocked at Christian's door. I asked how he was doing. All I got was a faint OK. I asked him to open the door and let me in. That was a mistake I had made when doing babysitting more than 10 years ago, so I must be a slow learner.
When Christian got up, a couple small logs missed the bowl and fell onto the seat. I helped him clean them off the seat and gave him an impromptu lesson in wiping. Then I had to insist that he flush and wash his hands. The rest of the trip was less eventful.

Karen B.

Hello again! Stories from the bathroom!

Hi! My name is Karen! I previously posted on page 2609 about me and my friend Elaine's trip to the bathroom during a Short track speed skating meet. I have not posted for a long time due to lots of homework and tests (It's my senior year of high school). Elaine and I are still close friends. However, she has quit speed skating due to commitments to her other extracurricular activities, which are playing the piano and soccer. She does better at soccer than speed skating, which is also the reason why she quit. The season for speed skating just ended two weeks ago, so now I can just focus on my schoolwork.

Since Elaine and I went to the same school ,I decided to sleep over at her place due to the fact the following Monday was a Professional Development Day (means that there is no school). She had a soccer game the next day and she said I was welcome to watch her game the following day. I'm not into soccer, but I decided to watch anyways to support her. Elaine asked her parents if she could drive to her house, which was ten minutes away from the school. I drive to school nowadays, but Elaine still has her Dad sending her to school, since she is still learning how to drive. I packed a change of clothes, pajamas and a bag of toiletries before I left for school in the morning.

Fast forward to after school, around 2:20 pm, I met Elaine by the flag pole where she usually meets her Dad (she told him that we were driving to her place). Since we go to a private school, everyone has to wear school uniforms. That day, Elaine was wearing the usual school uniform dress code, white shirt with blue skirt, white knee high socks and black flats. For me however, I wore black tights and Mary Jane shoes. Where we live, it rains a lot and is freezing cold. I don't like to get sick so I like my thighs to be warm, hence why I wear tights. I'm not that into fashion like how Elaine is. When we arrived at her house, she said that her Dad were on vacation with his new girlfriend in San Diego, so she was home alone for the next two weeks. I understood that Elaine's parents divorced three years ago, so she is living with her Dad. I asked Elaine whether it be okay if I do my homework before we do other stuff. She said it was fine with her. She also stated that she has piano lessons from 3 - 5, so I could do my homework then.

When we reached her house, Elaine's step brother, Simon, greeted us. Her house was a mid sized three level family house. He was in his early 20s renting the basement of Elaine's father's house. He agreed to cook for Elaine while his mom and Elaine's dad were not at home. He was a nice guy. He even treated Elaine with respect like he was her biological sister! While Elaine was having her piano lessons, I was busy doing my Calculus homework. Suddenly, I felt the urge to go to the restroom. I was bursting for a pee. I put down my pencil and asked Simon where the bathroom is. He told me that it was down the hall right across from the piano room. I thanked him for giving me the directions. It was my first time in Elaine's house and did not want to have an accident in front of her step brother. I put down my pencil and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Just as I walked past the piano room, I saw Elaine practicing with her piano teacher, who was a middle aged woman. I did not want to distract Elaine, so I quickly locked the door. The bathroom was very small. The door had a mirror on it and the sink was just to the right of me. I lifted up my skirt, pulled down my tights and cotton Aerie panties and sat on the toilet. My stream started immediately. As I sat on the toilet, waiting for my stream to finish, I stared at the pictures of Elaine and her dad having good times at the beach, her first soccer game and even her first award at a piano recital. When my stream finished, I wiped between my vagina and pulled up my tights and panties. After flushing, I went back to do my Calculus homework.

After Elaine's piano lesson, we ate pasta that was cooked by Simon. I decided to take a shower and change into my PJs while Elaine finishes up her homework. As I took of my clothes and the upstairs bathroom, I heard a knock on the door. "Karen, it's me Elaine, I have to poop badly!" I wrapped my towel around myself and opened the door. "Close the door! I don't want my brother seeing me taking a dump!" I shut the door quickly and locked it. Elaine took off her skirt. She was wearing a black Lululemon thong. As she peeled if off and sat on the toilet, I looked away for give her privacy. "I can't watch Elaine, I have to give you privacy!" I could hear her letting out some loud farts and was grunting a bit. "It's fine, you can look at me!" she replied. I turned around to see that she was sitting upright on the toilet. I asked her why can't she use the bathroom downstairs? She told me that her brother was using it and she had a bad stomach ache. I told her is it fine if I take a shower while she goes. She said it was fine with her, since she sees many of her teammates naked in locker rooms at soccer practice. (You rarely see this in Speed Skating since both genders share the same locker room). As I took my shower, I sad through the clear glass that Elaine had a pained look on her face, like she was trying to push out her poo. Her face was red from all the straining. After my shower, she still sitting on the toilet, grunting and pushing with all her might. I asked if she was alright. She said, "yeah... sometime this happens." I asked if she needed anything that could help relieve her constipation. She said no. After another three minutes and farts and pushing (at this time I changed and dried my hair), she finally pushed out her poo. As I looked into the bowl, the poop was around 10 inches long and 2 inches thick! I never pooped that big before! I asked her why her poops are that big. She explained that she does not like to poop in school because girls will hear her, so she holds it until she goes home. I said that there is nothing to fear about pooping, since everyone does it. She told me that I am the only person that does not make fun of her while she is on the toilet, because the other girls would make fun of her if she farts or pees loudly, which is why she does it at home or with me around. I understood what she was going at.

After helping her with her Physics homework, we watched TV for sometime until we were too tired. Both of us fell asleep at the same time. The next morning, both of us woke up at the same time (due to her loud alarm clock going off). She let me get changed into my casual clothes, which where my Canada Speed Skating shirt and black leggings. I washed up while Elaine changed into her soccer uniform. After eating breakfast, I drove her to her soccer game, which was a 15 minute drive from her house. I was wearing my runners, while Elaine wore slides. She told me that she treats her cleats like speed skates. They can't be damaged. When we reached the field, she told me that she was going to the bathroom before the warm up. I told her that it was a good idea to do so. I know that the restroom at this park had no stalls, due to the repeated drug use and vandalism in the neighbourhood. As I entered the stall, I saw Elaine sitting there, peeing with her soccer shorts and her Adidas thong at her knees. I pulled down my leggings and panties and sat next to her. She was quite uncomfortable at first, having to pee in a public area with no doors or stalls. I told her that I was doing the same thing as her. I let my stream go into the porcelain bowl. It gave Elaine the courage to do the same. When both of us finished, she wiped her vagina. I saw that she did not like that I was staring at her grown bush of pubic hair. I got a roll of toilet paper and ripped it off. Instead of wiping sitting down, I decided to stand up and wipe in front of her, to give her courage to do so. I, too refused to wax off my pubic hair and wanted to make Elaine know that she is not the only one that has this. After Elaine wiped herself, still sitting on the toilet, we both flushed and pulled up our clothes. Elaine explained that she was comfortable going to the bathroom in front of me because it was in her own home. I said it is totally fine, she just had to gain courage.

During the soccer game, Elaine was able to score a goal. Her team won 2-0. I think that my advice on the toilet helped her to do well in her game! After the game, I dropped Elaine off at home at headed home. Hope to talk to you soon!


1)Anyone who plays sports use the bathroom before or after the game?
2)How do you remedy constipation?
3)If you had to go but the bathroom had no stalls, would you still go?

Some Canadian Guy

Trapped in the Girls Washroom

One day last year, during lunch break at Colonel By SS, I was flipping my quarter while walking down a hallway, but it accidentally deflected off my finger and into the girls washroom while someone was walking out. I had to reclaim it, so I secretly went in and luckily, no one was there.

I saw the quarter lying on the floor and picked it up, but before I can do anything else, I started to hear the door open behind me and as a result, I was forced to hide in one of the stalls and stand on the toilet. I looked through the crack and saw a girl (whom I didn't recognize) washing her hands.

So as I kindly waited for her to finish, I heard the door open again and saw a girl (whom I did recognize this time - 97% sure it was my classmate Melina), walk into the stall beside me. I heard Melina lock the door, drop her bag, and start to undo her belt.

I looked down and saw her pulling her black jeans and then her white underwear down to her ankles, leaving her pale legs exposed as I heard something rustle out and splash into the toilet and then a sigh of relief, giving me the impression that Melina was taking a dump. I looked back up and saw the girl who had finished washing her hands starting to do her make-up.

I was irritated since I really wanted to get out of there, but that girl suddenly stopped and headed for the exit as Melina pulled her iPhone out of the front pocket of her jeans. After that girl left, I heard the sounds of text message notifications and typing. Moments later, I heard Melina fart and push out another poop, which loudly exited her butt and splashed into the toilet once more.

It was kinda gross to hear that she was texting her friend and taking a disgusting dump at the same time as my surroundings started to stink up. I tried to get out, but Melina let out another fart and poop two more times and I placed my hand over my nose as she sighed in relief, trying to not give myself away.

I looked down again and there was no sign of Melina finishing: her jeans and underwear remained at ankle level and the texting continued. When I slightly looked over, I saw her sitting on the toilet and I strongly believe that it was her with that long brown hair, black sweater jacket, white shirt, and exposed legs. She was holding her phone over her knees, this time looking over what appeared to be math concepts before I heard another poop come out again.

EWWW! I couldn't take it anymore, so I quickly opened the stall door and ran out of the washroom. There was no one in the hall who saw me and I walked away like nothing happened. At least I had my quarter back and she never knew that I was in there.

Alex the Shitter

Snowboarding Dump

Hi guys,I'm a 14 y/o male:my dad Italian,but my mom is American.
I am currently on vacation on the Alps and I'm taking snowboarding lessons.After one of this lessons,I went to a near mountain hut to eat,I had a big lunch and drank lots of cold water.Usually I have to go after lunch,but this time I had no urge,so I just took a quick piss.
After half an hour I was riding I arrived on the longest slope of the area and I started to need to poo.
The urge became soon stronger and stronger until I was about to mess my pants.My biggest nightmare had come true:I needed to shit very bad and there was no toilet available.
As fast as possible,I took of my snowboard and run behimd some trees near the slope.
As soon as I took of my pants an enormous pile of mushy poop started erupting from my ass,soon followed by soft serve and more well-formed logs.The poor tree I was leaning against was totally destroyed by this:It looked like a tribe of monky with diarreha had squatted and shitted for hours all over it.
Luckily,I had some napkins,but I will sure not forgot this experience anytime soon.


Response to Lydia

Lydia - I don't know if you'll return to this site but if not then perhaps this post will be of some interest to others.

I used to work as a doctor and I have experience in intestinal medicine. People are sometimes surprised by the quantity of poop that others pass - so your experience is common. However, although your daughter released a large amount in the toilet it is quite normal for this to occur. If your daughter usually pooped twice a day, but hadn't pooped for three days then there would be a build-up. However, it is quite safe for her to hold this amount inside her before releasing it.

It is common for women not to poop as often when they are on their period; and then when they do poop they may find they pass a large quantity. I won't go into detail but this phenomenon is caused by hormonal changes. I wouldn't describe it as constipation - more a natural phenomenon.

Floating poop -such as the three big banana-shaped logs you saw - occurs when the poop contains a lot of gas. This gas increases it's buoyancy and is quite normal.

Your detailed description of what you saw in the toilet was interesting to read. My guess is that the big thick log you saw that stretched the length of the bowl was the first log that your daughter released. The first part of the log may have been quite wide and firm and sank into the hole. The three big floating logs likely came next and were the result of a large log breaking into pieces. This was probably followed a little later by some "waves" of poo from further up her bowel that resulted in the big soft pile of turds that built up above the waterline.

It sounds as though she had a very healthy dump. I have some suggestions:-

"Pooping big" is very common - as is having to poo two or three times a day. The main issue is that your daughter is able to get relief if she needs to poo. Sometimes, the first few inches of poop can be rather firm and wide (this is quite natural)- if this happens then it is best for her to let it come out slowly. If she uses a public restroom and thinks she may have clogged the toilet then it may be better to leave the poop lying there rather than flushing and risk flooding the restroom - there is no need to be embarrassed about doing this. Cleaners and janitors are quite used to clearing blockages.

During her period she may wish to increase her fiber and water intake. Dried fruit, wholemeal bread and beans are good sources of fiber.

It is best to remain sitting on the toilet until her bowels are completely emptied especially if she has a large amount to release since the poop may come in "waves".

(Out of interest - how thick was the long thick log that you saw in the bowl?)



Christinas camping trip

I get your friend Lydias perspective... I'm the same.. need privacy to have a dump, it's not something I find easy in strange bathrooms let alone camping and it's lucky she didn't know you spied on her otherwise if she's like me her body would have just locked up and got really constipated..
Did you ever tell her that you heard her go?


Response to Molly G.

I would say feeling attracted to someone after seing them on the toilet is quite natural as it is a quite intimate situation :)


@Molly, crushing on someone you saw on the toilet

I haven't heard of that in particular but strongly emotional experiences with someone can do that.

Anatomy Student

To Molly G

I feel that you liked Jack before you saw him pooping, but seeing him that vulnerable caused stronger feelings to awaken. Whenever someone catches me pooping i'm always fairly cool with it but no relationships have started. I might have to adjust my game lol.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Uncle Harry

Peeing With an Old Friend

Last November, after the bathrooms were closed for the season, I decided to take a brisk walk in the city park. My wife Harriet didn't want to come with me this time, so I went alone. I came by the clearing surrounded by bushes not far off the sidewalk. I posted previously about this place. I needed to pee, so I went in. Just as I got my penis out, a woman came in who probably didn't see me. "Oh. I'm sorry", she said."Do you mind if I pee with you?". I told her that was ok. She started to pull down her pants as I started to unzip my fly. "You look familiar", she said. "Do I know you"? "I don't think so", I said. (Pause). "Weren't you the man who showed me this clearing some years ago when I was desperate to pee without without wetting my slacks?", she said. (Pause. My staring). "Why, of course. I remember now. How are you?" "I'm fine, except that I'm older now and more bent over". We talked a bit, with my penis hanging out and her pussy showing. "Uh. Let's pee like we did then", I said". So we did, while talking and watching each other pee. I finished a little sooner than she did, so I put away my dick while she wiped her pussy with a cloth and pulled up her slacks. I told her my name, Harry, and she gave me her name, Darlene, in case we should meet again. We said our goodbyes and left.

Hello I'm a mother of 5 and hopefully there are other mothers out there who post stories about their kids. So I'm 43 brown hair around 5'7 nice waist. Just about my kids there's my daughter Ally who is 20, my daughter Kaitlynn who is 17, my son Zach who is 14, my daughter Lily who is 11 and my other son Connor who is 9. 4 of my kids live with me my oldest Ally is at college. 2 of my daughter's and my son Connor have rooms on the second floor and they all have to share a bathroom. My other son Zach and my daughter Lily have 2 separate rooms in the basement with their own bathroom. My husband and I divorced in 2014 and I have had to put up with 4 kids since. Anyways one day I was sick and didn't go to work. I went downstairs to Kilts room because I had to find a charger for my phone. I looked all around her room and found it plug in the bathroom. Then I smelt something and opened up the toilet and found a HUGE piece of poop which was at least 15 inches long and about 3 inches wide. The fact that her hole could open up that wide was unbelievable. My phone charged a bit and then I had seen a text from Lily at 7:35 which was 10 minutes before her school started and it was about 10:25 at that moment. It read, Hey mom I just wanted to let you know that before we left I had pooped in my toilet and it wouldn't go down if you could plunge it. I managed to get it down and went back upstairs and laid on the couch. Does anybody else have stories about their kids?


Embarrassing moment camping

Last year me and my husband went camping for the first time, with my husband saying he used to go all the time and really enjoyed it so I kind of felt obliged to go. I'm 37 years old just so you know and not really an outdoor person. The site my husband selected seemed a pretty popular site with quite a few people, I'll say 50, with quite a few families. It looked a nice place and after setting the tent up and following the long car journey there, I told my husband I need to 'freshen up'. So I asked where the toilets are. "Toilets? There isn't any" he said with a sort of confused expression on his face. I was quite shocked, "well were do you go if you need to GO"I asked. The woods he suggested back "just make sure you go deep enough into the trees so your not seen. "Well then what what do you do afterwards"I asked not seeing how you can just go in the trees. "Nothing you just let it soak in". "Well errr what if it's not the type to soak in" I asked a little awkwardly. "Oh well the rain will wash it away" he said back laughing a bit. He handed my a roll of toilet paper and I went off into the trees, thinking everyone else here must have to go at some point so I'm not he only person. I must have walked for a good 15 minutes into the trees to make sure I wasn't seen. I looked round carefully and couldn't see anyone, with that I crouched down behind a bush, pulled my pants and knickers down to my ankles and started to go. I was glad for my large thighs now because otherwise it would be quite difficult to maintain the squat position. At first I found it quite exhilarating so to speak, having my bare bottom and pussy exposed in the outside, feeling a bit of wind rush round me. With quite a bit of effort my first log dropped on the floor and I could hear the little thud. My second log was halfway out needing a bit more effort. I looked down between my legs and could see it dangling down. But then as I looked back up standing right infront of me stareing was a little kid! I was completly shocked and had no clue what to do. "Mummy mummy that ladies pooping, pooping!" He shouted and with that a women emerged from the other side of the bushes. She looked just as shocked as I was. She shouted at her son and pulled him away from me and walked him firmly away, turning around to give me a look of disgust. Embarrassed I quickly pulled my pants back up as soon as my second log dropped to the floor. I quickly rushed back to the site feeling completly humiliated and a bit disgusted with myself. After all I probably shown him a lot more of the female anatomy then is appropriate at his age which I guessed to be around 8. I mean nobody would want there 8 year son to see a woman's most intimate area complete with full pubic hair, especially whilst that women was squatting down with her legs spead. I felt terrible. I also panicked worrying that I might run into them again at the campsite. I made it back to the tent not really wanting to share my story with my husband who although I am close with I am not comfortable talking about my toilet habits at all. When I got back my husband had started to cook dinner in the little camping stove. "Mind this will you love, I'm just going to have a shower, you know freshen up at bit". I froze and looked at him confused, "what?!" I said. "Yeah there is a block of showers just on the other side of those trees over there, with toilets and a drinking water station". As it turns out my husband had played a horrible trick on me, so I would go the toilet in the trees rather than the ladies room by the showers. He said the fact that I went for a poo rather than a wee was a bonus for him. No wonder that woman was so disgusted with me. "You absolute *****" I said to him before revealing my recent situation to him. That made his day and he spent the rest of the camping trip and the car journey home laughing his head off, which wasn't that long a time actually because overcome with complete embarrassment I made him pack up the tent and us to drive back home. And that was my first camping trip. Didn't even last one night. Not even one hour. I'll have to get him back for that one.

Molly G.
So I stumbled across this website as I was googling an issue I was having. It's a little embarrassing and I don't quite know where to begin. I'm a college student and a few months ago I made friends with a girl named Laura while doing a report together. She kind of inducted me into her group of friends and we hang out most weekends now at one of their houses. So the story begins here:

Last Friday I met up with Laura after class and we met up two other people I met through her, Danielle, and Jake. We went to a grocery store to pick up supplies for later when the rest of the group showed up. Jake was complaining about a stomach ache at once point and Danielle said "Don't worry. We're not gonna be here too long! Then you can poop!" Laura laughed but I pretended not to hear because I was a little embarrassed. Jake is really cute and I didn't want it to seem weird. So eventually we paid for some things (soda, chips, Etc.) and we drove back to Laura's house.

When we got in the house, Jack kicked off his shoes extremely quick and booked it down into the basement. I completely forgot about the stomach ache comment by now, the three of us took our shoes off as well and I followed Laura and Danielle into the basement. Laura opened the door to a room that I assumed was Laura's room, but after following the two of them in I was greeted with the sight of Jake sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. He pulled his shirt down over his crotch and yelled "HEY!!". Lin walked over to the sink explaining that she needed to touch up her makeup, and Danielle sat on the tub right next to Jake, smiled obnoxiously, and said "And I'm here for moral support!". Jake just hung his head like he knew he lost, he looked up at me and apologized (on behalf of them I guess.) I was literally frozen in the doorway just staring at his naked lower body and I suddenly felt my face turning red, I finally looked away from him and I tried getting out a coherent sentence about it being okay. It was obvious to me that this wasn't something new for them.

So for the next few minutes Laura continued putting on her make up, I awkwardly hung in the doorway, and Danielle and Jake kept talking and joking, all the while Jake was still pooping. Laura would also interject every once in a while. Every once in a while I'd hear a little splash. I was trying to ignore them because I felt uncomfortable, but Danielle would snicker every time, causing Jake to tell her to shut up. Every once in a while Danielle would put a hand on Jake's bare knee while they were talking and at one point she threw an arm around his shoulder. I'll admit I started feeling a little jealous at one point seeing her hanging all over him while he had his pants down... Jake adjusted his position on the toilet at one point and put his hand between his legs and began peeing. Dana was staring dreamily down where Jake had his hand when suddenly she looked up and saw me also staring down between his legs. she let out a "PFFFFT" laugh and began cackling causing Jake to turn his head right up at me! I immediately looked away in shame but turned back and made eye contact with him again. ready to apologize. He just smiled a very kind smile at me and looked back down, all the while Danielle was still laughing.

Jake was done and was literally having a staring contest with Danielle now. Obviously he wanted to wipe in privacy but Danielle was just staring at him with a smirk, almost like she wanted to hear him say "I have to wipe, get out." but I got the hint and I left and sat on the couch. 2 seconds later I heard Danielle say "alright, alright..." and she came out, sat on the couch with me and turned the TV on. I looked into the bathroom out of the corner of my eye because the door was still open, and I could no longer see Jake at the angle but I could see Laura still at the sink working on her makeup. I could hear the sound of toilet paper rolling off and then the sound of him buckling his belt. he flushed and then he walked over and gave Lin a small hipcheck so he could get to the sink and wash his hands. Not that I wanted to be in there for it, but again I felt a little jealous that he didn't kick Laura out while he was wiping and I didn't get why it was okay for her to be in there with him. Later after everyone else came over, it was still bothering me so I eventually just asked her how long her and Jack and been friends. She said since the second grade. Now it all made sense. Friendships don't last that long these days so it's understandable how close they are. Danielle has known the two of them since fifth grade which is still along time. But me? I'm new. Why was it okay for me to see him like that?

Anyway, I googled my problem and this site came up. My question was: has anyone else ever began crushing on someone after seeing them on the toilet? For the past week I can't stop thinking about him. How I've only known him for a few months and I've already seen him half naked. But I feel so ashamed that I started crushing on him after seeing him like that and I'm not sure why. And I'm hoping that if I spend enough time with them I'll see it again soon.

Anyway, sorry for such a long story. I just liked the whole idea of being able to ask anonymously on a forum like this. Thank you for any help.

Steve A

To Lydia

There have been parents who posted stories in the past on here about your similar situation. It's not as uncommon as you think, but honestly, many teens, including me, all went through the same thing.

Even though I didn't poop as much as others, my bowel habits still went through an obvious change. Now in college, it's slightly a different story with the change in diet while eating on campus.


Quick reply and a mini-survey

Hi, enjoyed everyone's recent stories, but especially wanted to reply to Christina's camping story that, wow, that couple that walked in on you sounded like they were incredibly rude!

Aside from that, here is something I'm curious to hear about from anyone, sort of a mini-survey I guess: First, when you go for a poo, do you usually also pee at the same sitting (or is there anyone for whom that is not the usual habit) and if so, do you usually do things in the same order? I.e., do you usually pee first, or second, or does it vary?

In my case, I don't think it's always the same order, but the most usual at least recently seems to be that when I sit down I usually have a smallish, pre-poo fart, then push out the first log and then pee. Sometimes a bit more comes out after that.


The Big Ones

Well, I think the curse has been lifted.

As of late I've been getting steadily bigger and bigger logs. But today was like striking gold, except the gold was my poop, and I guess that made no sense. Anyways I was out with some friends the other day, drinking, eating pizza, the usual kinda deal. And the entire time, I was thinking "Oh boy, I can't wait to shoot this out of my butt later". Now I haven't posted in a while, but I've graduated from diarrhea to the realm of just soft mushy poops, but I've stayed there for a couple weeks now.

So I finally get the chance to go back home, it's 4 am cuz of daylight savings, and my gut feels like it was in knots. I was expecting the worst when I pulled my panties down, but all of a sudden...

A log started to crackle out... Solid and hard, I could feel it wasn't soupy or messy or slimey or anything! It was a March miracle! Thing is, when it dropped, a few more big turds of the same make just sorta flew outta me fast but not loose in the slightest. It was weird. You ever have a rapid series of hard turds all fall out of you at once? Lemme tell ya, feels incredible. I highly recommend it if you can somehow make it happen.

When I stood up I couldn't believe my eyes, I dropped the BIGGEST DUECE I think I've dropped in weeks. People always say "it was the size of my wrist" but, no joke, it actually was. It was pretty short, maybe just 7 or 8 inches but still an impressive feat of engineering if I do say so myself. I sorta didn't wanna flush it, it was a masterpiece, but it's been preserved forever in my phone, so that's good.

I hope to post another story like this soon, cuz hoo boy I missed putting out turds like that!

- Patty


Boyfriends parents house

Hi I'm another longtime lurker writing a post for the first time after remembering a story similar to some I've seen on here.
Me and my boyfriend were going to spend the weekend at his parents house, it wouldn't be the first time I've met them, I've actually seen them quite a few times and am quite friendly with them, anyway we arrived on the Friday and all was going good, we were all really getting along well and having a good time. But the next day things took a turn for the worst. Now I should explain their house is massive and quite an unusual layout. Upstairs each of the bedrooms has a large en suit, as well as a large family bathroom, down stairs hidden off a corridor from the kitchen was another smaller toilet. It was about 11 o'clock at night and I was just going to bed when I felt the urge to use the bathroom. I debated about going in the en suit but thought I needed a bit more privacy with my boyfriend staying in the same room as me. Ultimately I thought everybody would be upstairs in bed so I thought going down stairs would be more private. I wondered down stairs knowing I'd seen a toilet somewhere when I first came into the house. I found the toilet right down the end of the corridor and went inside. As I went to close the door I realised that it had no lock on it. I didn't think much of it as I thought at this time I'd be completly alone down here. I sat down on the seat with my little bed shorts by my ankles. I then farted which I tried to do quite discreetly at first but then since everyone was about a mile away up stairs done so a bit more openly. With a slight grunt my first speciem dropped into the bowl. I started to push for my second when suddenly the door burst open. "Ohhh hello dear" said his mum a little shocked to see me here. "Oh err hi" I replied back quite awkwardly. Now at this stage I expected her to close the door and leave me alone to finish in some privacy but she stayed there! "I just came down to go myself but it's alright I'll wait dear" she said as she stood in the doorway. She then to my annoyance started a conversation about me and her son and any plans to do tommorrow and so on, as I sat there my thighs tight together and my hands covering my fanny, halfway through my poo, just hopeing she didn't smell anything or catch on to what I was doing. Eventually after what felt like an hour but was actually only about 5 minutes (still a really long time), she went to my horror "come on up girl I've got to go myself". It was clear that she thought I had just had a pee and was now only sitting on the toilet in order to talk to her, completly missing the obvious that I was in the middle of a poo. I don't know if it was the smell or whether she suddenly put two and two together but she suddenly realised the nature of my business. "Ohhh are you having a little poop my dear" she said. "Errrrr" as I nodded very awkwardly. "Oh why didn't you say something dear, I thought you were just having a little wee, didn't realise you were... you know". "I'll leave you alone and you can have a little privacy my dear sorry". I thanked her rather awkwardly before continuing my business feeling completly embarrassed. It was only when I was finished and went to wipe myself that I noticed that there was no toilet paper. I rummaged round in the little closet whilst still seated but couldn't find any. Rather embarrassingly I called quite quitely into the kitchen. His mother can back "did you call my dear". "Err yes I'm afraid so, you don't know where there is any toilet paper do you?". "Oh of course we never keep any down here, this is usually only where jack goes when he's working outside" (jack his father). "Just a sec" she said before going off, when she came back she brought back a role of toilet paper but it was already mostly gone and there wasn't much left on the roll. "Is this enough" she asked, "I..don't think so I'm afraid" I said back really embarrassed now. I began to wipe myself as she went off to get more. I didn't hear her come back so when she came back in I had to quickly shut my legs back together so she wouldn't see my slightly hairy fanny but I think she caught a peep unfortunately, (I know she's another woman but I'd rather not have my boyfriends mother see my private parts). Eventually I cleaned myself up and flushed heading back upstairs past the mom wondering why she was down stairs anyway at this time. When I got back to my room, my boyfriend was lying in bed. " you took you're time" he said suspiciously. "Do anything interesting" he said jokingly. I just smiled nervously. I think he 100% knew I had just had a poo and a very large one at that, but I still for some reason (maybe I was just trying to protect my femininity) pretended that I had just had a pee. "Run out of toilet paper?" He asked smirking, I looked at him a little shocked, "yeah my mom came in saying you needed a lot more toilet paper!". My brain went a little dead. My boyfriend started to laugh, "you could have just went up here you know, I do know you have shits and fart" .
After that episode I just go in the nearest toilet, regardless of my boyfriend, because I know he prenteds sometimes that it's a big deal but really he's all okay with it. After all it is a nature body function for a lady to do, I don't know why we try to hide it because it isn't deemed feminine or ladylike. But it's 100% natural just like farting is so really neither are that big a deal.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pete the poop



I recently attended a big country festival in london. It was over 3 days and i had plenty of drinks and food. Which led to some stinky poops! The second day we stopped in Costa and i had to unload. I went up the toilets just as a lady entered and both cubicles were taken. I had to wait 5 mins by which time a queue of 4 behind me had formed. I let of a smelly fart just as the same lady flushed and came out. She smiled as i went in. I was very ready to poop and the seat was warm from the last occupant. My poop was a mixture of soft sausages and some some soft serve and was extremely relieving! I left feeling a lot lighter and saw there was still 3 waiting


Shoutout to Jessica B, Anna from Canada and Abbie

I haven't been able to post here for ages (been very occupied with other matters).

Jessica B - I always enjoy your stories especially the one you posted a while ago about a friend of yours with whom you watched a movie - during which she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. I hope you keep posting and things are going well for you. I remember some months back you wrote that you were very stressed at work - hopefully that situation has improved?

Anna from Canada - you write great stories. I'm pleased you're feeling less embarrassed about pooing in public restrooms.

Abbie - I always enjoy reading your posts about your experiences and those of your friend. Constipation is a very common issue. I could occasionally suggest some ideas that may be helpful if that is of interest to you?

Thanks also to all the other people (male and female) who post on here - you help to make this site what it is.



My daughter destroyed a hotel toilet

Hi! My name's Lydia and I'm a single mom of a teenage daughter. Actually this story is about her. If she knew I was telling anybody, even total strangers about it, I'm sure she'd be embarrassed to death. I was looking on the internet to see if any other parents had similar experiences with their teens, and I found this website. Anyway... my daughter's name is Emma and she is 17 years old. She has strawberry blonde hair. At its full length, it runs almost down to her butt, although she keeps it tied in either a bun or a ponytail most of the time. She's petite, but she plays on the basketball team at her high school so she's athletic and kinda muscular. She is 5'2" and weighs about 110 lbs. Her appetite also seems to be utterly insatiable. She easily eats twice as much as I do and often times she has thirds at dinner time too, plus she snacks a lot throughout the day. And, thanks to this story from back in January, I now know that she also poops a ton.

The story happened when we were out of town visiting family. It was a Monday evening and we were on our way back to our hotel after spending all day with my brother. I knew Emma loved spending time with her cousins and she's usually quite talkative while we're driving, but that day she was barely saying anything at all. "You alright, Em?" I asked. She replied, "I just really gotta poop sooo super badly." "Why didn't you go before we left David's house?" "I was embarrassed. I didn't want to majorly stink up their bathroom." "Okay, well, we're almost there. Can you hold it a few more minutes?" "I think so, but please hurry!"

I drove as fast I legally could and in less than five minutes we were there and we hurried up to our hotel room. The second I opened the door, Emma ran to the bathroom. I heard the fan come on and she was in there for close to fifteen minutes before coming out. I could tell from the expression on her face she was incredibly relieved, but she blushed a little and told me "I pooped a lot and the toilet won't flush." I went into the bathroom and was hit by a strong but healthy poop smell and after I looked in the toilet and saw it was full of poop, all I could say was "Wow. You weren't kidding. That is a lot of poop." She then said "I, uh, I hadn't pooped since before we left on Friday morning. I don't normally poop quite this much."

When I say the toilet was full, I really do mean FULL. I could barely see any water. There was a huge pile of soft turds at the back of the bowl. The pile completely obscured the hole and spread out over about half the toilet's width and about a third of the toilet's length and the turds were piled so high it was out of the water. Poking out of the pile was a long thick log that stretched the full length of the toilet. There was also another very long but thin turd that curled around most of the outside of the bowl and three banana-shaped turds each probably about a foot long floating about in the bowl. I also saw that she had put her toilet paper in the trashcan so the full view of her massive poop was unobscured.

Luckily for us, the hotel we were staying in had a plunger provided, so we didn't have to make an embarrassing call to the front desk. I gave Emma a hug and told her she didn't need to be embarrassed about having a bodily function, and that I'd take care of it and she should go lay down. I plunged and unclogged the toilet, which was no easy feat considering how thoroughly Emma had destroyed it. I couldn't believe that much poop could ever come out of anyone, let alone such a small teen girl.

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask her about it. She said she usually poops twice every day. She described them as "they're always big but never that big" and laughed a little. But when we travel, she often gets off schedule and she also gets backed up when she's on her period. On that particular day, it was a confluence of events for her and both had happened at the same time, so she was badly constipated and didn't poop for over three full days.

Sonya Sue

Bathroom conversation

A couple of weeks ago my absolute favorite country act came through our city. My boyfriend BJ got the tickets early because the show sold out in a few minutes. Right after finishing a test in my last class of the day, BJ went out and warmed up the car while I stopped in the bathroom because I was holding my pee during the stressful test. I seated myself on the toilet. After about 5 minutes into my sit, I was in pain but couldn't get my stream started. I stood and shifted my weight a couple of times. The smell of the big bathroom didn't help. BJ calls it the "100-shit aroma" didn't help either. The seat was so loose enough to fall into the bowl. BJ made me mad as I sat when he texted me about where I was. I replied that I was trying to hurry, but the faucet wasn't turning on. I was in pain. This is something that doesn't happen to me much, but I was getting so nervous. Before giving up, I waddled to the toilet next door and seated myself. Again nothing. On our drive downtown to the arena I warned BJ that his seat might get waterlogged because I was in pain. He was a bit upset, not with me directly, but with having to pay a higher parking fee since we were later. I didn't say anything because he's usually more sensitive and he's been one of my closest friends for several years.

So when we reached the arena, I asked him to drop me off because I was going to make a run to the first bathroom inside. When I was really young my Dad called it "opening the drain." Then my mom would give him this really silly look and shake her head. As I grew older I found such interactions to be quite amusing. While BJ was parking I hurried as fast as I could into the big arena building. The problem was for the closest bathroom I could see the line extending just outside the door and in front of the ticket windows. Instead of going to an upper deck, I was hopeful that those in line were pee-ers like me, who had already had their craps. The line was moving slowly and my pain was growing. I tried to not think about unplugging right there in the line. But I was getting scared.

Then I remembered something I had read about in a script we had performed in drama class. The lady in front of me, probably about 10 years old, dropped her sunglasses while trying to put them in her purse. I picked them up for her and we started a conversation. Lots of small stuff about music, ladies bathrooms being way to small for larger events, the cost of parking, my school and probably in about 20 minutes we were in the bathroom and getting closer to the cubicles. I couldn't believe it and looked at my phone and found BJ had been texting me. He couldn't believe what I had said about the length of lines. The lady ahead of me thanked me for the conversation and let me go in ahead of her. I couldn't believe how fast I dropped my thong and jeans and my butt felt so comfortable on that warm seat. I texted BJ that I was just starting my second gallon and he joked that the bowl was going to over-flood. I could tell by her nice shoes that the lady in front of me had just taken the toilet to my right. She tapped on the panel and asked if I was successful. I told her, perhaps too loudly, yes too loudly, as I heard her wipe off her seat, and then line it with toilet paper before she sat down. I sat for an extra couple of minutes texting with BJ and just enjoying the comfort of no nagging pain between my legs.

When I got back outside BJ kissed and hugged me and that made me feel better. We got our seats and enjoyed a fantastic concert.

Freedom camper
Last year my wife and I had the opportunity to go for a quite long vacation. We used three months for van camping and surfing in northern parts of Europe, driving around searching for good surfing conditions. Often we camped in quite remote areas, for example just nearby a suitable beach. Regularly there were no toilets or other facilities available. We had no toilet in our van and therefore we often had to go to toilet the natural way, which was finding a suitable place somewhere in nature to get things done. Neither my wife nor I had anticipated this, but we soon adjusted to the challenge. Mostly we peed just behind the van, but when to drop a deuce we went well away into the bushes or behind a big rock or some far away dunes. When alone or few others at the site this was no big issue, just pick up the roll of toilet paper, walk away, find a suitable spot, pull down, squat and get necessary things done. But occasionally there could be over 20 tents or vans around, and then there might be 40 - 50 persons staying in the same area. Even if trying to take care it was just impossible to ensure with 100% certainty that nobody showed up just when you were sqatting with shorts down. Both my wife and I experienced it more than once! Somewhat embarrassing, yes. Especially in the beginning. But it was so obvious that everyone else also had the same needs and quite often we spotted some of our "neighbours" squatting exposing their bum to the world. Especially if going into the bushes in the early morning, just after breakfast or before bed time you could almost be sure to meet or spot others out there for the same purpose. In some or another way it seemed like people found their way to more or less the same spots. But after a while I got used to the situation. Once we had spent a day and a nice evening with a German couple which we had as neighbours. And guess what happened the next morning? I had found a nice spot behind some dense bushes to take care of my morning duty. Then the German woman suddenly showed up. Luckily she just smiled and excused herself for disturbing and went away. She had a roll of tp in her hands so I think she knew all about the situation herself. At one point my wife had a somewhat more challenging experience. We were up in the mountains and she had gone away from the path to find a peaceful spot for pooping. When she was there in the most vulnerable situation she spotted a man just 20 meters behind, pulling up his trousers and going away as he had noticed nothing!! She had obviously mooned herself just in front of a man squatting behind a bush! Now we laugh at it, but then she felt it really traumatic.

Abby C
Hi everyone, today I've been reading most of my old posts from 2013-2014 when I was like 10 or 11 and they are so funny. My grammar was so horrible and my stories were so short.

Today we had no school because of the recent noreaster and I didn't have school yesterday on Monday and we won't have school till Thursday. I'll be in school forever!!!! So my mom let me stay home alone. My twin went to a friend's same with my sister Kate and then she took my 6 year old brother and my little sister. So I was alone with nothing to do but watch TV. We got power back last night when I was asleep so I didn't poop the whole weekend cause I'll poop anywhere, outside, in school or in the dirtiest bathroom ever, but I won't poop in the dark. So I pooped last Thursday at school during Algebra. And it is Tuesday so it's been 4 days since I pooped. And yes I could've in the morning but there are no windows in my bathrooms and I'm not going with the door open. So anyways here's my story. I woke up at about 9:30 and my mom had texted me at 8:00 telling me she left. I went downstairs made myself breakfast and watched TV. Once I finished eating I just decided to pee and poop in the bathroom since I haven't gone. I went to the bathroom right by my kitchen and it was freezing especially since I was in pajamas. I plopped my bum on the seat and my bum was freezing. I let out a nice long quiet fart and started peeing. Then a piece started crackling out and landed with a loud plunk sound. About an hour later my friend Hanna called me. I answered and she asked me if she could use my bathroom. I went to the front door and she came in. I walked her to the upstairs bathroom instead of the one off the kitchen. She locked the door and I waited outside for her. Hanna is my age she has brownish blackish hair she's probably 5'3. Although she is in got with a nice butt. Hanna is kinda my neighbor but her younger brother usually listens when she poops. I was waiting outside and I heard 3 large splashes in the toilet. She came out and said "Wow that felt good" we both started laughing, we hung out for like an hour and then she had to go.


Constipation finally improving...

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post for a while, I've been really busy! Also I managed to leave my name off my last post somehow!
Imogen- I enjoyed your story about when you were on the way home in the snow and were desperate to have a wee, I can totally understand why you were tempted to fully wee your knickers and say that it was the snow that had caused the wet patch, but like you said it was so cold it was probably just as well you didn't!! A few times when I've been bursting for a wee and wet my knickers a bit I've ended up with a horrible cold damp feeling after a while so on a freezing day it must have been 10 times worse. Also I was glad no-one was around to see your knickers when you were trying to stand up after falling over, definitely one of the drawbacks to wearing a skirt! When I was at school I had a few embarassing moments when my knickers ended up showing, mostly caused by the wind blowing my skirt up. I think the worst time was back when we were in Year 8, Lucy and I were going to registration and there was a sudden gust of wind, luckily we were late so there were only a few other girls around at the time but no boys (thank God!) It was summer and we weren't wearing tights, I knew the other girls would have seen our knickers before we managed to pull our skirts down but if that wasn't bad enough I had really grim flowery knickers on that were far too small for me so half of my bum was on show as well and Lucy hadn't quite made it to the loo in time so there was a massive wet patch on her knickers, typically she was wearing pink ones so it showed up even more!!
Anyway, back to my story, Lucy and I have just had a weeks holiday and have been trying to resolve our constipation issues. As I've said before the toilet arrangements at my workplace aren't ideal, there is just a single toilet and the door to it leads directly off the office, meaning there is very little privacy. If I wasn't constipated I think I could face going for a poo at work, as you will know if you've read my earlier posts I always seem to get the urge mid to late morning meaning I would often need to have a poo when I was at school or uni, so I'm used to other people hearing me go and it doesn't bother me that much. I would get embarrassed though when I was constipated as I would end up spending ages on the loo pushing really hard and then I couldn't help grunting, when it was really bad I would hold it in until I got home if the urge came on at school but most of the time I didn't want my constipation to get worse so I just tried to put my embarassment to one side and would go for a poo anyway. I just couldn't contemplate really straining in that loo at work though, at least at school there was a toilet block with cubicles and quite often the girls in next door cubicles would be having a poo as well and sometimes needing to strain (I certainly wasn't the only girl to be constipated!) whereas if I was doing that at work everyone in the office would hear me and they definitely wouldn't be going for a poo given that I would be on the only toilet!! So literally the focus for our week off was to try and get more regular so that I can go for a poo at work as soon as I feel the urge and hopefully stay regular!
Things didn't start too well- on my first day off I was lying in bed feeling bloated and with the sinking feeling that I was in for a really hard time, as I hadn't been for a poo in almost a week. I looked over to Lucy who had just woken up and was massaging her belly, she said, "Oh God, I'm like really really constipated, I haven't had a poo for 6 days!"
"Yeah, I don't think I have either, I've got a massive belly ache!" I replied. "Anyway I need to have a wee, I'm desperate!" I swung my legs out of bed and went in to my ensuite. I lifted my nightie, pulled down my yellow knickers and sat on the loo, almost straight away my wee came pouring out in a loud stream. As it dribbled to a stop I took a deep breath and pushed and managed a few dry farts but my bowels felt like concrete. Lucy had followed me in and was sitting on the floor with her knees up under her chin, she was wearing white knickers which were stuck up her bum. "Do you mind if I have a wee only I'm like totally bursting!" she said. I wiped my front, pulled up my knickers and let down my nightie and said, "No, go ahead, I don't think its ready to come out yet!" Lucy lifted her nightie, dropped her knickers and sat on the loo and then started to wee a heavy stream, moaning as she did so. Just like I had she did some pushes when she'd finshed weeing but nothing seemed to be happening, so she gave up and pulled her pants back up and we went back into the bedroom. We decided to go downstairs, eat some fruit and drink some water and then go back on the loo after. Once we'd eaten we went back up to my ensuite, I lifted my nightie, dropped my knickers and sat on the loo, I had a quick wee and then took a deep breath and started to push. After sitting there for ages I could feel the tip of a log coming out, I gasped at how massive it felt and knew it was going to be really hard to pass. I pushed as hard as I could for as long as I could, I had no choice but to make the pauses in between pushing really short because as soon as I stopped I could feel the log getting sucked back up. I could feel myself going really red, it was hot and I was having to strain so hard. I finally managed to get the poo out far enough that it wouldn't go back in, so at least I could have a bit of a breather and talk to Lucy.
"Sorry Lucy, I'm having a really hard time," I panted.
"Don't worry hun, you can do this," Lucy said, getting a flannel and running it under the tap, she put it on my head and it felt really nice and cool. "Just hold my hand and give your hardest push, you'll get there."
I pushed so hard I ended up practically screeching, after a few more pushes I stopped and said "Its no good, its got totally stuck." My bumhole felt stretched to bursting point and I couldn't get the massive log to budge.
"Look, you hold your bum cheeks apart as you give a push and I'll wrap some loo roll round it and try to pull it" said Lucy. I nodded, lifting my bum off the toilet slightly. I did another massive push, this time with my bum cheeks parted and Lucy pulling I suddenly felt it slide out further. "Its OK, its not so wide now, I should be able to push the rest out myself" I said, sinking back onto the seat. After a few more pushes the log started moving more quickly and soon after it dropped down into the bowl. All of a sudden some mushy poo came splattering out of me, it stung my bumhole and went on for ages. I realised I was done, I wiped my bum but it was really sore so I decided to run myself a bath. I looked into the bowl and saw the toilet was totally full of poo, I took a deep breath as I flushed it but luckily it all went down. Its just as well we've got a really powerful flush with some of the poos I've done down there! After I'd taken my nightie and knickers off and got in the bath Lucy said "I think I need a poo now."
She eased her knickers down and sat on the loo, she had a wee and then I could see her starting to push, we carried on talking and she did her best to keep her voice sounding normal but I could tell she was having trouble. As time went on Lucy started to go red and her grunts got louder and louder, by now I'd got out of the bath and wrapped myself in a towel.
"Can I do anything to help?" I asked. "Just put the flannel on my head" she panted, "It's coming but its taking for ever, its a massive fat one!!" I got the same flannel she'd used for me and put it on her forehead, after a few more really hard grunty pushes I heard a splash as her log dropped. Lucy pushed out a couple more logs but they were a bit easier than the first one, she then wiped her bum and flushed before pulling up her pants. We then went back to my room, I put some clean white knickers on and then a pink bra, and finally a skirt and a blue top. Lucy took off her nightie and knickers and went for a bath too, once she was done and had put clean clothes on we spent the rest of the day lazing around trying to recover from our constipation ordeal.
Luckily during the rest of the week things did start to get better and our constipation is definitely improving, I had a poo earlier today (only two days since my last one) and although I did a fat log it wasn't really hard and dry meaning it was alot easier to push out, thank God! I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!!

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