To Everyone

Hi guys. Since having my dry butt wipes I mentioned before, I wipe after pooping with fresh new wipes if needed now. Due to the cold weather, I wash my hands with really warm water after using the toilet. Also at the school for the blind, I had a dorm mate named Sarah who was visually impaired, and deaf. She also had a walker which made things really audible to everyone in the dorm if she banged it while going into the loo. I can't recall if this was true or not, but I believe she clogged the toilet at times from big poops. She had a huge love for chicken, and made some during her cooking. Maybe being such a chicken eater contributed to her possible large poops, but I'm unsure. I even think Sarah had a pee accident on our way back to the dorm from somewhere.


To Lucky Lady: sorry about you're horrible diarrhea ordeal. I used a portable toilet a few times too when I was hospitalized for gall stones, and gall bladder obstruction. I wasn't to embarrassed being watched by a nurse on the toilet, and I remember the call button. I mentioned having my gall bladder out before, but I'd like to make another correction. After waking from the cholecystectomy I wasn't in pain at all, but was moving around in bed possibly from disorientation. I was asleep for 4 hours. I also felt a bit lightheaded, and was checking out the oxygen mask I suppose to get myself oriented. I had diarrhea afterwords too, but luckily not anything like you described! Those pains during your loo visits seemed terrible, and I hope to never go through anything like that. Congrats on the baby, too. You know while you're pregnant you poop double. I'm not sure about this exactly, but I think your baby's pee drains with your pee, and both the baby's poop, and yours come out together. You seem new to me, I never read your posts on Toiletstool before.


Lavah's Constipation Survey

I am a long-time reader who first posted about my constipation problems over 20 years ago. Here are my responses to Lavah's constipation survey:

Age: 52
Gender (optional):

1. How many times do you usually poop each week? Once or twice if I am lucky. Sometimes not at all.
2. How often do you get constipated? I am constipated most of the time.
3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc) Not pooping for three days and/or having to strain out a massive, hard stool.
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation? Dulcolax tablets or a Dulcolax suppository.
5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc) I have never been able to identify a specific trigger. Stress definitely contributes to the problem.
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated? 8 or 9 days.
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated? A half hour to an hour.
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated? Five minutes.
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated? Squatting.
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated? Upright on the toilet.
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated? Yes. A friend gave me an enema using an enema bag on two occasions years ago.
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated? Not directly. I have purchased laxatives for significant others, though.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Jasmin K

Hi to previous constipation posters and everyone else

I saw Gio mention if any of the constipation posters were still here - well yes but not as often, that's not saying I don't get constipated as often.

Hi Gio
From your survey answers you seem to still have issues with constipation, I know how you feel, I'm the same in fact I am on the toilet as I write this. I need to poo this morning as I am going out later and could do without having that full bum feeling and ???? ache. It's been rabbit like poo pellets the last few times I've been, I'm not surprised I'm really bad due to all the chocolates and junk food I've had recently, that said I've also been eating vegetables.
My best girl friend also gets constipated all the time and to ease the pain of the strain before we go out straight from work we often take adjoining cubicals in one of the toilet areas in the town shopping centre. The toilets there are quite clean so we sit there straining to poo and keep each other company by encouraging each other often spending more than an hour there, we also get changed from our work clothes to our going out attire, doing makeup etc, the attendants even let us leave our clothes bags in their room.
Anyway I've done a lot of pebbles or rabbit pellets but no logs today. When I push down hard it feels like there is a solid hard lump in my bum and it makes my bum bulge down then all that drops is a little pebble. I know there is a lot to come out as its affecting my bladder in that I'm leaking pee even when I'm not on the toilet straining.
Well I've got to get off now as due to go out - just going to pull up my very tight bikini style knickers with a pad I. and black wet look leggings up - I had wanted to wear a thong but my ass is too sore for that. Now for a day out. If I get time this eve will post more about this poo.
Let us know how you are pooing !
Jasmin K

John h
Hi all. Enjoying all the christmas posts.
I find that a few beers helps to move all the extra poo from over eating.
I have eat and drank lots and have been pooping a lot as a result.take care all
John H


Amsterdam cont. (The Hotel)

The hotel that we stayed in in Amsterdam was on the corner of a street of shops, the ground floor was a bar, above that was the restaurant, with the rooms along to the right above all the shops, on the left-hand side of the corridor it was all bedrooms, and on the right between bedrooms were single occupies toilets and also all the fire escapes. We had a room on the left, as you entered our room there was a wall about a meter long then the bedroom, beside the bed behind this wall partly hidden by a glass partition was only a wash-hand basin and a bidet, the bidet was in line with the gap in this partition.
On the first night I had to get up to pee so I just peed into the washbasin. In the morning as I was shaving my girlfriend keep-ed going to the room door and looking out to see if there was a queue for the toilets, as the time pasted she was getting desperate to pee, so I said you could pee in the bidet or wait for a toilet or wet your self. With that she dropped and stepped out of her pj bottoms and squatted over the bidet and peed and peed, I was watching her as the look on her face changed, when she was done I had other plans, and we were nearly late for breakfast.
She continued to use the bidet to pee and I the washbasin, for the rest of our stay.

Some years later I was on a trip to Canada with a female friend (my girlfriend had broken it off with me). And we shared a room, this room was big, as you entered there was the door to the bathroom, then two double beds (we had one each) and a sitting area with a tv then a dinning area then big windows with a sitting area outside.
On the second night as my friend was in the bathroom changing her cloths the light went out so she was in the dark, I phoned the desk and someone fixed the lights while we were at dinner, but my friend would not close the bathroom door after that so if I sat up in my bed at the right angle I could see her in a big mirror on the wall opposite the bathroom door, I could see her getting in and out of her pj's and also the shower, but could not see the toilet, but I could hear her peeing, in the mornings it was like a water fall, this did at times mean that I had to stay in bed for sometime before I could get to the bathroom to dress.


Hi Lavah

Hi Lavah,

Nice post and survey. I am never constipated, so I can't answer all the questions. I am an pretty easy pooper.

You said you helped some people pooping. How did you do that? Remove it with your fingers?

Hello, yesterday we started Christmas Vacation and today I slept in until around 11:30am and just layed in bed for an hour. Eventually my friend Grace called me and told me to come over. We're neighbors so it wasn't that hard to get to her house. Her mother wasn't home so we just started eating some chips on her couch. About 10 minutes later she said she was going to go use the bathroom she closed the door and I walked over and just peeked under the door her skinny jeans looked to be at her knees, her feet about 3 inches off the ground. I was still there about 2 minutes later and she was having the longest pee and then she called my name and I said what. "I need toilet paper to wipe my vagina with." I went to the upstairs bathroom and I opened the door and the way the bathroom is set up is when you walk in the sink is on the left the toilet is right in front of you and the bath tub is on the right. So then I opened the door and there's her 11 year old sister, sweatpants at ankles and pooping, I immediately close the door after she yells at me to get out. Grace came up stairs and said to forget it and we went into her room. Her sister came out about 5 minutes later and I decided to go pee. I walked in to the bathroom and opened the toilet lid and then in front of me there was a huge poop which looked to get the toilet clogged it was about 15 inches long and about 3 inches wide. The thing was huge and I told Grace to come in the bathroom and looked at it and was disgusted. I went downstairs with toilet paper and sat down with my jeans at my knees. I let out a long loud pee for about a minute. I ripped some toilet paper and wiped, I wiped my pubes too as there were little droplets in the big bush.

This story was the day before during school. I was in Algebra 1 and got the urge to go. I walked up to the teachers desk for a pass and left. I love the school bathrooms, when you walk in there's the sinks on the left and then you take a left through another doorway there is 8 stalls and 2 in the back don't have doors on them. They keep the lights tinted to so you are comfortable when peeing or pooping. There were 2 girls in the stalls. One had yoga pants on and looked to be peeing. When I was walking to the stall it was Grace and we quickly said hi to each other and she walked out I took the stall next to the 2nd girl who had a pair of jeans and blue underwear at their ankles. I put my sweatpants at my knees and sat. I let out a nice pee and then I heard a fart and It was the girl next to me. I started pushing a bit and let out a small grunt and then the girl next to me said "Alaina is that you?". I sake "Yeah who's this." "Its Daisy." "Ohh hey." "You peeing or pooping?" "Pooping I haven't gone since Tuesday." "I'm pooping too, I went yesterday with a huge one but this morning I had old yogurt" "Oh man, how old was it?" "About a week old, I dont know why it was still in the fridge." Then she made a huge wet fart and then a bunch of diaherrea pours into the toilet. She starts rolling some toilet paper "This is gonna take a lot of wiping." I push out a piece that's about 10 inches and then two more than were about 9 inches and 5 inches. I started rolling some toilet paper and wipe my bum hole which wasn't that dirty. I told Daisy I'd see her later and left.



Hey im trev. Long rime reader first time poster!
Well 1st i want to say i have never been one to poop in public, until recently. Ive always been in school but now i have a job, and i cant poop home; where i want to.
So anyways, i had a big lunch and needed to poop. Tried to wait but 15 mins later i was bursting! Well, farting alot and they were really smelly phew! Snuck into the lab bathroom, went to my favorite website, and layed some cable. Crackle crackling crackle.. No plops. Felt really good to get that out. Then i wiped and saw my work; pile of ropes. Then flushed... To no avail. I felt baaad :( then i washed up and peeked around the corner to see if someone was out there. Coast clear. I went toward the back to exit and there was Ramona. Ill finish later i gotta poop more now.

After School Emily

After the Thai Food Emily and Molly

Hello. It's been quite a while since we shared. My sister, Molly, and I are in our mid-twenties, high school teachers, and found this website when I was looking for remedies for "vacation constipation" or constipation while traveling. We've enjoyed the stories shared. To give you a mental image, we have fair skin. Molly is 5'8 with strawberry hair. I am 5'7 and brunette. We are known in the high school for our looks, particularly our round hips and butts. We both weigh in the low 160's, with our weight fluctuating by about 5 pounds, but athletic and fit.

This happened in October, on the weekend prior to my birthday. It was Friday night and each year Molly takes me out to eat. I love Thai food and there was a new Thai place in an upscale shopping mall near our apartments. Thai food usually gives me diarrhea, so I don't eat it often. But I enjoy it.

Molly and I ate, enjoyed a glass of wine, and had hilarious conversation. Molly is a great conversationalist and knows how to make me laugh. We paid and decided that we would go to a Coldstone Creamery, enjoy some ice cream and look around. Let's say at this point, the mix of ice cream and Thai food created a perfect storm within our guts.

While shopping, we both commented how bloated we were. Then, Molly indicated that she needed a bathroom soon. We left and found a large bathroom in the mall and took the stalls on the end. It was full, but we both found stalls at the same time. Teens were primping, chatting and gossiping.

As soon as I sat down, I had a major case of flatulence. It was so loud and forceful. I never farted that loud or long on a toilet, much less a public bathroom. It got quiet. Molly said, "Wo! Em!" It was followed by some laughter. Then, I urinated. In mid-stream, Molly let loose with semi-explosive diarrhea. It was coming fast, but the sound was mostly the poop splashing in the water. The bathroom began to stink. I thought that I was going to have diarrhea, but I farted a couple more times. I felt very relieved. It would be short lived. I left the stall, washed my hands and waited for Molly. She finished and we began shopping again.

I thought that I would be spared the embarrassment of diarrhea in a public bathroom, but it struck about an hour later. Molly accompanied me to the same bathroom, though she only had to pee. I sat down and hesitated to let go. After a few seconds I realized that I was at the point of no return. This was going to be messy. I let go and had a torrent of diarrhea. It began "chunky" but the second wave was all liquid. I think I outdid Molly on the smell.

I don't know how to better describe how I felt, but I felt proud and empowered to destroy a public bathroom like that. Do any of the women feel like that after using a public restroom?

We have more to tell. We both had some really good bathroom experiences during the holidays.

Glad to be back.





Well I work with a bunch childish people but anyway we play pranks on each other so they started a prank war so I went to the bathroom and dropped a monster turd so I didn't flush and just before I left I sprayed some fart spray I left the smell to linger that night a bunch of us to pick stuff for work so I had a plan I took all the window latches off so ever time one of us farted that was not going down and we got back I think broke them from prankin

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Uncle Harry

Peeing With the New Girl

When I was in my junior year of high school, I met a girl in her junior year of a different school. I no longer remember how I met her, but we had several dates. She was a pretty girl with long blonde hair and her name was Betsy. Like me, she liked to take walks and classical music. On one day in April, we took a walk in the city park. After a while, she seemed to get fidgity. At the same time, my bladder was feeling full. "Harry", she said. "I have to go to the bathroom. I need to urinate. Where are the toilets". The toilets didn't open until May 1, which I told her. I also told her that I too needed to pee. I suggested that we pee behind the toilet building. No one was around. I had no idea what her reaction would be. "Ok, lets go", she said. "Have you ever watched a girl urinate?". "Ugh..only my sister", I said. "Can you pee with a girl watching"?, she asked. "I suppose so. I've never done it", I replied. "Well, lets do it. You watch me and I'll watch you". She pulled of her slacks and panties, baring her vagina, squatted back a bit and peed heavily. At the same time, I pulled out my penis, aimed it, and peed. We both watched each other peeing and relieved ourselves together. We finished at about the same, wiped ourselves, and congratulated ourselves, and continued our walk.


Christmas Constipation

I work over Christmas, and it's often busy, so as a result i got quite constipated this Christmas. Inbetween waking up on time, working and stuff i rarely found a moment for privacy. It was on Boxing Day that i started to realise I hadn't gone for over 5 days. I could see my stomach was a bit bloated and, to tell the truth, had been letting out some awful farts, but no way was i going to let it out at work. We don't even have staff toilets!

By the 27th i was getting stomach gurgles. Nobody had caught on but i felt like i stank. I hadn't gone at home because aside from my body clock being ruined, we had lots of family over. By the time my shift finished i could barely pee without farting. I headed home very slowly and at one point i had to actually sit down on a bench to keep it in; i think i was close to my limit.

By the time i got home i was almost dancing, and once i got the door open i headed upstairs as nonchalantly as i could. Some family were still home and said hello and i was polite as i could be, but i felt like my whole body was screaming "I really, REALLY need a poo." I locked the bathroom door, still squirming as i lifted the toilet lid. I sat down and immediately a loud fart echoed and i felt myself go red.

Leaning over, i turned on the tap and then tensed as my body began to expel. I strained as quietly as possible as what felt like the world's biggest turd came out of me. Thankfully it was so big it didn't even plop in the water. After that, i hovered off the seat for a second while i flushed. There were 3 more moderately sized turds after that, and then i peed. The wiping took ages and i flushed a total of 3 times so they definitely knew what i was doing in there, but nobody said anything.

Hello everyone. I love the stories that have been written so far. I have decided to upload one of my own. It was on the 4th of July (my birthday I should add) and my friend's little sister walked in while I was pissing. She was about 7 at the time. She told me that she had to go bad. I finish pissing, zip up my jeans, and let her go. She was wearing a blue two piece bikini and a pair of flower sandals. She pulls down the bottoms and sits on the toilet. After a few seconds, her pee stream starts. It hisses and splashes loudly for about a minute, which shocked me. Once her pee was done, she began grunting. Her face becomes red after a while. Finally, after one last big push, a massive plop rings throughout the bathroom.

I say "Wow. That must have been big. Are you done." She shakes her head. "No. There's a little more." she answers back. Immediately following that answer, she began pushing again. Her face becomes a darker red. She is grunting and her little toes are curled into her sandals. Another huge plop is heard. This is followed by two smaller plops. Finally, she is done. She stands up, grabs some toilet paper, and wipes her front and back. "Wanna see it?" she asks. I curiously look into the toilet and I see two huge turds. They were only a few inches long, but very thick. I also see two smaller turds that weren't as thick. She pulls up her bottoms and flushes her massive turds down.

That's the story. I hope you all like it.

Lucky Lady

Holiday Ordeal

Hey, it's been awhile but I've been lurking and enjoying the posts! The main reason I've not had much to say was because my hubby has been doing great in helping me stay regular. I'm eating better and fiber and prune juice have been keeping me going. A suppository or two have been used but nothing really dramatic.

Over this holiday season though, I had the opposite problem… and it landed me in hospital!

We drove to our hometown, about 4 hours away, to spend some time with both of our families who live there. We had two large Christmas dinners (one with each set of parents) and did the holiday think of eating too much, etc. After the first night of indulgence, my nurse hubby gave me some stool softeners to try to ensure that I wouldn't have stomach issues. I was unable to poo that morning but that's not been unusual. After our "second" Christmas (tons of food and all that), and 4 days without pooing, we hit the road to go home.
I should mention that, the night before, my sister in law had been throwing up and having diarrhea in the bathroom.

About 30 minutes into our drive, my stomach began to churn. I'm very pregnant now and I was never a small woman, so I adjusted my seat back, spread my legs and rubbed my stomach.
Of course, hubby noticed. "Is your stomach hurting?"
"Yeah.. I don't know if I caught a stomach bug from your sister or what."
"Do you need to poo?"
The thing was, not really. My stomach was just unsettled and bloated. I told him to pull off at a rest stop anyhow.

I went into the crowded bathroom. Though I've been getting a bit better with pooing in public washrooms, it's still not easy. I spent a good ten minutes grunting and whimpering as quietly as possible on the toilet. I felt like I wanted to have diarrhea but as I pushed and strained, nothing happened. I let out a few short farts and admitted defeat.

I went back to the car and just told him to get me home as soon as he could. I spent the next hour and a half laying the seat back further, rubbing my stomach, and struggling to pass gas. I told hubby what was wrong and he said he thought maybe I was backed up from the holiday eating and then got the stomach bug, but the diarrhea couldn't pass. He said we could do a disimpaction and enema at home, but I did not want to experience that again. It was almost like him saying it made me need to go… RIGHT THEN.

"I gotta go now." "Now?" he asked. "Now, now now". I gripped my stomach and felt sweat run down my face.
"The next gas station is 20 miles away…" he started
"NOW!" I wailed as cramps assaulted my stomach. It hurt so badly that I worried I might go into early labor! I was starting to feel very nauseated as well.

The traffic was fairly busy, but he found a wide part of the shoulder to pull over on. Before the car was completely stopped, I hopped out and kind of moaned, wondering where and how I could go without everyone being able to see my fat ass pouring shit out, not to mention my big pregnant belly. Before I knew it, hubby had rushed around and opened the back door to shield me from any oncoming traffic. I was between the two open doors. I got my pants and panties down and squatted with the assistance of the door handles and by leaning my head onto the seat. I spread my legs and got as low as I could with my pregnant belly in the way.

I started to almost hyperventilate with the pain. I gripped the car and bore down hard. Imagine the worst stomach flu diarrhea cramps but they won't move in spite of all the grunting, pushing, and effort you can muster. I was about to throw up so I stood up a bit to make sure I didn't vomit on the inside of the car. I scooted back a bit, squatted, and threw up as I sobbed. I immediately gripped whatever parts of the car I could grab onto and grunted and groaned to get the rest of the toxins out of me. Finally (Hubs later said it was 15 minutes, it felt like hours to me) I felt a big rock propel out of my ass (nothing like my previous constipation story but painful enough and clearly enough to hold back the absolutely disgusting torrent of diarrhea that followed.

My stomach continued to contract and I felt my body bear down and push as hard as I could, even though it was just propelling liquid. The cramps were that strong, and it still hurt a lot. I started to throw up as I spewed diarrhea out of my other end. I wasn't able to really squat that way anymore so I spread my knees apart and got down that way. I had a lot more massively painful cramps but only a few more squirts came out of my ass as I sobbed and shook from the pain, embarrassment, and dehydration.

Hubby watched the whole thing, and through the ordeal I vaguely remember hearing him call my gyno to see if I needed hospitalized for gastro issues. Yeah, he called my doctor while I was shitting, puking, moaning and crying.

So, instead of going home, we go to our local hospital, where my husband works. So... yes. I know these people. This was good in some ways, since I didn't have a long wait time and they decided to admit me for precautions.

This was also bad, because I did have to wait for a little while in the ER exam room, where just a curtain hid me from the rest of the ER patients and families. Before the doctor made it in, I had to beg for a toilet. At that point I was hooked up to several IV's and monitoring equipment for the baby, so the best they could do was the portable bedside toilet. I was cramping hard but it still took awhile to get going since I KNEW everyone could hear and smell me, but eventually the torrent of shit flew through me with many loud farts and splats.

I got the diagnosis of norovirus and spent two days in the hospital. I actually didn't throw up very much, but almost my entire time was spent on the toilet as diarrhea ran through me. Sadly enough, due to weakness and the many tubes and monitors, I had to use bedpans several times. The first time it happened, it was the middle of the night. I had to scream "BEDPAN, I'M GONNA POOP" into the nurse call button speaker. The nurse (who is my husband's friend of course) came running with it but I had already dribbled a little bit on the bed as I arched my back and was squeezing my butt cheeks together. As soon as she got it under me I exploded. The cramps were, again, very painful, and I cried as I was half sitting up, legs apart, squirting this death diarrhea out of my poor system. The nurse had initially tried to keep me covered up with the pan under me but I somehow ended up with only my gown covering my breasts as I filled the bedpan up in seconds. As she ran for another pot, I arched off of the full pan, trying as hard as I could to hold it on. Luckily she arrived right in time with another nurse. She slid the pan under me so I could explode again, and took the full pan to empty. The second nurse had brought a portable commode, which is where I was moved to and spent half the night filling up. My poor husband was afraid I might lose the baby but the hospital kept me hydrated and well cared for and we are now ok... aside from my dignity, at least.

I realize that my illness could have been a LOT worse, but it was bad enough that almost everyone my husband knows and works with has now seen me shit. I'm just very glad my baby is ok. At least I won't have much shame left when I go into labor.


Christmas Dinner Pee

We had a great Christmas dinner at my parents house. My cousin Robert (Robby)and his wife Sherri came in from their dairy farm south of Pittsburg. I don't get to see them often. Robby is older than me. We usually go for a walk after dinner, but it was too cold this winter. As often, I suddenly needed to pee. There was a bathroom on the first floor and also one upstairs. I excused myself and went upstairs because the downstairs one was likely to be too much in demand and I couldn't take that chance. I didn't think anyone saw me go upstairs. I got in the bathroom and closed the door, but didn't think to lock it. as I don't at home. I reached under my dress, pulled down my underpants, bunched up my dress and sat down on the seat. Just as I started to pee, the door opened. It was Robby. We were both startled. I relaxed as soon as I saw who it was. Even if it were a stranger, I'm not sure I could have stopped peeing, I had to urinate so badly. It was no big deal. We had seen each other peeing before on his farm. We took this occasion to talk while I was peeing to catch up on things going on. When I was done, I cleaned up and got off the toilet. Now it was Robby's turn. I stepped aside, he got out his penis, and peed into the toilet. He finished and put away his penis. As we were ready to leave, Sherri came along. She was guessing where we were and decided she might as well wee too. More conversation followed. When she finished, we finally joined the rest of the guests before they would be hunting for us.


Watching the babysitter use the toilet

when I was between the age of 9 and 12 I would go to the neighbor woman's house after school for a couple hours until my mom got home from work.
the neighbor woman was probably in her early 30s or so, but age is hard to gage when you are super young. she was pretty and single with wavy thick brunette hair. we will call her Marla.
anyway she was super fun and cool and I loved hanging out with her. And me being at the age where I was starting to have those feelings it ws extra awesome to be hanging out with a pretty older woman alone in her house hahah.
I noticed one day that when she excused herself to the bathroom she would leave the door open about an inch, so I got a little brave one time and crept closer to the door hoping to catch a peek. so I inched over to the door and listened carefully. I heard the trickling of her peeing in the toilet So I thought the time was right to peek. I slowly brought my eye toward the open crack and saw her sitting there, an endless stream of pee trickling into the toilet. I stared at her exposed skin and my heart pounded out of my chest. but whilst I was locked in a trance I hadnt realized that she looked over and saw me there. I gasped with shock as our eyes locked an froze with fear that i was busted, she probably tell my mom that i was a little pervert. But she didn't say anything, just locked eyes with me for what felt like an eternity before finally saying: "well don't just stand there staring, come in if you're coming in." I didnt know what to say. she reached over and opened the door wide and said: "Well come on in, it's okay." I took a few steps in and she continued with "i understand, boys get curious..." as she reached for the toilet paper and folded it up into a wad. I watched as she opened her legs to wipe and exposed her furry bush. she gave herself a good wipe and grabbed some more paper this time she went behind giving her butt a quick wipe before stand up and pulling up her underwear then pants and flushed the toilet.
Every time after that we had a sort of unspoken arrangement when ever she would go to the bathrrom she would leave the door wide open, i'd come and go as i pleased, we'd joke, have conversations as she sat on the toilet doing her business, peeing, pooping and even changing her maxipad. I learned a lot about female biology during those years but when I turned 12 my mom felt i was old enough to be home alone for a couple hours so I saw less and less of marla after that....
needless to say I developed some interesting sexual desires as a direct result of that experience. As an adult now nothing gets me off faster than watching a girl use the toilet... thank's Marla.
I wonder how many others out there have had similar experiences with babysitters.

Hi my name is Billie, I am a 28 year old female, I have blonde hair and am rather chubby, this story comes from my visit to a beach in Northumberland, I was sitting on the beach in my 2 piece swimsuit when suddenly I got the urge to poop, there was a single Porta potty on the outskirts so I waddled on up, I got in, locked the door and placed my fat ass on the cold seat, after two minutes of waiting, a giant greasy log fired itself out along with another log, i turned around and looked down, i had left two giant skids down the bowl and it was really smelly, i got up, flushed and left to resume my sunbathing...

Kelsey H

Getting sick on vacation

One time while on vacation when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I got very sick. It started around dinner time when I began to feel sick to my stomach. We went to a restaurant for dinner but I had no appetite. All of a sudden, after feeling a major stomach cramp, I started to tinkle in my pants, followed by diarrhea.
My mom whisked me off back to the hotel room. I lied on the bed and my mom removed my soiled pants and undies. She used some wipes to clean my areas before she put a fresh pair of undies and pants on me. However, all of a sudden I felt the urge to poop again.
I ran into the bathroom, yanked my pants to my ankles and the second I hopped onto the toilet, I farted very loudly multiple times and diarrhea sprayed out of me. I groaned and held my stomach as I endured another wave of diarrhea.
My mom came over and knelt down in front of me. I continued to explode into the toilet as I groaned and leaned forward as stomach cramps overcame me. My mom rubbed my back and said "shhh, I know honey I know. You're doing great. Good girl. Let it all out. I know it hurts but you'll feel so much better once you let all of it come out."
Several minutes later I was finally done for the moment. My mom assisted in wiping me and I got right into bed. I spiked a fever and began throwing up not long after. It was a miserable vacation. Definitely not one I'd choose to live through again!

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I spent the actual Christmas day alone this year, but my parents are coming to visit this weekend to have a late Christmas celebration, so that should be nice. Anyway, I see there's some surveys I felt like answering. First up is one from Lavah, about constipation. Thankfully, I'm not struggling with constipation anymore, but I can write about my experiences during secondary school when it was really bad.

Age: 21
Gender: Female

"1. How many times do you usually poop each week?"

Currently, I poo once every day. Back during my school days, my pooing schedule was a right mess. Sometimes I'd managed to do a poo two days in a row, other times it'd be more like four or five days between poos. I guess on average, I'd say I pooed about every three days.

"2. How often do you get constipated?"

Back then, I was constipated pretty much all of the time.

"3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc)"

Hrm... I guess I never really thought about it until now. I'd say probably a combination of both things you listed. Typically, I'd go several days without a poo, and then when I was able to go, it'd be hard and dry. I'd have to push hard to get my poo to start coming out, but once they started out, it was typically easier from there on. When my constipation was really bad, it hurt and I felt like crying or yelling in pain.

"4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation?"

I started waking up earlier and sitting on the toilet every morning for at least 15 minutes, even if I didn't feel any urge to go. It helped some, but not a lot. Mostly what really helped me become more regular was just moving away to uni. I started eating better, exercising more, and most importantly I started pooing whenever I felt the need. During secondary school, many times I'd feel an urge to go but hold it because there wasn't enough time during breaks between lessons, or because I didn't want to be made fun of for pooing at school or for being gone a long time if I asked to go during a lesson.

"5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc)"

My constipation seems to be mostly stress related, but also I used to generally have a poor diet. Also, the fact that I purposefully held it in a lot of the time to avoid going at school certainly didn't help matters any.

"6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated?"

On two separate occasions, I've been a full week without pooing. Both times were absolutely miserable and both times I resorted to taking a laxative, which I almost never do. The most recent time was during studying for final exams before graduating from uni, back in May of this year. I remember it hurt the whole time it was coming out, and there was some blood on the loo roll when I wiped myself afterwards.

"7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated?"

It varied, but usually at least 20 minutes. Sometimes as much as half an hour if I was really badly constipated.

"8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated?"

Somewhere between five to ten minutes, now that I'm pooing every day.

"9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated?"

I don't remember having a special position or way I'd sit on the toilet when I was constipated. I leaned forward a lot to help push my poo out, but that's about it.

"10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated?"

See above. I just sit normally. I don't really think about how I sit on the toilet.

"11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated?"


"12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated?"


The second survey is by Carin with regard to "What's wrong with crapping at school?"

"1. How often do you hold it until you get home from school?"

As I described in Lavah's survey, I held my poo in to avoid having to go at school pretty much all of the time, unless I absolutely couldn't hold it. Often I'd also hold my wee until I got home after school, but that was mostly because I figured out it was quicker for me to walk home and wee there then queue for a cubicle. The lines right after last lesson were always miles long.

"2. How many hours have you held it? What is the average?"

It's hard for me to say, really. What would often happen is that I'd feel the need to poo whilst at school, but I'd hold it. Then I'd try to poo later on once I was home, but by that point, I didn't need to go any more.

"3. What are the three biggest reasons you hold it? (noise, cleanliness, time, condition of seats, lack of privacy doors, no or low quality toilet paper, overflowing toilets, lines too long, refusal to sit on public toilet, graffiti, smoke, other disturbances, mean teachers, etc.)"

The toilets blocks at my secondary school were always fairly clean and didn't usually smell too bad, unless a bunch of girls were pooing right that moment. Mostly why I avoided pooing at school was because I was afraid other girls would hear or smell me pooing, or even just know because I was gone for so long, and make fun of me. Girls in primary and secondary school can be vicious to each other.

"4. What do your parents or friends say about holding it?"

I'm not sure if my parents knew about my constipation. If they did, they never said anything about it. And most of my friends were also struggling with constipation, for the same reasons as me. We also didn't really talk about it too much - it just was a part of life for all of us.

"5. Did you have a previous bad experience in grade or middle school? Explain."

Well, all of my answers are about past bad experiences, but no bad experiences in particular immediately spring to mind.

"6. Do you pee at school? How many times a day on average?"

Yes. I never had any problems with weeing at school. I'd go when I needed to, and even ask to be excused during lessons if I just needed a wee. Sometimes, I'd end up having to hold it for a while, if the teacher said no. But I don't have any idea how many times per day. I just went whenever I needed to. I guess I probably weed two or maybe three times a day at school.

Alright, now that the surveys are done, on with the rest of my post. Things have been kinda boring in my life lately, with regard to weeing and pooing. Although, if I'm being honest, I think that's a good thing. As usual during the Christmas season, I've been eating more than usual and eating lots of snacky junk foods. These past few days, I've also been pooing a lot. I did a huge poo on Christmas Eve. I'd gone for my usual afternoon poo and it was my normal size, but then I got another urge shortly before bed time.

I sat on the toilet and started weeing and pooing at the same time. My wee lasted about forty five seconds or so, and my poo was coming out in lots of heavy but fairly short chunks that made big splashes when they hit the water. I pooed a tonne and it felt really good. At one point, I felt like I was done and started to wipe, but then I got the urge to poo more. I flushed just in case, to avoid accidentally blocking the toilet, then I sat back down and started pooing again. When I finished the second time, I wiped again and was really done that time.

On Christmas Day, I also pooed twice and both were my usual type of poo. Just two or three medium-sized logs each time. They were also both very clean poos, needing just a single wipe, which is somewhat unusual for me but not unwelcome. Then yesterday I did three poos throughout the day. I started off with a small poo in the morning, then a bigger one in the afternoon at my usual time, and finally another one small one in the evening.

Okay, well that's me for now. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and has a great New Year. Oh, I bet I already said that, didn't I? Ah, well, bye for now!


Lavah's survey

Responding to Lavah's survey


1. How many times do you usually poop each week?

it varies, there are times where I go a few times a day, not very regularly of late

2. How often do you get constipated?

perhaps once or twice per month

3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc)

I say that I'm Constipated if I notice I have to work to get my crap out, usually interlinked with not crapping for more than 5 days or so

4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation?
I drink tons of water, sometimes coffee

5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc)
A one-sided diet consisting of fast-food, being in a hurry at work and not taking the time to crap

6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated?
a week or so

7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated
When constipated I try to relax as much as I can, usually no less than 10 minutes, but can be up to 30

8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated?
around 5 minutes

9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated?
Ideally I try to squat as it gives me most strength

10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated?
I sit straight mostly, although I should be squatting

11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated?
So far, I have always managed to get it done myself

12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated?
Yes, some kids around me, I gave advice and kept them company on the crapper to make sure they stay down long enough to go properly,

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