Pregnant Woman
I have been looking for websites besides social media (where everybody knows me) to post this on and I found this. So...hi everyone.

Anyway I have been babysitting my 7 year old nephew the past few weeks as my sister (single parent) worked. My husband was also at work which just left me and my nephew.

Today me and my nephew were gassy AF. We were on the couch farting up a storm. It was almost as if we were having a farting contest. I would win for loudest farts if we were having one.

Anyway I let out this loud fart and me and my nephew starting laughing. Suddenly I felt the urge to go. It wasn't a "You need to use the bathroom, but your can take time getting there." It was a "GET TO THE BATHROOM NOW!" urge.

I raced (well race as in the fastest a 7 month pregnant woman can go) to the bathroom. I was thinking 'Oh God I'm not gonna to make it.'

However my thoughts were wrong as I made it into the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and pushed (I didn't really need to push to be honest) out the liquid poop.

Okay.... well here is the embarrassing part. You all may think I'm the stupidest woman in the world...

I pulled my Pants down.

I was so caught up in trying not to poop my pants that I only pulled down my pants. I didn't pull down my panties. I sat down the toilet and pushed liquid poop into them. When I realized what I had done, I couldn't stop it.

I just sat there as all of the poop filled my panties and went through them.

I feel stupid.


Kazuko told me funny adventure

Hi, everyone, your very own Mina never forget you. Happy New Year to everybody.

I have backlog a few story but today I tell only one, I need energy a lots to write in English.
This is new year story and Kazuko told me. I don't know it is funny or not. In one way funny, and in other way not funny so much.

For New Year our two flats empty. I and Hisae went back home town in countryside on 30 December. (Sad thing is, from city we are opposite directions.) Kazuko and Maho went back their families on 31. But 3 of us thought, perhaps Kazuko go to flat secret, to do motion, because I told you before, her mother set time limit 30 seconds in loo. Kazuko does maybe 20 motions when she sits on loo, one second and half is not enough long for one motion....

2nd January, Kazuko and Maho back to green flat. I and Hisae came back 3rd January. Kazuko told us interesting story.

She say, if she stay on loo long time, her mother bang on door and shout "not feminine!" I told before of this. But 30 December she went to drink with her friends and she ate and ate. Then 31, she ate more, but not so much because her mother angry. (But she ate secretly when she can.) Midnight of New Year, she watched the song contest of red and white, red is women and white is men (white were win), and she feel, she need loo very much and more and more.

The she watched other programmes with parents but soon they decide they go to bed. Kazuko said, she want to watch more of programme, so parents went to bed and Kazuko stayed in before telly. Then when she thought her parents sleeping, she look their bedroom, and they both sleeping. So she go to loo, close door very quietly, and bare bottom and sit down. She put paper in loo to make less of noise, but only little because she worry about smell.

Then she start to do. She life up loo seat so her bottom is near water and then turd will make no noise. But he first turd so huge, it was in water and still in her bottom at same time! She thought, lucky! When turd breaks, second piece very near water, and also break when reached water, but then Kazuko produce third piece and fourth and fifth and.... She need to flush, so when no turd hand from her bottom, she get up and close cover of loo and press flush, her lo in parents' house is very new one so very quiet flush, she think, lucky!! Then sit down and start to produce turds more.

She have to fight with herself not to laugh. She think, if mother see her now, how angry she is!! How nice thing to do huge many turds without mother angry, and in her own house! Never she have that pleasure! She smile and smile, and of course she expel more and more from bottom. So she have to flush again, and then again after she do more.

Still she fight with her laughing mouth, and after third time flush, motion is change to soft bururururururu type, so she try to do very slowly, and she success. Huge brown pond in loo, so she flush again, but then she finish, she said to herself how pity it is, she want to do more! She set washlet to low power and wash her bottom long time.
Then she flush and put on pyjamas and open carefully the loo door, she look her parents' bedroom, they sleep still. Kazuko put freshener in loo, she carries it always.

Then she go to the bed, and she sleep very very well! Her mother never find out!! even Kazuko was on loo about 30 minutes and she flush five times.

When I and Maho and Hisae hear story, we think funny, but we also think, why Kazuko have to be so careful? We are angry to her mother a bit.

I am lucky I have nice parents. I went to the bed about same time with Kazuko maybe, but without doing motion. Me, next day I ate o-sechi food, it is special Japanese New Year food, there is salsify and lotus root and tiny dry fish and many nice things, and after I ate and ate I thought, my bottom angry little bit, but I wait because loo busy, grandfather and grandmother and father and mother and brother and brother's wife.... I go last and use loo of upstairs. (by the way my mother and grandmother never say, Mina you eat too much, instead they say, Mina eat more, home town food better than big city food so you must eat and eat!)

Then I bare my bottom and sit on loo, I think, everyone finish and watching telly so it isn't need hurry, I can stay an hour if I like. Actually I don't stay an hour. Maybe 20 minutes or bit more. But I need a time, because after I do motion,my bottom says, do more, so I stay and do more, and more, and more, just like Kazuko. My loo full of yellow turds before every flush, I have to flush again and again. It is nice feeling!! It is a very pity when I empty, I understand Kazu's feeling very well that point. Actually last five minutes, I didn't do motion so much, just little, but I wanted to sit and relax. It is good feeling to relax with bare bottom on loo which is full of turds.

Nobody complain. Everyone in my family know that Mina's loo time is very long and very holy, if I don't have my all time I am not in good mood. So when I go downstairs and sit in front of telly, everyone smile, especially smile of my mother is full of love. She know what I was doing, and she understands. How nice family I have! I hope one day, Kazu's family will be same, then Kazu doesn't have to worry about her parents awake or not.

Maho said, her family is same as mine. She can stay on loo forever and no one complain unless they have loo emergency. If they have, she come off, she can go again later.

HIsae said, in New Year she ate so much, half her visits to loo were for motions. But no one worry. her mother always nice smile to her.

We say to Kazuko,your mother is shikata ga nai, that means can't be helped. But in flat, you stay on loo your desire time, we never complain! Empty intestine is best! Do 50 motions, it's OK! Kazuko laugh and hug us.

I am happiest woman in the whole world!!!

I hope everyone can enjoy loo time with no stress. have a happy year 2018 and happy relaxation on loo.

Love from your very own Mina and K H M


The Stink Stink At Taco Bell

Hello everyone. I've been a lurker since 2011 but stopped coming around in 2013. Five years later, I just randomly thought about this site and decided to see what new stories were up. Anyway here's my story:

Back in 2015, I used to work at Taco Bell as a cashier, though I had to clean the dining area and restrooms as well. One particular day, business was really slow and everyone was kinda just goofing off. Suddenly, this small, chubby Latina woman came rushing through the front entrance doors and kinda kinda of glanced around for a bit before rushing off to the ladies restroom. She was in there for about 15 or 20 minutes and then came back out and left.

After awhile, I decided that to kill some time, I would check to see if the mens or ladies restrooms needed any cleaning. I went into the mens room first and all was fine. However, when I went into the womens restroom I could see from one of the open stalls that a small pile of stink stink was sitting on the edge of the toilet seat!

I got a good chuckle out of that (I had never seen anything like it) and proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes or so picking up the stink stink, dumping it into the toilet and then cleaning off the toilet seat as best as I could. I'll be honest, the crap was hard to get off and I don't think I got it thoroughly. After that, I worked for a few more hours and then went home.

Well, that's that. I enjoy most of the stories here, and I will write more if I can!


Starting the year with a splash

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful new years! I just wanted to share my first toilet visit of 2018.
In my household it's a family tradition for us all to go for a walk on the 1st of January, first thing in the morning when it's still quiet, but really fresh outside. We all headed out about 8am and everything was a normal New Years day for us. My parents were holding hands and Shelbi and I were walking alongside them, talking to each other.
We had been walking for about 30 minutes when our route took us past some public toilets, and they were unlocked. I hadn't been to the toilet at all since I woke up so I was absolutely bursting for a wee, and was needing to empty my other end too. Walking always makes me need to go. I excused myself and everyone else waited outside for me.
There was 3 cubicles so I just took the first one, nearest to the door. I had a wall to one side of me which was nice and nobody else was in there anyway. I pulled my jeans and thong to my calves, sat down on the freezing cold seat and tried to relax. It was only a few seconds before a quiet tinkle filled the room as I started peeing, I'm sure the others would be able to hear me but I didn't mind. It felt so good to empty my bladder. I wouldn't have minded squatting and having a wee back in the woods we walk through but it was nice to have a proper toilet.
I peed for quite a while and just as it began to slow down I heard footsteps and then Shelbi say "Hi Taylor, it's only me" She took the cubicle next to me and I saw her jeans bunch up where she pulled them down as my poop pushed its way out. Sweet relief. Shelbi started peeing and I listened as a wide log quickly slid out of me. It made a loud splash as it hit the water and the rest continued to come out. Shelbi wiped and flushed, then washed her hands before waiting for me outside again. I pushed a couple more pieces out, about 1ft in total across the three, wiped myself and flushed before washing my hands and joining my family. Feeling much better.

1- Do you take off some or all of your clothes when pooping? Not other that taking shorts/ leggings/ jeans knickers down. If it's a skirt or dress I lift them up then pull knickers down to my thighs/ knees.
2- Does your anus hurt after pooping? If so, how long and what do you do? My anus gets really sore, not just from pooping but also from trying to poo. It gets really sore when I'm trying to make myself go or are constipated and nothing's coming. Not sure what your asking by how long so here are 2 answers.
If it's how long am I on the toilet for it to get sore that depends how hard I strain. If I strain really hard like trying to poo before going out it gets sore in about 5 minutes and I have to sit there straining when it's already hurting and sore I strain so hard it bleeds quite often.. I am used to it getting very sore, it' was only a problem when I was younger at school having to sit on hard chairs, I used to go to school most days with a sore anus.
If you mean how long does it stay sore for after getting off the toilet - sometimes a couple of hours or sometimes it can still be sore when I next sit on the toilet to try to poo.
I also know that a few of my friends and my sister get very sore anus from straining

Anyway I've just done a massive poo - 2 logs both hard and lumpy and about 6 inches long. I wiped and got off. About 10 minutes later my bum felt full again so I went back, lifted my leather look mini up and pulled my pink bikini style Knicks down again and sat and strained - nothing, then really strained hard bearing down with all my energy a did one of those farts that fires bits of like jelly stuff out, then the harder I strained all that came out was more jelly like stuff which on white toilet paper looked sort of mucousy and yellow in colour. After 10 minutes of excessively hard straining all I got out was this jelly and pushed my bum out so it was below my bum cheeks. I decided to get off as I was ready to go out so I pushed it back In, wiped, pulled my pink knickers up leather skirt down flushed again washed hands and left. And yes Gio my anus is extremely sore

Jasmin K

End Stall Em

Crapping during a meeting

On Christmas Day Spencer and I got up early and left his apartment at 3 a.m. for a 6 hour drive to my grandmas. I took the first leg of about 125 miles. He has a custom truck that his family owns for their business and I just love driving it. After about an hour Spencer told me he had to do a pit stop. He blamed the strong coffee I had made and he and I were sharing from a thermos. He said strong coffee causes a person to need to piss more. I don't know about that, but I knew at 5 a.m. I had my morning crap coming on so within a half hour I turned into an Interstate rest area. I parked next to a small recreational vehicle and saw a group of girls leave it and walk up the path to the restroom building. There was a really young girl with no coat dragging behind the others with her blanket half off. I spent a couple of minutes looking for my phone which had slid off the dash. Upon finding it, I hurried up the path to take my crap.

Upon entering the well-lit bathroom I found there were 5 cubicles. Luckily, they had doors for privacy. Three of the doors were completely closed and there were legs and clothing dropped as evidence. The far end one, which would have been my preference, was obviously taken by the little girl. Her red blanket was on the floor in front of her, her feet were swinging from the toilet, and the door was ajar by a few inches. There was some laughter, peeing noise from a couple of the toilets, and as I took the middle toilet and pulled my jeans down and took the relatively cold seat, the decorum between the girls escalated. One let out a large fart, two others gave her a hard time for doing it, and one of them asked her how she was going to go 2 whole days without being able to smoke. She responded by saying the other (I suspect her sister) was going to have to go 2 days without giving this guy named Pablo any ####. Then some more sexual insults were exchanged. There was some more cursing, but one of the older girls interrupted reminding that little Marnie was listening. I got to thinking Marnie? What about me and some others who had come in? I could see the shadows of others waiting for toilets. Then the girls started to call out how they wanted to change their seating in their parents' vehicle. More obscene language and insults started.

Marnie was first off the toilet. Then she started to knock on her sisters' doors. I heard one of the ladies waiting tell Marnie she had forgotten her blanket. Then as she helped Marnie wash her hands, one of the sisters yelled out an insult to Marnie that I thought was gross. Finally, as I finished wiping after letting go of a 18 inch soft log, one of the girls swore when she found there was no toilet paper. I could have passed her some, but I didn't because I was so surprised at their behavior. Back in the truck, I became a passenger and Spencer took the wheel. I was telling him about what happened and he said it probably happens at the big mall where I work at the customer service kiosk. He was right. It probably does. That doesn't make it right, though. Even if it involves a family or friends, that type of meeting in a public place, especially with a little child involved, is wrong.

Friday, January 05, 2018


My Yule Log (sorry I couldn't resist the pun)

I spent the holiday at my parents and this is the first chance since getting back that I've had to write up this story. All throughout Christmas I was having large poo's but the one I had on Christmas day was by far the biggest. I had gone upstairs to get changed as with the large Christmas dinner my clothes were feeling quite tight. First though I went into the bathroom to pee and then I went into my old bedroom across the hall. As I was taking of my jumper, shirt, bowtie, and chinos and putting on my pyjamas I started to feel pressure in my bowels. Perhaps having the pee had awakened my bowels. Before long I was having to clench really hard and therefore made my way back to the bathroom. Dropping my pyjama bottoms to my feet I placed my bum again onto the white seat and just after I started to relax I felt a log push its way out and splash into the water with a resounding plop. After I pushed out another log I continued to stay sitting to see if there was any more to come. A few minutes later I stood up and saw a long and thick dark brown banana shaped log floating on top of the water and another sitting at the bottom of the porcelain. Then I grabbed some paper and sitting down again I started to wipe (this is something I've been trying out recently, as I used to wipe standing up, as it seems I get better coverage). After dropping two wads of paper into the water I stood up and pulled my bottoms to my waist before flushing the toilet and washing my hands. Then I made my way back down stairs and joined my mum and nan in watching the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special.

I also see there are some surveys. The first one I'll do is Lavah's survey about constipation

Age: 26
Gender: Trans-feminine

1. How many times do you usually poop each week?
Nearly every day

2. How often do you get constipated?
Infrequently-about once every two-three months

3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc)
Not having had a poo for two or three days

4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation?
I usually just let it take its course and not strain for the first few days. Normally it resolves itself and I just have a bigger bowel movement the next day. But if it doesn't resolve itself I will stain until I produce something even if it is a pellet and then go to the loo again a couple of hours later and strain again.

5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc)
Stress especially about exams. Just before Christmas I had a massive test for uni and was constipated for three days

6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated?
Three days

7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated?
10-20 minutes

8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated?
5 minutes

9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated?
Sitting straight on the loo with my toes pressing into the ground

10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated?
Sitting a little bit forward on the loo

11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated?

12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated

Now onto Carin's survey "What's wrong with crapping at school?";

"1. How often do you hold it until you get home from school?"
For the most of my time at school I got a lift home from a family friend so if I needed to go during the last lesson, which wasn't often as I would have gone at lunchtime, I would hold it for the rest of the hour. But if I was walking home I would use the school toilets as it was a forty-five minutes stroll from school to home.

"2. How many hours have you held it? What is the average?"
Probably about a couple of hours if I needed to pee during the two lesson after break and before lunch. I can't ever remember having to hold onto my poo, my body seemed to wait until lunchtime before it started to make me want to move my bowels (although I'm sure there were times when I did need to poo during the last lesson before lunch)

"3. What are the three biggest reasons you hold it? (noise, cleanliness, time, condition of seats, lack of privacy doors, no or low quality toilet paper, overflowing toilets, lines too long, refusal to sit on public toilet, graffiti, smoke, other disturbances, mean teachers, etc.)"
a)some teachers didn't let anybody go unless the pupil had a medical condition and I didn't like to ask some other teacher's permission to use the bathroom due to anxiety.
b) Related to this is that I didn't want to draw attention to myself especially re-entering the classroom; I was just waiting for the "had a smelly crap?" remark from one of the guys even if I had only been gone for a minute.
c) I like learning and therefore didn't want to miss anything the teacher said.

"4. What do your parents or friends say about holding it?"
Nothing. My parents and I didn't talk about this stuff back then. If my mum ever breached the topic with me I probably would have been embarrassed to talk about it. And I didn't have any friends during most of my time at school. I do though remember a conversation I overheard between two guys in my Year 9 drama class who were saying they never used the school toilets but I'm not sure if they were just BSing.

"5. Did you have a previous bad experience in grade or middle school? Explain."
Not that I can remember.

"6. Do you pee at school? How many times a day on average?"
Yes I did, two or three times.


A day at the beach

My girlfriend and I went for a day on a Devon beach. This beach is of shingle with big shelves down to and under the water, so that when you were in the sea you could be in 2ft of water and one step more your in 10ft of water.
We arrived at the beach in my car and parked as close to the beach as we could, we took our deckchairs and swimming things and walked along the beach to the bottom of the cliffs as to get out of the wind, we did not change into our swimming gear as it was to cold, so we just sat in our chairs in a little curved bay, talking about what to do for the rest of the day.
When my girlfriend said that she needed to pee, as there are no toilets at this beach and it was to cold to pee in the sea, I said to pee there as there was no one about, so she went between her deckchair and the cliff wall dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted to pee, her pee was so strong and hard that it was not only pooling on the shingle but bouncing up and splashing me, when she was done she drip dried and then redressed, I said that I had better go before we moved off, but I was a bit stiff, but as soon as I got it out the cold wind made it ok to pee, I did try to pee up the cliff face just to put on a little show for her.
And it was a little show in that cold wind, but thats is a British summer for you.


Response to Pat about frien's accident:

Yes, a couple weeks have gone by & I think my girlfriend Anna has mostly gotten over her pee accident. She said that has never happened to her since she was a kid. She told me she knew she had to go, but this time she just started peeing & could not stop while in line for thr restroom. My accident was more of a stupid than anything else. I was drinking beer at a dockside bar before a two hour boat tour. Thre are no restrooms on board, but a restroom break upon landing at an island to take a foot tour one hour in. I needed to pee upon boarding but was running late so I bypassed the restroom. Bad move. Suddenly, I realized I had to pee really bad so I asked the woman I was sitting next to where the restrooms were. She said..."oh! I don't think they have them on board! But she said I d
Should ask our tour guide. So I asked her & she said.. Sorry, there are none on board, but one at our shore landing. She asked if I was gonna be ok & I did I really did not know. She just said that if something happens, don't be afraid to let her know. So I went back & took my seat at next to that lady. She asked me what I found out. I said she was right that there was not a bathroom on board, but one at our shore landing. She said "you look really uncomfortable." So I just held it in, then our shore landing came into view. The woman next to me said "well, looks like you'll make it ok." About a minute later, I had a quick spurt of pee then another & that one got me going in my pants & I could not stop. My tan Kaki pants were soaked & pee was running down under my seat & spreading into the isle. The woman next to me noticed & said.. Oh no! So close. She said I"m sure that's hard to take. Our tour guide came back & said "oh no!, that's too bad, but things happen. Just stayed on the boat so people did not realize so much what had happen. The tour guide was asking me if I was staying in town or had a change of clothes, I was really embarrassed, but I got over it.

Jasmin K, nice to see you here again. It is great that you have a friend that is constipated too and you encourage each other to poop. I wish I could do that too. I wonder if some other constipated woman has heard you and made comments or even joined you. Glad to see that Lavah's survey making constipated posters come out.

My first poop in 2018 happened on New Year's Day, just two days after the previous one, which is a short time for me. In the beginning it looked like my usual dry hard stool. After a few pellets fell into the toilet bowl I decided to squat on the floor. It took a few hard pushes to get the hard mass moving. My anus started to hurt, but surprisingly after the first hard part the rest was quite mushy and very smelly. It took only 15-20 minutes. As usual my anus hurt for a while afterwards.

I want to add a couple more questions to Lavah's survey (no need to be constipated to answer them)
1- Do you take off some or all of your clothes when pooping?
2- Does your anus hurt after pooping? If so, how long and what do you do?

My answers are yes (all of them), yes, about an hour or so, and I apply ice when it really stings.


Survey answers and story

Age: 44
Gender: female

1. How many times do you usually poop each week?
3-4 times a week
2. How often do you get constipated?
Every other day, when i don't take my laxative
3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc)
Not pooping for several days straight and feeling uncomfortable
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation?
I take a laxative every other night, then have a bm the next day
5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc)
I do not eat a high fiber diet
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated?
A week
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated?
I don't usually sit and try to go, I just take my laxative
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated?
10-15 minutes
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated?
Sitting up on toilet
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated?
Sitting up on toilet
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated?
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated
Yes, my amazing boyfriend let me give him an enema :)

Now a story

When I was about 16, I was babysitting for a family who had a teenage son and a young daughter. The son was old enough to watch his sister, but he was out playing soccer for a local team and I was at their house watching the girl. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. The little girl and i went to answer the door, and standing there was the boy, his friend and his friends mom who had driven him home from soccer. He stood behind them with a pained look on his face, and I wasn't sure why, but he hurried past them into the house and down the hall to the kitchen. I was standing there making small talk with the mom, she seemed nice. I could hear the boy pacing in the kitchen. I knew something was wrong but the mom kept talking to me. Finally she turned to leave and i shut the front door. Immediately after the door shut, the boy raced past me and into the bathroom (the bathroom by the front door was the only bathroom in the whole house) and he mumbled, I have been waiting so long I am going to explode. He was already working on getting his soccer shorts down as he ran past me. He slammed the bathroom door and a second later I heard his butt slam on to the toilet seat, a loud groan and a huge barrage of plops and farts race out of him. His little sister explained that he often has to wait to use the bathroom because there are none on the field. We had a prime spot for listening to him completely relieve himself after holding it for so long. He was moaning in relief and the farts and crackling and plops lasted a long time. I realized that he was waiting for his friend and the mom to leave so that he could relieve himself without the embarrassment of them hearing him. Poor guy had already waited so long and then had to wait a little bit longer. It took a lot of wiping and 2 or 3 flushes for it all to go down. But in the end he made it and when he came out he looked much more relieved and comfortable, then I left so he could finish watching his sister.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alaina great set of stories it sounds like your friends sister had a great poop and mustve felt better after a big poop like that and also great story about you and Daisy pooping at school.

To: After School Emily great story about your desperate poops.

To: Levi great story it sounds like she gave you a good show.

To: lucky Lady it sounds like you had a very bad day at least your husband was there to help you through the thing.

To: Billie first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kelsey H it sounds like you had a rough time but at least your mom was there to help you.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A Dad & Store Bathroom Question

The other day me and my friend Caryl were shopping at Wal-Mart. We had used some of our Christmas and babysitting money to spend that afternoon shopping. We started by having a large lunch there and by 3 o'clock we were bloated and in need of the bathroom. The one closest to us was jammed so bad that when Caryl opened the door to go in, she bumped the backs of someone in a large crowd waiting for the toilets to open. So I told her we should use the larger bathroom at the back of the store. As we started down the main aisle on a long walk to the back of the store, a father with a little girl about 5 or 6 had been watching us. He asked us what the bathroom was like. It was funny because we both said Too Crowded at the same time.

He said his Olivia had not taken his advice to use the bathroom before they left the apartment. He asked if he could be "direct" with us and asked if we could take Olivia to the bathroom. He said too many of the guys toilets now have no doors and it puts Sunday fathers (I later looked the word up) like him at a disadvantage. So me and Caryl took Olivia all the way to the back of the store with us. That bathroom had seven toilets. Only the middle one was not in use. So Caryl took Olivia's coat off her and held it. What surprised us was that instead of pulling her sweats down and taking her seat, Olivia just stood there and pointed to that white plastic container on the wall with the seat tissues in it. I moved around to the side of the toilet, grabbed for a sheet, and stopped just before I pulled a wad of them out. Caryl told me to push 'em back in. Then she showed me this small tab that she said I should pull down. I did. It ripped off on my thumb. Then Olivia used two hands to pull one down.

While Olivia was pulling her clothing down, me and Caryl looked really stupid because we didn't know how to put this flimsy piece of paper on the seat right. There was like a front piece that we couldn't figure out. Olivia turned and grabbed it. It ripped. Then she reached back to pull off another. Then she made easy work of getting that flap open. But then before she sat down, she grabbed some toilet paper and wiped down the seat. Then after throwing the paper into the water, she carefully placed the ass-gasket (Caryl's name for it) on the seat. Then she seated herself. Her pee started right off away. It lasted about a minute and was pretty noisy going into the water. Olivia stood, did a quick wipe and then peeled the gasket off. After pulling up her clothing, she used her foot and flushed the toilet. Olivia was washing her hands when I heard Caryl's butt drop to the seat. Her first splash of crap was loud and I told her I was taking Olivia back to her dad. Her dad asked for my phone number and about my child sitting rates. When I got back to the bathroom and took the toilet next to Caryl, I told her we may have another new customer.



Hi everyone!
My name is Haylee and I'm 16, and I also really like the idea of having a pee in a car. I actually like the idea of having a pee in a lot of places, but lately I've decided that I really really like the idea of peeing in a car. I'm not sure how I could ever pull it off though. Like I said, I'm only 16, and so I don't own my own car yet. I know I will someday, but for now, I'm not sure how I would be able to do it. Does anybody have any suggestions? I really really want to do it. And no, I don't want to put anything on the seat, or use a cup, or anything like that. I just want to pee right into the seat, like Jennifer G and Car Mom and all those other people do. I want to pee IN a car. I'm not sure about poop, maybe in my own car I would, but for now what I really want to do is pee in a car. And so I'm looking for suggestions. I do pee in my bed sometimes, but my mom thinks I do it in my sleep, so it's easier to get away with it. But I'm not sure how I can do it in the car. Let me know what you think!
Take care!


Amsterdam cont. (Hotel cont.)

The toilets for the bar were under the stairs and had a sign for both men and women on the door, I went in to pee and as you entered there was the urinal up a big step, (I think the step was to cover the waste pipe from the toilet) then to the left of the urinal was the toilet cubicle, the top of which was about waist high to me at the urinal and chest high to anyone in the cubicle.
The first time I peed I was there on my own, when I returned to my girlfriend in the bar I told her about the layout, Later when she needed a pee she got me to go with her so that no-one could stand at the urinal and look over the wall, as she was whipping another man came in and saw me watching her, I got a funny look from him as we left.
On another evening I went for a pee and as I was stood there on this step at the urinal a female came in and entered the cubicle and lifted her dress and dropped her knickers, I tried to look away but she started to talk to me so I looked her way, she was looking at me, and I started to get stiff, she saw this and giggled, as she stood up she turned to face me giving a great look at her neatly trimmed muff, I think she was deliberately taking her time to put her things right. After I returned to the bar and my girlfriend we saw the female at a table with more females and they were looking and giggling at us.
My girlfriend would not let me go to the toilet alone after that, but I was alright with that as she would pee also and I could watch that anyway.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018


Last poo of 2017

Hello, I'm a 23 yo woman who works as a barista and recently I had one of the biggest poos of my life, so far anyways. It was on new years eve.

I went into work just like a normal day, my shift started in the late morning and through to early evening. However for some reason, even though I was around coffee all day, it only started affecting me on the last hour of my shift. Usually I come into work and the smell or my first cuppa will send me straight to the toilets, sometimes the customer ones if I'm lucky enough when we're closed at the time. I do also try taking my dumps before I go home. Just so I can feel more comfortable with smell, noise and mess etc. But today was a no go. In that last hour I had to shit like no tomorrow. While serving the remaining customers I was doing butt clenches constantly. Regain my posture every few minutes so it would be easier to hold. I was however glad that whatever was to come out of me was pleading for release now rather than at the flat party I went after. But my god I had to shit so bad, when I finally said to my boss I was done I took my apron off and waddled immediately to our staff toilets. But it OCCUPIED by my co-worker who also likes to shit big before a shift. I quickly decided to get changed and use the customer ones. The process of changing was a difficult one. I felt like I was gonna explode. My stomach was really churning now and I was panicking a lot. But I made it to the toilets farting twice on the way. Made sure the coast was clear of course, it was a dangerous move anyway as they sounded pretty wet. Once I got to the toilet, I pulled my jeans and undies down and a chain of poo immediately splattered the back of the bowl. It was in the state of off milk! I was in absolute euphoric when the initial burst was over. Then continued to press my stomach and poop out a few more fairly large pieces with a few big farts. I looked into the bowl thinking that's never gonna flush with tissue. So I flushed it once and it barely took that! Plus I'm glad I did, the smell was pretty bad haha. The back of the bowl was almost completely smeared. I felt a weird sense of pride but at the same time shame. I wiped and wiped, it took bloomin ages. I flushed twice more to get it all down. I came out feeling ten pounds lighter and so happy!

Anyone have a similar experience or a good NYE poo? Love to hear!

John H


Hi all.
@Blob, hi I enjoy all your posts. Your latest story where you recount sharing a room with a friend who peed a strong gush in the morning with the bathroom door opened reminds me of experiences with my ex girlfriends mother.
Our apartment had a hall with the bedroom door on one side and the bathroom door directly across the hall on the other side so even with the bathroom door closed you could hear the toilet beeing used easily from the bedroom.
My ex girlfriends mother was in her early 40s at the time and she would come to visit us some mornings.
Many times I would be in the bedroom with the door open and my girlfriends mother would arrive and announce that she needed to pee.
She would go into the bathroom and leave the door open.
From the bedroom I would hear the soft russeling of her pulling down her pants and panties and her sitting on the toilet.
She would then release a strong gush of pee that sometimes made a lovely hissing sound.
She would pee from 40 seconds to a minute before the gush trickled off and I would then hear her pulling toilet paper and wiping followed by the sound of her fixing her clothes and flushing the toilet.
She would wash her hands and go to the living room to talk with my girlfriend.
Her pee stream was always music to my ears and like you it would be a few minutes before I could join them in the living room.

@Voyeur, Hi and welcome. I enjoyed your first post very much. You were lucky your babysitter was understanding at the time.
My toilet interests were sparked in a similar way but it came from my best friend and me going to the bathroom together.
I was around 9 or 10 but not sure. I would be at her house and she would say she needed to poo. I would go into the bathroom with her and sit on the bath next to her as she used the toilet.
I posted about this in one of my first posts but dont know what page it is on.
I can re post if you or anyone is interested. Hope you share some more stories.

Take care all
John H

In heaven

Listening to a friend

Once I was staying at this girls house just a friend. It was 11:30 at night and we were both getting ready for bed. We were in the lounge room just talking when all of a sudden she says " I'll be back in a minute I just need to go to the toilet" the bathroom was just beside the lounge room. I waited a couple of seconds and got up of the lounge and walked towards the bathroom and noticed she hadn't closed the bathroom door all the way. I proceeded to stand outside the bathroom door and listened as she pulled her pants and undies down and sat down on the toilet. As soon as she had sat down on the toilet she started taking a massive sloppy dump the plops were very loud and came out fast and hard. She was only on the toilet for a few minutes and started wiping then flushed the toilet and went straight back into the lounge and pretended as if nothing happened. She came and said goodnight and went into her bedroom. I then got up and went into the bathroom and there was a faint poo smell.


Questions for Lavah

I have a few questions for you but first I'll take your survey

Age: Old enough to be your GrandFather
Gender (Male):

1. How many times do you usually poop each week? seven

2. How often do you get constipated? About once-twice a month

3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc)
Having that "urge" to bear down but nothing happens.

4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation? I start by putting a finger covered in Vaseline up my butt and moving it in a circular motion. If that doesn't work I use a suppository and finally, as a last resort I'll give myself an enema.

5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc) Not drinking enough liquid.

6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated? 5 days.

7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated?
15 minutes to half an hour.

8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated?
Five minutes max.

9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated?
Leaning forward with my elbows jammed into my gut.

10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated?
Just sitting like on a chair.

11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated?
Yes, I've had several nurses give me enemas and/or suppositories and on a few occasions I've had the poop dug out of me with their fingers.

12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated?

I'd like to ask about the way you describe your efforts at making a bowel movement. You often call it "bearing down" as opposed to "pushing". Just curious if that's the word your family used, my Mom always did...I never heard it called "pushing" until, as a teen, I started reading about childbirth and learned the efforts to expel a child were the same as having a bowel movement.

You also mention grunting, did you ever find it hard to grunt in front of your Mother? I always felt very uncomfortable if my Mom heard me grunt, as opposed to a in a public bathroom where I didn't care. How long did it take you to grunt in front of your boyfriends? Thanks-- JW


Senior photo nerves

It was my fault, I know, but because of all my babysitting jobs and school activities, I put off having my senior pictures taken until right before deadline. That afternoon, I wanted to give myself enough time for my drive down to the mall where the photography business is located, but I stopped in the 1st floor bathroom before leaving campus to pee. It had been more than 3 hours since lunch and I had downed a least 2 water bottles that afternoon. Half the stalls have doors and all of them were closed with legs showing. So I took the first open toilet, quickly hiked up my dress, pulled down the thong, and my butt hit the cold seat. That figured because who would take no privacy door if the other options were available. Of course, my clothing gave me privacy. I don't know why because I have used those no-door toilets often between classes when time is limited, but although I had to pee, I couldn't. I think I'm the shortest girl out of the 300-some in my graduating class. Even as an 18-year-old my feet are still an inch or so off most public toilets when I use them.

I finally got off, didn't even flush to cover up my inability to pee, and grabbed my bag and headed out to the parking lot. I was starting to hurt more and hitting almost every traffic light was putting me late. After parking, I headed right to the photography studio. Morgan, the owner who I have known because of some other activity pictures she's taken for me, was ready and has a great attitude. I asked if she would let me use her bathroom which is the size of a one stall closet. She said sure but I saw some businessman reading a magazine. If her next appointment was there I didn't want to hold things up. But I quickly opened the door. I noticed there was pee splashes on the white seat, but I also saw the toilet paper was gone, so I decided to make the best of it. While seated, I became frustrated that my pee stream wouldn't start. I slowly counted to 25--something my mom has taught me to do--and at that point got off the toilet. I flushed and hurried out to where Morgan had the back-drop illuminated. I knew she was ready to go and I apologized. She had just taken a picture of a set of twin boys who had used the bathroom. She asked if they had gone easy on the bathroom. I told her toilet paper was needed.

As Morgan adjusted the chair I was sitting in and the lights, she tried to encourage me to think positively about being so short. She said I'm likely to grow some in college. She played college basketball and at 6'10" was all-state. She takes a lot of athletic team photos and our conversation came so easy that the 30-minute or so photo shoot went by so fast. When we finished up at the desk, my mind was already thinking as to how close I was to the mall's nearest bathroom. Luckily it was close. Like 2 or 3 seconds after my butt was parked on the seat, my torrential pee began and it continued for about 2 minutes. On the way home, rush-hour traffic was slow. I stopped for gas and went into the bathroom just to be safe. That pee went for at least a minute
and I felt really good after that.

I'm so good at doing fast poos (and I've written about them), but I'm still working on being more effective in peeing when I'm stressed.

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