another big poop

Hi,i am from India I have previously posted about my aunt,s pooping.After 1 year later I was 9 years old and my aunt,s son was 7 years old.My school holiday I had gone to my aunts new quarter.But the quarter was not well and the doors of the toilet are broken.One day my aunts son was going his private coaching class. After some times my aunt has gone to toilet and said she needs to poop.At this time I have needs to pee but the toilet was only one.I run to the toilet but it has occupied by aunt.She told me :please hold some time.My face turn red because she was going to poop in front of me.But my aunt told to me that there is no shame.Its natural.Then she hike har saree and squatting(since it was Indian toilet).Then a small fart comimg out and I can see a brown turd emerge from her butthole.And slowly the turd grew long.After one minute later this turd not to continue a log,it was a like a snake.It was like an endless snake and seems to go forever.It is already touch the water and three and four round to the bowl.After 6 miniutes later it has ended.I guess it was at least 2ft 6 inch long and 1.5 inch wide.She told that she has not to poop for three days.

Uncle Harry

About Hot Pee

To: Chelsea S.

I have known several women who have had hot pee. So far as I know, they just spread their legs, both in the shower and on the toilet, and lived with it. On the toilet, in some cases, it was to prevent her pee from running all over her butt, whether or not hot.


Christmas 2000

This happened on Christmas Day 17 years ago. We had a large gathering at our house and my parents hosted several relatives and friends. The weather was very mild and me and my cousin Reese rode our bikes to a favorite spot about six blocks from our home. There was a wooded area we would ride to, park, and we would sit and talk from a neighborhood hill that overlooked a very busy state highway. I grabbed a pair of binoculars which we shared in watching the traffic. Me and Reese were both 11. A friend Trenton, who was two years older, saw us ride past his house and he joined us. Trenton always liked to show off how much he knew about things he knew we didn't understand. He could be obnoxious and a border-line pervert in some of the things he did and said, but he kept our interest.

We got up to our hill and took our seats on the chilly ground. Reese farted and she hadn't crapped since the last day of school like five days earlier. Trenton used that need to try and talk her into going in front of us. He demonstrated several squatting positions and showed her some places on the hill where she could plant her feet, pull down her jeans, and become a Dumpster. We must have talked about the options for a half hour or so. He even dropped his jeans and did a demonstration squat. I was so happy that Reese wouldn't let him talk her into anything. The chilly wind and the fact that I had drank a lot of soda at lunch had me feeling a pee coming on. However, I wasn't about to say anything with Trenton around. Reese was adjusting the glasses to the left and catching some strange things coming into our view in the lane in front of us. We didn't think too much of it when she called out that Santa was coming in this Ford pickup. Trenton grabbed the glasses and quickly saw that she was right.

What was different was that he was slowing down and pulling off onto the shoulder right below us. He had a full Santa outfit on and had a bald head. We could see his cap on the dash. He kind of stumbled out of the truck. He left the door open, walked around the back of the truck, and was stumbling against the truck as we looked on. He stuck his thumbs into the top of his trousers and was struggling big time to get them down. When he did, he exposed his blue boxers with pink stripes. This gave it away and Trenton and us knew he was going to piss. Trenton and Reese struggled a minute for the glasses. He finally dropped his boxers to his knees and they were held up by his heavy red trousers which caused him to stumble a bit again. Then there was some wild splashing from his penis that he was having difficulty controlling. Then from the other side of the highway, we saw a state trooper car turn its emergency lights on, cross the median, and pull up a few inches from where Santa was peeing.

Trenton had the glasses and said he could see Santa's balls hanging out. Some of the breeze and motion of other cars going by caused Santa's legs to get a bit of a shower. As the cops walked up, Santa tried to pull his waistband up a little but couldn't because he was splashing quite a bit. In a loud voice, which we had to shush up real fast, Trenton let out "He needs to learn to control his cock!" We all laughed but didn't want to give our observation post away. After a couple of minutes the two cops put Santa in the back seat and he was there for about 10 or 15 minutes. When he got out, he had several papers in his hand. He didn't seem too happy.

After they drove away, we had a debate over what had happened to Santa. Trenton, who has a relative that's a cop, said he probably got a ticket for peeing in public. And because he was so awkward in controlling the pee, he might have been under the influence of alcohol. At about 4:30, the wind was getting colder and we went over two blocks to a baseball field. The ladies room was locked, but the guys side was open. Reese took the only toilet first. She was neat and efficient in unloading and wiped herself with ease. Then I took the seat she had warmed for me. I had a normal pee, although Trenton made some crude remarks about it. When it was Trenton's turn, Reese made an issue of how well Trenton could control his cock. I delighted coming in front from the back of where he was standing and flicking the seat up. I explained to Reese later that he didn't have any confidence in his aim since he didn't lower the seat or prove us wrong otherwise. Oh, we had to remind him to flush.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bridget great story it sounds like the 3 of you had good poops and were each desperate in some way and I bet you felt good afterwards.

To: Anna great story it sounds like that bathroom was really busy.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Young couple
We moved to Norway to work less than one year ago. Last summer we decided to use our vacation to travel around the country to learn to know it better. We went around for almost six weeks. To keep it cheap we camped somewhere in the wilderness as often as we could. None of us were used to outdoor life from before, but we had a good tent and had read some books on the issue so we felt well prepared. We had not talked about the toilet issue. I guess that both of us had imagined to use toilets along the road as often as possible. None of us had ever before pooped outside, but certainly we had both peed in the bushes. Already the first evening we found a nice spot for camping in the mountains. There were a number of other tents there too (which later turned out to belong to a rather big group of Russians). When we had settled down I told my husband that I had to go to pee (which had to be done somewhere in nature because there was no toilet there). I went over to some bushes and got it done. When finished I went for a short walk around the site to see how it looked like. Then I suddenly spotted a man squatting with trousers down and the bum bare just about 10 meters ahead of me. Luckily he did not observe me and I creeped away as quicly as I could. No doubt what he was doing! When back at our site my husband had rised the tent and I was going to prepare some food. But I could not resist telling my husband what I had seen. He smiled and said that he just had been considering doing it himself as he had a strong urge to take a dump, but he had not been sure if it was ok. I said it obviously was ok so why not stick away and get it done. We had no real toilet paper, just some wet wipes. He took some of them and went into the bushes. When back I asked him how it went. He said that it was just ok, the necessary things were done and nobody came around. The next morning after breakfast I also felt a slight urge to take a dump (during the night I had just peed behind the tent) but I did not have the courage to go to the bushes and pull down because we saw several others go in and out there too, and I would like to have some privacy when pooping not risking anyone to walk in on me. My husband did not care, and he got it done without complicatons! When we arrived at our next unofficial camping site in the afternoon there were no others around. (We had bought toilet paper during the day!) The urge was quite strong so I told my husband that I would take the roll of paper and go for a walk to see if I could find a suitable spot where to get things done. I found shelter behind a big rock and got things done in a minute or so! For the rest of our vacation we mostly managed to do it quite simple and uncomplicated. Once my husband was walked in on by one of our camping neighbours (the wife of the biker mentioned later) when sitting there. He said that both had said excuse and just smiled. Another time my husband became aware of a boy lurking around in the terrain behind my chosen spot and he came over to warn me, but then I was finished and we just saw the youth stick away. Probably he had been observing me on purpose. Later that evening we told some of our camping neighbours about the incident and one of them told that she also had discovered a youth lurking around when she was relieving herself the same afternoon. But after all I was surprised to see how easy it was to keep up privacy even with several others around. It was so obvious that everyone did so, and nobody approached spots where they were aware of others going away to be alone. But certainly it was impossible not to be observed occasionally or to get a glimps of others. Apart from the first evening I only went directly in on another person once. But that was one of our close neighbours (a man biking around with his wife) who we had spent a nice evening with. When I was going to pee in the morning I walked directly in on him (had had not really hidden himself well, I must say) just behind a bush. Sitting there with the toilet roll in his hands. Afterwards when we met at the tents I had to excuse myself. He just smiled and said that he hoped that he appeared normal as he was taking care of normal business! We both laughed. My husband once saw an elderly couple, both with grey hair, squatting side by side in the morning! One place we had put our tent a bit up a hillside. Probably not easily seen from below where a quite big group was camping on the shore, because in the morning we became aware that they went behind the backbushes at the beach to go to toilet. They probably were so concentrated upon their friends and concerned about none of them to come that they did not observe our tent up the hill. How many we then saw pulling down and squatting or bending forward I do not know. But this experience led my husband to divide campers into two groups: squatters or benders (being those bending forward leaning their elbows on the knees). At least we learnt that we are all equal, nobody has anything to be ashamed of. Men and women, different when peeing, but so like when pooping, youths and matures, when out there after a day or two everyone has to answer the call of nature. Before this vacation I had never thought of going to take a dump outside, now it is demystified and just an ordinary thing to do when camping in the wilderness. We should like to hear stories of other campers too!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hello all, I havn't posted for some time due to work and going out, Having a few days off work now so though I would brows some of the posts, and came across Lavah's survey.
I still get very constipated so thought this was a good survey.

1.How many times do you usually poop each week? I try to poo each day, By that I mean I go and sit on the toilet straining to see if any poo will come out.
2. How often do you get constipated? I have hard, dry, large lumpy poo most of the time.
3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc) when I can't produce anything following a good hours hard straining on the toilet./ if this happens for a couple of days after each other I consider I am really badly constipated.
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation? Sit on the toilet straining hard, after a couple of days not pooing increase the length of time from and the number of sits in a day dependant on available time.
5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc) snack foods/ junk food/ chocolate ( like I am going to stop eating chocolate just because it constipated me rock hard)
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated? Recently 4'days but often would be 7 days when I was at school one time it was 2 weeks and I was kept of school.
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated? 1 st day around 1'hour 2 day around 2 hours on the toilet etc. Last time it took me 2 1/2 hours in 1'sit to get it out.
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated? Up to 1 hour - depends how hard I strain.
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated? Sit forward or straight up on toilet or sometimes squat on floor
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated? As above as I don't know if I'm constipated untill I've been straining on the toilet
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated? Yes Mum ( when younger) best friend and various boyfriends
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated? Yes my sister, my best friend and a couple of boyfriends.

Today's poo was a 3 day constipated one that took 2 1/2 hours of straining to do. It comprised of lots or rabbit pellet like pieces that came out a few at a time with each push followed by a really fat lumpy log that took 1 hour to get through my ass and made it bleed. After it dropped I took a quick look it must have been 10 inches long and like my fist in thickness and very lumpy at one end. I sat down and gave a really hard test push and realised there was more. My bum was so sore and swollen but I wanted to get it all out so kept straining and grunting, after about 1/2 hour another log started to squeeze through my bum - a bit more with each push and that took 20 mins to drop into the water. I strained hard again, a real hard long eye watering strain that made me do volley of wet mucousy farts into the toilet. I strained down again and produced some softer small logs that dropped 1 after the other. I kept straining untill no more came I counted at least 10. I made a pad of toilet paper and gently wiped which really stung them pulled my pink bikini style knickers up, removed totally my jeans and washed hands and flushed. Took my jeans back to my room and put on a mid thigh length skirt and a pair of over knee socks.- my arse was too sore and swollen for tight jeans.
Ok well I might post a couple of stories when I have time
Jasmin K


Lavah's constipation poll

It has been ages since I wrote here about my constipation. I remember there were a few of us then sharing stories about our difficult poops (Linda, Dominic, Jasmin K...are you still there?). By the way, Lavah, your stories are great.

Age: 36
Gender (optional): Male

1. How many times do you usually poop each week? 1-2 times
2. How often do you get constipated? I am constipated most of the time. It was much better during the last two years, but this year my usual constipation is back
3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc) Not pooping for longer than 2 days and having to push hard to pass a painful poop
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation? Rub my ????, squat, put jelly in my butthole. I use enemas when there is not other way.
5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc) If I am stressed or away from home, my constipation gets worse
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated? Nine days. It was hell when it came out.
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated? From 30 minutes up to two hours
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated? 10 minutes or so.
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated? I shift positions between sitting and squatting on the floor. I sometimes take a walk in my place with the tip of a hard turd coming out. I always take my clothes off. I grunt and strain loud. Sometimes I have had to dig my poop out
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated? Leaning forwards. I take my clothes off to. It has become a habit. I wonder if someone else does it.
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated? An ex-girlfriend used to rub my ????, put jelly in my butthole and encourage me to push.
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated? No, but I would not mind at all. I know how nice someone rubbing your ???? or encouraging you to push is.


Amsterdam cont. (Journey Back)

On our coach there was a young couple who sat at the back by the emergency exit which they used as there own door on and off the coach, she wore light summer dresses above the knees and was always straddling him, facing him at one stop as he sat on a bollod with her on him and she was bouncing up and down. I thought that she did not have any knickers on, ( was to find out that I was right). As they climbed up into the coach using this door and the haft-round foot holes in the side of the coach, she always went first and him second I got a look at a lot of her legs.
On the return journey the driver stopped in a lay-by on the motorway, to the front right of the coach across a small field was a old grey looking shed with two door ways and WC in big white letter on it. Most of the women and my girlfriend got off the coach and went over to it. My girlfriend told me that there was no doors and just inside the door ways all there was was a hole in the ground, so she and some of the women just went around the back and squatted and peed.
At the back of the coach as I was getting off I saw the man open the door and the female climb over him and down and out. I walked along the side of the coach and around the back, just in-time to see the female climbing back up and in over the man, this is when I was proved right about no knickers for as she was at the top a gust of wind came and up went her dress giving me a good look at her bear bum. She got in and the door was closed, but on the ground by the wheel of the coach was a wet patch and a paper tissue, so she had got out to pee.

We drove on and stopped at the same services we stopped at on the way out, I went to the gents and this time as I peed the female attenuate came into the gents cleaning, but then she started to clean the mirror above the urinals, first to one side of me and then the other side and cleaned the bit of mirror in front of me while I was still peeing, I did not put any money in her dish on the desk as I though she had had her tip already.


Diarrhea post CT scan

So last week I had a CT scan due to some abdominal pain which turned out to be appendix related. To prepare for the scan, I had to drink 48oz. of liquid that tasted like lemonade. It was a contrast so that my bowels would show up against other organs in the scan imagery. They also gave me an IV with a contrast liquid to make my circulatory system show up. The scan whent well and the Lady told me to stay hydrated for the next day because the blood contrast will tend to dehydrate you.
I went to work as normal the next day. I'm doing some remodeling work on a house and the owners were gone for the day. Toward late morning, I could feel a gradual pressure building up in my lower bowels and I started to pass a lot of gas that stunk more than usual.
At noon I sat down and ate lunch. When I finished, the pressure was becoming uncomfortable so I went upstairs to use the toilet. I knew my coming shit was going to be more loose than normal. My normal dumps are dry and probably harder to pass than a healthy poop should be.
I sat down on the toilet, gave a gentle push and let loose a gloppy flow of creamy shit which was mixed with a lot of gas. I pushed to empty myself. I waited a few minutes and more came out. I sat there a good 10-15 minutes pushing gas and gloppy shit out until no more would come. I wiped probably 4 or 5 times. A typical wipe for my would be 2-3.
I flushed and got up to inspect the toilet bowl. Even after the flush, the round toilet bowl was splattered all around and a brown coating was left where most of my poop collected in the bottom of the bowl. Luckily there was a toilet brush so I cleaned the bowl well and flushed the toilet a couple more times, rinsing the brush too.
I worked through the afternoon and went home. When I got home the pressure in my rectum had built back up so I went straight to my toilet and sat down. I love to push when I know I'm going to explode so I braced my belly and pushed with a grunt. A loud, bassy fart blasted out and was followed by a mixture of gloppy shit and blasting farts, with a lot of spraying in the toilet bowl. The sound and the feelings in my anus were awesome! It really didn't stink that much thought it smelled worse than my normal shit. I was in there probably 5 minutes and I was empty. Pretty much the same kind of splattery mess in the toilet.
I've always been interested in pooping so naturally diarrhea is a super turn on to me. When I get diarrhea, I enjoy pushing to make as big a ruckus as possible! It didn't burn my anus at all which a big plus. My poops are normally harder so that's why a good case of diarrhea is such a comfort. It means I don't have to push as hard, though I do like to blast soft poop and gas out with a push. I really enjoy the bassy sound in the toilet, the splatter, and the feeling. And the relief! I just wish I could get it more often because it's pretty rare for my to poop like that.
My home toilet has and elongated bowl with a contoured seat. Using the toilet is a sensual experience to me, so it's very special when I settle my naked butt into the seat, while I enjoy my bodily functions. It all makes a very nourishing feeling. I just wish I pooped more often and softer, more interesting stools. I only shit once a day or less. I'd love to go 2 or 3 times a day I could.

Curious Cody

Stalling with Miss Ash

At the start of my 5th grade year, me and my friends Troy and Tom were kind of pushing the rules of our classroom. It didn't help that our regular teacher was old and about ready to retire and we had this hot student teacher. She was a senior in college, really smart and after meeting her, what my mom called a real people person. Our school day had been really structured with strict segments for certain subjects and another slot set aside for testing. This was set for about 11 each day, right after recess. We would review for a test at about 10:15, then we were given our time with a part-time PE teacher and recess. At that point we came back to our classroom and we had only the tightest time to take our test before the lunch bell rang. So the idea me, Troy and Tom came up with was to go the bathroom at the end of recess, and if we could stall for 5 or 10 minutes, the class would be waiting for us when we returned and there wouldn't be enough time to take the test. We knew Miss Ash would have no choice because our assistant principal would come to our classroom and complain to Miss Ash that we were off schedule and setting the lunch serving line back.

Each day after recess either me, Tom or Troy would head to the bathroom. At first, we just went to a urinal, stood there for a couple of minutes. Then we'd flush, go over and wash our hands and then we took the smallest of steps down the hall to our classroom. Inevitably, Miss Ash would postpone the test and we would fill the time doing some individual work until the lunch bell. After several days we had to change our plan. I was at the urinal, faking taking a piss, when Miss Ash walked around the wall and called my name. She said something dumb like ask what I was doing. So I quickly zipped up, flushed and told her I would be following back. She said not too soon! With a touch of anger she told me to wash my hands. That was on a Friday.

On Monday, me, Tom and Troy talked on the playground about what we needed to change. Tom said it was time to crap. So he would go into a toilet, pull his clothing down and take a seat. The problem was that Miss Ash was onto us. She had probably been taking notes on how we rotated our bathroom use. Tom had only been on the toilet for about a minute, I think, when she came directly to his toilet, opened the door because none of them had latches, and she gave him 1 minute to finish up, wash his hands and to be in his desk ready for the weekly spelling test.

The new rule she put in was that we had to use the bathroom on our recess time. If we were late it would be recorded into the on-line attendance program that our parents viewed. When this was being enforced once or twice against the girls, Yvonna, who lived on my street, told me Miss Ash was a regular visitor to the girls restroom just before the entry bell each morning. She said Miss Ash would rush in, seat herself quickly, and within 45 seconds or so both crap and pee. And Yvonna said Miss Ash would often be wiping when the entry bell would ring. She didn't flush or wash her hands. Teachers are required to be at the doorway as students come in.

I have been a long time reader and finally decided to post so let me introduce myself I am 15 in 10th grade and about 200lbs I am around 6ft tall and I enjoy reading about women pooping in public bathrooms it is just an interest to me and I am finally posting because this community seems really nice and accepting and I figure why not.

So a few weeks ago when walking to 4th period my stomach got this familiar feeling and I knew I had to poop. So I waited until after the quiz then I walked to the bathroom chose the first stall carefully placed a seat cover on the seat and pulled down my sweatpants and thong (yes I'm a dude who enjoys wearing thong underwear because it is comfortable) and sat down. I gently pushed a two long logs came out and I wiped and flushed and went back to class feeling empty and went on with my day. That's all for now
Happy Pooping!


Friends' Accidents

Traveler - Great story about your girlfriend peeing her pants. I've got a similar story about my friend Amy below. Please share your pee accident story that you told your friend.

This happened about three months ago. My friend Amy and I were at the food court in the mall. We had been chatting for awhile when she suddenly stood up and said "Sorry, but I really have to go to the bathroom". She hurried toward the bathroom, a little ways away. When she returned, she said "I didn't make it". Fortunately, she was wearing dark blue jeans, so it wasn't the most obvious she had peed her pants. I felt bad and said to her "Why didn't you just tell me you had to go?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, it happens" I said.

Chelsea S
Hi all. Quick question: Does anyone else have hot pee?
Odd question, I know....but I notice it whenever I take a shower. I do pee in the shower, by the way.
Right before I start washing my hair and body, I let myself pee. The pee burns going down my legs, so I usually keep my legs apart to avoid that. I've tried spreading my labia to direct the flow a bit more, but to no avail. It still ends up running down my legs.
I now stand with my legs apart, in an almost squatting position, but my knees aren't bent too much. I start urinating and I usually don't have the issue. In fact, it's more satisfying to watch the pee come out and down the drain this way anyway.
Has anyone else had an issue like this? Is it normal?


my first survey

Hello, hello! If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that I often struggle with constipation. Being constipated often has made me grow quite interested in the subject of constipation and pooping in general. I often wonder what pooping is like for other people from different parts of the world with different bodies and different preferences. I've seen a lot of people post surveys on here, so I thought I'd do one of my own!

First I'll post the questions and then I'll post my answers.

Gender (optional):

1. How many times do you usually poop each week?
2. How often do you get constipated?
3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc)
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation?
5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc)
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated?
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated?
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated?
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated?
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated?
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated?
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated?

Now, for my answers.

Age: 22
Gender (optional): Female

1. 1-3 times depending on the week.
2. About once every month or two.
3. I usually consider myself constipated if I haven't pooped in over 4 days or if a piece of poop is too big or too hard to get out.
4. Drink plenty of water, rub my stomach, (or have someone else rub my stomach) or sit on the toilet and push until it comes out.
5. Eating a lot of junk food of any kind and stress. Also, my period tends to make me quite constipated.
6. 17 days. (I was 14 years old at the time.)
7. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 4+ hours.
8. Around 15-20 minutes
9. Normally on the toilet.
10. It depends on the level of difficulty, but usually either backwards on the toilet, standing on the toilet seat in a squatting position, or like normal but hunched over.
11. All the time. My mom, sister, friends, old boyfriends, and doctors on certain occasions have all helped me when I couldn't poop.
12. I've helped my sister, best friend, and an ex boyfriend poop quite a few times.

I hope you like my first ever survey! Happy Holidays, everyone!


followup story to my (ex) girlfriend wetting herself

Hey guys, I wrote the story on page 2684 about my (then) girlfriend wetting her pants after she split her pants very dramatically and how it led to me hearing two stories of her roommate (who laughed at her splitting her pants) shitting her pants. Lauren is my ex-girlfriend and Sally was her roommate (NOT THERE REALNAMES LOLOL) I forgot to sign my name on that post, but my name is Lou.

The first story. Sally was at the apartment of a guy she had a big crush on. She noticed that she needs to poo but tries to ignore it. She didn't want to poo at his apartment because she thought it would be obvious what she had done and it would be embarrassing. So she says she needs to go home. The guy offered to walk her down to the front door because he needed to take the trash out anyway. He started collecting the trash. Normally she would have been thrilled to have him walk her, but her need was getting urgent so she just said good bye and walked out.

She had to walk down some flights of stairs. She was halfway down the final flight when the urge became super strong. She paused and probably crossed her legs to stop from shitting herself. She suddenly heard a door above her open. She assumed it was the guy taking his trash out. She didn't want to be caught desperate to shit, stuck on the stairs so she forced herself down the remaining stairs and that's when she lost control.

She shit herself walking down the last steps. I assume she was wearing jeans because that's what she wore 99% of the time I saw her. I don't know what kind of panties but whenever she did laundry her undies were usually standard bikini panties. So I assume that's what she shit into.

She heard the guy coming down the stairs so she waddled out of the building and started walking home with a load in her pants (probably waddling LOL).When she got home she realized that in her hurry she'd left her keys at the guys house. No way was she going to go back to her crush's house with a load in her panties. She texted my girlfriend (her roommate) and asked when she'd be coming home. She had to wait for about 15 minutes for my girlfriend to get home. Luckily for her it was dark and not a lot of people were around, so no one probably figured out that this woman waiting at the front of the apartment building had a shit in her pants.

She hadn't texted my girlfriend about the accident but when Lauren got there it was easy to tell what had happened. The smell and the bulge in the back of her pants was a dead giveaway. Sally was really embarrassed that Lauren saw her after her accident. She told her the story as they walked up the stairs. When my girlfriend told me the story she did a funny impression of the careful way Sally was walking up the stairs while trying not to mush more of the poop around in her panties.

I have to go now but I'll write up the second story of Sally shitting herself soon.


Supermarket Dump

This morning I was in whole foods getting some produce when, I got a sharp cramp in my ???. I shrugged it off and continued shopping but as I was on my way to checkout it hit again and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it home. The goulash I had for dinner was working its way out. I scurried to the bathroom only to be met by a line. There were only two stalls, in front of me in line was a woman with blonde hair who looked to be in her 50's who seemed to be really desperate and a brunette in her 20s. When the first stall opened the woman in her 50s barged in and erupted with loud diarrhea. The younger girl jumped into the other stall and let out some soft farts. By now I was doing the potty dance and trying to do everything to stop this log from sliding out into my panties. Finally, the brunette finished and I rushed in, I was wearing really tight jeans which took forever to get off, but finally I sat down on the toilet and let out a loud fart. I started peeing and felt my hole opening up. A huge thick log probably 6 inches long, immediately followed by a torrent of runny poop. The woman next to me continued to have loud diarrhea. I let out a bit more soft serve and then wiped, which took a million tries. After that I checked out and went home.

Michael W.

Christmas Eve

Hi Everyone. I would like to share a story that I would like to tell that happened just last night before Christmas. Here it goes. I had just finished watching a movie and I felt the urge to poop. So I headed straight to the bathroom that's just down the hall from my bedroom. I turned on the light as I let myself in the bathroom and then I closed and locked the door. I took off my green sleeveless sweater and let it fall to the floor. Then I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I had a feeling that I was going to take a while so I relaxed as I sat down. I cupped my face with my hand as I started off by peeing. When I finished peeing I let out a couple of small Babe Ruth turds out. And then I did a little push and then like two or three poop balls came out. I knew I had some more poop in me so my mind told me to "Stay seated" so I did. I leaned back a lil bit and I gave myself a colonic massage and I did some rocking back and forth for a while. I pushed and then a banana poop came out. Usually when my pooping sessions start the banana poops are always the first to come out and then they get smaller as more comes out. Anyways I continued to massage my ???? for a little bit longer. I pushed until my face turned red and I was going "Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm! Ugggghhhhhh!" And then some skinny rope-like poop came out and fell into the bowl. I pushed and grunted again and went "Mmmmmmmmm!" and then I farted twice. They were both loud and they went like PPFFRRRRRTTT! PFFFRRTT! I took a deep breath for a moment. And then I massaged my ???? again for a few minutes more. I pushed again and my face turned red and let a couple of tootsie roll poops fall into the toilet bowl. And then I was done. I looked in the toilet bowl and I saw a pile of sticks of twigs. I wiped with toilet paper and pulled my jeans and boxers back up, buckled my belt, washed my hands, and put my sweater back on and I flushed the toilet and turned the light off as I left the bathroom. I sighed in relief. I went back to my room and laid down on my bed to get some shut eye. All in all, I was in there for 25 minutes. And that is my story for today. I will post again some other time. Until then Happy Holidays to everyone and Happy Pooping.


Anna needs to poo while Christmas shopping

Yesterday I was at the mall to do some more Christmas shopping. I got a big cup of coffee from Starbucks and not long after I has finished it, I started to need a number two. I went to one more store and then quickly made my way to the nearest bathroom.

It's one of those where you have to go down a really long corridor to get to it.
Right in front of me was a blonde woman hurrying down the hallway as well. She was about 35 and a bit ???? and pretty curvy. Her big, shapely bum was shown off nicely by her jeans and she was wearing an adoreable white fuzzy cashmere sweater. Anyway, as we got the bathroom all six stalls were taken and a girl of about my age was waiting. What was funny was that I think most of the women in the stalls were pooping. I was a bit surprised that so many women had needed to take a break from their Christmas shopping to take care of their number twos so early in the morning. After one particularly audible fart and plop from one of the stalls the blonde woman waiting in front of me turned around, and I could see that the situation with the many pooping stalls kinda amused her as well. She gave me a kind of a conspiratorial grin which I immediately took as a sign of her being a cool, fun person. I smiled as well and I was wondering if maybe she needed a poo as well. As it turned out later she did, and a really big one, too!

But in the meantime, the girl in front of us got a stall and started peeing. Then two stalls opened up on the other side and the woman and I both went in. I put down my bags, hung up my purse, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the seat which was still warm. In the other stall, the woman's bum had hit the seat and she was peeing loudly with a hissing stream. I let go of my pee as well, did a little fart and then I leaned forward to push and do my number two. As I was waiting for my first log to come out, I heard the blonde woman grunting very slightly. I think maybe she was trying to be pretty quiet and would have been embarrased to know that I could hear her pushing out her poo. But anyway, after a few moments my first turd crackled out and made a big splash in my toilet. I felt very relieved! Immediately my next log came out of my bum and then my neighbour dropped her first poo. It sounded like a pretty big one and she let a wet fart slip out right after. I finished pushing out my second poo and then I felt all empty. In the meantime, the curvy woman sitting in the other stall just kept bombing her toilet and dropping these big pieces of poo that made huge splashing sounds in her bowl. She had a few more farts as well and, ewww was there a bad stink coming from her stall. My number two was much more ladylike than what I mostly do in the bathroom, but hers was soo bad! She must have really needed to go! I quickly wiped my front and my rear end and pulled up my thong and pants. I flushed and went out to wash my hands. When I was done, the blonde lady was finally wiping. I bet she felt super relieved but she had totally stunk up the whole bathroom! Anyway, I went back out shopping feeling much better myself and that's my story for today.

I hope you liked my story and that everybody is having nice holidays!

to Dan H: I don't recall if I left skidmarks, but I did use the brush to clean the toilet. No idea about Anabel, sorry. I'll share some stories about my roommates if I have any. The only thing I can think of for now is Danielle doing a loud and stinky fart when we wer playing video games last weekend. We couldn't stop laughing. She might have gone to the bathroom for a poo a little later, but I don't really know.

Movies where characters crap their pants?

Does anybody knew some movies where a character craps their pants? I can only think of The Nutty Professor.


Srry to see you are leaving.

To Catherine
As I'm sitting here at the computer reading posts and sometimes replying, I'm also sitting here with a soft wet crap in my pants from a surprise while peeing in the urinal about 7 miles from home. I've got IBS so this happens from time to time. This also sometimes happens while at work, which means as a plumber, I may end up crapping myself in the customer's house. This has happened a few times over my 40 years as a plumber. While I do my best to avoid accidents, there are times when it is going to happen anyway. Usually after a bit of time the customer comes in to ask how soon I'll be done and I confess to them that I am working fast as I can so as to be able to use it myself before I poop my pants. Often the next question is can I wait? Answer, you've no idea how much I'd love to crap in my pants now.
The 1st time this happened I was in the Air Force and got called to the base transit housing for those that were to get an Air Force house at no cost within a few days. The daughter, Dannie just ready to head for college, had opened a new pair of Legs panty hose and the base of the shell was no where to be found. The mechanical snake I had wouldn't go past the base of the toilet because the auger I had couldn't get past the part of the shell that was stuck in the toilet. By this time the daughter she was about to poop her pants and was blaming everyone, myself included for the lack of a working toilet. I could smell shit but it wasn't until the daughter threw a fit about no toilet to use, that I learned the smell was coming from where mom was as she cussed the daughter out for stopping up the place for starters and making it so no one else could use it either. Then mom turned her back on her daughter bent over with her backside toward her daughter, the load in my pants was nothing compared to Mom's. The daughter got the idea, walked out the door. Ten minutes later the job was complete, and I headed out the door. The daughter was looking away as I stepped out she turned around saw me, raised her hands at her side in a shrug and turned her back to me showing bulge bigger than mom's that filled her white shorts, turning the back of them brown rather quickly. The daughter was my near age and not ready to go back in yet. I went back in to tell mom her daughter wasn't ready to come back in and wanted to take a walk and talk. I was then handed a pair of panties and female form fitting stretch jeans. My wife was at work and wasn't due home till about 11 at night. Of course Dannie had just got out of the shower and was putting her new jeans on as my wife came in the door. Dannie started to freak and I just introduced my wife Jane to Dannie and told her to let Danny explain as I went into the bathroom to wash my ass. Dannie's mom called while I was in the shower and Jane answered. She put Dannie on the phone. She was wanted back at the temporary quarters. So we all piled into my truck to take Dannie back. We spent an hour talking that night, and by 3 days later our two families were close friends and still are today. Who would have guessed that a broken toilet and poopy pants would end with two families becoming close friends for the next forty years.

oops I crapped my pants

I'm currently in Biloxi, MS, and will be returning to northern Idaho shortly after the new year. One of the things I've been doing is a daily walk, round trip over the 1.7 mile bridge between Biloxi and Ocean Springs to the east. If you look at google map the bridge is easily seen and the walking / bicycle path is on the south side. If you zoom in you likely will be able to see people, but with out details to make anyone out.
Today as normal I did my hydrating at home before making the drive to the Ocean Springs side to start my walk. the advantage is the east side has a porta-potty, with a urinal. I had guessed a bit too generously on my hydration and my total focus was on getting there in time. My belt was undone before I hit the ground getting out of my truck. My crotch was getting wetter, and my pants were unzipped by the time I was inside. Everything came out as needed, I let the stream loose and the relief was wonderful. Until a massive a massive load of soft crap dropped in my pants. I did go ahead and walk the 3.4 mile round trip
Currently I'm wondering if I've the courage to return tomorrow. Likely I will. I can't say I've known of anyone else to have crapped themselves, but I've seen a few with pee stripes down their legs who were back the next day, so maybe what happens on the bridge stays on the bridge.
Btw, crapping or peeing on the beach here can earn you a $500 fine and potentially 3 days in jail, helps for making sightings, :-)

Anon, you should find a post of mine this morning, that relates to what you posted. As I'm typing this I'm waiting for my full size water heater to get fully hot so I can wash the crap off my ass in the shower of my former FEMA trailer.
I have IBS so crapping my pants is something that happens from time to time. I hate to state the facts, however, just the fact that you are female means you are more likely to wet yourself than a man. If you have children that will put a strain on your bladder and bowels. And if like my mother of my children, after having 4 kids, it is a great success to make it in time at all.
Sorry that real life is not so clean and neat as you might wish. That said, the kid's are all grown by now and mom says she would do it all again, accidents and all if only she could get her age changed back to what it was with the 1st child.

Satisfying Crapping

Eat fruit to make your stools softer. Plums are great as well as apples. I often do grapes to soften hard stools, though it is better to eat the grapes before the stool gets too hard. Any fruit will do so pick your favorite. If you eat too much and bring on a monster crap, just back off till you are getting the daily soft crap you prefer.

Good luck

Brunette Teen Girl

My Crush Clogs the Toilet

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
Today something unexpected happened. My family and I went to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas. The neighbors came over. The neighbors have a son who is 15 named Rupert. He is a hot emo kid that I have a HUGE crush on. We have a lot in common. He and I were sitting in the room I was staying in, watching a movie together. Halfway through the movie, I noticed that he was fidgeting a bit and holding his stomach, which was gurgling a bit. After a few minutes, he did a silent fart and got embarrassed. He then said that he needed to use the bathroom. As he walked out of the room, I pretended to be watching the movie but I lowered the volume so I could here what he was doing in there. I heard him groan, so I moved closer to the bathroom door. I heard him mutter "Oh god" and grunt loudly. I imagined what he might have looked like right there, taking a dump. I heard him grunt a few more times, but no plopping yet. I heard him huff a few times to catch his breath, then I heard a deep inhale, then he began to strain and grunt again. I felt sorry for him since I don't get constipation this bad. Then I heard a bunch of loud plops and farts. I heard him sigh in relief, but I did not hear the rustling of toilet paper, so I knew he still had to go. I heard him grunt again, and I imagined him clutching his stomach in pain. I heard a loud "HNNN!" and some huffing and deep inhaling. After about 10 minutes of him groaning in pain and pushing, I heard a giant "FLOOMP!" and another sigh. Then I heard some pee tinkling in the water, a few loud "BLORTS!" and what sounded like soft diarrhea shoot out of his anus with a moan. Then he began wiping. It must have been painful to wipe his sore butt clean. I heard him wipe a lot. I heard him try to flush, but I realized: he must have clogged the toilet. I heard him wash his hands and I quickly hopped back into the bed as if I was there the whole time he was in the bathroom. He came out of the bathroom kind of red in the face. He sat down next to me and I noticed he started to blush more. "Um...I used up all the toilet paper and I also clogged the toilet." he said quietly. I was shocked that he had the courage to say that. If I were him, I wouldn't say a word. I wouldn't even go to the bathroom to poop unless I was at home! I said "Okay, I'll help you." I went into the bathroom and almost gagged, it STUNK as if an animal died in there! I unclogged the toilet for him (with him apologizing a million times and me telling him that it's okay and that everyone poops).
We went back to the movie as if nothing had happened. When he left, he said Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday (my birthday is the 29th and by then I will be at home) and he gave me his phone number, smiling and blushing. I teased him about the incident earlier, and we laughed together. He told me that he gets constipated easily and usually ends up taking a big dump that clogs the toilet when he does not poop for a few days. He told me that at his school he gets teased by older boys for grunting loudly and doing loud farts at school. I told him about my peeing accidents at school. Btw, one time I peed my pants at school when the bathroom line was too long and the other bathroom was too far away. In my next class, my friend said "It smells like popcorn in here!" Now Rupert and I can laugh at each other.
Happy Holidays and keep up the good posts! I'll try to post more often.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Helping young kids at Christmas
Just a little tale which I have experienced. My parents recently retired to
Berlin, where they have a flat. Today they invited a family friend over with her
two young kids, one girl, which is 3 and a boy who is 8. The boy, although
physically very able suffered a brain damage at birth which leaves him
somewhat retarded, and, albeit he is fairly independent, he does enjoy a little
assistance on the toilet.
We had Christmas Dinner with Turkey followed by desert, in the interval
between both, both kids were playing happily. Eventually Phoebe, the girl
announced she had to pee. With my parents and their friend being very busy
and me being fairly experienced as a medic (3 weeks of hospital general care
during training) I took to it without anyone needing to ask me.
In the new flat we are exceedingly well equipped toiletwise. There is a guest
toilet on the upper floor with a shower, the sink and shower are in the front of
the bathroom, the toilet is in a little stall-like area without a door. Downstairs
there is the same again for the guest bedroom and there is the Master
Bathroom with a bathtub and a Washlet, which my dad installed when they
moved in.
But I digress, so on we go.
I prompted her to get herself to the toilet and helped her pull down her
panties. I then made to retire out of the bathroom, but she called "I don't want
to be alone". Fine then. I leaned against the sink near the door.
A second or so later a stream of pee started which lasted a few seconds. She
hopped off and called "I'm finished". I wiped her dry before helping her
pulling up her panties and flushed. Carrying her in an arm, I lifted her up to
the sink to help her wash her hands. It took a little adjustment, but we
succeded. Letting her down, she dashed back into the living room.
An hour or so later, Kary got up and announced he needed to poop, and,
after my prompting walked to the bathroom. "Need any help?" I asked "No,
just stay, when I am finished, I need help" he slowly said.
I perched myself again on the sink while he sat down. He let out a small
breath and I knew he was pushing. After another push he wobbled his legs
and started humming to himself. A few times I pondered whether to ask him if
he was done, but as he was falling quiet a few times in between, I decided to
wait. I did not hear any activity, no farting, no plop, no nothing, but I thought
it might be slow or hard or both.
After about 5 minutes however, he started playing with the roll of toilet paper
and the stash of booklets, so I moved in and asked him.
"Yes" he said, leaning right forward, pointing his bum upwards. I went in to
wipe, which did not take long, there was a little poop on the side. I glanced
into the bowl and saw 3 long, but soft turds sitting in there. It looked like it
was a continous turd that snapped a few times when hitting the water. It must
have slid out so slowly and gently that I heard no noise from it at all. It took
three wipes to get him clean. He then pulled up his pants, I helped him with
his belt. After flushing he went to wash his hands. He made to go without
using soap, but I stopped him and he went back to it.

When they were leaving and their mother was using the downstairs toilet, I
instructed both to go and try again, as they had a long car drive ahead. Both
Kari and Phoebe tried, Phoebe managed a few drops of pee, Kari did not do
Perhaps next time I am around and they are, I might show Kari the washlet
and have him try it....see what he makes of it.


My Answers to Carins survvey

1. How often do you hold it until you get home from school? Allways - so like every day that I need to poo when in school.I do not like to poo in school
2. How many hours have you held it? What is the average? If I've held all day I often don't get the urge at home so will just hold untill I get the urge could be a couple of days or longer when I get constipated from withholding.
3. What are the three biggest reasons you hold it? (noise, cleanliness, time, condition of seats, lack of privacy doors, no or low quality toilet paper, overflowing toilets, lines too long, refusal to sit on public toilet, graffiti, smoke, other disturbances, mean teachers, etc.) I can't do it when others are around I make grunting and straining noises - I strain a lot so need home bathroom privacy. Also I often have dirty knickers so don't like them visible as sometimes other look over if they know your doing a poo.
4. What do your parents or friends say about holding it? My mum asks if I've been or not before I leave for school and then says well you will need to this evening.
5. Did you have a previous bad experience in grade or middle school?
Explain. In middle school I was trying to poo when constipated and was straining very hard and some girls made fun of it. This happened every time I went in the toilet so I stopped going and either held it or did it in my knickers if I couldn't hold

6. Do you pee at school? How many times a day on average? Only when desperate like it's leaking into my knickers

Anon. Poster
The incident that I described in the last few paragraphs of my last post (with the smoking) happened about a week ago. I haven't had a chance to smoke in the morning since then, due to various reasons. So this morning was the first time that I was able to do it again, and after the panty messing accident, I knew that I had to get my priorities in order.

I ate breakfast and had my cup of coffee, and after a while I felt things start to move. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and peed (a lovely long, relieving yellow stream) before relaxing and letting my poop come out. It was fairly solid and crackled out before making three good loud plops in the water. I felt much better afterwards and it was good to know that I had no chance of embarrassing myself again.

When I was outside and enjoying my smoke, I felt no discomfort at all, and there was absolutely no fear of any mishaps. Nicotine (and possibly other chemicals/substances in cigarettes) definitely has an effect on the digestive system. I would really appreciate it if somebody could elaborate on, or confirm, this for me. I think it's quite fascinating!


Girlfriend has accident:

I spent last Saturday Christmas shopping with my girlfriend. She had her kids with her. We decided to eat at a sports bar insides hotel. We were enjoying our meal when all of the sudden, my girlfriend.. Anna said she had to pee really bad & she asked our server where their restrooms were. She said they we were down the hall in the hotel lobby so she headed that way. Then she returned but was nervous & upset. Then she said.." I really kind of have it! I did not make it to the restroom in time. Our server had not brought our food yet but when she did, my girlfriend told her what happened. She said if she was ok with being uncomfortable, she could stay & eat her meal so she did. She was blushing & so embarrased. Her kids said.. " Gee Mom, you usually worry about us getting to a restroom in time. I could not let her feel so embarrased so I told her about the pee accident I had on that two hour boat ride a couple years ago. I think that helped her feel better. We did leave early though because she said her wet clothes were really getting to her. So that was our Saturday shopping day.

Anon. Poster
I really liked everyone's suggestions about what causes pre-poop farts - they are all interesting and do sound valid!

Adrian: I do remember reading about your Aunt Anne in a previous post many, many pages back. I've been a reader of this site for five years and that was one of the very first stories I read. It made a vivid impression on me for some reason - in a good way that is - and so I know exactly what you are talking about.

I think one of the reasons it affected me is because it reminds me a bit of myself and some of the incidents I've had in the past. Once, when I was nine, during a car trip to the shopping centre with my mother, I started feeling like I needed to go to the toilet. I had been holding it in all day at school, and it wanted out. I passed wind quietly a few times and, much to my embarrassment, it was really smelly. I didn't want to cause a fuss by asking to make a stop at the bathroom, so I said nothing.

As we shopped, I walked slightly behind, pretending to look at things in the shop windows, but in reality taking the opportunity to relieve the growing discomfort by farting quietly as I went along and hoping that nobody would notice. It would have been hard not to notice, though, because anybody who smelled it would have known immediately what the matter was!

At one stage, I thought that I was going to have a big accident in my pink and white striped underwear - each time I farted meant that my poo was inching a bit closer to coming out of me, and I was painfully aware of it. I didn't want that to happen; I was nine years old and therefore too big to have an accident when I could easily go to the bathroom and prevent it.

I asked if I could please go to the ladies and got permission from mother to do so, so I went there and it was just in time. No sooner had I pulled down my underwear, lifted my skirt and sat, than out it came. It sort of oozed out of me in one long formed but semi solid piece, and after it was out and I was sure that there wasn't any more to come, I wiped myself and stood up to flush. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a look at what I'd done. It was dark brown, fairly thick and went around itself in a neat coil, and it stunk really badly, probably because of how long it had been sitting inside me. I suddenly felt a bit grossed out and quickly flushed and went to wash my hands.

I felt much better after that - no more pressure and discomfort and, best of all, no more wind. I carried on in a much happier state of mind than before I had arrived at the shops!

Here is another story. As an adult, I had an incident where I actually had an accident for a trivial and really quite silly reason. One morning, I had eaten breakfast and gone outside to have a smoke. The cigarettes I smoke aren't particularly strong but they can wreak havoc on my insides and make me need to go to the toilet. (I have heard that nicotine causes the movement inside the digestive system to increase, which in turn increases the need for defecation).

I was standing outside and smoking when I felt a sudden sensation of discomfort in my intestines that alerted me to the fact that I should probably go inside asap. I ignored it because I wanted to finish my cigarette - and what a mistake that was. The discomfort then morphed into a sharp cramping pain and before I could stop it, I let go and filled my underwear up with a big plop of poop. It was soft and slightly wet and caught me by surprise. It had happened so fast that there had been no time to react at all. Feeling slightly stunned, I went inside and went to clean up. I had to shower because it was messy and there had been a lot. It was so gross but I learnt a big lesson that morning: before I have my cigarette, I must go to the bathroom. There's no other way to do it - if I don't I will land up dirtying myself again. At 23 years old I think that's a bit nasty, don't you? Has anybody else ever experienced anything like that before?

long time lurker

to jane the poop and carrie

Great posts keep up the 'good' work, and eating!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you and your friends all had really good poops.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

To: Carrie first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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