Bathroom visitor

Friday after school I had about an hour to hang out, since I had pep band practice coming up and then our group was to play that night at the basketball game. I don't know why, but I had drank more pop that day than usual. That usually causes me crap. So with a crap coming on, I went to a 4-staller in the music wing. No doors, but definitely better than the main wing restrooms which have 14 or 15 toilets and a lot more use. This time I was wrong. All 4 toilets were dripping wet. A couple even had piss splashed on the sides and the front of the the toilet. It reminded me of what my grandpa said about certain guys with such bad aim should never be allowed in the military. So it took me a couple of minutes with a toilet paper mitt to wipe the seat and then the floor in front of the toilet.

After a momentary debate in my mind, I decided to tissue the seat. Then I lowered my jeans and underwear and seated myself. Of course, I made sure my organ didn't connect with the front of the toilet. I progressively pushed harder to get my load loosened and started. At that time there was noise from a guy and girl standing in the entryway. It sounded like she was giving him a hard time about something. Then he was trying to explain himself. Then she gave him a shove into the entryway. He glanced at me briefly. Then he took the wet seat toilet next to mine. He dropped tro, you could hear him hit the seat, and the girl yelled something into him in a language I don't speak. Then he shouted something back in that language. There was something biting in his voice. I heard several splashes into his toilet. More words were exchanged. I got the impression that she was on his case about wiping well. Suddenly, she walked in, halfway glanced at me, and said as she stood in front of him, "You get one wipe, only one so make it good." Then they switched back to English. He stands, shows her his treasure in the toilet, and she pulls off one piece of toilet paper and tells him to get to work.

It had to be an impressive wipe, I guess, because she wouldn't let him have any more. I think he showed her the paper a couple of times. Then she pushed him aside, hiked up her dress and plunked herself onto the seat. She peed like a fire hose, for what seemed like longer than 1 minute. He seemed surprised, but she said she didn't need to wipe. Then they walked out together holding hands.


To Abbie

Good to see you back!

I don't recall ever sharing a bathroom with anyone before though have wee'd outside many times with friends! YesI don't think she could have held it much longer from my own experiences! I know you have posted about leaking before but have you ever had a total wee accident?

To Carrie: That was a great story about you taking a huge dump when you got up in the morning. I have clogged up the toilet just as much as you have. Keep the good stories coming.


New to the site, would love to hear more stories from Carrie


I am a new poster, but a long time lurker of this site. I am a 28 year old male who occasionally takes pretty large dumps. I usually poop about 3 times a week, although sometimes only once. I try to eat a good amount of fiber so i keep going regularly but it also seems to be making my poops a bit bigger.

Recently i went through a period of constipation for about a week and was getting pretty uncomfortable. I decided to take peri-colace on Saturday to try to get things moving. Nothing really happened all day so i took more that night. The next morning i started to get some intense cramps which at first were just painful. About an hour later i got a pretty urgent need to go so i went into the bathroom and sat down. Soon after i started pushing pretty hard and a 10 inch log started to come out. Once it dropped off i still was getting bad cramps so after waiting a few minutes a burst of soft poop exploded into the toilet. It just about doubled what was in the bowl. i felt done so i wiped and flushed twice so it all went down with some skid marks remaining.

I thought the laxative was done but the next day at work i started getting pretty extreme cramping, really terrible smelling gas, and an extremely urgent need to go. i ran to the bathroom took a stall and sat down. I dont really like using public bathrooms so i usually try to wait until i get home but this was impossible today. Once i sat, i pushed a foot long log into the toilet. The cramps were still pretty extreme though so i waited for another urge. A couple minutes later the urge came back stronger than ever. I pushed and a bunch of soft poop fell into the toilet. For the next few minutes, it was just constant cramping and me pushing more small bursts of soft poop into the toilet. After about 5 minutes of this, i finally felt relief. I looked into the toilet and it was full and peaking above the waterline. the log was almost completely buried. I pressed the flush button before i wiped and even the commercial flush wasn't enough to allow the poor toilet to push all that poop down so it just clogged and the water rose. I decided to just wipe and leave. Nothing was said so i assumed the janitor saw it and fixed it later.
I felt so much better though.

Carrie: i enjoyed your story and it sounds like you also go quite a bit. could you tell us some stories of your biggest dumps?

Jane the Poop

My friends poop too

I was with my friends at the mall when I started feeling last night's dinner wanting to be pushed into the toilet. A few hours went by, every now and then feeling my load of poop asking to be let out, each urge getting stronger. Finally, I told my friends I needed to use the restroom. Megan said, "Actually, I need to have a little number two! I'll go with you." Then Darcy joined in with a "Yeah, I'm feeling a little full myself." Finally, Fiona wrapped it up with "Guess it's time to release, ladies."

We all marched to the bathrooms, took adjoining stalls, pulled down our skirts and pants, and sat. Everything was quiet for a moment. Then it happened. The pooping began. I could hear Darcy grunting softly over and over. There was the sound of her first log crackling out very slowly. When her poop fell, it made a resounding splash that unleashed the floodgates for all of us. Fiona had lots of poop coming out, a bunch of medium pieces going "plop-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop-plip." There were no breaks, just poop falling out her ass all the time. Then over next door to me, huge pieces of poop came out of Megan... there was straining, crackling, grunting, and then huge splashes followed by sighs of relief... and immediately followed by the slow crackle of another big piece of poop. She flushed every time she made two or three pieces of poop. The first time she flushed, Darcy was like "Megan, are you already done?" And Megan responded by pushing out a piece of poop and saying "No... pretty sure this poop is just getting started. I can feel a big load waiting."

There was so much poop falling into our toilets that when two younger girls came in the bathroom (after only about 5 minutes into our poops) we heard them say "Ew... there's a bathroom in Macy's, let's go there," and turn around and leave.

We 4 chatted about the poops we were making. Fiona had a steady stream of 6 inch poop that fell about every two seconds. Darcy's poop was soft enough that it didn't form logs but she said it was thick. I could hear the crackling and she told us it was coiling up around the bowl. I was making all kinds of poop... big poops, small ones, soft poo, even hard ones... some of the logs stayed in my butt for a while, making me work them out, and then sometimes I would have a big, fast load of shit. And then another one would get stuck! Usually it's just one way or the other.

And then there was Megan. Megan was directly to my right and I heard her breathing. I heard her farts, her crackles, her plops, little tiny grunts as she gave us a play by play of her humongous dump. She spoke the most of all of us. She told us each time she had a new piece of poop coming out, how thick it was, how nice it felt finally getting some relief, and of course we all heard the poop splash into her toilet. She was pushing out giant pieces of poop, audibly grunting them out one by one. I finally said, "I thought you had to make a 'little' number two, Megan!" The girls laughed and, after a little grunt and a big plop, Megan said "Well, I wasn't going to just announce in the mall that I was desperate to stuff a toilet" and farted, making us all laugh again. "It's not like you're taking little number twos either! We all get some good relief..."

After a bit, I couldn't help it. I had to see her. She is so gorgeous and to just HEAR her taking such a big dump wasn't enough anymore. I leaned way back, hoping nobody would notice me shifting since we were in such close proximity. I slowly pressed my face against the wall and turned so my eye was up against the crack between the stalls. She was leaning way forward, hands clasped, long hair draping down her back and shoulders. Her ass was arched just so and there it was... the show. Her play by play continued and now I was watching a narrated movie... "Okay my next poop is on its way... I can feel it. Ohhh, here it" -grunt-"comes!" Oh it was coming indeed, her butt expanded and a light brown poop stretched her wider and wider until my eyes were doing the same! "All right, now it's coming out. A couple inches now. Ugh, this one is kinda prickly, you know? Do you guys ever have poop like that?" I let my friends respond as I watched her poop. She pooped and pooped and pooped. She flushed many times, and I continued watching her, leaning back to normal every now and then to chat and focus on putting poop into my own toilet!

We sat for about 15 minutes, laughing and pooping, until the splashing started to dwindle. Soon the wiping started, and we put our paper into the trash cans and checked out each other's bowls. All except Megan. "You gonna be done soon?" Fiona asked. "I don't know," she replied, "I'm still gonna poop some more." A piece of poop broke off at that moment, her splash ending her sentence. "Well, I think I need some fresh air after the last 20 minutes in this bathroom!" Fiona said. "Aw, don't leave me alone... Jane, will you stay with me?" Secretly in total relief, I agreed as though I didn't care either way... and I enjoyed the pleasure of listening to her big shit for another 10 minutes or so.

She finally wrapped up and offered for me to look in her toilet. She had flushed so many times that it blew me away to see three huge pieces of poop completely filling the toilet. it was bigger than my standard poop, and must have been just a fraction of the volume of poop she just made. "Damn girl!" I said. "That was no joke." "Honestly Jane? Please don't tell anyone about this... not even the girls. I've never really told anybody. But... I like pooping. Like, you know, it interests me. So I take some supplements and eat a lot so I can make a lot of poop. I usually go 3 or 4 times a day and it's usually that size" pointing at the bowl "but I hadn't gone in 4 days... so I guess that was like 16 loads backed up?" She looked at me to assess how I was taking this. I acted chill when I was actually losing my mind inside. I tried to make a face that said "Cool! No big deal!" and she said "So... I don't know, it was actually awesome for me to have you guys with me. I sorta like being watched." I said "Hey, it's no big deal. I... don't really talk about it either, but I have the same sorta thing. I like pooping, I like listening, I like watching." There was a pause. I looked at her and said, "I like big dumps and I cannot lie." It had slowly turned a tiny bit uncomfortable on both ends--I have hardly ever gotten to tell anyone about this--and this made us both laugh.

We wrapped up in the bathroom and rejoined our friends, not saying much more about this but sharing knowing glances every now and then. After a few more hours of shopping, Megan, a little pink in the face, told us "You guys... I think I have to go poop a little more..." Fi and Darce teased her a little (I did too) and she and I exchanged a glance. I knew she wanted me to come and I knew she wanted me to go with her. A story for another day...

Anna from Austria

Carin Survey

Name: Anna
Age: 31
Sex: Female

I had never problems pooping at school. I have always been a morning pooper so I always had to do outside home. In the past at school, university and now at work.

1. How often do you hold it until you get home from school?
Never. I am not good at holding. If I try to do it, i tend to fart a lot which is way more embarrassing to do Number 2 at a public toilet.

2. How many hours have you held it? What is the average?
No Holding. If i need to go I go.

3. What are the three biggest reasons you hold it? (noise, cleanliness, time, condition of seats, lack of privacy doors, no or low quality toilet paper, overflowing toilets, lines too long, refusal to sit on
public toilet, graffiti, smoke, other disturbances, mean teachers, etc.)

4. What do your parents or friends say about holding it?


5. Did you have a previous bad experience in grade or middle school?

6. Do you pee at school? How many times a day on average?

I peed a lot at school because I drank a lot of water. 4 to 5 times I guess. Been a while so I cannot say it for sure because I cannot remember.

Greetings from Austria



Some questions

Hi, my name is Peter and I'm 21 years old. I'm 1:78 and weight about 55 kg. I only poop 3 times a week or so, and its usually kinda hard and a lot. I want to know if there is something I can do about that! I prefer having softer poop and going once a day or something. But my poop has always been kinda hard. Also, I'm never really desperate for the toilet. Unless i take laxatives, but they are addictive. I just really miss the urge to go, especially when I'm not home. I never have to go when I'm not at home. But I really enjoy pooping when I'm away from home! I try to eat healthy and drink enough water, but nothing seems to work. Any tips are welcome! I'm really jealous of everyone who has softer healthy poops! And I really want to write some stories about going to the bathroom, but it has never been special!

I'm sorry for my English.


Latest news

Hi all, have finally managed to find time to post, I will get to my latest update after a comment.
Imogen- great story about your flatmate Jess being really desperate for a wee, it sounds like she would have completely flooded her knickers if she'd waited a couple of seconds longer! Whenever I use the loo with my friends and one of us is bursting we often get damp patches or skidmarks in our knickers so I'm totally used to that!!
Anyway, Lucy and I are both constipated at the moment, we tend to struggle at this time of year as we eat more rubbish and get less exercise which is never good for our bowels! As always when I have one of my constipated periods I'm back to having a poo every four or even five days and am having to spend ages on the toilet straining when I do finally go, my poos are really fat and hard so there not easy to push out. At least now Lucy and I are living together we can help each other whenever we want a poo. Earlier on when I got back from work my belly felt hard and bloated, my heart sank as I counted the days back and realised I hadn't been for a poo for at least four days and possibly even longer, to be honest I couldn't really remember exactly. Lucy saw me deep in thought and asked if I was OK, we're really open about toilet matters so I just said, "Yeah, its just I've got bellyache, I think I need to have a poo but its ages since I last went!"
"I know what you mean, I've got exactly the same problem!" said Lucy, "I haven't been for a poo for at least four days, I keep getting a twinge every so often but to be honest I keep putting it off, I just know its going to be another huge fat one!"
"Yeah, I've been doing the same, but I know I really shouldn't 'cause when I do go it'll be even harder to push it out!" I said.
"How about we have tea and then get ready for bed and try to go then?" Lucy suggested.
"Sounds like a plan!" I replied. We ate tea and then went upstairs to get changed for bed. By now I was actually starting to feel like I really needed a poo so maybe thinking about it earlier had stirred something! Lucy had already taken off her top, as I took mine off she pulled down her jeans, she was wearing pink knickers which were showing off the top of her bum. I pulled down my leggings, I was wearing white knickers which were stuck up my bum, I pulled them down a bit as I didn't want to end up getting skidmarks if my poo started to poke out. We both put our nighties on and I went into my ensuite, I lifted my nightie, dropped my knickers and sat on the loo, as I started to push I could feel a hard lump slowly moving down inside me, after a couple of minutes the tip of a really dry and massive poo was starting to come out of my bum. It came so far out but when I stopped pushing it started to get sucked back up my bum, so I had to carry on pushing as hard as I could until I managed to get the widest part through. Then of course it ended up getting stuck, so I had to give a few massive pushes, I was making all sorts of noises but Lucy's used to it fortunately!! Finally I felt the poo moving again and a minute or so later it dropped into the loo with a massive splash. Lucy smiled and asked me if I'd finished, I told her I still had to do a bit more but I knew the next log would be a lot easier to get out. A couple of logs later I was done, I quickly wiped my bum, pulled my knickers back up and then flushed, luckily somehow it all went away. I swopped places with Lucy, she lifted her nightie, pulled down her knickers and then sat. She took a deep breath and started to push straight away, with each push some wee spurted down into the loo. After a few minutes she was starting to go quite red but nothing seemed to be happening. I tried to take her mind off it by chatting about all sorts. After about 10 minutes of her straining and grunting I was just about to ask her if she was OK, I was running out of things to say, when she suddenly gasped and a massive plop rang around the room. She stayed to finish off with a few more bits and then wiped her bum, pulled up her knickers and flushed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Just Jerika

The Diner

This past semester I took a general business class as part of what my major requires. The first day, we had to write a short paragraph about our first job or direct experience with a business. Other than babysitting, my first job was working at this dingy diner down the street from our house. The only good thing about it was that I could walk to work since I wasn't quite old enough to get my drivers license. This diner had a main counter and about 12 stools you sat on to eat. By the window there were four booths for use by those with someone to eat with. What I didn't like more than others was the stupid bathroom. It was unisex. It was used by the customers as well as us employees. The toilet was small like most people have at home, but the black seat was much larger and it always seemed to be loose. One one side the rubber or plastic was cracked. So if you moved while you sat you could pierce your under-thigh. There was this dirty sink right next to it that was soiled beyond repair and pieces of rust would float just on top of the drain.

I remembered discussing it with Marika once. She was the other server and a couple of years older than me. She said she mentioned it to Joe (the owner) several times. His philosophy, she said, was to let people shit or piss but to get them out of there as fast as possible. I had to admit that worked. We had a lot of delivery truck drivers come in every morning from 6 to 8. After several of them shitted, someone would open the window. And the sink sucked too. Lots of rust and either the cold or hot water was hard to turn off because the handles had pretty much been stripped over the years. After a few weeks there trying to flush the unflushed toilet of the previous user, I quit trying to perform the miracle. I just peed onto the crap in the bowl because Joe had said several times that every time he had to call a plumber out, that it would cost him his profits for the day.

Some mornings Joe's grandson Jarrod would hang out there until the day care van came. I hated him because on break I would be on the toilet and Jarrod would jiggle the really loose door lever and the privacy latch would give way. He would yank the door open on me and there I would be exposed as I sat on the toilet to those at the far end of the counter. After the worst accident he caused, Joe did install a nice new double security door knob. But it was removed and the old one was put back on after an old lady complained it was too hard for her to use with her arthritis, or something.

On my last week there before I went back to school, Joe put a sign up on top of the really splashed up mirror. It said "Who's responsible for the upkeep of these facilities?" and had three arrows pointing down to the person pictured in the mirror. It didn't surprise me by the end of the week that someone had stolen the mirror.

Monday, December 18, 2017



To Brandon: Yeah, I could drink eggnog for poop relief. Anyway, today my stomach didn't like my breakfast, so I went outside to barf over the side of the raling for our front steps rather than go to the toilet. Sometimes my ???? guts project outwards all over, so I didn't want to take that chance at the loo. From what I could tell, nobody saw. Even if they did, nobody said anything. To the writer who wrote about Anabelle: I love hearing farts in the bathroom, even my own. Although I've gotten sick outside, I've never peed outdoors. I've never heard others do number 1, nor 2 outside yet in my life either, but I did however, hear someone pee themselves on a criminal show once.

Toilet car

Please post more stories current and the others from the past. Woukd like to hear the others from your co-worker.
Cheers mate


3rd Grade Freeze

In 3rd grade our bus would arrive at school about a half hour before classes began. The bus was usually close to full and every day about 5 of us girls would head directly into the bathroom. The bathrooms were not heated well. Our school was built in 1898 or something like that. During one remodeling, what a joke, the bathroom windows up near the ceiling were taken out and they put painted wood in its place. Depending on how many curbs the driver would hit when turning through the neighborhoods or ruts in the road, which my dad later explained were speed bumps, some of us had to pee pretty bad. My friend Nikki like every day had to poo, but wouldn't go before leaving home because her older sister said it smelled too bad.

We'd get off the bus, hit the restroom, drop our backpacks and coats in the corner, and then get into a toilet stall. I think there were about 8, but sometimes one or two would be broken. So on this coldest day of the year, the middle toilet was taken and the others dispersed into a stall, dropped the seat since they were the first using the toilet that day, and did their thing. I saw the middle toilet was in use so I decided to wait for it. There were athletic shoes and jeans at floor level, but no evidence of movement. I think I had to wait for about five minutes, enough time for the others to get done. About half came out and washed their hands. The others just left after flushing.

They kind of looked at me strangely because they didn't realize what I was doing. By waiting, I would be getting a warm seat. So the door opened, this girl who looked to be three years or so older than me said hello and apologized for taking so long. She quickly washed her hands as a friend called in for her. The flush was just finishing as I pulled down my sweats and underwear and took the seat. I was immediately shocked. The seat was freezing. Unless this girl was an Eskimo or something how could this be? It took me longer than ever to get my pee started. As I sat on the near ice cube I got to thinking where my perfect plan to take a warm toilet seat after another person used it had gone wrong. Even after class started, my butt was still shivering. I don't remember ever coming to a conclusion of what went wrong.

I'm a 23 year old brunette woman. I'm small and thin, at 5 foot 1 tall and (as of this morning) 94 pounds, but I poop a ton. My husband often tells me he can barely believe that I can poop out such huge snakes. I poop every other day, shortly after waking up. It usually requires two or sometimes even three flushes to get everything down, and on average once or twice a month I end up needing to use the plunger.

Today I got up and went straight to the bathroom, removed my pajama bottoms and undies and sat on the toilet. I peed a little bit and farted a few times, wiped my front once, and then grabbed a magazine and settled in for the big job. After reading a few pages, I felt my hole being opened and stretched by a snake. As it came out, it stretched my hole wider and wider until it reached its widest point. It was coming out very slowly and I was enjoying the sensations, so I was going to let it take as long as it took.

Eventually it sped up some and I felt it enter the water and then touch the toilet bowl. About then my husband came in and he had to pee. I put down my magazine and spread my legs so he could pee between them. This also gave him a great view of my still growing snake and I could tell he was impressed. Once he finished, he left and I resumed reading. Eventually the snake had fully emerged but I knew I wasn't done yet.

Another snake came out. It wasn't as thick and it came out a bit faster than the first but still slowly, just the way I like it. It also didn't grow to be nearly as long. I stayed sitting and farted a few more times but then I was done.

I looked in the bowl when I had finished, like I always do. There was two snakes. The thick one coiled up in the toilet and must have been around 3 feet long and 2 inches thick. The other was about an inch and a half thick and it laid on top of the coiled snake. It was completely straight and ran diagonally one from part of the rim of the toilet almost all the way to the other side. It was probably 16 inches long.

I poop out thick snakes so they're almost always very clean and require minimal wiping. That was the case today. I wiped once and then removed the rest of my clothes to take a shower. After I got out, I flushed the toilet twice to get all of my poop to go down the drain.

Saturday, December 16, 2017


My poor bursting bladder and a very desperate wee

Came across this site recently and thought I'd share a story of my own. I recently had to go for an ultrasound (not pregnant it was for gynocological reasons due to a condition I have). Anyway I'd never had one before and the letter from the hospital told me to start drinking water two hours before the appointment so I'd have a full bladder. I ended up getting stuck in a meeting at work and forgot about the water until I was leaving around an hour before my appointment. I quickly started drinking like crazy on my way there and downed 2 750ml bottles of water. By the time I got there I could feel a bit of an urge to use the toilet but nothing too bad. Once I got into the waiting room the nurse asked me if I'd filled my bladder. I told her I had an urge to go but it wasn't really strong. She told me I needed to feel like I was about to burst. Well I definitely didn't feel like that. She told me they were in no rush so they'd take a few people before me and she pointed at the water cooler and told me to fill up. I filled one of my water bottles and drank it all. Still didn't feel anything other than a little sensation to go so I drank another bottle. After about 20 minutes and continuous chugging my stomach was starting to hurt from all the water and I could definitely feel my need to go growing. I started sippping rather than chugging and after around 10 minutes the nurse came back and asked how my bladder was feeling. I thought it felt pretty full and told her so. Great let's get you in she said. As I stood up I could feel all the water I'd drunk inside me and I was feeling a pretty uncomfortable sensation in my bladder so I was glad to get my scan so I could use the toilet. Once I was in the room I lay down, got some jelly stuff on my stomach and then the nurse started to use an instrument to scan me. Hmm she said I can't really get a clear picture of your ovaries I don't think your bladder is full enough. She turned the screen and pointed at an image of my bladder. It's only half full she said. By this point I was feeling a pretty urgent need to release my urine so I couldn't believe it. She told me that I probably didn't need to drink anymore as I'd had more than enough water. She said I should walk around for 20 minutes as that might help and then she'd see me again. Well that's exactly what I did but after less than 2 minutes the pain in my bladder felt unbearable. I tried a bit longer but then had to sit down to relieve the building pressure. After a few minutes I went up to the desk and asked if I could be seen as I felt on the verge of having an accident. I was told to hang on a bit longer. I waited 5 minutes sitting on the edge of the seat and bouncing a bit to try and hold it in. I was almost in tears as I could feel myself on the verge of leaking into my knickers, the pressure was intense. I started to squeeze my legs together. There was one other person in the waiting room and she was called ahead of me. Once she left and I was on my own I did something I hadn't done in public since I was a very young child but I couldn't help it, I put my hand on my crotch and squeezed myself, it was the only way I was sure I could hold it in. Eventually the nurse came back out and I hastily removed my hand and went back to a tight leg cross. I told her I was absolutely bursting. Despite my frantic leg crossing she looked like she didn't believe me but took me back in. Ok let's see she said, I don't know if it's been long enough but I'll check I really need you to feel as though you are about to burst. I am I pleaded. As soon as she got the screen up she looked surprised. Wow she said you're actually completely full. She turned the screen to show a second nurse in the room my full bladder, She started to do the scan and I was in agony from the bladder pressure. Each time she pressed on my stomach my leg started to shake uncontrollably. I was making fists with my hands trying to focus on anything but my bursting bladder. After a few minutes she stopped and asked if I was ok and I confessed I was having a hard time holding it in. She asked if I felt I could last 5 minutes and I honestly told her I thought I was going to wet my knickers. Ok she told me I'll give you a choice, you can either try releasing a quarter of your bladder and come back or you can empty all the way and we could do an internal scan. At any other time I would have dreaded an internal scan but the thought of trying to stop my urine flow and my overwhelming urge to get on the toilet immediately were too strong. I hurriedly told her I'd like to empty all the way and she pointed to a toilet in the room. I'd thought she'd let me use the toilets I'd seen outside the ultrasound room but she told me to use the toilet in the room so I could undress from the waist down and put on a gown. I was a bit embarrassed by this as I don't like people hearing me wee unless I'm in a public toilet and everyone is going but I didn't have much choice and my need to go far outweighed my embarrassment and would be far less embarrassing than going in my knickers on the table which I was sure was fast about to happen. I quickly entered the toilet and shut the door. I got my self seated and even though I was dying to go it took a few seconds to get comfortable enough to release but when I did it felt good. My wee rushed out and kept coming and coming and coming. I'd never had a wee as long and I'd never have been able to release just a quarter and stop, even in non urgent situations I find it had to stop my flow once it's going. I began to feel a bit embarrassed as I knew the 2 nurses in the room could hear my absolutely gushing wee and my stream was particularly noisy and urgent sounding. It was as if a tap was pouring at full blast into a sink. Eventually it died down and the feeling of emptiness was amazing. I undressed, put on the gown and went back out. The nurse made a comment along the lines of I bet that feels better and it really did. The internal scan wasn't too bad and after a few minutes the nurse told me that she could see my bladder beginning to fill up again on the screen. You'll be running to the loo for the rest of the day the amount you've drunk she told me. The scanning took about 10 minutes and at the end the nurse told me I was already over half full. She seemed shocked telling me wow your bladder is really, really filling up so fast! When I stood up I knew what she meant I could immediately feel the aching pressure for a wee again less than 15 minutes after going! I went into the toilet to redress and thought about using it but I was too embarrassed to go again so quickly so I quickly dressed and left thinking I'll use a toilet elsewhere in the hospital before I leave. I was starting to feel quite desperate and uncomfortable but I'd held on before and I could for a bit longer. As I left the nurse walked me out and again I was a bit too embarrassed to have her see me go straight into the loo outside the room. I headed towards the exit as I was sure I'd seen toilets as I came in. I was right and breathed a sigh of relief as in the few short minutes my need had grown even more urgent. However luck was not on my side the toilets were locked. It was around 7pm by then and I guess they were closing the clinic for the night. I told myself not to panic. I'd been intending to get the train back to the town centre and then my next train home but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out the walk to the station, wait for a train and then the journey back. Instead I thought I'd phone a taxi to take me to town I reasoned it would take 5 minutes to arrive, 10 minutes to town then I could use the station loos. I'd be ok I told myself calling a taxi and shifting my weight around to relieve the pressure a bit. I wished I'd gone before leaving the locked door of the clinic waiting room and was annoyed at myself. I headed outside to wait, crossing my legs and bending forward to help me hold in and let's just say the wait was beyond agony. Not only did the taxi take ages to arrive the cold outside air made my aching bladder move from painfully urgent to utter desperation in minutes. I've just realised this story is really long so I'll post the next part of my story another time. Let's just say if I thought I might burst in the ultrasound the taxi journey got a whole lot worse . . .

Someone asked about paragraph 2.8 in the FAQ. "2.8 Creepy posts Some posts make the moderator go "yeeeek". There is probably not much wrong with the post as far as the paragraphs below are concerned, it is just really creepy. Some people's stuff seems almost life like. It makes you take you hands off the computer and check them for bodily, coffee cup and submarine sandwich secretions." From time to time we get posts that can best be described as superlative filled plays. This is often what 2.8 is about. You don't write like you are making out. There is no character development. The chemistry and emotion die horribly in translation to printed format. What is left is a mushy, sugary dialog with zero context. Think about it, a good screenplay is mostly a description of visual imagery and action, not over wrought dialog.

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