Uncle Harry

To Willow

I noticed in your post about your trip to NYC that you left from central Ohio. I lived in suburban Columbus for 5 years, but that was decades ago. I was doing research at Ohio State. I've read about the many improvements since then. I went back home and I've never been back to Columbus.

A quick story. In my building, there were only 2 bathrooms, one for each gender. One day a pipe broke in the men's bathroom. It was closed for 3 days until parts arrived. In the mean time, both genders had to use the women's bathroom. It had two stalls and no urinals. It did have stall doors. It worked out.

Dan H

to anna and janitor poop

anna great story about you and anabel going to the library I bet that you really had to go & that you felt much better after that. I sounds like both of you made some really big craps so I wonder do you leave skidmarks in the toilet and did anabel leave skidmarks? I love that you could hear anabel fart & crackle . You have more stories from your roommates because I love them?

I went to the unisex toilet in the mall and it was taken so I had to wait but then this ???? janitor lady comes out and I could go in. It stank terrible! But I enjoy it and don't complain it is natural. So it was obvious she just had a large BM but there were no skidmarks because she must have cleaned them up.


To Anna from Canada

Anna- Nice to hear from you again.

just curious about your last story. Reminds me of all the poops I had at the library in college in the Northwest. Toilet Paper was always really low AND/OR poor quality

1)how did the napkins feels when you wiped with them after you ran out of TP? Did they hurt? Did it clean adequately to save your panties and yoga pants from becoming too "juicy"? I was in the same scenario and I used my sock, :P . If quickly through the sock into the garbage without anyone seeing ( I think)

2) Did you flush the napkins down the toilet or did you throw them away?

3) did you warn anyone else about the toilet paper being gone?



A few years ago on a trip to Amsterdam with a coach, we were being lead around the red light area as a group, when my girlfriend said 'a man just stopped his car, jumped out and pissed into the canal, shook the drips of and got back into his car and drove off', two other females in the group also saw him.
Later in the week we were all on a glass topped boat on the canals when on my girlfriends side of the boat at the landing place, a man just stood and peed from the landing place onto the glass roof of the boat, the gents loo on the landing place was only a hand basin. Later when we returned to the landing place one of the females in our group needed the loo and so went to the ladies only to find it too was only a hand basin (just use the canal as the toilet) but it was screened from the canal not like the gents. I do not know if she used it.


What's wrong with crapping at school?

For two years now I've been a volunteer tutor at my high school. I have appointments coming into library from 7 a.m. until 1st hour and after school, sometimes past 4. I'm only a student but remain somewhat puzzled as to why so many students don't want to sign for tutoring time immediately after school. Several, especially guys, tell me they'll sign up for a half hour or so later because they want to go home. Then I have too many to handle at 3:45 or later. Some of the guys, and even some girls, say they draw the line against capping at school. Both the librarian and I crap at school most every day. I have since like 2nd or 3rd grade. And because I'm in a lot of activities, I use the toilets 3,4 or 5 times a day. No problem. I feel a lot better after my pees and poos. There's just no logic in holding it in, as I see it. So here's a survey. It would be great if those of you who are out of school could complete it, also. Your opinions are needed too. I'll start.

Name: Carin
Age: 16
Sex: Female

1. How often do you hold it until you get home from school?
2. How many hours have you held it? What is the average?
3. What are the three biggest reasons you hold it? (noise, cleanliness, time, condition of seats, lack of privacy doors, no or low quality toilet paper, overflowing toilets, lines too long, refusal to sit on public toilet, graffiti, smoke, other disturbances, mean teachers, etc.)
4. What do your parents or friends say about holding it?
5. Did you have a previous bad experience in grade or middle school?
6. Do you pee at school? How many times a day on average?

My answers:
1. Almost never. When I finish a test or if the crap's ready during after-school tutoring, I will go down the hall, sit and get rid of it before my trip home.
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. Most of my friends are in activities and at school long hours each day and sometimes on weekends. Using the toilets at school is a given.
But I drive a freshman to school who tries hard to crap before I pick her up at her apartment, but when she can't she will always hold it until I take her home. I know it causes her discomfort.
5. Not that I can remember, except a couple of perv boys who entered and tried to scare us when we were using the doorless cubicles.
6. Yes. As many as 3 or 4 times a day, and more if I stay for games.

Anna from Austria
I have a question to the ladies do you remain seated on the toilet while wiping or do you stand up.?

I stand while wiping and till yesterday I have never thought about that.

Yesterday I was at a house party which was great fun. But with way too much Alcohol.

Everybody got quite drunk. Like always when i have too much Tequilla my ???? started to rumble and I headed to the toilet.

Unfortunately I was so drunk that i forget to close the door, and the other girls waiting outside the bathroom could watch me poop.

I cannot remember how doing number 2 was, but after doing it I stand up and started to wipe. Then one the others drunk girls waiting outside, said why i stand up wiping, this not ladylike.

I do not get what she meant with that, but I wonder now if I am the only woman standing up while wiping and staying seated is the normal way... I do not know.

thats my latest story.

greetings from Austria


Uncle Harry

Peeing With My Secretary

Willow's jogging my head about my 5 years in Columbus, Ohio reminds me that I never posted any thing about that era. In my last post, I mentioned that the men's bathroom was out of order for three days until parts arrived. Men had to use the women's bathroom because there were no other bathrooms in the building where I worked. One day, I was sitting in one of the two stalls trying to poop. A woman came in and sat down in the other stall. She pulled down her slacks and panties to her ankles and sat down on the toilet. I recognized her clothing as my secretary. "Oh my aching bladder", she mumbled to herself. As soon as she hit the toilet seat, a loud stream of urine hit the toilet bowl. It alternated between a stream and a hissy, spraying sound. It lasted about a little over one minute. Then it came on and off as she finished. Then I heard her wiping her pussy. We both ended at the same time. "Oh, good grief", she said. "It's you, Harry. You must have heard my entire piss". "Yes I did, Carol. I didn't mean to embarese you, but I couldn't help it". "Well, I heard you plop twice, so we're even". I guess so. Now I knew how my secretary pissed.


Diarrhea at college

Hello ladies and gentlemen.
I am new to this site and would like to post a story that happened to me a year ago.
So, I was in the first year of college and I was late for a class so decided to buy some fast-food on my way to eat and a bottle of Cola. After around 30 minutes after the class had began I felt a really bad urge to poop but I decided to just keep holding but after around 20 more minutes my stomach was crumbling with very loud noises and also I was feeling the urge to pee. I got out of class and immediately begin to run to the closest toilet only to find out that wasn't working and I had to go another's floor toilet and just seconds after I entered the stall and unbuttoned my jeans and took off my black boxers I left huge amounts of diarrhea and pee and wet farts. It was so relieved after I finished

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca if you ever need help pooping just drink eggnog lol.

To: OutsideShitter Girl it sounds like you both were very desperate.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, December 14, 2017



Hi everybody! I thought I'd share an interesting story regarding eggnog, and diarrhea. A few days ago, I had some, and I got diarrhea from it. I drank a little under half a carton or so late morning. Usually a glass of the stuff doesn't bother me. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not lactose intolerant,but I may be sensitive to whatever brand I had. The side effect wasn't too severe, and the loose stools cleared up by the late afternoon. To Ian: What a gross camping story. Sorry you got sick, and had diarrhea. I'm proud of you though for braving the weather to use your bucket as a toilet.

Victoria B.

Lilly T's survey

Welcome! I thought I'd fill out your survey while studying for finals.

Here are my answers!

1) when your having a dump how long do you typically spend on the toilet?
C, including time spent after I'm done pooping.

2) do you ever feel embarrassed pooping in public?
C, never. I am a human with bodily functions just like everybody else.

3) have you ever had some from the opposite sex walk in on you while you were taking a dump?

Can't say that I have.

4) one for the ladies, does anyone else get embarrassed having to poop or fart infront of or around your boyfriend or husband?

Currently single!

5) how many times does it normally take to wipe yourself clean after taking a dump?
B, both front and back.

6) and another one for the girls, how many sanitary pads or tampons do you normally go through on a heavy flow day?

The IUD I use for birth control started causing me to not have periods about six months ago. It's been great!!

7) and how often do you change your sanitary pad or tampons when your on your period?



Chronic Constipation

Hey guys,

I would just like to address a health problem

For about a year, I have been constipated. My stools are usually moderately hard, lumpy, very stinky, and green. Consistency varies. I suffer from pains around my body, including abdomen. Rarely, I even found blood on my toilet paper, probably because of hard, forceful bowel movement. I have occasions of bloating and gas. I get stressed and worried about all this or is it vice versa, external stress/anxiety causing this problem

I may not be drinking enough water or getting enough fibre. Is it IBS or even worse, IBD or colon cancer. I'm only 16. I would appreciate your opinions and advice.


PS: This site is cool. Keep up the good work. ;)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Toilet Car first welcome back and I look forward to reading more of your great stories thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and sounds like you really had to go alt as well.

To: Matt another great story.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends pooping adventures.

To: Emma great story about your poop at school.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Outsideshitter Girl

Spain Vacation

Last summer I went to Spain with a friends of mine,Samantha.
The third day we went to a wild and unknown beach with no restrooms or restaurants.
The day was an eventful until we finished our sandwich-based lunch:just half an hour after it,my stomach started rumbling and looking at Samantha's face I could tell she was in trouble too.
There was something in the sandwiches that made us sick and that was no joke in our situation:there were no toilets available,there was other people in the beach next to us and we couldn't go in the sea eithet because it was very rough.
Looking around we find some dunes that looked like a perfect spot.I told Samantha and we both got there in seconds. She probably had to go even harder than me tough , because when I was still walking she was already here relieving herself on the sand with great relief.Once I passed over the anxiety of not making it,it was very relaxing and beautiful to just squat on the sand,letting out this very big logs with seagulls schreeching over me and the sound of waves crashing nearly.
Keep pooping,


Career Day Bathroom Guest

Several years ago at my middle school, although I don't remember what grade I was in, the principals had a career day where quite a few representatives from the community and local businesses came to classrooms. We got to select the one we wanted to see and we had to fill out a worksheet about what they talked about.

Well about 10 minutes before school and the speeches, I realized that I had to use the toilet because my morning pee wasn't going to wait an hour or more. I went into the bathroom that was closest to my 1st hour classroom. This was a 3 cubicle room. The 1st and 3rd were in use and I could tell by the of lack leg and foot movement and the smell that serious craps were being taken. As I moved toward the open door a woman in a red business suit came rushing in and begged me to give her the opportunity to go in front of me. She seemed really alarmed and I didn't want to make a guest at our school have an accident, so I said yes. She locked the door, dropped her clothing to the floor and I could hear her butt slam onto the seat.

Her pee started immediately. So little at first that I though it might be the Big D. Then it was obvious as the pitter patter picked up like rain on the roof right above my bedroom. This probably went on for about a minute when her cell phone rang. She answered it and immediately started yelling at the caller. She must have forgotten she was in a school, because she was swearing and using some really bad words. Her voice was loud and it could be heard by the others in the room. She was throwing around some numbers in anger, used a couple of words my grandmother washed my little brother's mouth out with soap for using, and continued to hog the cubicle while more girls were lined up and waiting. The common question among those of us waiting was who she was and what had pissed her off.

When the bell rang for the period to begin, the line had gotten even larger and she continued her argument. Me and my friend Mindy both looked at one another and said that both of us could have used that toilet with time to spare in the time she was spending with her argument. Then at last we heard her say "I'm on the god@@@@ toilet taking a f@@@@@@ pee" and then she flipped her phone shut. Me and Mindy knew there wasn't time to use the bathroom so we hurried to our classroom.

A few minutes later we were both surprised when this lady showed up with the nicest smile, looking really confident, and she did a nice job of explaining her job as an architect.

Lorenz: you mentioned you were having issues keeping your butt crack clean because of your hairs. I have the same problem. A number of years ago I started using wet wipes at home. They get your hole and crack much cleaner than ordinary paper.


Uncle Harry

To Willow

I noticed in your post about your trip to NYC that you left from central Ohio. I lived in suburban Columbus for 5 years, but that was decades ago. I was doing research at Ohio State. I've read about the many improvements since then. I went back home and I've never been back to Columbus.

A quick story. In my building, there were only 2 bathrooms, one for each gender. One day a pipe broke in the men's bathroom. It was closed for 3 days until parts arrived. In the mean time, both genders had to use the women's bathroom. It had two stalls and no urinals. It did have stall doors. It worked out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Gents cast iron urinal

I was at a brewery museum a few week ago and after the tour had a visit to the tap room. Later as I walked around the vehicles in the brewery yard I needed a pee, I saw there was a cast iron gents urinal ( cast in Glasgow) in the yard with a sign and arrow pointing to in saying GENTS. So I walked over to it and went in the entrance on turning to my left I was glad to see the urinal was not just for show, so I stood at the mid point of the urinal wall, the flush pipe was flushing down this wall into the channel along the bottom of the wall, the drain was at this mid point, I started to have my pee.
Someone came in on my left, they walked right up to me and suddenly in a high pitched voice said sorry, I turned to look and it was a female in her mid twenty's, she stood there repeating sorry a few times then turned and walked out.
I finished my pee and also walked out. I walked around the yard keeping an eye on her as she walked around the yard. I was watching to see if she was going to go back into the gents as I had not seen any ladies loos about. If she had I would have followed her so that I could catch her using it, and would just stand there saying sorry. Well fares fare.

This reminds me of my girlfriend. she too had to use a cast iron urinal once because she was about to burst. We had been walking around by the Torpoint ferry and there was only a gents urinal there on a patch of grass by one of the HM Dockyard gates.
We both went in and as I was there I also peed. on the urinal wall as she dropped her jeans and knickers and peed on the ground just by my feet, when she stood up to pull her knickers and jeans up, I was standing up too, she saw that and said did you like that and I said yes.
We both left the urinal and as we walked and talked about it I said how about if we both use as many of these urinals as we could find, she agreed and so over the next few weeks around Plymouth she and me used about seven.
There is only one left now and that one is gated and is only for show, the council have removed all the rest, (and closed most of the ladies and gents as well)

I was at a summer camp, sitting on a deck in my swimming suit in front of a lake. I was absolutely bursting to take a pee. In fact I was slowly wetting the deck. I was too shy to ask the counselors to take me to the bathroom though. Finally some other girls really had to pee and asked the counselor to take them. The counselor asked who else had to go and I immediately said that I had to. I was dying to go and crossing my legs even as I got up. We jogged around the camp, me and the other girls having to pee really really bad. They kept telling the counselor that if we didn't get to a bathroom soon they would wet their pants. Finally we saw one and we all sighed in relief. Unfortunately their was only one stall and I was last in line. I could hear each girl in front of me relieving themselves loudly, pee spraying and them saying aahhhhh loudly. When I finally got in, I jumped around frantically trying to get my swimsuit off. When I finally got on the toilet my stream hissed as I sighed in relief.


Porta pottie pee

In summer i was at a outside concert. I Went to pee before leaving to the concert, but at one moment i had to pee again. I doesn't like porta potties so i held my need to the point i really had to go and then took courage and went to porta pottie and peed. It was good and im happy that i took that courage.


reply to Zip

I agree. There are just too few doorless stalls.

I like the openness created by open stalls because they tend to encourage conversations and reduce the stress level that we've come to associate with peeing and pooping in public.

My girlfriend and I have just reached the point where we are comfortable peeing in one another's presence without embarrassment. I hope that we will be able to extend that to pooping as well. It is kind of turn on to know that your significant other is comfortable with his or her bodily functions in your presence.


Survey Answers

1) Where do you poop the most?
A. At home

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting, leaning forward

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to
A. To the knees

4. When your pooping do you fart?
B. A little

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
B. 5-8 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No, but I prefer to avoid it when I can

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
B. Yes, not always, but often

toilet car

Welcome and questions

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in awhile. To Samantha, i'm glad there is another car pisser on this forum! Please share any stories you have!

To everyone else: My car has been used as a toilet again since my last post, when Lindsey peed and pooped all over it. I decided to let my new car be used like how my old one is. As such, I have more stories if anyone wants to hear them.


Sharing The bathroom

Hi guys

I said before that I had a story involving my flatmate Jess, so I've got time to sit down and post!

Firstly a few replies,
Mina sorry you were ill I hope you are feeling better now

Lucy thanks for your story please keep posting and I hope abbie can post again soon!

Elphaba I hope the anxiety of being seen in the toilets goes away soon!

So on to my story, one day a few weeks ago I was in the bath at home late afternoon, I was the only one in the flat. I heard a key in the front door and the door being opened and slammed shut, followed by a sigh and dropping of shopping bags onthe floor. Next thing I know I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Anyone in there? "
"Yeah, me, I'm in the bath!"
Jess whispered and paused. "Can I come in? I'm really desperate for a wee and I can't really wait much longer"
"Yeah no problem"
"Oh thankyousomuch my bladder is killing me" she said.

I'd never been in the bathroom with someone before, but had got changed etc with people in the past so I wasn't shy. I leaned over and opened the door.

Jess has a very petite body in most ways but is fairly tall, with strawberry blonde hair. She burst into the bathroom and hobbled over, already fiddling with her jeans, and swiftly threw herself on the loo. Instantly there was a high pressure hissing sound and she sighed "ohmygod that's so much better!". She had her jeans and pink knickers at her ankles, and I could clearly see a damp patch in them going right to the back, so she had obviously leaked quite badly.

Once she'd finished going she didn't bother wiping but pulled her knickers and jeans up and left, thanking me.

I haveto say, she was very calm, considering she was obviously in the first stages of having an accident when she spoke to me!!


my poo with Anabel

Today I was working in the library when I felt the need for both a number one and two. I ignored it for a while, but eventually it got too urgent and I packed up my stuff and headed to the small bathroom in the back of the flood. Right behind me was a girl I know from class, a tall, skinny readhead named Anabel who always wears her hair in braids. I held the door open for her and we both said hi. I took the stall on the left, locked the door and put my bag down. Then I pulled down my yoga pants and black string, plopped my bum on the toilet and started to pee. Anabel was also peeing loudly in her stall. I had not realized how urgently I needed to go to the bathroom, but I really had to do both things pretty badly by now.

While I was still peeing, I farted and my first turd started to come out. It was big and stretched my hole and I couldn't help letting out a little moan. Then it plopped into the bowl just as I was done with my pee. For a bit we both just sat there and that's when I realized something in the bathroom was different. It was super quiet. Usually there is a kind of fan going at all times, but today it was total silence. I could hear tiny creaks from Anabel's toilet seat as she shifted the weight of her bum around a bit. I could also hear her typing away on her phone and then she released a bunch of really quiet little farts, followed by the sound of poo crackling out of her bottom. Her log seemed to go on forever and she was making little sighs all the way as she released her big turd into the toilet. Finally it broke off, but it made no splash or anything, Anabel must have totally filled the bottom of her bowl with her long poop.

Suddenly I felt a bit self conscious, cause I realized that the silence in the bathroom also meant that Anabel was hearing every little sound from my stall as I was relieving myself on the toilet. But anyway I couldn't help it and soon enough a second turd pushed from my backdoor and splashed into my bowl with a loud plop. It was followed by an embarrassing wet fart that sounded super loud in the silence and then I began to drop a bunch of wet poos really quickly one after the other. Like most times, my poop was kinda stinky and there was also a strong, healthy poo smell coming from Anabel's stall. Anyway, she did another quick fart and then started to work the toilet roll. I counted five sheets and then I could hear her pull up her panties and snap them into place. Just as she flushed her toilet my rear end released another load of explosive poop, and luckily he flushing masked the sound a bit. Finally I felt all empty. I quickly wiped my front and then my back, which was pretty messy. I used a bunch of sheets and actually ran out of tp with my bumhole still not totally clean. Luckly I had enough napkins to finish the job and clean up my bottom. Then I flushed and pulled up my string and yoga pants. As I left my stall, two girls came in, took their stalls and immediately began to pee noisily. I quickly washed my hands and then returned to my table feeling much better. I kept working for two more hours and twice I saw Anabel head back to the bathroom. Each time when she passed my table she smiled at me, but I don't know if that's because we had justed pooped together or some other reason. Ok, that's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

James The New Guy

Aunt Peed Herself

Hello everyone. My name is James and this is my first post here. This story is about my aunt (I live with her and my uncle). This story happened about five years ago when I was thirteen and her and my uncle were in their early forties.

Me and my aunt had went to Walmart to buy a few things. As we were shopping my aunt said "I really should have peed before we left
." They were bathrooms in Walmart, but she wasn't gonna in thoses. My aunt hates public bathrooms, and so do I. The difference between us is that I will use a public bathroom if I'm really desperate. My aunt however, will not and say she will hold it into we get home. Usually she does make it home to the bathroom, but not this time.

We finish are shopping and head home. As we were driving home my aunt was crossing her legs and saying stuff like "Need to pee." None of this was new to me though. I had seen her do it like a million times, and she has always made it. The car ride was really long though. Just to give you an idea of bow long it was is Walmart was in an city, and we basically lived on the lake. That Walmart was the closet one to us.

We made it back home, and I noticed that my uncle's car was gone. My aunt didn't notice as she jumped out of the car and ran to the door to open it. Only to find out it was locked. I told her that uncle's car was gone. It didn't take long for us to put two and two together.

My uncle is a firefighter and he gets called on duty sometimes if there is a fire. He must have got an emergency call and left. So now we were both stuck outside waiting for my uncle. I noticed my aunt was looking stressed and nervously. That is when the thought came to my head "Is she going to pee her pants?".

Looking back I'm pretty sure she could have just peed in the grass or jumped into the lake and peed in there instead of holding it. Anyway, my aunt was pacing back and forth on the porch. At this the point I could tell she wasn't gonna to make it.

5 minutes go by and I hear my aunt WHIMPER, and I saw a little bit of pee spread down her khakis. She then says to me "James, I'm sorry but I can't hold it anymore."

After she said that she full on pissed herself. The pee spread through her khakis and even made a puddle on the porch. By the down she was done her pants were soaked. The puddle of pee was big and some of the pee was on her shoes. I wanted to say something comforting, but I'm socially awkward and all I said was "It will be okay." My aunt only groaned.

My uncle finally came came back. As he got out of the car he saw me holding Walmart bags and my aunt in soaked khakis with her arms crossed. As he approached us he said "What happened?" My aunt huffed and said back "What do you think happened? I pissed myself."

My uncle started grinning and said "How did it feel?" My aunt in the most calm angry voice I ever heard said "Warm." Sbw snatched the key out of my uncle's hand and unlocked the door and stomped away. My uncle burst out laughing.

And that is about the time my aunt pissed herself. My aunt also pooped herself because she didn't like public bathrooms. I will post about that next time.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster sounds like your teacher should've let you go to bathroom.

To: Matt it sounds like you really helped her out a lot with that big poop.

To: Catherine great story and hope to see come back here some day in the future.

To: Emma first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Lucy great story.

To: Jessica B great story it sounds like Judith had a really good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Lilly T


First ever post and like most people on this site I've been a long time lurker and have always found this subject interesting. So just go some questions;

1) when your having a dump how long do you typically spend on the toilet
A) less than 3 minutes
B) about 3-5 minutes
C) about 5-10 minutes
D more than 10 minutes

2) do you ever feel embarrassed pooping in public
A) yes all the time
B) sometimes depends where you are
C) no never

3) have you ever had some from the opposite sex walk in on you while you were taking a dump?

4) one for the ladies, does anyone else get embarrassed having to poop or fart infront of or around your boyfriend or husband?

5) who many times does it normally take to wipe yourself clean after taking a dump?
A) 1 or 2
B) 3-5
C) 6-10
D) more than 10
E) don't wipe at all

6) and another one for the girls, how many sanitary pads or tampons do you normally go through on a heavy flow day, I use about 6 sanitary on some days

7) and how often do you change your sanitary pad or tampons when your on your period
A) every hour
B evey 2 hours
C) evey 3-4 hours
D) greater than 5 hours
E or just leave it in and use one a day

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