Peeing on a Road Trip

I had some vacation time last summer, so I decided to visit New York City. I had never been there. I didn't want to go alone, so I got my friend Carla to come along. She is a school teacher who does not work during the summer. A single day seemed like too much, especially for a girl like me who pees so often. We took my car because it was larger than hers. We took off from central Ohio and went as far as somewhat past Pittsburgh. We stayed at a cheap motel to save money. No problem here. This turned out to be a longer stretch than the first. We had to make pit stops more often and I had to both pee and poop more frequently. Further down the line, Carla needed to poop more frequently. We finally got to NYC and got lost somewhere in upper west side Manhatten. We parked the car and went into a theater to find a bathroom and pee. It turned out to have only a unisex bathroom. It didn't bother me, but Carla had never been in one and was kind of squemish about it, especially since there were no doors on the stalls. Well, we got through it and finally found our motel in The Bronx. The next day, we decided to tour NYC by subway. We went to Central Park and couldn't find the bathrooms when we needed them. So we had to use some bushes. While we were peeing, a lot, a man came in and peed without paying us any attention. We renewed our subway tour, saw some good sights, but ended up in Brooklyn trying to get back to The Bronx. We learned that NYC is a complex place. We should have hired a guide. We left for home a few days later, peeing all the way. We really did have some fun, though. Next time, though, we'll get maps.


Two disasters in one day

At school, me and my friend Ashlee were sitting on a bench at the end of lunch hour just studying our notes for a test. We moved around the corner into a quiet hallway for some peace and quiet. Suddenly, right on top of us the fire alarm went off Blast, Blast, Blast. It so startled me, the floodgate opened and I peed my pants. And the alarm continued for about 3 or 4 minutes until everyone was out of school. While in the parking lot sitting on a curb, my warm pee in the crotch of my black jeans was running down my legs and starting to feel cold as it reached my ankles because it was about 25 degrees out. My left white sock was even wet. Because I was feeling around in my jeans, Ashlee pretty much figured out what happened.

In what seemed like a long time (but Ashlee said it was only about 10 minutes) I was getting progressively more frustrated. The test coming up, waterlogged jeans and underwear, and I was getting a headache, etc. Ashlee said she would tell our teacher I would be late and once we were allowed back in the school, I headed to the nearest bathroom. It was interesting that at least five girls walked in when I did upset because they needed to finish off what they had earlier started. Luckily the handicapped stall was open. I took it. Sat on the toilet while I took off my socks, shoes, underwear and jeans. I remember feeling so embarrassed because there was no door and those walking by could easily figure out that there hand been an accident. And this wasn't suppose to happen because I was no longer a freshman.

My underwear was soaked. I threw them aside for the dumpster. As I sat, I used a large amount of toilet paper to dry my legs and feet. As I sat and threw it between my legs into the bowl, I got to thinking the toilet was going to plug up from that much paper, but for some reason I didn't care. While I was seated I did pee a little more into the bowl. Then I decided to get to class. My teacher said I had been gone too long to have enough time for the test so she scheduled my makeup right after school. While I took it Ashlee did her homework in the cafeteria

On our way out of the building we usually stop in the bathroom because we have at least a 9 block walk home. But the bathroom was locked for cleaning. So we started our walk and decided to stop at this gas station and use the bathroom there. Ashlee absolutely hates to crap at school, so I knew what she needed to do. It was surprising, but I hadn't had my normal morning crap just before homeroom so I told her we could bond in getting it done. While Ashlee went into the gas station office to buy some candy, I walked along the side by the service doors to the bathroom. As I had promised Ashlee, I left the door unlocked for her and I seated myself quicker than normal to unload a big one. It seemed so unusual as I sat on the cold seat without having to have pulled my underwear down.

I heard some noise just outside the door and slowly it started to open. I expected it to be Ashlee, but it was this little boy, about 4 or 5, with a ball cap on who opened the door more than halfway and then stood there asking me my name and what I was doing. So much light was being thrown into the room that I was afraid those close by in the service area would see me sitting there all exposed and stuff. As I reached for the door to latch it, my butt left the stool and as I extended myself, part of my soft log was laid out over the front of the toilet seat. Just then Ashlee came to the door, called the boy some bad names, and shove him away. Then she latched the door for me from inside.

After I was done with my crap and cleaned off the front of the toilet seat with some brown paper towels, Ashlee seated herself and outdid my crap by a long shot. Then we each bought a drink to take home with us.
When I got to my house I was more embarrassed because the vice principal had called my mom to report the tardy and assign me a 3-hour Saturday detention period. Mom was willing to argue for my case, but she wanted to hear my side first. While I was serving my time, I imagined ways to get even. I thought about getting up on a bathroom sink and crapping. Or squatting over in a little-used hallway and letting go. I even thought of borrowing the vice-principal's coffee mug and leaving my calling card in it.

Of course, I didn't. I walked right home. Then I crapped in peace.


Reply to Lavah/another zoey story

To Lavah: thank you for the advice! Im totally sure zoey will have no problem trying youre suggestions. When shes having a really hard time going she obviously wants it over as quickly as possible so if anything can help her even a little bit im sure she wont hesitate to try! Anyways i have another story about zoey that happened awhile back. It was a pretty similar situation as my last story where zoey and her family were out of town for a 4 day weekend at her grandparents house. They left on a wednesday night and came home sunday. Zoey had been able to poop wednesday before they left for the weekend and then she didnt have to go the entire time during the visit. On sunday afternoon zoey and her family drove home and she was hit with a strong urge to poop about halfway home. We had planned to hang out anyways after she got home so once they arrived home she texted me and i drove to her parents. Once i got there zoey and i headed downstairs to relax and watch a couple movies. Her parents house has a small half bathroom downstairs that zoey feels more comfortable using because its a little more private and she feels she can take her time more. So we started watching a movie and zoey told me that she needed to go poop but hadnt gone for 4 days so she knew it was going to be hard and take her awhile, so she didnt want to try to go until her parents were in bed so i could come into the bathroom with her and help. Fast forward a few hours and her parents went to bed. Zoey went upstairs to double check, came right back downstairs and said ok matty lets go, and we both went into the bathroom and she sat down on the toilet. She began to push slowly at first probably to judge how hard her poop was and see how much it was going to hurt. After a couple minutes she was wincing in pain so i knelt down in front of her and held her hands. She bit her lip and dug her toes into the floor hard as she began straining harder. She squeezed my hands in pain with each push and after about 5 more minutes she gave a big frustrated sigh, stopped to rest and said matty its hurting too much to come out, its really big! I told her that she should go get the vaseline from upstairs and try that. She agreed and pulled her sweatpants up and quickly went upstairs. She came back with the vaseline and said "matty can you put it in for me please? Its easier when you do it because you can see what youre doing and i can concentrate on trying to push". I told her absolutely and she squatted in front of me. I gently worked a bunch of vaseline into her butt and she was right her poop felt really big and hard. "Wow zo, no wonder this hurts you, it feels really big!" I told her. She just nodded in agreement. After another minute or 2 i asked if she felt ready to try again and she got back on the toilet. I asked her if she could let me see if it was coming out any when she pushed and she said sure and spread her legs. She began to strain again and pretty soon the large head of the turd could be seen trying to come out but once it got too big zoey stopped pushing and sucked the turd back inside. This went on for awhile with zoey struggling to make much progress so i told her to turn around and squat backwards on the toilet and she asked what i was going to do. I explained to her i thought it would help if i pushed around her anus while she strained to try and help get her poop moving, and that if she could get a few inches out then i could help pull her turd while she pushed. She quickly agreed and told me she just wanted this out of her and over with! She began to push again and i gently worked around her anus as the head began to come again. It took a few minutes of this before her poop came out any further but once it slipped just a bit further zoey cried omg oww oww matty and i knew she wanted to suck it back in so i quickly told her "dont stop now zo, push really hard youve almost got this!! She moaned and whimpered but kept going so now she couldnt suck the turd back up. I worked with her for a couple more minutes and she got the poop out far enough so i could wrap some toilet paper around it. I told zoey i was going to start pulling to help her out. She told me only to pull when she pushed and took a deep breath. She said ok go and began to strain as i gently pulled and wiggled her turd. This thing was solid and thick. Zoey grunted at the end of each push so i knew when to stop pulling. She would tell me ok go before each push and after about 5 minutes of her pushing and me gently pulling we had her log out a good 12 inches when zoey said ok matty i think i can finish the rest by myself, so i tossed the toilet paper in the toilet and washed my hands as zoey turned around and seated herself normally on the toilet. I got in front of her and she rested her head on my shoulder and pushed for another 5 minutes or so before a huge splash could be heard. She gasped and caught her breath as we got up to look. Her poop was at least 18" long and very thick. She said she wasnt done and sat down and finished off with a 12" poop that was thick at first but quickly tapered down at the end. Zoey panted and caught her breath for a minute as i grabbed a wash cloth and ran it under the faucet with warm water. I handed it to her and told her to wipe with it so itd hurt less. She wiped while i worked on getting her poop to flush. It took 3 flushes before it all went down. Zoey pulled up her pants and underwear and we finished the movie before she went to bed and i headed home for the night. She thanked me and told me she felt so much better! Sorry for the long post and bye for now. - matt

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Paper Girl

As I walk to church on Sunday mornings early so as to practice the hymns on the organ, I see a paper girl with her trolley delivering the papers in a road that leads to a small park, I have often thought what does she do if on a cold dark morning she needs to pee.
Well one morning as I walked down this road at the park entrance was her trolley with no sign of her and there are no houses at that point in the road to deliver papers too, only the old park keepers house now some museum thing.
As I entered the park I was looking around to see if I could see her, and there she was in the over grown garden of the park keepers house between the two bay windows, with her sweat pants and knickers down weeing with her back to the house and giving me a side view of her nice bum, she was looking down but then she looked up and saw me, she pulled her things up and stood up saying sorry but she had to go, I replied that it was ok with me as it was not my garden, she then ran to her trolley and off up the road, I walked on though the park.
Good job the clocks went back an hour on that day or it would have been to dark to see here there. I think that I should look at that spot every time that I pass it.

A few weeks later as I was walking to church I again bumped into the paper girl just as she was putting her paper trolley behind one of the old gate pillars at the entrance to the park. I said good morning and she replied you just caught me about to go for a wee.
To my surprise she walked with me towards the children's play equipment and the bushes beyond. As we walked she told me how her boyfriend drops her and half of the papers at the start of her round and that at about halfway he meets her with the other half and a hot drink in the cold weather, and so when she gets to the park she needs a wee.
She said she used to go into the old disused ladies loo and squat on the ground until the city knocked them down, so she then did the same in the old gents cast iron urinal, again until the city welded a plate of steel over the doorway, after that she as been looking for a safe place to squat and have her wee, (that is why I had caught her in that garden that time).
She said she has now been using the bushes by the play equipment but as it was now getting lighter mornings she was not so hidden. As we got past the play equipment she was surprised to see that the city had now started to cut the bushes down, but there was still a big one with an alcove in it for her to hide in today, as I walked on she stood on the path, as I left the park I looked back and could not see her so she must have been in the bushes peeing. I went on my way to church.

I have not seen she now for months and now I see that she as been replaced with a paper boy.

After the experience I described in my last post, Elizabeth and I developed the habit of using the toilet behind the Parish Hall - a wooden lean-to structure of the kind Lem Putt used to build. There was never anyone around, and we could get there without being seen from the road by going down an overgrown path behind some houses and climbing over a broken-down bit of a wooden fence. She was, of course, able to see everything as I did my wee, whilst I could only catch a glimpse of her knickers, but I always found the sound of her long forceful squirt exciting as it bubbled noisily into the toilet.
Then, one Saturday, we were on our way back from getting our weekly sweet rations at the local sweet shop. On the way home, Elizabeth suggested we divert via the Parish Hall toilet saying she badly needed to 'go'. But when we got there, to my astonishment she wouldn't let me come in with her. When I asked why, she replied that she wanted to be private. I guessed that she probably wanted to poop so I argued, hoping to be able to watch, but she said 'I'm desperate. Just wait there!', and went in, closing and bolting the door.
It was only a thin, plank door with cut-out vents at the top. I thought I might be able to hear her, so I tiptoed to the door and listened. I heard the seat creak, then a short wee, and after a pause, I began to hear grunts and sobs of effort. It was obviously a hard one. Then I heard a 'Sploosh' and a loud exhalation of breath. I heard the roll of paper turning, then, to my disappointment, the clank of the old iron cistern and a flush of water. I was sad about that - I'd hoped she'd let me see what she'd done.
She came out, looking a bit red in the face. 'I want to go now,' I said, hoping the flush hadn't removed her poop and that I'd be able to see what she'd done. But the loo was clear. She got something, though, the excitement of hearing her straining had produced its effect and her 'Ooh, it's big today' as I did my wee made it clear to me that she'd had a new experience as well.
Our 'buddy-wees' didn't last much longer. Sadly her family moved to another part of the country and I never saw her again. But she'd given me some exciting memories!

Anna from Austria
I have an embarrassing Story to tell you.

Yesterday I was at library to Research for my Canada Trip in 3 weeks. Before going to library I had a big coup of coffee and so i needed to head the ladies room soon after arriving at the library.

The restroom had 3 stalls and all were empty. I took the middle stall. I loocked the door, pulled down my jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. I started to pee quit with a very loud stream. Then i pushed and after silent pft type fart, I did some logs, and farts. Then finally my pee stream stopped. The toilet was smelling quite bad by now. Then I started to wipe .

After wiping I wanted to flush, but the flush was not working. I tried again and again but there was no water.

So I had no choice to leave the toilet unflushed. I just washed my Hands and left bathroom. Luckily I was alone the whole time.

But thanks to this embarrassing experience I decided to leave libary earlier than planned.

I did not want anybody to know that it was me who stank up the whole bathroom and did not flush.

I hope you liked my Story

greetings from Austria



Am I the only grown man who occasionally poops in his pants?

Ok. So i'm a 37 year old man. I was at my sons baseball game yesterday. I was on the side lines cheering for my star of a son, when oops! I laid a big stinky rotten egg in my underwear! I guess I shouldn't have held it in as long as I did. I played it cool, so no one noticed, and went to the bathroom to change. But wouldn't you know it, THE BATHROOM WAS OUT OF ORDER!!! So I did the only thing I could. I went behind the outdoor toilets, pulled my pants down and shook the t*** out of my briefs. It rolled onto the ground. I still had a brown stain in my underwear, but luckily, the t*** was pretty solid, so it didn't leave much of a mark. I was forced to walk around for the rest of the day, with my hoody tied over my waist covering my butt. My son asked why it was tied like that, and I jokingly said "um, this is a new fashion statement!" What was I supposed to say? Daddy made a p*** in his pants? This is not the first time this type of thing has happened to me. Thank god I wear briefs! Maybe I should even try diapers!

name (optional)Big Girl

Post Title (optional) watching movies

I am back after a few years absence when I was busy. One thing that I have discovered is that there is a Gold Mine of pooping and farting movies on Youtube that you do not even have to go through the trouble of going to a DVD store to get.
I will tell you one that I watched while taking a poop. It was called "Best Girl Fart Scenes in Movies."First they had a farting scene from "Sex in The City" when I pulled my panties down. my dress up and sat down. Then they showed a fart scene from "Someone Marry Barry. The poop started coming out of my butt hole and I could feel the girls pleasure. When they got to the girls robbing the bank and the accidental fart in Cal and Silent Paul It was coming out of me while I tried to make it go slowly. "mmmm! Such pleasure!!When they got to the girl farting in Extreme Movie the poop finally slid out of me and landed. AAAggh! What a relief! I wish I could have farted along with the girls too but I was out of gas.

Steve A

Ryan's Survey

Ryan's Survey

1) Where do you poop the most?:

At school since I live on campus

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?:


3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to?:

Ankles or around there

4. When you're pooping do you fart?:


5. When you're pooping how long does it take?:

5-10 minutes, sometimes more if there's a lot.

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?


7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping?:


Catherine. I'm sorry to see you leaving us again so soon as your posts are always a joy to read but I fully understand your reasons. Good luck and it goes without saying that I hope you'll be able to pop back again sometime.

Samantha. Getting someone to pee in your car sounds interesting but I'd have thought if it happened repeatedly it could get a little smelly. On a cautionary note, another lady on here got someone to pee in her car some time back and the person in question got rather needy so it was difficult for her to break off the relationship when it proved necessary.

Bridget. I've never had a Thanksgiving dinner due to being on the wrong side of the pond for such delights. If, however, it's anything like a British Christmas dinner I can well imagine it causing constipation initially and then making an exit in a big way. On Monday evening I wasn't in the mood for meat so I just had a portion of sprouts and packet stuffing for my evening meal, washed down with bovril. I was fine initially but just before bedtime I could hardly get to the toilet quickly enough and had the messiest, smelliest, poo imaginable. One could say the sprouts did their job in getting other stuff moving!

This morning I drank 4 mugs of coffee and then had a 500ml can of a sugar free energy drink at lunchtime. Normally taking that amount of liquid on board would have some effect on me but I was weeing all afternoon and the four wees I had were copious ones too. I don't think the cold weather helped much either.

Dear Winnie the Poo: Thank you for kind words. Yes we are happy to eat together and travel together and do motions together. Sometimes we think, many people think our habit of motions together is a bad manner. For us it is so sweet, but we can't tell about it, except on this site.

so thank you to Ms/Mr Moderator for hard work for this site!!

Love to you all

Mina and HKM


To Mina

Dear Mina,
Don't ever worry about anyone getting bored of your posts! You and your friends' love for pooping, and each other, is fun and refreshing, and makes every post enjoyable! Never change Mina x


Doorless stalls - Dave

Dave - Yes, I've used many doorless stalls over the years as well. It's just not that often when someone is standing there watching.

At the beach, when there was a line of guys using the urinals, they were basically in front of my stall because there was no place else to stand without losing your place in line. Back then I was more modest and sat while wiping. I wore boxers back then too, which seem to be more modest underwear than the briefs I wear now.

Same public park I just described, one guy just leaned against the wall and watched until he was able to use my stall. He saw everything, of course.

Department store, there was one stall with a door, one without. Attractive young blonde guy stands there and we exchange a few pleasantries before he says I'm brave to be able to use a stall with out a door. He's waiting for the other one. I laugh and tell him it's not a problem, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

A formerly favorite restroom of mine that had 2 doorless stalls facing each other. Another good looking young blonde guy sits in the stall across the way and we talk while pooping. We are both wearing white briefs and stand to wipe at the same time. I remember he wore all black except for his bright tighty whities. We wash up at the sinks together before heading our separate ways.

There are fewer and fewer doorless stalls out there these days, unfortunately.

Hello everyone, your very own Mina is sorry she doesn't post long time. Very busy and not so good health. But I am OK now.

I was OK for birthday party of Maho. We went Indian restaurant and had a good time, we ate and ate and drank lots.

Of course next morning, it was Saturday, after big breakfast we all thinking same thing. We want to sit on big green bowl in small room with bare bottom!

Actually it is same story with what I tell every time, so you yawn perhaps. We are impossible to make variety this activity, because we do a thing which we do every day, or nearly every day.

So this time, it was Hisae with Maho next her, then Maho with me, then Kazuko with Hisae, then me with Kazuko. Hisae finish soon of course, her motions always soft and they come out fast.

Maho stay long time as usual. She didn't move at all. When Kazuko or I do difficult motion, our bodies move, but Maho never never. She is on loo like statue. She is so beautiful! I try not to cry. It is difficult very much.

After I hear Plop sound five times, and it is very heavy one, I say Maho, shall I flush? She lifted up her beautiful bottom, it is so lovely shape, and I look in loo and there are five large turds, all same size. Loo water is very clear even it is yellow little bit. I flushed, then she sat down again, and didn't move. But we hear Plop again and again.

So she did five more. I thought, better to flush again. She lifted up her bottom so it doesn't become to be wet from flush. Five large turds in loo again and water was clear very much. Maho sat down and washed her beautiful bottom with washlet, then I dry with paper. It is hard very much to not cry, my heart so full. Later Kazuko said same thing.

When Kazuko sit down I was at door, I wanted to see her happy face. When she empty her bottom, she smile so beautiful smile. She seems to so happy! As usual, she did and did and did, so many motions came out, make various noise. She stopped many times, but always she started again. Hisae was busy to flush, we worry about clog because so much motion come out from Kazuko. But it is never enough, she always do more. But I am same so I can understand her feeling.

After she finish it is my turn and I am like Kazuko, I do and do and do, and always more will come soon, so I am on loo very long time. Nobody complain, they look at me warm eyes. I try not to cry. It is not so difficult because I am very busy to push out turds. Kazuko flush a few times, she warn me so I stand up, Kazuko said, "Mina you always say nice things about our bottom, but do you know how beautiful your bottom is?" I said, "it is not beautiful" but three loud voices say many things at a same time. I said to them, "don't make me cry!!"

After I do all motions, and it was a many many many, I wash with washlet and Kazuko dried me, she dries me very long time with gentle touch, I said, "why you don't finish?" And she said, "because Mina's bottom is so so beautiful!" Why she say? Her bottom is more beautiful and Maho's too and Hisae's too!

Suddenly I said, "I don't finish, more motion." Then I push. Kazuko said, "sit more forward." So I move. She can see motion come out from bottom. "So beautiful!" she said. "It is so beautiful movement, like ballet." I said, "don't make me cry!!" I did two big turds then one little one, then finish. So Kazuko dry me again after washlet.

Sorry it is a same story with every time. After I finish, we are back in kitchen and hug and hug and hug and make many whimper noise. We are like lovers!! Big smell in my flat, but we put medicine so go away soon. And we don't mind smell so much.

I do survey of Ryan. Key is Mi = Mina, Ma = Maho, K = Kazuko, H = Hisae.

Where do you poo the most?
Ans: At home (Mi, Ma, H, K)

Where is your favourite position?

Ans: Cover loo completely with bottom (Ma, Mi, K) Lean forward (H)

Where do you pull pants to?

Ans: usually knees, but sometimes we take off completely, especially we do that in summer. I pulled to ankles before, but not now.

When you are pooping do you fart?

Ans: Sometimes. Not so much. K farts more than other three.

How long it takes for you to poo?

Ans: 3 to 6 minutes (H) , 10 to 15 minutes (K, Ma, Mi).

Are you scared of pooping in public?

Ans: No (Mi, K, H) I never do, but not scared, only I don't need to do (Ma)

Do you watch the person next to you pooping?

Ans: Only if it is us four.

What you do with survey, write research paper?

Love to everyone

K.M.H. M.

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Car

There have been many posts recently about peeing in the car. I pee in my car, but in a different way. I carry a male urinal for myself and male guests. We fill it up and then dump it outside. Easy. I also carry a female urinal for female guests. Not so easy, but possible. When filled, we dump it too outside. When used, it sometimes dribbles. If so, I clean it up eventually. Great idea for those who don't want their seats soaked. Blob also has built a device for the same purpose, but I don't have the knowledge or equipment to build one.


Butt hair problems when crapping at school

There were some things I had to learn to master during the first years of my high school. I progressed in gaining confidence in crapping in toilets without a privacy door, sitting with some piss splashed on the seat and on the floor in front of the toilet, using those dumb pre-cut squares of toilet paper that cause me to get crap on my fingers at least 1/2 the time, and to accomplish all that during one of our 5-minute passing periods when 2 other guys are ahead of me in line and use the toilet before I do. It also upsets me because some guys sit to pee and all that does is push back the needs of guys such as me who need to do a significant crap.

The biggest change this year is that I'm regularly having poop stains, sometimes so thick they smell, in my boxers. In 3 of my classes there are lots of discipline problems, and with vandalism in the bathrooms, teachers are cynical about issuing us passes for the bathroom during classes. My industrial tech teacher yelled at us the first week that there are 27 of us in there, that everybody has excuses and he's not buying them. So I concluded my best chance to crap is to be one of the 2 or 3 to use each toilet during passing period pretty much each day. However, I get only 1 or 2 quick wipes in when everybody runs for class with about 30 seconds left before the bell. That means a lack of time to fully clean my butt, flush, wash my hands. The idea is to make it to class without being assigned a tardy.

Now lets be specific. My craps tend to be large and soft. That causes my butt hairs to get pretty dirty from the crap falling from my butt. Cleanup is really difficult because there is just no time. I've found that some bathrooms in the building have lower toilets and sitting on those seats seem to reduce the residue on my hairs. But most of the time I don't have choices. Its a fast dump or wait almost an hour. The crap also smears and sticks to additional hair around my privates. Wiping just seems to move it. I've tried to spread my legs while crapping, but with no doors, I don't have any privacy. I've even tried to keep my knees together while I sit, but that doesn't help either.

My AP history study partner came over the other afternoon and before we began to work, she offered to take my room hamper downstairs to the washer. I said fine, without thinking first. Florence came up a few minutes later and asked about what she had seen. I was embarrassed at first, but she was sympathetic. She said she switched to dark colored underwear when she started high school to cover up pee stains she's not proud of. She also said she sometimes will use the faculty lounge bathroom if no teachers are around. But she said much of the time it is locked up.

Then she and I studied 2 hours for our Europe test until dinnertime.

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