Jane the Poop


Boy was I naughty this year! I spent Thanksgiving serving food at several banquets... and they all fed me. And boy, do I like to eat. And you know what happens when I eat? Yep, I poop. I poop so much.

It started the night before Thanksgiving. I had one meal... then filled up with another meal. And finally another. On the way home, I stopped and got some Mexican food as well. In the morning, I didn't want to get out of bed, but I had to poop urgently. I went into the bathroom and as soon as I sat, poop started coming out. It was thick, meaty poop and it seemed endless. Poop after poop plopped into the toilet and I had to flush a couple times.

Early the next morning, I delivered meals to the needy. When I got back to the church hosting the event, they said to please eat, and I said there was some extra food and they insisted I take it. As soon as all the work was done, breakfast came. Soon after breakfast, I had to poop mlre. Onto the toilet, and a huge piece of poop came out slowly. It fell with a splash, and, you guessed it, there was another big poop right behind it. I pooped for about 20 minutes, plopping more and more poop out. One time I noticed the poop above the water line, and flushed immediately! But kept pooping. Soon I was done, I wiped and got up, honestly ready to eat some more food. As I was grabbing the leftovers, I had to poop again so went back to the bathroom. This third load took another two bowls full of poop.

It is now evening, and having spent my afternoon in my friend's sweet shop stuffing myself with ice cream, I have to poop pretty bad right now. But I also am really hungry! I can't decide whether I should eat first, or spend some time on the toilet. I can tell this next poop is gonna be an unbelievably big load... I've felt this poop all afternoon but wanted to hold it til it was really ready.

I tell you guys, I still have so much more leftovers to eat. I'm a poop machine right now! I love pooping and am delighted by these giant dumps. Yep, I'm gonna go poop...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Pooping Survey

1) Where do you poop the most?
A. At home
B. Outside
C. School

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting
B. Squatting
C. Up on your toes

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to
A. To the knees
B. Take them off
C. To the ankles

4. When your pooping do you fart?
A. Not at all
B. A little
C. A lot

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
A. 1-2 minutes
B. 5-8 minutes
C. 10-15 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
A. Yes
B. No

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
A. Sometimes
B. Yes
C. No

My answers:

1. At School
2. Sitting
3. Ankles
4. A lot
5. 5-8 minutes
6. No
7. Yes depending on who it is

Jane the Poop

Thanksgiving Number Two

...See what I did there? Today is the day after Thanksgiving, and this post is a follow up to the big poop sessions I had on Thanksgiving day.

Eating is more or less back to normal, but my bowels are still cranking out poop like it's Christmas. This morning, as usual, I woke up with a heavy load of poop ready for the toilet. I pulled down my pants, spread my cheeks, and I prepared my camera for the record. Flash on, I began recording. My asshole opened, and a piece of poop 1.5" thick squeezed out of my butt and plopped into the toilet. It was about 10" long, and the poop continued from there. Another 13 pieces of poop about the same size came out after that. There was a piece of poop about every 3 seconds. I was finished and I wiped and went about my day.

Two hours later, about 10:00, I was on a break between a meeting and a job and decided to go by the beach. I got out of my car and needed to pee so badly I couldnt even find a swimsuit, and just grabbed a shirt. I ran to the bathroom and my much-needed pee came gushing and gushing. I was overcome with relief, until I realized there was more relief to come. I needed to take another poop. I pulled out my camera, aimed, and watched as poop emptied out of me again. The poops this time were 1" thick and between 4-6" long. They came about 1 second apart, with some breaks, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop... plop, plop, plop, ploop, as these medium pieces of poop just kept coming out of my butt. I thought I would never stop pooping! The relief was immense with each poop that fell, but I knew I had to keep pooping. My poop sat above the water line now, and soon I peed again. Once my bladder was clear, there was a bigger opening for my poop to come out, and it sure did. After 20 minutes of pooping, I was done, I watched, and counted, as 71 pieces of poop dropped out of my ass and loaded up this huge public toilet bowl.

About two hours after that, I was on another job. The client came in during it, and as we were talking, I realized... it was time to find a toilet again. By the time she left, this poop felt huge inside of me and I rushed to the bathroom. I pulled out my camera, and watched as 2" thick poops grew to about 12" and splashed into the bowl. This time I had to make 15 pieces of poop.

Now it's late and I've had a building urge to poop all day... can't wait for the morning's mountain.

Loving Thanksgiving poops.



I've never actually watched her go but I've been in the bathroom when she was going many, many a time.


Kennard's fear of bathrooms away from home

Me and my friend Kennard met up right after school got out on Wednesday. Before we started our walk home, the large amount of soda I had been drinking had gone through my system and before we went to our lockers I told him I was ready to burst and needed to get onto a toilet. Luckily, I had a loose-fitting dress on. I didn't have to wait for a cubicle with a door to open. About half have no doors, but I yanked down my underwear, dropped to the seat and my piss stream started immediately. It continued for more than a minute. I stood, wiped, flushed and washed my hands. When I came out, Kennard, was leaning against the wall and a little mad. He told me he'd been holding his crap since 2nd hour. He wanted to get home ASAP. He suggested we walk a little used train track. It was faster, I agreed, but I didn't feel I had the right shoes on for that terrain. But I went along with it. Kennard's socially awkward. He comes from a family that just scrapes by in an old small rental house. He wears old blue jeans every day and a flannel shirt that has a couple of buttons missing. And his underwear is older and different from what the other guys wear. So during late grade school and middle school Kennard was sometimes bullied in the bathrooms. None of the boys' rooms have privacy doors and the guys at the sinks have a giant mirror the size of a mural that horizontally takes up the whole wall.

Both me and Kennard like to walk our dogs together at the big park down the hill from our houses. The problem is with winter coming on the days are getting shorter, so there's no time to waste. When we got to Kennard's house I told him after getting my dog, I would be back in 30 minutes. He was hurrying and even outside I could smell what he was holding. When I got home I grabbed some cookies, a Dr. Pepper, but didn't bother to get into more comfortable clothing. While I was walking Rosie to Kennard's, he texted me to let myself in and meet him in the bathroom. After tying Rosie up on the porch post, I went in through the back door. Their bathroom is so different. There are two bedrooms and each has a door leading to the bathroom. I guess I surprised him because I came in through the door behind him. He was pushing hard and I couldn't help but notice some erection. I couldn't smell anything, so I knew he was unsuccessful so far. I told him I thought holding a crap for seven hours could force it higher into his colon.

Kennard reached down to the floor into his jeans and gave me a key ring. He asked me to go into a storage shed in the back yard and grab a longer leash than we had been using for Axle in the past. I found one, attached it to Axle's collar, and revisited Kennard while he was still seated. He cursed. I could tell he was in pain, but I told him we had only a little of daylight left. He stood. There was nothing but dark yellow urine in the toilet. So as we started our walk downhill a few blocks to the park, Kennard downed more than his half of my 20 ounces of soda and after a few minutes he said he was getting that feeling in his gut again. I told him I could pee again too. It was about 50 percent dark when we got to the park. We walked as fast as our dogs allowed up the hill to the restroom building. We leashed our dogs to a pole holding a basketball hoop. This is a really old bathroom with two toilets facing one another right out in the open. Kennard couldn't get his jeans and underwear yanked down fast enough. I could tell by his face what he was releasing didn't need much of a push. He spread his legs wider and I could tell by the expression on his face, it was huge. From my seat about four feet away I could see his erection. Even though we've gone together in that bathroom before, he seemed a little unsure of himself. I obviously got done first and was playing with Rosie and Axle outside. After hearing three flushes, Kennard came out and said for me to take a look because it wouldn't flush. I did. Its width was easily wider than my arm. It was no wonder than that Kennard complained about his hole being really sore.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


In the backyard of the church

About 15 to 20 years ago I had to work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week at my job, and so I would pop into the church that I went too, to get things ready for the Sunday at odd times of the week and day.
This was in the summer and I had popped out from work at my lunch time at 8 pm and into the church.
I was in the room at the base of the tower when I heard water running, (as there was no water supply in the church only a tap in the backyard) I thought, not raining again is it?, Looking at the crack under the back door into the yard, I could see the heels of a pair of shoes and a puddle in-between them. I very quietly unlocked the door and opened it inwards, there was a female peeing in the door way, (she had had to climb over a 4 to 5 foot tall wall to get into this yard). She jumped up and tried to run around the corner of the tower with her jeans down and still peeing. I followed her and said you might as well squat and finish your pee, you do not what to get your jeans any wetter, she stopped moving and turned to face me, squatted to finish her pee, I asked her what she was doing in the yard, she said waiting for a friend, when she was done she stood up to pull her knickers and jeans up, giving me a good look at her pussy, she had long ginger hair and her pussy matched. She started to cry and asked, are you going to call the police, I said no and as she stood in the middle of the yard I got her a bucket and told her to fill it from the tap and wash her piss out of the door way, this she did. I then went and got the key for the padlock on the door out into the lane outside the yard, as I unlocked it I said to her why did you not pee into one of the four drains in the yard, as two of them could not be seen from the roads outside, but the door way could be seen, I said that sometimes my girlfriend pees it that one, (pointing to the one in the corner by the wall) so you will know now for next time, it there is a next time, with that she smiled and went out the door and away.
I locked the doors and finished my work before returning to my place of work. Later I went to the gents and thought about what I had seen earlier that evening.
The yard door and the outside toilet door are both locked, and on Sundays we would find knickers, condoms, needles and more in the yard to clean up. On the Sunday after the female pissed in the door way as I got out of my car I could see over the wall and the tower door way, there was something in it, I went through the church and opened the door, it was a small white paper bag with glass ampoules and a syringe, so that was the friend she had been waiting for.

Uncle Harry

Fun in the Forrest 2

After the debacle of last weeks post, we decided to try again. We made sure we both put on our underwear properly and we both peed before we left our houses. There were more more hikers because this was a Saturday. Paula brought along a notebook and guidebook to help identify trees. At lunchtime, we didn't have to sit on the ground. We found a large fallen log to sit on. While we were eating, two women came along and asked if they could sit with us. Of course we said yes. There names were Sue and Mary. We chatted while eating and learned something about each other. Sue and Mary were high school teachers. I'm a psychologist and Paula is a portrait painter. By the time we finished lunch, all four of us needed to pee. Sue had an idea. They wanted to take off their slacks and panties, sit on the log with their legs spread, pee on the log, and watch their pee roll over the log onto the ground The other two ladies thought that would be neat. I agreed. Paula and I were used to seeing each other pee,but suddenly, the other ladies..what? Is Harry going to watch our urine come flowing out of our pussies? After some discussion, Paula convinced them that if she could watch, they could too. They noticed a pile of old newspapers they hadn't seen before. Good. The bark wouldn't scrape their butts. They put some papers in place, took off their undies, and sat down on the log. Mary spread her legs right away, but Sue looked at me and seemed reluctant, but eventually spread her legs too. I got out my penis and on the count of three, we all peed. It was a close call, but I think Mary one. When everyone was finished, we all got dressed and continued the hike.

Victoria B.

Thanksgiving "Leftovers"

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my cousins left the dinner table at one point for an extended break. "That bathroom's seen better days" was his description of what transpired. Guess it runs in the family!


Outsideshitter Girl

Poop at the Park

One time when I was 13 I had a massive dinner with my family in a all-can-you-eat restaurant.I made a pig out of myself,eating lot of spicy food and drinking cold beverages and then we went in a park near the restaurant to chill.After a few minutes i started getting unconfortamble:I hadn't pooped in six days and I was starting to get the urge.All that eating and drinking was definitely not a good idea:the urge to poop was almost unbearable now but I was embarassed to tell my sister so.Luckily my sister said that she had to pee and I told her:"Me too!"
We went behind a bush,but after a strong pee,i couldn't hide the truth anymore:I quickly said "I'm sorry for this" and before she could finish saying "what the..." I already started letting out a whole week worth of poop.I never felt so relieved in my life:i kept pushing out logs,diarreha and mushy poop for at least a good seven minutes,all with my sister watching me in disbelief.When my ordeal was finally over,we wiped with some tissues and left,just to see a group of friends enteting the park and going to talk just near the "atomic zone".Before I could do anything,one of them found my mess and told all the other.They all started joking about it and taking photos of it.I was so embarassed...

Shy Pooper
Today I finally got the courage to poop away from my house. I was at school and had the feeling of having to poop in my second period class. I held it until lunch when I realized I wasn't going to be hold it much longer. I broke down and went to the girls bathroom where I knew would be further away from other people. I walked into the stall pulled my pants down, sat and closed my eyes. I couldn't relax enough to start pooping so I put it in my headphones and turned on my music and started pushing. While I was still embarrassed at least I couldn't hear anyone who was in there and listening to what felt like a big loud poop. I wiped and flushed all of which while I listened to my music and went over to the sink. Another girl walked in which embarrassed me a bit because my poop was kinda stinky but I just washed my hands and walked out having pooped at school for the first time in a long time and once I got home I: felt proud of myself for overcoming a big fear.

Sonya Sue

Me & Demi & Interstate Bathrooms

On Sunday me and my friend Demi had tickets we had won through a Thespian contest to attend a play in a nearby city. It was going to be an hours drive to the playhouse but after about 20 minutes on the Interstate, Demi asked I could pull over at the next rest area because she was feeling her crap coming on. She hadn't crapped since Wednesday noon at school and we had several tacos and a lot of soda at my house before we left on our trip.

Demi and I have used the bathrooms at our school a hundred times over the past four years. What embarrasses her, however, is crapping in a large, more public place. I told her I would go in with her because I hadn't weed in like five hours and this was a good opportunity. She seemed relieved at my plan. So we walked into a four-staller. I saw underwear being lifted and the flusher going in Stall 3. I took Stall 2 and expected Demi to take Stall 1. She took Stall 4 on the other end. I heard her drop the seat and then fumble with the door lock. It seemed like she needed five or six tries to get the latch to fit and the door secured.

I entered my stall. Found the seat was down, but I had to flush the crap load someone had left. As that was happening, I secured my latch with quite a bit of ease, especially knowing how Demi struggled with hers and remembering the several times that I've been walked-in on. The worst was a couple of years ago and this boy about five who just didn't see anything wrong with staring me down. I had to shove him backwards while seated and maintaining my pee stream and finally his mother called him out on it on cursing him from a toilet on the opposite side of the room.

My seat was down and I quickly pulled down my thong and seated myself on it. The seat was a bit cold so as I sat I got to thinking about how the crapper must have done her thing sometime earlier. At that point I heard a user come into Stall 1 on my right. She threw a jacket over the top of the door, yanked at the lever on the seat-tissue holder, and spent about a half minute opening it up, straightening it out, and then I could hear her butt crunch down on it. Then she moved her legs a little and I could hear it rip. Probably in the front I thought, but then as her legs stayed steady, her stream started and it continued for well over minute. Then I heard her stand, peel the paper off her butt, and after dropping it and picking it up, flushing the toilet.

At that point, the door to Stall 3 was thrown open and it smashed against the panel immediately to my left so hard, it scared me. It was a person with tennis shoes on and really faded blue jeans which immediately were seen on the floor. Her butt hitting the uncovered seat was almost as loud as what I thought could have caused the lights to blink. Seconds later I could hear the huffing and puffing of her push, although her feet stayed planted. Then I could tell she was rocking back and forth and finally she put her weight on her toes as a couple of loud splashes hit the bowl. Her underside must have been drenched. I guess I saw some humor in the orgasmic noises she was making and I thought back to when my mom and I were driving one day when I was about seven and this disco song by Donna Summer came on the radio with those noises being made. Mom immediately reached over and switched the station. Then when I was telling Demi about it later at school the next day, she had her older sister go on line and find the song. Me and Demi played it several times.

Back to this lady. She stood, sat down again, and then stood several times while pulling off toilet paper for her wipes. Then she left without flushing or even washing her hands. I wiped, flushed, and walked down to Demi. The door was open to her toilet and there was a tremendous dump that was protruding well out of the water. Just then Demi walked in through the main door and asked why I was stalling. That surprised me. I left with her without remembering to wash my hands. In the car while we finished our drive we talked about what I observed and Demi tried to defend herself for not flushing. The drive time went by faster, but we didn't reach any big conclusions.

Hey guys it's Ellie, my last story was about me holding it so long I ended up having an accident and well it happened again. Like I mentioned before I enjoy the feeling of holding it so I decided that even though my roommate Bridget was home now I'd try to hold it again. In my early stories I talked about having accidents from holding with Bridget but I didn't think she enjoyed it anymore. Anyway, I was holding my poop for three days and my pee since the night before and my class had just finished. It was around rush hour and the bus was stuck in traffic, I wasn't sure that I would make it home. I started to lose it so I got off the bus and walked the rest of the way in the rain so nobody could see my pants getting soaked. I peed for about a minute straight when finally my stomach turned and I just lost it. Usually I only let out a little bit but this was different. I started and finished pooping in 3 seconds. It just happened instantly and I actually gasped out loud. I could tell it was big and I figured it would be showing even in my tight jeans but since it was dark I wasn't too worried. I walked into my apartment slowly and snuck past Bridget's room, well when I got to the bathroom she was in there so I waddled to my room and locked the door and waited. I heard her come out and walk to her room and shut it so I snuck back out. I was almost to the door when I heard her gasp. "Oh no are you alright?" She said. I told her that it was my own fault and that I had started holding it again like when we were younger. She wasn't grossed out though and even said that she still enjoyed it too and that she had even had a few accidents because of it. This really surprised me but I was also so happy about it. I asked her if she wanted to try to have a holding contest again like we used to sometime and she agreed. Anyway, that was two Fridays ago, I'll post about our contest soon. Hope you enjoyed!



Another Accident Story

Okay I have another accident story to share, It started early in the morning when my husband made a delicious hash for breakfast. I absolutely stuffed myself. I was incredibly bloated the entire day but it was soooo worth it. For lunch I had some delicious tandoori chicken. Only adding to the mess that was brewing in my stomach. I met some friends at a bar later that night, still feeling incredibly bloated and gassy. When my friends started ordering jager bombs, not wanting to feel left out I joined in. BIG MISTAKE, after about three or four I was a bit tipsy and my stomach began churning. I knew that this was going to be bad. "Can you please drop me off at home i'm really not feeling well" I asked Maria who was our designated driver. "Oh come on Bridget we're just getting started" Stacy, yelled at me. I decided that I would unleash this beat in the bar bathroom. Upon arrival the line was way too long and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it that long. At this point i'm letting out hot gas into my tight jeans every few minutes, which helped relive some of the pressure in my gut. I ran back to Maria begging her to take me home and she finally agreed. While driving things only got worse, the jager bombs had awoken the tons of food i'd chowed on including the greasy nachos from the bar. "Maria i'm so sorry do you have a towel or something in the back" I asked her "Yeah why" she replied. "Because I think i'm going to mess myself i'm so sorry." "Oh Bridget don't worry" she said while reaching back to grab a towel out of the backseat. I took it and slid it under my big butt praying that i'd be able to make it home. Unfortunately I succumbed to cramps and began to push out hot creamy soft serve into my pants. Letting out several bubbly farts throughout. I was wearing a thong underneath tight jeans so there was nothing to catch it and it began to slide down my leg. We finally got home and I apologized to Maria and sprinted inside. Shitting myself the entire way. I plopped my shit covered ass onto the toilet seat and ERUPTED with hot lava like shit. It was awful, I was on the can the entire night. Moral of the story: If you're already bloated, DO NOT do jager bombs.

Hi, this is my first post here. I'm a 14 year old girl. I just turned 14 last week actually. I'm 5 foot 10 inches tall and I weigh about 180 pounds. Everyone in my family - my mom and my dad, and my 17-year old sister - is quite tall and we're all very athletic. I don't know about my baby sister yet, who's only 3, but just judging from the rest of the family, she'll probably grow up to be tall also. We all love to eat and we can really put away the food but I eat more than anybody else by a large amount. At dinner, my parents and my older sister will have seconds, but I almost always have a third helping and I'm still usually hungry for a snack later on. My family likes to joke about me being a bottomless garbage pit.

As any reader of this site knows quite well, "What goes in must come out." Everyone in the family poops big. On a few occasions, I've seen my little sister fill her potty up pretty good when she "goes poopie." We're all strict vegetarians, so our diets are very healthy and have plenty of fiber. But because I eat the most, I also poop the most. I love pooping too. It's hard for me to decide if I like eating or pooping more. Because we'll all big poopers, all the toilets in our house have been replaced by ones with a powerful flush. I poop three times every day and it's big loads every time. Due to the powerful flush and my poop generally being soft, everthing usually flushes down on the first go, or sometimes a second flush is needed. I remember back before we got these powerful flushing toilets, my sister and I (who shared a bathroom with me at that time; we don't anymore) would clog the toilet nearly every time we pooped. You can imagine the hassle having to use the plunger and unclog the toilet multiple times every day caused.

Recently, I found out about fiber supplements and how they can make you poop more. As I mentioned, I love everything about pooping, so I was eager to try it out. I bought some Benefiber. I take the maximum recommended dose every morning after I wake up and every evening before I go to bed. It's definitely made me poop bigger. I used to poop twice a day and now I poop three times. The loads each time are about the same size as before, maybe even a little bit bigger actually.

I woke up this morning and I was feeling a lot of pressure in my stomach. I had to poop very urgently. Without even getting dressed, I hurried off to the bathroom attached to my room. I sat on the toilet just in time and a wide turd started curling out. It felt absolutely amazing. I could feel the pressure in my stomach lessening as this turd eased out of me. When I was done, I peed for a bit. When I was finished, I stood up to examine my product, as I typically do. It was all in one piece, a solid snake that looked a lot like peanut butter but more dark brown in color. One end was in the hole and then it curved outwards and wrapped all the way around the outside rim of the toilet bowl, stopping just shy of meeting up with itself. It barely smelled, too. I wiped, both front and back, and then flushed. Everything went down, leaving just a few skidmarks that were easily cleaned with the toilet brush. I washed my hands, and took my fiber powder, then went to get dressed and get on with my day.

I had to poop again at school after eating lunch. A bunch of my friends and I went to the bathroom together, but I was the only one who had to poop. They said they wouldn't wait up and they'd see me in class later. I think several of my friends purposefully hold their poop because they hate going at school. But I don't care. I also don't think I could hold it in anyway, even if I wanted to! Anyway, I passed two long logs that coiled up in the bowl. Each one looked like it was probably a foot and a half long. The toilets at school don't flush as well as the ones at home, so it took three flushes to get all my poop to go down.

Later in the evening, shortly before dinner time, I pooped for the third time. This one wasn't nearly as urgent as it was in the morning. I felt it building up and had plenty of time to leisurely stroll to my bathroom and pick out a magazine to read before getting settled in. I farted a bunch of times and peed a lot. Then I just sat there reading, definitely feeling an urge to poop, but I like to let it just come on its own, without any pushing. I kept reading and letting off an occasional loud booming fart that echoed in the bowl. I hadn't even started pooping, but already I was making quite the smell in the bathroom. Finally, I began to poop. I continued sitting and reading for about ten more minutes, plopping away. I was pooping pretty much continuously the whole time. A log would come out, then a brief pause, another turd, a pause, and so on. Once I finished, I waited another minute or so to be sure I was really done. When I stood up to examine my production, I "broke the seal" and the full odor of my poop came wafting out of the toilet. This was a stinker for sure. All of my turds were piled up and collected into one indistinguishable mass of poop that filled most of the bowl. It was a huge poop, even by my standards, and I felt great to not have that all inside of me anymore. It took two flushes to clear it all. Then I washed my hands and left the stinkbox of a bathroom behind. By that point, it was nearly dinner time, and I'd really worked up a big appetite, lol.

This happened back when I was 12. Now I wasn't a big fan of using the bathroom in school. The least I would do was go pee, but I wouldn't poop. Anyway I went to school one day with a pain in my stomach that would appear and go away. It was like that the whole day at school. Of course I didn't bother going to the bathroom. It wasn't that I hated the school bathrooms, it was because I was nervous someone was going walk in there, and see me having diarrhea.

At the end of the day I was reaching my end. I usually walked home from school, but that day I ran. When I reached my house I burst in the door without saying hi to my mom. I ran straight to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to poop.

After successfully making it to the bathroom I wanted to take a nap, so I went to go take a nap in my bed. I woke up about two hours later, and I had to fart. I'm guessing I had forgotten I had diarrhea earlier, and that was a mistake. I farted something wet, and I felt it splatter into my underwear. I had pooped my pants in my bed. I was too embarrassed to tell my mom, so I handled the clean up myself. But of course stupid 12-year-old me put the messed up underwear in the clothes hamper and not the trash.

Optional Person.

Victoria B.

Please tell us about when Brooke took a poop in front of you.


Something I've often wondered about .

Hi,anyone ever enter the bathroom with their boyfriend or girlfriend , husband or wife and watch as they sit on the toilet to pee and/or poop ? ? Thank you , everyone .


Something I've often wondered about .

Hi,anyone ever enter the bathroom with their boyfriend or girlfriend , husband or wife and watch as they sit on the toilet to pee and/or poop ? ? Thank you , everyone .

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B great story it sounds like had a really great poop.

To: Bridget first welcome to the site and great story about your huge poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jessica it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Debbie great story it sounds like you all had great poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, November 23, 2017

blob. Many thanks for the story about the in car peeing device. Although I'm sure it's not uncommon for people to carry a blanket and a container for emergencies, the device you describe is taking matters to a whole new level of ingenuity and refinement. Do you still use it or have you come up with something else since?

Bridget. Accidents happen to most of us although I suspect yours was down to a combination of being backed plus the effects of that meal at the diner on top of eggs at breakfast time which I'm guessing would have been on toast. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and maybe if you'd popped back to the diner to use their toilets you might have averted it. What matters is that you got your bowels moving again which is the main thing.

I've been somewhat constipated lately although I did eventually manage a decent poo this evening. I'm blaming my bunged up state on a partiality for a well known brand of supermarket cheese - cheddar to be precise. Maybe I need to cut back on it.

Hope everybody's well and all the regulars are staying regular!

Adrian I


Trip to Bournemouth

My girlfriend and I where invited to one of her friends wedding in Bournemouth. On route we had to drop my mother off at her younger brothers in Bath. We left home at about 1pm to go to Bath, and we arrived at about 5pm, after saying hello to all the family and having a cooked meal we did not leave until about 7:30pm. We had booked a small hotel about half way between Bath and Bournemouth for the night so that we could sleep and change into our best for the wedding at 10am at a church in Bournemouth. ( my mother asked if we had booked two rooms ?, I say yes {one at the hotel and one in Bournemouth Hee! Hee! }).
We where held up in traffic and when we got to the hotel for the night at just after 9pm the room was gone. So we drove on to Bournemouth. After an hour we decided to find a lay-by for the night, (the car needed fuel and all the petrol stations we pasted were closed for the night), after what seemed like miles we found a lay-by and pulled in.
It was dark and no traffic passing so my girlfriend jumped out to have a piss, with the car door open she stood facing to the front of the car and dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted with her back just pasted the door jam so all I could see was her knees and in the light from the interior light her piss stream, her stream jetted like as if she was pushing to get it out as it went up and down, went her stream stopped she bounced up and down for a long time before standing and turning into the car and look in the glove box for a small box of tissues that I had there, she grabbed two or three and standing up straight wiped her pussy and the her bum before placing the tissues on the ground, all the time I had a nice view of her pussy, (in those days she only used my hair clippers and a comb to trim her hair not to shave it off, once dry she pulled up her things and tipping her car seat back down got back into the car and we tried to get to sleep.
It was still dark when I awoke and as I did not want to get out into the cold and dark or to wake her I used my pee tube to pee in the car. ( see:- Peeing in my car)
Later when I awoke again it was light but misty, my girlfriend was the first to open the car door, to get out and this time with her back to me dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted with her bum to me and peed, before standing and wiping with one tissue that she placed on the ground, bending over and pulling up her knickers and jeans. Then jumping back in the car and closing the door.
We sat there for a time, (I had a morning hard-on) soon I got out of the car and walked around to her side to pee into the hedge. At this point I had two surprises. One this was not a lay-by but the entrance to a nice looking graveyard. The second was that she had not just peed the night before but had also had a poo, just by the rear car door. (This is the only time she had poo-ed outdoors in the hole of the 25 years I was with her)
Soon that I was done peeing we continued on to Bournemouth, stopping only once at another lay-by to change and pee, this one was a very quick squat but she had taken her jeans off to change before she peed.
Have you ever tried to change your trousers in the driving seat when you have three legs to deal with.


Peeing in my car.

In one of my jobs I did a lot of driving in my car from place to place and so at times needed to pee, but I could not always find somewhere to pee unseen or if it was raining. I was in my workshop one-day when I found a large plastic syringe with a long clear plastic tube, the syringe was just the right size to put my thing into when the plunger was removed and the tube was about 1/4 in wide, I cut the top and plunger off and put some rubber tape around the cut hedge to soften the opening, I tried it out in the toilet to see it it would work, there was a funny feeling as the pee drained out the tube pulling air in past my thing. In the car between the seats was a square bin, at the bottom under the carpet I found a rubber bung, I pulled the bung out and was able to pass thew tube out and so under the car. So from then on I could pee in the car anywhere. I did tell my girlfriend about this new addition to my car and she said that's right think of yourself.
One day as we were coming home from a day at a Cornish beach and were sitting in the ferry queue back into Devon, I needed a pee so I got the tube and pulled out my thing and peed out onto the road, (my girlfriend had seen me use it a number of times ). As we moved one car a day, she said seeing me pee made her want to go but said she would hold it, just then in the car in-front of us, some funny movment by the passenger and a few seconds later a small plastic sand castle bucket was poured out of the car window onto the road. That was the last straw and now my girlfriend was about to piss her knickers.
As luck would have it today she had on a light summer dress and only knickers under it, so as I put the tube in the hole of the car floor she pulled her knickers down and off, she then parted her pussy lips so that we could both see her pee hole, and placed the open end of my car pee tube over it and slowly she started her pee to see if it would work, and it did and so she let go, the look on her face was of relief. As she was peeing the cars started to move and as I looked at her peeing and then in the mirror to see my puddle and then her trail of pee behind our car I nearly hit the back of the car in front, and braked hard and this made her move the tube but just a little pee went onto the seat, she was able to stop and repositioned the tube to finish her pee.
Using her knickers to wipe with she was done. And soon we were on the ferry at this point she told me to keep my hands on the wheel and not to try anything. I was having trouble keeping my third leg off the wheel.

My girlfriend did use my in-car pee tube once more and that was when we where out for a day on the moors and it started pissing down with rain and we sat it out (hoped it stopped but it did not) and she was busting to go this time, she was in jeans and knickers and I had to help her pull them down, as she held open her lips, I held the tube to her pee hole, then to tickle her I moved it just a little to let it suck air in, she liked the funny feeling but what came after that is not for here.

Victoria B.

Returning the favor, pt. II

When we last left off, I was on the toilet. I had just put the finishing touches on a massive turd and Brooke had taken a break from giving me a back rub to rest her hands on my hips. "What do you eat?!" was her half-joking, half-serious response. "Take a look; it's huge!" I got up and glanced at the bowl. She was right and I was confronted by the familiar worry of whether or not it would flush. What if it wouldn't? How embarrassing!

Then I remembered where I was. The toilet for me isn't just a place of physical relief; it's a venue for addressing mental and emotional needs as well. I use my time sitting on it to think and reflect. Once I'm done, my worries and anxieties get flushed down the drain along with everything else. So what if there might be a plumbing mishap? I've been dealing with them for almost two decades!

I sat back down and got into position to wipe. My vulva was first and then my butt. It took four or five wipes before I felt clean and got up to dress myself again. Then it was the moment of truth. I flushed and... nothing happened. The used paper got sucked down, but my log did little more than rotate. I tried again. Same result. There was only one way out.

I swallowed and asked Brooke if I could borrow her plunger. She grabbed it from beside the toilet and handed it to me, narrowly containing gentle laughter. I took it and went to work on chopping up the turd. As I was doing so, Brooke cracked up and exclaimed "Plumber bum!" before giving said butt an affectionate pat.

That got me ready to try again. Success! I set the plunger down in the holder and grabbed the toilet brush right next to it to deal with the epic skidmarks I'd left behind. With that done, I gave a final flush, put the brush back, and the seat down before washing my hands, giving Brooke a hug, and leaving the bathroom. We went back to the kitchen and returned to work!


Victoria B.

Returning the favor


I really do enjoy my double major, but there are times when it takes a nice chomp on my cheeks. This week was one of those times. I've had a book, a paper, and an exam with which to contend and the latter doesn't happen until tomorrow. Brooke coincidentally found herself to be rather burdened as well and so we got together at her place on Monday night to work and commiserate.

Coffee was drank, stupid Youtube videos were watched, and work was done in spite of it all. I have a tendency to lose track of myself when I need to concentrate and this was no exception. There was growing pressure inside me that I could only neglect for so long. It was in the middle of writing that I let slip a fart that had so much force it seemed to slap the chair. "Vicky!" Brooke exclaimed, using my close friends-only nickname. "Save that for the bathroom!" "Plenty more where that came from," was my snarky response. "Though you're on to something with the bathroom. I'm gonna need to go pretty soon." "I have to pee too. Shall we?" Brooke asked, gesturing in that general direction.

I didn't answer, opting instead to just head in that direction. "You can go first; I'm going to need a little longer." were the words accompanying my flipping on of the lights and up of the toilet's lid. Brooke knew what I meant and went about her business, dropping her jeans and panties to her ankles before sitting and letting it fly. She worked up quite a gusher while we were studying! It gradually died off to a slow trickle and then a few drops before Brooke was done. She concluded her pee with a wipe and flush before she went to the sink and washed her hands. "Remember the last time you were over? It's time to return the favor," she said with a smile while taking over my spot on the tub.

My heart was pounding inside my chest. I hadn't pooped in front of someone else since I was a little girl being potty trained. It was something I'd wanted to do since I first confessed my interest in these things to myself and here it was right in front of me. Brooke had seen me on the toilet and in varying states of undress before; I felt comfortable with myself and with her in this position. She showed a lot of trust when she went with me in the room-trust that I also felt towards her. I dropped my outer space leggings and black undies to my ankles and sat down, appreciating the preheated seat. It didn't take long before three pieces slid out of me, one plop after another. The ice was broken with that and I began to feel more like myself as my heart slowed down to its normal beat. "Better?" asked Brooke, her eyes somehow both wry and warm.

"A little. I still have more and ugh, I feel stiff." Without another word Brooke got up from the tub, gave me hug, and flushed before she started working on my shoulders and neck. "You're so tense! Breathe deeply and let it go. Let all of it go," she said as the massage continued. Almost as if on cue, a huge log began working my ring open. My whole body felt warm as it churned its way out as her hands worked their way below the line of my bra and down my back. The turd silently broke off and that's where I'm going to stop this story for now. It turned out that I still had a bit of an adventure ahead of me and that's where it'll pick up. Until then!



I love when my body just relaxes.

I love it when my body just completely relaxes and everything seems to happen at the same time. Where I don't have to push or think about what I'm doing, I can just sit and enjoy the relief.

I'm currently writing this from the toilet, having just taken an amazing poop. I got home from university and headed to the toilet because I needed to go for quite a while. I pulled down my jeans and underwear and took a seat. Only seconds later I was stretched wide by my poop being pushed out and I started peeing. It was amazing! I normally poop a little first but everything happened at once.

I simply sat and waited for five minutes or so while my body completely emptied itself with no effort on my part whatsoever. I particularly enjoyed how I kept peeing on and off after the initial long stream, like my body kept finding a little more inside my bladder while I pooped.

Just a quickie I wanted to share :)


Embarrassing accident

Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker on this site but something happened to me yesterday that I just need to share. First a little about myself, I'm 49 around 5 foot 3 with shoulder length dirty blond hair. I'm pretty curvy with ???? breasts and a bubble butt.

I had been constipated for almost a full week, I think it was due to overeating as I'd really been gorging myself the past couple of days. On Thursday I woke up and still felt incredibly bloated, I sat down to try and push something out but nothing happened. My husband left for work and I got dressed in tight jeans a white sweater and a nice vest. I had a big cup of coffee and some eggs for breakfast. About two hours later I started to feel a little movement and started releasing alot of silent gas. My friend Stacy picked me up for lunch and we went to a local diner. I ordered a Reuben and another cup of coffee and we ate and chatted. By the time we were done I felt a huge stirring in my stomach and knew that once I got home it was time. While walking back to Stacy's car the situation went from controllable to out of hand. A huge turd was pressing out my backdoor and needed to come out SOON. The cramps caused me to almost double over in pain. "Everything alright" Stacy asked me. "I think swomething was wrong with my food, let's just hurry home". I sat in the passenger seat and started rubbing my stomach telling Stacy to hurry. The diner is only ten minutes from my house but we hit a little traffic due to an accident and it was taking us what seemed like forever. I was letting out loud gas at this point uncontrollably it was so embarrassing. We finally made it to my house and as I lifted my leg to get out of the car a LOUD fart escaped PFFFTTTTFLURP followed by a small amount of poop. It wasn't that much but Stacy definetly saw. I apologized and ran for my door fumbling with my keys. At this point the second log was halfway out of my ass pushing up against my hot pink panties. I finally got the door unlocked and hobbled to the bathroom while unbuttoning my pants. When I finally reached the toilet a cramp hit me so hard that I was forced to double over as I was starting to sit down and a HUGE log slid out onto the floor, followed immediately by light brown soft serve that spilled out all over the toilet seat and floor. I was able to squat down and position my big ass over the seat and let more soft serve pour out of me. Easily the most shit I've ever produced at once, I felt thirty pounds lighter afterwards. My husband came home and I explained everything to him crying. It was an absolute mess to clean up.

So that was my experience yesterday, unfortunately I have other experiences like this that I'd love to share, let me know if you guys would want to hear them.


Day Camp

When I was younger, I belonged to a Boys and Girls club. We went on a day camp one day. I had never done this before and wondered how toileting would be handled with both boys and girls there. Would toilets be available? Would we pee on the ground? Would the boys and girls watch each other pee? I decided we would find out later. We reached a picnic area in time for lunch and we did not see any toilets. We were told there were supposed to be, but something went wrong. Now everyone had to pee and poop on the ground. Somewhat away from the tables to pee and further to poop. The boys and girls were told not to watch each other,but it didn't work out that way. The boys wanted to watch the girls pee, but the girls didn't really want the boys to watch, although some did and some wanted to see how the boys peed standing up. I just peed on the ground and payed no attention to the boys, or at least I think I didn't. So we ate lunch and then had another bathroom session. This was of less concern than the first one. We took off, finished our hike, and went home.


Of plastic and concrete

When I turned 16 I got my first summer job. It was working at the concessions window at an amusement park in our city. A portion of the park was aimed at parents with little kids and there were rides for what we called Small Tykes, miniature golf, and some athletic-type attractions, too. I worked with this chick, Mia, who was fun to be around, but not the brightest. She almost got fired a couple of times for doing dumb things. One summer night when we got off at 8 she said she knew a couple guys that we could go to the movies with. Mia had just gotten her drivers license, but I was still working on mine. So I was in on her plan.

Both she and I had to pee. The lines were long at most of the bathrooms in the main park, so we reluctantly decided to use the public toilets right behind our stand. They were labeled "Little Men" and "Little Women" and were very friendly to little kids. There were eight toilet cubicles--not with doors because of the hassle they would cause for little kids. Mia said the toilets were "so cute" because they were less than a foot off the floor. Mia at 5'5" complained about the really light plastic seat and how it almost crunched and cracked under her. She was about 10 pounds overweight as I remember. I couldn't believe how naive she was. I was 6' at the time and a two-sport athlete and I started my "sit" with my tailbone on the seat and a 20 or 30 degree arc between my thighs and the seat. Not that comfortable so my pee stream didn't readily start.

I could hear a little patter of pee hitting the water in Mia's stall. I was only able to contribute about 15 seconds worth. We were almost late for the movie so we didn't stop in the bathroom there. The show lasted about two hours and we each drank a lot of soda. The boys were too cheap to buy their own and Marcus almost finished mine off before I grabbed it from him. Josh, Mia's date faked like he was spitting into her 36-ounce cup and when she started to play with him over that she let off a pretty loud fart. We all laughed.

After the movie, there was a line extending outside the ladies room, so we let the guys talk us into making the 10 minute drive home. Mia got mixed up on her directions, we ended up in this industrial area of the city, and when we got detoured onto some residential streets, she ran out of gas. Mia didn't have anything on her debit card, the boys didn't have much to contribute, and I only had a couple of dollars. Josh was looking around our darkened car and found a storm sewer just to the rear of it. He unzipped and peed into it, although Marcus punched him in the arm once, and that caused his stream to hit the concrete. That caused splash back that got mostly on him.

Mia was reluctant and hurting too bad not be the next to go. She used her hands in the dark to make sure her butt was on the concrete, but that was ample room for her pee to drain into the sewer. We were watching, and she looked to her right side. She shrieked out a scream. There was something on the concrete just to the right of her cheek. Marcus took out his lighter to illuminate it. It was the piece of the tail of a dead squirrel. I was hurting so bad so I asked Mia to move over and I took a seat next to her. My size caused Marcus to call me a "low rider" because my legs were so highly elevated. I couldn't spread them out horizontally because they would have hit Mia's space. My pee started almost immediately and the guys laughed as it fell into the concrete trap probably three feet below us. Marcus made a gross, snide remark about that, but Mia told him to F###off and that shut him up.

I felt relieved, pulled up my underwear and jeans and took the boys to the other side of the car. That worked and Mia was able to go finally.
Just as she was finishing up her dad returned her call and said he was coming with a gas can. Mia got grounded for two weeks. I missed curfew and my parents wouldn't let me go out with people they didn't know for a few months until I got their trust back.

Just yesterday I was walking our two dogs in the park. Winter's coming on and I need to pee more often. Although the cold toilet in the park stung my butt and our two dogs tugged on the leash, I realized it was better than what happened that night several summers ago with Mia and the boys.

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