Gym poop

Hey, this is my second time posting and today I have another embarrassing poop story. On Saturday morning I went to the gym to get a workout in before seeing my friends in the afternoon, but unfortunately I had to go to the bathroom really badly. In the middle of my workout, when I was doing my sit ups I felt something gurgle in my stomach and I knew exactly what that meant. So, I quickly headed to the washroom, but it was already in use, and at this particular gym we only have one singular washroom. So I waited there hoping that whoever was in there would finish soon. Five minutes passed and the urge to poop was getting stronger, and so I checked the male washroom, but that too was in use, and I had no other option but to wait. However, I couldn't keep waiting and I didn't want to do my business outside the gym where everybody could see me. I'm very shy when it comes to pooping, and I will only poop at my house or in a toilet, as I haven't built up the courage to poop in public like I see many of you on this site have. So, when 5 more minutes passed I finally couldn't hold it in any longer, and the hot mushy poop came rushing out of my butt. Thankfully it wasn't diarrhea, but it was a mountain of sloppy poo. Not to mention, I was wearing a thong, as it feels more comfortable with my yoga pants. Therefore, the poop couldn't be carried by my underwear, and there was a huge lump on the back side of my pants. Finally when I was finished the women came out of the washroom, and I quickly ran in holding my bum. When inside the washroom I took of my pants and found that the poop had smeared all around my butt, and I couldn't just through out my underwear and wear my pants, as the thong wasn't able to catch all of it. In fact, it made it worse. My thong divided the mushy poop as it exited my butt hole causing the poop to move all over my cheeks. Knowing that there was no way I was going to clean all of this up I just scooped out as much poop as I could and left wearing my disgusting thong and yoga pants. Through this entire experience, I forgot that I had to meet up with my friends, and so I had to make an excuse about how I was too sick to go.
Like I said in my first post, is their any advice people have for me, and have you ever pooped yourself.


Red Panda survey

1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? Do you take the toilet paper and just try to wipe as best as possible or do you separate your labia to get a better wipe? I'm curious because I feel like I need to wipe better.

I just dab dry most of the time honestly.

2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience!


3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out?

My friend's house has a full length mirror right next to the toilet, and I've watched myself pooing there (side view). I've also pooed at a coffeeshop with a full length mirror in front of the toilet (front view).

4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom?

Yeah, sometimes I leave the stall door open when I'm with my friends.

5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet?

This has happened to me a lot!

6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo?

Yep, my friends and I don't get embarrassed about this sort of thing, we pee and poo in front of each other all the time.

7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo?

I prefer that my pants be around my ankles, but sometimes I feel self conscious about strangers looking at my panties, so if I'm in a public bathroom I'll pull them up around my knees.


I Miss Anna from Canada!

She always had such descriptive stories that I could relate to because I'm a junior in college (in the US) and take dumps & hear dumps on campus all the time. I hope she comes back!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017



Last weekend I went to a bar with a friend. We have not seen each other for a while, and each of us had reason to celebrate. So after a few drinks we arranged a ride home and had a merry time. A couple of drinks turned to a dozen, and when my wofe came to pick me up I was wasted. I am not much of a drinker, I only got really drunk three times in my life. The previous time I peed myself walking home. This time I do not remember much, but there was a growing puddle around my feet as I was leaning against a wall. And I do have a memory of a soiled underwear on the floor. When I woke up, I was in my bed, in a dry and mostly clean pajamas. My dear wife cleaned my up and took care of me. But she does tease about it still, mentioning how I was telling her that I crapped myself.


Wetting on the beach

My girlfriend (Wendy) and I had some fun times at our local beach this summer. We both like to pee for each other and to do that in unusual places.

Wendy has a pale blue bikini and one day when she was wearing it we were having a picnic on the beach. After a couple of cans of cola she needed a wee, so we wandered down to the sea ...normally she would sit down in the shallow water and go through her bikini bottoms. This day she said she would give me a treat, so we stood in the shallow water and she just let her wee go...there was a really good stream coming through her bikini pants and splashing into the sea water. She kissed me and asked how I liked my treat.

I thought I would show her something similar, so as we walked back to our towels, I said I need to go too. I arranged myself so it was pointing down in my trunks and faced her as I peed a good stream...she was very pleased and we went back to our towels and put sun tan lotion on each other.

hope you like this story, I have several others if you do.


New Pushing method

Hi folks, I just learned something new today. If you're sitting on a conventional toilet and your struggling with a poop, try planting your heels firmly on the floor, as opposed to being up on your toes. Try to use your feet to push your butt back on the seat, but don't actually let your butt move. You can't do this maneuver without it tightening your abdomen and squeezing on your poop!!-- JW

Girlfriend wet her pants and her roommate shit her pants

Hey guys got a funny story about an old girlfriend wetting her pants that led to me hearing two stories about her roommate shitting herself.

So this was back in grad school. The girl I was dating was Lauren she shared an apartment with Sally (NOT THEIR REAL NAMES LOL!!!). We had met on campus for lunch and Sally was going to drive us back to their apartment. As we walked to her car I noticed that my girlfriend Lauren's khaki pants were really tight. They were so tight that her visible panty line was super obvious. I don't know if she had accidently shrunk them in the washing machine or if she had gained a little (she's a curvy girl).

I knew she'd be mortified if she knew people could see her panty line like that and I was feeling really bad for her that she had been walking around all day like this. As were got in the car (me in the back) I tried to think of a way of telling her to be careful of wearing those pants in future without having her know that she's been showing her panty line all day.

As we're driving, Sally mentioned taking a detour somewhere (I forget where). Lauren said not to because she really needed the bathroom. My ears perked up at this because she NEVER talks about peeing or anything like that. She's one of those girls that doesn't want her boyfriend to know that she even uses the toilet (she would always say she needed to check her makeup when she went). So for her to admit that she had a need meant it must be serious......

We drove closer but the traffic was really bad. I noticed she started bouncing her legs and was really starting to squirm. She was trying not to hold herself but I noticed a few times were she was forced to grab her crotch. She asked Sally to go faster but there really wasn't anything Sally could do because the traffic sucked.

Finally we get to their place and park. Lauren bursts out of the door but she misjudged the curb and trips and falls to her hands and knees. There was a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ripping sounds and the seat of her pants split completely open on the back seam. It looked just like a cartoon or a movie. The only thing missing would be those cartoon heart print boxer shorts that the cartoons have whenever a character is in their underwear.

I don't know if it was the shock of the fall or the embarrassment of splitting her pants in public (there were only two or three people around) or just it was too late anyway, but she completely lost control of her bladder and flooded her pants with pee. I remember how shocking it was that it happened simultaneously. You never see either of those two things happen but they happened at the same time to Lauren. She was still on her knees with a horrified shocked expression. A few people around were kind of trying to act like they weren't looking. Lauren put one hand on her backside to cover her panties and another hand on her completely wet crotch.

She started swearing quietly and saying she needed to get inside right away. I helped her up and this is when Sally couldn't control herself and started laughing. I knew this was a mistake and Sally probably did too but she just couldn't help it. I walked behind Lauren to try to cover her exposure and Sally walked next to her. The more Sally laughed I knew the more angry Lauren got until we got to the front door of their apartment and Lauren finally snapped and shouted, "I never laughed at you when you shit yourself!"

Sally immediately stopped laughing and looked as shocked as Lauren had when she split her pants. She made eyecontact with me and then quickly looked away and started turning bright red. She unlocked the door and went in. Sally went to her bedroom immediately without saying a word. Lauren went into the bathroom to shower and change and I hung out in th kitchen not sure of what to do but at least I didn't have to worry about the visible panty line problem anymore.

Lauren eventually came out and she was still beyond embarrassed. She was horrified that it had happened and that I saw it. I comforted her and said that it could happen to anyway. Eventually her face stopped blushing (I swear she was blushing for an hour after it happened). After a while Sally came out and apologized for laughing and Lauren and her made up.

I knew Lauren was still pissed off at being laughed at. I was too scared to laugh at the time because I knew Lauren had no self-deprecating humor and would be really angry if I had.... I do laugh and smile when I think about it now though. The combination of her trying to cover up her big green panties while pee was running down her legs is a funny visual. But I knew she was angry at Sally still so later that evening when we were in bed about to go to sleep I said it was mean of Sally to laugh. She agreed but tried to change the subject because I think she wanted to forget that this day ever happened. Then I asked her about Sally shitting her pants. She smirked a lot but initially didn't want to say. I remember saying something like "How can she laugh when you split your pants if she's shit her pants before? Shitting pants is worse than splitting pants!" She laughed at that and then told me that Sally had actually crapped herself TWICE. I write those out some other time because I gotta go to work now.

Big outdoor poop

Long time lurker first time poster. I live in a little town in New Mexico and I've always been fascinated by bowel movements (being a boy I'm more naturally into girls movements). This site has helped me overcome my fear of going in public and unfamiliar places. I have a few stories about some recent events. On Monday I went to school and after lunch I felt allot of gas building up but I can't really let it go at school so I held it, about 5th period I felt that there was more than just gas and I figured I should just go but when I went to the gym bathroom it was a wreck so I held it to 7th. I was dying through 7th and halfway through I gave up and went into the bathroom, there was 2 people in there but none In the stall I took it, waited for the people to leave and let fly, what would of been close to 20 inches of snake poop exited me at warp speed and was broken up by the gas upon impact, I wish it had to stay intact as that would of been quite a poop. Another story happened today, I felt the same way I did on Monday but later on so I made it home, at home I went to the bathroom and sat down 13 inches of soft poop coiled in the bowl. I thought I was done for the day till I went to my room for the night and tried to work on homework but I was hit by cramps, I would of gone to the real bathroom but my room is not connected to the main house and it's a pain to go inside. So instead I figured I'd go outside and go poop. So grabbed a ruler for digging and some tissues, I went outside found a tree and dug a six inch hole. I pulled down my pants and pushed. what happened next I was not prepared for, I figured I had diarrhea because of the cramps so i made a small hole but instead what came out of me when I pushed was a 2.5 inch thick snake that was about 25 inches long and coiled its way once around the hole and stuck about 12 inches out of the ground I was taken aback and just stared, then I heard my neighbor come home drunk get out of the car and start cursing at somone, they defended themselves and they went back forth between eachother and I was just stuck there frozen, if you don't know, New Mexico is famous for its domestic violence and large number of crimes so I'm pretty accustomed to this kind of thing I waited till they went inside and wiped my self and pushed everything into the hole and stuffed the tail of the snake into the hole I packed it down the best I could and put the dirt back on and got the hell out of dodge.

Thanks for reading and thanks to this website for helping me come out of my shell a lil bit


Work Bathrooms

Hello everyone, I am a school teacher at a regional high school. I teach English for freshmen and juniors. First off I am 43 years old I have two kids who are 7 and 4. I am also a red head. Tuesday was an important day because we had a science fair for juniors. Since they had gone down to the gym I had the freshmen. I had the urge to take a nice big poop. I asked the teacher next door to watch my class.

I walked down the hall to the bathrooms and unfortunately the faculty doesn't have their own bathrooms. I walked in and the girls room has 5 stalls and there was one girl in a stall. She had her jeans at her ankles and she had some yellow underwear. I took the stall next to her and the lock was hard to push because it was so broken. Eventually I locked it and lowered my black slacks and blue panties to my ankles and sat down. The student next to me was farting a lot like she was going to have a big poop. Then another student came in and ran to the 3rd stall and then farted with a bunch of poop exploding into the toilet. Of course she didnt wipe or flush and just ran out. The students shoes looked really familiar and then I realized it was one of my students Aniya. I decided not to say anything to make her feel uncomfortable mostly because I didnt want her knowing that her teacher was pooping next to her. I pushed a bit to help and then Aniya farted again and then there was a small plop in the toilet. She asked for some toilet paper and I gave her a couple wads and and she started wiping her bum. She got up and left and I pushed out a nice thick log which came out to about ten inches and I pushed out another one which was about 5 inches I wiped and got up. I checked the stall of the girl with explosive poop and she never sat down and she left diaherrea on the seat. Aniya also didnt flush. There was a nice piece of poop in there which was around 6 inches.

I have another quick story to tell. This happened about a month ago when me and my son Caleb went through an apple orchard. So theres a farmers market near us that is opened every Saturday. We were going through the orchard and I had to go pay the parking meter so I told Ryan to stay here while I payed it. I payed and walked back and had to pee so I went to the outdoor toilets. They weren't porta potties as you could flush them but they were weird. I pulled my jeans down to my ankles and sat down. There was a vent I could look through to see into the other stall and there was some lady cleaning herself up. She left the stall and it was empty for about 30 seconds. I started peeing and then someone went into the next toilet. I looked through the vent and it was Caleb! He locked the door, and pulled his sweat pants and his batman underwear down to his ankles and sat down. It really wasn't weird because I'd seen him poop plenty of times before. The toilets must've been really high because his feet hung about 4 inches off the ground. He made a small fart and then I started hearing crackling. His face was red like really red. And then there was a plop. Then there was a bigger plop, he started rolling out toilet paper and wiped. He pulled up his undies and pants and flushed and left. I went around the toilets and met up with him to make it look like nothing happened. Of course I have many more stories so please stay tuned.


Coach trips with sightings or near sigh

Over the weekend someone asked me to look for a photograph that I may have taken, so I first looked through my digital photos on CDs, but they were to new, so I dug out old photo albums and looked through them. This lead me to remember past coach trip sightings.

1974, I was on a coach on a two lane German motorway. Up in front of the coach a car pulled off onto the side of the road and a female in a business suit got out and came to the back of it, with her back to the road she put her hands up under her skirt and pulled down her knickers and squatted down as we pasted her all I could see was a bit of bum, we were soon past so I did not get to see her pee.

1982, I joined a London to Plymouth coach at Heathrow having just arrived back from Canada. The coach was very full and running late. After a time the back of the coach was getting very loud, (I think it was a hen party going home), when a female in a very short skirt made her way to the driver to ask him to stop, ( this coach was an old one with no toilet), the driver said no, she returned to her seat and a loud 'well if he will not stop then I will just pee here' was said.
Minutes later another female made her way to the driver, she said something to him before going down the few steps to the door well of the coach and her head went below my line of sight, then a second female ran to the front of the coach, grabbed the drivers pale blue square plastic rubbish bin, placed it in the gangway and with her back to the people on the coach pulled her knickers down and sat on it. I did get to see her bum and bit of ass crack as she sat there, and all of her bum as she stood up to pull her knickers up, before both females returned to there seats.
When the coach did stop sometime later at some services and I got off to go to the gents there was a big wet patch on the door mat, the driver was washing his bin out under a tap when I came out of the gents. The hen party got off at Exeter with no more peeing.

2000, On my way home from France, we were trying to get into Zeebrugger ferry terminal, (another french ferry strike) the traffic was bumper to bumper and not moving, we could see the terminal to the right, as we sat there two females walked past our coach (I think they thought they could walk to it to use the toilets). The traffic started to move but the road curved left away from the terminal and as it went under a over pass there they were.
The two females were squatting with there backs to a support pillar having a pee, our coach had the slow and I was level with them, they were side on to me and I had a great view of both the side butt cheeks and I could clearly see both there pee streams, and when the one nearest to the road stood up she turned her back to the road and gave a full view of the whole of her bum as she bent to pull up her things, but this did hide the other female when she stood up.
Then they ran back up the road to rejoin there transport.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Natasha great story.

To: Jessica it sounds like you had a pretty desperate poop and made it to the bathroom just in time.

To: Elphaba great story.

To: Lucy first welcome to the site and great story and I look forward to reading even more of them.

To: Anna From Austria was the chili spicy if so then it was the chili that caused the burn.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Chili farts/pooping

I had some chili for dinner tonight. Chili always gives me potent farts and that is what has happened throughout the evening. It reminds me of a funny time as a Boy Scout back in 2007 when we were at our annual summer camp. I think it was that Wednesday night when our troop had some delicious chili for dinner. But again, delicious chili is usually the kind that gives you serious gas and pooping. Indeed, multiple Scouts in the troop, myself included, were farting all night after dinner and the campsite smelled absolutely disgusting. I went to the latrine before bedtime in need of a serious poop. I did that and it was a bit soft in terms of texture, but pretty solid. There was probably about five pieces, making it a normal poop for me, for the most part. Then I turned in and the next morning our campsite smelled normal again.

End Stall Em

Spencer's crapping phobia

I've written before about my long-time friend, and for the past few years, my boyfriend, Spencer. I live in the dorms during the week and spend most weekends at Spencer's apartment. Sunday morning we both overslept. He was the first out of bed after our kiss and I lingered for a couple of minutes. Then I realized I needed to hurry. I opened the bathroom door to find him on the toilet as I was drawing my shower. One thing is consistent and very different with him and goes back to when he first came over to my parents' house about 10 years ago while doing yard work in the neighborhood. Even at home he places toilet paper over the seat before he sits on it. Always! So a couple of minutes later as I was showering, Spencer opened the shower door and asked me to pick up toilet paper at the mall where I work because he had just used the last of it. For the rest of my shower, the first five minutes of my drive, and while I waited behind three other women to use the bathroom at the Kwik Shop, Spencer's wastage of toilet paper just didn't rest well with me. Finally when I got to the mall, 25 minutes late and still mad, a colleague Marcie, who was covering for me at the kiosk, could see I was upset. At lunch, I told her about Spencer's fastidious habit. She agrees with me that its like so last century! She recommends that I visit a travel store at our mall which sells packages of seat covers. I don't know. Later when I cooled down I stopped picked up a 24-roll pack of toilet tissue. I deliberately placed it on the toilet for Spencer to find. Then I drove to campus to finish a research paper.


Another camping story

Hi again. I have another story about camping in the woods with friends as a kid. Hope you enjoy it.

During the summer and fall, our group of boys would go off into the woods around our neighborhood and explore for hours. Eventually, we found a site we liked and wanted to camp there. We persuaded our parents that, because we were still technically in the neighborhood, we'd be okay for a few days on our own, during a long weekend from school. Finally, they agreed and we set off with supplies: Kevin brought a tent with him in a huge carrying bag which had straps like a backpack; Chris and I brought the food and bottled water; Jared brought our sleeping bags and pillows; and we all had changes of clothes for two days.

Once we got to our original site, Chris and Kevin set about setting up the tent, which was easy as it was fairly simple in design; it could hold two, but we'd all squeeze in fine. I had needed to poop since shortly after beginning our hike and couldn't easily take care of my need as the others peed against trees, so I really needed to go now. Fortunately, the "rock toilet" I'd made earlier war still standing and I headed over to it with a Goosebumps book I was reading at the time.

I anxiously unbuttoned my pants and tugged them and my underwear down to my ankles. Chris saw me and suddenly pulled something out of his pack. It was a toilet seat! He ran over to me and explained that he'd found it in his family's garage. He placed it on the rim of the pit toilet and I sat down quickly, pleased that the rocks were firmly in place now after a week.

"Thanks, that's a lot better!" I said. He grinned and said it was nothing, his parents wouldn't even notice as it was being thrown away anyway. A cramp hit my stomach and I grunted, bearing down hard. Slowly, I felt my butt open almost too wide and a huge log started moving out. Sweat ran down my forehead and I wiped it away. Chris sat down next to me on the grass.

"That sounds like it hurts!" he said and I grunted in agreement, pushing too hard to speak. Finally I pushed it all the way out and it hit the bottom of the pit, a good three feet deep, with a thud. I farted loudly and sighed in relief. I pushed again and farted before feeling another one start to slide out. Pee squirted out as I was pushing and built into a strong stream, splashing against the front rock. I sighed as my bladder slowly emptied. I pushed as I finished peeing to get it all out and felt the second poop drop too.

"Almost done? I have to pee," Chris said. I laughed. "Just pee here, it's grass!" He laughed too and stood up, unzipping his fly and pointing his penis at a patch of ground; a stream flew out and he shut his green eyes. With his curly dark hair and the blissful look on his face, I was suddenly struck by how pretty he looked. Heat rose in my cheeks and I looked away, concentrating on my poop again, as another was pushing out. That's what I got for not popping for three days!

I grunted and strained, since this was not coming out easily: it was hard and scratched as it came out. Painful. I pushed hard, hoping to get it out quickly and groaned in pain as it was forced out, scratching all the way, finally dropping with a big thud into the pit. I farted again three times and felt done. I took a pack of tissues out of my pocket (for just this reason) and wiped carefully as my butt stung a bit. I was dismayed to find quite a lot of blood on the paper; wow, it hurt more than I thought!

I tossed the dirty tissues into the pit when I was done and stood up, pulling up my pants as I did so. Chris glanced in. "Wow! You really had to go, didn't you?" I nodded in relief, squirting some hand sanitizer onto my hands from a big bottle we had. Chris told me to set the bottle on a flat rock next to the toilet and hung a roll of toilet paper on a low branch within reaching distance of the toilet. There, a proper bathroom! It was in full view of the campsite, but whatever, nobody cared.

The others had finished setting things up now and I had the brilliant idea (since I didn't know how to safely make a campfire yet) of putting the large metal lantern Kevin had brought on a big stump a few yards from the tent and arranging our camping chair around it. (When night came, it actually looked quite nice!)

It grew unseasonably cold as night drew in and we huddled around the "campfire", as the metal lantern actually doubled as a heater and gave off a good amount of heat while lit. We told jokes and funny stories we'd heard, discussed a few movies we'd seen, etc. Jared got up and went over to the toilet, dropping his shorts and sitting down. His loud fart reached us and we laughed. He grimaced as he pushed hard and sighed as a barely audible thud was heard in the pit. He kept grunting and pushing on the toilet for several minutes, farting several times, and finally sighed in relief, grabbed some toilet paper, and wiped his butt. He stood up and pulled up his pants and used some hand sanitizer.

We sat around the lantern for almost an hour, just talking, and soon broke out the food, having a Lunchable each for dinner; finally, it was completely dark and we could hear crickets and cicadas singing in the grass around us. We stood up, stretching, and decided it was time for bed. Squeezing inside the tent, we undressed as best we could and climbed into our sleeping bags, stuffed together like sardines in a can.

In the morning, it was cool and I shivered as I pulled on new clothes. I wasn't the only one awake; Chris's sleeping bag was also empty. I climbed out of the tent and and saw Chris sitting on the toilet. He was still in his pajamas and sitting hunched on the seat, gripping his stomach. I heard a loud, wet fart burst out of him and he grimaced with a groan.

"Are you okay?" I asked, concerned, as I came over. Chris shook his head miserably and then groaned again as a loud splatter was heard in the pit; he was having diarrhea. He finished with a small wet fart and wiped his sweaty face. "I think those Lunchables might be bad, I feel really sick."

I was feeling gurgles in my own stomach and suddenly a wave of nausea hit me out of nowhere. I gripped my stomach and said, "Yeah, seems like it, are you going to be on there longer?" Chris grunted, nodding, and I heard another splatter of diarrhea. My belly was now full of painful knots and I hurried into the tall grass a few feet from the toilet and jerked down my jeans and underwear, squatting and gripping my knees. I groaned as a huge wave of diarrhea gushed out and soaked the ground under my butt. I was shuddering by the time it finished, feeling weak and sweaty. Something punched me hard in the stomach and I farted explosively as wave after wave of burning diarrhea gushed out. I was crying by this point, and barely noticed the other boys rushing out of the tent and ducking behind a tree, loud farts soon coming from behind them.

Chris suddenly leaned forward and threw up in the grass by his feet and the sight and smell made me lurch forward in a kind of frog-squat, and vomit into the grass as well. I was pushing out of both ends for a long time and when it was finally over, I was empty and shaking and so weak it took me two attempts to stand up after wiping my butt what seemed like twenty times. I grabbed the hand sanitizer and put it back on the rock when I was done. Chris was grimacing, gripping his stomach as an explosive fart burst out with another huge splatter.

Finally, I was able to stagger upright and walked away from my mess, chilled through to the skin through my sweat-soaked shirt. Chris seemed done now and wiped his butt many times before standing. He was crying and I suddenly walked over and hugged him,feeling his shirt was as damp as mine. I could feel my butt was still wet and thought I hadn't wiped well enough until I realized I had peed all over my pants as I was leaning forward to throw up and poop at the same time. I trudged off to the tent to change again, realizing this meant I'd need to wear something twice.

We threw the rest of the Lunchables away into the grass and subsisted on sandwiches for the rest of the day, which, thankfully, were fine in their cooler filled with ice. Jared rushed to the toilet during lunch to have more explosive farts, gripping the seat tightly, his eyes squeezed shut. He wiped after ten minutes and came back, looking a bit paler. It took the rest of the day for us to recover from the diarrhea attacks, with us rushing to the toilet or else squatting in the nearby tall grass (the toilet grass, we called it afterward, to keep it separate from the rest of the campsite) to have chunky diarrhea for several minutes.

Fortunately, the next day was fine. Everyone felt much better and Kevin had one small bout of diarrhea in the morning, but that was it. Jared went over to the pit toilet next, unzipping his fly and peeing into the toilet for a few minutes. He farted quietly twice but didn't seem to need a poop. I decided to squat in the "toilet grass" instead of use the pit toilet when I needed to poop that evening, grunting out four long turds and farting five times during it. Finally, I peed for a minute and was done.

We packed up and headed back in the morning. I took a nice, long poop in the rock toilet before we left, reading for a while. This slightly irritated my friends, as I held them up for fifteen minutes while I did my business. I finished, wiped, and we headed out. Nothing much happened afterward. I peed for a long time against a tree and a little later, Kevin squatted over a small creek, his turds dropping into the water and flowing quickly away, farting softly at the end; this seemed like a good idea so Jared and Chris squatted over the water too, and they soon started dropping turds and both farting loudly. We all laughed and when they were done, we continued back home.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am enjoying all of your posts! Keep up the great work, everyone! I hope to see more from you all soon!
I just thought I'd stop by and share a rather interesting story. This took place when I was probably around 6, maybe 7 years old. I doubt I was any older than that.
I was playing at my neighbors house. A boy around my age lived there. We became friends, so we played a lot.
One day, his dad had set up a sprinkler. He was in his bathing suit running through the sprinkler. I noticed this as I glanced out my window. I naturally wanted to join, so I got changed into my bathing suit too and dashed outside and began running through the sprinkler as well!
After about 5 minutes of this, he declared that he needed to use the bathroom and that he'd be right back. I was around that age where I was curious about the difference between boys and girls, so I guess I just wanted to sneak a quick peek if I could.
We both went inside and he went into his bathroom, shutting the door partially. I knocked, asking if I could come in. He seemed a bit embarrassed at first, but we agreed that I could come in if he would see mine as well.
He started to pull down his swim trunks.
"I've never seen a boy's privates before," I said. He pulled his trunks down all the way and sat on the toilet. He pointed his penis down into the bowl and started peeing.
"Don't boys usually go standing up?" I asked.
"Yeah, I usually do, but this time I have to poop too," he said in reply.
I sat on the edge of the bathtub, right across from him. His legs were apart, so I could see the log coming as he pushed hard. A little grunt escaped him, and I said, "it's okay! It's almost out!" He continued to push and finally it fell with a big plop. A few loose turds slipped out effortlessly after the first big one. He took some toilet paper and wiped the tip of his penis, then wiped his butt a few times. He stood up, pulled his trunks back up and washed his hands at the sink.
"I need to go too," I said, blushing. I was slightly embarrassed about it, but seeing him poop made me more comfortable with the idea.
"Can I watch?" He asked.
"Sure," I said, pulling down my one piece bathing suit. I finally got my bathing suit off and sat on the toilet.
"I've never seen a girl's privates before either," he said, curiously looking at my vagina as I spread my legs to pee.
I started to pee, my stream lasting around 30 seconds, which shocked him. "Wow, you really had to go!" He commented.
I pushed a little and out came a long turd. A few pushes later, I was all done. I took some toilet paper and wiped in between my legs and then my butt. I put my bathing suit back on and washed my hands after flushing the toilet. We returned outside to continue playing as if nothing happened.
Very memorable experience!

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