I spent my Thanksgiving weekend on the toilet

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting much recently, although I hope you enjoyed my last post about the time I helped my ex boyfriend through a bout of constipation!

Speaking of constipation, I spent most of my Thanksgiving weekend on the toilet with some of the worst constipation I've had in a while! On Thanksgiving (Thursday), I went over to my Grandma's house and had a lovely Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, the whole deal! It was delicious! Unfortunately though, with a lot of food comes a lot of POOP. I could feel my stomach bloating up a bit that night as I came home. I tried to poop before I went to sleep, but no luck. This didn't surprise me though, as that's pretty normal for me. On Friday, I woke up with quite a sore stomach ache. I was supposed to go to my Aunt's house that evening and help her prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting the next day, but after spending all afternoon trying and failing to poop, I had to cancel. I called her and told her I wasn't feeling well. I was still planning on coming to the dinner Saturday afternoon, but when I woke up Saturday morning, my stomach was absolutely killing me. Again, I called my Aunt and told her I wouldn't be able to make it. She wished me well. I spent the rest of the morning pushing and straining away on the toilet. Nothing was coming out apart from a few tiny pebbles which took a ton of effort to produce. I wasn't sure what to do. I took a break to drink some water and put a heating pad on my belly to see if that would help. After a couple of hours, I started to feel loads of pressure in my anus so I headed back to the toilet. I pushed and pushed but noting would come out. Finally after about an hour of moaning and groaning, my butthole began to open and a massive turd began to slowly inch out. I placed my feet on the front edge of the toilet seat and hovered over the bowl in a squatting position, hugging my knees as this beast made its way out of me. It splashed into the water after a good 30 or 40 minutes. I was exhausted, but I knew there was more to come. I sat back down on the toilet and rubbed my stomach as another log started to emerge. This one was smaller than the last, but still pretty massive. I was in tears by the time it finally came out. After a quick rest, I braced myself for the next turd. The next several were huge, but they came out fairly easy. I moaned and cried to myself as they stretched my poor butthole. I stayed on the toilet for 3 more hours while I pushed out 6 or 7 pieces of poop that varied in size and difficulty until I was finally finished. I took a much needed shower and went to sleep. Maybe I'll remember to eat a little lighter next Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a much more pleasant holiday than I did!


Responses and Thanksgiving!

Hi Adrian! I missed responding to you when you posted. I'm so busy, but I try to keep up with the forum. I'm glad you're back!

Also, Victoria, that was a great story about you and Brooke!

As you all know, I'm breast-feeding an infant who can't seem to eat enough! He's always hungry. My appetite is pretty strong right now. So, I indulged in all of the Thanksgiving goodness. I had a really nice poop Thursday evening when we got settled in at home. We had Thanksgiving at our house for the first time ever. My mother helped, but it was wonderful to have Alan's family and my family together. We're both only children, so our families are not that big. After they left, my bowels were on queue and the end result was a nice, relaxing poop.

Friday morning was different. After breakfast I felt so bloated. My stomach started cramping. So, I knew this would be big. However, someone else was hungry. Yes, my little man was fussing. I went to the toilet, sat down, and began to feed our baby all while taking one of the smelliest, biggest poops I've ever done. So much came out that it came out of the water, making a huge mound of light brown soft serve. It wreaked.

When the baby finished eating, I called for Alan. He came in and nearly gagged at the smell. I lifted my hips so that he could see the pile.

It took three flushes to get every thing down. Fortunately, the warm stream of the built in bidet kept me comfortable between waves of pooping.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Response to Chloe!

Hi Chloe,

I wanted to welcome you to the forum and say that you remind me so much of me when I was your age. Today, I'm 37, 6'1 and weigh around 200 lbs, as I am trying to get some baby weight off.

While I'm not a strict vegetarian, my family began eating more vegetarian recipes when I was a preteen. I had gotten overweight and the change was tremendous. Since that time I've felt great and really have large, enjoyable bowel movements - twice daily for me is normal.

I wanted to write to encourage you to keep up the good habits!

I hope everyone is dooing well!

Love to all!



Anna's poo at the market

Hi, it's Anna. Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Today I needed a big number two while out at the farmers marked and I thought it would make a nice story.

I woke up very hungover and my friend Danielle and I decided to go to the farmers market first thing to get some coffee and breakfast. On the drive there she kept telling me that she needed to pee and by the time we parked the car she said she was about to pee her pants! I kinda think that she was beeing a bit dramatic, but she went to the bathroom right away. After that we had food and coffee and then we went to look at the stuff in the market. By now I needed the bathroom to do both things, though mostly I had an urgent poo that wanted out. I told Danielle that I was going to the bathroom and would be right back.

As I was getting close, I noticed a very tall lady and a little girl enter the ladies room. Then, right in front of me was a blue haired girl and behind me was a blond girl wearing a pink jacket with a nametag that said „Kate". She said „thanks" as I held open the door for her and all three of us went in pretty much at the same time. There were three stalls on each side. All where empty except one middle stall which was probably taken by the mum and the little girl. The blue haired girl took the last stall on the other side, I went into the middle and the girl with the pink jacket chose the cubicle to my left.

I locked the door, put down my bag and then started to undo my jeans. All three of us were now getting ready to do our business and the sounds of rustling clothes and bums hitting seats were coming from all stalls. Meanwhile someone was already peeing quite noisily in the stall on the other side. I'm pretty sure it was the mum, because it sounded like a big stream. She also did quite an audible fart in the middle of her pee and then the little girl giggled. I let go of my pee also and farted as I did, but it was a really quiet one. All three girls on my side were now peeing. Kate and I did hissing steams into our toilets, but the blue haired girl was having more of a trickle. I had a quick peek under the stalls. The trickling pee girl had not really pulled down her leggins much, but Kate's jeans and pink panties were bunched up at her feet. When I was done peeing, I also pushed my jeans and thong all the way down to get more comfortable for my poo. Both the blue haired girl and the mum were now working the toilet rolls and Kate was still peeing away in her stall. I took out my phone and started to text some of my girlfriends. After another minute or so, the mum and the blue haired girl had washed their hands and left and all of a sudden it was really quiet in the room. I could hear my neighbour shifting her weight around on the seat a bit and then she let out an airy fart and right away poo started to crackle out of her bum and it was plopping into her bowl piece by piece. I had started my number two pretty much at the same time. A big turd pushed out of my bumhole and dropped into the bowl with a loud plop. Some of the water even splashed my cheeks, which was jucky! Kate kept going just dropping smaller poops into her toilet and two more times she farted and these were now wet ones that made kind of embarrasing sounds in the bowl. I did two more logs, pretty big and long ones, but smaller than my first and I suppose my poo was now just piling up under my bum. I was a bit embarrassed, but my stall was really stinking by now and I felt kinda bad about how it was probably going into Kate's cubicle as well.

Anyway, after three logs I felt all empty. I pulled off some tp, wiped my front and then started to clean up my poopy rear end. My neighbour had already been using her toilet roll for a while and we both flushed pretty much at the same time. I pulled up my thong and jeans and went out to wash my hands. I exchanged a quick smile with Kate at the sinks, the kind that is sort of a bit awkward when both girls know that they just did a big poo, haha. Anyway, I quickly left the washroom to join Danielle again. We continued to browse the market and I felt much better being all relieved. I hope you liked my story!

Big shoutouts to Victoria B, Anna from Austria, Erin and Jessica. I love reading your stories! They are the best.

John H


Hi all
Some comments.
@Lucy, Hi and welcome. Good to see you posting after your friend Abbie told you about this site. I enjoyed your first post and looking forward to hearing more.

@KT, I really related to your post as when I was a young child I was friends with the girl next door and we used to go to the toilet together also. You never forget it and I did post about it here but don't know what page.

@Taylor, had a relaxing poo like yours byself at work. I was hit with strong pressure to go and when I sat on the toilet a large log slid out as I peed which was nice. Several more logs followed the first and I left the bathroom with a smile on my face.
@Eileen, hi I have been on the toilet and been in the bathroom with girlfriends as they used the toilet. Always an enjoyable experience.

@Blob, hi I love all your posts. You have so many exciting stories. Keep them coming.
@Trisha, hi I enjoyed your bed pan story. I have never used one so was interesting to read

That's all for now. Take care all
John H

Anon. Poster
As a young child, I asked my mother why it is that people fart a lot when they need to go to the bathroom. She was taken aback and a bit disgusted by my question and wasn't really able to give me a reason why. I can remember her saying something along the lines of "I don't know; I think it's because...ugh...don't even talk about it."

As a teenager, I looked it up on Google many times and never found out any particular causes for it, but I still remained fascinated by it. Now, as an adult (aged 23), I have a possible theory as to why it happens. I stand to be corrected, because it is only a theory/hypothetical conclusion, but because I have done research and read up on the workings of the digestive system and such body parts, I think there could be some logic in it.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in any way!

Everything we eat produces gas as it is digested and broken down by bacteria in the intestines. Some things, for instance beans, cabbage, certain fruits, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, produce a lot of gas (more than other things).

When food reaches the end of the digestive system, it usually sits in the rectum until the brain sends a signal for it to be emptied. Sometimes it isn't emptied right away - we all know the feeling of needing to poop but having to hold it in because we are either not near a toilet or busy in some way that prevents us from going.

This means that everything will just stay there - and during that time it gets further broken down by bacteria, which produces more gas, and produces a feeling of uncomfortable fullness in the rectum and surrounding areas. In order to relieve the fullness, the only thing to do (short of actually going to the toilet) is to fart. Because it has been produced by breaking down and fermenting processes, and because it has been in contact with the poop, it will smell disgusting.

I have come to realise that the worst and stinkiest farts are always the ones that happen just before going to the toilet - the so-called "pre-poop farts". I have had the misfortune of smelling both my own and others' on many occasions and never fail to be grossed out by them.

The last time I experienced them was yesterday. I'd been needing to poop for two days (I'd been slightly backed up) and I knew it would be a big one because I'd eaten a lot of rather unhealthy food over the weekend. I was sitting in the lounge and watching a crime documentary, and I started to feel a sensation of fullness in the lower part of my stomach. To ease some of the pressure, I relaxed ever so slightly and let out a quiet "pppffftttt". Holy hell did it stink! It had the usual "farty" smell (like steamed broccoli/cabbage) but about five times worse and more rotten.

I let out a few more before deciding that it would be in my best interest to head to the bathroom. Once I was seated on the toilet, I started to push and out came a nice big poop that wasn't quite solid but definitely still well formed and came out in one piece. It was followed by some softer poop with the consistency of chocolate pudding, and after that I tinkled a bit because I'd drank coffee about an hour before.

It was a big relief and I felt much better afterwards, but the gas that I'd had before it had been disgusting. I don't mind the smell of my own farts, but the pre-poop ones are absolutely horrid.

The moral of the story: Shit stinks!


Watched while dumping

I was heading home after work yesterday and stopped by the local park to use the restroom. The restroom has two side by side stalls with no doors on them. The 2 sinks are located right in front of the stalls, and the urinals are on the wall adjacent to the stalls.

The place is empty so I put down some paper on the seat of the first toilet. I undo my belt and jeans and pull them down to my ankles, along with my underwear. I'm wearing black briefs with a red waistband, with a "Greek" pattern. I'm up on my toes, with my ankles against the bottom of the base of the toilet, pushing out a turd. I'm also texting a buddy of mine. A guy walks in and takes the stall next to me.

Another guy comes on and sees that both stalls are occupied, so he decides to wait for them. Instead of waiting off to the side, like most guys, he stands in the middle of the room there, just watching us. I looked up and he was just kind of fiddling with something in his pocket, then on his belt, but definitely just hanging out and watching us. I was pretty much done dumping, so I held my cock and peed into the bowl. I took some paper and wiped it off. Then I grabbed more paper and folded it, lifted my cock and balls with one hand and wiped with the other. I did this a few more times and he's just patiently standing there waiting.

By this time, another guy had come in and decided to wait for a stall. He's also just standing a bit off to the side, leaning against the wall, but he can still see directly into my stall. I finished wiping between my legs and stood up. I grabbed more paper and folded it, reaching behind me and pulled open my cheeks with my left hand while wiping with my right. I wiped while standing a few times and then turned to the side, looked into the bowl and flushed. I didn't want it to get clogged. I wiped another 2 times and then pulled up my socks and briefs, then flushed. Then I pulled up my jeans and buckled up.

Oddly enough, the guy who had been there the longest didn't go into my stall. The second guy who came in did, though. After I washed up I saw that the guys on the toilets were a bit more modest and had their clothes up at their thighs. I was wearing only a T-shirt and jeans at the time, so it was a bit odd being exposed, except for my upper torso and ankles, like that to a couple of strangers. It was cool though. I didn't really mind it. And apparently they didn't mind it either.

Winnie The Poo

Comments and Thanksgiving Poo Story

To Shy Pooper - Congratulations on pooping at school! I hope this will help you feel more comfortable doing that in the future!

To Chloe - First, welcome to the site! That was a worthy first effort! You are a great writer and I look forward to future stories from you!

To Mina and friends - You are some of my favorite posters and I always enjoy hearing what you are up to. I admire the close relationships all of you have with each other, having three friends to travel with, eat and drink with, and do "motions" with!

Now, to my story. It's not about a post-Thanksgiving poo, because it actually happened on Thanksgiving morning, before I ate the big meal later on that day. That morning, I woke up with an urgent need to both pee and poo. That is unusual for me, as I pee immediately, but usually it takes a couple of hours and a cup of coffee to get things moving in the poo department. I went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. After emptying my very full bladder, I put my feet up on my toilet stool and my bowels started to unload. Plop, plop, plop, pssst, plop, plop, floomp, flump….the toilet bowl filled with smelly soft serve poo. After five minutes or so, I was done (or so I thought). I wiped and flushed and went about my day.

About 10 o'clock I was sitting at my desk reading emails when I gradually became aware of a growing need to return to the throne room. I was surprised, because my earlier dump was so large. I went to the bathroom and sat down. Immediately, two soft logs plooped noisily into the bowl, followed by a long wet fart. I felt much better and soooo relieved! I examined my production, which was two golden brown soft logs, 2 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. I wiped four times to get clean back there, flushed and went back to the living room.


Thanksgiving Gift.. Sort Of

Thanksgiving at my parents house was absolutely great. They invited a man that was a family friend whom I had heard about, but had never met. His name was Henry. He was just a few years older than me and, like me, never married. I suppose, like me, he was looking for Miss Right (Mr. Right for me, of course). After dinner we took a walk in the front yard, where my parents had a small English garden. We agreed to go somewhere on Saturday. We went to a nice restaurant. He was an architect and had designed several buildings in our area. I recognized some, as I had been in them. What a coincidence! He paid the bill, went to the bathrooms, and he took me home. He came in and I got out some wine. I had a little and I found out he did not drink. The next Saturday, after going to a different restaurant in the city, we went for a walk in the park. Suddenly, we both remembered that we forgot to pee in the bathrooms before we left. Both of us needed to pee, but the park bathrooms were closed for the season. He was frantic. I wasn't, as I knew this park very well. There was an area surrounded by bushes that was usually quite private. We went there and he got concerned about our seeing each other peeing. I eased him by telling him I was not concerned and he should not be either. With some hesitation, he got out his penis and I pulled down my pants and panties and squatted down. I started peeing right away, but Henry didn't. He hesitated, looked at me briefly, and then started. After this, we dated for several times, but seemed drift away from each other. Neither of us seemed quite comfortable with each other. We dated less and finally broke up.

Matthew From New Jersey

Basket Ball Pooping

Matthew From New Jersey

Hi, I am Mathew From New Jersey. I have posted on this site before. I am almost 21 years Old, blonde, white, and love to play basketball. I have played basketball for school my entire life and I have a lot of poop stories. If you are embarrassed to poop around other people then being on a sports team will solve that problem. In High School our team had basketball class every day after school and every saturday morning. The Coaches wouldn't let us take bathroom breaks during practice. Weekdays this was a problem because all the days poop would have built up inside of you by the end of the night. At end of every practice we would have to score 10 free throws before we could run back down to the locker room. The goals was to score your goals, then haul ass down to the toilets before the other guys could take them. There were only Three toilet stalls in the locker room and all of them were doorless. Every night there would be a guy on each toilet taking a shit while the other guys would be queued up desperately in front of them. One night a team member had trouble scoring his 10 free throws and was last to make it down to the toilets. He was at the end of the line and doing a poo poo dance, begging to be let ahead. We told him he should have scored his shots and he shit his pants. We made fun of him and nick named him shit shorts for the next two years. The toilets were facing the showers, so anyone taking a shit could be seen by the naked guys taking showers and vice versa. I remember one night I had diarrhea but all the toilets were in use so I lathered up and showered as all the other guys were shitting. When a toilet became free I ran naked out of the shower and hoped my soap lathered ass onto a bare toilet seat. I let loose a torrent of runny diarrhea that stunk up the whole bathroom and showers. Everyone was like "EWWW Gross Mathew".

Saturday morning practices were different. We would train for two or three hours then go have lunch in the cafeteria. As we ate our bowels would act up. We all had our buddy dump partners on the team and waited for our friends to dump their food trays trays then we would go dump our asses together. We also took long bus trips for games. Any time you see a bus full of student athletes dock in somewhere, you better believe the kids are getting off to take a shit in the toilets. As our buses parked at truck stops and service stations we would stampede off the bus to the toilets to take our dumps. You are very desperate traveling in that bus for all that white.

I remember one night we arrived at another school to play a rival. We were all waiting desperately to get our duffel bags and suit cases that were being unloaded from a van. We ran to the girls locker room that had been arranged for us to use but there were girls in there!! We had to desperately wait for about 15 minutes for the giggling girls to exit. What's worse was that there was NO TOILET PAPER in any of the stalls. So again we had to track down a custodian before we could shit and that took forever. There were only four toilet stalls for about 15 guys and we all had to go bad, some of us had diarrhea. I remember pounding my fist on a stall that was occupied, when it was finally free I slammed my ass down in total desperation. The poop was like soft serve ice cream, I couldn't help but moan in pleasure as it was nirvana. I don't consider myself to be a gay man but I couldn't help but be aroused when three other good looking, young, athletic boys, with iron board abs were having diarrhea next to me. As soon as one lad got off the toilet another boy would rush in and have runny diarrhea all the same. During half time we ran back down to shit but the coach wouldn't let us, he wanted to go over plays and tactics. We ending up winning the game but how none of us lads shat ourselves all over the court in front of everyone is beyond me. After the game all the guys on the team were having runny diarrhea on the toilets. Pure liquid shit. Then there were game metes where several teams from around the area would gather to play a day of games. The toilets in those events were packed with ball players pooping. It wasn't uncommon for a guy to shit himself as the locker room toilets were backed up when all the teams buses had arrived. Coach assistant, trainers, water boys, and athletes, some times up to 200 guys would be in line to crap in about six or ten toilets. I remember seeing seven guys shit themselves during one meet. The guys who had to crap desperately would resign themselves to their fate when they saw the long lines, put on a pair of sweatpants and just shit themselves, all had the runs. I only shat myself once during my basketball career. Funny thing was I didn't have to poop the whole day but as my mom was taking me home I got the urge. Traffic is bad in New Jersey so I had no choice but to crap my shorts. Well that's all thanks.

Hi everyone

Sorry about the delaysince my last post, I came down with something which just left me really tired for ages, then I had catching up to do for uni!

Lucy, welcome to the site and thanks for your first post! You are definitely not alone, I've had a few wee accidents and plenty of near misses involving some leaking. Hope you can post again soon.

I had a close call last week. Going out for a drink seems to kill my bladder and the journey home usually involves crossed legs! I got home and on the loo just in time but leaked quite badly running up the stairs!

I've got another story involving my flatmate Jess which I will post soon.

Take care

Uncle Harry

Row of Bushes

I'm running out of recent stories, so I'll post some earlier ones that I haven't before. One warm early April, I was taking a walk in the main park, as I have done for ages. I was near a toilet building that I was not usually near. There was no space behind the building and the entrances did not face the main sidewalk. Instead, a small sidewalk swerved in front of the building. There was little space between the sidewalk and the bushes. Both bathrooms were still closed. I needed to pee, so I went in front of the building from the south. At about the same time, a woman and apparently her young daughter had entered from the north. We both stopped and looked at each other. I offered to wait outside until they finished their business, but the woman said no. It would be OK to share the space and just not watch each other pee or whatever. But the daughter asked Mom how they could pee. The man would see their pussies. Mom said it was Ok, given the circumstances. So the women took off their slacks and panties and squatted back as best they could without scratching their butts against the bushes. I got out my dick, aimed,and started peeing into the bushes. The women also started peeing, but things were not working to well. Both called out that their piss was running down their legs because they couldn't squat back far enough. There was nothing I could do to help. They finished urinating and got some tissues out of their purses, wiped off their legs, and put their clothes back on. We both left at about the same time since they didn't need to pee as much as I did. They thanked me for not looking, although that wasn't really possible.



Hi again everyone, so this story I'm about to tell you happened a few years ago when I was a kindergarten teacher. So these kids were around 4 or 5 years old. They were all playing and I had to watch them. Eventually a boy named Jake walked up to me and told me he had to use the bathroom. I told my assistant Teresa to watch the class and I walked Jake down the hall to the bathrooms. The boys room for Pre K to 2nd grade have 7 stalls and 5 urinals. They have more stalls than urinals because they figure kids in grades from Pre K to 2nd grade will poop more at school than at home. I walked in with Jake and let him choose where he was going. He took the end stall. I leaned up against the wall and just waited. He put the toilet seat down and then started wiping the seat. He pulled his jeans down to his knees and he hopped on. I stood outside the stall while he pooped and a boy probably in 1st grade walked in. He went to the urinal and peed. Then another kid probably in 2nd grade walked in he came down to the stall next to Jake. He locked the door and pulled his sweatpants and sponge Bob underwear down to his ankles. I was waiting about 2 minutes until I heard a huge plop in the toilet of the 2nd grader. I heard a piece of poop fall into Jakes toilet. He started wiping and then I heard another huge plop from the 2nd grader. He started wiping and left without flushing. I looked in his stall and he made 2 logs which were huge. Jake flushed and we both went back to the classroom.


My Bedpan Experience

Hello all! Just thought I'd quickly drop off this story to see if anyone would care to read it.
A few weeks ago I had major surgery and ended up having to use a bedpan. This was my first time using a bedpan.
I woke up in the recovery room and almost immediately felt the need to urinate. A nurse was in the room as well, so I let her know that I needed to pee.
"Okay. I could place a bedpan underneath you or I could help you to the bathroom," she said.
"I'll just use a bedpan," I replied. I was very tired and not in the mood to get up, so I chose the bedpan option.
She left the room for a minute and came back with a bedpan. She pulled down the covers and told me to lift up my bottom as she placed it underneath me. She covered me up again after she was done placing it.
"Does it feel like it's positioned correctly to where it'll catch it when you urinate?" She asked me.
I nodded.
I tried to get my stream started, but couldn't.
"It's okay, the bedpan is there to catch it. You can start going," she reassured me.
"Yeah, I know. I'm trying to, it's just not coming," I replied, a little panicked at first.
"Oh, sometimes it takes a little while to get it going. Are you pee shy? Do you want me to step out of the room?" She asked.
"No, it's fine," I replied.
She left the room for a minute or so to get something. During that time, I started to pee.
She came back into the room as I was mid-stream.
"How's it going?" She asked.
"I'm peeing right now actually," I said.
She stood beside me and asked if I was almost finished. I nodded. She could hear my stream hitting the bedpan of course, so she knew I was in the process of peeing.
"I'm all done," I told her. She pulled down the covers again and asked me to lift up again. She removed the bedpan and put a pad underneath me.
She handed me a wet wipe to wipe myself with.
"Are you okay with wiping yourself and everything?" She asked.
"Yeah, I think so," I said. I took the wipe from her and started to wipe my female area. When I was done wiping, she put the covers back on me so I was covered.
Maybe I remember some of this incorrectly or maybe I'm missing some details, but I vaguely remember it.
I'm usually very modest, but I guess I was so out of it that I didn't really care. My dignity was preserved and I was covered for most of it, but when I was wiping myself I think my female bits were exposed.
Is anyone else here modest? I feel like it's not a common thing.

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