Michael W.

D.Z. Discovery Zone

Hi everyone. Its been a while since I posted on here so I thought I'd share another story. But first, I know there are other posters on here named Michael and I put W at the end of my name for a reason. I hope nobody gets confused. Anyways, I've been wanting to share this story for quite some time so here it goes.

I was 9 years old at the time and I was in 4th Grade. It was November of 1997, which was exactly 20 years ago. My older bro Josh had just turned 11 years old. Me, him, and my dad went out to D.Z. Discovery Zone to celebrate his birthday. I had so much fun that day. I ate a few slices of pizza, drink some pepsi, and had some candy, I played in the ball pool and the rest of the play area which was really big. Anyways, I felt the need to poop so I left the play area to go use the restroom. My shoes were off and I was wearing socks. (I love getting away with not wearing shoes in a public bathroom). The bathroom was empty. The minute I stepped into the Men's room I smelled something weird and foul. I was like "Oh man, what is that smell?" So decided to check all the stalls before I do my business. I think there were like 5 or 6 stalls all together with 2 or 3 urinals included. Anyways, when I checked one of the stalls that was closer to the urinals I opened the door and there was puke all over the toilet, all over the seat, and a lil bit of it was on the floor. I was like "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" I almost threw up just by the sight of it. It looked like a strawberry milkshake. I'm not trying to be disgusting but yeah I hate it when I have to poop in a public bathroom and whoever leaves it there does not bother to flush it down. Plus nobody cleaned it up an it looked quite fresh too. Whoever puked their brains out all over the toilet like that, I think I know why they got sick. It was probably from eating bad pizza. Which has happened to me like once or twice when I was a kid. Anyways, I closed the door to avoid seeing it some more and I was like "???? this! I'm not pooping in this bathroom." So I decided to hold my poop in until I got home. Me, my dad, and Josh went home an hour later. When we got back to the house I kicked my shoes off, grabbed the Columbia House catalog, and headed straight for the bathroom. When I finally pooped I was happy. I spent like 20 minutes or so in the bathroom looking at the pictures in the catalog. When I was done I pulled my jeans and underwear up and washed my hands and left the bathroom. A year later, we went to D.Z. again to celebrate Josh's 12th birthday. We had fun playing in the play area and after we were done playing laser tag I felt the need to poop. So I headed straight for the Men's room. On my way there I remember thinking to myself 'I hope nobody puked their brains out all over one of the toilets and left it there for other people to see it like last year.' Once again, I was wearing socks. When I went into the Men's Room I checked every stall to make sure that they were clean. I was the only one in this bathroom. I picked one of the middle stalls and then I closed the door. I let my blue jeans and boxers down to my ankles as I sat down and relaxed myself and I cupped my face with my hand. I let a couple of banana poops out, then I pushed out like 5 or 6 logs, then I pushed some mushy poop out. Then I farted. It was like Pfffrrrtt! I laughed. And then it seemed like I was done but I wanted to stay seated for a few more minutes to be sure. I pushed a few times and realized that I was done. I wiped with toilet paper and then I pulled my blue jeans and boxers back up and then I left the stall and washed my hands. All in all I think I spent like no more than 15 minutes in there. It was another happy pooping session. That's all for today. Has anybody been in that situation before? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I hope everything comes out okay for everyone.


To Bianca

For you and anyone else interested, it's not at all surprising to have someone becoming incontinent during a seizure. Remember that a TC seizure is an electrical storm in the brain, and what you see, is not the seizure, but the result of the seizure activity in the brain. Any muscle in the body can be affected including the bladder, the sphincters and pelvic floor muscles that control both the autonomic and voluntary control of the urethra. This is also true of the bowels as well. If by chance, you still don't get it (LOL) (JK)think back to when you had biology and did the experiment where you touch electric probes to a frog leg and watch it jump.


On Break

Real Quick:

Victoria B: I hope that you feel better! Your writing is as elegant while lightheaded as it is when you are at your best! Also, I'm glad that you did not have a wetting accident and that your friend was there to help. Love, Catherine!

Jessica: Thank you for the greetings!

Everything is normal in my number two department. I wish I could say that for my baby boy! Diapers are killing our budget!




Improv Night at the Club

A couple of weeks ago my best friend Dani took me out clubbing to celebrate my birthday. Instead of a DJ or band, customers were the entertainment on an improv night. Wouldn't you know it, I drew 1st performer. I already had downed 3 drinks when I had an envelope held out for me and I drew my topic. Why I hate snow! Dani, who had drank more than me, yelled out Noah. At least 3 times! So I thought What the hell and went with it.

This happened just over 20 years ago. A snow day was announced on the radio and a neighbor boy Noah called me and wanted to go sledding on a hill about 6 blocks from our houses. He said his mom would only let him go immediately because a blizzard was scheduled for that afternoon. I got my warmest clothing on and didn't even stop to use the bathroom. Mistake #1. Each of us pulled our sleds over and we spent about an hour and a half going down the big hill. It had 3 bumps that made it easier to wipe out. Those bumps and having to walk back up pulling our sleds reminded me that my 10-year-old anus was loaded.

In walking back up, Noah noticed I was pained. He had to piss and I used that concession to tell him that I had to poo. At the top of the hill and over a block or so there was a picnic area. Noah asked a couple of groups near us if the bathrooms were open and finally someone said they had just used it. We were in luck so we walked over. Mistake #2

So when we finally got to the building we found it was mostly a storage shed. There was only one door. It had a faded symbol on it that Noah explained was unisex. Then he said something that I wouldn't repeat to my mom. I pleaded with him to let me go first. Mistake #3 The door was high and heavy steal that had been bent. I saw a gap about 1/2 inch between the door and door jamb. I eyed the single toilet with its black seat up and decided that getting my butt on it ASAP was more important than leaving the door ajar. Mistake #4

There was a chain from the ceiling to turn on a light. I pulled it but there was no light. For some reason I wasn't surprised when I looked up and saw someone had apparently stolen the bulb. I dropped my jeans, yanked my green parka up with one hand, while I dropped the seat with the other. Immediately I was sitting on what seemed like a huge ice cube. Luckily my usual 10 a.m. crap cooperated and exited easily. I yelled out to Noah that I was almost done and the bathroom would be his. With my glove I quickly grabbed for the toilet paper roll. Nothing there. The holder had been stolen from the wall.

At that point, the door was kicked open, Noah yelled Surprise and blasted me with 3 really messy snowballs. One disintegrated on my left thigh. Another hit my left shoulder. The final was a direct hit right between my legs as I sat. He wasn't trying to hurt me because they were not fully formed in a hard way. I had a quick thought to partially use the one that was partially smashed in my mid-section as a substitute for toilet paper. It actually did a pretty good job on the main area, but I was in so much pain from the ice that I knew better than try to be as thorough with it as I would have with regular toilet paper.

Of course, my underwear and jeans were soggy with frozen liquid, and I slowly chose my steps as I walked out. Noah was still somewhat laughing when I walked out and he yanked up his coat, unzipped and took out his organ and peed with pretty bad aim. I don't think he saw me looking in through the door crack. I do know that the next user of that toilet would be sitting on pretty much fully ice-covered seat. Like me, Noah was shaking and cold. We took our sleds about a block away to a c-store where he bought us hot chocolate. I used the bathroom there to dry myself off because I didn't want to catch a cold. But I still did and missed 2 days of school.



Yeah, it was the chili that burned. Hot food is hot on the way out, also.

Imogen: Honestly, I don't even remember the few accidents I've had all that well. Thankfully, I've not had a full blown accident in several years. I used to have a lot of very close calls, either for a wee or a poo or sometimes both, mostly because I didn't want to use the toilets at school. As far as I know, no one except maybe my friends saw any of my accidents. I actually posted about my one pooing accident that happened when I was walking home, back in 2012 on page 2243.

Hi all. I only have a few minutes today, so I'll share one quick story from today. In my last post, I mentioned that another girl at work seems to have the same pooing schedule as me, as we often end up needing a poo at the same time. Well, today was no exception. I found myself needing a poo a bit after one, like usual. As soon as I could, I headed off to the toilets.

When I got there, all three cubicles were in use, so I queued. I guessed that all three women were probably pooing as several minutes went by. Then Isobel entered and she seemed quite distressed to see all the cubicles in use and me queueing. I could tell she was bursting for the loo. A few more minutes later a cubicle opened up. I got on the toilet and had a very relieving, much needed wee and poo. I finished, wiped, flushed, sprayed a bit of air freshener and left the cubicle. As I was washing my hands, Isobel came out of another cubicle and came to the sink next to me. Our eyes met and she gave me a brief, shy smile. We ended up finishing washing at about the same time and then we went back to work, both feeling quite relieved.

Okay, that's all I have time for right now. Bye!

Victoria B.

To Vincene

Your post reminded me of some of the treatment I received as a teen and it made me salty. Your co-workers (and manager) were total assholes and their treatment of Jewel probably qualified as workplace harassment. The second plunger was not only unnecessary, but was also there only to serve as a cudgel of shame to ensure that women who dared to pee and crap; that is, to have bodily functions, "stay in line." Telling an employee to "take it easy on the toilet" in front of co-workers, much less customers, was totally unacceptable. The habitual pissing on the seat and resulting toilet paper shortages were just the icing on this cake of misogynistic, body-shaming bullshit.

I hope that you were spared some of the worst of their conduct and that you and Jewel found a less appalling place to work.



Embarrassing Poo

Today I had an emergency at school. I usually don't do my business at school, but for today I had to make an exception. During 2 period I had the sudden urge to poop and there was no way I was gonna be able to hold it in until school was over, so I quickly headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom there were a group of girls socializing and nobody else was there, but the urge was too strong and I had no time to get to another bathroom. So I rushed into one of the stalls, dropped my pants and underwear and sat down. I was trying not to make a sound, but I knew that wasn't going to be possible. I could help it, when I let out a long wet fart that made all the girls laugh. Knowing they already knew what I was doing I just tried to finish as quickly as possible. Multiple loud farts followed by sloppy poo started to come out. I thought I was done, when suddenly the diarrhea started to come out. It was farting out liquid and the girls were still there. After about 15 more minutes of continuous pooing I was finally done and the girls were completely laughing. However, when I was done I realized that there was no toilet paper and I was too embarrassed to ask the other girls. Then once they left I opened the stall door and hopped into the next stall with my pants n underwear completely still down. This was the worst day ever.
Any questions or advice

Monday, November 13, 2017

Uncle Harry

Fun in the Woods..or Was It

One nice day, Paula called me to see if I would go stomping around in the forest preserves. I would usually be busy on a weekday, but I happened to be free that one. Neither my wife nor her husband likes to go hiking, so we became hiking mates. She had no problem peeing outdoor on the ground or peeing standing up and not getting her clothes wet. We decided to try a new trail which we had never tried before. We drove to the entrence, and parked the car. No one else was parked there. We slung our back packs on and took off. The first thing we saw was a wooden gray building with a sign on it saying Closed. I remembered this building as a bathroom for men and women years earlier. Despite the sign, both doors were open and the lights were on. So we went in and, lo and behold, there was no wall separating the men's and women's sides. The one that I remembered was a 4 foot panel which provided little privacy. Any way, Paula needed to pee before we took off. She started to sit down on the hole-in-the-ground toilet, but it was not very appealing, so she hovered over the the stinky smell. She peed for about a 1/2 minute and then stopped. She couldn't take the stink. So we took off again. About 45 minutes later, we both needed to pee, Paula pulled down her slacks and undies, half-squated,
and peed. Suddenly, a nasty looking bug scared her. She moved over and finished peeing. A gust of wind got her pants wet. In the mean time, I was fiddling with my fly. For some reason, I couldn't get my penis out. It would swing to the right. Oh my gosh. I put my underpants on inside out. Paula was done peeing now and came over to help. She had to hold my penis straight when I peed. To top it off, we forgot to bring our lunch. We decided to pack up,leave, and try another day.

I was doing some Christmas shopping and while I was in a department store I needed to pee so I looked to see if there were any bathrooms. There was and the ones I used had a raised seat so when I sat down my feet were off the ground and while I was emptying my bladder I swung my legs to and fro. After looking in some more shops I decided to have lunch in a café. When I had paid for my coffee and cake I went upstairs where there had more seating. There were three people, a man with two women, around the table behind the one I selected and while I was sipping my coffee I noticed the two women pass my table and head towards the bathroom sign. A few minutes later one of them returns and says to the man "it's not men's and women's there's just one single cubical for everybody" He then said that he would use the one downstairs and left while the woman waited for her friend to return. I returned to my book (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) while I enjoyed an extremely delicious chocolate cake. I was still reading way past finishing my coffee and there was a growing pressure in my rectum so when I got to the end of the chapter I marked my place and then put the book away in my rucksack before getting up and heading to the bathroom. It was vacant so I went straight in and locked the door before undoing my jeans and pulling them along with my navy panties all the way down to my red Converse. Then I sat down and was pleasantly surprised to discover I was sitting on a contoured seat. I loved it; to have that support all the way from my thighs to my bum was so comfortable. I started by farting and then after a bit of pushing a log shot out of my bum and landed in the water with a 'plop'. All that pushing must have started something because within a couple of seconds I produced two more turds. Then I felt my bladder relax and pee started to hit the porcelain. Just then someone tried to open the door. I still felt there was more poo in me so I stayed sitting for another minutes while I tried to push it out. However this was to no avail and as I stood up and wiped I thought that maybe I might feel the need to go again later. Covering the three short light brown logs with the loo paper I flushed the loo, got redressed and washed my hands. The hand dryer was broken so I waved my hands over the sink and wiped them on my jeans to get them dry before putting on my jacket and rucksack. Unlocking the door I opened it and saw a middle aged woman waiting by the opposite wall. She started walking towards the bathroom and I passed her as I went back into to where the tables were. Then I exited the café and carried on with shopping.

I''ve been slightly constipated today but I think it's related to my cheese consumption which has been higher just lately than it probably should be.

Anna from Austria. I've only eaten chilli a couple of times in my life, without any memorable after effects so far as I can recall. However I expect any spicy food including chillis and curries can occasionally result in painful - well spicy - bowel movements. When you think about poo is very largely a processed form of stuff that went in the other end.

Vincene. It's natural for young people to be amused by bodily functions. After all, some of us who aren't so young still are occasionally. That said, the manager should never had said anything which would embarrass that young staff member. Nobody can help what comes out of their bottom.

Bianca. Going for a #2 five times in one morning is certainly unusual. My hunch is that it was probably caused by something that you'd eaten. Either that or a bit of a stomach bug.


First story

Hi everyone, its Lucy here, Abbie's friend. I'm using her laptop to post as mine won't access the internet for some reason!
Since Abbie told me she'd been posting on this site I've read quite a few old posts and have experienced a huge sense of relief as it seems to not only be me who has accidents from time to time! In particular I identify with Imogen's posts as I must admit I've had quite a few wee accidents, some of which I've never told a single soul about- not even Abbie!! For some reason I tend to wait until I'm absolutely bursting before I go for a wee, so hence the accidents!
I think the worst time was a few years ago back when I was still at school- it was actually the summer term of Year 10 so I was 15. I'd been dying to have a wee most of the afternoon, but I was sure I could hold it until I got back home. I remember being on the bus and getting more and more desperate, by the time I got off I was really struggling to hold it in and as I was walking back to my house I let a few small spurts go and felt my knickers getting a bit damp. To be honest that happened quite a bit whenever I was desperate for a wee and still does sometimes, when I was at school and had games or PE I always made sure I wore plain white knickers, that way if I did wee in them a bit it didn't show up as much as when I was wearing other colours! Theres a big difference between your knickers getting damp and having a complete and total accident though! On this occasion I remember getting to my front door and being really really desperate, I knew if only I could get inside straight away I would be OK but typically my key got stuck in the lock, and by the time I got the door open my bladder just released right there on the doorstep and I could feel my wee literally whooshing out! My knickers got soaked pretty much straight away, it was summer and I was wearing a skirt without tights so it just came cascading down my legs and drenched my socks and shoes. Fortunately my front garden was hidden by a tall hedge and my sister and parents were out so no-one else knew that it had happened. Because it was so private I decided to take my shoes, socks and knickers off before I even went in the house so that I didn't get anything wet, my knickers were pink with blue edging and they were a much darker shade of pink than they had been before! It felt really weird to be standing on the doorstep wringing my knickers out on the lawn, I had visions of the postman arriving but luckily no-one appeared! I left my shoes outside and went in carrying my socks and knickers, I rinsed them out in the sink and then went upstairs and put them in the wash before having a shower and putting clean knickers on. When I'd got changed I went back to the front door and retrieved my shoes, I sponged them out and put them in the airing cupboard to dry. I made sure I put a load of washing on which contained my wet knickers and socks so that nobody realised what had happened, but I guess I've always felt really ashamed that I wet my knickers at the age of 15- that is until I read this site and saw that its actually not that rare, which made me feel loads better!
If you liked this story I will post about other accidents I have had- including some poo accidents!! Thanks, Lucy.


Playing tennis with my girlfriend

Some years ago we used to play tennis (well I tried and hit the ball back) in a local park. The park had two courts, one was clay and the other was grass (but it was made into a putting green) the courts were in the back corner of the park, with the park keepers hut and toilets on one side, with trees at the back and the park wall on the other side.
As we used it in the summer evenings it was free, as at 4pm the park keeper would lock the toilets and chain up the swings and other play equipment and go home. My girlfriend would wear one of those short white skirts with white knickers under it and a white top. We would play and then go to the water fountain for a drink to cool down and then play some more if no-one was waiting to play.
After a time we sometimes needed to pee, if we had no-one near to see I would pee out through the back fence into the trees, and my girlfriend would sit on the bench along the inside at the side of the court, pull her skirt up out of the way and her knickers to one side and pee down through the planks of the bench, I liked to watch this.
But if people were about us or someone was waiting to play we would leave the court and walk to a old cast iron sheltered park bench, this shelter had side walls to keep the wind out and so she would squat and pull her knickers to the side and pee there, I would then pee in the same corner onto her pee puddle.
After that we would walk back home.

Anna from Austria
Today I had an funny toilet experience. Yesterday I had lots of chili for dinner.

Today shortly arriving after work, my ???? started to ache and I felt to the urge to go Number 2 as fast as possible. So I went to the Ladies room, went into one stall, locked the door, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet.

I pushed slighly and after blasting some very loud stinky farts I did lots of mushy poo, some more farts, more mushy poo. After that I was done i had to wipe many times. Then I flushed and left the toilet. Luckily I was alone, because the toilet was smelling pretty bad.

But the most weird Thing was this BM was quite painful, because when the poo come out, it felt like it would burn my butt. I had this burning Feeling for a few minutes before it was gone.

I really wonder if that was the chili..

well thats it for today

greetings from Austria



Girls & women & boys being immature about bathrooms at work

In the city in which my parents formerly lived my first job was in a custom scoop ice cream store. They did a tremendous business. There were about 15 employees on each shift; 2/3 were female. My friend Jewel and I were both almost 15 and we were able to get our work permits.

There was one unisex toilet for both customers and employees. One normal size toilet with a white O-shaped seat, a sink, mirror and brown paper towel dispenser. There were always 2 plungers, one on each side of the toilet. Jewel started a week before me and said the 2nd plunger was added because of her. She was hurt by it. She said it was heavy duty and she took a battering from two of the boys and one of the ladies about her weight. Like about 30 pounds overweight, but with a dynamic personality that worked well with customers of all types.

Not only did a few of the others accuse Jewel of stopping up the toilet with her apparently larger craps, but the assistant manager who was kind of negative with Jewel once told her just before a break to take it easy on the toilet. Two of the boys heard it and burst out laughing right in front of customers. Then the assistant manager tried to explain what she said was for Jewel not to break off the toilet seat. I admit it was loose and it worried me a couple of times when I was only peeing. But blaming it on Jewel was just plain cruel because two or three customers, at least, an hour would use it.

The guys were cruel to Jewel, too, because they would never lift the seat to pee. Then us girls had to use it and waste toilet paper drying it. Once I needed to pee and there was no toilet paper. Instead of coming back out, I just sat farther back and spread my legs wider so I wouldn't be sitting in the pee.

Eventually Jewel would turn the water on to crap. Yes, that covered up one type of noise but singled her out for additional ridicule. Once I turned around and got so mad I told two of the guys to "go to ****" when they did an onk-onk cow noise when Jewel came back from using the toilet.


Busy Morning

My morning today was busy concerning poop. I went almost 5 times this morning! It started with a sloppy poop after breakfast that felt a bit urgent. I had to poop again before I left this morning, and the rest of my pooping was done at the ????. Most of my poops today were sloppy, but the urgent one this morning was a bit chunky. I even did a messy poo after playing in my room not too long ago. I had slim jims for dinner last night with some fruit, and snacked a bit on candy. Maybe that made me unload almost all day today, who knows.

Shy Pooper
I mentioned in my first post how I am working on my shyness on pooping in public and with my boyfriend. My bf came today and ended up going to the bathroom and is really open about his bathroom habits, he told me it would be fine if I ever needed to but I just couldn't bring myself to go to the bathroom and poop with him knowing that is what I'm doing, so I basically hold my poop until he leaves. I also refuse to poop at school or at work and will hold it until I go late at night, I know that isn't healthy but the noise and smell is just too much and I guess some people can't imagine a cute girl like myself pooping. Hopefully I start to get over my fear soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Will great story.

To: Lynette first welcome to the site and great story and please post anymore that you have thanks.

To: Timed Toilet lucky you weren't mid poop at the time.

To: Erin great story it sounds like you both had great poops.

Well that's all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

Just a few responses

Nothing special today, but here goes:

To Will: I love how you can be open about yourself like that with a friend. It takes bravery to do that.

To Catherine: Here's hoping that your "almosts" keep making it down! I feel better all around (especially in the number two department), but I'll always have some Colace in case of bumps in the road!

To Erin: Everybody poops, skidmarks and all! Definitely a lesson I didn't learn until college either.


Today I woke up feeling not quite right. The main symptom was a mild headache but having no pain killers in my home (having used the last a couple of days previous) I needed to go to the nearest shop and get some. So after having some breakfast, showering and getting dressed I walked up my road to the corner shop. As I reached the shop I felt a huge pressure on my back door as a turd threatened to escape. I didn't even think about going back home as I was only going to be in the shop for a matter of minutes. Heading to medication section I grabbed a packet of paracetamol and as I turned around to pay I felt my bowels give another push. While I was walking to the store exit there was yet another heave and this time I had to really stop myself from consciously helping it along. But doing this made my stomach hurt. I had got it under control however this was only momentarily as I had only walked a couple of steps outside of the shop when I had to stop because the pressure on my bowels was too great. As I was standing there I felt an inch of the log come out of my bum and press against my black panties. I then started walking again just hoping I could make it home again before I had a full blown accident. Unfortunately that wasn't to be as just after crossing the road to get onto my side of the street my bowels gave a final push and the rest of the poo exited my bum in one movement and I felt my panties sag under the weight. Immediately I felt a sense of relief which couldn't be overshadowed by the thought of getting cleaned up without my housemates seeing. Not knowing how bad the damage was but sensing it was about the size of large grapefruit I took off my jacket and wrapped it around my waist. Thinking about it now if anybody had seen me it might have looked suspicious as all I had on under my jacket was a t-shirt and surely this would have begged the question of why in November was my jacket round my waist. Anyway I got in, threw of my jacket and raced to the toilet where I undid my jeans and dropped them down to my thighs before slowly, carefully lowering my panties. I needn't have worried as the poo stayed stuck on my bum. Sitting down onto the loo I felt most of it peel away and fall into the water with a huge splash. Standing up again I looked into the loo and saw that the clump of poo was squashed out and very flat; it reminded me of a pancake. Then I got to work wiping myself and after doing it three times but no here near finished I flushed the loo to prevent against clogging it up. I had to do this twice more until I was satisfied I was nearly clean. After washing my hands thoroughly I dashed into my bedroom to get my pajamas and then took them into the shower room. After showering I got changed and then gathering my jeans, towels and even my shirt which I thought I might have touched when I was wiping myself and threw them into the washing machine. My panties couldn't be saved because while like I said most of the poo had stuck onto my skin there were spots of very soft poo in the seat which I didn't think could be wiped away so I took them and put them into the bin by my desk and then after tying up the bin bag I put it out in the main household bin by the front door.

Jessica B


Hello evryone,

Today, I'd like to share some comments:

To Erin: I am sorry that you got that desperate. My urges are strong as well and I cannot hold it for long once I start feeling the need to go. Also, I tend to leave skidmarks too if I don't brush them away. Thank God I mostly use the bathroom for number two before I leave for work (or university when I was still a student).

To Victoria B: I really like the idea of having "feminist" panties. I looked for them on the Internet and found some but unfortunately, they don't ship to where I live. So I'll keep searching, I guess. Anyway, great idea! And I bet the two of you where very relieved after your bathroom trip.

To Billy: I feel really bad for this poor girl, I think she was treated very unfairly by your other coworkers. And I'd agree with you, jealousy is probably the motive. I cannot help but think it's funny she was called Marciela, since I was teased at work by a woman named... Graciela! (Though I made up her name). I shared the mishap on page 2664.

To Don: I liked how you wrote about your regular dump at work. I hope you felt lighter and better after that!

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