My morning poop

Hey guys I'm back with another story. Recently I've noticed that I tend to poop in the same class and in the morning. As I've recently started college my poop habits have changed and I've been forced to go around my class schedule. In high school I used to always poop right before I left for school or right when I got to school. In college I hardly ever have time to poop before classes so I always end up having to go during a class. Last week was one busy week and I really had to poop one morning.
That morning I woke up 10 minutes before my class was supposed to start so I rushed to get ready and ended up being late. To make matters worse, I could really feel the need to poop but I could find any time to go. When I got to class I got an email that my advisor was ready to see me to make my schedule for next semester so I had to leave my first class almost right as I got there to go see my advisor. All through my meeting with my advisor my stomach was making loud noises and my advisor actually noticed. I was kinda embarrassed but was more focused on trying not to let out the huge loud that was turtleheading at my butt. After that was done, I raced to the women's bathroom and found it empty. I went all the way down to the big handicapped stall and put my bad on the hook and pulled down my jeans and panties. I sat down and immediately let out a huge fart with a huge log. Thank goodness no one was in the bathroom bc I really stunk up the bathroom. I pushed out more chunks and noticed that I had some brown marks on my light blue panties from PINK. I kinda had a wegie all morning and I think that's what caused the skid marks. As I was peeing another person came in with heels and took the first stall. They started peeing immediately let out a fart with some chunks of poo. I pushed out another couple of logs with some plops and was almost done. The other person started to wipe and around that same time I let out one more fart with a couple more loose logs. I pulled off toilet paper and began to wipe. It took about 7 wipes to get my butt clean and I pulled up my pants and flushed. I left some REALLY bad skid marks in the bowl and my stall really stunk. I saw the woman at the sinks and she was another business professor with black hair in her early 40s. I said hi and we both were kinda embarrassed of the dumps we just took.
College so far has made me realize everyone poops so there's traly no reason to be embarrassed. I think every girl in my dorm has had diarrhea at some point this year so it's really not any reason to be embarrassed. Hope you all enjoyed my post until next time!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2017


"The Dumper"

I work in an office. There 8 women and 3 men including myself. We all share a unisex bathroom except the boss who has his own bathroom. One of our secretaries is from Wales. Her Dad passed away recently and she had to go back home to handle his arrangements. Since she was to be gone for 2 weeks the boss decided to hire a temp to handle phone calls dictating etc. The first woman the agency sent was a disaster. She lasted 2 days before being fired. The second was a lovely young Hispanic girl named Marci. She was very pretty and I think jealousy played a large part in what happened. She was much younger than any of the other ladies in the office. Probably about 26, about 5'8" in her heels and curvy in all the right places. Long brown curly hair with a very pretty full face and big brown eyes. I was quite taken with her but never let on since she was young enough to be my daughter. She was extremely friendly and nice but the trouble started almost immediately. The other girls excluded her from their group lunch and deliberately didn't invite her to the Friday happy hour.

Maricela liked to visit the toilet about an hour after she ate lunch and she did some serious damage. This happened every day. She spent about 10 minutes in there and when she was done there was a noticeable odor outside the closed door. Of course I went in after she was done to enjoy the fumes. It usually consisted of a rotten egg stench that would gag a maggot and lots of light brown skid marks all over the bowl. The other girls in the office didn't enjoy Marci's bathroom visits as much as I did. First they started bitching about how long she spent in there and the fact that they had to cover the phone. Then one particularly catty girl started to complain about the smell. Her office was located next to the bathroom. I understand she went to the boss. She wanted the company to pay for a desk fan to get rid of the smell that came into her office. This request was denied.

One day I was in the lunch room making a pb&j while she was eating with2 other coworkers. They were talking about Marci and I was taken a back by how cruel and nasty Thierry conversation was. She kept talking about "The Dumper". It was The Dumper this and The Dumper that. Some quotes were: "I don't want to hear her bowels", "That stinking food she eats.", "My office reeks like her intestines ", "Why can't she flush twice" etc. The 2 women with her laughed and made similar unkind comments.

I certainly understand that the other girls didn't enjoy Marci's aroma as much as I did(to be fair the stench was really overwhelming) but I was surprised by the cruelty. First, ALL of these women had destroyed that same toilet. I know because I smelled them. In fact one of the girls laughing was careless about making sure all of her stool went down. Second, was it really that big of a deal? Everybody poops no?

My question; is this a common thing? Do women mock each other about their shits or was something else going on? I just don't get it. Ladies; have you ever made fun of another girl for what she did in a work toilet. I'm curious.

Dear JW: I am relieved that you are not angry! I was difficult to understand what you write because my English so bad. When I first start to type, I feel normal, but later, I became to think about my bad English, I felt more and more worse and in the end I felt bad my stomach and also wanted to cry.

So I went to loo, I bared bottom and sat down and immediately, sprayed huge bururururururu all over loo. Then I started cry. I cried and cried more and then again bururururururu, then door opened and Hisae looked in. "Minappe what happen to you? Why you are crying so much?" she asked with squatting next me. I cried long time (and burururururu sometimes) then I said her, "I am so shame! My English so bad, understand is impossible!" and shaking my shoulders.

Hisae said, "when you finish, I massage." But she wait for me to finish, it is long time because I have so much motion in my bottom.

I tell rest of story next time.

To Jane: Thank you for so kind words! I cry again but it is happy crying.

To Jess: It is Ok long story! I am same. I like to write story.

Love from Mina


Mystery woman's so regular

This is an update to my posting on Page 2646 about this woman I found very mysterious who moved into the apartment building down the street from us. I'd be reading my morning paper on our open front porch and watch her walking by every morning at pretty much the same time. She'd be carrying a coffee thermos, barefoot, and then cut across the lot in front of our house and walk into the large public park and use the three-toilet restroom there. When I finally got to know Katee, and she started to come over and talk to me I found out she has two obstacles to crapping at home. Her craps are big, they clog the toilet line, and her manager is really a nasty guy who told her to hold her crap until she gets to work. Well that's not until mid-morning. Secondly, her boyfriend tends bar and gets in only a couple of hours before she gets up and she wants him to get his sleep.

It is getting colder, but when I picked the paper up from my driveway yesterday, there was Katee walking by. She's wearing shoes and a jacket now and when I ran into her at the store later in the day, she said she plans to keep the routine up because she's afraid they'll be evicted if she complains anymore about the problem with their toilet. I asked her if the park seat is getting colder. She said yes, but she's only seated for about 5 to 10 seconds. She no longer lingers and drinks her coffee and has her morning smoke there.

I remember when Katee and I talked once and I told her I so admired her regularity. She said that started in 6th grade at middle school when she was harassed about her regular big craps every morning. Her mother started waking her up an hour earlier and the problem was solved.

Uncle Harry


To: Jessica

Your hiking story is terrific. I could hardly wait to get to the next part. I do a let of hiking, but always on the same day. Only once did I hike overnight unexpectedly. I'll post that some time.

Shy Pooper
Hi I will post more stories later but I am an 18 year old girl who is really shy about going to the bathroom (pooping) in public or in front of people I know I will be starting college in the spring and hoping to get over my fear of going #2 in general. This is a really cool site btw.


Peeing in the Park

One nice Saturday, I went to one of the local parks. I didn't feel like taking a walk, so I took a book to read. After a while, I needed too pee so I went into one of the park bathrooms. There were single use ones for each gender. Of course, I went to the ladies. I don't recall locking the door, if there was a lock. I pulled down my pants and underpants and sat down on the toilet seat, with my legs somewhat spread. Just as I was about to release my urine, a man walked in. I pushed my legs together. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here", he said. "I need to pee badly". I told him the bathroom was in use and why didn't he use the men's bathroom. He told me a man was sitting there a long time trying to poop. Since I didn't know him, I didn't want him to watch me urinate, so I asked him to turn around and not look while I pee and he can wait in the bathroom with me. I don't know why I didn't ask him to wait outside. He looked away. I spread my legs and released my urine. I noticed him looking more sideways than backward. Then he sneezed and suddenly looked at me. Sneezed again and looked again. "I'm sorry", he said. "I saw you pee". Believe it or not, I suddenly sneezed, which interupted my pee stream briefly. We both laughed and I no longer cared whether this man saw me pee. I finished peeing, wiped my pussy, got off the toilet, pulled up everything, and left the toilet for the man. I thought he would wait until I left, but he didn't. He got out his penis and started to pee into the toilet bowl while I was washing my hands. I guess he really had to go.

Uncle Harry

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To: Curious Cody

Great Story. Keep it up.

The time I almost peed myself!

A few years ago, I had drank a lot of water before going to a meeting. This meeting lasted approximately 2 hours. Not wanting to interrupt, I held my pee and decided that I'd just go when I went home. This place was about 20 minutes away, by the way.
By the time I was being driven back home by my dad, my bladder was completely full and it felt like it was about to burst. I was very careful not to laugh or move or sneeze or anything for fear of having an accident.
We had to make a stop at a store to pick something up. After my dad told me we had to stop there before going home, I nearly cried and begged him to just let me go home and go back out. I was desperate. I couldn't hold it.
He told me that I could rush straight to the bathroom as soon as we got into the store. The second we stepped into the building, I made a mad dash for the ladies room. I got inside of the bathroom and rushed to the first stall. I immediately pulled my pants and undies down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet, not bothering to close the door or put down a seat cover. I sighed in relief as my strong pee stream hit the toilet water. I actually timed how long I peed: 40 seconds!
Some people walked into the bathroom and past me during the time I was using the toilet, but I was so desperate to just pee that I didn't care. My pussy was on full display as I peed, since I usually open my legs a little when I pee. It wasn't the most gratifying moment as strangers saw me like this, but again, I didn't care much. I was in sweet relief. I don't mind my genitals being exposed anyway; my view is, in a ladies restroom we're all ladies, so why does it matter? I'm not too shy about that stuff.
I wiped my pussy and pulled my pants back up and washed my hands, leaving the bathroom in a great mood due to the relief I was feeling. I peed for 40 seconds! That's my record so far!



To SquatSpotter: I gave a urine sample in the ER. I went from the urgent care center to the ER, because of gallstones. Nobody at the ER knew what it was at first which is why I had to give the sample. I gave it in a hospital bathroom that was attached to my room. My pee was dark like cola, and even my skin and eyes were discolored, and the stones themselves were blocking my pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. I even had to have a stent put in to keep my bile flowing through the ducts. My gallbladder is gone now, and although pooping was a bit messy for at least a year,everything seems normal. Also, the gas I was given to knock me out for my first gallstone removal felt like fainting which felt weird especially when you get a bit dizzy, and your hearing goes making your ears feel heavy. My 2 gallstone removals were done during a medical procedure called ERCP. I also enjoy reading about medical conditions, and i read about seizures yesterday. People can become incontinent. I believe this happened to my friend Carl when he had one of his. Hearing him seize made me feel bad for him even though I know he has epilepsy.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sammie great story.

To: Jessica B great story it sounds like you had a really great poop.

To: Katie great story.

To: J great story about your desperate big poop.

To: Jessica great story about you and Helen and you camping adventure it sounds like you both hada lot of fun.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Camping with my girlfriend

The first time that we went camping was just over forty years ago, a group of us were to go camping on the moors, myself, my girlfriend and three or four other lads with there girlfriends. We went up onto the moors on foot with our ex-army tent and all the heavier things like the Primus stove and its fuel oil. We found a spot we all liked and stuffed our gear into the bushes over night to return the next day with our food and bedding.
The next day me and my girlfriend went to the meeting spot, after a hour of waiting we walked onto the camping spot. We got busy putting the tent up, still waiting for the others to arrive. (this was years before cell phones and not everyone even had land lines.)
Time went on and we had some food and drink, as day turned to night we got into our sleeping bags and tried to get to sleep. At sometime in the night I needed a pee and as it was so cold and damp outside I peed into one of our empty glass lemonade bottles, we had picked a spot in the bushes to use as a toilet but that was in the day light, it was now pitch black and we only had a small touch, the sound of me peeing awoke my girlfriend and we both said about the cold, and so after I had peed we pushed one sleeping bag into the other.
At this point she to needed to pee, I had got into the bags and she too did not want to go out into the dark, I said just pee in the corner to the tent as our ground sheet was only under the sleeping bag area, she said what if the other's came in the morning they would see the wet spot and know she had done it, she then saw the bottle that I had used and said if only she could use that, I said there is the funnel I used to fill the stove with oil.
So with me laying on my side facing her and holding the torch, she pulled her knickers down to her feet, then kneeling with she knees wide apart and her back up straight, and with the funnel in the bottle standing on the ground below her pussy, all in the beam of the light she started to pee as I watched the bottle to see the pee level, I was also having a good look at her bush and pussy, the bottle was filling fast all her piss on top of mine, but she dribbled to a stop just as the bottle became full, she screwed the top onto the bottle and placed it with the funnel by the stove out of the way, and bent over and pulled up her knickers giving me a greater view of her pussy and her nice bum.
She then crawled into the sleeping bag with me, her feet were like ice. As I was laying on my side she laid on her side with her back to me, as she snuggled her bum into my crotch she said you liked that didn't you, I said how did you know that and we laughed and went back to sleep.
In the morning we waited but the others still did not arrive so we packed our things and walked home. When we did see our other friends they said that they had got the use of a caravan down in Cornwall and so had gone to it by bus. I said well if you want your tent it is were we left it. I wonder if it is still there 40+years on.

Another time that we went camping, we borrowed a caravan at a coastal campsite off a friend. This caravan was lit by gas lights from bottles stored outside at the back end of the caravan, there was no water you had to go to a standpipe along the row, and no toilet, but there was a small sink to wash cups etc., this sink was about 10 inch across and the waste piped outside to a soak-away not to a drain.
Over the weekend we sat or walked on the beach, and in the evenings went to the campsite clubhouse for a meal and a drink, one evening there was a sing-along.
The toilets were beside the clubhouse and this was about 4 rows down from our row and our caravan was about two thirds from that end of the row, so as we left the club we both went to the loos. But on this night we had drunk more then the night before. As we walked (staggered) back to our caravan we had seen one or two males peeing on there gas bottles on the row below ours, and so on to bed we went.
I awoke at about three and got out of the bed to go for a pee, I opened the door to go to our gas bottle but it was pitch black and pissing with rain, so I closed the door and turned and peed into the little sink, (the relief) as I returned to bed I woke-up my girlfriend who asked about the weather so that she could walk to the loos for a pee, I said it was pissing down and that I had just peed into the sink.
So we both got out of the bed, (the bed was across the back of the caravan so she would have had to climb over me) now this sink was opposite the caravan door and by a window with a blind that was closed, as there was no water supply there were no tapes on the sink, so she removed her knickers and with my help sat up on the sink and wriggled back so that her pussy was over the sink bowl. With her legs open and her hairy pussy on show she started to pee, a strong clear hissy piss that seemed to go on and on, as I watched I said good job that I had pissed before you as I would not be able to pee into that bowl now, after she was done she wiped with her knickers and jumped down and ran to the bed, I throw some water down the sink and also ran to the bed. I did not get any more sleep that night.

I continue post I had to stop it this afternoon because urgent business.

Hisae stayed with me until I finish on loo, it was long time because even I sprayed loo many times with mushy huge volume, never finish. Hisae dig her fingers into my back and shoulders and top half of bottom. Of course finally I finish, still with crying. But gradually it was happy crying because of Hisae. I washed bottom and she dried, then she said, take off all clothes and go on bed and I massage more.

She massaged me, shoulders and back and bottom and top of leg and lower part below knee, perhaps 30 minutes! I want her to stop because she tired, but it was so good feeling! I kept to cry. But it was happy crying. I said Hisae, I am crying because I love you. She said nothing but massaged more and more.

At end of massage I needed the loo again, so I sat down and sprayed the loo with more mushy, but this time only one burururururu and some little pieces. Then Hisae sat down same place and did one loud plop and a wee. So I dry her. I am still no clothes, but she wore pyjamas. I wanted to wear but I had to go loo in a great hurry... Then I put on pyjamas and we brushed teeth.

Hisae said, "Minappe you say your English is bad, but my English is zero, and Kazu and Maho too! So you don't worry!" But next day I ask my father to find my grammar book I used in Wales, and he sent. So I try hard to write well, and put s after verb when I write about Hisae or Maho or Kazuko. (But sometimes I am very tired.)

JW I am happy that you don't angry. I try to write so you understand well, and read carefully things what you write.

I do survey of Red Panda, we call lesser panda in Japan.

1. I wipe where I need to wipe.

2. Once I used bedpan. My motion very soft, so it was not difficult to use.

3. I don't watch myself poo, but after finish, I look in loo.

4. I never use public loo with door open.

5. My friends often walk in on me. You can see that in today's afternoon's post.

6. I have watched my friends poo many times. I enjoy to watch, and I like when they watch me.

7. usually when I do motion, my panties are at my knees. But in hot summer, I take off completely, because so hot in loo! And I stay very long time when I am doing motions.

My friends are same with me, except question 2.

I hope you are happy, Red Panda.

Jane, you are sweetest person. Thank you for warm words.

Love from Mina and Hisae and M and K.

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