Peed in a trash can

Hey, back again. I needed to pee a few minutes ago and decided to just do it here in the living room. I took the trash bag out of the can so it was empty and sat on the can (I have cerebral palsy, making it difficult to stand and "aim" well, so this is normal for me). First I farted quietly. A few seconds later, a gush of pee rained into the can, drumming on the side loudly.

I peed for a long time, almost a minute and a half. I pushed a few times and squirted out a bit more twice. As I pushed, I could feel a small urge to poop and considered just pooping in the can also. But it would be hard to clean, so I just stood and pulled up my underwear--I'm alone in here, so who cares what I wear. :)

I took the can full of pee and dumped it in the toilet and then rinsed out the can in the sink a few times, which got rid of the smell. Then I put the trash bag back in the can and put it in its normal place again.


Sammie: Sorry I haven't posted here in quite a while. I do enjoy reading your stories. I've had some close calls when it came to pooping in the past few years. I don't have a car so I have to walk or take my bike on errands. Sometimes I get a major case of the craps while I'm walking or pedaling and have to go in the bushes or in a store or gas station restroom. Once while I was walking to Starbucks I had to crap really bad. I felt it was going to be a big one. Luckily there was a little park nearby with public toilets. It felt like I was going to crap my pants as I walked over to the toilets. I got in the stall, put my laptop bag on my lap closed the door, pulled down my pants and underwear. The turd immediately started flowing out of my butt. It was huge. At least 2 feet by 1.5 inches. Have any of you ever had an experience like that.
To Victoria: I liked your story about pooping while making dinner. How many times have you clogged up your toilet?
To Catherine: I liked your story about pooping with your husband. Have you ever clogged up your toilet?


Too Victoria B

Victoria could tell a story of when you pooped in the shower? I'd love to hear that!

Jessica B.

Tremendous urge in the morning

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a weird poop I had this morning. I woke up early as usual to go to work. I had lentils for breakfast, with two cups of coffee. Already while eating, an uncomfortable feeling developed in my lower belly. So far nothing unusual, I almost always have to go number two after breakfast, especially if I drink coffee. Because my belly was kinda hurting, I decided to pay a visit to my dear toilet before even doing my dishes. I went to the bathroom, closed and locked the door (I still do this as a habit, even though I have been living alone for quite a while now), and made myself comfortable.

I relaxed and a few drops of pee poured into the bowl. And then... nothing. I just didn't feel the urge anymore, while usually, I go immediately. I sat for three minutes before giving up. I flushed and went back to the kitchen.

Five minutes later, my belly cramped again. It was one of this moments you feel you have to go NOW, if you want to avoid an accident. So I rushed to the bathroom, slammed the door shut and puled my pants and panties to my ankles. A very light push later, my backdoor opened and a turd started to emerge - without closing, as it went on and on. It feels very weird to have my anus stretched that way without relaxing after at most ten seconds. (Though it might be different for people that often feel constipated, I don't know). The log did not splash, as it started curling in the water long before it would break off. Eventually, it ended and the tip landed on the porcelain wall.

The bathroom was already reeking by then, but it turned out I was far from done. Without pushing, another log made its way. That one was shorter. Afterwards, I produced three more logs. They became shorter though. Then I peeked between my legs: such a mess! I normally make one or two medium sausages, not five snakes! I began wiping and used a lot of TP, as this BM was quite soft. I have been considering applying Helen's advice to live more ecologically but I am not ready yet. I stood up and flushed. The water level rose dramatically before this mess was sucked down the drain. This had never happened since I have been living alone! I was glad it all went down. Obviously, the bowl was stained by many skidmarks, so I had to make good use of the brush and flush again. I closed the door behind me so the rich smell would not fill my apartment.

So it was very bizarre I couldn't "go" when I first sat down, since it was so urgent and I apparently needed a massive clean out. I have to say my diet also hasn't been that great lately: I am very stressed at work, so I don't have energy to cook when I come home, and I keep eating lentils leftovers I have in my freezer (I had some for dinner three days in a row now, and also twice for breakfast).

Love and take care,


My answers to Red Pandas survey


1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? I just dab it with toilet paper or if no paper just pull my knickers up.
2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience! I've never used either of those.
3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out? Yes I like seeing it come out and I've watched through a mirror.
4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom? Not with the door open but my friend has come in with me.
5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet? Yes
6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo? Yes
7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo? Pull my pants to mid thigh or knees.

Hi everyone

Natasha - thanks for your reply. It was mortifying but at least nobody saw me! I've had several near misses but only a couple of proper accidents before. Can I ask what happened with your own accidents?

Curious Cody

Events Center Bathrooms

I started work at 14 at our city's huge events center. The arena holds like 13,000 people for concerts and athletic events. Depending on the event there could be more than 15 of us working in Concessions E. Most of the workers were school age, although we had some elderly persons working too. It was difficult for us to get a break approved 1 hour before an event, or during halftime or intermission. My trainer was Angie. She was two years older than me and once in the back supply room when we were opening boxes, I asked her about breaks because I had drank a lot of soda and I felt the need coming on. She pointed to a large communal drain that we stepped over in the storage and food prep area. She told me she fantasized using it in a big emergency, but knew she would get fired for doing it because of the health dept.

If our break was approved, we had to use the public bathroom right across from the walking ramp to the next level. Angie was gone once during Neil Diamond concert for 10 minutes. Our supervisor Ian was really snarky in telling Angie she must have shit her brains out. As she was pulling off hot dogs with me right next to her Angie said she spent 10 minutes in line, but only needed two minutes to take her shit. She said the seat was wet, there was no toilet paper, and that she knew she was sacrificing a pair of underwear to prevent from being fired. As I was replenishing two containers worth of drink cups I asked her what was worse: 1) 10 minutes in pain in line; 2) no toilet paper; or 3) sitting in someone else's urine. She winked at me and added a 4th: insensitive guys who don't understand what women go through quite often in public places.

I finally was given permission to go take my piss. I was surprised. The bathroom was huge. There were two sides separated by a concrete block wall. There must have been 40 or 50 guys jammed together, with others waiting at this large cattle trough urinal hanging from the wall. I was surprised how open and gross it was. Some of the guys were leaning in and had their left hand on their organ with their right hand leaning against the wall. One boy in front of me, next to his father or grandpa, was on his toes trying to get his stream going over the side of the trough. You could see him trying to emulate what he was watching on his left. Once I got up there, the pain and lack of privacy caused me to panic. There was water running by me in the bowl but I was frustrated that it took me probably five minutes just to get my smallest drain going. It was over in half the usual time so I had to return to work in a bit of pain.

Ian beat Angie as I was coming back in and directed me to the back sink where he watched as I washed my hands. Then he assigned me to fill a couple dozen popcorn containers. Angie walked by me, stuck her finger into my ribs, and asked how I liked the bathroom. I think she could tell I was still a bit pained. I got about 15 seconds of explanation in and she got up by my face and did kind of a fake cry impersonation. Then she winked at me when Ian sent her into the back room. Within minutes, I was feeling a more urgent need to crap. Sampling much of the junk food during Angie's orientation was taking its toll.

We rolled the gate down at 11 p.m. Mom and Dad were out until about midnight and couldn't pick me up. Angie had her brother coming, but with the heavy traffic on a Saturday night, she said he had a long drive in. So she and I had a seat in the main lobby and continued to find that we enjoyed each others company. I finally got up the courage to tell her I needed to go in and pee again. She agreed to watch for my brothers car. This time I went to the other side of the restroom. There were about 30 toilets. Partitions separated them but there were no doors. I found one that had been flushed, only a couple of sprinkles on the seat and toilet paper on the roll. I pointed my organ into the bowl and drained my bladder. During that I let go of two lengthy logs. Since I didn't want Angie to think I was taking advantage of her, I wiped, washed my hands and hurried out.

She started to play with me again about taking so long that her bladder was all but bursting. I shot back that that would at least let her clean up her underwear from earlier. She left her purse with me and I could hear her walk in, open a stall door, close it and very faintly I could hear her butt hit the seat. I heard her sigh in relief as the drain started. It must have gone on past a minute. Then there seemed to be some rustling of clothing and something like a belt buckle hitting metal two or three times. Then I heard quite a bit of toilet paper being pulled off. Then finally a flush. Then a second one. The last one seemed louder and I could hear the door swing open. I could hear a faucet being used and then some towels being pulled off.

Then Angie came out complaining how raw it feels not to have underwear between her jeans and crotch. I told her she was lucky she hadn't worn a dress. And for once, she agreed with me and didn't try to tease me.
I didn't want to be insensitive so I didn't give any of the attitude back to her. Three years later I saw Angie 3rd hour every day. She was in college and a para that was getting credit for helping my social studies teacher. She continued to work at the Events Center, too.


Follow up to my big poo post

Hi at the end of my last post I said I would update on what happened and when I've written this I will take the survey.
I ended up doing a poo in bed last night, it came out in my pants whilst I was sleeping, I woke up about 1/2 hour before I should get up and I needed to poo. As there was already some in my pants and my bed was dirty and wet I laid on my front and pushed really hard and did another lump in my pants, I was surprised how much poo was still in me making my belly ache and my bum hurt. When my Mum came in to tell me to get up she just remarked that I had done a poo and asked if it was in my sleep so I some yes and some just now because it was hurting. I think in a previous post I mentioned a scale of 0 to 10 to measure how hard I have to push to get my poo out - my mum asked how hard had I pushed - I said it was hard so 10. My mum understands my control thing and anxiety and doesn't mind where I do it if it stops me withholding. I took of my dirty and wet things and took a shower, dressed for school and went downstairs. I ate breakfast, cereals followed by toast and coffee. I went in the toilet lifted my skirt pulled my green knickers down, I was wearing large ones because I had belly and bum ache and sat on the toilet. I peed a big pee and then pushed, I really needed to poo it felt huge in my bum I pushe like 7 on my scale and farted then for about 10 mins pushed like 10, mum said it was time to go and came in and asked if I'd done it, I replied it wouldn't come out. My mum knows when I'm having problems and took some paper and wiped my bum for me and said its sticking out Katie. I said well I can't do it and stood and pulled my pants up. Mum said have you got clean pants and your pass I said yes. I won't use school toilets other than to have a pee, i occasionally will try to poo on the changing room toilets when on my own after the others have gone when I've shown my pass to the teacher but that's usually only when I've done most of it in my pants beforehand and I'm just sitting there to take my dirty pants off and clean up. If I'm withholding or constipated and it sticks out sometimes I have to push it out so I can sit properly. I have a pass to use when I've pooed in my pants so I can leave the lessons or be late into lessons so I can go and change whilst no one else is about, I might be 13 but I still poo in my pants at school most days . I get so stressed and anxious about using the school toilets my ' issues ' are medically recognised and I have a card that when I show it at school I can leave the lesson or get excused from gym class/ PE.
Ok,so now I am going to take the survey, will post more later in the week
Katie Kool x

2 embarrassing things happened again with me. At work around 2:30pm while i was busy scanning, my stomach made a loud sound and my colleague heard it as usual so I gave the scanner over to my colleague and said, "sorry I really really have a stomach ache." But when I went to the toilet... The lady told me, "sorry ms, the toilet is currently under servicing." Then I responded with a slight fart and said, "please I had to go," just as I would continue my stomach continued gurgling and so i decided to control it, went back to work and when my colleague asked, "that was fast." What they didn't realized is that I accidentally pooped my pants but no worry cause my colleague admitted she had a stomach ache to and she pooped her pants as well. True story.


Urine sample before ride


Just curious where did they have you give a urine sample before going in the ambulance was it like a public bathroom or what? That would be sort of weird if it was, as in carrying a cup full of your pee in plain view of everyone. Glad you got to empty your bladder before though!


Victoria B.


An almost-clog this morning inspired the following question: do you have any near misses of your own? Times when you were convinced that your load wouldn't make it but got down the drain anyway?



Pooping in school

Hi everyone,

I'm back after a long while of no posting. My last was page 2600 I believe, I've missed writing on this page a lot.

To Ellie - I liked your story about holding your poop in for as long as possible, I might try that sometime.

Today at school I felt okay for most of the morning. However, in my class after lunch, my stomach began to hurt a lot. I felt some huge farts coming on and I didn't know if I could hold them back. I knew immediately that I needed to poop, and needed to go very soon. I left the room and let out a fart in my skinny jeans. I could feel what felt like liquid poop in my butt. Thankfully, I made it to the bathroom, which was surprisingly empty. I picked a stall, pulled down my skinny jeans and panties, and began my dump. I let out a humongous fart into the toilet. I pushed very lightly, expecting a wave of diarrhea. Instead, my butthole opened wide and a huge log, probably 2 inches wide and a foot long, rocketed out of me, followed immediately by a couple of shorter, probably 3 inch pieces. The entire process probably took about 4 seconds. The smell was horrendous and filled the whole room. I farted again and began wiping. My crap smelled so bad that I almost had to leave the stall. I flushed the toilet with my foot, washed my hands, and went back to class.

Hope you enjoyed, I should be back soon.


Fall hiking trip


I don't post here that much anymore, because I have so little time. Some unfortunate family matters, my job and other things keep me busy. However, I managed to go camping with my friend Helen last weekend, which of course implies having to go in the nature and I thought it is worth sharing.

Anna, as you're my all time favorite poster, I hope you're doing well and still reading this site sometimes.

Catherine, it's nice to see you back! I hope your kids are doing well.

So Helen, who is very outdoorsy (she has a Swedish dad), convinced me to go hike and camp with her a last time this year. Honestly, I was intimidated, because Helen is way more in shape than me. We left on Friday evening, directly after work. She picked me up at the office and we drove to the start of the trail. There, we changed into our comfy hiking clothes and walked for about an hour before starting pinching our tent. Helen is very experienced at this so it didn't take long, but we still had to hurry as the sun was already setting.

We prepared some rice and heated some canned vegetable curry for dinner (Helen is a vegetarian), ate, cleaned our dishes and chatted for a little while. The night sky was gorgeous but we had to go to sleep early as the Saturday hike would be a long one. So before disappearing into our sleeping bags, we both went for a goodnight pee just behind the tent. We squatted next to each other, she directed her headlight on me, and I directed mine on her, so we could make sure we don't go onto our boots! When she was done, she didn't wipe but just shook her butt. I didn't want to seem impractical or to be the delicate city girl, so I left my tissues in my pocket and imitate her. That worked better than expected. Then we went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up quite early, alone in the tent and very sleepy. Helen was already outside performing some yoga exercises. She greeted me and said she was very hungry, waiting for me to wake up so we could have breakfast. I told her no problem, but I first have to have my morning pee. She giggled and told me to watch where I put my feet. I was glad she warned me, because I was still not completely awake. Indeed, behind the bush near the tent where we had peed in the evening, there were four short light brown logs Helen had left behind her. I wouldn't have seen them if she hadn't marked their position with some little sticks to prevent any mishap. To my surprise, there was no TP to be seen. So I squatted two steps away and let loose a very relieving morning pee, but this time, I wiped using a tissue.

We had cereal with milk powder and instant coffee for breakfast (neither of those are my favorite to say the least) and Helen, who already had been awake for a while, stressed we had to hurry to complete the challenging hike she had planned. I was not that happy about this, but I did not want to annoy or upset her, so I just rushed through my cereals and we began packing. When we were ready to leave, she said she would pee before we start walking. I decided I would do so too, and once again, we just squatted side-by-side. She is very uncomplicated and uninhibited, and I like this trait of hers, but I am definitely more self-conscious. By then, I could feel a slight urge to go number two, but I did not want to delay our start even more, plus it is impossible for me to go when I feel rushed, and there wasn't really a place to hide. I just managed to pee a few drops.

We walked for several hours only making a few short breaks. Helen was reading the map and handing me dried fruit at regular intervals, as "I was struggling more than her.", her words. Indeed, the pace was too fast for me, but it was not torture either.

We sat down for lunch and had some home-made sandwiches and energy bars. Helen has some special recipe to make vegetable sandwiches that don't go bad fast, and I have to admit, they were tasty and nourishing. But I swear we did not sit for more than fifteen minutes! I cursed myself for not having planned the trip by myself, but something is sure, this exercising was long overdue! I wasn't mad at my buddy, just wishing to have the same shape. As usual, she had to pee before leaving and so did I. My stream wasn't as majestic as hers, therefore she scolded me for not drinking enough. That was a little annoying, as I do know my body, well better than she does. Anyway, I ended with the water bottle in my hands, after we had shaken the last droplets away. I have to say, this does not feel as dry as when using TP, but it is not damp either. I started liking the technique, though I would prefer using TP when there is a sustainable method to get rid of it.

The afternoon was spent similarly, and I just had to ask for one extra pee break because of all the water I was drinking. The good news that we were "ahead of schedule", so we arrived one hour earlier than expected. And before you ask, yes, Helen is the kind of hiker that has a time plan for hiking...

I was absolutely exhausted by then (but also proud of myself), I just sat down and enjoyed the scenery while Helen set up the tent and prepared dinner. Guess what? Whole grain rice and canned vegetable sauce again. Both of us were starving, thus we had no hard time finishing everything.

After we had cleaned our dishes, she pulled a large flask of vodka from her backpack. She insisted we should have shots, so we drank from the lid alternately. Soon, she was quite tipsy, while I can stand alcohol better. We talked for a long time (Helen was dumped by her BF recently, I think she really needed alcohol to release the pressure and the pain), we laughed a lot, she cried a few times and I had to be supportive. When the flask was finished, I decided it was time for us to go to sleep. I realized Helen was quite drunk, so I helped her stand up and told her we should pee before going to bed.

Without even making one step away, she just pulled down her pants and squatted down. She started peeing immediately, but her stream hit her leg as she lost balance for a second. She shouted and started laughing hysterically. I also thought it was funny, but couldn't help but feel embarrassed for her. I grabbed her shoulder and her knee to help with balance and when she was done, I brought her to her sleeping bag. I went out again, had a pee too and hung Helen's hiking pants so they could dry overnight (that turned out to be a terrible idea...). Then I undressed and slipped into my own sleeping bag. Helen hugged me once more and thanked me for helping her, she definitely was drunk!

At dawn, I was woken up by the sound of rain pouring over our tent, Helen snoring next to me. Thank God I remembered about Helen's pants! I managed to put on my rain jacket and my headlamp, got into my boots and quickly fetched them, but it was too late, they were totally soaked. My friend was oblivious to all this, she didn't even wake up. So I went back to sleep too.

I woke up with a light hangover at nine o'clock. It was still raining heavily. This time, Helen also woke up. She wasn't feeling that well, but better than I expected. She wasn't happy about how late it already was, about the unexpected rain and even less about her wet pants, but she thanked me for taking care of her. The air in the tent smelled a little funky, surely because of our alcohol breath and overnight farting.

I boiled some water and made us coffee, Helen still laying in her sleeping bag. I felt quite a strong urge to go both ways by then and squatting by the camping stove in the vestibule wasn't helping. My plan was to pour Helen some coffee so she gets over her sore head and then go relieve myself at the only sheltered location in sight, a tiny rock shelter fifty steps away.

I gave her a cup and she thanked me. The she said "We have to make new plans for today", to which I replied "Yes, but let's do this in ten minutes". That was a mistake, as Helen started explaining how important planning was, etc etc.The only right thing to do would have been to tell her I needed the toilet, but for some reason those words didn't cross my lips. So we just went on "planning", which is a euphemism for Helen thinking loud and me not listening, sipping coffee and nodding from time to time. Truth is that I was in agony. At some point, I released a long airy and stinky fart. Helen started laughing while I blushed, and she said "Ow Jess, I didn't even know you could fart, wait!" and she pushed a fart out. It must have been quite loud, because even muffled by the sleeping bag I could hear it. I manage to tell her "Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom right now.", but then she answered "Me too!".

My heart skipped a beat and I was like paralyzed, as I watched her get out of her sleeping bag. Did she really want to come with me? I was about to mess myself and there was no way I could wait until she came back. My brain wasn't functioning and I grabbed my jacket like in a dream. Next thing I was speechlessly walking towards the rock shelter, Helen next to me. She was quite a sight, wearing only hiking boots, panties and her rain jacket (so without pants) with a mug of coffee in her hand! We pulled down our pants and squatted next to each other, as usual, our knees almost touching.

Making sure not to make eye contact, I relaxed my muscles and immediately started farting and peeing. Helen hadn't troubles starting either, her pee river was forming a puddle on the already damp ground. Without a push my anus opened and expelled short dark pellets, not even closing in between. I could hear Helen's logs crackling out of her butt. My anus was then stretched by a larger log that was slowly oozing out. After a while, I had to lift my ass slightly so it wouldn't be blocked, then it eventually fell off. A fart escaped. I peeked at my friend, whose butt had started crackling again: she was apparently working on a second long tan log. Her blue eyes were focused at the horizon, making her pooping look quite dramatic. Without a word, she handed me her cup, I took a sip and gave it back to her. I released a short and mushy log, then, another one. I felt done (hopefully, given the huge mess below my butt!) but I decided to wait for Helen.

She drank another sip of coffee and grunted gently. I couldn't help but notice how a very light thin turdlet fell on her heap. Every few seconds, she'd grunt and thin mushy logs would exit her bum. This went on for a while, I was genuinely impressed by the amount she was shitting. I broke the silence and asked "Do you always shit like this?", she answered "No, only on Sundays". I don't know what to think of this, I didn't ask for clarification.

She was obviously done, so I took the TP out of my pocket and handed it to her. She told me no, she had her own wipes. She took two microfiber clothes out of her jacket and handed me one. She told me to dampen it, like her, and she just stretched her hand so the rain would soak it. Then, she proceeded to wipe her bum, neatly folding the cloth after each wipe. She stood up, pulled up her panties and put the cloth in a zip bag she also had in her pocket. I did like her. The microfiber cloth not only was super soft on my bum, but also incredibly efficient. After three wipes already, I felt perfectly clean. Helen said, as I put my used cloth in her zip bag, "this way, you don't have to litter and it is more environment friendly." Apparently, she doesn't use TP at home either, it is just for her guests.

Both our shits were huge! Helen's mushy logs had melted together into a cow pie on top of the initial oversized logs, but my main turd, knobby at one end, smooth on the other one, kept me in the "competition" for the most needed dump. Helen raised her hand, we half-fived without a word and went back to the tent through the rain.

I would have sworn that having to poop in front of anyone would make me incredibly ashamed and embarrassed, that it would be a humiliating unfortunate experience. However, what just happened was none of this; Helen and her peculiar personality made me feel that it was the most natural thing in the world. We ate some cereals and packed our stuff.

The hike was challenging again, especially since we were tired and it was raining. But I got motivation from the fact that that day, I was in better shape than Helen! We got back to the car quite late. I was happy most of the equipment didn't belong to me, as I'd have to work the next day and I wouldn't have time to clean anything. All in all, I felt quite satisfied by the trip, it was good for me to exercise again, the trail was very nice and I was proud of being able to follow Helen. I think she was happy too, but even more tired. I really enjoyed my shower that evening!

I am sorry this post grew so long, I just cannot stop typing when I am telling about myself.

Love and take care,

Anna from Austria
Answers to Red Panda Survey

1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? Do you take the toilet paper and just try to wipe as best as possible or do you separate your labia to get a better wipe? I'm curious because I feel like I need to wipe better.

I just wipe as good as I can never had any problems with that so far.

2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience!

Not yet so far. When I was hospital I could use the toilet by mself

3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out?

I did it sometimes when I was bored. But not recently did it last time a couple of yours ago.

4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom?

Not yet. But I used toilets with broken looks quite often. I did a lot of clubbing when i was younger and at my favourite club, the looks in the ladies room where broken quite often. I always wondered why.

5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet?

During my unversity day my roomate walked into the bathroom quite often when I was using the toilet. The bathroom in our flat during my unversity days cannot be looked. There was a lock but the landlord did not give us the key for the lock.

6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo?

Just listend to a few people never watch directly, but i would be curious to do it once I have to admit.

7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo?

At home i move my pants down to my ankles at public bathrooms i pull just down to the knees. I am bit worried that other ladies at publicb bath rooms can see my underwear so i just pull them to knees.

Thats it for today.

greetings from Austria Anna


Re: Angry??? NO!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote this post before and for some reason it did not get through so I'll make this short and sweet I WAS NOT ANGRY.

Female student
Last summer I went for a long distance biking trip with some friends. Often we had no access to a toilet when in need. Then we had to squat in the bushes to pee and even to poop. Funny feeling sitting there doing it all just onto the ground. After a while I think all of us became quite relaxed about it and not really bothered if anyone got a glimpse of you sitting there. Amusing to think about now.

Last weekend in the backbushes at a resting area in Germany I happened to see a woman going to toilet in the open. Amusing sight! She was squatting exposing her bare bum. She was not young. Probably over 60. I saw her wipe and afterwards I went over there and saw that she had left a bunch of paper and three poos. Earlier this year my mother also once had to poop in the bushes when we were out driving.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna From Austria great story it sounds like that laxative its job and you had a great poop and lucky you found that café as well.

To: Ellie great story.

To: Natasha great set of stories.

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you and Lucy both had great poops.

To: Elphaba great story.

To: Kate great stories I bet you felt good after getting that poop out.

To: Carin great story.

To: Gemma first welcome to the site and great story please anymore you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Uncle Harrry


To Taylor:

I pee almost every time I get in the shower.


Re:Mina Angry??? NO!!!!!!!!!!

Mina, I don't understand why you would think I was angry. There was nothing to be angry about. I think a girl's "push face" is often VERY cute and just wanted to know if that was what you found cute. Please do not leave the board over anything I said, I'm sorry if I made you feel bad, but I was certainly NOT ANGRY!!-- JW

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relpy to Katie

To Katie: Sorry to hear about your painful bout of constipation. It's good that your mum was able to help you through it. My mom often had to help me poop when I lived with her as I always had such a hard time going. (She still does help me on occasion.) She usually holds my hand or massages my stomach, my back, my hips, or sometimes my butthole while I strain. Sometimes, she'll wrap her arms around me while I sit backwards on the toilet just like your mum did for you. If I'm really struggling, she'll have me lay down on my back while she rolls a rolling pin up and down my stomach or she'll use her hands to help spread my buttcheeks apart while I push. On a few occasions, she actually had to grab my poop with her hands and pull it out of my butt when it's stuck. Not a very fun experience, but I'm grateful for her help. Thank you for the post! It's nice knowing I'm not the only one who gets help from a parent when constipation is acting up. Wishing you easier poops in the future!

i helped my (ex) boyfriend poop

Hi, gang! Sorry I haven't posted a proper story in so long. It's been quite a busy month for me! My bowels have been fairly kind to me lately. I've been pooping about once every 2 or 3 days (which is normal for me) without too much of a struggle. The story I'm going to tell today isn't about me, but about an ex boyfriend of mine. The story takes place 3 years ago when him and I were both 19. I won't give away his real name, so let's call him Jeremy.

I was staying the night at Jeremy's apartment one weekend in the winter. We decided to order some pizza and watch a movie. Jeremy only ate one piece of pizza, which wasn't normal for him considering he usually has three or four slices, but I didn't think much of it. He ate his one slice while I ate about two slices and we continued watching the movie. When the movie was over, we ended up in Jeremy's bedroom just sitting on his bed while talking. He seemed to be in a bit of discomfort. "What's wrong, hun?" I asked him. "Nothing, babe," he said, and we continued to chat. The longer the conversation went on, the more uncomfortable he looked. At one point while I was telling him a story about something that had happened in high school, he interrupted me and said, "Babe, my stomach hurts, I'll be right back." He dashed out of the room with his hand pressed to his stomach and headed for the bathroom down the hall. Ten minutes went by and he wasn't back yet, so I figured I should go check on him. I tapped lightly on the door. "Hey, are you okay?" I asked. "Nnnnh, yeah, I'm fine," he answered in a strained voice. "You don't sound fine," I said. "Can I come in?" I heard him sigh as he got off of the toilet and opened the door. He was standing there hunched over holding his stomach, his face red and sweaty. "It .... umm ...... won't come out," he told me. I asked him when the last time he'd pooped was. He said 4 days ago. I led him back over to the toilet and had him sit down. I massaged his poor, swollen belly while he moaned. "Mmmmmmhhh ....... mmmmmmmmmmm ....... ohhhhh." "Can you feel anything moving?" I asked him. "No, not yet," he answered. "Sweetie, I think you're going to have to push." He shook his head and began to blush. I gave him a reassuring pat on the back as he spread his legs and began to grunt. I rubbed his stomach with one hand while he squeezed the other. "Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh .......... uuuuugggggggghhh ...... uh ... uhhh ....unnhh ..... uuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh." "Any luck?" I asked. "It's poking out," he said. "Damn, this thing is huge." I had him bend forward so I could have a look. Hanging out of Jeremy's ass was a thick, dark brown turd that was about 2 inches long so far. It was very lumpy and looked painful. I felt awful for my poor boyfriend. I know how much it sucks to be so constipated. "Keep pushing," I instructed, "you're doing great." He hunched over and grabbed his knees. I rubbed his lower back as he began to strain again. "Unnnnnnhhh ....... uuunnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh ........... nnnnh .... nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh .... Uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I could hear the turd crackling its way out. Jeremy began to moan in between pushes as his poor asshole was being stretched to its limits. "NNNNNNHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhhh .............. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! Mmmmmmmm .............. UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! mmmhh Oh god, ow! ........... UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" "It's almost out, honey, keep pushing!" I coached. "One more big push, you can do it!" He gripped both sides of the toilet, took a deep breath, and pushed with all of his strength. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The turd landed in the bowl with a splash. I rubbed Jeremy's belly as he regained his breath. He thanked me for my help and I told him it was no big deal and that I was just happy he was feeling better. I spent the next hour massaging his stomach while he pushed out 4 or 5 smaller pieces of poop. Afterwards, we went back to his bedroom where I rubbed his belly until he fell asleep.

I hope you enjoyed my story! Hopefully I'll have time to post more soon.



Hey Francesca, welcome to the site! I too, rode in an ambulance to a hospital myself one time last year. Luckily for me, I gave a urine sample, thus emptying my bladder before the ride. It was 2 AM when I left the emergency room, and despite having an allergic reaction to something they gave me through IV that caused hives, I was fortunate to be sleeping comfortable on the stretcher after getting them treated. Sorry to hear you wet yourself, but happy to hear you got support. Also, glad your ok too, and I look forward to your next story.

Uncle Harry


A lot of great stories.

To Francesca:

I was in a similar car accident recently. However, I didn't pee in my pants. My back is better, but not totally healed yet. I hope you had a quick recovery.

To Miranda:

Ah, yes. Pissing in an ally, with both boys and girls. Good to remember the many I posted and to know the fun is still alive. Keep it up youngsters.

To Sandrine:

What a great story and what an interesting way to hold a girl to pee. I've never seen that before.

To A:G:G:

What luck. How often does a woman you don't know ask you to stay in the bathroom with you while she pees and poops, has her legs spread, and has a long discussion.


I'm a medic, worked ambulance in King County, Washington. We were called to a wreck. The fire department was already there. The mother was out of the vehicle and the daughter was walking around just fine. Until some idiot in the fire department decided the girl needed to go on a backboard. Once a patient is back-boarded we can't loosen or remove the straps.
The girl let it be known she needed to pee. Her mom told her to just hang on everything would be fine. A few minutes later were at the hospital and she leaked a little leaving a tennis ball size wet patch.
The hospital was one where you waited a while before anyone came to help. About that time we got called out to another call. The girl was in anguish and I grabbed a hand towel stuck it between her legs, with another that lifted head of the board so the pee would run down it.
I ran out to the ambulance, the call was taken by another unit and a few minutes later the girl and her mom came out. I noted that the girl was wet down the back of her pants from her belt to her shoes. The real surprise was when mom walked out with the inside of her pant legs soaked. When I looked at her with a questioning smile she broke into a big grin, bragged about how big a puddle she left when she walked out. Said she did it on purpose because of the total lack of care the hospital provided.
I wish I could have gone back in and seen the damage.

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