Havent posted for a while, but im back. Sometimes i leak a bit when i've got a serious urge to urinate, and start heading to the bathroom? Not always, but pretty annoying when it happens. Its kinda frequent, perhaps twice a does that happen to anyone else?

A little over a week ago, i was on the bus heading to work, out in va. It was about a 10-15 min bus ride, and this women got on that had a white blouse, gray jacket and gray skirt. She's a woman i see fairly often in my store where i work. She was a couple seats ahead of me, in the row of seats on my left, me being in the back on the right side.

There was probably like 6 or 7 people on the bus, and i looked around because i began to smell a moderately strong smell of shit, like someone might have shit themselves, so i looked in the direction of the woman with the gray skirt, she being closest. I was almost certain the smell was coming from her, and i dont know how to explain it, but it didnt smell entirely.....'fresh'. It was about 1:20 pm or so, was running late for work (the buses had to switch due to some malfunction on the first bus, so my commute to work took longer than usual), and was kinda anxious because it wasnt the first time i was late that week. I assumed that lady must have had an accident and perhaps did a poor cleaning job.

Lukily my boss understood about the buses and didnt make a fuss about it. But anyways, the lady ended up getting off the bus at a stop just before my stop, and then i knew the smell was coming from her, because as she came near me the smell intensified 5fold, and thats when i looked directly at her, having been distracted from reading a book i had (was bored i guess lol) but she paid no attention and kept looking straight ahead before exiting as the door opened. She seemed embarrassed, but it was kinda a thrill for me, as she was pretty hot with black, cury, but bushy hair. She was kinda short, but i see her with her husband and he is pretty tall lol. I think she is foreign, but she speaks pretty good english. I guess thats all,

Until next time

It sounds like you may have IBS. Be sure to ask your doctor about the possibility. I've had IBS since back in 67. IBS can lean to either runs or constipation. Accidents happen, I carry a set of clothes identical to the clothes I wear working so if an accident happens I've something clean to wear without it being obvious I've changed.

Write to me if you have any questions. Also if you google IBS webpages you will find some good ones and some not so good. Keep track of any foods you eat that have you on the toilet soon after. This will start a list of foods that may cause a problem. Also how tense or relaxed you are can affect your bowels.

I'll keep watch for a few days incase you write back.

Jane the Poop
To Mina:

Your message to JW was cute! I don't think JW is angry... just wanting to hear more about what you said because he liked it. He can also respond (sorry if you're a she!) but I wanted to say you are loved here! I know we haven't talked before but I read the posts a lot and was sad you were sad. Your English isn't great but it's good enough to understand and I think it's awesome that you keep trying!! That's what matters :) Please keep posting great stories about you and your friends!!


Anna from Austria
Sorry for not writing for a long time but i was rather busy with work.

Last week I have been constipated for 4 days, so I decided to take some laxatives for the first time in my life. According to leaflet in the package of the laxative, it will take at last 8 hours before it takes some effect.

So I thought it was ok to go out and do some errands. I when to my local travel agency to book my holiday to Canada in December. After that I felt the slight urge to number 2. It was not an unwelcome feeling after being constipated for some days. After a few minutes, the urge become that strong, that i had to find a toilet asap. Luckily i could find a cafe. So headed to ladies room into that cafe, went into the only stall in the toilet. locked the door, pulled down my pants. I was not even sitting properly on the toilet when i had to fart very load and some very hard poo came out my back door. then some more farts and lots of mushy came out. It was smelling very bad.So I wiped a few times, flushed the toilet and left

I was happy that my constipation was history, but I was also a bit shocked how unpredictable laxatives can work.

Without finding the cafe i had soiled my pants for sure. There was no way to hold it.

That was my latest story.

Greetings from Austria


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Francesca great story.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you had a really great poop.

Well that's all for now.


Weekend alone

Hey guys it's Ellie and last time I posted I said that I was going to have a weekend alone to myself and I was going to try to see how long I could hold it. Well I ended up doing it and it was actually a lot of fun. So, the Friday that my roommate Bridget left I went to the bathroom for the last time around 6pm after I walked her out. I went to sleep at about 9 and woke up needing to pee but not too badly. I ate some breakfast and then went for a walk to a Walmart to get some snacks for the weekend. It was about noon when I got to Walmart and I really really needed a bathroom but I wanted to keep holding it. I had finished getting my snacks when my stomach cramped and I knew I was about to have an accident in the store. I stood there with tears in my eyes but the cramps stopped. I knew I still wouldn't make it home so I decided that I would use the bathroom in the Walmart especially because I had on grey sweatpants that would make it extra bad if I had an accident. On the way to the checkout I saw the hygiene section and I got an idea: I could try to hold it longer if I wore a diaper so I didn't have to worry about it showing. I went and grabbed a pack of them and then hurried to the self checkout. After I checked out I put my snack and diapers in my bag and then rushed into the bathroom to put one on. I ended up putting two on so they wouldn't be able to leak in case I went. After making sure they weren't obvious I began my walk home. I peed quite a lot on the way home and after a few bad cramps I let myself poop until they went away. I still needed to go quite badly but I was determined to hold as long as possible. After I got myself cleaned up I changed back into regular clothes and just relaxed for the afternoon. That night when I was going to go to sleep I put on another diaper to make sure I didn't wet my bed. I couldn't believe when I woke up dry on Sunday morning. I honestly think it is the worst I've ever had to pee in my life and I felt almost sick I needed to poop so bad. I didn't want to move because I was scared I'd let go but then I decided to give myself one last challenge before I actually used the toilet. I was going to go for a jog in the park near my apartment and if I made it home I was going to use the toilet. I changed out of the diaper and put on some black baggy shorts that I thought would cover if I had an accident. About a quarter of the way through my jog I started to lose it. There were other joggers coming my way so I sat on a bench and waited for them to pass. I peed a little when I stood back up but I thought I could wait longer. I had about a half mile left when I couldn't take it anymore. I started peeing while I was still running and I was going on and off for a few minutes. Suddenly I got this massive urge and I knew I wasn't going to make it home. I ran off the trail a little bit and hid behind a tree while I just let go. I peed for a minute straight into my pants and I still had to go but I heard people coming so I came out and tried to look natural. When the people passed I only had about a five minute jog left to get home so I thought I could finish peeing and then poop in my toilet. Right at the end of the trail it felt like I got stabbed and I couldn't move until I pooped the cramps were so bad. It actually scared me how bad it hurt. I sort of hobbled back into the trees and stopped resisting. I realized I was peeing again and when I tried to stop that I began pooping myself instead. Once it all stopped I stood there for a second and made sure I was done peeing. My bladder felt sore from waiting so long to completely empty it. I reached and felt a bulge about the size of two apples on my butt. I felt another cramp and didn't even bother trying to hold it back. Big mistake. I thought it would just be small since I had already gone so much but it wasn't at all. It was like as soon as I pushed I knew I messed up. It all came out fast at once and I felt it squeeze into my pants. I stood there and tried to figure out what to do next. It felt like someone had blown up a small balloon and put it in my pants. I didn't know what I could do to hide it. I regretted holding it for so long now. I thought about sitting down and getting rid of the bulge but I knew if I did that it might come out of my shorts and I couldn't let that happen. I waited there for an hour until I realized I was going to have to suck it up and just walk home. I came out of the trees and went back onto the trail. Two joggers ran by me and I heard one of them say "poor girl" to her friend. A few more people passed me and I'm sure they noticed but I just looked straight ahead and I could feel my face burning. Now I was out of the park and I took the long way around the back of my apartment. As I opened the door to the apartment building I heard a voice behind me. I turned my back to the wall and tried my best not to look guilty. The woman just wanted directions because she was a bit lost but I thought she knew what I did as we were talking. As I was walking away she said "thanks, I hope you feel better, it can happen to anyone." I mumbled thank you as I walked away. I got back into my apartment and grabbed a trash bag. I took off my pants with the poop inside and just put it all into the trash bag. I threw the rest of the diapers from the day before in the bag too. After I took a shower twice I took the bag to the dumpster in the back and got rid of it.

I'm not sure if I'll try holding it like that again. I liked the feeling of relief but the embarrassment of being caught was really rough. If I do ever hold it again I'll probably stay closer to home. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed.


Tuesday October 31, 2017

Hi everyone. Finally got some free time to post here, and give an update to tell you guys know I'm still around. I've read most of the posts I missed, so I guess I'll start with some responses:

I see the topic of weeing in the shower has come up. I really don't have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. I usually wee in the toilet before getting in the shower and poo if I need to also, but sometimes the need strikes whilst I'm showering, and if that happens, I just pee there rather than get out and sit on the toilet.

Abbie: I read your story where you talked about the loo at your office. I agree that'd be a bit awkward to have only the one loo, if you needed to take a long time or if you did a big, smelly poo or something. I poo pretty much every day at work now, and so do several of the other girls. I used to be shy about pooing, but I've mostly gotten over it. Sometimes I'm weirdly embarrassed, like when I described about having to do a poo when my mum was right outside the bathroom door, but mostly I just go when I need to. I remember being constipated pretty much all the time at school because I'd hold it a lot.

Imogen: I liked your story about your accident. Sorry to hear you didn't quite make it, although it's good at least that no one saw you. I've had plenty of close calls and even a few full blown accidents before.

Anyway, on with my stories now. The toilets at work are really nice. There's three cubicles and they're always clean and well-stocked with toilet roll and air freshener and there's even seat covers. I personally don't use them, but it's nice for others who do want them. The cubicles are quite sound and smell proof too. I never hear anyone in the neighboring cubicles, and smells don't seem to penetrate either. I usually find myself needing a poo in the early afternoon, around half one. There's another girl, Isobel, who apparently has the same pooing schedule as we almost always end up pooing at the same time.

A few days ago, I was absolutely bursting for both a wee and a poo. I first felt the urge to poo and also had to wee a little, and I was about to head off to the toilets, but I got held up and couldn't go for over a half hour. I finally got to the toilets and took a cubicle and threw myself on the loo and started weeing and pooing at the same time. I was weeing up a storm and plopping away and feeling a lot of relief at finally being able to go. My wee wasn't that long, but I really had to poo a lot. I was stinking it up in the cubicle quite good too. I was so glad no one in the other cubicles could smell it. Finally I finished, wiped myself thoroughly, then flushed and sprayed some air freshener before leaving the cubicle to wash my hands.

Last week, I worked the early morning shift and it was just me and another girl called Alex. At one point, she excused herself, saying she "needed the loo, big time." She was gone for about fifteen minutes and returned with a very relieved look on her face, so I guessed she'd gone for a poo.

Okay, one last quick story. I heard from Jade about one of her friends who has amazing weeing capabilities. Jade told me about the girl and her words were that "she weed for, like, three minutes non-stop" and "it sounded like a firehose the whole time." I think the story's a bit exaggerated, but when I heard about it, I was reminded of that time some months back when I was at the park and that mum in the next cubicle weed really really hard and for a long time too. If I recall, I posted about that experience too.

Anyway, that's me for now. Not sure when I'll be able to post again, but hopefully it'll be somewhat soon. Well, bye for now!


Latest story

Taylor- many thanks for your kind comments, I have always enjoyed your stories too, I hope you can post again soon.
I have finally plucked up the courage to tell Lucy that I post here and she was really cool about it, she has said that she will share some stories soon and also helped me write the following!
So, on to our latest story, earlier today Lucy and I had lunch in a café and then went to look round the shops, I could feel a slight urge for a poo developing and knew I'd have to go to the toilet before too long. Annoyingly my days of being relatively constipation free seem to be coming to an end, I'd last been for a poo four days before so I knew I was unlikely to be in for an easy toilet visit. I knew Lucy hadn't been for a similar amount of time too, we have always been really open about discussing our bodily functions and now we're living together we always tell each other when we need the loo and what we need!! If one of us just needs a wee then we won't usually go to the toilet together as its obviously over pretty quickly, but we always go together when we need to have a poo, I know I find it really helps to have someone there to take my mind off it if I'm struggling with constipation. Anyway, as we were walking back home Lucy suddenly grabbed her belly and said "I'm bursting for a poo, I've been needing it since just after lunch and I'm really struggling to hold it in now!" As soon as we got back we went up to my room, she was squirming around now so I could tell she was pretty desperate. My own need was getting stronger too so I hoped she wouldn't take too long. Lucy took off her denim skirt and chucked it on her bed, she dashed over to my ensuite pulling down her pink and blue stripey knickers as she did so and crashed onto the loo, moaning with relief. I could see she had a big skidmark in her pants from where the poo must have been poking out. She just sat for a few minutes, then said "Its getting fatter, I'm going to have to start pushing" and then she started to strain and grunt a bit as she released her breath. She had to do about 5 minutes of hard pushing which was making her go red in the face before I heard a plop as her first log dropped. She then started to have a wee which went on for some time before she began to bear down again, she obviously had more to come. Her wee kept spurting out occasionally as she pushed. I felt my poo moving closer to my bum and started to jiggle around, I could feel that my knickers were stuck up my bum a bit and so I lifted my dress and pulled them down slightly to hopefully avoid getting skidmarks, "I really want a poo as well, how much longer will you be?!" I asked.
"Sorry," gasped Lucy, "I didn't know you needed to go too! I'm nearly done now, just a couple more minutes." With that I heard another plop and a sigh, then she stood up with her pants at her knees and said "You can get on the loo now, I'm done." She flushed and then took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom as I hiked up my dress and pulled down my pink and purple spotty knickers, my poo had been close to poking out but luckily it hadn't done so meaning they were still clean. I relaxed and felt my poo slide out slowly, I felt it get a bit hard and knobbly after the tip was out so I had to start pushing to get it to keep coming. By now Lucy was done wiping, she took off her knickers and left them on the bathroom floor saying "I'll have to change these knickers, it started to poke out!" She went into the bedroom, opened the drawer and took out some pink flowery knickers which she pulled on before putting her skirt back on. I was continuing to work on my log, after about 5 minutes of concentrated effort I felt it getting thinner and moving faster and shortly after that it plopped down into the bowl. I then pushed out three shorter logs which were still really fat though, so they took a lot of effort to pass and then made huge plops when they dropped and splashed my bum, also I made a loud grunt as each one dropped which would have been really embarrassing if I'd been in a public loo! After passing those logs I felt empty but I needed a wee so I stayed sitting until I was done. I wiped my front and bottom and then flushed the loo before pulling up my pants and leggings. We both felt alot better after emptying our bowels!! Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

This story happened yesterday. After revising all day I had to the library and do some printing. So I got there and before I did anything I needed to have a pee. So I made my way to one of the bathrooms and entering it I saw one of the cubicles in use so I took the other one. Locking the door I hung my bad and tweed jacket onto the hook. Then after unzipping my chinos and pulling them along with my blue panties to my thighs I sat down and started to pee. As I was doing so the other person flushed the toilet and unlocked their cubical. While I heard them wash their hands I thought I could also try for a poo so I stayed sitting and started to push. A couple of minutes later a log fell out of my bum and hit the water with a resounding splash. I knew there was more to come so I grabbed my phone from my pocket and checked my Facebook while I pushed out three more logs. Then the main door opened again and a girl took the other cubical. Leaning down to look underneath the cubical gap I could see she had on some white trainers. Sitting back up I heard her pee hit the water and after it had finished she stayed sitting. As I was seeing if I could produce some more poo I heard a splash from the other cubical. But there was no more forthcoming from me so I stood up, unrolled some loo paper and started to wipe. As I was doing so I heard the bathroom door open and close twice. After throwing the paper into the bowl I pulled the flush and pulled up my panties and chinos before tucking in my shirt. After putting on my jacket and slinging my bag over my shoulder I unlocked the door and headed towards the sinks passing two girls queuing to use the loo. (They both didn't blink an eyelid at my non-female features; indeed they seemed more interested in looking at their phones). After washing my hands I admired my reflection in the mirror and adjusted the collar of my shirt before going over to use the hand dryers. Walking out of the bathroom I then went to find a computer to use. After I had done my printing I was just about to leave the library when I thought I could do with another pee so I went into a bathroom near the entrance and used the middle cubical to empty my bladder before walking back to my home.


Big Poo today

Hi during half term we ended up going for a week away with 1 of mums friends who lives in Cornwall. I decided that really did not like the toilets at their house and the fact that there were 8 people using 2 toilets. I had been having a bit of difficulty pooing before we went away which mum knew about and because I had started wetting the bed she had taken my plastic mattress cover and discretely put it on my bed with a towel. As I really didn't want to spend ages on the toilet I withheld my poo for the whole week. After the first couple of days the need to do a poo disappeared so it was easy to not go and when it did come or some came out by accident in my pants I just told my mum and she just said change put them in a bag and give them to me. I dirtied my pants(knickers) lots of times, which mum washed out overnight and gave me them clean in the morning. I had a bad belly ache in bed so I did a test push to see if it would come out but nothing moved poo wise so I just kept on withholding, I soaked the bed though. Mum kept asking me to go and do a poo poo, I said I didn't need one, which wasn't exactly a lie as I didn't as the sensation to poo wasn't happening, although it was pretty obvious i did. She asked if I had ???? ache so I said a little bit. When we got home I though I had better go try and poo, my belly ache was really bad and the poo was sticking out from my bum. I sat on the toilet trying really hard but nothing apart from some farts would come out. I shouted to my mum - " mum I've got bad ???? ache I can't poo" she came to the bathroom and asked when I last did a poo, I replied before we went away. She massaged my belly whilst I pushed but nothing came out. After about an hour I said I wanted to get off the toilet and go out. I had shorts over fishnet tights but when I got downstairs mum stopped me and said as I hadn't been and was soiling my pants she didn't want me dirtying my shorts. Mum undid my shorts and pulled them down then told me to take my tights off, she then pulled some plastic pants up my legs and round my bum and made sure they were smooth before I pulled up my tights and shorts. That evening I went to the toilet, pulled down my shorts, tights and plastic pants with my cotton ones inside to my mid thigh and sat on the toilet and tried whilst I read some of the old posts on this forum. I was grunting and pushing down really hard going grnnnnnn grrnnnnnnnm so hard it felt like my bum was going to pop out. I shouted Muuuum Muuuum I'm constipated Muuuum my arse is really hurting. Mum came in, told me to take off my dirty pants and told me to sit the wrong way round, she said push down hunny, I did really really hard grnnnnnn and grnnnnnnnnn she said sorry hunny if this hurts I need to put some Vaseline inside to help it slip out. Mum slipped her slippy finger in and spread the Vaseline inside and remarked how hard the stuck poo was. Several attempts later with me pushing hard and mum squeezing me round my middle I had to give up, my bum was hurting so much I couldn't push anymore. I got ready for bed and mum said " wear big pants ( knickers ) in bed just in case. See if I havn't been on the toilet for a couple of days or when I'm withholding I sometimes go poo poo in bed in my sleep or,if the cramps wake me and I just have to push like happens when Ive been on the toilet for ages before bed. I sort of have phases where I poo in bed 1 or 2 times a week when I withhold but don't get past 2 or 3 days then not do it for ages even though I'm withholding/ constipated where as I wet the bed quite a lot like 4 or 5 nights a week some weeks and 2 or 3 other weeks.
I've finally done it on Sunday evening, before I went on the toilet my mum had me lay on my bed and she pressed on my ???? and massaged. She had first put Vaseline in my bum so this could soak in. Then I sat on the toilet and bore down really hard and felt it come out. Mum put more Vaseline on it when I relaxed it went back in. I pushed again and it came out further and my mum broke it off and dropped it in the toilet. I pushed again and this piece came out and with a second hard grunt it came out. My mum wiped me and I cried out cos my bum hurt so much. I got up and there were 2 bits one really fat and about 4 inches long and another hard piece about 6 inches long both made of stuck together chunks.
On Monday morning after breakfast I needed to poo but as my bum was hurting I decided to withhold it. Didn't sit on the toilet on Monday evening other than for a pee, I wet the bed during Monday night, I didnt poo this morning and because mum asked me if I needed a poo earlier before I went out I decided to withhold again this eve, when I got in she asked me again so I said no, I had taken my knickers off whilst I was out cos they were dirty and put clean ones on just before coming home so when mum checked they were clean so she believed me when I said I didn't need to poo. I am writing this in bed and it's taking some holding my poo in - there is a good chance I won't be able to hold over night, will update next time.

Also reading the old posts one poster reminded me of my best friend, I know it isn't but they are so alike the poster is Jasmin K.
My best friend Mia is always on the toilet - if I knock on for her on my way to school her gran ( she lives with her gran cos her mum was really ill and now can't look after her) will,say come in she will be a couple of minutes which is then like 5 mins and I hear the toilet flush and Mia appears then when we get to school she says come with me Kate I need to go on the toilet so I go in with her and she lifts her skirt ,she doesn't have pants but has some in her bag ,and sits down and starts really pushing hard doing little wet farts
She gets like angry at her self cos she can't poo. Ive asked her if she did a poo at home and she always says yes but I want to do more, eventually she does a few bits that sound like stones dropping into water. Then if I say lets meet up at 6 pm she will always say can you call round and when I go she will be on the toilet again. I've said to her to try withholding and being in control and she says to me I do take control I make myself go.

Ok I've got to close now - will post again if you like my posts.

Kate X


The Accident

I'm as busy as ever at my high school. As I've written about before this freshman Darcy rides to and from school with me because she has no other form of transportation. Her mom pays me for the service. On top of my babysitting money, it makes for some really good college money. The problem remains, though, that Darcy is often on the toilet in a final attempt to crap in the morning when I pick her up or she's been carrying a full day's load when our school gets out at 3:05. She just refuses to crap at school. That gets extra hard for her because some mornings I have a 7:15 a.m. club meeting. Most nights, we don't get out of the building until at least 4:15 because I have tutoring assignments in the library. Then Darcy's sitting outside the library against the wall eager to get home.

I'm in the habit of going in and peeing before we walk to the parking lot. I've encouraged Darcy to come into the restroom with me, but she just turns her nose up. One night last week after my pee, we drove about six blocks and my gas light continued to flash. So we stopped for gas and while I was pumping $20 worth, I encouraged Darcy to use the bathroom there. She wouldn't. She stayed in the car and pouted because of the lost time. We drove about a mile directly west and right in front of us two cars had a serious crash. Darcy got pissed immediately because she knew we were going to be delayed. The first cop helped take the injured out of the cars until two paramedic vans arrived. As more cops came, one came to my car and once I admitted I was a witness, he told us to sit still and he took my drivers license and told me he needed to take my statement.

It was probably 10 minutes before he got back to us. Darcy started half crying, half cussing and said she was going to explode with shit. I remembered I had an old large 32 ounce drink cup that was partially collapsed under the back seat. As I was removing our book bags, I got my hands on and told Darcy it might be her only option since there were no businesses with bathrooms nearby. Luckily, she had a loose-fitting plaid outfit on. For once, she listened to me. I shoved her all the way to the dashboard, told her to drop her underwear, and with her tailbone on the very edge of the seat, I handed her the cup. She rammed her knees so much against the dashboard, she might have bruised them, but within 5 seconds I heard three thuds into the cup. Then came the much larger snake that was taller than the cup and rubbing against her inner thigh. She started to panic about how it was bigger than the cup. I told her she was lucky because others were milling around the scene close to our car including a TV crew who tapped on my window and asked what happened. I just waved them off.

Carin was in a panic stage. She asked me to go into her book bag and she asked if she had a napkin or two she could use. She did. There was a yellow DQ one. So while her clothing shielded the crap hanging smellingly over the top of the cup, she used the napkin to push it down into the cup. Then I think she used the napkin to do some wiping. She seemed most surprised how warm her crap was. For me, my concern was the stink. I partially rolled my window down, but it was about 40 degrees out. Luckily the wind was strong and when Darcy finally rolled her window down, that seemed to do the trick.

When the cop leaned in with his clipboard to take my witness statement, I don't think he smelled too much of it. He gave me my license back, helped direct me as I backed up a half block, to get out of the traffic jam, and Darcy and I were on our way. I told her to look out for a dumpster. We stopped at a "Keep Our City Litter Free" box about 6 blocks up the street. Darcy was eager to get rid of what she was holding.


Red Panda's survey

1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? Do you take the toilet paper and just try to wipe as best as possible or do you separate your labia to get a better wipe? I'm curious because I feel like I need to wipe better.

I fold the toilet paper and just reach between my legs, wiping front to back. I don't get too fussy about it, it's just a quick wipe to dry the outside.

2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience!

I've never used either but I do want to try a bedpan! Ideally on my own accord instead of being in hospital.

3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out?

I once set up a mirror behind me and looked over my shoulder to watch. I haven't done it again since. I've never looked between my legs to watch my poo but I have watched my pee.

4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom?

I've never used one with the door open per say. I've used one with it partially opened but pushed mostly closed with my foot. I've used doorless stalls.

5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet?

Only by my sister and that was because we never locked the door.

6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo?

Francesca! I posted about it recently.

7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo?

When I'm at home or using a friends or someone elses private bathroom I'll usually pull them down to my ankles. If I'm using a public toilet they'll go to my calves and if I don't have much privacy I pull them down to my knees at the lowest.


Answering Red Panda#s survey!

1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? Do you take the toilet paper and just try to wipe as best as possible or do you separate your labia to get a better wipe? I'm curious because I feel like I need to wipe better.

I'll reach behind and wipe from my front towards my bottom, pressing along my slit with my middle finger so I guess I separate my labia? Occasionally I'll wipe twice because I sometimes get quite wet down there after a wee. Same technique each time.

2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience!

No. and hopefully I'll never need to!

3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out?

I've never watched myself poo before, not even just watching my reflection in the mirror. I've often wondered what my facial expressions are like though so I might set up a camera.

4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom?

Never, I actively avoid using any stall that doesn't lock, or doesn't have a door altogether. I'd rather wait ten minutes for a door that locks, than spend one minute peeing without one.

5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet?

Yes! I was at a motorway services and used their toilets for a quick pit stop. It wasn't the usual five or six stalls but instead a single bathroom, much like what I have at home. I went in, "locked" the door behind me and sat down to do my thing. About half way into my pee the door flew open and I was greeted by a very surprised little girl and her equally surprised mother! She quickly apologised and closed the door again. I found out afterwards that no matter how you turn the little lock, the door will still open.

6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo?

I've watched many of my friends pee during girls nights in and things like that but I've only seen Taylor poo.

7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo?

I like to pull my underwear to just above my knees and idly play with the straps or something while I'm pooping. I usually wear long dresses or skirts so they often cover me up from any prying eyes. I'll often poop naked if I'm about to jump in the shower though. I'll undress, poop, and then use the shower instead of toilet paper.

Love, Francesca.

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