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Pooping at School

Hello everyone,Italian Pooper here again!
What is your opinion about pooping at school?
Personally I NEVER pooped or even peed at school for the first three years of it.In hindsight it was crazy and probably damaged my bowels but somehow and for some reason I managed to do so.Until a fateful day in fourth grade.Basically i drink milk and ate a fruit for the morning snack (the teachers forced use to do so) and this definitely moved something in my stomach;I was writing something when I felt the need to poop and it wasn't your everyday poop:no,it was something more.
It was an epic moment: the choice was between doing something I have never did before and shitting my pants and I knew that I only had a few seconds before the eruption started.
Heroically I ran into the bathroom and relieved myself with a really satisfying semi-liquid dump.
Since that day I use the toilet at school basically everyday and I'm even less shy than most of my friends,especially about pooping.

Uncle Harry


A lot of great stories.

To Francesca:

I was in a similar car accident recently. However, I didn't pee in my pants. My back is better, but not totally healed yet. I hope you had a quick recovery.

To Miranda:

Ah, yes. Pissing in an ally, with both boys and girls. Good to remember the many I posted and to know the fun is still alive. Keep it up youngsters.

To Sandrine:

What a great story and what an interesting way to hold a girl to pee. I've never seen that before.

To A:G:G:

What luck. How often does a woman you don't know ask you to stay in the bathroom with you while she pees and poops, has her legs spread, and has a long discussion.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I was having a holiday. I think the airplane food kicks in like during breakfast but we didn't have time to go to the toilet but then we had lunch whilst i control it and after lunch, i went to the receptionist hotel to check in, my stomach started gurgling and i had to go now. Its just embarrassing when your stomach made noise in front of people and they ask "stomach ache?"


Nightclub toilet

Hi everyone I'm Gemma I live in a village in Scotland I was out for my friend birthday and we went to a nice pizza restaurant in a city and I eat a big pizza shared with a friend and ice cream is well we decided to co clubbing wee find one of them went in and had a few drinks about 2 hours in the club i need to use to restroom so I told my friends that'll be nipping to the ladies I went and bout pf 5 stalls 2 of then were inused and one was out of order i entered one of them locked the door pulled up my red dress and pulled down my pink thong and put my buttom on the toilet and started to pee and them started to push poo out of my bum hearing plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop I then for finished peeing before another five plops after that I felt empty and started wiping my bum i then got off the toilet pulled my thong up and then drop my dress flushed and washed hands and then meet back up with Friends


Latest story

Taylor- many thanks for your kind comments, I have always enjoyed your stories too, I hope you can post again soon.
I have finally plucked up the courage to tell Lucy that I post here and she was really cool about it, she has said that she will share some stories soon and also helped me write the following!
So, on to our latest story, earlier today Lucy and I had lunch in a café and then went to look round the shops, I could feel a slight urge for a poo developing and knew I'd have to go to the toilet before too long. Annoyingly my days of being relatively constipation free seem to be coming to an end, I'd last been for a poo four days before so I knew I was unlikely to be in for an easy toilet visit. I knew Lucy hadn't been for a similar amount of time too, we have always been really open about discussing our bodily functions and now we're living together we always tell each other when we need the loo and what we need!! If one of us just needs a wee then we won't usually go to the toilet together as its obviously over pretty quickly, but we always go together when we need to have a poo, I know I find it really helps to have someone there to take my mind off it if I'm struggling with constipation. Anyway, as we were walking back home Lucy suddenly grabbed her belly and said "I'm bursting for a poo, I've been needing it since just after lunch and I'm really struggling to hold it in now!" As soon as we got back we went up to my room, she was squirming around now so I could tell she was pretty desperate. My own need was getting stronger too so I hoped she wouldn't take too long. Lucy took off her denim skirt and chucked it on her bed, she dashed over to my ensuite pulling down her pink and blue stripey knickers as she did so and crashed onto the loo, moaning with relief. I could see she had a big skidmark in her pants from where the poo must have been poking out. She just sat for a few minutes, then said "Its getting fatter, I'm going to have to start pushing" and then she started to strain and grunt a bit as she released her breath. She had to do about 5 minutes of hard pushing which was making her go red in the face before I heard a plop as her first log dropped. She then started to have a wee which went on for some time before she began to bear down again, she obviously had more to come. Her wee kept spurting out occasionally as she pushed. I felt my poo moving closer to my bum and started to jiggle around, I could feel that my knickers were stuck up my bum a bit and so I lifted my dress and pulled them down slightly to hopefully avoid getting skidmarks, "I really want a poo as well, how much longer will you be?!" I asked.
"Sorry," gasped Lucy, "I didn't know you needed to go too! I'm nearly done now, just a couple more minutes." With that I heard another plop and a sigh, then she stood up with her pants at her knees and said "You can get on the loo now, I'm done." She flushed and then took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom as I hiked up my dress and pulled down my pink and purple spotty knickers, my poo had been close to poking out but luckily it hadn't done so meaning they were still clean. I relaxed and felt my poo slide out slowly, I felt it get a bit hard and knobbly after the tip was out so I had to start pushing to get it to keep coming. By now Lucy was done wiping, she took off her knickers and left them on the bathroom floor saying "I'll have to change these knickers, it started to poke out!" She went into the bedroom, opened the drawer and took out some pink flowery knickers which she pulled on before putting her skirt back on. I was continuing to work on my log, after about 5 minutes of concentrated effort I felt it getting thinner and moving faster and shortly after that it plopped down into the bowl. I then pushed out three shorter logs which were still really fat though, so they took a lot of effort to pass and then made huge plops when they dropped and splashed my bum, also I made a loud grunt as each one dropped which would have been really embarrassing if I'd been in a public loo! After passing those logs I felt empty but I needed a wee so I stayed sitting until I was done. I wiped my front and bottom and then flushed the loo before pulling up my pants and leggings. We both felt alot better after emptying our bowels!! Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Steve A

To Taylor

I pee in the shower. I see nothing wrong with it because it's all going down the drain, saves water too.


The time I wet myself in an ambulance

Hi everyone, how are you doing? I've been reading this site in my free time at home and really enjoy how everyone is sharing their toilet experiences. It's really a unique site! I might be joining and posting myself from home soon but at the moment I'm staying at Taylor's and cannot sleep so I thought I'd share a little experience of my own.

A few years ago I was involved in a car accident and was taken to the hospital by ambulance to get checked out because I was complaining about back pain. My injuries weren't life threatening so they wasn't rushing with the sirens on, but I was still on a board in the back of the ambulance just in case. I had needed to pee before the crash and by about half way into the journey I was reaching bursting point. I mentioned it to the paramedic sat next to me and she asked if I'd be able to hold it just a little longer. I told her I'd try to but to be perfectly honest I wasn't in the mood, there was more important things on my mind. A few minutes later I told her I really needed to go and she said I could just go where I was if I needed to, it was okay. I was in enough discomfort as it was so if emptying my bladder made things better, I was all for it.

I closed my eyes and relaxed, mere moments later I felt my lap getting wet as I started peeing, It was the most wonderful feeling in the world and I let out a sigh so loud I'm sure the whole crew could hear. The paramedic held my hand and said "Aww it's okay" so I knew she could see my jeans darkening but I didn't care, I was completely lost in the relief. I kept my eyes closed as I continued emptying my bladder, feeling the wetness spreading over my legs and the back of my jeans, fully enjoying the sensation of my pee gushing out of me. I went for so long, not caring in the slightest about my jeans and knickers getting soaked, I was just happy to be peeing.

When I eventually finished I opened my eyes again and felt really self conscious but they put a blanket over me to hide my soaked jeans. I needed to pee again before we left the ambulance and since my clothes were already wet I just let go, peeing for a few more seconds.


Birthday Doodie!!!

Hi friends!

I've enjoyed this brief return to the forum, but I'm finding out that I have very little time to post, much less glance, at the forum! I love all of you and sincerely desire to continue this conversation. It just isn't working out for me. Thank you to the moderator for providing this safe space to discuss bowel movements!

First, I wanted to share a quick story. As you know, I'm back working at the pharmacy that I opened, built up and sold to our town's mayor. I've written about "Jill" before on the forum. We have a good working relationship and that part of life is going well. I'm married now, over a year to Alan, the love of my life, and step-mother to his two girls and now we have a little boy of our own. I am working out regularly in our home gym, running and lifting again, and slowly regaining my figure, except for my boobs, which are enormous. My appetite and eating habits have returned, and therefore my bowel movements have as well.

Sunday was my 37th birthday, and my parents kept the girls and our little man so that Alan and I could go out Saturday evening. We enjoyed our evening out, ate a lot, and came home in time to get the kids to bed. I did not have to poop that night, for whatever reason.

So, Sunday Morning the kids and Alan surprised me with breakfast in bed, with all my favorites. Alan is quite the cook! He has learned several of my favorite recipes! The girls left our room to get ready for church. I finished nursing the baby and felt that familiar need to do a doo.

I decided to let it build. So, I got my shower. I felt the urge to go building, but not in an uncomfortable way. I was not feeling like I had to consciously hold it. So, I got out of the shower dried off, and Alan followed. I began to dry my hair. It was my birthday, so I rolled my hair to get some thick, bouncy curls. By this time, the urge was strong. Alan had finished shaving, and I had applied my makeup while waiting for the curlers to do their trick. Now, I really had to go. I was determined to put on my dress before I pooped. I had a nice royal blue one that accented my curves, but still was church-appropriate.

Finally, I completed my task. Now, I felt like I was on the verge of an accident. So, I grabbed Alan. He looked and told me how beautiful I looked. I was pretty impressed with myself. The curls were perfect. I was perfect. Yea!

So, I told him that I really needed to use the bathroom. I wanted him to come watch. We shut the door behind us. The girls were watching TV.

I escorted him around the glass partition, lifted my dress and lowered my panties and sat down on the toilet. He caressed me as the large, firm head of the poop began to crown. This was going to be a firm, thick one.

I cleared my mind and enjoyed each of the sensations as my body began to do its thing. The smell became strong pretty quick. The doodie moved slowly at first, but it began to speed up. It kept coming! I lifted my hips so that Alan could see. He said it was huge! It came out of the hole in the toilet, and curled around to the right and rested. Everything came out at once, so I didn't have anything else to push out. Alan gave me a kiss and I could tell he enjoyed it!

He left so that I could get clean. The built in bidet is heavenly! But I still use Charmin to finish.

I flushed and bid that creamy behemoth goodbye. My birthday was off to a good start!

After a day of church, birthday celebration and time with family, I ended my birthday with another doodie of similar size and girth!

Life is good!

Please take care of yourselves! Love you all!



Victoria B.

Red Panda's survey

To answer Taylor's question, yes, I unashamedly pee in the shower if I need to go. Nobody needs a wet seat or having to clean one up. I've even pooped in the shower. I put on a rubber glove and caught my load from beneath before dumping everything in the toilet!

Now, on to Red Panda's survey questions.

1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? Do you take the toilet paper and just try to wipe as best as possible or do you separate your labia to get a better wipe? I'm curious because I feel like I need to wipe better.
I'm a bit less meticulous when it comes to the front. Doesn't seem to cause any problems.

2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience!
Nope. I've always insisted on using the toilet like normal the few (knock on wood) times I've been in the hospital.

3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out?
I've used a hand mirror while sitting backwards on the seat.

4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom?
The door to the bathroom itself, no. A broken or doorless stall, yes.

5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet?
Yes, thanks to a broken stall door.

6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo?
No, but I'd secretly like to do so.

7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo?
It depends on the toilet. I take everything down to my ankles if I'm at home or using the bathroom in someone's apartment or house. In public, it's normally knee or calf level.


Red Panda's Survey & A Pissing Story

These are my answers to Red Panda's Survey

1. How do you wipe your private area? At school, I have to weigh a Saturday detention for tardies to class with doing less than a thorough wipe. I can only do one swipe usually. But at home and elsewhere, I do a lot more and take time and separate my labia.

2. Have you ever used a catheter or a bedpan? No

3. Do you watch yourself poo? Do you look between your legs to watch your poo come out?

Sometimes at home if I'm bored. But at school or the park where I don't often have privacy doors, I'm not about to do it. Come to think of it, I did watch it once at the park when my poo was unusually hard and stalled about halfway out. Once Kennard even came in and held my hand because the pain was bad. Most of the time, however, my poo is softer.

4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was anyone else in the bathroom?

At school, yes. At the park and swimming pool, yes. A couple of times at a gas station. At my school there have been 30 or 40 girls in the bathroom between classes. More than half the cubicles have no doors.

5. Has anyone walked in on you using the toilet?
At one time this was happening frequently at home. A couple of little boys I was babysitting just didn't understand boundaries.

6. Have you watched anyone else pee or poo?
My mom several times when I was young. My friend Kennard several times in recent years when we're hanging out at the park and no one else is around. Also a couple of my female friends who have long sits due to constipation.

7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove anything from the waist down when you poo?
At home I've pooed naked. There's times I've taken the bottom of my jammys off, taken my crap on the toilet while the shower runs, and then I take off the top. Most of the time. At school and most public places, my pants will be at my knees.

A Pissing Story:

Back when I was about 10 me and two neighbor boys Bo and Dom who I went to school with were just walking around with nothing to do in the alley behind the houses on my block. It must have been on a holiday because the garbage cans were out at most houses, but the trash had not been picked up. I don't remember who challenged, but Dom said he had to go home and piss, but me and Bo didn't want him to because it was almost sunset and his mom would have made him stay in. And we didn't want to go inside because its just so boring.

Dom found a empty can that I think was a peaches can just laying there. He said if I wouldn't look, he would just go in it. Then Bo came up with the idea that he called a piss war. I went to my house and got some string and tape and when I came back the boys had broken up a tree branch and they taped the string to the two poles. They were about 12 inches apart in the ground. The lid on the can had been bent back and they bent it even more so that it would hang from the string. The idea was the person who got most of their piss into the can would be the winner. If the can toppled over, that person would lose. Dom took his organ out of his shorts first, but missed shooting high enough. He spun the can but that was it. Bo, who had gained more time to plan his shot, dropped off a little at first but then got 10 or 15 seconds worth into the can before his stream fell off. Dom made an insensitive comment to Bo and they almost got into a fight.

Then it was my turn to do the squat straddle thing. I dropped my shorts to the top of my knees. I was having a hard time lining up over the can because the white rocks were cutting at my feet. Dom made an insensitive comment about me too. Something about being careful not to crap into the can because that would break the string. Then Bo got into it saying the drop would splash my backside. I tried to use my finger to control the aim but didn't do that good of a job. I was sweating profusely. That drew mosquitoes. Swatting them took me out of rhythm. Then I just closed my eyes so I wouldn't see their hassling of me. I quickly filled the can to the top and there was a little overflow.

We're all in high school now. Bo and Dom and I still hang out occasionally at the park. Oh, yeah, they still remember the pissing game.


Dear JW

I think maybe you don't understand. After I write "I am cute" I write question mark. I don't think I am cute, but my friends say. And they call me Minappe, we call girl -ppe after name when we think she is cute. But only with some names.

I don't know why I think Hisae is cute on loo. It is just my feeling!! In Japan we have great cult of cute. Hisae is small body (but bit round) and cute poker face. She is 27 but she look about 18. Her bottom is very very cute! Actually it is beautiful, I think. When she push, to open bottom, she has so cute expression on face. I try to explain, but you have to see her to understand, I think.

I am sorry if I make you angry, you sound you are angry. My English is bad so much!! But I try to write good English. Sometimes, I think better that I leave this site and never come back, then I become to be depressed. I am sorry that my writing hard to understand. Now your very own Mina go to loo and do a diarrhoea and cry.



Lifted up V

Recently, I was walking near a river with two friends of mine, Noémie and Anne-Claire, and Anne-Claire's boyfriend, when Anne-Claire said "I gotta pee". The answer to this could have been "Why don't you go behind a tree ?" but Anne-Claire's case is particular.
She has a big and very flexible bladder. The kind of bladder that can hold up to 3 liters. The advantage of such a bladder is that it's long to fill up. She told me that sometimes, she can spend 24 hours without peeing. The disadvantage is that it's long to empty. I had pooped in a public toilet while she was peeing next stall and, for me, it was like this : pushing silently while hearing an endless flow. It took more time for her number 1 than for my number 2.
So she always manages to avoid peeing in a squat position. It's understandably better for her to take a seat for such a long operation. So I whispered on Noémie' ear "What if we lifted her up ?" Noémie nodded her head. I then said "Anne-Claire, we have a solution for you if you trust us" She answered OK.
I said "Face the river, please " She did. I went on her left side and Noémie went on her right side. "Now you take your pants and panties down" She undid her belt and started to squat while pushing her pants and panties down. I said "No , don't squat. We need you to stand with you panties down" Once she did I said "Now put your left hand on my left shoulder and you right hand on Noémie's right shoulder" She did. I put my right hand on her right shoulder and my left hand inside her left knee. Noémie did the same simetrically. I told Noémie "Ready ? 1 2 3 "and we lifted her knees up to her breasts. "Now you can pee" I said.
And the river had a new tributary : Anne-Claire's pee. Immediatly, she said "Great idea, girls ! " and she kissed my cheek then Noémie's cheek. A conversation started
- Last time I peed that way, said Anne-Claire, I was 4. My mother was lifting me
- Last time I peed that way, I said, was a few weeks ago. My hubby was lifting me
- Really ! said Anne-Claire. So your bladder is as big as mine
- It's not but it's a couple ritual I took the initiative of
-You're a genius, Sandrine
Two minutes had passed and Anne-Claire was still peeing strong. Two minutes and a halt and her flow weakened a bit. But fifteen seconds later, it was strong again. More than three minutes into Anne-Claire's pee, Noémie said "I'm getting tired" but Anne-Claire was nowhere near done. So I asked Anne-Claire's boyfriend "Could you relay us ? " So he came behind his darling, put his hands inside her knees and we released her. 4th minute : she was still peeing strong held by her hubby. 5th minute : no change. 6th minute : her flow softened again but rebecame strong 30 seconds later. Finally, on the 7th minute, she said "I'm almost done, honey. You can put my feet back on the ground". He boyfriend put her down in a squat position. She spent another minute producing a jerky flow and she was done. I Held out a piece of biodegradable toilet paper I keep in my handbag to her.
Once Anne-Claire was weeped, dressed again and standing up, Noémie said to her boyfriend "Could you leave us between girls for a moment ?" and he walked away. Then Noémie said "Anne-Claire, watching you pee that long made me have to go". Anne-Claire answered "If Sandrine agrees, we're gonna lift you up. I owe you that". So we lifted Noémie while she had a one-minute pee. Then Noémie and Anne-Claire lifted me up for my own one-minute pee.
We walked back towards Anne-Claire's boyfriend. She wispered something into his ear and her answered her into her hear. She said "Girls, could you leave us alone for a moment ?" We walked ahead but Noémie couldn't help look back furtively. She told me "Look back discreetly" I did and I saw Anne-Claire holding her boyfriend's penis while he was peeing.

Hi I'm from the East Coast Southern States of the United States. About 6 ft 175 pounds. Blonde hair/ Blue eyes. Love pooping and hearing stories about girls pooping. Before I begin my story not sure but haven't noticed Lydia post anything in awhile.
Anyway the other day I had to poop so bad. I'm 23 by the way. I was at school and went to this one unisex bathroom I like. Walked in and sat. Let out 3 poops about 8 inches. I had to wipe 7-10 times. There was definitely a strong poop smell in the air; like a earthly strong poo smell. I love those smells especially from girls. I washed my hands and opened the door. As soon as I stepped out a hot blonde girl was about to go in. She had a great figure. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't help but think what she may have done in there though. I really wish I could experience more chance of women pooping but oh well. Have a great day guys!


Peeing in the shower

I can't imagine what the problem is unless you have a very slow-running drain. If I feel the urge I let it go. Even if I don't I tend to let go before I finish--saves a bit of time down the road. I've seen my wife do the same thing after getting in the shower but I have no idea of how often.

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