I can add to the tales about doing the toilet in the sea. Last year I went on a day trip to the sea side with some friends and went in for a swim. Afterwards we had a picnic on the beach and as often occurs after lunch I felt the need to do a motion. The public toilets were a good distance away and there were too many people about and no suitable places about to do a motion so I decided to wade out and do it in the sea. Luckily I wear a two piece bathing costume and the beach was a gentle slope so I waded out till the water was up to my tits and slipped down the briefs and started to do the jobbie. As usual it was a nice big solid one and it felt strange to feel it slide out into the water with some bubbles of fart. I must say it came out a lot easier than if I had done it in the normal manner on land. When I looked behind me it was floating nearby no doubt due to salt water having a greater bouyancy than fresh. I pulled up my briefs and waded away. Perhaps doing a motion in a bath is a way of relieving stubborn constipation as I found it a lot easier to pass this solid firm turd this way, has anyone tried this? As for peeing in the water either at sea or in a swimming pool I imagine nearly everbody does this so its not worthy of comment. Likewise pissing in the shower. Fresh Urine is bacteriologically quite safe in a healthy person, you can even drink it, (I DONT!) and it is soon washed away and diluted by the water of the shower. It would be dammed silly to get out of the shower dripping wet and go to the toilet to pee. Once I did need a motion in the shower and just did the fat turd which dropped onto the shower tray. When I finished my shower I just picked it up (it was as usual nice and solid) and dropped it down the pan then washed my hands. I suppose if someone did a loose or soft motion it would be dissolved by the shower and washed down the drain. I do remember however a time when someone did a motion in a swimming pool! I had been invited to a party at a friend's house and they had a heated outdoor swimming pool with a dome covering it. This was in the summer and after a barbecue some of us went for a swim. We didnt have costumes but nobody minded that we swam nude. One of the girls (IT WASN'T ME!) said that she needed the toilet and the daughter of the house just said, "do it in the pool the filters will deal with it" obviously thinking she only needed a wee wee. The girl grunted and a fat solid turd emerged from her bum and floated to the surface of the pool. This of course caused a sensation with the rest of us in fits of laughter. We had to quickly get the net used to remove dead insects, twigs etc and fish it out before it got sucked into the filter duct where it would have made a great mess in the pump. We disposed of it behind the bushes no doubt it was blamed on the family's german shepherd dog. Has anyone else had or seen such an experience? Like Jill, (nice to see you are back), I don't try to remove any turds I pass which get stuck in the pan, why should I , like her I am not ashamed of my efforts anything but, and if anyone else gets a buzz from seeing my jobbies, good luck to them. By the way I was on a train to Portsmouth from London last week and I used the toilet after a woman who had done a big jobbie which had stuck in the pan. I did my equally big turd on top of hers. Was it you Jill?

Last week, my mom had a bad case of the diahreah. It lasted a week. Now I think I have a touch of it. Not as bad, but I have stomach cramps and have been to the john a number of times today. I took my mom shopping today while I was suffering from this problem. I used a ot of different toilets. My least favorite was the toilet with the "ghost flushing" mechanism. It is one of those toilets with a built in motion sensor that flushes by itself when you are finished. I sat on it and it flushed twice while I was sitting, getting my butt wet. Then after I wiped and pulled my pants up, it wouldn't flush at all. I even waved my hand in front of the motion sensor.

Jeff A.
Donny: It sure must have been great to have a sister who had sleep overs with her friends! That's been one of my all time fantasies is to see and be seen as well. Unfortunately, it's never happened to me. I think you may have something there when you mentioned that initiating the first move caused them to maybe relax and leave the door open. You might say that you made great strides in the battle of the sexes. You should be proud, and I salute you. Coprologist: Your description of the differences between UK and American toilets, brings to mind a question. Could this maybe be how the term "toilet pan" came into play? Whenever I see that description, I always think of square cookie sheet.

2 days ago I went on a long solo recreational bike rode, about 36 or 37 miles. During the trip I saw an attractive monument. I dont see well so I stoped and approached it to see the monument on all sides. Hust then a passing car honked softly. At first I thought nothing about it. A few minutes later the probable reason came to me. The driver must have thought I was going to pause for a pee. Peeing behind the monument would not be wise. You could be seen by cars approaching from both directions. The statue would have to be much wider for sufficient privacy. The temprature was in the 80's was so needing to pee was not a problem. Sometimes incidents like this happen. We are misunderstood and it is mildly humorous after a moments thought.

Silke, I was referring to your early post about the lake. In the US it is common for people to shit/pee in the woods while camping, but since public toilets are common it is not that obvious. Sometimes on the hiking trails you can see people taking a leak in the woods. A friend of mine and I were hiking once and she announced she had to pee. She sat on a broken tree branch which had fallen to maybe 4 feet off the ground, with her bare butt hanging off the back of the branch. She started pissing and was so high off the ground the pee splashed everywhere when it hit the ground. To this day, she tells me she would rather go to the bathroom outdoors and she frequently does this whenever we are together and in the right location.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

To Silke: I can understand you pissing in the shower, I suspect that most people have done that at least once if not more regularly. When at the beach, though, I normally pee in the sea and I think that this is very common. I have often seen people walk a little way into the sea, often just far enough so that the water covers their crotch, stand there for a minute or so and come back out again onto the sand. I don't know, but I suspect that many of these are doing this to pee. I have also been at a beach, with no toilets and no bushes, with a group of friends when one of the girls announced that she was going for a swim because she needed a wee. A couple of the others decided that was a good idea and joined her.

Lady T: I don't know if you'd count this as not-human-waste, but I've made a habit of changing my 8-month-old son while I use the toilet and usually I just drop the dirty diaper in the toilet just like toilet paper and flush it down with my own otherwise-humble droppings. Does anyone else here do this or seen it done by someone else? (I have to admit I'm just a little curious.)

When I was between the ages of 8 and 12, my sister had a lot of sleep-overs, 4-6 girls at a time. They always ate and drank a lot and of course, went to the bathroom a lot. Every 15 minutes or so, I was treated to the sound of them tinkling or pooping. Whenever I used the bathroom, I left the door open or at least partially open, so most of them caught me sitting on the toilet, or standing in front of it whizzing. After a while, they became quite relaxed themselves about leaving the door open so I saw them sitting on the toilet many times. I was convinced that, since I had allowed them to see and hear me first, this made them more relaxed about it. They also talked about it amongst themselves at length. Anyone else ever involved in a similiar situation?

To Nick : I thought a long time about what you mean with relieving openly on the beach. I think you mean my first story I wrote (My class at a lake). but this wasn't really a beach it was more like a shore with a little sand. I only relieve myself at a beach if no strangers can see me, only one time I was caught by a woman who was behind a rock. I went far away from the main beach. I went around some corner of the rock as I found a hidden place were nobody could see me. I undressed myself and bent forward while a stand openly at he small beach. Only seconds later I started to pee and to poop, I relieved myself for more then ten minutes. Before I let out my final turd I farted very loud. The turd slided out very slow, and as it was half out I looked up and saw a woman standing up behind a rock 10m away from me and looking in my direction. I flushed into red but I had no chance to stop the turd and just in this moment my vagina let out a strong jet of pee. She grinned as she saw my turds between my legs and my red face and went into the sea and swam a little bit out. She turned around and shouted : Don't worry , it doesn't matter, you can finish right there if you want. I hurry up with pushing out my turd, wiped myself and put my bathing-suit on. Before I went away I looked at the ground where I saw my big brown turds in a big puddle. First I thought to put sand over it ,but I decided at least it would be better if you can see the "land-mines" than you have the chance not to walk in. The next day I returned with my mother to this place, because I wanted to show her what happened. As we looked behind the rock where she was we found some rubbish and a very large fat brown turd covered with tp and 3 or 4 used tampons. We both had a quick piss there and then went back.

Lately I've had a little trouble getting to the toilet or urinal in time. It's like I feel like I have to go (that part is normal) and I head to the bathroom. As I make my approach I have to go worse and worse. By the time I'm starting to unzip I have to go so bad I'm squeezing my thighs together. A few times some actually squirted out before I was ready. Please tell me this happens to some other people too!!!! I hope it goes away and is not just another one of those middle age symptoms I'm going to have ot learn to live with.

I was away, staying in a hotel for a few days last week, and I thought the plumbing was coping very well with my waste - but then disaster! When I flushed on my last evening there, my poos somehow jammed together in their haste to escape, and completely blocked up the pan. I flushed a second time, and the water rose dangerously close to the top of the bowl, so I decided to try later. When I returned to my room some hours later, it was rather smelly, and I gave it another go. The water rose again and then suddenly, with a gurgle, the whole lot disappeared, leaving a load of brown streaks. To Coprologist: I never clean the pan when I make a mess. Should I be ashamed?

I can confirm what Silke writes about Muslems. Here in England a local authority built council houses in which, to use the toilet, you would face to Mecca. Muslems refused to inhabit the houses, and even complained that the authority was "racist" by not considering their needs whereas I am sure it was just ignorance not racism. I understand that Muslems would pee/shit anywhere rather than cause offence.

Today I experienced somthing strange. It was not constipation or even very hard terds. I just went to the bathroom as usual and sat on the toilet. I farted once, it wasn't that much gas, then I started pressing. This was weird. Some poop slid out of me in long thin terds, two or three terds, then it was as if I had a big firm terd that needed to come on out. . . instead, it just layed their in my intestine and I couldn't get it started even. Maby it was saving it for next time. It was really freaky! I stood up and wiped my butt for a while. The thin terds stained my butt. After 9 or 10 wipes I was clean. Has anyone ever had the amazing "wont budge terd" in your stomach. Write me if you have ok? Should I try some grape juce and just wait around untill tommrow, probably so.

Thom, Great to hear from you. I enjoyed your last post. You asked it I ever take laxatives or enemas. "No" to the laxatives and "once in a blue moon" to enemas. I am like you and tend to be constipated. I don't like laxatives for several reasons... the main one being they are habit forming. Enemas can be too, but if I get desparate after several days and feel really bloated I will resort to the old water bottle. I prefer the natural method of strainig and rocking and groaning. I know diet is important to good bowel movements, but I can get constipated on bran. It is just afact of life... so I can either cuss it or enjoy the rectal pleasure of forcing out those hard cannonballs. Sometimes rotating the old middle finger around in my hole helps dialate it and get the colon juices activated so that things start to move along. PLEASE tell me about your dumps with your brother. Did you guys take alternate turns straining? Was he inhibited about pushing in front of you? Did he fart a lot? How was it having someone watch you while you forced your bowels into action? Did he shit cannonballs? I really would like to hear as many glorius details as you remember. Again, welcome back. Carlos

Silke I love your stories about your family's communal dumping. When I was kid my mother wasn't as open minded as yours but I rememember going on a camping holiday once with my mum, my aunt, and a cousin, Jim, I think I was 12 at the time. This wasn't at a camp site so we had to find a place to do our motions. Although we didn't get to see the two women perform as the risks of a thrashing if we had been caught watching them were too great, we did see what they had done and Jim and I made point of visiting the toilet site each day to inspect the jobbies. The two women did us proud with nice big fat solid turds deposited. We were able to guess who had done which as Aunt Carole had eaten sweetcorn and there were bits of it in her jobbie whereas my mum coundn't stand the stuff so there was none in hers and they had quite neatly done their daily motions on the same spot each day. Caroles' jobbies were also bigger and smoother and a lighter brown than my mum's which were rather nobbily and hard and darker brown. There were also more of them as Carole did a motion every day but my mum only went every two or three days. Jim and I did however watch each other doing our motions and buddy dumped near where our respective mother's had done theirs. At the end of the week there where some fair piles of turds in that little patch behind some bushes

To Lori L. If your stools are too soft and you want them to be firmer I suggest Imodium Capsules (loperamide) but would urge caution about taking any medications as a habit as your body will become dependant on it. There are many people, (mostly older women) who have become dependant on taking laxatives as their systems have become so used to having to take these that they cannot function without them, and I suppose taking medicines which have the opposite effect too often would result in your never being able to do a solid motion without them. The better way is to avoid foods which you find loosen your bowels, fruit, leaf vegetables such as cabbage, sprouts etc, drinking a lot of beer especially real ales, red wine,wholemeal bread, hot spicy foods such as curries, chillies etc. Conversely eat binding foods like hard boiled eggs. I find white bread, pasta (white), and typically bland British foods make me do nice big solid motions which I can pass with a reasonable effort but not too much straining and which are in the firm to easy catagory coming out as one or two large jobbies which hold together and make a satisfying "Kur-sploonk!" as they drop into the toilet pan. Again the time you do your motion will affect how solid it is as a motion done first thing in the morning in getting out of bed or after breakfast (if you eat it - I dont) will often be a soft to slightly loose stool whereas if you can hold it in till lunchtime it will have firmed up and this is when I prefer to do my motions, just after lunch when I usually pass a nice firm jobbie or two. Again it is important to differentiate true constipation from irregularity. As I have said, my mum didn't have a motion every day, on average she went about 3 times a week or so but passed a good sized fat but very solid lumpy turd or two when she did go. This was her natural rhythym. She only did a jobbie when she needed to. On the other hand true constipation is feeling the need to have a motion but either being unable to pass it because it is too hard or only passing little hard balls and lumps with a lot of straining. If you find that your motions are too soft if you do them as soon as you need then try holding it in but be careful not to risk having an accident in your panties. I have also had the "stuck turd" that many posters mention. It usually happens after passing a really big solid jobbie when a second big lump needs to be passed. I have used the methods referred to in order to pass it but sometimes just sitting on the pan, if time allows, for a few minutes and relaxing will cause it either to slip back up the back passage to be passed later or the muscles of your rectum will recover and you can then pass it.

Since a lot of people here seem to know about this, how to prepare an enema? Occasionally I get a little constipated and just sort of suffer with it. I saw the bag in a drug store. Has this helped anyone out there? How much water, what temperature, with soap or not (and what kind, how much)? Also I heard it takes a long time to empty and there are cramps. Are suppositories better? I would appreciate some advise. Thank you.

Movie fan, you aren't going to like this but, search the usenet (newsgroups) for the products sold by the site you mentioned.

I enjoy walking in on people but I also enjoy it when I can see someone with the door open. You know how it is? You think noone is around, so you leave the door open and-WHAMM-O-someone comes along and there you are with your pants down, on display for all to see. I don't know how many times I have caught people with the door open. Most of the time, people see or hear me and are able to reach the door and slam it shut. One time my family and I were ona road trip with my aunt. We got back from the road trip and was dropping my aunt off at her house. We all went in to use the restroom. The bathroom was occupied by my sister and my aunt was in desperate need for the toilet, so she went downstairs to the second bathroom in the basement. I went to the basement because I would be next in line. I realy was thinking of my bladder. When I went downstairs, I noticed my aunt left the door open. The door was not in reach of the toilet, which is why she didn't slam the door shut. She just noticed it was me and laughed and said "Sorry". I couldn,t see much because the sink was in the way. But I could hear her pee as she talked to me. She asked if I enjoyed the trip and other small talk. Normal conversation. This is the same aunt from the previous post that I walked in on when I was 9. This time I was 20.

To Adrian We have just moved and we have just started this new school so no one knows we wear diapers at school yet. At my last school some of the kids knew I wore a diaper but most didn't. Most of the kids understood that I have bladder problems and just accepted it, but some of the kids used to tease me like I was a big baby but I just ignored them. One big mouth was teasing me one day and I found out that he wet the bed. His younger brother told me so next time he started I just told his what's the big score you piss the bed every night in front of everybody and he went so red that I thought he was going to catch fire! He denied it but everybody knew that he did from his reaction. After that he left me alone. I found out once that he went to the football match with some friends and he pooed his pants so I think he was only calling me names to throw attention away from himself. I bet he wet his pants sometime to, but I don't know for sure. Must go now but will tell you about the weekend tomorrow night when I get back from school.

toms g
Hi I am new hear and I love this site. I am so interested in girls having accidents in their pants, soiling them severely. I read a few stories like that and I enjoyed it. So,please if your are a girl with a nasty embarrassing story tell me it/post it.

Yes, Nicky, I'm still Here. I just don;t post too often. Sometimes what I fel like a gotta pee, not badly though. I will go into the mens, or boys room at school and nothing happens. Do you have this kind of think happen?

Ross: The only time I regularly sit to pee is on trains because they sway about so much and move so fast I am afraid of peeing on the floor by mistake or - worse still - peeing down my pants. Also, a few times I have sat down to pee in houses because a toilet lid has one of those fluffy covers on it and so won't stand up. And once I squatted to pee out of doors because the wind was too strong. As for wiping my penis, I have occasionally done this if I'm concerned about later drips seeping through my (light coloured) clothes. I have now found that as long as I wear cotton briefs these will soak up later drips, whereas with silky boxers drips would run down my legs or seep through my pants. And in answer to George - my briefs have no fly opening, but I've never had a problem with lifting my penis over the top of them.

I'm interested in what people do when their shit hits the side of the toilet. In the US, this probably happens less, as the area of water under your arse-hole is quite big, and the water deep. But in Europe, the area of water is quite small, and falling turds often hit the side of the bowl. This happens to me at least once per week. Normally in a well designed toilet the flush takes care of excess shit on the sides of the bowl, but if it remains after flushing, do you:
(a) forget about it and leave,
(b) get the brush and brush it away; or
(c) get some TP and wipe it away?
To some extent this may depend where you are. In a public or institutional toilet, you may well leave the mess for someone else to clean up. But suppose you are at home, what exactly do you do?Personally, I always tear off TP and wipe the shit away and flush. The reason for not using a brush of course is that once you get shit on the brush, it is quite difficult to clean up, whereas TP just flushes away.

To Nick: I think in the U.S. you have more possibilitys to find a hidden place. But here you have mostly fences around the rest areas. I think germans don't like to "caught in action" ,and so they looked for any hidden place (In the netherlands nobody has a problem when he/she's watched by strangers- you can often see pissing/shiting people next to their car, because you really can't find a hidden place there!)Another point is that germany is a transit-land for a lot of cars (Netherlands, danish,french,british, polish, russian, etc.), many people are in hurry and don't care what happened behind their stop. Many people means much shit and pee , and if the first drop of pee is on a seat, the next woman pees/shit while standing and it splashes on the floor or on the wall. And so on. If you have rest areas with restaurants the toilets would be cleaned every 30 minutes ,in this rooms most people don't go on the floor(exept some in my example which is in the following text). And the restaurants have build the stall the way that the peoples outside can see if you're over the pot or not. That's the second reason why you better use the pot! But at rest areas without restaurants they clean the toilets once a week. And that's why most of them are not clean, and only in this public restrooms many people go on the floor if nobody is around.Or if the y have really a problem with holding it if a lot of people wait also in front of the stalls. To Phillippe: If you lived in Austria you know what was called "Gastarbeiterlinie"(The route where the turkish greek and yugoslavian workers from germany drove home for holiday)As I and my mother had to pee at the customs at the Loiblpass(On this route)in the public toilets we saw a very angry cleaning-wife.She told us something that was shocking, even for me! In this toilet filled up with people the womans went in the stalls and pissed and shit at the wall, and everybody can hear and see it! After every(!) user the woman has to clean the stall with a water-hose. That has one reason: as the toilet were build nobody takes care in which direction your bottom will show if you use it. There it will show in the direction of Mekka. The most of the travellers were muslems and if they had used the pot it means for them: I piss/shit on the prophet . Based on this the woman turned their backsides to another direction-at the wall! And the poor cleaning-wife has to clean. Unbelievable - but really the truth! I have seen it myself. But I never got to now how they know that their ass shows in that direction-did they have a compass? And by the way we didn't shit/piss in France on the beach- only inside the showers or dressing-rooms, a lot of people do it there, because there are to less toilets or bushes at the beach. Next week I will have not so much time, but I will try to write more.

This happened about fifty years ago in a small town in northern Florida. The culture there at that time was much more prudish than most of American today.
I was in maybe third or fourth grade. One day I was in the boys' room when I noticed some other kids giggling about something. Once they knew they had my attention they pointed to a little pile of doo-doo on the floor in one of the stalls. I was somewhat disgusted by it, but then went my way and didn't think much more about it.
A couple of days later the principal called a special assembly of all the boys. He went on at length about how disgusting and uncivilized "it" was, without ever saying what "it" was. But I'm pretty sure it was that doo-doo on the floor in the boys' room.

Nicky,liked reading your post I thought I was the only person who suffered from silent shitting. This morning I woke up and felt a shit coming and went into the bathroom and let goe a nice full load that filled the hole in the toilet and the top of which was out of the water. I wiped until there was no more brown on the paper and flushed. I went downstairs and had breakfast and my morning coffee. All the while I was releasing some really pungent farts, but I attributed it to the residue on the walls of the inside of my digestive system. I knew the farts were picking up the rank aroma somewhere. I went bak upstairs and stripped and shaved and there was something interesting on the tv so I went into the bedroom and as is my habit I raised my right foot on the bed and I had my left foot on the floor. Another slilent but deadly SBD fart came out. My ass was ichy so I reached underneath with my left hand and scratched away. When I brought my hand back up I had four brown coated fingers. I had leaked again and hadn't felt a thing. I went back in the bathroom and dumped a load half the size of the first one. I too would like to know how many others have shit slide out and don't feel anything.

Ive just recently been given a computer by my nephew and have found this marvellous website. I wish I there had been something like this years ago. I am aged 78 and like many of your correspondents I enjoy doing a good big solid motion and have done so since I was a child. I guess most people who post here are either quite young say in their late teens to thirties or some in their forties or so and I have only read one posting by a man called Norman a month or so ago who was in his sixties. I was born in 1920 and for my childhood and youth I had to share an outside toilet with 4 other families. This both led to my being quite open about my natural functions and seeing what was done by many others. There was one rather fat woman called Norah who often did really big fat turds which stuck in the toilet. As I grew older I too tended to pass big jobbies as I do to this day and I have always enjoyed doing so. An point which might interest readers, particularly those who write about accidents in their panties is that when I was a teenager before World War II we wore longer legged bloomers (directoires) not briefs as today. These had legs which came down to just above the knees with elastic round the bottom of the legs. One day coming back from school I didnt make it home to the toilet and did a big motion in my underpants. Now if these had been tight briefs it would have squashed up and made a big mess but as they were baggy bloomers it slid down into one of the legs and was held there by the elastic at the bottom. I could feel it rolling about against my leg as it was a solid turd. When I got home I went to the toilet, carefully pulled down my knickers and dropped the jobbie, which was only slightly deformed into the pan and wiped the poo off my leg. My underpants had only got a few brown marks on the inside of the leg, and I put them in the sink where the other dirty clothing was soaking before my mum washed them the following day so noboday knew of my accident. During the War I was in the Womens' Land Army and worked on a farm. The toilet there was a privy, that is it didnt flush but was a bucket which was emptied in with the other manure a couple of times a week. There were holes in the bottom of the bucket to allow urine to drain away into the earth so the smell wasnt too bad. Of course this way one could see the turds that the others had done and mine were seen by them. These are usually about 12 inches long and a couple of inches thick and the other girls used to say we should save them up and drop them on the Germans as bombs! Nowadays, I still like having a good motion. Like many elderly people I tend to get a bit constipated from time to time but this doesn't bother me although I usually only have a motion 2 or 3 times a week. I still enjoy the feeling when a good solid jobbie slides down into my rectum and I go and sit on the pan with my knickers, (nowadays full cotton briefs), down at my knees and I pass it out into the toilet with a loud "Kersploonk!" and I look at the long fat sausage with a feeling of satisfaction and it often takes 3 or 4 flushes to get it to go away. I wonder if there are other senior citizens who enjoy doing a good motion out there?

Like some other men here, I often sit to pee when at home. This is especially at night, as it is possible to see well enough to sit but it would be necessary to turn on the light to see well enough to aim while standing. I find that I can get back to sleep a lot easier if I haven't turned on the bathroom light. Public toilets are a different matter, I will always use a urinal if there is one. Personally, I prefer the older style urinal with a wall to wee against and a gutter set into the floor at the base of the wall rather than the more modern type with individual "basins".

Sunday, September 20, 1998

To Ross: You habits are so close to mine we could be mirror twins. The only extra reason I sit to pee is it prevents the seat up/down arguments. Which in my opinion are pretty silly. I agree it IS only common courtesy to lower the seat. I have to add, if it was "my" ass going into the drink because the seat was up, I'd take responsibility for making sure the seat was down! not rely on someone else! RG

To Silke: The innocence and natural sound which which you are describing your collective pooping sessions is surprising, for the type of situations that you are describing are unusual. It never happened to me, unfortunately, even in Germany or Autria (I leved 5 years in Austria). If it sounds so natural natural to you, it may perhaps be because you are German and that German started the FKK culture

To Doodoo Brown: I loved your voyeuristic adventures and they are well written. Actually, I printed your accounts and they are now part of my library of secret archives, joining stories posted by pooping girl and others. Like you, I am a voyeur and, until recently, never missed an opportunity to watch a woman poop or pee in a ladies-room as long as doing so was reasonably safe (which is rare). I am 41 now and, getting older, I got less courageous and mostly live with sweet memories that I should relate here one day. Regards

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