Early years of female co-workers

Over the years I have worked with a number of females, in the early years in the shipyard that I worked in there were only a few female toilets and they all needed keys to get into them, so if you were moving around the yard you may not have the right key. In some of the workshops there were only men's toilets and so my co-worker had to use the cubicles in them, It became the norm for her to go with me to the loo, I would go in first and tell her if it was empty she would then go into a cubical and close the door, I would go and pee at the urinal, I soon noticed that I could listen to her peeing and this I started to do for a number of months until our work split us up.

At Christmas in our workshop we were having a drink (then alcohol was aloud) and I went of to the gents, one of the cubical doors was closed and a chap was at a urinal, (this chap was an ex.RN sailor and had been giving one of the females in our workshop a hard time,) I went two or three urinals to his right. The door of the cubical opened and it was this female. She came over to the urinals and turned her back to me, and pulled his arm to turn him more towards her. Then she said something like, 'you said you had a big snake, it is more like a small worm,' she then left and went back to the workshop and to the other females who all laughed at him on his return, he never bugged her again.....
After a short time back in the workshop my female co-worker asked me to go with her to check that the gents was empty so that she could us them, after she went into a cubical I was standing outside the gents and put my foot on the doorway step to retie my shoelace when I noticed that I could see under her door to mid calf and her jeans and pink knickers, I tried to see higher but could not get any lower, when she came out I was standing in the passage way to the toilets.
There was a rumour that one of our females had peed in the sink of the cleaning bay at the end of the workshop, but I do know someone was sick in it as I cleaned it up at the end of the day when I used the sink to dump the last of the home brew down it.

I was working with one female on a dead ship when she needed a pee, we were a long way from any toilets so I said why not just go down into the boiler room or the engine room and pee on the deck plate's it will drain into the bilge and just add to the oil and water there. So she said not to follow her and she climbed down the ladder to the boiler room. I watched her move away from the ladder way and so I walked along the passageway above to an access plate to the air intake witch had been removed, from here I saw her lower her overalls and drop her jeans and underwear but could not see her naked ass, she squatted and peed before dressing and climbing back up to join me, now at the other end of the passageway away from the access plate.

At one time me and a female co-worker had to do switchboard watch from 11 pm until 8 am on a ship in dock for a few weeks, we were to be the only ones on the ship all night, there were no toilets working on the ship and so you had to go back in our van, unlock the workshop that we had the key for and use the toilets there. My female co-worker at the time was pregnant and was always needing to pee and quickly and so had set up a bucket at the back of the switchboard room, as we also had to do fire rounds I would do all the walking and leave her to it. As I walked the ship if I needed a pee I would just pee over the side. As the nights went on she would use her bucket when I was still there in the room ( she thought that as my eyes were closed that I was asleep) I was able to hear her peeing. But soon she started to throw up into her bucket as well, I was glade when she left to have her baby.

One job I had was cable-jointing, out and about with a female co-worker in a van we could be anywhere. At times we could be in open country miles from anything, so it was normal for me to pee on the side of the van in country lane while she was working in the back of the van. This went on for a number of days and I was thinking were is she peeing. Then one day she said that she needed a wee wee and as we were parked at the side of a road with no wall or hedge she said that she know that I had been peeing on the side of the van as the mud and dirt was washed of at that point, so she said she would pee at the side also. She waited until we had packed up all our gear and I had got into the driving seat.
She then went to her side of the van, dropped her trousers and knickers and went into a high squat and had a long hard piss, what she had forgotten was that from my seat I had a great view of her bum and piss stream in my large side mirror.

Another time we had finished our work early and went to a pub for a drink before going back to our deport (non-alcoholic, as if....). We had a long way to drive and as we got onto the motorway the traffic came to a full-stop and we were in the middle lane, as time pasted slowly and we moved even slower, after about three hours she said she wished we did not go to the pub as her drink now wanted out, with nowhere to go I said we have some empty plastic tubs in the back of the van, so she jumped out and went around and got into the back of the van, there was a large vent in the wall between the seats and the back, she came up to this vent and said to let her know if we were starting to move, I said yes I would.
I heard her find and open a tub and move-about to lower her cloths just then I had to shout we are moving and this we did, when we stopped again she started to pee loudly into the plastic tub, when she was none I heard the lid being pushed back on and her redressing, as we were still stopped she came back into the cab with me.
I now had two problems one I had a stiffy and hoped she did not see it as she climbed back into the cab, and two I needed to piss now. After what seemed like hours the traffic moved and I turned of at the first exit that I came to and into a lay-by on a side road, jumping out I said to her I was just going for a pee, and went to her side between the van and the hedge away from the back of the van so that pasting traffic could not see me, as I pissed onto the side of the van I tried to see if she was watching but could not see her unless I turned my head and that she would have seen.
So after I was done and got back into the cab I could not see in her side mirror as before she had moved it but not put it back as I had had it so she did watch. My stiffness was now back and harder.


Debate tournament trip Part 1

Debate team trip to Chicago, for the national tournament.
Here is a brief description of the people who are mentioned:

I, (A) am Now sixteen. I am male, aboout 5'8 now, and built a bit chubby. I am always seen as smart, am not super sporty, but am fairly good at shone sports. I am really social and outgoing.

M- M was new to the school, and in eighth grade too. She was academic and skilled at debate. She was pretty Chubby and had a big belly, and was about 5'4

S- A sixth grader who loved politics. She had been at school since 2nd grade, and we knew each other well. She was really skinny, and short, as she was born 2 months early.

D- My best friend, In eighth grade. We've known each other since preschool. He is a little shy, but really outgoing actually. We were both always considered the "smart kids". He is a little skinnier than average, and about 5'3.

N- A really smart girl, in eighth grade. She was always friendly and outgoing. She was a bit chubby, and she was somewhat self conscious. A bit taller than D.

MJ- A seventh grader, a bit of a smart ass but actually pretty cool generally. She was always seen as a "popular" kid. I know she had a crush on me, and ended up being mi GF. We knew each other well. She was fairly skinny, and good looking, and was about 5'.

Day 1

We went to school at the normal time. We met our debate coach an hour before the normal end time and dropped our bags off at the bus to the airport. She told us to use the bathroom before we left, which seemed kind of childish considering we were middle schoolers. Anyways, I went and just peed a little in the urinal.
Then we got on the bus to the airport.
Nothing eventful on the trip there, so going to arrival time.

When we got their, we got on a shuttle to the hotel. We got to the hotel in five minutes, and we were assigned our rooms. Me and D were in room 24, S and M in 23, and MJ and N in 25. The rooms were all adjoining through doors on both sides, and there was a button and speaker on both doors that would let you talk to the person on the other side of the door. Me and D were putting our stuff on our beds, when I heard the door with 23 buzz. I clicked the button to talk. It was S. She said "Hi A, Can you let me use your bathroom, M is in ours and is taking a long time. I really need to go!" I said sure, and unlocked the door. She came in, and I quickly showed her to the bathroom. I opened the door, and she went in. I went to leave, but she said that "You don't need to". So I stayed.

She pushed her pants and underwear down to her knees. She sat down all the way on the toilet. Her Vagina was already open and she immediately started to pee a lot. I asked her how long she would be, and she said she only needed to pee. She continued peeing for about 45 seconds.
When she finished, she grabbed one square of toilet paper and wiped her vagina with one swipe. Then, she actually took her pants all the way off and tossed them in the corner. "Actually, I don't just need to pee" she said. "That's fine" I replied. She sat back down, and spread her legs. She strained a lot, and grunted. I saw her hole was open, and I could see a brown top pointing out. A hard, thick but pretty small ball of poop popped out. She said she has some more, but it might take a little while. I stayed, and we talked. She wasn't straining, just sitting with her legs spread. We talked for five minutes, and she peed a few quick spurts throughout that time. I noticed her butt was open again, but it didn't seem she did. Then, a thin, long, snake of poop started coming out on its own. She said "well looks like I was right." The log broke off, and one more identical one came out. She never pushed throughout all this.
She wiped a bit, then flushed and left.

The next part will come shortly!

Friday, October 27, 2017


Peeing in the shower

Abbie - Loved your latest story! I've had to go in an alley a few times with a friend and weed for longer than I expected to. It can sneak up on you!

What is everyone's view on peeing in the shower? I know some people dislike it but I really don't mind. I was in the shower this morning and needed to release my morning pee, but didn't want to get out, get the seat wet etc so I just stopped holding and let it happen in it's own time. A couple of minutes later I started peeing, my stream running down my legs. It felt so good! And was much nicer than getting out.

Anonymous User
P>Sean: aww, that sounds very nice! I would love to have that. I love verbal encouragement while I go, but it just never happens since I don't usually have the opportunity.
Steve A: agreed! I'm glad we have this site


Mina "cute?"

Mina you wrote "I am cute when I am on loo and many turds come out?? (I think Hisae is very cute when she is doing motions.)

Why do you think you and Hisae are "cute" on loo? Do you make a poo face when you struggle to open your bottom?-- JW

Sonya Sue

The Middle Booth

I was in 4th grade. Me and five of us were invited to Rebecca's birthday party. Her parents had a lot of money and lived in a big house that we all loved. However, Rebecca's mother was kind of bossy. We met at a bowling alley Saturday morning for bumper bowling. We had lunch at the snack bar there and then we went to an afternoon movie. I had overslept and didn't urinate before my dad dropped me off at the bowling alley. So during the first game, I told Mrs. B I was going to the bathroom. I don't know what happened but the seat was cold and I was having a hard time getting my pee to start. Mrs. B and my friends came in to check up on me. Some of the others had to go too and Mrs. B assigned them which toilet to use. I found that to be surprising. I was in the middle booth of about 9 toilets. Despite the frustration I was experiencing, the faucet finally opened for me. I desperately didn't want to be the final one to finish so I flushed and hurried out.

As I came out of my booth, Alicia, who had been talking to Brandi by the sinks, started into the booth and Mrs. B quickly grabbed her and told her "only morons take the middle toilet booth." She pointed Alicia to a toilet a couple of booths down. My friends were snickering and I didn't know why? I remember asking my dad later what "moron" meant. Mrs. B did the same thing when assigning booths for us to use later at the movies. I noticed then that she pulled Chelsea from the doorway of the middle booth and sent her down to the end of the row.

Monday at school I asked Rebecca about her mom's middle toilet issue.
Rebecca said her mom believes the middle toilet gets the most use each day and is less clean. I don't remember if I said anything to argue that. But it just seemed trivial to me. Try convincing the person who is about to burst her bladder or has diarrhea.


Message For Rachel

Rachel: I noticed you have stopped posting and I really miss reading your stories! If it matters, I am sorry I left you all alone on here - I didn't mean to hurt your feelings in anyway! If you want, we can return to this site together and resume our thoughtful conversations. I enjoy talking to you very much! Hope to hear from you soon!

Red Panda


1. Ladies, how do you wipe your private area? Do you take the toilet paper and just try to wipe as best as possible or do you separate your labia to get a better wipe? I'm curious because I feel like I need to wipe better.
2. Have you ever had a catheter or used a bedpan? If so, please explain the experience!
3. Do you watch yourself poo? Have you ever looked between your legs to watch your poo come out?
4. Have you ever used a public bathroom with the door open? Was there anyone else in the bathroom?
5. Has anyone ever walked in on you using the toilet?
6. Have you ever watched anyone else pee or poo?
7. How do you like to poop? Do you pull your pants down to your knees? Your ankles? Do you just remove everything from the waist down before you poo?
Thanks. I'll answer these questions myself if anyone is interested

Steve A

To Brandy (Weird Dream) & 2 Weird Dreams From Me

I've had some weird dreams before, but yours was quite interesting to say the least.

My bathroom related dreams that I posted on here:

1st: It all started after school when I was waiting for my bus to take me and everyone else home and after the 1st bus group left. (My bus is in the 2ND group of buses), there was a girl that I knew and she also gets off at my bus stop and she had to go poop and she couldn't hold it. So, she went somewhere to squat but I could see her face and maybe some other people did too. Eventually, when my bus came, she was finishing up and she didn't miss the bus.

2nd: So, it all started out in a school bathroom and I was waiting in line for a stall to pee but later while I was on the toilet, I realized I had to poop. The line took a long time and eventually, it was my turn. When I went into the stall, which was big enough to have a sink in it, I saw 2 girls sitting near the sinks as I peed on the toilet. I then realized I had to poop. One of the girls asked, "Why are you sitting still?" I told them that I had to poop. I also asked if they didn't mind me pooping, and they said they didn't mind. So, I pooped and after I finished going, I wiped, flushed, and then washed my hands, I went back to class just to pick up my stuff to go to my next class. And that's how it ended.

Well, those were the ones that I posted on here. I don't know how they happened, but they did.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Dayna great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Ellie great story.

To: Michelle great story about your big accident.

To: Victoria great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Erin great story it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Kimberly great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A quick sighting

A few days ago I was driving my car on a dry afternoon, through a street we call the village, (it was a shopping center of a village outside our town but is now part of the town) It has a garage, a bank, post office, pub and a number of shops.
I had to turn left up a one-way road between the back wall of the garage and the side of the first shop, as I came closer to the turn I saw a number of students standing looking into the shop window, when a female left the pack and ran up the road I was going to turn into, when I turned the corner there she was trousers down in the side doorway of the shop pissing out onto the pavement, I got a quick glimpse of her shaved pussy as I pasted, I tried to watch her in my mirrors but had to watch all the parked cars ahead of me.

This reminded me of when my brother and I were waiting for our drinking friend one Sunday evening to meet us in a square of pubs, restaurants and shops, we were standing at the end of a small alleyway between a shop and a closed pub, ( it had had a fire a few weeks earlier) when two females in their twenty's or thirty's came walking over to the alley, one in a cream trouser suit, they past us and went about halfway down the alley, the one in the cream suit said to the other one,'I wish those two would bugger off I need to pee', I then watched them in the glass of the shop window but they just walked out the other end of the alley.
If I was by myself I would of moved away only to come back to see if she was peeing in the alley, or followed them to see there they would go to pee.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Dayna great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Ellie great story.

To: Michelle great story about your big accident.

To: Victoria great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Erin great story it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Kimberly great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

ay, October 24, 2017


Anxiety = Gas

Hey all! Today I had a rather anxiety-filled day, more or less. I've been burdened with schoolwork for Uni and haven't been sleeping much as a consequence. During class I could feel a stomachache coming on (I get these a lot when I'm stressed out), and throughout the day I could feel a multitude of farts coming on; those of which were suppressed and denied passage.

Of course, this only made my stomachache worse. I started to feel really bloated as a result of all the gas I was saving up. Usually, when I'm home or a place I'm comfortable at I'm usually pretty open about farting and pooping, and in public bathrooms I'm no different. But today was an off day, and I didn't have access to any bathrooms at the time, as they were either full or I was busy with class.

As my ???? discomfort built, I started slowly releasing small, warm, farts that smelled absolutely atrocious. Luckily, I don't think anyone noticed that it was me making the stink! I quickly realized that the discomfort was too much, and decided that I needed to go to the restroom, NOW. I dismissed myself from class, half sprinted-half shuffled to the nearest restroom and chose the end stall. I lowered my jeans and panties, sat on the toilet and unloaded a massive airy fart that lasted a good 10 seconds. I followed the monstrous fart with a few more shorter ones, and then followed those with some tiny wet farts. It felt beyond-amazing to let it all out. After all the farting, I dropped a few semi-soft turds that really didn't seem like much compared to my recent gassy explosion, wiped, and then I was done. The stall smelled absolutely terrible, but it was completely worth it for how content I felt afterward. I usually have that effect on toilets. That's my story for the day, see you lovelies soon!


Dear Elphaba

Thank you for a warm advice. I think I felt signal in my bottom after I awake. So not so much worry. But I tell my doctor. I tell her all things, even they are not connected with my problem of fainting. She don't worry so much, but she said, if it happen many times, tell me and I contact other doctor. It doesn't happen again until now. I am doing motions in daytime only.

By the way, when Maho open door of loo in the midnight, she didn't call me Mina, she said "Minappe". Strange name? Sometimes my friends call me that. pe is pronounce like pe in pen. and other p also pronounce. When I am on loo, friends use this name more often. I don't tell you before because I think you confuse, but recently, my friends use this name often than before. So I think better to tell you in the case I use this name by mistake in post of future. I don't know why they say Minappe when I am on loo. It is cute name. I am cute when I am on loo and many turds come out?? (I think Hisae is very cute when she is doing motions.)

I hope everyone well and have good time on loo an in everywhere.

Love from Mina


Weird dream

So I have a quick story to share about a dream I had the other night.

So the dream starts off with me in a completely white room with no doors. The room also has a big window on one side of the room and a stainless steel toilet in the middle. I am wearing grey sweat pants with a white muscle shirt and my hair is in a ponytail. At first I am really confused as to why I would be in this room and I start looking for a way out but have a hard time finding an exit. After many futile attempts at trying to locate an exit I give up and take a seat on the floor, I must have fallen asleep cause in the dream I am awoken by the sound of a bell. As I try to locate the area where the bell might be located I discover that there is a tray of food and a glass of soda located near the big window. Well At first I am hesitant to touch any of the food cause I am still not sure why I would be in this room. Hours pass and I drift to sleep again when I awake I have a deep hunger in my stomach and decide to eat the food. So i eat the food and drink the soda and continue my hunt for a way out as I know there must me a door somewhere since food was placed in the room. Its then when I fell the familiar pain In my stomach I make my way to the stainless steel toilet and pull down my sweats to my knees and sit on the toilet bowl in my usual potty posture. My muscle shirt is resting on my hips and I rest my hands on my hips. As I am sitting on the toilet it suddenly spins slowly around and I am now facing the window and to my horror there is now a room behind the window with people from my past watching me. at this point I am freaking out and I notice the pain in my stomach has gotten worse I start to wonder if there was something in the food. As I am sitting on the toilet looking back at the faces from my past I can't help but wonder why I am here, then I hear I voice over a loud speaker saying my poo will set me free. I think to myself what exactly does that mean, then again I hear the voice saying your poo will set you free. I look up at the window and notice all the people have started laughing and pointing at me, some I think are even taking pictures. Its at this moment my will to hold back my bowels fails and I let out a toilet echoing fart followed by a crackling sound and a plop. I begin peeing its while i am peeing that i realize that I have stopped focusing on the people. At this point I am calm I finish up peeing and i sit in silence. Five minutes or so pass when the silence is broken by another bowl echoing fart which is followed by three plops as more turds hit the water, I sit for another minute as the final turd crackles out of me and splashes into the bowl. I sigh in relief finally i am done, i wipe myself from the seated position and flush. As the toilet finishes flushing I realize that all the people are gone and a door appears where the window used to be. I walk threw the door and thats when I wake up.

I am still trying to figure out what the dream meant, I mean I have no anxiety letting brian watch me while I am pooping, so why would this dream make me so uncomfortable with all the people watching? I told brian about the dream and he thought it was weird but funny. Hope u all enjoyed this weird recount of the weirdest dream ever. Let me know your thoughts on the dream.


My scariest public toilet experience

My parents went out of town for a business conference that would help my dad's career. This high school girl, Maureen, moved in for three days to take care of me. I remember having had my 10th birthday party a few days before. She wanted to leave our suburban town and do some shopping downtown. That required a subway ride and three transfers to different trains. My parents rarely took the subway and if I was with them they would forbid me to use the bathrooms at the subway station. I remember a couple of times when I really had to urinate. Mom refused to take me in. She said normal people didn't use those toilets, that they were beyond filthy, and some other words I didn't know the meaning of. I remember once Dad, who was just over 6 feet tall, leaning down on the subway waiting dock and telling me that Mom was "creeped out" by them. For some reason, there was something that raised my curiosity about them.

This was the first time Maureen had babysit for me. She went to our church and I think Mom went to school with her mom. Anyway, at our first subway transfer point, Maureen said she had to take her "dump."
I knew I would have been too embarrassed at my age to say anything like that. But that word, I couldn't help but thinking, had a certain ring to it. After a couple of wrong turns--one into a room with several fire extinguishers and a steering wheel three times as large as those on a car--we finally went around a wall and into a bathroom. You could smell the stench well before entering the room. And we had to walk slower because a sink or toilet overflow needed to be mopped up. Strangely there were about five brick walls. There was a toilet between each. No privacy door. Just a silver toilet coming out of the back wall and a small, 0-shaped black seat. My tennis shoe slipped once on the wet floor and Maureen grabbed me and took me into the one of the middle toilets. I felt really awkward in there. I was somewhat scared by the crowd that gave those on the toilet no privacy. The two women on the toilets farther down from one another were yelling and cussing up a storm. I think while they sat the one lady refused to share her smoke with the other. Maureen in a soft voice told me they were probably also drinking and that I should stay with her.

Maureen gave me her purse and told me to hold it. She told me unless I got closer to her, some bad person would yank it away from me and steal it. She slowly untied her black sweats, pulled down her blue underwear, and seated herself. I couldn't believe the ease with which she adapted to the dirty and crazy conditions. More women were waiting in line and watching us. Maureen interrupted my fascination with the graffiti on both walls. Some was etched into the blocks probably with a knife and then colored in with a pen or marker. I told Maureen to look around behind her. She had already seen it and wasn't that surprised by it. It was almost a poster-size drawing of a man's penis with a couple of phone numbers and electronic addresses under it. To cut off my fascination with the drawing, she said her boyfriend had one that equaled or surpassed that one, although she admitted he didn't have any artistic ability. I halfway got what she was saying, but didn't know how to react.

Then there was another commotion outside as a couple of the ladies leaving the bathroom took issue with those in line for the toilets blocking the exit. There was some shoving by a couple of them over a possible missed train. Maureen asked me to pull a small package of Kleenex out of her purse. She used this to wipe herself with since there wasn't any evidence of toilet paper on a roll or other holder next to the toilet. Maureen explained that it is often abused and sometimes even used to light fires with so the toilet tissues have been removed.

When we finally got done at the sinks and caught our train, I started feeling a potty need coming on. When we got to our final station, Maureen took me in, but the bathroom was just as bad as the one she had used. She insisted that I use it and not wait until we got upstairs to a store with better conditions. Even though she turned her back to me and acted as a door to give me privacy, I sat and became even more frustrated as I was not able to get my pee stream going. I remember starting to cry and Maureen being less hurried and giving me more time. I was finally able to go a few minutes later when we stopped at a food court and the bathrooms were more normal. The experience taught me that cleanliness and privacy are important to me. In fact, when I told my parents about the experience they decided to never hire Maureen again to babysit me.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Blob's recent post chimes with my experience. Thinking back I, too, was always amazed at the speed with which Elizabeth got her knickers up and her dress or skirt down after she's done her wee. It just emphasises my feeling that the only reason girls are prepared to do a wee with a boy is to see his equipment in action, but that they have no intention of letting anything that matters being seen!


Latest story

Hi everyone, will get to my latest story after some comments!
Imogen- Yes, I've managed to get away without having a full blown wetting accident since my last but one year at primary school, but as described I used to get wet patches in my knickers quite alot at school and still do sometimes…. In the story I told last time my knickers were quite wet, but because I was releasing spurts rather than a full stream I just had drops of wee running down my thighs rather than it totally cascading down my legs!! Luckily I managed to get into a cubicle and get my skirt up and knickers down just in time and before any of the drips were visible. I remember drying my knickers with loo paper and hoping no-one would see up my skirt and notice they were wet! If I'd been wearing trousers the extra time it would have taken to undo them would definitely have caused me to completely flood my knickers, so for that reason I don't think I ever wore trousers to school again- there were a few more times when I was just as desperate for a wee and being able to flip up my skirt, drop my knickers and sit on the loo literally a second after locking the door meant that I always managed to save myself the embarrasment of a full blown accident!
Katie- great you were able to post again, but sorry to hear that you sometimes struggle so much to have a poo, that must have been really embarrasing when you were out with your friends that time, although I'm glad you eventually managed to push it out when you got home. I know what you mean, the toilets at my senior school were definitely worse than the ones at primary school so even though I quite often needed to go for a poo during the school day (the urge usually comes on mid to late morning for me) I started withholding as the loos were just horrible. Of course I ended up getting really constipated too, so I have alot of experience of log poking out moments and getting dirty pants as a result. Back when I was at primary school and the loos were fairly nice I was fine about going for a poo at school and so I didn't get constipated as much. My normal routine was to wait until the start of lunch break and go to the loo then, I was usually joined by another couple of girls from my class who must have had a similar body clock to me as sometimes I got a cubicle next to them and I heard them having a poo as well, so at least it wasn't just me! Hope you can post again soon and not get too badly constipated.
Elphaba- thanks, I'm glad to know it isn't just me who finds individual loos a bit awkward, the dilemma I have is that if I put off the urge it always seems to make my constipation worse. I enjoyed both your recent stories, especially the latest one, I'm glad you were able to have a satisfying poo in the loos at uni. I know exactly what you mean, it feels really good when a log is coming out very slowly and stretching my bum a bit. Also its really great to have the attitude of "I don't care if someone hears me having a poo", after all thats what toilets are for!
Anyway, my big news is that my friend Lucy has just come to live with me, she's got a job just round the corner from where I'm working but her parents have just moved quite a long distance away, so she was having a massive journey to get to work. Basically I'm pretty much on my own in the house now my sisters at uni and my mum and dad both work away alot, so I asked them if it was OK to see if Lucy wanted to move in and luckily they said yes- and so did Lucy!! Hopefully that will mean we can save up some money and be able to rent somewhere eventually, as I don't want to live in my parents house for ever! I must admit I still haven't told Lucy I post here, I have obviously shared some pretty personal details about her and while I think she would be OK with that (I haven't used our real names or said anything specific that could identify us) I still haven't quite plucked up the courage, although I plan to do so soon especially with our new living arrangements.
So, Friday night came and we both decided to go out for a drink to celebrate, we were walking back home at about half eleven when I noticed Lucy had a worried look on her face, unlike me she didn't use the loo at the pub just before we left so I guessed she was getting desperate to have a wee, and literally just after I'd thought that she suddenly said, "I'm dying for a wee Abs, I'm not sure if I can make it home!" Luckily just then we walked past an alleyway, it looked completely deserted so I said, "Lets go down there!" Lucy hesitated, she said, "I might be able to make it, I really don't want to go for a wee outside if I can help it!" We walked on for another minute or so and then Lucy said, "I'm really sorry Abbie I'm gonna have to go back to that alley, I'm literally just about to wee myself!"
"No worries, actually I guess I could do with going again," I replied, and we turned round and made our way back, as we turned up the alleyway I noticed Lucy was holding herself through her dress so I could tell she was really bursting! Just then an even more worried look flashed across her face, she said, "Somes just come out in my knickers, I seriously have to go NOW!!" Just ahead I suddenly saw a row of wheelie bins, Lucy hurried behind them and quickly lifted her dress and dropped her black tights and lilac knickers and then squatted, as I went round the other side of the bins to join her all I could hear was a strong wee stream fizzing down onto the tarmac and Lucy moaning and groaning with relief. I lifted my dress, pulled down my black tights and pink knickers and got into a squat as well, and a steady stream started to flow, I actually needed it more than I thought as I nearly weed for as long as Lucy. As I pulled up my knickers and tights Lucys stream was slowing down, it stopped about 10 seconds later and she pulled up her clothes too, as she let down her skirt she pulled a face and said, "My knickers are all wet, it feels really gross!" and I said, "Well, we're only about 10 minutes from home, you can change them then!" As we walked out of the alleyway and back onto the main road Lucy said, "I definitely couldn't have made it back without having an accident!" and I nodded and smiled. When we got back to the house we went straight up to bed, my room is massive and so Lucy is sleeping in with me on the sofa bed, that way my sisters and mums and dads room are still available for them when they're back. We started to get undressed ready for bed, we both took our dresses and tights off so we were just in our bras and knickers, as Lucy took off her knickers I could see a massive wet patch in them. I could feel that mine were a bit damp as well so I said, "I think I need to change my knickers too, they got a bit wet as well earlier." I took them off and went over to my underwear drawer and took out some clean ones, they were yellow with pink and blue flowers. I quickly put them on and then took off my bra and put on my nightie, as Lucy was pulling her nightie over her head I noticed she had put some white knickers on. We brushed our teeth and went to bed, and fell asleep more or less straight away.
The next morning we woke up at about 10, I felt like my bladder was just about to burst so I went straight to my ensuite, dropped my knickers, sat on the loo and started to have a massive gushing wee!! As I was weeing Lucy came in and stood there squirming and jiggling about, she said, "Great, I'm absolutely bursting and hearing you weeing like a horse is making it even worse!" I poked my tongue out at her and said, "I can't help it, I was just about to wet the bed!!" As my stream died away Lucy turned her back to me, she lifted her nightie and pulled her knickers down and then started walking backwards towards the loo, all I could see was her bare bum moving towards me! She said, "Seriously Abbie, you have like 2 seconds to get off the loo before I literally wee all over you!" Luckily just then I was done so I stood up and moved to the side just in time for Lucy to sit down and start moaning again as her bladder started to empty, it sounded pretty powerful. "Guess I'm not the only one who wees like a horse!" I said, and this time it was Lucys turn to stick her tongue out at me. When Lucy was done she wiped her front and pulled her knickers back up, we then washed our hands and went back into the bedroom. It was a real pigsty in there, neither Lucy or I are tidy and there were several days worth of dirty clothes on the floor. "Would you mind putting the dirty clothes in the washing hamper while I go downstairs and make some toast?" I asked Lucy.
"OK…." Lucy replied, "But I'm not touching your dirty knickers though!"
I went over to my desk, took a ruler and handed it to Lucy. "You can pick them up with this, then!" I said, and Lucy rolled her eyes at me. As I turned to go out of the room Lucy said, "Abbie, your knickers are showing through your nightie!" and I said, "Well, its not like there's anyone else in, I'm sure you can cope with seeing them, you've seen me naked plenty of times!"
"Yeah, but just in case someone rings the doorbell I thought I should tell you!" Lucy replied. I said, "Well if that happens you can answer the door then!" I went down to the kitchen, put some toast on and when it was done I took it back upstairs. The bedroom looked much tidier, I said "Thanks for tidying up!" and Lucy said, "Actually it looked worse than it was, it didn't take long!"
After we'd eaten Lucy put her hand on her belly, she said, "I need to have a poo now, come on!" and we went back into my ensuite, I sat on the floor as Lucy went over to the loo, lifted her nightie, dropped her knickers and sat on the loo. I could see her belly tensing and I knew she was starting to push, she strained and grunted for a few minutes and then said, "Sorry about this, I thought my constipation was getting better but obviously not!" She started to push harder and make louder grunts, I hoped she wouldn't have to strain too hard. "Its really fat and it comes out a bit but when I stop pushing it goes back up my bum," she panted.
"If it makes you feel any better I had exactly the same problem last time I went for a poo, I keep having massive fat poos that are like almost impossible to push out!" I said. Lucy was pushing so hard she could only nod, she was going red and her grunts kept getting louder. "Actually I should try to go when your done, I don't think I've had a poo for about three days so I really should see if I can have one!" Lucy paused, she said, "Right, at least its not getting sucked up my bum any more, thank God!" She started to bear down again, after another few minutes I said, "Is it coming out?" Again, Lucy nodded as she was still having to push really hard, shortly after I heard a splash and she moaned with relief. "I'm still not done yet though," she panted as she bore down again, luckily her second log was a bit easier to pass and didn't need quite so much pushing. "Right, I'm done," she said, as she took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom. Once she was done wiping she pulled up her knickers and flushed the toilet.
"My turn now!" I said as I lifted my nightie and lowered my knickers to my thighs. I sat on the warm seat and did a dribble of wee, and then started to push. After a few minutes I could feel a hard mass moving down inside me and the tip of a huge log started to poke out. "Its coming but its another massive fat one!" I said to Lucy as I paused between pushes. Typically as soon as I stopped I felt the log going back up my bum, I sighed and said, "Great, its going back up my bum again as usual, its really annoying!" I took a deep breath, the only way to manage when I get that problem is to push as hard as I can for as long as I can and leave the smallest possible gap in between pushes, the only trouble is I end up doing really embarrasing grunts, but at least Lucy had had to do the same, I guess! After a few minutes of pushing as though my life depended on it I managed to get the fattest part through and a few pushes later it splooshed down into the bowl, I moaned with relief and said, "Thank God I managed to get it out, I thought it was going to be stuck up there for ever!" and Lucy giggled. I could feel another log moving out, I was hoping it was going to be easier but it felt about the same size as the first one. I started to strain again and said, "Sorry about this, I thought the second one might be easier but its just as fat as the last one so I'm gonna have to push really hard again!" Sure enough after another few minutes of pushing and straining I finally managed to pass the next log, and luckily felt empty. I wiped my bottom, it was sore and there was some blood on the paper. I flushed, pulled up my knickers and we went back into the bedroom to get dressed. I'll post again soon, bye for now!!


Wrong Bathroom

I was shopping a few days ago in a ladies clothing store. I had to pee, so I went into the first bathroom I saw. I didn't think there would be a men's bathroom in a ladies store. I was wrong. Men shop for their wives and girlfriends. Anyway, there was no one in the bathroom and no urinals visible. There were also no doors on the stalls, which I thought strange for a ladies bathroom. I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and and pantie, and sat down on a toilet seat, and started to pee. Suddenly, a man came in, seemed shocked, and stared at me peeing. I didn't like this attention and told him to get out of the ladies bathroom. He told me to get out of the men's bathroom. I told him he was nuts..there were no urinals in there. He told me there were..on the other side of a wall. All this time I was peeing heavily and he was watching. Another man came in, looked perplexed, and verified that there were urinals on the other side of the wall. It suddenly dawned on me that I was wrong and the men were right. If this were my office building, it would make no difference. I finished peeing, put my clothes on, and apologized. They accepted that and I left. I identified the ladies bathroom for next time.

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