Makeshift toilet in the woods

Hello, everyone! It's Ian again with another story; this is a long one, buckle up for the ride. When I was much younger, around eight or nine, I had a group of friends from our neighborhood who liked exploring in the woods near our neighborhood (now sadly demolished to make room for a housing project). Exploring in the woods was a favorite summer activity of mine!

On this particular day, our merry group of boys (we did have a few girls in the neighborhood, but they didn't play with us very often), trooped into the woods with backpacks filled with sack lunches, water bottles and snacks. It was going to be an all-day hike! We walked on through the dark green trees and over the thick fallen log that spanned the small gully that rushed with water after a rainstorm. The forest was alive with the sounds of birds chirping, insects shrilling and buzzing, the wind rustling through the trees. Beautiful.

As we walked, we drank from our bottles and ate the chips and cookies we had brought with us. I knew this would have consequences later, but I didn't dwell on it, having as much fun as I was. A slow need to pee rose as we walked, and I stepped off to the side of the "trail" we were making. The others noticed and stopped as I pulled down the front of my elastic shorts and pulled the underwear out of the way. I finally succeeded in extracting my penis and aimed it at nothing in particular. A sigh escaped me as my stream hit the leaves-strewn ground and hissed. Jared also unzipped his jeans and began peeing on a nearby tree. A loud fart came from him and the others laughed.

After we were done, we kept walking and finally reached a small clear space which we decided to call our campsite. We sat around eating our sack lunches (ham and cheese for me, with Pringles as a side, ????). After a while, I raised the question of using the bathroom. Suddenly I had an idea!

I went to the nearby stream bank and, with difficulty, I dragged four large flat stones into our clearing. It had rained recently, so the ground was soft and muddy; I shoved each stone upright into the mud, against a tree to balance it, and fashioned a rough square box. Then I used a stick to dig a small pit into the mud inside the makeshift toilet. Finally I grabbed another flat stone to serve as a lid for the toilet.

The others were a bit wary of this jury-rigged contraption, but soon Kevin was fidgeting and grimacing and finally confessed a huge need to poop. Conscious of us all watching him, a bit red in the face, he unzipped his jeans and tugged down his underwear to his ankles. Gingerly sitting bare-bottomed on the rough stone, Kevin grunted softly and a fart erupted into the toilet. He went red, but we just laughed, encouraging him. I asked how stable it was, and he said it felt pretty sturdy, actually.

Leaning forward, getting serious now, Kevin grunted again, clearly pushing hard. We heard a soft crackling sound and then a small thud in the pit. Kevin sighed in relief. The strong smell of poop started drifting up and we tried to suppress our giggles for Kevin's benefit. Another, louder fart blasted into the toilet and then was suddenly another small thud in the pit. A soft hiss started, splashing against the stone between his legs. Kevin was peeing. He strained again, grimacing and shutting his eyes for almost a minute, and grunted loudly as a BIG thud hit the bottom of the pit. A few small farts sputtered out. Kevin just looked relieved to be finished.

We eagerly asked to see and Kevin got up and we all looked into the makeshift toilet. Kevin's pee had wet the stone at the front of the toilet and puddled at the bottom. A large pile of poop lay curled in the bottom, Kevin's monster turd dwarfing the rest. Kevin farted again and suddenly he stuck his butt over the toilet again in a squat and we jumped out of the line of fire. With a huge grunt, Kevin forced out another long turd in a few seconds, which dropped into the pit with a loud splat. A final, loud fart boomed out and Kevin wearily announced he was done for real. We gathered some safe-looking leaves and he used them to carefully wipe his butt and then redressed.

Chris then said he needed to pee. He stepped up and unzipped. Aiming his penis at the toilet, Chris started peeing into the pit toilet. He said he'd needed a pee all day.

I eyed the stone toilet with interest as I felt a need to poop coming to me. I announced this and the group stepped back to watch. I tugged down my shorts and underwear and embarrassingly farted before I even sat down, earning a few giggles. The rough stone, slightly warm from Kevin's bottom, cut into my delicate tush. Ouch!

First, I peed, the stone hissing and splattering between my legs, which I kept pressed tightly together to prevent splashes. Then I leaned a bit, bearing down as an urge to push hit my gut. Ugggghh. Slowly, the heavy mass in my gut moved downward, and I felt a growing pressure against my butthole. I grimaced as I slowly stretched open, the huge log now sliding out almost against my will. I said a few of my dad's favorite cuss words as the pain grew the wider I got stretched.

Finally, the huge log slid out and fell with a loud thud in the pit toilet. I sighed with relief, almost not noticing as several loud farts erupted from my butt. But I wasn't done. I pushed again and a bit more pee splashed against the front stone. I pushed harder and felt my butt stretch again, grimacing in pain. Another huge log was sliding out, me pushing it along as hard as I could. This one was was possibly even bigger and it was just now breaching the surface. Bit by agonizing bit, the monster emerged, sliding out wither a snail-like pace. I grunted, I strained, I cussed, I nearly screamed. GET OUT!

The boys offered encouragement, clustering around me. With heroic resolve, I forced the monster into hasty retreat and it finally fled in the face of my assult, seeking shelter in the deep, dark pit. A loud fanfare of triumphant trumpets broke upon the wind. I farted quite a few times, the huge log having blocked up a whole bunch of gas inside me. Finally, I gave a small squeak of a fart and felt empty. I shut my eyes at the feeling of intense relief I was feeling.

"You okay?" Kevin asked, smiling. I nodded, feeling content to simply sit on the pot for a few minutes. My butt felt unusually wet, which was odd as I hadn't had diarrhea. I asked for leaves to wipe with and on wiping, I discovered I was bleeding a little. The huge poops had caused my butt to bleed! Ouuuuch!

I finished wiping and pulled up my pants. The boys crowded in for a look at my masterpiece and gasped at the sight of two massive logs, the biggest probably around two feet long and three inches thick. I felt weak again just looking at them.

We walked back later that afternoon and it was fairly uneventful, except for Chris taking another pee against a tree and Jared stopping the group to squat and strain out three turds right on the ground, farting several times. We returned home and agreed to return to that spot again, possibly to camp next time!

Well, that's all for now. I know this was long, but I really enjoyed writing it. Really like this site.


Pure LUCK, and a new friend.

Hello forum peeps it's been a while. I know there IS another Michael on this forum, but I'll still call myself Michael. I'm 5'10, have a relatively thin build (not so much thanks to regular over-eating, woops.) and have coarse brown hair.

Catherine : I'm so glad you're back, I don't write much, but I do love stopping bi-weekly to see what you've been up to.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I had stopped to use the toilet in the science building by where I park the car after I had finished my literature class. I drive to school because I simply cannot afford the fees with living. I work full time, so I'm always running around. I had entered the gents room in the building and immediately I smell an awful smell, nobody was in the bathroom, I had walked past the stalls, hoping to have a pee before I made the hour long commute. I checked each one, curiosity was bugging me, I wanted to know what smelled SO bad. I walked in the middle stall and there it was, a big thick turd, it was so thick it would not go down the drain, the water was fresh, meaning it was left recently, and there was no toilet paper. It was like a big coke can, just sitting in the toilet, but it was not long at all. The smell filled the bathroom. I was so curious to who had done it, I took a picture and uploaded my finding. The turd was very dry at the end, it even scared me a bit.

Something AMAZING, well at least to me happened today, this day in October, the ninth.

I had walked in the same bathroom today after my same literature class which had been quite eventful. The same stink PERMEATED the bathroom, it was god awful. I had the gut feeling, literally, that he had laid another dump that wouldn't flush. I knew he did something, because it smelt really bad, when all of a sudden, the stall door opened, it had been locked. A small, nerdy, and short guy, who appeared to be a freshman, grabbed his books from on the floor of the bathroom tile now, walking towards the sinks to go wash his hands. When he reached the sinks, I approached the same middle stall. He looked back and said to not go in there. I had replied to him I had to shit too, which was a lie, but I was morbidly curious. I had walked in and I saw the huge turd in the toilet. It was very fat, like the last one, but a lot more smooth, it was so big it literally covered the whole drain as it was going in, it was obvious he made no attempt whatsoever to flush, and it looked like he did not wipe either. I walked out after seeing his shit, I made a comment about how large his shit was, and he seemed embarassed. I reassured him that these things happen, and that I shit really big (not THAT big) sometimes. I smiled as well, trying to make him feel less embarassed, it worked. We introduced ourselves to each other and we talked about what we were studying. I then asked him how long it had been since he last gone, and he sheepishly told me yesterday. I knew he probably had overflow constipation, which is when a large stool mass gets stuck in the colon, yet diarrhea and soft shit manages to leak out in front of it.

We had broken the ice and we had relaxed now, I told him good luck and I'm glad he felt better. He replied he had a headache and felt dizzy, I shook my head, he obviously was not in the best of health being backed up like that. As soon as he was drying his hands he told me to close the door to the stall so I did. He walked out after he dried his hands, in which I returned to the stall, took a picture, then peed and continued my day back home.

And that, that is how I made a friend in the bathroom.

Victoria B.

Tyler's question

It's definitely true that women go more often. My answer is a little skewed because I'm a vegetarian, but I have to poop at least once and sometimes twice each day.

Hope this helps!

Your question's interesting. I did my senior project in high school on my family's bowel habits. I shared the results on page 2642. Maybe it's common to wonder about the opposite sex's experience of digestion and defecation. But don't assume that someone poops a certain way because of their size, shape, ethnicity or gender. Culture and diet plays into size and frequency of defecation. Exceptions exist.

Maybe you heard that some, if not most women, experience changes during their period. It's not true for me, but two of my sisters go more frequently with looser consistencies.

Everyone's normal is different.


Pooping buddy

Dave: Yes, it has been some time since I've been on this site. Portland did have some interesting public toilets. That door less stall in the park you describe sounds like a cool place to dump! I remember also using a public toilet with a woman in the next stall. She had already finished up, but she got to hear me go in and drop a load.

I have a buddy who I text with almost daily. Maybe just a sentence or two, but it's pretty constant. He and I actually text while we are both pooping because we tend to be on the same dumping schedule. He has several times sent me a pic of himself on the toilet, shooting down at his feet, capturing his shorts, boxer briefs and knees in the pic. I usually send back a pic to show that we're in sync. He calls my briefs, "panties", and they are usually visible in the pics. Once I was downtown and texted that im dumping in a stall that has a full length mirror in front of me and he said "take a pic", so I did. I decided to be a bit bold and send him a full length pic of myself, with my jeans and briefs at my ankles, shirt hiked up, as I'm holding a wad of paper, getting ready to wipe. I'm standing slightly at an angle so my junk isn't really visible. He responded that I was crazy, haha...

He's a very cool buddy to have.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Taylor - thanks, It was very relieving! But also embarrassing!

Katie - welcome to the site. I remember my school loos were grim and trying to avoid them. I had damp knickers more than once. Posting here it seems I'm not the only one tho!


In a lay-by

The other day I was driving along a straight country road, to my right there was a patch of grass and a loop of old road now used as a lay-by. In the lay-by was a trailer that a car would pull but no car. There was someone sitting on the triangular frame that the toe-bar is fitted to.
As I got closer I saw that the trailer was on a jack and one wheel was missing, but the person sitting on the frame at the front was a female and that she had her jeans pulled down to mid thigh and I could see a side view of her hip and a little bit of bum cheek, and through the triangular frame ( the best part) was her pee stream going straight down to the ground and glinting in the sun light.
As I had time to waste and there was a roundabout just up the road I went up to it and turned around, but the cars at the roundabout slowed me down. When I got back to the lay-by there was a car there with a man putting the wheel back on, with the female and another lady watching.
It looked like a mother and father taking there daughter to university judging by the way the trailer and car was packed.

Is it me or are the females at university wearing very short shorts, I saw one that I thought she had not put her shorts on, so short they looked more like a belt.

Steve A

Steve A's Survey

1. Were you ever embarrassed to ask your teacher to use the restroom during class if you had to go poop? What about the awkward walk-back into the room?

2. How comfortable are you with farting, burping, or even pooping around certain people? Family, friends, and/or strangers?

3. During a road trip, would you pee/poop in the car or on the side of the road if you were desperate and far away from a rest stop?

Also, before you go on a long road trip, make sure you bring a bucket and some toilet paper with you. You never know what can happen.

4. Would you bring toilet paper with you if plan on traveling somewhere far away from any buildings/restrooms?

5. Would you ever buy a porta potty for outside use only?

For example, whenever you do outside work, instead of going inside to use the bathroom every time, you can just use your porta potty, which is already outside. It can save you time from going in and out of the house whenever you need to go.

On an extra note, your neighbors can use your porta potty for their convenience as well. Even if some of them are expensive, then you can always buy a cheaper one that won't break your wallet.

My answers:

1. It never bothered me, even if most of them stared at me when I came back.

2. I'm comfortable with my friends and family. Not so much for strangers, but whenever I get a girlfriend someday, then we'll build that bond together as a couple.

3. I'd like to go on the side of the road only if I'm not facing the other side of the highway. But, if worse comes to worse, then I'll just go into an empty bottle or bucket.

4. I would just to be on the safe side.

5. Yes, I would consider buying one.


Latest story

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't had chance to post for a while, I've been really busy recently and just haven't had time!
Katie- I really enjoyed your first post, glad you were able to have a poo before school so you didn't need to go later in the day, I understand why your not too keen on using the school loos if there smelly and dirty! I think schools should do more to have decent toilets, if you need a poo while your at school you should have a clean toilet you can use rather than having to hold it in until you get home. I look forward to hearing more of your stories and hope you can post again soon.
Imogen- sorry to hear you were so desperate for a wee that you totally wet your knickers on the way back from the pub, at least no-one else saw though. I've come so close several times as in I've let a big spurt go when I've been dying to have a wee and have had to change my knickers, so I have no doubt it will end up happening to me at some point, I just hope it does when theres no-one else around too! I'm just glad it never happened at school though, the closest I came was a few times when I was queuing for a cubicle and I needed to have a wee so badly I felt like my bladder was going to burst, a couple of times when I was wearing a skirt but no tights I let a big spurt go and could feel my knickers getting wet and even some drops of wee starting to roll down my thighs, but luckily I made it on the loo before I completely weed my knickers thank God!! The only problem then was having to spend the rest of the day in damp knickers which wasn't exactly pleasant, but I was always grateful it hadn't been a full blown accident which would have been impossible to hide.
Anyway, back to my story, as I predicted since starting work I have started to get constipated again, I hate it when I'm right! I'm working in a small office for a local charity and the toilet set up is very different from school or uni in that theres just one toilet rather than lots of different cubicles. I think I preferred the multiple cubicle set up to be honest, I think one of the reasons I was always fairly relaxed about going for a poo in the school and uni loos is that when there are a larger number of cubicles and lots of people coming and going you feel a bit more anonymous, I guess. Quite often when I was on the loo and heard the girl next to me having a poo I didn't even get to see who it was, and if I was having an embarrasing poo and needing to grunt to get it to come out I could always choose to stay on the loo a bit longer and not come out at the same time as the person next to me if I wanted! Thats all different if you just have one loo though, everyone sees you go in, knows how long you've taken and sees you come out again. Its been annoying as a few times I've been at my desk feeling like I need a poo but I just haven't plucked up the courage to use the office loo yet, even though I'm pretty sure that a girl I work with called Lisa has a poo there most days, so its not like I'd be the only one. Of course, if you've been reading my posts for a while you know what happens when I start to put off the urge for a poo and hold it in, over time I end up struggling with constipation, which is really annoying.
Yesterday I was on the way home from work on the bus when I suddenly started to need a poo pretty urgently, I realised a couple of days before I'd felt the urge but hadn't gone to the loo, as usual when I do that the need went away but then I know when it returns a few days later I won't be able to ignore it, thats when I'm in for a 'log poking out and dirty knickers' moment unless I can get on the loo pretty quickly!! Luckily I managed to make it back just about in time, I got a really strong urge to push while I was unlocking the front door but luckily managed to resist, I waddled upstairs clenching my bum, I was on my own in the house so I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans as I walked upstairs, as I went into my ensuite I quickly pulled my jeans and knickers down, my knickers were plain white but luckily my poo hadn't poked out meaning they were still clean. I plonked myself down on the loo and moaned loudly as I relaxed my bum and felt a big log starting to poke out almost straight away, it felt so good to just relax and let it come. I could feel the log getting really fat and knew I'd have to start pushing to get it out, so I took a deep breath and bore down, I grunted as I released my breath and knew I'd need to keep up the pressure, so I pushed again. I realised I hadn't been for a poo in four days so I knew I was in for some serious straining, the log I was trying to pass was not only really fat but was also rock hard. I did some more hard pushes and loud grunts, I could feel I was going red as I was having to push really hard. For a while it felt like the log was stuck part way out so I squeezed my thighs together, pulled my bum cheeks apart and did a couple of really hard but really long pushes, I knew I was pulling a face but that did the trick and I felt the widest part come out and then the log sped up and dropped shortly after, I had a rest and tried to control my breathing before I felt a second log emerging, luckily this one wasn't as massive so it plopped down into the bowl after a few gentle pushes and then I felt empty. I took some loo roll and wiped my bottom before pulling up my knickers and jeans, I then flushed the loo and washed my hands before going downstairs to have a snack. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!



So throughout my life I've always heard that girls poop more than guys do haha. Ladies is this true? How often do you have to poop during the day?



Sorry everybody, Mina is lazy girl very much. Stay on loo too long instead of go to computer to write for this site. Bad Mina! I ask Kazuko to smack me on bottom, she do that with big smile and touch both cheeks of bottom same time.

Last week I was make up before mirror and Kazuko was on loo with open door. Suddenly I hear gasp sound, I look and Kazuko is painful on her face. "What is a trouble Kazu?"

She said to me. "Motion is stuck, it don't come out from bottom."

She seems to great pain so I go to her and squat down next her. She move forward and I see very fat motion and her beautiful bottom very open. She push and push, motion don't move. I press on stomach and lower back, but no result but suddenly....move very slowly. It is about 4 cm across! or maybe 5!!

I press more and it move and move, become very long, then break off with plop in loo but still coming, break off again still fat! and still come and come. Finally it is 5 plops and all of them about long 20 cm and wide 5 cm. Last one came out high speed.
Kazuko start cry in a relief. I hold her hand. Suddenly she stiff and bottom open again and fat motion appear. But this time faster little bit. Again very fat long one! So I flush.

"You can go back mirror, Mina, now I OK" she says, so I go back. Ten minutes later she is still on loo, so I go to her, "Kazu you are OK really??" I look in loo and brown everywhere! I can't count because it is so many turds. Kazu has happy face. She like to be empty her bottom! But she say, "little bit more". Little bit, I don't believe. I flush because maybe again 10 or 11 turds, Kazu has so productive beautiful bottom. But actually she do only little pieces now.

" I think your mother don't happy, " I say her. She laugh. "My mother not realistic woman. It is good to do motions many many! I don't want carry motions in bottom, I want to push out. "

She talk like that, make me want to sit on loo. So I sit. My motion is same with usual one, but not so different from Kazu, but it is not so fat, only 3 cms, Kazu say. But same with Kazu, I do again, and again, it is my style! I understand her. It is good feeling to do and do and do. Because I am long time like Kazu, she finish to make up, so she dry me after I wash. So soft her touch. I am most happiest woman in the world! Kazu always say my bottom is beautiful and so soft. I don't believe, but she say. I think her bottom more soft.

That day was beautiful motion. But when we tell Maho and Hisae, they were in beige flat, they smile each other. They also had so good time on loo!!

I think many Japanese woman hate her bottom. Before, I hate too, I remember. But now I don't hate. I think motion is beautiful thing. It is a part of beautiful human life!! And bottom is beautiful too. Maho's bottom and Kazu's bottom and Hisae's bottom, very very beautiful.

By the way, Annie from Taiwan, you say "motion" is my word, but in Wales my host mother always use. I am surprise a bit because many words relate to loo in different size at top of this site, and sometimes name of person (Maho's name often) but "motion" is there never, I wonder, it is bad word? But maybe no if my host mother use....

Victoria, I like story about your cat. I love animal. And I interest that you give moan after motion drop in loo. Just like Kazu who cry!! (But sometimes I cry too after motion, I am silly crying baby.) Kazu and Hisae and Maho say warm hello to you, and everybody of this site.

Love from Mina and Kazu and Maho and Hisae

End Stall Em

6 a.m. craps in two venues

I'm back in college now. As I wrote about last year, my dorm is co-ed, as are the toilets, although the shower facilities adjacent are gender specific. I stay at my boyfriend Spencer's apartment on weekends and use my dorm room the other five days. Spencer's really conservative and doesn't like the co-ed bathroom idea, but I've tried to assure him I have every bit the privacy I have when I'm at the mall I work at the mall or in one of the 20-some office and classroom buildings on campus.

Yesterday morning I got up at 6 and walked down the hall to the toilet room. I was in my jammies, saw a guy's legs under the door of the first stall, and walked to the end of the row. Before I started toward my favorite toilet, this guy who looked like a scared freshman opened the door and when he saw me, he apologized and quickly returned. He used his foot to flush and then I heard him pull off toilet paper and I saw him wipe off pee from the seat. I was inclined to say something tongue-in-cheek, but he seemed sensitive enough so I let it go. I quickly checked the seat for any remaining splashes and then seated myself. I had drank two beers before bed with my psychology study partner, so my pee was immediate and strong. Then I could feel my crap sliding through me.

As I was checking my phone, Spencer checked in to see what I was doing. I had a bit of a headache and wanting him to regret his question, I gave him a fictitious guess of my pee. I said 20 ounces and I told him I was on my 4th piece of crap. That part was true. He sounded frustrated that he was having a hard time with his crap, because I know he absolutely hates having to crap during the day at work. He lays sod for his family's business from sunup to sundown. I told him as I was wiping that I had to get dressed and to class. I shouldn't have, I know, but I teased him a bit about perhaps having to crap away from home. He knows that he might be somewhat extreme about that but he probably isn't going to change. For example, the first time he visited my parents house before we even started dating, I was surprised that he lined our upstairs bathroom toilet seat with a large amount of toilet tissue before he seated himself.

I just don't think that crapping should be that big of thing.


Diarrhea on the Highway, Diarrhea at Home

Highway to hell
Hello, my name is Mathew. I am 20 years old, 5, 11, with an athletic build and a student in college. This summer my mom, dad, and younger sister went to rural Ohio to visit my aunt and uncle, we are from New Jersey. I have lived and played basketball in the city my entire Life so I was interested to visit the country side. We spent four days at my aunt's house she is a very kind woman. The last day before we returned home was Sunday. Her being a very religious woman she invited us to her church followed by a church BBQ afterward. I ate a ton of spare ribs and steak, I usually don't like to over eat but I couldn't resist. My favorite thing was the onion rings and cheese dip sauce; I pigged out on them before joining the other kids in a game of basketball in the church parking lot.
That entire night I was leaving loud terrible farts that smelled awful but in the morning I felt fine. My family and I said our good byes to our aunt and uncle and headed along the turn pike out of Ohio. About an hour into our journey I began to feel some pain in my lower abdomen but dismissed it as gas. I continued to let out terrible farts from time to time which drove my mother and sister nuts. I apologized to them but I was beginning to feel ill and couldn't help it. As we neared the border of Ohio my stomach began to cramp terrible and I asked my father if we could pull into the welcome center. My teenage sister snickered, she knew how much I was pigging out the day before and couldn't help but smile to herself. My dad complained and told me that I should have gone back at my aunt's house but I begged him that this was an emergency. My mom said that she needed to pee so my dad reluctantly pulled into the welcome center. I walked into the service center calmly and headed toured the men's room.
The Bathroom stalls were all filled with truckers taking their early morning craps so I had to wait outside for about ten mins before a stall was free. I shifted my legs impatiently as the cramps in my stomach grew tighter, until finally a tall opened and I went in to use the toilet. The toilet was clean but it stank like a bowl of farts, and other men were in there adding to the smell. I desperately placed a toilet see cover onto the seat, dropped my basketball shorts, and sat down. As soon as my butt hit the warm seat I cracked an echoing fart, followed by a mushy wave of soft serve poop. I couldn't help but moan in relief as the soft brown cream flowed out of me. I was holding my poop in for more than an hour and I felt relieved to finally be cleaned out. I stood up to wipe and looked down into the slop. The bowl was filled with bright brown, almost orange mushy poop. I flushed and it left orange skid marks on the bowl. As soon as I exited the stall another man rushed in and exploded diarrhea into that toilet, I felt bad for him because I too had been waiting for the toilet for some time and I hope I hadn't kept him too long. I washed and exited. My hands and guts clean I felt like a million bucks. My mom was waiting for me in the lobby. "Feel better" she smiled. "Yeah, I really had to go" I told her. We both got in the SUV where my father and sister were waiting impatiently. " You took forever" She said as my dad took off.

I felt better for a while until we got about 80 miles into Pennsylvania, then my stomach started to rumble again. A piercing pain hit my abdomen and I knew that I would soon need the toilet urgently.
I asked my dad if he could pull over again, much to his dismay but I told him that I was sick with diarrhea.
My sister laughed at me and told me it's what I deserved for being so greedy at the church bbq the previous day. As the car rolled into a rest stop I could really feel the water works bubbling in my anus, diarrhea for sure. I walked as calmly as I could into the rest area but as I got in a massive cramp hit my guts. I lost all composure and ran into the men's room. I busted into a stall and as soon as I lowered my shorts a jet of yellow diarrhea shot out of my butt and hit the rim of the toilet. I sat down and exploded chunky diarrhea into the toilet for about five minutes. As I stood up to finish a wave of nausea hit me. I doubled over and vomited violently into the toilet. My dad came into to check if I was ok. We stopped at a Walgreen for medicine but the diarrhea wouldn't stop. I shat my shorts trying to run into one porta potie, and shat myself again when we got stuck in traffic in New Jersey. The porta pottie was the worst accident because it was hot in there and buzzing with flies. I peeled off my shit caked shorts and threw up violently into the porta pottie. I felt like Stan from South Park because as soon as I got done pukeing I would turn around and start shitting and vice versa. My dad came to the porta john with a fresh pair of clothes for me to change into. When I got back to the SUV my mom and sister couldn't help but sneer in disgust. Luckily my dad was able to pull off the road in time to sheets gas station. I ran inside and shat diarrhea into a toilet. I was so desperate that I forgot to close the bathroom stall and some kids came in and looked on in disgust. I got up to close the door but not before spraying out diarrhea on the toilet as I did so. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

By the time we got back to New Jersey I was feverish and resting under a blanket in the SUV. We got caught in traffic. As our SUV slowly inched its way along the high way I began to feel my evil stomach act up again. I tried to sip on some Gatorade and pepto bismal to sooth it but that didn't work. A wave of pain struck my bowls and an uncontrollable torrent of liquid sepsis poured out of me and into the blankets. "EWW, Mathew is shitting himself" my sister screamed. My mom said that it was ok as long as I didn't get it in the car. I was wearing sweatpants so most of it was contained. That night I got up to have diarrhea, it was pure liquid. There, as I was shitting out pure liquid and heaving into a mop bucket, my mom rushed in caked in diarrhea. She had come down with food poisoning as well and had shit the bed. She enjoys sleeping with a ton of covers and I guess she couldn't unravel herself In time, being sick in the night hits you like a ton of bricks anyway. My poor father had to clean the sheets and bring her a fresh new night gown. Her and I spent the better part of the night clutching desperately to our bums as we waited for the other to exit the toilet.
At three In the morning we both limped toured the restroom at the same time. She looked desperate but told me that she could wait as long as I hurried. I kissed her on the cheek and went before her. She shit herself as I got up to wipe and I in turn shat myself as she was wiping.
In the morning we phoned my aunt she was ok but her husband had been throwing up and had diarrhea the entire day. Something at that church gathering was obviously foul. I won't be looking forward to returning to Ohio anytime soon.


After Meatloaf

Hey everyone I had a disgusting poop today after having a meatloaf TV dinner for lunch. Just before 2 PM, I went to the bathroom at the Killeen Training Center with a slight urge to go. Sat on the toilet in the middle stall, gave a push, and blasted out chunky crap into the bowl below. My fart was loud, and the bathroom smelled a bit, too. I flushed my poop down after wiping a few times, and finished with the rest of my wiping afterwords followed by the final flush. I guess the poop was sort of a slight fatty smell. Perhaps something in the dinner I had the night before, or my lunch made my poop smell stronger today. A day after eating rosemary bread made my poop smell stronger as well. This happened around sometime last year.


Constipation :(

Hi everybody,

I hope you're all happy and healthy, and doing well. I just wanted to write really quickly for help. I've been sooooo blocked up and it hurts. I haven't pooped in five days. I've just been getting back to eating enough per day again, and I haven't missed my daily coffee or anything but still nothing and still uncomfortable. This may be TMI but I'm on the potty right now trying to get some dry poop out- I feel it but it isn't coming. I just started taking some laxative powder and hopefully it kicks in.

I'll still have pretty bad farts throughout the day- I had to buy a new package of tighty whities (like 8 per pack) yesterday because of it but that's it. Does anyone have any recommendations or tricks? Like getting an enema or something? I just feel better after I poop.

Thanks- much love to all

Eileen .

Past midnight pee and poop .

Last week I went to a Bar on my own . By the end of the night I was TIPSY and started to make my way home . Everything was going fine until I was half way home , then I knew I wanted to pee and I also needed to s**t very urgently . The street I was walking along was quiet , nobody around at that hour . I stepped off the pavement between 2 parked cars , looked around , saw nobody , lifted my skirt and lowered my undies and squatted down . First came the pee , then a small piece of poop came out . Then some farts escaped before I pushed out a large piece of hard , solid poop . I got some tissues from my bag and cleaned myself up as well as I could . Then I pulled up my panties and lowered my skirt and continued to walk home . I met only one person before I got home , a man of about 50 walking his dog , probably someone who couldn't sleep .

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ellison great story.

To: Jessica B great story it sounds like you both had good poop and I bet you both felt good afterwards.

To: Victoria B great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

Ps. I love this site

Hi everyone!

I just put my little man down for a nap so I thought I would say hello! I hope that everyone is well, staying regular, and enjoying their bowel movements.

I've maintained two voluminous doodies each day and am losing baby weight, which is good! And, I don't miss having a period. That's the best thing about pregnancy and breast feeding!

This morning, my doodie hit pretty sudden and I had to go while Alan was shaving. He was fine with it! However, in our new bathroom the toilet is not right next to the sink. It is out in the open, by our design. I sat and nature took over as the thick, warm mass snaked out into the toilet. It curled around in the bowl and left a moderately heavy aroma in the bathroom. Clean up was simple! Alan gave me a kiss on the cheek as I approached the sink to wash my hands. I left the toilet unflushed so that he could see!

Later he winked at me as he came out of the bathroom.

I return to work next week, but I hope that I can share occasionally!

Love to all!



Shy bladders are fun

So a few years ago, when I was like 15 or 16 or something, I went with my family to see some movie. Whatever it was, I don't really remember, but by the end of the movie I had to pee pretty bad, but since the movie was almost over I just waited for the credits to roll and for us to leave the theater. And then I went to the bathroom, but of course it was full of people since a movie just ended, so I just stood there with my dick out for a minute before leaving and deciding I'd be able to go when I got home.

So we got into the car and started heading off, and I was sitting there needing to pee really damn bad and hoping I wouldn't pee myself. And I remember one of my parents saying we needed to stop by a BJs to get some stuff, and I silently cursed about it since I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold it through the shopping and the drive home. I did get to the store without major incidents, though I did leak a little bit and my bladder was pretty much on fire, and I followed my parents as they went to look at things.

At one point my mother asked me to try on this jacket that she was thinking about buying, so I went and did that, and while I was trying it on I felt like I'd burst at any second. Fortunately, I remembered that the BJs stores always have bathrooms past the checkout counters, so once I got done trying on the jacket I just said "I'm gonna be over there", and hurried off to the bathrooms, going around the checkouts and just rushing into the hall with the bathrooms.

Fortunately I didn't wet myself, and this bathroom was completely empty so I was able to just stand there and piss for a minute or so.

Sunday, October 08, 2017


replies to Francesca and Lucky Lady

To Francesca: Welcome to the site! I enjoyed your introduction post. It's interesting to hear from someone else who naturally poops less often than what's considered normal. I've mentioned on here before that I've always been the same way. I've been to so many doctors but none of them can find anything wrong. It's just the way my body works, I suppose! Unlike you, however, my poops are almost always difficult to get out, which causes a lot of pain. I'm quite used to it having dealt with it for my whole life, but it can still be quite the burden. Anyways, thanks for sharing! Definitely made me feel less alone!

To Lucky Lady: Your post about your husband helping you get your poop out was fantastic! I love stories about people helping someone through their constipation. I've had help pooping several times from my mom, my friends, my sister, and even a few boyfriends, so I know how uncomfortable it can feel. Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it though, especially since you seem to have such a lovely husband willing to look after you! I hope the rest of your pregnancy brings you easier poops!



My poo

It's Katie here I've been reading the posts here for a while and when I posted a while ago it didn't get posted so I finally decided to post again.
I am 13 I have long brunette hair quite skinny outgoing a bit of an arty flair and love doing heavy makeup gothy style.
I don't consider myself to have poo problems I don't like doing soft or runny poo its to difficult to clean - I like to wipe once and that's it. My poo is firm most times and comes out a 1 or 2 longish sausage shaped pieces perhaps say 8 inches long and a smaller pice 3 or 4 inches. This morning I went for a poo before going to school, pulled my white pants ( by pants I mean panties or knickers) down sat down with my skirt hitched up peed then gave a test push to see if I needed to poo. I did so pushed again and my first piece came out my bum and another push I'd was out. I pushed again and thought there was some more and a couple more grunty pushes another piece came out and some more pee. Wiped with a scruntched up wad of toilet paper which had only a slight mark on it. Chucked it in the toilet between my legs got up flushed pulled my pants up smoothed my skirt down and left.
I try to avoid going at school as the toilets are dirty and often smelly so if the need arises I usually withhold untill I get home. If the urge to poo has gone I just leave it, I often withhold my poo as a control thing when I'm feeling that way out sometimes I hold to the point I where I don't have the feeling to go.
My best friend and I often go into the toilets together not in school but like in town or at home and have pooed on top of each others poo a lot of times. We have competitions to see who can hold the longest and go the quickest and also have pee holding contests.
I've a story for next time about when I was constipated from withholding and eating in MC Dee's.
I will write some more if this gets posted
Katie kool


Huge after school desperation poop

When I was in school, I always hated using the public bathroom (and I still do). I get very embarrassed about the sounds that I make when I am relieving myself, the sounds the poop makes, and the smell. I do everything possible to keep it held in until I am safe at home in my own bathroom. This one particular day in high school, I had eaten a large lunch at school, and the very first period after lunch I could feel it. I hadn't gone in a couple of days and my colon and stomach were completely full. I didn't poop very often because I was able to hold these large solid logs in for long periods of time. But I could feel that I had one brewing, and it was pressing hard to get out. The big lunch made it so much worse. And I knew it would be several hours until I got to go home. I was watching the clock all afternoon, in every class. I was watching the second hand as each second seemed like minutes and each minute seemed like hours. I could not concentrate on the work, all I could concentrate on was holding in this log that was becoming more and more persistent. It felt like my stomach was completely full to the point that it was going to burst. The poop was trying so hard to come out. I was letting out frequent silent farts. I had a lot of trouble walking from class to class, desperately clenching my butt cheeks together and trying not to look too pained in front of my friends. Sitting in the chairs was the only thing stopping the poop from coming out. Finally at the end of the day, my boyfriend met me after school to give me a ride home. He knew that I frequently held in my poop for long periods of time at school and he wasn't surprised to see me in my condition. I hurried to his car and quickly got in. I said, please go as fast as you can. He turned the car on and did drive very fast. He tried to ask me about my day, but I was concentrating so hard on holding this humongous monster inside that I couldn't even talk. I just looked at him and shook my head. I was gripping the dash board so tight as I felt my hole start to open uncontrollably as this huge log was pressing against it. There was so much inside and I felt so full and heavy. I was praying to myself to make it and praying to myself that my boyfriend would drive faster, as I could not even talk at this point. I was sweating and panicked. We finally reached the house. I think I jumped out of the car as it was still moving a little. I was feeling like I was losing all control. The poop was starting to make its way past the hole and I was getting to the point where there was so much inside of me and the muscles were too tired and too weak from holding for so many hours to hold it back any longer. I half ran, half waddled to the front door. I had the key already to go and was trying to unlock it, but by this point the poop was starting to gain speed. I burst in to the house and headed straight for the bathroom, pooping the whole way. My boyfriend hurried close behind me, as he was the only one allowed to be anywhere around me as I pooped. I was so desperate at this point I didn't even care that he followed me straight into the bathroom and was looking right at me as I fumbled with my button and zipper. I quickly pulled the pants down. There was a huge log building up inside of them and as I was hovering over the toilet seat, the monster log picked up speed and started to rush out of my hole in a long solid barrel. I fell onto the toilet seat, the sweet relief of the comfort of my own bathroom where I could make all the noise and smell I wanted. My boyfriend stared at me as I moaned and groaned in ecstasy and long awaited relief. The huge log made loud crackling noises as i was finally able to completely let go and relax enough to release it in privacy. I kept pushing and moaning and groaning and the poop just kept coming and coming. There was a barrage of loud plops as well as the crackling, farting, and moaning. I was sitting there frozen, unable to move or talk or do anything else except to give in to what nature was calling me to do. It felt amazing and incredible to be able to finally let all of this go. After it was over, my boyfriend continued to stare at me in shock and I was finally able to sit back and catch my breath and enjoy the peace and calm and quiet, and the empty feeling left in my stomach. He watched me wipe, every little bit of poop, which was quite a mess as it had gotten started before I could get my pants all the way down. He watched me flush, which took 2 times to get everything down.

John H

First unisex bathroom experience

Hi all
I have read several posts here on unisex bathrooms but recently only shared one as they are not very common in the area where I live.
I was heading to a public bathroom for a pee and there were footsteps in the hall behind me. It was only when I got into the toilet I realised the person behind me was female.
We said hi to each other before entering our respective stalls. There are only two stalls in this bathroom and I took the one on the left.
There is a thin dividing wall between the stalls which has an opening at the top and bottom so I knew I would be able to hear her and she would hear me.
I opened my zip as I heard the rustle of clothes from the other stall.
I started first with a strong stream that made a loud splash in the toilet. I would have liked to have waited for my neighbour to go first but I could easily hear her pee splashing into the toilet over the sound of my own.
Hers was splashing loud so I guessed that she was hovering over the toilet bole.
After 10 seconds her flow changed to a loud hiss and less pee was hitting the water now as it was mainly hitting the inside of the toilet bole. I do love this hissing pee sound that some ladies make and it sounded like she was pushing out a powerful and relieving pee. I was of course doing the same and I slightly redirected my pee stream away from the centre of the toilet in order to make less noise.
We continued to pee for around another 20 seconds and she finished just before me. I shook and zipped up and flushed the toilet. I left and she didn't come out behind me so perhaps she needed a poo or then again maybe not
Either way I enjoyed the experience and will be sure to use this particular bathroom again in future
Take care all
John H


Weed clearing

The church that I went too had to have a new boiler fitted, the boiler house was accessed by a side gate at one end of the building and a path between the church and a tall boundary wall to a small square yard with the boiler house in it, this path was about two feet wide for most of its length and over grown with weeds and ivy, so me and my girlfriend were asked if we could clear it, so one Saturday this we did.
We started early in the morning and after about three hours I went to the corner across from the boiler house and peed on the wall. After we had had our lunch snack and drink, my girlfriend also peed in that corner. (nothing special about that)
As the day went on we built a bonfire in that corner and lit it, we finished the clearing by late afternoon but had to stay to burn all the rubbish, as the time went to early evening we drank a six pack of lager.
Around eight o'clock the fire was dying down and was mostly glowing ash, I said I think we can leave it now but before we do I need a pee, so I walked over to the ashes and peed on them.
My girlfriend said she too needed a pee and would like to try and pee on the last of the ashes but did not want to burn her bum. So I got her to stand facing the ashes, drop her jeans and knickers to her knees, stand with her feet as wide as she could, I knelt behind her and pulled the crotch of her things back through her legs out of the firing line and told her to lean back with her hips up and hold her pussy open and let rip.
This she did, from my view though her legs from behind I could see her jet of pee leave her pussy and hit the ashes, as her stream slowed the last drops dipped down and just mist her knickers and jeans, she asked if I had anything to wipe with, with that I put my hand though her legs and wiped her pussy with the back of it. She then pulled up her knicker and jeans and we went home.
I think I had a great view of her bum and pussy but I would of liked to have watched from the front as well.

Taylor and Francesca

Some replies

Nothing exciting to report from the porcelain throne but since Francesca is here for the weekend we thought we'd send some replies!

Victoria B - Fred sounds adorable! It's said once you have a cat, you'll never poop alone. I know that was the case with my cat, he'd follow me everywhere, used to always sit on the counter next to the sink while I went. - Taylor

Taylor was actually the first person I've pooped in front of for a very long time, we've known each other for ages and I'm completely comfortable around her. I really enjoyed having her company, being able to share just how much I was enjoying relieving myself without even having to say anything. I love my plunger, it's like my best friend. It's not that often I need it, but boy am I glad I have it when I do.

I nearly blocked my cousins bathroom last year the first time I visited. She had a new bathroom fitted just the day before and I was the first person to use it for anything solid, what an honour! Her toilet was really shallow and of course I produced my usual large amount. When I went to flush the water just passed around it but the logs didn't move. At least it didn't block! No problem I thought, I'll just use the plunger. There wasn't one... she hadn't bought new things yet since the bathroom had just been finished, so I had to wait for her to come back from the store! - Francesca

Isabel - Welcome to the site! I really loved your post, it's something I've always wanted to do. Just let go while walking home instead of holding it until I made it to my bathroom, or somewhere hidden. I've never been brave enough to do it though. Don't worry about your English, I can't fault it! It's better than most people I know, and I live in Britain! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Imogen - I've been in a similar situation to you before except I was on grass. I live next to a large grass field so I often took a shortcut through it to get home. When I felt my knickers getting wet I knew I wasn't going to make it home so I just stood there and completely let go. It felt so so so good. I was wearing a skirt so when I got home I went upstairs to the toilet, pretending I was bursting and just took off my underwear.


Learning How Boys Peed.

I was slow learning that boys peed differently than girls. I heard that from someone when I was around 7 or so. One day I walked into the bathroom when my father was taking a shower. I had never seen him naked and I was not supposed to. He did not know I was in the bathroom. He got out backwards and then turned around. When he saw me he grabbed a towel and covered himself. "What are you doing in here. Get out", he said. I was a stubborn kid and and asked him "Dad. What is that thing hanging in front of you. Is that for making wee-wee?". He told me it was and now get out, so I did. The next day, I went out to the nearby park with my friends, Peter and Suzi. I told them what I had discovered yesterday. They both were startled that I did not already know this. Both Peter and Suzi had already seen each other pee. Peter said he needed to pee, so he was going to show how it is done. We found a handy bush to get behind. He pulled down his shorts and underpants just to show everything. Then he aimed his penis and peed for about 30 seconds while I and Suzi watched. Then he shook his penis and pulled up his clothes. Both Suzi and I needed to pee, so we pulled down our panties and our skirts up, squated down. and peed while Peter watched. I wasn't sure I could pee, since a I never had done so with a boy watching, but I managed it. From that day on it was no longer a problem. I never told my parents about it until I was much older.


Poo at walmart w/ fiancés EX oh how fun

Hi everyone after a long busy year I have returned to this site, Its good to be back today I have a story to to share with you guys about an interesting situation I experienced 3 weeks ago at walmart.

So it was a typical saturday morning me and brian woke early that morning, we had a lot of errands to run for the day in regards to planning are wedding. I made the two of us a quick breakfast of bacon and eggs we ate quickly showered and went are separate ways, brian was heading to the venue to meet with the wedding planner and i was going to make a quick stop at the florist before meeting up with him at the venue.

It was about half way into my drive to the florist when I felt the familiar urge to Poop, we had rushed out so fast that morning that I didn't take my usual morning dump. I knew I couldn't make it to the florist so I decided to stop at walmart and have my poo there. As I made my way into walmart I sent the florist a quick text that i was running a little late. I got into walmart and made my way to the bathrooms at the front of the store as I was walking into the ladies room I saw a familiar face also making her way to the ladies room it was Brians Ex Girlfriend brittany who was an assitant manager at this particular store. I hurried into the ladies room and took a stall at the far end of the restroom quickly before brains ex could see me. Brittany is a very attractive woman very similar build to mine she is very curvy in the hip area. she is about 5'7" and has black shoulder length hair. So anyway as I was pulling down my jeans to my knees and was taking a seat on the toilet brittany walked in she stopped at the sinks briefly before making her way to the stall next to me. I was hoping she would be quick and just pee cause I really don't like her and was starting to feel uncomfortable at this point. I heard her pull down her black slacks as she took a seat on the toilet. at this point there was silence in the room I looked threw the crack of my stall and saw her sitting there pants were down to her knees and her blue walmart vest was resting nicely on her curvy hips like a said she really is a beautiful woman. Minutes passed like hours as we both sat in silence and at this point I knew she would be a while. finally I was relived when I heard a tinkling sound coming from her stall I relaxed at this point and began peeing myself. as I was finishing up tinkling I heard a toilet bowl echoing fart followed by a crackling sound and a plop as her turd hit the water, she sighed. I then dropped a few turds without much effort or noise, I heard a crackling sound again from her and then the room began to fill with a horrid smell, she farted again as 3 more big plops hit the water. I peed a little more but at this point I knew I was done but i knew in order not to draw attention to myself I would need to wait her out. By this point the bathroom had a bad smell I was almost amused this woman who was so judgmental of brian and did so much to humiliate and belittle him and thought her S**T didn't stink. Was now taking the loudest most horrific smelling poop next to the woman who absolutely did not like her. I bit my tongue cause I really wanted to bust out laughing. A few minutes passed and I heard her begin wiping she finished wiping herself pulled up her black slacks flushed her toilet and left. I stayed seated for a few more minutes making sure we wouldn't have a run in. I then to finished up and made my way out to the car to continue on to the florist.

later that day at the venue I told brian of my encounter and he found it as amusing as I did.

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks as my flat hasn't had any internet. This hasn't caused me that much inconvenience (indeed it's been good having more time to read and do some colouring). The one thing I did need to do though was fill out few online forms for uni so I visited the uni library last Sunday. As I was putting the final touches to my makeup I felt the small urge to open my bowels and could have gone in my home bathroom but decided I would hold it until I got to the library. I hadn't had a poo in a public bathroom for quite some time and was looking forward to switching it up. I put on my grey cardigan over my purple T-shirt and left my house to start the fifteen minute walk to campus. Getting to the library I went up to the second floor and into the women's bathroom. The nearest cubicles to the door was already in use so I went to the other one and locked the door. Taking of my rucksack and hanging it on the door I then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them along with my red and white striped pants down to my brogues. As I sat down on the toilet I heard a faint grunt from my neighbour. I looked under the cubical divider and saw that she too was wearing shiny black brogues, hers had fringes and were on tip toes. Getting back down to business I started to push and a turd shot out of my bum and splashed into the water below with a 'plip'. Again I pushed and again my bum fired out a small turd in the toilet. The girl in the next cubical had been grunting a few more times while this had been going on and not having heard any splashes I think she wasn't having much luck. She then began to wipe and flushed the loo before leaving the bathroom. I contained to expel logs into the toilet for the next five minutes and every time I did a bit of pee also dribbled out. Feeling empty I stood up and looked at the bowl to see eight small light brown turds in yellow water. Unrolling some loo paper I wiped before throwing it into the loo. After pressing the flush button I then got redressed and took my bag of the hook and unlocked the door. Walking across to the sinks I hoisted my bag on to my back and then twisted the tap on to wash my hands. After drying them I looked in the mirror to check my hair and after readjusting my fringe I left the bathroom to use on of the computers on the next floor. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would to fill out the forms so I thought that instead of going back home I would stay there and pick out one of the sociology books to read for pleasure (I'm such a Hermione Granger). But before doing so I needed to pee again so I headed to the women's bathroom on that floor. As I pushed open the door the room was dark, that was until I took a step inside when the automatic lights came on. Both cubicles were empty so I picked the furthest on from the door and after sitting down it took about thirty seconds for my pee stream to begin but considering how much I had felt like I needed to go I didn't pee all that much. After leaving the bathroom I went down a floor and looked at the shelves upon shelves of social science textbooks and selected a book detailing peoples experiences about transitioning from one gender to another. Sitting down on one of the comfy chairs I delved into the book. An hour later I needed another pee (honestly I don't know why I had to go so often, maybe something had irritated my bladder?) so putting the book into my bag I went into the same bathroom as where had my poo and this time both cubicles were empty so I took the one I didn't use last time. Again it took me some time to get my stream going and when I did it died away as quickly as it had come. Then I went to the library café and got myself a sandwich, coffee and brownie to have where I carried on reading for another hour before going home.

Sean K

To Erica

Nice story Erica, just be careful when you answer nature's call in the woods off of walking trails. A few years back I had to do the same thing and did but in beknownst to me, I was being watched by another member of the hiking group that I was with.I later was given a play by play rundown of my relieving myself in the woods. The perpetrators name was Sandra and after her giving me the play by play details she told me to go onto this site and low and behold there is a play by play account of my "me" time in the woods in which I was not alone.

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