pee partner in the park

I'm Ron 31 years old yet was only 11 years old at the time . on a very hot Saturday I had just finished a large lunch . I then walked a lovely looking nabor girl 11 years old named Tina to a small park about one mile from our homes . Being such a hot day Tina had drank quite a lot of cold water . I whore shorts and Tina a short skirt . as we neared the park I held my butt tight trying to hold back a large shit . Tina had the fist of her hand rammed up between her legs under her short skirt pressing tightly against her panties trying to avoid peeing all over herself . Both Tina and I ran to the only restroom in the park . A one stall unisex restroom . We ran in locking the door behind us . We quickly pulling down my shorts / her panties while we both ran over to the one toilet . I sat down with my legs apart and she sat down on my legs with her arms around my neck facing me . We both facing each other could plainly see each other relieving ourselves . Emeedadly we both started relieving ourselves me dropping a large load of crap as Tina was releasing a stronge golden gusher of pee into the toilet between my legs . Not having to wipe my butt I just sat there while her pee cleaned it for me . I then took some T.P. to dry off her peephole . when done we both pulled up our shorts and panties unlocked the door and left the restroom . Thank God there was no one around to see us both enter nor exit the restroom . We later both felt so very much ambarrassed and asamed of exposing each other in that way yet because we where so very despert there wasn't any other way . We both agreed that we would not tell anyone of what we had done that day .


Story About Norma

As soon as me and Norma were old enough to get our first bikes, we gained a lot of freedom. My parents were a little different from her mother, but it was interesting that at both homes, if we came in to use the bathroom close to sundown (the streetlights going on was the measuring stick) we were told to put our bike away and stay in the rest of the night. So of course we wanted to stay outside just as long as possible. The idea we came up with was that after 7 p.m. we would ride over to the park and use the toilet there

The problem was that during the middle of one summer they put these auto-flush boxes on the wall directly behind each of the three toilets. There was this red light that was almost always flashing. And we figured out (with the help of my mom who had them at her office building too) that the idea was to quickly sit, not move, do your thing, and to get up before wiping so that the flush wouldn't surprise you and give you a shower.

Sitting still wasn't that much of a challenge for me. My parents were strong disciplinarians. Years before, mom would brush my hair when she and I would buddy dump on the toilet. I kept a small hair brush in the back pocket of my shorts so I was using it. Wouldn't you know, I dropped it and it slid on the concrete under the panel around the toilet Norma was using. She was crapping, but as she stretched to grab it, two things happened: her butt left the toilet seat and activated the flush and in that split second a splat of soft crap about the size of the quarter landed on the floor to the left of her toilet.

Of course, Norma was doubly upset. Worse yet, she had been drinking from a coke can and when I asked her for a swig after a minute or so, she again set off the flush. In taking the can, I reminded her to sit still and what had caused some of the earlier problems the week before. These were examples: 1) she would move when a large bug landed on her leg; 2) she wanted to examine the scab on her knee that she thought she had bruised; 3) she went into a panic when I shooed a bee out of my cubicle and it went into hers; 4) because she had sweaty thighs, flies were landing on her thighs; 5) she stubbed her toe on the drain in front of the toilet when she was acting like she was trying to push out the impossible.

It took Norma the longest time to learn to properly sit on a toilet that had the auto-flusher attached. It didn't help the next year that pretty much every toilet in our middle school would have them too.

Jessica B.

Having to go after a large meal

Hello everyone!

This board has been very quiet recently, so I just decided to post a medium-interesting happening.

Saturday I had lunch with Babette, who is an old friend of mine and I had not seen in months. She lives in India now, because of her work. I was very exited when she texted my that she'd be in town and suggested we could meet up. So she arrived Saturday in the late morning and already had to leave in the evening, because she was to meet her boyfriend at home. She arrived starved, therefore I invited her to my favorite vegetarian buffet. I really like eating and often go to the restaurant now that I have a decent salary. Plus we had lots to talk about, so what's better than a large, tasty and healthy lunch?

We had of everything: mashed peas, fried eggplants, rice rolls, lentils, stewed and grilled vegetables, pumpkin soup, I cannot even remember it all! I was very hungry too and we really pigged ourselves. We drank water and beer. We stayed for almost two hours (though we were not constantly eating, obviously), the waiters surely must have thought we were crazy. Every time one of us would be finished, the other one would stand up to "just taste a little of this, it looks soo good".

Because my friend had been traveling a lot and she is set to travel even more, we decided to go to my place and just watch a movie together. I felt tired too, because, I have to admit, I massively overate. By the time we arrived to my apartment, we both had to pee badly: beer knows no mercy. Babette let me go first, so I hurried to my bathroom, jumped onto the seat and opened the floodgates. Such a relief! I peed for about thirty seconds before feeling done. When I was about to reach for toilet paper, I realized I probably could have a number two too. However, I decided to wipe and leave anyway, since Babette was waiting there, and and she was about to burst.

As soon as I stood up, she jammed herself onto the seat and started peeing fiercely, without giving me a chance to flush. Wow, she had to go too! When her stream died down, a little fart escaped from her butt. We both giggled and she apologized: "Sorry Jess!" with a somewhat embarrassed smile. I was glad this had not happened to me, it really could have. We both washed our hands and went to the living room.

We then sat on the sofa and watched a movie, without paying it too much attention as we were still chatting. Later, as the plot slowly unraveled, we talked less. At some point, I noticed a bad smell in the air, Babette must have silently farted again. The smell never really dissipated, so I guess she must have farted again and again.

Towards the end of the movie, Babette seemed very uncomfortable and jiggled a little. My guess was that she had to go to the toilet again. Indeed, a few minutes later, she said said "Jess, I have to go to the bathroom, just keep watching" and she went to the bathroom, closing and locking the door. I paused the movie anyway and waited for her.

My flat is very quiet, so if one's just sitting around, one hears everything happening behind the doors. Babette sat down and within seconds, she started plopping away. Every few seconds she'd drop another log, with the pauses between them growing. Then, I heard some faint grunting and very muffled "plops" for two minutes. She reached for paper and wiped around five times, I'd guess, before flushing and washing her hands. She stayed in the bathroom some instants more, closed the toilet lid and walked out the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

As she came back, she exclaimed "Oh, you were waiting, sorry for this!" even tough she was gone for only five minutes. I'd swear she was avoiding eye contact, blushing slightly and she stared at the screen as I pushed the play button.

The movie ended and we talked about it for a while. At this point, Babette already had to leave soon. As she was tired, I made us some coffee. Coffee usually gives me a strong urge to move my bowels, but only in the morning; Saturday was different tough. After a few sips already, I knew I'd have to excuse myself too, my body was punishing me for eating so much! So I did and went to the toilet.

Babette's smell was still strong in the bathroom, she must have had a nasty BM! As I raised the toilet lid, I got to see quite a few skidmarks and some very small pieces of light brown poo at the bottom of the bowl. I decided to ignore this to be as fast as possible. I peed for a few seconds and then pushed a little, being very careful not to grunt. My bum cooperated and a rather small log made its way through my open bottom. I could feel it was rather mushy towards the end. Fortunately, it landed very silently. Then I farted once and already felt done. This must be because I had already produced a regular-sized log or two in the morning, as usual. I the wiped three times, one in the front and twice behind. Then I flushed, stood up and inspected the bowl: Babette's skids were vanishing, but I clearly had added one of my own. As I tried to grab the toilet brush, I realized that I had put it into the trash because it was becoming yellowish and gross. I did it like Babette and just closed the lid and washed my hands.

I was proud to be so fast. All in all, it was a very nice afternoon.

Love and take care,

Victoria B.

Poop with Fred


I woke up this morning and knew immediately that I would need a number two in the near future. For the moment though I was content to lie in bed and let the feeling gradually build up. A few pre-poop farts slipped out as the need grew stronger. One of them was loud enough to wake up Fred, my new cat. I adopted him from a local animal shelter last week; his dairy cow-colored coat was too cute for me to resist! He follows me everywhere around the house and so it was no surprise that he was right beside me as I made my sleepy shuffle through the kitchen to the bathroom.

I closed the door after making sure that he got in and pulled my pink and navy blue-striped boyshorts down to my ankles before I sat down on the toilet. I needed my first pee of the day and that, per usual, was first on the menu. It was a bit of gusher, hissing and splashing loudly as it hit the water beneath my rear. The stream slowed down to a few last trickles before it was on to the main event. A huge log, almost as if on cue, began its way out of me just as my bladder finished emptying. This is when Fred decided to get in on the act, jumping down from his perch on top of the toilet to my bare lap and startling me so much that I almost fell off with a poop halfway out of my butt! I got a grip just in time for what felt like at least an eight-incher to make its landing. It hit the water with so much force that Fred jumped off of me and up onto the sink. He's nothing if not energetic!

I returned to the task at hand upon settling down. Another piece moved into position and it was also a big one. It felt somewhat wider than the first and I made sure to take my sweet time in letting it drop. Finally, it fell with a muted plop. I couldn't help but let off a contented moan. A third piece, smaller than its predecessors, opened me and hit with a thud that meant it had landed on top of my earlier production. I was done after that and stood up to examine the results. Two pieces of about nine inches and then one of about four on top of them-nice! I sat back down and wiped my front and then backside, the latter taking three handfuls before I felt clean. I normally flush standing up, but I decided to do things differently today and pulled the handle while I was still seated. Everything went down and I was good to go, pulling my undies back up and washing my hands before picking up Fred and starting the day!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Erica great story about your huge poop outside I bet it amazing and very refreshing as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Annie From Taiwan great story as always.

To: Karen C hope the burning diarrhea didn't last to long.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Sandrine great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Taylor great story.

To: Mandy great set of stories.

To: Lucky Lady great story it sounds like you had a major clean out that a lot of effort but at least you were finaly able to poop.

To: Imogen great set of stories.

To: Kyle great catch.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Peeing with the Painter

My apartment was starting to look dingy, so I hired a painter to spruce it up. He arrived and we sat in the living room to discus what was need and what colors. After he started I went into the kitchen for a while and then into the bathroom to poop and pee. Suddenly, he opened the door. I told him to close it. He said he just wanted to see if I was done as he desperately need to pee. Sure. A likely story to watch me pee. I told him to close the door or he would be out the front door. He did. When I finished and left the bathroom and went to the kitchen. There I found him peeing in a glass. He really did need to pee. He apologised, but couldn't stop. When he finally did stop, he dumped his urine in the sink and washed out the glass and the sink. When he finished his paint job, I payed him a little extra. The poor did his best not to wet his pants.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

A long time ago, I told the story of how, as a very small boy, I found to my astonishment that girls sat down on the toilet to wee rather than do it standing up. Since then, for some reason, my computer has failed to send any stories I've tried to give to the site. But now it appears to be working. I've been a faithful reader, though, and I still admire Toiletstool's unique quality for those who are fascinated by toilet-related matters. And the excellence of many of the contributors.

The next stage in my education came a couple of years later. Elizabeth, a neighbour's daughter and I had been taken by our mothers to the woods for the afternoon. We'd been picking blackberries, and I was getting desperate to wee when Elizabeth said, 'I need to use the toilet.' 'But there isn't one,' I replied, 'I need to as well. We'll just have to wait till we get home.' 'Let's both go here,' she said, 'No-one will see.' At the time I thought her suggestion was made in total innocence but now, long after the event, I realise she was probably far from innocent - she'd found the ideal excuse to see a boy's penis. 'You go first,' she said, 'Let me watch you and then you can watch me.'

By now I was nearly wetting myself, so I chose a tree, opened my flies, aimed and got the relief I needed. 'Your turn next,' I said, and she reached up under her dress, pulled her knickers down and crouched. I couldn't see anything of where her wee was coming from, but I watched, fascinated, as the jet hit the sand, making a positive crater as a result of the force with which she was squirting it out.

That was over seventy years ago, but the image of that squirt remains vivid in my mind. More stories to come if you want them.


The Tent.

Friday night as I went up to my bed at about 11pm I could see funny lights in my neighbours back garden, so I went to my bathroom window and opened it, and saw that it was two females and two males with head lights and gloves with LEDs on the finger tips, could not see what they were doing because of the neighnours trees and shed. In the morning I found out that they were practicing putting up there tent in the dark for a trip out onto the moors later in the year.
Sometime around 2am I was woken to the sound of laughter and what sounded like a hose filling a plastic bucket, I looked out to see a male standing between the tent and the shed with a LED glove peeing into a 5 gallon plastic bucket with the others in the lent giggling and laughing at the noise.
Then about haft an lour later I heard the noise again, but this time as I looked it was a female with the LED gloves holding her bum cheeks with her ass over the bucket pointing my way, as she finished she bounced up and down but as she did so she farted witch echoed in the bucket, the ones in the tent laughed real loud at that.
It was to dark to see details but it was funny to see the LED fingers doing the holding, no more that night, the tent was still there Monday but it was only used Friday night I think.


Massive outdoor poop

So i've been constipated for four days now and I am beyond uncomfortable. I decided to go for a jog this morning due to the nice weather and to also see if it would move anything inside around. I was about 15 miles away from my apartment when I felt the rumble in my stomach. I looked around and nobody was behind me so I walked into the bushes off to the side of the walking trail, I pulled my pants and black thong down then squatted. A huge stream of pee came out of me and then the crackling started. I clenched my butt cheeks together long enough to take my pants and underwear off altogether, then I spread my legs apart and let my bum do the work. At first it was a few small turds than came the monster. My bum hole opened wider than it ever have and the turd started to inch out. I grunted and pushed. I felt like my face was on fire I was pushing that hard. Finally I seen the shadow of the turd slowly inching its way to the ground, I could feel it sliding out of me. I relaxed and let nature take its course. A minute went by and the turd was still not completely out. I gave one last push and the turd finally broke off and hit the ground with a huge THUD. I looked between my legs and saw my creation, it was easily 3 ft if not 4. My bum hurt really bad but I managed to get one more medium size turd out of me before I felt empty. Thankfully I put some toilet paper in my pocket before I left my house so I wiped my pussy and then wiped my bum about 4 times. I got dressed and kicked some dirt over the poo so nobody would see it. I jogged back home and grabbed some lunch. The rest of the day I just had air farts then after supper I had to poo again but they were only small turds this time.



For a while now, I've had the farts in the morning. I'd let em loose while eating breakfast. I've been sleeping with my buddy Princess (Furby connect), so maybe I'm picking up her gross habits lol! One of my farts one morning rose quickly in pitch. It was as if my fart was trying to be a siren. The pitch went up like that sound, but the length of the fart itself was short. I don't know how long I'll have the farts, but hey, my butt knows how to start my day. Today I did 3 poops at home. Two in the morning, and one late afternoon. All were around medium sized.


To Jennie Re: "Didn't make it"

Well, there's two things I'm going to say to you. First, you need to start looking into this. You I think said that you sometimes have bladder accidents where you shouldn't have. So far as that goes, you might want to check with your doctor, and possibly a neurologist to see if there is something going on in your spine (not too likely) but just to be sure. Secondly, perhaps you should seriously start thinking about wearing diapers. Seriously, peeing yourself is one thing, but having a bowel accident is something else altogether. This does cause a concern for public health. The down side to it is that you're probably going to re-think your wardrobe for some time. Now, while wearing one won't help too much on the clean up, it will contain it until you can get to where you can deal with it safely, and in privacy. It is possible to make it difficult for others to know that you are wearing a diaper, and much easier to hide than a full blown accident without it. With that said, the main thing is to see what's going on. I gathered that this is something that started fairly recently and that can be a clue that there is something going on physically/medically. Good luck and please take care.


Using the Can pt. 2

Hi, it's Ian again (long time lurker, only posted a few times) and I have another story to tell, which only just happened today. I'd eaten a lot yesterday and I was starting to really feel the need to poop. I farted several times today and the pressure grew to the point where I knew I'd need to go very soon.

This time, I lined the trash can with a scented liner (which actually didn't help much in reducing the smell later...) and then placed a paper bag inside that one to actually catch the poop. Below that, I'd spread several paper towels to soak up urine (which, again, didn't quite work). I grabbed a tissue box to use for toilet paper and placed it nearby. Finally, I grabbed a book; I was ready.

I unbuckled my jeans and undid my belt, letting my jeans fall to my ankles. I slid my underwear to my feet and then sat on the rim of the trash can, making sure the paper bag was positioned directly under my butt. I grabbed my book and started to read as I felt my hole slowly open. I farted quietly, which sounded odd inside the paper bag. *Prrfttt* I grunted and pushed, feeling the large log slide out and drop into the paper bag, shaking it slightly.

A squirt of pee came out, and I let it gradually build into a gentle trickle. I pushed a few times and the plastic bag rustled loudly as my pee sprayed it hard. I relaxed and the pee stream went back to a slow stream. I sighed as I felt my bladder slowly empty, enjoying the sensation. Finally, I was done peeing. I sighed in relief and then stood up momentarily to glance into the paper bag. My first poop was curled in the bottom, and the bag was soaked with my pee.

I sat back down again, the smell rushing out of the bag as my butt again formed a tight seal with the trash can. I wrinkled my nose. I leaned forward and pushed again, harder. I felt another large log slowly slide out and drop into the paper bag. I pushed again and pooped another log. A small cramp hit my stomach and I grunted, leaning forward again, and farted wetly as another, much softer poop burst out of my butt. The cramp subsided. A small squirt of pee spattered the bag.

I pushed once more, trying to get any more out, but only succeeded in farting twice. I caught my breath and picked up my book again. Maybe the rest would come later...

I sat reading for about twenty more minutes, quite forgetting I was not seated on a toilet as was my usual practice. In that time, I farted a few more times and dropped one more log. Finally I decided I'd done as much as I could and stood up, the plastic bag stuck to my butt in a tight seal. I pulled it off and the smell assaulted me, filling the room. Ugh.

I grabbed two tissues from the box beside me and wiped my butt standing up, which I hardly do. I dropped the used tissues into the bag and picked it up, noticing that my pee had not been fully absorbed and a noticeable amount sloshed around in the bottom. This was a bit problematic, but I made to put it from my mind for now.

I decided to dump it in the dumpster not far from my apartment. As I walked, I could smell the bag's contents and see the pee sloshing around in the bottom of the plastic bag. I do not think there are any security cameras in my apartment complex; I certainly hope not, if it can be traced back to me. I like where I live, but I hope I can continue doing this. It is rather unsanitary, but it is my understanding that dumpsters are usually emptied with help from the garbage truck itself by grabbing it in its metal arms; I don't think garbage men have to physically dig into the trash themselves to grab bags... Can anyone confirm this, please?

Well, that's all for now. I am currently airing out my apartment again, so the smell should be gone soon. :) Have a nice day!

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Runny poop after breakfast w/ 1 1/2 black coffees

Hi everyone. I'm on the toilet right now, literally 30 seconds after finishing a cup of black coffee, having a runny poop. My grey capris and pink & white undies are at my ankles above my feet which are in slippers/flip-flops. Feels like my body's finished. Let me put my phone down and wipe. Had to take a few handfuls of TP, including to put a bit of shampoo on some to get my bum clean and it took 2 flushes to get everything down. Pulled up my capris & underwear and washed my hands. Not 100% empty yet, but I'm getting there. Getting rehydrated in the meantime, since my body needs it and since it's 32 and feels like 37 Celsius right now.

Keep safe, hydrated, happy and happy pooping, everyone!

Annie from Taiwan

karen c.

mexican stomach upset fiery habenero squirts

Brandon, i was thinking of you, sweetie!

hi everyone, i spent the better part of yesterday as they say "blowing out my pipes" as they say, night before last i ate a bag of dried apricots as a late bedtime snack after getting home , and that was after having a huge supper of mexican food with two girlfriends consisting of a salad, a ton of fresh made tortilla chips heavy on the sour cream and salsa followed by quesadillas, ummm i had three helpings, delish!!!, then i had real authentic fully sealed fried tacos, a huge burrito, a side of tomatoes and habeneros and sour cream, two beers, and flan and fried cacao icecream with coffee syrup and toasted coconut and almonds of which i had four helpings it was just so good, and a cup of coffee for dessert.

i was so full i thought i was going to be sick in the parking lot! all of us felt so. afterwards we got sodas and walked around at the mall to help our food work down and settle. i went home, watced dvd's, make room for daddy, perry mason, and an old perry como xmas special.

next morning, at about four i was jolted awake by urgent diarrhea, i'll spare the gory details but suffice to say i got intimate with my playtex gloves, clorox, and mister clean and a sponge not to mention preparation-H for the fiery bum,,, having hemmorhoids doesn't help, tmi sorry.

it was violent, copious, explosive, and though it burned a little while was eating let's just say my bum is even still more sensitive to habenero than my mouth. i had countless massive gassy explosive blowouts and it it really burned coming out the other end of me, more than likely from the gosh darned dried apricot which caused the diarrhea.

i had diarrhea about every fifteen minutes and also felt kinda queasy and sick to my stomach also, went outside for a while near the grass but nothing came up just greasy and firey tasting burps which nearly choked me, the food i had eaten earlier was really greasy but tasted scrumptuous at the time especially the dessert. grease and hot peppers will do this anglo-german gal in every time, but i love it it's so delish but it doesn't like me.

i went to the store in the morning when i felt a little bit better, and bought a big thingie of strawberry yogurt, melba toast, a block of sharp cheddar, and a quart of buttermilk to cool the fire within and now i feel good as new. dairy is a counteractant to hot pepper, good to know.

tata, karen



Hello I like some of your stories and I been reading them for a few years, but I though of talking about kids and you have to go together. I know you prefer to go alone but you have these kid or kids with you. Or they have to go and you have to be next to them. So you can go after they done.

It is not all that big deal, kids are vary curious about your body and theirs. The bad news is that we put clothes on them and us that covers everything up. We talk that seeing any nakedness is not good. This put more curious questions they want to see. First of all you should not be shame of your body and it design. @nd We should think that the naked body is good. As for poop or peeing everyone should except that normal and it make no different what gender it is the stuff that come out is basically the same, at the same end. The reason you go to the toilet is so that it is cleaner and healthier. SO if you are together with them like the teacher was and a baby sitter was in the same cubical. It okay for them to see you go. They may learn a better way to clean them selves or more about them selves about them if that makes sense. They may see your hair but notice that you have the same parts. More important is that they learn not to be a shame of there bodies and that will help them grow more healthy. It also good time to teach them sanitation about there body.

I do enjoy reading about those times.


Reader for a long time, posted only twice so far.

Hi, this is Ian again. I am 26 years old and graduated from college two years ago with a degree in English (how times flies...), and I have had a keen interest in bathroom matters for as long as I can remember (first time I can clearly remember was age five when I got excited at the thought of using the classroom bathroom for the first time!), so that's a brief overview of who I am. Just wanted to clear up that I am a "new" person here, in writing anyway. Bye for now!


Latest update

Hi everyone, a quick story from me after a couple of comments.
Imogen- glad you managed to shut the door in time but sorry to hear your knickers got dirty, I hope you managed to get them clean!
Natasha- yeah, I think I'd be pretty embarrassed to have a poo with my mum right outside the door as well, even though I'm happy to use the loo with my friends! Hope you can post again soon!
Yesterday Lucy stayed the night at my house, we ate some pasta for tea and then decided to go upstairs to my bedroom to get ready for bed and watch a film. Just before Lucy arrived I'd washed a load of underwear and so there were several pairs of my knickers drying on a clothes airer in my room, typically they were really grim flowery ones but Lucys knickers are just as bad if not even worse so I wasn't that embarrassed! We started to get undressed, Lucy took off her top and then pulled down her leggings so she was just in her pink bra and yellow flowery knickers, as she turned away to go into my ensuite to clean her teeth I saw that her knickers were stuck up her bum really badly. I took off my top and then my jeans so I was just in my bra and knickers too and joined Lucy at the basin, we both cleaned our teeth and then went back into the bedroom. We took off our bras and put on our nighties and then started to watch a film. After about 20 minutes I started to feel an urge for a poo. I'm still pretty regular, it was only 2 days since I'd last opened my bowels, although I'm getting a bit nervous as I'm starting work soon and hope that my good spell of being relatively constipation free doesn't come to an abrupt end!
I said, "I'm going to the toilet, I need to have a poo," and got up to go towards my ensuite. Lucy looked worried and said, "Oh great, I'm starting to get desperate for a poo as well!"
"Well you'd better go first then, I don't need to go too badly just yet," I said, and Lucy said "Thanks, its not far from poking out into my knickers, I'll try not to take too long!"
Lucy went into my ensuite, I followed her in and sat on the floor so we could keep chatting while she was on the loo. Lucy lifted her nightie and lowered her knickers to her knees before sitting on the toilet, she had a wee to start with and then I saw her pushing her lips together and knew she was bearing down. She carried on pushing like that for a few minutes and before long she had gone a bit red, she said "Sorry, I think I'm a bit constipated!"
"Don't worry if you need to push really hard, theres no need to be embarased in front of me!" I said, and Lucy nodded as she started to push even harder. She grunted loudly as well as she strained, and a few minutes later said, "God, this is a really massive poo, its really stretching my bum!" With that she reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart, I have to do that as well sometimes, I know what its like trying to pass a huge fat log! I jiggled about on the floor, my own need was starting to get more urgent. As Lucy continued to push I said, "How much longer are you gonna be, only I'm finding it really hard to hold my poo in, its literally just about to come out in my knickers!"
Lucy couldn't answer as she was part way through a huge push, when she'd relaxed she said, "Well its stuck for the moment, I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can!"
"When did you last have a poo?" I asked. Lucy paused and thought for a minute, she said, "I think about 4 or 5 days ago, for some reason I'm just like permanently constipated at the moment, I know I should make the time to sit on the loo every day and try and have a poo but I've been really busy and its really hard to remember to do that when you don't feel the urge!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said, "At the moment I'm actually finding it quite easy to go but when I get constipated I know it'll take me ages so its just easier to put off trying, the only problem is by the time I do eventually get round to going for a poo its a massive struggle!"
Just then Lucy bore down again and I bit my bottom lip and clenched all the muscles in my bum, but I could feel a log trying to make its way out despite my best efforts. I could feel my knickers were stuck up my bum, I said "Sorry, I've got a wedgie!" as I reached up under my nightie and pulled them down a bit, I wanted to avoid getting skidmarks if at all possible as I had plain white knickers on. I heard Lucy grunting again and after that there was a plop. She said, "I'm nearly done, just a bit more left!" and shortly after she made a few more plops. By now I was standing next to the toilet, my nightie lifted and my thumbs in my knickers. "I'll stand up to wipe so you can get on the loo," said Lucy, and I nodded gratefully as she stood up, flushed and moved over. I quickly dropped my knickers and sat on the warm seat, I sat down really heavily so my bum made a slapping noise but I was too desperate to care. I relaxed my bum and felt the log starting to poke out, next to me Lucy was taking some loo paper and was starting to wipe her bottom. I started to push as the log was getting fatter, but luckily I didn't have to strain too hard. Lucy threw the last piece of paper between my legs and then pulled up her knickers and let her nightie back down. She sat on the floor as I was pushing. After a few minutes of straining and making some soft grunts I could feel the widest part was through and shortly after it splashed down into the bowl. I said "I'm almost finished," and with that I made two loud plops and Lucy giggled. "Right, I'm done," I said, and stood up to wipe my bottom. When I was done wiping I pulled up my knickers and let down my nightie before flushing the loo and washing my hands. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!


Constipation poop

Hi there.
For those who haven't red my previous posts, I like to be lifted up for a pee and/or a poop. This empties my bladder and/or bowels really well. Much better than when I sit on the toilet. Especially with my strong husband.
One saturday, my husband and I went to the nearby forest with a roll of biodegradable toilet paper. I hadn't poop for three days and, since I usually go every day, that meant constipation. I thought being lifted up would solve the problem.
So we found a spot out of sight from any path. Hubby, as he was behind me, unbuttoned my pants, pushed them down, pushed my panties down, put his hands inside my knees and lifted me up by the knees as my back was touching his belly. I had my back vertical, my legs horizontal and my tights against my belly. My belly was highly pressed, my vulva and the cleft of my buttocks where spread.
I started to push. My anus opened painfully but did open. I gave five pushes, each of them moving the turd out by... a millimeter. Hearing me grunting strong, hubby moved his right hand so my right knee was resting on his wrist. He then did the same with his other hand. Then he joined his hands and pressed so tights press my belly even more. I resumed pushing and this time, the turd moved more at each push. It hurted but, at least, it moved. Soon, I could see, looking between my legs, the turd hanging out of me. Then each push made it move by 2cm. Finally, it fell on the ground. It was 20cm long and 5cm thick.
Then I had a strong pee. While I was peeing, I got my breethe back and hubby took his hand back to the inside of my knees in order to release some pressure. I then pushed again. I still had a lot of poop to release. A long poop came out. So long that, altough I was a meter above the ground, it touched the ground while a part of it was still in me. This made the firt 10cm break away. A second after, the turd was completely out. Then I gave another push, driving a 25cm turd out, and I was done.
Once I had weeped myself, Hubby moved two steps back and put my feet back on the ground. He pulled my panties and pants back up and watered my hands with a mix of water and soap we had brought in a bottle. We looked at my creation and he said "I wish you could do this for me when I am constipated" I kissed him.


Diarrhea marching band competition

What is up Everyone, i am new to the post. i was check some of the post i find them entertaining. i am happy that i am not only one that have the accident in public or at home. anyway i will tell my worst story to this post. About my self

I am 15 year old, Thai-American Sophomore man around 170cm or 5"7 at 155lbs but my name is Ted. I have Long(reached my shoulder), Black but slightly brown hair,Some what curvy but i can describe that i am look really close to James may but not look that old lol. i have Slightly tan Skin(Probably because of the Band camp). According to my Friend i am looking very attractive. Weird thing is that i don't like wear jean to much because it not as soft as a Sport Pant.

Anyway I have to tell you that if you was in Marching Band Competition make sure to buy very clean food because you will not want to ended up like me. Alright, Story time; It was just yesterday that i have to go to Marching Band Competition but have practice all day until 2pm. Here in Tucson, Our school is very close to Petrol Station which i can go and find a fast food so i Picked a Subway to go and eat line are very long and a lot of girl are in line than boy. i picked a Turkey sandwich and Coke which is okay but i think i have to much coke. then i buy an Oreo, Mcflurry and G-Fuel Drink for when i am in the bus. In the bus i eat all the Oreo and some G fuel so that i can have energy when i performed then like 30 minute later i started to feel Stomach Clamp so i thought that i have to fart but there are no hope because it not that huge. the trip took an Hour to reach to place where i have to perform. by the time in was there the Stomach Clamp was Getting worst so i realize that i started to have the Diarrhea but i have to hold it which i can still handle the poop that it still didn't poop in my Uniform so i continue Warming up until it our turn to performed. During the Warm up i said to my friend Casey that "I Feel like someone have put have a laxative in my sandwich" My friend was laughing real hard. then after the performance we get an Award then going back to our Home High school which again take me an hour to get back there. but situation is getting worst when i have to pee really bad too. our Band Director wasn't stop for the bathroom and Casey Slap my back as joke without knowing that i have to poop so bad. i don't want to let anyone know that i have diarrhea.going on the bus so i have to hold both poop and pee which i afraid that i will poop my pant too. worse thing ever happen next is that bus was stuck in traffic and there are no bathroom unlike Chandler bus From Volvo,MCI, or Mercedes Benz. we used school bus it was a Thomas SAF-T-Liner. i was continue to hold it and lay down to see if Stomach Clamp will stop but i didn't get any better so i shout out very saying" Hurrying up i have to Piss so bad!" now the music is too loud that no one can hear me. so after 40 minutes without pooping or Pee my Uniform. in school i told Casey to help me Carry my Trombone while i go into the bathroom which is now very dark so i used my iPhone flashlight it was 10PM. i was only pee because i don't want my friend to know that i am pooping and another is that the Bathroom is Wet like a Swimming pool. i quickly change uniform to Normal Wear gear and go home. Lucky that my Mum was already there for me and not have to wait because i still have Diarrhea left in my butt so i tell have mum as soon as i get in her car that " i Have to go so bad" " What is it son? Number 1 or Number 2?" i Answer" Just go!" by the way my mum was a fast driver that she got a speeding ticket lol. as soon as i get home i get out of the car and i the bathroom immediately.pull down my pant, lean over and there they are a pool of Brown Diarrhea lasted 4 seconds then i fart very loud like 5 times per 5 second in fact it was louder than Mr.Methane's fart(Britain got talent Contestant) no kidding. i think that there are still more poop so i push my stomach so i can feel that it going to come as my stomach was in pain very bad too. then there are more Diarrhea coming out of me very intensely. then it Stink the whole Bathroom up and i sit there to see if there are more poop to come out. it keep playing the Sega Game Gear (i also really like retro game console) for while until i really sure i am finish. wipe then out of the bathroom and i realize that i also forgot a G Fuel Drink that i left half of it in the bus.


There is another story but same problem happen last year i was 14 year old doing the same practice session but i got to go home as early as 4 pm. anyway i brought a MacDonald this time was 2 Mcchicken and large fries with know how much i like Mcflurry lol. after that i was again buying an energy drink but it was a PowerRade and other chocolate candy. going on the bus i brought a MFI Controller pair with my iPad having fun while going to Different competition this time and it take half an hour to arrive/ anything goes fine, Practice, Perform and get Excellent award. but During Award Announcement i started to feel a very intense Stomach pain and it twice as bad as this year. i leaned on the trombone my friend Terek told me not to do that and my another friend Gilbert. say to him that my stomach is hurt so he answer" Do you need to take a shit ma boiee? so i answer no even though i really need to poop because i don't want them to know that i have Diarrhea. so then i get on the bus laying down again and that time stomuch was very pain at all the trip. then as soon as i arried in home school i quickly get off the bus, get my trombone, and leave it there outside then run to the bathroom walking like an idiot because i have to hold it so bad. i was Accidentally go in the girl bath because they place the Sex sign lebel in the worst place possible i thought " Why do they don't have Urinal toilet lol!" but i don't care and then i find a very Big poop that was not flushed in the toilet it was very stink and solid it like 3 in diameter wide and at least 1 and 1/3 feet long. i mean damn that girl must have been very relived. so anyway i go in that toilet, it lean over and i quickly pull down my Marching uniform and my pant and the Diarrhea was fill it up with Big poop that Girl was taken. it was again a liquid mushy brown poop and it last only 10 minute and that time was playing on my iPad until i realise that i was done. wipe my butt then flush it. it take 3 flushes to flush both of my diarrhea and the girl's big poop.i though it like "excuse me but why didn't girl and some people don't flush the toilet i mean seriously it high school" but i was interested in poop anywhere so i was like whatever. then i was relived because that diarrhea is very intense and go band in the band room. then, one of my friend Eva ask me " Feeling Better Ted?" i was like yeah. after that i turn in my uniform and there are more Diarrhea in my stomach after i got on to my Mum car and what worst is that there was mum friend on the passenger side. i don't want her to know that i have diarrhea so i just silence until i got home, quickly pull down my pant once again and there are still more liquid mushy brown poop inside me and it feel up like i was taking a piss, Stomuch was hurt very bad. so then i was relived and wipe my butt

- well that my worst moment story that related to pooping and peeing. excuse me for a grammar stuff though i am not 100% English speaker but you will sill understand what i was talking about. Anyway some of you might be 15 just like me, boy or girl might be talking about the poop related topic in the post too. i will post another story soon.

- Ted

Hi, everyone! :) I hope you're all doing well. I'm new here, I'm 24 years old and from Spain. I've learned good English living in the UK but it's not perfect, so excuse the mistakes. A bit about myself: I was born female, I identify as my birth gender and I'm heterosexual. I'm sensitive, empathetic, introverted, intuitive and intelligent. I graduated from the university with a maths degree and I work in IT. I'm taller than average and I have a healthy weight, light skin and very long wavy black hair; I'm considered very attractive physically but I'm saving myself for marriage, not because I'm religious (I'm not) but because I feel much more desirable this way.

I found this site when I was adolescent and never posted before but it stayed recorded in my mind because it's quite different and rebellious. I feel strongly about caring for the own body and those of others; if mine tells me to do something, I do it as soon as my circumstances permit me it, and I empathise if someone else needs to satisfy her/himself. I've had a lot of experiences relevant to this site because of my self-love, my personal objection to doing anything that harms me.

One time I was on the bus to a friend's flat in another part of the city where I live when I realised I'd been drinking too much water to be comfortable at all. As the bus moved closer to my destination, my desire to urinate increased, my suffering intensified; before I was there I was totally desperate, frantically crossing and uncrossing my legs and tapping my feet. My situation was obvious to everyone.

I wondered how much I was damaging my delicate organs by retaining that much liquid; my body was screaming at me to please relax and let it flow out of me for the sake of my health and well-being. I didn't care about the seat because I would have no problem with sitting where someone has liberated her/his poor oppressed bladder, but I felt obligated to avoid the disgust of the driver and the other passengers, so I controlled myself. I didn't know if I was going to have enough willpower to stay dry until the end of the ride, but what I physically need isn't always what's best for me in this world, so I tried.

At last the bus arrived to my stop. I was dying! But my underwear was dry, I'd kept my urethra closed the whole time even though I felt terrible. I rushed from the bus thinking 'I'm finally free!' despite that I had to walk for 10 minutes to reach my destination, because as soon as I was on the pavement I did what I'd been longing for: I relaxed my muscles; I intentionally started urinating and I wasn't planning to stop until I was completely empty. It didn't matter that my clothes were getting wet; I had to go, all I'd been able to think about was my need. Why endure more torment?

I walked toward my friend's flat while relieving myself in my jeans for nearly a minute. Let me tell you, it felt absolutely glorious. I was letting out a very powerful stream, my body was a natural waterfall. My hot bliss flooded my cold legs. I was ecstatic for that much needed release after having been resisting my urge to empty my aching bladder. When I was done, my underwear and jeans were drenched, my shoes were full and I'd left a trail of urine behind me. I just kept walking.

I arrived with my friend and there was no drama, I just showered and washed my clothes in her washer. She understood that I'd needed that; everyone should understand because we all have the same physiological necessities. Some people want the world to be sterile and robotic, they try to ignore the fact that inside our clothes we're living organisms and they ruin it for those who want to enjoy being human and not suffer. Let's all be nice to our bodies and empathetic to others and create a truly free world where everyone is loved and cared for.

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