Deer hunting

Well my boyfriend Tyler took me deer hunting he to wear camo and wear hiking boots I said okay he said bring what you need cause we be hunting out of a blind so I brought tp just in cast and bottle of water so we're there for about 3or 4 hours no deer in sites. We get out of the blind and I need to take a dump so I grab the tp and tell my boyfriend I be back he says ok he get his crossbow and check something out anyways I just dropped this monster turd and pee a little then I wiped and caught back up with my boyfriend

Just thought I'd drop by and share a little story with you all. A few years ago, one night I really had to pee. I was really tired too, so I wasn't thinking very clearly. For some reason, I didn't feel like using the toilet. I think it was in the winter and I didn't want to have to deal with sitting on a cold seat. So, instead of going on the toilet, I decided to go in my room on the carpet. I know, really gross, but I hope you guys won't judge me too much. I feel like we've all had these experiences as a result of pure curiosity.
Anyway, I was dressed in only a t shirt and shorts with nothing underneath, which I slept in. I went into my room, shut my door, and removed my shorts completely so I was totally naked from the waist down. I was very desperate to pee at this point, and was crossing my legs. I knelt down on the carpet and positioned myself into a squatting position with my feet and legs wide apart. I looked down at my vagina as I gave a little push to get my stream going. I watched as I felt the urine trickle out of my urethra and onto the carpet. I had never peed on the floor before, so this was a completely new feeling. It felt so wrong and dirty but I liked it. It felt so good to relieve myself! I had forgotten to take toilet paper to wipe myself, so I had to go get some toilet paper from the bathroom. I was still completely bottomless with nothing to cover myself but it was at night so I doubted that anyone would see since they were sleeping. I got some toilet paper and wiped my vagina before going back to soak up my pee from the carpet with a paper towel. Then, I took some spray to neutralize the smell and cleaned it up the best I could. Fortunately, the smell went away pretty quickly! It was quite a different experience!


Replies, updates

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the replies all. Mandy, that sounds so embarrassing about the movies omg I feel you. I haven't been to a doctor yet but as far as I know I'm not pregnant. Slice, I actually flushed red with embarassment when I read your suggestion that I wear diapers. Could I really be at a point where i need that? I fear its a serious possibility...I don't have a pattern of wetting myself, you must be confusing me with another post. I just mentioned that I tell my boyfriend I'm gonna pee my pants a lot just as a threat when I'm desperate but it doesn't actually happen... but the pooping accidents, that's very real and a big concern. I've literally been stressing about it a lot and think about it every day as if I've been diagnosed with a condition or sounds like an over reaction but I mean seriously, as we become adults some of our eyes get worse, some of us lose hearing, have joint problems, etc...i guess this is my problem.

I'll share my last couple of "not making it" stories. I haven't considered diapers yet until i saw the reply on here that said it but I will say this accident lead me to start keeping a clean up kit in my bag. I've got underwear and leggings, wipes, hand sanitizer and plastic bags in there.

I was at work and I felt like I had to go. I'm a nurses aid at a retirement home. It was hectic and we were shorthanded and I had to keep delaying going to the bathroom. I have Alzheimer's patients and two of them were both being combative and it was very stressful. I was on the verge of going to the bathroom in my scrubs so I had no choice but to just quickly dip into the bathroom and go. I made sure the coast was clear, then ran into the hallway bathroom... and with the stall door in site and my cheeks clenched together, I just didn't make it...i accidentally pushed a soft load out in my pants. It was really hot... I started shaking in panic and just rushed into the stall and took my pants and underwear off and sat down to finish going. As I sat I threw my panties away in the hazmat medical waste bin and used tp to clean the remaining mess out of my scrubs which luckily didn't stain through because i got them off in time. I was so self conscious the rest of the day that people could smell it or that maybe I missed a stain after all and I just kept worrying that everyone knew I had an accident. That's when I started keeping the clean up kit.

This happened after church on sunday. Admittedly I got a little tipsy Saturday night with friends and so I felt a little hungover that morning. I went to my parents house for breakfast and rode with my parents to mass. I felt really bloated during it... the hard wood pew pushing against my butt felt like it made the pressure worse and before long my stomach hurt pretty bad. It was a lot of pressure and the hangover feeling made it feel like if could come out any second, like that dangerous pressure where you know you can't even risk farting no matter how much you want the relief. I just concentrated on holding it back and suppressing any urge to push. I honestly have NO IDEA why i didnt get up and go to the bathroom...i keep looking back on it and i guess I just wanted to convince myself that I could be in control and could last through a short outing. The determination worked at first and by the end of mass I felt ok and like I could make it home. We got into the car and as soon as I buckled my seatbelt my stomach churned and I got a massive cramp. I held my breath and squeezed my hands into fists and told myself i could hold it, I could make it home. I tried using mind and will power to suppress the urge like in church but it was harder this time. I kept feeling my cheeks slightly spread apart involuntarily and soft poop would start to push out touch my panties but I'd fight it back. As we left the church parking lot I had no choice but to sheepishly ask my parents to stop somewhere for a bathroom, which feels cool to do as an adult. "Honey why didn't you go at the church?" My mom asked. I told her I thought I could make it home but it suddenly got bad. My dad mumbled that we'd be home in 5 minutes. I started to panic a little and told them both I wasn't feeling good and needed to pull over. I gave another involuntary push, my cheeks spread and it started touching my underwear again, and this time it just kept coming out. In one fast push that last like 3 seconds, i felt a warm soft blob spread under my butt like a pancake against the car seat. It seemed to spread out in a perfect circle almost from being smooshed. I actually sighed heavily with relief and for a few seconds I actually felt better lol, before the awkwardness and embarrassment of pooping my pants in my parents car as an adult started to take over. Needless to say it was a pretty jarring event for my parents too who seemed quite surprised and flustered by my accident. I wound up telling my mom later that it's not the first time it's happened recently and she told me to tell the doctor. I guess that's where I am at.


To abbie

Thanks, it wasn't nice and I was so worried someone would see me! You couldn't see anything on my dress but my tights and knickers were saturated.
Have you never had a full blown accident then? That must be quite lucky especially with the leaking you've described. How wet were your pants?


A poop in a tent

First, some greetings:
Hi, Victoria B! I've enjoyed your stories in the past; keep on writing!
Brandon T: Hi! It's nice that you take time to try to acknowledge everyone and say hi. Isn't it amazing that this site has been up for nearly 21 (!) years now?
Hello, Imogen! I've not had an accident since grade school (might tell that story sometime, not too interesting though) but in college I came close several times! Sorry you didn't make it.
Kamdyn, I found your story rather hilarious, with the ladies acting like they were cutting class and sneaking notes and talking about trying to smuggle a boy into the bathroom. They were clearly bad girls in high school! ;p
Now, on to my story!

Once when I was about eight, my sister and I decided to camp out in the woods behind our house that summer. We pitched the tent (with dad's help) and put our sleeping bags and a clear plastic tub about two feet tall that was filled with snacks, water bottles, and some small things like my Gameboy and a few books.

After our parents went back inside and went to bed, we stayed up talking, eating snacks, and playing our games. The sky grew darker and darker and soon it was pitch black. Crickets chirped all around us. After a while, my sister started fidgeting.

"What's wrong, (my sister's name)?" I asked. She said, "I need to go potty." (She was about six at this time.) I had an idea. I dumped the contents of the tub out onto the floor of the tent and set the empty tub on the floor. "Go in this, we can use it like a toilet."

"That's not a potty," she said, staring at it dubiously. She was fidgeting a lot now. "No, it's not, but we can use it like one," I said patiently.

She considered it for a moment. "Okay," she said and immediately tugged down her pants and underwear. She sat on the tub, her butt plugging up the circular opening. A loud fart burst out of her and she giggled. I laughed too. A stream of pee splashed against the sides of the tub and it was about thirty seconds before she finished. I expected her to get up after her pee but then she scrunched up her face and grunted loudly. Another loud fart echoed in the tub. She giggled again.

I realized she was trying to poop. She kept straining and I saw a long turd suddenly drop with a loud thud into the bottom of the tub. She sighed in relief, glancing between her legs to see it. A poop smell began to fill the tent. She grunted again, her hands gripping the sides of the tub. A small fart preceded another, smaller turd hitting the bottom of the tub. Another dropped quickly afterward. Finally, she strained out a last, little one and farted loudly twice. She sighed in relief and said she was done.

I had a pack of tissues in my pocket and gave a few to her. She wiped her front and scrubbed her butt several times with each tissue before dropping it in the tub. Finally she hopped off the tub and pulled up her pants. Four logs lay in the bottom of the tub, with a large pool of pee around them, and a few wads of scrunched-up toilet paper.

"That was fun!" she said happily. I laughed. "You go!" she instructed. I did have to go, so I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my feet along with my underwear. She giggled, pointing. "I can see your pee-pee!" She covered her mouth with her hands. I smiled at her and sat down.

First I peed for almost a minute, sighing in relief as my bladder slowly emptied into the tub. Then I farted and she giggled again. I grunted, leaning forward to push. Slowly, I felt a huge poop slide out and it dropped with a loud *thunk* in the tub. My sister burst into laughter. "That's big!"

I glanced down and saw a large turd in the bottom. I pushed again and felt another big poop slide out, hitting the bottom with a thud. I pushed again and farted. Another fart slipped out before another log dropped into the tub. Finally, I pushed out a last, small one and was done. I used a few tissues to wipe my butt, dropped them in the tub, and pulled up my pants. We didn't have anything to wash our hands with, so we didn't.

The tub was quite crowded now and very smelly. I took it outside and dumped it out several feet away in a clump of thick bushes, screwing the lid on tight. Then I ran down to the driveway and tossed it in the trash, knowing the garbage truck came early in the morning.

My sister had to pee again later and I held her hands as she squatted over the grass. Then her face scrunched up again and she grunted softly. I heard a small fart and a few seconds later, something dropped into the grass, but it was dark enough I couldn't see it. I helped her wipe since it was dark and we went back into the tent to sleep.

Hope you guys enjoyed the story.


After church

Hello, my name is Joy. I'm a 34 year old mother of one young boy, happily married, normal woman except that yesterday I did something embarrassing... I apologize if this is long, I like to tell stories and feel it is cathartic to share.

While we were at church during the sermon I started to really need to use the bathroom and could feel a big BM building up. I sat and held it, no big deal at first, but the longer the sermon went the more I had to go. And of course I had to pee, too. I crossed my legs and bounced my foot and squeezed to hold it all in as the service would be over soon. We got to the end of the sermon and stood for the last worship song. Standing made it worse, but I crossed my legs and stood and pretended nothing was wrong even though i was on the verge of prairie dogging right there in service! Service finally ended and I leaned to my husband and asked him to get the boy from kids church while I went to the ladies room. I hurried to the ladies room but it was full and I didn't want to just stand there and wait and the major urge to go had lessened a bit so I instead decided to just go at home - we live close by - instead of wait there. I quickly found my husband and son and asked him if we could just hurry home because the ladies room was full. He said sure.

We got the boy into the car and started driving home. The major urge to go returned with a vengeance about halfway home, which is only about a 10 minute drive on a Sunday morning. I held my fingers against my crotch and pressed down and kept my legs squeezed together. I asked hubby if he could hurry. He asked if I was ok. I said yes i just really needed the bathroom. He sped up a little but our neighborhood has speed bumps and he had to slow down for those. The first speed bump made me almost lose it. The second speed bump bounced us and I felt a squirt of pee escape, just enough to feel damp in my panties. I must have made a noise or face because hubby asked if I was ok. I nodded and said speed bumps suck and we both laughed a little. I braced myself for the third and last speed bump but even preparing didn't matter as we bounced over it and I lost another spurt of pee but this time a little bigger and i felt dampness on my jeans with my fingertips. i also felt the poop pushing hard to get out and felt my butt open breifly and the turd shift down and hit my panties and stay for a second before retreating back inside. I sucked in air and stopped it but hubby noticed and asked again if i was ok. i was red in the face from blushing and said sheepishly that the speed bump had made me pee a little. he said it's ok, almost home.

we pulled into the driveway and stopped. hubby said he would get the boy so i could go inside. i thanked him, took a deep breath and said, here i go. I unbuckled, opened the door, swung out and stood up, and lost another spurt of pee when i did. I grabbed myself and bent over a little and stopped it, but my crotch definitely felt warm and wet and a little trickle ran down my left thigh. I regained my composure and walk waddled to the door and into the house and towards our master bath, one hand pressing on my crotch the other pressing on my butt! I made it down the hall to the kitchen and had to stop to fight a big push and lost a little more pee and felt the poop touch my panties again before stopping. I regained control and waddled around the corner to our bedroom and finally into the master bath.

I remember thinking how silly i looked in our mirror holding myself like a little girl and that made me half-laugh but i had to stop to try to hold it again but this time the urge was so strong I realized suddenly it was too late, i wasn't going to make it even though i was mere feet from the toilet and i was about to have an accident, which I did. I felt the pee start spraying hard into my jeans, hissing loudly and warm wetness spread rapidly across my crotch and butt and down my legs. i just let go and stood bent slightly with hands by my sides looking down, watching the darkness spread down my jeans. After maybe 30 seconds of peeing my bowels decided to get in on the action and pushed and I quickly stretch out my panties with a giant, mostly solid BM that crackled loudly as it spread up and back in my panties against the tight jeans that made me push hard to get the last bit out.

When i was done i looked in the mirror. i could only see from my knees up but it was quite the sight, with my medium blue jeans mostly dark all around my crotch, thighs, and butt, and a noticeable bulge on my behind where my normally shapely butt was found. I waddled bowlegged the last few feet into the water closet and began slowly taking off my shoes, peeling down my soaked jeans, and lowered the soaked and full, heavy panties down to my knees and sat down on the toilet and released a bit more pee, though i don't know how I had any left. I was dumbfounded how this could happen at my age and just kind of sitting there dazed staring down at the smooshed, orange-sized brown pile sagging in my panties at my knees when there was a knock on the water closet door and my hubby asking if I was ok. I snapped back to reality and stammered, "Umm, I... not exactly." He asked, "Do you need help? What happened?" I said, "Well, I didn't quite make it." He said, "It's ok. You told me in the car you peed a little. It's no big deal." I said, "Yeah, well, I did more than a little. And more than pee. So, yeah, there that is." He said, "Oh. So you..." I cut him off, "Yeah, I totally did both in my pants. Like all the way." He said, "Oh, I'm sorry, babe. What can I do?" I told him he could bring me clean clothes into the bathroom, turn on the shower, and leave to feed the boy while I cleaned up.

He left for a moment while I began cleaning, wiping myself down as best I could. Thankfully the poo was mostly solid so it wasn't too messy on my bum. A moment later hubby was back dropping clothes on the counter for me, turned on the shower, and told me he'd be out in the kitchen. I thanked him, stood slowly and carefully tipped the mound of poop out of my panties into the toilet with a large splash, slipped them off and left them atop the soaked jeans, and took a shower to clean up and try to shake the embarrassment. Afterwards I went out and had to walk past hubby carrying the jeans and panties to the laundry to wash them, though I kept my face down and was blushing. I returned to the kitchen and hubby gave me a big hug and told me it was ok, that accidents happen, etc. He was very sweet about it. I rewarded him for his kindness later that night and afterwards he admitted that seeing me desperate was kind of cute in a way, though he was sorry that I had an accident. We talked for a while about past accidents we'd had or seen for some reason and it kind of became a nice bonding experience for us both, oddly enough. We made love a second time afterwards, actually. I never thought having an accident at my age would somehow end up being a "good" thing, but it kind of did. Life is crazy sometimes.


to Katie

Hi Katie,

please post your constipation story I'm really interested:)

Smooth operator

Funniest s*** scenes in movies

New poster here... I'm trying to come up with the best/funniest crap-related scenes in movies I can think of off the top of my head.

One is in Date Movie where the cat Jinxers is taking a massive dump and has to use a match and spray to kill off the odor in the bathroom.
Two more are from the Harold and Kumar movies.
First is when Harold and Kumar meet two British girls while they are hiding from security in a campus bathroom stall, the two girls have to take "taco s**ts" and one on each side of Harold and Kumar's stall, they decide to play "Battle S***s"!

And then in Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay Harold is fantasizing in the shower when Kumar decides to take a massive dump in the toilet after eating "30 burgers and four large orders of fries", and said dump is said to still have cheese on it!!

Anyone think of others??


Young dad pees in public

Hi everyone, it's Dominic, I've posted before, mainly about my constipation and my brother's accidents. But this is something totally different. I wanted to share something I saw today that I thought was pretty interesting.

I had just gotten off a train and was waiting at the train station outside for my friend to come pick me up. There were about maybe 7-8 people there now, scattered around. I was sitting on a bench by a lawn. At the other end of the lawn there was a concrete ledge rising about 1 foot off the ground. There was a little girl, maybe 5 or 6, running around near it and her dad, sitting on the ledge, looking at his phone (he looked like he was maybe in his late 20s or early 30s). I didn't notice them much at first, I was mostly just looking to see when my friend's car would arrive. But eventually I noticed the dad get up and he looked almost as if he were squirming. I don't think I realized it then, but afterward it made sense. Then suddenly he told his daughter something and she laughed and looked kind of embarrassed, didn't know why. Until I saw the dad kneel down behind the ledge, unzip his fly, and start peeing against it. The girl was watching too but seemed to think it was funny and cool rather than gross or embarrassing. He then stood up, and the two of them got into a taxi that had just arrived.

I've never seen just a normal guy like that, a father even, pee in public so unashamedly (this was during the day too)! I just thought it was interesting. He probably thought no one else saw either, but I saw everything lol


Answers and Apologies!

Hey, all! Sorry I haven't been posting much - or at all, for that matter - I've had work and family issues that've taken my attention for the past few weeks or so. I've had some decent poops so far, the usual once-a-day logs. A few people have asked me questions since my last post, so I'll answer them now.

To Becc: I really enjoy reading your posts because they just have so much voice to them, if that makes any sense? We also share a like for poop, iirc. You just seem super cool!

To BrianW: Yup, I do go poop everyday. Usually a long, thick log unless something else happens down in there. Also, yes, I've definitely had dumps where they've hit the water and were still in my butt!

Victoria B: Eventually I got it to go down, yeah. With the combined powers of my girlfriend and me, we finally got the giant monster to flush.

I'm planning on posting more often from here on out, I promise!


Hi everybody.

I think it is same for woman and man about quantity of motion. Little time ago, poster name of Anatomy Student said same thing.

I did motions in the midnight again! I am crazy maybe. I woke up and felt heavy in stomach, difficult to back to sleep, so I decide to go to loo, but very quietly so Maho don't wake up. She is sleep very sweetly.

I sat on loo and my bottom domed out at once and plop, plop, plop many many. I worry Maho wake up so I put paper in loo, then next motion make no noise.

After few minutes my bottom open again and plop, plop but it is quieter, a bit. I wonder I should flush. I close bedroom door and loo door, but flush is noisy maybe. And smell is strong a bit because motion on top of paper, not in water.

I sit there and think, and while I thinking, more motion drop out suddenly. Why I do so much in the midnight?

And then... door open and Maho's face look in! "Are you OK Mina? Is it a diarrhoea again??" I say "no, but I felt heavy my stomach and can't sleep..."

Maho look in loo, and me too, and many turds but they are solid, not diarrhoea, so we relieved, and now I can flush because Maho awake.

But I am not finish, I do more, and more and more. It is good feeling but why so many motions inside Mina??

Of course finally I empty and I wash and Maho dry. She is so sweet. She never complain about interrupt of sleep. Maho do wee, then we back to the bed and Maho give me caress to make me sleepy. It work, she say, I sleep quickly, then Maho too, she say she didn't feel awake long time.

But I think daytime is better to go to loo.

Maybe I don't post much for a month from now because I will be busy very much. But I try.

Love to everybody.



A near sighting

I was walking to a pub in Bracknell's student land at about 6 pm to have a meal and a pint, when I passed a taxi and a burger van parked on the side of a main road, as I passed the taxi driver was leaning on the vans counter taking to the female burger sale's person.
About 9 pm as I walked towards the corner from the pub onto the main road I could see right into the van but no-one was in it, as I turned the corner I saw movement in the bushes opposite the van counter and the female server came out doing up her trouser belt and got back behind her counter.
I can only think that she was in the bushes answering the call of nature.


2nd grade incident

When I was in 2nd grade I had a problem that my mom called getting plugged up. Our school was big, the toilets were crowded even though class breaks were timed to keep like 15 or 16 of us in the bathroom at the time and not all 100 from four teachers' bathroom breaks at the same time. So there were only 6 toilets in the bathroom we were assigned to use. None had a privacy door. Sometimes a friend would stand back to the person on the stool to give her privacy. Then they would change positions. I never got such privacy. Mom did two things. She bought me some extra dresses I could use. And when I wore jeans or shorts, she encouraged me to take off my sweater and place it over my lap. That worked some, especially when I needed to wee. But I got plugged up because I would sit for a poo, but my classmates waiting and eventually our teacher or student teacher coming in and yelling for us to finish up didn't help me.

So mom talked to my pediatrician who emailed the school that I should be allowed to leave class to poo. At first, it seemed to work well. About a half hour after mid-morning milk and treats I would be given permission. The first two times it worked well. I made sure I didn't waste time. I pooed, wiped, washed my hands and got back to class. But the next week, I had just seated myself and Kenisha, who was a 4th grader, kind of a bully and really snotty, came in and took the toilet on the end next to mine. Kenisha started by pulling of what I thought to be a large amount of toilet paper. As I was starting to push my poo out, I saw her feet and legs move all around the toilet. Maybe three times, toilet paper would drop to the floor and I would see her pick it up. Then she walked around the panel and confronted me. She wanted more toilet paper. It was obvious to me then that she was a nester who didn't want to have her butt have direct contact with the seat. I told her I had only very little left. She sneered at me really bad and turned and walked to one of the other toilets where she pulled off enough toilet paper to last a week.

Because she was bigger than me and really turned on the drama, I had to hold back my tears. That ended any chance I had of doing my poo. I stood, pulled up my jeans and quickly left the bathroom. I didn't flush. There was no need. I didn't want to wash my hands in front of her. I just wanted to get out of there. I held my poo the rest of the day and intended to go in right after school. However, just before that I got a message to report to the principal's office. My imagination like ran away from me and when I got there I was questioned about the mess Kenisha had left. The janitor had found it, the toilet had been jammed, and it was being blamed on me. Kenisha hadn't even tried to pick up after herself after we've been told to do. I was so shy and afraid to rat her out. So I took the blame. This year Kenisha's a senior at the high school I go to. Every time I see her or hear something about her I still have a bad feeling.


Funny but at the time embarrassing poo moment

Hi everyone and a special Hi to Abbie, Imogen and Brandon, it was really nice to be made welcome here.
Abbie and Imogen - I know what you mean about spending the day in damp pants and getting dirty pants from a poking out log that happens a lot to me. If I am withholding or constipated I get where I can't feel the poo in my bum and it starts to poke out. Always difficult at school trying to sit so I am not right on it cos it hurts if it's pushed back in. I've had more than just poo marks in my pants at school many times.
Schools should recognise the needs to provide clean loos it seems more of a problem in senior school though.
I know a few other girls who have pants problems at school presumably from not wanting to use dirty toilets, one if these is my best friend who also withholds for other reasons than school loos like I do.

Brendon the incident I am posting about today is specially for you as I know from your posts that you like shop incidents so although this is in Mc Dee's hope you like it.

My post for today
It happened in the summer holidays 2016. I was going through one of my withholding periods and had deliberately avoided pooing for a few days and to help this along I was being picky with my food which lead to arguments with my mum which just made me determined to withhold more. My mum was never phased by me not pooing and luckily for me never fussed over dirty or wet pants all she would ever say was if I got poo on my jeans or shorts or skirts was ' Kate dirtying your pants is one thing but don't get it on your jeans/shorts/skirts etc' and would hand me a pair of plastic pants saying wear these over your pants to protect your jeans/ shorts / skirts - whatever I was wearing at the time. The only time mum ever mentioned going to the toilet is on Saturday mornings when she says to me and my brother after breakfast now go and have a poo. He goes on the downstairs loo and I go upstairs.
Anyway on the Saturday in question I had had my usuall sit on the toilet and even though I had squeezed and pushed for like an hour and I was red in the face and my stomach and bum were aching I couldn't poo so when my mum came as she did after about an hour
I said I couldn't poo and it really hurts and she said what she always says - do it when you can where ever you can.
So I got ready to meet my best friend in town, i did thick heavy makeup I wore tight white jeggins, black chav t shirt and light weight bomber jacket and my vans trainers and went out to meet Tracy. We spent the morning going round the shopping centre and met up with a couple of other girls from school. We chipped in and bought a huge bag of pick and mix so I made sure to have my share. Tracy said she needed to loo so me Tracy and Jo went to the toilets. I pulled my jets and pants down and noticed my pants were quite pooey. I peed and then tried to poo really really tried but nothing so I wiped and realised that the poo was actually sticking out and wiping made no difference. Just then Tracy and Jo called hurry up Kate, so I pulled up my pants and jeggins and let joined them.As we walked around I felt my poo push out a bit more and realised it was coming out and I tried as hard as I could to squeeze it back in but it was stuck there. I said to the girls oh I am very hot to make an excuse to take my
Jacket off and wrap it round my waist so it hung down to cover the mark that no doubt was visible on my jeggins. Then Jo said there Mc d lets go eat so we all ordered and when the food arrived we took a window table and started to eat. Jo remarked that there was a poo smell and I said sorry I've just broken wind I need the toilet and got up. Tracy said she did too so we left Jo at the table with our food. in the toilets Tracy came in the cubicle with me and said to me do you need to poo I said yes but I can't I'm constipated. I pulled my kegs and pants down, my pants were really bad and I sat and pushed and pushed . I took paper and tried to clean my pants as I pushed. I managed to get a little piece out. I pulled my pants up and ajusted things so the stain didn't show and went back to Jo. As we were eating these other 2 older girls that I know came in and came over and started talking to us then one of them said oh it smells of poo has someone got dog poo on their shoes? I didn't know where to put my self when Tracy goes no but Katie has some Kate poo in her
When I got home I told my Mum my ???? ache was really bad and my bum was so sore some had come out in my pants.when I get really bad like this my mum doesn't mind where I do it so long as I do a poo it can be wherever I think I can get it out, pants, toilet , in bed, watching tv etc. My mum asked did I want to do it now - yes I replied, I need help to get it out. went to the bathroom took off my dirty jeggins and pants and mum came in and had me sit the wrong way round on the toilet and lean forward on the cistern and tells me to push whilst she squeezes me hard and massages my lower back and round my bum to relax it so the big poo can come out. I did a solid piece about 10 inches long and the first part out was so fat it made me cry. Mum massaged my ???? and after another hard push another piece shot out followed by lots of soft mushy poo.
I went normally for the next few days but then another friend told me she got massive poos from eating rice biscuits. I just had to try them as I like seeming what different foods do to my poo and pee for that matter. Suffice it to say a week later I was as bad again.

Today's poo was like chunks and lumps lots of little bits with each push, I was on the toilet for 20 minutes and if sitting there not pushing scores O and pushing mega hard - going red in the face, making your bum hurt bulge and bleed scores 10 then this morning for 5 minutes I scored 7 and then next 10 mins I scored 10 and to get the last bit out it must have been 11..

Bye for now
Katie Kool


Fun events and notes to others

Hiya everybody,

Your stories are really fun. I wanted to comment to some of you in particular.

Anonymous User: Welcome! I am also pretty new and getting used to it but this site is fun. To answer you, I also like verbal encouragement when I go but it rarely happens. I was recently at McDonald's before work getting breakfast and I noticed a woman scurry into the bathroom, likely to poop. 8An elderly gentleman opened the door, who I assumed was her father, opened the door to check on her asking if she was okay and to just take her time. It would be nice having that.

End Stall Em: I really liked your story and the way you tell it. It seems you and your boyfriend have a very nice relationship. I agree that pooping shouldn't be a big deal but he sounds very traditional. Hopefully everything continues to go well.

Matthew: Dude, your story was hysterical and we can all relate, I'm sure. I'm sorry that your sister was picking on you, but sometimes it happens. I hope that you and your mom having witnessed the other having poopy accidents was a moment of closeness.

So after about a week of being constipated, I finally pooped. I was going crazy with all the extra water, coffee and laxative powder, as well as the extra fiber I was consuming. I was at work and I seriously pooped three times, and once later that evening. I'm a student teacher at an elementary school, and I scurried to the bathroom before school that morning when the first poop was brewing. A faculty member from admin was standing by the office bathroom making coffee and I have to sheepishly ask her for toilet paper, because there was none. I secretly swoon over her a lot, so that was awkward. But it worked out and I was able to go, and I felt better until later in the day.

Later in the day, the kids are doing some independent work, and I felt the runny poops on their way. I ask the host teacher to go run to the restroom, who doesn't need me to ask because I'm 23 but I'm still modest enough to get permission. I run back to the bathroom, collapse onto the potty and poop out a bad wave of diarrhea. I returned to class five minutes later, and instantly have to poop again, so I just turn around back for the bathroom.

The office staff must be mentally laughing at me by now. I still just hurry back into the bathroom, drop my black slacks and white Hanes briefs and again fall onto the potty. I released this crescendo of wet, warm poop. It lasted another five minutes, and I felt so much better. I had been gassy for a little while but my briefs were still perfectly white, to my amazement. I pull them up along with my pants, wipe and flush, then head back to class.

It's events like these that reinforce why I make sure to take the class to the restroom several times a day. In light of the constant pooping, I am happy to no longer be backed up.

Happy pooping/peeing, everyone!

Monday, October 16, 2017

I have a story from a couple of weeks ago but first a few comments

John H: Good story about using the unisex bathroom. I would love to use one like that. I have used a portaloo that was unisex and had lots of cubicles but it would be great to find a permanent unisex bathroom.

Abbie: Congrats on the new job, I hope its going well. I agree with what you said about preferring bathrooms with multiple cubicles over one with a single cubicle. I've worked in places that have had this set up and like you said its awkward not having that anonymity. The last place I worked that had something like that and luckily I only needed to move my bowel once during the two months I was there, this was just before I started a long shift and I knew holding it wasn't at all feasible but I would have seriously debated holding it until my shift finished if i had developed a want half way through my shift.

So on to my story. After a seminar my friends and I decided to have a coffee together. As it was Freshers campus was extremely busy and it took us a while to find somewhere that wasn't packed. Eventually we got seats in the library café. I had been feeling a need to pee as we had walked around but when we got there I was more interested in carrying on the conversation that we were having than using the bathroom. Additionally sitting down reduced some of the pressure from my balder. It remained like this for about a half hour upon which it got too much and I left our table to use the loo. I like the library café bathrooms because it's gender neutral (you know, the ones that have the toilet and sink self-contained within them). When I got there all three of the bathrooms were in use. I think not having the immediate release made me feel really desperate and I started to pace in front of the doors. Luckily a minute later I heard the sound of a toilet flushing and then the door of the middle bathroom opened up and a girl in a university hoddie edged out and seeing me quickly diverted her head to the floor. Entering the bathroom the rich smell of poo immediately hit me, but it wasn't an unpleasant odour, more of an earthly quality. Anyway undoing my jeans and pulling them down to my thighs along with my red panties I sat down on the seat. I had expected it to be warm so was surprised when it wasn't. (perhaps the previous user had hovered or if it could have been a quick bowel moment). As I read the adverts to participate in uni studies that were on the back of the door I released the contents of my bladder into the toilet. After about thirty seconds I was done so stood up and flushed away the bright yellow liquid (I hadn't drunk anything that morning apart from a cup of tea and the coffee) before washing my hands and leaving to re-join my friends. Later on when I was walking home I thought back to this girl and wondering if she had gone out the night before, drunk a lot and the alcohol had affected her bowels or if she normally went at that time and always had potent smelling bowel movements.


Back Again

Hello everyone it's John B and seems like forever since I last posted.

Been scrolling back and obviously lots if new mames but still ones I recall for example Adrian and Abbie.

Time flies because I remembet when you Abbie were still at school. You have since gone through Uni and now are part of the workforce! I am sorry to hear that you still from time to time have an epic struggle with your constipation. I find that drinking lots of water helps and perhaps you may consider a spoonful of liquid parraffin available from a pharmacist. This isn't a laxative as such but lubricates the lower bowel facilitating an easier passage for a dry hard turd.

Anyway that's all for now and hope I wont leave it as long next time.

Take care posters and happy pooing and peeing!

John B x


To abbie

Thanks, it wasn't nice and I was so worried someone would see me! You couldn't see anything on my dress but my tights and knickers were saturated.
Have you never had a full blown accident then? That must be quite lucky especially with the leaking you've described. How wet were your pants?

A few weeks back I was hiking out in the woods. A lot of others out there too. Not least many people picking berries. Many of them mature and even old persons. On distance I saw an old woman pull down and squat. Sitting there with bare bum for some minutes. Then standing up and wiping. Amusing. She did not see me. Afterwards I went over there and saw that she had left some quite huge logs on the ground. Not covered in any way. Gross. But for sure she must have felt a strong urge to poop.

Anonymous User

Random Memory

This is my first post on here, so I'm kinda nervous about what exactly to expect. But this seems like a pretty welcoming community, so I decided why not post something. I'm into seeing people pee and poop, but I love verbal encouragement while pooping. I know it's super weird. Browsing through other sites, I haven't found anyone who quite likes the same thing. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, have you ever pooped in the company of someone who was verbally encouraging you? I'd love to hear those stories if you have them. Personally, I unfortunately don't have any that I remember. I do remember my dad letting me squeeze his thumb when I pooped sometimes, but aside from that I don't remember much. Any stories would be appreciated!

Victoria B.

Tyler's question

It's definitely true that women go more often. My answer is a little skewed because I'm a vegetarian, but I have to poop at least once and sometimes twice each day.

Hope this helps!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kamdyn great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Mina great story it sounds like Kazuko had a really good clean out and it sounds like you had a pretty good poop as well and I bet you both felt great after.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Eileen great story.

To: Catherine great story.

To: Katie first welcome to the site and great story please anymore you may have thanks.

To: Michelle great story about your big desperate poop.

To: Brandy great story.

To: Elphaba great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Should I help the grade school boy?

At a night football game at my high school's stadium, I was waiting in line for one of the two toilets to open. Actually, they were "open" with no privacy doors. There were plenty of guys on the other side of the room with their backs to us. They were urinating into a long trough that is kind of gross. The college guy on the toilet used the last of the toilet paper roll to wipe with. When he stood to raise his boxers up, his jeans fell to the floor and he fumbled with them. Then he turned and flushed.

The little boy in front of me looked to be about 7. He hurried and I appreciated that. Pulled down his sweats and underwear all to the way to his shoes and still standing. Then he backed up to the toilet and took his seat. He was very careful in seating himself. He didn't sit back far enough, I thought. He had his legs wide open and tried to lock his hands around them as he fidgeted and sat. He was looking down all the time. He might have been looking at his organ laying on the front of the bowl. He dropped his head even lower a couple of times and almost seemed to come close to sliding off the front of the toilet seat. I figured that was the sign that he was giving his crap the extra push. Then he stood back up, didn't even look at the empty toilet paper roll, and pulled his clothing up. He bolted out right in front of me without even looking at me.

He left two 3-inch soft logs floating. I picked up the seat even though my aim is pretty good. I'm willing to wait for a stall because I've been harassed in the past because my equipment is smaller than most guys my age. I'm 16 and don't let it phase me that much. When I got back to our seats, my friend Mande asked me what took so long. I was explaining it to her when her mom came back from using the bathroom too. I told her I felt sorry for not trying to help the boy out and that he probably had some mess in the pants. Mande said she would have helped him by trying to get paper from the other stall or towels from above the sink he could use. Her mom corrected Mande and said in these times you don't want to get involved.

Random poop attack

Yeah, I was sitting on the couch minding my business when I randomly sharted and now here I am on the toilet with bad stomach cramps

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Shy bladders are fun

So a few years ago, when I was like 15 or 16 or something, I went with my family to see some movie. Whatever it was, I don't really remember, but by the end of the movie I had to pee pretty bad, but since the movie was almost over I just waited for the credits to roll and for us to leave the theater. And then I went to the bathroom, but of course it was full of people since a movie just ended, so I just stood there with my dick out for a minute before leaving and deciding I'd be able to go when I got home.

So we got into the car and started heading off, and I was sitting there needing to pee really damn bad and hoping I wouldn't pee myself. And I remember one of my parents saying we needed to stop by a BJs to get some stuff, and I silently cursed about it since I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold it through the shopping and the drive home. I did get to the store without major incidents, though I did leak a little bit and my bladder was pretty much on fire, and I followed my parents as they went to look at things.

At one point my mother asked me to try on this jacket that she was thinking about buying, so I went and did that, and while I was trying it on I felt like I'd burst at any second. Fortunately, I remembered that the BJs stores always have bathrooms past the checkout counters, so once I got done trying on the jacket I just said "I'm gonna be over there", and hurried off to the bathrooms, going around the checkouts and just rushing into the hall with the bathrooms.

Fortunately I didn't wet myself, and this bathroom was completely empty so I was able to just stand there and piss for a minute or so.

Steve A

To Tyler

I guess that it all depends on the girl. You probably been living around girls who could out poop guys. But, it also depends on their diet as well.

From some of the stories on here, I can tell that girls have bigger loads because some of them haven't pooped in about 3-4 days or even longer than that. I even saw a story on here one time about a girl who haven't pooped for about 2 weeks. I'd expect anyone regardless of gender to poop that much if they haven't gone for that long.

It also can lead to jealousy as well. Imagine if you're a guy and your GF or friend that's a girl farts and/or poops more than you? Some guys might feel jealous about that.

For me, I wouldn't care at all if that happened to me. Guys and girls are both human, so, it doesn't really matter how much we poop.


Saturday afternoon visitors

Our spirit club had to report to our school at 7 Saturday morning for a full day of work in decorating for the homecoming dance. A couple of friends made fun of me because I had to excuse myself twice from floor duty while painting banners. I had downed a large coffee and I didn't feel bad while seated on the floor. But once I stood up, I felt like I was about 5 seconds from an accident. So I jumped over the other's art work, slipping on a large marking pen and almost doing an ass flop. I think I got down to the closest bathroom in 15 seconds or so. All of the toilets were open. Thanks to misuse all six doors had been removed last year and have not been reattached. I figured why give a damn, its not going to change anything. I dropped my jeans and white underwear and my pee blast started when my thighs hit the seat.

Pee was gushing out so fast that when I looked down between my legs, I could see bubbles in the bowl. I got to thinking about whether that was all the hot coffee coming out of me or just the speed of the flood. I was surprised when a moderately loud fart slipped out. I got to thinking that was probably from the three pieces of pizza I had scarfed down about an hour and a half earlier. From my seat I heard running in the hall and instantly Dawn, the kid sister of one of my friends, was asking the use the big red marker. I reached down to the floor and sure enough it was in my back pocket. I tossed it to her and she left.

I sat for another couple of minutes. It was comfortable after having spent so much time on the floor. I was enjoying the break, and had pulled out my phone to check. While doing it and feeling that I might be able to poop too, there was a lot of talk and footsteps coming toward me. I knew it wasn't my group. The voices tended to be deeper and more formal, so I figured it might be adults. Dawn came in and took the toilet next to me. She had what looked like brand new shorts on which dropped to the floor just before her butt hit the seat. I was so jealous that her poo splashes started almost immediately. They continued for a couple of minutes and I asked her about the voices that seemed to be almost at the bathroom doorway. She said it was a bunch of old ladies. They were talking about 1967 and I recognized that it was probably a class reunion tour.

There was a lot of joking as they entered the bathroom. Smuggling a boy friend in, sneaking a smoke everyday during a boring study hall, some prank by guys who greased the toilet seats. Once they saw us, the leader apologized for the noise and lack of privacy. One lady that they called Dancer hurried past us to the other end of the room and said she had to wee like in old days. She called her friend over to keep her company. As she weed, they joked about quickly copying test questions for 5th hour and asked another lady to come and give them the answers like they did 50 years ago. Me and Dawn found that pretty entertaining.

Me and Dawn both wiped, flushed and while we were washing our hands these old ladies started asking us questions about the school and what was happening. Dancer asked me if I was a candidate for homecoming queen and I said no. She had been and won. She said the record stuck twice when she and her King danced to their theme song. Then as Dancer reached for the toilet paper to wipe with, she called a couple of her friends over. They all burst out laughing. She showed them how cheap the paper was. Two of her fingers had pierced right through it. It was a joke with them all, back then I guess. Then one of the ladies yelled over to Dancer to Remember to Flush!

She said she didn't have to. No principal could make her get off her flight Monday morning and come back and serve her detention time.

Both me and Dawn found the visitors to be fun. They had attitude and thanked us for answering their questions. Then me and Dawn got back to our group, took the floor and had more signs to make.

Victoria B.

A few quick ones

Nothing new to report so I thought I'd send out a few replies.

To Mina: Hello to you Hisae, Maho, and Kazuko as well. I'm glad you were there for Kazuko; it sounds like her behind was getting quite a workout!

To Catherine: I'm kind of a nerd about bathroom design and your open floor plan intrigues me. How is it set up? Happy to hear that everything's going well!

To Taylor and Francesca: I got a custom plunger from a friend as a joke birthday gift after clogging her toilet in a plunger-less situation. I had to chop my productions up with a coat hanger to get everything down the drain. It was every bit as dreadful as it sounds! The rubber cup is pink and the handle is white. It's my pride and joy.



Recent Posts

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, but also, pooping well. The other day, the strangest thing happened. While I was in the bathroom Mom had to go, but then the feeling went away. I just read your question Tyler, and welcome to the site! You asked if girls poop more than guys, and I have to say I think it varies. Me for instance may go 4 time a day. Anyway I had a wonderful day, and just got done playing with my doll Annabell (I love rocking her to sleep)! Also to Mina: I hope Kazuko doesn't have anymore stuck poops I bet she felt better after. Bye!

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