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Public Restroom Dilema (No TP)

Hi , I have not posted here in a while but wanted to share an incident that occurred recently. I was at an all day seminar and at mid morning the need for me to have a BM grew strong pretty quickly at the next break, I made my way to the restroom which was rather crowded but there was one stall that was still available,so i took it. The toilet seat was down so I dropped my Khakis and my white Calvin trunks and sat my butt down hastily and began to unload my bowels and after two separate loads, I felt very relieved but as I reached for the toilet paper to wipe,to my dismay, there was none.I sat there and contemplated as to what to do next staring at my white undies around my knees in this still crowded restroom. I stood up as I heard a stall become vacant, my thought was to get to that stall with my pants down to wipe my bottom but I chickened out and pulled my undies and pants up without wiping. I went through the rest of my day with my butt crack caked with poop and after while i started to itch down there and later was able to smell traces of it. when I got home to change out my now soiled undies and shower, My GF reminded me that we were late for a dinner engagement and when I said that I wanted to change, she said "we dont have time" and you look fine. So off we go to our event in which I had to sit through the whole time in my still soiled undies.After we got home as we go to undress for bed, I went into the bathroom to undress in hopes that she would not find out about my shit laden Ass,just as I am lowering my soiled undies she walks in and sees my messy bum and says WTF Sean did you shit yourself? This left me to have to explain what had happened to me earlier in the day.She rolled her eyes and laughed telling me that I was a retard for not checking for TP before taking the toilet. I showered and she ribbed me for the rest of the time that we were awake.

Question is: Should I have gone for the other stall pants and undies down in a crowded restroom and beared the shame or do what i did? what would you do in that situation?


Another poop with Francesca

Francesca and I had been lounging around the house for a few hours the other night, just watching rubbish on TV when she said she really needed to use my toilet. She told me I could join her if I wanted to and then post about it on here, under the condition that I pooped with her watching. I was due for my evening poop and I liked the idea so we both went into my bathroom, closing the door behind us as usual. Francesca made me go first so I couldn't back out of the deal. Fair enough I suppose! I walked over to the toilet and pulled my jeans and red thong to my calves as I sat, Francesca was leaning against the counter watching me with a smile. I could already feel myself preparing to go which pleased me greatly and within a minute I was pleasantly opened wide by my poop effortlessly creeping out of me. It was moving really slowly and I tried to stay relaxed, wanting to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. After about 15 seconds I bit my lip as it suddenly sped up and fell into the bowl moments later, my bum getting splashed by the water.

Francesca jokingly pinched her nose with a giggle as I opened up again, the second piece moving just as slowly as the first. It felt heavenly. It was quite long too and took a while before it broke off, splashing me again quickly followed by the remainder. I started peeing, my stream a relaxed trickle that made a quiet splashing as it hit the water below. As I was weeing my body automatically pushed for me and I opened up for a third time. This piece was much thinner than the others and fell into the bowl after only a few seconds, my wee finishing shortly afterwards. I was finally done.

I had a quick peek behind me and saw two logs about 8 inches long and an inch thick with a much smaller piece laid across the top and the water was a dark yellow. I clearly need to drink more! I got myself some toilet paper and reached between my legs to wipe my front, dropping it in the toilet and getting some more for my behind. It only took two wipes. Then I stood up with a smile as I pulled up my clothes, flushed and swapped places with Francesca.

Francesca bunched her skirt up around her waist and pulled her pink knickers to her knees as she sat at the same time. She was leaning forward again, her hands near her knees much like if you was using your phone while sat on the toilet. After a few seconds she closed her eyes and sighed as she started a strong hissing stream, she must have been ready to burst. She went for about 30 seconds, finishing with a long tinkle and then sat with a smile, waiting for the rest.

After a minute or two her smile widened and moments later there was a loud "flumph", I figured she had just dropped one of her signature poops. Just like the last time she barely reacted to it at all, large amounts must be pretty common for her. Another 30 seconds or so went by and there was a splash, just as loud as the previous one and by now I was starting to smell the signs of a large healthy poop. We sat quietly for a few minutes and I didn't hear anything from her, then she sat up straight.

Francesca looked behind her and then looked at me with a wide smile. "Do you want to see?" Of course I did! She stood up and I looked into the bowl. There was a piece about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick, most of it sticking up out of the water. There was another about 4 inches long and just as thick. Finally there was a really thin piece sort of curled on top, it looked like string.

Francesca sat down again, making sure her dress was out of the way and began her clean up routine. Like before she pulled out a large amount of toilet paper, folded it in half twice and then wiped with it, not looking at the results before dropping it into the toilet. She did this four times in total and then flushed before standing up. She pulled up her knickers and reached up her skirt to adjust them a little and then lowered the lid and sprayed some air freshener. We both washed our hands together and spent the rest of the evening lounging around.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Makayla I bet that poop felt pretty good.

To: After School Emily great story it sounds like you got a great cleanout.

To: Allison great story about your 2 desperate poops.

To: Francesca first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Annie From Taiwan I bet that was interesting seeing purple poop lol and great story about your huge poop.

To: Natasha great set of stories.

To: Kung Poo great story I bet she felt great after a big poop like that.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

A few replies


I went twice yesterday and once this morning. I'm liking this new diet!

To After School Emily: Sorry to hear that you've been having problems going. Being vegetarian does indeed help me keep things moving and it admittedly was part of the reason why I stopped eating meat. The main reason was that it no longer appealed to me as a concept. I just didn't want to anymore and that's really all there is to it. I can certainly relate as a Midwesterner to the struggle of maintaining the diet when surrounded by people chowing down on tenderloins and Polish sausage, but the great thing is that there are meat substitutes available that taste close enough to the real thing for me to not notice. I went to a grill-out last weekend with vegan brats and they were tasty!

To Catherine: It's going great! I'm finding a bunch of recipes and means of making up for the lost protein online. There's been no news from the Colorado Crapper of late; I hope she got help or started relieving herself before a run!

To Dayna: Welcome! Did you ever get the monster to go down?

To Francesca: It's nice to talk to you in person! What made me jealous is that I've got the same problem you have: it's hard for me to be open about my enjoyment of bathroom-related things and I've never had a situation like you did with Taylor where you could just sit down and go with someone else in the room like that, particularly as someone who's regularly found herself behind the plunger. I look forward to hearing more from you.



Re: Jennie

Lol omg I can totally feel your pain. I have to ask I'm sorry if this is too forward but have you taken a pregnancy test? I just ask because I've had similar experiences to yours and one incident that occurred i found out a week later that I was pregnant and my doctor said it could have been the cause. But it was super embarrassing lol I was at the movies with my friend from work when I just felt my stomach twisting in knots and I had to go to the bathroom so bad. I stood up and had to fight so hard not to let go in my pants right there at my seat and barely managed, but as I made my way down the steps I was 90% sure I wasn't gonna make it to the bathroom in time. That's a hard realization to cope with when you're in a public place and you're 28 and you know you're about to poop your pants! I got around the little wall to the ramp that goes down out of the theater when it just like..pushed itself out. I just felt a woosh of hot soft mush spread up the back of my jeans and I ran to the ladies room in a panic. I was such a mess that I abandoned my friend and went home Lol! Your restaurant accident made me think of that. When I talked to my friend later I couldn't even lie i straight up admitted to pooping my pants in the movie and having to go home, which wound up being a mistake because everyone at work eventually found out...

The other one is totally just my fault trying to wait too long and was also very embarrassing of course. A couple months ago we had friends over, my fiance and I. We live in a small old colonial farm house. The bathroom is above the living room and actually has a vent that goes straight through the floor. If you sit on the toilet you can actually see down into the living room. So it's a little nerve wracking to go if there are people having a conversation in the living room...well, long story short, I was trying to wait for our friends to go home, but I really had to poop, and I eventually just couldn't hold it. I finally decided to suck it up and use the bathroom while my friends were over, but it was too late and I filled my panties in the kitchen just as I stepped away to head to the was a wet and heavy feeling load and I had a dress on so I was scared of it going down my legs so I was scared to move.... I wound up doing the dishes with my legs crossed and a hot load in my underwear until our friends left lol

There was also a time where I had to go bad in the morning but bae was in the bathroom getting ready for work, and it was unbearable so I had a pretty bad accident in my pajamas. I hid in the guestroom until he left for work lol like a little kid that had an accident


Braddock's find

Last weekend I got a last minute child sitting job. Braddock is 9 and he's tougher to control than most of my other children. He likes to mess with me. I was double parked at his grade school to pick him up. We paged him to the office and he came without his book bag. Then he went to get it and when I grabbed it to hurry him out to the car, he said he had to use the bathroom. I let him even though I knew we would be at my house within 10 minutes. After waiting in the office for him, I walked down the hall to see what was holding him up. I stuck my head into the bathroom, and could see his clothing at floor level. I went out to move my car and went back to the bathroom entrance. Since no one else was in there, I walked in to check up on him. He was just sitting there doing nothing. He seemed to be enjoying it. When I had him stand up, there was nothing in the toilet. He was just stalling to see what I would do. I told him to get himself together, wash his hands and meet me in the hallway immediately. He seemed like he was going to sit back down when I grabbed him and moved him out of the non-doored cubicle.

When we got to my house and I gave him half hour to himself before we began with his homework, I walked into my room to find him in there, going through my clothing hamper. He had pulled out 2 pieces of my underwear. One had a pee stain and the other had a crap smear. He held them up for me to see before I sent him back to the living room. Then for the rest of the evening and into Saturday morning he would just put his thumb and finger over his nose and snicker about what he had seen in the hamper. He doesn't understand how little time we have in our 5-minute passing periods at school to wait in line for a toilet, use it, do a good job of wiping and still get to our next class on time. Notice I didn't list hand-washing because that would mean a tardy, call home, and Saturday detention time. Braddock unlike most of my other child care kids, just seems to enjoy being super obnoxious.

Sunday, October 01, 2017


A funny one.

I was wiring lights and power points in a garage one Saturday with my girlfriend. This garage had a big door at the front (which was closed) to the left side was a smaller door and the back wall had a big long window at about shoulder height, and backed onto a railway line.
As the day went on I had gone out the side door and around the back of the garage to a gap of about two feet wide between the garage and a wire boundary line with the railway, and peed on the wall below the window.
Later on my girlfriend also went to the same spot to pee. I could see her from her chest up as she lowered her jeans and knickers and squat down, when suddenly the first train I had see that day came past. My girlfriend jumped up and ran back in the side door holding her jeans up to cover her bum, she said she had only just started to pee and was not going out there again.
So I found a plastic bucket under the bench at the back of the garage and placed it in the middle of the floor, she then lowered her jeans and in a high squat continued with her pee, into the bucket. The noise of her pee hitting the plastic bucket was louder then the train that had past, she peed a long and hard piss, when she was done she pulled up her knicker (which had a small damp patch on them from jumping up and running back in) and then her jeans, she then emptied the bucket out of the side door into the grass.
She did pee one more time into the bucket, but that was no more then a dribble, I then peed into the bucket which I then emptied before we left the garage.
She did not think it funny that all the people on the train could have seen her peeing or her bum as she ran back in. I did.

Lucky Lady

Helpful Hubby

Long time lurker! I'm 30 years old and married to a male nurse practitioner. We're lucky enough to be expecting a baby in 6 months which is wonderful, but I've been having to deal with severe constipation!

It started not too long after we found out I was pregnant. I've always been pretty modest about pooping. I can go at home but that's about it. I've been doubled over in pain before and couldn't poop it out in a public toilet no matter how hard I tried! So when I got married it was an adjustment. I just use the toilet when I need to and hubby never says anything about any noise or smells that may occur.

But I had already gone 11 days without pooping and he could tell something was up. I had some morning sickness but he couldn't help but notice me sitting on the toilet with no result, particularly the last few days when I had really been straining hard and crying.

Then on day 11 I came out of the toilet first thing in the morning and he was fooling around with a pair of gloves and an absorbent pad on the bed. He looked at me and said "Hon, let me help you. It's OUR baby and our pregnancy, and I'm a medical professional. Holding in all those toxins is bad for you and the baby and I hate seeing you in pain when I know I can fix it."

I was shaking and nervous, but he was so sweet and I was in such agony that I just took my nightgown and panties off and tried to lay on my stomach, but it hurt too badly.

"Lay on your left side, hon, and pull your one knee up to your chest. Ok, I'm going to examine your rectum to see what we should do next.", he said. Tears of embarrassment and pain poured down my eyes as I felt his well lubed finger enter my anus. He used his other hand to stroke my shoulder and hair, saying "It's ok... oh hon, if you weren't married to a NP, then I'd send you to the ER. This is bad. We won't let it get like this again. We'll get it out. It'll hurt some but I'll help you."

I winced as he took his finger out, added more lube, and lifted my hefty asscheek to put two fingers in. I whimpered and kind of scooted away, but he used a firm hand to hold me back. "I have to manually disimpact you before we can use an enema. I know it'll hurt, but a surgery and perforated bowel would hurt worse. I'll go slow, just breathe, ok?"

I nodded, trying to breathe deeply as I felt his fingers stretching my full rectum and moving around. He explained that he was using a lot of lube to help it all come out and then I started to smell something terrible! I gasped and he said "Yeah, I'm getting some out. It's ok, don't be embarrassed. I see this and worse every day and you're my wife. Honestly, and this is selfish, but I am kind of enjoying myself. I know it hurts but it'll fix you up, and I love that I'm the one doing it!"

I spoke for the first time, gasping "Its....ugh....ok. I know I need cleaned out... ow!" "Sorry hon, big one. That should help" "Oh God... yeah. I couldn't stand having this done in a hospital by strangers! ow!"

"Yeah... that's all I can reach without hurting you too much. There's way more up there... I'm going to have to just go ahead with the soapy enema."

"No... can't I just try to push it out?!" I really did feel like pushing and was struggling not to.

"It will probably be too big to pass. Don't push, alright?"

But I couldn't help it. As he left to prepare the enema in the kitchen, my body started straining at this huge ball that I could feel stopping up my insides. I got on all fours on the bed, head down, and felt my stomach and ass contracting. I decided to just stop fighting it in spite of what hubby said. It just hurt so much! I scooted my knees into my chest and pushed hard, like my body wanted. It hurt!! My bloated stomach pushed on my knees and I realized I hadn't even been able to fart in the past couple of days. I truly thought I was going to die. I stopped trying to push even though my muscles still contracted on their own. I cried out and hubby came in with the enema.

"Are you pushing?! You're going to hurt yourself!"

"I can' it.... ugh, my muscles are just doing it!"

He sighed a bit in frustration and told me to just breathe and let my body finish pushing. I struggled and strained for another minute or two on my hands and knees in the bed as he rubbed my anus with lube. Finally my body stopped pushing and I laid back on my side, shaking and crying.

Hubby rubbed my back and said "I'm sorry hon. We'll get you fixed up soon. I need you back on hands and knees like you just were. Knees to chest. We need to get as much of this soapy water in as we can. You're going to have to hold it awhile to soften the blockage. It'll hurt but I have a balloon attachment on this that will help. It'll be better soon." All I could do was shake and cry, but I did what he asked because I knew there was no other way to end the pain. I felt the lubed tip of the enema enter me. It was thicker than I anticipated; thicker than the two fingers. I gasped and he said "I know, I have to use the big one. It inflates and it will help you hold it all in. Just breathe..."

I felt the warm water enter me. It wasn't so bad at first but about a minute in I started cramping. "STOP!" I screamed. "Oh hon, you gotta take more than that. But we'll take a break. Just breathe. I'm gonna inflate the tip too."

I felt the tip get wider and I moaned in pain and frustration.The cramps subsided and he opened the water again. He held it up high, saying "High, hot, and a hell of a lot. It'll hurt but it works. You're doing great!"

He had to stop multiple times as I cried out, thinking I was about to blow shit all over the place. Eventually it was too much and I had to finish the enema on my back, with him rubbing my stomach.

"You've taken a 2 liters. This will get you moving but only if you can hold it."

As he said this I was squirming as my rectal and stomach muscles struggled against the balloon. "It....hurts....oh I'm dying!" I cried. "No, you aren't. You'll be better soon. Really soon". He rubbed my stomach and said soothing things for what seemed like hours. I finally sat up and screamed "I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!!" and stood up to run to the toilet. "Just 20 minutes! You're gonna need another!" I barely heard him as I plopped my ass on our toilet, leaving the door open. The balloon was still in my ass but my entire body was pushing against it and I couldn't stop it. Hubby rushed over to deflate it so I wouldn't hurt myself anymore and I gushed out a small amount of enema water.

" is that it?" I said, sobbing. I had 11 days of poop, enema water, and gas that I hadn't been able to pass. The little bit of water was nothing compared to the pressure and massive bloating of my stomach.

"It's still going to be hard to pass, but I think you can do it. I hoped you'd hold it longer but I know it's hard. I'll be here to help you."

It was then when I had a moment of clarity and realized that I was butt naked on the toilet in front of my husband, who was wearing shit covered gloves and holding a dirty, large enema tip. He was just standing there watching me strain at an 11 day old shit with my stomach inflated with water and gas.

"Please... please can I be alone?" I asked

"No... it's too dangerous. You're pregnant and this is a very large blockage. I can't risk you fainting and falling down."

I grunted loudly in pain and frustration as my entire body bore down on my huge blockage. I felt it moving and moaned such to hubby. He started to massage my stomach as I strained, screamed, and cried. I took about 20 minutes to pass the first big ball of poop, during which I changed positions a bunch of times. I ended up passing it in the empty bathtub as hubby helped me in a low squat. It got stuck coming out and I sobbed and strained as he put lube around the turd and rubbed my anus as I pushed it out. He gasped and I looked down to see a big circle of turd at least the size of my fist, except that it was oblong...over 5 inches long, hubby said he thought.

I was super weak and asked to be taken back to the toilet. I still had to strain and moan, though not as hard, to get three other very large and painful turds out before my body exploded. The soft serve came out next, my body contracting like a squeezed toothpaste tube. I couldn't believe the noises and smells coming out of both my mouth and my ass. All the gas I'd been holding onto came out in such huge blasts that I involuntarily moaned each time I farted. Hubby kept flushing for me and eventually did have to hold me on the toilet as I got weaker from all the shit coming out of me. After 5 flushes of softserve the stool got looser and much, much louder.

I was weak but starting to feel like myself again and realizing again how awful it was that I was being held on the toilet by my husband...after getting poop dug out of my butt by him and had him help "deliver" the huge part of the blockage. I whimpered "I'm so...embarrassed." He hugged me (yeah, still on the pot) and said "You're pregnant and I'm your hubby nurse. This is just the beginning!"

When he put it like that, it didn't seem so bad ;)


three mini stories

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. It's just been freshers week and really busy getting ready for the next year of uni!

I've got three stories to tell and I'll try to not waffle on too much!

First off, a couple of weeks ago I repeated my outdoor wee with Robyn, we were in the big park and she came over and said she needed a wee , as I needed one too I came with her. This time, knowing that the toilets are shut in the evenings, we didn't trudge all across to the other side of the park but went to the edge of the field and into the bushes. Robyn offered to stand guard whilst I went first. I had jeans and a top on, so I just pulled my jeans and black knickers down and squatted behind one bush, but seconds later Robyn came round too and said "I'm so sorry, I underestimated how badly I had to go, I've got like 2 seconds left" and quickly whipped her dress up and thong down and did a very desperate and high pressure wee into the ground. When she'd finished she bounced up and down a bit and apologised for not waiting, she said she'd felt ok and then a big wave came on and she knew she couldn't wait any more.

Secondly, a few days after that I was in town at around 4.30 and needed a wee so went into the loos in a shop. There were two cubicles in the ladies and one was occupied, so I pushed the door open on the second one. To my shock there was a teenage girl on the loo, she was squatting with her feet on the seat, knickers at her knees, weeing into the toilet. She went bright red as everything was on show, and we both apologised to each other as I quickly left!

The final thing was really embarrassing, I'm ashamed to say I had an accident and wet myself. I've only had one proper, full-on accident before this.
It was last night (well actually early hours of this morning) and I was coming home from a night out. I always make sure I go for a wee before I set off home, but it's quite normal for me to go behind a bush or something on the way home if I've been drinking a lot!
Last night was no exception and by about halfway home I really needed a wee. The problem was that I'd passed the park where there's a convenient place to stop and wee behind a bush, and it seemed to be a lot busier than normal, I assumed because of fresher's week. Behind me was a group of guys who were pretty drunk and I didn't want to squat somewhere in case they saw me. They turned off a bit further down the road, but by this point I was in a shopping street and all the shops have CCTV, so I really didn't want to squat somewhere and end up getting into trouble! By the time I got to the end of there, I was only about 10 minutes away from home, so I decided to carry on and hold it in, although my bladder was really aching by this point. A minute or so later I felt a small dribble squeeze past and I could feel a damp patch of warmness in my knickers, followed by another one a minute later. I pressed on as I was nearly at the end of my road, but 30 seconds later there was another leak, at which point I stopped and screwed up my face and tried to hold on as much as I could. I took a step forward and felt another big leak happen, I managed to cut it off, then there was another big leak, then another, then despite me standing there holding on with all my might, I started weeing, standing there in the street. I was going for a good 30 seconds before I thought 'stuff it' and just let go, at which point the stream got even more powerful and I could feel it pooling in my knickers and running down my tights. I was really embarrassed as I could see a puddle forming underneath me in the street light. The stream came to an end and I walked (well, more like hobbled... squelched) down the road, looking around and hoping that nobody would see me. I got outside the flat and looked up, fortunately all the lights were out. I went upstairs, into the flat, then into the bathroom where I locked myself in. I lifted up my maroon coloured skirt and underneath there was a huge wet patch on the black tights I'd been wearing. I peeled them off and put them in the laundry right away, then turned my attention to my knickers. They were pink with a grey lace edging, and they were completely soaked. Only the top waist bit was dry. Again, I peeled them off and they wound themselves into a tiny ball and into the laundry. I had a long, hot bath, then a wee again, then got changed and went to bed.


Aunt Emily

I have a few stories that I can remember growing up .I would often stay over my aunt's home especially during summer months as both my parents worked.My aunt was single as she had been divorced and my two cousins sarah and Lisa both teenagers lived with my aunt.They had a ranch home with only one bathroom with a sliding door and no lock so as girls do they would share it among each other..My aunt insisted I take a bath every night before bed which I didnt really think was a big deal and she often check on me and make sure I was okay.A few times she came in and had to pee while I was in the tub.I can remember it was a friday night and my cousins were both staying over a freinds home and my aunt was getting bath ready and she said I could stay up late and watch few horror movies with her ....My aunt suddenly came in and said she had some bad cramps and had to use the toilet..she quickly pulled down her undies and sat her bum on the toilet..from where I was in the tub I had a perfect view of her butt through this makeshift curtain....she rocked foward a few times and let out a few farts which made me giggle...All of a sudden I noticed a large snake like log emerging from her butt and with a loud splash went into the water...this was followed by more farts and poop....The bathroom stunk pretty good and aunty apologized but was also laughing that she felt so much better.... she wiped and through her soiled panties in the hamper and said see even Aunty has accidents..She blamed it on her friends cocktails......I have afew more to add


Big Poop

Hey there! I took a really big poop today. It just kept coming and coming. The poop was long, thick and hard. It's been three days since I last pooped. My daddy unclogged the toilet.



Little kids in public restrooms

As a college-level coach and graduate instructor I represent my institution at conferences and with the help of members of my team, make recruiting trips to high schools and middle schools over a 200 mile area.

Recently me and Gabby made one of those trips over three days on the interstate. Gabby's one of the nicest and most focused members of the team, but she panics when we're between rest stops and she has to relieve her bladder. She says its the size of a pea and her boyfriends give her a hard time when they are at sporting events and concerts and she has to find bathroom without a long line. Such was the case when we were about an hour from one of our school stops. Gabby told me she had to pee and within 15 minutes we were at a rest stop. I decided to go in with her too because I hadn't had my crap that day and I was hopeful.

This was a five-toilet bathroom. Not big on privacy because only the handicapped stall had a privacy door, but the toilets weren't broken or overflowing and all but the stall I chose, my luck, had toilet paper in the container. As I walked through I saw all the toilets were in use. Gabby was beside me on the left and I knew I wanted to give her first crack at a toilet. The third toilet seemed to attract Gabby's attention. This kid, she looked to be about 4, was trying to get onto the seat from the right side. She was barefoot, had her undies down to her knees, and she was lifting her dress with one hand and the other was on the plastic toilet paper dispenser that she was holding onto with her other hand. She still had one foot on the floor since she was just getting situated. Gabby walked in, turned around and asked the girl to get down and off. She did and Gabby immediately moved in, dropped her slacks and underwear, and immediately I could hear he splashes into the bowl. She hugged the girl from her seat and thanked her graciously.

When Gabby got done, she got up and the auto flush went off. Once it finished and was not threatening to the little girl, Gabby lifted her up and placed her back on the stool. Gabby had a couple of pieces of candy in her purse and she offered the girl one. The girl took it. The first toilet opened first and I took it. I did my pee but my hoped-for-crap was not to be.

After our presentation at the school, I went in for another try. This one was ready. Lots of coffee and soda on the road physic me. That was good because again there were no doors on any of the stalls. And there were plenty of girls waiting and a 6'5" 170-pound woman on a toilet without a privacy door does draw attention. And it didn't help that despite three tries, the last using my foot, the flusher wouldn't activate. I hate to say it but I don't think my mammoth log would have cleared anyway.

Hi...I had diarrhea today...lots of diarrhea...lots of farts...lots of stink...

Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny.
To Jillian

Omg. That sounds like an amalgam of clubbing stories from my 20's, but with my worst nightmare of an ending,. Did the police give you a warning or tell you to cLean up? I'm glad you didn't get in bigger trouble. Were you able to clean yourself up aftewards? I was in a similar situation (several times,) but I wasn't caught and I had something to wipe with( tissues, wet wipes and one time a free t,shirt) I felt dirty each time, and I could swear I could smell myself for feel stick after each time. After the third time, I stopped wearing white thongs at least for when I was going out dancing or in a cute dress. I stained a white thong each time even after wiping and only wear white thongs occasionally when I run ,,(my older white things are soooo comfortable to run in so in those situations I " steer into the skid":) unless I'm in a locker room , no one will see those dirty undergarments and I will shower and change before any dude sees by booty and panties.

Speaking of which, anyone delay ahem an " intimate " situation because your butt felt dirty or fear your panties would be stained and caught by your date. I can say in all three scenarios, I purposely avoided sex since I did not have access to clean underwear or even a shower post poop

After School Emily

After the Prune Juice Cleanout Emily

Good morning. As you can see from the title, I had to drink more prune juice. Molly and I have been really busy this week, with after school meetings with parents, open house and Friday Night football. For some reason, I did not go Thursday after school. I had time. I never felt the urge. Friday was busy. Like a day on vacation, my bowels did not ever feel relaxed enough to go. I paid little attention until Saturday morning. I was bloated. With a lazy day planned, I thought that I would go. Still nothing. Being very uncomfortable, I purchased some prune juice at the store and drank two glasses before bedtime.

I showered and ate a light breakfast, dried my hair, but remained in my bathrobe and gown. I began to cramp and feel pressure on my rectum. As I let the urge build, I felt a gush in my intestines and the needs to run to the toilet. Molly was getting ready for church. I asked her if I could have the bathroom, and she said that she would go elsewhere.

The defecation began with solid chunks, followed by a gush of mushy, liquid poo, and then culminated with loud, booming flatulence. It felt rather nice and relieving. I enjoyed it.

Molly knocked on the door. "Em, are you all right? I can hear that all the way in the kitchen!" She giggled. I told her that I actually felt better now. I had a little more diarrhea, flushed, cleaned up and flushed again. The smell was atrocious!

While this was a nice change of pace from my normal banana-shaped bowel movements, I am really not liking constipation. I have been interested in vegetarianism, but the South is not exactly friendly to vegetarian diets.

I would appreciate if anyone could share with me how their vegetarian diets have helped their bowel movements.

Victoria B, It is always good to hear from you. Why did you go vegetarian and is it consistently helping you stay regular? Your advice is appreciated. Best, Emily

Catherine, I read that you eat primarily vegetarian. Why did you not go completely vegetarian?

Dayna, I enjoyed your post.

Oh my, major cramp...looks like I wasn't completely cleaned out.




In the Library

One thing I've found in college is that there are certain bathrooms more likely to be pooped in. Growing up, pooping in public restrooms seemed so taboo and undone, but when you spend so much time somewhere, you're bound to have to go at some point. People, myself included, prefer pooping in more remote restrooms where you're much more likely to have privacy, or company that won't judge you because it's not like you're out in a busy zone. I typically try to poop in these restrooms more often rather than the crowded, very public spaces.

So anyway, this morning between two of my classes I decided to stop and grab some coffee. Coffee for me is a risky adventure, half the time it works as an almost instant laxative. So I'm sitting there drinking my coffee and reading my book when my stomach starts to rumble. I lift my butt off my seat a little and let out some silent gas. I continued to do this intermittently until the dreaded moment: a shart. I farted into my shorts and all of a sudden there was a little pop and some stickyness between my cheeks. I quickly got up and moved to the fifth floor of the library, which is never as populated, and slipped into the three stall bathroom. I hung my backpack on the door hook and sat down and immediately a thin snake of poop the consistency of mashed potatoes fell out of me. I gently pushed out a rope of this soft poop but still felt a little uneasy so i decided to sit for a bit. Another girl came into the bathroom and took the stall at the other end and starting peeing. We sat there in silence and I felt bad for her, she was probably embarrassed with another person in there. I tried to make her feel a little more comfortable and bore down and pushed until I popped a loud, wet, bubbly fart and some wet poop splashed in the bowl. A few seconds later she starts making these little grunts and I could hear tiny plops. She was being a little loud with her grunting so I see why she was embarrassed. I kept sharting into the bowl and she got up and left before I was even finished! I eventually finished up and left, only to feel another urge a couple of hours later at home. I had to warn my roommate before going into our bathroom and filling the toilet with more soft coffee poop. By the time I was done it was all split up, too soft to stay solid, and floating around the top of the water. At least it didn't leave skidmarks!


Post Title (RE; Funny News Story)


I suspect you may be right about it being a mental issue due to the repeat shows.

Also, state/city laws can have serious consequences even in an emergency situation when the choice is between your pants and maybe getting caught doing it where you shouldn't.

Back in the late 80s to early 90s during the Sea Fare in Seattle a guy seriously needed to pee. Went back a block and a half away, into an alley, and shielded by a dumpster relieved himself. The police that confronted him did not actually see him do it, yet still arrested him. Charging him not only for relieving himself in public, but since the parade was less 1k feet away also charged him with exposing himself to minors. Even though none were there. The doctor's life was destroyed, he had previously been one of the top pediatrician's in Seattle.

I'd much rather do it in my pants rather than have an issue with the law.



Camping story #1

When I was still in the Boy Scouts (I reached Eagle in 2007 and left shortly after collecting a full set and a half of Palms), we would frequently go on camping trips to various places, often without proper plumbing facilities. (I have many of these stories from those times, and I enjoy outdoor stories on here so this is nice on to write.)

One time, we were camping at someone's property, and on the property were many sheds and what seemed to be small cabins. We weren't allowed inside these outbuildings for shelter and instead pitched the traditional tents in the nearby field. At the time, I didn't like the idea of pooping outside (peeing, I was fine with as it was quite easy for the obvious reason). Thus, I held it in for the next three days and finally, I was bursting so much to go, I had to give in.

The last morning, I was in serious pain and knew I needed to go soon. I began looking around for a secluded place to relieve myself. My poop was pushing hard against my butthole and it was difficult to hold it back at this point; my time was running out and soon I would poop in my pants, something I did not want to do. In the presence of other boys, the embarrassment would have killed me.

Finally, I ducked behind one of the cabins on the far end of the field, a long way from the campsite. I fumbled with my pants and jerked them down to my ankles. A sudden urgent need to pee hit me and I pointed my penis at the wall of the cabin and sighed as pee splattered against the wooden side of the building. As I finished, my poop began to poke out and I hurriedly turned and squatted down, leaning against the wall. Grunting, I felt the massive log begin to move out of me and I strained to push it along. I was terrified that someone would "walk in" on me at any moment, so I wanted to get this done quickly.

Finally, the huge poop slid out and thudded on the ground under me. A loud fart erupted and I felt myself go red--at least more than I already was from pushing so hard, hoping no one had heard. I farted again more quietly and felt another poop coming. I adjusted my jeans as I felt another log slowly begin to slide out; I grunted as I pushed it out, wetting the soil slightly as some pee squirted out. The second log dropped to the ground and a third slid out quickly. I farted twice and dropped a last, fourth poop onto my pile. A small puddle formed as I peed for a few more seconds and I was done. I let out a long sigh of relief.

Now I had a bit of a predicament: I had neglected to grab some toilet paper on the way here, so urgent was my need. I reached into my pocket and pulled out an old receipt of some kind and carefully wiped with it, wincing at the unfamiliar texture of the waxy paper. It was not a pleasant or easy job and I still felt a bit dirty after, so I grabbed a nearby stick and (very gingerly!) rubbed it between my butt cheeks--this was hardly better, if not worse! Ouch. But I felt clean enough to pull up my pants and underwear, so I did so. I zipped up and looked at what I had made. They were quite long, all of them, four or five inches perhaps--I'm not in the habit of actually "measuring" my poops.

So I walked back to camp and felt much better. I quietly mentioned it to my dad, who was also there as an adult leader, and he asked if I was clean enough, having not used toilet paper, and I assured him I was.

Well, that's the end of another story. I hope you enjoyed it!


My worst ever no. 2

Hi, all

Your new stories are very fun to read. It's so nice to be able to share such embarrassing stories with one another without judgment.

Dayna: Hi! Welcome. I am also fairly new here, so hang in with it. It's nice. I loved your story! Sounds like you had a tough time. Hopefully you got that poop down without issue.

Jessica: I wanted to reply to you before, but I was still nervous about conversing with others. I really loved your story about the other girl pooping next to you. Hope she felt much better and you weren't grossed out. Maybe her exam was giving her nerves. I've had the exact thing happen at the library with a dude in the next stall. Maybe I'll share that story soon.

Optional Person: I was shocked reading about that jogger from Colorado. I don't jog but I can understand how it can get your poops moving. I know she just wanted to feel better, but the lady that caught her said there were restrooms across the street if she needed to go potty. Going in others yards isn't nice so hopefully she has stopped or will be.

I wanted to share a memorable story from when I was a high school junior (like 7-8 years ago). I was in American History class, and I had been fighting some food poisoning. During class, I knew I was getting the poops; I was sweating, my hands started shaking and I became lightheaded as my ???? was aching. I gave in and asked the teacher, who never minded students going to the bathroom. I went to a large public high school with a lot of bathrooms, but at this time, I was still a little poop shy. The first two hallway bathrooms, about a quarter mile apart, had other students in there. I started almost running to the boys room near the cafeteria- my high school was basically a long rectangle so lengthy but it wasn't wide, so getting to the other side wasn't so bad. I got inside and there were two guys playing that casino game craps, I assumed- they were laughing while holding money and rolling dice off of the wall. I was about to pass out from my poop contractions but I couldn't. I left them alone and ran somewhere called the annex, which was a small building outside of extra classrooms and a bathroom. I finally arrived, almost crying, and went inside. It was empty and peaceful.

Still lightheaded, I bolt into a stall, rip down my jeans, then my underwear (which I assume were white briefs because that's all I've bought since I was a teenager) and collapsed onto the potty. I pooped out what seemed like a pound of diarrhea- it came out in about 7 waves. It had taken me ten mins to get there and about another 15 mins I spent pooping. I could feel the blood returning to my brain and I felt much better, so I wiped, pulled up my tightly whities and jeans and returned to class. I went number 2 about two more times at school that day but they were pretty normal. That was just my worst poop in my lifetime.

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