Pooping in front of my mother

As I mentioned on my introduction post, my parents seemed fond of taking me to the doctors whenever they suspected I wasn't going to the toilet enough. I had to go when they noticed I wasn't peeing that often and shortly after my 13th birthday they wanted me to go again when they realised I wasn't pooping daily like I used to. That had been going on for about 6 months but I guess they finally twigged.

To keep my mother happy and avoid an awkward situation at the doctors I offered to go with my mother in the room watching me, so she knew I wasn't having any difficulty and I was in fact healthy. She agreed and later that day I needed to go so we both went to the bathroom. I remember her leaning back against the bathroom door with her arms crossed as I sat on the toilet. I started peeing and since it went on for so long she reminded me I shouldn't hold it so much (ugh). We waited for about a minute for my poop to start and I suspect that if we waited any longer she would decide that I wasn't going as easily as I said.

I told her I was going as I felt my poop easily and effortlessly coming out of me, nice and fat just like usual. And I just sat there letting it happen, enjoying it as I always did. Some time went by and It fell in the toilet with a large splash and I dropped a few more pieces. She made me stand up and looked in the bowl before I wiped, I was quite proud of my creation, three lovely long logs! She seemed satisfied I was okay and left me in peace to wipe. She's never mentioned my toilet habits since!

Uncle Harry


To: Natasha

I liked your story about the gender neutral bathroom. I run into this often in the public park near me.


To Victoria B

Hi Victoria!

Yes, I read your stories about having to poop while running. There's a difference between needing to go right now and avoid an accident and doing what the Colorado Jogger is doing. For her, I assume, it's a fetish of some sort. She's definitely regular and well prepared. I hope that she gets help, finds a new jogging route, and ceases this behavior before she is arrested and further humiliated.

People must know who she is by now. I wonder if she ever thought that she would receive national publicity for her conduct. How would you like to go to your grave known as the Colorado Jogger who defecates publically?

I don't see anything wrong with the stories you wrote. You had no choice.

By the way, how is your diet change going?



Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Purple poop after Dragon fruit lol

Hi everyone. It's 2 PM here and I had no urge to poop after breakfast with coffee (though I usually do), but soon after lunch with Dragon fruit for dessert, I needed to poop (typical lol). I walked to the WC in my red Banana Republic t shirt and black underwear (no one home and this is what I'll be sleeping in), pulled down my underwear and sat on the toilet and relaxed. Immediately a soft poop came out and within about 30 seconds to a minute I was done. I reached behind me for some TP/tissues and wiped. The paper was purple! Lol. I had to use a couple of sheets to get clean. I stood up, tossed the tissues into the toilet, pulled up my underwear and looked at what I did. It was a soft turd, about 6 inches long. There's still more (surprisingly) in my belly, but I've always been known for crapping lots, even as a really small girl (I used to frequently stop up our toilets). Now I drink lots of water being in a much warmer country, so that and healthy diet makes my poop a lot softer. I flushed the toilet and washed & dried my hands and now I'm in bed writing this.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan


Zip, nice to see you posting again. About Portland. I was in Portland a few years ago and used a doorless stall in a park right near downtown. Well nothing too strange about that except the middle stall that I was dumping in was visible to people passing by on the sidewalk! I didn't even notice this until I was seated and pooping! If I moved forward a little bit on the toilet seat I could clearly see people on the sidewalk. I made eye contact with a really cute Asian girl. I think she could see my knees and arms from the elbow. It was an unforgettable experience.


To Dayna

Dayna, Thank you for your kind words about my stories. I really enjoyed yours. The poops like you described are the absolute best.

What did you like about my stories? Medical School is kicking my ass, so finding time to write, or thinking about interesting things to write, has been a chore. I still peak at the forum. At least I have been regular. I still go one, big, thick poop per day.

- Becc


To Dayna

This is for Dayna

Do you go poop everyday? Have you ever had a really long piece of poop that touched the toilet water before it came out of your butt?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Uncle Harry

Comments 1A

To Jennifer G:

You received my Comments 2, but not Comments 1. I don't know why, but here is basically what I recommended. Buy a female version of a portable urinal. It has two flaps on the top that fit tightly around your pussy. Pee into it and then dump it outside. These are easily obtained from most drug stores and medical supply stores. Maybe buy a few for your friends so you can all pee at the same time. Maybe get a male version if you have a man in the car. It has a round top that a man inserts his penis into. Happy peeing.

Hi I have been reading some of these for a few years off and on. to begin with I am not a doctor, but a person that like facts and does a lot of reading time to time. This is that I am going to talk about is more like the TV doctors talk about.

Your poop is the waste product of your body, the waste goes to the large testent. at that point it vary liquid mushy substance. It take the water out of it and leaves on healthy body a soft to some what firm but soft poop that can go though your butt reasonably easy. There are many factors that decide what the poop is. What you eat, how often you go, how long you hold, The amount you eat. The fiber that kicks of the poop that makes you want to go poop. Okay and different people do different things. If you eat regular meals you should go reasonably easy and softness at regular times. If you hold it for a long time the poop is dying up more and it gets hard and it hard to poop. If it is in a vary liquid or close to it, your body is trying to get that stuff out of you as fast as it can. It could be a bug that doing it. It could be what you ate. So if you having these problems start looking why you are and for your health change what you are doing so you can have more control.

Okay about the smell of poop. More plants you eat less smell, more animals and animal product the more it going to smell. So you meat eaters you going to have the smell. you ???? eaters it less smell. That why predators poop smells it animals that they eat. You notice horses poop does not smell much what do they eat.

Pee is another simple health. By the color of your pee in a lot of cases tell you if you are drinking enough water or not enough. The pee that is clear shows you might be drinking too much water more color is more better. But if your pee is deep color yellow my guess you are not drinking enough water unless y



Hi .... I have been a reader of this site for a few years now, so thought it was about time I contributed.
The taboo or what is acceptable behaviour in society fascinates me. Bodily functions are an everyday part of everyone's lives, but rarely do you find somewhere or someone that you can talk about these issues to.
Wind or gas is my particular issue. I suffer so much from trapped wind, and it can become unbelievably painful sometimes if I have to hold that wind in.
But yet I don't feel comfortable releasing that wind when I am in company. If it was more sociably acceptable to fart or blow off in company, then I Definately feel that my world would be a more painless place.
I am quite a windy lady, and often go to the toilet just to fart. There are only a handful of people that I would fart in front of, luckily my husband is one of these people.
I wonder what other people's experiences are. I quite enjoy chatting about such issues too, because then I don't feel like I am alone. I enjoy the act of farting, releasing the pressure in my guts, I even like the smell sometimes. I always try to say pardon me if I have farted, or have to fart in front of people I know.
I am sure that I am not alone in this, and would love to share some experiences . T xxx


An introduction

An introduction and some replies.

Hi everyone. I'm staying with Taylor tonight to do some university work so I thought I'd borrow her computer and introduce myself. We've just been reading the newest posts together! I'm Francesca, 24 years old and from England, UK. I'm quite slim, 5'6 with shoulder length blonde hair. I'm a vegetarian but eat fish (I'm sure there's a word for that) so I'm sure that affects what I produce somewhat. I never knew a place like this existed, somewhere where I could discuss my toilet habits, and read posts from like minded people. Going to the toilet is something I've always enjoyed, and wanted to discuss but it's not like I can just walk up to my friend and say "Man, that crap felt amazing!" I'm not sure if I will become a regular contributor to this site because I don't really enjoy writing but I'm almost certain I will at least read and lurk. Taylor has my full permission to post anything that happens between us in the bathroom.

I've always felt I was a little different when it comes to using the toilet. Yes, I pee and poop just like everyone else but I felt like I never went as often as everyone else, and when I did, it was much more. I like to think I have a large bladder and excellent bladder control, I only go two or three times a day. Usually when I first wake up, and again in the evening. I can remember my parents being concerned I wasn't going enough and they took me to the doctors. I had to describe how I felt and keep a "pee diary". I drank plenty of water and could pee at any time I fancied, I just didn't. I never felt uncomfortable so I held it until I actually needed to go which was very useful when I was at school. When I do pee it's always for quite a while and I have a strong hissing stream. I find it so interesting when I hear other women going, how some will tinkle, others will sound more like a hosepipe from a height and others will hiss. My mother has the cutest most feminine tinkle I've ever heard while my cousin is the exact opposite. She sounds like she's emptying a glass of water from a height, and if I hadn't seen her sat on the toilet, I would believe that's what she was doing.

Ever since puberty I've been pooping less often than when I was younger. I used to be a once a day girl, every lunch break at school without fail. Now I go every three days. So if I pooped on Monday, I wouldn't go again until Thursday. I don't feel constipated, my pooping is easy and very pleasurable, it's just how I am. My parents were concerned about that too, again worried that I wasn't going enough and suggested I went to see a doctor. To keep them quiet I offered to poop with my mother watching, and it's something I still vividly remember. I think I'll put it in a separate post because this one is getting rather long, and it wouldn't be an introduction. When I do poop it always comes out on its own, even the last small amounts and I never need to push. My plunger has had plenty of action though, I've lost count the amount of long logs I've had to break up so they'll go down.

This is getting quite long and I'm not sure what to say so… ask me anything I guess!

PS - Victoria B - I will need to use her bathroom shortly so I think there will be another post about me. Why did it make you feel jealous?


Women watching the men pee.

Yesterday I went to a beer festival, it opened at 11am just as I arrived, the first thing that I did was to go for a pee, (the tablets that I am on). The toilet area is normally set up so that as you go into it there is a hand-wash station with 2 or 3 disabled toilets behind it with the lady's toilets going to the right in a L shape, to the left a 6 module urinal with its entrance in the middle, then toilets to make up a L shape. This time the lady's was the same but the disabled toilets were to the left of a gap, (to give an emergency exit), with a 3 module urinal to the left of them with the entrance on the end with the hand-wash station infront of the entrance.
I went in and as I peed I could see the hand-wash station and anyone using it could see straight into the urinals, when I came out I saw the other 3 module urinal on the other side of the hand-wash, its entrance at the end so that anyone coming from the lady's to use it could see right up through it.
On my second visit to pee there was a woman with her back to the hand-wash side looking into the urinals at a young lad, I said excuse me as I went passed her into the urinals passed the lad to the second urinal module trough, she was still looking as I peed, the lad went to the hand-wash with the woman, who was still watching.
The next time I went there was a male security guard there telling you to go to the far end of the urinals as some lady had complained about the men peeing.
The last time I went there was both a male and female guard there they were putting red/white tape across the other urinal entrance and had taped black bin bags over the first urinal trough with a notice not to be used.
How come us men can get into trouble peeing into the gents urinals there for that use, but a women watching can complain about it and get it stopped.


First time Poster, long time Lurker

Hiya! My name's Dayna (as you probably've read at the top) and I've been lurking around the site on and off for about a year or so. I finally decided to write here after gaining confidence from reading some other posters' posts (looking at you, Becc!). I'm a 20-something female, medium-build, not skinny but not fat, with currently purple hair. Yes, you read it, purple! Well, that's enough for introductions. Ask me questions if you have any!

I probably just took one of the biggest craps of my life. The thing's massive! And yes, that's present tense. It's still in the toilet. I had to poo for a while before, but I was playing video games and only left when it started prairie dogging. I quickly sat down, pulled my panties to my feet, and starting pooping immediately. I heard the turd crackle as it pushed out of my butt -- probably a foot of it just rushed out of me. I didn't even have to strain. It kind of hurt and burned a little coming out. Maybe an inch diameter? All I knew at the time was that it was long, wide, and stank. Oh, the smell was absolutely wretched. Extremely lady-like, I know. It ended up being broke in half when it actually hit the water, even though it ended up sticking out of the water anyway.

I wiped, checked the bowl, and as soon as I checked I knew it wasn't going down without a fight. 1 flush, nope. 2 flushes, didn't budge. 3 flushes, my turd wasn't having it. After the fourth flush I truly realized how giant this log was. I decided then and there that a crap this big deserved it's own post on Toiletstool! And here I am now. My girlfriend's plumbing sucks so I'm probably going to have to go get a stick from outside to break it up. Nice first post, I'd say!

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Massive poop in afternoon, about 2 1/2 hours after lunch

Hi everyone. I am in bed now, about to take a nap after having a MASSIVE Chuánwěi (Poop in Mandarin Chinese). I had lunch about 2 1/2 hours ago (delicious microwaveable 7-11 meal from a local Taiwanese 7-11 with milk and a reusable bottle of water). Finally, I felt the urge about 10 minutes ago while in bed and I quickly went to the ce suo, pulled down my white undies with pink and brown stripes and black shorts and sat on the ce suo and relaxed, giving a gentle push. With no effort, a GIANT soft log came out and fell in the bowl within a minute. My curiosity got the better of me and I peeked into the bowl below me because I wanted to see the beast my body had expelled. WOW is all I can say! I stood up to wipe and to take a better look at it. This thing was about 3 FEET LONG and soft! By far the biggest poop I've ever done! Oh my goodness! I tossed the TP into the ce suo after wiping well, pulled up my underwear and shorts and washed my hands after flushing the massive log down the toilet. In the meantime, I'm rehydrating myself on this very hot day and hoping for another good motion (to borrow Mina's word) after dinner. My stomach is surely feeling a lot better and smaller. Keep safe everyone, and happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan

Michael W.

Three Stories

Hi everyone. Its been a while since I posted on here, I've been busy. Today I have three stories that I would like to share and I'll try not to make this post so dreadfully long. But first...

To Lavah, I enjoy reading your stories. If you're having trouble again, I hope it comes out okay.

Onto my first story. I was 8 or 9 years old at the time and I was in 3rd Grade back in May 1997. My older bro was in the hospital bcz he was having health problems and my dad was with him down in Indy. I stayed with my Grandma Sandy for a few days. It was morning and school had not started yet. All the kids were playing at the playground before they were told to line up to wait for their teacher to collect them. I was sitting outside of the Principal's Office. I wasn't in trouble or anything. I was having a stomach ache with really bad gas. The night before I had chilli for dinner with 2 or 3 bowls of ice cream. I don't know how much I ate bcz I hardly remember but anyways I was trying to hold my farts in. Two of the Junior High kids was having a conversation about holding your farts in too long and they said that if you hold in your farts for long periods of time you will spontaneously combust (Meaning that you will burst into flames until you nothing but a pile of ashes). This was an awkward moment for me bcz of having gas. So I held in my farts until I couldn't take it anymore and then I felt an urge to go. So I got up and went to the Upper Elementary Boys bathroom. I didn't poop in school unless it was an emergency and that was it. So I took the first stall and closed the door. Then I let down my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and exploded on the toilet with diarrhea. I let loose with some nasty liquid and chunky poop along with loud blippery farts. Luckily I had the bathroom all to myself. I think I spent no more than 20 minutes in there. When I was done my stomach was no longer hurting. I wiped with toilet paper, flushed the toilet, pulled my jeans and underwear back up and then I washed my hands and left the bathroom. And then school started. I was glad I didn't caught if somebody walked in.

Onto my second story,
I was 9 years old and in 4th Grade back in April of 1998. It was over the weekend and my dad made chilli. I had like 3 servings of it. My dad makes the best chilli in the world. Anyways, the next morning we had to go to church and all that chilli that I ate killed my stomach. I had to fart so bad but I couldn't do it bcz I didn't want to gross anyone out or embarrass myself. I couldn't even relax or stand up or sing church songs, it was that bad. 20 minutes before Sunday school was let out I asked Mrs. Keller if I could be excused to use the restroom and she said "Yes." So I went directly to the Boys Bathroom and I took the first stall and closed the door. Then I let down my black dress pants and boxers down to my ankles and then I let loose with an explosion of diarrhea. My farts were loud and they were echoing. I had my arms around my stomach to sooth the cramps. I just sat there and kept pooping. It was like PPFFRRRTTT!!! PFFFFRRRRTTTT!!! BRRRRRAAAAAPPPP!! I sighed in relief off and on. The bad thing was that Sunday School was dismissed and the kids all came into the bathroom before they left to go home. I was so embarrassed sitting there exploding on the toilet. I kept farting. Some of the boys were laughing. Even my older bro Josh was laughing. He even asked me "Hey Michael, did you eat enough chilli?" I was like "Shut Up!" And then I farted again. It was like PPFFRRTTT! The school of kids left and I was alone in the bathroom again. Another kid then came into the bathroom and then I farted again and it was another loud one. PPPFFFRRRRTTT! And then the kid left and realized that he didn't really need the bathroom after all. I don't blame him. I'm pretty sure he thought that somebody was dying in there. JK. Anyways, 5 minutes went by and then I was done. And me, my dad, and older bro went home. On the way home my stomach started hurting again and I had to poop some more. When we finally got home. I went to my room and grabbed my Aladdin book and headed straight for the bathroom. I was saying "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" while I had one arm around my stomach. I closed the door and then I kicked my shoes off and then I pulled my black dress pants and boxers down to my ankles as I sat on the toilet and then I exploded with diarrhea again. I put my Aladdin book on my lap while I sat on the toilet pooping and farting like a machine gun. I was in there for quite a while when I was done looking through the book, I put it down on the floor and then wiped with toilet paper. I stood up and flushed and then my stomach started hurting again and I heard a gurgle and then I sat right back down on the toilet and exploded with more diarrhea. For a lil while longer I relaxed and let more and more of poop explode out of me while I stared at the wall until I let out my last fart and then there was nothing left. I wiped with toilet paper again, I stood up and pulled up my black dress pants and boxers and then I flushed the toilet, and then I washed my hands. I took my shoes and Aladdin book with me back to my room and then I relaxed on the couch in the living room and watched TV with my dad. I think I spent like an hour in the bathroom that time.

Onto my third story,
I was a Sophomore in High School and I was 15 years old and it was March 2004. I sat in Study Hall drawing pictures in my notebook bcz I didn't have homework and I draw when I'm bored of school. Anyways, one of my classmates asked Mrs. Klotz if he could be excused from class. I can't remember the dude's name so I'm gonna say his name is Dwayne. So Mrs. Klotz writes him a Hall Pass and Dwayne was on his way to do whatever. A half an hour to 45 minutes have gone by and Dwayne returns to class and Mrs. Klotz was like "Where were you?" And he goes "I was in the bathroom." And then Mrs. Klotz asks "What took you so long?" And then Dwayne was like "I had to take a shit." And Mrs. Klotz goes "That's no excuse!" And then Dwayne protests and says "Oh yeah, well you would take long if you had to take a shit like I did." And then Mrs. Klotz says "I don't wanna hear it, Mister, go down to the Principal's Office." So he leaves and then Mrs. Klotz writes him up. Everybody in the classroom was laughing, even I was. I never understood why pooping in school could get you into trouble.

Anyways those were my three stories. I hope my post wasn't too long. That's it for now. I'll post again later. Till then, Happy Pooping.

Uncle Harry


To Zip:

You are right about the laddies room, but that is what it was. As to the door heights, I ran into that at an interstate rest stop. Same thing. My wife told me about the ladies.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jillian sounds like you got very lucky.

To: Annie From Taiwan I bet you felt great after that poop.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Catherine I think that woman enjoys it since she comes prepared.

To: Taylor great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Jillian- just wondering what did you do about wiping? Didn't it ruin your thong

Dominic T

Peeing with Jay

Once in High School, I was in the middle of a Maths lesson when my friend Jay told me "Crap, I need the toilet." I replied "Me too, but we have to wait until maths is over.." he waited for a bit until he said he couldn't hold it in anymore. I eventually raised my hand and told my teacher "Sir, Jay and I have to go to the bathroom" my teacher nodded and said "Okay, go." me and Jay went to the boys' bathroom and Jay was about to go in a cubicle. "So should I wait for you here?" I asked. "Nah, come with me." Jay said to me. I thought that was just WEIRD. He pulled down his trousers and underwear and sat on the toilet. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I said as he pissed for about, 25 seconds or something. There was a loud squishing noise as what sounded like a massive whopping poop had just made it's way out of Jay's asshole. "The hell did you just do, Jay?" I asked. "Just a nice soft shit" he said casually. It was awkward. "Okay you done yet? I need to go too!" I said. Jay wiped his ass and waited for me. "Uh, look away please.." I said, "No, you watched me, I watch you." said Jay. He could be very annoying at times. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and did a quick pee, wiped, pulled my underwear and shorts back up and we left the bathroom. We got back to Maths class.

Did I mention Jay took a picture of his poop? It looked like a soft, mushy pile of melting chocolate. It was gross.

Victoria B.

This and that


I celebrated my morning with a huge poop. It was smooth but firm and over in about ten of the best seconds of my day. I had to flush twice to get it down because it was too big for the drain!

To Taylor: Your friend Francesca sounds delightful and reading about her made me somewhat jealous. Hope to see more of her here!

To Mina: Good to have you back! Yes, my new diet has made me more 'productive' and has me feeling healthier all around! I'm planning on eating meat or fish on certain occasions like holidays or meals with my family. They're more traditional than I am about certain things and I don't expect or want them to have to make extra food for the only vegetarian in the family. Stay safe from the tsunami!

To Catherine: I've been waiting for someone to bring up the Mad Pooper of Colorado. As someone who has made no secret about times when I've needed to relieve myself while running I have to say that I can't get behind what she's doing. I've always tried to take care of my business in a go-now-or-have-an-accident situation as far out of sight as possible if I know there aren't any available toilets. If there are, I gladly use one. It sounds like this woman is continuing to go outside even in such a situation, one where she could just use a nearby bathroom. She's not being very respectful of others and deserves to be caught!


Hello everyone. Been a while since I last posted, and sad to say it might be a while until I post again. Some stuff's come up in my personal life, most of which doesn't pertain to this site, but one bit of good news I can share is that I'm working now. Anyway, I'll start with a few comments and then share some stories. I'll try and make this a longer post too, since I have time right now but might not in the future.

Abbie: I think I remember reading the story when you first talked about Lucy almost going outside to fetch the camping toilet in just her knickers. Good thing you stopped her. That'd have been mighty embarrassing for her! You asked about Emily and if she's typically constipated. Right now she is. It's been an issue for her for a while now, but that's only recently. She didn't used to be constipated, though. I remember she usually pooed twice a day before. I hope her constipation eases soon. I also saw an old post of yours I somehow missed before, when you had to walk down that windy corridor to get to another toilet block for some loo roll. That sounded really awkward, having to desperately hold your skirt to avoid baring your privates and bum for the world to see. But good job that didn't happen.

Well, on with my stories now. Last week, I was out at the shops and I stopped for some lunch. When I finished, I had to wee quite badly so I headed to the toilets. Only the women's toilets were closed for repairs. The men's toilets were marked temporarily unisex though. I wasn't wild about the idea, but I really couldn't wait. I went in and there were two cubicles and two urinals. Both cubicles and one urinal were in use, and one woman was queueing for a cubicle. I joined the queue but it was awkward and I didn't really know where to look or what to do, so I just awkwardly stared at my feet and waited for a cubicle to come free. While I was waiting, two men came in and used the urinals. Finally a cubicle opened and the woman in front of me went in. Shortly thereafter, another man came in and he joined the queue behind me. Then the man in the other cubicle flushed and came out and I took his cubicle. I quickly weed, wiped, then flushed and washed my hands and left.

Yesterday, I took a very very smelly poo. It was absolutely foul. I was at home and I felt the urge to go both ways, so I headed to the bathroom. I began with a long much needed wee and then started pooing. It came out in a bunch of small, loose pieces and I was really stinking it up. I flushed midway through to help with the smell. I finished up and started wiping my bum, and then I needed to poo more. I flushed again before letting out several more pieces of poo. When I felt finished again, I wiped my very messy bum and then flushed one last time. Then I sprayed some air freshener and closed the toilet lid before washing my hands and leaving the bathroom.

At the weekend, I went to visit my mum and dad. They've recently moved and their new house has a bathroom that's right off the kitchen. That led to an awkward situation when I ended up having a poo in that bathroom, while my mum was basically right outside the door. If I'd known I needed a poo, I'd have used the other bathroom with much more privacy, but I thought I only needed a wee. But when I was sitting there, the urge struck me. I don't know why I was embarrassed. I mean, it was just my mum, she changed my diapers and potty trained me... but I still was embarrassed regardless. Thankfully, it was a quiet and quick poo, and didn't smell too bad. There was just a few long pieces of poo that barely made any noise at they entered the water.

Alright, that's all the stories I have for now. Hope you enjoyed them. Bye!

Uncle Harry

Comments 2

To: Jennifer G

I should have mentioned that a woman can use a male version urinal, its tricky though. Some pee could spill. Sit up to the front edge of a seat with your pussy hanging over it and hold the urinal right under it. Pee. Of course, a man easily can use a female urinal.


Responses and Updates


Jennie: I am really sorry about your two accidents. I've had a few in my lifetime and they really are difficult to cope with, especially the worry that they could happen again in public. I hope that you can figure out what may be causing your bowels to act up.

Optional Person: Please read my most recent posts. The story is not fake news! It is the real deal! Can you imagine the horror of witnessing this person's behavior?

Mina: I hope that you are well. I just read about Japan and the earthquake. Prayers for you and your friends, and all of your loved ones. Thank you for your concern about the US. I could not imagine what it's like in Puerto Rico right now.

Jessica B: Thank you! And you as well!

Again, last night and this morning I am going regularly and with substance and girth. I wish that I had an exciting story to tell. Right now, I am counting my blessings that my body is returning to normal!




Kennard and our high school's toilets

This is about my friend Kennard. We've become better friends, worked at the same place this summer, and we enjoy one another. Kennard's kind of socially awkward which is something I'm trying to work with him on, but the big thing is that he continues to want to avoid crapping at school. On the worst days, he may need to crap by 2nd hour, but he holds it in through lunch and the afternoon. Even when the dismissal bell rings, I will often excuse myself and use the bathroom before we start our walk home. The guys room is right next to the door he sees me go in. He'll sit and wait on a bench while I go in and do what I feel is a normal, healthy thing.

This all came to a head last week. Our school was out at 12 noon since all the teachers went to a city-wide meeting for the rest of the day. I could tell Kennard was in pain as we met up. I excused myself and went into the bathroom. He and I had planned to walk about six blocks to a large park from where we were going to order a pizza and have lunch together. Then we were going to go bowling, because the fees are cheaper during the day. So I drained my bladder and dropped the final deposit of my noon-time crap that the 1-minute warning bell interrupted.

I wiped and flushed and while I was washing my hands, I thought about how uncomfortable it must be for Kennard to hold his craps in. He doesn't like the fact that the guys stalls don't have privacy doors, and he's been bullied by guys because of several things. He wears underwear that's different than the others (briefs instead of boxers, some of them are old and tattered, because his parents buy them and the family doesn't have a lot of money) and once last year in a pretty crowded bathroom a student teacher supervisor kind of accused him of pleasuring himself on the toilet. All Kennard was doing was trying to place his organ down into the bowl so that it wouldn't be sitting on the most dirty front of the bowl. Since that experience, which several of the guys gave him s### about, he hasn't wanted to seat himself on a toilet at school.

So when I met up with Kennard in the hallway, he had just finished ordering us our food. It was going to be delivered to us in the park so I told him we had to walk fast. I also panicked when he told me he had ordered because I knew I didn't have enough money on me. Luckily because he had cut some lawns, he had it covered. The fast walk caused Kennard more discomfort. We passed a couple of gas stations and a coin laundry, but he couldn't stop for his crap because the pizza delivery person was coming. Standing at traffic lights, waiting for cars to turn in front of us, and walking around groups of people that were just moving too slow didn't help the situation either.

I guess Kennard also had a growing need to piss, because he was becoming even more pained looking. We passed a portable potty at a construction site, and I saw him take a couple of looks at it. But there was both a chain link and wooden fence separating us. We finally got to the park. Kennard was panicking more and he left the sidewalk running up a hill toward a pavilion at the top. I walked to the picnic area and took a table. Then I started to watch for the delivery jeep to arrive. Then I realized there was huge problem. Kennard hadn't given me the money to pay with.

I texted him. He was obviously peeing and crapping at the same time because it took him a couple of minutes to answer. Then he said he felt a crap as large as a baseball bat slowly being pushed out. I told him sometimes it might help to stand and hover for a few seconds. I texted the pizza place and told them to wait by my book bag and that I would be right back. I ran up to the bathroom to get the money from Kennard. Luckily, there was no one else in the guys room when I entered. His legs were spread wide and when he got off the seat and reached down into his wallet, I could see his erection. I could also see a rather hard coil of about 9 inches dangling. He gave me the 20 dollar bill and carefully sat back down on the toilet.

When I ran back down to the picnic table, a girl about 20 was seated waiting by my bag. I gave her an extra $1 tip for waiting and apologized for all the confusion. I had already finished off my second piece and downed a good part of the Coke from the container when Kennard came back. When he showed me his bat shit on his phone, I had to admit I was impressed. There was an auto-flush that took it down, but after we got done eating, I again tried to talk Kennard into giving in and crapping at school. Then I took a frisbee out of my book bag and we spent about an hour with it. Kennard's becoming more coordinated in playing frisbee. Finally at about 2 o'clock I had to excuse myself to the ladies room. While I peed a river, Kennard texted me that he was finishing off the Coke.

By the time we got to the bowling alley, Kennard had more crap to release. It might have been the air conditioning and the cooler seat, but he was in and out a lot quicker. His bowling got better with each game and that's something I hope will give him more confidence in himself.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Near sightings on the M5 motorway.

On Saturday there had been a bad crash going north, as I had to go that way on Sunday afternoon I thought in would have been cleared by then, I left home around 1:00pm, at about 3pm I was wrong, the traffic slowed and stopped, I was in the middle lane for 5.5 hours to move 2 miles, the first was a male continental lorry driver in the right hand lane, jumped down and walked around his lorry to pee on the center crash barrier.
A little later (now stopped for over 2.5 hours) a female driver in the left lane, 3 cars in front of me got out and went around to her passenger side, opened both doors and squatted, I did not see her peeing but her pee stream came out from under her car, when done she returned to her seat, as the car moved I had clear look at her pee splashed puddle about 2 feet across with a wide stream running across her lane into my lane.
The two cars in front of me were together and driven by what looked like two sisters, they had been passing food and drink between them, as we crept forward the lorry to my left had turned his engine off and so did not move for sometime to come, ( I think to have his TACO break) so a large gap in the left lane opened up, the first car pulled through this gap onto the hard shoulder and stopped, the second did the same but stopped at an angle across the back of the first car, both females got out and went to the rear of the first and so the side of the second and squatted, when done they moved there cars back into the left lane, just leaving two puddles with tissue paper in them.
The gap in front of me was filled by a white van, the male driver peed by his front tyre, he then walked around and talked to his passenger.
It was now dark when his passenger got out, it was a blonde female in a light coloured top and black leggings, she was doing a pee pee dance with her hands in the sides of her waste band, ( I thought this is going to be good). She was talking to her driver and dancing around, ( here we go, but no) suddenly a female driving in the car to my left got out, spoke to her and they both ran off to the hard shoulder and darkness (dam), she came back to the van, standing calmly to have a smoke.
When the traffic started to move you could see puddles and tissue paper on the road in all lanes, it was now 9:30pm, as we slowly pasted the screened off accident. (the wrecks were still on the M5 on Wednesday morning as I traveled south)


My body tricked me!

Just a quickie :)

I sat on the toilet just after waking up and had my usual morning poo. Nothing eventful, a few soft logs that slipped out easily. I had a long wee and then got some toilet paper. As usual I wiped my front first and then worked on my behind. As I got a second handful of toilet paper I started peeing again! Only for a few seconds but it meant I had to wipe my front again.

It reminded me of when my mother said I used to wait until she changed me and then pee in a fresh nappy/diaper!


Three sightings outside the church

Sighting no. 1
I was at a christening and was standing with the vicar at the font, when a large female in jeans stood up and walked out of the church door. A moment later I saw her through the stain glass window to my left.
I could make out her blue jeans as she pushed them down and her big wide pale ass as she went into a squat, then saw her stand back up and pull her blue jeans back up over her ass before walking back into the church.
After the christening as I was going out of the church yard I could see a large wet patch on the ground between the war memorial and the church wall under the stain glass window.

Sighting No2.
I was at another christening at the same church, when through a small lancet window that over looked the toilet door, (the toilet was in a small building across the back yard of the church) I could see a female pulling hard on the door handle so I went out to say that there was someone in there.
As I turned the corner to go to the toilet building there was another female with her skirt up and her knickers around her knees squatting with her back to the wall about to pee, when she saw me she stood up dropping her skirt into place. Just then the toilet door opened and this female pushed both the one coming out off the toilet and the one pulling on the door handle out of her way and waddled into the toilet shutting the door.

Sighting No3 the best till last
I was sitting in my car outside the church one Sunday afternoon waiting for the vicar for another christening, ( did not have my set of church key's with me) It was also the day of a marathon which was going past the church and there were people standing around to watch it. When 3 or 4 females went into the church gate, so I got out of my car to see if I could help them, (to tell them that the church was still locked and that the vicar would be there soon)
The females were French and were looking for toilets, I told them where the nearest ones were and pointed them down the road to them and off they went, I returned to my car.
When I looked down the road I could see one of them squatting very low behind a foot tall wall with her back to me, I thought dam I mist that but no, when she stood back up she bent over to sort out her knickers and I got a great view of her nice round bum then she pulled up her knickers and jeans, that is when I saw a man sitting on his car bonnet looking with his mouth open as he had see the peeing from start to finish and from the front, the luck so in so.

Kung Poo

Snake in the Hole

My wife Judy came back yesterday, her face in pain. She meetings the whole day and said she could feel a huge solid turd in her but when she went to the bathroom, she just could not push it out. She also said she had no time to sit on the bathroom to work at it, so she gave up and continue with the pain in the butt, not the only one she had to deal with at work.

I got her to relax on the bed, but not on her back, but laying sideways, with her knees to her chest. I had placed a pink plastic sheet on the bed, just in case. Then I prepared a huge one litre bottle of warm water and got her to down it. I then asked if I could lube her anal passage with some KY jelly. She obliged.

I placed a condom over my index finger. It can be real tough getting rid of the poop smell from your finger so a rubber glove or a condom can help ALOT. Then I smeared a generous amount of KY jelly and inserted my finger into her passage making sure I go in deep enough to be able to feel the head of the poop. I did. It was there, like a snake in a hole refusing to move.

"Ow that hurts", Judy exclaimed, but I had to ignore it. "Sorry, but this is necessary!" I stimulated her bowel muscles by moving the finger in and out. Then I pushed my finger all the way in and commanded her to push my finger out with her sphincter muscles.

She did, and some pee sprayed out and landed on my forearm and some on the plastic sheet (thank goodness). She did that a few times until she suddenly said she could feel the turd moving.

She quickly got up, her panties still at her thighs, and her grey dress still hiked up. She rushed to the toilet and sat, and with one mighty "orrhhh" a huge snake pushed emerged from her butt and landed in the toilet.

"Thaaaaank you!" she said as she strained out some bits of poop.

And with that, she wiped, got dressed, and we went out of dinner.

Pete the date is whatever date is on the files. They should be in resonable order

Optional Person.

colorado jogger that poops on someones yard.

What are everyone's thoughts on the Colorado jogging woman pooping on someones yard? I get in the middle of the woods. but to me on someone's yard seems messed up. What do you all think? This story COULD be fake. I saw it on Facebook and as we all know not all of that stuff is always real. But regardless, if it is or isn't, if it is or if it were to be, what do you think?

So last Friday night left me so embarrassed that I am never drinking downtown again. Me and a few of my girlfriends pre drank at my house before we went downtown, it is much cheaper to do it that way. I peed a lot before I left so I figured I would be okay for a while. We got downtown and I had to pee again so I did not a problem. My friend Angelina got the bright idea when the bar closed to walk back to my house rather than getting a cab, I was drunk so I went along with it. We walked for about 5 minutes when I had to pee again so I said Angelina can we stop somewhere I really got to pee. She said okay I have to pee too. We found an empty parking lot with a transport trailer, so we're like perfect let's go there. So with our backs to the trailer we hiked up our dresses pulled our thongs down and squatted. That was the most amazing pee I ever had than it happened.... I let a fart out and I looked over at Angelina and I said I gotta poop it just snuck up on me. She's like go ahead girl I'll keep a look out. So my bum opened up and a turd started coming out almost instantly. It was about halfway out of me when I seen a light, I said um Angelina what's that? She said someone is coming I said yea I know but I have a turd hanging out of my ass I can't move. As the car gets closer we realized that it was a cop, he shined the light right on me he could see my pussy I knows he could. Thankfully I shaved it the night before. Make the worst of it as soon as he put the light on me that's when the turd decided to come out of my ass completely. I never got a ticket for indecent exposure because a more important call came in over the radio but after that night I won't be using the bathroom in parking lots anymore.


Marathon toilet needs

Our city hosts a large marathon each fall. Some friends from my school were among the several thousand running so I went downtown to the mall to support them as they started the race. There were portable potties all along the route and the race ended at our city auditorium that had several bathrooms. But the coffee I stopped for when I got to the mall needed to come out and since the race wasn't starting until the sun rose, I decided to use the regular bathrooms the city has on the mall. There are about 20 stairs down and under the street there is a bathroom for each gender. There is one large trough against a wall that is too high for little kids. Then there are four toilets. They are really strange. There are no cubicles. Only a bright metal panel that starts about a foot off the floor and covers the privates of a person on the toilet but not any higher. A friend told me at a concert downtown that is because it makes it easier for police to clear the place out and keep illegal activity down.

Users stand on the stairs to the right for the guys toilets and the guys in there, many of whom don't wash their hands in this large birdbath-type sink, don't waste any time in there because there's such a long line. In front of me was a boy, about six, who was wearing a Cubs cap. He had his hands cupped over his crotch so I knew he has hurting. He was waiting for a space at the trough I think, but he was way to small to reach it. When I'm out with my girlfriend, sometimes she has her kid brother along, and he would like to be big enough to reach the urinal, but that's not going to happen this year. So I knelled down and showed the boy an open toilet. I walked him over there. He quickly dropped his shorts all the way to the floor, took out his organ, and I immediately slipped around him and flicked up the seat. The guy right behind me clapped and yelled out 'That a way, bro' when I saved the seat from splashes. It was obvious what that guy was planning to do when his turn came.


Stall Partitions

Uncle Harry: That is odd that the restroom your girlfriend used didn't have doors on it. That is more common in men's room, but I've never heard of that in women's rooms. And there were several places in Oregon, mostly public restrooms along the highway, where the partitions were high from the floor or just somewhat short, and the user could be seen over the top. I am 6 feet tall, so maybe it's just easier for me.

I remember a long time ago, the Sears store in a nearby town had very low doors and partitions and they were low enough you could easily see into the adjacent stall. Since I stand while wiping I was seen by the everyone in the restroom because the partitions came down to about mid chest. The store has since been remodeled and new partitions are in place.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Giant soft log after morning coffee

Hi everyone. It's 11:18 AM here in Taipei, Taiwan and I'm just relaxing and keeping hydrated about 2 1/2 hours after having my post-coffee morning poop. I had my morning coffee at home from a local 7-11, and man was it good. I had my cup and part of my husband's since he couldn't finish his and I kept hydrated with water. About 10 minutes after finishing the coffees and water, I needed the toilet. I went to the WC, pulled down my grey capris and bluish-green boy shorts underwear and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and peed first then gave a gentle push and a big soft log came out. I was finished within a minute. I reached behind me for some TP and wiped then tossed the tissues into the toilet. I stood up and pulled up my underwear and capris and checked out what I did. Wow! You should have seen the monster in there! There was a soft log in there, about 2 feet long! WOW. Insane. I flushed the toilet and the huge poop went down no problem since it was soft. Still, my goodness. I washed my hands and dried them and I'm drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated. Maybe I will need to go again after lunch. We'll see 😊

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan

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