Jessica B.

To kmd

To kmd: Thank you very much for your long reply, many posts ago! I am glad you liked my post.

You're surely right when you say the Graciela wanted to be funny, although it was not funny at all from my point of view at the moment, so I probably spent too much time thinking about the reason she'd tell such lies, while there are actually absolutely none. These things make me even more self-conscious about going to the bathroom.

Honestly, I didn't even consider not taking imodium, because it is so convenient and effective. As physician you must know why the human body reacts that way, however, as a "patient", the only thing I wanted was it to end ASAP! Is there some medication against the viruses you can recommend?

For your comments concerning my beautiful and noisy stall neighbor: yeah, maybe she was constipated and had to pass some pre-poop farts before being able to relieve herself, like me sometimes. This would make perfect sense. I don't think she would use suppositories: it's something quite gross to start with, so why would one take care of this in a public bathroom? That's the "nice" thing about being constipated, you can hold it until you get to your favorite toilet. Some other explanation could be that she wished to be alone to take care of her probably consequent number two, came back to the restroom just to find me there again and couldn't hold it anymore? I guess we'll never know for sure as I obviously didn't ask her...

To Catherine: very nice to hear from you again! I remember really enjoying your telling about you pharmacy. I hope you and your little family are doing great.

To Abbie: I am sorry to hear you still struggle with constipation. As you're an Englishwoman, I assume you mostly drink tea. But have you tried drinking a cup of coffee with your breakfast? Not only does coffee help me go, I sometimes barely can hold it after breakfast!

Love & take care,



Hi there!

I posted a story yesterday that should appear when the moderator posts. It was about a woman who has a habit of defecating in the open while jogging. It made the Washington Post today! Wow! I hope that she gets counseling. How horrible it would be if she was arrested for her behavior. But she needs to stop!

Ellie: I read your story and I am so sorry that you were sick and that the symptoms began before you could get home from school. Feel better soon!

So far I continue to enjoy two voluminous doodies daily! Thank you all for your kind words and I hope that your bowels are giving you a much-needed five minute break from your day!

Love to all!


Jennifer G

Been A While!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I posted, but nothing really exciting has happened with me. I have peed in my car a few times, but for a long time I haven't been able to find anyone else to do it. I will say that I have been a little more conservative about it than last year, only because I don't want to soak the seat more than I probably should. But I have peed in it several times, and I have also been hoping to find someone else who would want to do it too. I have actually seen and met several women, but whenever I asked she would just turn me down, which is always awkward, or sometimes she'd have someone with her like her kids or a guy or someone. So it's pretty much just been me who has peed in my car lately. So that's why I haven't posted in a while.

However, the other day I was at one of my favorite thrift stores and I saw a woman there. She was probably in her late 30s or early 40s, brunette with shorter hair.I eventually went up to her and gave her my usual routine, how I prefer to pee in my car instead of in the public restroom. Of course she was surprised at first, and a little awkward, but then she agreed to do it. She even admitted to liking the idea. Her name was Melissa by the way, the same name as the first woman who peed in my car. I was so excited. I really liked her. But then there was a little bit of a surprise.

Melissa had a daughter. She called her over from the next aisle. Her name was either Kaylie or Kylie, I can't remember for sure. I'm pretty sure it was Kaylie. Her mom asked me if it was okay if she used my car too. I generally don't like the idea of a kid peeing in my car, but I decided to make an exception. Kaylie was older, about 9.

It had been a while since I had last peed in my car so the seat was dry. The car didn't even smell like pee by that time. They both sat down on the seat. Melissa was behind the driver seat and Kaylie was behind the passenger seat. Melissa started going first. It made a hissing sound in the seat. I also began to notice the smell of her pee.

After a few seconds Kaylie said she couldn't go. Her mom said something like "it's okay, just go ahead and go." Kaylie said she wanted to go, but she couldn't. She said something like "I guess my body knows it's not a toilet." That was cute. Her mom then said "it's okay honey. But she still didn't seem like she was able to go.

Soon Melissa was finished. Soon she and Kaylie were both out of the car and starting toward the store. They were talking as they went, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Then suddenly they turned around and came back. Kaylie had decided that she wanted to try it again and see if she could do it this time.

Kaylie sat down on the seat again. Then after a couple seconds she started peeing. Her pee began to hiss. Kaylie's face lit up. She went a lot for a little girl. After they were all finished they thanked me and then they left. Melissa told me she would totally do that again if she got another opportunity. I gave her my number.

Hope you liked my post!

Thank you to Taylor for explain Angel Delight. I looked Internet, yes it looked like cowpat a bit, but very light colour because butter scotch. (But my cowpat usually butter scotch colour.) I remember now, I saw angel delight in Wales. But my host mother never buy. She don't like instant dessert.

Thank you to everyone who say, please be better soon. I am very fine now. Maybe I have to go to the hospital again one day, but now I am OK!

Sunday night we all four stayed green flat because typhoon coming and we don't want to go to balcony. (We have to go from beige flat to green flat via balcony or front doors.) Monday was public holiday so we stay home, and we all use same loo. It was usual story. Hisae with me next her, me with Kazuko next me, Kazuko with Maho next her, Maho with Hisae next her. Hisae finish quickly as usual, other three take long time and do huge volume. Kazuko say to me again, "Mina when you open bottom, so beautiful!!" But nobody surprise because we all think same thing now.

After Maho finish her huge motion, we are very very quiet. I was thinking, I love my friends so much. Then it seemed, all of us were think same thing!

But soon we become noisy again and have good time in flat. And late in morning Hisae fly across flat, land perfect landing on loo and start plop noise again. We laugh because she is so funny timing. Is there magnet on loo?? Kazuko have her flute in hand, she go to loo door and play flute to Hisae while Hisae do her motions, so Hisae stay more longer time than she usually stay, and she do more motions!!

Victoria, I am happy to hear you are vegetarian now and do more bigger motions. We are semi-vegetarian, we eat meat and fish sometimes but not every day. So we understand feeling.

By the way I hope everyone in America OK after hurricane. I am worry little bit, I don't hope anyone hurt or trouble, I want that everyone is very fine.

Love from Mina and M H K.

Optional Person remarked on the bereft of pee stories, well my post today is all about pee. As I mentioned in my last post I've recently moved into a new place. The bathroom lino needed to be replaced and today some contractors came to fix it. They arrived at 9 in the morning and just before they started I had a pee. Afterwards I made myself a cup of tea and took it to my bedroom where I watched some episodes of the first season of House MD . By about two o'clock I was becoming quite desperate for the loo again however the men were still working. I did consider going to the McDonald's that is near my place and using their bathroom but then I remembered that in my rucksack I had a juice bottle that I hadn't thrown out. So once I had unscrewed the cap off I pulled my penis out of my pajama bottoms and put it through the wide opening. This has to be one of the few occasions where I've been glad that I have male equipment. Had I not been so desperate it probably would have taken longer to start my stream but in the event it started immediately. It took about thirty seconds for my bladder to empty and by the time it had the 300ml bottle had been filled up tow thirds full. After tucking in my penis again I capped the bottle and placing it by my bedroom door, waiting until the men had left and I could tip the contents into the loo.


Not making it

For some reason in the last couple years, "Not making it" is becoming an increasingly real concern regarding my bowel movements. I just turned 30 and I have been more health focused about how I eat and I do yoga and other exercise, not sure if that's caused my body to work more efficiently or something which makes me just have to go more? Idk. I just started noticing that when I'd feel an urge to go it grew in urgency a lot faster than I'm used to and become harder to hold back, without necessarily even being painful or diarrhea at all, just my normal, mushy but solid loads I find myself really fighting to keep it in as I'm arriving at the bathroom, and "please make it" or "you can hold it!" are becoming things I repeat in my head a lot!

I'd say for a little over a year now it's been that way where I need to prioritize finding the bathroom a lot sooner than ever before...i feel like growing up I could literally decide whenever I wanted to poop once I felt an urge. Now it's a signal I have to take very seriously, because "Not making it" and having an accident has proved to be a real possibility twice in the past month...

The first one was pretty bad...first time legit pooping my pants and it was with my boyfriend and in public. We had been out all morning and we were planning to stop for lunch. I needed to go. When we got to the restaurant the pressure was serious and I was definitely at the point where getting to the toilet was my top priority. Well, it should have been. I made the stupid decision to wait and get seated first and order our drinks, then I'd go to the toilet. In my head thats what i would do. Instead what I did was i awkwardly followed my bf and the host through the dining room while struggling to contain a fart,failed to contain it and farted somewhat loudly as we passed tables. Then we got seated and i wanted to hide my face in my menu for a few minutes while i reeled from the embarassment of farting. As my boyfriend was smirking and reassuring me that "no one heard it", I quickly realized I was completely out of time. I interrupted him and said "Ok I gotta go to the bathroom NOW can you order for me?" He agreed and I stood up...maybe I stood up too fast but the second I did, I knew it was gonna come out. I didn't even get away from the table, I stood there by my chair and just gave in to an overwhelming urge to push, and badly pooped in my pants. As in, a full load erupted out of me in one big push... I've sharted a few times before, bad enough to require me to change my underwear, but this was unlike anything I ever experienced. The horror that I felt in that moment was so real...just the feeling of this hot, soft mass of mush filling up the back of my leggings in like 3 seconds of bodily failure... followed by standing there frozen trying to convince myself it's a dream, but the warm and wet squishy feeling pressing up against my butt was too real. I couldn't even tell my bf what happened, I just walked as normally as I could to the bathroom, trying not to burst into tears as I felt it slowly begin squishing down my legs. I got to the ladies room and tried to clean myself as fast and discreetly as possible but the damage was too major. It stained all the way through my leggings because a lot squeezed out of my panties and I had nothing to cover up with, so even once I got the bulk of the mess out of my pants it was still super obvious I had an accident. That's when I had to admit defeat because I had been gone so long he had to be worried, so I texted him. I just said "I didn't make it. I have to go home" he said "what?" And i actually had to text back telling him I pooped my pants on the way to the bathroom. He came and met me by the bathroom and walked out trying to cover me from behind...he was a little shocked but didn't seem too phased by it, just seemed sweetly concerned about getting me home unnoticed. I guess he was somewhat prepared for it though, i have a habit of getting panicky when i'm desperate, so he deals with me saying "i'm gonna pee my pants" and "omg I'm gonna shit myself" on a regular basis so he probably assumed i'd really do it some day. When we left thr host said good night in such a pittying way that I figured he knew I pooped myself so that was nice. It was a pretty ridiculous experience! I'm a healthy adult and I had an accident in my pants in a restaurant because I couldn't put it off for 5 extra minutes to give my drink order. How humiliating is That?

A very similar accident happened a month later when I was by myself. Similar in how it felt leading up to it and the quantity and consistency of the load. This time I was getting home from work and I was still in my car gambling on farts. I was riding out a big cramp that I couldn't tell if it was another fart or the main event before i opened the door to get out. It got really uncomfortable and I needed relief, so I took a chance on it being another fart and gave a gentle push, and unfortunately that was enough and I quickly filled my leggings again with a soft load. After the initial eruption I was still sitting there kind of absorbing the shock of messing my pants again when I started pushing more out and since I was sitting i could feel it spreading up towards my back. I panicked about it coming out of my pants and getting on the car seat so I scrambled to get up from the car and rushed to the bathroom, pooping my pants the whole way. Again it never felt like pain or diarrhea. .just intense pressure that was hard to control followed by a very large, soft but solid load that comes out in mostly one fast push. I guess I need to pay closer attention to my diet and figure out what's making my bm's so big and urgent because I'm not thrilled by my new tendency towards doing them in my pants!


Funny News Story

Good morning!

On our local morning show, I saw a story about a female jogger in Colorado who has been caught defecating in the neighborhood where she jogs. It's something that happens on a regular basis (see what I did there?). As the story was reported, a woman's two children were outside playing when they saw her. The mother said that the kids came in the house, visibly shaken, telling their mother that there was a woman pooping near the sidewalk. The mother confronted the jogger and told her how this upset her children and asked her not to do it anymore. The jogger just shrugged it off.

The anchors went on to share that they had been finding poop covered with napkins on a weekly basis. She had never been caught in the act. But she has napkins so apparently this is a routine thing for her.

As you know, I jogged regularly before getting pregnant and now my exercise routine is not as regular as it used to be. We have a small home gym with a treadmill and other cardio equipment that I use (we don't live in a subdivision anymore.) But I'm sharing this with you because I've had the urge to go to the bathroom very few times while running. I understand, for others, running can stimulate your bowels. Obviously, that's the case for this woman. However, her exhibitionism is quite disturbing.

I've read a few stories on this forum about people who have to poop while jogging. It seems that you always find a public bathroom, or try to find some privacy. It also seems like it's not a routine thing. Do you think she's getting some kind of thrill pooping in the open? Nevertheless, the police have threatened to arrest her if it happens again.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

My doodies have been really relaxing and back to normal. Thank you for all the kind words. I'm really enjoying this stay-at-home mom thing. I did not think that I would. But I have a really supportive family! So, I get a little sad thinking about going back to work. But I need to work and enjoy my job!

Love to all!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ellie I hope you feel better soon.

To: Taylor great story it sounds like you both had great poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

the light guy


Loved your story michelle, do you have anymore about guys pooing?


closing the door

Just a quick one from me. Today I was alone in my student flat and mid morning I needed the loo. I sat down and had a wee, and felt a poo coming on, so I sat and tried to push.

Then I heard a key in the front door and realised one of my flatmates was back off holiday today. Quickly I pulled my pants up and shuffled over to the bathroom door to close and lock it. As I did so I could feel my poo start to come out, so I gingerly waddled back to the toilet (feeling it edge out every movement I made) and sat back down where it flew out. Relieving! I'm embarrassed to say there was a bit of a skidmark in my knickers (lilac with pink edges).



Hi Friends,

My bowel movements are back to what I consider normal. I am going twice daily, in large, long, voluminous amounts. While I still feel some occasional discomfort from giving birth, my bowel movements do not seem to be aggravating how I feel.

British Dumper: It sounds like you had a really good blimp! What I picture is a stool that is pretty thick and firm, but not terribly long. I have done a few like that in my lifetime, but mine tend to favor a softer consistency. Still, because yours are a little different, and because you seem to enjoy them, I love reading about your experiences. Kudos on the spinach! Glad you are still reading.

Iver: You were posting when I began, nearly eight years ago!!! Wow! How time flies! Yes, I really do enjoy pooping. I've had a "log" come out close to 30 inches long. That's the biggest. I don't have access to my diary, so I don't remember exactly when that was. Normally I poop in private. It's rare that I am with someone or a group of people. I will be 37 this October, so I am not really worried about overcoming this. But I do wonder why I am that way. I mean, we all can pee and be right back in the game. It's just different with pooping. How are you? Glad you wrote!

Love to all!


Brunette Teen Girl
Today at school I was in band when I really had to pee. We were not allowed to use the bathroom, and I would constantly pretend to tie my shoe so I could put my leg against my vagina.
On the bus I peed a little and my friend asked me if I needed to pee. I said yes, and she said that she really needed to pee too.
When I got off the bus I rushed to the bathroom. Before I pulled my pants down, I soaked them with pee. I changed into another pair of shorts and discreetly threw the wet ones in the wash. And my mom did not notice since the shorts looked the same. :)
Also, has anyone ever peed into a bathroom cup? It's actually fun for some reason. On Sunday I say on the toilet and put a paper bathroom cup in between my legs and peed into it. It looked dark yellow in the cup but when I dumped it out it was almost clear.

Bye everyone and take care!
Brunette Teen Girl

Uncle Harry

Pissing with Jelly Beans

Some summers ago, I received a flyer advising me of a seminar that I was interested in. It was a weekend seminar. So I sent in my fee and made a airline reservation. I had a choice of a two-man dorm room or a single hotel room. I chose the former because it was much cheaper. When I received my registration number, I saw an error in my name. I figured that I could fix it when I got there. The time came and I went. I arrived on Thursday and went to the registration table to get my credentials and fix my name spelling. I was shocked to fined that because of that error I was listed as female and assigned a female roommate. They tried to fix it, but couldn't because there were no more men's rooms of any type. There were also no more women's rooms. I was told to work it out with Sally, my roommate. So I went to "our" room and waited for Sally. She arrived, as the registration table had told her what had happened. We sat down and talked to get a handle what each of us like. First, it turned out that she lived not too far from me, only about 50 miles. We could have come on the same plane. Then it turned out that both of us slept in the nude. Therefore we had no pajamas, just bathrobes. The room had no bathrooms, only a sink. The bathroom was out in the hall and that had no shower. I was sorry then that I didn't get a stander hotel room. Too late now. We talked one of us look away when the other was undressing, but we finally decided that we were grown adults who had seen nude people before, so we left it like that.

We went downstairs to the dining room and ate a great dinner. I had a glass of wine and Sally had two. Then we looked at the exhibits and finally went back to our room. The bathroom was not very busy, so we both peed and pooped, separately. Then we got out of our clothes, without looking away. Morning came and the story was different. We put on our robes and went out to the bathroom, both greatly needing to pee. The line was very very long. Sally said that she was ready to piss her pants, except that she wasn't wearing any. She said "Lets go back to the room. I have an idea". We went back and she brought out a jar of jelly beans and emptied them into a paper bag. "We can piss into this jar and then empty it into the sink". She wanted to piss first before she wet the floor. She tried to get it between her legs, but couldn't do it alone, so she asked me to hold it for her while she squatted back some. She got into position and I held the jar. At first, nothing came out of her vagina. Maybe she was thinking of asking me to look away. However, dribbles started to come out and then a strong stream. It took close to a minute until she came to a near stop and then made a few squirts and then stopped, pee dripping from her pussy. She got a cloth and wiped herself off. I was next. She held the jar for me and I peed into it. Much easier for me. We emptied the jar into the sink and washed it out. We did this several times before we left the seminar. We switched our plane tickets to the same plane since we both used the same airport. After that, we dated for a while, but eventually broke up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Pooping with Francesca

I was in town today running a few errands with my friend, Francesca and I had an experience I'd like to share with everyone. Francesca has given me her permission to post this and is looking forward to reading any replies I may receive, so without further ado. Onto the story!

Francesca and I were running a few errands in town, nothing particularly interesting. Just posting a few things and getting some supplies for university. She looks like a spitting image of a 1990's Monica Potter. I had a wee while we were in town mostly out of convenience because they were there. Francesca said she would wait for me outside because she'd rather go at home, which I thought was fair enough.

We got back to her flat about an hour later and she said "I need the loo, do you fancy keeping me company?" I followed her into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and lifting myself up onto her bathroom cabinet while she walked over to the toilet. She reached up under her long dress and pulled her knickers down a little before sitting on the toilet, leaning forward with her elbows at her knees and her head in her hands. Her dress flowed nicely around her and covered her from the shins upward, she looked so elegant! If she obviously wasn't in a bathroom you would never think she was sat on the toilet.

There was a brief tinkle followed by a loud hissing as she started peeing, a smile forming on her face. I was still astonished by how beautiful she looked. She went for about 30 seconds and then we sat in near silence for a while. It was clear she wasn't finished, but wasn't hurrying things along either. She just stayed sitting with her head in her hands, patiently waiting.

After a couple of minutes there was a loud "flumph", it sounded like she had just dropped an absolute monster. Surprisingly she barely reacted to it, just smiling a little more. A few more seconds went by and there was another quiet splash and a very brief tinkle of wee. Francesca sat up straight and sighed with relief before reaching for the toilet paper. Pulling out about two feet and carefully folding it in half twice before tearing it off and reaching behind to wipe. She didn't check the paper inbetween wipes which is something I've always done, but instead just got some more and repeated the process. She did this three times in total and reached behind to flush while still sitting before she stood up so I didn't get to see if her creation was as big as it sounded.

She reached up her dress again and pulled up her knickers before letting her dress down, looking like a million bucks. She sprayed a little air freshener although I could barely smell anything and then washed her hands. Later that day I casually brought up this site and asked If I could post about it, she said it was no problem if I sat with her later to read the replies.

Uncle Harry


To: Zip

Your post was very interesting . I never heard of that. I and my then girl friend were once at a lecture at a library.. At the break, we both headed for the bathrooms. The mens was normal, but my girlfriend told me that the lady's had no doors at all. I never heard of that before, except at some park bathrooms.

This is sort of a follow up to my previous story. After Bridget got over her flu I didn't think anything else would happen to us bathroom-wise for a long time. Well I guess I was wrong. The Monday after she was sick I felt a bit funny when I woke up, not really sick just a bit off. My morning classes were uneventful but during my last class of the day which I had with Bridget I started feeling sick. After the class ended I rushed to the bathroom because I felt nauseous and Bridget followed to make sure I was alright. I puked violently into the toilet and Bridget rubbed my back to try and make me feel better. "I was crying when Bridget said "don't worry it happened to me too, everyone has accidents" I stopped crying at the shock of what she said. I realized while I puked I had been pooping myself slowly without realizing. I asked if she could see it and she said no but the smell was bad. I got myself cleaned up a bit when I started puking again. Bridget found a plastic bag and told me to use it to puke when we took the bus home. "I can't leave I might have diarrhea" I told her. "Well we have to get home and better just getting it over with." I waited a bit until I felt alright and then we went to the bus. As soon as the bus started moving my stomach churned. I only lasted 5 minutes before I started having diarrhea in my pants. It was slow enough that I thought it wouldn't leave marks or anything though. Then I puked into the bag and this time I felt it. I had a huge amount of diarrhea rush out at once. It felt like my whole butt was covered. Bridget just squeezed my hand and told me it would be ok. I spent the rest of the trip slowly going in my pants. When we got to our stop and I stood up the people behind me gasped. I was so embarrassed and I just waddled off without making eye contact. I ended up making it home and cleaning up but the next day after I felt a bit better and I was walking on campus with Bridget someone from the bus laughed at me as we walked by. I turned red but Bridget got mad. "Hey it wasn't her fault!" She yelled. "Oh really, not her fault that she shit herself?" The girl replied in a mean way. Bridget thought for a sec and then came up with a good story. "No it wasn't her fault, some asshole snuck laxatives into our food, I did the same thing she did." This lie seemed to make the girl feel bad for us rather than laugh so she just left us alone. I was shocked that Bridget admitted to pooping herself to protect me. She was usually very shy but I guess she felt loyalty to me. Until next time.



Looking after Molly

My aunt had a busy weekend so I agreed to look after her daughter, Molly, for her. I wasn't working at all and we always had fun together so she was actually looking forward to it. Molly is eight years old and just a little over four feet tall, with long brown hair that brushes over her shoulders. I've always wanted to be the best cousin ever and love spoiling her so on Saturday we went into town to do some shopping, mostly for her. We had been out and about for around an hour when she tugged on my sleeve and gestured she wanted to whisper to me. I crouched next to her - "Taylor, I need to go to the toilet. Like y'know, properly" I knew it was never a good idea to ask a child to wait when they need the toilet so we headed there straight away. Luckily they weren't too busy and we didn't have to wait for a stall.

I needed to go too and didn't feel comfortable with her being on her own while I went so we took a stall together. I locked the door behind us and leaned against it while Molly pulled her jeans and knickers to her knees and sat on the toilet. She said "Thank you, Taylor" as she started weeing which I thought was really polite of her. I could hear a tinkle coming from her for about 20 seconds and then she leaned forward, staring at my shoes with a look of concentration on her face. A few seconds later there was a quiet splash and she took a deep breath, still looking at my shoes. A few more seconds went by and there was another splash, she did it again, another splash shortly afterward. Suddenly she seemed to snap out of her trance and reached for the toilet paper, quickly wiping and hopping off the toilet before pulling up her jeans. She flushed and then said "That's better"

I still needed to go so I asked her to wait a couple more minutes and we swapped places. I wriggled out of my skinny jeans and pulled them down to my knees with my blue thong and sat down on the now warm seat. I asked Molly if she had decided what toy she wanted to buy as I was gently opened, a quiet crackling being heard as my poop pushed out of me. Moments later there was a quiet splash which made her smile a little and I started peeing, another poop sliding out of me. I pushed out three pieces in total and weed for about 30 seconds before getting some toilet paper, only needing a couple of pieces each side. I reached behind and flushed before standing up, pulling up my thong at the same time followed by my jeans. Once I was presentable again, Molly opened the stall door and we washed our hands before continuing our shopping trip.


Outside Loo

My girlfriend lived with her grandmother and her great grandmother in a old four story house with no inside bathroom only an outside loo, and a tin bath used in the kitchen. To get to the loo you had to go through the backroom and then the kitchen and the wash house and out into the yard.
We use to go up to the very top rooms of the house to hang out together. If I needed a pee ( I did not like to go down and out past both grandmothers and so) we would both go into the back attic room and open the window and I would pee onto the roof below it, the piss would run down the roof and into the guttering and down the pipe to the drain. But if my girlfriend needed to pee, I would say to her to sit on the window edge with her ass out of it but she was afraid she might fall and so would take the basin from under the jug on the washstand, place it on a small armchair and sit on it as if it was a toilet and have her pee then wipe herself with the corner of the window curtain before emptying it out the window and putting it back under the jug.
If it was to windy and or raining out side I would pee into the jug and some times get her to do so as I held it for her, before pouring our combined piss out the windows.
Happy days.
When her great grandmother died my girlfriend and her grandmother moved into I new house, outside the town with an inside toilet and separate bathroom with a shower but that is another story.

Brunette Teen Girl

Bladder Issues

Hello everyone!
This is my very first post, but I have been lurking for a few months. I have been collecting stories to share. I have had stress urinary incontinence since I was very young, so I've had some embarrassing moments.
So on Friday night, my family and I went to Pizza Hut. Everything was fine until I had a sudden, STRONG urge to pee. Before I knew it, I was peeing my pants! I tried crossing my legs, but that didn't work. The seat was wet and there was a visible wet spot on my jean shorts. At least no one pointed it out.

Many times in 5th grade, my friends and I would like around at lunch. Sometimes I would laugh until I pee myself. That's a problem.

Okay, gotta go.
God bless you all,
Brunette Teen Girl

Optional Person

Nice 'r' shaped poop

I made a huge one today. I sat on the toilet this evening and pushed. I was sitting forward but my butt was all the way at the toilet seat edge. A huge lowercase r turd came out of my butt. it was out of the water on the "shore" all the way to the hole where it curve to make the r shape. Under the water is was a light brown, but above water it was milk chocolate brown. It smelled like horse poop. I didn't push it in with paper, so when I flushed it simply plummeted into the toilet hole and stayed so I flushed one more time and away it went. It was a nice poop. I'm glad it was big and I liked the smell it made.


Peeing in the Bushes

One day I was taking a walk in a park not too far away from my apartment. The reason was that I wanted to see the outdoor botanic garden they had there. I just love flowers. After walking a while I got an urgent feeling that I need to pee. I didn't see a bathroom, so I asked someone where it is. The answer was that there was none. Oh boy. What do I do now. I couldn't make it back home. I looked around for a handy bush and saw one that seemed to provide decent privacy. I went through the entrance branch. No one else was there. There was ample room for a few other people however. I went toward the back and dropped my shorts and underpants, took a partial squat, and let go a gusher piss. This was going to take a while. All of a sudden a man came in. "Oh. I'm sorry", he said. "I didn't know someone was in here". A stared at my pee stream a few seconds. I couldn't stop peeing. My bladder was too full. "Would you mind if I piss in here with you before I wet my pants" What could I say? It was common property. So I said "Ok". He was already unzipping his pants as I was talking. He got out his dick, walked over to a side of bush, took aim and started urinating. We were positioned so we were watching each other pee. I finished first, so I shook off my vagina, got redressed, started out. "Thanks for your kindness", he said as I was leaving. "Thank you" I replied. I left with an empty bladder. Maybe I should have peed before leaving home.

After School Emily and Molly

After Another Week of School

Hello! It's Molly, but Emily is sitting right beside me!

The girl who had diarrhea at school last Friday was back at school. No one said anything to her about having an accident. Hopefully, no one knew. She seemed to be fine and when asked about leaving school early, she simply said that she was sick. Good for her and good for her classmates! Having a diarrhea accident is bad enough. Having it happen at school must be mortifying. This minor bug made its rounds this week. Emily and I averaged about four absences from each class we taught.

Thursday, I made it home for my number two, but that's the only day. We would love to use our apartment bathrooms for our number two's. It's not working like I expected. Faculty bathrooms are nice and clean, though.

Erin, We agree that getting used to doing number two at college can be an adjustment. You might be nervous. Anxiety can speed things through your system. Also, if you eat cafeteria food, then that can change your bowel habits. We both realized we were not eating enough fiber, or taking our time eating. We had to adjust and eat cereals, salads and vegetables. At least it does not sound like you are uncomfortable. Best, Emily and Molly

Sean, We do not envy you teaching elementary school. We are certain that you will be wonderful, but the sicknesses we cannot tolerate. Glad you were able to use the bathroom! Three days is a long time! Best, Emily and Molly

Brandon T, Thank you! We hope it does too! Best, Emily and Molly

Bianca, We hope you are feeling better! Yes, a good number two feels fantastic! Best, Emily and Molly

All the best to you,

Emily and Molly

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Erin great story about your desperate poop
To: Abbie as always another great post about you and your friends pooping.

To: Catherine great story.

To: Anna From Austria great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Bianca sounds like your stomach was purging itself a little.

To: Ellie it sounds like Bridget had a stomach bug or something hope she is feeling better.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sonya Sue

Planning Bathroom Visits

My part-time job during the past two years has been at a travel center. I'm one of the clerks at our convenience store. It's a great job, I enjoy meeting most of the people, and my supervisor Vi who is about three times my age and I bond pretty well. She plans my hours around my many school activities. Several times in the break room we will have some interesting discussions.

We joke about three things the travelers stop for: fuel, a free toilet and smokes--in that order. Our gas prices are competitive, the cigarettes are high priced, and our rest rooms are a big draw because we have billboard signs on the highway at 10, 5 and 1 mile about our bathrooms. We emphasize the cleanliness and especially the sanitary seat sheets that go over the toilet. Vi calls that part of the advertising brilliant, especially for women and families with children traveling. When I forget to make my hourly check of the bathrooms, we will get complaints about the seat papers not being available in the containers for the user to pull down on. Then I have to get another package of 50 out of our supply room and fill the container. I've even seen some of the women with children take their child into the men's room next door because they expect the availability of a seat paper.

Vi likes and uses the seat papers each time she uses the toilet. I don't. That goes back to more than 10 years ago when my grandma and I would be out and she would put one down for me. Or in some cases she would line toilet paper across the seat. I would move around too much as I sat. Sometimes the paper would rip or I come out from under me as I sat and just contribute the the litter on the floor.

Vi says she never leaves her apartment without going to the bathroom first. She says people need to plan ahead and use their home toilets more. I use the bathrooms several times a day at school, including right after I arrive each morning. And when me and my friend Tyler are going to a concert or play, I'm not about to make him wait while I got to the toilet. That's what the toilets at the place we're going to our for!


To Catherine

Welcome back! Although I can't relate to how you feel about going around people it is a matter of perspective.

Here is a little mindtrick you can apply - you enjoy pooping, you are fairly good at it (lol) so try to own it! When you feel the urge with or without people around, immediately focus on how much you love going, look forward too it and when you sit down and start thoroughly let go and enjoy.

As for reengaging, literally pretend notting happened except hold on to the relief and well being you feel as long as you wish. Our perspectives matter so much in how we experience things in life!

Also im curious about your lifes biggest dump you took that you mentioned here. Just how big was it, were you proud or embarassed, how did it feel letting it out, were the plumbing up to the task in the end?

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oh Catherine I'm so happy that you remember me! As I feel like you are the only one who really understands what it's like to have big BM's as a curvy woman! None of my girl friends really discuss it but I enjoy the event of going for a healthy satisfying poo as I like to keep an eye on my health! I eat a lot of spinach and drink lots of water so I think that helps!

Funny you should enjoy my word 'blimp' because I will talk about one in my story! Can you relate to the shape when I use that word? Because I have a feeling I might be on my own!

Anyway my story, I was out shopping with my mum last weekend, and I suddenly had an urge to go!! So I tried to go in the public shopping centre loos but they were gross! So I used my old favourite, a Costa coffee shop! I ran in quickly (as they don't like people using the toilet if they aren't a customer) and luckily it was vacant! I ran in answer pulled my jeans down and as I bent over and hovered it shot out of me in one solid form! And yes as usual... it was a blimp! The relief was amazing! But I had a small incident after, it had unfortunely not landed in the water but the side of the bowl and the flush didn't get it at first! Luckily the second one did. I'm glad as I would have been so embarrassed! I like to leave a loo as I found it!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed that little story! Haha.

Love to all and happy pooing? Haha.

British Dumper x



Hi again. Once I dreamed about going to school again, but it was different bathroom wise. I had an addiction to the bathroom to where poop was so pleasureable, I'd cry for hours if I didn't go. All my teachers let me go potty, but best of all, they let me spend as much time in the loo that I needed. I also was allowed to continue working on my assignments in the bathroom, too. When going, I moaned with delight, and enjoyed passing big turds. Bye.


Using the Can

I am 26 years old and a college graduate, living on my own for the first time. I posted a bit earlier about this but I think my prior version was a bit risque (mods, I have since reread the FAQ and discovered my error). Now, on to my story! I'm an English major so I hope you'll find this a good one.

I have long possessed a fascination with going to the bathroom, from a very young age. I prefer stories of using locations other than a toilet for urination and defecation. I have kept such an interest secret, for obvious reasons, until now, in my own place where I am able to experiment on my own terms.

I recently had the toilet seat break off and had a hard time using the toilet as part of my efforts were expended just staying on the damn thing! Such a situation, however, provided an opportunity to engage in my interests. I decided to place the seat atop a small white trash can in my bathroom and lined it with a trash bag for disposal. I waited until I had to poop

I set the trash can in the corner of the room, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and placed it on the nearby dresser, and got out my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to read while relieving myself. I unbuttoned my jeans, dropped them to my ankles, slid my underwear to my feet, and sat on the seat. And promptly collapsed as it gave way! Dammit! I picked myself up and saw the trash can crumpled on the floor. Oh well, try, try again. I smoothed out the can's crumpled areas as best I could and set it up beneath me again, with me sitting half-on my bed with my butt hanging over the trash can.

I started to push. A bit of pee trickled out as I strained, pooling in the bottom of the bag. Slowly, a large turd slid out and landed with a thud in the can. I sighed and then grunted as I pushed again. Another turd thudded into the can. I pushed out a final, smaller turd and farted. I wiped with toilet paper and dropped it into the bag. Done, I tied the bag shut and threw it out in the dumpster.

I decided to use a different can for my next time, this one from my bedroom, a tall, sturdy, black can. I had eaten a lot that day and really needed to go. I put another trash bag in the can and sat the toilet seat on top, the toilet paper nearby. I was ready for real this time!

I pulled down my pants and sat carefully on the seat, settling my weight slowly. It held! Sitting on the seat, I was pleased how much it felt like simply sitting on the toilet. I picked up my book and began to read where I last left off. I leaned forward as an urge to push hit. I first farted loudly, glad I was the only one in the apartment. I really needed to pee, so I started peeing, the bag rustling softly as pee collected in the bottom. I sighed, having not peed all day. I strained slightly and felt my butt open as a huge log began to squeeze out. It slowly slid out, stretching my hole painfully. I gritted my teeth and pushed harder. My pee splashed loudly against the inside of the bag and then began to taper off.

Sweat trickled down my forehead as I strained out the huge turd. It finally dropped with a loud thud as it landed in the bottom of the can, and I moaned in relief--it was out. A huge fart blasted out of my bottom. I farted again, squirting out a last bit of pee as I did so. Two more turds fell into the trash can, thudding on the bottom. It smelled pretty bad in the room now.

Wiping with toilet paper, I sighed in relief. As I stood up, I farted quietly and stopped to push hard, still squatting over the can. No more poop came out, but one last puff of a fart slipped out. I pulled up my pants and chose to dump the bag into the toilet, putting the dirty bag into another, mostly full trash bag to cover it up.

Well, that's it. I'll be back soon, I expect. This is only my first post. :)


Pooping during class

Hey guys it's Erin again! Thanks to all who had nice comments on my last post I really appreciate it! Anyways again I am a college student here in the states and I once again had to poop really bad today during my algebra class.
I woke up around 7:45 and got ready by 8, then ate breakfast. I remember my stomach feeling a little uneasy when I got up but I wasn't really expecting the urge to go. So my algebra class started at 8:30 and at about 9 I kept on feeling sudden urges to poop. I knew I would probably need to go to the bathroom either in class or after. I held on as much as I could but I felt it knock at my back door and decided to get up and head to the bathroom. I was wearing these skinny jeans with lack high stop vans as my outfit. I got in the bathroom and there were 5 stalls on the left side with sinks on the right. Yeah bathroom was empty so I took a middle stall. I pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees and immediately pushed. I farted and let out some loose poop in one push as I peed. It was almost diarrhea but a little more solid. I pushed again and let out these farts with each loose turd that came out fast. I was really stinking it up. I continued to poo and then I heard the door open and saw a girl come in. She stood at the sink and fixed her hair then took a stall 2 on the right from me. She had on Nike shorts and tennis shoes and peed for about 20 seconds. As she was peeing I couldn't help but grunt and let out a couple more loose turds. She wiped, flushed, then left without washing her hands. My stall was really stinky by this spoilt and the bathroom was full of my stench. I felt done by this point and started wiping. It took about 9 wipesib total to get my butt clean. I pulled up my panties and flushed and then washed my hands and returned back to class. I had been gone about 5 minutes and went on with my day feeling much better.

College has really changed my pooping habits. These past couple days every time I've gone it's been really loose and I don't really know why? I also have had to speed up my poops. At my college we only have community bathrooms in the dorms and it's not that I don't like pooping in public it's just I feel like I can't take my time. College also has affected the way I feel about pooping in public places. I've always grown up being comfortable in pooping whenever and wherever I need to, but it is different when everyone in my dorm is gonna have to poop there sometime. Almost everytime I go into the dorm bathroom someone is pooping so it's definitely different the what I've grown up with but I kinda like it. Anyways thanks for all the kind words! Bye for now!


Post Irma Bathroom Struggles

Hi, everybody

Hope you have all been very good and well. Your stories are all still very fun and amusing, and I've been really enjoying this forum.

Anonymous: My thing with accidents has really just set in in my brief adulthood (I'm 23). It just seems like in the last few years, I'm good for a poopy accident once or twice a year, while it never happened as a kid/adolescent. Must be nerves/anxiety about where life is headed.

Emily/Molly: Your recent story was funny and we'll told, but pretty upsetting (about your student having an accident). I'm trying to become a teacher, myself, and have been a substitute teacher for a little while, and I'm hoping that never happens. Though I stick to the elementary grades so it very well could.

Hurricane Irma made her way through here about 4 days ago, and aside from tons of yard damage and flooding, all is well. I was apprehensive about using the bathroom 2 days in advance of the storm because of my not wanting to stress the sewage system, and it worked as I didn't have to poop the whole 3 days until it had completely passed. Directly afterwards, though, I got that lingering stomach ache that hasn't completely gone away. I knew it was just pretty bad constipation but I just hoped it would clear up. In the 3 and a half days since the storm, I had gone to the potty several times but couldn't get much poop out, even though I've filled up on water and haven't missed my daily coffee intake. Then about ten minutes ago, it just hit me out of nowhere. I had to just bolt toward the bathroom, yank my shorts and white Hanes briefs down, and so quickly, so much diarrhea poop just spilled out of me. It wasn't feeling pleasant and it was a lot of poop. I feel a bit better though, but holy hell, hopefully it continues to look up.

Best wishes to all of you~


Latest story

Hi everyone, my latest news coming up, after a couple of comments!
Imogen- that must have been really embarrasing when the van driver saw you with your jeans and knickers down having a wee, its understandable that you wanted to pull them up as fast as you could but then of course you do end up damp which is pretty unpleasant- I do know the feeling as I've gone for a wee outside quite alot myself and sometimes I haven't had chance to wipe either! What was just as bad was when I was at school I would quite often be desperate to have a poo by lunchtime and sometimes a log would have started poking out into my knickers, so by the time I managed to actually get on the loo I would have really bad skidmarks and I then had to stay wearing those knickers for the rest of the afternoon!! If I went for a wee at morning break and I thought that I might need a poo later I would put toilet paper in my knickers and made sure I didn't pull them up properly to avoid getting a wedgie which obviously made the marks a lot worse, but sometimes I didn't go for a wee at break or the urge came on more suddenly so then there wasn't really much I could do. To be honest I would usually end up with marks in my knickers anyway whenever I had a poo at school, as even if I didn't have a log poking out the school loo paper was really nasty so it was impossible to wipe my bum properly.
Natasha- I know what you mean, its great if your staying with a really close friend you've known for ages as it makes getting dressed and undressed embarassment free! Whenever I'm with my closest friends we have no problems being in our underwear or even in the nude around each other, usually when its hot we just wear knickers in bed too so quite often the next morning one of us will be on the loo with practically nothing on having a wee or a poo! One time a while ago when Lucy, Katie and I were on holiday we had a problem with the toilet and it wouldn't flush, we couldn't fix it so Lucy was on her way downstairs to the car to fetch her portable camping toilet when I had to remind her that it might be a good idea to get dressed, we were both just in our knickers at the time!! It sounds like Emily was quite constipated, I have every sympathy with her if she only wants a poo every four or five days as its a real struggle to get started, whenever I have a poo after waiting that long I always have to strain and push really hard as well and so I know what it must be like for her. Is she always that constipated or does she have periods when she finds it easier to have a poo, if its like that the whole time it must be really grim.
Anyway, on to my latest story, the other night Lucy and I stayed round at Katies house. We were up in her room when Lucy said "I just need the loo a minute" and went over to the bathroom. She opened the door and went over to the toilet, pulling down her black leggings and pink flowery knickers and sitting down.
"Are you going to be long Lucy only I'm bursting for a poo," said Katie, shuffling around on her bed. I could hear Lucy weeing heavily, her stream fizzing into the bowl. "You can go after I've finished my wee, I want a poo as well but I can hold it a bit longer," said Lucy. Her stream trickled to a stop and she wiped before pulling up her pants and leggings and flushing the toilet. "Thanks Lucy" said Katie as she dashed over to the loo, she quickly dropped her jeans and then her green knickers before sitting on the loo. Lucy and I followed her in and sat on the floor, I saw her taking a deep breath and starting to bear down, she released her breath with a loud grunt and then started to push again. After a while it was clear that Katie was really struggling to push her poo out, she was going red and finding it impossible to talk as she was having to strain quite hard.
"Sorry about this," she panted, as she had a rest for a moment "I know I've eaten too much rubbish these lately and I'm totally bunged up!"
"Don't worry" Lucy said, "I know how you feel, I'm going to be doing the same in a minute." Katie continued to push and started to grunt again, we were still talking but she could now only nod or shake her head and come out with a few words here and there. Suddenly Katie gave a big sigh and said "This is really frustrating, I'm fed up of being constipated all the time! For ages I could only push the tip out and then it got sucked back up my bum, but now I've pushed more of it out its got really thick and I can't get it to move at all."
"Try holding your bum cheeks apart" I suggested, "Thats what I usually do when it gets stuck like that."
Katie reached round and pulled her bum cheeks apart, pushing her knees together and pushing as hard as she could.
"Is it working?" Lucy asked and she nodded, by now she was bright red in the face and looking really hot and bothered. Suddenly there was a huge splash as her log dropped and a moan of relief from Katie. She then pushed a few more logs out but they were a lot easier to pass.She stood up to wipe her bottom, when she'd finished wiping she pulled up her pants and jeans and flushed. I expected Lucy to go straight back on the toilet for her poo but she didn't. Later on we had tea and then watched telly, about half ten we went upstairs to get ready for bed. By now I needed a wee pretty badly and also had a growing urge for a poo, as we got undressed I said to Lucy, "I need the loo now but do you want to go first?" "Is it just a wee?" asked Lucy as she took off her leggings. "No, I need a poo as well!" I answered. "OK, go ahead, I think I can wait" she replied. By now I was just in my bra and knickers so I took my bra off, quickly pulled my nightie over my head and then went into the bathroom. I lifted my nightie, dropped my purple and blue spotty knickers and sat on the toilet, I started to wee almost at once and felt my poo moving down inside me and as I finished my wee I felt it starting to poke out of my bum. After the tip was out it started to get fatter and I took a deep breath and pushed, Lucy was standing with her back to me in her bra and knickers brushing her teeth, her knickers were stuck up her bum pretty badly! Just then Katie came in, like Lucy she was just wearing her bra and pants and she had a wedgie as well!! After a few pushes I felt the poo move faster and not long after it made a loud plop as it dropped out of my bum and fell into the bowl, I heard Lucy and Katie giggle and could feel myself going red. I pushed out a couple more logs which made equally embarasing plops before wiping my bottom carefully and flushing. By now Lucy was squirming around a bit, as soon as I was done she yanked down her knickers and sat herself heavily on the loo. I started to clean my teeth as Lucy was pushing, her knickers were round her knees turned inside out and there was a poo stain in them which hadn't been there before, her poo must have been poking out. I felt a bit embarased for her as she was having to push quite hard, "Sorry about this, I haven't been for a poo in a few days, I think I'm a bit constipated" she admitted. After a hard push and a grunt I heard a splash and sigh of relief, then she farted and a few seconds later I heard three plops one after the other. "Right, I think I'm done, that feels loads better" she said and started to wipe her bum. After she'd wiped, flushed and washed her hands she went back into the bedroom and rummaged through her bag, she quickly slipped off her dirty pants and swopped them with a clean pair of white knickers before taking off her bra and putting on her nightie. We went to bed and watched telly for a while before going to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!

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