Biggest dump ever

Hello. I'm new here. I'm a woman in my early 30s. Last week, I took what I'm sure was the biggest dump I've ever taken. At that time, I hadn't pooped for four days. And I'm normally a twice-a-day woman, so you can imagine how badly I had to go when the time finally came. After the first day without pooping, I started eating more foods I knew were high in fiber to try and go naturally. At the beginning of day four, I told myself if I didn't go by the end of the day, I'd resort to a laxative or an enema or something. Anything to get relief!

Well, thankfully, it didn't come to that. The urge hit shortly after lunchtime. I couldn't really get away just then to take care of what I knew would be a huge load. By the time I had a moment to take a bathroom break, the urge had subsided. I decided then I'd just wait and go at home. I didn't fancy the idea of taking a long time in the ladies' room and probably really stinking it up, or worse maybe even clogging the toilet. The end of the day came and I had to go pick up my daughter from daycare. She's six and she's very astute. On the ride home, she could tell something was wrong and she asked me. I said "Mommy just REALLY has to doo doo." She told me she hoped I didn't have an accident. I told her, me too.

After what seemed like an eternity, we made it home. I helped her out of the car and then made a beeline for the bathroom. I got my belt unbuckled and my pants down and nearly threw myself on the toilet just in time to unleash a massive fart. Certainly loud enough to be heard outside the bathroom. It was quite long too, lasting several seconds. Then the real show began.

My anus stretched wide to accommodate a thick, firm, turd. The first part was knobbly but it smoothed out as it kept coming. I don't think there are words for how good it felt to finally be able to take a dump. I was definitely glad I'd not done this in the toilets at work, as I definitely was stinking the place up good, even with the bathroom fan running. The thick turd felt like it would never stop. It grew so long I couldn't push it out anymore while sitting down. More and more kept coming out of me as I stood up more and more. Eventually when the turd finally did end, I was nearly standing up straight. I actually felt a rumbling in my stomach and I thought "there can't possibly be more, can there?!" There wasn't. Just a lot of excess gas. Big, loud, long farts. Maybe seven or eight of them. When I was sure I was all done, I looked in the toilet at my creation.

One end of the turd was plugging up the drain at the back of the toilet and it curved around the whole bowl twice over and then stuck straight up in the air and the tail of the turd was actually flopped onto the seat of the toilet. I think this beast must've been at least four or maybe even five feet long in total. It was gigantic! This was by far the biggest dump I've ever taken and also by far the smelliest, probably on account of most of the turd being out of the water. Speaking of, I could barely see any of the water in the bowl, it was all obscured by my turd.

I knew there was no way this thing was flushing, so I set right to plunging it. I got everything down alright, and then I set to wiping myself, flushing again to send the paper down, then one final time after using the toilet brush, to remove the lingering skid marks. The bathroom still stunk very badly though. I sprayed a bunch of air freshener, closed the toilet lid, washed my hands, and then closed the bathroom door but left the fan running to hopefully air it out.

Between pooping and plunging and all that, I'd been in the bathroom for over an hour. My daughter asked if I'd made it. I proudly said that I did. She then asked if I'd done a really big doo doo, because it took me so long. I said yes. Finally she asked if I felt better after my big doo doo. I told her I definitely did.

Brandon T

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To: Jane The Poop sounds like you had a really good cleanout I bet you will feel amazing once you are finally done.

To: Lauren first welcome to the site and great story and please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Sandrine great story.

To: Megan great story it sounds like you 3 all had really great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brandon T

women pooping in various medias

here is a list of various things that have women pooping in them ive made this list before so a lot will be repeats and some new as well theres gonna some ive missed I'm sure because I'm going bases on memory so lets begin.

1. Harold & Kumar go to white castle: in this scene the 2 main characters are hiding in a womens restroom when 2 college girls walk in and head to the sink and one girl hurries into a stall and fart is heard then her friends takes another stall meanwhile the 2 guys are in the stall between them the girls proceed to have explosive diarrhea and play a game of battle shits.

2. Not Another Teen Movie: in this scene 3 guys are spying on girls in a locker room when one girl goes into a stall and starts to pee and then farts loud and a lil later she farts again only this time its wet and she then proceeds to have diarrhea.

3. Detroit Rock City: 3 guys are hiding in a womens restroom at a college a girl come in and begins to pee and then farts loudly 3 times not sure if she was pooping.

4. Sexpot: near the beginning of the movie 2 guys are spying on there neighbors when one of the women sits on the toilet and lets a short but loud diarrhea blast out.

5. The Change Up: a woman takes a gassy poop in a toilet after eating thai food.

6. Zack & Miri make a porno: in one a woman and a man are having anal sex when suddenly the have a big poop right onto a camera man.

7, Hall Pass: a woman is sitting on the edge of a bathtub complaining that she feels weird she did sneezes and sharts on the tubs wall.

8. Natasha Leggero not sure if that's the title or actresses name. a woman is riding in a hot air balloon she then farts and asks if there is a toilet on board and then she has diarrhea over the side of the balloon basket.

9. Knallhatre Jungs: a woman has a major bout of diarrhea while a guy is hiding in cuppard under the sink.

10. Killa Season: 2 women are seen pooping out drug packets along with a lot of poop.

11. The Green Inferno: several people are being held prisoner in a cage when one of women starts to feel sick and proceeds to have major diarrhea out of the cage.

12. Big Mamas House: a man is hiding in a womans bathroom she rushes in and takes a major diarrhea poop.

13. in the cartoon series 6teen and stoked several of the girls fart and have gassy poops.

14. Breaking Wind: a woman has diarrhea after eating a bad fish taco.

15. in one issue of Mad Magazine: theres a cartoon of Amy Whinehouse pooping in a changing room.

16. in the video game Far Cry Primal: you can randomly come across a woman pooping outside.

well that's all the ones I can remember I will add more if I remember them.


Mary's Accident

Well, I'm back to tell on Mary.

Mary's story is not as dramatic. Maybe the timing was bad though. Mary was voted Homecoming Queen our senior year in High School. She was more embarrassed than ecstatic. She was flattered that she had won, but tried to get out of the responsibility. For homecoming, our high school had a parade downtown. The Homecoming Queen would ride on the back of a convertible, provided by a member of the town council. Usually the queen would have a dress matching the school color (sort of) for the parade and then a more formal gown to wear at halftime of the football game. Our school colors were Navy and Red, so it wasn't hard for Mary to find a Navy dress. It looked great on her, with her perfect, fair skin and almost black hair.

After she finished the parade, she was not looking well. She mumbled to our mother that she had to use the bathroom. Mother asked if she could make it home and she nodded. I could tell that she was worried as I rode back with her and mother. My father had the other girls in our van.

When we reached the house, Mary and I went up to our rooms. She looked at me and said desperately, "Becc, please help me get this dress off. I have to use the bathroom badly." She said it so dignified, but you could hear the desperation in her voice. I felt bad for her. She looked stunning, her hair was rolled perfectly (Mary's hair curls so perfectly).

Her zipper was stuck. "Becc, please..." Finally, I was able to get her zipper down. She took the dress off and was only in bra and panties when it happened.

And it happened... a lot of it happened. It was soft, smelly and noisy.

Mary began to cry. "Look, no one needs to know. You can get cleaned up." She wouldn't look at me. "Becc, could you just get Mother? Please don't tell the others."

So, Mary waddled into the bathroom and I got Mother and said that Mary needed help with her dress. When she got into the room, she understood what I really needed her for.

It's kind of a sad story. Needless to say, Mary did not have a good experience being Homecoming Queen, but everyone told her how beautiful and elegant she looked. That made it better for her.

- Becc


Reply to Imogen

Hi Imogen , I loved your "Dash Home" post . I've been there , myself , girl . Eileen .


Response to Rachel

Rachel: Good for you, sounds like you have an awesome career all planned out! I don't really know what I'll do yet. I know I'll go on to higher education, but since there are so many program choices out there, I really don't know what to choose! I am overwhelmed by all the choices! Kinesiology sounds fun! How did you make the decision to purse kinesiology as your university program? What were your strengths and interests back in high school? And how did you know you'll like the program? I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying your university though! And to answer your question, I have pooped at school, although it wasn't too often. I don't mind going at school if I have too, but I don't particularly enjoy it either. Since I live close to the school, a lot of the time if I get the urge near the end of the day, I'll just hold on until school's out and go when I get home. I'm curious on how your friends cope with it though? What do they do if they really need to go early during the day and they are too desperate to hold it in till they get home? I haven't exactly been denied the bathroom since most of my teachers are really nice. There have been times where I needed to pee, but the teacher suggested that I stay because what she's teaching was really important! I was still allowed to go though, but I would be missing really important stuff and I decided not to. Also there have been cases where I am so interested in the subject that I didn't want to go even though I really need to! I remember holding myself the whole way to the bathroom and peeing a river afterwards! Have you had similar experiences? You can share your university experiences, but I'm more interested in your high school stories, since that's where I am now!
Thanks and if you have any tips or suggestions on how to choose a university program, please let me know! I enjoy talking to you too!



Me and Faith's broadcast

Near the end of each summer and usually during a few days of winter break my parents allow me to spend some time at my grandparents house. It is a four hour drive. My grandparents are near 80 and don't like doing the full four hour drive so they and my parents each do two hours and we meet at a truck stop where I am transferred for the rest of the trip.

There's this girl who is my age who lives next door to my grandparents. Like me, Faith sleeps in and she will stay up late until 2 a.m. or later most nights. She works at a restaurant and gets off at 10 p.m. She texted me when she started her walk home and when she got to the top of the hill where I was, she came onto the porch and was happy to see me. Usually she brags about her tips, but this time I could tell she was upset. The restaurant has a rule that employees need to let customers use the bathrooms first. On nights when its really busy or they have a band or singer in the lounge, its hard for her to get a pee in because there's a line for the bathrooms. If she went to her parents' next door they would make her stay in so she asked to use my grandparents' bathroom.

I told Faith they had gone to bed about two hours earlier and I didn't want to disturb them. She has kind of a potty mouth and uses it when she's tired or frustrated. And she started using it when she said she was going to use one of the foundation blocks on the wall next to the driveway. There was a streetlight nearby and she told me to come with her. She made this wooosh sound and her hands scared me that she was about to explode. So we hurried outside where she quickly dropped her black slacks and thong and with her arms boosted herself up on one of the gray building blocks. The concrete blocks were coarse, had not been cut evenly, and within two seconds she yelled out the loudest F-bomb as she immediately jumped down. Some weed was piercing her, she thought, but when I checked, there was nothing but a couple of water bugs.

Faith moved about three blocks over, took the seat but only after she ran her hand over the opening in the blocks. I could hear her stream start at once. Since I was right in front of her, I jokingly stumbled backwards and told her I didn't want my bare feet to get muddied by her pee. She started cursing again and told me I should get onto the other side of the driveway. She was right because her pee was fast coming down toward me. She sat for about two minutes and in that time her pee stream was running onto the driveway and two thirds of the way down onto Second Avenue. Since we were in a sort of drought, there were a few birds flying lower and closer to the stream.

Faith was so at ease when she pulled up her clothing and we walked back to the front porch swing to talk. She had gotten an apple and a couple of jumbo donuts from work which we shared for the two hours of so that we sat and talked. She asked when I had last peed and crapped and I told her it was at about 6 that evening when my family dropped me off at the truck stop. I told her how my mom is a really good pisser and how she and I used to toilets right next to one another at the travel center. I also told her how my grandma is very proper and reluctant to use public bathrooms. In fact, she had criticized me for sitting bare-butt on the seat for that pee.

Me and Faith both fell asleep on the swing and we were startled when the morning paper was thrown against the door at about 5 a.m. Then both of us went into our houses because we both had to crap. When grandma and I had breakfast that morning, I could tell she was onto something. It turned out that she and grandpa had opened their bedroom window for fresh air and they heard practically everything that was done and said the night before. Grams was pretty cool about it and told me a story about when she was my age back in the 1950s she and her friends had to use some of their allowance from doing chores in order to feed a pay toilet about once a week when they were out.


Latest news

Hi everyone, as I said in my last post I've been away for a few days on a camping trip with Lucy and Katie, I've been back for a while now but have had loads on, so sorry I haven't managed to post until now.
Imogen- sounded like you only just made it in time, sorry to hear you wet your knickers a bit!!
Natasha- great story, I know what you mean, its embarassing if you need to have a poo in front of someone you don't know that well, thats happened to me a few times too. At least Jen had a poo as well, I think my most awkward time was a while ago when I was staying with my friend Olivia and some of her friends, I woke up in the morning and me, Sophie and Anna (neither of whom I knew that well) all ended up in the bathroom together similar to how you described. I wanted a poo urgently and knew I couldn't wait, I remember being on the loo pushing a log out and feeling really embarrased, hoping that one of them might need a poo as well but they both just had a wee which made it even more awkward! Luckily they never said anything and I wasn't constipated on that occasion, it would have been even worse if I'd had to sit there and strain for ages!
31 year old male American- sorry for my late reply!! I think its really only the tip that comes out before it gets sucked back up, I have tried to grab hold of it but thats never really worked. I must admit I haven't tried vaginal splinting, I think I'd be a bit nervous about hurting myself. As I said before, I do love the feeling of a nice fat log stretching my bum as I push it out, even when not constipated I've never been a 'once a day' girl (normal for me is every other day) so I've always had a tendency to do pretty solid loads which require some pushing. For that reason going for a poo has never been something I can do quickly. The constipation cycle for me started off when I went to secondary school, a combination of disgusting toilets and not enough time led to me putting off my urge for a poo which normally came on late morning. Thats when I started to have poos which were not only fat but also really hard and dry which I would really struggle to pass, at that time I first noticed that my logs would tend to get sucked back up my bum when I stopped bearing down which is now a problem I always get when I'm constipated.
Anyway, back to my story, I guess its not much of a suprise if I say that I've ended up really constipated again, I knew going away was bad timing especially as I'd been doing so well! Unfortunately I didn't have a poo the whole time I was away, I did try to go every time I went for a wee but my bowels just wouldn't co-operate and were like concrete, as I couldn't even get a log to poke out despite pushing really hard. The only good thing was that Lucy and Katie both had exactly the same problem so at least it wasn't just me, a few times when we were all having a wee I heard them straining too. The last night I had really bad bellyache which I knew was due to me being constipated, I woke up the next morning to see Lucy lying on top of her sleeping bag wearing her nightie, she was moaning and rubbing her swollen belly and was talking to Katie, she said, "I really need a poo but it just won't come out, last night I was on the loo like forever trying to go!" I said, "Well, if it makes you feel any better my belly really hurts too, every time I went for a wee yesterday I tried to have a poo but nothing would come, its been ages since I last had one!"
"Are you constipated too Katie?" I asked. "Yeah, I haven't been for a poo since we've been away either," said Katie as she scrambled out of her sleeping bag, her nightie rode up and I could see her knickers, they were pale blue with pink flowers. "Like you said Abbie, I tried to go every time I was on the loo for a wee but I just couldn't push anything out even though I could feel there was a big load up there!"
We decided to get dressed and go for a wee and then head straight back home so we could try and have a poo in more relaxed surroundings, I could feel my bladder was really full and knew I needed to have a wee soon! I got out of my sleeping bag as Lucy and Katie crawled to the back of the tent where our stuff was to get some clean clothes, I could see most of Lucys bum as her yellow and orange stripey knickers were giving her a massive wedgie! "Oh great, I need clean knickers but I can't work out which ones are mine!" Lucy complained, we'd tried to keep our clean clothes in separate piles but they were just all over everywhere now, I could see several pairs of knickers but typically they were all white ones! Lucy grabbed a pair and said, "I'm going to take these ones, if there not mine we'll have to sort it out later on, I'm bursting for a wee!" Once they'd got back I crawled off to my bag, I was wearing a tight pair of plain white knickers and I could feel that they were stuck up my bum too and just then Katie said, "Nice wedgie Abs!" and I turned round and poked my tongue out at her as she was putting on her clean knickers. Once I'd found clean clothes I crawled back to my sleeping bag, by now Lucy was sitting on her sleeping bag just wearing her knickers and putting on her bra. I took my nightie off and put on my bra and tee-shirt before changing my knickers.
We finished getting dressed and then went off to the loos, we all had a wee and then came back and packed the tent away, before loading the car and setting off for home. As soon as we got back we went up to my room, by now I was at least starting to feel like I needed a poo so I hoped I wouldn't struggle too much. We decided I should go first as Lucy and Katie didn't have an urge yet, they followed me in to my ensuite and sat cross leged on the floor while I went over to the toilet and dropped my shorts and knickers to my knees before sitting down. As I started to push I could feel a hard lump slowly moving down inside me, after a couple of minutes the tip of a really dry and massive poo was starting to come out. When I stopped pushing it started to get sucked back up my bum, thats a problem I haven't had for a while but I guess all good things must come to an end eventually! "Sorry, it keeps going back up my bum!" I gasped, I had to carry on pushing as hard as I could until I managed to get the widest part through. Then of course it ended up getting stuck, so I had to give a few massive pushes and could feel I was going red, I was making some really loud grunts but tried not to get too embarrassed. Lucy and Katie just kept chatting as I heaved and grunted away, I was straining so hard I couldn't really say anything though! Finally I felt the poo moving again and a minute or so later it dropped into the loo with a massive splash. Lucy said, "Are you done yet Abs, only I really need to go now?" I told her I still had to do a bit more but I could feel that the next log would be a lot easier to get out. A couple of logs later I was done, I quickly wiped my bum, pulled my knickers and shorts back up and then flushed, luckily somehow it all went away. I swopped places with Lucy, she pulled down her leggings and knickers and then sat. She took a deep breath and started to push straight away, with each push some wee spurted down into the loo. After a few minutes she was starting to go quite red and her grunts were getting louder but nothing seemed to be happening, Katie and I were trying to take her mind off it by chatting about all sorts. "Sorry about all the grunting, I know what you mean about it going back up your bum Abbie, I've got exactly the same problem!" gasped Lucy. After several more minutes of straining I was just about to ask her if she was OK when she suddenly gasped and a massive plop rang around the room. She stayed to finish off with a few more bits and then wiped her bum, pulled up her knickers and leggings and flushed. "Right, I guess its my go now!" said Katie, standing up and pulling down her shorts and knickers. She started to have a wee, her stream fizzing down into the bowl, and as it dribbled to a stop a few seconds later I heard her take a deep breath and saw her belly tensing as she started to push. She couldn't help grunting as she released her breath, and very quickly she took another breath and bore down again. She did this another four or five times and by this time had gone red in the face as she was having to push really hard. Finally she relaxed and said, "Right, its poking out too far to get sucked back up now," she said, "Sorry I've been grunting," she said, blushing even redder, "It's just I've had to push really hard to get it out this far, and theres a long way to go yet!" She bore down again, its easy to tell when Katie's pushing as she purses her lips and wrinkles up her nose!! After a few hard pushes and some more grunts, there was a moan of relief and a splash as Katies log dropped. She said, "Thank god thats out, I think theres some more to come though," and I saw from her face she was pushing again. A couple of minutes later there was a loud plop, and then another just after as her second log broke in half. She sat for a few seconds and said, "I'm done," and then took some loo paper and wiped her front and her bottom before pulling up her knickers and shorts and flushing. We all went to have a lie down to recover from our constipation ordeal! Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!


Gastro Researcher

Here you go:

Age: 21
Sex: F
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210

(1) How many times do you usually eat per day? Three full meals, afternoon snack, and maybe some small snacks throughout the day.
(2) About how many glasses of water do you drink per day? I make certain to get the recommended 64 ounces of water
(3) What laxatives do you take? None
(4) What food(s) usually makes you constipated? Fast food, cafeteria food - I found that out my freshman year in college!
(5) What food(s) usually give you diarrhea? Spicy foods can if I overdo it. But things like dairy, beans, etc. that tend to give most people diarrhea do not bother me in the least.
(6) What is your go to remedy for diarrhea?
(7) What foods make you gassy? Beans! And I eat a lot of beans!
(8) How often do you avoid foods that make you gassy? Never.
(9) What time(season) of the year do you eat the most? Thanksgiving and Christmas. I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, salads and fruit in the summer, when our garden is producing. But the comfort food comes in the winter.
(10) Have you ever visited a gastroenterologit? Only to do intern work.

And, I read some of Catherine's posts and take the comparison as a compliment.

- Becc

Saturday, August 05, 2017


Survey replies

Gastro Researcher's Survey

Age: 50 plus (old enough to know better)
Sex: Male (when I last checked)
Height: Average
Weight: A bit above average!

(1) How many times do you usually eat per day? 3 meals + 3 snacks
(2) About how many glasses of water do you drink per day? 1 or 2 but I usually drink quite a lot of coffee, fruit juice and tonic water plus the odd beer or glass of wine.
(3) What laxatives do you take? None if I can help it
(4) What food(s) usually makes you constipated? Cheese
(5) What food(s) usually give you diarrhea? Cooked tomatoes
(6) What is your go to remedy for diarrhea? Imodium
(7) What foods make you gassy? Onions, Sprouts
(8) How often do you avoid foods that make you gassy? Never
(9) What time(season) of the year do you eat the most? Winter/Christmas
(10) Have you ever visited a gastroenterologit? No


Answers to survey by Alex

1) Age?

2) Height?

3) Weight?

4) How often do you usually need to poop?
Twice a day

5) What times of day usually?
Shortly after I wake up and around 6-7pm

6) Describe how your feces usually are (logs, chunks, pebbles, etc?)
Solid smooth logs

7) When you poop, does a lot usually come out?
A lot in the morning and usually a smaller amount in the evening

8) Most urgent dump you had recently (in the last year)?
Today! I'll post about it shortly :)

9) If you were legitimately offered $10 million dollars, do you think you could hold back your poop for 2 weeks while eating normally?
I probably could. It wouldn't be comfortable or enjoyable but I could do it

Uncle Harry

To Blob

Hey Bllob. All off your stories are great, but this one about the oil change is exceptional. Keep it up.

Canada Pooper

diapers for convenience ?

Hi guys So recently I have been having stomach issues and all of this week i cant seem to hold my poop for long at all its not quite diarrhea but starts with loud waves of gas beyond a "bubbling" there is not much warning at all its usually followed by the gas and some soft poop they said its just a virus and it would pass but i got tired of frequent accidents so today i bought some diapers for the first time in ages and i have to admit they are very comfortable and i will say that it beats trying to get up and go because its harder for me being physically disabled ive had to pause a few times well typing to "go" in the diaper this has me wondering how many people have used diapers for convenience in this way? it also has me wondering maybe wrongly so but we wear diapers as baby's and toddlers as well as elderly so why not do so as "adults" im certainly enjoying the freedom of today ill have to change before bed but thats it



Post Title (optional) To Sandrine

I love the way your husband lifts you to help you pee/poo better. This is a technique that physically strong men with girlfriends or wives should learn and practice. I wish I could....but am not certain of being able to lift my wife that long and anyway, my wife is probably too conservative to envision this.
It is also a wonderful act of love.


Holiday Story

As I said in my last post I have two stories from my summer break and here's the first. It happened when I had to use the self-contained unisex bathroom of a café during a day out in Oxfordshire. Walking over to the bathroom I went inside, locked the door and then looked for somewhere to hang my bag. Seeing nowhere to do so I had to place it on the floor. Going over to the loo I undid my lilac chinos and pushed them down to my boat shoes along with my purple panties. After sitting down I had a quick pee before letting off a cacophony of farts. Then I didn't even need to push for my hole to begin to slowly open as the first log inched out. Feeling it slide down my anus was almost orgasmic; it made me close my eyes and for a few seconds I forgot about everything else apart from this wonderful sensation. I was suddenly brought back to earth as the turd speed up and left my hole before splashing into the water below. My hole didn't have a chance to close as another log made its way rapidly out and onto the bowl. Then a third. Feeling empty I stood up and turned around to see that the logs were dark brown and floating on top of the water. Even though they were solid they looked very soft. After getting some toilet paper and wiping myself, catching my reflection in the mirror along the way, I dropped the paper into the bowl and pulled down the flush lever. Except nothing happened. So I tried again and still nothing. I began to wonder what to do. I didn't want to leave it for the next person to deal with but I didn't really want to tell the staff that the loo was broken. I'm not ashamed of people knowing that I've had a poo in public but someone hearing and smelling it from another cubical or noticing that I've spent a long time in the bathroom is a bit different from them actually seeing my poo. I pushed the lever down for a third time just to make sure it was broken but luckily a trickle of water came down. That gave me hope that it was just a slow, really slow, filling cistern. So to give it time to refill I got redressed and then washed my hands. Going back to the toilet I pushed down on the lever and this time the glorious sound of a toilet being flushed filled the room. Having ensured that everything had gone down I then picked up my bag and put it over my shoulder before unlocking the door and leaving the bathroom.

I think the flush not working is probably on my list of the worst thing that could happen when using a public bathroom (with there being no loo roll and the lock not working also on that list). Does anybody else have a story of how they dealt the flush not working?


At the beach hut

My girlfriend and I where invited to her friends wedding in Bournemouth, one summer and so we decided to make it into a weeks holiday on the beach, so we booked the week at a bed and breakfast hotel and my girlfriends friend gave us the use of her beach hut on the promenade.
The beach huts ran the length of the beach as far as you could see, along the wall at the bottom of the cliffs, with a gap between each group of about ten huts, with a water tap and drain in ever other gap.
After breakfast we would go to the hut and open up the front of it and sit in the sun, we used the hut to change into our swim wear. In the hut there was a small table, chairs and a portable gas ring with a kettle and an oil light.
My first sighting was when I went to one of the taps to fill the kettle to make some tea, as I went through the gap to the tap I looked both to my left and right along the back of the huts, only to see a female with her back to me squatting and peeing, she was in a very low squat about 40 huts along but did give a good view of her bum as she stood to pull up her swimming bottoms. As this was a promising sighting area I always was the one to fill the kettle, this did give me a few quick glimpse but not like the first. You could also see puddles with tissue paper in them around the tap area, I would pick the papers up and put them into the rubbish bay by the drain so that I could tell if there was any new puddles.
On out last day we had changed into our going home cloths and had our swim wear drying in the sun, when my girlfriend said that she needed a pee, the toilet block was some way along the beach and we had been going into the sea to pee all week, so I said why not go in the gap between the hut and the back wall, but she said no you can be see for miles back there and was about to go and walk to the toilets.
I said there is a child's square yellow sand castle bucket hanging on a nail in the hut roof, (but no spade with it) so I past it to her and we closed the doors and lit the oil lamp and she dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted over the bucket and had a long and noisy pee, I said people passing by could hear that outside, when she was done and pulled her things back up, I too peed into the bucket which was now very full. I took the bucket and all our rubbish to the tap and rubbish bag, rinsed out the bucket and returned it to the nail, and we shut the hut up for our last time and started our long car trip home.
A few weeks later and my girlfriend had been talking to her friend on the phone, and she told me that the bucket was in the hut for the use for peeing into if the sea was to cold, I had a laugh with my girlfriend about that and asked about number two's she said NO.


Working on a car

I was working on my girlfriends car in the back yard of my house, changing the oil ete.
As the day went on I need to pee but as my hands were all oily I asked my girlfriend if she could help me to go.
So we both went into my cellar to the toilet. here she opened my overalls and my zipper, put her cool hand in and pulled out my thing, but once her hand was on it, it started to stiffen, and so she could not point it into the toilet, I said just let it go and I will let it point itself when it ready. With that she pushed me away from the toilet and dropped her jeans and knickers slowly standing with her back to the pan and playing with her bush and lips before sitting down with her knees wide and slowly started to pee, giving me a real good look, this was not helping my problem at all, (things got stiffer) she thought this was very funny. When she finished peeing she stood and very slowly and carefully whipping her pussy before slowly pulling up her knicker and jeans.
I said I still needed to pee and so I went to the cellar wash sink and peed up into it, well most of my pee, she stood there watching, when I was done I asked her to put me away but she just laughed and went back out into the garden. So I had to wash all the oil of my hands so that I could do it myself.
That night I made her pay for the work on her car.

Gastro Researcher

Survey For Research

I think Becc would really enjoy this (doesn't she remind you of Catherine?). Anyway, here are some of my questions I have for some gastroenterology research I am doing (market research to be upfront).


(1) How many times do you usually eat per day?
(2) About how many glasses of water do you drink per day?
(3) What laxatives do you take?
(4) What food(s) usually makes you constipated?
(5) What food(s) usually give you diarrhea?
(6) What is your go to remedy for diarrhea?
(7) What foods make you gassy?
(8) How often do you avoid foods that make you gassy?
(9) What time(season) of the year do you eat the most?
(10) Have you ever visited a gastroenterologit?

I have to say as funny as this site may be, there are a lot of impressive writers on here. Seriously, I bet some of you could write bestselling autobiographies if you wanted to do it. Depending on the number of responses/questions I will write again.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story about your desperate poop it sounds like it was a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie first welcome to the site and great story about your monster poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Becc great story about your giant snake poop I bet you felt great after and great story about you and Mary pooping yourselves.

To: Natasha great set of stories it sounds like you had some pretty desperate poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucky Witness it sounds like she was desperate and had no other choice.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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