Jane the Poop

Lots of poop today

It's been a while but I'm having another "big poop" day. This morning, I got up, and as I was making coffee I felt the urge to make a couple of poops. I went to the toilet, sat and started pooping. My butt hole expanded way more than it usually does. I could tell there was some thick poop about to fill my toilet. The first piece stretched my hole even bigger and it felt pretty nice, pushing out all slow. The poop came for several minutes until it finally completed. I went to look in the toilet to see how big it was, but I needed to unload some more poop. Again my butt split open and another huge thick turd crawled into the bowl. That dropped, and as soon as it did, I was pooping again. When I was done, there were 3 solid poops so thick they couldnt bend at all going all the way from the hole in the bottom of the toilet to almost the rim. They were bigger than zucchinis!

I wiped, flushed, and went about my day again, when soon I realized I had to poop more. I went back to the toilet, and poops that were slightly faster and less thick began plopping into the toilet. I grabbed a magazine as turd after turd slipped into my toilet. Soon I felt done. I opened my legs and saw poop completely displacing the water in the toilet. Except... I wasn't done pooping. I closed my legs and kept on pooping, reaching back to flush. Soon I filled the toilet again, flushed and then let a final few poops slide into the toilet.

Later, just a few minutes ago, I felt the urge once again. I returned to the throne, sat back down, and this time I turned on my camera. When I was done, I watched in slow motion as 11 thick, long poops displaced the water. That was all for that poop, but I can't help but wonder how much more poop I'll make before the end of the day!

Mike B

mom's accident

Hi i'm a long time lurker and finally decided to post, i'm gonna start with a great story that I have from last year. Last year my family was driving back to Ohio from the outer banks where we have a vacation house. On the way back we got hungry and stopped at a diner. My mom is 52, 5 foot 1, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and big thick legs. I ordered an omelette (I love eggs), my sister ordered a reuben, my dad, ordered pancakes, and my mom got biscuits and gravy. After paying the tab we left and continued our drive. We still had about 6 hours left in the trip when i began smelling farts, I looked around and saw my mom looked rather uncomfortable. She rubbed her ??? and said "Bill, I think something was wrong with my food" my dad responded. "I told you you shouldn't get biscuits and gravy so early in the morning!". Soon she began more desperate and curled up a bit. "Bill i'm gonna need a bathroom soon!" she said. "Mike be on the lookout for any places with a bathroom." My dad yelled back to me, I shook my head in agreement but secretly hoped she wouldn't make it. 5 minutes later my mom began to really look desperate, and she lifted her but off the seat and a SQUISH sound was made as a huge bulge appeared in her leggings. It looked like one of those really soft poops that makes a WHOOSH sound as it comes out. "I'm sorry, I just can't stop." my mom cried as the bulge grew and grew. It was the biggest shit I had ever seen in my life, I was secretly excited by this. We pulled over and she cleaned herself up and changed but it was certainly a story I would never forget. Does anyone else have any stories of their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or other family members going #2?

The Dean

Another IBS embarrassing story that just happened.

Just had a really embarrassing experience. My IBS struck again on my way home from work and I had to stop off at a small gas station before I exploded out of my back lower end. I walked in with my butt tightly clenched and asked the middle aged woman behind the counter to use the small public restroom in the back.

I got in there and as soon as my butt hit the seat I erupted like a gassy volcano. My butt was blowing like an out a tune trumpet with each wave which was embarrassing enough because I'm sure the cashier could hear it all being such a small gas station.

What was really embarrassing is that when I was done and went for the toilet paper there was none to be found. I looked over on the side shelf and there was none there either. I decided to swallow my pride and gently pull my pants and underwear up so that they were just off my butt. I walked out with my left hand holding the butt of my pants and underwear back and walked up to the cashier and said this was really embarrassing but I needed toilet paper. She climbed up on a step stool ladder and handed me one of those giant rolls. As she was on the ladder just so my IBS could make it even more embarrassing I farted another uncontrollable five second long huge trumpet sound fart. The cashier lady glanced at me and asked if I was alright and I said yeah just gas.

I just got home from this incident and my face is still beet red. Really embarrassing!!!

Okay I'm 24 5ft 4, I'm slightly chubby with rather big thighs but not fat. This story happened to me two years ago, I was with my boyfriend who I'd known for three years and who I'd been dating for four months. Now my boyfriend has a nephew who's 8 years old and since his parents were away my boyfriend was minding him for the day until the next morning when they would be back. We planned to go out on a date with George (the nephew) were we would take him out in town, go for a meal and then watch a film at the cinema together. However I happened to be on my period that day and was suffering from a lot of cramps and an upset stomach, despite this I went on the date and had a great time. That is until we wanted to go see the movie by then we'd be out for about 5 hours, my boyfriend had preordered the cinema tickets online as they were cheaper and we would be guarantied a seat, anyway he had forgot them and left them in the car which was parked about 10 minutes away so he said he'd go and get them and he'd be quick just mind George for me, so he went off. My stomach continued to feel upset but I tied to ignore it after 5 minutes though I realised I needed to go the toilet though rather desperately. I went over to the toilets with George and told him to wait here, however there was quite a lot of people about outside the toilets waiting for a film, as I went go in the ladies I looked round to check he was were I'd left him only to notice he'd gone. I quickly looked around and seen him over by the arcade games so I pulled him over and told him again to wait here, but once again as I looked back to check n him I saw him try to wander off, now not feeling so great and decided to take him in to the ladies with me. There were about 10 stalls some were full, others empty. I went over to an empty stall in the middle of the row and told George to wait outside the stall and told him that I want to be able to see his feet but as I shut the door I couldn't see his feet and opened to door to catch him walking towards the exit, now rather desperate and realising this child doesn't seem to stay still, I pulled him inside the stall with me and locked the door. I was rather uncomfortable knowing I would be goin the toilet in his presence but I had no choice. I told him to look away and face the door and don't turn around at all. Once he was facing the other way I pulled down my jeans and kinkers and positioned myself on the toilet and began to pee. The noise of my pee made George laugh but I had to ignore it, then once my stream had finished and there was silence for a few seconds. "Your finished" stated George and reached for the lock, "no, no just wait" I said in reply. With him still facing the other way I now tried for my poo however I had my thighs close together in an attempt for some little privacy and as a result I could really go as I was used to having my legs spread open when I poo. So again seeing no other option and spread my legs in a relaxing position and began to poo. It came out with little effort but then dropped in the toilet with a rather loud thud, instantly George turned round "your pooping" he exclaimed "shhh" I kept saying aware that stalls next to me were full. Then I gave out a loud fart causing him to laugh as I began my second poo. "Look away now George" but he ingnored me and continued to watch "please please look away" I said really embarrassed because it wasn't like he was 3 or 4 he was 8! I kept my thighs squeezed together so not to allow George to see my poo and also positioned my hands over my bits so he couldn't see. Now is the time to mention that I haven't slept with my boyfriend and hadnt shaved my bikini area since the last time I went swimming which was about 10 months ago so as a result I had very large bush. With some begging I managed to get him to turn around so I could continue but only for a second as he again just bad I had one dangling turned around and stared down in between my legs "eeeehh" he exclaimed "George! Please!" I said now almost crying with embarrassment and moved my hands to push him around. Big mistake as with my hands gone he caught a sight of my overgrown bush! "Eeee your hairy!" "Shhhh, go out George open the door and then go out" but he remained transfixed on my parts, I quickly covered them. "Why you got sting coming out of you?" Mortified that he'd seen my tampon string I began to break into tears. He took this as a signal to leave and quickly opened the lock and ran out, leaving the door wide open with people passing by looking in. I quickly finished off my poo and gave a quick wipe knowing I'd need to rewipe later, then quickly left knowing that George could wander anywhere. I searched for for a few minutes before spying him walking into the cinema, must have left and gone outside, I rushed over but then seen that he was with my boyfriend who'd returned with the cinema tickets and George seemed to be chatting no stop to him. Filled with dread I walked over. "And she's hairy.." I heated him say before he stoped "are you alright Lauren" said my boyfriend I paused with my eyes watering "go pick out what sweats you want George" he said, leaving me and him alone. We had a conversation and my boyfriend wasn't bothered and was laughing the whole time which made me feel better, anyway that's my story.

Big Daddy Too

Welcome back, Just Jerika

Happy to see you posting again. I remember you from a few years back and always liked your stories and how you dealt with being "vertically challenged". Thanks also to the Moderators for the message today. Our peeing and pooping are truly something we have in common with all other humans on the planet, and it feels good to come to a place like this site, where we can talk about something that unites us rather than divides us.


Lifted up II

As I said in my previous post, my husband lifts me up when I pee in the forest. That helps me to pee more and that's a nice moment spent together. Also, when he has to pee in the forest, I'm the one who takes his penis out, holds it and shakes it when he's done. But here is a poop story.
One saturday, while shopping, I saw biodegradable toilet paper in a supermarket. That gave me an idea. I bought a pack in order to use it to poop in the forest with hubby lifting me up. I told him but he answered "Holding you up for such a long time will be difficult
- Come on, I said. You're a weightlifter. You personal best on clean an jerk is 170kg. Don't tell me you can't hold a 63kg woman up for ten minutes"
That convinced him.
Next morning, I held my poop. I'm a morning pooper but I intentionnaly didn't go this morning. After lunch, we went walking in the forest with a roll of paper. Once we found a spot out of sight from the path, I took the roll in my hand and Hubby pushed down my pants and panties. Then he lifted me up. My back was vertical, my shoulders were touching this chest, my thigh were pressed on my belly and my legs were horizontal.
I first peed. Not a weak pre poop pee but a high pressure pee. While peeing, I released a poop that, as soon as it came out, broke into peebles. I counted six until my pee stopped then 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. A well formed poop followed immediatly the last peeble. Then I had a long mechanical pee, the king of pee that comes out by itself after a big poop. Then I pushed again and a another poop came out. Looking between my legs, I saw an endless turd moving slowly. Then the first 30cm of this turd broke away and fell on the ground . I saw it getting again the same lenght at before it broke until the next 30cm split away on their turn. But I still felt some shit moving through my wide open anus. When the last part fell on the ground, it was almost as long as the other two. Then I said to Hubby :
- Can you still hold me up for a moment ?
- Sure
- I didn't think I could poop that much
- How long hadn't you gone?
- Since yesterday morning. But although it's unusual for me to leave more than 24 hours between two poops, I didn't expect to release that much
- You had a great idea. Lifting you up is really the best way to empty you
- I'm gonna try to push one more"
And I pushed a rather big one. Then I started to weep myself. One sheet for my pussy, one for my anus, another for my anus but, then, I felt a last poo. While still having the sheet in my hand I pushed and a small one came out.
I finished weeping, Hubby put my feet down on the ground, pulled up my pantoess and pants and we looked. There was an agregate lenght of about 130cm of turds, counting peebles out. Futhermore, the first well formed one was so wide and hard that I was surprised to have managed to push it out without much effort. I really like to be held up.

Kevin L


Was at Horseshoe Beach last week, there was a big crowd because of a couple cruise ships were in. The mens room was closed for some reason that day. There was a big sign in the ladies room. Unisex, and yes everyone was using the same bathroom. As it should be. No problems at all, there were people standing in line waiting to use the stalls. So I took a stall between two ladies and took a satisfying sort of power packed dump, because of all the strange foods and beers. The lady with the red toe polish beside me was taking a dump too. She came in and cleaned the seat off and I could see her toes curl up when her first log hit the water. Didn't want to linger too long so I finished up and needed quite a bit of wiping and headed for the sinks, the lady beside me came out a minute later, she was quite attractive in her late thirties. Many of the people were dropped off for the day from the cruise ship so they had no choice but to dump in the unisex. Many were Europeans so it was not big deal at all. Enjoyed my time in the unisex. Went back the next day and the mens room was back open. Darn!!!!


My nanny experience

The summer before my freshman year of high school I got a job as a nanny for a single mother of 3 who lived on the other side of our subdivision. She paid me well. Her girls, Caryl Ann, 8 and Carlene Claire, 6 were helpful to me because whenever we were away from home, they knew there would be problems with their kid brother. Lance was 5. I was hopeful he would be getting ready for all-day kindergarten, but that wasn't the case. His sisters were great and looked after each other well when they had to use the bathrooms often away from home. Lance gave me continual problems.

The first few times out I would take him with his sisters to the ladies room. Caryl Ann and Carlene Claire would take cubicles next to one another. If there was a line, as was often the case at the zoo or swimming pool, they were polite to the others to the point that some of the other moms complimented them. Carlene Clair had her stool one afternoon and after she flushed and came out, she warned the lady going in that she had used the last of the toilet paper and she apologized for it. Hearing that, Caryl Ann handed some under the panel to the woman. The girls readily washed their hands and would wait without problem near the bathroom exit until I got done.

Lance would always be complaining and say he had an emergency. This was annoying to some of the others and I had to physically hold him because he would want to go for an open door around the others who were mature and patiently waiting. A couple of times, early on, the next person would see his actions and allow him to go ahead. I made the mistake of letting him to take the cuts once, and I paid for that later because he was so impatient. Even when I was holding him, he would be sneaking a look into the nearby stalls. When there was blast of gas or a loud splash, he would laugh out, point and I would have to cover his mouth because he would say something insulting to see if he could get a laugh out of the others near us.

When I asked what he need to do, he would hold up 3 or 4 fingers. Sometimes he said he didn't know. So once in the stall after I latched the door I wouldn't know whether to lift the seat for not. More than once I had to stop him after he pulled down his shorts and grab the seat at the last second because there would have been a mess made. I tried to explain that women would have to sit in his pee. He would just laugh. One day in that situation he threw himself onto the seat. But I had to slide him back farther because his crap would not have fully gotten into the bowl. Then he jumped down and when I stopped him and forced him to wipe, he said he didn't have to. I wiped him like 3 times, put paper in his hand to do the final one, and he seemed resent that. I showed him how to push the flusher straight down, but after he kind of faked doing that, I had to put my hand over this 2 hands to show him how to have success.

At that point, I would open the door partially so that Caryl Ann and Carlene Claire could grab him and take him to the other side of the room while I seated myself and took care of my needs. Even then, the oldest had to divert his attention away from what the others were doing. Later that summer, based on their mom's advice, I started letting Lance go in alone to the mens room. I would be waiting outside the door. Twice a man would bring Lance out to me and say that he was too young and immature to be in there on his own. After that summer, I continued to do some babysitting, but I wouldn't take boys his age. I know I lost some money that I could have used but that's just a decision I made. My mom agreed it with me on it.


To Anna from Canada

Hi Anna! It is really great to see that you are so open about pooping outdoors and that you share so many stories about hiking and shitting in Canada's great nature.

May I ask if you have another multi-day hike planned this summer? Do you plan to hike and cycle a lot in Mexico and maybe take the opportunity to drop your load somewhere on the Mexican coast?

Greetings - Jessica


Tuesday replies

Anna. Many thanks for sharing your account of the post-Starbucks poo. I think quite often hot liquid can have the effect of 'loosening things up' inside and trigger the need for a bowel movement just as a large meal can cause the bowel to be distended and lead to the same need. I hope you have a great vacation and some adventures to report.

John H. A rather belated thanks for your greeting, fellow Brit. Sorry I've not been around as much as I'd have liked. Hope you're keeping well.

It's amazing how bowel movements can vary. Over the weekend I was away for a couple of days but managed to stay fairly regular despite the change in air, water and food. Although I'd had a good poo on Monday morning before leaving for home I was well ready for another when I got home later in the day. I don't know whether anyone else finds this to be the case but usually one of my first joys when I get back from being away anywhere is a good poo on my own toilet! Tonight after a tea of chicken, vegetables and stuffing I was ready for a good dump. Rather unexpectedly it came out rather runny and foul smelling. That's not so unusual though - it does happen from time to time. Given a choice though I much prefer nice solid motions.

Okay so last autumn I was going on vacation with two of my friends, Lucy who's about 5ft 2 very pretty with a good figure she's 27 and molly who's 5 ft 5 and again pretty aged 26. We were traveling a long 7 hour journey by car, now we were each keen to get to our destination as quickly as possible so we could properly start our vacation. We were traveling during the middle of the day and had been up very early. After one hour into the journey I felt the urge to go the toilet but resisted it knowing it would only delay our arrival, yet over time the urge grown and I started to feel rather desperate. After 5 hours in to the journey I heared a huge fart from the back seat it was Lucy. Now we'd be friends for for many years since we were in school, so we were all really comfortable around each other, so Lucy's fart caused no embarrassment as it was nothing new. "You alright there Lucy" I said with a laugh "yeah but to be honest I could do with going the toilet" she replied. "Yeah same" replied back molly " I haven't been in a few days and I'm actually quite desperate to go now. After agreeing that we all needed the toilet and with each of us passing a few farts in the car, we decided to pull over at the next station. Unfortunately we were in the middle of no where and the next station was a half hour away. After waiting this considerable amount of time we pulled over at the next station and went to find the toilets. The station was rather empty with few people about, we wandered over to the back of the station were the toilets where. Now there was no separate male and female toilets just one large unisex with 4 stalls in a line and 2 sinks opposite as well as a large window high up the wall which was open. We decided to sit next to each other, so I took the first stall and molly and Lucy the next two along, that was when molly realised her stall had no lock. Since there was no one about and the stalls walls and doors were very small anyway we decided to leave all the doors open, also as we were all comfortable going the toilet in public. "What if a man comes in" I asked, "well then well put on a show for him" replied Lucy with a laugh as she positioned herself down on a middle toilet. Now seated I pushed for my first poo causing a rather large fart which echoed in empty bathroom. Lucy initiated a conversation which was often interrupted by the noise of a fart or in mollys case the funny sound of dihoera, when Lucy suggested that we all swap seats and look at and add to each other's. so we halted our poos and walked out in to the open area infront of the stalls, our jeans and knickers around our ankles. I looked over at Lucy who had a thick set of thighs with a bite of dark black hair covering them as well as a thick growth of pubic hair (I also know from previous events that she has a rather hairy bum crack as well, not that mine isn't either mind you) while mollys was tidier and less noticeable as she has blond hair but also as she shaves and waxes regularly. Anyway I sat down in mollys stall then looked down between my legs to admire mollys load, it was a large pile of mush with a bit of blood as she must have been on her period. As I looked back up starring across at me was a man aged about 30. Following a second of hesitation I shut my thighs together which had been spread wide across the toilet bowel, so as to not give him any further views of my untidy bush. With a slight look of curiosity and amazement at walking in to see three young girls sitting on the toilet having a poo with the doors open, jeans by there ankles and pubic hair in full view, he walked into the end stall closest to the wall next to mine. There was a brief moment of silence as each of us accepted what had just happened with a man walking in with out us noticing before the distinct sound of mollys runny dihoreara told me to continue with my poo. Whether or not he new we were all having poos or not I don't know but by the end i think he was in no doubt as Lucy had said "well put on a show". And with that I spread my bare thighs again started to strain ensuring I was making a lot of noises, molly and Lucy did the same and not before long the smell was certainly noticeable and very unpleasant. I could hear him having a wee before zipping up his pants and walking back out into the sink area, he made no effort to hide his constant looks at us and I noticed him looking down at my bush with a stunned look (probably didn't think girls were so hairy) before he stopped and starred at Lucy's stall ( I know from afterwards it was because Lucy had stood up and turned around to wipe her bum giving the man a full view). When he left we all laugh uncontrollably, we stood up once again with our knickers around our ankles to admire each other's final loads, I must say mine and mollys on the end looked the nastiest. "You've got a bit on your leg" laughed molly to me "really?!" "Yeah" replied Lucy "it's a real mess back there" "how did youse to get to be so hairy" asked molly with a laugh as she handed me some toilet roll. Still standing in the sink area with my bum bent over facing the door I proceeded to wipe. "Any one walks in now and they'll get a real treat" joked Lucy as both of them pulled up their jeans. I asked had I got it all but it seems there was still some smeared in my crack. "Come here" said Lucy taking the toilet paper and beginning to wipe me. This was a new experience for me but as I've said I've known her for years and so I felt no embarrassment. With my bum clean we walked back to the car. "Imagine if your boyfriend had seen that Lucy" said molly, "he'd have enjoyed it" she laughed back. Although we'd delayed ourself be by 25minutes we deemed the experience worth it and set back off again with molly telling Lucy she was going to have to shave.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

This is going to stop before it starts.

Don't bring the politics in here. All Politics.

We have set here for over two decades, and watched the real world outside, change, and change again. The inside, stays the same. People pee, people poop, as they always have, and as they always will. Think of what would happen if we opened the floodgates? Everything from the ax to grind, to life and death issues would be fair game. Remember If you speak, everyone else must be allowed his turn too. After that, every word is a projectile. Under this malaise you will be lost. This is why our politics do not enter in, and neither do yours. By this we are all equal.

In the real world, everybody knows, they alone, are right, so, somebody will always be from the wrong opinion, the wrong color state, or the wrong side of the tracks. Few places in this world are left free of those divisions. Respect those who come here to be free of them.

if you have a cause, If you want to change the hearts and minds of others, do not lecture them. Do not speak down to them, even if you know they are wrong. Modern social media is based on each group "destroying" the other. What does that profit society? When you partake, where does that leave your cause?

Instead tell a story, based on your life experiences, struggles, triumphs and challenges. This is what we are here for. This is what this forum does. Only you can tell your story. Tell another one, then and do it again. Do not speak in anecdotes, merely to prove the other guy inhuman. Listen as well. Do not sink to the level of those who may persecute you. Conduct yourself with respect, even toward those who may no respect you in real life. Notice, no one speaks ill of you in here either, that is not an accident. Represent yourself, humanize yourself to the world. Humanize whom you represent. When you do, other people start to see people, not groups. People, not -isms. People not protest literature. Lastly, Speak from your own heart. With great courage, pour out your own soul. Ask yourself, "Will they know me, will they know my heart, having never actually never met someone like me? Will they know I'm human too?

I was wondering what people's experiences were with their parents reactions to dirty, like skid marked or pee stained underwear. My parents seem to almost never even mention it while it seems like other people's parents here have punished their kids for poop or pee stained underwear. It seems like a lot of people about my age that get skid marks get them from just not having enough time at school and I'm the same way. We have only 5 minutes between classes so if I have two classes close together I can just barely make it in time and that's with only wiping once or twice. Luckily no matter how dirty my underwear gets it almost never stains through to the back(maybe only like 3-4 times a year). In the summer I'm just as busy and because I run a lot I have really loose poops. A lot of time it takes a really long time to get 100% clean. Others have suggested wetting the toilet paper but the sink is on the opposite side of the bathroom so I would have to walk with a dirty butt to get the paper wet. Anyway I feel like little stains don't hurt anyone and my underwear always washes 100% clean after laundry.


dash home

At the weekend I was out with friends in town and was quite tipsy. I didn't go to the loo before setting off home though and this is always a mistake! Not long into the walk home I was bursting for the loo so I went into an alleyway and squatted behind a bin, I had a skintight black dress on which I pulled up, pulled my purple knickers down, and did a long wee into the drain. It hissed a lot as it came out and I was really worried someone would hear me!! I didn't have anything to wipe with so pulled my knickers back up and carried on home. Not long afterwards I felt the need to go again but decided I'd just hold on till I got home. By the time I reached my street I was desperate again, and was walking as fast as I could without it looking odd! I got to the door of the flats and felt a small dribble escape, then ran up the stairs and got to my own flat, fumbling around for the key I felt a spurt leak out, my knickers felt very warm, I knew I didn't have long left. I got the door open and ran to the toilet, leaking again on the way, threw myself on the toilet and opened the floodgates. My knickers had a very big wet patch, it was the nearest I'd been to a proper accident in a while!

Dan H

thank you anna and constipation problem

thnak you anna for answering to m post about danielle I looked this actress up and she is gorgeous! I was wondering whether she's a little ???? because she easts a lot and yes she is so thank you for your answer.

I have a problem because sometimes I get very constipated and I cannot go for several days. I eat a lot too so it builds up inside me. I will try taking some laxatives and then I will tell you about this.


Responses to Anonymous + Jimmy

to Anonymous:

I suspect that maybe my brother doesn't mind having accidents occasionally. Like he didn't act very upset when it happened. He never really does. I know that I'm not really a fan of having accidents and that time I did it on purpose I wasn't thrilled about it, but he did seem to find it pretty humorous when I did it, so I bet when it happens to him it doesn't bother him much or maybe he think it's kind of funny. I've never asked him what he thought, just helped him clean up occasionally after accidents.

to Jimmy:

I'm 22, my bro is 18. He would scolded sometimes when we were younger, but not anymore. My parents know that it happens to him sometimes and they don't get angry when it does.

an after school experience

I remember one time when I was 9 or 10 I started feeling a little sick during the afternoon at school. I did make it thru the rest of the afternnon but still not feeling very good. So started home on my bike(normally about a ten to fifteen minute ride) I had just left the school yard when I got my first urge to go poop. I probably should have turned around and used the rest room at the school but i really thought I could make it home first and since my stomick was a little upset anyway I decided to hurry home. As I went along the urge was getting alot stronger so I stopped and began to walk my bike. This was going to take alot longer to get home but the urges could be controlled better by waking the bike. It was coming in waves as the wave came I could stop and squeeze my butt until the urge eased abit. This worked until I was a block or two from my home.A urge hit me really hard I stopped and tried to really hold it but I couldn't. I lost control and a pooped my pants right there big time. It was soft and made a real mess. It was shortly after that I thought I was going to burp but instead I threw up all over the sidewalk. It was sort of grey in color and I could see part of my undigested lunch. I made it the rest of the way home and started cleaning up when I threw up once more. I went to bed that night without any supper and felt fine the next morning


Seen from a garden center

Early one Saturday morning my girlfriend and I were at a garden center on the main A38. She was looking at plants and I was out side looking at the sheds.
Across the main road there is a small lane which had been cut off when the A38 was built, there is also a lay-by. A car pulled into this lay-by and two females got out and walked to the little lane, they looked like mother and teenage daughter, they both went a few yards up the lane so that they could not be seen by pasting cars. and so with there backs to the hedge, the daughter dropped her jeans and the mother pulled up her skirt and dropped her knickers and both squatted, the mother was closest to me so I did not see the daughter peeing but got a good view of the mothers bum and her pee stream court in the morning sunshine, the daughter was first to finish, and was standing waiting for her mother, who took her time wiping before standing up and with her skirt gripped under her chin pulled up her knickers giving me a look at her light coloured bush, then dropping her skirt they both walked back to there car.
At that moment my girlfriend came over to me and looked to see what I was looking at, just as a man got out of the same car and walked to the lane and pissed into the hedge. She saw him and said how rude, he could have come over the the garden center and used the loo here. Me and my big mouth said why?, the two females with him had just pissed there. She was not pleased that I had seen them, and said they could all have used the loos, and that I could not have watched them.
I do not understand females she has pissed in lay-by's and alley ways hundreds of times both with me and on she own.


urgent poop at the mall

I am going on vacation with my familiy to Mexico later this summer, so today I decided to do some shopping for a new swimsuit. I asked my friend Danielle to come and help me pick out a good one. She said yes and we took off to the mall, but not before we each got a large coffee at Starbucks. When we parked the car at the mall, I had a small stomach cramp and a bit of an urge for a number two, but it went away quickly and then I kinda forgot about it as we started to browse the stores. After a bit, we ended up at Forever 21 where I took a bunch of bikinis and one pieces to the change room and tried them on one after the other. Meanwhile, Danielle was critiquing the fit and also fetching me different sizes, since I was only wearing my thong panties and couldn't leave the cubicle.

We had gone through maybe three or four pieces when all of a sudden my stomach acted up again! And not only that, a minute or so later my need for a poo was back and this time it was bad! All of that coffee was finally getting to me. I knew I needed the toilet soon. For a moment I was just standing in the changing cubicle, biting my lip and not knowing what to do, really. Because, I also didn't want to just drop everything and leave without finishing picking out a swimsuit, especially since I had asked Danielle to come out and help. Long story short, I ended up trying on three more bikinis and by that time I was wearing the last one, I was bursting for a big poo! A few times I had already crossed my legs in the cubicle, and I even let out a little fart once when Danielle was back out in the store, but it didn't really help at all. I decided that I would just buy the bikini I was wearing and then head to the nearest bathroom as quickly as I could. So, I got dressed again and then we rushed out to pay for the swimsuit, all while my load pushed against my backdoor badly. When we left the store Danielle asked if I was ok and I told her that I was but that I was really desperate for a poo. She offered to take my bags and told me to meet her at the cinnamon bun store when I was done. I said "thanks" and then quickly made a beeline to the nearest bathroom.

When I entered I was followed by four teenage girls, but luckily I was the first in. All six stalls were taken, but then again, I was lucky and one of the cubicles opened up pretty much right away. I dashed in, pulled down my jeans and thong and plopped my ???? bum on the warm seat. Right away, a big turd started to push out of my behind. I involuntarily let out a very audible moan. It was half relief and half having my hole stretched by the big log, I guess. The moan was followed by a big plop and a wet fart, and with that I am pretty sure all the other women in the stalls and the waiting teenage girls now knew exactly what I was doing on the toilet! Adding to my embarrassement was the smell that came up from the bowl and quickly filled my stall. Ewww, did it stink bad! The young girls started to snicker, while I was sitting in my stall, blushing and with a second poo already coming out. This one wasn't as wide but it was longer and, I think, curled up on top of my first turd. When it broke off, I started to feel very relieved and then I also peed. Over my urgent number two I had kinda forgotten about that. In the end, I only needed to do two poos and that was it. I sat on the toilet for a little longer to be sure and to make my stomach settle down. Then I pulled off some paper, wiped my front and then cleaned up my messy backdoor. I carefully wiped between my cheeks and when I was done I got up, snapped my thong back into place and pulled up my pants. I flushed and left my stall. Two of the four girls had already peed and left, but their friends, in some form of karmic justice, I guess, were noisily plopping number twos into their toilets and adding to the stink in the room!

I quickly washed my hands, fixed my hair a bit and then went out back to meet Danielle. She asked if I felt better, I told her "much better" and then she gave me a big hug. She had also bought me a cinnamon bun, which I thought was very sweet of her. We spent another two hours in the mall and I went back to the bathroom to pee once, but my stomach didn't act up again.
When I got home I tried on the bikini which I had picked out in a rush and I still loved it, so I guess my story has a real happy end, haha. I hope you all liked it!

the reader

to lavah

hi, great stories. i suggest it might help your constipation issues to use a glycerin suppository whenever you have a situation like the ones you told us. it's harmless. you just have to put them in correctly so they melt in contact with the wall of your bowels and they will work. besides that, putting some lube in a finger and inserting it in your anus in a circular motion might also be useful.
hope it helps

Hello again guys! I have a interesting story that I almost forgot about until a friend brought it up a few weeks ago. When I was a lot younger, I want to say 4th or 5th grade, me and my friends had a contest to see who could wear the same pair of underwear the longest. Now that I look back I can't believe we thought this wasn't a completely gross idea but we did it anyway. I remember the first couple days were fine as I wasn't changing my underwear everyday then anyway but after a week it started to feel kind of gross. As I've said on this site before as a kid and I guess even now I wasn't the cleanest wiper in the world and sometimes waited to the last second to both pee and poop so the light blue briefs I was wearing weren't exactly doing well. I think about half way through the second week I actually noticed that the underwear was getting yellow in the front and I could even see a light brown patch of my skid marks through the back. At about the same time my parents started to notice the smell but thought I had just been farting a lot. Well finally when I was changing into my pajamas to go to bed my mom saw the stains on my underwear and made me change out of them and I explained to her the game. Just curious if anyone else tried this when they were younger an how it worked out for them.


Vacation incident

Hey I'm Natalie I never posted on this site before but I read a couple of posts and decided to share a story that happened while I was on vacation in Canada. Just so you can have a visual of what I look like, I am 24 years old with curly blonde hair and I weigh 130 pounds. Here's my story: I was never pee shy but always poop shy. If I was at a party and the line to the bathroom was long i'd find a garbage bucket and pee in that. I always shave my pussy so I'm not worried someone is going to say "look at the bush on her". But ever since I was a little girl if I wasn't in the comfort of my own home I wouldn't poop which caused a lot of constipation problems. So my boyfriend John asked me the other day if we could go back to his hometown for our holidays. His grandmother is sick and not doing so well. So I said sure I met his parents they came down to California for Thanksgiving a couple of times. I get along with them great. A couple of days before we flew out I started to feel bloated so I went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Even though I was in the comfort of my own home all I could get out were little baby turds. I wiped and pulled my pants back up. Just before we landed I could feel my colon getting more full. We got off the plane and greeted John's parents. Trying to hug your boyfriends parents and keep from shitting yourself is really hard. We got in the car and I couldn't sit on the seat properly because I was afraid I would get to relaxed and I wasn't wearing any underwear. I used the excuse that my butt was sore from sitting on the plane for so long. John's dad asked us did we want to go to the hospital now or home, John started to say hospital but I shot him a dirty look. He looked over at me and I was clenching the seat with my fists ass was arched in the air so he said home dad. We got to his parents house and I whispered to john where's the bathroom? He said there's one down here and there are two upstairs one is connected to my old bedroom. I said deadly I'll take that one. So he pointed me in the direction. I rustled with my jean button on the way there. When I turned the corner I seen that John's bathroom is being renovated. So I went back out and found a bathroom next to his parents bedroom. I went inside locked the door, took my pants off completely and sat on the toilet. I peed first and then did a couple of wet farts. Baby turds came out again but I could feel a log coming. So I started pushing. I swear a vein popped in my head I was pushing so hard. I stopped pushing and relaxed. I texted John and told him to keep his parents downstairs I'm going to be a while and tell some kind of lie if they asks where I'm too. He replied with okay. As I was relaxing I could feel the poo sliding. So I bared down and put one hand on the wall and one hand on the shower and pushed like I was giving birth. I spread my legs and could see the shadow of the head inching its way out of me. I stopped pushing and relaxed a little bit more. Texted John again and told him to have a beer or some kind of alcoholic beverage ready for me. I pushed and grunted some more thank god for the noise of the fan in the ceiling. Finally the head was out. I leaned back against the toilet seat and stretched my legs out. The rest of the poo just slid out then. I didn't think it was ever going to cut off. Finally I heard a plop. I got off the toilet and looked down the poo was in the hole of the toilet bowl and stretched up to near the toilet seat. I had more to go and they were the easiest turds I ever got out of me. Finally I was finished. I wiped my backside about 6 times and tried flushing the toilet. It got clogged. I was beyond embarrassed I texted John and told him to get his ass up here. He comes up and knocks on the door asks me if I was okay. I said I am now but your parents toilet isn't. I got off the toilet and opened the door. He comes in and says wow what did you eat babe. I said it's not just food babe I haven't pooped in three days now your parents toilet is clogged. I put my pants back on and he got the plunger out of the cupboard under the sink. It took him about a half hour but he finally got the toilet fixed. I went into his old bedroom and changed into summer clothes. We went out and spent time with his parents and they never knew anything happened. That is the last time I wait so long to poop though.

Jessica B.

To Anna

Hey Anna!

Thank you for your comments. I think the poor teenager I saw exiting his stall was truly embarrassed, even though he and his buddy seemed to be super comfortable going around each other. It must be the gender issue.

And I am sorry to hear that that dude you met in Austria turned out to be a jerk. Unfortunately, I have not been romantically involved with a guy in a long, long time either. Makes me wonder, maybe I am just not made for relationships. But I am drifting off topic.

I have no time right now, but I'll write about a bad experience I had at work soon.

Love and take care,

PS: Thank you to the Moderator for her or his great job.


I Need to Write Mary's Story But This Happened

Most of my craps are loggie. They are pretty firm, thick, long and pass easily.

However, I did one today that, well let's say, will be long remembered. Maybe it was because I did not go yesterday (Sunday). Maybe it is because I am enjoying those wonderful Southern summer meals, filled with fresh vegetables, and such. But today's poop was wonderful.

When I sat down it stretched my anus pretty wide and just decended. It looked like an Anaconda - at least two feet long and over two inches thick. I just sat there on the toilet. Mary was already dressed for the day, but she came back upstairs and saw that I had the door closed. I showed it to Mary and she was amazed at how big it was. It felt so good. If they were only all like that!

- Becc

Uncle Harry

Old Lady Pees

I was visiting a friend in an apartment building. I was walking in and noticed two people getting off a commercial handicap bus. The man apparently lived there as he had keys. The woman followed him in. She was using a walker and walked bent forward. She asked me if there was a public bathroom there as she badly needed to urinate and the bus was waiting for her. There was, a single use bathroom, and I showed her where it was. She opened it and looked in. It was not a handicap bathroom and had no handrails on the walls. She looked dismayed. She said she needed someone to stablize her walker so she could use one hand to pull down her pants and is there a woman around to help her in the bathroom. I looked in the lobby and the rooms next to it and no one was there. A man with a dog came in, but that was no help. With a sigh, she asked me if I would help her, but she didn't like the idea of a man seeing her vagina. I held her walker steady while she pulled down her pants. She hesitated when it came to her panties,but pulled them down and exposed her vagina. She squatted over the toilet seat, as she didn't like sitting on strange toilet seats. Now she asked to look away while her urine was coming out of her vagina, as she was going to release it now. I sort of looked away, but I couldn't really do that while I was holding her walker. Out came a few dribbles, and then a gusher. "Don't look", she reminded me, as her urine kept pouring out. She finished in about 45 seconds, with a few final squirts. Then she wiped her pussy and pulled up her pants. She flushed the toilet and, coming out, she thanked me for helping her and, with a smile, suggested that I probably watched her piss. I said nothing, but escorted to the waiting bus.

Just Jerika

Still Small & Kickin'

This is my first post in more than four years. I posted pretty regularly beginning on Page 1806 when I was 12 and just starting junior high. I was assigned to a former high school building and at 3'5" I was the smallest one in my class. The toilets were big, with creepy black pear-shaped seats and when I was like 1/4th seated my feet would be way off the floor. I was so uncomfortable trying to produce anything. Often I would just get frustrated. Jump off and leave and hold my activity for later. Most days that meant I would pee and crap right after school. There was a gas station across the street from the school that I would visit. There the toilets and bathrooms were more normal. But there was no time to waste because otherwise I would miss my bus home.

Now I'm two months shy of 20 and in an preschool-elementary program in community college. Me and my boyfriend Emmanuel, who's also vertically challenged but not as bad a me (I'm 4'1 now) spent a day on the beach recently. He drove but the place was crowded, we had to park a mile away and walk, and finally after an hour or so in the early afternoon hot sun, we came on a place to call our own. I had drank my morning coffee, then a couple of water bottles as we made the drive and Emmanuel encouraged me to finish off the last third or so of his 2-liter Pepsi.

Every quarter mile or so there was what Emmanuel and I call a hut. It is a concrete block building about the size of a small car. You walk around a privacy wall and come to a room with a couple of showers on one side and a dressing bench and out open toilet next to it. Emmanuel said since he was so tired from the hour and a half drive that he would go in first. I objected. Half in fun, half because I was bloated and knew that more important than putting on my swim suit, my bladderwould be more immediate. I gently punched Emmanuel as I passed him. By the time he got into the hut I had my shorts and undies at my feet and I was on the toilet.

He jokes around a lot. When he saw me seated he made a gesture like he was going to take out his organ and pee. I knew he wouldn't do it because he could already hear my pee going. He took the dressing bench and put his swim trunks on. As I sat I got to thinking about how far I had come since 2009. The conditions were horrid and I was on a really beat up black toilet seat that wasn't that comfortable. I figured my pee was now past two minutes long and I was proud. As he was seated and changing right next to me, Emmanuel warned me his dump was coming. I told him that wasn't news because mine was coming too.

So while Emmanuel was waiting for me there was a storm going on in my intestines. I hadn't moved on the seat, but there was a blast of gas from my rear and two belches from my mouth. This caught his attention. He asked if I was alright and before I could answer something like a bomb of diarrhea blasted so fast that the bowl water splashed my underside. I didn't feel good enough to immediately get up and wipe, but I did and I took the bench to get into my swimwear. Emmanuel flushed the toilet one more time after I did, lifted the seat, and took his piss. He uses both hands, which probably explains why his aim was so good. Then as I was finishing up tying, he wiped the seat and then seated himself for his crap.

It came out efficiently. He flushed and we walked out onto the beach. In the three hours we were there I had to make five additional trips in due to diarrhea. Emmanuel got the most swimming in. For me, with each sit on the toilet my butt hole got more sore. So much so that there was some blood each time I cleaned myself.

Just Jerika


To Jake P

Good to hear that Kayla confided in you. I hope that, with the physicians' help, that Kayla can get her stomach under control. You sound like an awesome father, to be so young! Too, it's good to hear that Kayla's doctor is a young woman. Perhaps she will be able to relate. Prayers for both of you!

- Becc


To kmd

kmd - you asked about my bowel ache, and yes, I meant increasing pressure and discomfort in my butt.


about accidents

Sorry to post again, but I noticed that there were quite a few stories about people having accidents in their pants recently. I just wanted to say that I believe this happens to more people than you probably think. I know several women my age who have had accidents and pooped their pants in different situations. And if you ever come across somebody wo hasn't had one, it may really just have been luck. I know for a fact that I have had very close calls where I was just very lucky to get a stall for example, and where I was so close to just doing a load in my pants. Ok well, these are just my thoughts and I don't know if it helps anybody to read them, but I hope it does

I'm back from my summer break. For the last three days of it I didn't poo which has resulted in me passing some pretty big and long logs on the day I got home. I've got two stories from my time away and will post them in due course. For now though I'll drop a few comments.

Todd-that's horrible, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I think today that would be called child abuse. I agree that if it was reported the school probably ignored the complaint and/or excused it as teaching children how to have control their bladders. It would be very interesting to know if that policy had any effect on the number of students suffering from uti's and/or constipation.

Lucky Witness-That was extremely considerate thing you did. I bet it must have made her feel less embarrassed. We need more people like you in the world

Keenyo- I'm glad you weren't disappointed in your quest. It must have been a sight!

Canada Pooper

Some questions for Jimmy

Hi jimmy I'm glad you liked my childhood story with Shane I had some questions what was your favourite poop stance when going sitting squatting or standing
Are you grunting pooper or silent pooper

It's clear that when you were younger you enjoyed pooping your pants would you mind sharing your."best" experience I know that after our sleep over Shane admitted it wa his first time popping himself he confessed that it f dot good I did to so I have many stories of he and I I'm physically disabled so I do it a lot even today Shane and I used to have contests to see who could poop ourselves the most in terms of size and capacity let me know if you'd like to hear experiences of that nature?

Hello everyone. Sorry I've not posted in a while. I've got a few stories to share today to make up for it though. A few days ago I needed a wee and a poo. I went off to the bathroom and found barely enough loo roll left for a wee. Before I sat down, I went to get another roll, but we didn't have any! Luckily my need for a poo wasn't too bad, so I just did a wee and used the last of the loo roll. Emma, Jade, and I have a schedule for who buys household things and I looked and it was Emma's turn to buy the loo roll. I was mad she didn't get any and we ran out.

She wasn't home then, so I texted her asking if she was planning to pick some up while she was out. She said she was but she wouldn't be home any time soon. I told her I really needed some, so I'd go and get some now and we'd work it out later. I walked down to Sainsbury's and headed straight for their toilets, but just typically they were closed for cleaning! At least my urge to poo wasn't that strong. I was sure I could make it back home. I bought the loo roll and headed back home, and I was quite desperate when I got there. I rushed to the bathroom and had an urgent, soft, messy poo. I needed to wipe loads before I felt clean.

Another story from a while back, when I was still at uni. I had some time between classes, and I was studying. In the building I was in, there was just the one single-person bathroom for both men and women. I think there might have been other toilets upstairs somewhere but I don't know the building well enough to know for sure. Anyway, I was sitting next to a group of girls who were also studying and quietly chatting. After a while they were packing up to leave and I heard one of them say she needed the loo, but she said she'd be a while and for the others not to wait up for her. I figured that meant she needed a poo.

I went back to studying and maybe fifteen minutes later I was starting to feel a need to wee. The bathroom door was closed, meaning someone was in there. I thought about heading upstairs to see if there were other loos, but I decided not to because I didn't have to go that badly. I waited about another ten minutes, looking periodically to see if the bathroom came available. It didn't. At this point, looking for those other loos was starting to seem appealing, as I was getting to be bursting for a wee by then. Just when I was about to pack up my things and go look, the bathroom door opened and the girl who had told her friends she'd be a while came out. I guess she really was in there "a while" at almost a half hour.

I quickly rushed over and got in the bathroom and closed the door. I found that the fan came on automatically with the lights, but the room still majorly stunk of the other girl's poo. I soon found out why when I went over to the toilet and lifted the lid. The pan was completely full, mostly of loo roll but I could see bits of her poo floating about too. It looked like she'd used about half of a roll of loo paper. She'd clearly tried to flush, but had hopelessly blocked the pan. I just sat down and did my wee then washed my hands and left. I went and found the custodial services for the building and told them about the blocked toilet.

Alright, one more story. Last night I went out for drinks with some friends. We didn't get back until late and we all decided to just stay at Kayleigh's house. Two other girls, Jen and Rosie, and I ended up sleeping on the floor. We at least had sheets and pillows, but it wasn't all that comfortable. I'd had quite a bit to drink and I felt asleep right away. All three of us woke up at about the same time the next morning and we all needed the loo. Kayleigh and Emily (from my story about two weeks ago) were in one of the bathrooms, so Jen, Rosie, and I went to the other.

I don't often find myself in need of a poo in the morning, but this morning I did. I had a loose stomach and it was quite urgent. I didn't know Rosie all that well and I was a bit embarrassed to poo in front of her, but it wasn't as if I had a choice. I sat down on the toilet and weed and started to poo at the same time. It was noisy and smelly and came out in lots of pieces. Thankfully, it was also over very quickly and I could wipe and flush and be done with it. I sprayed a bit of air freshener in the pan after I flushed and then went to wash my hands. Rosie quickly replaced me on the loo and she just needed a quick wee, then it was Jen's turn. It made me feel a bit better that she needed a poo too. She weed for quite a while and then started to poo. She leaned forward and was holding her stomach. She said her stomach hurt a lot. Then I could hear her poo coming out. It made lots of loud, heavy splashes as each piece fell into the water. It stunk too, but not as bad as mine had. Soon she finished up and wiped and flushed. Then she washed her hands and we all left the bathroom together.

Right, that's me then. Bye for now! Post again soon.


to kmd

Hey kmd, thanks for reading my posts, I always love seeing your's, too.

The girl in the cafe was slim, I'm pretty sure just from what her panties looked like that she had pulled down to her feet.

No, I didn't need to go for the first two days on the hike. By the second day I felt kinda full, but there was nothing pushing at my backdoor, if you know what I mean. But then on the third morning it was very urgent, all of a sudden.

The first turd really stretched my bumhole when it started to come out and I kinda had to hold a moan when it did. I didn't want to make a noise with Lara doing her business right next to me, that would have been so embarrassing. Yes, it was a bit uncomfortable. I think that my first poop was longer than a foot, the second a bit shorter and the last only maybe half as long. And perhaps two inches wide or so? That's my best guess, haha. Both Lara's and my piles looked liked nice, healthy dumps, but mine was much bigger. I was self conscious about it and I am glad she didn't say anything. I bet she went number two regularly on the hike, in fact I think she had pooped just the night before.


Response to Hailey

Hailey- Thank you for the response! Your schedule could've been good or bad for me, depending on what teacher/class I had! If I had a class that was important to me during what was my regular poop time I would've probably tried to hold it till lunch which would've been very uncomfortable for me! To answer your question about what I am doing nowadays, I am currently in university pursuing my kinesiology degree! I am looking to become an occupational therapist! I find university to be a big but good change from high school. Every thing about it is an upgrade in my opinion! Especially the bathrooms, I love doing my business in the bathrooms there! They are much cleaner and nicer than my old highschool bathrooms. Since I am not as regular as I used to be I haven't been able to poop at my university much at all, but I can share one of the experiences I had if you would like! Recently I have been having to poop at the gym a lot after my workouts, I do enjoy pooping at the gym but not as much as I do at my university! I do also work but I have only had to poop there a couple times and they were both emergencies! I do have a few questions, have you pooped at school before? I know a few of my friends never pooped during all of grade school, most of them just held it in till they got home! Have you ever been denied when you asked to go to the bathroom? And a non bathroom related question, what are you planning on doing after high school?

I love talking to you!

Monday, July 31, 2017

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