Nasty Shit

Hi everyone! Today was so busy; got an ear wash, got some groceries etc. After a McDonalds happy meal, I took a sloppy poo. While sitting in front of my computer, I did a fart that felt like a signal that a messy shit was coming on. After passing the slop into the toilet, I used a butt wipe to clean like I often do at home. Mine are starting to dry out, but are still useful. Earlier this week I did sloppy shit somewhere else, but this episode had gas with it making my poop come out noisily. .

Steve A

My High School Pooping Experience Plus A Question

During my high school years, I usually pooped in the morning when I first arrived or sometime during the day. Sometimes, I'd have enough time, and other times, I'd be in a rush to go. Some teachers didn't care about my habits. I mean, if a student is asking to go everyday, then he or she must be regular, right?

Thinking back on it, I should've told my teacher(s) that I usually went at that time of the day. Even though that it might've been an awkward conversation to have, I think that it would've helped me in the long run. But, it's hard to determine if a student really does have to go or if they're skipping class.

Now that I'm in college, I dont have this problem anymore. The professors are usually less strict with bathroom usage than the K-12 teachers.

My Question: What was pooping in school like for you? Did you have any strict teachers or rules? Also, would you have told your teacher(s) about your habits to make them understand your situation?

On an extra note, not many students tell their teachers about their habits out of privacy. But IMO, if it interferes with my schedule and I have to hold it in for a certain about of time, then I would've said something about it. I usually don't mind holding it in if it's only for a short time, but it's not the best for your body.


Reply to Imogen

I love your stories! I feel like I can relate to pretty much every single one you have posted. To answer your question, I've never really been stuck on the motorway for a long time but my parents have. My dad peed in a bottle (and needed very little encouragement!) but my mother couldn't really do that. She was heavily pregnant with me and Shelbi so after a while she just wet herself. She said it was one of the most enjoyable wees she's had.

Shout out to my girls! Victoria, Anna, Megan etc. Love your posts!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


To Abbie

Abbie, good story about your time camping. Did you have to wee behind a bush or were you on a proper camp site with toilets the whole time? That's something that's always put me off going camping.

I saw on the news a thing about a motorway being closed for ages. It made me wonder what people do if they need a wee and the motorway is shut? Do they just hope that there's a bush to go behind?

I had a long lie in today and didn't wake up till about 11am, I felt a desperate need for a wee so as soon as I came to my senses I had to dash to the loo. Felt a lot better to release though!


Down the Vale part 2.

Another time some weeks later we were walking back home the same way, when it started to rain, I said lets see if the changing room urinal was open to get in out of the rain but the iron gate was locked, I said I have an idea we can shelter in the children's play park just past the last football pitch. In the park were some large concrete pipes they were laid on the ground in the shape of a 'H' and two more on top as a 'T' with holes between them to climb through, when we got there we both climbed into ether end of the top of the 'T', ( the pipes seemed smaller then I remembered from my early teen, when a group of use used to sit in them for hours just chilling out.)
So there we are sort of squatting on our backs, the rain got harder and the sky darkened, we just sat and talked, after a hour or so my pint of lager wanted out so I got my feet down one of the holes to the lower 'H' and peed out of my end of the pipe into the rain, then got back onto my back to wait for the rain to stop.
When my girlfriend said now she needed to pee, I said why not pee down the hole at your end of the pipe, (the lower pipes always stunk of piss and more anyway).
So she pulled her jeans and knickers up to her knees (she was on her back) and sat over the hole or more into the hole and complained that the concrete was cold and started to pee, I could hear her pee hitting the bottom of the lower pipe, but she said that most of her pee was running up her butt crack and that she would need something to wipe with, so when she was finished peeing I pasted her my handkerchief to wipe with but as she did it came out of her hand falling into the pipe below and her piss puddle and all the other dirt down there, she said sorry but her bum cheeks were still wet, I lean over and swiped my shirt sleeve across them, she said thank you, and pulled her knickers and jeans back into place.
I saw that there were a few wet marks on my sleeve which I sniffed at. We both stayed there until the rain stopped and stiffly we both climbed out of the pipes and walked home, me more stiffly then her.

John H


Hi all.
Some comments.
Adrian thanks for the mention and glad you are well.
Taylor hi and thanks for sharing your latest two posts. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable clear out when you were shopping. I love to relax and let those satisfying dumps make their own way out without pushing like you described. There is something very relaxing in doing that.
Regarding your other post I can sympathise as I had an arm in a sling before and unbuttoning and removing clothes is a lot harder than one would think when you are rushing for the toilet. Do you think you will pee through your clothes again as you enjoyed the experience?
Take care all
John H


to Taylor

Sorry to hear about your accident! I've had problems with belts or buckles in the past, this was normally at school when we had tight black trousers as part of the uniform. It was doubly difficult to undo them if you were bursting for a wee! I had a couple of leaks but not a full accident like you did.


Bad crapping at the outdoor mall

Our city has a pretty new outdoor mall. It is huge and there is about 10 buildings. Each have a number of stores and shops of all sizes. Many of them beyond what my friend Phebe and I need for high school. Stores that have special things like shavers, luggage, clothing for business executives, pianos, appliances, gift items for collections, and things like that have their own bathrooms, but they won't allow them to be used by students. The doors are controlled by some type of code system that you have to get from a manager. Phebe complained to one woman who refused us in a interior decorating shop and we were told that people our age would do best to use the public bathrooms located in a trailer-type building in the middle of the mall.

Both me and Phe be pigged out at the food court there. The Asian food was great, affordable, and we wanted to keep as much of our back-to-school money for our new clothing and accessories. We were bloated as we started our shopping and we both knew we had craps coming on. Phebe belched several times as we were looking at jeans, so we both decided it was time to go to the bathroom. Problem was there were 7 or 8 ahead of us in the line for the 6 toilet ladies room. Phebe said she didn't think she could wait so we hurried out into the hot sun to find the public bathroom.

We went around a fence that took us past a lot of dumpsters and huge air conditioning units. We arrived at the building. Definitely ghetto. Phebe's taller than me and she said she could count 6 toilets. Each had a metal divider separating it from the other. But none had a privacy door. Curtain. Nothing. There must have been 20 waiting for the next toilet to open. Right in front of us this girl about 8 stood up from the first toilet right in front of us, pulled up her shorts and started trying to find her mom in the crowd. Phebe tapped this woman in a college hoodie in front of her and showed her the available toilet. The lady was snotty in saying no and some other words I couldn't fully hear, so Phebe said she was going to hold her nose and take a seat. She did. A minute or so later the 4th stall opened. I had kind of moved myself closer to the middle of the room to make my chances better. Some of the persons earlier waiting had turned around and left. So I rushed in to claim it. I only dropped my shorts to above knee level. Then I took the very warm seat. I forgot to look at whether the bowl had been flushed. So I stood, turned around and got my answer when I saw the dark yellow in it.

I remembered a couple of mistakes I had made when I was younger. First, I always flush before a crap because if there is a splash, getting someone else's urine on me is well, gross to say the least. Second, I don't flush from the seat. I've been on too many toilets where mean flushes will give me half a shower. And that was the case I avoided. For about the half minute I was standing, I saw this really mean lady standing right in front of me. She had a very disgusted look on her face and I tried not to look at her. Her eyes just pierced me and made me so uncomfortable. They made me feel like I had jumped in front of her and stolen my turn. With no privacy door I felt trapped. Those eyes were totally fixed on me. I felt bad because I didn't have my phone to look at as I sat because I had left it on the seat of Phebe's moms car. Should I apologize to her? Should I look at my dirty tennis shoes that I hoped to replace? When Phebe got done, would she be coming down to me? I wanted something to happen. That saying "Scared the shit out of me" worked as I passed one very large one. Nothing changed with that lady's face or stance. Should I tell her I was 2 or 3 wipes away from being done? Even when I started pulling off the toilet paper, that lady's stare didn't change. I even stood to wipe so she could see I was making progress. It took 3 wipes. I turned, reached down and flushed. Unfortunately there were only bubbles as my crap jammed up the toilet.
I pulled up my shorts and hurried out of there. A larger group of those waiting was growing. Phebe was waiting at the entrance. She wanted to get out of there faster than me. I told her I hadn't washed my hands. She said she hadn't either. We high 5'd one another and left to do our shopping.


Going to the bathroom with Mrs. Wilson

Yesterday morning John and his father went fishing so he was out of bed before I was. When I woke up I texted him and he said he was going to visit his grandmother after they left the pond and then he would be home. So I got out of bed, went to the bathroom peed and went downstairs. Mrs Wilson was cooking breakfast and asked me did I want some. I said sure. So she made me some coffee, along with bacon, eggs, and toast. After breakfast we went out on the patio and layed in the sun. After about an hour, she looks over at me and asked did I want to go for a drive? I said yes and went to get ready. I was starting to get a pain in my stomach but it went away before I got to the bathroom. We drove around, listened to some music and enjoyed the beautiful day. We drove by John's grandmother's house and I started to get the poo urge. I could see an outhouse in the back yard so I asked Jane if that still worked and she said yes. So I asked her if we could stop so I could have a wee. She had to wee too so she said good idea. We parked in the driveway and walked down the yard, by this point my stomach was gurgling. So I asked Jane how were going to do this? She said what do you mean how? I said will I go first or did you want to go first. She said honey this outhouse is a two seater so if your comfortable we can both go at the same time. We walked in and locked the door behind us. Jane pulled a chain in the ceiling to turn on the light. Sure enough it was a two seater and there was a few rolls of toilet paper in a holder. I lifted up the seat, pulled my shorts and panties down and sat over the hole. By now Jane was sat down over the hole and we started to pee in sync. After thirty seconds there was silence but neither one of us moved. I looked over at Jane and she looked at me, she said I'm so sorry but I have to poop too. Well I was glad to hear that because I really had to poop and was clenching my ass cheeks together until she left. So I told her go ahead I have to poop as well. We both relaxed and let out really loud farts that echoed. Next we heard the poop crackling from our butts. Jane was sat straight up with her dress above her waist and underwear down to her ankles. She said it was sliding out and it was a big one. Finally the turd cut off and fell down into the hole. She let out a few more crackly turds and then wiped. She pulled up her underwear put her dress back down and said she was going for a smoke and will wait for me out by the door. She opened the door slowly and made sure nobody was around, she closed it behind her. I never got up to lock it because there was a turd dangling from my ass. I sat up spread my legs and just let Mother Nature take its course. I must have pooped about 3 or 4 four inch turds and a bunch of baby turds. I peed some more and cleaned myself up. I went outside and Jane was leaned up against the side of the outhouse finishing her cigarette. She asked me did I feel better and I replied yes. I asked her the same thing and she said yes. She also said that was the first time she has ever used the bathroom with any of John's girlfriends. We had a strange bonding session yesterday but that was the start of a relationship with John's mom. The relationship wasn't all that shitty pardon the pun.


Response to Hailey + Story

Hailey: I have always been an active girl. I hate sitting around and doing nothing, it's the worst in my opinion. So I decided to pursue a career that would keep me on my feet and at the same time helping people recover, so I decided I would go on to pursue occupational therapy. I was most interested in Physics and was quite strong in it, along with math. I was never really big on English but I still did well! What are your strengths and interests? I knew I would like it because at first I watched some videos on it which got me interested in it. The moment I knew I was set on kinesiology was when I began talking to someone who was in the program that went to my gym. He explained it to me and at that moment I made up my mind. Do you have any stories of your pooping experiences at school? If you do i would love to hear them! I have no idea what my friends did, I remember one of them went home once in the morning but other than that I never understood how they constantly held it during the day. I always remember when I'd go over to a few of my friends houses they would always run straight to the bathroom to take their poo haha! You are very lucky to have teachers that will let you go all the time. When I was in high school if I could hold it I didn't bother asking most of them time, unless I needed to get up and move my legs! I never get very desperate for peeing usually which is weird considering the amount of water I drink! I do however get very desperate to poop haha! As for university programs I don't have much advice for choosing. All I can suggest is thinking about your hobbies and interests and base it around that. It can be very hard to choose a certain program as for there are many degrees you can strive for!

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!
Can't wait for your response!

Story time!

This story takes place in high school when I was in the 11th grade.

So in highschool every year I took gym class. It was my favourite clss because I always got to get up and move around instead of sitting in a classroom for 80 minutes haha! On this particular day we had the beep test. For those who don't know what the beep test it is an endurance test where you have to make it to the other side of the gym before the beep and each beep gets faster! So gym class was of course second block that day which means I would have to poop. Of course it had to be on testing day haha! So as I was lining up to do the beep test I was feeling fine and ready to run. It was at around 6.9 I was getting an urge to poop. It wasn't a big urge but it was noticeable. It was at 10.3 when the urge got bad. I had to squeeze my butt cheeks together which was probably noticeable through my running shorts haha! I found it difficult to run with a very strong urge so I had to stop at 11.0 which is still the very good. I came second in my class which I was proud of but knew I could've done better. I really didn't care at that moment though, all I knew was that I needed to poop! So once I gave up I ran straight to the locker room! I opened a stall, quickly placed toilet paper on the seat and plopped my sweaty butt on the seat haha! I immediately let out 5 fairly large poops and farted very loud right after, luckily no one was in there to hear haha! All of a sudden another girl came running in and took the stall a few doors down from me and immediately ripped down her shorts and started to pee very loudly. After her pee came a bunch of plops. They all happened so quickly! I felt more poop coming out so I relaxed. While I relaxed I looked underneath the stall to see who it was. I recognized the shoes. It was Shaye (not her real name), the girl who beat me. Shaye has blonde hair, brown eyes, good figure, and I must admit she had very nice bum haha! "Fancy meeting you here Shaye haha" I said. " oh Rachel! Did you stop because you needed to poop?!" She said with a giggle. " yes I was dying for a poop" I said while laughing. Right after I said that a thick log emerged from me and made a loud thud as it hit my other poop. " I was wondering why you stopped before me!" She said while pushing out some more poop. " what score did you get?" I asked. Shayes poop finally came out and I heard sigh with relief " oh I got 11.4 which isn't too bad for a hockey player" she said with a laugh. We both began to wipe and flushed our messes, washed out hands, and proudly went back out to the gym to watch the second round of girls run.

Hope you enjoyed my story!

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!


Alex's Survey

Here you go:

1) Age?

2) Height?

3) Weight?

4) How often do you usually need to poop?
Once daily

5) What times of day usually?
It used to be mostly afternoon when living at home and going to public school. In college I became a morning pooper. I think drinking a little coffee daily changed that.

6) Describe how your feces usually are (logs, chunks, pebbles, etc?)
It's loggie and firm. Sometimes it comes out in one big log, but most of the time it breaks. It's thick.

7) When you poop, does a lot usually come out?
Yes. I would say over a foot long's worth at least daily.

8) Most urgent dump you had recently (in the last year)?
I shared one a couple of days ago. When I get sick with diarrhea, that's urgent!

9) If you were legitimately offered $10 million dollars, do you think you could hold back your poop for 2 weeks while eating normally? No, absolutely not. And, please, no one try this. You could hurt yourself badly. You could damage your large intestine, cause a blockage, and begin to vomit feces (yes, that's a real thing!). Do not ever try this or dare anyone to.


To Abbie

Abbie, good story about your time camping. Did you have to wee behind a bush or were you on a proper camp site with toilets the whole time? That's something that's always put me off going camping.

I saw on the news a thing about a motorway being closed for ages. It made me wonder what people do if they need a wee and the motorway is shut? Do they just hope that there's a bush to go behind?

I had a long lie in today and didn't wake up till about 11am, I felt a desperate need for a wee so as soon as I came to my senses I had to dash to the loo. Felt a lot better to release though!


A toilet can be the most beautiful sight in the world.

So it has been a few days since I've had a poo for various reasons, and I usually go twice daily so my friend suggested one of her meals. She says she swears by it and it works every time, but it's also gentle so I can go when I want to, rather than a sudden uncontrollable urge like some laxatives. She is amazing at cooking and I wanted some relief so I agreed to try it, why not?

I arrived at her place and we spent some time talking while she cooked me this lovely meal, I'm not sure what was in it but it was like a soup, incredibly delicious and before I knew it, the bowl was empty. I spent a couple of hours hanging out with her before heading off into town to do a small spot of clothes shopping. I invited my friend to come with me but she had plans.

I parked my car at the retail park and began shopping, mostly browsing the dresses and things, nothing really caught my eye. It wasn't long before I felt a very familiar and pleasant feeling, I needed a poo! It had only been about three hours since I finished her meal so I was a little surprised at how fast it was acting, I was expecting it to be the next day or at least close to my afternoon poo time. As she said, it wasn't a strong urge at all and felt very manageable so I decided to finish at the shop first before finding some toilets.

I continued browsing and things started getting much stronger inside me, I definitely needed to go now and my stomach was making lots of strange noises, but I didn't feel desperate. I spent about another twenty minutes shopping, the feeling still getting stronger but I enjoyed the sensation of my stomach gurgling and working up a storm. I was impressed at how well it was working.

I had a few things to buy so I joined the queue, maybe 10 or so people in front of me, and just enjoyed the urge to poop getting stronger, knowing I would be able to find a toilet in a few minutes, and that I, as my friend said, "go whenever you want to." But the feeling kept getting stronger and stronger, and I quickly realised I was in trouble. I started to sweat and had a strong stomach ache, it gurgling louder than ever. I began to contemplate dropping my things and leaving to find a bathroom. I was getting really worried.

I eventually made it to a cashier and she started putting my things through the till, looking up at me after each item. It was obvious I was in a bad way. She leaned forward and quietly said "Are you okay?" I told her I really needed the toilet and asked if there was any I could use, I hadn't seen any in the store. She said there was some at the end, near the corner and started putting my things through quicker. I paid with contactless for the first time ever to speed things up, thanked her, and quickly walked to the toilets, almost a jog.

I pushed the door open and saw there was a few women in there but luckily no queue, and one of the five or so stalls was empty, right in the middle. I darted into it, slamming the door shut behind me and dropped my bag on the floor before ripping down my leggings just enough to go and throwing myself onto the toilet. My poo started coming out as soon as my buns hit the seat and I couldn't help but moan with relief. It had the consistency of soft serve ice cream and was coming out in one continuous rope. It felt orgasmic.

The smell was truly awful and I began to hear comments from some of the girls at the sinks but I didn't care. The only thing that mattered to me at that moment was finally being able to poop. The rope broke off and I started peeing for a few seconds before my stomach cramped and pushed involuntarily for me, my poop now coming out in waves and falling into the bowl with a little "splat" rather than a splash.

The assault on the toilet bowl paused momentarily and I took the opportunity to lean forward and lock the door. My stomach was still doing somersaults so I knew I had a lot more to come, I just stayed relaxed and waited for it, still enjoying the relief of finally going. While I was waiting I emptied the rest of my bladder.

After about a minute my stomach cramped again and I began to push more soft poop out. I actually really enjoyed not being in control and just being there for the ride, not knowing what was coming up next. This continued for a few more minutes before I finally felt empty, and the stomach ache had subsided. Whew! I stood up and looked in the bowl, it wasn't a pretty sight! It looked like I had laid a cow pat in there, a thick layer of poop. Kinda like an Angel Delight for those familiar with it.

I flushed, happy to see clear water again and sat down for the dreaded clean up operation. After just the first wipe i knew I would be needing a lot of toilet paper, it was like a swamp back there. Those poops where you wipe, the paper is coated, but you feel like you haven't made any progress. After so many wipes the paper finally came back clean and I stood up to get dressed, flushing the pile of paper away. Thank god it went down! I pulled up my leggings and sprayed a LOT of perfume to try and make things a little more pleasant. Then I left to wash my hands, feeling a little self conscious but very relieved.

Monday, August 07, 2017


I soaked my work trousers

Hi guys! I hope you're all doing well. I'll be posting about my urgent relief this evening but I really wanted to share something that happened last night.

I had a really crappy day at work yesterday, computer glitches and disgruntled customers pretty much ruined my mood for the night. To make things worse I had tripped on the stairs and hurt my wrist. When I got home I was bursting for a wee so I headed upstairs to the bathroom . I locked the door behind me, walked over to the toilet and tried to unbutton my trousers. Because they were new the button was stiff and I couldn't get it undone with my injured wrist.

I probably struggled for only 20 seconds before I thought "???? it" and sat down on the toilet anyway. I wasn't in the mood for it. Almost immediately I felt my bum getting wet as I started peeing and then the tinkle as it ran off my trousers. It felt wonderful. I kind of felt like I was taking my frustration out on my trousers, getting my own back at work.

I peed for about a minute and stood up, feeling the wet fabric sticking to my butt. At least it was warm. It took me a couple of minutes but I managed to get my trousers undone and took them off, along with my pink knickers. They were dark pink between my legs and at the back where I had peed through them. I took those off too. Had a shower and spent the evening nude just trying to unwind.

I must admit, I actually enjoyed it.


Survey replies

Gastro Researcher's Survey

Age: 50 plus (old enough to know better)
Sex: Male (when I last checked)
Height: Average
Weight: A bit above average!

(1) How many times do you usually eat per day? 3 meals + 3 snacks
(2) About how many glasses of water do you drink per day? 1 or 2 but I usually drink quite a lot of coffee, fruit juice and tonic water plus the odd beer or glass of wine.
(3) What laxatives do you take? None if I can help it
(4) What food(s) usually makes you constipated? Cheese
(5) What food(s) usually give you diarrhea? Cooked tomatoes
(6) What is your go to remedy for diarrhea? Imodium
(7) What foods make you gassy? Onions, Sprouts
(8) How often do you avoid foods that make you gassy? Never
(9) What time(season) of the year do you eat the most? Winter/Christmas
(10) Have you ever visited a gastroenterologit? No


I was a weird kid...

So, as a kid, I was present for an incident in which a girl had wet herself in class during "silent reading." It was a small school, so the incident was the favorite subject of discussion for quite a while afterwards. But after a week or so, the class started to collectively forget and things moved on. But for whatever reason, I found myself somewhat fixated on it. To have an accident in class was a seemingly impossible thing in my mind. It was the kind of thing that nobody expected anyone around them to ever do, and definitely not something that one would expect to do, themselves.

I privately tried to imagine what it must have been like for the girl in question. And more and more, I tried to imagine what it'd be like if it happened to me. I went on that way for months... I was weird, what do you want from me? But in doing so, I came to a couple realizations about it. One was that the girl hadn't gotten in any trouble from the teacher. On the contrary, they were sympathetic and let her go to the bathroom whenever she wanted from then on. Also, even though people had teased her at first, most of them moved on pretty fast and it hadn't really had a bad impact on her school life. These are all thoughts I dwelled on for the next year.

During the summer, I had a dream that I peed my pants at school, and when I woke up, I had a crazy feeling. I wanted to do it. At first I dismissed the thought. But I started having dreams about it more, and by the time the next school year started, the idea was filed under "really want to, but not that brave."

I think it was a few months in to the year when the school had a major repair to be done. The result was a three hour period of no running water. This meant no bathrooms. Parents were notified, but class went on. On that morning, I woke up thinking about the incident the year before, how shocked everyone was at first, how they'd left her alone after just a week or so... I realized that it would probably be not much different if the same thing were to happen again to, oh say... me. And without really fully making the decision, I decided I was going to use the closed restrooms as an excuse to wet my pants at school.

Sooo... lunch came and went. I drank extra fluids and didn't go to the bathroom, despite warnings that the water was to be shut off after lunch, and went to class. I waited a good 45 minutes, feeling that I definitely had enough in me to warrant asking to go under normal circumstances. I was unsure if I could make myself do it though. Now that the time had come, I was having second thoughts. I glanced around. The class was all pretty much focused on the teacher. I thought again about the incident last year and suddenly made up my mind to do this before I chickened out again.

I was nervous, so when I relaxed, nothing came out. So, leaning forward a little in my seat, I actually pushed with my bladder muscles. That did it. First, just a little came out, but that broke the seal and I felt the rest coming quickly. A voice in my head piped up at the last second that this was crazy and I shouldn't do it, but I was already passed the point of no return. I remember watching a little wet spot appear on my crotch and start spreading outward rapidly, growing bigger and bigger. My pee quickly filled my plastic seat and dripped loudly on the floor, which got the attention of the other kids. I remember someone shouted "He's peeing!" The class got loud for a moment as I finished my "accident."

Soon, I was empty, sitting in soaked pants and a drippy chair. I remember a feeling of reality setting in, the realization that I had actually done it, and now it couldn't be undone was pretty heavy. But I still didn't totally regret it. The teacher quickly wrote me a pass to the office. I had to walk across the front of the class to get it, and a couple people laughed at how wet my pants were. After I got it, I gathered my bag and went to the office, where they called my mom... that detail I hadn't planned for. I ended up sitting in the office in peed pants for almost any hour before she came to get me.

When asked why I had peed my pants, I claimed that I had just drank too much at lunch and forgot that the bathrooms wouldn't be available. It must have been believable because my answer was accepted. For a few weeks, I did endure some teasing, and reminders from adults aware of what happened to use the bathroom before class, but after a while it went away.

I honestly don't regret it. I know. Weirdo. Enjoy the knowledge that someone out there is stranger than you.


Down the Vale. (part 1)

The town in which I lived was made up of a large number of villages which over the years had grown and joined together, one summers evening me and my girlfriend went for a walk. We walked along the main road to the next village, and we paid a visit to the pub there for a pint or two of lager before returning on a circular route. To do this we walked past the railway maintenance yards and into an area we called 'The Vale', this was a recreational area used by the local school consisting of a rugby pitch, a cricket pitch and three football pitches all in a line.
As we walked along I started the need for a pee, so as we past the old changing rooms I said to my girlfriend that it the toilets were open ( they had a big iron gate on them ) that I would pop in them, the gate was open so in I went, My girlfriend followed me, she was surprised to find that all that was in there was, was on the left-hand side a wall with a gully along the bottom running to a drain at the far end and no toilet, I went to the wall and started to piss on to it, she said that she too needed a pee so when I was done asked me to stand in the gateway so no-one could come in.
My girlfriend went to the wall and with her back to it dropped her pink trousers and knickers, then bent forwards with he bum pointing at the wall started to pee, her stream started to go towards the wall but fell short so she waddled forwards and squatted down and peed a long strong river that came towards me at the gate, ( why it did not go to the drain I do not know).
When she was done she pulled up her cloths and we left to continue our walk home.


What comes in will come out

Hey everyone happy weekend, I'm back been on recovery time for my health, I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. So anyhow I have found out two things in my health, I'm lactose intolerant and I have beginning stages of chrons disease. So I must completely change the diet or I'm going be worse off , and I don't want that, so yesterday the doctor said I can eat anything I want for the last time, I be honest I didn't know what to get cause so many things to choose from, I end up getting authentic tacos they were so good that my toes curl, but not soon afterwards I was in the bathroom throwing up and filling up the bedpans . This week has been a challenge I no longer work in my office I sent myself a resignation letter had it sent in for the city councilman that I no longer a business owner I transferred the business over to my top executive for a few dollars. I'm going miss it, but now I'm a stay home wife and mother, I took the kids to school on the first day , soon as I got back home, I had to get in the bathroom fast, so I hurried lifted up my skirt and sat on the toilet not a second late the flood of poop was pouring out like a heavy rain storm. Marcus came in check on me before he goes to work, by time I was done I felt like I had to go again, I ended up going again but threw up also. Sorry for long story but till next time, I have to go

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