Response for Rachel

Rachel: Thank you for your answers. I really enjoyed reading your response as much as you did sending it! Your timetable wasn't confusing and I was able to follow through. I think my friend from a nearby school had a timetable similar to yours and I thought it was pretty good. As I mentioned, my school places the same classes at the same time every day. One exception sometimes exists, depending on the term, for options that take place every other day. Our school runs on a 2 day schedule, so Monday would be Day 1, then Tuesday Day 2, Wednesday Day 1 again, and so on. Three periods would always be filled with cores like English, math, etc. that take place everyday on the same time! If you're lucky, you might get one period in the day that alternates between two options from Day 1 to Day 2 and you get different teachers on different days. Sadly, that only happens to one period in the day (if at all) and assuming you have options for the term. Most teachers were really nice at my school and they usually let you go without any problems, but since you have them at the same time each day, it's very easy for them to notice. One teacher even asked my classmate if she can wait another five minutes so she would be going to the bathroom at 9:15 four days in a row! As usual, I enjoyed reading your story about your soccer game! It's good to hear that you had a really satisfying poop and winning the game! I agree that porta-potties are disgusting! Since you're now out of highschool, are you working or are you in for more school? How do you find the new environment? I am happy to talk to you if you have any further comments or if you have any questions! My computer is a little strange, so sometimes it may take a while for me to respond.
Thanks and Talk to you soon!

End Stall Em

High School J-Camp

Back 6 years ago when I was in high school I attended a week-long journalism camp at a large university. We stayed in the dorms and this was my first exposure to having to share very open dorm bathrooms with like 125 or so some other girls. This was a large room; the showers were on one side of the wall and about 15 or 20 toilet cubicles were on the other side. Across from the toilets were a good number of sinks and in front of them pretty good sized mirrors that did probably violate the privacy of those seated. But what is privacy? I remember asking my boyfriend who attended the same camp and he said he learned in social studies class that there is no such thing because it is not mentioned in the Constitution.

Even back then, I was a creature of habit. I would walk into a large bathroom and take the stall on the very end. Much of the time it would be available because there would be a cluster of others waiting and talking while the middle toilets got the most use. The end toilets were often among the cleanest, had been flushed and didn't reek from whatever I didn't want to think about, and there was ample toilet paper for wiping. It was also well-lit, although sometimes I did notice a bit more graffiti. But that was OK with me because I actually found some of it amusing and creative while I sat.

I remember as one of our projects. We had to write a type of commentary piece. I wrote on the lack of appreciation for the end-stall and got great comments when I was asked to read it to my group. The problem was there were 2 boys who were kind of immature and our adviser-teacher had to redirect their snide comments.


Interesting Sighting

I was on a road trip a few days ago around Taiwan. This particular incident happened at one of the stops, a popular salt field. Anyway, when we got to the salt field, we parked at the tourist lot and headed towards the salt field. As we walked along the road, I noticed a car stopped at the side of the road with its back door open. A middle-aged woman was standing outside the car. She had the backseat's carpet in her hands and was shaking some kinda liquid off of it. Naturally, this piqued my interest. As we walked past the car, I subtly turned my head and peaked inside the car. What I saw confirmed my suspicions. There was a teenaged (roughly) girl half standing, half squatting in the backseat. She was holding a clear plastic cup that was half filled with what could only be urine, and she had her panties and jean shorts down at her knees. At that moment, she happened to look up and our eyes met for a second. She blushed and quickly looked away as I continued walking. My best guess is that she had to pee badly during the drive, but the car had hit one of the many speed bumps that I had hit on the way in and she ended up peeing all over the carpet. Either way, it was an awesome, albeit brief experience.


Response for Rachel

Rachel: Thank you for your answers. I really enjoyed reading your response as much as you did sending it! Your timetable wasn't confusing and I was able to follow through. I think my friend from a nearby school had a timetable similar to yours and I thought it was pretty good. As I mentioned, my school places the same classes at the same time every day. One exception sometimes exists, depending on the term, for options that take place every other day. Our school runs on a 2 day schedule, so Monday would be Day 1, then Tuesday Day 2, Wednesday Day 1 again, and so on. Three periods would always be filled with cores like English, math, etc. that take place everyday on the same time! If you're lucky, you might get one period in the day that alternates between two options from Day 1 to Day 2 and you get different teachers on different days. Sadly, that only happens to one period in the day (if at all) and assuming you have options for the term. Most teachers were really nice at my school and they usually let you go without any problems, but since you have them at the same time each day, it's very easy for them to notice. One teacher even asked my classmate if she can wait another five minutes so she would be going to the bathroom at 9:15 four days in a row! As usual, I enjoyed reading your story about your soccer game! It's good to hear that you had a really satisfying poop and winning the game! I agree that porta-potties are disgusting! Since you're now out of highschool, are you working or are you in for more school? How do you find the new environment? I am happy to talk to you if you have any further comments or if you have any questions! My computer is a little strange, so sometimes it may take a while for me to respond.
Thanks and Talk to you soon!

To Dominic

Hey Dominic, I see your brother had another accident, interesting that this one was avoidable, though his others kind of were too. Do you think maybe he doesn't mind having the accidents? I know in one of your stories back on page 2292, when the roles were reversed he suggested that you do it in your briefs, maybe he finds the accidents humorous? Would be curious to know what you thought.


Barely made it!

So, I just made it to the toilet after nearly pooping myself! So, I send a huge jet of loose poop, since I held most of it yesterday, and I send even more bad smelling brown substance! I pee some,and send 3 more small plops Out! I pee more, and feel more coming. I push my stomach, and hear gurgles. Push harder, nothing. My bowels might have fallen asleep! I wipe front to back a lot, and flush.

Barely made it! Part 2

I have to use the bathroom again, desperately. I fart some, and feel something. Two small ones. I pee a little and feel more coming. Nothing else, sadly. Wipe and flush, then I feel more. It's nothing.


this and that

I'm sorry, I don't have anything exciting to share this time. I have been very active in the outdoors and have peed besides the trail a few times when I was out biking, but that's it. I have done all my number twos at home or in the library, but they are all boring stories. I am hoping for something more exciting to happen, soon!

to Jessica B: When I was in Austria last year, I also got to experience unisex stalls like you had at the hostel. It was just fine for the most part, just once did I have a pretty embarrassing experience. I was doing a pee and suddenly I farted really loudly by accident. It turned out that a cute guy was using the bathroom also at the same time and he totally heard me do it. I was so embarrassed. Funny enough, that didn't stop him from hitting on me real hard later that night. I was kinda excited about his attention at first, but in the end he turned out to be an ass, oh well!

to Victoria B: I loved your story from the bar. When a girl's gotta go she's gotta go, even when it's for a big poo on a night out, haha! Tell me about it! It's nice that Sierra kept you company in your stall, I have never shared a stall with anybody when I needed to do a poop!

to Erin: I really liked your story, too. Sorry you had diarrhea on the plane that's just awful.

Jake P.

Kayla and I had a much needed conversation.

Becc and Jessica B, thank you for taking the time to respond. Kayla doesn't really eat all that much junk food and she definitely knows all about my IBS. My mom helped raise her, so they are really close and talk about a lot of things. My mom doesn't have any stomach issues, but she knows all about them because of my IBS.

Kayla has finally acknowledged her ???? troubles. I was up late the other night. I couldn't sleep, so I was in the garage working on my project car. Its a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 if anyone is wondering. I bought it off of some teenager earlier this year. It needs a full restoration and he way way in over his head. Anyways, it was around midnight when I heard her walking around upstairs, then I heard the shower turn on for about 10 minutes. After that I hear her walk downstairs and she entered the garage. I looked up and saw her with her bedsheets balled up in her arms and she was wearing different pajamas than the ones she went to bed in. She was very upset and her eyes were red from crying earlier. All she said is, "It happened while I was sleeping. I didn't wake up," and started crying again. After I calmed her down, she finally told me what was going on as I put the dirty sheets and pajamas in the wash.

She gets really gassy after she eats, and gets very bad diarrhea soon after. She hasn't paid attention to what she eats before the problems start. Her stomach isn't hurting her very much, but she said that it starts to feel "bubbly" before she gets diarrhea. The accidents she has been having are either from her thinking that she has to fart, but accidentally pooping, or from just not being able to make it to the bathroom in time. Last night was the first accident she has had in her sleep. She admitted that she has been thrown away some of her dirty clothes, but stopped because she knew I would quickly notice.

I did mention diapers to her, however she was pretty silent during that part of the conversation. I didn't explicitly say the word 'diaper', as I didn't want her to lose her dignity, but she knew exactly what I was talking about. She does know that I will sometimes wear them if my IBS is acting up. I told her that they make diapers that look just like regular underwear and maybe she would want to try them and that I wasn't forcing her to do anything she doesn't want to. Yesterday I bought a pack of Goodnites for her. If you don't know, they are meant for bedwetting children, but I have heard that they also work pretty good for when they get diarrhea. Goodnites come in many different designs, but the ones I bought her are just plain white, without anything printed on them. Everything else looked too babyish. I told her that I would leave them in the bathroom closet for her and that I was not pressuring her to wear them. The pack has been opened and one is missing, but I am unsure if she has worn it for longer than just a test fit.

Today I had scheduled appointments with her pediatrician and with my gastroenterologist, but will be a while until she will be able to be seen. My doctor is actually pretty young for a specialist in her field. She's really friendly and takes time to know her patients. She works with just as many kids as she does adults, so maybe Kayla will be comfortable talking to her.

Anyways, that's it for the moment. I'll be sure to keep you updated.


Bathroom restrictions at school

Yes restricting bathroom access to children is cruel.

I grew up in the 1970s and in our school restroom use was restricted to only 2 breaks in our 6 to 6.5 hour school day. School started at 8:30 am and ended up 2:30 pm. In the third grade they added 30 minutes to the school day so it ended at 3 pm. We had our first break between 9:45 and 10:30 depending on the class. Our second break was either after lunch or later in the afternoon depending on how early our lunch was. Only my second grade teacher gave us 3 breaks per day, the rest only gave two, not easy for a 6 to 10 year old.

There was up to 3 hours with no access to the toilet and the teachers were very strict about allowing breaks during class. There would be kids crying, begging to be allowed to go only to be told "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to wait" "I said no" "if you don't be quiet you won't get to go when we have our class break". Yes a few teachers would actually take away scheduled breaks at punishment for misbehavior. In fact my third grade teacher was bad about pulling kids out of the line and putting them in the finished line, making them go back to class with no relief. So this meant you may have to wait 5 to 6 hours with no relief. Several kids peed their pants in the earlier grades, they would be scolded and sent to the nurse for a loaner change of clothes. Some kids also got spanked. It was horrible sitting in those hard seats with my bladder screaming for relief, looking at the clock and seeing I sill had another hour before being able to go. Even worst in the 4th and 5th grade the restrooms would be locked after school in our wing so we would have to wait till we got home. By middle school I had a large iron bladder. Because bullies would hang out in the restroom I would hold it all day. I only went a few times during lunch if I knew I couldn't last, but all those years of holding it in the early grades made it much easier. There were several boys and girls that didn't go at all. Looking back I'm surprised no one complained, maybe they did, but the school just didn't care.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ellie great story.

To: Becc it sounds like had a rough time but also a lot of support as well.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Canada pooper

To jimmy and Ellie


Did you find the story of my friend interesting? Would like to hear more stories


Please keep your stories coming perhaps since both your friends seem to enjoy pants popping maybe you can try straight up going in your pants for fun by yourself just to see if you do enjoy it so far it's been because your constipated or forced accidents so you may like it if it's fully on purpose if you try it please share the story


Mary and I Crapped our Pants

I realize I promised these stories a while back, and did not deliver. Busy. Sorry.

The story I shared about my diarrhea during a basketball game posted. So, let's go for two more. So many have shared stories about having accidents with diarrhea. Those are interesting, but...when you have diarrhea, you're sick. And while it may be a little amusing to share these stories, I feel sympathy for people who are sick. After all, I am dedicating my life to helping people with constipation, diarrhea or other uncomfortable abdominal symptoms find relief and peace with their bodies.

But other poop accidents - whether they are from having a sudden strong urge to let go, from holding it too long, from fears of going in public places, well, let's say I find them interesting and amusing. I do feel sympathy, because I've done it and also because I don't get any pleasure from someone humiliating themselves. But, let's face it, society says we are supposed to be able to hold a solid load until it is socially and health-wise acceptable to let it go - and the only place that is so is on the toilet.

Except, when that doesn't happen either. Maybe we've all been there. My mom has. My dad has. My aunt has. And every one of my sisters have pooped their pants with a solid or normal bowel movement. The difference between Mary and me and the rest of our families, is that we were together when we pooped ourselves and cleaned up. The others - we knew about them, maybe witnessed some of the drama. But from start to finish, we watched ourselves lose it, a lot of it, and all of it, into our pants and shorts. We smelled it, we even saw it as we helped each other. You don't forget things like that.


I shouldn't rat out Mary without first telling on myself. My poops usually happen once a day, and they used to happen in the afternoon. Now, I go every morning. This was between our senior year in high school and our first year in college - 2013. Mary and I celebrated the 4th of July with our family at a large gathering. We ate the fruits of our family garden, lots of pork barbecue, and watermelon for dessert. Then, Mary and I were meeting up with some high school friends that night to go watch fireworks at a local minor league baseball game. Their fireworks were the best. We met up with about eight more of our friends, and enjoyed some hot dogs and sodas. During the course of the game, my bowels kept bloating and distending. I wasn't feeling sick, just full and like my stomach was preparing myself for one of those enormous poops that make you shiver and tingle. If we poop in heaven, this is what I would imagine that they would feel like, all the time.

It was the ninth inning, and the game was just about over (our team ahead) when the doo doo began to pound at my back door. I could feel its intensity, thickness and pressure. This would be a good one for sure. I love the solid turtle head. But this was a ball park and I needed to enjoy this one at home. I've held my poop a long time before and I wasn't worried. Plus, if I went to one of the public toilets, I might miss the fireworks.

The fireworks lasted an hour. Before they were over, I leaned over to Mary and whispered, "I really need to use the bathroom." She whispered, "I do too. I am going to wet myself if these fireworks don't end soon." And then I indicated to Mary, "I have to go." In public, this signaled that I needed to have a bowel movement, and soon. We waited until the fireworks finished and made our way to the bathroom. Mary peed, but the bathroom was filthy and I told Mary I wanted to be at home to do this.

So, we left. Mary drives safely, especially at night. She never speeds and is always focused. She looked at me and asked, "How are you doing?" I was sweating, "Not good. I'll be all right though." We pulled up in the drive at my parents house. The pressure was intense. I got out of the car and we walked in quietly. I was biting my lip. Our family was asleep. We both walked into our bedroom and I could go no further. Mary watched as I began to thoroughly poop my pants. It all came out pretty rapidly, forming a huge bulge in my shorts and panties.

I turned so red. My eyes teared up a little and I felt hot. Mary calmly closed our bedroom door and asked if I was OK. I just stood there. Then, I began to laugh. "Oh my god! I just pooped my pants." The room smelled. Mary was a little hesitant, but asked how she could help. "My panties must be destroyed. Just get a trash bag and I will throw them out. I need a shower."

I lowered my panties and left them in the floor on a towel, with the football shaped mound of chocolate-brown, solid doo doo in the seat. I cleaned the major stuff off with toilet paper and then jumped in the shower. When I got out, Mary had disposed of the panties.

Mary was great about this. She didn't tease me or ask why I didn't just go when I had the chance. The only thing that she said was, "That was a huge poop, Becc." I replied that it was and that most of mine were like that. She knows, since we share a bathroom.

I have to admit, the sensation was interesting. It was not a bad feeling. But it smelled. Did it ever smell. Even lighting candles and spraying air freshener didn't get the smell out of our room that night.

I will be back with Mary's story. I would love to hear your thoughts.

- Becc


Responses and pooping my pants when I was 10

To Dominic:

I liked your story. How old is your brother? I just finished high school in June and I've had recent accidents from either holding it too long or from being sick and trusting a fart. Hopefully he didn't feel bad afterward and he didn't get scolded.

To Canada Pooper:

I loved your story about Shane. You sound like you were such a good friend. I'm sure he felt better knowing that you didn't judge him for what happened.

To Silford:

One time when I was about 16 or 17 we were driving home from Disney World and stopped at a gas station. My mom and dad made me go to the bathroom to pee so we wouldn't have to stop again (we were about an hour and a half from home). When I was going in a little kid came out and looked up at me with a shocked expression and said, "If I were you I wouldn't go in there." Well I went in anyway and there was pee dripping from the walls and the sink. Even worse there was a pair of poop filled underwear in the corner that had slid down the side of the trash can. It looked like the kid had tried to toss them in the garbage and just missed, so they slid and smeared poop all the way down.

I told my dad right away and he told the cashier, but the kid and his parents were gone by then. Luckily my folks drove across the street to Burger King so I could pee there (and get a milkshake, yay!)

Here's a story about the time I started pooping my pants again when I was 10.

My mom picked me up at school and drove me home. While she was making me a snack I was supposed to go to the bathroom, then come to the kitchen and do my homework. But instead of going to the bathroom I went in my room and watched some You Tube videos (I think I watched a Fred video). When my mom called for me to tell me that my snack was ready I just hurried back downstairs and started my homework.

I had to pee almost as bad as I had to poop. While I was working on my math homework I decided to poop my pants instead of holding it. My mom was in the family room doing something else so I knew I could finish in peace and not be interrupted. So I sat there and took a nice relaxing poop, then pee started flooding my pants and the dining room chair I was sitting at, too. While I was pooping I farted really loud and my mom heard it so she came in and caught me but it was too late.

After that I had to get cleaned up, then I finished my homework and got sent to my room. While I was in time out I decided that I was going to start pooping my pants again and I did it every day for like 3 weeks.

So I was at the exam room. I normally liked to poop in the mornings as it is healthy and I didn't like to poop at public toilets but this time, since the exam is around morning and at the exam room, my stomach was gurgling around 11am which is just signaling me to poop. I'm just glad I'm not the only victim here. There are others whose having stomachache gurgling moments to, I'm not sure what but I can assume it's just their anxiety. I had to go toilet bad but I"m not allowed though luckily I could let out a silent fart and I rub my continuous gurgling stomach discreetly while doing the exam. So has any one face this?

Lucky Witness

Full Running Shorts

I was out working in my yard, and just as I started I saw one of my neighbors, a young woman, go jogging by. Very attractive, mid 20s, she was wearing a running shirt and tight, gray and yellow nylon running shorts.

About an hour later I was stopping for a break, and saw her coming back down the street, but she was walking/running funny. I went about my yard work and noticed as she got closer she was holding her stomach and seemed to be speed walking in very short steps. In front of my house she stopped and bent over/crouched for a moment. Was pretty obvious she was in a bit of digestive distress.

I walked over and asked if she was ok, she just kind of moaned and said "Fine, just a bit of an upset stomach."

She smiled and started walking off, short steps making obvious she was clenching. A few feet away she just stopped, bent/crouched again, then I heard he go "Oh no!" as I watched the back of her shorts start to tent out and a large bulge form as she lost control and dropped a massive load in her shorts. I watched her reach back and feel as the bulge grew, and I noticed dark streaks started growing on her shorts as she peed too, the stream visible as it ran down her leg and puddled in the street.

I could see her relax as everything finished, the bulge in her shorts was bigger than a softball. I think she zoned out while it happened, because she felt the back of her shorts, turning around partially as she did so and realized I was still there and had seen everything. Her face turned bright red and she smiled a bit sheepishly. The front of her shorts were completely dark, she had peed a lot while dropping the load in her shorts.

I had a small towel that I used to wipe the sweat off my face and arms as I worked in the yard, I walked over and tossed it to her. She mouthed the words "thank you" and rigged the towel to cover her back side and cover the worst of the damage, then walked/waddled off down the street.


Pre-race peeing and pooping

Hello Everyone!
John H and Brandon T, I am glad you liked my previous post which was about spying on a woman in a ladies' loo 40 years ago. My today's post will be about very recent events which date back to May 2017.
Once a year in May my favourite park hosts a big running event, the 20 km street race. I discovered it back in 2005, quite by chance. Before that I had not realized that distance running and peeing go hand in hand. On that particular day twelve years ago at the very entrance into the Park I ran into a guy taking a piss. Half a minute later I spotted the first female squatter, accompanied by a male companion, who protected her from the front, but did not care much about her rear. Going deeper into the park I just saw scenes I simply could not have imagined to be true, with so many males and females taking a leak. Virtually every two meters you could see someone in the act. And although the number of males was clearly prevailing, the faire sex was also well represented. What is important, they did not really care that they could, and obviously were being watched. I was so impressed by what I saw that I decided to become a long distance runner to be able to enjoy fabulous sightings without making any suspicion.
Two years later I took part in that race for the first time and until now I have already eleven participations on my account. Every year the physical effort was well rewarded with great sightings. It is one of the three races I know for which you have a "100 percent sighting guarantee". The other two are the Berlin Marathon taking place in September and the Paris Half Marathon in March.
But let us go back to the Park and the race itself. My wife and I arrived at the place almost three hours before the start to get any chance to park our car. There were some 40 thousand runners registered. Families, supporters, traders, officials, volunteers etc. added to this number so it was really an imposing gathering. For this enormous crowd the organizers had generously provided 55 porta-potties (in total) at three locations. This number might have been sufficient two hours before the race, as well as during and after the race but definitely not at least 40 minutes before the race.
As soon as we left our sports bags in a drop off area located at the Military Museum my wife said she wanted to go. I knew she would take a dump since can have her BM only about two hours after getting up.
In the park we have our favourite place to go. In fact it consists of three separate spots. Let us call them Areas one, two and three. All of them are situated about 5-7 metres below the level of the main park area. From one side there are stairs leading to these three areas. From the other side one has to descend a rather steep slope to get there.
These three areas differ considerably from one another. Area one consists of several scattered trees and a war memorial in a form of a two-metre-high wall with names of airmen fallen in both world wars. The wall provides a good cover at least from two sides for those peeing there. Area two is the most exposed one with only some scattered trees, whereas area three is the most secluded one, as similarly to areas one and two it has some trees in the middle, but is surrounded at two sides by quite dense bushes and ends with stone walls at the other two sides. So it is an enclosed spot with clearly marked boundaries.
We noticed several tents close to Areas one and two with lots of children playing around so my wife was reluctant to go there. Consequently I suggested moving up into Area three. On our way there she asked if I had wet wipes and I assured her I had everything she needed. Of course I was thrilled with the idea of watching a woman taking a shit even if she happened to be my own wife. The spot seemed to be deserted so my wife did not wait too long, dropped her running shorts and panties and went into a squat. After just a few seconds her butthole domed out and I saw the first log emerging. It was well formed and about 20 cm long. Its colour was dark red as before the race both of us would drink big amounts of beetroot juice to boost our performance. The first log was followed by another four, which formed a healthy pile on the ground. She did not pee at all but asked me for some wipes. First she used some paper tissues and then I passed her two wet baby wipes. Everything landed on the ground partly covering her pile. I gave her one wipe more so that she could clean her fingers but said I would like to keep one for myself, just in case I needed it.
About half an hour later my wife signalled a need for number one. This time we went to Area two. On our way there we saw a woman in her fifties heading towards that area for the same business. She did not hesitate for long but took a high squat for a rather short pee. It would have been a perfect sighting if she had been positioned with her back to us. Unfortunately, she was turned with the other side and we did not see much.
Before leaving the place we saw a trio of girls approaching, which seemed to be very promising. Unfortunately, it turned out that they had mastered a "shielding technique" with one standing in the front, another one squatting in the middle and peeing, and the third one protecting her from the back. Then, of course they changed their positions. So there was really nothing to see.
By the way, I have invented a typology of women's peeing behaviours. It goes like this: Category Four: toilet-only girls, i.e. those who cannot imagine going outdoors and prefer standing in sometimes enormous queues because they are so inhibited. Category Three: pee-shy girls i.e. those who basically go to a toilet, but when very desperate they might consider going into the deepest bushes, constantly checking whether their privacy is not compromised. When in groups they usually form a closed circle around the one who is peeing and then they change. Category Two: not so pee-shy girls, i.e. those who do not exaggerate about looking for privacy and accept the idea they might be watched. The spots they visit are not totally secluded and the bushes are not very dense. My wife is a good example of this category. Finally, the most valuable Category One: totally uninhibited girls, i.e. those who go in plain view of everyone, not looking for any hiding spot. When going in pairs or in groups they just squat next to one another and often continue their conversation while peeing. I can also think of a hypothetical Category Zero: girls who take pleasure in being watched and deliberately stage peeing shows. Of course, if would be difficult to distinguish them from Category One, but I think they might exist.
Coming back to the pre-race events, I started getting anxious that I had no decent sightings except for those two of my own wife. First, we had to hide indoors because of an occasional shower, and then my wife wanted to visit plenty of stands prepared by traders, NGOs, etc. Later on I did not want to miss posing for a family photo of my athletic club, and time was passing quickly. In the meantime the porta-potty queues grew to enormous dimensions. There was a porta-potty line just above Areas one and two and those waiting could most probably see those pissing below. Access to the bag drop area was practically blocked by people standing in monster queues. I believe the waiting time was about 40 minutes and I really had a lot of respect for those who chose the porta-potty option.
Finally I told my wife I wanted to make my last preparations for the race, like the warm-up, on my own. She agreed to that, although somewhat reluctantly. We wished each other a good race and then, as you might guess, I directed myself immediately towards Area Three. There were two girls peeing there, but with their backs against the stone wall, so there was not much to be seen. Instead, I decided to go myself. I went behind one of the trees, being partly covered from the front but not from the back, squatted and exploded with a load of mushy poo. My intestines' reaction to beetroot juice was clearly different compared to that of my wife. While I was wiping I saw one of those two girls going past just two metres away of me, so she must have seen everything. Next I took a position behind the tree when I saw a number of young women approaching. I realized it was to be the highlight of the day. They were coming from several directions in twos or in threes. Some of them were looking anxiously around but they too discovered soon there were no other options. So in a couple of seconds the whole spot was full of girls going into squats. What was also important, there were absolutely no guys in sight at that moment, only those girls and me. I had never seen anything like that before, so I decided to count them. Guess how many of them I could see? Seven? Eight? No! There were exactly eleven girls watering the soil simultaneously in Sighting Area Three! Needless to say, they really made my day!


Dear sweet commode

I took a meaaan poop today!! Man i am glad toilets dont have feelings lol my poor toilet had to deal with like 2 weeks worth of my old food :( until today I have been having small poops but i cranked out a real anchor; i had to flush three times. I bid adue to my dear sweet commode :)


Under a railway arch

One Sunday afternoon me and my girlfriend was going to go for a walk in the country, we parked my car on a main road in a village and walked to the start of a foot path, we passed under a railway arch before turning right into a small gate, we then turned to our left along the path, just then it started to rain ( after all this was in the middle of our summer so we are use to it.) so we stopped under a large bushy tree to see if the rain would last.
As we both stood there we heard a car stop and the doors open and close. With that two females ran in through the gate turning to there right and going under the railway arch with there backs to the wall they both dropped there jeans and go into a squat and start to pee. I was about 50ft from them with a great side view of both the females bums and the streams of piss, one by one they stopped peeing and with a bounce or two stood up and pulled there jeans up.
Turning to there left they both saw me and my girlfriend and shrieked before running back to there car giggling.
My girlfriend said that it a was a gentleman I would have looked away. I said you could have stopped them before they got there jeans down, so there!


my history with constipation

I don't have enough time to tell another story at the minute, so I thought I'd share a little bit about my relationship with constipation over the years.

I've experienced frequent constipation ever since I was born. (To refresh your memory, I'm currently 21.) As a child, I would get properly constipated once or twice, sometimes three times a month. As I've gotten older, I tend to only get constipated about once every month or month and a half. Even if I'm not constipated, my poop is almost always very large in size and often very difficult for me to pass. I've been to several doctors and specialists but no one can find anything abnormal. I've had several colonoscopies, MRIs and other tests, but everything has come back fine. I've tried many different diets and exercise plans, but they don't make much of a difference. My primary doctor has chalked it up to being the way my body naturally functions.

As for medication, I've been told by my doctor not to take any laxatives or stool softeners unless absolutely necessary. Basically, unless I've tried absolutely everything to get my poop out and they're a last resort or if it's been far too long since I've pooped. For me, that's about 2 weeks without pooping. He recommends that I use laxatives no more than once every 2 months or about 5 times a year. Any more frequently, my body may begin to depend on them which would make pooping even more difficult for me.

I've figured out several tips and tricks to help get my poop out throughout my life. If I'm not constipated, I usually just have to push really hard. Sometimes I rub my stomach or spread my buttcheeks with my hands if I need to. When I am constipated and none of those help, I'll try squatting over the toilet or sitting backwards on the toilet. If I'm really having trouble, I like to ask someone to help me out by holding my hand, massaging my back or stomach, spreading my buttcheeks, or giving me a bear hug while I'm pushing. My mom and older sister have always been nice about helping me if I need it and I have a few close friends who are willing to help me out as well.

Living with frequent constipation can be a real pain sometimes. It's embarrassing going on a date and having to explain why I was in the bathroom for 20 minutes or hearing other girls make comments when they heard me grunting on the toilet at school. For the most part though, I'm quite used to it and I've come to accept it.

I hope that gives you some background about me. I'd love to know if anyone experiences anything similar to this or if anyone has any tips! Hopefully I'll be able to post another story soon.


To Anna from Canada

Hey Anna

Thanks for responding to my last post. The reason I asked about the size and shape of the girl's feet is that it may have given an indication of her body shape and size. I guess if her feet were slender then she may have been quite slim. Perhaps she was an outdoorsy type who ate a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables etc. This would probably cause her to pass large bulky turds.

I always enjoy reading your posts especially the one where you had a buddy dump with your acquaintance Lara. I have a few questions for you about your buddy dump.

You mentioned that you didn't poop for the first couple of days of the hike and then felt a big urge when you awoke on the third day. Was that because you didn't feel the urge for the first two days? - or did you feel like pooping beforehand but decided to hold in the poop because the urge wasn't too strong? I'm guessing the former but thought I'd ask.

When your first log began to come out did it take a little while for the first part i.e. the "head" to emerge - or did it come out pretty quickly? Was the head knobbly or smooth? (I'm guessing the former if you hadn't pooped for three days.) Did it feel a little uncomfortable when the widest part was emerging - or "crowning" - or did it pass very easily?

From your description it sounds as though the combined length of your three turds was about 3 feet - it must have been a big relief to empty out your bowels! It seems like you had a big healthy dump. How big were each of your three turds in terms of length and width (or girth)? Did the two bigger logs taper off in width? I guess it might be difficult to estimate their length if the first two logs were curled up but I'd be interested to know.

By the way, I thought it was a good idea for you to gently lift up your bum while you were passing the first big log rather than pinch it off and interrupt the "flow".

Anyway, I hope you can answer my questions but if not then no worries. Look forward to more of your stories - especially any outdoor pooping ones.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Job Seeker


It must have been a couple of school terms after my enema that one of the girls in my class, Hannah, who could see more than most of the kids there and so was able to catch me on my own, asked me, "What was that enema thing like that you had? I haven't been able to poo for nearly five days and I'm getting a stomach ache, so I've got to have one this afternoon and I'm scared."

I told her she didn't need to be scared exactly, and explained what would happen. She was a bit shocked, but seemed relieved that I was saying it wasn't too bad. I managed to ask her if Sister had tried the soap thing and, not as embarrassed as I'd expected but slightly shy, she said yes, but it hadn't worked.

I was just beginning to notice that two or three of the girls had a kind of attraction for me that was something additional to just being my friends, although I couldn't yet pin it down to anything, and Hannah was one of them. I now absolutely couldn't get out of my head thinking about what had already happened to her with Sister that morning, and was going to later. The Surgery was in a part of the building that was quiet for most of the school day but you could come up with legitimate reasons for going along that corridor, and after lunch that day I had to keep slowly passing by to see if I could hear anything. About the fifth time, I was mesmerized when through the closed door I distinctly heard Hannah making sounds that I thought were expressing extreme surprise and confusion, and I knew the echo of her voice meant she was on the toilet expelling all the water and poo, right at that moment. I was oddly fascinated and excited, but disappointed that I couldn't hear the gushing from her bottom.

I knew I couldn't actually ask her how it had gone, but was dying to know, my head went on being full of it. Again though, she later found me on my own and actually started to talk about it, I thought she probably found it easier because I wasn't in a position to make ugh noises and take the micky, because it had all happened to me as well. She said, "I was really nervous about the tube, but it doesn't hurt, does it, it just feels - different. I thought my flipping stomach was going to burst with all the stuff, and I was sure I was going to do it before I got to the toilet. The trouble was because it was scary I badly wanted a wee as well and I almost couldn't hold that until I got there either." I was amazed, it seemed as if she was almost enjoying talking about it now.

"As soon as I sat on the toilet - well, you know anyway, it's a really funny feeling, it's like you're weeing out of your bottom, only with blobby bits, and I was actually doing a wee at the same time!"

I think I was already at a stage when I'd have found it exciting to hear Hannah just talking about weeing in the ordinary way, but also imagining the two probably slightly different-sounding hisses, one from time to time giving way to more of a gurgle when her poo came out, was totally overwhelming for me and I didn't know how to deal with it. The thought of that cute, spontaneous confluence would be thrilling for me forever. If I'd known when I was outside the surgery that that was what she was doing, even at that age I'd have had to break all the rules, maybe just knock but walk straight in.

I started asking Hannah questions such as if it had been a long wee, and did she stop, then have the water and poo blasting out of her bum a second time, and she seemed at the very least not to mind talking about it. That was the beginning of a special friendship between us. She had either already had, or else developed as a result of that and perhaps other experiences at that school, a very strong toileting interest, especially in me. She could see well enough to find safe places where I could listen to her wee, and she would bend down so she could see to get out and hold my willy while I did one too, shaking it afterwards for me and putting it back in my pants.

When we were 11, Hannah and I went off to the separate boys' and girls' residential grammar schools for kids with sight problems which were over a hundred miles apart, but we kept in touch a lot, and luckily our families only lived nine or ten miles away from each other, so in the holidays we'd meet up several times. When we were 15 or 16, her parents were okay about me going to see her while they were out at work, and by then we were having an incredibly close relationship, always sharpened with the spice of absolute openness about our fantasies, memories and fears from school and elsewhere, exploring them so thoroughly that it would take me a while to come down again and concentrate on anything I needed to after seeing her. At last we could be safe enough to take time enjoying every detail of each other doing a poo as well as a wee, reincarnate the dreaded Miss Clarke, even in imagined episodes of her becoming impatient with our failure to poo and smacking our bottoms, and improvising Sister's enemas.

Hannah and I have been in separate relationships for many years now, but still see each other sometimes at meetings of a couple of organizations and will always be great friends. There's never a chance now to get into our secret stuff, but we both know and remember, obviously, and I'm sure neither of us has ruled out a really raunchy reunion sometime.


Restroom supervision of children

I've been traveling a lot this summer with numerous activities that I'm involved in with my school and church. What I've seen is a lot of little boys not being taken into public restrooms by adults. Some are 4 or 5 years old. They are way too young to be able to reach the wall-mounted urinal. Sure they probably used the floor urinal easily at school, but they don't seem to get the difference. No wonder there is so much splashing under and around the urinals. It's obvious why the bowls are going too long without being flushed.

Several times I've been at highway rest stops. I need to crap. But with each stall door I open, a badly splashed seat and unflushed toilet greets me. It's easy to see what has happened. At one place along the interstate I looked in an open stall. Several persons had crap stacked in the bowl beyond the level of the water, the seat looked like it had just been hosed down, and there was no toilet paper. I went into the next stall. The seat was up and I dropped it. I had to flush the toilet that included fast food wrappers and a drink cup. It partially worked. I was encouraged to see the full roll of toilet paper.

Although I'm trying to get out of the habit of covering each and every public seat I sit on, I did line it. I dropped my shorts to mid-thigh and seated myself. I was pushing the first phase out when a little boy came running in. He went in through the open door, turned around, dropped his shorts and with his feet swinging above the floor, it was obvious he was seated despite the conditions. His crap started hitting the water faster than mine. Then he was on his feet. There was no flush and to no surprise, no wiping. He ran out of the room without washing his hands.


Another story about my friend

Ok, so last time I told you about when Nicole mad Bridget and I have accidents because she wanted to feel what it was like. Anyway this story happened about 2 months after that. Just a bit of background first, Nicole's family lived in a nice house and she turned the basement into her own huge bedroom, even had a bathroom down there. So, I went over to Nicole's house one day to see if she wanted to see a movie or something. Her mom answered the door and told me she was in her room. I went down the stairs and saw her standing watching tv. Her face went white when she saw me and she sat on the couch. She tried to act like nothing was wrong but I knew something was up. I went and sat next to her and noticed she had a towel on the floor and the couch. I made a comment about it and she just said "yeah my room is a bit messy" and laughed. We watched tv for a while and I kept getting a whiff of a bad smell but I couldn't quite place it. I looked at Nicole and she looked strained. I asked if she was alright and she said yes and asked if she could turn on some music. It seemed odd to me but I told her fine and she turned it really loud but about 5 minutes later she turned it back off and we watched tv again. The entire time she hadn't stood up but she looked less strained now. The smell had gotten worse and finally I asked her about it. She turned bright red and said she didn't know what it was. Around then I noticed that the towel she was sitting on was now soaking wet. "Did you wet yourself?" I blurted out. She reluctantly admitted it and said she had also gone number 2 in her pants. I asked if she was ok and she got really upset and told me to keep the whole incident secret. Once I swore I would, she told me the truth. She sort of liked the feeling of going in her pants so she had been doing it like once a week since the incident with Bridget and I. She said that I came down right as she was about to go and she just sat down and tried to hold it and then played the music so I couldn't hear her going in her pants. I sort of laughed and said I wouldn't tell anyone but then she told me something that really surprised me. She said that Bridget had done it twice since the first time but never in front of her. I was shocked. I didn't think Bridget would ever do something like that since she seemed so quiet. Nicole told me that Bridget was going to spend the weekend at her house and that they were going to dare each other to do it in certain places. She told me I should come and I sort of agreed to out of shock more than anything else. Anyway, I'll tell about what happened next time.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Really urgent pee after nap

Hi everyone. I just woke up from my nap, and I had such a strong urge to pee it's not even funny. I had a really full bladder and a very strong urge, so I got out of bed and walked to the WC where I closed the door & pulled down my grey shorts and black underwear and sat on the toilet where I let go an absolute gusher. Whoosh! What a relief. My bladder was thanking me. After about 40 seconds I was done. After I was done I reached behind me for a couple sheets of tissue to wipe. I tossed the tissues into the bowl and pulled up my shorts & undies then flushed the toilet. What a relief! I have been drinking lots of water (both cold and mugs of warm water) and despite bathroom visits it makes for quite urgent pees. I'm just glad I made it to the WC and didn't pee myself. I had a small 7-11 coffee earlier at breakfast but no urge to poop so hopefully I will poop after dinner or tomorrow after coffee.

Happy peeing and pooping (hopefully)



At my work site

I was planning to work all Saturday on a wooden cabin a friend had bought, this cabin was on a cliff top on the coast in a camp site. When I told my girlfriend this she asked if she could come and help me so I said why not. So early Saturday morning I went and picked her up from her house and we drove to the coast, when we arrived, the camp site was closed-up for the winter, I got out of the car and as I had been given the keys opened the gate and drove in, after locking the gate we drove to the cabin and went in. You could either buy them completed by the builders or as a shell, just four walls and a roof, with just a soil-stack, cold water tap and an electric meter, to fit out as you liked. We started to mark out the layout for the shower/toilet room, kitchen and two small bedrooms, and began to build the stud-walls.
Around midday we stopped for our snack and mugs of coffee we had in a flask. After we had finished eating I said I could do with a pee and so went to the backdoor, as I opened it, it was chucking it down with rain so I said that I was not going to walk to the public toilets at the other end of the site, and they may have been closed anyway, so I just stood there and whipped it out and pissed out of the door.
When I was done my girlfriend said seeing you go that now she need to got and that it was all right for you but she could not squat out in the rain could she? We both looked around for something for her to pee into but found nothing, so I said what if we made some kind of funnel to pee out of the door, We had inch and a half waste pipe and cardboard boxes, I tore a box up and made a spoon shape which I pushed onto one end of the pipe the other end of the pipe I put out of the door, she said it might work. She then pulled her jeans and knickers down to her knees and I placed the cardboard end through her legs and kneeling down behind her to hold it, she spread her legs as wide as her jeans would let her and bending her knees slightly she slowly started to pee, as this seemed to work she started to pee harder. I asked how much more have you got as the cardboard was starting to go limp soon she was giggling and was now pissing over my hands as the cardboard started to come apart, she soon finished and with a wipe with the paper our food had been in she was done, I stood the pipe to drain and put the cardboard outside the backdoor, wiping my hands in my jeans we both went back to work.
So I think that we invented the first She-Pee that Saturday afternoon here in England over 25 years ago.

Job Seeker


I notice that in my "Hands On" posts there are bunches of questionmarks at two or three points. I assume this is because the site's system has some kind of auto spellchecker. In these instances the missing word was "????", and I'll write it again with the letters separately in case the checker does it again but lets it through like this - ????. It's just a kids' word for "stomach", of course.

So, I was at home when suddenly I feel a painful urge to poop. I get to the toilet and push hard. No poop. Push harder. Some pee. My sides start hurting. I think I'm constipated when I feel a log drop. Then, I relize that it was a 1-logger. I wipe and leave.


Reply to Sarah: peeing at concerts

Hi Sarah,

If you need to pee during a concert and don't want to lose your place there really aren't any good options. If you can't hold it, your options are either pull down your pants and pop a squat or wet your pants. If you'd rather wet your pants than expose yourself, then you should consider wearing black pants or a skirt. Wearing a an adult diaper is another option to consider.

What comes to pooping during concerts, luckily poop is much easier to hold for long times so unless you have some medical condition or have bad luck eating some bad food, there's no reason to worry. But if it comes to worst and you absolutely can't hold it and definitely don't want to lose your place, I'd recommend going in your pants. While I consider peeing on the ground to be okay on festivals, pooping on the ground or floor definitely is not okay. Again, dark pants may be able to hide the bulge (but not the smell).

With love,

Uncle Harry

Two Dates for One

A woman answered one of my ads. After talking on the phone, we decided to meet and she invited me for dinner at her house. She lived about 10 miles from me and her name was Jane. When I got there and rang the bell, two women came to the door smiling. They were obviously identical twins. Same face, same body shape, same clothes, same shoes, same everything. I came in and we spent a long time talking in the parlor. The twins name was Joan. They started to play tricks on me. Both went out and one came back. Which one was it? I could not tell. Slowly, I began to spot personal charicteristics different between the two, but I was never sure. After dinner, I found a basic difference. Joan announced that she needed to pee and maybe poop. She went into the nearby bathroom and closed the door about half-way "I closed the door only part way, Harry, so you could see me but not my pussy, so we could talk while I'm pissing. I'm going to urinate now. Here it comes". A sound of water flow started to penetrate the toilet. The door started to swing open a little more. She didn't know it, but at that angle, I could see much of her pussy and her piss, but I never told her. We didn't talk much. She kept reminding me not to look in. "Don't look in Harry. I'm going ciss, Harry. Don't peek, Harry". Jane told her hurry up,as she need to pee, too. Joan finally stopped, cleaned up, , and pulled her cloths up. Now Jane goes in, pulls down her pants and panties, sits down, spreads her legs. lets go of her urine, smiling all the time. It takes about 40 seconds to finish. Now I know how to tell Jane from Joan. "Pull down your panties and show me your pussy" Then Ill know who you are" I never really tried it. I came back several times, just for the fun of it. I didn't really want to marry twins.

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