End of Day Toilet Conversations with Lauren

Yesterday, about 30 minutes after the day camp I work at ended, the director and my friend Lauren, who is a college student, asked me to stay for a few minutes since she had her weekly report to fill out for the parks & rec administrators. She was carrying her lap top and both of us recognized we were heading to the girls' room. She had been holding her crap since lunch. I had been loading my bladder since that time too. Our 60 to 70 students are just so demanding. Between the three of us, pretty much every day we've had to break up near fights, give time-outs for tantrums, and Kennard has had four or five boys get sick and hurl in the bathroom. And the bathrooms are so humid and without a fan or vent.

Lauren's really good with details. We walked into this really old, sultry room with two toilets. Each facing one another. I told her I would take the south wall one and she agreed since she saw the the roll on the wall behind my toilet was out. She had a full roll behind her toilet on the north wall. But she was surprised when I just dropped my shorts and dropped my butt onto the toilet seat. She offered me toilet paper for me to sit on, but I said that wasn't necessary. She said she got use to those seat protector sheets her private high school had and what she now does is a matter of habit.

These toilets are totally in the open in a very old and sparse room that's so tiny. We sat facing one another. There was only about a foot between our knees. She was so close she noticed that I had grass stains on my knees from helping the younger ones with miniature golf and some other games. I was trying not to stare at her as she took out her lap top and turned it on. I was embarrassed by my old white underwear that had some tears under the elastic and complimented the much nicer silk underwear she had at her feet. She seemed surprised by my remark and said he boyfriend had given her six of them for her birthday, but they broke up two months ago because he's older and was admitted to a law school far away. Then she joked that losing a boyfriend who remembered her favorite color and how it could drive her to drinking... Then she remembered that I am six years younger and she changed the conversation.

I knew she could hear my pee hitting the bowl. About every 15 or 20 seconds I could see her spread her legs a bit while she worked on the computer there would be a splash. As she was interviewing me for facts to enter into her report. I don't think Lauren expected me to have noticed, but several times her right fingers left the keyboard and she scratched her crotch. Kennard came to the door and called for her key set. She pulled the ring off her shorts clip and tossed it high toward the entrance. Both of us were surprised her blind toss was caught. We also knew Kennard was getting the large yellow elbow-length rubber glove that we share in cleaning water bottles and other cloggers out of the toilet bowls.

Although my pee had long been done, I stayed on the toilet to give Lauren company and help her with the information for her report. Then Kennard's voice at the entrance said the keys were being hurled in at us. Lauren asked for a 5-down count. The dummy forget 4 but did toss them in and I was able to jump off my toilet and catch them. Then I handed them to Lauren. I flushed. Kennard and I were getting on our bikes to ride home when we heard Lauren flush. Then she flushed again. Both Kennard and I agreed when we heard the second flush. She had probably had a satisfying crap.


What's came in is what is going come out

Hey everyone, Hi Brandon T. , happy day I have been off my diet lately, so Marcus been trying get me back on track with it. Yesterday while grocery shopping with Marcus after he got home from work, this old lady gave me the stare down and asked me how could someone like you be so cute but lack a big rack up top , I said I don't know but I guess it's better to have a body like a stallion , leaving her behind confused, I'm happy how God made me, so as we get done shopping near the end. I get my medicine at pharmacy. When we get home, I go in the bathroom sit on the toilet while Marcus put things away. When he gets done he came in , I take off my shorts and he lube my hole up and inserts the enmma me slowly till it's in and squeeze the water in , start feeling cramps and heavy I was ready and I sat back down on the toilet after he took the enmma out, water poop just starting to come out and chunks, after that the heavy mush it smell horrible, but Marcus was there to support me all the way and gave me a bath and fixed dinner to. I hope my system gets better soon, till then remember it important what we put into our body can cause a peaceful poop or a painful one



Yes it was embarrassing! We had run into the bushes, found a spot, and had our hands up our skirts ready to pull our knickers down - so though the guys didn't see anything, it must have been obvious we were about to wee behind a bush!

Personally I probably 50/50 wear lacey knickers and normal ones. I occasionally wear thongs, but most of the lacey ones I have are full knickers which just happen to be a bit fancy!

Today I was in town and needed a wee quite badly. I went into some public toilets which were quite grotty, there are 2 cubicles and one was in use, so I took the other one. Someone had wee'd all over the seat and floor, but I was really desperate. I pulled my knickers down and hovered over the seat and let loose a strong wee, which eventually tailed off. I felt much better!


Sunday update and replies

Midwest Mom. It's naturally up to you whether you allow your daughter (and her friends when visiting) to pee in bed. Personally I'd be inclined to invest in a mattress protector. It's a cheaper option than having to regularly replace badly damaged mattresses.

Anna. Thanks for your account of the gym poo and the fart which preceded it whilst you were exercising. It sounds as though you were lucky. Don't worry though - farts happen.

I'm not normally prone to constipation but both yesterday (Saturday) and today I've had a struggle to push out loads which needed to come out and should have done so easily. There hasn't been an obvious change in my diet so I'm puzzled as to what the cause might be. I did have some Chinese food on Thursday evening with quite a lot of rice but that's all I can think of.

John H

Comments story and survey

Hi all.
Keenyo, nice story. You were wise not to go back to the bathroom again. Hope you share more.
Adrian, thanks for the shout out and good to see you are well. Sounds like the dump you had after the large breakfast was very enjoyable.

Kii-chan, welcome. That was a very well written story given that it happened a few years ago. It was so sweet of your mum to let you go first when she was so desperate.
After School Emily, hi. I can relate to your post. I like to let the urge build instead of going as soon as I feel I need to go. I won't leave it for ages but I like to wait and if I am doing something I like to finish the task before going and relaxing in the bathroom. It feels much better that way. Haha I like to let it bake too lol.

I do a class each week and there are two sisters in the group. I like to go to the toilet before the class to avoid having to leave during the class. I had arrived with 5 minuets to spare so I sat in a cubical to pee and browse on my phone to pass the time. The ladies bathroom is the other side of the wall and the window in my cubical was opened behind me.
I heard voices going into the ladies and it was the sisters from the class. The windows next to mine must have been opened too because I could hear them as clear as if they were beside me.
They continued talking as they went in to their cubicals and I heard clothes rustling and pee hitting the water. There was the sound of toilet paper and one of the ladies changed her pad
They left the bathroom still talking and I flushed, washed my hands and joined them for our class.
I will report if I hear anything next week.

I was going to post a survey but this post is long so I will say take care all
John H

Uncle Harry

Alley Show-Off

Walking home again in the alley. This story and one more are the last, as we moved to a high-rise building that summer, as the area we were in in was deteriorating. I saw a woman, older than me, standing in front of one of the garages. She was wearing a short skirt. As I was approaching, I said hello. She replied, "I have to go wee-wee" and raised her skirt. She was not wearing any panties. Then she spread her legs, squated slightly back, urinated, and smiled at me. "I'm going wee-wee", she said. "Your a boy. Your're not supposed to watch a woman's wee-wee coming out of her pee hole, but I want you to". She said nothing more, but kept on pissing and smiling. There was a facility in the area for demented persons and I suspected she was one of them. I was interested in such things and later visited the facility and that may be why I later became a psychologist. She stopped peeing fairly soon, wiped her pussy with her fingers, dropped her skirt, and left, saying goodby and leaving her puddle on the ground. I walked on and went home, where I peed in the toilet.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

31 year old male American

Response to After School Emily

I can totally relate to holding and somewhat enjoying the feeling. When I read others on here who write about going right away or freaking out after only a day or 2 of not going, I find it difficult to relate. I typically only poop about 2 times a week, but when I was a teenager / early 20's I was even less frequent sometimes going more than a week or even 2 weeks between poops. However I've never been constipated. I guess I just really enjoy the feeling of passing large wide dry turds. It also makes wiping easier! The only thing I wish was different for me was the time it takes to go. My poop is always out very quickly after I start to go, which is surprising considering how large and hard they typically are. I've read many stories on here about people who took long leisurely craps that slowly spread their buttholes really wide and kept them open for several minutes sometimes before the turd finally dropped or broke off. I have to say I've almost never shit like that in my life and every time I read a story like that I get a little jealous!

Also, quick shout out to Abbie, your stories are always amazing! I know that it sucks that you often struggle to go, but I hope that it's at least some consolation that someone like me is actually envious of that kind of pooping. I know it probably wouldn't make much sense to you, but I just really enjoy the feeling of a turd spreading me open to the max and then keeping it there for a while. I know you hate it when it gets stuck, but believe it or not I actually wish mine would from time to time. I guess all the time would get kind of annoying eventually, but for me it's almost never.

abstracted guy
Hello. I got one embarrassing story to tell. My one year older sister visited my at my place last weekend. Everything was going well and we mostly did our own things during the time. One morning after coffee i had to poop really bad. It wasn't a big deal, afterall this is my home and i can do my duty quite easily here. I took a magazine and went in the bathroom. It was obvious to my sister that i was going to poop. I usually don't lock or sometimes even close the door, but this time i did the both because i really don't want my sister to hear or see me defecating. I had a great time in toilet. No need to hurry anywhere at sunday morning. Just me and my magazine. After my dump i decided to brush my teeth also.

About a half hour later when i was checking my email my sister came up to me. She said come to look at something in the bathroom. I was confused, but decided to follow her. In the toilet bowl there was my morning dump. One big log and lot of small ones next to it. Messy toilet paper with my brown skid marks. My sister laughed at me and i was turning red. I explained my teeth brushing must have distracted me so i forgot to flush. Its okay it happens to me sometimes too, she explained. She tought it was kinda cute to see my turds floating in there and she was jealous about the big one. She flushed the toilet and started peeing while i left the toilet.

Midwest Mom
I let my daughter pee in her bed. It's something she's always liked to do, and so I've always been ok with her doing it. The only rule I have is that she only do it once a day so it has a chance to dry. Also, I prefer that she take off the sheet first and just pee into the mattress. And so that's what she does. Well, the other day she had a few of her friends from school over, and for some reason she figured that it was ok if she let them do it too, and so they did. Each of those girls had a turn peeing in my daughter's bed! Of course the mattress was extremely soaked, and I was surprised when I found out about it. But I couldn't be mad at her, since I never thought to tell her not to do it, in fact the thought never even entered my mind. But it happened, and so the mattress was soaked from all of those girls peeing into it. But each of them only peed in it once that day, so they didn't actually break any of my rules! Of course we had a little talk later that evening. I told her that for the most part she should be the only one who pees in her bed. Of course she didn't like that too much, so I told her that once in a while if only one of her friends was over, or maybe two, it would be ok if they peed in her bed. I also told her that she and her friends could pee in the couch in the basement if they wanted, and they could pee in it as much as they wanted.


Crapping in seatless toilet

Although I wouldn't have believed it a few years ago, there is an advantage in being the smallest person (4'2")starting my senior year. I was about an hour into my bike ride conditioning for a charity event. I was close to a park so I pulled over to the pavilion where I was confident there were toilets. There were 4 toilets. None with doors. Kids about half my age were on two of them. The 1st one looked like a 4-year-old with no aim had drenched the seat. I took the 2nd. It took me a couple of glances to confirm that something was missing. It wasn't the toilet paper. Then it became apparent. There was no seat. So I turned around, dropped my shorts and put myself up on the bowl. It wasn't the most comfortable sit, but my usual pretty soft log slid out with ease. With my feet firmly planted on the concrete, I gave a little more of a push. There was second or 2 of gas and a 2nd piece dropped. While still seated, I tore off some toilet paper and wiped. It was coarse and stung a little, but not as badly as my inner thighs did when I started my ride again over the bumpy ground.


My mom doesn't make it.

I was 6, and my mother was 30. We (I, my mother and my father) were on a road trip going on holiday and it was really hot, so we drank a lot of water (you can see where this is going already!) And the traffic was really bad. I was in the back seat, wearing I think a T-shirt, a short skirt and panties, and white trainers and socks (it was really long ago, I can't remember that well sadly, but I know I was wearing a short skirt). My mother was in the front, wearing a collared shirt, a short skirt and panties, and walking boots. I really, really needed to pee, and I knew that I'd soon have an accident if we didn't stop. But then I saw a sign for a rest area by the road.

"Father," I said, "can we stop here please? I'm bursting to pee."

"So am I," said my mother. "If we don't stop here I'll be sitting in a puddle soon."

I thought of my mother wetting herself. At that age it was entirely innocent obviously, but I knew adults weren't supposed to do that.

"Alright, I'll stop," said my father.

I knew relief wasn't far, so I clenched my legs and thought about playing games that didn't involve water. But loads of people had the same idea and it took us a really long time to get to the rest area. Then we couldn't find any parking spaces.

"I'm so sorry," said my father, "I can't see anywhere to park."

"Can't we just stop the car?" I asked.

"No, sorry," he said, "we can't stop everyone else from moving."

"O, I need to pee!" said my mother. "I'm trying to hold it, but if we don't park soon we'll have to clean out the car when we get home."

"Can at least one of you try not to have an accident?" asked my father. "That way I only have to clean up 1 puddle."

"I have an idea," said my mother. "We can just get out and you can drive around and around until we come back."

"That's crazy," he said.

"Well it's either that or 2 very wet seats," said my mother.

"I'll try to hold it," I said, trying to be helpful, but I knew I couldn't.

We drove around a little more, waiting for someone to leave. But nobody did. I heard my mother whimpering in pain from her bladder, and felt really sorry for her. But I was also worried that I'd have an accident, too.

"Please, Father," I said. "We can't hold it anymore."

"Alright, alright," he said, "you ladies can go."

He stopped the car for a few seconds so we could get out. I undid my seat belt and jumped out. I felt a powerful urge overtaking me and barely controlled it by holding myself. My mother was also in obvious pain, her bladder was swollen up like a melon. We walked slowly across the car park until we saw the sign for the ladies' toilet, then felt dread as we saw the long queue for it.

"I can't hold it," I said. "I'll pee myself."

"Try doing a pee dance," said my mother, "it might help."

So mother and daughter both started holding themselves and squirming about. The queue moved so slowly, as ladies' queues do. I kept telling myself I could hold it, and I could. Finally we got to the cubicle, and it opened. My mother looked in total agony, her legs were trembling from the strain and her bladder swelled as big as a watermelon. She was clenching her fists and her beautiful face looked strained from the effort of holding it in. I could hear her whispering "Not long now...just hold out a little longer..." or something similar to herself. I felt so sorry for her.

"You go first," she said, in the voice of someone in total agony.

"Thanks so much, I'll try to be quick," I said, before dashing in, tugging down my panties and jumping on the toilet without even closing the door. The relief felt so good, the pain was all going away. My mother closed the door for me and waited outside, suffering terribly every second. I tried to be done as quick as I could, then washed my hands and skipped out, a very much happier girl. I looked at my mother, still in such terrible pain, and remember seeing something I really wasn't expecting to see.

Her legs were streaked with pee, and her skirt was wet around the hem. As she dashed for the toilet, a cascade of pee shot down her quivering legs and on to the floor. She sat on the toilet without even taking her panties off and peed like a waterfall through them, blushing and giggling as she did. I watched in total shock, as did the hundreds of other people there. She then closed the door and I guess cleaned herself as much as she could. When she came out she was still blushing and giggling. Her boots smelled of pee because some had gone down there, her skirt was wet and she'd taken her panties off and put them in her bag.

"Sorry about that, Kii-chan, I just couldn't quite hold it," she said. "It happens sometimes."

"Even to adults?" I asked.

"Yes, even to adults," she said, "especially ladies. We can't hold it as well as men can, and it's harder for us to go too because we don't have penises."

"If you needed to pee so badly, why did you let me go first?" I asked.

"I knew I'd have an accident," she said, "but I did anyway because you're my daughter and I love you. Isn't that enough?"

"I love you too," I said, and we hugged each other.

We went back to the car, and sure enough my father was still driving around!

"Did you girls make it," he asked, "or do you need to sit on towels?"

"She did," said my mother. "I didn't."

"O, Yui," he said as we got in, "I'm so sorry."

"Why do you have to be sorry?" she said. "It wasn't your bladder that gave in, it was mine. You did all you could to get me to a toilet, I just couldn't quite get there dry. Anyway, accidents happen. Pass a towel, Kii-chan."

I passed her a towel, which she sat on for the rest of the trip.

Imogen: I remember busting in on other girls a few times in secondary school too. Most often they were just doing a wee, but sometimes they were doing a poo. I don't ever remember it ever being because of a busted lock though - the locks always worked, only sometimes girls would forget (actually I've forgotten to lock before too). I also liked your story about weeing outside with Ellie. That must've been embarrassing to almost get caught like that by those boys!

Abbie: Yes, I remember all too well the countless days I'd be walking home from school and be bursting for a wee and/or a poo. So many of my knickers had bad marks like you describe. Unlike you though, I've been unlucky enough to end up pooing in my knickers two times. One time just a little bit until I was able to get it under control, but the other time it all started coming out and I couldn't stop it.

You talk about seeing a lot of girls who wore lighter colored knickers at your secondary school, but I never found that to be the case. Some did, but most girls at my school liked to wear those black, fancy, lacy knickers. They looked nice, but I never wanted to wear them. They just seem too uncomfortable. Plus, with my luck I'd just end up getting marks on my skirt or trousers or leggings, because those knickers don't seem like they'd cover much. I worried at first that my friends might be the type of girls who wore those knickers and I'd stand out for wearing the "wrong" kind of knickers.

Definitely glad to hear your doing better with your constipation though. You mentioned sitting on the toilet every morning and again after lunch. I think that's a great idea. When I was suffering from constipation, that's what I did. I'd sit on the toilet for at least twenty minutes every morning. It really seemed to help. Hope everything continues going well for you!

Anyway, hi all. I only have a small story to share today. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I was absolutely bursting for a wee. I can't remember the last time I had to go that badly. It was scorching yesterday, so I was only wearing my knickers. I quickly slipped on a shirt and walked out to the bathroom. Typical though, it was in use when I was so desperate! I knocked and Jade answered and said she was nearly done. I was holding myself and squirming, doing everything I could to not wee right there outside the bathroom door. As soon as she came out, I rushed past her, slammed the door shut and sat on the loo. I unleashed a strong wee stream and it was so relieving. I weed for a really long time too. Must've been at least a minute and a half. I don't remember drinking a lot before bed, so I don't know why I had to wee so badly and so much.

Ah, well, at least I made it to the toilet just in time. Anyway, that's my story. Post again soon. Bye!


In the ladies'

Hi everyone! Thanks to Elphaba and John H for positive comments on my first post.
Elphaba, you asked about my origin. I come from Poland but have been living in Western Europe for many years now.
In my previous post I described how it all started. Today I am going to tell you about an experience that happed six years after the day when I missed that incredible sighting. At that time (1977) I was seventeen. Again it was summertime and I was on holidays with my family at the seaside. We were at the so-called 'wagon holidays', i.e. we were accommodated in old freight wagons converted into bungalows which formed a sort of a camp. Some of them had TV-sets or even sinks with running water, but none were equipped with toilet facilities. There was a canteen, a playground, etc. and a toilet block in the middle of the camp. In the morning hours the queues were quite sizeable.
One day my father said he had discovered another toilet block, which was quite modest in terms of equipment but much less frequented, without 'someone pulling the door handle every few seconds'.
The next day after breakfast I decided to try it out so I went to the far end of the camp where it was located. I approached the entrance to the Gents, which was separated from that to the Ladies, being just two metres away. with a wooden crate decorated with flowers. Then, without thinking too much, I passed the entrance to the Men's room and suddenly found myself inside the Ladies' room! It was rather small and consisted of three stalls and several sinks. There was no one inside and I entered the stall in the middle. From the very first glance I realized it was quite peculiar in terms of partitions. They were made of several wooden planks and there sizeable cracks and openings between them. In two or three places these cracks even turned into holes, which either formed themselves as a result of wood ageing processes, or were made by someone on purpose. Anyway I could see sunlight penetrate easily through these cracks and holes. No wonder then that it turned out that I could have a perfect insight into the adjacent stall. So I decided to wait.
After a couple of minutes a woman entered the stall on my right, leaving her small daughter outside. She scorned the little girl for being impatient and then she quickly pulled down her trousers and briefs and did not sit on the bowl but squatted low and took a piss. She was apparently in a hurry so she pissed a powerful stream, but I could not see much since she was squatting very low. She finished quickly, adjusted her clothes and left.
Only some three minutes later another woman entered the stall. She was not young, about 55 but had quite a good figure. I noticed that she suffered from varicose veins. Like her predecessor she did not sit on the bowl, but she took a high squat, lifting her skirt and pulling down her briefs. For a moment nothing happened but it soon appeared she was there for taking a dump. I could feel my heart racing as I could hardly believe my luck. First I saw her anus dome out, which was something very surprising to me as I had never seen anyone shitting before, not even a child or a man, not to mention a woman. I had no idea the external sphincter would behave like this, so I watched mesmerized. Her butthole opened wide and I saw the first log emerge. It was dark brown and some 20 cm in length. It broke and fell down followed by another four, all of them well formed and passing smoothly. Her anus contracted for a while and then domed out again as if she tried to add some more logs. But she was empty so she started wiping. Only at that moment I felt the smell, but it was not strong or offensive. After having wiped she pulled up her pants, let her skirt fall and left. I waited for some time and left as well. Luckily no one saw me. I did not know how much time I was away from my wagon so I had to hurry. When I was finally back my parents kept asking me why my face turned so red. I do not remember exactly what excuse I had invented then, but of course I did not tell them something like "I am just coming back from a female toilet where I spied on a woman taking a shit". I just wonder what their reaction would have been! The next day I decided to try my luck again. I entered the Ladies' without a problem, went into the same stall, but the situation was quite different than the day before. Someone (maybe a janitor?) had meticulously filled all the cracks and openings with pieces of toilet tissue. In order to be able to see anything I was trying to pull them out. Using just fingernails was not effective so I tried to use metal parts of my wristwatch belt. Unfortunately, suddenly my watch slipped from the belt, fell down and rolled on the flor under the partition into the adjacent stall. I had no other choice than to leave the stall and go to recover it. Unfortunately, on my way back I just ran into a woman who had just entered the Ladies'. However, she did not react but went straight into one of the stalls. So I left immediately. At the age of seventeen I had long and very curly hair and I was mistaken by some people for a woman. Maybe this hairstyle saved my ass. After that encounter I decided it was far too risky to try any more visits to the Ladies', as being caught would be just a matter of time.

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Alley

When I was school age, I went to a private boys school from 1-12 grades. It It was not within walking distance, so I rode the streetcar. I walked in through the alley behind the three story brick buildings we lived in because it was shorter than going around the front. The alley was loaded with garages assigned to the apartments in the buildings. One day, as I turned into the alley, I spotted a woman behind a store, squatting down to the ground, panties off heavily peeing. I looked at her, she looked at me. We said nothing and I walked on. As I looked forward, I saw a woman I did not recognize turn into the walkway between the garages going into my backyard. I assumed she was a visitor or hired help. She was neither. She was squatted down, panties off, legs apart, pissing heavily and spraying. She looked at me and told me to go away because she was going to the bathroom and I was a boy and should not watch women make wee-wee. I got livid. I told her she was making puddles on my walkway and she better clean them up. She just told me to shut up, she will piss wherever she wants to. I waited until she finished, redressed, and left. I managed to step over the puddles and went home.

I have a brief story about doing a poo at the gym today. I went real early in the morning when it was almost empty. From the beginning of my workout I had kind of a load pushing against my backdoor, but not enough that I needed the toilet badly. So I decided to finish my workout. This almost backfired on me, because I think I almost let a big fart slip out when I was doing squats. But I was lucky!

Anyway, when I was done and heading back to the locker room I was exhausted and now I really needed to go number two. So I went straight to the bathroom. It was all empty and smelled very clean, which was nice. I took the first cubicle, locked it, pulled down my black yoga pants and string and sat down on the toilet. The moment my bum hit the seat my backdoor openend and a big turd pushed out quickly. I couldn't help letting out a little moan and then, when my poo plopped into the bowl it was followed by a loud, long wet fart! I have to admit, I would have been quite embarrassed by the noises I was making, had there been an audience! But luckily I was alone. So I peed and when I was done I pushed out another log and then after another minute or so a third one. I guess that by now my dump had filled up the bowl quite a bit because it started to stink badly. I felt done and quickly wiped my front and rear end. I snapped my string back into place, pulled up my pants, flushed and left. All the while I was pooping on the toilet nobody came in and I was pretty glad for the privacy today because I had been kinda loud with my farts and poos plopping into the bowl. After I washed my hands I went for a nice shower and that is my story for today. I hope you liked it.

to Erin: Thanks for sharing your story. You wrote it so well and I can really relate. I also hating going number two on planes, in fact using a plane bathroom even for a pee I can't stand! I hope you'll write more about your time in Africa!

to Audrey: Oh, what an embarrassing story. Did the door only blow open when you were done or did it happen during?

to Taylor: I hope you get to do a buddy dump on your camping trip. Do you like the idea, and if so why is that?

to Jessica B: I like your new inital! I imagine it stands for something mysterious!

Office P

As an older worker who has a leaky bladder I am now wearing flex fit absorbent underwear to work. I worried about a major flood due to meetings, lack of available stalls, etc. If I pee so what. I wonder how many workers wear these especially the silouette style, the flex fit, etc. I do less laundry as they are disposable.

Kung Poo

Know Squat

It's all over the media now - this stool you place under your feet to elevate them to help you poo faster, better, more efficiently. Sensing a little marketing bullshit, I set out to do my own experiment.

I decided to go one week only pooping in a squatting toilet. I have one of these in the office. Here's my observation after the all squat week:

No difference.

Thing is, I have an issue with my poop. I always feel like I cannot pass the last few nuggets out. A little soap helps. The squatting did not. The only thing it did was to help build stronger quad muscles, which I suppose isn't a bad thing.

So I asked around. As you do.

I asked my wife, who I watched poop almost daily. She knows I love watching and so she would not draw the curtains that covers the toilet bowl. I have an open concept toilet that has a transparent glass separating the room from the toilet, so one sees a side view of whoever is sitting on the toilet. You can draw the privacy curtain if you want.

So she said she'll try it. We got two stools the same height as the toilet bowl and placed them at the sides of the bowl, and that was her squat toilet set up for a week.

This set up cannot work for me, or other men, as our pee would spray forward onto the floor. Go figure.

I must say it is so beautiful watching her squat and push out some massive turd, or "Gathering scientific data", as I call it.

Did it make it easier for her to poop? Not at all too. In fact, she hated it. She could not have a nice leisure dump as her legs were starting to get sore. So I suggested putting two shorter stools at the side to elevate the feet, but she gets to sit on the bowl, very much like the commercial products sold.

She did this for another week, and again, said it didn't help her poo easier.

So now I'm curious, who has converted to squatting and feel it has made a world of a difference?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C it sounds like she was pretty desperate at least you found a bathroom in time.

To: Ellie great story Nicole was a great friend after you pooped yourself making sure nobody noticed.

To: Erin great story.

To: Kayla first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like that enema really cleaned you out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Friday, July 14, 2017

Job Seeker


Later in the day we quietly and laughingly acknowledged to each other that we were still a bit tender. "Are you going to wait until you get home now?" I asked him. Once we'd both actually managed the challenge of our earlier experience in the woods, it felt to me that to have shared something as intimate as that did apply a kind of extra layer of closeness for us as mates. I was hoping, but doubtful, that he'd be prepared to do it again.

"I can go with you again if you need to," he said.

"I probably will want to go again tomorrow if that's okay," I said.

"Alright, after breakfast tomorrow then," he easily and casually agreed. I was really really hoping he would want to go as well, and that it would be in the woods again rather than the camp toilets.

The next Morning at the end of breakfast, Pavel asked me quietly, "Do you want to go to the loo then?"

"Well, I don't mind where we go," I lied, "but I could do with a ".

"Oh, we can go back where we went yesterday if you want," I was happy to hear him say, and he sounded slightly surprised that there was any question about where we'd go, it was only that he'd mentioned the loo.

"Oh yeah, that was fine," I said, trying to sound matter-of-fact rather than excited at the prospect.

Having collected the bog roll, we set off for the woods. I wanted to ask if he was going to go as well, but didn't have a decent reason to.

"This will do," he said, looking around, "this is more or less where we were." Then, laughing, he added, "Oh, can't see any massive turds anywhere though. There are a couple of branches for you to hang onto if you want, I'll just go round here. Do you want the bog roll first?"

So he was going to go as well then. "Oh, I'm not bothered about you seeing me, and I can't see you, can I, it's fine," I heard myself say.

"Kay, I'll just put the paper here between us then," he said in a very relaxed voice - had he even sounded pleased? I heard him place it on the ground and walk just a couple of meters to one side of me and unzip his trousers. I quickly did the same and we were both weeing. I wanted to get ahead with dropping my trousers and pants, because I needed him to be absolutely sure that as far as I was concerned, privacy was a complete non-issue for me, despite his being so close. If he had needed any reassurance, that worked, because I soon heard his belt buckle tinkle and the money in his trouser pocket hit the ground, followed by the rest of his getting ready to poo.

I crouched down, and the height from which Pavel began his voiceless, breathy straining told me he'd now done the same. I made sure he would hear me grunting and working at it a bit, so that he knew I was utterly relaxed with him, but it was all extremely sedate compared with the previous day.

I felt privileged to hear my friend first trump quietly, a small squishing noise, a little thud and then even to smell his poo. There was quite a bit more of his reserved, breathy straining, before He allowed through just one half-decent, voiced pushing sound, and dropped a second, larger plug.

I'd been so intent on listening to him that I'd been forgetting to do anything about my own bowels. As I heard Pavel tearing off paper and wiping, using a slightly more vigorous rubbing motion than I do, I noticed, I let him hear me mmmph out my first, second, then after a bit more of a struggle, my third offering.

"Have you finished? Do you want the bog roll?" he asked.

"I'm just - m-making sure - aaaaaaagh! Mmmmmph!" I made it sound very determined, but not loud, I had to be careful not to overdo it.

"Yes, can't do any more, thanks," I said, and he said, "Going to roll it to you. Here it comes ".

I'll never of course know if it was deliberate, but it rolled off behind me as well as coming across, and Pavel said, "Oh sorry, I'll get it," and as he bent to pick it up he'd have had a very close-up view of my fresh pile and pooey behind.

I've often wondered if Pavel got even a bit of what I had out of our pretty intimately shared most private of all bodily functions in the woods, if it had perhaps begun to teach him something about himself that he'd never remotely suspected, and if this might have developed into a mutually very satisfying routine if our circumstances had been different, but other than one postcard exchange from each other's family holiday that year, we were never in touch again.


abby c story

Wow that was a grrgrrreat story! I was pooping whn i read it and man it stunk! It was so big i flushed once... Clogged. Plunged flushed again... Poopy water again it was gone. Your poop story really helped me with getting rid of sunday dinner :)
Im Blabatha btw lol



Anyone have any surveys? I'd love to answer some.

Job Seeker


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, the Miss Clarke I've been on about was a vile woman. I remember talking about her to the parents of a mate of mine years later, and they said they were sure she didn't even like children, so why the hell would you take a job like that - so much pooing going on and she didn't even enjoy it, I assume.


Thursday replies etc

Loaf. It's no wonder you were uncomfortable if you tried to hold your poo in for a week. Exercising with a week's worth of poo certainly wouldn't be comfortable. It may be that a small number of people only poo once a week as a matter of course, but I suspect most people poo at least two or three times a week if not daily. As a general rule it's best to heed your body's signals and do what's right for you. I will occasionally hold it in for a few hours for the sake of convenience but I prefer to answer the call of nature more or less when it arises.

Audrey. Thanks for sharing your outhouse incident. I'm pretty sure it's an experience you're not likely to forget in a hurry. Constipation can be stubborn at times but I'm pleased to hear that Mafeking was finally relieved eventually! Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it might be worth thinking back to see if you ate anything food wise which may have left you backed up ahead of the camping trip.

Bianca. It's by no means unusual to pee three times a day and it's likely your system just needed to clear itself out.

Anna. Glad to hear you enjoy food - as I suspected. I enjoy your stories too so please keep them coming.

Annie from Taiwan. Thanks for clarifying your identity as a previous poster and for the explanation about the Taiwan bit. I hope all's going well with you and that you're in good health.

Jessica B (Jess). I appreciated your comments. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of sweetcorn precisely because in my experience it doesn't get broken down and reappears in poop looking pretty much the same as it did on the plate. I'm not aware of a variety that gets broken down by the digestive system although it's possible there may be one. My experience is limited to the tinned varieties available in the UK and it's not something I'd voluntarily put on a shopping list. That said if I'm dining in someone else's house and it appears on my plate I will steel myself at eat it out of politeness.

Julie. I'm not surprised that public toilet plugged and overflowed after you dropped a massive load after not going for a week. You must have been well ready for a poo and it's hardly surprising you felt much better for it.

I tried to do a BM first thing today but without success. I then went into town and had the 'all you can eat' breakfast at the local Toby Carvery. Let's say I had too many sausages and breakfast Yorkshire puds! Returning at lunchtime I had a light lunch of cheese and plum bread with a friend. We did some work in the afternoon and around 3.30pm I excused myself and went for a massive, multi-turd poo. I used the air freshener in the hope that she wouldn't catch a whiff of what had happened - not that she'd have minded. To be honest I'd needed that poo for a good two hours so it was a little overdue. In the evening we went out for a very ample Chinese meal. When I got home I managed to push one small log out but that was all. I wait to see what tomorrow brings forth!

Have you had to poop in those old open toilets in the park? If so, how was it. I have pooped countless times in doorless stalls, but only a few times in a stall less restroom.


Results of challenge

I gave up on trying to hold in my poop all week as it was making me feel quite uncomfortable and was stopping be from exercising comfortable (I'm sure some of you will agree the working out at the gym, particularly doing squats, whilst needing the toilet is a bad idea XD). So I went into the bathroom and layed out some toilet paper on the floor as this would make it easier to see what i had produced. It came out quite easily and was about 8 inches long, which was a little disappointing, as I have eaten a lot the past few day. The log was quite soft and smelled pretty bad. After I was finished, I rolled it up in TP and flushed it awy. It took me about 15 wipes to get clean.

May post again in the future! :)

Abby C

Mall Poop

Hi everyone, I'm back for another story. I am one of 6 siblings. Its my twin brother who is about 2 minutes older than me, my little sister Katy who is 11 and I think posted on here before. Than my little brother who is 9, my other brother Hayden who is 5 and my little sister who is 3. It was the last day of school. And it was me, Katy, and Hayden and we went to the mall that was only about 3 blocks away from our house. We were at the Starbucks. And my brother asked if one of us could take him to the bathroom. I told Katy I would take him. We went to the girls room there was no one in there so I thought I'd get away with putting him in the girls room. The girls room had 25 stalls on each side of the bathroom. In between the left stalls and the right stalls they had a section meant for kids his size he went into his stall and I went into mine I only peed and he let me in his stall. I stood there on my phone and I didn't know if he wanted me to look. He had his blue shorts and underwear at his ankles and surprisingly we were the only ones in there. Then I heard 3 big splashes in the toilet he got off and wiped. I looked and they were pretty big poops for his size. We went back to my sister. My mom came and picked my brother up and me and Kate went to try on clothes. We finished up and my sister said she needed to poop I thought I'd go to. We went to the bathrooms and they needed to clean the bathrooms and we weren't allowed to go in. My sister said she really had to go and that she hasn't gone in 2 days. We looked around for more bathrooms and there weren't any besides the ones in the main lobby. I got an idea which would maybe work. Every dressing room had a trash can and they were going to clean them soon. I asked her if she just wanted to poop in the trash cans. She told me it was diaherrea. So we had no choice but to wait. I told her to wait there while I walked to see if they were finished. They finished up and I texted Kate. I walked to a stall at the end and closed the door. Luckily they put in double ply toilet paper cause I already knew my poop was gonna be bad especially Kate's. I put my shorts and underwear at my ankles and I was just gonna let the poop slide out of me. Then Kate ran in and sat down without closing the door. Then there was an exploding fart and a splatter against the bowl. Me and Kate sat in there for about maybe ten more minutes and then left.


Another story

Hey it's Ellie again, sorry if I'm posting too much I just really like being able to tell my experiences with this stuff somewhere. Anyway I have a story about a time in 6th grade that I pooped my pants. But first, I've been thinking about all of the accidents I have had and been thinking I don't really care if I have one anymore, like it's not a big deal. Is that weird? I don't like to do it but I don't mind when it happens. Anyway tell me what you think and here's the story.

Ok, so I was in the sixth grade and I hadn't pooped in 7 days. I was very constipated but I didn't tell me parents because I was embarrassed. Well that morning I almost managed to poop but couldn't quite go before I had to leave for school. I decided then that since I was so close to finally pooping, I would keep trying to push on the way to school and finish in the schools bathroom. I knew I might end up going in my pants so I put on a pair of loose jeans and brought perfume to spray if I did go. Well I ended up straining on the bus ride to school but still couldn't force it out. In my first class of the day I was pushing very hard and the girl next to me noticed and asked what I was doing. I gave her some excuse and made sure not to be so obvious. The next class I was straining very hard and could feel myself about to poop so I asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher told me I had to wait so I went and sat back down. My need to poop went away again after I sat down. The next two classes I had nothing really happened in except me pushing a little bit. I had lunch after that and my friend named Nicole sat by me. She noticed me sitting uncomfortably and asked what was the matter. I told her about my problem and she seemed very worried. Anyway, she was in my next class and we went together, but on the way there my stomach rumbled and I felt like I needed to go. This teacher had a strict bathroom policy since class was right after a break and I was too scared to ask. About 10 minutes into class I was still pushing when I felt it coming out. I got scared and stopped thinking "what am I doing?" to myself. But then I got worried I wouldn't be able to go later if I stopped so I started pushing really hard again. I pushed out poop that was about the size of two apples and very firm. I looked around and nobody seemed to notice, I was holding myself up so I wouldn't smash the poop and my friend noticed this. Nicole asked "what are you doing?" I sort of just replied without thinking "pooping myself." Nicole whispered back "why?!?, stop it." I explained to her why I was doing it and she sort of understood. I asked her if it was obvious. She said there was no smell but then she looked at my butt and saw the big bulge. "Oh my god, you really did it" she said. "I told you I hadn't gone for a week" I replied. I told her I was going to go more and I pushed a bit more out. I slowly sat down to flatten the bulge and sprayed a bit of perfume. Anyway after class ended I just went to my next two classes like nothing was wrong. My last class of the day Nicole was in too so I sat by her. She asked if I had cleaned up yet and I told her I hadn't. I suddenly had to go more and without even thinking just started pushing. I got a bit more than I thought I would though, poop about three times as much as before rushed into my pants. It looked like I had three grape fruits in my pants. Nicole was staring in shock as the final bell rang. I stood up and started to walk out when she grabbed me. "You have to get rid of the bulge it's so obvious" she told me. I asked what I should do and she said "i don't know like sit down or something, that's so gross but people will notice if you dont." I very slowly sat back down and smushed the bulge. She said it was still obvious I had something in my pants but not as bad as before. On the bus ride home I sat down and smashed it even more and a few kids started looking at me, luckily the bus was at my stop quickly and I got off with Nicole. She seemed grossed out and felt really bad for me so I told her it wasn't even that bad and that I sort of liked it just so she felt better about it. I didn't really enjoy it but I thought that would reassure her. When I got home I took a shower and cleaned myself and threw away the panties I had been wearing. Nicole seemed interested in what had happened the next day and kept asking me what it felt like to poop myself and not get caught. I could go on about Nicole but that's a whole different story. Let me know if you want to hear about it. Until next time,


Airport bathroom bowel movements

Hello everyone! This is my first post and I'm a longtime lurker on this site and I finally got the courage to post. To tell you a little bit about my myself I'm 18 with medium length dirty blond hair and about 5'8. I recently just got back from mission trip that was in Africa. It took us 2 days to fly there and many planes along the way. I'm from the US so that's why it took so long. Anyways we flew to London which was 9 hour flight and then to Johannesburg South Africa from there. Before we left London at night I had a huge lunch that day. After flying all night and then going on another flight to Johannesburg I hadn't pooped in 2 days. I had slept for most of the flight to Johannesburg and woke up mid flight with a strong urge to poop. I decided to wait till we landed because I really don't like pooping on planes. I find it hard and very small to be comfortable. As we landed I could feel the huge load of crap pushing at my back door. As we got off the plane, I quickly made my way to the ladies restroom.
To give some more info about me I'm usually okay with pooping in public situations. I do get embarrassed but I mean when a girls gotta go, a girls gotta go am I right? So I got in the bathroom and was followed by other people on my flight. The bathroom had a wall of stalls with sinks on the opposite sides. These stalls are different than the ones we have in America as they give more privacy and the divider walls go down lower, just enough to see a persons shoes. The bathroom was really busy but I found an open stall and made my way in. I put my backpack on the stall hook and looked at the toilet. It was a very small bowl with a rounded seat, different to those in America. I put toilet paper on the seat and pulled down my leggings and thong. As I began peeing I heard the stall on my left being taken. They hurried in and put their butt right on the seat. After peeing for 10 seconds I began to push. It was very difficult to push and I couldn't help but grunt to try and push this monster poop out. Meanwhile my neighbor had started her poop and was dropping logs with a gentle yet loud plop each time. I continued to push and could feel the tip make its way out. As I pushed harder the long log spiraled out and I involuntary moaned out of relief. It made a big plop and this opened the gates as I pushed out to HUGE logs. My stall was really stinky by this point and a woman in the group I was traveling with said the rest of the group would wait outside while I finished. I took this as a sign to hurry up ansc started to push out more logs. As I pushed out my last turd I reached for to and used about 5 wads to get my buff clean. I pulled up my leggings and thong and then flushed. Anyways that's my first post I have more about my trip later. Hope you guys enjoyed!


The outhouse incident

Hi my name is Audrey, I am 27 years old with long dark hair. I'm slim built and weighs 125 pounds. I decided to go camping in a tent with my girlfriends and their spouses last night. I'm single and on vacation so why not right. Problem is that I'm constipated and not sure if the park has any bathrooms. I went with my friends when they got off work and I was absolutely bloated. On the way to the park my stomach hurt so bad I could have cried. When we got to the campground I seen an outhouse across from our site. While the tents were being set up I walked across the road to see if I could get this monster out of me. I went inside and the smell struck me. I closed the door, locked it and pulled my pants down and put my bum on the hole. A strong stream of urine came out of me. After I stopped peeing I let out a few grunts and pushes. After 15 minutes I was still constipated. So I wiped my front and went back to the campsite. I started drinking beer and kept drinking it into the wee hours of the night. When I woke up the next morning, my colon was full and I could feel the turd just inches from coming out. I got up slowly so I wouldn't mess myself or wake anyone up. I walked over to the outhouse and closed the door. I covered the hole with my bum again and started to pee. While I was peeing I could hear the crackling of the poop and my bum starting to open. I said this is it, I originally had my pants down to my knees but now that I knew the poo was coming for sure I pulled my pants down to my ankles. I wasn't wearing any underwear. I finished peeing and then I let out a huge fart. While I was farting I could feel the head of the turd poke out of my ass but then it got sucked back in again, this happened a couple of times and I wasn't amused. So I put my hands on my waist and started pushing, while I was concentrating on giving birth to a turd I didn't realize that the wind started to pick up. The turd was halfway out of me at this point and my face was beat red. The turd start inching its way out a bit at a time until I gave one hard push and it slid out completely. I felt so much better and when I opened my eyes, the door to the outhouse blew off in the wind so all the campers in the area witnessed what I just did even the children that were playing. I was so embarrassed I wiped while sitting down, I pulled my pants up and did a walk of shame. I should have shaved yesterday morning before I left. Good news though I wasn't constipated anymore!

After School Emily

Holding a Bowel Movement

Hi. Molly is out today so it is just me posting.

I wanted to ask everyone about their urge to go to the bathroom. I've read many stories on the forum, and it seems that there are people who will go to the toilet as soon as they feel full, crampy or that a bowel movement is imminent. Others like to wait a long time to go, letting the urge build and even delaying the bowel movement until a task, an assignment or something is completed before actually taking the bathroom break.

I am the latter. For some reason, I tend to concentrate better when I have the urge to have a bowel movement. I imagine that it is like a writer who will pinch themselves with a clothes pin to increase concentration.

Also, I like for the bowel movement to "bake." That is, it seems that when I hold the bowel movement longer, it will be firm, solid and easier to pass than if I go when I first feel the urge. It seems to be more efficient to go to the bathroom when the urge is at its strongest, and I like the feeling.

Can anyone relate?

Oh, and yes, Sunday's bowel movement was pretty special. I did one that must be one of my biggest, if not the biggest ever. It was a dark, chocolate brown log at least 18 inches long and two inches in diameter. It smelled and felt really good. Molly was impressed too.



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