First enema

Hi my name is Kayla, I am 21 years old and currently in medical school. I have curly blonde hair and I weigh 130 pounds. I had my first enema today and it was not pretty. I've always been regular, every morning at the exact same time I would be in the toilet having a BM. I don't know why this happened, it could be the stress of university and moving away from my hometown. I haven't pooped in 8 days and I look like a woman who is about 4 months pregnant. I can barely sleep I'm that uncomfortable. On Thursday night I said enough is enough and I called my roommate in to my bedroom. She's also in medical school. I told her that I needed an enema I tried everything and nothing is working. So she got me all set up and injected the liquid into my rectum. I forgot I took a stool softener that day, it didn't take very long before I could feel the poop going towards the light. I said holly I gotta go. She helped me off the bed and thankfully the bathroom was right next to my bedroom. By the time I got to the toilet I said I'm not gonna make it, she said your here now just sit down. I never had time to sit on the toilet all the way my butt was a little elevated and I farted. Well shit sprayed all over the back of the toilet. I straightened up a bit and sat on the toilet all the way and relaxed. I usually have to push everytime I go but not this time it just came out all wet and mushy. The crackling the poop made was grossing me out. My bum was burning. I looked down and my stomach was back to normal. I peed on top of my production and I didn't even look in the toilet I was afraid it wouldn't go down. Luckily it did. I went to bed and god love my roommate she cleaned up the back of the toilet for me. I went to bed and within 10 minutes I was running to the bathroom for round 2. This time I made it onto the toilet. I was doing this the whole night until the sun came up. Needless to say I did not go to school that day. When I woke up though I felt like a million bucks I got up and peed, there was no more shit left in me. I ate out of house and home had to go get groceries once I showered. That Saturday morning I was back to pooping regular. No more enemas for this girl, my poor toilet can't handle it.


Tripple Poops

Hi everyone! I had a great day today both concerning entertainment, and poop. Concerning poop, I had to go 3 times today. All poops were of a medium size, but the 3rd was a bit sloppy, and was smellier. The second one was more solid as well. To avoid clogging the toilet, I flushed after I pooped, and just before I finished wiping. The last poop was a small, but somewhat urgent need compared to my last two. Concerning entertainment, I made my new Furby dance, and she went so crazy I had to hold onto her feet to keep her from falling! Anyway, I just farted before logging on, so I guess I'll toot you goodbye now.


Toilet Habits

Last week I rode my bike over to my friend Golda's house. She and I had about a half hour ride over to where we do our volunteer work. Golda was in the bathroom and her mom was on the computer reading something when she called me over to the screen. Our school's principal sends a year-end report to parents on attendance, discipline and other non-grade things. She saw 13 in a column on the report and asked me to explain it. I told her that was the number of days Golda had been tardy or absent from First Hour.

Golda and I are both very good students but her mom does call her out of school when she is constipated or has been given a laxative. Sometimes she's from 30 minutes to 45 minutes late to her first class because she has to have her BM at home before she is allowed to leave for school. She doesn't like it, but doesn't like to fight with her mom. Also, when Golda's family moved to our city like four years ago, I noticed another thing about her. When she's away from home and has to urinate, she stops by the sinks, pulls off the brown paper towels, and and lays three or four of those over the seat before she carefully sits down. I've been with her several times when those towels don't flush and clog up the toilet.

Most everyone I know sits on a public toilet the normal way. We have our stools and urinate at school and elsewhere. We don't give much thought to it. We do our best with the wiping and then we flush and wash our hands good. With Gold's mom I try to not contradict her.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie From Taiwan as always another great story.

To: Tony great story it sounds like she gave some great shows.

To: Ellie it sounds like that flu hit you pretty good luckily it only lasted a day.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

To: Maria another great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Natasha great story it sounds like you both had really good and really big poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Anna great buddy dump story.

To: Stacy great story about your huge poop it sounds like it was a really good one.

To: Elphaba great story.

To: Jessica great story about you seeing corn in your poop.

To: Chris O it sounds like your girlfriend wasn't feeling very well lucky you where there to help her out.

To: Will great story.

To: Kailee first welcome to the site it sounds like you had a rough day but ended making a new friend in the process and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Braidy great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


more comments

to Adrian: Yes, I love my food! That probably explains why I am a bigger girl even though I am very athletic. But I have lost about 5 pounds since summer started. Btw, I really like your stories.

to Jessica: Hi, I'm so happy you liked my story. The camping trip was awesome. It was lots of hiking too, we stayed at another spot every night and it was kinda hard work. But the views were stunning and we were real lucky with the weather, no rain at all. I'll try to answer your questions.

1. Amber is pretty open about her toilet habits and she announced that she needed a dump twice. Once during our lunch break and once at night. So I guess at least twice, hehe. With Danielle, I was peeing in the bushes besides the trail the first morning. I was done and wiping and I asked her if she was almost done as well, when she said that she needed a poo and would be a little longer. Since I was done already I got up and went back out to the trail. I wasn't sure she wanted company doing her business. She came back a couple minutes later. I think that she needed to poo during our trip at least two more times, but I am not totally sure. She sure ate a ton! I didn't see any of Amber's or Danielle's piles.
2. I try to cover my tissues too, but frankly sometimes I forget when I just went for a quick pee.
3. Oh, I don't know. I am very outdoorsy and spend quite a bit of time in the backcountry or out biking and hiking. I also can't hold it very well, which means that sometimes I just have to relieve myself or I'd end up going in my panties! I bet I poop outside maybe four or fives times a year. I don't remember ever leaving my poo without at least trying to cover it.
4. I don't think I have ever pooped in the snow, but I sure have created yellow snow many times when out skiing!

to Victoria B: Sorry to hear. That's the worst kind of jerk who just thinks a girl can't wait to drop her panties for him! At least you have a good story, though! I bet your glasses are super hot. And I am not saying this at all because I hope mine are, hehe.

Office P

As an older worker who has a leaky bladder I am now wearing flex fit absorbent underwear to work. I worried about a major flood due to meetings, lack of available stalls, etc. If I pee so what. I wonder how many workers wear these especially the silouette style, the flex fit, etc. I do less laundry as they are disposable.


to Jasmin K

Hi Jas,

I like your stories very much! Please write some stories about how you helped your friend and your sister push out their poops. Also, how many days on average do you go without pooping? What was the biggest poop you or your friends have done?

Love xD

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Reply to Adrian

Hi Adrian :) It's Annie who has posted on this site before for years but my husband is originally from Taiwan and I'm Canadian, so we both now live in Taipei, Taiwan in a nice home with my brother in law. So now I use that username (so that there's no confusion). Both hubby and BIL were born in Taipei. And since I moved here I've had no issues with constipation as I drink majority of water each day as well as a big travel mug/thermos of black coffee in the morning and eat a very healthy diet. So I'm happy and I do enjoy pooping.

I hope all is going well with you and everyone here. Will update later.

Happy peeing and pooping!


Jessica B

Changing my name

Hello everyone!

I just saw there is another Jessica here (hi Jessica! :D), who just wrote the post "A few questions to Anna from Canada". This is a little unfortunate because it becomes difficult to tell us apart. I usually go by "Jess", but this name was also in use when I first started reporting. So I decided I would sign "Jessica B" from now on, even though there is no "B" in my real name. This is because I really don't want people to know about this website. I also made up the name of my co-worker in a previous story so it cannot be linked back to me. Actually, I just should have made up a name for myself, there are too many Jessicas around! But it's too late now.
Anyway, please don't use the name "Jessica B".

To Emily and Molly: Thanks for your comment! It is very surprising to me you see corn hulls often. It was the first time for me, even though I regularly enjoy sweet corn.

To Adrian: I also appreciate your commenting. I agree it was a weird feeling to recognize corn. Do you think their are several kinds of corn, the popular one of which is invisible?

To Anna: Thanks! :) I also love your writing.

To Abbie: I am glad to hear you are doing better when it comes to being constipated. After breakfast is usually the best time for me, so I hope it also works for you. Do you drink coffee (I cannot help but imagine you holding a steaming cup of tea)? Because even a small cup helps my belly waking up! And it seems to be the same for our friend Annie from Taiwan.

Love and take care,


Pleasurable public pooping

Yesterday I was out on a brisk walk doing what I like best-looking for a public toilet to use. I found a nice clean toilet block in a park- it was some toilets I had never used before. Upon entering I noticed it was a row of three modern toilets- toilets with the small hole for your poop to go down.
After sitting on toilet I began to push, having not been for best part of a week it felt really hard big and long as it slowly began to make it's way into the toilet. I then forced out a loud blast of a fart. Then there was a release of a big load of mushy poo with loads of big farts into the toilet.
After about five minutes of constant pooping I was done and wiped. I had really filled the toilet bowl and was not surprised when the toilet failed to get rid of my load and clogged before overflowing. I quickly left and carried on with my walk feeling a lot lighter!


Some replies

Anna - I loved reading about your buddy dump with Lara! I'm actually a little jealous of you. Ever since my first time going outdoors earlier this year I've wanted to do it with some company. I'm going camping on the 21st so maybe then!

Victoria B - It's a shame things didn't work out for you , but you don't know if you don't try! Love your stories as always.

Sarah - When I went to my first music festival I went to the toilet at every possible opportunity, even if I didn't need to go. This meant that I didn't really need to go during the performances. Except for one time... I always wore black jeans 'just in case ' and I'm so glad I did. I had been holding on for as long as I could but I knew I'd never make it to the end. I was wearing my black jeans and we was standing on grass so I just let go. It was the best feeling pee I've ever had!! Surrounded by thousands of people and nobody had any idea I was wetting myself!

These recent posts about using a port a potty have got me excited. There's a large bike event at my town this weekend so there will be plenty of pota potties! I've never used one before so I'm looking forward to using one. Probably the only person in the world who is! Of course I'll share the story with you guys.



replies and story

Hi guys,

First off replies,

I like the way you describe your near accident getting home from school. It's true that when you start going there's a massive urge to push, and you have to try and hold on for all your might!

Luckily we had cubicle doors at school, and most of the locks worked, but a couple didn't. I remember once bursting in on a poor year 7 who was having a wee where the lock was bust.

At the weekend I met up with some friends in the park and we were sitting in the sun for hours drinking. Don't ask me why but I must have been there about 4-5 hours drinking without needing to go for a wee. My friend Ellie said she was going for a wee and I said I'd come along, I stood up and suddenly a desperate urge hit me! We walked across the field towards the bushes, and snuck into a hedge row behind them. Both me and Ellie were hitching our skirts up when we saw a couple of guys walking in the opposite direction, obviously having done the same as us, so we had a very painful wait (and embarrassing, since it was obvious what we were about to do). My bladder was not impressed and I felt a large dribble force itself out. As soon as the guys were gone I tore down my knickers (pink / black stripey) and exploded, peeing like a racehorse into the ground! Ellie was opposite me and had her polka-dot blue knickers at her knees as she also did a long wee. The streams merged and ran down the hill. I was going to wipe with a tree leaf but there weren't any around so I just pulled up my knickers, they dried soon enough anyway.


Public Loo Struggle (Part Two)

I went to a few shops and then walked home. I felt so desperate, and in my mind I was considering ducking into some trees, or a quiet alley and squatting. But I didn't see the point, if I couldn't go in the privacy of a locked stall, there was no way I would quickly be able to squat somewhere semi public. I had nothing to wipe with either, so while the idea was nice, the cons outweighed the pros.

When I got home I climbed the three flights of stairs to my flat and poked my head in the door, asking if any of my housemates needed to go first because I might be a while. My friend, Colette said she did and got up, leaving the flat and going to the shared bathroom next door. I waited outside and listened as she pulled down her jeans and then started peeing with a loud tinkle. Hearing her going was making me even more desperate and I subconsciously crossed my legs, it was weird. I had been sat for 10+ minutes with women peeing all around me with no luck, but now I was hearing ONE woman pee and I was at the verge of wetting myself?!

Her wee lasted for quite a while and I heard her flush before washing her hands. I was starting to feel more confident about getting some relief, if the effect she was having on my bladder was anything to go by. She opened the door and hugged me, saying thank you before going back to the flat. I locked the bathroom door behind me, unbuttoned my jeans and quickly pulled them down to my calves as I sat down. I was feeling so desperate.

I had been sat for about twenty seconds when I finally started peeing, a proper stream that splashed noisily into the water. It felt heavenly. I put my head in my hands and sighed loudly, fully taking in the relief. It was so good to finally empty my bladder, especially with a strong stream instead of a dribble.

I probably went for about a minute before it stopped, ending with a couple of splashes as I pushed out the last drops. I stayed seated, hoping I would be able to have a poo as well. It would be so frustrating if I had come this far and still struggled. I'd have to try going at work instead. Knowing my luck I would reach my limit the moment I sit at my desk and fill my knickers.

It was only a very short time before I involuntarily pushed and was stretched wide, my poo quietly crackling as it slid out of me. I was so happy I was able to go. I stayed with my head in my hands, enjoying the wonderful feeling of pooping. It was so effortless yet so enjoyable. It fell into the bowl with the quietest of splashes and was soon joined by another, and another.

I got myself some toilet roll and wiped my front, and then started to clean up my behind. Amazingly it only took three wipes, and the third was almost clean! I sprayed a little air freshener and stood up, looking at the long logs in the bowl before flushing them away. Then I got dressed, washed my hands and joined my housemates feeling so relieved.

I'm going to visit that bathroom again when I get chance, and see if I struggle again.

Job Seeker


Once it was fixed for some of us from my school to go in the summer holidays to a Christian camp in Sussex. Because kids at our school either couldn't see at all, like me, or not much, on the Saturday when we arrived we were each allocated a sighted buddy for the week of around our own age, about 13 at the time. Mine was a lad called Pavel something, who got his name from his Polish dad, I think, and we were good mates from the start.

We had either been weeing in a shielded pit they'd dug, or just along the way if we were out walking or doing activities out and about. There were tent toilet cubicles with some sort of chemical contraption in them if you needed to sit on, but I delayed using them because I was sure they wouldn't be very clean or hygienic, and the possibility of a mixture of chemicals and other people's wee and poo splashing up my bum particularly put me off. Also, even I was a bit jittery about how I'd know there was already somebody in there. I'd got too close to the wee pit the first time I used it and literally put my foot in it, even though I was with Pavel, and didn't know quite what I'd find in the bog tent.

By that point in my life my bowels didn't necessarily get sorted regularly by any means, but by the Wednesday evening of that week I was feeling uncomfortable, with a very unnatural fullness all the time. I didn't sleep very well because of it, and the next morning said to Pavel that I was going to have to go to the toilet tent. He said he was the same and suggested we go after breakfast.

When we got there though, there were already half-a-dozen people hanging around waiting, and he said to me, "Oh, come on, I'll find somewhere, let's go and get a toilet roll from the office tent." We got it, and he guided me out of the camp, down a couple of lanes and off into the woods. We fought our way through quite a long way off the path, and then he said, "Oh, let's do it here. You're alright there, there's a branch on your left if you want to hang onto it, and I'll just go off round the other side of this big tree."

I stood for a minute working out what I was going to do, and I heard him get ahead of me with the tinkle of the buckle of the S-belt everybody seemed to wear at the time, the rustle of jeans and swish of pants, and at first the sound just of him weeing on the ground, soon changing as he started spraying into the puddle that was forming. As I was pulling my own trousers and undies down, Pavel evidently began pushing, but at first all I could hear from him were just jerky outward breaths rather than any vocal grunts. Meanwhile I wee'd first standing up, then got down so I was crouching, making sure my bum was well back beyond the clothes at my ankles. As my cheeks opened, I particularly noticed the coolness of the slight breeze around my anus, never having pooed in the open air before. I began straining, not particularly showing off to Pavel but just doing what I needed to to try to start some movement inside me.

I assume that Pavel, hearing that I'd just had to let myself go and seriously get pushing, without my worrying about what he could hear as he might have thought I would, realised he too was just going to have to do the same in spite of my being fairly near him. He'd probably discovered anyway that he simply wasn't going to be able to go after all this time if he continued with his coyness, and he too then just let himself begin audibly grunting and straining, sometimes grinding his teeth which up to that point I'd never heard anybody do before when trying to poo, and his groans soon increasingly made it obvious that he was having a severe battle with himself to go on pushing out something that was too big and painful for his bum, and he began to sound panicky, at one point despairingly declaring, "Oh, I can't, I just can't.".

"Stuck! Oh hell!" From my own anxiously muttered words and sounds indicating shock, struggle and protest, Pavel must then have realized we were at about the same stage. The dry scratchiness of what I was trying to pass after all those days made it agony, and I too badly wanted to stop, but we both of course knew we couldn't. I guess that for a while we were making quite a chorus there in the woods.

Whereas I would usually have been helplessly engaged with something such as Pavel's difficulty and efforts in trying to go, I had, evidently for longer than I'd realized, been having to concentrate like mad on constantly psyching myself up to daring to fight for inch-by-inch progress with ridding myself of the enormous bung in my bum, genuinely worried at times that it felt as if it could actually damage me, so that I was surprised when Pavel suddenly came over. He had presumably finally managed to defeat and force his own big, gritty buildup out of his body. Seeing I was still very much doing a poo and instantly sounding embarrassed, putting his hand in front of his mouth, he said, "Oh - erm - sorry, I've brought you the toilet paper. He was evidently unable for the moment to turn his attention from the massive intruder jammed in my butt that I was trying to budge further though, spontaneously bending slightly to see better. "Ffff, god, oh hell, I think yours is even fatter, and mine nearly killed me."

"I haven't been since we came away," I said.

"I hadn't either, no wonder it hurt," Pavel answered.

I was more worried about the painful struggle I was having than anything else, but some of the influence of the real me did then start to get in on the act, it was beginning to be stimulating having Pavel right there watching me, and I said, "Oh, don't worry, can you just hold the paper for me for a minute." He would have seen me shuddering and that I was having to clench one fist and grasp and wrench on the branch with the other and didn't have a hand free.

Jerking and straining with all my might when I could face it, and grunting and moaning, I was suffering the terrible abrasion again of the grainy monster grinding its way awkwardly and reluctantly through my sphincter, owching and protesting, and cursing myself for having been silly enough to leave it all this time, but at least eventually it was moving again. I think the reason why Pavel was probably rooted to the spot was horrified fascination at now being able to actually watch a repeat of the terrible ordeal he'd been through himself a minute or two earlier. At last I could feel my bottom only had hold of the final extremity of my tormentor, and with the strongest anal opening and pinching movements I could muster, and under its own weight, it scraped its way all the way out, thumped onto the ground and I again noticed the cold in my slightly moist crack.

"Wow, I just don't know how you managed to do that," Pavel said admiringly, "it looked absolutely awful. I was panicking at one point with mine, I didn't think I could do it."

"I know," I said, "I heard that," and he laughed shyly. I asked him for the toilet paper, and thought he didn't go off quite as quickly as some people might have done when I started wiping my bum, but that might have been wishful thinking on my part, but then he did go back to look at and compare his own serious ejection lying on the twigs and leaves, saying in astonishment, "Mine's even longer, I did it crouching down like you did, and it was almost touching the ground while it was still in my bum! Yours is definitely fatter though, owch! God, we must have been absolutely stupid not to go for this long."

(To be continued)


Wednesday replies

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan. Thanks for sharing your account of pooping post breakfast coffee. I find hot drinks are sometimes helpful for getting things moving and I suppose it's no accident that for me a lunchtime BM often follows hard on a morning during which I've downed three mugs of coffee. In my mind though I tend to associate coffee with its diuretic (pee making) properties which it unquestionably has too.

Abbie. Glad to hear that your constipation is clearing. Plenty of exercise, fresh fruit and veg, as well as a decent fluid intake all help. So far as close calls are concerned, I think we've all had them. If I had a pound for every time I'd nearly shit myself I think I could quit playing the lottery!

Maria. It's a law of nature that the more you put in one end the more there will be to come out the other - at least eventually.

Yesterday I had a good poo after lunch with half a dozen medium soft, golden brown turds coming out. It felt really satisfying. Today it was a teatime poo but somewhat firmer and paler and there were just a couple of pieces. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything everyday!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Our day camp with disastrous bathrooms

Me and my friend Kennard got hired by parks and rec this summer to work at a day camp. Its for 6 to 12 year olds at one of our city's largest parks. It goes from 10 to 2 each day. Kennard and me hand out the recreational equipment, assist with the crafts, and lead games and one of the most stressful activities. That's monitoring the bathrooms which are being used by about 50 to 60 kids. Kennard is in charge of the boys room and I am in charge of the girls. Our director insists that we closely monitor each bathroom because this is a large public park that attracts other users, too, including some drunks and sometimes strange people that Lauren has had to call the police about.

The first day was the worst. Just getting the procedures set up was bad. And both the boys and girls bathrooms are disastrous. Lauren said they were built about 90 years ago during the great depression. The roofs leak, The toilets haven't been changed out. And water sometimes explodes out of the one sink in each bathroom. Othertimes, the pipes shake when the faucet lever is pushed. And there's no privacy whatever. On each of the two opposite walls there's a big, old toilet attached to the wall. No partition. No door. The person on the north wall toilet will sit with knees about a foot from the person on the south wall toilet. And in the guys' room Kennard has a situation where there's no urinal, just the two toilets like I described in the girls' room. The first day he didn't supervise it right and Lauren got complaints from some boys who had to take a crap with toilet seats that were drenched because many of the younger boys didn't raise the seat first. And both of us have to replace the toilet paper at least twice each day as well as put out new soap bars. Both of us have become better with the toilet plunger too. We share a huge glove that goes up to our elbow that we use to pull the water bottles out of the toilets.

Later this month the camp will end. Lauren, Kennard and I are not looking forward to the last day. That's because each kid is allowed to bring one pet. Kennard said he never wants to do this type of work again. Lauren is both getting paid and getting college credit for it. As for me, the money is nice, but I could probably do better with more regular babysitting work.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Post breakfast coffee poop

Good morning everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now, about 30-40 mins after finishing breakfast with a giant travel mug/thermos full of black coffee, and my goodness am I getting a good clean out. My black shorts are sitting near my feet above my sandals/flip-flops and my underwear (green boy shorts) are around my thighs. My ???? is gurgling like crazy. Rubbing my ???? to hopefully get things moving more. There we go. Soft poop splattering everywhere in the bowl. About 2 minutes of this and I feel done. Reaching behind me for some tissue/TP and am wiping well. Standing and pulling up my shorts and underwear. Tossing the TP into the bowl. What a mess. Soft poop everywhere in the toilet bowl surrounded by TP and clear pee. Stomach feels better though. Flushed the mess down the toilet then cleaned the heavy skidmarks from the bowl. Washed my hands and dried them and now I'm on the living room couch getting rehydrated and finishing writing this.

Happy pooping!


Steve A

To Bianca & my farting and burping experiences

Yes, I do tend to think that farting and burping can be funny, but it all depends on the situation. I wouldn't laugh at it all the time, but only during some situations. For example, if someone does it in public around people, then I would get a kick out of their reactions.

I used to fart and sometimes burp in the school setting, mostly around girls while I walked past them in the hallways during high school and middle school. I got mixed reactions, but leaving a girl speechless after I ripped a big one next to her was considered my best reaction yet.

I usually prepared before I left for school in the morning. I ate a breakfast that would cause me to fart during the school day. Fiber One Bars usually did it for me. I also tired eating a small can of beans for breakfast, but thinking back on that, it didn't work out for me in the long run.

I know that some people might get offended by this, but it's all fun and games until someone takes it too far. I never stepped over my boundaries, so I never got in trouble for it. I've also been doing it less often because I don't want to ruin my image at college.


a few responses

to kmd: Hi, well I don't think she was a staff member, cause her sandals didn't look like anything a server would wear. They were super cute but I suspect not very comfortable. The way the building is set up, there are three our four exits and me and my girlfriends were sitting at one of them. I guess she just left some other way.
I did get the feeling though as if she had been holding her load for a while. Maybe she came in from the street because she needed the toilet badly? Her logs sure sounded huge, and I guess perhaps she filled up the bowl quickly until her poo was above the water, like you said.
The feet were slender, not sure about the size overall. She looked like someone who has been out barefoot quite a bit, but definitely a younger woman.

to Emily and Molly: It's so nice to see you back. I'm proud to say that I also lost a few pounds this summer! Mostly I think because I am out exercising a ton! Oh, and Molly, how embarrassing, haha!

Jessica and Taylor, I always love to read your stories, they are so good!

After School Emily and Molly
Hi, this is Molly again, writing on behalf of Emily! We are excited to rejoin the conversation on the forum!

Victoria B., We loved your story about meeting the guy while you did your number two mid-run! I think that I could have been social, like you. Emily would have died!!! Haha! I told Emily I could picture her falling into her pile of poop out of shock and embarrassment!

EMILY: Agreed. I could not have done as well as you did. How did coffee go? Did you talk about the experience again?

MOLLY: We hope you are well! Best, Emily and Molly

Elphaba, Good to hear from you! We love your stories and hope that you are well! Best, Emily and Molly

Catherine, We saw your post about your bowel struggles and wish you the best as you prepare to deliver your baby! We love your stories! Best, Emily and Molly!

Becc, Welcome! You are hilarious! We can't wait to see you complete your stories! We loved the story about the diarrhea at school after eating your mother's chili! Best, Emily and Molly

Jessica, We loved the "corn poop" story! We love corn and see it often the second time! Best, Emily and Molly

Stacy, Welcome and that sounded huge! Were you a little uncomfortable? Best, Emily and Molly

Kailee, We are so sorry to hear about your accident. If you can find our stories - we're high school teachers. We have a classroom policy that if you have to go, then go, no questions asked. We detailed our policy with our students. But, from the log that the students use to sign out, we can tell that many students have used it to have a much needed bowel movement!

EMILY: You were fortunate to have girls willing to help you in what must have been an embarrassing situation.

Best, Emily and Molly

Neither one of us had a bowel movement yesterday, so we cannot wait to see what this afternoon may offer!

All the best to you and your bowels (hehe!)

Emily and Molly

Monday, July 10, 2017



Hi it's Ellie again, I wanted to tell the story about the time in 8th grade I had a very bad flu/stomach virus or something. It started on a Friday, on the way home from school I got hit with horrible cramps and barely made it home in time before having diarrhea. I felt ok for the rest of the night and went to sleep feeling fine too. When I woke up I was all sweaty, I felt like my bed was drenched with sweat around my butt and legs. I turned on my lamp and saw what I had done. It wasn't sweat, I had completely pooped myself while I was asleep. I went to the bathroom and had more diarrhea and then I threw up. Then I went and told my mom what had happened. She was very nice about it and helped me get cleaned up and washed my bed as well as she could. I slept on the couch for a while since my bed was wet from being washed, and I had a few close calls. Well around 7 pm that night I began to get a fever and it was soon very high. I was delirious and I ended up having another accident while I was half awake because I thought I was in the bathroom. The next day I was still sick so my mom decided it was time to go to the doctor. On the drive over I became ill again and had another little accident. It wasn't very obvious so we still went to the doctor. While we were in the waiting room I was trying my hardest to hold it. I was letting out little bits of diarrhea every ten seconds slowly filling up my pants. Luckily I had on dark sweat pants so it didn't show leaks but I knew people around me could smell what I was doing. Finally the nurse called me back to an exam room. When I stood up I went even more in my panties and the nurse saw me grimace. She was very professional about it and helped me into a bathroom to clean myself up. Then she handed me a diaper to wear for my appointment. I wanted to resist but I was too drained to argue so I put it on. The doctor came in and after a quick exam told me it was a virus that was going around and it should be over by tomorrow. On the way home I fell asleep and my mom carried me to bed. I woke up at 11 am the next morning and felt that I was still wearing the diaper from the hospital and that I had another sleeping accident in it. Other than that I felt much better and after cleaning up I was feeling pretty good again. Anyway that's the story of when I had the flu. Thanks fro reading sorry if it was too long.

Job Seeker


At both of my boarding-schools, I was really into the different approaches of the others on the toilets in the line of cubicles, while their peers were using urinals, washing their hands, or like me often pretending to be doing one or the other while actually listening hard for who was getting their bowels open, how they would handle it and all their extruding and wiping sounds, close by on the other side of doors that didn't go down to the floor. As I've mentioned, these were schools for kids with sight problems and I couldn't see at all, but if somebody did have enough sight to get in and out again and then to a wash-basin without brushing past anybody or needing to speak for any other reason, and if they were too shy or really didn't need to do me the favour of providing any vocal noises while they actually pooed, I wouldn't even find out who they were throughout the whole thing. Some of those people must have put loads of effort and manoeuvring into allowing you to hear hardly anything, whether you were in either of the next cubicles or outside, and I admit that for some reason it was especially stimulating if one of them in particular was let down by their bottom and failed to avoid you taking the prize of hearing them fart, crackle or plop, particularly if you somehow found out afterwards who it was, and even more so if they knew you had. That kind of shyness and embarrassment can somehow be exciting and cute.

There were others though who, because they'd found a locked door next to the cubicle they did get into, or heard noises from nextdoor once they were there, knew they had company and would say, "Who's that?", in the case of my first school, or "Quis?", the pretentious Latin equivalent in use at my second one. As I've said, there were extremely shy people who would absolutely not answer, but if it wasn't one of them, there might then at least be a bit of a conversation, depending on the confidence of both parties, and it was fascinating to get to know who would suddenly completely stop talking because they didn't want you to hear them pushing, no doubt often finally embarrassed anyway by hisses, farts, squelches or plops that made it perfectly obvious what the interruption had been about; and which of them was just about prepared to carry on speaking, trying to integrate their straining, gasps of relief and often their personal toilet sounds into their speech.

There were others too, though, who by comparison were exceedingly expressive about it. I imagine there could be different reasons. I think some of them probably were in fact uneasy about the hopelessness of any desire for privacy, so deliberately toughed it out in an over-the-top way, with hefty heaving and grunting and, "Oh yes ", "It's coming ", "Ah, nearly " and a triumphant, "Ye-es!" as their bum finally lost its hold. However, I'm convinced that, perhaps usually not quite as loud as the previous lot, there were others for whom making sounds of sustained pushing or repeated grunts, one or two of them even beautifully indicating ongoing changes in the extent of their body's struggle and nearness of delivery, was as natural for them as letting you hear them scratching their head or chewing gum. It didn't matter even if they temporarily found themselves almost drowning out their speech by easily diagnosable blasts or deluges, they didn't falter. They were the ones I wanted to be like, and I would always talk to my neighbours, finding it exciting to make very sure they knew when I was pushing, how hard and for how long, rattling the seat more than necessary to let them know I was having to shake my bum to make it let go, or at the right times lifting it well up so that it didn't muffle my plops and splashes and to make them louder because of having further to fall as well. I was definitely performing though, and I doubt I sounded as natural and easy as those other kids.


Sunday update and replies

After a light lunch (cheese sandwich) I felt the need for a poo and popped to the loo. Following on from yesterday (Saturday's) eruptions, I found myself passing a panful of thick, very pale coloured turds. It was painful too. After wiping I had to reach for the Anusol cream. Not sure whether it was something I ate yesterday or connected in some way with the pills I'm currently taking for a vitamin D deficiency.

Now to the replies.

Bianca. It's not something everyone's likely to admit, but I suspect most honest people are amused by farting and enjoy it in one way or another. I certainly do, but nowadays I try to make sure I'm safely on the toilet before releasing any farts as my bowels aren't so reliable as they used to be.

Anna. Thanks for sharing the story of your buddy dump with Lara. It sounds as though you both performed well but you effortlessly outdid her. Would I be right in suspecting that you probably enjoy your food?

Annie from Taiwan. Hi and welcome - and thank you for the updates. You sound as though you enjoy your poos.

Jessica. I know what you mean by corn in the poop. Although I will eat it if pressed to do so, I'm no fan of sweetcorn precisely because the body doesn't break it down like other things and it comes out the bottom end looking pretty much the same as when it was eaten. I know it's the end result of my food intake, but I really don't like my poo to resemble anything I've eaten.

Little Mandi. I know what you mean about not being able to post for a long time. I've been in a similar position.

Taylor. Thanks for sharing your experience of struggling to pee in a public loo. I think most of us will have suffered from performance anxiety or "avoidant paruresis" to give its technical name. Sharing public toilets with lots of other people, however benign their intentions, can be stressful and that stress can manifest itself in an inability to pee easily. It happened to me once at the urinals in a busy motorway service station and I spent ages trying to pee.

John H. Good to see you mate. Hope you're keeping well - and regular.

Jobseeker. It's good to welcome another Brit. Thanks for sharing your early experiences re the formidable Miss Clarke. She sounds like a lady to be reckoned with. I think most of us who have an interest in other people pooing and/or peeing will probably have had that interest for most if not all of our lives. I've recounted her exploits elsewhere here in much greater detail but in my case my much loved Aunt Anne putting off going for a poo until she was close to having an accident had a major influence on me. Sadly she's no longer with us but was much loved and left some happy memories.


Constipation improving

Hi everyone, hope everything is going well for you all!
Natasha- great story about when you had to go for a poo outside on your way home from school, its not ideal but certainly beats going in your knickers! I never actually pooed my knickers on the way home from school although I did come really close a few times, and once I was with my friend Lucy when she just couldn't hold on long enough and she ended up having a poo in her knickers on her front doorstep! A few times I can remember I'd been needing a poo most of the day at school, usually I'd use the toilet at lunchtime if the urge came on part way through the morning, but on those particular days I'd been so busy I just didn't get the time so I had to go off to afternoon lessons trying to stop a huge log from poking out in my knickers! Like you said I really didn't want to admit I needed the toilet during lessons, as I knew I would be gone ages and then everyone would know I had been for a poo, so I just kept on clenching my bum and hoping my knickers wouldn't get dirty. Our loos were always really busy at the end of the day too, so I would just try to get home as soon as possible. One day in particular I can remember unlocking my front door with a log literally starting to come out in my knickers and having to resist a massive urge to push, I walked upstairs like I had just got off a horse and quickly took off my skirt and blouse before tearing down my knickers and sitting on the loo, apart from some pretty bad skidmarks I got away with it, thank God! To be honest I would get marks in my knickers quite often, sometimes because I rushed wiping but actually more often because a log would start to poke out before I could get on the loo as I described above! The most embarrassing thing was that I got the log poking out issue alot more in secondary school than in primary school (where it was much easier to find the time to use the toilet when I needed a poo at school), meaning that I actually got skidmarks in my knickers more when I was 15 or 16 compared with when I was 10 or 11. By washing my knickers as soon as I could the stains pretty much always came out though, unless they were really bad and then I would just throw those knickers away and not even bother trying to get them clean!! I know some girls prefer to wear dark coloured underwear so that skidmarks don't show up, but I hate the idea of not being sure whether I've managed to get the stains out, so for that reason I only wear white or pale pastel coloured knickers! Luckily it wasn't just me, I noticed that a lot of my friends got skidmarks too, and when I was on the loo at school I would often see other girls knickers under the cubicle partitions and it was common for them to have marks as well, most girls wore white or light coloured knickers too so any marks did show up really clearly.
Anyway, I think I'm doing a bit better pooing wise, I'm certainly less constipated than I was which is a relief. I'm making sure I go and sit on the loo after breakfast and then again after lunch, I'm trying to relax and stay there for a bit and hope I can get an urge to try for a poo, its a bit easier now I've finished uni and I don't have to rush off to a class or a lecture. Today I went to the toilet after eating breakfast, I lifted my nightie, dropped my pale green knickers to my thighs and sat down, I had a wee and then stayed sitting to see if I might get an urge to have a poo. I bore down and did a few pushes but still didn't feel anything, so a few minutes later I gave up, wiped my front and pulled up my knickers. I went back in my room and got dressed and then went out to do a bit of food shopping. I got back and made lunch, then ate it while watching telly. I still didn't feel like I wanted a poo but realised I needed a wee again, so I went to my ensuite, pulled down my leggings and knickers and sat down. I started to wee a strong stream, and once again sat for a while after my wee had finished. After a few minutes of just sitting there I could feel that I was starting to need a poo, so I took a deep breath and pushed and felt a log moving down inside me. I decided just to relax and see if it would come on its own, so I just went back to sitting and tried not to strain and bear down really hard. After a few more minutes I could feel a log starting to poke out of my bum, as usual it was pretty fat but luckily it wasn't too hard as it was only a couple of days since I'd last been for a poo. When I'm really constipated its a double whammy, not only do I have fat poos there also really hard and dry and that means they take ages to push out and hurt my bum! Whats more I get this really annoying problem where I can push the tip out but then it gets sucked back up my bum as soon as I take a break from pushing! I pushed and felt the log slide out a bit more, it was getting fatter and really stretching my bumhole, I couldn't help moaning as it slid out but luckily I was on my own so no-one could hear me. As usual I had to push quite hard at its widest point and made some grunts, but once I'd got the fattest part through it sped up and shortly afterwards dropped into the bowl, it felt really long and didn't break up, so there wasn't much of a splash. I could feel another log poking out straight away, this was still fat but was easier to pass than the first one and shortly after it plopped into the bowl too. I realised I was done, I finished with a few dribbles of wee and then took some loo paper and wiped my bottom. I flushed and then pulled up my knickers and leggings before washing my hands and going back downstairs, feeling happy that I'd had a relatively easy poo.


Saturday update

This morning I was waiting to catch a bus at a bus station in the North of England. When my bus arrived a number of incoming passengers alighted and amongst them was an older lady (in her seventies perhaps) wearing light grey trousers. I did a double take when I saw it but there was a definite wet patch in her crotch area, Ever the diplomat, I didn't pass comment and neither did anyone else fortunately. It was pretty clear that she'd had a little accident. I'm a pretty observant person who doesn't miss and daytime sightings of wet pants or trousers are pretty rare so to say the very least.

Having arrived at my destination, I had a coffee and scone followed by a jumbo hot dog with onions for lunch. As soon as I'd eaten the latter I started to get a strongish urge to poo. It should be borne in mind that I'd had a Wetherspoons 'big breakfast' first thing with a side order of black pudding so it's hardly surprising my system was under strain. I'm not a fan of using public toilets for #2s so I went to the nearby church which I knew had reasonable loos. Unfortunately I discovered that the disabled loo contained no hook on which to hang either my jacket or bag (rather essential) and another gentleman was having a major shit in the one cubicle in the gents. It sounded as though he was in for the long haul too. I therefore decided to just pee, which eased the back end pressure a bit, and hold my poo in. That was around 1.30pm. Luckily I managed the journey back without incident but when I finally got home around 5.15pm I rushed to the bathroom and had a most enormous shit. It consisted mostly of regular light brown turds but there was quite a bit of darker, 'soft scoop' stuff on top of that too. Having adjourned to a local hostelry for supper I then returned home about 8pm. It wasn't long before I had to make another hurried trip to the loo, passing less shit but plenty of wind. What I did pass tended to be on the dark side.


To Sarah: Peeing at concerts

If I were you, I would wear something like black jeans with beach flip flops. It sounds gross but a lot of people resort to just wetting themselves at large concerts, especially after lots of beverages have been consumed. Wearing black will just make it less noticeable, and flip flops so you aren't walking around in pee soaked shoes. You could also go barefoot.


A few questions to Anna from Canada

Hi Anna! Thank you very much for your interesting story about the camping trip. It seems you really had a great time and finally marked your territory. May I ask you some questions?

1. How often did Amber and Danielle have to poop during the trip and did you see any piles of them while going for a pee?

2. Do you just drop your tissue after you have peed or do you cover it, too?

3. How often do you poop outdoors per year and have you ever left a pile without covering it?

4. Have you ever pooped in the snow?

Sorry if I am a bit too curious but that would really interest me.

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