31 year old male American
Lavah: That was a great story, I hope to hear more from you. I personally have never been in a situation like that, however I know someone who was. Back in high school a friend of mine (female, but just friends) once told me her best friend often asked for help while pooping. It wasn't as involved as you described, it was mostly just keeping her company and some hand holding, but from the sound of it this girl was regularly constipated and liked having her best friend hold her hand while struggling to pass a difficult shit. At the time I was rather shocked to hear that 2 girls would poop openly in front of each other, but after discovering this site I've realized it's more common than most guys would expect.

When I was a young girl, this guy lived up the street from us. His parents were cool and he was best kind. We were always together from the third grade up until graduation day. After we graduated high school we lost touch but this is a story about one summer day between 7th and 8th grade. His parents would go to work and he would be home all day. So around 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning I would go up to his house and chill. I was walking towards his house one day and I had to pee really bad. I got to his house and knocked on the door. He opened it, I took off my shoes as fast as I could and made a beeline for the bathroom. I never had a chance to close the door. I pulled my shorts and panties down and sat on the toilet. It was a great relief. As I was reaching for the toilet paper I let out a great big fart that echoed the toilet bowl. I said to myself great I'm in someone else's house with the bathroom door wide open and about to take a dump. I yelled out to John to come here but he must have been on the patio. My body was ready to push but I fought it for as long as I could. Finally my body relaxed and I just let myself go. My bum hole opened up and the turd emerged. He was a big sucker too I could feel it sliding out of me. The turd got stuck halfway it was that big. I spread my legs apart and bared down. That moved it a little but not by much. By this time I heard the patio door open I said great I have a turd halfway out of my ass so I can't get up to close and lock the door, I yelled out John is that you. He replies yes. I said come here and close your eyes. So he walks down towards the bathroom with his hands out feeling the wall so he wouldn't hurt himself. He gets to the bathroom and the smell strikes him. He said what the heck is that, he starts to open his eyes when I tell him no leave them closed. He said Alice are you taking a dump? I said yes and it's stuck. He said you need help? I said yes but I don't want you seeing me half naked on the toilet. He's like it's okay we're friends it won't change our relationship. I was a little hesitant at first but my stomach and everything felt like it was on fire so I said sure what the hell. He opened his eyes and stood behind me. He told me to lean forward and start pushing while he rubbed my back. So I did and nothing happened. He told me to sit back relax and he will rub my stomach. So I sat back legs were still spread. He sat on my legs facing me and rubbed my stomach. I just sat there and enjoyed the belly rub when I felt the turd sliding. I said John get up it's coming. John got up and stood over by the sink. I was looking between my legs at this point waiting for the ugly monster to show himself. SPLASHHHHHH the turd hit the water. One end of him was rested against the front of the bowl and the rest of him was straight into the hole. He was easily 8 pounds. The smell was getting to john so he left but he said if you need anything I'm just out by the door. I gave birth to two more turds the same size after he left. I peed some more and tried to flush but sadly they wouldn't go down. I asked john for a plunger and between the two of us we got them suckers down. I don't know what I ate but I'm never eating it again.


Reply to k about wiping

I wipe between my legs, reaching under and then pulling the paper forward and out to check it. I lift up slightly in the ball of my right foot to get a little room to reach in and under. It's all done easily in one motion.
I finish with a final swipe or two standing up, usually with one of those wet wipes. For that I do reach behind me.

John H
Hi all.
Midwest mom, hi I have some questions if you don't mind me asking? How old is your daughter and how long has she peed in her bed? Does she do it each day and what part of the day? Is it when she is in bed at night or during the daytime? Is her bed not wet when she sleeps on it and is there not a smell of pee in her room from this? Thanks.
Sarah hi. As you are a girl you could try wearing a long skirt or any kind of skirt for that matter. When you need to pee you just need to part your legs a bit to protect your shoes and let the pee go. Nobody will notice if you are in a big crowd and once you don't mind damp underwear it should work fine. You could even try this in the shower at home before hand to see if you like it. As for needing a poo at a concert I would just say to go before you get there and if you need to go during the show then just use a toilet. They can be dirty but better than having an accident. Let us know what you decide and how it turns out. Enjoy.
Take care all
John H


Italy story 3

Dear Victoria: I am so sorry, I keep you waiting long time for Italy story even you said you want read. Maybe you are angry very much.

By the way, yes I heard of Mariko Aoki phenomenon, it is famous in Japan. I can understand her feeling. Bookstore is nice place to do many motion.

I tell you story of Hisae's party (this is for everybody), but it is shame story for me little bit. I am unstable woman and I cry so easily.

So on day after we arrive Roma, we went to Japan-friendly restaurant near hotel, we had big party, lots of pasta and pizza and the Italian food, many salad too because we love vegetable. Italian tomatoes delicious really!!!

Next morning we all wake up with full stomach and intestine, it is very early but we are Japan time, so our body clock say, it is time to empty our intestine into loo. We have an hour and half before breakfast so we decide, all go together. I and Kazuko go to next room, it is Maho's and Hisae's. Loo is in bathroom, not so good for Japanese, but it is big space, so when one girl is busy on loo, two girls each side and other sit side of bathtub.

So Hisae sit on loo, and very soon, large motion come out quite high speed, break up maybe seven pieces. I look, it is so beautiful! Many people say Ewww about motion, but Hisae's bottom is beautiful and when motion come out is also beautiful, and I begin cry and cry!! 3 friends say, why you are crying Mina?? But I can't answer because too violent crying. Before I answer, Hisae drop second big motion, also break up and very soft, and I cry more. Hisae finish it seems, but stay on loo because of my crying. Finally I can answer, I say "so beautiful, I can't stop to cry!!" and cry more. Hisae bring my head to her side, Maho jump off bathtub side and squat by me. But after few more minutes I stop and take paper, there is no washlet in Italy loo, I have to wipe Hisae's bottom many times because very brown paper. Kazuko also wipe from other side of loo.

Everyone say, Mina next. I stop crying because I make efforts, so maybe good timing. I sit on loo and motion come out huge volume in few seconds, very high speed! So Maho flush at once! But I look, it is huge pile. Soon second pile, same size, same speed. Feel good but bit scary! Third pile and fourth pile are little bit smaller but still big so Maho flush. Then she touch my bottom with paper, and Hisae too, and it feel so good, and I cry again!! They wipe so softly and gentle! They love me!! Why bad silly Mina is so lucky girl??!!

Kazuko do even bigger pile and many times. She eat too much! But she never get fat because her beautiful bottom very very active. I still crying little bit but make efforts so not so much cry now. At end of her motion (it is 15 minutes) Kazuko is a strong diarrhoea, but she say she feel good. I try to wipe her very gentle touch. Lot of motion on paper, but I am happy because I and Maho can clean her very gentle and long time.

Maho's motion is hard one as usual, and she take long time. My turn to sit on side of bathtub, but when Maho say "coming out" I go to look. So beautiful this one too! But I stopped to cry, maybe no tears left in me. But twice I say "Maho" Maho" in little voice. Maho smile even she is serious face because push hard. I don't go to her every time, because she say "coming out" maybe seven times.

Then we take shower and ready for breakfast, we have one hour after finish motion, so not so hurry. Shower is quick because we had before night too.

Sorry Victoria, this story not so exciting, because same as our usual... but I hope you like.

Love to everyone.

Mina and MHK

Jasmin K

Poo Problems

I reacently read Job seekers post about being made to go to poo by Miss Clark at boarding school, I am familiar with being made to go but not at school by any teachers. That said when I was at school one of the PE teachers was sort of very understanding if you needed to go to the toilet in her lessons and would encourage you to go particularly if she knew you needed to poo.
If you went to Mrs Webb at the start of her PE lesson and said you had ???? ache she would quietly ask you " periods ? " If you said No she would ask "have you been on the toilet today for more than a wee "? Then she would establish if you were constipated or because you needed to go or were one of the routine ' sit on the toilet straining every morning untill you produce girls " who hadn't managed and wanted extra time etc. If you needed to do an urgent poo you got in first but for only 5 minutes or so then the conmstipated or trying to make yourself go would then be told to go in and told take as long as you need " there were 3 cubical so in the girls changing room and it was not unusual for all 3 to be occupied . Like you said Job seeker the straining bottom noises were recognisable as to where your neighbour was with their poo and the splash, plip or splart - the sound when bum mucous and farts come out during a hard strain - sounds after a long hard gnnnnerr told you what had come out. The toilets needed a special key to flush - so they couldn't be used to create a flood was what we were told - At the end of the lesson Mrs Webb would come in to tell you to change / go to the next class if you were still in there and would check each toilet to make sure you weren't taking advantage of her allowing you to be excused PE, in that she wanted to see evidence in the pot that you had used your time for its intended purpose IE there was poo in the toilet, or at least evidence you had been trying to poo.

XD you asked about how many days I got constipated for , it's hard to tell because when I was younger I had to go on the toilet each morning and sit there straining for at least 1/2 an hour or untill I pooed which ever was first. If I didn't do any on the morning I had to stay on the toilet after dinner untill I actually pooed and my mum said it was enough. If I said I'd done it at school it didn't count and I still had to sit there untill I did some more. Sometimes it would stick out of my bum but I couldn't push it out and my knickers would get really dirty. This happened most days at lower school which was ok so long as the teachers didn't find out and make me change. If I came home in different knickers and mine in a bag I got into serious trouble. if it had been like that for 3 days I got kept off school and had to keep going and trying. This was when my friend would sometimes help. After I was 12 I wasn't made to go every day so that's when I knew I got constipated and started going and trying to poo at school.
Now when me and my friend help,each other it's pressing on ???? , massage , pressing up on either side of your anus as you strain down and also what we find works now is pressing down in our vaginal with 2 or 3 fingers and pushing the poo down that way.
If you look at my older posts you will see references to helping others and being helped.

I did a big poo this morning., it was about 10 inches long knobbly and quite fat, made my eyes water coming out and I had to strain so very hard to keep it moving. I am meeting someone for food later so I got ready to go out and wanted to make myself poo again before going out so I've been sitting on the toilet straining really hard and writing this, ive done a few bum lubey mucous farts whilst straining and dropped a few hard poo pellets but holding this tablet is not helping. So I am gonna say bye for now so I can get down to some serious hard straining and use both hands to pull up under my thighs and alternate with pulling my cheeks apart, I've got a good hour before I have to go out and I want to really empty my self. I can manage going out with a sore bum and straining ???? ache but not that dull full poopoo feeling..
I will write some more another day and tell you about my big laxative accident at work - think that was the first or Maby second time I've used them and will be the last.

Jas K

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Garage

In my last post, I said the this would be the last alley pee. That was wrong. This is the next to last. In my walk home from school through the alley, there was a woman standing near the garages holding her crotch and looking bewildered. As soon as she saw me, she asked if there was anywhere a woman could urinate. She said she was about ready to piss in her pants. She was wearing shorts and a short skirt. All I could think of was an empty, unused, garage with a drain in it. It was just two garages away, so I took her to it. The side door was unlocked, so I led her in to show her where the drain the center. I expected her to ask me to wait outside while she peed, but she didn't. She ran over to the drain, pulled off her shorts and then panties. She straddled quickly across the drain, piss dripping from her pussy, bent backward slightly, and then let go of her urine into a torrent, breathing heavily as she urinated. Her aim into the drain was pretty good. After about 30 seconds, still going fast, she let out a sigh of relief. Now she thanked me for finding a place of relief, as she was only 15 second away from puddling the sidewalk. About another 30 seconds and she stopped, made a few more squirts, and finished. Neither she nor I had any paper for her to wipe her pussy, so she just shook her butt and put on her close. I never saw a woman with so much urine in her bladder..until then.


Question for Midwest Mom

It seems like a lot of kids pee in their rooms. I've noticed that, many times when removing carpet from a kid's room, there is a spot in the room where they pee. Commercial carpet hides the pee spot, but the padding below crumbles and gets stuck down to the wood floor. It doesn't smell, the foam padding just has to be scraped up.

Does your daughter usually pee on the bed during the night or some other time?

Does she go to the bathroom on the couch often?



Hi everyone, some comments first before a general update.
Natasha- great story about you and Emily having a poo, it sounded like she was pretty constipated! If I'm using the toilet with a friend I quite often stand up to wipe so my friend can get on the loo if she's desperate. Also I enjoyed your latest story about being desperate for a wee in the night, sounds like you literally only just made it on the loo in time!
Some girls did wear the sort of lacy knickers you described, especially as we got older, but I guess the reason I didn't see them that often underneath the cubicle partitions was because I would always use the English block loos as our sixth form loos were really gross, those toilets were open to the whole school so other girls who were on the loo at the same time as me were often quite a bit younger. Like you I didn't really fancy wearing that style of knickers and was also worried that they might not contain my frequent "log poking out" moments! Luckily all my close friends wore normal cotton knickers too so I never felt awkward about wearing the "wrong" kind of underwear, although like you said it was something I worried about, especially when I changed schools for sixth form. Actually the only time I did get that feeling was on a sleepover when I was 16 (at a girls house I didn't know that well) and alot of the other girls there were wearing skimpy lacy knickers, although thankfully there was another girl who had normal cotton pants on so it could have been worse! I know a lot of people view dark underwear as more practical, but if you wear light coloured knickers you can at least tell whether you've got any skidmarks out properly or not!
Imogen- sorry to hear you had to have a wee in a really dirty loo, hope you can post again soon.
31 year old male American- I do love the feeling of a big log stretching my bum as it comes out really slowly and I love having a good push, I just get annoyed if its hard and knobbly as well as being fat and then it tends to get sucked back up my bum and/ or get stuck, and then I have to strain really hard which is less fun! Glad you're enjoying my stories.
I haven't got anything much to report recently, I think I'm gradually getting less constipated as my last few poos have been somewhat easier to pass, and on average I'm having a poo every other day or at least once every three days. When I'm really constipated I can quite often go four or even five days between poos which is really bad and then I struggle alot when I'm actually trying to push my poo out. Tomorrow I'm away on a camping trip until the weekend, I'm sure I'll have some stories to post when I'm back!!


I used a porta potty!

To Anna - I really like the idea. I think it's because we're doing something so private, and in a place where we typically wouldn't do it, while being very close to each other and not hidden behind a door or a wall.

To Sarah - Good luck! Please let us know how you get on. In regards to having a poo, I always went in the morning and was fine for the rest of the day :) As long as you go before you want to make your way to the stage you'll be fine.

As mentioned in one of my recent posts, there was an event in my town this weekend and I really wanted to use a porta potty. Some people might say I'm strange for actually wanting to use one, but I've never done it before, and I love exploring bathrooms, and using new or unusual toilets. Well I went out on Saturday evening and made sure it happened!

This bike event is one of the biggest things ever to happen to my town and last year around 20,000 people arrived so I knew it would be busy. The town only has two blocks of public toilets, three if you include the supermarket so maybe 15-20 toilets total, for a few thousand people. Of course this would never work so there are porta potties scattered around for everyone to use. Still not enough, but it helps. I headed out on Saturday evening with a small urge to pee, knowing I wouldn't be able to wait until I got home again, and I hadn't had my evening poo yet either.

As expected, the town was packed but I still really enjoyed it. I quickly found the porta potties and made a mental note where they was, already seeing them being used. I had plenty of soda to drink and also had something to eat from the local Chinese takeaway while I was there, and after a few hours I knew I'd have to find a toilet, and quickly. I was starting to get desperate for a wee and began feeling a strong urge in my stomach too.

I was a little silly and didn't take into account just how long it would take me to get through the crowd again. It took me about 20 minutes to cover the same route I would be able to do in five on a normal day, but I still managed to make it with dry knickers. There was about five porta potties in a line and I chose the second from the right. I don't know why I picked that one but I was drawn to it, I knew that was the one I had to use. So even when others became free I waited in line for my choice to become free.

I had been waiting in line for about five minutes, my poo quickly becoming more urgent than my wee when the door to my porta potty opened and a curvy brunette about my age walked out. She smiled and said "Sorry to keep you waiting" as she walked past. I figured she must have had a poo because of how long i was waiting for, and the very strong smell of perfume more or less confirmed it for me. She had sprayed a lot of it to cover the smell. At least it was pleasant!

I closed the door behind me, double checking it was locked and then pulled my jeggings and g-string to my calves as I sat down. It actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but I didn't have any toilet paper. Luckily I had two packs of Kleenex in my bag so that wasn't really an issue. Although people were waiting outside for me to finish, I was still going to take my time and not rush things. There was four others for them to use if they needed to go that badly, and I'm sure there was others elsewhere in the town.

After a few seconds I quietly farted and gently opened up as my poo slowly pushed its way out of me. It was moving at a nice steady pace and felt lovely. Not too quick where it wasn't over in seconds so I couldn't properly enjoy it, but not so slow where I'd be sat on the toilet for ages. It broke off after about 10 seconds and the rest continued coming out, keeping myself stretched open. This too broke off and I kept going a little more, finishing with a small third piece. I gave a small push to see if I had any more to come but only farted a little louder than I would have liked!

I rummaged through my handbag on my lap to get some tissues and started peeing a really strong stream that hissed as it left my body. It felt incredible. I found the tissues and opened the packet then sat waiting for my stream to finish, wishing the feeling could last forever. It went on for ages before finally slowing to a halt. I used one tissue for between my legs, and a further four tissues for my behind, not too bad I guess.

I stood up and pulled up my g-string before squeezing myself back into the jeggings. It felt so strange not flushing! I spritzed some sanitizer on my hands, swung my handbag over my shoulder and left with a smile, so happy that I was able to try something new.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


First post on here so by way of brief intro I'm in my 30's and as the name suggests from Northern England

I have just returned from my first trip to a large airshow down south we stopped on a campsite which was basically just a farmers field with some showers and porta loos stuck on there, very basic.

As a lad could get away with having a pee in the bushes but when the time came for a poo I made my way over and took my seat, what was immediately noticeable was that you could here EVERYTHING from your neighbours, whilst I'm far from shy found it a bit difficult to get going knowing the person next to me could hear every detail and me of them. As the weekend went on and huge amounts of beer and basically junk food were consumed there were definitely some 'interesting' sounds to be heard.

Would love to know how someone shy of going in public would get on in such a situation


Peeing at concerts

Jenny, Andy, Taylor: Thank you for your replies :) If anyone else has tips about how to handle peeing in large concerts without losing your place, I'd like to hear them!

Also, if you really need to poop in a crowded concert and don't want to lose your place, what would you do?


my best friend helped me through my constipation

Hello. My name is Lavah (pronounced like "lava"). I'm a 21 year old woman who often struggles with constipation. This is my first time posting.
When I get constipated, I'm pretty open about it with my friends and family. My mom, sister, and some of my friends have helped me get my poop out several times when I couldn't do it on my own. My best friend, Rae, especially, as she struggles with constipation quite often as well. We've helped each other out on several occasions. This story is about the most recent time Rae had to help me poop. It happened about 3 weeks ago.

Rae had come over to my house one Friday night to hang out and have a sleepover. I live alone, so it was just the the 2 of us there. It had been over a week since the last time I'd pooped. Rae and I were watching Netflix in my bedroom when my stomach started hurting so I figured now would be a good time to try to poop. I excused myself to the bathroom that was next to my room. Once seated on the toilet, I began to push slightly. Nothing. I clenched my fists and tried a little harder. Still no luck. I could feel a huge turd right there ready to come out, but it wouldn't move. I decided to sit for a few minutes and see if it would move on its own. I must have gone off in thought for a bit. I heard Rae knock on the bathroom door after a while. "How are you doing, is it out yet?" she asked. "No," I replied, "it's not coming out." "You've been in there for ages... Are you okay?" asked Rae. I answered, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need some help." Rae opened the door and sat on the edge of the bathtub next to the toilet. She had me lean forward and started massaging my lower back. I moaned softly as she did this. "Does that hurt?" she asked, concerned. "No, it feels good," I said. "But my stomach hurts." Rae stood up and walked over to the sink. She rinsed her hands in really warm water then sat back on the tub. She leaned me back against the tank and began rubbing my stomach firmly with her now warm hands as I groaned and sighed. She told me to try pushing as she was rubbing. I grabbed onto the sides of the toilet seat and began to bear down. "nnhhhh ....... nnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh .......... NNNnnnhhhhh. Ahh!" I gasped as I felt the turd begin to emerge. It was smooth, but massive in diameter. It stopped moving once it was 3 or 4 inches out. It wouldn't come out the rest of the way but It didn't suck back in either. My butthole was in so much pain and I could feel my stomach muscles expanding and contracting painfully, desperately trying to dislodge this monster. "Oh! Ohh! Raaaeee! Owww!" I shouted. "What?! What is it?!" she asked. "Ohhh, it's coming out but it's stuuuuuck!!" Rae told me to focus on my breathing. I tried, but couldn't really comply. By this point, I was drenched in sweat and I could tell my face was bright red. Rae put one hand on my back just above my buttcrack and the other on my stomach just below my bellybutton and pushed hard in a slight downward motion. "Push, Lavah!" I grunted as hard as I could. "NNNNNNNN! ....... HHHHHMMMMMMM!!!! .......... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! .......... UUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHH!!!!!" Slowly the turd began to move. I moaned, groaned, and shouted as another 5 inches or so came out before it got stuck again. "Oooooohh ow! Rae, I can't do this!" "Is it out?" "NO, it's stuck again!!" "Are you okay??" "Nooo! It huuuurrrtsss!!" Rae told me to bend forward as far as I could and wrap my arms around my stomach. She reached back and spread my buttcheeks open with both hands. She started coaching me as I strained. "Come on, Lav, PUUUSH!" "UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!! IT HURTS!" "You can do it! Keep going!" "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHH!!!! IT'S MOVING! OHHHHHHH!!!!!" "It's almost out, don't stop!" I took a deep breath and pushed with all of my strength. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!" *SPLAAAAAASH* I nearly passed out from the pain as I felt the turd leave my rectum. I spread my legs to have a look. It was almost black in color and probably 10 to 12 inches long. It was one of the fattest turds I've ever produced! It was mostly the same length in diameter throughout the whole thing with a really thick, knobby bit at the end. Somehow, I managed to flush it on the first try. After several minutes of catching my breath and gaining the strength to stand, I took a cold shower to cool off and laid on my bed for a while with an ice pack under my butt while Rae massaged my stomach. That was probably one of the most painful poops I've ever had. Rae told me she thought she was going to have to call an ambulance it was so bad. I pooped two more times that night, but both times were much easier with much smaller turds. My butthole still hurt from the monster poop, but I didn't need Rae's help this time.

That does it for my first post! I really enjoy reading stories on here about people helping someone poop when they're constipated or vice versa. Keep them coming! I have plenty more stories similar to this one as well if anyone is interested in reading them.


To Optional Person

Optional Person:
It's my pleasure to share my wonderful dumps here and I'm glad you enjoyed it cause I know me and my friend did! It sounds like a cool idea to try sitting on the toilet backwards but my toilet is a one piece lowboy model and it's wide in the back so it would be rather uncomfortable to sit backwards on it. I have a black Kohler Rochelle toilet that I found used at a salvage yard. It has a really low profile and flushes dead silent. I fell in love with it and so I bought it and installed it in my hall bathroom where it also gets used by my guests and I get a lot of comments about the style and the quietness of the flush. It really makes it impossible to hide any pooping noises by flushing which is funny. It also has a contoured seat which is another reason why I and many of my friends have fallen in love with it. I love contoured seats because they are very comfortable and they actually spread my ass and my sphincter so my big bowl farts just blast and it feels so satisfying. My firmer logs like to slide out easier and it adds to the wonderful sensations in my anus when my shit is coming out. Thats really my favorite part of pooping is the feeling in my hole. Just another thing I really enjoy about my body.
I think I've always loved loose gassy poops because my Mom pooped the same way when I grew up and I saw her blow up the toilet many times, especially in public toilets when I was little and she would take me in the stall with her. I can remember when I was 4 we were shopping at the mall when she told me she needed to go poop so we headed for the ladies room. There were 2 rows of 8 stalls across from each other and we took the first one on the right. My Mom always took the first available stall. She locked the door and I stood in front of here while she pulled down her skirt and panties and sat on the black toilet seat. Immediately she let out a mixture of wet chunky shit that sounded really creamy with pockets of loud bowl popping farts. Mom never held anything back on the toilet because she said it's bad to hold your poop in or strain your muscles, heaven forbid somebody actually figures out that you take shits just like they do! She said it's important to relax your bowels and enjoy the poop cause it really does feel good. She spread her legs to open her anus more naturally and more wet chunkiness plopped into the much loved toilet she was sitting on. The smell was wafting up from between her legs and was pretty bad. A third time she exploded with a wave of real gassy gloppy shit that really splattered the toilet bowl. I watched between her legs as the brown shit sprayed out from her anus and just plastered the bowl! It sounded so cool! Mom was very graceful and shameless about it and I always liked that about her. I can recall many public shits like that when I was young and to this day when we use public stalls side by side. She felt done so she wiped about 4 times to get clean. She asked if I needed to go and I told her " I want to go poop". She stood up from the toilet seat and pulled her pants up. We shuffled around the stall and I pulled my pants down and sat on the nice warm seat and it felt good. I pushed and let out a big riping fart. I pushed again and pushed out a couple of solid shits about 6 inches long. I pushed slowly so as not to hurt muscles and the slow opening of my anus was lovely. I felt done after that so I wiped 3 times and got off the toilet to look at the products of our combined shits. That toilet was full! Luckily the powerful commercial toilet took the whole mess down but a lot of splatter remained in the bowl. I've always loved to poop in public toilets since those days of seeing my Mom poop in them.


Rear wiping vs. front wiping (after pooping)

Are there any males or females out there who wipe their butt hole from between the front between their legs?
I took a couple of dumps today. Neither of them were big, they just consisted of several small turds each dump. My last one was very nice. I sat on my nice comfortable toilet seat and kept a very gentle but firm pressure to inch my poop out at the slowest rate possible. I lost concentration a couple times and let my poop slide back in my hole so I pushed again. I wished my turds could have been a little bigger cause I like to hold them stuck in my hole for a while just to enjoy my stretched anus, warm from the poop. It's like a massaging inside my anus. I've been doing it more when I poop and it's just an awesome feeling!
Anyway, I've seen a few men wipe after a poop from the front between their legs. The first time I saw someone do that it was an instant turn on for some reason since you don't have to lift your butt cheeks and you can stay seated quite comfortably. I had tried this in the past but found it pretty awkward for a number of reasons. Being used to wiping in the back, I always leaned forward to wipe and I think I had a tendency to lean forward when I would try to wipe in the front which isn't quite right. I wanted to bend my elbow trying to insert my forearm under my crotch at a real flat angle. That really doesn't work very well because there is limited room between my legs and the toilet seat. I think I figured it out this evening though cause I gave it another try. I kept my back strait up, grabbed a wad of TP and stuck my forearm straight down beside my gentiles and bent my wrist back at a 90 degree angle to reach back to my anus and I was amazed how easy it was! I wiped in a back to front direction and it really felt like a good way to contain the messy area to a minimum whereas I think I smear it more wiping from behind in a front to back motion. I think I'm a front wiper for life after this! It's awesome!
A few notes. It's really comfortable to stay seated perfectly on the toilet while I wipe this way whereas to wipe from behind I lift my ass cheeks off the seat putting my weight on my mid thighs on the front of the seat. In contrast, to wipe from the front while seated, you are physically putting your hand below your crotch, inside the toilet bowl and below the seat. Your hand will be within an inch or two of the toilet water. This doesn't bother me on my toilet but some toilets may have less space over the water so you could get your hand wet of you're not careful. I really want to try out front wiping as much as I can everywhere I poop so I will take note as I used different toilets and report back later. A nice part of wiping inside the bowl is it makes it harder to accidentally smear the back of the toilet seat with poop from your wiping. It also makes it impossible to accidentally drop a wad of paper on the floor which happens to me once in a blue moon.
Another point is the shape of your toilet bowl. I have a round front toilet and an elongated toilet. I just about always use the elongated toilet because it's worlds more comfortable for a male anyway. I don't know if there's enough room in a round front toilet seat to stick my hand inside comfortably so I may have to try that in my round toilet to see.
A third concern on wiping your anus from between your legs is whether you are boy or girl. I'm a boy and I wiped this way in a back to front motion just because it felt like the best way to clean but I've heard more than a few girls mention that it is really not healthy for them to wipe from back to front because you risk spreading bacteria to the female parts up front. I haven't tried wiping front to back from between my legs yet so I'm not sure how easy that is. I wiped back to front just because it felt easier. If you have to wipe front to back, that might be easier to do reaching around to wipe instead.
The smell could be a little worse to because I've noticed while I poop that every time I look down between my legs I can smell my poop wafting up from between my legs. If I keep my legs together and wipe in the rear then most of the smell accumulates behind me as I sit. But I wanted see how much better it is or isn't to wipe from between my legs and I must say this was the first time It really felt great! I'm going to wipe this way as much as I can from mow on.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Urgent pee after nap

Hi everyone. Just woke up from my nap a short while ago (6:32 PM here right now) with my bladder absolutely full, feeling like it was going to burst, so I reached for my grey shorts next to me (I sleep in underwear and a t shirt since here is so hot, put them on and got out of bed and went to the WC. I shut the door, pulled down my shorts and pink and white undies and sat on the toilet where I relaxed. Within a few seconds my bladder released a heavy stream (oh what a relief!) and stopped within about 45 seconds. My bladder was thanking me. I wiped afterwards with a couple tissues, pulled up my shorts and underwear, put the tissues into the toilet and flushed. Afterwards I washed my hands and here I am. I feel better now.

I pooped once today first thing this morning. It was a semi-hard log, about 10 inches long. No poop after my coffee, water, etc which is strange.

Happy pooping and peeing!



The Elevator Ride

I'm a college freshman, and a dork, too! Ha.

Nah, really though, I am a bit of a nerd. You see, I think suspenders are the coolest thing ever and I wear them pretty much every day! I started college last fall, and I'm currently on summer term (trying to get ahead of class credits, I'm a double major in literature and journalism).

Anyway, I had a both hilarious and mortifying experience this last weekend. I live in the co-ed dorms on campus (sort of co-ed, each floor is split to girls and boys, or however you identify). Anyway, I'm on the top floor (5th).

It was the weekend and I had met up with some friends of mine and my roommate, Ashley. I was wearing these super cute high waisted khakis with a pink polo, and of course, suspenders! I met my friends at the mall, it's just a few blocks from campus, and we just kind of window shopped and hung out (and Ashley got me another pair of suspenders! Woot!).

So, we had some quick Mexican from the food court before we left. Ashley came with me back to campus and Taylor and Kyra headed back to their apartment. Ashley and I stopped at a park and got on the swings for a bit (because no matter how old you are, swinging is fun!).

By the time we left though I could tell I would need the toilet by the time we got back. I think it was the Mexican food...

It was only about another 5 blocks to campus, but halfway there I was getting desperate. Each and every step just made it worse. Unfortunately, the last stretch to campus is through an older neighborhood, so, no public toilets...

I asked Ashely to stop because I needed to stop or I was going to lose it! I stood there, next to a bench for the bus trying desperately not to fill my panties.

It was no use though, after a few moments I just felt this bad cramp and my body pushed without even thinking! I don't know why, but my body instinctively sat down immediately on the bench... Which was like the worst thing ever cause it made the mess so much worse. I immediately felt this icky soft serve poop go everywhere. And, to make matters that much worse, like I said, I was wearing khakis.

Ashley looked at me and asked if I was okay.

"Nope. I just pooped my pants!" (Ashley and I share everything...)

"Seriously?" She asked, she grabbed me and pulled me up, "don't sit in it!"

I asked her how bad it was... she said it would be impossible to hide. Greeeaaat... she snapped a pic on her phone and showed me... The stain was HUGE! There was no mistaking this dork just pooped her pants!

I started laughing. It was that or freak out and cry, but, I was with my best friend, so, that made things better.

"Lets get you back and cleaned up." Was what Ashley said next.

The next few blocks were kind of weird. I Just felt everything kind of moving around back there. I hadn't pooped my pants since junior high...

It seemed like it was pretty quiet back at the dorms... or so Ashley and I thought. The entry way into the dorm building is kind of a long, wide hallway. The first floor is all study rooms and common areas. About halfway across the entry way heading for the elevators this group of girls who live in the third floor must have walked in. Ashley and I didn't even notice them until one of them shouted and asked us to hold the elevators.

The thing is, these elevators are old, and really slow.

The come running in and Ashley and I kind of just tried to ignore them but they keot giggling and kind of glancing at me. I'm sure they had seen my back side, and my suspicions would be confirmed in a few moments...

So, they get of on the third floor, but, the doors on the elevator take ages to close.

"Oh my God, she sh*t her pants!" I heard one of them say. "How do you sh*t yourself in college?" The last thing I heard was laughter.

When the door closed Ashley gave me a hug. I just started laughing. I think I was overwhelmed and I just had to let it out somehow.

"I think I'm a super dork now!" I said to Ashley, laughing. She laughed and said, "yeah... i think so." And snapped my suspenders...

What are you gonna do? You can get upset and hide or you can own it, even if that means owning the fact that you pooped yourself!

We got to our dorm room and I proceeded to take a long, hot shower and scrub myself clean. I got out and Ashley asked if I was feeling better...

"Never better!"

I jumped in a pair of my overalls and Asheley and I hung out in our room watching TV for the rest of the afternoon.

Taylor and Kyra came over later. Kyra immediately said, "big kids don't poop their pants!" I must have turned ten shades of red and we all laughed about it. Apparently Ashley sent the pic to them from her phone. We're all really good friends and I know they would never genuinely be mean about it, but I'm sure I'll get teased about it! Lol.

Aside from the girls on the elevator and my friends, I don't think anyone else saw. I'm sure they came rushing into the elevator strictly because they wanted a closer look. Why else would you get on an elevator knowing one of the people pooped themselves?

Oh well, I'm not gonna get stressed about it. It happened, and my friends were there for me.

When life gives you lemons, poop yourself!


My first post!

Hello all! I have been reading posts on this site for a very long time now. I love this site so much, it is my go to site when I'm on the toilet. I am currently 20 years old and I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I am around 5"6, and I weigh around 120 pounds.

Anna: Great story, I can relate to the feeling of needing a poo while working out. It happens to me almost every workout! I can usually hold it till the end but sometimes the urge is too strong and I have to stop mid workout and head to the toilets right away! I usually go during the evening so it is quite busy so I never get as much privacy as you did during your poop.

Now on to a quick story,

Back a few years ago when I was in highschool I always had to poop during 2nd block. So everyday I would have to ask whichever teacher I had to go to the bathroom so I could have my poop. They usually always let me go expect for one teacher. She would let me go sometimes but a lot of the times she made me hold it until lunch time. So one day I was sitting in her class and I started to get the urge to go. I decided to try and hold it because she was in the middle of teaching and I knew she wouldn't let me go. Gradually the urge got stronger and I started to become very uncomfortable so I built up the courage to ask her, and she said " no you can wait till lunch" so I replied with "it's an emergency" which was a little embarrassing to say. She still said no and said I can wait till lunch. So I tried my best too hold it. Too my surprise I managed to hold it till lunch, when the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and speed walked too the bathroom where there were already girls getting into stalls. I managed to grab a stall thankfully. Once I got in there I ripped down my leggings and thong and hovered over the toilet. I usually put toilet paper down on the seat but I couldn't hold it long enough to do that so I decided I would try and hover, I have fairly strong legs so I am able to hover for at least a minute while pushing before I have to stand up. As I was hovering I relaxed my myself, and my poop slowly began to slide out of me, it was such a good relief! It took about ten seconds for it too drop and it was huge! It made a big splash in the toilet, I wonder if my neighbours heard it. I am glad I was hovering or else I would've got toilet water all over my butt haha! I only had to wipe a few times before I was clean. I stood up and looked at the bowl and was scared too see if it would flush. Thankfully it made its way down with ease. I left the stall and washed my hands and left feeling super good!

So that it is my very first story, I hope you liked it! Bye bye for now!


My girlfriend's huge dump

Anna: I can totally relate, whenever I work out I always have to let loose farts during and after. It's pretty embarrassing, and I usually think everyone can tell it's me.

Victoria B: Shame about that guy not working out, he sounds like a real perv. And I'm glad you were able to hold your pee in!

Kung Poo: To answer your question, I've been trying to squat more when crapping lately, especially when going in public toilets. It feels like I'm almost exercising and it feels more natural. I really enjoy it.

As I've mentioned a few times before on this site, my girlfriend Katie and I are pretty committed nudists. If we're not hanging out in our apartment naked, we're usually at our local nudist camp. Kate is a volleyball player, who plays on both a local team and the nudist camp team. She loves doing it but says that after she plays she always has to take an urgent crap. This was exemplified in an extreme way last weekend. After spending a day relaxing at the camp, Katie wanted to wrap up our trip with a quick game of volleyball. She was super excited afterwards, because her side had won. After congratulating her teammates (and giving them playful slaps on their naked asses) Katie and I got dressed and began driving home.

As we chatted, I could see her begin to get a bit nervous and uncomfortable. She began fidgeting, which is usually a sign she's having some bathroom troubles. "Ben, I don't know if I'm going to make it home," she said while straining. "I'll stop at the next gas station I see," I promised her while speeding up a bit. "Ugghhh, why did I have that Philly cheesesteak for lunch?" she moaned. "Just hold on," I replied.

I screeched into a BP station, but the car hadn't even come to a complete stop before Katie jumped out and ran in, her brown ponytail bouncing behind her. It had been about five minutes, when suddenly I got a text message from Katie. It was a picture of a dirty looking toilet with a long brown, meaty turd in a U-shape in the bowl. You could barely see any water, it was so big. I had seen lots of Katie's turds before, and this one was definitely at least in the top 5 in terms of size and girth. I was impressed. After about another minute Katie came out with a satisfied smile on her face.

"I had to document that because I knew you wouldn't believe how big it was," she said. I could tell she was proud of that shit. "Sweetie," I replied, "if there's one thing I don't doubt about you, it's your ability to take a horse-sized dump." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and we headed home. I'm such a good boyfriend that I even soaped up and cleaned her ass hole when we took a shower together that night.

Happy pooping everyone!


First post

Hi everyone. I'm Allie and I've been lurking for a while but finally decided to jump in and post. All the talk lately of accidents and near accidents getting home from school made me finally decide to share a story, but I have more for sure! lol

I'm in my 30s now, but I can remember plenty of times coming home from school desperate for the bathroom and worried about not making it in time. Plenty of days I'd make it home with a damp crotch or skidmarks in back. You are not alone! I remember a few times when things got a little worse.

In middle school in 7th grade one afternoon I had to pee really bad but had to catch the bus and sat on my heel the whole way home and still leaked a little bit on the bus so that my panties were wet before I got off. I was wearing a skirt so nobody knew. I hurried off the bus and made it almost to my house before I lost it and peed all down my legs on the grass in my yard. Nobody saw and I hurried inside and threw the soaked panties in the wash and cleaned up.

In 9th grade I remember taking the bus home with a friend to spend the night one Friday and being desperate. We made it to the stop before hers before I lost the first spurt into my jeans. My friend encouraged me to keep holding it even though there was a wet spot about the size of baseball visible on my crotch already. We made it to her stop and I held my backpack in front of me and she walked close behind me getting off the bus to hide the wet spot. We got to her house but while she was unlocking the door I couldn't hold it anymore and completely soaked myself on her front porch. Thankfully I already had spare clothes and nobody else was home.

Another time I remember I think I was another year older getting home desperate to poop and it started pushing out on the bus. It was firm and the bus seat stopped it from pushing out further but it broke off so that part of it was in my panties and I had to sit there pretending I wasn't sitting on 1/4 turd the rest of the way, haha. A little more came out before I got into my house but most went into the toilet. Pretty bad skid marks, though, of course.

Worst of all was senior year driving myself home in my car after being at school all day and then work at my part time job and having to poop so bad. I was "turtle heading" bad in the car and had "touched cotton" a few times. I made it home to the driveway but as soon as I got out of the car I lost it and filled my panties with a giant solid poop that felt like it weight 10 pounds! To make it worse I then completely peed myself, right there in the garage. I had to walk inside past my parents and younger sister with obviously soaked khakis with a huge bulge on the butt. That was fun.

Anyway, enough for now!


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