What comes out is what comes in

Hey everyone I'm solo writing this, I just wanna tell you about this wonderful poop I'm having right now live , so I been home eating lots of things with chocolate and now I'm on the toilet, so I'm wearing nothing but my night shirt, Marcus and the kids went out. So here I'm peeing a good stream feel good, now I'm farting whoops I hear the echo, ok my hole open I feel it coming out slowly and solid rubbing my stomach gives some push it's a big fat one my hole open up more ok it's out what a monster I feel more I'm grunting oh wow this hurts like this one hard and solid it hurts I'm going try to wiggle it out I'm off the toilet I see it it's really long and dry it slowly moving one second, ok it's out but it made splash, I'm back sitting down I feel empty now well time to wipe till next time I see you again booty sore

Canadian Pooper: would love to hear the story about your friend

Evan:Wow that was a real close call there, you must have been real worried about a legit accident and a full white briefs. Was that the closest to a legit accident you have had?

Jimmy:That is really something when you got jarred after the jump that it made you go poop. Also that story about your friend is hilarious, would love to hear more


In a garden

One hot summer I was looking out of my bedroom window watching with binoculars a girl across the back lane, sunbathing in a two pieces, she was behind her tall garden wall between the cars and vans stored were, she could not be seen from the houses to her left or right, I was three floors up.
When she got up off her towel and walked to the house, I was watching her butt cheeks as she went to her back door, but found it locked, (the rest of her family must have gone out the front locking the door with her in the yard) so she then slowly walked back to her towel and sat back down.
After a short time she was looking around and stood back up, and went over in between two of the vans. As I watched more closely she squatted down and pull the crotch of her blue pants to one side and let out a jet of pee, landing in the gravel in front of her, when she was done she adjusted her pants and stood up, I could clearly see the wet patch on the gravel, she then kicked some dry gravel over it before returning to her towel.
I had to get ready for work and when I looked again she was gone.


Stacy's Dump

Wow Stacy, you made a poop mountain? That's amazing! Here's some good advice for you in the future should you want to hold your poop again. To avoid clogging the toilet to the point you have to physically throw away loads of poop, you can try flushing in between wich might work even while you're still going.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Had my post-coffee poop

Hi everyone. I just got back from using the WC (washroom). My stomach feels better now, especially since I've been keeping hydrated with plenty of water. So my body got a good clean out after breakfast and a giant travel mug of black coffee. It took me about 45 minutes to finish drinking my coffee (I don't drink, smoke or do drugs so coffee and chocolate are my only vices), and then about 20 minutes before I got the "urge". Once I did, I walked to the WC, closed the door, pulled down my black shorts and blue boy shorts underwear to around my ankles and sat where I relaxed and let it go. And oh man, what a relief. It felt so good and relieving to let my bowels empty. It wasn't diarrhea, but it was a fairly soft poop. It only took me about 5-7 minutes to go. When I felt like I was finished, I reached behind me and used a few tissues to wipe my bum well to avoid skidmarks then I stood up to check out what I did and to flush. There was a big pile of soft poop, surrounded by clear coloured pee and the pile of clumped up tissues. I pulled up my shorts and underwear and flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Now I'm getting rehydrated with plenty of water (as much as I'd like another coffee but I'm restraining myself) and writing this.

Happy pooping!



Reply to Sarah about going to concerts

I'd recommend trying to limit your fluid intake and visiting the bathroom before and making sure you fully empty your bladder. Having visited numerous concerts, I have had few problems with needing to pee. Usually it's so hot from dancing and crowded people that you sweat all you drink, of course depending on where you live :) If you are still worried, maybe try wearing some pads or even a diaper, or wearing some black jeans or shorts.


Response and a story for Canada Pooper

Hi Canada Pooper, I'd love to read about your friend pooping himself during a sleepover. Here's two poop pants stories that I haven't told before. I have more if you're interested.

Since my last story was one from when I was 12 I have some more from that same time. The first one I remember was when I got home from school and needed to do my after school poop. I had been holding it for about 30 minutes before school got out, then for the ride home, too.

When I got home I went to my room and got online instead of going to the bathroom. My mom even stuck her head in my bedroom door and told me to go to the bathroom, then to come downstairs for my snack and to do my homework at the kitchen table. But instead of going to the bathroom, I stayed online until she called me again for my snack.

I was on my way downstairs when I felt my poop log starting to make my butt hole open, so I stopped on the step and pushed. My whole load slid out of my butt really fast and filled my underwear, then I let out a fart behind it. When I knew I was finished I went to the kitchen and told my mom that I pooped my pants. After I got my pants changed I had my snack and did my homework, then I had to go to my room.

Another time when I was off school for summer vacation I pooped my pants two times in one day. The first time was after breakfast and I was supposed to be cleaning my room and I had to poop bad. I don't remember why but I know that earlier, I was thinking about pooping in my pants. So when I knew I had to go I decided that I was going to have my full poop in my pants. I was still in my ???? and I soaked them with pee when I was pooping.

Later on I had my after dinner poop in my pants on purpose. My mom and dad were watching tv and I remember going and standing in front of them and telling them that I was about to poop my pants. Then I turned so my butt was pointing at them and they were telling me not to do it. After I was done my dad took me to get cleaned up and then I had to go to time out in my room again.


First post and challenge

Hello everyone!
I have been lurking on this site for a few months now and have finally decided to post. I am 18 years old from the UK. I have just finished school and am starting university in September.

I have set my self a challenge to not poop for a week because I am curious to see what will happen. I have eaten a large takeaway and nandos in the past few days so the challenge wont be easy !

Will post again with the result :)

Some Guy

Lending a Helping Hand

Hey, everyone!

I thought I would share a bathroom experience I had today, especially since it's a little different (well, at least for me!). I was going to the bathroom at Target...this is a different one than I've been posting about, although I mentioned this one back on Page 2562. It's set up the same way as the other one I've posted about...two urinals, then the two stalls...the regular one first, then the handicapped one. But this bathroom's setup is flipped, if that makes sense. Anyway, both of the stalls were vacant, so I opted for the handicapped one. I went in, closed and locked the door (which took a minute...had to be sure it wasn't going to pop open on me!), pulled down my pants and underwear, and took a seat on the toilet. Within a minute, I started pooping. It was a nice feeling of relief. Anyway, I am still sitting on the toilet after a few minutes when I hear the bathroom door open. With the way the stalls are set up, the opening/gap between the door and the divider is in front of the toilet. It's not an oversized gap, but you can see someone outside of the stall. And, if someone looks in, they can see you on the toilet, too...which really doesn't bother me, as long as they can't see my penis. Through the gap, I see a 5 year old boy wearing shorts pass by my stall. Since I didn't see him look through the gap, and there are only a couple sinks and a trash can in front of the stall, I wasn't sure what he was doing...maybe throwing something away. He passes by again, and I figure he was going to go into the regular stall to my left. He didn't. A few seconds later, I see him pass by again. But he doesn't peek in on me. He goes by again, and again, I think he's going to take the other stall. I figure out that he is going from one side of the bathroom to the other, and he's waiting for my stall. Just two problems with that...I am still pooping, and this toilet might be a little too high for him. Again he passes by my stall, and isn't peeking in on me. So, after about the fifth or sixth time, I decide to talk to him to see if maybe he needed help...even though I'm sitting on the toilet, pants and underwear at my ankles. "What's up, you need something?" He responds, "I have to go to the bathroom, but the other one's locked." "It's locked?" I ask him. "Yeah." I tell him, "OK...let me see if I can help you." Luckily, I was at a point that I could hold my poop for a moment. I stand up, and reach my hand over the top of the divider to see if I could push the door open for him. That didn't work. I quickly pull up my underwear and pants, flush my toilet, and head out to help my little friend. I see him standing there. I smile at him, and pull on the other stall door. It comes right open. It wasn't really was closed all the way, and there wasn't a handle for him to pull on. I don't think he looked to see if anyone was in there. I hold the door open so that he could go in. Once he's in, I close his door and go back to my stall to finish my poop. As I take my (warm!) seat, I hear my friend lift the lid so that he could pee. When he was done, he flushed his toilet, put the lid back down, and went out to wash his hands. A couple minutes later, I was finished with my poop, so I stand up, wipe, pull up my clothing, flush, and wash my hands.

Well, that's my story for today...something a little different! I am glad it was an easy fix for my little friend today.

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy

Victoria B.

Two near misses

I had a couple of close calls in the past few days and I thought I'd write about them here.

The first one happened earlier this afternoon. I was out for a run on a network of trails in town when I was confronted by an overwhelming urge for a pee. I'm not exactly shy about going at the side of a trail when the need strikes, but this was a little different. For the first part, I was on a trail within city limits and second, it was smack in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight! The trail goes around a local performing/visual arts center and I thought I'd be able to pop in there for a quick pee. My hopes were dashed at the sight of a sign hanging on the front door. There, on the very barrier between the stagnant air of a Midwestern summer afternoon and the prospect of an air-conditioned date between my sweaty buns and the nearest toilet, it said CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

Three famous last words. I, thanks to the recent removal of bathroom facilities in the park along my way, had no choice at that point but to sprint the last mile or so between the art center and my house. I made it though!

The second has to do with my personal life. I met the guy who ran into me mid-poop for coffee and I can safely say it was for the first and only time. He was certainly nice to look at, but there was so little chemistry that we might as well have been from different planets. He was not into my nerdy girl vibe (even though my glasses are apparently "hot") and probably assumed that getting me to drop my panties was going to be easy after he saw them down the first time we met. Fat chance! Sorry to disappoint you Anna, Becc, and everybody else who wrote to me about how excited they were. It just wasn't happening.


Hello everyone. Yesterday I went round to my friend Emily's. We ate a huge lunch, and I was so full after that my stomach hurt. Emily said she felt really full too. We went to lay down and chatted for a while until we felt better. About an hour later, Emily said she was dying for a poo. I was feeling a bit of a need to poo too. We went off to the bathroom together.

Emily pulled down her shorts to her knees and sat on the toilet. She weed a little and then I could tell she was bearing down. She let out a long and loud fart. She blushed a little. Over the next several minutes, we kept on chatting in between her pushing and grunting. I knew this was a difficult poo for her. She said "Sorry, I haven't been for a poo in a while. It's very hard to push out." I told her not to worry, saying I knew all too well about constipation.

After she'd been sitting for maybe half an hour, my own need to poo was growing quite strong. I asked her, "Erm, are you almost done? Only I really have to poo now too." She responded, "I'll try to be quick, give me a few more minutes." She kept on pushing. Finally, she said it was out. She said she'd wipe standing up so I could go. She got off the toilet without flushing, and I saw an absolutely massive poo in the pan! It was one solid, fat log, all coiled up, and it filled the pan. I sat down and then reached back to flush. Emily was clearly embarrassed and said, "Oops, sorry, I forgot to flush."

I started with a long, powerful wee, and then I started pooing. I kept my legs open so Emily could toss the loo roll in the toilet as she wiped. I let out a total of six big poos that made loud splashes, and I was done in just a couple of minutes. I finished and wiped and flushed. I noticed Emily still hadn't pulled up her shorts, and she sat on the toilet again as I went to wash my hands. She explained, "I, uh, actually wasn't done before." This part of her poo seemed to come much easier, as she gave just one big push at the beginning and then I could hear her poo crackling loudly, even over the refilling of the toilet.

There were three or four splashes with small pauses in between, as her poo fell into the toilet. Then she wiped again, flushed, and also went to wash her hands. She told me "Ohh, I feel loads better to have done that big poo." I said "I'll bet."

Okay, so that's my story. Bye for now!



I'm wondering if any of you as kids, or as adults now ever enjoyed farting. While online, I sometimes look at things that fart. I found a farting Santa that I think farts while telling a christmas story, and a farting Barac Obamma doll that toots when you pull his finger. I even found talking toilet paper dispensers, too.. For anyone who's interested, I found these on Amazon.And guess what? I got the new Furby Connect not just because of it's updated technology, but also because it just loves farting as well as burping. Such hilarious, gross fun.


my second buddy dump this summer

This week I went on a three day backpacking trip with my friends Amber and Danielle on the West Coast. On the second day we met a couple who was hiking the trail in the same direction as us, Ben and Lara. Lara was maybe 30 years old, with auburn hair she kept in a bun, tall and very fit. Ben was maybe a few years older with dark hair, very cute and just as fit. I have to admit that I snuk more than a few peeks at him when we were all hanging out at the beach in our swimsuits and I noticed Amber and Danielle did too, haha. Anyway, the two of the were super nice, laidback and very natural.

During the trip I didn't go for a number two until the third morning when I woke up in the tent urgently needing the toilet. I put on my jacket and hiking boots and when I got out of the tent Lara was sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee. She smiled and then asked in a low voice, "do you need to go?". I bet she had seen the roll of tp in my hand. I told her yes and she was like, "me too, can I come?" I hesitated for a moment. Like I said, I actually needed to do both things and after two days of hiking had what felt like a massive load knocking urgently at my backdoor. But Lara had been so sweet and laidback the day before that I figured she probably wouldn't mind, so I said, "sure" and off we went into the bushes. It was pretty cold that early in the morning and we were both wearing down jackets, Lara a blue one and mine was red. I was also wearing a blue touque, or a knit hat for non-Canadians, and grey yoga pants. After a few moments Lara turned around and asked, "is this a good spot?" I nodded and then she immediately pulled her black leggins and black string down to her knees and squatted down to do her business. I did the same thing and we both peed. My bladder was bursting from the night and I think Lara's was too since both of us had big, hissing streams spraying into the dirt. We were squatting low to the ground, but Lara was sticking her bum out quite a bit so that her pee was coming out more to the back and forming a little puddle behind her, while I was going between my hiking boots. After maybe half a minute of relieving her bladder, Lara's pee slowed down to a trickle. She didn't get up but instead shifted around a bit and then started to make little grunting noises. I could see her bumhole open and then somehow it was doming out a lot from her pushing and then a brown turd appeared and started to slide out. It was smooth, sort of medium size and when it was hanging out about six inches or so it broke off and dropped to the ground with a small thud. Lara immediately followed her log with a long but fairly quiet fart and then her backdoor opened up again as she continued to push. Meanwhile I was also pooing with a much bigger log stretching my backdoor and sliding out between my ???? cheeks. It quickly reached the ground and I needed to lift my bum up a bit to make room while my long turd curled up on the ground behind my legs. Finally it dropped off and I let out a big sigh of relief. Lara was now in the middle of pushing out her second turd which was about the same size as her first. She was also peeing a bit again and small trickles were coming of her bumcheeks and running down her poo. Then the log dropped off, Lara quietly exclaimed, "done!" and started to wipe with the paper she had brought. She only needed a few sheets and then quickly pulled up her string and leggins. I wasn't done yet and was still pushing out poo with a second big turd hanging from my behind. Lara stuck around and was now chatting about the upcoming hike for the day in a low voice. I didn't really look at what she was doing, and I guess she was probably looking the other way while I was finishing my number two, but she definitely would have gotten a good view of me pooing had she wanted to. I don't really know if she looked, to be honest. Anyway, after three poos I finally felt empty and was ready to take out my tp. I cleaned up my front and then did my backdoor. I gave my cheeks and my bumhole a few good wipes and then pulled up my string and pants. We both covered our piles with dirt. Lara's was two medium sized healthy looking turds. Mine was like three times the size of hers with two long, fat logs all curled up and then a smaller one and tons of dirty tp on top. There was a good poop smell in the air as well. All throughout we kept chatting and then we quietly walked back to the campsite. I felt very relieved and I bet Lara did, too.

We completed our hike that morning and then said goodbye to Ben and Lara at the parking lot. It was great fun and I thought it was kinda neat to have a second buddy dump this summer. I hope you all enjoyed my story.

Canada pooper

Was wondering if jimmy has more accidents or non accidents

Was wondering if jimmy has more accidents or non accidents To share and if anyone wants to hear the story about my friend pooped himself during a sleepover?

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Having poop after morning coffee

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet about 45 minutes after finishing breakfast (with a big mug of black coffee and a bottle of water). And I'm pooping. Bit more pee came out and I feel more in my stomach moving so I know more needs out. A few minutes ago soft poop was crackling out and falling into the toilet. My black shorts and pink and white patterned undies are around my ankles, above my sandalled feet. Peeing a bit more, but feels like I'm done. Let me put my phone down so I can wipe. Had to take a few tissues to wipe to avoid skidmarks in my underwear. It wasn't really a log, but it wasn't really a pile of soft stuff, it was something in the middle. I pulled up my shorts & undies and flushed the toilet and washed my hands. And now I'm in the bedroom finishing writing this, going to rehydrate and finish sweeping the floor.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan


Biggest poop of my life

I'm a 15 year old girl and I took the biggest poop of my life earlier today. My parents are on vacation for like a month, leaving me home alone. So I decided to experiment with holding my poop to see how big I could go. I'd heard about fiber powders and how they make your poop bigger, so I went out and bought some Benefiber. Everyday I ate like a horse and I took the Benefiber everyday and just held my poop as long as I could. For the first couple of days I took the amount it said to take. After 2 days, I really had to poop, but I wanted to keep holding.

Surprisingly, the first days were the hardest and lots of very intense urges, but after the fifth day, even though I was still taking the Benefiber, I basically stopped feeling the need to go. Occasionally I'd feel a minor urge but they would always pass in less than five minutes and was easy to ignore. I decided to take more Benefiber just to see what would happen. Several more days went by and I was still holding it in.

Each day I was noticing my stomach was hurting a little more and I could eat a little less. After two full weeks of holding, my stomach was just incredibly aching all the time and I could barely eat anymore. I knew I desperately needed to get all of this poop out of me, even though I still wasn't feeling any of the familiar urges. I tried going to the toilet and sitting for like several minutes and then I started pushing hard for some more minutes. But nothing came out except a few small farts. All the holding had definitely constipated me bad.

I took a double dose of a laxative and a stool softener and waited for it to take effect. I waited about 15 minutes and took another dose of the laxative and another stool softener. I went back to sit on the toilet and just read a book while I waited. Finally, like 20 minutes later, the laxative started working and I felt the absolutely strongest urge to poop I've EVER felt. I was glad I was already on the toilet because I just let it go immediately.

Thick but kinda soft logs started coming out of my butt at rapid speeds. I was making a cacophony of plops and splashes for a while. I kept pooping more and more, even as the poop started making weird splatting sounds as it hit the already huge pile of poop underneath me. I looked between my legs and saw my humongous pile covered all of the water and I was still going. My stomach was feeling so much better and hurting a lot less, but I knew I wasn't even close to done pooping.

I kept on pooping more and more until I realized the pile had actually risen above the toilet seat and it was touching my butt. I got into a kind of hover to keep going. I saw that my poop formed a mountain, with a wide base that covered almost all of the available space in the toilet and then the main part was in the center of the bowl and piling high. The last few logs came out of my butt and rolled down the sides of my poop mountain. I thought I was done, but I felt a big rumble in my stomach and some soft serve type poop, almost like chocolate ice cream but way smellier started oozing out. This continued for probably at least two minutes and then I finally was done for real. The toilet was already packed just with my poop so I went to the bathroom off my parents' room to wipe. It was a messy clean up job.

Then I returned to the main bathroom to unblock the toilet. It was kinda gross, but I figured the best way to do it was just to put on rubber gloves and manually remove the poop. I got two big trash bags and put one inside the other and started putting my poop in the bag. When I got down to when I thought the toilet might flush, I tried it. I was wrong but luckily the flush just failed to clear the poop and the toilet didn't overflow. I scooped out a bit more poop into the bag and tried to flush again. Then with a lot of plunging and about six more flushes, I got it to go down. I used the toilet brush to clear all of the skid marks I'd left all over the bowl and flushed one more time. Then I still had to deal with the trash bag that was probably a third full of my poop. I tied it up and took it out with the rest of the trash.


Stress Pooing

Keenyo- Welcome to the site! I'm looking forward to reading other stories you have. That was a great intro, I would love to have the bravado of that woman and do something like that. You mentioned that the car was 'an old soviet-made' one so, if I may, can I ask where are you from?

Optional Person- Just above the place where you write posts to be submitted there's a search box and after entering a search the next page gives options to narrow it down by name of the title of the post.

Anne T- I agree that it's adventurous experience to use portable toilets. I've too had the situation where once the loo roll had been used up but unlike you I didn't have some tissues to wipe with, which was rather annoying as I had just had a poo.

James- I think some of it's down to how flying makes people nervous and that in turn speeds up their urinary and digestive systems. I've certainly have had that happen to me. In fact it's actually what solved my constipation that I had in New York due to the different food and the time difference throwing of my normal pattern. The first bowel movement that I had had in four days was in Newark Airport after hearing that my flight had been delayed which got me really anxious.

This week has been the last of the uni semester for me and as such I've had an exam on Thursday and one on Friday (today). The low key stress of this has certainly affected my bowels. On Wednesday I had four separate bowel movements and yesterday I was really gassy. Today just before I left my flat for the exam I tried to have a poo but I couldn't produce anything. As I was pulling up my grey pants and green shorts I thought that maybe I might be able to go after the exam. Sure enough as I was filling in the last half of the paper the pressure was increasing on my back door. As I was leaving the exam hall I knew that the first order of business had to be to open my bowels but as I couldn't see where the loo's were in that building I left and walked towards the next building where luckily enough I knew exactly where the loo's were. Inside I turned the corner and saw the door to the ladies on the left hand side and a brunette coming out of it. We passed each other as I walked to the door and pushed it open. Entering the bathroom I was greeted by a heavy odour of poo which was not unpleasant, to the contrary it smelt quite 'healthy' if that makes sense? Going into the first cubical I instantly saw that the bowl had a heavy skid mark of light brown colour. Hanging my bag on the hook on the door I stood with my back to the toilet and undid my shorts and slid them down to my knees. Then came down my pants. Sitting on the white seat I first had a relieving pee before getting started on my main reason for visiting. Slowey my bumhole opened and a log started to make its way out. The tip instantly broke off and made a small 'plip' into the water. The log continued to emerge at a snail's pace which gave me chance to absorb the agreeable feeling of my hole being stretched open. Finally the log broke in half and splashed into the bowl. The other half speed up and second later that too plopped into the bowl. I still felt there was more to come so I got my phone out of my short pocket and had been messing around on it for a couple of minutes as another turd left me. Just then the bathroom door crashed open and a girl literally ran into the next cubical and slammed the door shut. The next thing I heard was the sounbd of four or five within the space of two seconds. Then an exclaimed of "phew". The girl must have been extremely desperate! Within second there was a further volley of loose poo. And then another. It sounded like it was tumbling out of her. I sat there feeling really sympathetic towards her. After wiping a few times, flushing and washing her hands she left. I had been pushing out several small turds throughout this and continued to do so for a few minutes more. Finally feeling empty I stood up and looked backwards to the bowl where I saw my medium brown turds collecting at the bottom. Grabbing some loo roll I scrunched it up and ran it down in between my bum cheeks. Dropping it into the water I repeated the process twice over until I was clean and the paper was over the water level. I then got redressed and pushed own the handle to work the flush. Unlocking the cubical door I walked over to the sinks and washed my hands while taking a look at my hair which had started to go limp in the unreasonably hot weather even though it was only half ten. As I left the building I felt much better and ready to begin my summer.

I'm going back to see my parents for the next few weeks and I've had trouble posting there before so the next time you hear from me might be at the end of the month.

Keep well everyone



Saw corn in my poop!

Hello everyone!

kmd: Thank you for your comment. I never noticed producing bigger poops after eating Indian food though. I might be weird? Actually, I think fiber has no influence on my digestive at all. What is sure is that my co-worker had to go badly that day, because it was the only time I could smell anything after she used the washroom. Pooping at work is anything but popular, or at least I never notice it.

Some guys here mentioned they can see corn hulls in their poop. I eat lots of corn, especially as salad. However, I had never seen corn remains until last week. Last Saturday, I went out with some friends and had a really good time, lots of beers and a quesadilla. The quesadilla didn't contain that much corn - a few tablespoons at most, I'd say. Nevertheless, I spotted it again on Sunday! Okay, that's a pretty gross topic but I suppose it is okay on this site. If you're grossed out, please let me know and I'll never mention such a thing again.

Anyway, I slept in on Sunday because I had had a rather harsh week. I woke up feeling lazy, had my morning pee and then breakfast: toasts, avocado and a chia pudding with strawberries. I wasn't even done eating as my belly started rumbling. I also farted a few times, those airy farts that were getting smellier. Even though I was alone, I wanted to finish eating before hitting the bathroom. I suppose this is just a politeness concept deeply rooted within myself. As soon as I had eaten the last spoonful of the pudding, I grabbed a magazine that was laying around and made my way to my lovely bathroom. I lowered my pajama pants and my panties and seated my ass on the bowl. Immediately, I farted again and the first log started emerging effortlessly. It fell into the water, I farted yet another time and expelled two more short and slim logs: they flew right into the toilet! By then, I felt done already but I wanted to read my magazine. I did so for a few minutes, then wiped and stood up. This is when a had a look at my production, which was only partially covered: indeed, there where a dozen yellowish corn seeds in my turds! I also noticed their color was slightly lighter than usual and the stench stronger. I had heard of it but it came as a surprise to me that I was also affected.

Very relieved, I flushed this gross mess (which didn't leave any skidmarks as it wasn't that large), washed my hand and jumped under the shower. Then I enjoyed a restful Sunday.

Lots of love & take care,



First story

Hey guys, I've been reading for a while and decided to post a story of my own finally. I've always had problems/been interested in bathroom stuff. So anyway here's the story: I was in high school when this happened. It was the last day of the semester and I was excited to start my winter break. I woke up at 6 and after eating breakfast I realized my car was frozen over completely. I needed to use the bathroom at this point but I couldn't be late to my semester final so I had to clear off my car and leave without relieving myself. Since the roads were bad from snow I arrived a bit late to school and barely made it in time to take the final. As I was taking it, I was desperate, I was almost going to have an accident by the time I turned it in. Then when I basically sprinted out in the hallway to use the restroom I found the line to be out the door because everyone finished the final at the same time. I only had one final that day so I could leave and go home after it but I knew I wouldn't make it so I got in line. 5 minutes passed and I was almost to the entrance of the bathroom. Suddenly I started letting out little spurts of pee on myself. I was wearing dark jeans so it wasn't too obvious but I couldn't stop. Then my stomach turned, I felt so sick, my body started forcing poop into my jeans. I managed to stop it but I knew I couldn't wait any more. I ran back into the classroom and grabbed my bag and ran towards the front doors. The whole way I was letting out more and more. Finally I reached my car, I didn't want to mess up my seats so I layed down plastic bags over them. I could feel myself blushing as I stood next to my car looking around to make sure nobody was there. Once I felt sure I nobody was looking I stopped holding it and let go. It was a weird feeling peeing myself so much that even my shoes were soaked and there was a puddle around my feet. Then I let my bowels go and that was it. There I was in my high school parking lot going to the bathroom in my pants. Well anyway, I carefully sat down and drove home. Cleaning up was horrible.

That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed reading it and let me know if you want to hear about more stories.



One morning

Early one light morning as I was getting ready to go to work. I was looking out of my bedroom window towards the back of the houses opposite, when I saw the daughter come out of there kitchen door and go down the outside steps into there yard, then going over to there outside toilet. She had on a night dress, she opened the toilet door and went in, turned her back to the toilet and lifted up her dress and sat down on the pan. A few moments later she stood up and whipped, giving me a long flash of her dark bush before dropping her dress and pulling the flush chain then going back up the steps and indoors.
I guess her father has in the bathroom getting ready for work, he worked at the same place that I did.

Chris O

Fireworks from the bum

My girlfriend and I had been dating about a year. Were both in our mid 30s. Im white and she is asian. Shes very open about pooping and every time she goes she announces she has to go. She goes using the door open often and several times has pooped while im in the shower.

Yesterday we went to another towns fireworks show with friends. We had been eating and drinking all day. As soon as we arrived, via uber, to the downtown fireworks area, she looked at me and said "I think i need to poop". We both thought this was a bad time and place to do so. She agreed it wasnt that bad and she could hold it, thinking it would go away.

I had forgotten about the statement and the rest of the night we just hung around had a few beers and did the fireworks thing. About two hours later as soon as the fireworks ended, she looked at me seriously and said "Babe, i need to sit on a toilet". There could not have been a worse time to find a toilet for her. The portapottie lines were 6 or 7 deep. We hit up 3 different venues and you could barely walk in the place and the lines were terrible. I elected to pay 5x for an uber so we could get home for her. It's about a 15 minute ride.

We were waiting a few blocks away from the busy area and the uber said 12 mins but i knew it would be a while with traffic. She held my hand and said "come watch out for me, i cant hold it anymore". we jogged over to two dumpsters on the side of an apt building with trees behind us. i looked out between the dumpsters and between them, directly behind me she lifted her dress and took her underwear completely off. she squatted facing me and let out a very violent, loud stream of watery and soft poop. With me she doesnt care so then she starts sighing with relief, grunting, and farting wet farts loudly. "My stomach hurts" as she continued this for about 3 or 4 minutes. She finished and used her wipes she keeps in her purse and threw her thong underwear in there too.

About 40 mins later we finally made it home where she immediately sat on the toilet. I been holding my piss in this entire time so I peed in the shower while she let out the rest of her diarrhea.

Imogen - I agree with what you said about school toilets. Seeing what some others have posted, I realize the toilets at my school were quite good by comparison, although still terrible. Others described cubicles with doors that don't lock or without doors at all, and I never experienced that, thankfully.

Abbie - Yeah, I'm not embarrassed telling my friends if I need to wee or poo but I'm not that open with someone I don't really know. I also recall times at secondary school when I'd overhear girls in the queue whispering to their friends about what they needed.

Now that the comments are out of the way, hi everyone else. At the weekend, I went to a music festival. There were events on both Saturday and Sunday. But nothing really interesting, toilet-wise happened on Saturday. The festival started later in the day and I had to wee during the festival and again just before leaving. Both times I used a portaloo and luckily managed to get one that didn't stink too bad.

But I have a story from Sunday. It started earlier, so I ended up having to poo whilst I was there. I went off towards the portaloos. There was a long row of them and each one has a sign on it showing if someone's in there or not. I found them all in use except one, but when I opened the door, there was a girl who looked a few years older than me sitting there. She had her pastel pink skirt and red spotty knickers all the way down round her ankles and she was reading a magazine, leaving no doubt she was doing a poo. She shrieked in surprise and I immediately apologized and closed the door. I felt bad about accidentally putting her on full display for anyone walking by, but I had no way of knowing she was in there - she'd forgotten to lock the door so the sign told me the portaloo was available. After that, the sign very quickly switched over to occupied as the girl properly locked it.

I waited for one of the portaloos to open up. I was hoping it would open soon as I was starting to get quite desperate for a poo by then. A few minutes later, another one of the portaloos opened up. I was glad it wasn't the one from before, as that'd have been awkward. Anyway, a man came out and I went in. It stunk pretty bad in there, but I had to poo far too bad to care. Remembering my experience with the girl, I sat down and made sure I locked the door before I pulled down my orange pleated skirt and black knickers. I was bursting by that point and I started weeing and pooing immediately. I was glad it seemed like this would be a quick poo, to limit the time I'd spent in the smelly portaloo. It already stunk before I started pooing and I certainly wasn't helping it any.

I weed for what felt like a long time as it was hot on Sunday and I'd been drinking a lot of water, and I let out eight or nine good sized poos one after the other. When I finished, I began to wipe myself. Surprisingly, the portaloos at this festival had really good loo roll, compared to some festivals I've gone to before. I wiped my front once and my back three times, then pulled up and used the hand sanitiser before leaving the portaloo and returning to the festival.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll post again in a few days probably.


Pooping with a buddy

So a while back we had a game night/gathering at our house. At the end of the night we always make the offer to anyone who doesn't feel up to driving home to stay the night, as we have a good amount of guest space. Most of our guests were fine, however our friend Kayley decided she'd rather just chill and spend the night. We said our goodnights and Kayley retired to our spare room.
The next morning, I arose from our bed and headed out into the hallway towards our bathroom. I no sooner turned into the door than what did I see but Kayley perched on the toilet! Now Kayley was a good friend and all, but I have to admit I had never seen her plopped down on the toilet. I felt a little embarrassed, but her cheerful smile and "hey, good morning!" quickly relieved my fears. "That was a great time last night!" She said, as I heard a loud crackling from her behind, and several noisy "sploosh sploosh splooshes!" From the toilet bowl. "No worries, I'll be done in a minute if you need it" she said. " I just have a little more to go".
Kayley bore down and giggled as she blasted out a fart, then her final plop landed with a splash. I myself at this time felt that pleasant full reminder that my morning dump was at hand so I waited patiently as Kayley wiped her bottom. She finished and arose, and I quickly seated myself as she proceeded to the sink to wash her hands. The prospect of this buddy dump intrigued me and I quickly got to work pushing out my poop. I had several nice plops while Kayley was still next to me at the sink, and I was in the midst of pushing out my final big log as she finished. She smiled at me and said "see you in a minute, I'll go start breakfast!" I finished and wiped and went on my way. All in all a fun experience!

Comments....I haven't been on here in a while, but wanted to say to Victoria B. That I loved your running buddy poop story. As a runner myself, I have taken countless poops in front of fellow runners. Sometimes a friend that I was literally sharing my wipes with, sometimes a surprise stranger. I do have to say, the feeling of exposing oneself and pooping in front of a member of the opposite sex has a unique intrigue. I guess just being open in front of each other in that situation is kind of exciting! Glad you had a good experience. I must admit whenever I have been in that situation, regardless of whether we have feigned that we were averting our eyes, I could obviously tell that we were watching each other poop! Hey, what the heck, its natural, and being open about a "taboo" thing is exciting!

I've lurked around this site for some time but finally got the nerve to post a story.

I'm 19 amd in college, a sophomore so I finally get to live off campus. My roommate from freshman year and I decided we would rent a place off campus this year instead of dorms. She's a year older than me, a total sweety. She looks after me, she's like a big sister to me. She even lectures me about making sure I'm doing well in class... which is funny, cause I love school.

Anyway, I was in my last class when I could feel my ???? was getting a little upset. At first it was a bit of nausea, but that quickly passed and became horrible cramps, cramps that I knew were telling me I really shouldn't eat leftover pizza for lunch. I was in a bit of a sweat, but,I wasn't totally desperate yet. Unfortunately, I had 45min of class left.

Fast forward through an exciting lecture on gothic literature, and by the end of class I'm in an absolute state, not even sure if I can make it to the restroom in time. Fiiiiiinally the lecture is over, I cram my books in my satchel (because satchels are cooler than backpacks) and I stand up to leave class when an unbearable cramp hits me. I stopped for a moment to regain control. I fidgeted with my suspenders to try not to look to obvious (I was wearing some very high waisted, very light wash jeans that sat about 3 inches above my belly button with navy blue and white striped and a simple white top). When the cramp subsided I started gingerly walking out of the classroom and heading towards the ladies restroom... and I was greeted by fate's idea of a joke. Apparently I wasn't the only one needing a potty break. There was a line... out the door.

I turned around and started walking out trying to think of where the next closest bathroom was... unfortunately this class was in a building somewhat isolated from the rest on campus, and the student commoms would be closest, at probably a good 500ft away. I clenched as best as I could and started for the commons.

Every step was agony. All it did was make me need to poo even more... and then, it happened.

A massive cramp, an involuntary push, and all of a sudden my panties were filling with icky, hot, mushy, wet poop. It wasn't diarrhea, but it was definitely soft, wet and gross.

What I didn't realize was three girls were behind me to witness the entirety of this happening. I only noticed as one of them start giggling. I turned around right as one of them hit the other on the shoulder as she, quite loudly, said, "don't laugh, she just sh*t her pants." I know she was trying to be nice, but she said it so loud several other people heard and now I, and my poop filled jeans were being stared at. She came up to me and grabbed one of my suspender straps and kind of pulled me along saying, "let's get you home." She motioned the others to follow so, I guess they could hide my poop stained means. I was kind of out of it, I think my mind was trying to process what happened.

So, here I am being led along by my suspenders like a child with badly stained poop filled jeans. The other girl was still trying to hold back her giggling. The one leading me kept staring daggers at her though. "Where do you live?" She asked me...

I mumbled that I lived off campus. She asked if I had a roommate I could call. I told her I did... thankfully, because she is who I needed (unfortunately she's seen me with pooped pants before...). I was still kind of out of it, so she asked me my roommates name (Ashley) and I gave her my phone to call her. Thankfully, she didn't shout into the phone, but, she told Ashley point blank she had seen me poop in my pants.

At this point I'm finally kind of realizing what happened in its entirety and I ask her what Ashley said. She said Ashley was on her way. Thank God.

This girl and I started to chat a bit. She was really nice and sweet about it and said if it happens again she'll help (at which point she gave me her cell number).

Ashley finally showed up in her car with towels all over the passengers seat. She kind of just put me in the seat and thanked the girls profusely.

Ashley and I got home. Her big sister side showed up and she told me to get cleaned up and into clean clothes. As someone with poop filled pants I didn't feel like I could even answer with anything but following her instructions (she wasn't being mean, I just felt like a little kid considering what happened.)

I finally got cleaned up and out I come. Ashley picked out some clothes for me, more high waisted jeans and suspenders! (I love them).

She took my dirty jeans and washed them. I don't know how but she got the stains out.

She was a sweety about it, and I sent a text to the other girl thanking her.

Ashley and I are going to hang out with her next week (her name is Charlotte). I don't know how I got lucky enough to have two friends who are totally understanding of popping my pants, but I'm happy I know them!


Public Loo Struggle

I was heading home after a long day at university and decided to nip to the shops along the way to pick up some supplies like milk and tea bags. I really needed a wee and I was started to need a poo as well so it made perfect sense to stop by the public toilets first. There's only one set in the area that aren't locked at 4pm so they were really busy, most of the girls and women there were only peeing so it didn't take me long to get a stall.

I lowered my jeans and knickers to my calves as I sat on the seat and made myself comfortable, leaning forward slightly with my hands together. The woman to my right was getting toilet paper, multiple times so I assume she had just had a poo while to my left was a quiet tinkle as she was peeing. She soon finished and wiped before flushing and leaving her stall, immediately replaced by another woman wearing red heels.

I heard her pull off some toilet paper to cover the seat and saw her feet turn around as she sat. There was another rumble from the dispenser and moments later she started peeing. I began to wonder why I wasn't peeing when only a minute before i was feeling really full. I wasn't feeling shy or awkward, and the feeling was still there but I just couldn't get my stream to start.

I sat there and tried to relax, not worrying about holding up a stall because I knew there was plenty for others to use. The stalls either side of me had quick turn arounds, with all the women peeing and I started to feel a little jealous of them. The stall to my left was occupied by two people, a mother and her young daughter. She sounded about 8-9 years old, definitely primary school age. She pulled down her bottoms and then hopped up onto the toilet, her feet swinging playfully as she sat there. After a few seconds there was a quiet tinkle as she started peeing, lasting for about 15 seconds.

I still couldn't understand why I couldn't get my own stream going. I had been to the toilet in worse places than this with more people without a single problem. The young girl to my left had stayed seated and shortly after she finished peeing I heard a quiet splash. I heard her mother say "Good girl Emily! Are you being a big girl for mummy?" She seemed to like the praise because only seconds later there was another splash, and another. "Good girl Emily! Are you all done now?" I heard her say no and a few seconds after there was another splash.

There was a brief moment of silence from their stall and then I heard the girl proudly say "All done!" it was so adorable. "Wipe for mummy like a big girl" There was the sound of toilet paper being pulled off as Emily started wiping herself. I bit my lip as I felt pressure between my legs, that familiar feeling of my pee about to come out. Moments later there was a quiet tinkle as I started the smallest of dribbles. My wee was just lazily trickling out of me like I didn't need to go, but I was feeling bursting. But still, I was so happy! Happy to finally have some sort of relief.

My wee went on for about 10 seconds, just dribbling out of me and then stopped. I knew I was far from done but my butt was starting to hurt from the seat. I had probably been sat there for at least ten minutes. I got myself some toilet paper and reached between my legs, deciding to try again at home. Maybe the walking would help or something. I don't know.

I flushed and pulled up my jeans as I heard to my left "Wait just a minute sweetheart, mummy needs to go too" and saw them swapping places. I left my stall and washed my hands before leaving the bathroom, feeling defeated.

This is getting quite long so I'll post part two separately. I hope you enjoy!


Close call

Thanks for all the responses to my last post, it sucks that your stepdad was so strict bobby. I luckily haven't had my underwear 'inspected' since I was a little kid, and even then it was to check for real accidents not stains and skid marks. Have other people gone through their parents doing underwear inspections? That seems really embarrassing even if your underwear was clean and if it had a skid mark, even worse. Anyway someone asked if I had any close calls lately. I woke up the morning I had to take my math final and my stomach kinda felt like I had to poop but I figured it was just nerves and brushed it off. I finished the final and it was easy but I had to wait another 20 minutes to leave and then I had a long bike ride home and the feeling was coming back. I farted a few times walking to the bike racks and could tell it was getting more urgent. I could feel it trying to push out and luckily it was a harder poop or I wouldn't have been able to hold on nearly as long. About half way back the very tip had begun poking out and at first I tried to stay off the seat of my bike to avoid getting skid marks but as the need to go got worse I say down on the seat to keep from losing control. Finally I made it home and ran to the bathroom after unlocking the door. I pulled down my pants and immediately started going. After I finished I wiped 2 or 3 times and flushed. I looked down to see one small and one big skid mark in the seat of my white briefs as well as a quarter size pee stain in the front. The big poop stain was a lot bigger than what I usually get so I wiped the stain with some toilet paper before I put the underwear in with the dirty laundry. That was the closest call I've had in a while.


Problems with airport craps

My basketball team had to travel halfway across the country in order to play an exhibition game for one of our corporate sponsors. It was a fund-raiser for a cause that all the young ladies and I believe in.

We met at our international airport at 4 a.m. Since we are out of school for the summer, some of our players became lax on the rules. Despite the wonder of electronics, five were late or went to the wrong terminal, something that made them later. I left our apartment at 3 a.m. with my thermos of coffee. Adam dropped me off at 3:45 and by the time I printed out the boarding passes for our group, it was 4 a.m. and I was unable to leave for the restroom. Liv, our youngest team member at 18, texted me that she was in the bathroom and having a "difficult" crap. I told her to get out of there because she would be the last of our group to go through baggage check, security check, and the lines in front of us were getting longer. She said she had to wait outside in a line just to get into the bathroom. She was five days constipated and told me she was about to use a suppository. That text caused me to do a shout-out of language I shouldn't use in public and one that caused the elderly couple in line in front of our team to turn around and look at me. Since I had given them cuts in the line while we waited for Liv, they didn't say anything. I was lucky there.

I texted Liv to get off the toilet immediately, grab her luggage and run down to our gate. Luckily she got a lift on one of the hospitality vehicles. Because we were a team and I flashed my university credentials, we had only minimal security scrutiny. Then we practically ran to our gate. Outside of a couple of standby passengers, we were the last to board. I'm 6'6" tall and most of our team is at least 5'10" so it is not that easy for us to navigate average-size planes. My intestines were hurting me but I had learned years before that the small size of jet bathrooms, the line and the jerking around made it almost impossible for anyone from our team to have success in one. Then I got a text from Liv about her stupid suppository. I told her Hell No! she didn't want to go and use a suppository. For a person of her/our size that would be a disaster in a jet bathroom. Finally, I texted her an inevitable question: had she ever flown before. Of course the answer was No. I told her to wait and use the suppository during our two-hour layover in the transfer terminal. I was already settled on holding my crap until then.

Both me and Liv had our craps during the holdover. Our whole team was in a long line that snaked outside the bathroom and into the terminal. Finally we got into the bathroom of probably 30 or 40 toilets. As I got done with my crap, I texted Liv who was seated on the other side of the room. She replied that she was worried that she had been seated for 15 to 20 minutes and that the line was getting longer. I told her that sometimes it takes a suppository up to 15 to 20 minutes to work. I wiped and was flushing when I got the text that her "explosion" had happened. The only problem was that she had forgotten to check the toilet paper first. Luckily Tracy from our team was nearby and could help her out.

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