Boy scout
I am at a scout camp. Toilets are comparably well maintained but still I do not manage to get things done when going there. Three days ago I managed to poop outside when hiking in the mountains. To get it done today I went away from the camp into the nearby woods found a quiet spot and got it done. Then on my way back to camp I observed one of the leaders also squatting out there. It was a mature female leader. She did not become aware of me because I came up from behind. Funny to see an adult going outside too. When she had finished I went over there and saw that she had left a quite huge amount. Many hard lumps and I guess that she also had been constipated for several days.

After School Emily and Molly

Hilarious Story!

Hi, this is Molly, writing on behalf of Emily and me! We will share some of our stories and follow up with the questions that we left off with in early May! To remind you, we are sisters who are single, share an apartment and best friends! We've missed you all! We are fair-skinned and plus-sized. Emily is 5'7 and has dark brown hair and looks like Snow White, while I am 5'8 and have strawberry-red hair. We both weight 165, having lost a little weight by toning up and being intentional about exercise now that we are on summer break. We are both teachers!

On Monday, we treated ourselves to a girls day out, had our hair and nails done, and went to eat lunch at the local mall. We both enjoyed some great salads. I felt a fart coming on and had been holding it when Emily told a really interesting story about one of our co-workers. I was so into our conversation that I took my mind off the fart and before I knew it, I let it rip.

And did it ever rip!!! It felt hard and forceful, and must have echoed through out the food court because most everyone quit talking. I began laughing so hard and Emily just turned red. I told Emily we needed to go!

That was so embarrassing!!! Thankfully, we knew no one there.


Emily and Molly

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Mystery Poster great catch it sounds like you got a great outdoor show.

To: Anne T great story.

To: Karen C as always another great story.

To: Rochelle great story about you and your friend it sounds like you both had really great poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Little Mandi
Hey guys,
I feel like I never come on here anymore. I'm always so busy with work and taking care of my new apartment.
I dont have any pee or poop stories to post right now but I have the most embarrassing throw up story of my life that I would like to share.
Not sure if throw up stories are allowed but here you go.
So, last Sunday my boyfriend took me out to a local bar for karaoke night and a few drinks. Everything was going perfect. We were laughing enjoying watching the people sing having a great night. I felt completely fine all night. Before we got a cab back to our apartment we decided to stop at a pizza place and get some pizza to take home which I ordered still feeling completely fine. We got into a cab and back to our apartment and thats when it went all down hill. I sat on my bed a few minutes getting ready to change in my pajamas when suddenly I started to feel a little light headed I didnt think I was going to throw up. I didnt feel sick. I sat a few more minutes then out of the clear clear blue a huge wave of nausea came over me and it hit me fast and hard I threw my hand over my mouth but there was nothing I can do I threw up right on my bed my boyfriend looked shocked I was so embarassed luckily it wasnt a lot and I was able to stop it I rushed to the bathroom and finished throwing up in the toilet I was so upset that I threw up on my bed I managed to clean it all up but now I was completely done I didnt feel good at all my head was spinning and I knew I was gonna throw up again I got up and ran to the bathroom my boyfriend behind me but I couldnt get the door open It came right out splashed on the door on the floor on my hand my shirt everywhere I couldnt believe it I never threw up like this in my life Ive never not made it to the bathroom I finished the rest in the toilet and managed to clean the floor before wave two hit I guess I didnt drink enough water cause I got the dry heaves really bad I was gagging like crazy but barely anymore throw up came out I almost started crying between being so sick and so embarassed. I debated sleeping in the bathroom but I decided to sleep in my bed. I didnt throw up anymore that night and I managed to clean everything up before I fell asleep. That was the most embarassing throw up of my life I dont even know how my boyfriend still loves me. haha

Maria and Desie

What comes in will come out

Hey everyone happy weekend. We have a forth July story for you all. Desie your turn ok we was at the park I was wearing a tank top and shorts and flip flops , Maria I wore a crop shirt and shorts and flip flops it was just the to of us at the time, so we was eating really good, so eventually what comes in will come out, I know I at lots of watermelon baked beans and potato salad. Desie well I didn't eat to much but a burger few dogs and baked beans and watermelon. Maria so I knew after swinging on the sets will take it's toll, so we see the ladies bathroom we walk into it was so horrific that everything looked disgusting, so we hurried out coughing and gagging, Desie I saw the portal potty , so we made the journey step by step. Maria we open it it was bad but we had no other choice so step inside and locked it Desie, I stripped from waist down and sat down and made room for Maria to sit down so she stripped waist down and sits between my legs, and Maria well I know I mine was flying out of me soft and mushy long and slimy Desie I knew mine was thick and creamy soiled mixed with mushy after pooping together combined time felt 30- 1hr on the toilet, with little toilet paper to use Maria and I decided just hurry up get back to my place and shower . We made it back to my house and I let Maria go first, I took a shower before and I tried wipe best I could but felt all pasty end up throwing everything away so Marcus brought me clean clothes later on for fireworks till than I stayed wrapped in a towel with barrow undies and Desie I threw everything away to and took a bath and so Maria wouldn't feel alone I stayed in a towel but no undies for Michael. Well that's all everyone, Michael and Marcus want treat us to a breakfast place , peace


Update and a story my friend Kyle told me


For the past few days a few of my buddies have been camping out with me in the backyard. We built a tent and a fire pit and have been "roughing it" since last weekend. One night we were all telling poop pants stories and my friend Jason reminded everyone of the time I pooped my pants when we were jumping our bikes in 7th grade.

What happened was Jason's brother was building a half pipe and abandoned it halfway through when he ran out of lumber. So he modified it into a ramp for us and we dragged it out to the road. We were all taking turns and having a good time but I had to poop bad. I was fighting it but at some point I knew I needed to go home so I decided that I would take one more turn on the ramp, then pedal home.

But when I took the jump I landed so hard that my feet slipped off the pedals and the seat rammed into my butt crack. At the same time, the jarring of my landing caused my butt to open and I filled my underwear with a pile of poop. I knew everyone saw it so I laughed it off with everyone and rode home to get changed.

Then my buddy Kyle told us all a story from when we were either 14 or 15. His dad had farted in his face and he wanted revenge so he saved up a fart of his own. But when he was ready to let it out he found out that his dad had gone somewhere and wasn't home. So he went over to his mom and tried to fart in her face instead. But instead of farting he wound up pooping his pants really bad. Even worse is that his mom was trying to push his butt out of her face when she realized he was going to fart on her, so her hands ended up pushing directly into his poop bulge.

Bathroom break

So my best friend came home for a holiday. We've known each other since we could talk, she is the sister I never had. So I had a house party the night after she came home. 20-40 people showed up and what a time we had. I was in the kitchen having a beer when Jenny whispers in my ear "where is your bathroom"? I told her go up the stairs and it's the first door on your left. She whispers in my ear again "can you come with me". I followed her to the bathroom, she walks in and didn't close the door behind her. Jenny was standing in front of the toilet ready to sit on it when she motioned for me to come in. I was weary at first but than I thought we're both really drunk so we probably won't remember this...WRONG. I go in the bathroom and close the door. Jenny pulled her shorts down to her knees and sat. She is a pretty girl anyway but seeing her seated on that toilet she was even prettier. Jenny wasn't on the toilet for very long when the pee started to come out of her. The pee sounded cool hitting the water in the bowl. The pee eventually slowed down until it was almost stopped completely. I didn't see her reach for the toilet paper so I asked her was she finished. She leaned back against the toilet seat shorts fell down to her ankles, I could see her pussy as plain as day. There was no turning back now if I wanted to, crowd of people downstairs and I don't know if anyone is outside that door. I can't hear anyone talking but the music is so loud I wouldn't be able to anyway. I was jerked out of my thoughts immediately when I heard Jenny fart that loud it echoed the toilet bowl. She told me I didn't have to stay for this, she thought she only had to pee. I told her I would stay because I was afraid to open the door and expose you. She said awe your sweet. Another loud and long fart. This fart was louder than the last one. She let out a flew plops but wasn't near finished. She was still sitting back against the toilet seat, she was rubbing her stomach now while I tried to make it obvious that I wasn't staring at her pussy. She had a black landing strip. Her slit was amazing, I wanted to do her really bad but I didn't know if she felt the same. I looked up at Jenny and she was pushing, next thing I hears get out of meeeee. PLOPPPP the turd hit the water. Jenny said I feel better but my ass hurts. She p
She peed again and then got up and started wiping. She wiped her front then she wiped her back about 4 or 5 times. She pulled her shorts up and we left the bathroom. Needless to say we never went back to the party for a while. That happened 10 years ago and I'm glad it did. We are happily married with three children, 2 boys and a girl, and we have another girl on the way.

I have just been out camping, going to toilet in the bushes. Where we stayed there was a small wood which was named shit forest just because everyone went there to go to toilet. No privacy certainly and especially in the morning often others could be seen doing their business. After a couple of days I think most got used to it and did not bother. Being observed on distance was no real challenge. But once a woman went close by when I was doing my things. That was quite embarrassing.

Kung Poo

Favourite Position

In my many years observing different people pooping, I have noticed a few variations when it comes to pushing positions. Here are some I have observed:

The forward lean hands on ankles:
This one I first saw when I was 12. We had a camp in school and I accompanied my buddy to the toilet to poop early one morning. The toilets cubicles didn't have locks. Well, they had them but many were damaged. My buddy Jon sat on the toilet with his shorts at his knees. I took the next cubicle as I needed a poop as well, but I could see him in the mirror. This was the 3rd day of camp and many of the kids couldn't poop because they were just not used to living outside. Jon was one of them. He was trying to pass a large turd. Then I saw something I had never seen before. He lean forward, grabbed his ankles, and started straining. Then a loud plop and he relaxed.

The straight back regal:

I saw this accidentally when I was 10. She was my form teacher, in her late 20s. I was at the sick bay in school. I was down with diarrhoea and vomiting. The toilet for the sick bay was reserved for teachers and students at the sick bay. There were two cubicles inside. One had a step stool for the smaller kids, the other for the nurse and the teachers. I was sitting in the cubicle for kids when I heard my teacher's voice asking, "How's Kung Poo?" and the nurse explaining how I was still relieving myself. Then I heard the clip clop of my teacher's heels as she entered the toilet. She then proceeded to enter the cubicle beside mine. I heard some rustling of clothes, the slamming of the toilet seat, and the familiar sound of someone sitting on the toilet. Still seated on the toilet, I leaned back to the gap where the dividers were supposed to meet the wall but it didn't really. My little face could actually fit in the gap, so I did. That was the 1st time I saw a grown woman on the toilet. It was also when I found out some ladies lifted their dresses and lowered their underwear. I was a kid and I removed my shorts completely. My teacher was sitting, her back as erect as a drill sergeant. It turns out she needed to poop. When she strained, her shoulders seemed to roll forward slightly but her back remain ramrod straight. There would be a slight jerk of the body as plops were heard.

The thigh squeeze
This is my wife. She squeezes her thighs together when she strains. And she strains almost every time she needs to poop as her poop is very often hard and large. The harder the poop, the more her thighs squeezes, and when she does a forest gump, ie, seated with her knees pressed together, and feet apart, you know she has a large turd halfway out. Hear the plop and the knees go apart.

The motorcycle
This is a work colleague. I saw her once using my home office toilet. She didn't know I could see her. She sat when her knees apart, and her feet tucked to the side of the bowl, like she was riding a motorbike. Her hands would be grabbing the toilet seat in between her thighs. As she pushed, she would stare at the space between her legs. Probably to check on her poo. She's a health nut so it's probably one of her ways to monitor her health, I think.

The dancer
This is my wife's teenage niece. She used my open toilet many times. She would sit with her feet in a ballet pointe, her knees shoulder width apart and her pointy elbows rested on them, a book in her hand. Even her wipe is dance like. Her upper body would twist, and her right leg would lift slightly, like a swan, foot still in pointe. She would wipe and look into the toilet at the same time.

Saturday, July 08, 2017


INTROPost Title (optional)

Hi, I've had an obsession for almost as long as I can remember about other people pooing (I'm using that word for it because in Britain that would be the appropriate one at the age I was when it all began ), my particular interests for most of my life being in imagining people I know with the various associated sensations when they're doing it, and hearing whatever noises they make from both ends. I have a pretty good idea about the particular experiences that led to me getting how I am about it, and here for now are just two that I'm sure have something to do with it.

I can't even have been 3 years old when I remember lying across my mum's lap when she had just changed my pullups or nappy, and she was wiping my bottom. Suddenly she was pretty alarmed, and said, "Oh no, he's been eating string," and started pulling at the uneven tangle. As I've said, I was obviously very young and this will have been 60-odd years ago, but can still remember the slithering and catching from right inside me all the way out into the crack of my bottom. I don't know that I especially disliked it, but it was certainly utterly different to anything I knew and went on for what seemed like ages.

Then, when I was 5 and at boarding-school, the routine after breakfast was for us to go up to the dormitory and wait our turn to do a wee and poo. The boys' toilets had two cubicles, separated by a metal partition that stopped four inches or so from the floor, and went up further than I could reach but not to the ceiling - I don't know how high because I was already blind by then after something medical that happened in babyhood, although some of the other kids at the school did have a bit of sight. We were the responsibility of what were called "section heads", and ours was a woman we were all scared of called Miss Clarke, who would tell us when it was our turn to sit on the toilet, then leave us with the cubicle and room doors open to the corridor so that she would hear when we sang out, "I've finished, Miss Cklarke", to a two-note tune we all used. She'd then come and inspect what you'd done, and if she was satisfied with it would briskly wipe your bottom.

We were not supposed to talk to the person in the next cubicle, I assume because there were quite a few of us to go before assembly. There were kids being called from two or three different dormitories, so I didn't necessarily know who the boy on the toilet next to me was, but I'd want to know and would deliberately listen and try to recognize him by his straining, grunting and gasping, and liked him to know who I was too, in case he was one of my friends, so would also make sure he heard enough of my noises to identify me if he wanted to. The only other sounds usually exchanged were some indication of how each of us was getting on in the pan-amplified trickle of wee and spluttering of our bottoms, leading to bigger and smaller plops, competitively counted, but the enforced silence was unnatural and boring for 5-year-olds, we were very aware of the presence of the boy beside us, and this strange communication was important and without distraction.

If we did find out we were particular friends, we might chance whispering a bit or talking very quietly, but would be really careful to listen for Miss Clarke's shoes in the corridor, because we were terrified of her. We had all heard her smacking one boy in particular who often wet the bed, and just as it was horribly obvious that wasn't through his clothes and how much it hurt, I was extremely aware on the toilet that my trousers and pants were down and my bottom ready for exactly the same if I mis-behaved, and that also made me very scared of what could happen if ever I couldn't poo. I think you can probably understand from all this how I began and continued to have an unusual attitude to my own and other people's going to the toilet.

There must have been other mornings when I just couldn't poo, but I remember a very high-profile one in particular, when the whole school were waiting outside on coaches to set off on a day trip to the seaside, when I couldn't do one, despite Miss Clarke getting me to go back a second time when the others had all finished, when she stood in front of me barking instructions about pressing on and opening and closing my legs, curling my hands together and pulling apart, repeatedly standing slightly and lowering, push-pushing, etc. Some of this was to the rhythmic clapping of her hands, which made me able to think of little else except that one of them might very soon be making a similar sound on my bottom. I was probably too scared to try properly, apart from anything else, and still couldn't go.

I didn't get smacked, and throughout my time there never actually did in the way I'd so much feared. I eventually got on my coach to derisory cheers from some of the older kids. Everyone had been told what and who the holdup was about, and I was goaded with the "I've finished" song they all remembered from when they themselves were infants.


Thursday update

Hi folks. Sorry I've not managed to post much for a while. As sometimes happens 'life' has got rather in the way!

Recently I was given some eggs and yesterday evening decided to make an omelette using up some tinned mushrooms. It was delicious but before going to bed I had a couple of very urgent and almost liquid poos, both of which were very smelly indeed. Normally I've been okay with omelettes but I have a feeling the mushrooms 'got things going' a bit. I was okay today but and lunchtime I had rather a lot of bread and hard cheese washed down with red wine. If past experience is anything to go by, I suspect the cheese might stop me up a bit. That's not a major problem when it happens as it usually resolves itself naturally sooner or later. It rather be a little constipated than too loose anytime.

Anne T. Thanks for recounting your experiences of using portaloos in the park and also being desperate on the train but putting it off until you got to university. I hope you're enjoying university by the way. On the one occasion I tried to use a portaloo it was so gross that I just walked straight out - thankfully I wasn't desperate and managed to make it okay to an alternative toilet. Train toilets are a bit grim here in the UK but I will use them in absolute emergencies. I recall an experience a few years ago when I was travelling on the East Coast Mainline and the toilets in several adjoining carriages were all blocked with paper. In the end I decided to steel myself and pee in what I judged to be the least bad of the various toilets. Although she's no longer with us my much loved Aunt Anne played a big part in the formation of my toilet interests. She tended to put off going until really desperate and I've recounted some memories of her exploits on here. If you're interested I think they're mainly on pages 297, 1185, 2151 and 1253.

Best wishes to all the 'regulars' here! I hope you're all keeping well and as regular as possible.

Uncle Harry

Worst Airline Trip Ever

My trip to Phoenix in February was beautiful . My trip to Burlington, Vermont later that month was the opposite. After I boarded my plane, I sat down in my seat on the aisle side, next to a woman on the window side. The first half-hour was fine. Then the weather started to sock in. In another 15 minutes it was terrible. The captain ordered everyone to their seats and buckle in. He said that we needed to go down to a lower altitude and it would be rough. He was sure right. As we started down, about every 45 seconds, there was a loud BANG and a shake as if there was a giant outside with a huge hammer slamming at the plane. It felt as if the plane were going to break apart. Some people thought it would and were praying.

Just before the captain made his announcement, the woman next to me, Jill, was about go to the bathroom. She tried to make it, but the stewardess wouldn't allow it. She was stuck, because she really needed to piss, she said. Things got worse as we descended. The old saying "scared enough to piss in your pants" may have been true. I was scared myself, but I didn't need to piss yet. Jill was sure she would do that, with every hammer slam. Now comes Harry to the rescue. I always travel with a device in my shoulder bag whenever I get on a plane or train. It's a plastic bag with a powder on the bottom that turns hard when hit by urine or other fluid so it can't leak. It comes in several brands. I don't remember mine. I got it lout and explained it to Jill. She quickly unbuckled her seat belt, pulled down her slacks and panties, and pushed it between her legs. She was having trouble in a shaking plane, so I had to help her. We got it pretty stable and a pee stream shot out of her vagina. Most pee got into the device, but there was some leakage when the plane jerked. It took her about 45 seconds for her to finish. I closed up the device while she did the best she could to wipe her pussy with a cloth she had in her purse. She did get some pee on the seat.

It took about 20 minites to get to our lower altitude. We were all relived, the plane didn't fall apart, and the rest of the flight was uneventful. I went to the bathroom to pee before I wet my pants.

John H
Hi all. Enjoying all the stories. Just returned from a nice work dump. Will share if anyone is interested to hear about it.
@Keenyo, welcome and looking forward to reading your posts.
@Anne T, hi thanks for sharing your portable toilet stories. Hope you post again.
@Victoria B, hope the date went well? Did the subject of you both pooping together when you first met come up in conversation?
Take care all
John H

Ellie B

Constipation at my sister's house.

Hi, my name is Ellie.
I've been a long-time lurker, but only now havw I decided to post.
I travelled close to ten hours in a car yesterday to get tomy sister's house from mine, and the travel caused me to get quite bunged up! I could fel a load inmy stomach all night and only this morning did it finally struggle it's way down to my rectum. It felt huge and hard, and I was actualy quite scared! I headed to the toilet and began to massage my stomach gently to see if I could help anything- however this was not the case.
My rectum finally began to register that it was full, and was sending messages to my brain to push.
I pushed a little, and nothing came out. I sighed and tried again.
There was a mirror in front of me and I could see my face turn red as I strained.
My rectum felt packed, yet no amount of pushing seemed to help!
And to make matters worse, I could hear somebody lurking around outside the bathroom, so I didn't want to push too loudly for fear that they could hear me and know about my 'problem.'
I finally just gave in and gave it all I had. A few pebbles plopped out and then a huge log struggled it's way into my rectum.
"Ggrrrrrrnnnnnn!" I grunted, but the log didn't move.
I sighed and gave up, wiping myself and heading up to bed.
I could still feel the monster log inside me, and I wanted nothing more than to get it out. I finally went back to the toilet, but on the way, my mother stopped me. "Are you constipated, Ellie? Your Dad heard you grunting before.." My mum said gently. "No.." I lied, rushig into the bathroom and sitting down on the toilet, beginning to push.
I knew my mother was still outside, so I tried not to push too loudly, until a grunt slipped out. My mother opened the door, sighing and kneeling down in front of me, tutting. She pushed on my chubby belly, rubbing it gently. After a few minutes of this, I felt the log trying to come out again.
I pushed hard and my face turned red. I squeezed my mother's shoulders and the huge poo finally dropped.
Afterwards my mother made me drink three glasses of water and gave me a stomach massage.
See ya!

End Stall Em

Mert's panty report

One Saturday at about 11 me and one of the custodians at my mall happened to arrive in one of the bathrooms at the same time. I told her my kiosk had been busy and that I hoped she wasn't going to close the bathroom down for cleaning before I could piss. I told her me and Spencer had been drinking at one of my college friend's party last night, that I fell right asleep when we got home, and that I had overslept so I hadn't had the opportunity to pee for hours. Mert said she was going to be a customer of the bathroom this time just like me.

While I seated myself and was looking to my right where she was latching the door I asked her what the cloth thing was on the left of her toilet. She didn't hesitate. Instead she explained that it was someone's soiled underwear. As her butt hit the seat and her piss started rather heavily, she leaned over and flipped the underwear over and it was obvious that at least half its seat was brown. She said the former owner might have been one of the young high school drunks who got sick after our theater closed at 1 a.m. Mert said it happens pretty frequently and she had already thrown out five others that were left behind that morning. She said two of them were covered with both piss and poo. When I got home I told Spencer about it. He said a couple of his underage friends have been in that situation, too. Sometimes they just leave them on a curb if they've gotten sick and can't find a bathroom.

I was out today with some of my girlfriends, enjoying the sun on a patio in a cafe downtown. We had lunch and several coffees each. After a while I really started to need the bathroom. My rear end felt very full at that point, so I knew that I would probably need to take a big dump in a public toilet, awkward! Anyway, I couldn't really help it and so I got up and told my friends that I would be right back.

The cafe is in a building with several other restaurants that all share one big bathroom. It's also fairly new and really quite nice with stainless steel stalls and toilet bowls. Several of the cubicles were occupied, but I had no trouble finding a free one. I locked the door, pushed up my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees. Then I plopped my ???? behind on the seat and finally pushed my string all the way down to my feet. I started with a pee which I also needed pretty badly and it was a nice, big relief. While I did so, I couldn't help but letting out two rather loud farts and I felt a bit embarrassed about that. Then I leaned forward, put my elbows on my thighs and started to push out my poo. A big fat log came crackling out from my backdoor and then broke off and made a big splash. I did a little, involuntary moan of relief as it dropped into the bowl. Over the next few minutes, I did two more turds. Just as I was pushing out my fourth poop, someone hurried into the stall to the left, slammed the door and then I could hear the sound of a butt hitting the metal seat. She started to shuffle her feat and I had a quick look under the stall. The woman was wearing super cute gold sandals and had very pretty turqouise nails. She was also wearing a white thong that she had pushed all the way down to her sandals. There was silence from her stall during which my log splashed loudly into the bowl, opps! Then, all of a sudden, she did a loud wet fart, poo crackled out of her bum and then made a massive plop as well. I felt all empty by then and started to wipe. While I cleaned up my front and rear, my neighbour did two more big plops very quickly. She must have needed to go super badly. Oh, and ewww did her stall ever stink! Mine did too, kinda, but her's was way worse. I was glad that I was done and I quickly flushed, pulled up my panties and left my cubicle. While I was washing my hands, the woman farted again, so she must not have been done. I felt kinda bad for her.

Anyway, I finished washing my hands, then cleaned up my hair a bit and went back out to our table. I felt much better! I was a little interested in what my neighbour on the toilet looked like, so I kept an eye open for the golden sandals, but I did not spot her again. Oh well, I hope you all liked my story!

Shoutout to Victoria B, I love all your stories and it is so neat that you went on a date with the boy you met! I hope it went great. Finally, I totally envy you for your outer space leggins!


To Anna

I liked your most recent story about the dump you had in the cafe toilet and your account of your neighbour (the woman with the golden sandals) interested me.
It's a pity that you didn't get to see what she looked like. I wonder if the reason was that possibly she was a member of staff and went back behind the counter or into the kitchen after visiting the toilet. It's interesting that she seemingly didn't pee while sitting in her stall. This made me think that perhaps she didn't pee because she had peed earlier in her shift but didn't have time to poop. Perhaps the smell was intense because some of her logs were so large they protruded above the surface of the water.
I have a couple of questions. When you looked down and saw her feet were her feet flat on the ground or was she sitting with the balls of her feet on the ground and her heels raised up off the ground? Did she have large feet (e.g. long and slender) or small feet?
Look forward to more of your stories.

I went camping this past weekend with a bunch of friends. 8 guys and 8 girls back country camping no toilets, nature was everybody's toilet this weekend. My sister in law Audrey is a 21 year old blonde woman with short hair. She is slim build and weighs approximately 120 pounds. She never went to the bathroom outdoors before so this should be a fun experience for her. We got to the campground after driving for about 5 hours and hiking for at least an hour and Audrey had to go to the bathroom. She asked my wife Jackie to go with her. That was fine, next thing I see Jackie going with a bucket so I asked her where was she going with that. Jackie replied for tonight I am going to make a toilet for Audrey until she gets used to going outside after tonight she's going to have to go in the woods. So off they went away from the campsite but I could still see them behind the trees. Jackie put a bit of rope around the bucket and tied it on to the tree. Audrey stood in front of the bucket took her clothes off from the waist down and sat on the bucket. I could hear the liquid shooting from her pussy into the bucket, next thing I hears a liquid fart she had to poop as well. She started off with the wettest poop I ever heard a girl do and then her poop got solid. Once the poop became solid I never heard a sound. Jackie told me after that the turd was about 2 feet long and just slid out of Audrey into the bucket. After a couple minutes Jackie handed her toilet paper and Audrey wiped about 5 or 6 times and then put her clothes on. Jackie took the bucket and tossed it in the woods about 5 ft away from the campgrounds. She told her sister that she was all set to go to the bathroom in the bushes. TO BE CONTINUED...

I woke up at daylight everyone else was asleep. I decided to go fishing. So I went down to the water and cast out. I hear a rustling next to me about a half hour later and a low voice saying good morning. I look over and here is Audrey. So I was there talking to her next thing I knew she had her shorts down to her ankles and squatting. I asked her what she was doing because 12 hours ago this same girl never went to the bathroom outside in her life. She said I'm going to the bathroom duh. I tried not to look at her because she is my sister in law but it was really difficult. Her pussy was fully exposed and it was a clean shaven pussy too which is rare for a 21 year old. The pee was shooting out of her like someone turned on a hose. Then she started moaning and rubbing her stomach. I asked if she was okay and she said yes but she had to poop after all the beer she drank last night. So I said go ahead don't mind me. So she let out a liquid fart and a small turd came out. Then she spread her legs apart a little more and the head of the turd started coming out of her ass. Before I knew it a turd bigger than her was inches from hitting the ground. I put my rod mown and went to find her toilet paper. When I came back, there was 5 small turds and 2 giant ones. She peed a little more around her poop and then wiped. She went back to the tent for a nap and I continued fishing only away from where I was originally because the smell was horrendous.

To the person who asked about skid marks in underwear, I agree with you and don't understand why parents get so upset about skid marks. I remember going to visit my cousins at my aunt and uncle's house. I went into the bathroom early in the morning and saw my cousins underwear. They range in age from 8 to 15. Almost all of them had done some degree of soiling in their briefs, from light skids to dark skids that looked like an accident. I felt good seeing this, because as 10 year old who soiled my briefs about 3 times a week, I thought I was the only one. Lots of people get stains in their underwear, especially boys, and we've all had an accident or too as a young kid. Sometimes your body is unpredictable and you lose control. POOP HAPPENS!

To Evan

Any close calls lately like the one at Cedar Point?

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Really urgent pee at naptime again

Hi everyone. I just came back to bed from the bathroom, and let me say, I feel better now. I was taking my nap and then I got a sudden urge to use the WC, so I quickly walked to the WC with my phone, closed the door, pulled down my black shorts and pink and white patterned undies and sat on the toilet. I had to wait a minute to find that stopwatch online and to start it before I started peeing. I let out one heck of a strong gusher. Once I was done, I pressed stop. It lasted for just over 30 seconds! (30 seconds and some nanoseconds). I wiped and pulled up my shorts and underwear, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. And now I'm relaxing, back in bed and writing this. Hopefully soon I can poop (on a healthy diet with lots of fibre, fruits, ???? and water but haven't needed to "go" yet. Been a couple of days). Also to let everyone know, this is Annie who posted before for years but now my husband and I live in Taiwan where we live in a condo. It is a great change and I love it. My husband was going to live permanently in Canada (lived there from 1998-circa 2016) but decided to move back to TW, so hopefully that clears up any confusion

Happy pooping and peeing



Response to Evan about skids in underwear

To Evan: You are really lucky your parents are not real strict about pee/poop stains in your underwear. my step dad was really strict about me and my brother having clean underwear,and would often do underwear inspections to make sure we were clean. A bit of light pee or poop staining was tolerated, but heavy soiling, either because of not wiping well, waiting too long to use the toilet, or a big accident, was punished with either a stern lecture, or in some cases, a spanking. Both me and my brother poop-stained our underwear all through our childhood and pre-teen years. My brothers soiled briefs were mainly due to not wiping properly, whereas mine were more the result of waiting too long to go poop or pee, in which case a log would poke out and severely stain my briefs. Over the years, we both got pretty good at hiding our accidents, and poop-filled briefs, but sometimes we were found out about and punished. Both of us had occasional accidents (wetting and pooping) too.



Is it me or does anyone else notice that everyone has to poop at Airports? Ladies, I don't know about you but at busy airports in the United States like LAX, Atlanta, Chicago etc every stall is taken and the urinals are easily accessible. Are women's restrooms similar with nearly everyone pooping and why does this happen?

Anne T

Finally ! and some questions and answers

I'm so sorry I did not post before. But I got very sick and I was in no condition to write.
Thanks Anna for your nice words.
Abbie I liked your both stories. Do you pee or poop often with your friends outside?
Was is Imogene who asked this? When I pee outside, I have my pants at my ankles and squat down to the ground.

So, I did have a poop two times at the portable toilet, but sadly they don't stand in the park anymore. But I will tell you both stories.
The first was directly the next day after I peed there. I didn't have a course at university and so a day off. After my breakfast and morning coffee I felt the need for a poop. I waited half an hour so it was very urgent and I went to the park. I took some tissues with me, just in case.
I arrived at the park and the portable toilet was there ready for me. Nobody was there. I opened the door and locked it. It smelled like the chemical in the tank, but nothing more. It was still very empty and I just saw toilet paper. The seat was clean and I sat down. My skirt and black panties where at my ankles. The seat was still comfortable and I waited until my pee started on it's own. Strongly it went in the pit, when I pushed a bit it even wen noisy at the front of the tank. After it stopped I farted two times and my first log pushed itself out on it's own. It grew and got wide. After a minute it fell with a thud in the tank. I farted again and I pushed a bit mushy poop out. It felt very great and so different to a normal toilet. I waited for more, but nothing came. So that took some toilet paper to wipe my front and some more for my back. I had the impulse to flush, but there was obviously none. I could clearly see my poop in the tank. I closed the lid and pulled my skirt and panties up. Later that day I went for a pee there. Still no one used it. My poop in the tank was now a lot more watery from the chemical. My pee was as noisy as in the morning.
The next day there was a kind of celebration in the park and I think that was the reason the portable toilet was there. I had an urge to poop, but now I needed to wait because the toilet was in use. I waited maybe between one and two minutes and a handsome guy my age opened the door. He looked a bit shyly at me. Now you could see the toilet was in greater use. I sat down and loomed at my shorts and turquoise panties. I pushed and farted a bit. My log went out smoothly and landed in the pit with a different sound because of the waste in it. The log was shorter than the day before. I only needed to wipe two times. I didn't need to pee, but I still sat there for a moment. When I left I let the lid open and I was replaced by a 13 year old girl who looked very desperate. I felt a bit bad, because she needed to wait because of me. I was two hours in the park and went for a pee before I left. I was first in line when surprisingly the girl from earlier used now the portable toilet before me and now I replaced her. But now she avoided to look at anybody and I think I know why. Now there was no toilet paper left. I think she had some very mushy poop and used all of it. My pee went against the tank. Luckily I had some tissues with me I used. I hurried because there were others in line. When I was done I gave my remaining tissues the woman next in line.
After all it was an adventurous experience I liked and wish I could repeat.

Steve A

Saw Another Possible Accident At Work

I don't know how I keep seeing this stuff, but I saw a girl with her group of friends. She had a noticeable wet spot on her shorts. What really got me is that she didn't seem embarrassed about it.

Normally, I never witness any accidents in public, so after seeing two accidents both from girls this year tells me that accidents can happen to anyone.

Uncle Harrry

Peeing in the Dessert

Years ago, I and a colleague went to Phoenix, Arizona on a business trip. This was about 2000 miles away from our home base. Our business ran from Wednesday to noon Friday. My colleague left on Friday. I had never been out west and I wanted to see the area. My colleague new a woman who lived there and who agreed to show me around on Saurday. The Phoenix area itself is mostly dessert, but with some interesting spots. Later, we drove to other areas. Carol picked me up Saturday morning and off we went. Normally, you don't go hiking in the daytime, but this was January and unusually cool. Carol brought along some sandwiches and fruit juice for lunch and a big beach towel to sit on. There would be no picnic tables out there. We hiked with hiking sticks for a few hours and saw mostly cactus of various types to identify. Then we stopped for lunch. After we finished, Carol said she needed to pee. Her bladder was full, she said. I too needed to pee. I was wondering what Carol would do for privacy. Hide behind a cactus perhaps? No. She just stepped aside of the beach towel and asked if I minded if she peed right there in the sand. Of course, I did not mind. She said nothing about not watching her. She took off her shorts and panties, exposing her pussy. She took a high squat and started to urinate, while I started to get out my penis. Suddenly, an ugly bug started to crawl between her legs. It got right under pee stream and got completely wet. Carol shrieked. The bug ran off and disappeared somewhere. I hadened peed yet. I was too interested in the bug. So I peed while Carol finished her pee. She shook herself and then pulled up her panties and shorts. She stood there watching me piss until I was finished and put my dick away. We took off for another area. The whole thing happened in a nonchallelant way like "We peed together. So what? Let's go" I guess she was used to this

Optional Person

To Rochelle, Me, A thought.

Rochelle that was one of the best stories I have ever read. reading how much pleasure you got from that long log coming out of you and of your friend eventually watching you explode with butt-gas, really made me feel happy. idk, it is just fun to hear about a woman really enjoying herself in a "stinky" situation.

As for me, my poops have been consistent a couple turds, a small "shrimp" pile. sometimes floating. I still like to sit backwards because it makes you kind of explode. Rochelle you should try that. sit on the toilet backwards when you have a Mexican dump coming on and press your stomach, you would probably really go then.

I'm not sure if this is allowed. but to the moderator that hopefully approves this post, I think it might be interesting to make archives of the days of the year or of posters, to make it easier for us to go back to stories. That is just a thought.

Regardless, I love this site. I love it because people can openly share their stories, and admit that they kinda like doing it. I also appreciate that it is moderated, to keep spam and really odd stuff out.

Monday, July 03, 2017


How it all began

Hello, after many years of reading posts on this forum I would like to start posting myself, as I think I have quite a lot of stories to share.
Let me first introduce myself. I am a 57-year old male and for the last 46 years I have been very much interested in bodily functions. I can say that I have really become obsessed.
My wife does not share my interests but at least tolerates them and is getting less and less inhibited so we have experienced a lot together.
Today I would like to tell you how it all started. It was a sunny summer day in July (or maybe August) 1971, so nearly 46 years ago. Nevertheless, I still remember almost every detail of that day and of the experience which was so unbelievable that I can still hardly believe that it really happened, but it did. On that day we were on the road travelling to visit my grandparents who lived 120 km (74.5 miles) away.
We were travelling in five: my parents in the front seats with my farther at the wheel, my sister, who was 16 years old at that time, sitting in the back on the right-hand side, my grandmother in the middle and myself on the left-hand side. In the early seventies there were no motorways or dual carriageways but only ordinary country roads with just two lanes, one in each direction.
On the other hand, the density of traffic was only a fraction of what it is today and quite often we had no other vehicle in sight for many minutes. The road was mostly curvy and hilly, so our speed was generally low. Usually we did not exceed 80 km/h (50 mph).
On that particular day, we were about half-way to our destination and the journey was uneventful until that point. In those days, like many boys of my age I was interested in all sorts of cars, especially those less common. As I said before there were not too many other vehicles on the road.

Suddenly I spotted a car approaching from the opposite direction. I saw it from quite a distance, as we were just passing through a fairly long straight section of the road, with no curves or hills, and the visibility was excellent. I realized that the car was not moving but was just parked on the road, which was nothing unusual at that time given the low traffic. It was an old soviet-made Moskvich 407 produced between 1958 and 1964 and rather uncommon to see in the 1970. So I gave it a close look. It was parked right next to a young forest. In fact it was nothing strange in this situation. Just someone parked an old car and apparently went for a walk in a freest of young trees.

We passed the parked Moskvich and a moment later something else attracted my attention. I realized that for quite a while there was a complete silence in the car. We almost always had some kind of small talk, commenting on what we saw, driving conditions, weather etc. Now, however, we were sitting in complete silence for some time. Finally, I heard my mother's voice: "She is sitting in the ditch and relieving herself"! At that moment I did not know whether it was about number one or number two. "She is pooping and she is smiling at us!" "Smiling at the oncoming car!" continued my mum with the utmost astonishment in her voice. Then my father spoke giving a medical assessment: "Regular turds and well formed! She is not having any diarrhoea, not even a trace of!" He sounded surprised as well. "I am sitting on the right-hand side, so I had a perfect view. I could see everything!" – giggled my sister. Only my grandma did not comment, still I was pretty sure she had seen what was to be seen and I was the only misfortunate one who had missed that unusual sighting. I turned my neck back as far as I could but I saw nothing, completely nothing as we were already several hundred metres away.
I felt sort of being excluded, since I was the only one of the whole family who had not seen that women and could not comment on her behaviour.
I quickly realized that I missed a sighting which happens maybe once in a lifetime, if at all. Until that day I treated bodily functions as something quite normal but sometime troublesome. Five years earlier I had a nasty accident when on holidays with my parents but I shall share the details in another post. Now I discovered that there might be quite a thrill involved with the act of relieving oneself. I was furious with myself for staring in that wretched Moskvich instead of watching the other side of the road.
After all that I had a completely sleepless night, still thinking it over and over again. I tried to imagine in detail the scene I missed. I had absolutely no idea how that women looked like. But I imagined her normal-looking, middle-aged and medium-built. So, I can say that on that summer day I became genuinely hooked.
I analysed what had happened many times and now I am completely sure that it was not a coincidence. She was not just "caught pooping", but she did it all on purpose! She could have hidden very easily in that forest and enjoy total privacy. But instead she just parked her car, crossed the road in order to position herself in the ditch, about a metre away from the oncoming traffic and wait. Any accidental timing was out of question. When she saw our car coming she got prepared. She had some time since we were visible from a distance. When we got near she relaxed her anal sphincters to greet us with that extraordinary show. When she realized she managed to capture the attention of her "audience" she was clearly delighted, as was manifested by the broad smile on her face. I wonder how many women like her exist: one in a million, one in 10 millions, or even less?
From that day onwards I became totally obsessed with a mission of seeing a woman defecate. I had to wait six years for that day. I shall tell you about it in one of my future posts.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Elphaba - thanks for your reply. I also dribble when I'm really desperate, normally there will be a spurt or two before I get to the toilet. If I'm less lucky, there will be a continual dribble.

Natasha - yes, I've thought that about my experiences and yours, and Abbie's! I think there must be a common theme about school toilets being rubbish across the country.

On Friday night I had to wee in a bush on the way home, I'd been out until 2am and got the nightbus home, but was busting for a wee the whole way! Although the stop is only 10 minutes from my house, I knew if I waited I'd wet my pants. I hid behind a bush, lifted my dress up and turquoise lacey knickers down, and pissed like a racehorse! Not very ladylike!

Uncle Harry


To: At the outdoor pool.

Interesting. I've been in many pools that are supposed to have no peeing in them. I always thought that swimmers obeyed, but now I'm not so sure.

I was wondering what people's experiences were with their parents reactions to dirty, like skid marked or pee stained underwear. My parents seem to almost never even mention it while it seems like other people's parents here have punished their kids for poop or pee stained underwear. It seems like a lot of people about my age that get skid marks get them from just not having enough time at school and I'm the same way. We have only 5 minutes between classes so if I have two classes close together I can just barely make it in time and that's with only wiping once or twice. Luckily no matter how dirty my underwear gets it almost never stains through to the back(maybe only like 3-4 times a year). In the summer I'm just as busy and because I run a lot I have really loose poops. A lot of time it takes a really long time to get 100% clean. Others have suggested wetting the toilet paper but the sink is on the opposite side of the bathroom so I would have to walk with a dirty butt to get the paper wet. Anyway I feel like little stains don't hurt anyone and my underwear always washes 100% clean after laundry.


To kmd

kmd - you asked about my bowel ache, and yes, I meant increasing pressure and discomfort in my butt.

Uncle Harry

Emergency Peeing

My wife and I were at the clothing optional recreation club to which we belong. I wrote about this previously when I rescued a woman from the swimming pool because she was too drunk to keep her head up and ultimately peed in the shower room.
Anyway. I was in one of the bathrooms when a woman came running in shouting "Out of the way, I have to pee, I have to pee". The first stall was in use, so she went to the second. She bumped me out of the way, ran in and plunked down on the toilet without closing the door. I think she started peeing before she got to the toilet. As soon as she hit the toilet, with her legs spread, a pee stream shot out of her pussy. She peed for about 45 seconds. When she finally stopped, she wiped her pussy and gave a sigh of relief. She got up, flushed, and went back to the pool.

At another time that day, I happened by the area where people sunbathe. There were no trees there, the sun was in the right direction in the afternoon, and the ground sloped a bit toward the lake. There was a woman with a large hat on her face and her legs half spread. Suddenly, her labia spread and a pee stream ran out. She did not move. She stopped in about 30 seconds, leaving a puddle soaking into the grass. Still no movement. I had no idea whether she was sleeping or too lazy to go to the bathroom. I had no inclination to ask her.

Victoria B.

Some responses

No story today. I pushed out a few logs in my bathroom this morning but it's not really worth going into detail. I do, however, have a few responses.

To Mina: Thank you! You mentioned that you and Kazuko have the same thing as I did in the bookstore and that caused me to do a little research. Have you ever heard of something called the Mariko Aoki phenomenon? Apparently we aren't alone; a lot of people develop sudden urges to go number two in bookstores!

I used the word preemptive in the sense of flushing while still needing to go more because it helps prevent toilets from clogging. Sometimes I'll have to do two or even three separate flushes to make sure everything goes down.

To Becc: I did! We're getting coffee this weekend!


Girl from Denmark
I liked the post of Greek farmer. I have been many times to Greece, and be sure, when driving in the country side I have had to pee and even poop out in the fields lots of times! Even at many beaches there are no toilets and then you just have to poop behind a bush if nature calls. Once I went around with a friend of mine for several weeks and we both did it several times. But I hope nobody ever saw us. I think we managed to hide well. Being observed when sitting there with the bum bare is something I do not like to think of!

Karen C. from Cali

Diarrhea from takeout chicken, prob. the coleslaw

Was babysitting for friends yesterday, two red Irish brothers aged 4 and 6, and got takeout chicken last night from a certain national chain that begins with the letter C, six letters with apostrophe s on the end, on Imperial Hwy.

After an afternoon of frisbee and throwing the football around, the boys decided upon chicken for supper so away we went. I bought a family box of mixed chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni, fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, and an individual coleslaw for me. It was around 5pm. I ate a helping of everything plus all the coleslaw and one wing and one thigh. The boys liked to put down french fries then cover them with mashed potatoes and gravy; I tried it and it's not bad, actually quite good and different.

I don't think it was the chicken or sides that got me sick because the boys ate way more of it than I did, but I was the only one who ate the coleslaw. We had also gotten burgers and milkshakes at around noon that same day and all of us felt fine.

I got sick at around 1130PM after just settling into bed listening to jazz on radio tunes FM on my phone. Got up and took some Pepto, sat outside a while with 7UP to wash the Pepto taste down, then the diarrhea started about fifteen minutes later. Ten minutes later, more diarrhea. That's when I knew it was food poisoning. Thought I should try to get rid of whatever was still in my stomach which was easy to do since i was already nauseated anyway. Felt better after I puked, well maybe not better but "different". Saw not only my chicken dinner remnants but also the lettuce, tomato and pickles from my cheeseburger lunch in my vomit in the toilet water, could also taste the now rancid mayo, yuck!. Afterwards, more diarrhea, not "explosive", but runny and a lot of it. I cleaned the bathroom then I showered and brushed my teeth and sat in front of the TV all night. My stomach didn't hurt but it didn't feel good either. I feel dizzy and weak and sweating profusely despite the temp setting at a comfortable 68 degrees.

This morning I asked the boys if they felt okay and they said yeah fine they feel great, they said they thought they heard me in the bathroom in the night so I told them the coleslaw from last night's supper made me sick. It must have been the coleslaw because I was the only one who ate it. I fixed them bacon, eggs, and waffles for breakfast and called my friend Jackie to ask if she could possibly take the boys for the afternoon so she came to get them so I could get some rest and sort myself out. After Jackie took the two little guys away I had another diarrhea/vomit attack. Rested on the couch for a few minutes then cleaned the bathroom and went out in search of Kaopectate. I must have looked a mess with mussed hair and smeared makeup dressed in an old tee shirt and baggy sweatpants and loafers, people looked at me as they would a homeless person!

I'll letcha know when I feel better. Meanwhile think twice about buying anything like coleslaw or anything made with mayonnaise, just my two cents.


On some steps

I was going up steps from one street to another, these steps have a number of bends in them (96 steps in all) as I got to a few steps from the top there were two females sitting on them taking and laughing, about ten minutes later I was going back down and at the point the females had been sitting there were two wet patches each with a stream running down the next steps.
I therefore believe the two girls had just peed there, If only I was a bit earlier returning or later going.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Relatively short but urgent pee at naptime

Hi everyone. I just came back from the WC (washroom). I just had a strong urge to pee, so I went to the WC, closed the door, pulled down my black shorts, green boy shorts and sat on the toilet. Had to wait a few seconds to start peeing because I wanted to time it. I started the timer and relaxed, as a strong stream came. I stopped the timer when I stopped peeing. I checked the timer and I had peed for 35 seconds! I felt better after that as I had drunk an entire bottle of water and really had to go. I wiped and flushed, pulling up my shorts and underwear and washed my hands. And now I'm back in my bedroom, in bed about to take my nap.

Happy pooping and peeing!



Introduction and a Story

Hey everyone my name is Tim or Timothy. I have been a long time lurker. I love reading stories on here from people. I especially love stories about constipation, which I often suffer from. I learned many tricks for getting the poop out on here (thanks to Abbie and Linda.) Anyway here's my story.

Recently I have had trouble going. I would sit and push to no avail. I was feeling discomfort from the constipation, so I told a friend about it. They encouraged and with great effort, I strained and finally pooped.

That's my story, I can't wait to share more!


Lovely Mexican dump with a friend

Well it's been a while since I've posted here. Last night I ate Mexican with some friends. One of my friends came home with me to watch a movie together. You could say I love Mexican food from my mouth clear down to my butt. It always gives me a good loose dump. Nothing totally uncontrollable but I love loose, messy and gassy shits so I was looking forward seeing what I would feed my toilet later. About 2 hours later I felt the familiar loading in my rectum and told my friend that I was going to the toilet for a big one! We've both heard each other fart and poop in public bathrooms before so I didn't think much of it. I walked to my hall bathroom and didn't close the door. I turned my back to the toilet, dropped my pants and undies to my ankles and sat down on my favorite toilet. When you walk into my bathroom the first thing is the toilet with it's back to the wall on your left. Seated on my toilet I was facing away from my friend but I was aware she could see my ass on the seat from her place on the couch. I gave a little push and let out a loud, bassy, bowl echoing fart. It was long too! I gave out a relaxed moan because it felt really good. Next a very smooth and wet log slid out of my hole effortlessly. It was long so the lasting warm friction inside my anus was wonderful. I held a slight breath while it passed and then let out a smooth sigh of relief when it ended. It made almost no plop because it was so long that the first tip was under water while the upper half was still slithering out my ass hole. I love those soft lubricated logs!
Next was another long bowl rumbling toilet bowl fart which felt so good it made me laugh. My friend said " If you don't feel better after a shit like that then something is definitely wrong!" I laughed and replied with yet another powerful bassy fart that was the loudest yet. My friend came over and stood in the bathroom doorway right next to me and watched me while I exploded. I just smiled and enjoyed every second of it! I waited another couple minutes and then let out a combination of loud gas and gloppy liquid shit that is my absolute favorite form of shit hands down. I just love the ripping of the gas combined with the gloppy lube of shit. A true pleasure! If you haven't already guessed, I love gassy, loud, messy shits!
I finally felt done and I looked between my legs to see how my much loved toilet looked after my performance. The back of the bowl was totally splattered in brown poop! The long log I had laid earlier was lying partway in the hole. Mind you, as much as I love dirtying up my toilet bowl I always keep it clean on a regular basis, pun intended! I've always been interested in the feeling and sounds of mine and virtually anybodies toilet sessions but I do close the door when I go if company is around so as not to cause embarrassment to them mostly. I respect that a lot but I knew my friend is open about her shits too so it was just a lot of fun.
I wiped about 6 times and then flushed. Luckily it all went down.
I asked my friend if she was going to step up to the plate and challenge my lovely performance but she didn't have the urge yet.
Right before she left she told me she could feel some pressure in her butt so she told me to follow her to the toilet. She dropped her pants and undies to the floor while standing and then sat on my beautiful modern black throne. She is a bit thinner than I am and frankly she looks very pretty seated on a toilet. She let out a sigh and a loud popping fart riped in the toilet that was rather long. She giggled. She then let out a flood of loose liquid diarrhea that ended with a barrage of bubbly wet farts. I said " now that's the stuff!" She turned her head around and looked up at me in the eye, smiling and while blowing another wet chunky load which dried to a dry airy fart at the end. Frankly it was quite a turn on to look a person right in the eye with such a show coming out their bottom. I just loved it! She felt done and slid forward on the seat so I could inspect the damage. A thick chunky glop filled the toilet bowl with a thick splatter on the bowl that caked over mine from a couple hours before. She wiped 5 times and then pulled up her pants and I flushed the product of her delightful sit on my throne away. She left for the night and I gave my toilet a labor of love with a treatment of toilet bowl cleaner and a scrubbing. Left the bathroom fan on for a while and my bathroom was now again a peaceful, pleasing place to rest and enjoy the body. Happy pooping!

Saturday, July 01, 2017


To Jessica, Anna from Canada, Abbie, Imogen and Victoria B

@Jessica - I always like your stories. It sounds as though your friend Louisa passed a very large pile of healthy turds. I also liked your story about your co-worker passing you the note during the meeting. I know what she means when she said Indian food makes her poop a lot - many people experience this. I guess it's to do with the spiciness of the food and the fiber contained within it. Look forward to more of your stories.

@Anna from Canada and Abbie - I always enjoy reading your stories. Abbie - I have some ideas that might make your pooping experiences easier - but I'll post them later.

@Imogen - I like your stories especially the one when you had to poop outside when you came back from school and you realised you didn't have a key. It sounds as though you had a lot of waste to get rid of. I can understand why your bottom got very itchy through not being able to wipe properly.

@Victoria B - liked your story about pooping outside and the unintended buddy dump you took


Peeing at concerts

I'll be going to a large outdoor concert in a couple of weeks. But I'm worried, what if I have to pee in middle of the concert and can't hold it? Going to a bathroom would mean losing my place (I want to try and get to the front row). So how do you people deal with having to pee at crowded concerts?


Answer to Mina

Hi Mina!

I am glad you enjoyed reading my story, even though it was long. I also like your writing btw, in particular the cultural insights. To answer your question: no, Louisa was not standing, but rather in a high squat. However, she did not squat like me, but leaned her back against a tree, probably for balance. Maybe this is more restful to her, I didn't ask.

Love & take care,


Question and response to Pooperlady

I liked your story about having to use the bathroom at the university after your big meal. It's a common phenomenon to need to use a bathroom to unload your bowels after a large meal. Gentle exercise such as walking also stimulates the intestines (bowels). It sounds as though you got some rapid relief and had a very voluminous poop.

I have a question for you; you mentioned that while walking home your stomach ache turned into a bowel ache. When you said bowel ache did you mean you felt increasing pressure and discomfort in your butt? Just curious.

Victoria B.

Some responses

No story today. I pushed out a few logs in my bathroom this morning but it's not really worth going into detail. I do, however, have a few responses.

To Mina: Thank you! You mentioned that you and Kazuko have the same thing as I did in the bookstore and that caused me to do a little research. Have you ever heard of something called the Mariko Aoki phenomenon? Apparently we aren't alone; a lot of people develop sudden urges to go number two in bookstores!

I used the word preemptive in the sense of flushing while still needing to go more because it helps prevent toilets from clogging. Sometimes I'll have to do two or even three separate flushes to make sure everything goes down.

To Becc: I did! We're getting coffee this weekend!


Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Timed my pee at naptime

Hi everyone. I just came back to bed from the WC, since I had to pee pretty badly. I went to the WC with my bladder full and feeling like it was throbbing, closed the door, pulled down my black shorts and white-and-pink undies and sat when I found the app on my phone for the timer. Once it was turned on, I relaxed and let out all that pee. I pressed the stop button when I was finished. My pee lasted 45 seconds! Wow. No wonder I had to go so badly. Now that I peed, hopefully now I can nap.

Happy pooping and peeing!


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