Greek farmer
I have to add that it it quite common to go to toilet outdoor when working in the fields but even from childhood we have learnt that it should be done so that nobody else can see it. My mother is still doing some farming with me (she is 55) and she often goes outdoor but I have never seen her doing it because she always manage to hide well. Also my girl friend always hides well when going to toilet outdoor. But once many years back it happened that I saw my aunt when she was squatting in the bushes.

Greek farmer
This morning I was working out in the fields. There was two camper vans (Dutch registered) parked at the side of the road. They obviously had been staying there for over the night. At about 08 o'clock they were obviously standing up for the morning. From one of the cars a man and a woman came out. He went to pee behind the car but the woman went a bit away towards my field. Behind a bush she pulled down her undies and squatted. Obviously she pooped. About half an hour later the couple from the other car also stood up. First him went to poop in the bushes, then her. I have many times seen poop and paper in the fields along the road but this is the first time I actually have seen people pooping. I often have to poop when working in the fields but I hope nobody have seen me! It was a bit amusing seeing adult people going just like kids. I guess they all were well up in age, perhaps around 70! I think luckily for all of us they did not spot me. The first woman put the paper in a waste bin, but the two last ones just left the paper in the bushes. The first woman squatted low down but the last two persons more or less did not really squat but more or less bent forward supporting their elbows on their knees. I think many van campers poop in the outside event though they have a toilet in the van.


What comes in will come out

Hey Brandon T. Thanks it sure did especially when we got to poop and pee together that was special to know we got each other at all times I love true friendship. Thank you Mina for your kind thoughtful words your a sweetheart, your a great friend to your friends, I wish you and your friends lived here all 6 of us would have great time hanging out being like family. This morning I woke up I stayed home from work sense Marcus was home, he woke me made me breakfast which was tasty,gave me a full body massage and after the breakfast settled I did my last night poop and he wiped me up really nice and gentle and fix me a nice warm bubble bath and I end up pooping few minutes ago then he clean my booty again I don't know what I did to deserve this wonderful treatment. So anyway now I'm kicking his buttocks with Sasha Banks the Boss best wrestler on the main roster, can't wait till Askua get called up that woman is good. Well that's all I feel like typing cause this man distracting me by kissing my feet lol ok peace


One night

Late one night I heard laughing out the front of my house, so I looked out the window to see a drunk male stop and stand in a corner of a garden wall and have a piss, a female just standing and watching, when he was done they both walked on a few yards down the road and the female stepped into the road between two parked cars and ducked down with the male watching, a few seconds later she stood up and they walked on down the road with her still doing up her belt.
I could not see her when she was down between the cars.

Dan H
Hello Abbie I loved your story with Beth and I wanted to ask you have you ever clogged a loo with your massive turds? Because I do when I am also constipated
@fake name: Hello I also don't like farting when there are many ppl around and I usually shit a lot every day. To shit big every day again you have to eat a lot of beans and lentils and lots of well cooked sweet peppers. You can also take metamucil at the pharmacy it works ok but it makes the poo dry

Thursday, June 29, 2017

At the outdoor pool

Most swimmers have no qualms about peeing in the pool. I hear many parents tell their kids to just pee in the pool when they say that they have to pee. Sometimes the whole family goes to the wall of the pool for a pee. Adults are a bit more discreet but they are peeing in the pool also. Many community pools keep their chlorine levels high because they know almost everyone is peeing in the pool. Sometimes people get out and pee in the grass but I think most just pee in the pool. As people get older they just start peeing and sometimes did not even realise that they had to go until the dam breaks so to speak. The warm water makes you go.

Fake name

Troubles after roadtrip

Hi. Haven't posted a lot here but now I got a problem. I'm 21 years old male. Skinny, but a bit muscular too. I don't enjoy too much pooping away from my home. I was couple days ago visiting two days in my friends place. There was a lot of people so i decided to hold my farts. I didn't need to poop too much so i decided to hold it. (Happens often to me, my bowel just stops voluntierily functioning). I was expecting to get relief finally at home.

At home i didn't feel anyting coming. Next day I went for a shit 2 or 3 times, but I pushed only small and short turds. It felt odd because i've been eating so much and holding my poop. Also farting has been difficult. I can feel air in my stomach but I can't get it out.

Today i was laying on my bed with my ass up in the air. I even pulled my pants off and i finally pushed massive and long farts. I was almost moaning for relief. I got to admit it's great to have own appartment. Still I can't get my daily routine for my pooping. It frustrates me because I'm used to enjoy my big logs daily.

Sonya Sue

My panic peeing problem

It seems that more than 70% of my bathroom trips are when I'm away from home. At school, where I'm on campus for 14 hours some days, even longer. At my travel store job where I spend close to 30 hours a week when school's out. When I'm out with friends at the mall, restaurant or theater. At those places and in those situations my pee starts usually within 10 seconds or so of my butt hitting the seat. Even at church this past Sunday, an older lady complimented me for not wasting any time on the toilet because her granddaughter was ready to burst. And at home there's no problem with me getting the water works started.

But the problem comes when I'm at large places with a huge number of toilets such as our city's auditorium, the ballpark, or just yesterday when me and my friend Tyler were coming home from a concert in a nearby stadium. It was only on the 6th try sitting down that I was able to relieve myself. Four times at the stadium were futile. There must have been more than 30 toilets in each bathroom and with 26,000 people there, the lines were long and brutal. Although I keep my shorts and underwear up at mid-thigh or higher it spooks me out to see eyeballs between the stall door and partitions. And the occasional pound on the door or obscenity shouted scares me. After one girl kneed the door so I did stand up, faked wiping, flushed the bowl of clean water, and brushed past her in tears. When I explained to Tyler what happened (he was suspicious because I was on the toilet for like 10 or 15 minutes of the intermission)he was understanding, gave me a kiss and a hug which I really appreciated, but I remained in major pain.

After about four songs into the main band's set, I went to try again. There were less people in there, but several of the stools were running over, I spiked some wet toilet paper with my shoes, and again I sat and cried. At the end of the concert I went in, tried again and by using some stress-reduction techniques we learned in drama class, I was able to half empty myself. I talked Tyler into stopping at a gas station before getting on the highway. The bathroom was filthy and it seemed like my buns stuck to the seat but I was able to finish my pee.

My sister is sympathetic, but says this could be a long summer. I sure hope not.


What comes in will come out

Hello everybody, I have a story to share. This afternoon while at work my bestie Deise shows up,it was great that we went end up going to lunch, so we go to a new eating place, I kinda didn't stick with my diet so I just ate and ate, so after lunch I decided not to come back to work, we went to the rink, I had my flip flops on so did she. Had buy socks to skate, while skating she comes behind me by the waist like we used do moving to the song, after awhile our stomachs were telling on us, that we skated inside the bathroom, took the big stall together, she takes off her skates and pull down her skirt and thong to her ankles and sits down she motions me to come over and I did I pull down my skirt and panties to my ankles also and sit down facing my back to her back, our butts touch , we laugh and we start pooping and peeing, when we got done we washed our hands, left turn in the skates threw away the socks came over her house and showered together laid in the bed together laying and taking about past times , it was really nice reconnecting after all this , that we end up falling asleep in the bed . Till next time

I answer some questions today.

To Imogen: When I do squat, I squat very near to ground. I think most girls in Japan do. My friends are like me. And usually we put heel on ground when we squat, but Maho sometimes raise heel if she is having a hard time to go out her motion.

Maria ask, when is best time for motion? For Maho, morning is best, but for other three of us, any time is fine. But Maho sometimes do motion after lunch. Important thing for all us except Hisae, is, we need time, so best time is when we are not hurry. I and Maho and Kazuko like to stay on loo ten minutes or more than that. Because we do a very many motions. We want our bottom to be a very empty. So when I read that you Maria stay on loo 25 minutes and very busy, I feel empathy very much, and Kazuko too, because she has same experience often.

Again Maria: If I meet celebrity in loo I hope it is Mitsu Dan. Because her body really beautiful. Maho looks like her little bit.

Again Maria: I never want to control motion. If it is large, then OK. (When I do, it's large usually. Change is not need.)

Victoria: If there is long line and I see someone she have urgent need, of course I let her go first. Even she takes long long time and does diarrhoea watermelon size, it's OK.

I love your story about bookstore Victoria. Sometimes smell of books makes me want to do motion, so I go to loo, and big one come out every time. About 7 plops first time maybe, then a few more some minutes later. Kazuko say same thing, but if it is Kazuko, I think more than 7 plops, but I don't say to her.

What does it mean preemptive? I can't connect with flush.

Jessica your story about hike is so nice! Louisa do her motions with standing, and leaning to tree? I never try! Is it easy to do? I think huge motion in little hut is maybe from girl. because Asian do more bigger motion than European, because we eat vegetable and rice so much.

Thank you to Brandon T, always you say so nice things.

Big shoutout to all people from your very own Mina and HKM. And lots love.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Urgent poop after lunch

Hi everyone. I'm in bed right now, about to take a nap at 1:30 PM right after having an after lunch poop. I had one once this morning, first thing after waking up before my coffee, then about 10 minutes ago, literally minutes after finishing a nice hot bento box for lunch with a bottle of water. It was a half-solid, half-soft log. My stomach is still a bit hard so I know more needs out. It only took me a minute or two to go so I know I'm not constipated.

Happy pooping!

Annie :)

yday was embarrassing... after having lunch like long hours later, my stomachached while i was taking care of my niece and my niece heard my stomach making gurgling sounds, my stomach was uncomfortable, i had to put her to sleep. so then, my stomachache went like this,


gurglee... *i clutched my stomach*



my cousin walks in & hears me farting so i had to explain, im gassy.

Clogged Up

Massive Knobby Held in Mega Turd

Been eating for two as I held in this dump for over week. Felt a massive rock hard log at my hole for a few days before I finally let it out at the bufett. Was farting like crazy as the log poked in and finally hit the breaking point and I unloaded at the buffet. Who has been this over loaded and clogged up before? It was huge and solid, and I couldn't stop farting around it as it snuck out.


New Apartment

I moved into a new apartment yesterday and hired movers to help me since I'm by myself and just an average female 20 something with a small car. Since I was paying them by the hour I didn't want to waste any time so when I started to need to use the bathroom while they were moving everything out of my old apartment I just held it. They finished after an hour and we all drove to the new place about 30 minutes away in traffic, me holding it all the while. We got to the new place and they started unloading but I had to tell them where to put everything so I kept hold it - and I had to both pee and poop really bad by then! Towards the end I was just standing to the side with my back to the wall and legs crossed squeezing everything shut for all I was worth to keep from having an accident in front of them. Finally they were done. I had to sign the papers and pay and stood there in the kitchen with the head guy dancing a little in place and crossing my legs. While the credit card was going through I felt a squirt of pee escape into my panties and shorts and a small trickle run down my left thigh. I was about to lose it. Finally he finished and left and I locked the front door and turned and walked as fast as I could to my bathroom. I made it to the bathroom but seeing the toilet was like too much for my poor body by that point and my brain said "You can go now!" so my body did... right into my panties and shorts. Pee flooded down my legs and puddled on the tile and then a giant poop spread into my panties. It was such a weird sensation. I haven't soiled myself since I was a child so I forgot how warm and squishy it felt. I just stood there a few feet from the toilet while it happened. It felt like forever to finish but was probably only 30 seconds or something, you know how it goes. When I was done I carefully lowered my very full panties and dumped out the grapefruit of poop from the seat and wiped off as best I could, then wiped up the floor and took a shower to clean up. Thank God it didn't happen five minutes sooner in front of the movers!

To Jimmy

Sorry I meant faced toward her lol, It was a poo accident/kinda accident kinda not lol. I mean it could have been prevented if I went at school at the time but I never went at school in high school because it was too taboo for one but the other thing was the bathroom stalls had no doors so no privacy. So often I would have to go bad coming home from school and often I wouldn't make it, though it didn't bother me much and sometimes I liked the feeling of relief.

Sorry about your accident with the runs the other day though, whats weird with me is I can hold the runs well, its when I have to go bad for a huge one that I can't lol.


Victoria B - Did you call him???

OK, I'm in suspense, did you call him or not?

What a way to meet a guy!!!

- Becc

Uncle Harry

Make Up Your Mind Lady

Long ago, when I was in my early 20s, I was in the city park sitting on a bench across the sidewalk from a bathroom building. It was a warm April day and the bathrooms were not yet open for the season. I was reading a paperback when a woman came along and asked if she could sit with me. Of course I set yes. She appeared to be about my age, but I was not looking for a girlfriend since I was already engaged. She sat down and started to read a paperback. After about a half hour, she seamed to be squirming around a bit. She asked me if I knew where she could urinate since the bathrooms were closed. I suggested that she go home or to a restaurant or a gas station. No, she didn't want to leave the park yet. So I suggested going behind a bush. I knew where some good ones were. No, she didn't like that either. She might get scratched by a bush. Well, I said, how about going behind the building. No again. Someone might come along and see me urinating. Besides, She had never made wee-wee outdoors and didnt know how, but she really needed to. Now what was I supposed to do, show her how to pee outdoors? I suggested that, but she didn't like that either because I would see her vagina and see her urine coming out of it. She had never let a man to do that. I was about to give up and leave when she decided to go behind the building with me. She was getting about it. "What do I do?", she asked. I told her she could use her skirt to cover her vagina while she urinated. She didn't like that because she might get it wet with urine. I said nothing, but glared at her. In a few seconds she took it off. Now take off your panties or urinate in them, I told her. She didn't want to do either. That was the last straw.. TAKE OFF YOUR PANTIES. I shouted. She finally did, but covered her pussy with her hands and told me not to look at it. Now what. Was she going to piss through her fingers? I told her to urinate either standing up, half squating, or squating all the way to the ground. I showed her how to do all three. She finally, reluctantly, uncovered her pussy and stood there looking at me looking at her pussy. Saying nothing, she spread her legs a little and suddenly let go a pee stream standing up, some of which ran down her legs. I couldn't read what her emotions were. She wasn't
smiling. She seamed to be relieved that she was urinatting, but a man was watching for the first time. She peed a lot a and then stopped. She shook herself off, but her pussy and legs were all wet. She got some tissues out of her purse and wiped herself off. There was a water spigot on the building, but it was dry. She put her panties back on and seemed relieved that the ordeal was over. She told me that it wasn't so bad, but she was nervous to have a man watching her urinate. Maybe now she could let other men see her urinating, but she wasn't sure. I had enough and went home.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica great story.

To: Maria it sounds both of you had pretty good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Imogen great story about your outdoor poop.

To: Victoria B great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

Ps. I love this site

Hello again. Nothing terribly exciting is happening in my life, pooing or weeing wise. But I do have a story from a few years ago. Reading Imogen's story about pooing outside reminded me of it actually. It's a bit eerie how similar our stories are. I also only rarely wee outside, only if it's an emergency and I've only ever pooed outside once. Way back in 2012, I posted a story about when I ended up doing a full on big poo in my knickers because I thought I could hold it in until I got home, but I was wrong. Well, about a year after that, I had another incident where I was absolutely bursting for a poo and didn't think I'd be able to hold it, but I remembered my accident and didn't want that to happen again so I ended up doing my poo outside.

That day, I began feeling a need during my last lesson but it wasn't too urgent so I didn't want to ask to be excused and be gone for a while and have everyone know I'd done a poo. By the time the lesson got out, I had to poo quite bad. I knew from experience that there's always a crazy queue for the toilets right after school let out. Thankfully, I lived less than ten minutes walk away, and I was confident I could make it home to poo.

As I got close, our street was completely blocked off because of an emergency. I'd later find out one of my elderly neighbours had a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital. Anyway, they were directing people to take a back way if they needed to get to their house. Of all the days to have to take a longer way home! By the time I got round the back way, I was absolutely bursting for a poo. I was afraid I'd end up having an accident again. I was at one end of the road and I could see my house off in the distance, but it was still quite far away. I was sure I wouldn't make it.

But it was then that I remembered there was a wooded path near the end of the road, really close to where I was. I headed off that way and ducked off the path to get cover behind some bushes and trees. As soon as I was reasonably sure I was out of view of any passing people or cars, I lowered my knickers and trousers and squatted down.

Immediately, a fat lumpy poo started coming out. Back then, I still struggled with constipation, and I think on that day I hadn't been for a poo in four or maybe even five days. The poo was thick and hurt a little as it first came out. It touched the ground and began curling up. It was a very weird feeling, one I'd never experienced before. Sometimes I'd done long poos before and they curled up in the toilet pan, but this felt different, having it curl up on the hard ground. Not really bad, mind you, just different and weird.

When that poo ended, I farted a few times. I still felt more poo in me and I figured I might as well do it all here. I worried that if I stopped now the need would come on again before I got home and be too strong. I bore down and pushed and let out several short poos that hit the ground hard. I finished with another poo kind of like the first but not as long, and then I weed a little. I spread my legs to avoid accidentally weeing on my shoes.

I didn't have anything to wipe with so I just pulled up my knickers and trousers and headed home. As I was pulling up, I caught a glimpse of my poo. It looked like quite a massive pile, but I think that was mostly because it wasn't in a toilet. Imogen mentioned in her story that her poo smelled stronger when she did it outside, but I found that my poo barely smelled at all. Usually when I poo, it has a strong, but not overpowering smell.

Anyway, that's my story about the time I pooed outside. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now!


Latest story

Hi everyone, just thought I'd post while I had a spare moment.
Natasha- the girl you met at the shops seemed very open, like you I think I would have been a bit embarased if someone I didn't know that well asked me what I needed to do while I was on the way to the toilet! Not that I'm worried about going into details when I'm with my friends, we openly tell each other what we need so we've got an idea about how long we're likely to take on the loo! Also when I was at school queuing for a cubicle I would sometimes hear other girls whispering to their friends asking them what they needed or telling each other that they were desperate for a wee or a poo. Hope you can post again soon.
Imogen- thanks for your reply and sorry to hear that when you had to have a poo outside you weren't able to wipe properly, just as well you were able to hide your dirty knickers until you could wash them!
Jas K- sorry to hear your struggling with constipation again, I hope things improve for you. I totally know what you mean about not having enough time to go for a poo, just like you sometimes when I'm having a wee I will try and see if I can have a poo as well, especially if I haven't been for a couple of days, but more often than not I just don't get enough time to push my poo out. The problem with that is its then hard to find enough time to go for a poo, which means you end up waiting longer which only makes you even more constipated! That was a particular problem at school for me, it was really frustrating as quite often I'd be on the loo having a wee and would know that if only I could stay sitting for long enough I would be able to have a poo as well, but I often didn't have time to do that so would have to go back to lessons and wait until I got home. I would do my best to go and use the toilet right at the start of lunchtime as that would guarantee I would be able to sit long enough to finish a poo, but some days I just didn't manage to go until part way through the break and then I would run out of time.
I'm hoping that now term is finished I will gradually start to be less constipated, it usually takes a few weeks to improve and by then I'm getting ready to go back, but now we've got the long summer break it should hopefully get a bit easier. This morning I got up late and had breakfast, I went back upstairs and sat on my bed still just wearing my nightie. Although I didn't really feel like I wanted a poo I thought I should try to go, as my last poo was three days ago and I know if I leave it much longer it turns into a massive struggle! I went into my ensuite and lifted my nightie, I then dropped my yellow knickers and sat on the toilet. I had a wee, which I also needed quite desperately, and then tried to relax and see if my poo was ready to come. I sat for a few minutes and nothing happened, so I then started to push and even though I strained for a while there wasn't anything poking out, so I gave up and went back into my room to get dressed. I took off my nightie and put on my bra, I needed clean knickers so I swapped the yellow ones I was wearing for some pink flowery ones and then I put on a blue dress. I went downstairs and watched telly for a bit and then decided to make myself some lunch. After eating a sandwich I started to get ready to go out, I was due to be meeting up with my friend Beth at the shops and then going back to her house. I met Beth in town and we went clothes shopping, I bought quite a lot and then we decided to go back to her house. As we were walking back I had a few twinges in my belly and realised my earlier efforts must have stirred something, I made a face and Beth said, "Are you OK?" to which I replied, "Yeah, I've just got some cramps, I think I need to have a poo." "Well, you can use the loo when we get back," said Beth, "It'll only take us another few minutes." By the time we got back to Beths house I was starting to want a poo quite urgently, I could feel it trying to poke out into my knickers so I was clenching my bum and trying desperately to keep it in, I really didn't want to get skidmarks if I could possibly avoid it. When Beth had unlocked the door I rushed upstairs to her ensuite, I said, "Sorry, I'm dying for a poo now!" and when I got in her bedroom I lifted my dress and dropped my knickers as I went into her ensuite. I quickly sat on the loo and moaned with relief as I relaxed my bum and felt a log starting to come out, as usual it felt like a really fat one so I knew I wasn't going to have an easy time. I looked down at my knickers and luckily they were free from skidmarks, so at least that was a bonus! Beth was sitting opposite me, she was wearing a dress too and she was sitting with her knees drawn up so her orange stripey knickers were showing, I noticed they were stuck up her bum pretty badly. I stayed sitting and straining, my poo was sliding out really slowly as it was so big and hard. I went up on tiptoes, pulled my bum cheeks apart and did a couple of really hard pushes ending with embarasing grunts but luckily that seemed to do the trick, I knew I'd worked the widest part through and shortly after the huge log splashed down into the bowl. At once I felt a second poo waiting to come out, normally I find it easier to push the remaining logs out as they are usually smaller but this one seemed to be even fatter than the first one, I managed to push the tip out but it kept getting sucked back up my bum. I figured I'd better flush the loo or I might end up clogging it when I finally got the second one to drop. "Aren't you done, you've just flushed?" Beth asked as I continued to sit. "No, I've just pushed out a huge one… but now I'm trying to get an even fatter one through… and it keeps getting sucked back up my bum," I said between pushes. "I hate it when that happens, try to do the longest push you can and then it might come out far enough" Beth said. I nodded, took a huge breath in and pushed as long and hard as I could, I screwed my face up and I knew I was going really red but by now I didn't care, I just wanted to get the poo out. I kept up the pressure for as long as I could and straight away took another big breath and bore down again before it had chance to be sucked back up. After that push I relaxed but luckily the poo stayed poking half out of my bum so I could afford to regain my composure, I pushed my hair out of my eyes and controlled my breathing and then I pushed again, it didn't take long before I felt it starting to slide out a bit faster and then it fell from my bum and made a loud plop. I felt empty then so I took some paper and started to wipe my bum. "Sorry about that, I'm still a bit constipated," I said as I finished wiping. "Don't worry, I had a poo yesterday and it was a massive struggle too, so its not just you!" Beth said. I pulled up my knickers and let down my dress, and then flushed and washed my hands. Will try to post again soon, bye for now!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Near miss in a carpark

I was walking past a small car-park beside a main road, when a female suddenly popped up from between two cars and walked out in front of me.
She was wearing a skirt of witch the bottom hem was tucked into the waistband of her knickers at the back.
So I looked between the cars and yes there was a puddle and a wet tissue there.


Another library poo

Imogen- Thanks for the birthday wishes. Good question: I do start to dribble if I'm really desperate. Normally this happens just as I'm getting down my pants so I see drips of pee go into the cloth before throwing myself onto the seat. There have been a few times when I've lost it soon after I start to leak but most times I can get it back under control. I liked your story about pooing outside. Although I like going outside being caught short without loo roll isn't the best situation. But I'm glad your knickers survived.

Victoria B.- Your poop sounded like a bowel movement and a half! I too would love to see female bodily functions normalised; it's such a toxic atmosphere where we ashamed to talk about something so natural.

Today after doing some studying at home I needed to go to my uni's library to get more books. While walking there I had started to feel a heavy sensation in my bladder and bowels so once I got to the library I went straight to the women's bathroom. Opening the door I saw that both cubicles were in use but as I walked to towards the sinks I heard one of the toilets flush and the zipping up of jeans. Moments later the cubical furthest away from me opened and as the girl was walking to the sinks I passed her and walked into the cubical. After shutting the door and sliding the lock across I swung my rucksack of my back and hung it the back of the door. Backing up to the loo I undid my blue shorts and pushed them down to my knees along with my blue and white striped pants before sitting down on the warm seat. As I had been doing this the girl in the next cubical had unlocked the door and was washing her hands. As the sound of the hand dryer filled the bathroom I emptied my bladder into the toilet. After the main door opened then closed again the room fell silent. This was broken by my poo hitting the water. It had started coming out slowly and was firm but towards the end it rapidly sped up as it turned mushy. As I was waiting to see if there was more to come the door to the bathroom opened and a girl entered. As she walked into the other cubical I heard the door slam shut and a bright blue rucksack appear by the gap in between the cubical dividers. I then heard jeans being pulled down and a short moment later pee fizzing into the bowl. Looking underneath the cubical I saw that the girl was wearing white and pink trainers. The girl continued to sit and I heard a faint plop which was so quite I would have wondered if I had heard it until ten seconds later when a tremendous splash emanated from the cubical. This was soon followed by another loud splash and then the sound of toilet paper being unrolled. I think it must have been quite a messy poo she had as she unrolled the paper four more times. As I felt I couldn't produce anything more I too got some loo roll and wiped my bum twice. Turning around to drop the loo roll into the bowl I saw the log coiled around itself at the bottom. The girl had by now flushed, left the cubical and was washing her hands. I pulled up my pants and shorts before getting my bag of the hook. Just before I pushed down the handle to flush my crap away I heard the girl leave. Unlocking the cubical I then too washed my hands and left the bathroom. Later on as I was looking for books my eye was drawn to a bright blue rucksack by a desk and then I noticed a pair of white and pink trainers. It had to be the same girl. Looking up I saw that the owner of them was a slim Asian girl wearing a tight fitting black top.

Jasmin K

Reply and update

Hi Just a quick post - managed to do another huge log this evening. All day at work my belly ache had been getting worse and I had to keep breaking wind to get relief. When I got home I went to the toilet and tried to poo but just got a couple of pea sized pellets out. I ate my dinner and then chilled with a friend for a while. About an hour ago I went back to the toilet and tried really hard and after a few really long hard pushes a log started to emerge. Each time I stopped pushing it stopped, I really had to force it out bit by bit.eventually it dropped in the water, I wiped and checked my poo before chucking the paper in. It. Was really fat at one end and knobbly, about 8 inches long and a couple of chunks.

Reply to xD
Yes I still wear my basque to help hold my belly in so I can strain harder. I do that when I am really badly constipated - as in my previous post or when I am say going out and want to completely empty myself before going but don't actually at that time have the need to poo feeling, wearing the basque very tight means I can force poo out at a convienient time for me which gives me a flat belly and an empty feeling.. Makes my ass hurt like hell though but I've gotten used to going out with a sore throbbing asshole.

A couple of the friends I had at school who also got constipated a lot I now don't see very often, when I do its if we end up going out to the same places. I've only helped one of them do a poo in the last sort of 6 months when she stayed over at my house. I will tell more in another post as I've not much time now.
As for my sister yes she still is constipated most of the time. I helped her poo last week as she was off school on one of my non work days. Sometimes it's just a case of making her stay on the toilet trying long enough to get it out like most evenings but the other day I had her lay on her bed whilst I pressed on her belly as she strained, then when it was in her ass hole she went back to the toilet and I did a bear hug on her whilst she strained it out..
Will post more when I have more time
Happy pooing
Jaz K



Imogen wrote:
>I have some questions I thought I'd put to the toiletstool readers as
>they are things I've been wondering.
>GIRLS: if you're having a wee outside, do you squat to the ground or do
>you do a 'high squat', sticking your bum out but at normal-ish height?
>Do you pull your knickers/trousers to your knees or ankles?

If I have to have a wee outside, I prefer to pull my leggings / tights / jeans and knickers down to mid-thigh and squat low to the ground, with my feet slightly apart. Then my clothing is up in the air and clear out of the way of everything. Or, if I am wearing loose-fitting shorts and it is dark, sometimes I will pull everything across and go out of the left leg hole.

Now ..... I'm transsexual, and at an early enough stage yet that some of the above manoeuvring is not strictly technically necessary. But I also suffer from paruresis -- and have found that having long grass tickling my bum can help me get started! Also, I have this fear that if I stood up to wee and anybody saw me, -either- they would know what I was, -or- it would be another woman desperate for a wee and she would ask if she could borrow my piddling-stick .....

>Also, for everyone, how easily do you give up your own place in the
>queue for somebody else if they are desperate?

That would depend on how desperate she was, and how desperate I was .....


On a hike with Louisa

Hello everyone!

I promised you a last story about an outdoor dump I took Saturday three weeks ago, so here it goes! It involves my friend Louisa, with whom I went on holidays last year (I posted about this on pages 2580-2592). We went to a rather high mountain to enjoy the view. The weather was to be excellent but too warm, so we decided to leave very early in the morning in order not to be bothered by the heat while we climb. I was picked up at 5:30 am at my flat by Louisa and she drove us to the last village accessible by car. We had coffee and donuts in the car because we wanted to start as soon as possible. At 7 o'clock, we were ready to leave but Louisa asked me to wait a minute because she had to pee. I thought it was a good idea and joined her. There were many bushes just by the (empty) parking lot, so we squatted down next to each other and let it go. Louisa's stream was strong and lasted long while I did not have to go that bad: peeing is pretty much the only thing I did before leaving so early. However, I wanted to make sure I was done, so I tried to relax my urethra and give a little push to get the last drops out and while doing so, I farted. Oops. It was a short but loud fart which made Louisa giggle. "Admit you have to shit!" she teased me playfully. But I did not, I suppose because I was way to focused on our hike and because my routine had been broken. We let the last drops drip off, wiped using the TP Louisa had in her pocket and started the hike.

We were climbing fast, Louisa is in a good shape. At around nine o'clock, we made our first break to get some rest and eat some dried fruit we had. It was already getting warm (not to mention we were hot because of the effort), so we drank a lot. And we peed again, but this time we did not bother hiding because we were virtually alone. It was a quick and uneventful pee, then I pulled up my panties and my hiking pants and we went on. We were already getting very sweaty by then as the temperature rose and the trail became steeper and steeper.

We finally made it to the rocky top at around 11 am. The view was absolutely gorgeous as you could see the mountain chain, the lakes and the valleys. We went to some kind of concrete platform which belongs to some abandoned WWII-era radio station. There was a bearded hipster in his early thirties with round little shades standing there, staring at the horizon. We had some small talk with him and he told us he and his girlfriend also stood up before dawn to avoid the heat. They had used the path coming from the other side of the mountain. He turned about to be very funny and friendly but he told they would not stay longer as they were very tired. Then, his girlfriend showed up. She was a rather short but very sporty girl with Asian origin. (She was slender, had this preppy ponytail and was wearing the best gear I had seen in a long time!) She smiled shyly and greeted us. They put on their backpacks and left.

I was starving by then, so we unpacked our food and ate in silence. It was absolutely great. After we stuffed ourselves, mostly with fresh fruit, we decided we'd also better leave before we get sunburnt because the summit was exposed. While I was packing my bag, a very familiar feeling hit my belly: I had to take a dump. I usually go very regularly every day after breakfast (or at least after my first coffee), but such special days break my routine. And once I feel the need for the toilet , I am bad at holding it ​(any of both things). Guess I am just unlucky to be born that way, but there are things that are way worse, I am not complaining. So anyway, I told Louisa that I had to go to the toilet before we left. I think she expect me to pee just next to her as we did before because she asked "Where are you going?!" when I started walking away to find a private spot. "Do you have to shit?!" I replied "Yeah, I have to go number two. And you'd better stay away, 'cause it's gonna be a smelly one!" I added, hoping she would let me in peace. She pretended to be grossed out making a face and exclaiming "Eeww!!"

I walked around the facilities, but the forest was quite a bit lower and there were no bushes that would hide me from all sides. I don't go number two outdoor often and I value privacy, so I considered postponing my poop until we'd bit in the forest again. But while I was thinking this, a hot and long fart escaped from my booty, reminding me that that poop was already long overdue. Then, I spotted this roofless "shed" (I don't know what this ruin was supposed to be). It was basically four brick walls, a concrete floor and a missing door. I decided it would do the job.

Well, that place had obviously been repurposed as the public toilet of the site. Not only was there a dark brown streak on the wall and a dried spot on the floor of the corner best hidden from the entrance, but also a big load in the corner furthest away. Curious, I walked in that direction to see it clearer. The heap was half-covered with unbleached pink tissues and there was a trace of a dried pee puddle around it. The poop itself was very light brown and consisted of two large turds topped by mushy poops forming a mini cowpat. The odor was rather strong nearby. It reminded me of rotten vegetables. Definitely, that was a fresh one! I am sure it was left there by the girl we met before, as we were discussing with the guy, but it also could have been his', because it was a large one. Unexpectedly, there were no flies around, maybe because of the altitude or the heat. My thoughts about attribution were interrupted by my own need to go, and I knew Louisa was waiting. I hate it when people have to wait for me to poop, especially if they wait in front of my stall in a public restroom.

I squatted just next to the load, to avoid polluting more, after having lowered my hiking pants and my panties. As soon as I was down, I farted silently. I always get gassy before my dumps! Then, I started peeing as my backdoor slowly stretched. Because of the concrete floor, the pee spread in a sizeable puddle and reached my hiking boots, but I didn't think too much of it. The first log started emerging, grew and finally fell onto the ground. I was submerged by a wave of relief, but I knew there was more to come. After maybe half a minute squatting, things started moving again. The second log came out easily and at a rather fast pace, even tough it was longer. I suppose it is because it was thinner. Feeling much better, I decided I was done, in order not to let Louisa wait longer. I took my tissues from my pocket and wiped my front, folded the tissue and wiped my back. I had a look at it and it turned out it was very lightly stained. So I carefully folded it again and wiped again; the tissue came back pristine. I dumped it, stood up and pulled up panties and pants. Looking at what I had produced, I saw two medium-sized turds, one rather knobby and thick one, and one that was slightly longer, thinner and having a lighter shade. Overall, it wasn't a small dump, although it wasn't nearly as impressive as the one left by my predecessor. I was super-glad my poo was so clean because it makes it easier for me not to think about the fact one cannot wash one's hand outdoors.

Lighter and merry, I came back to Louisa and we started hiking back to the car. We had no pressure anymore and had a really good time. Around midway back, we indulged ourselves a break in a woody area. We drank what we had left of juice and Louisa allowed herself a cigarette, although she doesn't smoke often. As we were chatting, I could smell some waves of foul stench. I wondered where they came from until Louisa told she "had to take a wicked shit". She drew a last puff on her cigarette and disappeared behind nearby bushes. Having nothing to do, I peed right on the trail and waited for Louisa to finish her business. Five minutes later, she shouted: "Jess, can you hand me some tissues?" I complied and walked in the direction her voice came from. "Where are you?", I had to ask; it turned out she was "Just here, you blind girl".

Louisa was leaning against a tree next to a thick bush. Under her exposed parts there was a rather large pile of many soft-looking dark logs and four crumpled tissues. "Don't look!", Louisa exclaimed, but I don't think she seriously could expect me not seeing anything. She had run out of tissues because she had a very messy bum. I handed her my pack, teasing her because. she had called me nasty first for having to go in the woods. She wiped twice more before adjusting her hiking pants. It stank badly, a very rich and meaty smell. I think this is because she had been eating a whole pack of beef jerky before.

We eventually made it to her car, exhausted, and treated ourselves with delicious steaks for dinner. This one would lazily come out as a single large, firm log after my first Latte on Sunday morning, in the privacy of my own bathroom. Back to normal!

Hope you enjoyed my report even though it grew rather long.

Love & take care,



What comes in will come out

Happy day to all of you. I have small story to share. Right now I just finishing up my pee and poop at church, so this what took place I was sitting in the pews while the guest speaker still was speaking I excused myself, I made it here in the women's, seems like it going be a long day, I take the 1st of 4 stalls, I lift up skirt lower my church panties down to my thighs and pull skirt up over my hips , I seat myself down, pee start coming and dribble away my hole opens up I place my hands in my lap and began to plop , while I slide my feet in out my heels, I stop a cold shivers comes over me, one of the teen girls that sings in the choir bursts in the second stall , hurries lift her robe up and rushes her panties down to her ankles and sits on the bowl blasting farts and plops one after another. I asked her was she okay, she says yes just happy the song over cause it was miserable holding that in I said I understand and she said you can take your time he still going on,I said it's cool I better finish up so now I'm finished going, now unto wiping till next time.


Rough Riding

This summer I have a variety of activities. Me and my friend Amit are both taking an accelerated class in summer school. Its not at our home school, but rather at a much larger building on the other side of town. We ride our bikes over there. Its about 1.5 miles each way. Me and Amit have a lot of common interests, but one thing is different. Instead of taking alleys and and streets to and from school, he leads me on shortcuts that include sometimes jumping curbs and riding through really rough grounds through a five block vacant lot that was once a hospital, but has been torn down. Sometimes the ride is so rough I'm afraid I'm going to get decapitated by my backpack which is on my shoulders. The exercise is good, I know, and by the time we reach campus, my morning crap is ready to exit. So right after we rack our bikes, I'm heading to the toilet. One day last week it was really knocking. Amit followed as I ran for the toilets. No one else was in the room. I flicked the first seat down and double-logged it almost immediately. Amit's impatient when he waits for me so I grabbed for the toilet paper. There wasn't any. So I texted Amit to get me some from the boys room next door. He did and came to the bathroom door so shy. He asked if I wanted him to toss me the roll. I demanded that he bring it to me. All the cubicles are doorless. His family's from India and very modest and I saw this an opportunity to break him down a bit. He was looking the other way and expecting directions from me. So I decided to play with him a bit. Kind a like how we defend one another while playing basketball. He still didn't seem to want to look at me. Finally, from my seat on the toilet, I grabbed his hands. I directed them in to my lap and ordered him to place it in my hands which were at waist level. He did and the ice was broken.

Amit watched me wipe. He questioned why I did it as I did and I explained. He seemed to agree that it made sense. Then I stood and invited him to see my double logger before I flushed it. He asked if he could quickly pee. I stepped aside and said sure. I couldn't believe the strong force. It went past 45 seconds and I was surprised most by his accuracy. Despite the fact that he didn't lift the seat, he lined up directly from the seat cut out in front. Not one drop on the seat. And he even did a three wiggle of the front of his johnson before putting it back in. The bowl, in addition to my contribution, now had dark yellow pee with lots of fizzle and bubbles. He surprised me by flushing with his left foot. This was something his father taught him to do for cleanliness purposes. Then we went to the sinks to wash our hands. When we got to our classroom, others were coming into the building. We had timed our activity well.


To the unnamed poster and an accident on Friday

To the unnamed poster: Is it pee or poop? I only asked because if you face away from her and it's poop it might be showing on your butt. Plus does it stink bad? Maybe she knows but thinks you had an accident and doesn't want to make you feel bad.

I've been sick since Friday. I went to bed on Thursday feeling fine but on Friday when I got up I was really sick. My dad was home and took my temperature and I had a high fever. So he took the day off work and made me a cozy bed on the couch so he could keep an eye on me.

I don't remember what time it was but I got up and went to the bathroom to pee. And while I was peeing I trusted a fart and ended up with poop in my pants. It was a lot of poop and I was feeling really out of it so called for my dad to come to the bathroom and help me. I was freezing cold and didn't feel like getting in the shower so he ran a hot bath for me and got me a warm washcloth so I could clean up. He helped me wipe the poop from my legs and then I soaked in the tub while he took my poop clothes to the laundry room.

Luckily it was my only accident but my parents spent all day yesterday making a fuss and asking me if I had to pee or poop like every hour. I feel better today. I'm still a little groggy but I pooped about 30 minutes ago and it wasn't the runs anymore.


Getting Ready for Church, but...

Hi! I promise that I will post my stories soon! Mary and I are both entering medical school in the fall and we are going to share an apartment, so we've been apartment hunting the past week or so. It's really sad to think of moving out of the home that we've lived in most of our lives!

We are regular church goers, but I think back to last Sunday. Sometimes, well, more often than I would like, I fart on the toilet when I have to pee. If I am in a public restroom, I hear other women do it. However, I really do not pay much attention to it.

I was using a restroom before worship that a lot of the youth girls in the church use, and when I entered the stall, several middle school girls came in the restroom.

When I sat to pee, I knew that I had to fart, but tried to hold it. However, I could not start to pee. Then, I gave up and let go of a long, loud fart. Of course the toilet and the hard floors and stalls of the bathroom just intensified the sound. The girls started giggling. I heard one of them whisper, "Oh my god! That shook the room!" Then I decided bare down and let out another fart, not as loud or long, but just as a reminder to the girls that I was still there.

Victoria B, I love your posts too! As for toilet paper, it's over, not under!

- Becc


pooing outside / reply to abbie

I've had an upset stomach the last 2 days so have had to do quite a few dashes to the loo. It seems to be getting better now though. I wore old knickers today just in case, but fortunately no problems.

Abbie - thanks for your reply! I pull my knickers down to my knees all the time but I've seen other girls pull them to their ankles, hence my question.

In answer to your questions, I probably go for a wee outside a couple of times per month, similar to you I do a fair amount of walking. Also, I often need to go on the way home from a night out! I find that even if I go for a wee before leaving the pub, I'm probably going to need one on the way home.

I've only done a poo outside once that I can remember. It was when I was around 13 and getting home from school I realised I hadn't taken my key with me. My mum normally got home about an hour after I did and I realised I couldn't wait - I'd been holding it in for a while, I think this was before I found the nice loos at school. I stuffed my school bag in the garden, and walked down my road to the end, and through a passage to the woods behind my house. There was a main cut-through which lots of people used, and then various paths going off it. I took one of the paths and walked along it for a while, trying to figure out a place that nobody would see me. I could feel the urge to poo getting worse so I came off the path and went around the next bush I could see.

Looking around I figured nobody could see me where I was, so I lifted my skirt up and pulled my tights and knickers down, then squatted over the floor. I started by doing a little trickle of wee, and then heard a loud 'prrrrft!'. I was still worried that somebody might see me, even though I was completely hidden. I stayed squatting and tried to push, each time I just had another trickle of wee come out. Then, another 'prrrrrft!', followed by a gentler 'pf', followed by a very rapid long log, a second log, then what felt like an endless runny eruption. I realised how smelly it was, as there was no toilet water to mask the smell. I pushed a bit more and felt another bit of runny poo come out. I realised then I didn't have anything to wipe with. I grabbed a leaf and did as best I could, but it was pretty nasty. I pulled up my knickers and tights, then headed back towards home.

All the walk home I could feel that my bum was dirty and it was so irritating, but there wasn't really anything I could do about it! I got back to the house and retrieved my schoolbag then sat on the doorstep. My mum came about 20 minutes later and I finally got in the house! She was asking me how my day was etc and I was standing there talking to her, with my bum feeling itchy and gross. I said I was going upstairs to get changed and she said dinner would be in half an hour, so I headed upstairs and went into the bathroom. I lifted my skirt and pulled my tights and knickers down and sat on the loo, my knickers were pretty messy. I can still remember the sight today, they were a light shade of green with white lace round the side and large skidmarks on the bum. I had a wee on the toilet and then wiped my front and back properly. Once I got to my bedroom I changed my knickers and hid the old ones away. I put them in the wash when it was the school holidays (and washing was one of my chores) and that got most of the mess out but every time I wore them it reminded me of that day!

Here's another one for both guys and girls - if you are really desperate, do you start to leak/dribble? How long do you have after that before a complete accident? If I'm totally desperate, I will normally leak a tiny bit a few times, then leak more, then more still, then more still, then wet myself completely (if I haven't got to a loo by that point).

Victoria B.

At the bookstore


I decided to visit the nearest bookstore today for some much needed reading material. I've loved to read since I was a little girl and I've spent more happy hours than can be counted browsing and reading in bookstores. Today was no exception and after looking around for awhile I spied a Guillaume Apollinaire anthology that caught my eye. I became so preoccupied by it that I spent the next twenty minutes reading it in a deep squat right in front of the shelf from which it came. It was at that point that I felt a sudden, sharp need to go to the bathroom for both things; I don't know why it happened, but it was clear that there was real danger of an accident if I didn't get on a toilet in the next five minutes.

I put the Apollinaire back on the shelf and headed to the women's room, which, as luck would have it, was about as far in the store as possible from where I'd been reading. It took everything I had to keep it in without using a stray hand to hold my rear closed! I made it just in time to see a bathroom complete with three predictably occupied stalls. It was here that fortune decided to humor me: no sooner did I take my place waiting for one of them that I heard a flush from the last stall. I couldn't help but allow a slightly goofy smile to spread across my face in spite of the fact that the end stall is my least favorite. Normalizing body functions is important to me as a feminist issue and I think that the stereotype of the last stall, the designated "pooping stall," contributes to a climate of poop-shaming that is unhealthy for all of us.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the lady who had just concluded her business exited the stall and turned it over to me with an unmistakable expression of content and relief etched on her face. I walked in and locked the stall before hanging my purse up on the hook protruding from the door. I plopped my round behind down on the seat but not before pulling my outer space-patterned leggings and black boyshorts down to my calves. I started going right away, though unusually: my first log had dropped and the second was halfway out before I began peeing. The sound of wiping next to me gave way to a flush and the click-clack of heels headed to the sink. There were only two of us and it seemed that the person in the first stall chose to celebrate by dropping a massive turd into her pot. It landed with an authoritative ka-plop! and I decided to show my approval with a preemptive flush. I had more to go and didn't want to risk a clog.

I began pooping again almost as soon as the water was replaced. Two medium-sized pieces came to a splash landing and were followed out of my hole by a small fart. I heard a grunt and bent over to see my fellow pooper get up on her toes before another big log came crackling out. It hit porcelain with a a resounding thud and must have finished things for my neighbor because she began grabbing paper and going about wiping her front and backside. Three more tiny turds, one right after the other, and I was done too. She flushed and made her way to the sinks. What a relief! I took some paper and wiped my front before grabbing a second handful to carefully wipe my butt. It turned out that a third was needed before I was clean enough. With that done I got up and inspected the thoroughly destroyed bowl I left behind while pulling my black undies and spacy leggings back up. All in a day's work, I say. I flushed and left the stall to go wash my hands. Once that was done, I left the bathroom and headed straight back to the shelf with the Apollinaire book and continued where I'd left off!



What comes in will come out

Little about me, I'm 5'1 105 lbs black hair hazel eyes s-m bust size , nice firm curves butt , sometimes people get me confused with Sasha Banks from Wwe, but nope she got talent. So I just took time do a survey, 1) if you could use the bathroom other than home what place you choose. 2) If you can could control how much poop comes out , will be little, medium, or large, 3) If you could meet a celebrity in the bathroom who it will be?4) What will you do if there is toilet paper in your stall and you already going what would you do? 5) What is your best time of day to go poop?

Karen C.

Coffee Enema, Reply to Brandon

Hi Brandon, thx for your reply. You're right, the coffee enema worked exactly as it was supposed to, it caused my liver to release bile and the toxins with it, that's what made me feel so yucky. Had the runs several times and it had stringy mucous in it. Had a queasy stomach and threw up a lot too--this came off and on; throw up--feel better--then sick again, I suddenly felt yurpy again at Coco's just a short distance from where I live and threw up just off the parking lot--I felt fine when I left the house and so I was going to get my fave onion rings and a sandwich because I thought it might make me feel better and perk me up, I guess the ride in the summer heat plus the whiff of smelling foods cooking upset my stomach because by the time I arrived I felt queasy and threw up lots of greenish/orangeish slimy stuff over the grass just off the parking lot and generally felt crappy--I hadn't eaten anything all day plus I'd been gardening earlier in the heat which I'm sure didn't help, after I puked I lost my appetite so I just drove home, picked up a 12 pack of gingerale and some Pepto on the way home. After I got home I sat on the toilet with the runs, not much came out just lots of gas and clear water and some stringy mucous with green thingies; drank some water and it all ran through me twenty minutes later. I whipped up a batch of lemonade iced tea with ice and my body seemed to accept that better than plain water,a couple hours later I had some gingerale and Cup Noodles and a small piece of cheese with crackers which mostly stayed down and in. I felt so run down and weak, felt like I had the flu I was just so tired and weak; took a lot of naps and watched lots of videos with walks around the block every couple of hours just to keep from being too lazy. Continued to sweat like a pig as well.

Felt better after getting all that junk out of my system too. Warm gingerale and short walks around the block, and gardening and cleaning up the garage helped take my mind off it. Also I kept sweating constantly, so I took a lot of showers. This lasted for two days. All part of the detox thing I suppose. Well, today my appetite is back and my stomach is noticeably lots smaller so I think I'll go try again at Coco's for my onion rings and sandwich.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: PooperLady great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one.

To: Natasha great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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