Uncle Harry

The Friend of a Date Dumper

I had a few dates with a woman who answered my ad. She turned out to be boring and a heavy cigarette smoker. I'm a non-smoker. She also had other faults, such as borrowing money from me an not paying it back. She took me to a party where there was a female friend of hers who seemed interested in me. I spent more time with her, Miriam, than with my date. The day after the party, she called me and broke off with me. Good ridence! The next day, Miriam called me and wanted to get together with me. I didn't know I was that popular. The next Saturday, I came over to her house. She showed me around and then we went out to dinner. She didn't smoke, but drank wine, which I also did, but she did not get drunk. She was involved in personality reading by feeling bumps on the head. I did that as a hobby once and, as a psychologist, I found this interesting. Five stars for heard so far.

On the way home, she invited me in for a while. Once in, the first think she said was that she needed to piss. She was very blunt. After coffe and wine, I wouldn't doubt it. Then she asked if I needed to urinate. I did. Then she said I could come in the bathroom with her, as she was not pee shy. This was rather unusual for a first date, but it was fine with me. She peed first since it was her house. She took off her skirt since, she said, she wanted to change anyway. Then she took off her panties, since, she said, she dribbled a little on the way home. She sat down on the toilet with her legs apart, smiling. Then came quite a lot of piss out of her pussy. She eventually stopped, gave a few squirts, wiped her pussy, and got off the toilet. I peed next, with her watching closely. She said she could tell something of my personality by how I urinated. I didn't buy it. Then we walked into her bedroom where she put on some casuall clothes. We talked a while more and then I went home. We had several more dates, but evaually broke up. She just wasn't the woman I wanted to marry.

Super Fast Poops
It often takes me only one or two minutes to finish but I'm not talking about that shits; I am talking about the ones that you miss if you blink.Did somebody else sometimes takes that shit that it's over in two seconds, like if your stomach empty all at once?
I do, and here's a story about one of the most unforgettable one.
I was 12 and I was at a pub with my parents and since, I didn't eat very much at lunch I made a pig of myself eating this giant burger and a lot of chips.I started to feel a slight urge to poop when I finished but I wasn't very worried so I also ate an ice cream.Sometimes ice cream give me the runs but I forgot that that night.
After dinner we went to a park to chill, relax and watch the sunset which was exactly what I was NOT in the mood to do with the pressure in my bowels growing harder and harder.
I was too shy to tell my parents that I had to poop so I tried to hold it as longer as I could.
When I realised that I couldn't make it home I finally told my parents of my need.They gave me some tissues and told me to go to the near cafè.Already in pain I managed to get there only to see a line for the bathroom. No way I could hold it for so long.I ran into the woods.Pulled down my short and exploded, splattering A LOT of creany diarreha against a tree.It was all over in two seconds and I had to wipe only once.I felt so empty after that.
P.S This (and my first story ever on this site,"Do Not Eat Mexican Food Before Going To A Waterpark" are taken from a diary that I wrote when I was 12-13 called the PoopDiaries in which I took note of my most memorable poop-related misadvdntures. If you guys like it, I'm going to posting more stories from it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


to Jasmin K

Hi Jas K!

It's been a long time and I'm glad you're back! Sorry to hear you're still strugling with big poops. Tell me do you still use your basque when you need to push extra hard? I remember you mentioned that your friends and your sister also have trouble with constipation. Any stories about you helping them strain and push?



Police women peeing

Some years ago when there were riots about exporting cattle at our local ferry-port the police had to escort the lorries, the port is on one side of our town centre.
I was driving home late one night and pasted the other end of the town centre through an industrial site, when on a large grassy corner I saw a large number of police vans ete., parked.
As I got nearer I could see the policemen standing at a wall peeing, then as I got level with them I was surprised to see the side view of bare bum cheeks of a small number of female police squatting beside the wall.
I could not slow down to look but I did try to watch in my cars mirrors as I drove on past and up the road away from them.
Why is it that traffic lights are always green when you want to stop and look ?

Mysterious Pooper

Do not trust turkish coffee

Three years ago,I went to Instanbul.The last day of my vacation I wanted to drink some coffee and so I asked for one at a small cafè.
It tasted weird and nothing like coffee but I drank it anyway because I paid a lot for it.In hindsight this was an enormous error, especially because I didn't poop in a week straight.On the way for the aeroport I started to feel a small urge to poop.But in ten minute it turned from the I-don't-need-to-go-so-bad urge from the I-NEED-TO-FIND-A-TOILET-RIGHT-NOW urge.I knew that I was in trouble because there were still five minutes to the airport.By the time I eventually arrived I was dying I ran straight into the place, running faster than Usain Bolt.Unfortunately the stalls were nearly open,with only a very small piece of wood to ensure minimal privacy that means not only that everybody could see you but also that everybody could hear your sounds.The bathroom was packed but, luckily, a stall was unoccupied and I head for it.Some people loooked at me, probably thinking that I just need to pee bad.I grinned, thinking about how much there weren't prepared for what I was going to do.
I pulled my pants and squatted, not a second too early.Saying that I pooped in that toilet is definitely not enough.I bombarded it, destroyed it, cursed it forever.As soon as I squat I exploded and gigantic wave of splattering diarrea hitted the toilet accompanied by the loudest and stinkest farts ever.After the diarreha came some very big turds and after that,terrible farts , diarreha and then turds again.This went on for like 7-8 minutes in a non-stop bombarding.Remember that I said that the toilet was crowded? Well two seconds after I started relieving myself everybody finished their business as quick as possible and ran away in panic.By ten seconds, everybody was out except for a guy in a stall wich apparently had to poop to too.That poor soul lasted fifteen seconds and then he escaped too.
My stall was the biggest mess ever.It overflowed already at the second wave so I finished my business on the floor, in the corners; but when I moved my bottom from the toilet to the floor the storm didn't stop coming, resulting in crap not only in the toilet and on the floor but also on the seat and on, the wall, due to the splattering diarreha that i previously mentioned.Talking about the smell, well just immagine a week worth of spicy, ethnic food formed poop packed togheter that started rotting and decomposing and that finally comes out in the form of coffee induced-diarreha.I am not surprised that everybody else escaped.I did my best to wipe from that and exited, only to return in ten minutes later to release other disgusting diarreha.Not even nearly as bad as the first one, I released two other brown seas in that poor bathroom.I felt so bad that I never came back to Turkey again and tried to avoid Airports as much as i could.

I peed before going to bed at 11:30 pm and had to pee several times in bed so I just let it go in the overnight diaper. I woke up and had breakfast and continued to pee in it a few times in the morning after drinking tea and coffee. By 1:30 pm it was time for a shower so I took off the used night diaper, threw it in the trash. I had a good night's sleep without worrying.

To Jimmy

Yeah I hear you about wanting to just let go and do it when you have to go bad. I do that sometimes, I am just more careful about when I do it, knowing that I can sneak into my house without my mom noticing me. There have been times where I was almost caught but as long as I faced away from her she never noticed. Maybe if you did it just be sneaky about it lol.


Desperate crap this afternoon

This afternoon I ate out at a restaurant. I ate a bit too much and got a bit of a stomachache. I decided to take a pee at the restaurant, and then continue on home.

While I was making my way home, my stomachache turned into a bowel ache, and I suddenly felt an urgent need to poop. I knew I had to find a toilet fast.

I walked into a nearby university that was on my way anyway, and started to look for a good place to unload my bowels. Luckily, I quickly found a bathroom in the school. I went into the bathroom and into a stall, locked the stall, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet.

I farted once, and then shat out a whole toilet bowl's worth of turds. My crapping was all over in just a few seconds. I then pissed a little on my crap, wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. I felt so much better after that!

Uncle Harry


To: Imogene.

I don't feel it in my stomach. I don't cross my legs because I have good pee control, but if I'm really desperate, I'll find somewhere to pee..even outdoors. . I have never had to give up my space to someone else, but I probably would. I'm wondering what the stared out space was. Must be something awful. My head maybe? Ha ha. Good questions, though.


New houses

I was out walking around some new houses one Sunday afternoon, when as I came around the end of a wall I caught a female in a skirt with her knickers around her knees and her skirt up to her waist peeing into a drain in the yard of a house. She saw me and jumped up dropping her skirt down into place and tried to run around the other end of the wall, still with her knickers at her knees.
I do not think she had fully stopped peeing as there was a small trail of pee from the drain to the corner of the wall. I looked around my end of the wall just in time to see her bum cheeks as she pulled up her knickers and walk away.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Urgent pee at naptime

Hi everyone. Just came back from the WC (washroom) after having a very urgent pee. Here in Taiwan is hot, and often rains (though today is sunny) so you have to stay hydrated with lots of water and stay covered up to avoid getting soaked or burnt. I just finished a 550 ml bottle of water so my bladder was demanding relief. I went to the WC, closed the door, pulled my black shorts and green boy shorts underwear down and sat on the toilet and peed for about a minute a huge gusher. I wiped when I was finished, pulled up my shorts and underwear and flushed the toilet. And Now I'm back in bed writing this. I feel better now. Wouldn't have wanted to be a 31 year old woman having to do more laundry if I had have peed my pants or bed.

Happy pooping and peeing



What comes in will come out

Happy pooping everyone, short story . Today while at work fee moments ago, I just took a major load , last night I made myself a bowl of fruit salad and a second helpings worth, I was feeling all full, so when I got to work first thing I did go into the ladies hurried pulled down my shorts and kicked off flip flops grabbed my stomach sat on the toilet for 25 minutes going nonstop cause of the waves and the clean up now I'm ready to go home take a shower what way to start a work day, bye for now

Uncle Harry


To: Imogene.

I don't feel it in my stomach. I don't cross my legs because I have good pee control, but if I'm really desperate, I'll find somewhere to pee..even outdoors. . I have never had to give up my space to someone else, but I probably would. I'm wondering what the stared out space was. Must be something awful. My head maybe? Ha ha. Good questions, though.

Uncle Harry

A question

To Blob

I have twice run into British girls who did not mind if I watched them pee, here in the USA. Are UK girls less averse to being watched than American girls you don't know?

Pissing in the Hole

Some time back, I was in a coffee shop and needed to poop. The food was good, but the bathrooms weren't. There were two single-use bathrooms for anyone. I payed my bill and walked down a rather dark hall to get to them. I tried the first, but it was locked and a female voice shouted "occupied". I went to the bathroom next to it and it was empty. I walked in, but I couldn't lock the door. The lock was a hook and hole- in-screw type, but screw was gone. I took a chance that no one would come in or would leave if they did. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet seat. My gut was not cooperating that day and it was slow going to poop. I noticed that there was a hole in the floor near the sink. It was about 3/4 the size of a toilet seat. Suddenly, I heard footsteps outside and someone rattling a doorknob. The voice once again shouted "occupied" and another female voice shouting "oh shit". That last voice then opened my door and walked in before I could shout anything. She told me to hurry up because she was ready to wet her pants. I told her I was there first and she would have to wait. Then she saw the hole in the floor. She said she was going to piss in it. She quickly pulled off her slacks. She was about pull off her panties, but first she said,"Don't look at my pussy", and then she took off her panties. Then she said that I was looking at her pussy. It was impossible not to see her pussy. She squated over the hole and then, strangely, said "Is my piss hole over the floor hole"? It wasn't , so I told her to move a little to her right. She did. Dribbles began to fall from her pussy and then a heavy pee stream. It sounded like someone pissing in an outhouse. "Don't watch me piss", she said. Again, impossible. I finally finished pooping and after about 30-40 seconds, she finished urinating. I wiped my butt and handed her some toilet paper so she could wipe her pussy. We both re-dressed ourselves and left.

Victoria B.

Imogen's questions + one of my own

Imogen asked a few questions and I thought I'd answer!

GIRLS: if you're having a wee outside, do you squat to the ground or do you do a 'high squat', sticking your bum out but at normal-ish height? Do you pull your knickers/trousers to your knees or ankles?

I squat lower to the ground if I'm going outside. No sense in drawing any more attention to my exposed bottom! My answer to the second question depends. I take them down to my knees for a pee, but all the way down if I need a number two as well.

Also, for everyone, how easily do you give up your own place in the queue for somebody else if they are desperate?

I'll gladly give up my spot to someone who is desperate to get on a toilet or a mother with children. Everybody deserves to take care of their bodily functions in comfort and privacy.

And now another question. There are two answers and only one of them is correct: Do you put the paper so it comes off from the top or bottom of the roll?

Love, Victoria


What comes in will come out

Part 2 couple hours later on the job, my stomach was feeling abit quezzy . So I get to the ladies enter the first stall and latch it, and pull my shorts down at my ankles in seat on the toilet take out my cell start texting Marcus, after few minutes I feel my vowel movement coming, I stay seated then I feeling airy fart but it was a wet airy fart I felt like a water hose coming out of me. So my body let loose by time I was done and tired . I wiped pulled my shorts up washed my hands and left for home, when I got in I took everything off and bathed, now waiting on Marcus come home

Friday, June 23, 2017

Imogen: That's annoying when you have to clean up after the person before you, especially if you're bursting for the loo. I guess if a young child does it, it's kind of excusable, but it's really gross if an adult woman wees on the seat and doesn't wipe it clean. I even once saw poo left on the seat!

Today I took the tube down to the shops to get some new clothes for the summer. There's a bunch of clothes shops along the same street and I spent ages looking at the shops and trying on loads of clothes. I'd been feeling a small urge to wee for a while, but was ignoring it. Finally, I was at H&M, in one of the changing rooms when I really had to go. It wasn't going to wait much longer.

I started making my way to the toilets when I noticed a girl I'd seen before at uni also walking that way. We'd had some classes together, but I didn't know her that well or even know her name. She seemed to recognize me and said "I hope there's not a queue for the loos. I have to go very badly." I replied that I did as well. She then asked "What do you need to do?" I blushed a little and said "Erm... just a wee." Then she told me "Oh. I really have to go both ways."

We got to the toilets and there were four cubicles, two on either side of the room. No one was in any of the cubicles. We went in ones across from each other. I started pulling down my skirt and pantie and it was dead quiet in the toilets, so I could hear her begin weeing. Then she farted a few times and I heard her poo start crackling out loudly as I started weeing myself. She let out an audible sigh. I finished my wee and could hear her poo still continuing to come out. She seemed to be having a very relieving poo. I wiped and flushed and left the toilets.

Alright, that's me for now. Post again soon. Bye!


Latest news

Hi everyone, I'm back from uni now for the summer, so should hopefully be able to post a bit more often.
Natasha- glad to hear you're finding it easier to have a poo now the stress of exams has gone. I hope this keeps up for you as your last period of constipation sounded really bad.
Imogen- sorry to hear you had to use a cubicle with wee everywhere, typical when your desperate for a wee yourself! In answer to your question (which I thought was a very good one!) when I have a wee outside I pull my knickers and trousers to my knees, then squat down low and use one hand to push my clothes away from myself so theres no chance of them getting wet. I think if you pull your knickers and trousers down to your ankles then you're a lot more likely to get them wet, at least thats what previous experience has taught me! Its quite a common event that I need to have a wee outside (and sometimes a poo!) as I go for long walks quite often and there aren't any loos around to use. Out of interest how do you go for a wee outside and how often, and have you ever had a poo outside before? I would also be interested to hear other girls answers too!
On Tuesday Lucy, Katie and I went out for a walk, we took a picnic with us as we were planning to be out most of the day. I'd been drinking alot as it was a really warm day, so after a couple of hours I was getting desperate for a wee. I saw a small wooded area not far from the footpath, so I said, "I need a wee, I'm just going to go over there," gesturing to the trees. "Yeah, I do as well!" said Lucy, and Katie said "I guess that makes three of us then!" so we all walked over towards the trees. When we were safely out of view of the path I took off my backpack, then pulled down my grey shorts followed by my white knickers. When Lucy and Katie dropped their shorts I noticed that they were both wearing white knickers too, they quickly pulled them down and then we all squatted, and soon three strong wee streams were spattering into the dirt. When I was done I leant over to my bag, took out some tissues and wiped my front, I passed a tissue to the others too so that they could wipe as well. We stood up, pulled up our knickers and shorts and made our way back to the path to carry on. A few hours later, after we'd eaten lunch and gone for another wee, we were walking back to the car to go home. Suddenly Lucy rubbed her belly and said, "I need to have a poo, its getting quite urgent!" "Can you hold on till we get home or do you need to go now?" asked Katie. "Erm.. I think I can wait," Lucy replied, "I don't really fancy going for a poo outside, I'm a bit constipated at the moment and I'd rather be on the toilet!" We made it back to the car a few minutes later, Katie was driving so we started to make our way back into town, luckily the traffic was OK. As we turned down Katies road Lucy said "Its starting to come out in my knickers, I don't think I can hold on much longer!" and Katie said "Please try not to poo your pants in my car, Lucy!" "I'll do my best, hopefully I'll just end up with skidmarks!" said Lucy, I noticed she was sitting on her heel and squirming around a bit. We got to Katies house, got out of the car and went up to her bedroom, as soon as Lucy got through the door she was pulling her shorts and knickers down!! She sort of waddled across to Katies ensuite and threw herself on the loo, as Katie and I followed her in I could see a big skidmark in her knickers but luckily nothing worse! Lucy was moaning with relief as she could finally unclench her bum and let her poo come out, I know how good that feels when your absolutely bursting! Katie and I sat down on the floor, I was next to a clothes airer which had loads of Katies underwear drying on it, there were a couple of bras and several pairs of cotton knickers which were pale pastel coloured and some were spotty, stripey or flowery too. Katie saw me looking, she went a bit pink and said "Sorry about my knickers, I haven't had chance to put them away!" and Lucy and I giggled, all three of us wear the same sort of knickers, basically normal cotton briefs which are either plain white or pale pastel coloured so I was hoping that Katie didn't feel too embarrassed, to be honest we all rate comfort way above fashion as far as our knickers are concerned! Actually I usually dry my underwear in my bedroom as well and typically when Lucy or Katie are round I always seem to have really grim flowery knickers on show!! We chatted for a bit and then I noticed that Lucy was bearing down, she said, "Sorry, its been a few days since I last had a poo, so I think I'm gonna struggle!" Sure enough she started doing some hard pushes and grunting a bit, after another few minutes she reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart. "Its a really fat one and it keeps getting stuck!" she panted. "Don't worry, last time I had a poo I had to push really hard as well!" said Katie, "I keep getting really fat ones too, I think its because I only go every 3 or 4 days!" I could see Lucy was bearing down again, by now she had gone really red as she was having to strain so much.
"I think my last poo was 4 days ago," said Lucy, "So that probably explains it!" After another few minutes of hard pushing and grunting there was a splash as Lucys first log dropped. "Thank God thats out!" she sighed. "Theres more to come yet though!" She started to bear down again, I was expecting her second log to be easier but she looked like she was having to push really hard again. "Gosh, are you having another fat one?" Katie asked, concerned. "Yeah, its not much better than the first one!" panted Lucy and she bore down again. "Its really annoying when that happens, a few weeks ago I remember really struggling to pass a log, and when the second one started to come out it was even worse than the first one! I said. Lucy kept on pushing for another few minutes until finally her log dropped with a plop. "Right, I think I'm done!" she said, taking some toilet paper and wiping her bottom. When she was finished wiping she took off her knickers and shorts, she said, " I need to change my knickers, I've got massive skidmarks!" and then she went back into Katies bedroom naked from the waist down, I followed her in and sat on the bed. Lucy and I had left a bag in Katies room as we were planning to sleep over that evening, Lucy unzipped her bag and rummaged around before finally pulling out another pair of plain white knickers which she put on and then put her shorts back on. Just then Katie came out of the bathroom with an armful of dirty washing, as I looked closer I saw that it was all white knickers, socks and crop tops. "I'm just going to put a white load on, would you like me to wash your knickers Lucy?" "Oh yeah, thanks, that would be great!" Lucy said. Katie picked them up and went downstairs, she came back up a few minutes later and we chatted until tea. After we'd eaten the washing machine had finished so Katie took out all the clothes, she carried them back up to her room and then took all her clean knickers off the clothes airer and put them away, while Lucy and I hung all the wet clothes up.
We then went downstairs to have something to eat, straight after I'd eaten I had a tight feeling in my belly and realised a poo was on the way, I decided to wait a bit longer though as I wasn't feeling too desperate. We went back up to Katies room, it was baking hot up there so I said, "I'm gonna have to get undressed, its boiling in here!" I took off my tee-shirt and shorts so I was just in my bra and knickers and Lucy and Katie did the same. Lucy was about to take off her bra when she said, "Lets just stay in our bras and knickers, its too hot to wear a nightie!" and Katie said "Yeah, you're right!" and sat on her bed. Suddenly Lucy held herself and said "I'm really bursting for a wee, I'm gonna have to get on the loo straight away!" so she went into the ensuite, dropped her knickers and sat on the toilet, I heard a loud stream starting up and Lucy moaning with relief. As her stream died away she did a loud fart and then I heard her taking some toilet paper and wiping. She came back in shortly after and I said, "Right, my turn, I need a poo though so I might be a while, you may as well come in with me if you want!" I went into Katies ensuite, pulled down my knickers and sat on the warm seat, I relaxed my clenched bum and couldn'r help moaning slightly as my poo started to poke out. I took a deep breath and started to push, after a few minutes I could feel that the log was now a few inches out and was really stretching my bum, I was having to push hard to stop it from being sucked back up and I couldn't help making some grunts as I strained.
"Sorry, I'm having a hard one too, I haven't been for a poo for some time either," I said in between pushes, "And I'm really fed up of having huge fat logs as well, this ones really stretching my bum!"
I took another deep breath and bore down hard, I could feel the log coming out really slowly, it was really dry and hard which wasn't helping either. Luckily after another few pushes I could feel the widest part was out, and the log was speeding up, also it wasn't as hard any more which was making it easier. After another minute or so of straining I felt the log drop and splash into the bowl. I felt another log starting to poke straight after, although this one was softer and not as wide so it came out a lot more easily than the first one. After I'd passed that log I said, "Right, I think I've finished now." I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom and then pulled my knickers back up before flushing the loo and washing my hands. We went back into Katies room and chatted for a bit, then cleaned our teeth and decided to go to sleep, Lucy said "I'm gonna take my bra off and just sleep in my knickers," and Katie and I said, "Yeah, me too!" so we all took our bras off and got into bed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!

Jasmin K

What to do now

Hi it's been quite some time since I've posted. Any one who recognises my name will know that I get bad constipation if you read my old posts. It hasn't been to bad up untill the last couple of months, I had been doing a decent poo every couple of days when I had time to sit on the toilet long enough to actually get it out.
Recently I've noticed it's getting longer between the times I am able to actually poo.- I've just finished doing a solid log that was about 12 inches long made of chunks and very hard, I had to break it up to get it to flush.
I think part of the problem is I forget to go when I am really busy and if I do go and try say when I'm doing a pee I don't have time to push my poo out and after a couple of days the sensation of needing to go disappears so when I do have time like on my non working days it literally takes me a couple of hours to get this massive hard mass of poo out. Things have definitely got worse since leaving school and starting work. My diet is really bad quick snacks, junk food etc only having proper meals on Sunday's and non work day and my body was used to trying and often having a poo each morning. For those who haven't read my past posts when I was at school as soon as I arrived I went to the toilet, lifting my skirt,pulled my knickers down and sat on the toilet every morning and made myself go poo or at least tried to even when I didn't need to do a poo I would sit there straining to make my self go.
Anyway now I don't have time for a 45 minutes sit on the toilet in a morning. Thing is now when I don't go for a few days I don't feel like I need to poo. After a few days I start to leak pee and poo wetting and dirtying my knickers as soft poo leaks out and occasionally a hard pebble which I only find when I go for a pee. When this happens I wear a tena lady if I've got a skirt on or plastic pants if it's jeans or shorts.
I am waiting for an appointment with the continence advisor, I saw her several times when I was younger for wetting and poo / bum issues, less embarrassing than the doctor who I found difficult to talk to.especially when I had to be examined. Thing is I don't know if I want to be examined and go through all the questions. The last time I had an appointment I was 15 I had started wetting my knickers throughout the day and wetting and soiling the bed in the night-due to severe constipation and probably the extensive 2 - 3 hour straining sessions before bed when I strained so hard for so long the insides of my ass came outf and the hard poo mass was stopping it going back in.

Anyway got a massive poo out this evening now my ass hurts so much it's so swollen but I am now gonna go back for round 2 to make sure my ass is empty.

Jas K

Hip Hop Dancer

First Post

Hi everyone, I'm Matt. I am 14 years old and I am a dancer for a school dance team. Recently I had something to eat that didn't agree with me. I didn't have anytime to go to the bathroom. We finished our first part and had about 20 minutes until our next number I asked my dance teacher if I could go. She said to hurry up so I ran to the bathrooms in the back of the school because no one goes back there and I knew I'd have trouble going. I walked in and no one was in there was about 6 stalls on each side of the bathroom and I took the far right one. The toilets were pretty clean I pulled everything down to my ankles and sat down. I could only pee. I was walking home after the show it was about 9 and I started getting cramps again. I wouldn't make it home in time. There was this one house for sale that was empty I opened up the gate and walked down into the pool there was no water so I walked to the bottom and let out a long foot long poop. I walked home and went to bed I woke up around 2 and and my mom and dad had already left for work. My sister was asleep so I walked to the bathroom naked and shut the door I sat down and started farting so loudly I couldn't help but moan. My sister opened the door and asked if I was okay I told I was fine and just couldn't poop she to bore down and pull my cheeks apart. I tried that and let out a long log and bunch of smelly diaherrea. I was pretty much done and went to bed


Father's day dump

So my shitting intervals have been very close together, usually I poop every other day or two days. I've been eating a lot of fruit with fiber in it recently like mangoes and bananas.

I'd had a crap the day before but not this day. I was feeling all bloated throughout the whole day, and I was unable to pass gas because it was all blocked by something. Not to mention I was at work. When I got a quiet moment away from everything I farted a bit, it was quiet, but it smelled pretty strong. It wasn't until my lunch break until I realized I really had to have a crap, my stomach muscles begin to clench and tense up, and I began to have pain.

I walked into the single restroom on the other side of the building. I managed to walk in there, and nobody was in there. I turned around and locked the door, and proceeded to take off my gear and sit on the toilet. I farted a large burst of soft air, I could immediately smell a scent of shit that would be in the bathroom, much after I was done. After the fart, I began easily pushing out a large, soft shit. It crackled out effortlessly, and the relief was tremendous. I felt my ass stretch open as I was pushing it out, as well as it landed with a plop in the toilet. I sat back up, and realized there was a little bit more, so I pushed a bit before pinching it off again. Realizing I was stuck for time, I began to wipe frantically, each wipe being completely covered in shit.

I stood up and held my giant wad of TP, I looked and saw a turd a foot long, but quite thick. The wad of TP was thick as well, as I kept wiping with a lot of it. I took a picture before I threw the wad into the toilet and flushed. I left to go wash my hands at the sink before turning out to leave, I looked back one more time and found the toilet laden with skidmarks everywhere. It was a mess. I flushed the toilet once more and the water was brown but it went down eventually.

After that, I went out to work, continuing my day like normal

Kung Poo
I was at a class reunion when I met an old friend. Her name's Sabrine and we used to be really good friends. Of course, we still are but she drifted apart. She's now a teacher.

We were really close back when we were 18 and I used to hang out at her house. She came from a well-to-do family, so she had a pool and all. Everyone thought we were dating but I never really had feelings for her, and I was pretty sure she sure me as a good friend. I had mentioned she was a lesbian, and so somehow, with that info, I grew closer to her as a friend. I preferred her as a friend more than a romantic partner, but I would have to say she can be quite attractive. She's a sporty girl, a tomboy, plays soccer and gyms and swims and everything. I was too, and maybe that's why we hung out. We hung out even after we graduated.

It was one of those hang-out sessions when I was at her house after a nice gym and swim when she said she had a ???? ache. I said "why don't you use the loo"? To which she replied, "I tried. It's not moving. It has been about 5 days and I had no been cleared out well. It had been tiny pieces and I'm honestly getting quite worried." She also said her workouts has made it worse. It might be her diet, or hydration, or just a predisposition, she's not sure, but she just wants this poop out of her like RIGHT NOW.

We were 19, and the only thing I knew were enemas and suppositories. She had tried both, and they only worked occasionally.

That night, I stayed over. I had a family issue which means I couldn't go home, so I crashed at her place. Her mum, the most wonderful person, was sweet enough to make us our dinner and breakfast. I think she had hopes that her daughter would date and marry me. She always said I was a sweet gentleman whom her daughter deserves. Well, it's sweet of her, and I didn't want to disappoint her, so I just said "Sure, maybe."

Sabrine told her mum about her bowel problem and the mum said, "You have been eating too MUCH fibre dear, it's not fibre you need now, it's oil." SO her mum made her noodles with a good dash of sesame oil. It was DELICIOUS, the best noodles I have ever eaten.

At about 10pm, Sabrine finally said, "I think the oil is working." She quickly rushed into her bathroom, then as she was about to close the door, she suddenly emerged again and hurriedly said, "No toilet paper!" She rushed to her closet to get them then cursed. She's run out. She has to get them from her kitchen. I said, "Hey, you go ahead and poo, I'll get it for you!" So she did.

I went to her kitchen. Her parents had slept. The house was dark but I I knew her house enough to find the paper. I plucked 4 rolls, returned to her room, plonked three into her closet, and was about to knock the door of her bathroom when the bathroom door suddenly opened. The door was just beside the toilet bowl. I passed the paper to her and I could get a glimpse of her. She was wearing a white T-shirt and track pants. Her track pants and her orange panties was at her knees. I went back to her bed and laid down. The room was dark and I realised she didn't close her door, so there was a gap. The lock on at the door didn't work and she never repaired it. After all, it was her room and she had all the privacy she wanted. She was also so comfortable with me she just didn't bother.

I could see her clearly. The gap caused by the door ajar gave me a good view of Sabrine seated on the toilet. She was reading a magazine, a fitness one, and I could see her face grimace a little as she felt the turd descending. I have to admit it was at this point of time I actually found her quite attractive.

Suddenly there was a loud plop and a loud sigh. "Ahhhhhh". "Wow that felt good!" She exclaimed. I laughed. She looked up at me watching her and she smiled.

"Wanna see how huge it is?" She asked.

I playfully went "Ewwwwww" but went to look anyway.

She stood up, using her T-shirt to cover her lady parts, and with some toilet paper in hand, started wiping her butt. I looked into the bowl and saw a massive slug-like poop. It was narrow at both ends, and thick in the middle.

"Congratulations!" I said.

"Thank you!" Sabrine said.

We're 35 now, and she looks very happy. A little more feminine, a lady, but still fit. "I think she's the one. We are planning a wedding maybe next year. I'm migrating. Bye. It's been nice seeing you again! Keep in touch yea?"


Will re. Anne gets busted!

"I guess maybe an open pooper like myself seeing her in action inspired Amie to free herself. Either that or she was sneaking poops all along and was for whatever reason all uptight about anyone knowing it!"

LOL! 'She doth protest too much,' is what I was thinking while reading your story. Since she was so easily able to use the bathrooms once her 'cover story' was blown, I'm betting she had been secretly using them all along.

Great story!



just some comments

to Victoria B: Wow, what a story. How embarrassing that you got caught mid-poop but I am really glad for how it worked out for you. If I ever get walked-in on while doing a number two outside, I also want it to be a hot guy who ends up giving me his number, haha.

to Jessica: Thanks so much for liking my story! I liked yours' too! That your coworker just passed you the note is hilarious! I hope you will write about your hike soon.


Mexican Food Before Going In a Waterpark is Not a Good Idea

I was 13 , it was summer and I used to frequent this summer camp. I knew that that day we were going to the waterpark but unfortunately I had mexican food the day before.That morning I woke up, had breakfast and took a big shit thinking that that I hadn't to care with poop later.Damn if I was wrong.Anyway,the morning went off pretty good, until lunch when I started to feel some familiar stomach cramps. By 1:00 P.M when I finished my lunch I was dying.Trying to not take attention on me i waited for the good comment, which happened to be nearly 1:15.
I ran to the nearest bathroom just to see something orribly wrong.
Let me explain why the bathroom was terrible for pooping listing the three problems he had in order of relevance:
1-There were lot of urinals which means that if somebody would see me going to the stalls instead he will instantly knew that I was going to poop.Not a big problem anyway because nobody that I knew was here.
2-The toilets weren't normal toilets; they were just hole on a ceramic square.Luckily I was able to find a good position to poop even in one of those.
3-The bathroom design, regarding the stalls, was every pooper's nightmare.Not only all the stalls were close to eachother but they were also close to the sink and to the urinals.But this wouldn't be a problen if this wasn't for the fact that the stalls'walls were ridicolously smalls.This combined to the bathroom design maked sure that nearly everybody in the bathroom could hear you doing your business.And trust me, there were always at least four people in the bathroom.
Anyway,with a poop storm pushing to get out,none of this problems seems relevant to me.I had no other choice than entering the first open stall, finding a good position as quick as possible and releasing a brown hell in the poor hole.I did a lot of noise and an even worse smell but I couldn't care less, relieved as I was.
That's not all; I went to the bathroon two other times to release my disgusting diarreha and none if my friend ever suspected anything.I felt so proud.The lesson is:don't eat mexicab food before going to a place without a good bathroom


Roadside dump

Hey all. I had another chance to have a poop outside yesterday. I was way out from my office, probably a half hour from the nearest town just out in the country when one of the tires on the vehicle blew out. I managed to get the truck to limp a half mile down this narrow road until I saw somewhere safe to pull off that wasn't a driveway. It was a little gravel lane that seemed like it just led to an open field.

Anyway, I had needed to pee for a couple hours, but now it was getting urgent, and I'd just grabbed a late lunch. Oh, a little context, I'd been constipated for a few days and finally had a big dump in the office that morning, but definitely still had more. So I pulled off and there was just a little vegetation between me and the road. I think the whole time I was there only two cars passed. My first priority was to get the tire changed, but tensing my whole body up and straining to loosen the bolts, lift the spare, and tighten them again made me quite suddenly need a poop. I could feel it very heavy in my abdomen.

I looked around and saw a bit of a thicket, so I walked into it. I wasn't totally obscured from the road, it was just tall grasses and weeds, no trees. There was a pile of broken up concrete and I did my best to get on the other side of it. So, with the bright sun shining on me I unzipped and pulled my snake out and let a clear stream go for a good thirty seconds. It was really hard not to shit myself as I went!

After I was done I turned and stepped up on a rock, took a couple last looks around and then pulled my jeans and boxer-briefs just halfway down my thighs and dropped into a squat, feet wide, and I leaned forward to stick my butt out, so I didn't shit on my work boots lol. I tucked my cock down under my waistband so any last spurts wouldn't soak them and I pushed hard. It all came out with a single squirty sort of crackle fart, one big soft turd. A couple spurts of pee did come out of the end of my penis, too.

I pushed a few more times as I could still feel that I had more, but I only got a few little shits out. I bounced a few times to try to get any clingers off, and then noticed there really wasn't anything I could wipe with, so I sat there a moment longer, enjoying feeling the sun on my spread behind, before I stood up and quickly pulled my pants back up, zipping up and buckling my belt before I headed slowly back to the office. There I wiped as best I could, but it had already been an hour, so I took a shower as soon as I got home.


about skirts

I answer question about skirts. Actually I and my friends almost don't wear. If we wear, we always lift up when we go to loo, it make no difference sit or squat. Of course kimono or chima-chogori, we have to lift up, it is impossible to pull down.

This morning I did very mushy motion. It came out almost non-stop for about two minutes. It was many waves of mushy with little gap about three seconds in between. When finish, I stayed on loo about 5 minutes, then more many waves of mushy come out same style. It was very good feeling! Hisae was with me, she say she can't do so much in one time, she envy a little. But it is not her style. She go many times a day instead.

Everyone is fine I hope. Shout out to all of you.

Love from MHKM

pee by pee I just let it flow

pee by pee account of using adult overnight diapers

I peed before going to bed, put on my adult overnight diaper, and lay down. As usual half an hour later I needed to pee again so I just let it go. I slept for a bit then needed an urgent pee so, again, I let it flow and this time it was more. Several hours later I had to go again so I let it go. I wanted to sleep in so I had another pee. Eventually I woke up and went upstairs to have breakfast, which includes several cups of coffee. I am just letting the pee flow then I will put it in the trash, take a shower and have a nice long pee under the shower. By morning they are sagging a bit so Adult pullups are better for shopping. The overnights have the tapes so are best kept on until peeing is finished. I get a much more restful sleep by just convenience peeing. I advise these for older workers, pregnant women, men with prostate issues, young people who go to the bar, travellers, etc. No leakage.

Convenient peeing to get some sleep

Last night I found a new way to pee in bed in an adult night time diaper. Instead of having to stand up, groggy, and just let the pee flow into the diaper for absorbtion, I bent my knees sidewards, had the soles of my feet touching and just let it flow. Very easy to get back to sleep. I believe that adult night time diapers are great for nocturia. I pee several times a night from small squirts of a few ounces to longer relaxing pees which feel nice. There is no way I am getting up more than twice per night so until I retire I will use adult night time diapers for nocturia. There are some online discussions about young mothers who have grabbed a baby diaper when they had to pee and felt bad. Why? You do what you gotta do in an urgent situation. I have peed in trash cans before.

Interesting about the boat peeing. I love swimming and peeing in the water. I am well hydrated and just like to let it flow, but I always pee through my swimsuit. Why don't kayaks have holes in them so that a person can have butt contact with the water for a discreet pee? I always pee in the shower. With the world situation my anxiety level has gone up so I adore peeing in strange places. I always pee in the pool during aqua fitness class. I love to pee in the bushes and at the beach, in the water or in the sand.

I love to pee in the shower

I love to pee in the shower
I feel I have more power
Just letting it flow out into the water
What could be hotter
To release that sweet pee
Although no one can see
I have always been a shower peer

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie another great desperate pooping story.

To: Jessica great story your urgent poop at your friends house.

To: Karen C great story about your enema sounds like it did a good job.

To: Elphaba great story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards.

To: Kung Poo great story I bet she felt amazing after finally being able to poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to unnamed poster

Well on the first post I made about the accident I had coming home from the mall I pooped on accident at first. But once it happened I just finished going in my pants because it was too late. But the last time I pooped my pants on purpose because I was holding it and gave up was when I was 15.

I had to go really bad at home and we were going somewhere but I didn't go before we left. On the way there I could feel it getting worse so I told my mom to turn around because I was getting ready to poop my pants. She got mad at me for not going at home and said I was getting too old to have an accident. So I told her I wasn't having an accident, that I was just going in my pants because I had to go and didn't want to hold it. It smelled really bad and when we got home I peed my pants in the garage.

After I got cleaned up I had to stay in my room until my mom came and had a talk with me. Then my dad came home and found out and he told me that if I ever wanted to get my learner's permit that I would have to stop pooping my pants.

Sometimes when I have to poop and I know I'm going to have to hold it I think about just letting it go. But I know if I do it on purpose and my mom and dad find out they'll be mad. They already get on my case when I have accidents.


Warwick castle

I was going up the outside ramp to the big tower at Warwick castle and as I stopped to rest I looked back down, where was a large group of people sitting on the grass bank eating there picnic, when two females stood up and walked towards a large low tree, one went to the trunk of the tree and with her back to me dropped her trousers and knickers and got into a low squat.
I could see the pale colour and shape of her bum cheeks until she stood back up and pulled her knickers and trousers back up and they both returned to the group, but I did not see her piss stream.

Uncle Harry

Commuter Train Peeing

Many years ago, when my first wife was still living and we had children in the house, we lived in a suburb. I still do, but not the same one. I left the car home and took a commuter train to the city, where I worked. One day, I left work early. I had to take a local train, as the express trains only ran during the rush hours. The locals were slow. I got on and took a seat next to a woman. We took off soon and crawled to my stop. As we went, the woman seemed to working her legs apart and together. Sometimes she seemed to be holding her crotch. Her movements remained me that I needed to pee. I should have done that before I left the office. As we neared my stop, the woman asked me if there was a bathroom there, as she needed to urinate desperately and couldn't wait to get to her stop well down the line. So that was what all that motion was: the pee dance. By then I was about ready to do the same thing. I told her there was a bathroom, but not in good shape. The door didn't close completely, the toilet had no seat, and the urinal was the old type that ran down to the floor..not that she would care about that. She didn't care as long she could get to a toilet, or maybe just a tree she could hide behind, she was really desperate.

We finally came to my stop and got off. We were on the outbound side, which was the only side from which you could get off the platform. The station building was on the inbound side, so we had to wait until the train left. "Hurry up train", she said, holding her crotch and rocking. "This girl has to go pee-pee real bad". The train left and we crossed over. Everyone had left and the ticket seller was not there at this time of day. It was just her and me. The bathroom was fairly large, even if decrepit. She ran to the toilet like a race horse, with me in the room, pulled down her slacks and panties, bent back over the toilet, and her urine poured out of her vagina like a water fall. In the mean time, I had gone over to the urinal, got out my penis, and started pissing. It was only then that she noticed that I was there. "Oh my gosh", she said. "Your seeing my pee-pee coming out of my opening". I said back, "Yes, but your seeing my piss coming out of the hole in the tip of my hose". We both laughed. I finished, shook off my dick, and put it away. She finished, but couldn't wipe off her pussy because there was no toilet paper, so she shook off herself a few times, then pulled up her panties and slacks. We crossed back to the outbound side where she waited for the next train and I went home.

Uncle Harry

Shower Response

To: Love to Pee in Shower

Me to, but especially with my wife, Harriete. Some times we have a contest. We start peeing at the same time and see who pees the longest. Also, whose pee is the most yellow. We usually tie on that because we both take vitamins. Harriete doesn't like my peeing in the back yard because the grass gets to thick where I pee. She hasn't peed outdoors since she was in the Girl Scouts..well maybe a few times. Anyway, the dog sometimes pees in the back yard. Good luck to you in your endevours.


comments and questions

Elphaba - Happy birthday!

Natasha - glad that you're finding it easier now the stress of exams is out the way. I know how you feel!

I have some questions I thought I'd put to the toiletstool readers as they are things I've been wondering.

GIRLS: if you're having a wee outside, do you squat to the ground or do you do a 'high squat', sticking your bum out but at normal-ish height? Do you pull your knickers/trousers to your knees or ankles?

GUYS: when you're desperate for a wee, do you feel it in your **** or your stomach? Does crossing your legs have the same effect, helping you to cope?

Also, for everyone, how easily do you give up your own place in the queue for somebody else if they are desperate?

Reason for my last question is I was in a department store toilets today and there were 2 cubicles, I was the only one waiting. A parent comes in with a boy who must have been about 5 or 6 who was jumping around and holding himself. The girl in one of the cubicles flushed and I asked the mum if the boy would like to go in front of me, she thanked me and thrust him into the cubicle. She held the door shut whilst he had a wee, and then he came out with a big wet patch on the front of his trousers. Whilst she was sorting him out I went into the cubicle which was a real mess, there was wee all over the seats and the floor around and in front of the toilets. I was busting myself but had to hold it in whilst I cleaned the seat with some loo roll. Sat down and had a relieving wee, fortunately I didn't leak!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Response to Michael

Hi Michael, nice story! Your situation sounds so similar to mine. I'm 20 now, but it was around the end of high school when my turds started getting bigger too. I remember my dad saw one of my huge ones (because he had to help me unclog the toilet) and said "how does someone so thin shit so large"? Lol. Not to mention the smell I usually produce. I've always been someone who can eat a lot but never gain weight, so all that food has to go somewhere. Likewise, I also tend to get constipated and not go for several days while still eating the same amount, so when I do go, it's the kind of huge turd that stretches my hole and hurts coming out (unfortunately I often can't just push it out as hard as I can--mine comes out slowly no matter what sometimes even if I'm grunting and pushing a lot!)

But, at least I can say that I don't get constipated as much as I used to when I was in high school. That said, I still tend to go once a day or every other day and it tends to be pretty big when I do! The amount of times I've had to use a plunger is embarrassing to admit -_-

Good night's sleep

I am now using overnight adult diapers to get a decent night's sleep. I am tired of getting up several times a night to pee so these let me just lie there and let it go and not turn any lights on. The package has 8 water drops on it so they are extra absorbent. In the morning I just put them in the trash. Sometimes on weekends I want to sleep in so have an additional pee in them so I don't have to get up so early. When I am pressed for time I will wear one during the day so that I don't have to stop at grungy bathrooms assuming I actually make it. I believe in convenience peeing.

Love to P in shower
I am under stress and one way to relax is to pee under a warm shower. It feels awesome. With the green movement I can see peeing in the backyard gaining popularity. I also love peeing in nature outside but need to be more discreet. When I was a kid I used to pee through my wet swimsuit in the grass, on the patio stones and in the sand.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Watery/mushy poop after 2 cups of black coffee

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now having a mushy/watery poop after 2 cups of black coffee. One travel mug and one small mug full, as well as 2 reusable bottles of water. My leggings and light purple boy shorts are around my thighs as I'm going. Needed to blow my nose just now, and owed a bit. Stomach is cramping a bit. Peeing a bit more. Bathroom stinks pretty badly right now. Peeked into the toilet bowl below me, yuck. Looks like a pile of mud but stinks like sewage. Peeing a bit more. Waiting to see if I'm finished or need to do more. Wiping my front with some tissue. I think I'm finished. It doesn't feel like I need to go more. Let me put my phone down and wipe. It took quite a few tissues (including putting shampoo on one of them to reduce skidmarks on my underwear) to clean my bum after that messy poop. Then finally when the tissue came back clean, I pulled up my leggings and underwear and flushed the mess down the toilet and then cleaned the skidmarks from the bowl and flushed again. Then I washed my hands and came out here to the living room to write this. Will get hydrated, refill my water bottle and then have lunch. Have a good day/night everyone and happy pooping

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

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