Story from the office

Hello everyone!

This story took place shortly after Christmas. I was at a meeting sitting next to my co-worker Nora (not her real name). I remember being quite bored and I think so was she. Shortly before the scheduled end of the meeting, Nora handed me a note on which she had written "I urgently have to poop!!!" I was amused and quite surprised. Never ever would I write such a note to any co-worker. I didn't really know what to answer, so I wrote "Yeah, I hope this ends soon!" and I drew a poop on the note. She thought this was very funny and we smiled at each other.

When the meeting finally ended (with some delay), she asked me: "Jess, could you please bring my stuff back to my desk? I really have to go to the ladies.". I said sure and grabbed our stuff. My boss stopped me and talked with me for two minutes about some report I was writing for him. I then dropped Nora's stuff on her desk, and my stuff on mine. I decided to go for a coffee, but first, I had to pee. So I headed to the bathroom. Just then, Nora came out, seemingly very happy. I dared to ask her "Feeling better now?". She looked around quickly to make sure nobody was in immediate vicinity, and the said "Yeah, waayy better! I had Indian with my boyfriend for dinner, and this makes me go bad!"

I entered the bathroom to discover that there definitely was a poop smell lingering in the air. Not an awful stench, but it was clear that someone had just taken a good dump in there. I went to the handicapped stall, which was still refilling. I don't know why I made this choice, as the two regular ones were free too. Curiosity, I suppose? The bowl was clean but the brush was dripping: Nora had thought about the next user. I did my much needed pee, flushed, washed my hands and got my coffee.

Does any of you have a story about a co-worker openly admitting his or her need to poop? (Taylor, I suppose you would be one of those!)

Anna - I really liked your latest Starbucks story. Keep writing!

Love & Take care,

Uncle Harry

Boat Peeing 2

Two weeks later, after my post of peeing on another boat, we were on the boat again. This time, I had a new girlfriend with me. It was only our second date. I told her what I had seen on the other boat. We had two bathrooms on the boat, and the other boat probably did too, so there was no need to pee in the water, except for fun. However, Joan, my new girlfriend, said that she had to urinate and would like to do in water. I was surprised, since I had not seen her pussy at all. So we climbed down the ladder to the swim platform. She took off the bottom of her two-piece bathing suit. She sat down on the platform and pushed forward to get her vagina over the edge. Then she spread her legs apart. "Here goes, Harry", she sort of yelled. Then out came a heavy pee flowed. "This is fun. I've never done this before. Weeeee". When she finished, she sloshed water on her opening. She put on her pants and we climbed up the ladder again

Uncle Harry

Boat Peeing

Years ago my family had a 38 ft. power boat. One Saturdy we went on the boat for lunch and then would go out on the lake. We were moored at our pier. I was standing on the stern deck looking out over the harbor, with binoculars. There was another boat, similar to ours, across the water on another pier. On its stern deck a man and two women appeared. They all climbed down the ladder to the swim platform, which was just above the water. They all stood close to the edge. The man pulled out his penis, aimed it toward the water, and peed into it. One of the women pulled away the bottom of her bathing suit, revealing her pussy. Then she bent back enough to aim her pussy forward and peed. She did a pretty good job, but dribbled some piss onto the platform . The other woman took off completely the bottom of her two-piece bathing suit and peed straight down onto the edge of the platform. Much of her urine ran down her leg. They both saw me watching them. One woman smiled and waved at me. The other stuck out her toung at me. When they were finished urinatting, both women cupped their hands, scooped up some water, and sloshed it on their pussys several tines. Then they all climed up the ladder, with one woman carrying her bathing suit bottom in her hand.


For Kamdyn


I've been having pretty much the same problems as you do - that's why I asked. I also find it hard to pee in unfamiliar situations or places where I don't feel comfortable. I also travel a lot and have experienced uncomfortable places. My dad is a university instructor and I often go with him on research project and presentations. We usually have to travel really far. I remember once taking a Greyhound bus to Maryland to meet my dad. I took Greyhound to save money since the plane ticket is way too expensive! It was a very long ride there, since I live in Canada. I remember about an hour or so into the ride I had to pee. I got up to the bathroom at the back of the bus and went in. I attempted to pee but I couldn't! The bus was moving so fast and the back of the bus was especially bumpy. I find it very hard to pee when the bus is moving and everything is shaking. It makes me so tense and so uncomfortable. Luckily, I was able to hold it in until we got to a rest stop! I am so happy to meet someone who is having the same issues on here! Can I be your friend? If you don't mind, give me a description of yourself and tell me a bit about yourself. I'll introduce myself in my next post because I have to go. Take care!


To Tracey (A Question)

It always impresses me when people have big BM's after skipping a day or two. Some people don't poop that much even after not going for 2-3 days. Although, people's eating habits differ between each other, so I really shouldn't assume that for everyone.

Also, even when I was a young teenager around 13/14, I had the same dumps just like you and others on here. The metabolism factor played a big told in that.

Do you have any other stories or was this just your most memorable one?

Victoria B.

Trailside buddy dump

First a response.
To Taylor: I always flip my skirt up before using the toilet. I enjoyed your story with your co-worker too!

It's been a bit hot here with temperatures reaching 95 (35 C). I've had to wait until it cools down at night to go on a run and that's what I did last night. I took a quick drive to a nearby state park and got nice and hydrated before hitting the trail. It was a scorcher even in just a sports bra and shorts! I was sweating loads and still somehow loving it. Running for me is a lot like pooping: it gives me an opportunity to disconnect and forget everything else. My excessively caffeinated brain needs a rest from time to time! Summer is near and the setting sun provided a great backdrop above the trees, tallgrass prairie, and creeks along the trail. It was idyllic.

At least it was until a sudden fart snapped me back into reality. I had decided not to try for more during my pre-run pee out of dislike for having to rush or strain while on the toilet and my run must've gotten things moving to the point where I needed to go very soon or risk an accident. I decided that two miles would make a nice stopping point and, in a happy coincidence, saw a sign pointing to the nearest bathroom. I followed the path and immediately regretted it. At the end of it was a glorified outhouse with presumably non-flushing toilets and a smell best described as the unholy matrimony of methane and a disreputable abattoir. My eyes were watering and the decision to relieve myself au naturel was not a hard one to make. I've relieved myself, both pees and number twos, along trails on countless occasions and didn't feel particularly shy or nervous.

I walked off into some nearby brush in order to get out of at least what I thought was general view. Once I was relatively hidden I dropped my shorts and nude thong to ankle level and got into a deep squat. My bladder, as always, released first and it wasn't too long before I began a hissing pee into the nearby brush and leaves. Not a bad appetizer, really. Soon a huge log opened my hole up and began passing between my cheeks. I felt like it was going to be one worth savoring and so I put the brakes on in order to let it inch out after a series of small pushes. Being (I thought) by myself allowed me to get a bit vocal with my expression of relief and a quasi-involuntary moan that gradually got louder accompanied the final push. I heard a voice grow closer over the sound of my sharp post-poop inhale. It was male.

"Is everything okay?" the voice asked. I replied, "Yeah, I'm fine," before looking up and seeing a black-haired, blue-eyed man of about six feet and my age. What a place to be startled by a hot guy! I covered my front up with my hands and tried to act as natural as I could in a situation where my cheeks were bright red with embarrassment. He continued:"Decided the bathroom wasn't worth the trouble, eh? Can't really blame you for that." "I try not to go places that smell so bad that it makes my nose run" was my response, reasonably smooth for a sentence strung together while a second turd made its way out of my behind. "I'm kind of in the same boat. Mind if I?..." he said while gesturing to the ground. I took that to mean he needed to do what I came to do and so I said it was fine. I hadn't seen a guy go before and the thought that he might also need a number two admittedly turned me on.

He walked over to point still within my peripheral vision and took his shorts and red and blue striped undies down to his knees before popping a squat of his own, almost simultaneous with the exit of my third piece. He started going right away, a thick, healthy log that began its way out before he started peeing. No sooner did it hit the ground before he was already started on the second, another nice production. It dropped, and then a third much smaller piece concluded matters. I watched the whole thing and was transfixed to the point where I almost forgot that there was still more in my own butt that needed to exit. It gave me something to concentrate on while cooling down from level of hot and botheredness to which this guy had taken me! At last, it was out.

"Feeling better?" I said while getting up from my squat. I glanced in his general area and noticed that he had a slight erection, something of which he was probably also aware as he got dressed facing away from me. "Much. You?" "Same," I said as I got dressed again, regretting my choice to wear a thong. I hooked it over my left buttcheek before bringing my shorts back up and approached the now also-dressed guy. "Thanks, that was really... something," I said. "Sure was," he replied, no doubt as aware of the cheesy smile on my face as I was. He must've sensed something too, because he gave me his number before dashing off. What a sequence of events! For my part, I finished my run and got in my car to drive home and shower. Haven't called him yet, but I'm thinking about it!



Friendly communal pooping

So quite a while back, I took a job working maintenance on a golf course. The "locker room" for the place was an old ramshackle house on the front of the property. There were a few old couches inside the main room of the house along with the lockers. On my first day, I noticed that directly off of this main room there was a bathroom, however the door was no longer there. I assumed it probavly was no longer in use, as there was no toilet paper available. I figured we would have to just use one of the toilets on the course or at the clubhouse if needed. It didn't really seem like many of the employees used this locker room anyway.
In any case, I myself am always an early bird, and would typically arrive early for work and just chill out a bit before having to get going. One of my fellow employees, a tomboyish girl named Connie, I noticed after a few days also liked to arrive early to relax and have a coffee. On my third or fourth day I entered the old house at the crack of dawn to find Connie kicked back on one of the couches with her bare feet kicked up on a table. I greeted her and dropped into a couch myself to relax before the workday began. We chattted for a while, then she excused herself and went to her locker.
As Connie went to her locker I was somewhat amused to see her pull out a roll of toilet paper and walk towards the bathroom across the way. "Don't mind me!" she said as she entered the room, which was directly across from where I was sitting. I was kind of taken by surprise as she unzipped her pants, pulled them down, and sat on the toilet! I could tell that she was an easy going, free spirit from a few days of conversation, but plopping down on a toilet in plain view of someone she had just recently met was a surprise.
She continued to chat with me as a long stream of pee began. As her stream ended I heard a few airy farts then the telltale crackling sound of her butthole opening. A moment later a large plop announced its presence in the toilet bowl, then another. She waited a few moments, then began rolling some paper off her roll. As this process was going on I had felt my own bowels begin to stir, but I wasn't quite sure I could go in this situation, as much as it intrigued me. Connie finished wiping her butt, then stood and flushed. As she walked out of the bathroom she held out the toilet paper amd inquired "need it?". What the hell, I thought. It was just the two of us here and she had been totally open. I thanked her and proceeded to the toilet.
I unzipped my pants and lowered them, and took my place on the toilet. I will admit it took me a bit to loosen up, but seeing Connie unfazed out in the main room putting her work boots on as she continued to chat with me loosened me up. I allowed my hole to stretch wide and drop out a number of soft logs, and finished things off with a nice pee. The wipe was a tad messy and I noticed Connie glancing in at one point as I was mid wipe. I finished and returned her roll to her, apologizing for having used so much! After this day I brought some rolls of my own to keep in my locker. I found out from Connie that that was one of the "ground rules", that you bring your own roll if you want to use that bathroom. More or less her and I were the only ones that used that house, as most went for the more private and modern confines of the clubhouse. Oh well. The two of us were free and open in front of each other!

.....comments....shout out to Taylor! I loved your story of pooping in front of your coworker! I don't know why but for some reason it's a thrill. This story is a prime example. I also have found it intriguing to poop in front of (or in stalls next to) friends, coworkers, etc.

Work Experience

So I had an interesting experience at work last night. One of the girls I work with (I'm a guy btw) has been sick the last week and just came back. Anyway we were casually talking like we do when it gets dull, and she mentioned taking iron tablets that made her crap come out black and runny. The thing is, I have a long-term, unrequited crush on this girl, and the fact that she would be so open about this makes me like her even more.

To Jimmy

I know you have pooped yourself on purpose before as you mentioned, do you still do it now or think about doing it if you have to go really bad like when you were coming home with your friend. I am around your age as well, I am 19 and sometimes I have the occasional accident still and sometimes I do end up doing it kind of on purpose, sort of like avoidable accidents. Would be interested in hearing more of your recent accidents or close calls. Also like you I wear tighty whities because they are cheap and replaceable if I do end up having accidents.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello everyone. I've now officially graduated from uni! As I predicted, I'm less stressed and I've been pooing much better lately. I've pooed almost every day for several weeks. I'm taking a short "mental health" break for the rest of the summer before I start looking for work.

Anyway, on with my story. It was a really nice day today (24 degrees), warm but not too hot, so I decided to go for a walk to the park about half an hour from home. I walked around for a bit and then sat down on a bench to take a break before heading home. I struck up a conversation with a dad who was sitting at the same bench and watching his kids play.

When I got ready to leave, I was feeling a decent urge for a wee. I wasn't sure if I could make it home, so I went at the park. This park has an outdoor theatre and a zoo, so its toilet blocks are really nice, but they're usually quite crowded. Today especially it seems because it was a nice day so more people were out.

I went to the toilet block and found one of the six cubicles marked out of order. The rest were in use, and there was eight people already in line, including a mum with a daughter who looked to be five or six, and another mum with young twins, a boy and a girl, probably about three. I could tell both the twins needed to go badly, as they were both squirming. I guessed the boy needed a poo as he was holding his bum and the girl probably just a wee as she was holding her front. There was a definite smell of poo in the air, but it wasn't too bad.

I waited about ten minutes and by then I was starting to be quite desperate for a wee. A cubicle opened and a woman went in, then it was just me and the mum and the girl. Three other women had entered the queue behind me too. A few more minutes passed and I was really bursting for a wee, and starting to feel like maybe I needed a poo too. I heard the girl say softly "Mummy, I really need the loo" and the mum replied "Yes, me too."

A little bit later and three cubicles flushed and opened at almost exactly the same time. Weirdly, it was three cubicles right next to each other too. I ended up in the middle cubicle, with a girl who was in the queue behind me to the right and the mum and the girl on the left. I sat on the toilet and had a very relieving wee. To the left, I heard a tonne of big, loud-sounding plops and splashes, but I wasn't sure if it was from the girl or the mum. The girl on the right wasn't making any noises.

I was feeling like I might be able to do a poo, but it wasn't quite ready to come out, so I just sat and waited. The splashes from the cubicle on the left stopped and then they started to roll off loo roll. Then I heard the girl's voice say "All done, Mummy" then the mum sat down without flushing. She unleashed an incredibly fierce wee that sounded really loud as it hit the water. I don't know if I've ever heard a wee that loud before. It was a long wee too. It went on for probably at least a minute, and she was still going. It wasn't as strong a wee as when she had first started, but it was still strong, by normal standards. "Wow, mummy, you REALLY hadda wee!" the girl commented. The mum didn't say anything, but I think she was embarrassed and probably blushing.

Maybe another minute later, she finished weeing with some spurts and dribbles. Then she tore off a bit of loo roll to wipe, and flushed, then they left the cubicle. I was still feeling like I needed a poo but it wasn't coming. The girl on the right had let out a few grunts and I guessed she was dealing with a tough poo. She didn't seem to be making any progress though. As for me, I gave up and decided I'd just poo later when the urge was stronger. I wiped my front and left my cubicle. The girl and her mum were just finishing washing their hands as I exited the cubicle. I washed up and headed home.

By the time I got home, my urge to poo had come back and I headed straight to the bathroom. I very quickly pushed out three somewhat long pieces of poo and finished with two small pieces. The poo was soft and left quite a mess behind, as I needed seven wipes before I felt clean. Well, that's my story. I'll try and post again soon, since I've nothing to do at the mo. Bye for now!


Hangover at a friend's


As I am living alone now, I don't have that many story to tell. I can go whenever I want, never have to wait or anything. Anyways, sometimes noteworthy things happen to me, I want to write about them, and then I forget. There are two stories I will share, one happened at work and the other one on a hike. But first, one about the aftermath of a drinking night with my friend Katya.

Recently, I went out with my friend Katya. I drank too much and became very emotional, I admitted to her that I haven't had feelings for anyone in literally years and how all the guys I meet quickly turn out to be dumbasses who don't seem to care the least about me. It is quite embarrassing when I think about it, but Katya was great and comforting, as usual.

Fact is that I was way to drunk to get home so she offered me to spend the night on her couch. Actually, she put me to sleep in her bed while she slept on the couch. I woke up with a bad headache, a dry throat and a massive pressure in my belly. So I stood up (slowly!) and made my way to the bathroom. It turned out Katya was already half-awake reading stuff on her phone. She asked me how I was doing, and I managed to answer I was doing okay-ish.

I entered the bathroom, locked the door and plopped my but onto the seat. My pee stream started immediately. A fart escaped from my butt, and I can tell you, it was a nasty, bubbly one! Not really thinking, I gave a push and a gush of sloppy, crackling poo was released by my backdoor. I thought " Oh no, why does this always has to happen when I'm at a friend's?". But it was too late and there was no way I could stop that anyway. The smell in the bathroom was terrible. I did not feel done, so I pushed again and did some soft and short turds.

Then I tore off paper and started wiping, front first. My butt was very messy, thus I ended up using a lot of toilet paper. I usually just have to wipe my bum hole, but this time I also had to wipe my bum cheeks extensively. It took a while. I wonder what Kathy must have been thinking. I flushed, washed my hands and left the bathroom, closing the door quickly so the smell wouldn't escape.

I wanted to go back to bed, but to my embarrassment, Katya was waiting for me in the hallway to hand me a cup of peppermint tea. I thanked her a lot and took it bad to bed. Just as I laid down I realized I didn't check the bowl after leaving, so I hope I didn't leave a dirty toilet (wishful thinking, I know!). I felt back asleep and woke up a while later, feeling significantly better.

That was my story for today. I just thought it was mean I would experience such a clear-out exactly when I am not at home. I am more self-conscious about this since I have been living alone.

Love & take care,


At a beer festival

The first year at this particular beer festival the toilets consisted of a small trailer with the lady's at one end and the gent's at the other with a pile of wooden pallets to get up into it.
At some point in the afternoon one of the pallets was put on its side to act as a wall between the door to the lady's and the door to the gent's.
As the time went on the queue for the lady's was getting very long and a queue for the gents had formed, as I was waiting to go into the gents I was thinking why is the ground under the pallets so wet as the water wasn't there the last time I went for a pee, and so as I was standing up on the pallets, this meant I could see over the up ended pallet to the lady's side.
Suddenly a female pushed her way past the women waiting, and got to the up ended pallet were she dropped her trousers and squatted beside it and peed through the pallets onto the ground and so adding to the water under them, I could only see the shape of her ass through the slates of the up ended pallet, but did try to look over as I got up and into the gents.
I looked again every time I went into or out of the gents but did not see another women do the same but I know that more did as the water got up to two pallets deep by the time I left for home.
Now 20+ years on this festival uses 4 or 5 big trailer loos, plus a number of portable loos so I have had no more sightings there.

Karen C. from Cali

Coffee Enema "fun"

Tried a coffee enema earlier today, I've had them before but I was hoping this time might be different and give the desired results.

At around 1:30 afternoon I made a 12-cup pot of coffee, extra strong, with filtered water as per the directions, I let it cool to body temperature, took it while lying in a comfy bubble bath, and I was to hold it as long as possible. Had ???? playing just outside the bathroom door so I could hear it (didn't want to bring it in the bathroom and have the steam wreck my laptop). I was also thumbing though old issues of Modern Drummer magazine, and also took the opportunity to shave my legs and those "other" places, why not.

After all the coffee was inside me I held it in for about an hour and a half, then I got out of the tub and sat on the toilet to expel all I could. Felt a funny kind of fullness above my stomach in my ribcage just below my chest, felt not like gas but more like liquid and no amount of burping would relieve it. After I was sure there was no more to expel I took a shower and washed my hair as the sweat was just pouring off me; I ended the shower with a cool spray until I stopped sweating, used Aloe lotion on my bum so I wouldn't get a rash from all the water going in and out and all the wiping.

After my shower I got into comfy sweats, no undies save for a pad (just a habit, haha), and sat around on the sofa with I Love Lucy DVDs. Had to get up to expel a couple of times, then I fell asleep. Woke up feeling funny, a little uncomfortable in the stomach, and also ravenously hungry so I went out for a double cheeseburger with extra lettuce and tomato, drive-thru of course, thought it might make me feel better, took it home and ate half of it (all I could manage with the lingering nausea) with a big glass of milk and laid back down on the couch. Woke up hungry again a couple hours later so ate a bowl of corn flakes with a Little Debbie peanut butter bar with some more milk with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it, and a sleeping pill, then fell asleep watching Lucy and Ricky preparing for their visit out west, I felt a little funny again above my stomach and below my chest but I soon drifted off to sleep.

Woke up at about 7:30 feeling sick/queasy and pouring sweat from head to toe, after I peed I started throwing up copiously everything I'd eaten earlier; tasted really bitter and yucky, it was dark orangeish-greenish. Drank some 7-UP and sat outside until I felt a little better then made decaf coffee and sipped it while I walked around the block to get some fresh air. Got the sudden urge to sit on the potty so I did and I blew out a massive torrent of dark greenish black stuff. Blowouts happened about every 20 minutes before that part of it was over, the toilet water was a dark green. Had a chemical smell too. Weird that my stomach felt empty and flat yet there was a sensation of fullness above my stomach and below my chest still. My sweatpants waistband feels looser than usual, almost needs a safety pin. Threw up outside once while doing a little gardening to take my mind off my stomach, a couple of the neighborhood boys who were playing outside saw me vomiting over the grass and ran over and asked if I was okay so I told them I just had a ????ache and I'll be fine after I "walk it off"; I play touch football and basketball with them a lot and fix their bikes so I'm just "one of the guys" to them.

After I got my nausea under control and felt a little better I took another shower, washed my hair again, feel like having diarrhea but when I sit on the pot nothing comes out, I'm empty. Called my brother Rich a.k.a. "Dick" to tell him how I was feeling along with the details and I could just kill him when he laughed and made fun of me! He said you're supposed to DRINK coffee not hose it up 'yer bum! He said he'd be over late tonight with some goodies to cheer me up and maybe stay for the night--he's the best big brother in the world and always good when I don't feel well about bringing over drinks, soups, and snacks that are easy on the stomach and I can't wait so see what videos he'll bring he ALWAYS has a new interesting vid he wants to share with me, albeit most are long and boring, he's really into the UFO and Flat Earth stuff and I find it intriguing myself, looking forward to it. If he's still around tomorrow and if I feel up to it, I'll have him sample some of my French cooking.

Well, that's about it folks, and remember if you decide to do a coffee enema just be warned from my experience and do it at your own discretion and don't do it unless you have a couple days off from work or you'll be miserable!

Luvs, Karen C.


Bday BM

A couple of days ago it was my birthday and before celebrating with my flatmates in the evening I took myself off to town to treat myself to something. After walking around a few shops and buying a top with a picture of Central Park on it and a Sherlock DVD I started to feel the need for a poo. So going into the main shopping centre I made my way to the ladies and went into a cubical. Locking the door I hung up my bag and walked over to the toilet where I stood with my back to it and I undid my lilac chinos. Pulling them down to my deck shoes they were joined by my paisley pattered panties a short moment later. Sitting down I had a quick wee and then started to push the poo out. Just then the hand dryer went off so I couldn't hear the three turds hit the water in quick succession. But I did hear the fart that followed. I stayed sitting for a few moments to see if there was any more to come out and when it was apparent there wasn't I stood up to wipe; my bum was really messy so it took three lots of toilet roll to get myself clean. Satisfied with my job I pulled up my panties and chinos then flushed the toilet. Getting my bag of the hook I unlock the door and washed my hands before leaving and doing more shopping.


Open Air Bathrooms

Me and my friend Danni went to our parish's family day at a theme park that has a swimming pool, rides and picnic area. There must have been about 2,000 people there. The main bathrooms are right in the middle of a building that has a swimming pool on one side and rides and a family picnic area on the other side. One of the strangest things I've seen is that the park's bathrooms have no roof. The area where the toilets are is shared with the swimmers who also use them as well as an adjacent shower and dressing room. There are solid block walls on all four sides of the building and 2-foot high block partitions between the toilets, but what's different is that there is no roof. You are changing clothes, showering, on the toilet, etc. with the sun and stars staring down at you. There are no doors on the toilets and from one row of toilets on the womens side you can see into the doorway of the shower/locker room.

So this made things very interesting. Danni's date came back to our table saying that it was difficult taking his leak at the urinal with birds flying overhead. He spread his feet a little wider because there was white bird poop on the floor close to where he was standing. He said a couple of the black toilet seats also had bird dropping on them. It was humid and about 90 degrees when me and Danni left for the bathroom. The child who had just left the toilet she was waiting for left a moist seat of sweat. I was in line for the toilet next to hers but in our 10 minute wait, this girl about 8 with care bear underwear down to the floor was just sitting there with very little movement messing with her phone. The lady behind me yelled at the girl and asked how it was coming. The girl hardly looked up and just shrugged. Then she went back to her phone.

Since I had been standing close to Danni for all that time, I moved over in front of her as she stood and wiped. She immediately turned and flushed. I scurried in, dropped my shorts and underwear, quickly taking my seat. I don't know if it was the humidity, the birds, bugs and other distractions, or the total lack of even basic privacy, but I just couldn't get my pee stream to start. I was in a good amount of pain. This one girl making a face at me while standing behind her mother didn't help either. There must have been 20 or more toilets, but the line continued to grow for each toilet. Danni washed her hands and then stopped back and wished me luck. I sat for another 5 minutes or so. Then I faked it. Pulled off toilet paper and fake wiped. Then reached back and flushed. I even went through the ritual of washing my hands, even though I was bumped by those in the lengthening lines.

Instead of going back to our table, I walked to the other end of the park where some of the ladies were talking about there being portable potties. The lines weren't that long. Danni texted me just as I was walking up the stairs to one. It smelled bad, the seat was wet, the fan rotated twice then stopped, but I threw my butt to the mercy of the unit. Immediately my stream started and remained strong. From my seat I texted Danni that I was having success. I could have used 3 large towels to dry myself off as I made the 10 minute walk back to where our group was. The heat was making me feel nauseous. Danni's date suggested we leave early for a movie. That's what we did. The bathrooms there were cool, relatively clean and normal.


quick story and some comments

This morning I went out for breakfast with some friends and afterwards I dropped in at the bikestore to buy some parts. As I was chatting with the staff at the shop I suddenly got this really strong urge for a number two. I quickly bought the stuff I needed and headed home. As I was driving, I needed to squeeze my bumcheeks together and I wasn't totally sure I could make it back to my house. So I stopped at a Starbucks, went in and made a beeline for the washrooms. I'm always a little embarrassed to do this, since anybody paying attention would know that this is a girl who urgently needs the toilet! But oh well, I couldn't really help it this time. There are two single bathrooms at the back and I saw that a blonde girl in a black dress had just gone into one of them. Luckily the other one was empty.

I locked the door, put my bag on the hook and then quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. Right away I let go with a long fart and then I started to pee. Before I was done peeing, my poo started to push out from my rear end. It was a big turd that stretched my backdoor and I couldn't help letting out a little moan. The poop kept flowing from my behind for quite a bit and, I guess, kinda curled up in the bowl. Finally it dropped off. I already felt a big relief but also knew I had more to come out. I started to text my girlfriends, and while I was waiting I could hear the muffled sounds from the other bathroom through the wall. The blonde girl was peeing and then I could hear two farts and a couple of plops, so I knew she was taking a dump as well. Anyway, I ended up pushing out two more big poos and, ewww did I make the little room stink!

The other girl had already flushed and left when I finally felt all empty. I pulled some paper off and carefully wiped my front and then my rear end. I pulled up my string and jeans, flushed and then used the brush to make sure the bowl was all clean. I washed my hands and when I came out there was a woman waiting to go in. I quickly left, very relieved but a little bit embarrassed that I had got caught stinking up the Starbucks toilet badly. That's my story for today, I hope you all liked it!

to Taylor: I almost always just push my skirt up, but I have also seen very many skirts pushed down in public toilets. I loved your recent stories from work and how you had the confidence of using the toilet with Megan in the room. At my house, we sometimes pee with one of the other girls in the bathroom when we need to go badly. I'd love to see their reaction someday if I was doing a poo instead!

to Anne T: Hi Anne, welcome to the site! I liked your story about using the porta potty. I hope you get to use it to poop soon! It's always a bit embarrassing, but I think sometimes it can be a little exciting to do a big poo in a public toilet, haha


POOPED MY PANTS in elementary school!!!!!!!!

This story is about the time I had a very poopy accident while in third grade!

I have a habit of farting loudly when I have to poop bad. So I'm sitting in class one day when all of a sudden I let out a BOOMING fart. BFRRRRRRRP!!!!

Everyone looked at me. "Maybe you should go to the bathroom," the teacher told me. "You don't even have to sign out. Just go and do what you have to do."

"Thanks," I said. I was not to get far at all.

I stood up and the pressure was too much. POOOOOOOOOP!!!! My pants FILLED with my mess. Some of my classmates, mostly girls, laughed.

My teacher sent me to the nurses office to clean up. I was forced to waddle over there to keep my accident from falling out of my briefs. People were holding their noses because the smell was that bad.

I apologized to my teacher the next day but she just said it was an accident and I wasn't like some of my troublemaking classmates. She had also sprayed air freshener because the smell had been that horrible. I was embarrassed for several days longer but got over it.

ugh. *gurgleee**gurgleee**gurgle**fart* im having stomachache .. my friend is sleeping over at my house and breakfast didnt agree with me. *gurgle* toilet iscoccupied and as long as i cant stop farting, i need to crap.*gurgle*


Relax...all guys do it

Like to hear from other men who really enjoy their daily dumps..
At home...or..?

Uncle Harry

Stupid Mistakes

Please excuse the spelling error in my last post title. It was Best, not Beest, Date.

Im often absent minded. I think about a lot of things at once and dont pay attention to what im doing. Here are a few.

1- I was once invited for dinner by a woman across the street. She was not date bait, as she was married and her husband was out of town on business. After dinner I needed to pee. She had left the table and I thought she went to kitchen. I walked to the bathroom, which I found ajar a few inches, so I thought no one was in it. I should have knocked on the door, but I just opened it instead and there was Anna sitting on the toilet with her legs somewhat apart, her urine falling out of her pussy. "Harry", she said. "Dont come in. Im peeing". I apologised and closed the door. When she came back, I once again apologised and she took it lightly and said she didnt mind. However, she didt invite me to watch her again.

2- I was walking in the city park and needed to pee. Both bathrooms were open. They were not clearly marked since both doors were open because of the crowd. The markings were on the doors dimly. I accidently walked into the womens. I looked around and could not find the urinals. I then noticed two women on the toilets peeing. There were no doors, as usual. One just glared at me. The other asked if there was something wrong with the mens room. It was common to share bathrooms when one was closed. I told her no and I was sorry. Just a mistake. She said ok and she often makes mistakes herself.Neither woman stopped peeing with me looking.

3- This one was someone elses mistake. I walked into the mens and there was a woman sitting on a toilet pooping and pissing. I didnt say anything, but just went to urinal, pulled out my penis, and started to pee. Thats when the woman scolded me for being in the womens bathroom. How could she make a mistake when the urinal was obvious? I pointed that out and then she notiiced it. She said she had poor eyesight. She said nothing further and just continued pissing heavily. She finished and wiped her butt and pussy. We both left at about the same time.


Stories and questions from unnamed and Canada Pooper

To Canada Pooper, I just saw that you asked if I've ever seen a friend or family member have an accident. Yes, my friend Andrew pooped his pants at the park one day but he just dumped it out of his shorts and kept playing. Also one time my mom peed her pants when she was laughing at something my dad told her. I don't remember what it was that made her laugh like that.

To the person who asked about my underwear, I wear white briefs. My mom and dad still get me plain tidy whities so normally the poop doesn't just fall out, it has to get squished out.

Here's a story about an accident from when I was in 5th grade. I can't remember where we were but I know I was with my dad and I was wearing jeans and we were outside. I had to pee but I didn't tell my dad about it and tried to hold it until it was too late. When he finally saw me trying to hold it by crossing my legs he took me to the bathroom but it was too late. While we were going through the door I started peeing my pants and totally soaked down my leg and even in my shoes. Dad had to go to the car and get my change of clothes and then we went home.

Here's a story about a time I pooped my pants on purpose when I was 12. It was on Saturday or Sunday because I didn't have to go to school. We had breakfast and it was raining outside and we were staying home. I remember feeling gassy and farting a bunch of times, then I knew that I had to poop and kept farting anyway. When I knew that I would poop my pants if I farted again I got up to go to the bathroom but for some reason I went and stood in the corner and pooped my pants instead.

When I was done I found my mom and told her what I did. She told me to wait for her in the bathroom and she would come clean me up. Instead of listening I went out to the garage and told my dad about it too. Then they both took me in the bathroom and she made a bath for me while my dad took my poop pants off and wiped me clean. I got sent to my room after my bath.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


My girlfriend roadside pee.

Just got back from a 4 day coach trip from Cornwall to Newcastle, 38 hours sitting on a coach. during this time I saw 7 roadside peeing mostly male, (one group of 4, the others one at a time) with just one female.
There was a female sitting in the door way of a car facing down with her male friend standing facing towards the road with his back to her. Did not see any pee or flesh.

But this, or the vibration of the coach got me remembering my first car a 1963 Austin 1100 and my girlfriend.
We had been out for the day on the moors, stopping at a pub for a bite to eat and a few pints of cool lager. (I only drink real ale now). I had used the pubs loo but my girlfriend had not. We left the pub around closing (3 pm) and continued just driving around the lanes on the moors, not going to a place just driving.
After a few hours my girlfriend said she needed to pee and could I find some where. Most of the lanes were either narrow with walls, or on open land with no cover. Till at last a wider road safe to stop in. I pulled into the side of the road, my girlfriend opened her door, stepped out of the car and with her back to me dropped her jeans and knickers and sat on the door sill and started to have a long hard piss, I looked out my side window to see a river of liquid running from under the car and puddling on the other side of the road, I said is that all you or has the car got a leak, she laughed and pissed out some more.
When she was done she stood up to pull up her knickers when I saw a dirty black line across the upper part of her bum cheeks so I stopped her and said that I had a rag in my door pocket. Then with the rag in hand I leaned across her seat as she bend over with her ass in the air and I started to rub the oily dirt off her bum.
We had not seen any other cars for sometime. Then it happened a car with a number of lads came around the corner towards us, on seeing my girlfriends bum in the air, beeped there horn and shouted out of there car windows to us.
My girlfriend just jump backwards sat down into the car, slammed the car door closed telling me to drive still with her jeans and knickers around her knees.
As I drove she was lifting she bottom and pushing her pussy into the air trying to pull up her purple knickers, this was giving me a good look at her bush and pussy lips as she thrust up and down pulling at her knickers from her knees over the lip of her car seat and up under her bum and then her jeans.
Watching her I nearly had two accidents one with the car and one in my jeans.


reply to Taylor

I normally pull my skirt up and knickers down, but like you said if it's a very long skirt I might pull it down so it doesn't get in the way.

I wrote a post about a near accident I had just before finishing uni, but I don't think it went through! I'll try again later.

Kung Poo

Great Impact

My sister-in-law, Cheryl,came to my house at the invitation of my wife. She was facing some marital problems which had led to stress, which led to her constipation resurfacing. She has not gone in 10 days and she could feel the impacted stool but just could not move it. Cheryl started to cry as she spoke about the fear of going to the clinic to relief her impacted stool again. It hurt so much the last time she said the pain was worse than childbirth.

My wife decided to use my method of a glass of prune juice, two glasses of warm water and for Cheryl, and enema. "Shock-and-awe", I called it. It would be attacked from two directions.

Cheryl is 40, and has a pretty good figure. I love seeing in her shorts and tank top. She's also not shy about bowel habits and have been known to contact my wife for advice.

First, the fast. She had to skip breakfast, which was no issue to her as she wasn't too hungry anyway. Then, with difficulty, she downed the prune juice, and the two glasses of warm water. That made her feel VERY bloated, she immediately felt like she need a poo, but it wasn't urgent.

The enema, I advised, should be administered when you feel that heavy feeling in your colon which would mean you need to go. The enema should be administered than as a lubricant. I also recommended a little coconut oil around her sphincter just before she pushed.

2 hours later, Cheryl felt a very urgent need to poo. She rushed to my opened bathroom. She loved that bathroom because it was airy, and she felt it was cosy and nice.

I watched from the home office as she unwrapped the enema bulb from the packaging, lowered her shorts and panties to her knees, than she sat on the bowl. She then leaned to the side, and with her hand holding on to the bulb, reached under, and felt the nozzle at her anal opening. As she administered the enema, my wife appeared with the coconut oil and passed it to her. She dabbed some oil on her fingertips and smeared some at the sphincter. My wife collected her used enema bulb and the plastic packaging and threw them into the bathroom bin.

"Working?" my wife asked.

"Yeeeeeeeeaahhh" replied Cheryl. She was starting to strain.

With my wife looking with concern, and me looking on with interest, Cheryl grunted. It sounded like this, "Uhnnnnnnnn uhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn uhhhnnnnnnn" and the it go louder "UHHHHHNNNNNNNNN".

FROMP!!! I heard a turd hit the water and Cheryl immediately sighed "ahhhhhhh" but she was clearly still in pain as she grabbed on to her thighs and made a painful straining face as more "fromp plop plop plop praaaaaacck plop plop plop" was heard.

She sat like that for almost a full half hour, intermittently peeing and plopping.

It was a HUGE success. The bowl was filled with turds from shades of dark to light brown. It took 5 flushes to get everything down, and after a good cleaning up, she felt way better.

A load of her shoulders, or bowels, for that matter.

Anne T

I'm excited

First @ Brandon. Thanks for the nice welcome.
Finally I have time to write and tell something. Today I was walking in my local park and because of the hot weather it was very hot and I drank lots of water. I liked the weather, but my bladder wanted some relief of the now of the whole water.
I headed to the near public library, because they have good toilets and in the park are none. Also the way to my flat would have been longer than I could hold the very urgent pee.
Suddenly I saw a portapotty, I think that's their name. Well I mean a portable chemical toilet.
I was so excited when I saw that. The last time I used one I was eleven. I think it is not so common here that they are to find in a park. Although I think public toilets are in total unusual in a park for where I live.
When I came near that portable toilet I saw a girl of maybe 15 or 16 in front of it. But the the door sign said it was empty. When I wanted to open the door, that girl stopped me and told me her friend was inside. So I waited. I asked the if she also need to use it, but she already did. I hoped it opened soon, because I was near of letting pee in my panties. After five minutes the friend came out and I hurried in.
I could lock the door, I don't know why the girl did not. On the right side was a urinal and the toilet lid was open. I saw much paper and the girl before me must have changed her tampon.The tank was very empty.
The seat looked clean, so I lowered my skirt and plaid panties. The seat was comfortable and my heart was racing. I waited until my pee started on it's own. It went very noisy in the blue chemical in the tank and it was a great relief. In that moment I remembered the last time I used such a toilet.
It was a fair were I was with my parents. We ate something something there and I had something to drink. It was also a warm day. After lunch I excused myself for the need for a toilet visit. When we came to the food corner I saw a long line of portable toilets. I went to them and found myself in a complex line. Better to tell it was no real line because people around me to the nearest and fasted toilet they could get. There was no order, so the fastest people"won" the available toilet. I think there were around 15 toilets an all in use and maybe 20 people and constantly new arrived. So the situation was first a bit confusing. I had some failed attempts to get a toilet. But I got one before it was to late. I can't remember who was before in that toilet. When I entered it was strange for me because I never used that kind of toilet before. I wiped off the seat with some toilet paper pulled my jeans down and sat on the seat. It was a strange feeling to pee on the pee and poop of others. I didn't use a outhouse to that time and still miss that experience. My pee was strong and long in my memory. I wiped my front and used the septic cleaner for my hands. It was confusing for me not to flush the toilet. When I exited a woman nearly run me over.
Back to today. My pee stopped and I took some toilet paper. I did a fart, but I didn't need to poop. When I exited no one was waiting. I hope I can use this toilet tomorrow for a poop. I see forward to this. It is maybe a bit embarrassing, but I am excited to finally poop in a portable toilet.


topaz and meg

Did u two flush?

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