Mystery woman

I'm an early riser. While my kids remain in bed for another couple of hours, I love making a cup of coffee and enjoy taking a chair on my front porch. The early morning at about 5:30 is so refreshing and it is very quiet. This past week or so I've been surprised to see a mysterious woman walk by. She has a thermos of what I suspect is coffee, she's barefoot and she cuts across the vacant lot across the street that leads into a large city park that is one of the nicest in our state. Then about 20 minutes later she makes her return trip. So after observing this for several days, I walked out to the driveway to pick up the newspaper and I introduced myself to her as she was coming back. She's a very interesting person. She and her boyfriend just moved into an apartment down the street. Her boyfriend tends bar, gets in about a couple of hours before I get up, and she wants him to have time for a good sleep. There's a second thing, too. She was very open with me about this. Her craps are big. They jam up the toilet. For three days in a row she had to call the building manager. He's not very friendly and actually asked her if she could hold them until she gets into work. Her answer is no. He suggested the park or a 24/7 gas station. So that's what she does. I know the toilets over there have no stall panels. Just three toilets against the wall. But at 5:30 she has total privacy and it works for her. She had finished her coffee so I invited her onto the porch for some more. She took me up on it. So with our feet up on the ledge we talked about our lives until about 7 when she asked to use my bathroom. She made a joke that this was for peeing only. I said yes, but asked her to use the half bathroom in the basement since I didn't want her to wake my kids up. She complied and thanked me when she came back upstairs. We both knew we had to start getting ready for our jobs. Her name is Katee and she's been stopping by each morning after her crap at the park. I've made a new friend.


For Canada Pooper

Thank you, I have more stories to share. I've been thinking about doing one story every day from a different age and see how people like it. So I'll start today. To answer your question, yes I have some like that. I'll tell an accident story and an on purpose story today. Also, check page 2644 for a "not an accident" story from when I was 11.

When I was in 4th grade I pooped my pants after school. I was 9 years old and for lunch the cafeteria served tacos. After lunch I was farting a lot and trying to keep them quiet so no one in class would know it was me. Luckily I wasn't the only one in class who was farting so the smell was coming from different directions.

By the time the bell rang and I made it to the line to be picked up by my mom my stomach was cramping really hard. I farted a few more times and right before I got in the car I decided to let one more go but it wasn't a regular fart and I pooped in my pants. I got in the back seat and told my mom what happened. There was a line to get out of the parking lot and the smell was really strong.

On the drive home I was having really strong pains in my stomach and my butt was already sticky and stinky, so I finished pooping my pants and the mess was really bad. My mom had to run a bath and wipe my legs and back because my poop had pushed out of my undies.

Another time when I was 8 I was sick with the stomach flu and had the runs for a couple of days. I pooped my pants the whole time because I wasn't feeling good. It was summer so I didn't have school to miss and I was home all day. When I started feeling better and didn't have the runs anymore I was playing in the living room with my legos and felt like I had to poop.

Instead of getting up and going to the bathroom I just went in my pants. I stood up and hung my butt out so I could push and felt my underwear fill up. My mom saw me pooping and asked me why I didn't use the bathroom. I told her it was because I was still sick. She changed me and had a talk with me about not pooping myself because I didn't have the runs anymore. I had to run around the house with just underwear on for the rest of the day.

After dinner I had to poop again so I went to a corner in my bedroom and squatted so I could go in my pants. When I was done I had to smash my poop to keep it from coming out of my leg openings, then I found my mom and dad and showed them my pooped in pants. My dad gave me a bath and had another talk with me and told me that if I pooped my pants on purpose again I'd have to sit in timeout.


On the dockside

I was working in a factory on a dockside in a shipyard, my work station was by a window six floors up. For a number of days big flatbed lorries had been bringing gear from a closed shipyard and dumping it on the dockside to be either ditched or moved to stores.
One afternoon I saw a lorry pull in and the driver got out of the cab and was using the on-board crane to unload the gear, when a female jumped down from the cab and quickly pulling her jeans down squatted and peed beside the lorry, after she stood up I could see the wet puddle on the ground as she climbed back into the cab. When the driver had finished unloading he got back into the cab and drove off.


Ladies - Skirt up or down?

A shower thought if you will. When you're sat on the toilet while wearing a skirt do you lift it up around your waist or do you pull it down like you would jeans for example.

For me it depends on the skirt really. I'll pretty much always lift it up, even a tight pencil skirt. If it's a really long skirt that goes to my feet or something I'll just pull it down.

I'm asking because I had a wee with my friend today and she was wearing a nice loose skirt that went to just above her knees. It would have been really easy to lift up but she still pulled it down.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley first welcome to the site and great story please anymore that you may have thanks.

To: Kelli it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Tracey great story it sounds like you both had really great poops and both had to go a lot as well and I bet you both felt amazing afterwards.

To: Annie great story.

To: Just Made It Meg it sounds like both of you just made it to the toilet in time and it sounded like you guys would have to share the toilet at the same time.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Uncle Harry

My Beest Date

The woman answered my ad. Her name was Judy. We talked on the phone for abut for about 30 minutes. It was hard to believe how many likes and dislikes were similar. We decided to meet at her house and go out to dinner at a restaurant she liked. When she gave me address I almost dropped to the floor. It was just one suburb next to mine and in an area I new very well. The houses there were mansions and the people who lived there were mostly super rich. I drove to her house and rang the bell. She opened thee door and the first thing I saw was a large foyer. I expected a butler would open the door. She showed me around. The ere was a large decorated living room with a fully equipped bar. The dinning room looked like a banquet hall with a table that appeared to seat about 12 people. A smaller dinning room with a table for 4-6 next to it. The kitchen had everything you could thing of in it. Now the real shocker_the bathroom. The toilet seat was cushioned. The bathtub was not. It was a 4 person spa/hot tub. Upstairs were 4 bedrooms and a 2 person spa in the bathroom. This lady had MONEY. We talked more and had wine at the bar. Judy had 2 glasses. I had 1.

Before leaving, Judy said she needed to urinate. So did I. Surprisingly, she asked me to come in the bathroom with her, since we both needed to pee and by now we knew each other well enough. She said she didnt mind if I saw her vagina. she lifted her short skirt and asked me to pull down her panties. another surprise, I did as she asked. She sat down on the cushioned seat, spread her legs somewhat,smiled, and peed, a lot. When she was done and wiped her pussy, I pulled up her panties.Now I peed while she watched.

We got into her luxury car and drove to the restaurant. That took about 49 minutes. We got our reserved table quickly. Looking at the menu, it was not as expensive as I thought. The food was delicious. After we finished our desert and she paid the bill, we headed for the bathrooms, the plural didnt exist. There was only a single gender-free bathroom, with doors on the stalls. Judy didnt close hers, as did several other women.I used a urinal.

While talking, I learned a lot about her. She didnt work for a living. She spent her time doing philanthropic work. I wondered how a working guy like me would fit into her world. We got to her house and had more wine at the bar. I had less than she did. Then I went home.

We had many more dates, including a spa party and peeing together as if we were married. Gradually, we started seeing each other less, her work getting in the way of seeing me. I came to realize that I did not fit in and we broke up. Im glad, because I met Harriete.


Soft Constipation

It's been several months since I last posted, mainly because it's been a routine, nothing interesting has happened. However, Tristan's and Swaggermuffinz stories made me think about my age and the size of my BM's. It's been a couple years since I was in highschool, but I remember that's when the size of my bowel movements started increasing. One noticeable shift when I became 17 is that when I was a kid, I often had hard constipation frequently, I'd be constipated for a couple of days, and when I finally went the turd would be big, thick and hard. But it would also be painful to pass. Being 5'9 and 176, I'm still pretty thin when I look at myself in the mirror, but I have some muscle on me.

Nowadays when I'm constipated, once in a blue moon it will be painful the past, but the majority of the time it's quite soft, but well formed. Such the case that happened yesterday when I got home from work. I had just arrived at the house, and went in, said hello, and dropped everything I had in my bedroom. I quickly changed from my work uniform to my undies. Walking to the toilet, I soon sat down and passed quite a bit of gas, I hadn't shit in 3 days but all of a sudden the feeling came. I felt my butt widen and open as the turd started coming out. Instead of a lot of pain, I decided to grunt and push it out as fast as I could so I wouldn't have to strain as long.

I had a lot of gas, as it was coming out I could feel it crackling out, but it was rather smooth. Within about 10 seconds it came out. And then it hit me, the smell. I stood up to wipe and the bathroom smelled pretty bad, I turned around and it was completely over the water, it was a pretty thick turd.

Contrary to when I was younger, my shits nowadays tend to be big and soft, and easy to pass, versus being younger they were hard and smaller. Often having rabbit pellets alot.

After I finished wiping, I tried flushing but it wouldn't go down. I had to push it with the toilet brush to orient it towards the drain but the turd was as thick as the drain, and I had to push it into the hole with the toilet brush. I flushed another time, and it went down, but I'm sure it would have stopped up a public toilet, due to the awful plumbing around here.


Second day at work

It was my second shift at work today, and my first full session. Because of university I work in the evenings which I prefer, I don't really go out much at night anyway, but it means it slightly gets in the way of my toilet schedule. I usually go about 6-7pm, but that's when I'm working and I don't get a break until 8pm. Sure I could get up and go anytime I liked but I like to take my time when pooping.

Work was pretty normal, I was sat at the computer answering live messages and just like clockwork my stomach started gurgling at 6:30, a pressure slowly building inside me. I managed to ignore it for a little while but it was quickly getting stronger. As I said in my last post, when I need to go, I need to go there and then!

By about 7:30 I was hunched over with my arm around my stomach, typing one handed. I really needed to go and my stomach was in knots but I was determined to hold on until my break. At least for the first few weeks. I had a really strong stomach ache as my stomach gurgled really loudly and cramped. By now I also needed to pee but that was the least of my worries.

I was counting down the minutes, 7:50... 7:55...7:57, almost there! I felt relief as I saw my supervisor walking over to me with a smile. At least I knew I wasn't about to be told off. She leaned over and whispered "You can go for your break if you like Taylor, you're doing a great job here" I thanked her and immediately got up, heading to the toilets, hoping nobody was in there. The walking was making me need to go even more and I really didn't fancy having to climb some stairs as well.

I tried the door and to my delight the bathroom was empty. I quickly locked the door behind me and scurried over to the toilet, already unbuttoning my trousers. I quickly pulled them down to my calves followed by my blue thong as I sat on the toilet. I had made it. Hallelujah!

After only seconds I moaned as I was stretched wide, a fat soft poop slowly making its way out of me. The relief was unreal. I started peeing which only added to the pleasure, my stream trickling off my bum again which only seems to happen when I'm pooping at the same time. It fell into the water with a quiet "flumph" and the rest continued to come out just as easily. After a few seconds it fell into the water as well, making a quiet splash.

I got myself some toilet paper as I finished my wee, waiting for it to slow to drips before reaching between my legs and wiping. I got some more for my behind, having to wipe seven times because of a very soft but solid poop. I flushed while still sitting and stood up, pulling up my thong and trousers before washing my hands. I felt so much better! I wish I had looked at what I had produced, but in the moment it slipped my mind. Maybe next time!


What comes in will come out

Hi everyone, I have a quick story when I was out of town last week on business. After conducting a speech on where we planning to do next in a few years my bowels were ready to unleash it self. I made into the ladies, nice elegant sense, I enter one of the stalls saw it was nice and sparkling clean fresh moped flooring, I raised my skirt up and lowered my panties knee high and sat down, after few moments I peed some and my whole opened up with log after log was falling out nice and easy . I stayed seated little longer than I felt done.I wiped sitting, I pulled everything back in place wash my hands and left later on that day I took a poop at the swimming pool bathrooms after swimming in the pool and I took a nice shower for the night. That's all right now

To Jimmy

I love your stories, especially the ones of recent times. Close calls or legit accidents are awesome to hear about. With your accidents or close calls aren't you worried about the poo falling on the floor or down your legs or do you wear briefs?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Its hot outside and i was outside for 2 hours came in and an hour later i drank some chocolate milk and im having a stomach i think im gonna have diarrhea does anyone know why it never gives me diarrhea. The only time was when it was hot and i drank chocolate milk but obviously that time i knew i would but this time i dont know why i might get diarrhea


Restroom Dilemma

I'm a woman in my late 30's with 2 children, a 10 year old son and a 8 year old daughter. My husband kicked me out so he could move in his younger girlfriend who is single and without children. We had the kids choose which parent to live with and both of them, especially my son chose to live with me so I was awarded full custody of them and we just got divorced. He's planning to marry his girlfriend soon but we just moved back in today with my widowed father who is 70. As me and the kids were packing up this morning, I started feeling like I had to go but I just decided to wait so we could get our things and hit the road because we had a 4 hour drive ahead of us across the state to my dad's house. We stopped about an hour away and got lunch. Then 2 hours later I had to get gas and we actually all had to poop at the same time so we stopped at a Quiktrip. We went inside and found that the women's restroom was out of order so we had to go into the men's room. Thankfully nobody was in there and the toilets were all clean so we all went into our stalls. I was on the end, my son was in the next stall, and my daughter was next to him. They sat down before I did but I pulled my shorts to my knees, sat down, and a few seconds later I let out the longest fart I probably ever had. It was probably 10 seconds long! Then a little pee followed by a plop. Then a few more plops, some little and some big. Then pee and plop at the same time. Then a couple of more plops. Then an airy fart with a log coming out making a big splash. Then a long pee to end it. Then I reached over to the toilet paper only to find out there wasn't any so since my son just had flushed his toilet, I asked him did he have some and he said he had plenty left so I had him crawl up under and I reached down to grab it. I didn't feel like I had to wipe too much but I still needed it so I wiped, one more quick pee, wiped again, then flushed and got up. The kids came out of their stalls right after I did and we washed our hands and left soon afterwards. From going in to coming out of the restroom was about 10 minutes but I felt much better and the kids felt better too. Only one person came in while we were in there and used the urinal. It wasn't long after I had that really long fart so some guy just missed it. Afterwards we made it to my dad's house to begin the next chapter in life.

I am 40 and recently had to get a new job after being laid off from the company I worked at since i graduated high school. It was really hard because not only was the place the only job I ever knew and a huge part of my life, but I never went to college or anything because I felt secure. So desperate for work at 40 I wound up with a warehouse job for a little while. It was intended to be temporary, but I wound up leaving much sooner due to a really embarrassing bathroom mishap...

What makes it especially bad is that, the type of job it is, not only am I the only woman on my team but I'm older than all the guys. Most of them including my supervisor are guys in their early to mid 20s, then there is a guy who is 30. I pretty much mainly talk to the 30 yo guy a lot but the other guys are nice too. I do look young for my age so they try to flirt with me a lot but the 30 yo guy actually talks to me like a person so that's more my speed lol.

Then some random thing happened where one day at work, me and that guy were standing near the smoking area outside having a cigarette. And we were actually in the middle of a really nice conversation and I had just lit up and took like two puffs when I just our of nowhere got the worst urge to shit. Like I felt my intestines gurgle and rumble violently immediately followed by intense stomach cramps and a really strong pressure in my ass. I felt chills run down my spine and I froze there and instinctively squeezed my butt together as firmly as possible. In that second my brain just immediately thought "uh oh. I am going to poop my pants right now."

So yeah, obviously i tried to hold it in, but i couldn't. In order to keep it in i had to stay clenched as firmly as possible, but to move a muscle would mean to lose my control. But obviously i had to attempt to make it to the bathroom. Before moving, i groaned "i have to go to the bathroom..." to my coworker, which when I think back on it is super embarrassing on its own lol.

So, i tried to move toward the door. I got 2 steps and, completely involuntarily..I just pooped. My body just pushed all on its on despite me trying to clench, and a massive hot load of poop gushed into my jeans and bubbled up the back of them. It was noisy and obvious, even if i hadn't announced that I needed the bathroom seconds before messing myself.

I've pooped my pants several times but this is the first time it's happened to me in front of a person. I immediately wanted to die. The smell was horrendous and was overpowering even outside. To add to my shame, I was prevented from entering the building again because my jeans were literally soaking wet in the back, possibly because I also wet myself without realizing but the poop was pretty wet too. I probably peed though. Anyway I had to stand there outside in my mess And wait for someone to bring me my things so I could go home, and managed to fill my jeans up a lot more during the wait which felt awesome. I don't remember if I even said any coherent words after my accident, I just stood there trying not to have a meltdown from the humiliation as my coworker helplessly kept asking me if I was ok. When I finally had my stuff I went home and never returned to that job. Way too humiliating to go back and work with a bunch of younger guys after pooping myself at work.

The other incidents have always been self inflicted from procrastinating and stuff... I'm prone to pooping myself sometimes getting from my car into the house. It's like my body senses the relief is imminent and relaxes. I'll be in my car, needing to go badly but still in full control, then as I start to walk inside I just start pushing, and usually can't make it all the way at that point without at least half a load filling my panties. Once or twice I've had to resort to pooping my pants while standing at my toilet because I couldn't hold it long enough to unbutton my jeans, that's always a winning feeling... probably the most "wtf" one ever though, I woke up at 7am needing to poop, but it was my day off so I decided to ignore it and sleep in. I pooped the bed. That was like a year ago.


Huge poop while camping

I have a story about a huge poop I took last week. My family loves to camp and we went on our first trip of the season last week. I'll briefly describe myself, so you can better picture me when you read the story. I'm 14 and I have blue eyes and long brown hair that runs about half way down my back.

So, on with the story. I took a small and fairly uneventful poop just before left for the camping trip. When we got there, we set up camp and had dinner. We had beans and hot dogs. I was starving, so I ate sooo much! I brought my breakfast cereal and milk to eat the next morning and I had my usual high fiber cereal. We were out hiking and being active all day and then we had hot dogs and beans again. I think I ate even more than the first night. I hadn't pooped at all during either of the two days we'd been there.

But then during mid-morning, I started feeling like I might have to poop. More than that though, I had to fart. I'm not shy about farting on the toilet even in public toilets, but I'm embarrassed if I fart in public otherwise and someone else can hear me, even my family. I kept hoping I'd be able to sneak away for a minute and fart, but I never got any suitable privacy from my family, and we were very far from the toilets. I held it back and didn't fart at all for a total of about seven hours until finally we came back to our tents. My dad started dinner (finally something other than hot dogs and beans, btw :p) and I excused myself to the toilet block.

By then I really really had to fart and I also needed to poop quite badly too. While walking there, I was about to let loose and finally fart, but another girl who looked to be a few years older than me started walking towards the toilets too. She was a dark skinned hispanic girl with short curly black hair. I thought she was actually really pretty. We walked into the toilet block together. There were three stalls, but one was marked out of order, so we took the other two, right next to each other.

I know it's weird because I'd been holding back my fart around the other girl only to go ahead and fart where she could hear me anyway, but as soon as I got my pants down and sat on the toilet, I relaxed my butthole and blasted an incredibly loud fart. I didn't know I could fart that loud. And it probably lasted a few seconds too. I felt so much better just after that, but I still had to poop. The other girl giggled and farted too. Hers wasn't anywhere near as loud, but she started farting like a machine gun, just fart after fart after fart. I started peeing and she kept on farting.

She'd farted maybe thirty times before she stopped. I was feeling a bit poop ready to come out but I was going to let it come on its own terms. There was just silence in the bathroom until I heard two sharp plops and a dribbling of pee from the other girl. My own poop was starting to poke its head out. A bit later, a loud splash from her. I was pushing out a fairly thick turd and it felt great. More silence until my turd broke off with a very light plimp. I still felt like I had a lot more poop in me. I looked between my legs and saw a big one curled up in the bowl. I decided I better flush to avoid clogging.

Once the water refilled, I concentrated on pooping. Soon I was plopping away and stinking it up. A short while later, I heard several big splashes from the other girl and she made it stink even worse than I had. Both of us kept plopping and splashing for a bit longer. Then she flushed but I could hear her poop continue to plop in the bowl. I wasn't even close to done pooping either. For at least ten more minutes, we both pooped, lots of plops and splashes, an occasional fart, and some dribbling of pee, and flushes whenever either of us had done a lot of poop. I think each of us had flushed four times.

Surprisingly, I still had to poop. I was also surprised that we were both having such big poops. I let out a few thick ropes of poop as she plopped and splashed some more. Then we flushed at the same time. Some more plops from her and then she started to wipe. I was pushing out what felt like the last of my poop too, more rope-like turds. She finished wiping and flushed one final time and went to wash her hands. I could hear her giggling as she passed by my stall, although I could tell she was trying to stifle it. I pushed out the last couple ropes of poop and then wiped. I flushed the toilet and looked in the bowl and sat some bad skidmarks. Just out of curiosity, I looked in the stall the other girl had pooped in to see if she left any marks. Her toilet was way filthier than mine with tons and tons of skidmarks all over the bowl.

I washed my hands and left the toilet block and returned to our tent. My parents remarked that I'd been gone over 20 minutes and asked if I was okay. I blushed and said, yeah, and that I just needed to go to the toilet very badly.

Hi everyone. This is my second post although I think my first post was under a different name. I shared a story about my daughter but this time I wanted to share a story from when I was younger.
I went to sleep away camp for 5 years. My 4th summer at camp (13 y/o) I was extremely constipated. I had been constipated before but never that bad. And although I didn't like pooping outside of my home, I got fairly used to using the toilets at camp considering I spent many summers there. I remember trying to go throughout the day and nothing would come out. My stomach was hard and hurt a lot. I tried to tell a good friend of mine about my problem but she didn't know what to do and I was too embarrassed to tell a counselor. While straining on the toilet I managed to move the poop down so it was practically sticking out. Since there was a schedule to follow, I had limited time in the bathroom and couldn't get anything out. That weekend out activity included a line dance. I remember rehearsing the dance and with each move my stomach hurt a lot and I could feel the poop right at my butt hole. That night I went to sleep feeling very full and uncomfortable. The next morning I decided I had to get this turd out of me. I guess we had some free time because I asked a friend to join me and we went to the bathroom in the dining hall. (The toilets at camp backed up and overflowed frequently so it was always best to go not in your own bunk just in case you clogged the toilet). My friend peed, flushed, and washed her hands while I got to work pushing out my poop. I pushed and strained very hard and I could feel it starting to come down but it just wouldn't plop. I was very desperate. My friend told me she was going to wait for me outside. I then was embarrassed because I knew I would take a long time so I told her she could go but she said she didn't mind waiting. After a long painful struggle I was finally able to get out the large mass that had been sitting in my rectum. I felt so much better. I only recall being that constipated two other times in my life. Let me know if you want to hear those stories! That's all for now!

Splashpad pee

I was on an evening stroll in the dark and humid air and had to pee and the most discreet place was the splashpad at the park. I took my sandals off and turned on the water and several very cold water jets appeared. The cold made me need to pee more so i just stood under the jets and peed through my clothes and let the water rinse it away. It felt really refreshing, like peeing in a cold lake. The water just goes down the drain and is not circulated.

Adult night time diapers

I had surgery and it was difficult to get out of bed so I just wore adult night time diapers and peed away as needed. The handle about 3 Pees before they begin to leak. They feel like you are peeing in the pool as the wetness goes away.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Mushy poop after breakfast

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet shortly after breakfast, with my black shorts and blue boy shorts underwear around my thighs and ankles and I'm having my after breakfast poop. So far I've had two waves of mushy carp, and the bowl is completely messy. Just peed a bit more right now. Sitting here for a minute to see if I'm finished or still need to go. I'm finished. Let me put my phone down so I can wipe. Grabbing some tissues from behind me. Bit of a messy wipe. Had to use a few sheets. There. Put them in the toilet. Pulling up my shorts and underwear. Turning around to flush the toilet, what a mess. Flushed once to get the mess down, then had to use some cleaner and the toilet brush to clean the residue out of the bowl. Flushed again. Washed my hands and dried them and now back in the dining/living room finishing writing this. Going to finish enjoying my coffee and get hydrated (it's a hot, rainy country).

Happy pooping everyone!

Annie from Taiwan


To Some Guy and a recent poop experience

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm really trying hard not to have accidents and I've done really good. I guess I just relied on being able to come home or be home at the right time. Luckily I'll be attending community college for the first two years so I'll be able to come home everyday to poop.

Over the weekend me and my buddies were swimming in the river and one of my friends Kyle yelled out, "I'm gonna swim down stream so you don't have to swim in my piss water." We all stopped and watched him wade in the water and pee, then a few more of us did the same thing.

When we headed back I had to poop so I changed into my dry clothes and told my buddy Jared who rode with me that we had to stop at my house. He asked why and I told him I needed to go poop. His house is closer than mine but there's no way I could have gone at a strange toilet, so I told him we were going back to my place. Even though it wasn't a long drive I was fighting off the pile that was in my butt, trying to push through.

It was a close call but I made it home and ran to the bathroom in the front hallway downstairs While I was in the bathroom my mom and dad were talking to Jared. Jared said something like, "Jimmy would probably crap his pants before he'd use a toilet away from home," and my mom and dad cracked up but didn't say anything about how many times it's happened.

When I came out of the bathroom Jared went in after me to pee and made a joke about me having an unhealthy colon.

Canada pooper

To jimmy

Hi jimmy love your childhood stories please keep writing most of them seem to be from holding and giving up but I wonder was there ever not hold it and go out of laziness?
And if you have witnessed a friend or family member pooping themselves ?


Pooping Outside Story

Hi everybody, I haven't posted in a while, but wanted to share a story:

Last week I went mountain biking and it was a lot of fun. I find that often when I go biking I end up having to shit while I'm out there. This time it happened too. Even though I probably could've held it until I got back home, I preferred to go out in the woods because there's something so relaxing about pooping outside. So I went off the trail and found a secluded spot. All I could hear were birds and wind blowing in the trees. I couldn't see anyone around so I felt free to do whatever. I was wearing basketball shorts and briefs, I quickly pulled those down and peed behind a large pine tree. Then I turned around and squatted and started pushing. I could feel my hole opening up wider as I pushed even before the poop came out so I knew it was going to be a big one. I grunted a bit too, not that anyone was hearing me, but it sounded cool out in the woods. Eventually the turd started coming out. Immediately I could smell it when the wind blew. Soon I pushed even harder and it slowly came out before landing on the ground (meanwhile I was pulling apart my butt cheeks, which I often have to do on account of having a bubble butt lol). Afterward I looked at this massive brown log sitting on the needles giving off a bad smell. It was pretty cool to look at. I didn't even wipe, but I didn't have to (later when I came home I wiped but there was almost nothing on it). I was bad, though, I didn't bury the turd or anything, just left it sitting there!

@Swagermuffinz Just wanted to say I like your stories. I think it's cool that you do such big turds. Mine are usually pretty big too, though I'm a bit smaller than you (5'9" and 140 lbs). But I see nothing wrong with having big ones! I wish mine would just come out naturally like that, but I seem to always have to push a lot!

Just Made It Meg

Double Desperation

Yesterday, a good friend of mine named Topaz came down from the cities to hang out. She's my only fat girl friend so we're tight AF. We smoked a bowl and went to this local "Mexican" food place called Zans.The food is about as authentically Mexican as me, and I'm white as white gets lmao.

We love it tho and filled up our ???? before heading out to Goodwill in hopes of finding awesome 90's stuff. After maybe 20 minutes in Goodwill my stomach started cramping. It honestly was painful. Not even a second later Topaz told me her stomach was hurting too. We both just kind of put it off.

After a few minutes I felt my stomach churning inside. I could hear audible stomach grumble noises coming from Topaz behind me. We stopped to look at some paintings and prints when Topaz turned and said "Hey Meg? Can we go soon? I think I'm gonna have diarrhea."

She blushed after telling me the state of intestines. I didn't feel any better so I said "I think I'm going to have it too, my stomach really hurts. Do you want to use the bathroom here?" She quickly responded with "No!".

That decided it and without any purchases we headed out to my car since I drove. My gut really hurt at this point. A wave of hot pressure was pushing on my lower stomach. Topaz was clutching her stomach. "That Zans is literally killing my insides dude." she said.

Both of our stomachs were gurgling really loudly as I was driving. We pulled up to a stop light and suddenly Topaz started squirming her butt in her seat. "Ohhhh, oh man, my diarrhea is coming. You gotta hurry Meg." Topaz squirmed and shook her leg nervously. When the light turned green I felt a rush of hot liquid rapidly moving through my intestines. I traced the heat going through my lower stomach getting lower and lower and lower until started to go to my butt.

My anus was slammed full force with what I imagined in my head as a tidal wave of diarrhea. It was really hot and put strong pressure on the walls of my anus. I started hunching forward and said to Topaz "Oh ???? mine is coming too. It's really bad. I can't wait until we get home, I'm going to have stop somewhere because I can't hold it." Topaz was also hunching over and still shaking her leg. "I can't hold it either, go in that Kwik Trip!"

I was literally clenching my butthole as tight as I could to keep my diarrhea in and I'm sure Topaz was too. She winced really loud as I went over the speed bump. My diarrhea was pounding on my butthole as I got out.

It was probably pretty funny to onlookers to see two fat girls fast walking into a gas station like their lives depended on it. The bathrooms were in the back. I was really struggling and honestly thought I might shit right in the middle of the gas station. My anus was literally bulging with diarrhea at this point. The bathrooms are kind of hidden in the back and no one can really see you walk in so we were basically sprinting to the door.

Once both of us got in there we realized it was only a single occupant bathroom with one toilet. Topaz was fidgeting in place, since she was pretty visibly desperate I let her go first. She sat down and right away it started. Her diarrhea sounded chunky, it made a wet "thbthbthbthb" sound as it came out. Topaz leaned forward and a wet splatter came out.

Seeing Topaz have her diarrhea only made mine worse. I was pressing my butt up against the wall to help hold it in. I could definitely feel the diarrhea only inches away from my butthole. I told her to shit faster because I was at my limit. She splattered the bowl a few more times before she was done.

She wiped fast and got up off the toilet and I ran over right away. I was seriously about to diarrhea all over the floor. As soon as I sat down it started coming out. My diarrhea was chunky and mare my butthole sting :( I felt it's choppy flow come out for a good 5 or 6 seconds before stopping. It was bad! The smell was thick, Topaz didn't flush so I had just piled my diarrhea on top. Combined with our farts it was almost a visible odor. I wiped really good and washed my hands and that was that. True friends have diarrhea together.


The old church porch

It was coming up to Christmas ( a number of years ago) and time to put up the crib and tree in the church, so one evening I was alone in the church with just a few lights on, the crib and other junk was stored in the old north porch at the side of the church, there were two little windows like the ace of clubs on either side, the left window looked along the tall front wall of the yard towards the gate, the other on the right looked across a 2 foot wide alleyway to the back wall of a side-chapel this window on the outside was about 1 foot of the ground.
As I worked I heard the gate open and close, so I went to the left-hand window to see who it was, It was a female and she turned and walked towards the old porch, and went past the porch door and up into the little ally-way, so I went to the other window, first switching off the inside porch light.
I could see up to her knees and just then she dropped her jeans and stripy pink and black knickers and squatted right by the window, her pussy at my face height and started to have a strong piss, this was one of my earliest close look at a real live pussy pissing, I was over the moon but it was soon over and she stood up and pulled up her things and walked back to the gate and was gone.
Latter I recalled all the details at home in bed and for a number of years to come.
Sometime later in the year I was cleaning the church yard of fag ends and sweet wrappers etc. I went up into this ally-way to broom it out only to find a shitty pair of pink and black striped knickers like the ones the female had worn, I think she used this ally-way as her toilet on her way home after the pub and this time did not make it in time.

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