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Thank you for your comments. The mother's eyes were really piercing at me after I had been on the toilet for 20 seconds or so. I could see that she was afraid the daughter would have an accident. Both of her other daughters had just sat down too. I don't think the mom was right in taking her frustrations out on me. I felt bad for the little girl because her mom was so critical of her, too. Yes, I think you are right that I have a hard time draining my bladder in times of stress. Or it might include situations I don't feel comfortable in. Since I travel frequently to visit my dad, I have to admit at one Chicago airport they have these toilet seats that are wrapped in cellophane that do a full rotation for each user. I've never been able to produce much on those because they are so uncomfortable on my butt.


I'll agree that woman had nerve. My dad calls it "attitude" and has consistently told me that it can hurt one's chances in life with friends, family and their fellow workers. Dad just recently, as we were discussing this situation during our hour-long drive, that he lost his first job when he was 15 because of his attitude. He was working in a theater, on his break, up against the urinal, when some guy behind him sighed and asked how long he was going to be? In an angry voice, he said "until you let me finish" and then a swear word. It turned out the guy worked for the owner's advertising firm. Dad was fired for using the customers' bathroom instead of the employees' locker room one. He hasn't forgotten that night in 30 years.

The Dean

Answering Steve A's Survey

1. Have you ever had to change your diet because you had problems with pooping?
Yes I have IBS and had to cut out pretty much anything spicy. I get IBS attacks so things like beans or milk or cheese will cause me a ton of discomfort and my butt basically turns into a gas cannon.

2. What foods/restaurants do you avoid because it may cause problems with your bowels?
I usually can't eat Mexican but I do once in a while especially since my girlfriend Sofia is Mexican American. She know about my IBS and she also has minor gas and stomach issues but nothing like mine. Usually if we go on a date we try to avoid Italian or Mexican but everyone once in a while we will just go for it because she doesn't mind too much if I get really bad gas when we go to bed that night. I usually just try to lay on my right so so that my butt is aimed away from her side of the bed.

3. What would be your reaction if someone of the opposite sex farted around you as a stranger in public, a friend, a family/relative member, or your BF/GF?
I've never had a female stranger fart around me too many times. In college it would happen at the unisex bathrooms while waiting in line but that was pretty common.

4. When would it be an appropriate time to "open up the fart gates" around you BF/GF?
Pretty much whenever. I didn't have much of a choice because my gas got really bad one night and I woke up with Sofia waving her hand over my butt and I quickly realized that my butt had turned into a gas cannon and I told her about my IBS and she was cool about it even though she couldn't stop giggling.

5. Do think parents should be more accepting to let their kids use public bathrooms if they need it?

6. In a public setting, if your gender labeled bathroom is closed or out of order, would you use the other one in case of an emergency?
Probably but I wouldn't know unless it were to actually happen. In college the dorms I was in had nothing but unisex bathrooms and it was never a big deal to anyone.

7. Should janitors temporarily close the bathtoom while they clean it until they get the job done or should they just let people go in and use it while they work around them?
I guess although I have been in more than a few situations due to my IBS where I had to use it while they were cleaning. The most embarrassing time was when a somewhat attractive woman in her thirties was cleaning a bathroom where there was no stall doors. I came running in with my hands holding my butt cheeks together and ran into a stall. The woman was surprised at first but then started giggling after I exploded on the toilet. She said she would give me some privacy and walked out while trying not to giggle. That was super embarrassing.

8. Do you use your phone or read while on the toilet?

9. For parents, what should be the age limit for bringing your son/daughter into the opposite bathroom in public?
I don't have kids

10. Do you have any (Toilet Stool topic related) life changing stories? Without this experience, you wouldn't be who you are today.
Not really except the same next morning from when my farting woke up my girlfriend I basically had to take a major dump with tons of gas while she got ready for work in the bathroom. She didn't mind and just kept rubbing my back while she brushed her hair. Ever since then we have been pretty open and never really shut the bathroom door. I think she does it mostly so I don't feel embarrassed about my IBS.

Uncle Harry

My Worst Date

I got this response to my ad. Her name was Penelope, Penny for short. We talked on the phone for a while and wasn't sure that I wanted to meet her because she seemed both rather interesting and strange, but I took a chance. She gave me her address and phone number I was not familiar with the address, which turned out to be a trailer park some miles out of town. I mangled to get there and found her trailer. It was a small one. I rang the bell. She came to the door and let me in. She was dressed in what seemed to be an old fastened dress cut off at the bottom and hemed up about half-way up the knee. She showed me around. There was a bedroom, kitchenette, and small living room Not much room for guests. The bathroom was sort off both in the kitchen and the living room. It had no door on it. I asked her about that and she told me it had broken of and she could not afford to replace it. Management would not replace it because they only owned the land, not the homes. So what did she do when she needed to pee or poop? "I don't do nothing", she said. " I piss when I need to and if someone wants to watch, I don't care. Most of the guys who come here want to watch me piss and poop anyway". She was getting weirder by the minute. She did not want to go out for dinner, but instead cooked something that wasn't bad, but also wasn't good. It was some kind of stew. After dinner, she said she needed to piss and I should come with her. So we went to the open bathroom. She pulled up her skirt and I saw that she had no panties on. She sat down, spread her legs, and released her urine. It sprayed and hissed a lot, but she managed to keep most of it in the toilet bowl. When she wiped her pussy and stood up, she insisted that I should piss, so I did while she closely observed by penis.

After this, we had some cake and coffee. When she bent over, I could see that she was not wearing a bra. This woman was weird for me. I went home and never came back. Interesting pee show though.

My next post will be my best date, short of Harriete.


Making an impression

I started my new job last night to help pay for university and I think I left quite an impression! My shift started with a guided tour around the building from my supervisor, Megan, and everything went smoothly. She was showing me all the different areas, who does what etc. I was really enjoying it but I was also struggling to give her my full attention. It was getting around the time where I have my afternoon poo and when I need to go, I really need to go.

The tour lasted for about thirty minutes and the last stop before my desk was conveniently, the ladies bathroom! It was a single room with a toilet in the corner, and on the wall opposite a sink and a mirror. Quite large but nothing amazing. I had expected the usual bathrooms with multiple stalls, but these were much nicer. "This is the ladies, just a single bathroom. There's one on every floor if you need to go when this is occupied." She told me "Actually, while we're here do you mind if I...?" she glanced over to the toilet and smiled sheepishly. I told her it was no problem and was about to leave the room when she said "Oh it's fine, you can stay if you want. I don't mind" So I did.

I watched as she unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them down at the back with her knickers just enough to go and sat on the toilet. "Too many coffees" she laughed as she started peeing a strong stream, it hissing against the front of the bowl. She went for about twenty seconds and as she was getting some toilet paper I was running through the scenario in my head. Do I take the opportunity to use the toilet too, with her there? Or do I wait and use them on my break in a couple of hours.

On one hand, I quite liked the idea of her watching me because it wasn't just a wee, and it seemed like a really good way to break the ice between us. and on the other hand, I wasn't entirely sure I would be able to wait a couple of hours, and I wouldn't be able to fully concentrate on my job if I was focussed on not filling my knickers. I decided it was best to go now and took a deep breath as she stood up, redressing. Getting the confidence to mention it to her.

"Um... Megan?"
"Hmm?" she smiled at me, looking over her shoulder as she washed her hands.
"Is it okay if I go too? I didn't get a chance to go before leaving home earlier" That was a partial lie, I sat on the toilet just before leaving the house but it was only a quick wee.
"Oh! Of course, be my guest"

I thanked her and walked over to the toilet, butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited! I unbuttoned my black trousers and pulled them to my knees with my thong as I sat on the toilet, leaning forward slightly and making myself comfortable. Megan had finished washing her hands and had turned around to face me.

I quickly felt myself relaxing and after about ten seconds I let out an almost silent airy fart as my poop pushed past my hole. There was no turning back now. I couldn't help but smile as I began to be stretched, enjoying both the sensation and the relief. My poop was moving fairly quickly and so easily, it was perfect.

I started peeing with a tinkle, my wee mostly trickling off my bum and then my poop broke off with a large splash. A wide smile formed on Megans face and she quietly said "Wow..." seemingly surprised. I smiled at her as another piece broke off with a smaller splash and finished my wee, going for about 15 seconds in total.

I knew I had more to go so I stayed seated, enjoying the moment as I felt my stomach still working hard. Sure enough, a few seconds later I was opened up again by some more forcing its way past my hole. I could hear it crackling as it crept out of me and I wondered if Megan would be able to hear it too. It seemed to go on for quite a while before joining its friends in the bowel with a "plunk" but I felt a lot better afterwards. My stomach ache had subsided and I actually felt empty.

I wanted to make sure I was done so I pushed gently but only managed to wee for a few more seconds. I got some toilet paper, reaching between my legs to wipe and used two more pieces for my behind. I then stood up, pulling up my clothes as I did so and flushed before fastening my trousers and making myself look presentable. I smiled at Megan and said "That's better, thank you". She smiled back and talked to me while I washed my hands before guiding me back to where I would be working.

I think I'm going to like it here!


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Kamdyn - that was very nice of you to get up and let the little girl go first while you really needed to pee. It's good that you got to drain your bladder later and end the pain! You seem really understanding and all.

Just wondering, do you have some difficulty getting your pee started while you are under stress or such?

im having a stomachache right now and i needed to poop, the toilet in the house is full. ugh :(

Curious Cody

Steven A's Random Survey

1. Have you ever had to change your diet due to problems with pooping?
Yes. Due to my 1st 20-ounce black coffee before 1st hour class. Its a guaranteed crap opportunity within 2 hours. However, being a human sponge on the pee splashed toilets at my school is something I try and avoid.

2. What foods or restaurants do you avoid because it causes problems with your bowels?
Too many mashed potatoes tend to stop me up. Too much soft ice cream also.

3. What would be your reaction if someone of the opposite sex farted around you as a stranger in public?
It sure caught my attention. My waitress did once when she was taking my order. She tried to joke her way out of it saying she had just come off break.

4. When is the appropriate time to open up the fart gates around your BF/GF?
When you are in a 1:1 situation with them. Definitely not when they are with several of their FFs.

5. Do you think parents should be more accepting of their kids using public bathrooms if they need it?
Definitely. They shouldn't be made to feel like losers because they forgot to go at home or hold it in.

6 In a public setting, if a gender related bathroom is closed or out of order, would use you use the other one in an emergency?
Yes, but only if I'm certain no one else is around to walk in on me.

7. Should janitors temporarily close a bathroom while they clean it until they get the job done or let people use it and just work around them?
Yes, keep it open, but I think the janitor should be of that sex. Guys crapping in a toilet without a cubicle door wouldn't probably be comfortable with a woman cleaning the urinals in front of them.

8. Do you use your phone or read while on the toilet?
At home yes. At a friend's house maybe. At my school, its not allowed.

9. For parents, what should be the age limit for bringing your son/daughter into the opposite bathroom in public?
My mom took me into the ladies room until I was starting 3rd grade. I complained to my dad and he talked to my mom about it.

10. Do you have any Toilet Stool related life-changing stories that without this experience you wouldn't be who you are today?
See Number 9. Too many of my friends were snickering and asking me about what my mom was doing.


Italy Story : 2

Your very own Mina is so lazy! But I have excuse, I had cold. Now I am better little bit. Air conditioning very strong sometimes in Japan building and also train. So I faint sometimes. Kazuko and Hisae get a diarrhoea. Me too, a bit, sometimes. Now my motion is soft, but I still take long time, because second motion is slow to get ready inside intestine.

Story 2 is not happy so much. Even if now, I feel angry a bit. We went to Italy group tour. Most other travellers very nice people, but one couple was not nice. And especially they were not nice to us four. I don't know reason why. They were about 50 years old maybe.

Except for Maho, we all had a diarrhoea in Italy. I and Kazuko fill loo in hotel every morning, pile of motion watermelon size, so we don't need to go so much in daytime at toilet stop of bus, but Hisae's intestine have different system and she need to go often. In Pisa, we go to loo before get back on bus, and Hisae go first and we wait for her because we are more quicker in different stall. Big smell come out from Hisae's stall and woman of not nice couple waiting outside, she wrinkle nose a lot and look at us with unhappy face. When Hisae come out, that woman next in line but she say woman behind, please go first, then she go different stall when it open.

I feel something tension like electricity and maybe it is psychic thing, but I grab Maho's arm quickly, and Kazuko do exactly same thing at other side. Because Maho's body vibrating like angry caracal. We know what happen - when nasty woman come out of stall, Maho fly at her, scratch face and pull hair and kick groin, we think not good for group atmosphere and not kind to other travellers so we pull at Maho. And all go outside before nasty woman finish wee or motion.

Maho say in quiet voice with tremble, "why she complain about smell when she also do? I want to bash her face to ground." But Hisae pull Maho's head to her level (Hisae is short) and say her, "Maho I LOVE you so calm down yourself." And Maho collapse to ground with crying. We go close to her, and other traveller couple they are nice couple they say, "is she OK?" We say "Yes she is OK, just she had little bad feeling, now finish" so they say "o-daiji-ni" it mean take care of yourself.

But a little bit later, Maho say, "I bang her head to ground a hundred times."

I understand feeling of Maho but of course we have to be careful in the public. Actually I also angry but Maho more scary so I forget my angry and concentrate Maho. She is virago very much. I did like her once, I told before, so I don't want repeat of that happening in Italy.

Lucky thing was, other travellers also don't like that couple and no one speak them and they always at end of table at meal. And some of them ask to Hisae, "are you OK?" because they know Hisae has travellers' diarrhoea.

Now this happening is only memory, so Maho say I can tell story to toiletstool site. Next morning when I am on loo in Firenze hotel and give big smell, Kazuko she is joker, she say to Maho, "I will wrinkle nose now, do you want to scratch face?" and Maho scratch her face but only little scratch. Then she do to me same and we laugh, my bottom also laugh because my laugh make force to bottom to pour huge bururururururu into hungry hotel loo.

We all do a diarrhoea every day but we don't have stomachache so it is OK to eat and eat, we can always do motion next morning. Food in Italy was very good! We feel a bit sad when it change into brown mushy, or brown logs under Maho, but Kazuko say, "it's OK we use imagination! Our body really enjoy pasta and pizza, now it makes space for new pasta and Pizza!" she is so sweet girl. So we think about next pasta and empty bottom and stomach.

In Milano, we recover from our diarrhoea all of us. We got accustom Italian food maybe?

I tell you party story next time. I am sorry I can't tell perfect English. Emily and Molly tremble like angry caracal?? Please don't scratch to my face.

Love to all of you.

Your very own MKHM. kiss to everyone.

To Mark: That sounds creepy and scary. I hate public bathrooms already but some creeper watching me would be more than I would ever want to deal with. Glad you got out of there.

To Swaggermuffins: It's nice to push out a poop really fast and have it be a big one too. Really relieving.

Here's another story from when I was little and had an accident. I was 10 years old when this happened, I remember because we were at Chuck E Cheese for my friend Caleb's birthday party and I had mine there two weeks earlier. I was running around playing games and occasionally running back to the table for a bite from my piece of pizza and a drink of my soda.

My mom was sitting near my plate keeping it safe, and every time I would go back to the table she would whisper in my ear and ask me if I needed to go to the bathroom. I went pee once or twice while we were there but then when we were singing happy birthday to my friend Caleb I started feeling like I had to poop. When the pressure was getting worse my mom whispered in my ear again that she could tell that I was holding my poop and to go to the bathroom. I told her no, so once I had a piece of cake and we saw Caleb open the gift I brought, she said it was time to go.

When we got in the car I felt okay but the poop was pressing against my butt hole harder and harder. My mom kept looking in the rear view mirror and asking me if I was going to make it. I remember that she called my dad and she had him on blue tooth telling him to have the garage door open so she could just pull in. When we turned onto the street that we live on I could feel my butt starting to give out and I knew I was in danger of having an accident. But when we pulled into the garage I still had clean pants.

As soon as my mom turned the car off my dad opened my door and unbuckled me from my safety seat. I remember him sniffing me and smiling when he realized that I didn't poop my pants, then he held my hand and hurried me inside. But when we were in the hallway where the bathroom is, my butt hole opened up and a big soft poop pile pushed into my undies. I looked up at my dad and my mom walked into the house just as it was happening and my dad told her, "Too late."

So instead of holding it all, I finished going poop in my pants. I squatted and had a nice comfortable poop, then they took me upstairs and helped me get cleaned up. When my mom was running my bath I peed my pants since I already had poop in them.

Another time when I was 10 I was playing in the back yard while my mom and dad were planting bushes. I had a pretty bad ???? ache from having pancakes for breakfast but for some reason I didn't say anything to them. When I was about to poop my pants I went over to where they were working and told them. They saw me holding my stomach, then I went diarrhea in my pants for a long time.

It was really big and runny and seemed like the more I pooped, the more my ???? hurt. When I was done a bunch of it had run down my leg and dripped onto the grass. My dad undressed me in the backyard and rinsed my legs off with the hose then they took me inside and gave me a bath.

I have some more stories that I've been thinking about and remembering, too. I'll post more next time.

Some Guy

To Jimmy...About Pooping

Hey, Jimmy! Thanks for responding to my last post. I used to be just like you...up until high school, there was no way I could ever poop at school or in a public restroom. Just couldn't do it. That started to change, though, sometime during my Sophomore year of High School. I would sometimes have urges to poop that I didn't feel I could ignore. It seemed like later in the day, especially after school, I would need to go. I think it helped that a guy who was in several of my classes, and who I got to know, pooped at school. One day after school, I went to the nearest bathroom to poop. In this bathroom, there were three stalls...two regular and one handicapped. I don't remember why, but I ended up taking the handicapped stall. I went in, closed and locked the door, pulled down my pants and underwear, and sat on the toilet. As I'm sitting there trying to relax so that I can poop, I hear a couple guys come in the bathroom. I heard a familiar was the guy I mentioned above. His name was Rick. He entered the first stall, so there was a stall between us. The other guy said to Rick, "Hey, are you going to poop?" Rick responded, "Yep...after school...crap time!" By this time, I could tell that Rick was sitting on the toilet, too. Rick didn't know that I was in the handicapped stall. Since Rick was someone I knew, and he was able to poop at school, it kind of helped me to become more comfortable doing it, too. I don't remember who finished their poop session first, but I didn't end up seeing Rick once I exited my stall and washed my hands.

Another time, I headed to the same bathroom one morning before school. I needed to poop, and I had plenty of time to do it. I noticed someone was sitting on the first toilet. So, I decided I would take the next stall. As I walked by the first stall to go into the second one, I heard the guy call out my name. When he did that, I backed up a step or two so that I could see through the crack who was talking to me. It was Rick! I greeted him, and we made small talk as I proceeded to enter the stall next to him. Once I locked the door, I put my bookbag down, stood in front of the toilet, pulled my clothing down, and had a seat on the toilet. Rick and I continued to talk as we both sat on our toilets and pooped. As we were sitting there pooping, a third guy entered the bathroom and took the handicapped stall to my left. His name was Chad, and Rick greeted him as he walked by. I was concentrating on passing my poop, so I didn't say anything. Chad was there for the same reason Rick and I were. He pulled down his clothing and proceeded to sit on the toilet. All three of us sat there pooping. The conversations kind of died off at that point. Not sure why.

Anyway, Jimmy...I guess it was out of necessity, but I outgrew my fear of pooping away from home. It's a good thing, because now I can go whenever I need to. If it happened for me, it can happen for you, too! I had some pooping experiences in college, which I have briefly written about on this forum. I will expand on some of those later.

Thanks for reading. Happy pooping!
Some Guy

to uncle henry
A2 B2 C2 Now wouldn't that be interesting! Speaking of texas, I remember the infamous interstate rest stops that had no toilet privacy until about 15 years. Anyone else remember the mens rooms at text rest stops with just short narrow doorless partitions between the toilets?

From the last post on page 2641, I was going to write about another hospital experience, but I remember a request for what happens in a men's room, so here is a real time experience. I drank some chocolate milk for breakfest and now after work it's time to suffer the side effects which are the shits and tons of gas. I am in Sams club and just went in to the end stall of three. The handicap stall was taken and the fellow is quite right now. I covered the seat and exploded with gas, man that was a loud echoing blast! Mostly a big bubble fart, the fellow in the large stall is farting and making grunting sounds. I am making a few sounds as it seems I have to go, but nothing is moving but gas! So I am just sitting trying to relax, sitting more upright now instead of leaning on my knees while I type. Ok that helped, some more bubbly gas and some small squirts from me, a few light plops from my neighbor and he is wiping now. I have been on the toilet now from about 6 to 6:06. That first guy left, I am listening to a video about the election in Britain, and a fellow comes in and takes the stall right next to me. He must be an employee that was on break because he came in with a co worker and chatting about his break. He flew into the stall next to me and got onto the seat with haste. I had my phone volume modest, but continued watching my video. There is a fellow that walked in peeing at a urinal a second ago. The other fellow unloaded a blast and lots of shit fell out splashing, plop plop, plop, plip, plip fart,...wet like, another fellow came in, now it is a full house. I am still farting up a storm, now it is 6:09, and finally I am starting to fill the bowl with smaller strings of poo while the fellow next to me is not farting or splashing, but is moving a bit, some sounds occurring. The fellow that came in a couple of minutes ago sounds like he is a bit sick. He has a big wet fart and is dropping a good load. Another big bubble fart from me and some smaller poos with some grunts. The fellow next to me is starting to pull paper but not moving on the bowl much. The other fellow is still going. He is filling the bowl up. It's been about 13 minutes for me on the bowl, it's about time to wipe. The fellow next to me is still sitting, not making any more sounds. I am wiping with this thin paper, hard to fold a bit, moving up on the seat, feet back a bit, a bit dirty first go, second go, still streaky, third time a charm! I will leave these other two to there business! The toilet had some aroma and skids, so I fushed twice. Will go wash my hands...I just walked out, and am at my cart finishing up this experience. There are two women standing down the small hall with carts waiting also. One in her sixties and on maybe 30's? They looked at me with a glance and I smiled for a second and turned the corner and finished posting.That was a good shitting experience! Felt good to get that shit out! With company that was doing the same! Farts grunts and other sounds of paper doing its job!



This is a story that happened the other day. I was at home and had to poop uber, uber bad. I clinched my butt cheeks together and waddled over to the bathroom since I was really struggling to hold it in and I felt like I was gonna have an accident at any second.

I made it to the toilet and started doing what I had to do. First, I farted really loud. FARRRRRRRRRRRT!!!

And then I let loose. POOP-POOP-POOP-POOP-POOOOOOOOP!!!!! Several large logs of poop came out in quick succession and splashed into the toilet.

Before flushing, I farted once more. Then I wiped my butt, before flushing the toilet. What a reliving experience.


What comes in will come out

Hey people, hope all is well. Annie from Taiwan I totally understand changing up the diet these past few months I been on fruit and vegetables. My bowelments have increased like when I was in high school, with that being said I like to share a story. Wednesday I decided to work from home a little bit cause knowing I have go out of town soon on business. So everyone is gone outside of the house, I ate whole bowl of fruit for breakfast, midway I hear my stomach gurgle, I get off the sofa slide my feet into my house shoes on, take my laptop with me in the bathroom, I untie my rub and take it off and I lower pajama shorts down at my feet pasting my ankles I turn in sit on the toilet and begin to poop and do work on my work presentation, after few seconds I clinch my stomach cause I feel this warm gush of mush coming out at once sure enough three mush balls come out feeling better it came out but I knew I had to deeply clean so , I slipped my feet out my house shoes and pulled off rest my shorts and wiped really good. I wasn't satisfied so I took off my tank top and turned on some bath water, I walk out to the bedroom to get some clothes to wear afterwards. I make it back into the bathroom. I take my bath , drys my body and put on my fresh clothes and I put on my sandals and leave to make some errands before everyone get home, so half way out I feel a sharp pain in my bowels ,so I run back into bathroom I hurry undo my carpris pull them down to my ankles. I sit on toilet. 2 waves of liquid poop starts pouring out of me, I sat for 10 minutes just to be sure I was done and I was so I wiped clean put some powder on my butt and pulled up my shorts and order dinner out for the family. For I didn't feel like going out after that so I did laundry. That's all right now happy days everyone

Hey there everyone I hope everyone is doing well I have not posted in a long time but I don't really have too much to share other than this a couple things. Recently I have a newfound love for something Beer and Alcohol! pretty much all types of Alcohol. Now one if the things I have noticed since Alcohol is a Diuretic it makes you Piss A LOT and I oddly kind of enjoy the need to piss a lot especially if its after a few beers it feels really relieving. One day I hope I can find a cool girlfriend one day and I want to have like a beer drinking/piss holding contest I think it would be kind of fun and silly too. Now my next topic is Beer Shits now I get them from time to time but I think it has to do with the food I eat too No one time I had like 10 or so beers and pizza no effect on me the next day. but one time I had some really Amazing Mexican food not too spicy not too hot just perfect and I had a few margaritas and some beer when I got home and felt fine. In the morning I felt kind of hungover and bleh so I figured Why not drink some coffee? Bad Idea. I guzzled it down and started to wake up but then my stomach started cramping like crazy so I ran to the toilet and crapped my guts out for 30 minutes and it was all mushy and runny too needless to say I felt way better and had to go again after lunch but its so weird how alcohol can do that too our bowels and I have noticed that Drinking + Mexican food + plus Coffee in the morning will 100% clean you our for sure! lol.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lainey it sounds like you had a rough time.

To: Annie From Taiwan another live pooping story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

Answering My Random Survey

1. Have you ever had to change your diet because you had problems with pooping?

I've never had any major problems with my bowels. Sometimes, I get the occasional tough poop in which I have to give more effort towards pushing it out. I try to eat foods with fiber in it. I also eat Fiber One products like their bars and cereals to avoid irregularity.

2. What foods/restaurants do you avoid because it may cause problems with your bowels?

Not many foods affect me negatively no matter where they're bought.

3. What would be your reaction if someone of the opposite sex farted around you as a stranger in public, a friend, a family/relative member, or your BF/GF?

Stranger in public (girl): I'd be slightly shocked if a random girl farted around me, but not disgusted.

My Friends: I wouldn't care either way

Family/Relatives: Same as my friends, wouldn't care.

My Girlfriend: It wouldn't bother me as well, I'll explain more in #4.

4. When would it be an appropriate time to "open up the fart gates" around you BF/GF?

IMO, it would be better if people would just get it out of the way instead of waiting for months. In my situation, I'd tell her that she doesn't have to feel embarrassed about it, but I do understand that some girls may still feel a bit uncomfortable about it. Personally, if a girl farts around me while we're dating, it wouldn't phase me. It wouldn't bother me since it's a natural body function, but that's just my opinion.

5. Do think parents should be more accepting to let their kids use public bathrooms if they need it?

They should be, but I do understand the possible risks of having a child alone in a public bathroom. The only way that can make your situation easier is to use a single room family bathroom.

6. In a public setting, if your gender labeled bathroom is closed or out of order, would you use the other one in case of an emergency?

I would use the other bathroom, but first, I'd probably tell an employee about my situation. They would most likely help me out. I would just not walk in without warning. But, if worse comes to worse, then I'd just walk over to another store or building nearby.

7. Should janitors temporarily close the bathtoom while they clean it until they get the job done or should they just let people go in and use it while they work around them?

It depends on 2 things: 1) if the janitor man or a woman. Women would rather have a woman janitor and men would prefer a man janitor. 2) if the janitor doesn't care if people use the bathroom while they're cleaning. At my workplace, one of my duties is to clean the bathrooms if start work in the morning. Whenever I let people use the bathroom while I'm cleaning, I take a break outside of the bathroom and wait until they're done. So, it's basically up to you. You can use it or wait until they finish cleaning.

8. Do you use your phone or read while on the toilet?

I use my phone sometimes, but not all the time.

9. For parents, what should be the age limit for bringing your son/daughter into the opposite bathroom in public?

It all depends on the parents and their kids maturity level to handle using the bathroom on their own. The 5th or 6th grade age range would be the limit for me.

10. Do you have any (Toilet Stool topic related) life changing stories? Without this experience, you wouldn't be who you are today.

I haven't had a life changing story yet, but my most memorable story on Toilet Stool can be found on: Pg. 2337 (under Steven A)

Uncle Harry

The Woman Next Door

I intended to label this The Girl Next Door 2, but she was too old to be a girl. Her name was Vera. She lived in the smaller house to the east of mine. I new little about her except to talk to when she was walking her dog and I was taking a walk. I didn't know her age, but she seemed too old to be my mother, but too young too be my grandmother. I talked to the couple in the larger house on the other side of me, good friends of mine, but they knew little about her. She seemed mysterious. One day she invited me for dinner in her house. Her cooking was excellent. I could eat it every day. Could she be a wife possibility? Then she told me she would like to see an important football game at the university downstate on Saturday and would I like to come with her. I'm not a football fan, but the university was where I got my doctorate, so I said yes. we took my car because it was lager and in better shape than hers. Was all this dinner just to get a ride? Anyway we took off on Saterday morning. The town was about 150 miles away and only a few hours by Interstate.

We got there in good time, got our tickets, grabbed some hamburgers, went to different bathrooms to pee and poop, and took our seats. We watched the game and were delighted that our team won. We went to a good reataurant, ate dinner, and took off.

Now came trouble. Just before the first exit, my car thermometer shot up and steam came out from under the hood. I pulled ?into the ramp, drove into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn, and turned off the car. I looked under the hood saw the problem. A radiator hose had broken. This was an easy fix, but the clerk in the motel told me all the repair shops were closed until Monday. We were stuck. I tried to get two rooms for us, but there was one room available, and that had only one large bed. I suddenly got a bit dizzy, but Vera just smiled and didn't seem to care. I did. We were not boyfriend-girlfriend or any other relationship other than neighbors. However, when we got to the room I saw it was a king bed; two beds next to each. I was relieved. We hd no baggag, so we had nothing to do, so I thought. We both had to pee. Vera went in first..and did not close the door. She just said she was not pee shy with people she knows. She peed out quite a lot. So did I. We spent the weekend touring the town by foot. The king bed worked out fine. On Mondy, we got the car fixed and went home. We got into Veras house, where we needed to 'pee again. .ltogether. She got her car fixed up and three months later she moved out of state to live with relatives. We never did form any relationship. After she left, two guys moved in.


First Story

Hi people,

Im new to this site and Ive seen other people share stories on their unique bowel movements, so I thought I would add some input. The other day I was taking a summer school class. I felt my bowels fill up towards the end, so I knew I It would be tough to make it home. I went down to the guys bathroom to do my thing and took the middle stall of three toilets. I pulled my pants down and started to push after about 40 seconds. It was a hard poop. Then another guy walked in and took the big stall next to me. He sat down and I think he was pooping too because I heard him grunt and fart some. I spread my legs a little to try and get out the second piece. I pushed down on my foreskin and after about two minutes I could feel my anus start to open. Plop! I pooped for about another 6 minutes, which produced two more logs. I wiped down the middle three times. I feel like wiping this way is the most effective, as long as the poo on the paper doesnt get too close to my private area.The paper surprisingly didnt have any streaks on it. The guy next to me was still having trouble when I left. I kind of felt bad for him.

Anyway, thats my first story. Bye!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Pay Toilet Pee

I used one of those standalone pay toilets today. It's the sort where it's a single toilet in a small room, you put in a little money and the door opens for you. Usually found in busy public places.

I was in town running a few errands, walking because my car is in the garage for its MOT and I needed to pee. I considered taking a longer route on the way home and stopping at a supermarket to use their toilets but I found relief much earlier. On one of the roads I was walking down is a standalone pay toilet, put in some money and spend a penny of your own. I've never used one of these before so I was curious to see what they were like inside, and because it was only 30 pence it seemed worth it.

I pulled out some coins from my purse, put them in the machine and the door opened. Amazing! Greeting me was quite possibly the cleanest public toilet I've ever seen, I mean it was spotless. Not the largest of places but still a lot bigger than your average toilet stall! I walked in, pressed the button next to the door and it closed behind me. It felt so private, I loved it. It was even warm!

I unbuttoned my jeans as I turned to face away from the toilet, noticing the mirror on the wall opposite, and pulled them down to my knees with my underwear as I sat. I was only peeing so I didn't feel the need to lower them further. The mirror happened to be at the perfect height where I could see myself as I went.

After a few seconds I started peeing with a quiet tinkle and wondered if anyone outside would be able to hear. I could hear people walking past so I wouldn't be surprised if they could hear me. I went for about 10 seconds and got myself some toilet paper to wipe with. This stuff felt quite cheap and was rather thin but I didn't really mind. I reached between my legs and wiped, dropping it into the toilet.

Since it was so nice in here I thought I'd enjoy it just a little longer and started replying to a text from a friend. I paid for it, I might as well make the most of it! I was pleasantly surprised when I felt myself opening up as I started pooping. I didn't even feel the need to go. I finished the text as it slowly slid out of me, enjoying the sensation of going and it fell into the toilet with quite a loud "plunk" I was still going and it was quickly joined by a second smaller piece.

Once again feeling done I stood up and had a peek at what I had just produced. There was a dark brown log about 6 inches long and half an inch wide, sitting next to it was another about 2 inches long. I sat back down and got some more toilet paper, folding it over before reaching behind to wipe myself. It only took three wipes before I was clean. I stood up, pulling up my clothes at the same time and pressed the button to flush. Pretty certain anyone outside would hear.

The toilets had a sink built in so I walked over and washed my hands, checked my makeup in the mirror etc. Then I pressed the button to open the door and left with a huge smile on my face. I definitely want to use this place again and it's likely I'll post about it here when I do!

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