not a morning person
I had a laparoscopic gallbladder removal and this morning slept in until 11 am. I was a bit mortified at how late it was but after breakfast had urgent diarrhea and had to literally run down the stairs to the bathroom. Had I gotten up earlier I would have been on the bus when disaster struck. I know someone who has had this operation and has to take an anti diarrhea pill daily. Most people don't however but I am trying to see what foods I can have etc. without issues. It is bad enough having a very weak bladder but this other issue can be worse. I have peed on the bus before wearing Depends or Tena but there is no way I could hide this other issue.


Response to Steve A's survey

1. Have you ever had to change your diet because you had problems with pooping?

2. What foods/restaurants do you avoid because it may cause problems with your bowels?

3. What would be your reaction if someone of the opposite sex farted around you as a stranger in public, a friend, a family/relative member, or your BF/GF?
Everybody farts, whether they hide it or deny it.
My GF farted in front of me first, so I said "Right, that's the ice broken, no need to worry anymore!"

4. When would it be an appropriate time to "open up the fart gates" around you BF/GF?
As above, we just let out what we need to.

5. Do think parents should be more accepting to let their kids use public bathrooms if they need it?
Absolutely. My ex is of the opinion that you shouldn't poop in a public toilet, but luckily our daughter (6) just goes when needed.

6. In a public setting, if your gender labeled bathroom is closed or out of order, would you use the other one in case of an emergency?
Yes, but it seems more acceptable for women to use the men's room.
Having a friend outside to advise people of the posted gender that someone of the other gender is inside gives them a choice rather than a shock.

7. Should janitors temporarily close the bathtoom while they clean it until they get the job done or should they just let people go in and use it while they work around them?
It is commonplace here in the UK to just put a notice prominently on the door or an A-board at the entrance stating that a janitor of whatever gender is on duty.
As above, people get a choice not a shock.

8. Do you use your phone or read while on the toilet?
No. Never have.

9. For parents, what should be the age limit for bringing your son/daughter into the opposite bathroom in public?
I think it's a risk assessment thing. But probably about 10 or so.
Where you know they will be safe, let them go on their own.
Where you feel they may be vulnerable, bring them in with you, otherwise choose a family or disabled bathroom.
As long as they don't stare or try to spy on the opposite sex doing their business, there's not really an issue.

10. Do you have any (Toilet Stool topic related) life changing stories? Without this experience, you wouldn't be who you are today.
Not life changing, but I have posted about a few interesting things I've seen.


University Library Pee and Poo

Before my latest story I want to comment on a few posts

Kamdyn: I can't believe the nerve of that woman!!! To expect you to paper the seat is totally ludicrous and then to have a go for not wiping but not to remind her daughter to flush was so hypocritical!!!

Becc: Your mothers story was so romantic

Onto my story

It takes place in between uni lectures. As these were happening in the building next to the library I decided to use the break to finally return the books I've had for like eight weeks. After walking across the courtyard and going into the library I realise that I need to pee so after using self-scan machine, my bag noticeably lighter, I headed down the corridor towards a bathroom I hadn't used before. Opening the door I was taken aback by how everything looked so new, I think it had recently been renovated. Both cubicles were empty so I walked over to the furthest one, went in and locked the door. Putting my bag on the hook I turned around and saw that there were quite a few skidmarks in the bowl. Undoing my jeans and letting them fall to my brogues I then pushed down my paisley patterned panties and sat down onto the white seat. For the next thirty seconds my pee splashed into the water. I then continued sitting as I didn't know if I was ready to poo yet. At first I thought I would see if nature would take its course but I then decided to start giving a few pushes to help it on its way. Soon enough a minute later a turd was working its way out of me. My bum tightened up and the turd plopped into the loo. After pushing a few more times and feeling nothing else move I reached across and unrolled some paper. Standing up to wipe I looked down into the toilet and saw a squat sized log immersed in bright yellow water. After dropping the paper into the loo and flushing it I pulled back up my panties followed by my jeans, grabbed my bag and unlocked the cubical door. Walking to the sinks I checked my reflection in the mirror before washing my hands and then leaving the bathroom to go back for the next lecture,


poo at the farmers' market

Sorry, I have not written anything for a while. But today I have a story to share. I was at the farmers' market this morning with Danielle and some of my friends. We had a nice breakfast and after that we walked around the market. After a little while I started to need the toilet. I had to pee, but more urgently I had what felt like a really big load knocking on my backdoor. I told the other guys that I'd be right back and made a beeline to the washroom. It's quite a large one with four stalls on each side. All stalls were taken but after only a moment one door openend and a mum with her little daughter came out. She held the door open for me as I rushed in and I said "thank you". I locked the door and hung up my bag. The toilet looked very clean and there was lots of paper, so I pushed up my peach summer dress and pulled down my white thong.

Then I plopped my ???? bum on the seat which was still warm, probably from the mum haven taken care of her business on the toilet just a moment ago. Anyway, as soon as I sat down I let go of a loud fart and then I started to pee. I had a quick look around and noticed that my neighbour on the right had left, but the stall on the left was still occupied. The woman using it was wearing black flats and had pulled her jeans and white panties all the way down to her feet. She was also on her toes, which I thought looked totally like a pooping pose. Just as I was done peeing I could feel my backdoor open and my first turd started to crackle out. It made a big plop as it dropped into the toilet and I let out a big sigh as well. Meanwhile, my neighbour did a fart and then she started to poop as well. I took out my phone and started to text while I was waiting for more poo to come out. After a short little while, another big log started to exit my behind. The other woman kept releasing her load as well and for a bit we were both plopping away and dropping turds into our toilets. Oh, and both our stalls were stinking really badly, too!

Finally, after a couple minutes of pooping I felt all empty! I gave one more push and did a little fart and then I started to rip off some toilet paper. I wiped my front and then my back. I needed about ten sheets until everything was all clean between my bumcheeks. I pulled up my string and lowered my dress. There was a massive load in the bowl, cover by a ton of dirty tp. Ooops! Luckily it all flushed ok and there was even a brush, which I used to clean everything up nicely. My neighbour was already at the sink washing her hands. She was a girl about my age with curly blonde hair in a pony tail. She smiled but seemed a bit embarrassed. I also felt a bit akward after just having done a big dump and stinking up the bathroom. But when a girl's got to go she's got to go, right? I washed my hand and went back out to find my friends. Danielle asked me what I had been up to and I told her that I had taken a poo. She said that she needed one as well and she was gone for a while after that. I don't know how it went, but she came back in a good mood and looking very relieved, haha.


Responses and more accidents

To Some Guy, I really liked reading about your experiences in a public bathroom. I can't use them at all.

To Dave: You're braver than me. I couldn't poop in a public stall even if it had doors.

To the two people asking for more accident stories from when I was little, here's one that I had at the movies:

When I was 8 years old my mom and dad took me to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In the middle of the movie I started feeling like I had to pee but I didn't say anything at all. When my mom saw me holding myself in my seat she told my dad to take me to the bathroom. I remember he was holding my hand and speed walking me to the men's room and when we got to the urinal I started peeing my pants. My dad was prepared though and got my fly undone so only the very front of my undies got wet and I finished peeing in the urinal.

When we went back into the theater I finished my sprite and munched on the popcorn my parents bought me. I also had a big rope of red licorice that I was snacking on. I started to feel like I had to poop and the feeling got stronger and stronger. When the movie was over my dad took me to pee one more time and while we were in the bathroom asked me if I needed to poop. The bathroom was crowded and I could hear people pooping and farting in the stalls, so I lied and said no. I could see that he didn't believe me at all but he didn't argue with me. While I was peeing at the urinal I was fighting to hold in my poop because it was pushing up against my butt hole.

While we were walking out to the car the feeling that I had to poop got worse and I knew I was about to poop my pants. So when we got to the car and my mom opened the car door I stopped fighting it and gave a hard push. A long piece of poop came out of my butt and it was really thick and solid. I could feel the tip pushing against the seat of my undies and my cargo shorts and making them kind tent out until it broke in half.

There was a grocery store on the other side of the parking lot and my parents always kept a change of clothes for me. So my dad took me into the store and changed my pants in the bathroom. On the way out I asked him if I could have a candy bar and since my mom wasn't there to say no he bought me a Nestle Crunch.

Uncle Harry

Bathroom Survey

Recently, I have been looking around the internet, with my wife Harriet's help, to see what activity there is concerning different kinds of public bathrooms. Texas is particularly active. There is a lot of disagreement. It ranges from from very liberal to very conservave, from state wide to city wide, to company wide to household wide. I have noticed this trend inside this organization. I think it would be interesting to see what our posters think. So here is a survey to find out.

1- Single use, gender free. Anyone can use it.

2- Multi-Use

A1- gender specific, A2- gender free
B1- stalls, B2- no stalls
C1- doors, C2- no doors
D1- choice of use, D2- no choice of use

Use the letter/number combinations to show what your choices are. For example: 1 means you most want a private bathroom; A1, B1, C1, D2 means your next choice would be that you want that combination of features. No other combination means you just don't want anything more at all.

I will tally the results and report them. Happy thinking.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anne T first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you just made it to the bathroom in time and please post anymore stories you at have thanks.

To: Annie From Taiwan great story it sounds like you had a good poop and gave a good poop by poop coverage.

To: Abbie great story I bet you felt good after that big poop.

To: Carin great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


I pooped my pants!!

Today at practice i had to poop really bad mrs.mcsalty (shes actually mrs.mcnulty but i call her salty for this reason). I told her i need to go to the bathroom we had 25 minutes left she told me i could hold it, i told her its an emergency but she told me to get back out there and play. 15 minutes later im about to die of pain my stomach is hurting so bad ive been constipated for a couple days so i really needed a bathroom break, we were in the football field i live right in town so my house wasnt far we had 5 minutes so we were packing up anyways i headed home like in a run stop run stop because of my stomach hurting. Half way to my house my butthole starts opening up i was like oh shit oh no i cant... Then here it comes a giant mushy turd i sop bending over holding my stomach letting out a relief fart, another mushy turd comes out with a cracklin sound then another one this one was small. I finished my butt was all disfigured looking i ran to the nearest bathroom with was the sunco gas station close to my house. I cleaned up my pants and butt as best as i could and went home


On Open Toilets--Feeling Guilty

After school got out on the week before Memorial Day, my Dad flew me to the coast for a week-long visit with him. He met me at the airport, but he was double parked so I didn't make a big issue of needing to pee. So we were on the interstate, about 30 miles into the trip to his house, when I told him my bladder was feeling worse. He was fine with stopping at the next rest area. Luckily, there was one only about 5 miles down the road. He drove his truck up to the bathroom building and I know to make me feel better told me me that it was good we were stopping because he should have taken his crap while at the airport. He's always been kind of sensitive about me feeling bad about things.

So I get into the bathroom. Kinda modern, kinda not. There were 3 toilet stalls. None had a door. I'm seeing these more. I guess part of the reason is vandalism, other crimes and stuff like that. I took the middle toilet. Turned around. Dropped my white Levis and undies. Took my seat. It was reasonably comfortable. I was waiting for my stream to start and end my pain while I was enjoying the quiet. Dad loves classic rock and has an awesome sound system in his truck. Then I heard cars outside and several doors slam. I had hoped they were heading into the guys room, but I was wrong as the noise was coming toward me. There were 3 girls who came running in. They looked in at me just as I was pulling my clothing up to my knees. One took the toilet to my left and the other took the one to my right. I heard each pull off toilet paper and wipe down the seat. Then, something I've come across before but don't understand, I heard each pulling off more toilet paper. I could tell they were putting it on the seat before they would sit on it.

The third girl, who was probably about 7 or 8, moved in closer to me and started staring at me. I assumed she wanted to hear something from me so I told her I was just getting started. A flimsy stream was starting between my legs but I don't think she could hear it yet. She said she had to go bad. Apparently they were sisters and one of the others told her she would have to wait. She started to cry and said she had to poo bad. One of the others told her Too Bad. The other told her she could be on the toilet in just a couple of minutes. I could hear both of them peeing away pretty good. Probably because of the lack of privacy and the stress of being stared down, my stream wasn't going full throttle. Then their mother came in. She looked at me as if I was hogging the toilet. She said her daughter needed to poo badly. Why couldn't I cooperate?

So I pulled my clothing up, but didn't buckle and walked out of the stall. The girl immediately dropped herself to the seat and the plops began right away. She called her mom over and showed her mom between her legs how successful her crap was. Instead of thanking me and then complimenting her daughter, the mom criticized her for not wiping down and papering the seat. No time was wasted, though. The girl made a single wipe from the seat then walked past me and was the first at the sinks. Her sisters joined her shortly. I returned to the toilet, did her flush for her, and retook my seat. It might have been because I was mad but within a second of me seating myself, my steam started. As it did, I felt relief to the hour of pain I had endured.

Dad was waiting in the truck and wondering what took me so long. He asked if I had peed enough to fill a river. We actually had a pretty good conversation about what happened as we made the hour long drive to his house.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

2nd poop of the morning-semi-liquid this time

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet shortly after breakfast (with 2 travel mugs full of black specialty coffee and a bottle of water) having a liquidy poop. My first poop this morning was fairly mushy, especially after taking my morning meds with a reusable bottle of water. I used to hate mushy poops but I would rather that any day instead of constipation these days, especially since my diet is much healthier, I drink lots of water (have to especially since the weather is so hot here and I have to take lots of meds for my seizures). So it helps a lot to keep me regular. Peed a bit more just now. Feels like I'm finished. Need to wipe. Let me put my phone down and wipe. There. Had to use 6 sheets of tissue (we go for tissue at 7-11 here in Taiwan that we keep behind us on the toilet) to clean my bum since my poop was a runny one. Then I pulled up my grey shiny shorts and dark blue underwear and flushed the soft mess down the toilet and washed my hands. I feel better and well-caffeinated now, lol. Now to fill my water bottle and get hydrated.

Happy pooping everyone, and be safe

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Steve A

Random Survey

1. Have you ever had to change your diet because you had problems with pooping?

2. What foods/restaurants do you avoid because it may cause problems with your bowels?

3. What would be your reaction if someone of the opposite sex farted around you as a stranger in public, a friend, a family/relative member, or your BF/GF?

4. When would it be an appropriate time to "open up the fart gates" around you BF/GF?

5. Do think parents should be more accepting to let their kids use public bathrooms if they need it?

6. In a public setting, if your gender labeled bathroom is closed or out of order, would you use the other one in case of an emergency?

7. Should janitors temporarily close the bathtoom while they clean it until they get the job done or should they just let people go in and use it while they work around them?

8. Do you use your phone or read while on the toilet?

9. For parents, what should be the age limit for bringing your son/daughter into the opposite bathroom in public?

10. Do you have any (Toilet Stool topic related) life changing stories? Without this experience, you wouldn't be who you are today.


Moar response + tidbit

To Jimmy & Becc,

Thank you both for the reassurence. And thank you to anyone who comments after this is posted. I didnt mean to sound self-deprecating,but I have a tendency to over dramatize things. Sorry to bring my personal life into a chat room about poop.

That said, here's a quick story about poop.

I only ever read and post here while I'm on the toilet, pooping. And usually I will read a few stories while holding it in until I can't anymore, and then let it go without pushing. I find this much more pleasurable. I'm currently holding in one of said held poops. It feels like it'll be soft, but not too mushy. I can't know for certain until I release it, though. So here goes nothing!

Holy heck, that was a fast poop! It came out in about 2 seconds flat, but it's at least a foot long. And my prediction was right(it was soft). It left behind a rather decent mess, so I have that to clean up. I love fast poops. The way they leave my cavity is unlike any other feeling. Sorry if that's a bit too weird.

Well, that's all I have for now, and this is probably going to be my last post before my trip, so bid me farewell, and gutan tag to you.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Re: Pooping Away from Home

I've always felt awkward about going #2 in public, but I think one experience is the thing that made me more hesitant to the level that I hold it as much as possible. I was 16 and had to go while I was out once during the summer. I knew it would be a pretty big one because I hadn't gone for like four days, so I didn't really want to let it out in public, but I didn't have much choice. I was near a park, so I went in there and looked around for toilets.

Eventually, I came across this old-looking structure with a boarded up window. I looked around and found the door and went in. It was definitely the toilets, it absolutely reeked of pee. There were two cubicles, and one of them had the door locked. I went into the other one quickly, and turned to lock the door, only to find that it had no lock. I considered trying to find somewhere else, but it was getting hard to hold it, so I just closed it as much as I could hoping nobody would come in.

The seat had clear pee stains on it, so I quickly wiped it off and pulled my pants down, backing up to the toilet. Almost as soon as I sat down it started crackling out, and a few big logs started falling into the toilet with some massive plopping sounds. I held the front of the toilet seat for support while my legs trembled a bit, letting out a shaky sigh of relief. As I looked around a little bit, I noticed there was a peephole in the side of the cubicle wall. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I heard the sound of something like the toilet lid clanking and instinctively looked around and up.

Over the cubicle wall there was an older guy watching me. I stared frozen for a moment, not really knowing what to do, and then instinctively pulled my shirt down to cover my bum. Panicking a bit, I jumped off the toilet, pulling up my pants and stuff and hurried out of the toilets. I ran awkward-legged for a couple of minutes until I was sure I was away enough, and then went straight home. When I did get home, my underwear had huge stains in them from not wiping. After this happened to me, I didn't have a poo in public for years.


Lady's toilets

I was rewiring a church hall in my spare time, but the hall was is use most evenings, but I could work there on Mondays while the brownies and girl guides were there. I had already rewired the main hall, kitchen, and stage with its dressing room and one of the lady's toilets, and was now working on the lighting in the store room, main lady's toilets and the gents toilets, while I was working the girls were able to use the lady's toilet in the dressing room.
After the girls had gone I would be there on my own until I locked up and went home, but once a month a pop group used the hall to practice.
On this evening I was standing on the lady's cubicle dividing wall working on the lights when a female from the band climbed over all my tools and cables to come into the toilets, I said to her to use the other lady's toilets but she just looked up at me and shrugged her shoulders and came into the cubicle below me pulled her jeans down and sat on the toilet and had her pee before whipping and getting up and pulling her jeans back up, flushing and walked out again.
I could not hear her pissing over the noise of the band was making and I could only see her in the dim light I was working with, but I was still surprised at what I had witnessed.


What comes in will come out

Hey everyone, hopefully everybody had a good weekend. I have a story on myself. After church we went out to dinner as a family, and fixed a nice breakfast, but when we got to the eatery I was ready poop poop coming, so I take our daughter in the bathroom with me,she hikes up skirt and pull her panties at her ankles and sits on the toilet and spreads her legs, I pull down my slacks and pull my panties down to my ankles and sit on toilet. Spreading my legs and we share the toilet and we let it go freely. Afterward 20 minutes we were done and we washed our hands after we got our clothes backed pulled up and left on and had dinner . Till next time bye

Anne T.


Hi, I'm new and a 22 year old female who study at a university in Germany. I have a little bit embarrassing story which happened to me at Friday.
I got my train in time and felt a slight urge to pee. I normally don't like the toilets on trains, but I did have a travel of more than half a hour before me. I searched them in each wagons and all of them were either locked or had so much pee and toilet paper in them them they did not flush. I think the kids from a school class did this. They exited the train when I entered. So I focused on the ride to hold my pee. To my luck, half the way I began to feel the need for a poop.
I was glad when I got to my university city and so I only had a five minutes walk to a building with a bathroom.
The way was unpleasant because I got heavy cramps and my poop started to poke out. I needed to stand still constantly to regain control.
I reached in time the building and nearly to the entrance is a bathroom I like. It is unisex.
I closed the stall door behind me and pulled my shorts down quickly. Just in time, because without any pushing all my poop went out of me and it stank. So I flushed directly. It still stank, but not so strong. Then I could pee for half a minute. Someone came in and took the stall beside me and peed and left. I took a lot of toilet paper, because my poop was messy, but it felt good and I could go to my first course for that day.

Victoria B.

A few responses


Nothing new from Planet Porcelain, so I thought I'd just give a few shout-outs.

To Abby C: That was a close call! I've been in that same position before, but thankfully without ever being caught!

To Mina: I heard about something today called the Unko Kanji Duriru and immediately thought thought of you, Maho, Hisae, and Kazuko! It's a series of children's books designed to teach the kanji.

To Becc: I love your stories! Look forward to hearing more from you!



To Swagermuffinz

Your posts are awesome so no need to apologize. I loved your post about your brother walking in behind you and smelling your poop. Your writing is really great, too.

Uncle Harry

Girl Next Door Addendum

In my post about Dana, her disappearance was only temporary. She called me,3 months later. The problem was not that she didn't like me, but she liked me too much. She felt that she was falling in love with me. She never told me about her prior marriage. It was horrible. Her husband was a wife better.,As a result, she swore she would never get married again. We talked on the phone at length, but it was clear that she was not yet ready for another marriage. She needs to wait and work through her fears. (I happen to be
a psychologist) . It's too bad for both of us.


Poop story from when I was little

One weekend when I was in in 6th grade my mom and me went to the store. Before we left she told me to go upstairs and poop because she knew I had to go. Instead of going to the bathroom I just went in my room and watched something on YouTube. While we were at the store I felt how much I had to poop because it was sitting in my butt ready to come out. We weren't at the store very long but when we were headed home I told her I wanted a frosty from Wendy's.

While we were in the drive thru my urge to go got worse so I decided to take my full poop right there. I was sitting in the back seat in my safety seat and there was a towel under it because my parents put it there since I had peed my pants so many times. So while my mom was paying at the window I pooped and peed in my pants. As soon as they handed her our frosty's she started to smell it, and when the person closed the window she turned and looked at me. When she saw that I was peeing she said, "Jimmy, what are you doing?" and I told her, "I'm going poop."

When we got home the poop in my pants was smashed against my butt and my underwear from me sitting in it so she took me inside to get me cleaned up. There was poop coming out of the leg openings of my tidy whities and smashed against my jeans and my pants were wet so she had to do everything for me. After she wiped my butt and legs as clean as she could she made me get in the tub and soak. While I was sitting in the bath I was watching her dunk my underwear in the toilet and flush.

After my bath she made me get dressed in clean underwear and pajamas and I had to sit in time out for 11 minutes (because I was 11 years old). While I was in time out I remembered that I always have to poop after dinner. For some reason I decided that I was going to take my full after dinner poop in my pants, too. When I got out of time out I went outside with my mom and watched her wipe the pee from my safety seat and I could smell my poop really strong, too.

When my dad came home she said, "Tell daddy what you did today" so I told him that I pooped my pants. He had a talk with me about it but while he was talking to me I was thinking about how much I would have to poop after dinner. I don't know why but while I was planning my after dinner poop I started to feel the urge to go again. I waited to see how big it would get and just watched TV while my mom and dad started making dinner.

When I started feeling like it was a full load I decided to have it in my pants right away instead of waiting until after dinner. So I went into the kitchen and took my full poop while my mom and dad were working by the stove. When I started going it sounded like a bowl of rice crispy's and it caught their attention. When I saw them watching me I turned so they could see my butt and finished going, then I turned around to show them that I peed down my front.

After my dad cleaned me up I had to sit on the couch in time out for another 11 minutes. Then we had dinner and I still had to do my after dinner poop. So I got up from the table and went into the hallway so I could relax and have a nice poop, then I went and told my mom and dad.

I can't remember why but I only had to poop two times the next day but I did them both in my pants too.

Uncle Harry

The Girl Next Door 1

Some time back, while wife hunting, I temporally moved into an apartment in a high-rise while my house was undergoing some renovation. It seemed that the woman next door often got home at about the same time I did. We got to talking in the hall before going into our apartments. One day, Dana invited me into her apartment. I told her I had to pee first. She said I could use her bathroom, but she had to pee first as she had been holding it since lunch. So I went in and took off my suit jacket. I expected to wait in the living room while she went to pee, but she said I could come in the bathroom with her. I was startled, since I didn't know her that well. She took off her skirt down to her panties. When we got to the bathroom, she took off her panties, sat down and spread her legs half-way. "I really have to piss" she said, as she let go a flow from her pussy. When she finished and wiped herself, she stood up. She said she needed a new pair of panties, as this one had gotten wet. Now she said it was my turn. So I got out my penis and peed while she watched.

Now Dana put on a new pair of panties and a pair of shorts. We went into the kitchen for some food and more talk. This ritual went on for several days. I was getting to become very fond of Dana. Then I got a call that my renovation was done and I could come home. The next day I left, after exchanging phone numbers. The next day, I called Dana. A few days later, I called again and got a message that the number was disconnected. I called the building manager and was told Dana had moved out and left no forwarding address. I was totaly puzzled and disappointed, but I never heared from her again.

Some Guy

Re: Pooping Away from Home

Hi, Taylor! You asked on Page 2635 if anyone else here likes to poop away from home. I do! I will actually hold my pee and poop so that I can go when I am away from home. Part of the enjoyment of this, I think, is using a toilet that's not your own, and not knowing what you'll walk in other words, an unexpected Buddy Dump. That's something that won't happen in your private bathroom at home! As far as paying for it...I am not that dedicated that I'll pay to use a public bathroom, unless it is an absolute emergency. I guess you could say that I pay for it since I have to put gasoline in my car. LOL!

Not too long ago, I needed to go poop after leaving work. Instead of going once I was off the clock, or waiting until I got home, I decided to use a public toilet. So, I went to a Target store that was on my way home...a different one than I first wrote about on Page 2562. I entered the bathroom, which has two stalls. I took the second stall (the handicapped one), and proceeded to lock the door. I then went over to the toilet, pulled down my pants and undies, and sat on the toilet. I farted, and then I started to poop. It felt good! As I was sitting there on the toilet expelling my poop, I heard a father and son enter the bathroom. The dad entered the stall to my left, and I heard the rustling of plastic. When I heard the rustling of clothes, I leaned forward to look under the divider to see if I could tell what was going on. The dad was trying on a new pair of pants. Since I could tell I wasn't going to be Buddy Dumping, I went back to focusing on my poop. Shortly thereafter, the dad exited the stall. I then heard him say, "You need to go in there?" I could tell he was talking to his son, who replied, "Yep." So, I was pretty sure that the son needed to poop. The son went in the stall, and closed and locked the door. I leaned forward again to look under the divider. I saw his shoes, and judging by the size of his shoes and his voice when he responded to his dad, I'd say the son was about 10 or 11. Anyway, he backed up to the toilet, and I heard a plop into the toilet. I then saw some clear water on the floor, so clearly, the son hovered to poop. A few seconds later, he wiped and exited the stall. I proceeded to wipe my butt, flush the toilet.

There have also been a few times when I've been in a stall pooping, and a father brings his young daughter into the bathroom to pee. I can tell that they're there to pee since they're not there long. I was once pooping at the mall when a father came in with his young son and daughter, who was a little younger than the son. The son took a stall a couple down from mine, but the daughter took the stall to my left. She sat down to poop because the father was talking to the kids to see where they were, and she said something about pooping. I have no problem with that, especially because of safety, but also because it's a bathroom and we all have to go. I haven't had an instance of a young girl invading my privacy. I have read on here that some of you have had your privacy violated by a young child of the opposite sex. So far, so good for me.

Thanks for reading, and may your potty experiences be positive!
Some Guy

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Poop after breakfast

Hi everyone. I'm on the toilet pooping right now, about 45 minutes after having breakfast with a cup of black organic coffee and a bottle of water. No diarrhea this time, just a semi-soft, semi-solid poop. Peeing a bit more right now. Body decided to make me burp right now, excuse me. A couple more little pieces of poop came out, but it feels like I'm finished. Time to wipe. Had to reach behind me for some tissue from 7-11. First wipe was pretty messy but the 2nd one came back clean. Put it in the toilet. Now checking out what I did. There was a medium-sized log, semi-soft, semi-solid in the toilet and light brown. The specialty coffee I have been drinking along with all the water I'm drinking and healthy food I have been eating is helping my bowels a lot. I flushed once to get my mess down the toilet then again after cleaning the skidmarks from the bowl. Afterwards I pulled up my black leggings and white undies with pink and brown stripes on them. The coffee, water and good diet combined are doing a good job of cleaning my body out.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan

To Jimmy

I would love to hear more about your other accidents you have had :)


Working nights

I was working nights in a factory on a dockside in a shipyard, I has working in a clean room inside a bigger room three floors up, you could walk around the clean room in an ally-way between it and the outside wall with windows over looking the dockside.
One night there was a frigate along side with a marquee on the flight deck with a dance on-board, we had seen a lot of women in evening dresses arriving during the evening and it was now well past midnight and the drinks had been flowing, some had started to leave and were walking with there men past our factory, some stopping to kiss.
One pair had been kissing for some time and were leaning on a bollard, when suddenly she raised her green full-length dress to her waist and dropping her matching green knicker, squatted by the bollard and started to have a piss, her man just standing there watching her, not even trying to guard her as a taxi pasted them, sounding its horn, after she stood back up and adjusted her dress they both walked off.
And I returned to my work day dreaming over what I had just seen.


I need to poop but i think im constapated

I need to poop so bad the last time I went was Monday on Memorial Day since the all I have been doing is letting some good farts stinky ones I feel full in my butt feel like I got to go but nothing will come out when I try I just fart and that's it any body know what I can do to make me go if so post it on here


Tia, Tyler & Me

I've written about Tia before. She became my babysitter when I was like 7. Mom thought Tia and I bonded well in dance class (she was my teacher) so mom and dad regularly hired Tia. Tia was 16 and in high school. She had her first boyfriend in this guy named Tyler. He would often come to our house after sports practice. I was surprised my dad liked Tyler and he joked he was getting two persons for the price of one. Tia would come over right after her dance class. Tyler would come an hour or two later. He liked the premium cable package we had. Of course, he wanted to be near Tia.

Tia would give him a hard time because he would arrive and immediately head for the bathroom right off our downstairs rec room. She said he was strange because he didn't like to crap at school. He'd hold it all day. Through athletic practice then hurry home to dump. Obviously on babysitting nights, he headed for our toilet. Tia told me that while she used the school bathrooms at least 3 or 4 times a day, including once for a crap, Tyler continued to avoid crapping at school. She teased him when he'd show up and go in for his crap. Saying things like she'd hid the plunger. Or the plunger wouldn't work this time. That he needed to bring an auger. I didn't know what that was, then she explained it to me. I just thought that was gross. Then she showed me one being sold on the Internet, and I was amazed.

It seemed like as Tia and me did something and Tyler came out of our bathroom, he would always try to admit he had used the plunger. Once I walked in on him after we heard him working away with the plunger. He was on his knees in front of the bowl working hard at breaking up a log as big as my arm. A couple of times he asked me to go upstairs and get another type of plunger from our main bathroom. Then Tia would take it from my hand and use it as an excuse to go in and tease him about it. A couple of times Tia asked me about the bathrooms at my school. I told her I used each of the two bathroom breaks we were given each day. And yes I crapped at school. Then she would use that in arguing with him. Once Tia pulled a can of Glade out of her book bag and gave it to Tyler before he went into the bathroom.

Tia was always good at taking me to my room on time and watching me get into my bed. Then she would go back to the couch and Tyler for another couple of hours until my parents got home. One night when I couldn't sleep I sneaked down to the landing. I was just in time to see Tia and Tyler coming out of the bathroom. They were holding hands and embracing. I didn't say anything to my parents, but when I got into middle school a friend explained it to me.


My Mother's Accident

Hi! I'll be sharing other stories soon, but I meant to share this about my mother's accident. When she pooped her pants while trying to get us out of the car, I thought while I was writing the other day, "You know, she would have made it to the toilet if she just didn't have to get six kids out of the car. If Leah's strap on her car seat had not gotten stuck, then she would have been able to make it to the toilet and avoid humiliation. When I think about it, it was almost like my mom didn't really have an accident, but knew that she would not be able to get Leah unbuckled, so she just gave up, pooped her pants and went back to work. She couldn't leave Leah in the car. I was only six and could not watch her. That made me realize that my mother cared for each of us dearly, that she would humiliate herself so that she could carry out her motherly duties toward us."

Do any mom's have any examples of when you could not get to the bathroom because you could not leave your kids?


- Becc

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Taylor great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Becc great story about your moms accident.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

Ps. I love this site

I sat on a public toilet in a stall without a door today and took a noisy poop. this was at a park during a festival. I felt so exposed with my pants down around my ankles and lots of young guys walking by and seeing me sitting there. there was about 5 urinals and 3 stalls but no one was pooping in the other stalls. Just me sitting in the first stall.

To Jimmy

Would love to hear about your other accidents if you have any stories there. Also I think your parents are being a bit too hard on you, accidents happen to everyone.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Abby C

Got Caught

Hay everyone I've been busy with school and I'm almost out. It has been a while the last time I posted the page was 2414 and now its 2441. So a few days ago I was taking a walk around the neighborhood and I did have dinner before taking a walk. I'm an idiot for even doing this. So when I was walking I started getting cramps to take a poop. It had been 2 days since I last pooped. There were no bushes or trees to go behind although there was this one house with a very enclosed backyard so I walked over to this bush and pulled my pants down to my knees and squatted. Me being an idiot I didn't realize that there was a lady on the back deck! She walked over and asked what I was doing. I apologized and told her that I really needed to let out a poop. The lady was nice enough and let me use her bsthroom. I walked in and sat down on her toilet and let out a big turd and wiped I flushed and it clogged the toilet I walked out and thanked her and I left her house and ran as fast as I could just in case she saw the clogged toilet.

Abby C

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Black coffee and water clean out

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now after breakfast having a mushy poop since I just finished a cup of black coffee and a bottle of water. My body is getting a good clean out right now. Feels like I'm finished right now. Need to wipe. Had to wash my bum with soap & water since we ran out of toilet paper. Bum is clean and shorts & undies are pulled up. Flushed the toilet & washed my hands. Yup, I feel better. Water and black coffee helps me stay regular as well as eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Happy pooping everyone!

Annie from Taiwan

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cassey I bet you felt good after a big poop like that.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping.

To: Jessica it sounds like you had a pretty rough time.

To: Allison great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS' I love this site

Uncle Harry

To Miranda


Glad to see you back. I'm too busy to post right now, but I'll be back in a few days. I enjoyed your current post. Keep them coming


To Swagermuffinz, To Karen, To Braidy

Hi Swag!

I don't know what you mean by your posts being "different." Sounds like you are sharing your thoughts. Good stuff!

Hi Karen!

No, I don't usually get nauseated when I get diarrhea, which is pretty rare for me. Feel better!

Hi Braidy!

6'6!!! Just wow! Glad you helped your grandmother!


One More about Joanna

Hi! Love seeing my stories posted! Thanks to everyone who's complimented and read them! I will try to share all six!

My mother has always been someone I wanted to be like. Except for favoring her appearance, but slimmer, I'm nothing like her. But I want to be around her so much. She seems to remind this anxious, eccentric woman that everything is OK. She has a calming presence in my life.

She has tried to spend a little extra time with me, and likes to tell me stories about meeting my father, their love, stories about me when I was small and such. One day, when we were having lunch together, just us, when she drove up to my college, I was asking her about what it was like to get married and such.

And she told me a lot, a lot about her wedding, the reception and such, but then she told me a story that she knew that I would appreciate. (Mother is really understanding about my fascination with poop and just encouraged me to keep it between those I trust, not to be gross, and not to allow it to interfere with living a normal life.)

She told me that while they were driving to their hotel near the airport that she knew that she was going to have to use the bathroom at some point. "Use the bathroom" has been my mother's indication of a need to do a doo doo. She was wearing a nice white dress that she picked out for her reception. I've seen her wedding pictures many times and must say that they were stunning. She told me at one point that she had gotten down to about 215 lbs for her wedding day. Here's the story as I best can recall:

"When we got to the motel, my father was such a gentleman. He was even a little giddy, which is unlike him. He looked really happy. He grabbed the bags that we needed for the night, but left the remaining luggage in the car. We went to the counter and got our key and then took the elevator to the 12th floor of the hotel. Gary could not afford a bridal suite, but I wasn't used to nice things. When we opened the door of the hotel room, we walked into a beautifully simple room that had that 'fresh' scent you smell when you first walk in. I was so excited about being his wife - the wife of a doctor - that I immediately forgot that I needed the bathroom. Then I saw the red roses wrapped in paper, lying on the king-sized bed. He had them delivered before hand.

"I began to cry. I told him that I never thought I would be living this fairy tale. Being a big girl, I just didn't think that a man like Gary would fall in love with me, adore me and desire me like he did. He was all charm, but it was sincere. I could tell that he adored me. He reached for a Kleenex and wiped my tears. He held me, we talked about life and just relaxed. We even talked about having kids and what that would be like. We had all the time in the world. Then he led into how beautiful I was. He did cry a little when I came down the aisle at the wedding.

"Then, my need to use the bathroom returned with a vengeance. When I get nervous, I tend to get constipated. So much had happened that I had not been to the bathroom since Friday morning. That morning was so busy that the urge to go never came. I had gone to the bathroom when Gary was present before, but never when we were alone, kissing, whatever. But I was about to use the bathroom for the first time on our wedding night, when you hope to be the most romantic you can possibly be. While he was talking I became a little distant. Please remember, this is a just a few weeks before my 20th birthday. He's 25. I'm a little nervous, insecure, and worried."

"Gary noticed that I was a little distant and sais, 'Joanna, did I say something wrong? I looked down at the floor, 'Gary, I need to use the bathroom. I am really sorry.' He said, 'Don't apologize. We're married. This is part of life.' He smiled and reassured me. So, I went to the bathroom and shut the door. I did not lock it, because I knew that Gary was a gentleman and would not try to walk in on me. Like most hotel bathrooms, the light and fan came on together. The bowl was elongated. I lowered myself onto the toilet, lifted my dress and used the bathroom. And while I felt much better, I was horrified to realize that this massive poop was going nowhere.

"Becc, it was big and long. Do you ever get those?"

I nodded affirmatively.

"It wasn't as big as the one that you saw me do, but it was solid and thick. It was an easy clean up, though I already planned to shower before getting in the bed with Gary. I flushed and my stool went nowhere. The bathroom was filled with a pungent odor.

"Well, I was mortified. Gary had never seen my poop before. I didn't want him to on our wedding night. What would he think? But the bathroom had no plunger, no toilet brush, and nothing to break it up so that it would go down.

"I came out of the bathroom and told Gary. I was scared that he would be disgusted or turned off. Instead, he said, 'Joanna, it's OK. At some point it will be my turn. Won't you still love me?' I nodded. I was still ashamed. But I felt a little better. Then Gary said that he would go in and see if he could get the toilet to flush. Like most hotels, the toilet had no lid. My heart sank. Gary did not say anything as he flushed the toilet. Again, it went nowhere. He did what anyone in our situation could do. He called the front desk and asked if someone could come and plunge our toilet. He said that he had used the bathroom and the toilet would not flush properly.

"I thought it was so romantic that he took the blame. Then he suggested that we walk next door, to a little coffee shop next door, while they came to fix the toilet."

That was my mother's story. She's a big, healthy pooper!

I'm proud of her!

- Becc

Anne T.


Hi, I'm new and a 22 year old female who study at a university in Germany. I have a little bit embarrassing story which happened to me at Friday.
I got my train in time and felt a slight urge to pee. I normally don't like the toilets on trains, but I did have a travel of more than half a hour before me. I searched them in each wagons and all of them were either locked or had so much pee and toilet paper in them them they did not flush. I think the kids from a school class did this. They exited the train when I entered. So I focused on the ride to hold my pee. To my luck, half the way I began to feel the need for a poop.
I was glad when I got to my university city and so I only had a five minutes walk to a building with a bathroom.
The way was unpleasant because I got heavy cramps and my poop started to poke out. I needed to stand still constantly to regain control.
I reached in time the building and nearly to the entrance is a bathroom I like. It is unisex.
I closed the stall door behind me and pulled my shorts down quickly. Just in time, because without any pushing all my poop went out of me and it stank. So I flushed directly. It still stank, but not so strong. Then I could pee for half a minute. Someone came in and took the stall beside me and peed and left. I took a lot of toilet paper, because my poop was messy, but it felt good and I could go to my first course for that day.


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone and happy weekend. I have a story to share, this morning while I was cleaning the basement, I noticed the bathroom light was on so, I hear nothing but airie farts, I'm tickled by it then I realized it was Marcus in there, I opened the door on propose and see what uncomfortable look in his eyes that he struggling to go, I play doctor with him asking him questions how long he really went, so I told him, I help him out and I rub his back and his abdomen and he yeah that's good and I see this wide long log coming out, I say oh wow, so I get up and leave him in peace. After 15 minutes he comes out smiling thanking me. Well that's all for now, I try post again


Apology + break

Sorry for the terrible grammar in my last post. I wrote it in a hurry, so I rushed and didn't spell check or anything. You can probably figure out what I meant on your own though.

That said, I'm going on a rather long vacation (2 weeks) the day after finals. So after next fiday[June 9th], I won't be posting for a while. I know probably no one will care, as I've only ever wrote 4 mediocre stories, but I'm saying just in case some one does.

With that, I bid thee farewell. Gutan nacht.

P.s. I wrote this while pooping, and was about an inch thick, and a continuous 10 inches. And I can see bits of corn.


To: Swagermuffinz

That was a really great story about your brothers and your bathroom habits.Your stories are really good. Do you and your brothers have farting contests?

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